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Listen to stressed you sound the idea of actually being on vacation with you. They say it would it would be a slight -cation because we do everything on a sleigh. We dash the snow, and I don't know like check our phones and argue -cational you'd hang up on me. And I'd start the show, but. Bounce? Gimblett media. I'm Jonathan Goldstein. And this is heavyweight today's episode Joey. As a young man whenever conflict arose. My go-to move was to roll up into a fetal ball and pray to go unnoticed. Of course. This only made matters worse case in point one afternoon while riding a trolley I fell into a daydream and missed my stop anyone else in my position might of yelled. I missed my stop or open the door, please. But in a magic all these trolley writing strangers turning around to stare at me my mind went blank. So I decided it might be simpler, draw less attention. If I just jumped off. As landed onto the street. I heard a high pitch scream that I would later realize was coming from me instead of drying, less attention. I was now center stage the trolley conductor skidded to a halt and all the passengers ran to the windows to watch as painfully crawled into a nearby Bush once in the Bush I hid waiting for the trolley to leave. For young Jonathan Goldstein, the cost of staying silent that day was to twisted ankles and the loss of my pride, Joey, hey, they're awesome to hear from you. This is young Joey, and he recently had a bad day that forced him to realize his fear of being seen his fear of speaking of was exacting a far greater cost than a mere double ankle injury. It was ruining his life. And so he's reached out for help from me and just never get myself in a situation. Like this again, Joe is twenty two years old and the lead up to his terrible horrible. No good, very bad day begins right after his art school graduation when he moved into an artist's loft in downtown LA live in that downtown city life kind of living communal living style. The downside was that the loft had bedsheets for walls and six. Roommates. But the plus side the loft had bedsheets for walls and six roommates six super cool roommates, a DJ adul- maker a photographer a guy who quote trimmed we'd and super coolest of all up podcast or I pictured these cool artists types having great parties and a lot of people over and all the artists in the LA scene would come through, and I was going to come in and hopefully fit in immediately, but Joey didn't fit in immediately. He never felt comfortable just hanging out with everyone never knew what to say. And so he ended up spending most of his time alone in his room rehearsing icebreakers. I like your tattoo he'd repeat to himself your tattoo. I like it sweet tat he'd say pointing limply at the mirror like a socially crippled. Travis bickel. Enable to come up with anything that felt right paralysis set in Joey began spending all day in his room, a shadow behind a bed sheet. They'd all be in the living room right next to my room hanging out watching a movie drinking hanging doing their thing. And I would be in my room just like making people uncomfortable with by you know, being out there Joey had been living in the loft several weeks when he realized just how isolated he become one day while waiting outside the bathroom. He ran into one of his new roommates. She choose like, oh, hi, what's your name? Oh, where do you live? I was like here live here. Eventually Joey began avoiding the loft altogether. Spend every day wandering the streets. Only returning in the evening when I was back in my house at night, I would sneak into my room and then make and then make it drink. Make sure I didn't drink too much water. So that my bladder was decide wouldn't have to leave my room to p my new goal was to just be as unobtrusive as a roommate as possible be invisible. So in this time, I would just try to spend all my day out of the house. On my rollerblades, which I had also recently taken up. Everyone needs a hobby and Joey found one that provided both good exercise as well. As a way to free himself from the oppressive yoke of human dignity. And so it was while rollerblading the Joey discovered his new home away from home the pizza parlor, the pizza parlor played cool music and had cool art on the walls. It even served cool pizza. There was one shaped like a marijuana leaf and other shape like circles. But because Joey was Joey even a simple thing like ordering pizza was a challenge. So he rehearsed his icebreakers, I found myself like making sure I could have something to say like preparing something for the quick interaction while I buy pizza like what kind of thing. I don't know if it's raining out. I would have something clever to say about that or. Give me an example of the clever thing that you would say when it was raining. I'd say oh, man bummer. And this is not rollerblading weather. Okay. Like, I would. I'm trying to say. Slowly, Joey began making social inroads, even managing to earn himself nickname that rollerblading guy his fantasies of fun and friendship with his bohemian, loft, buddies, we're over, but his fantasies a fun and friendship with his bohemian pizza parlor buddies had only just begun. I had planned on continuing to visit there and making