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Investors Bank studio over at size in graduate Audie and geo on the fan simulcast across the country on CBS sports network. Good Wednesday morning crazy day yesterday around here. You had the Mets winning last night and ten after another Jerry's familiar on fortunate outing when he was also close to getting the job done. But he did not Yankees last night. Can't muster up enough offense. What they've been playing. So well when see sees a bat BIA gets his milestone of three thousand strikeouts. So that's a story for them. We had a tremendous time, and it was an honor to be at the NYPD foundation der last night MC that with US Fulmer. So is a crazy day the busy day and all started yesterday about eight fifty or so when I'll Duke said, I think Mike on the phone. Yes. With us angry, Mike francesa. Yes. Yes. Exactly. Good morning. Joe sounds like a little stuffed up this morning. I don't know. What happened? I don't know. Good job last night. I was I was pleasantly. I was surprised. But I thought you'd just you look like, you're Seamus. Like you handle these things all the time. Like are you like an all the time? Like, you do like M C stuff out of bellport and stuff like that. Or no, no, I did a golf tournament last year. But that was one of the only things I did really. So I'm just dabbling. I'm just getting my foot in the water of the stuff up thinking that glass, obviously, we did it because we love the NYPD foundation and Commissioner Jim O'Neill and everybody that puts on that. Unbelievable. Eventless raise over five and a half million dollars over two thousand showed up at the Hilton midtown, and you and I took up on the stage. I said look at how many tables here. Yeah. It was unbelievable. It was crazy. The NYPD foundation is not a part of the NYPD. It's actually a separate entity. It's public private partnership, and they raise money for all different sorts of programs at the NYPD does have in place, whether they be international terrorism programs or locally here. The cop shot program. There's the tipsters program. There's all these other different community policing programs that the NYPD foundation, and they also do scholarships and things of that nature for NYPD families, and then hand out some awards to some really amazing cops that have done unbelievable stuff within the community within the the fibers of New York City. So it was great to be their last night. It's great to see everybody. Congratulations to James Gorman. He's the CEO of Morgan Stanley, given unbelievable speech last night. Right. Really touched on everything about what the NYPD does for. So it was great to be a part of that last night. Meanwhile, all anybody wanted to talk about last night was getting you know, yelled at. Yeah. The second that we got out of the car to head into the Hilton last night. I mean, you couldn't even get one leg out of the car without some. Yell at you guys. Back into that. We get in there and more people. All unbelievable stuff this morning. So yeah, I mean it got around. I was actually a little silly me. Naive me. Yes. With all the crazy stuff that has gone on here at WFAN that this was just like a little one. Like this wasn't going to register in the way that it did yesterday. But there's like three articles in the post about it every single website that covers sports media talked about it. All anybody brought up. Yes. We we felt like we had to address it during the NYPD foundation because somebody people talked this morning as thing there you go. So anyway, you know, the fact of the matter is that it is it's WFAN and everybody listens. And obviously the NYPD we have a lot of big fans over there. And a lot of people that listen in their cruisers on their way to work and everything else. So they all heard everything yesterday. And they're having a lot of fun of our expense last night. But for us all I can tell you is that. It's bizarre land over here like two universes. There's the there's the reality one. And then there's the other one and every now, and again, we get dragged into the other one and the other one is kind of fun to be a part of for a little bit. And then you come out of it. And you're like, okay. You know, I landed on my feet them. Okay. So as I told the audience last night, we are all about de-escalate. That's right skating as Jim O'Neill the Commissioner would like to tell his NYPD, folks. Deescalate the situation, you know, handle yourselves with poise and grace, and and everything will be fine. So that's how we that's how we do things here. Now, speaking of poison grace, I almost threw shoe at the TV last night. Yeah. Watching Jerry's familiar and the thing about it as you and I were together. So we're looking at the Mets score, and we're following along on our phones and everything else. And all of a sudden he comes in great thinning? All right. So now is control in the baseball. Everything's fine. Obviously Edwin is not available. Well, so he's got to go for a two inning save. Yeah. This is. So I told you that so as we are standing together leaving the dinner I said, they're sending familiar out for a second inning. And you said, no, they're not. As it gets. They are is this is not gonna end. Well, and then two outs right away. Like nothing. Yeah. You don't the thing about it? Is that for me? I think is confidence wains