these friendships grow, and hopefully progressing them to to realize friendships outside of the shop. And so every morning Joey would blade straight to the self service. Refrigerator that house the day old dollar slices. I pretty much exclusively eight pizza from that moment on for for all your meals pretty much. There was definitely days that went by when it was just feeds the how many slices a day were you for five two for breakfast. And then stick them in my backpack for the rest of the day. What were you what were you doing for fruits and vegetables? I occasionally got the veggie slice. And that was Joey's life eatings are rolling blades and waiting for old, man. Scurvy until one terrible horrible. No good. Very bad day. January fourteenth was like every other day. I woke up to go. Get get my pizza headed into the shop. And unfortunately, I only found pepperoni in. The fridge Joey is a vegetarian and so without having prepared anything clever to say like pepperoni pizza. Oh, man, bummer pepperonis aren't vegetarian instead said nothing and trying to just rollerblade back out the door without anyone noticing, but he'd only blade it a couple blocks when he saw a familiar face biking towards him. And it's one of the pizza chefs. So I just thought he was going to hell, I don't know. I thought he was going to say what's up, man? Let's hang out. What's your name will? You know, I thought he was interested in me. So I was excited to see him biking towards me. And I took off my headphones degree them. And the first thing you said is don't come back. Excuse me. He said you're taking slices. I said what? And then it clicked flipping through the dollar slices and then abruptly leaving and silence. Looked fishy. Like Joey was stealing pizza, and I I was panicking talking to him. Like, I could feel could hear the panic my waist and stuff. But I I didn't know what to say. So I kinda just I was kind of speechless than I didn't have the confidence to to keep fighting. Okay. Yeah. And then he. He bike away. Started crying on the streets. And I I must looked ridiculous rollerblading down the street while crying at that point. It was a terrible day, it became horrible as well as no good and very bad when Joey crying on the street received a phone, call bearing more bad news. The roommates had been kind of talking and. That they they use the words I'm getting under their skin. The roommates found Joey silence, sneaky ways unsettling. They wanted him out. I like when and got my stuff. And I don't know. I I basically moved out in that moment. I like just left without without seeing anybody. And I kind of ran away. As the day came to a close Joey called the one person. He always calls the person he's leaned on his whole life, a lease his twin sister scared me, the same advice that everyone did which is just, you know, go talk to them be normal. But I don't know. I mean, I never was able to take that advice from anybody coming from her though is especially. I felt especially bad. He was like almost in tears telling me, the story at least knows Joey better than anyone and he's relied on her socially his entire life. When he started dating at least introduced to her friends and when he was too anxious to attend family functions. Alise would go in his place. And he told me about how he cried. Which is always he doesn't cry that often you could tell the big deal that he expressed that he cried about it. And he told the whole story, I was laughing so hard. Is a really funny story. I want him to see that. It was funny too. And he can see the humor in it. But he was also pretty clearly devastated. When I ask Elise. What's funny about her brother crying on the phone? She makes a pretty strong case casually visceral him in the way, only a loving sister can him in his rollerblades and often funny looking tank tops, his creeper mustache, mullet definitely way. Just the look of him. I got a second. Here's a mullet. Foam. Full creepy young child mustache. And his shoulders and arms, look look strong. But they're small and same with his legs. It's his legs are shocking these skinny they do have an incredible shine to them. Admit does. He does he play ornaments. I'm not sure that's right, man. I'm guessing that's just his oily self. I don't want Joey to have to wait years and years like I did just to know the sweet joys of crippling abnormality. So I asked Joe he's oily self what he most wants at of all this. And the answer he delivers his pretty to the point almost like he's rehearsed. It I want to say sorry that that I wasn't able to leave my room. I I wish they knew how I felt basically. But when I put forward my action plan for Joey to fix his bad day by rewrote blading through it re- rollerblading back to the pizza parlor to clear his name, and re rollerblading to the loft to apologize for being such a creepy sneaky roommate I can hear the beads of sweat squeak out of Joe his hairline and saturate his mullet, right? Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. I've definitely been meaning to but the the prospect is pretty scary. I just mentioning it. I got this for sure. Joey still wants to be invisible. But decades of experience taught me that oftentimes the more invisible, you try to make yourself the more visible you become. So if I have my way, Joey will no longer have to hide in the metaphorical Bush like a young metaphorical Jonathan Goldstein. After the break helping Joey to stop spinning is wheels. This episode of heavyweight is brought to you by Samuel Adams beer, Jonathan. Yes. Hey, just editor again, Lynn media. You're a history buff Redmond. Yes. So tell me who's your favorite founding Samuel Adams. Who's your favorite founding father Samuel Adams? And why well because not only is the founding father research has shown that he also invented beer. That's pretty good. Yeah. That's a lot. That's that's a good pick who's your favorite founding. Father. Mickey hotdog Mickey hot dog. He was a founding father. Okay, invented hotdogs. I think you might be confused and look it up. Okay. Hi will. Great. You just gave me a computer virus? 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Sounds good. Hang on. I'm practicing. My witty retort don't do that. Okay. During the ad break. Well, you were loading up on unbelievable deals. I was considering the full extent of Joey's dilemma as much as Jonathan debonair Goldstein wanted to help him the truth is Jonathan Stewart Goldstein is actually a lot like Joey. And so I made a phone call to an old friend a man, whose example and critical feedback some might say overly critical feedback have helped me to become the animals sociale abyss. I am today. Happy confident out of the shrubs and loving it. And I was hoping you could work the same. Magic on Joey Joey this is my friend Gregor Howdy. Hi. So Joey was living in this loft. And he Gregor is the exact opposite of Joey and me in any given social interaction. He's never afraid to stand out never afraid to say the wrong thing case in point was Jani king. When he said, you're wearing rollerblades. No, I am really later. But so you rollerblade into the store wearing your rollerblades. That's right. I have these very vivid memories of being in central park. And seeing these people mostly grown men on rollerblades with folded hands over the lower back bent forward, like zipping around like like Riskin suit, the big giant grin as they gas for breath, and like goggles on you got all that out of your system. I hate rollerbladers. And I hate everything about rollerblades. But I think most people don't have the cards to ask for help take some very big man to ask for help. Okay. So the guy wants to fine. Blade fine. Since Joey feels most comfortable when he's rehearsing social interactions. High suggest we do some role playing Joey plays himself and Greg replaced pizzas. Shopowner pizzas after ten minutes deliberating over his character's name Gregor decides on Carmine. Please call me karma. All right. Stop trying to have a little depth character. Do that. Once I finish offering some helpful direction. We begin. Okay. You're the owner. I'll do the Foley work. I'll make any necessary sounds, okay. Joey you're coming into the pizza parlor tingle tingle. Hey. So it's been a long time. I I don't know if you heard I. Had a bit of a. Joey trails off even in a simulation is nerves. Get the better of him. I try to inspire him with more Foley, work tingle tangle places starting to fill up a little. So you might wanna spit it out tingle tingle tingle tingle radio. Suddenly a monkey came in. Hot Gregor Carmine, the whole duration of this shoot. I need to be in character Daniel day Lewis. I will only be calling karma. Even have you be the shopowner? Why wasn't either shop owner? I could be your son who's got like bigger dreams. I don't wanna spend my whole life thing and pizza derailing. I got big dreams. I want to get into real estate commercial real estate laundromats. See I'm not like you, really. I wanna have a self storage unit. They're very profitable. Don't you see? Now are gelling as team right at the very end as you start to fade us down. You can't even hear what I'm saying more. Sure Gregor was taking none of the work seriously, but Joey was enjoying Gregor. And in his own way. Gregor was enjoying Joey it looked like Gregor was in. I noticed that you liked to sit very close to the gate Gregor, and I meet at the airport for the flight to see Joey in LA squatting on the floor staring fixedly at the gate Gregor share some insider tips on air travel because when they say extra time getting down the jetway you're allowed to run past those. You're allowed. Easily run out run that little girl and the purple. Anyway, stick with me. I'm sure you had a board is big bird. Let's bring this big bird down, brother. Though, he knows a member of the three eternity of aviation. Buster. Once we've boarded running down the jetway like a couple of giggling idiots Gregor regales me with stories the time Lou Reed threaten to put an ashtray through his head. No, he didn't big heavy glass. The time attacks driver told him. He had is like his dad brothers. It's terrible story. The time all dozen or so members of the Wu Tang clan. Squeezed onto his living room couch. He asked for my seat to try then come the aviation stories all the flights. He's been on where people have died. But then there was another flood on when someone died right next to me. And they were literally doing the thing on the like. Doctors on board. And I was like kind of a doctor. How are you kind of a doctor? Very