a little bit. So after that eight inning eighth inning. I would've taken out of I don't care who the next guy. I it doesn't matter. Actually, drew gone. Yo did a right. And you don't you don't expect that to happen. But I would just say that sometimes you have to realize the situation in the environment. And I guess the environment was that Edwin was not available. This is why you have a million here. Just in case something like this happens where he has to go. Get six outs to me. I would have just taken them out. And I don't care who I bring in next just he did his job. I get them out of their met fans. Feel good about what he did. I a good taste in her mouth and all of a sudden five. Okay. Here we go. We're going to get it done. And then all of a sudden wheels come off. So if they bring in. Let's say drew gone, you know, in the nineties, and then are you are you saying, I'm just type of speaking. Are you saying why didn't you leave familiar with great me? I am not an and the reason I'm saying that is because of what has happened to familiar this year, you know, an bomb Mickey Callaway. I know that he gets paid ten million bucks a year. I understand. I also understand that he's a veteran and you want your veterans to set up in big spots. But I also have to recognize that there's a fragile psyche. That is a that of the athlete, and I gotta make sure that I'm protecting him in some way, shape or form the way to protect him. Last night would have been three outs. You're done sit down. You did your job. And you did really really well. So I'm kind of helping his psyche. And I know that effort it's easy to say that after the fact after he blew the save last night to say what I'm saying this morning, but I also know that leading up to what happened the familiar last night is the thing. That's troubling for me. So I wanna try to help him any way. I can in the way I would help them. Three outs down. Good. You did a great job. Awesome. We got you back on track now at somebody else's chance to go out there, and you had a two run lead. Yeah. I know. I know I couldn't believe he couldn't get that last out. I just I thought for sure he was gonna make you. Wet and he was going to be able to get the save. And he did not thank God. They lose the game. They end up losing the game. This is a much bigger deal. But they've got to figure him out. And Jason Vargas, by the way. I don't know if it's like, right? Now's the time to find apologized him. I don't know if it's quite the time yet, but I will say that ever since Harris Allen came in here, the great overnight anchor. Who was the one man on the Jason Vargas island who said you guys are two aren't on him. Celebrate Ori cream pie. Artem not me. Well, I think he's all the hosts at WFAN now. I was exceptionally hard on a more than you. But I think everybody sort of had the same take on Jason Vargas, most of the fan base to do. It's hard not to what we all have to have that guy. I think it's familiar also. Well, you know, it could be Syndergaard as well. I mean think about that. It's Jason Vargas last couple outings. He he's looked like the best pitcher on the staff compared to some of these other guys you wanna guy throwing eighty five miles an hour. Eighty five total pitches and going five and a third. That's that's your starter sodas these days. Yeah. Where he's coming from which is not giving him a chance gave them a chance. The last couple of outings, and he looks at different pitcher. He does he looks like his confidence is back in for him. It's all about location because he's not going to be blown anybody away. And he's been able to do that. But that's what I'm talking about with familiar like as soon as the wheel start to come off. It's like, oh here we go. And that's why maybe maybe early in the season. This is how you protect guys and you give them a chance to feel good about their performance. Now. Feels like crap. Yeah. You know? And I know that mckelway didn't really have another alternative until he had to get to the other alternative again. But I don't know. I just I feel bad for a million. But I also feel bad for me because I couldn't sleep. So then I had to watch the sharks and the Avalon, please, you know. So that was good that kept me up to. I mean how the second that game ended. I was done. I didn't. And I'm excited, actually. To hear him say excited. Dear Mickey Callaway, but I wanna hear what he says about Jerry's familiar playing going forward with them and all the stuff, but I didn't watch any post game. I was out. I was tired. I was out along day. A lot of reading articles about the show. Yeah. I said I said enough of this. I go to sleep. You went to sharks do have to you had to do. This is not like the NHL. Plus it can be lying. And then of course, you've got the NBA, and you've got John Shawn up last night. And by the way, here's the deal knick fans, we have to give one Jain norm collective hog to Kevin Durant. Get there's not a thing that he can do wrong serious. We'd love him. He needs to know that we love. Kevin durant? So there's more. Kevin durant? Come into the Knicks stuff while it's an unauthorized autobiography Agra fy coming out. It doesn't say there that he's leaving Golden State. But but what it says, basically is that there's going to be another the person who wrote this. It'd be very very careful here. The person who wrote