good diagnostician Legrand twenty-five of my favorite runways. Gregor, and I rent a car and meet up with Joey at his favorite coffee shop from here. We plan to head to the pizza parlor get him unbanned, and then go to the loft. So Joey can apologize to his former roommates? Hi, how are you? As well. As being rollerblade footed, Joey's Justice trop, stick legged mustache lived and mullet headed as sister released cautioned. Did it take you awhile to decide like what you were going to wear Joey seems anxious. So I asked him Joey are you anxious, but before he can answer Gregor steps in taking from here. You don't wanna make nervous nervous? Why don't you go around each say member until we? With his idiots game. What Gregor's really doing is distracting? Joey protecting him in this case protecting him from me. Okay. I'll start the Rizza the. Genius genius. Okay. Stop number one. The pizza parlor. It is the place. What time they opened eleven on getting nervous? My stomach is jumping wait here. Joey have just in case. As Joey's mentor. I know he runs a pretty good chance of choking. So I prepared him some notes during my flight. Okay. Here you go read this. Guys are like family to me and accused me of. Breath. I tried slower. You guys were like family. Oh, my. Go ahead. You guys are like family to me. And when you accused me of thefts mishandled the situation, I became discombobulated. I should have defended myself told you, I'm no. Although we want to offer Joey hell, it's important that he do this on his own. No gregor. No Jonathan know Elise will be there with Q cards and emotional support. But ultimately Joey needs to enter the pizza shop and make his case solo. We're gonna let Joey shine. Yeah. I mean, I think like bring your shine box. Joey are you getting the reference to the box that would be a lot of references? Have you seen goodfellas? Do your peci for Joey just to loosen them up a little. Was one tough Irishman put his head device. Get to veget-, Jerry, peaches, I instruct Joey to order pizza and come Bucci for as roommates this way the pizza. Parlor crew will see he's not just a dollar slice guy. But someone capable of committing to an entire pie and vinegar and bio based beverage it'll show personal growth have fun yourself. Joey swings. Open the door and rollerblades inside. Remember, the rollerblading? This whole time. Joey has been wheels down wearing is blades. You might want to rewind a few minutes and religion with that image in your mind. And it's not just the rollerblades. Joey is also wearing a wire so standing outside Gregor, and I can eavesdrop on how things are going inside. The parlor you wanna hear? While Gregor paces back and forth on the sidewalk. I Cup an earphone. And listen as Joey rolls up to the counter. Hey, how's it going? Joey is greeted by pizza chef. Yeah. I I don't know. If you remember me I used to come here all the time. I I was kicked out of your shop a couple months back for stealing slices even like I was accused of stealing slices. No. I totally know why you thought it was because totally looks like I mean, I came in Gregor, and I watch nervously through the storefront window blowing. Joey isn't mounting a defense any isn't offering a counter narrative, instead he's exhibiting a level of mealy mouth ary not seen since young Jonathan Goldstein. Tried to explain to a trolley conductor. Why he was hiding in a Bush, and I was kind of hoping I could come back just because I I love but Gregor bicker over whether to walk inside and roll Joey out the door like a dessert trolley full of flaming horse manure we notice something. I know it's weird that's been so long, but I just like really bad, really Farris. Oh, really nice. Not only does she remember that day. But she also remembers Joey. Several times. No, I see I think that was kind of remembers Joey I came in. I'm vegetarian. I saw that. You guys only had pepperoni slices is not for me. And I just turned around totally looks like I just grabbed one in. Yeah. I just wanna make sure you guys. Okay. Cool. Yeah. If he was willing to come back to face his accuser, she says, he probably didn't steal the pizza and with that Joey orders pies and Khumbu Chaz with our faces pressed against the window Gregor. And I watched with amazement as Joey waits for his order. Well, engaging in some completely unscripted repartee cool song, he says totally. She says this band is so cool. He says he she says. We didn't prepare Joey for any of this. But here he was riffing and scatting away like some kind of improvisational. Jazz cat Carmine would have been proud. Thank you very much. And tingle tingle Joey emerges from the restaurant. Holding pizzas aloft like trophies. God, I'm shaking. You did a great job despite his fear of saying the wrong thing, Joey and managed to put himself out there. And stumble his way through that was great. You really like and you did it by yourself. We didn't have to go in or anything. Awesome. I really nervous that. I felt my leg. Completely shaking. I thought she was gonna look out. And just see my leg shaking like. One to ten how you feel. Did you wrestle the better? Because I know I still have to go to the loss. That's you know, the real relief hasn't come. But. After the break. Joey tries rolling up a much