this is. Intimating that Kevin Durant will strongly want to end his career somewhere else because he hates the perception of him jumping on his Golden State bandwagon. Even though he's won two championships. Two NBA finals MVP's, and he might get a third JP gyp another finals MVP he hates that that he wants a challenge and he wanted to be his team. And he went nuts when he saw the reaction of him, leaving Oklahoma City to go to the warriors, and he has not been able to shake that since and he wants end his career somewhere else with big challenge. That is one writers perception, right? What's going on with? Kevin durant? Yeah. Here's the thing that I would say Kevin Durant seems to be at least characterized in this particular of this book is like an insecure maniac. Well, yeah, I knew that he's seven foot. He's the best is the best basketball player or one of the best basketball players in the league. And if he comes in New York, you'll be heralded we w-. Will love him. We will hug him. I don't even know if that's the best thing. So we will. I think that he will he'll find some way to be driven. Whatever negativity is out there. He will gravitate migraine will say something it'll be well. He'll this. Holy don't need. It's fine. Right. This west that he's going on. We'll drive him enough. Even if we do embrace him, but he's just this some athletes, they need this. I think is thoughtful guy personally, I think he's a thoughtful guy, you know, and given everything that's going on in his life. And all that other stuff. You know, he has an east coast guy is from Washington DC. And I know that they also talk about ten landing spot being filled up. I can't see him going to Philadelphia. I just can't see them to Brooklyn. And I certainly can't seem to Washington. Yeah. Think clippers or the Knicks. Yeah. The clippers of the Knicks. It just depends LA or New York for him. Now, the clippers have a better everybody got a better Rosser in the next right now, but you can own the east coast thing I was thinking about this yesterday. Kyri in Boston. All right. I mean does that is he like the east coast guy? Right. And there's really not a like east coast vaster guy. He's he's a New York. He's a guy. No bahir. I know but I'm ever since LeBron east eastern time zone. Okay. So ever since LeBron went to the the west coast out to LA. There hasn't been like that transcendent this past basketball. So you wanna tell me, honest Janas, but these guys up tell you out that the Kupa, right? He's in he's in Milwaukee. That's not even. About Embiid or these guys are too young. I'm telling you, they haven't done it yet Durant. Immediately becomes the LeBron the ratings bonanza that LeBron was in the eastern time zone when he comes to the next he could own it because everybody talked about how the NBA on the east coast the rates went in the tank because LeBron was it around that he bore because there wasn't a big star like that. Now, they're stars. But there's not like the guy is how about this. How about the nicks do not get the first pick in the NBA draft. And they get like the second and third pick. Yeah. Now, if you're not going to if you're not all in on job rant. Would you trade that pick to get Anthony Davis? No because then you probably going to have to trade other pieces on the roster, and you can't afford to do that at this point. But if the rant says if the only way that you make a serious play for Anthony Davis Ziff, another guy's not signing. Yes. With that other max slot. But. The ideal thing to do would be of course, get atop three hopefully graduate to MAC. And then also I mean, and by the way, Dennis Smith junior Mitchell Robertson, Kevin knocks you want those guys on the team. Sure, you do you have to have them. Right. So that that is a good thing. So I don't wanna trade those guys in the pick. You want three players you want a young stud player one tour three, and you want to max contracts. That's what you want as opposed to to max contracts trading players away and not signing your draft pick. And I don't think it's possible for them to have Davis Durant and Kyrie I don't think it's possible and someone else could tell me maybe there's been an article written about it. I'll try to look it up. I don't think it's possible. If all of them and up wanting to get paid the max of what they should be paid. Which of course, they're going to because who who wants to be underpaid, especially being a big time athlete like that. But yeah, I mean, we're ready. You've always told me though, every time this comes up. You've always told me there's some like secret onto the table. I don't know if there's a secret under the table. I'm not sure about that. Everybody assumes that. Yes. There's some investments in one of Bob Kraft's ninety different companies. Right. And that that that easily could be possible. I mean with wealth management staff, I'm sure that handles Giselle. And Tom Brady's money. I'm sure that that in some ways, shape or form some of its co mingled with something that craft is doing somewhere, right? Whether it be overseas or whether Bahir in this country. So yeah, I would think that there are investments that are co mingled. Yes. I that would just be my my my cynical side saying, yes, there's definitely something there. So it is may first and two weeks from this Moyal, baby. Let's go weeks from this morning Wednesday. May fifteenth will be the morning after the NBA draft lottery where we will be talking about what happened. So we are that close. We are that close trying to think how I can how I can sway this whole thing. What putting pressure on Adam silver to fix it something he'd better fix it. Yeah. I mean, if he was smart, he would it's just a matter of his smart. He's very smart. Well, I know he's extremely smart. But it does Mark does he, but he also tried to he's probably so pissed that this was the year that he ended up tweak in the lottery because every other year, the Knicks would almost been guaranteed to get the first pick. But this was the year. He changed it. And he's probably thinking of doing this. This is the year you guys decide that completely tank and the Knicks finally did something that they had to do. Tanked to number one. Right. But it doesn't matter because there's two other teams at the same out chance and it's only fourteen inches. Saw. What happened with the Rangers Rangers? They played hard all year long, by the way, they just traded for Adam FOX local kid from Jericho you train fan, by the way, huge ranger fan. And he is he is going to live his dream to play for his beloved New York Rangers next year who have chance to be one of the starting defense on the Rangers. But the Rangers moved up in the the NHL draft lottery. Yeah. I think they moved up by four or five slots, so you just gotta hope that the Knicks. Don't have that happen in the NBA lottery. You wanna stay where you are? And you wanna come away with that number one pick like the devils, Scott? It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason in Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo. Jerry's familiar in the crosshairs again, so close to getting it done five outs. He got five outs. No problem that sixth one was allusive but the Mets come back and win in the. This though, it was pretty cool seeing about was family down there. Yes. Absolutely. I was a great moment. That really was a great moment and see soaked it all in and unfortunately for the Yankees, they got grenade. Yeah. Well, this lineup is going to run into a couple of good pitchers from time to time. And they're going to have that happen to this and to har- end Tula whiskey both played single a Tampa. And did play third base. Clint Frazier's running. He's going to be doing some arc running soon. So he should be activated by Friday. These are going to start coming back now and the little engine that could is going to become maybe the expensive engine that can't how about that. Jerry Recco is here with it update have been the best time dropped ever that that could have honestly been at his best work subtly of all time. Hey, Jerry, what's going on morning rates? On group scheduled appointment today to rake Tina service in our first class service at affordable prices. And that's where we start with the Yankees and the diamondback one to two Murphy pitch came out swinging. Sheridan. He has three strikeouts. He has three thousand next dot CC Sobat, the hall of fame. Wow. Pitcher to do that John sterling the call on the fan. Unfortunately for the Yankees, though, the moment which was pretty good for him. As he struck out the side there the night did not end well for the Yanks it on the ground, right? Beal there is a basic Tuchman field. I'm throwing and it's late on to second goes Flora's and gogo of old on and that is again Johnston. Wilmer Flores homers in the second than snaps a one with the RBI single there in the fourth Diamondbacks wound up beating the keys three one. Here's Sobat the thoughts on getting to three thousand this relief. You know, since the end of last year, you know, coming up short, you know, fortunately strikeouts. Kind of like the last thing I've been the only thing I've been thinking about for the last six months so and so he can now move on with things hall of fame. Right. No doubt. Here's boone. And he exactly says that he's all Famer. I mean. You know, this is one of those big numbers, you know, handful and numbers in our game. The only thing that's stinks. Brett Gardner says we she have won four. He's got who's not so worried about personal top Schmitz is the team. So, you know, unfortunately, that we weren't able to scratch a few more than tossing them the win today, but guys with three thousand strikeouts or not in the hall of fame Roger Clemens who's the other one Curt Schilling. Okay. Interesting about the five and a third gave up two runs with the five strikeouts. He finished the day three thousand into series finale this afternoon, Masahiro Tanaka taking on Merrill, Kelly this abbreviated two game series. We'll have it on the fan at three pm as for the Mets. So here they were taking on the reds last night. All was good through the eighth and then into the ninth. Yes. Jerry's familiar blows the six out save as the Diamondbacks score coupled ties, but in the tenth. Pete Alonzo one laseyette from the belt his pitch on hard. Right. This one plenty put up week near the wall. He makes the catch in front of the fence Davis tax third. He scores. A lot went to with a sec lie. That's Wayne Randazzo. CBS eighty JD. Davis led off the inning with a double. He scores the winning run Mets for reds three as even up the series at a game pieces. They will play again later tonight the inning as mentioned started