harder hill apologizing to people. He actually knows. Those people you live with they actually know the real joy, maybe they might join. But they they knew. I don't think they did. This episode of heavyweight is brought to you by the new Glenfiddich fire in Kane. Single malt, scotch whisky Gimblett media editor. Hey, justin. I have a tradition after each long week of podcasting. We sit down and a recording studio and have a celebrate Tori glass of whisky last Friday. We drank Glenfiddich, fire and Kane. Fire in Kane is described as both smokey and sweet like a very well toasted marshmallow, and I think of us is that I think of us being kinda smoky. Oh, okay. Sweet. And have you ever thought about how strange that is how close we are giving differently? We grew up. I was an outdoor kid. I was an indoor kid I was building campfires to keep warm. I was getting by on just chunks of ripped off the ground. 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And now it's been adapted into a TV series kind of not like this one. It's star studded cast includes Julia Roberts. Bobby Canavan, Stephen James, and it's in full color watch homecoming out November second on Amazon prime video. Do you think it's a good sign that the roommates did not respond? No, no to be honest. I'm pretty nervous about that. Joey trying to contact is former loft mates via group taxed to let them know he becoming by to talk. But as we stand on the street in front of the building are come Buju bubbling and vegetarian pizzas. Congealing Joey checks and recheck says phone not a single one of his former roommates has responded any response is not a good sign. Maybe that's better than like responding by saying, I'm not interested, right? The loft is on the second floor behind the metal gate, and there's no doorbell. All right. Let's figure out how to get into this fortress. There's no drainpipe to shimmy, no fire escape banister to reverse Holly. Oh, we can do is wait for someone to come in or out bigger fills the time. With yet another aviation story. What I was going through the TSA the lady was like could you pull your pants up? A little bit. He just told me take my belt off. Now. My pants are falling down. You want me to which is really told. I can. I told that every time I go through the built with a pair of shorts. You are belt end short. I never heard of that. How you think I keep them? I think someone's coming, thankfully, we're interrupted. Yeah. How's it going? One of Joe is old roommates emerges. He's a hip young man who if not wearing a straw, pork pie hat and carrying gondola paddle. His certainly giving off that vibe of an in boatmen vibe, Joey foregoing all social four play dives right in. Yeah. I'm here because I I want to apologize. I don't know you. Oh, yeah. I just wanted. I felt really bad about how things here. So I brought some pizza friends here. Joey gestures over to his friends to balding middle aged men. Slumping behind him like bald scarecrows stuffed with muesli. All right. All right. This is really awkward into surprise. Right. Car. The boatmen isn't very receptive. But Joey persists as anyone else home. If you wanna like ask if they are. Okay. With me. Thank you so much. It's taken all of Joe is courage to return to the place where the coolest art kids in LA live, and he's still being denied entry as Joey stares in silence at the steel door. That's just clang shut and his moustachioed face. I struggled to come up with something positive to say. I think you handled yourself. Well, extremely nervous right now. I don't feel. How's this going? Upstairs. The gondola gay is saying to his roommate something along the lines of. Hey, remember that silent roller skating weirdo? We kicked out of our art loft. Well, he's downstairs with pizza and his two gay dads. But then. Zack is the unofficial head of the household. The guy who takes care of all the square nor me stuff like throwing out expired, cottage cheese and paying the rent on time. He's bearded and shaggy. He turns to Joey Joey stares down at his rollerblades and starts mumbling explanations. Yeah. I just thought I mean, I I don't I didn't think it was just like I just thought like I haven't heard this much mealy mouth thing since I guess an hour ago when Joey was at the pizza parlor sack. Looks at Joey skeptically his arms crossed nonetheless Joey soldiers on I just feel really bad about kind of how how I love things here. Yeah. I know that I wasn't the best roommate, and I I feel really bad and just kind of uncomfortable about like, just, you know, even just how you guys think about me. But I just wanted to apologize and make things. Right. There were things like that bug me. Here we go, whereas the pizza chef had been impressed with the mere fact Joey had returned Zach that wasn't enough. You had your headphones on a lot. And yet notice cancelling headphones just like in your world, he launches into a laundry list of grievances didn't clean the bathroom. Who's just like, dude? Joey ignored everybody never cleaned up after himself. Never even washed to dish rant or who's paying? Or why are you paying her up being the worst thing? Joey could imagine was happening. He was being seen and told that he'd always been seen. He put all his effort into trying to become invisible. And