with Davis at the plate. Good work done by Mickey Callaway as he says to put bat together against that guy. Is is unbelievable glaciations. Here's Calloway on his boy, Jeff McNeil what a drag bunt earlier in this game. Didn't work out. The first time went back to the second. And got it done got the running from third he came in and said that's bag baseball. And that's where we went to college. They were called the dirt bags long state was big baseball. He says this is what I do. I play their bag baseball that does probably definition right there. I mean bonding with the gun third base. You know, just doing everything you can get the guy over. Facturing runs, and that's he did it on his own. He did do it on his own baseball. I like it. That's how we're going to be playing softball this year guys dirtbag softball. I want some happiness attempts run down first base. I wanna see people diving into home plate. I wanna see some action from you people that you like about McNeil to is that he actually scouted Cincinnati the night before and had this in his head. Align their yesterday actually told chilly today, you know, if I gotta get up to do it third base. I'm gonna I'm gonna do it. And then try and they never ever just. Got it. So just just remembered dirtbag baseball. I'm not forgetting that one or so you're saying for the softball team you want Palade steals. Her bag you base Sturt bag softball against the Hebrew home already softball games. We are not we are not giving in. All right. I'm with you. We're not giving up. That's what you say. Skip got it. We're in full in line. Here was Mickey Callaway thoughts on familiar outing. So again that was lights out for five outs. So then he can he strokes familias ego. He's gotta take pride that. He he got five big outs in this game tonight shed as he didn't get those out. We don't win the game. He's gotta take pride five big outs. And then sucked after those big outs. You know, what I wanted to say just wants to he needs the bear down it. Oh, he got five outs. He's gotta get a six. That's what we have here. That's why we're paying him. Nobody Ellen right. He's got a bear down. And he's got to get that final out. Yeah. And I know what he's you know, he's he's Mr. positive, right? He's like we're gonna love our players like they've never been loved before. It's also Brody thing to Brody wants all positive situations. So it's Brody was positive as watching the reds run around the base path. He's probably but he's positive this morning. Right. And he'd probably pas, okay, fine. They tied it up. But we're going to win. We're going to be the best versions of ourselves. That's a big broady van wagon quote. We're going to be the best versions of ourselves. The greatest that we can be every single day we wake up if it's cloudy, there's sunshine. I don't care. What you see? It's what you feel. Here's familiar when I think of what I see Alary morning, sunshine sunshine, and then there's eddies he's he's a little cloudy, and then there's Jerry happy guy of the grew storms Bruin. Here's a familiar translator. What happened nothing really changed? I really doing the same thing. I try to same thing. And I know some some of the kind of stayed over the plate a little bit. And it was those singles I kind of did the damage. Yeah. Give runs. Here's a Lonzo. Great having the game winner. Awesome. I mean is really cool to come up clutch in spot like that. I mean every game's important, and I'm just really happy. I could come through for the boys fifteen and fourteen tonight. Maybe Jacob degrom can solve his issues. He takes on Anthony disclu funny later this evening at city field. Also of note the rays were rained out the two and a half out now in the AL. The Red Sox did win again last night. They beat the as five. One of play better bass going for sure playing better baseball dodgers beat the giants ten to three nationals. Also cardinals three two in the Phillies. Lost buddy. Yeah. They lost nationals won national Phillies. Both how about that. Nice. So the midst now one game out to the NBA playoffs at Golden State Warriors and rockets and to series lead for Golden State, Gerald green white hand dribble mass downstairs Dow. Have been fouled on the kind of undercutting one. Oh, wait ninety six warriors all the game minute gonna cut it off. But I figured let's leave the pumpkin. Yeah. For people who don't talk. You warriors radio radio radio. Sounds like a bad ventriloquist act where the play by play guy is the human. And then the color guy the puppet swing back onto Gerald green white hand dribble past outskirts. Dow. About have been fouled on the undercut. Hundred. Let's sing sold about. Real real. Warriors beat the rockets. One fifteen one nine green another near triple double, fifteen points, twelve rebounds, seven assists, twenty nine for Kevin Durant. Here's Steve curl. We did was when the games we were supposed to win nothing has happened yet. So we gotta go down to Houston and be ready to play because you know, how good they are. We know how hard they're gonna plan. Here was green happy to move beyond all the foul nonsense. Disheartening? For game that I love since. I was a child to see the talk over the last few days. It was nothing about basketball and everything about foul. Call exactly what it was. Yeah. I know I'm so happy said that that was discouraging to me to James harden got hit in the face in this game. Did come back in raked across the is is Mike dantonio. Call at Harvard twenty nine points on nine of nineteen shooting. He said he had trouble after being poked. We'll see. Early could see. Jesus. That's a good barely see. Did he got some I go I understand that something happens to this team when they play the the warriors in the playoffs. How many three point attempts to have last night a lot? We're talking about the. Not being I'm not sure, but he didn't take as many as I expected. Healy shot harden himself only nineteen field goal attempts for the games couldn't say he couldn't say say say so. I could see I know trying to think. Boston Milwaukee shot forty seven threes and their game. I know that I'm not sure what the number is for Houston. Again when only shoots nineteen GIO. What's a matter that these computers on them? I have faith that the computers here. Yes. I just bring in my own. I know Evan does it. He's been doing it for years. I gotta start doing who. I actually. Yeah. That's evan. Yeah. It's got to ipads, and computer. Yeah. Really? Nassau in front of. So let's see a loser. Nestle nasa. So the rocket forty three you say retainer, I say potato what the rockets tempted forty three was them any. Yes, they were seven how many Harding take Hardin had kind of seven. I know they call the foul and one of them and he got the three free throws. We have seven three of seven not bad for him. Did you realize that you feel like it was Val or the like he got the foul call? I didn't see the play. I just read that they call the foul and a three point attempt. Well, CBS sports number cat it. I think or did they not I don't know. I was looking up the threes. But yeah. It's another excuse though. That's built into the rockets whole Zagan swept. He was blind. Yeah. Right. Exactly. Ripped across the is. I barely could see you got shop ready. Chris Paul last last year with the game seven injury said of the officials Costas eighteen points shut up his play. If I was a rockets fan, I would be living at this team live. It wouldn't be at the officials wouldn't be anything else. It'd be about this group coming up excuse every single game bucks. Beat the Celtics won twenty three one zero to even that series at one and one tough night for kyri Irving nine points. He was four of eighteen from the floor or any added pressure when you're shoot like that. There's no extra burden. This is what I signed up for what Boston traded from before. So and so he's figure it out honest and denim Kupa had twenty nine points, ten rebounds that the Kuku compile and pool. Poop poop. Boo. Said that kupuna woke up it was hitting shots from all over the floor on poo poo poo right into the net. Do. On a fat tonight game two nuggets and blazers in Denver. You've also got rawley game. Three for the islanders hurricanes coverage on radio dot com at seven we will join it on the fan after the Yankees. The Rangers acquire Harvard defensemen, Adam fog Carolina, thirty seven th pick in this draft. And something about a second pick too. They can go up. So it's basically to pixie there to to number two or two and a three and a good signing. It's a good way to utilize your assets to get a young player who just turned twenty one years of age, and he was a hoagie hobey Baker award finalist and an all American so edition for the New York Rangers sharks beat the avalanche. Four two for a two one series lead blue jackets to one lead in the Bruins with their two one victory last. All right. Thank you, Jerry. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty boomer and geo to Yankees islanders NBA playoffs. I'm sure some people call us about Mike as well. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we will get to your calls in just a second did mentioned at the top of the show was an honor to stay next boomer and emceed the NYPD foundation gala last night and the best part of it for me was standing up and reading the stories and presenting the hammered awards to the. Five incredible officers, and he said, wow, you seem like you did that before just the inspiration. You got from those stories and reading about them prior to that. There was no way I was messing up those introductions these young folks who have done in amazing job in their careers. Don't know why those stories don't make it on the front page of the papers. Right. I know they really should every single one of them. So those people were saieed alley Jason Anna's Aghassi quad teasha EPs Damon Martin and Rosemary machen Thala and the top of the year brought the house down doll treve and his incredibly tragic story. But yet inspiring story on top of it and commissioned O'neil presenting copy year award was about as emotional as it gets. I wish everybody could have heard Commissioner, Neil speech. Introducing doll show and his family and what he has been through. And you could hear it in the Commissioner's voice, the passion, the emotion, the anger, the just the level of respect that he has for his officers. And if you don't know doll shes story, I suggest you take five minutes and read about it. And realized just exactly how dangerous it is the NYPD officer on the streets or in the subways or. On the bridges you name it they're out there and there and last night. This was an eye opening experience. I think for anybody for