absolutely no effort into doing his share of the chores. That's why is roommates wanted him out. They've seen him visibly not cleaning the loft visibly not taking out the garbage trying to hide the not really hiding it. All. Vantage of and that's what I was like, whoa. If ordering a pizza had given Joey the Jimmy legs facing Zach was giving Joey the Joey leg a name. I've just joined for a condition in which one's entire body becomes one single Jimmy leg. That is Joey leg that won't stop Jimmy Yang is like liberty. You know? But while Joey is Jimmy ING he is in folding. He's not running away. But it was just the way that was done. Yeah. As act finishes speaking, Joey maintains, I contact and what's more as the L A breeze. Whips up the hindquarters of his mullet. He does not fall prey to his lifelong crutch silence. Without notes without witty rejoinders. He responds all this stuff like the paying rent on time and just. All that stems from this shyness that we are just feeling uncomfortable to like, I don't know be in the public space kind of just because I'm weird in shy. I can't blame it on anything myself. I mean, it was all on me. It's like my own thing. Zack looks at show as I wish I was able to like be friendly with you see them struggling and his face softens. I like having social anxiety having like issues where you're like, you feel something that's like strangling you in a position where you have to converse or whatever. Like, I understand that. I only wanted to just be friends with you guys. Shaded awkwardness is just a step along the way to vulnerability in being vulnerable. Allowing yourself to be seen is the only soil from which friendship can grow. I love your funky style. And what better fertilizer than a mutual love of the mullet. I've been contemplating a similar mullet is yours. Do I don't know if my hair would work as much as yours, you have different volume. So has that can Joey wax on about the beauty of Joey's ape drape another loft made appears in the stairway. Nice. Yeah. If that's okay. That's great. Thank you. Holy cow. This is a really big space. Good. Joey leads Gregor in I on a tour through the old audio cassettes dummy heads past the kickboxing bag vinyl collection and ends the tour in a truly MTV cribs kind of way mild at his old bedroom where the magic happened and by magic. I mean, we're Joey slept on the floor wrapped in unwashed blankets, this base to stay. Did you have mattress? Joey breaks out the pizza and Khumbu, and we all gathered by the hot plate for toast. You're supposed to actually look up look at each other's eyes. The communication. Saragan after to schedule after we choke back. Our Khumbu I suggest a symbolic gesture you want to you wanna wash all the glass. Ridiculous. I use soap and everything. Just as we're about to leave Gregor decides he'd like to use the bathroom, and whereas a couple of shrinking and sneaky violets, Joey and me Mike just slink off looking for it Gregor does not too much of an position if I was to leave a little urine in your toilet on the way out. By embracing the awkwardness of life acknowledging that we are creatures who require toilets Gregor somehow makes things less awkward at least for himself. Gregor has mastered. Something that Joey is still learning the art of saying here, I am even when peeing into a toilet while wearing a lapel microphone. You're welcome. Thank you. Thanks. After leaving the loft. There's only one thing left to redo. Joey phones up is twin sister lease. And this time he isn't crying. God it was so cool. Yeah. I think he genuinely forgave me. I did it all my lonesome. He needed to. Well, after I got the help, I did it myself. You know, I mean, but now I just feel like I can do it on my by myself. Really proud of you. It did takes off, you know, more than anyone. You're proud. This feels good. I'm not surprised that Lisa's proud. But I'm taking a back to see the Gregor. Looks proud to proud of himself, of course. But also of Joey so once Joey gets off the phone Gregor offers up some fatherly advice. I understand what it is to be young. It's tough. As until you're about forty five. Life is really difficult. And then from there on in. It's all just sitting in one of those soapbox derby cars rolling down the hill to your senescence eventual death, Gregory, you're depressing. The guy I'm coming to my hallmark inspirational line, it's tough fifteen to twenty five year period. It's very unpleasant really most of it. Could you repeat that homework line again? But. And with that Joey pulls off is unlikely feat yet, he gets in a genuine off the cuff Zinger. Gregor and I had brought this big bird down. Big group hug come on Tang Tang. There we go. Turning to goodwill. This. Heavyweight is hosted and produced by me Jonathan Goldstein along with Colella Holt, Peter Bresnan and Stevie lanes. This show is edited by Jorges just with additional editing by Alex Blumberg special. Thanks to Emily Condon's floor Lichtman PJ vote site, teach-in Thomas and Jackie Cohen, Bobby Lord mixed the episode with music by Christine, fellows, John k Samson blue dot sessions, and he himself Bobby lured additional music credits can be found on our website Gimblett media dot com slash heavyweight. 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