somebody who's never been a part of it. It really opens your eyes what the hell is going on. And how important these people are? So I think what you said, right? There is just absolutely perfect. Those officers all needed to be recognized. They were all heroes in all of our is. They all got standing ovations last night and dodge avai, his family, basically got the loudest of all of them and our hearts, go out to his family. And we wish them nothing. But the absolute best going forward. All right. Let's get to some calls talk about what happened in sports anything else last day or so it has been nuts. Let's go to Chris. And on what's going on? Chris. Forget about the fact that two million cost us the two thousand fifteen World Series. You have to remember the calls. You got the day after we resigning which I thought was joke. I thought somebody's mess with me from your fan base going crazy on this move. Yeah. And this is why you have a rough streak you need guy late in in in the in the game, closer, whatever to lock it down that when keep moving other side, you have a winning streak you gotta keep it moving. This guy will blow it every single time. He rips the heart out of your chest. And you invest three hours in a game. And he doesn't that? I'd rather see Vargas twelve in the first inning turn it off. And do something else. This guy suck. He needs to go away. Should never be. I can't look at it for three more years, and you're not alone. And I remember boomer, and I we defended the familiar move that morning after it happened, and we were fighting people off left, and right and my take at the time was and clearly in April. It's been wrong is that back into the bullpen guys generally are up and down. And you're not counting on. Familia to be your closer. Because you've gotten one of the best closers in baseball. He's going to be a setup guy. Jerry's familiar has one of the best closer seasons in the history of the Mets organization. We know that when he's on his game. He could pitch city field. He could be great met. He's just been awful this year. And I wonder what the contract that he got and Brodie van wagons approach that we saw with Travis Dr. No, what do you do? Jerry's familiar if this continues because you cannot have Jerry's familiar high leverage situations if this continues for another month, but that's why said Mickey Callaway could could've done. Everybody a favor last night. And just giving them the eighth inning and put whoever in after words, even even though we all know what was going on last night. We all understood what was happening you have done. Everybody a favor set. Jerry's down after the eighth inning today. What did great and you did your job? And that's all there is to it. And we're going to go to somebody else because we're not we're not gonna put you in that situation to lose the game. Now. Because we're hearing from the Mets fan we're hearing. I'm sure the the thousand people that were left there in the stadium was empty once again late in the game. You could probably feel the and the stress in the from the fan base that was there because I feel it. I know you felt it and we were actually talking about it before it even happened. I know and you told me, okay. They got a million. He got the three outs eighth as good sit them. Now. I said sit them down. And then you said was available. I don't care. I don't really care. I bring Syndergaard out give a crap who you put out there. Just don't put him back out there. And they did. And he was fine. I two hours complete meltdown again. But it's it's I'm sure it's frustrating for those guys because he does have his ball moves ridiculously it moves so much. Sometimes he gets out there. You can't control it. And that's what happened to him two nights ago. And then last night, it's just like, okay. They can't hit it. It. He's doing fine. And then all of a sudden the wheels come off. And that's why just like if you've Mickey Callaway don't you have to manage that a little bit. Like, don't you have to protect him from his perspective is like, wow, what a great cleaning familia. I'm going to send them back out there. His confidence is up. He's going to he's going to do this was close to. But. Yeah, I agree saying this after the fact because I told you this last night as I know, I just who else were you at that point, easy, clean eighth-inning. He's thinking this is this is where I'm going with it. I didn't have the biggest problem with it to be honest with you. But I mean, it's just amazing. The guy can't get out of his own way. We might have to use Harris. Allen Jerry's familiar. He was as he was belting down. I was just thinking about our conversation that had happened. Ten minutes earlier. Yeah. I know absolutely, man. I can't believe that this is happening. I just can't. I mean, and it just it goes so fast that it's almost like you can't get out of it. He can't get out of his own way. And that's what's scary about a guy. Like that is it's it's not just a little bit. Jacob degrom at his best like a work himself in in and out of jams. You know, of course, his last couple of in bed, but will put a couple of guys on base. Bear Jerry's familiar for the most part, even the other knife. He got bailed out a double play with Frazier. But for the most part guys get on base. I mean, it's just gasoline. And even Mickey Calloway said the night for a guy that has been victimized by the dribblers. He needed to have the ball hit the somebody hearts, we can turn that double play. He needed a break. So he recognizes as well. And I think he probably thought exactly what you thought you had a clean eighth inning. Let's put them back out there. There's two outs. Everybody's getting ready to start shaking hands. And before you know, what the wheels come off. And all hell breaks loose. You know, I was just thinking about this in terms of managing players and putting them in the right spot. The feel good about their performance if I'm Adam gays I want Sam darnold to throw forty touchdown passes this year. So. When I'm inside that five yard line. I'm going to have all sorts of past place that are going to lead the touchdown passes from my young quarterback. I want my young quarterback to have stud statistics. Now, these are things that I'm not going to discuss publicly. These are things that I'm going to keep internally to me. I know how important Sam is to our fan base into our rebuild. And to who we now hope hope to become with our leading quarterback. I need to make sure that I am going to put him in a situation where he is going to flourish. And he's he and his personality and his way of playing is going to take over this team that should be the number one priority for Adam gays to make sure that you build up your quarterback to be superman, and you put him in a situation to make sure that that can happen. And that's why I think when you manage people like Mickey Callaway managing now. Jerry's familiar he's managing the fan base. And I know you don't wanna listen to the fans because she'll be sitting with the fans if you listen to the fans, but that doesn't mean that you can't. Manage your player to make sure that they come out of a game. Feel good about themselves much like he's managing bargain. He knows the wheels come off for that. And he takes out of the game. And he's kinda rebuilt him a little bit. So I think he needs to do some of that for familiar. That's why I was saying last night. Okay. Got eighth inning. Get them out of here. Let's go to Kenny in Monroe tap happened. Kenny. Hey, guys. What's happening? Hey, listen, man. I love you guys in a huge Yankee fan and huge baseball fan. And when I tell you I'm watching the kids on the Yankees. And then I go back and forth to the Mets because I'm one of those guys that gets made fun of because I just like New York teens I root for everybody. But I mean Anky thin, and I gotta tell you when I see McNeil play. That's that's the way I was taught. I'm forty two years old and I've been playing baseball into thirty eight years old. That's the way you play. He slaps at it. He just goes he dives at first base. That's the way we've been taught that way. Frederick plays that way too. It's all. Also, nothing one hundred miles an hour and you play your ass off. And you and you don't take anything for granted. That's exactly that's why fans love those guys. You know, it is funny with cesspit us out with Stanton out with Gary Sanchez was out. He's back. But some of these guys are like big home run guys all or nothing guys without them. You get a lot of these spark plug guys spark plugs on each team, but just spot plug guys whether it's GO or shallow or Tuchman. Or Clint Frazier when he's healthy or McNeil or JD Davis a bunch of these guys that baseball traditionalist love now, is it sustainable with the talent level. We'll find out because her bunch of bags. Here's the deal. We have our own bag baseball guy. You know, it is art dirtbag baseball guy, dirtbag baseball our softball team. Yeah. Amassed alone. You know, he's to quaffed. He's he's he looks good. He's quaffed, and I wouldn't say no ceelo is he Bank, and now I feel like I play with a lot of dirt bags not really this really one. That's out there. Trying to kill everybody guy out there. Trying to kill everybody. Honey badger. Okay. Yeah. Right. That's fair. I was thinking if the islanders get eliminated at least we'll get a boost or softball roster. That's true. But we're not looking forward to that. Right now. Are we well it's just a little bit of a consolation prize? Right. I'd like to see that move on Callan matter thinking about our softball team right now. I don't expect them to just me personally. We'll get a little bit of a boost. They're just thinking about just somehow they to get the puck into the net. Somehow. So I was thinking for Mets fan. Yes. Some to think about in the next couple of minutes, who is your least favorite baseball player. That's played for another team not a met because we can tend to hate our own right? But the your least in the last. Let's say ten years your least favorite opponent think about who that guy is. And I could almost guarantee that the majority of people are going to say this guy, and that guy is going to be in our studio today. So think about that. I will tell you that person is, and I bet if you put up a poll or ask most people say this guy, and we're going to have this guy in studio. That's awesome. Yep. So that's going to be a lot of fun to mooning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty boomer and geo joining us in studio them hour and a half from now. Maybe a little bit less is one of the most hated players for Mets fans in the history of the organization said about the last ten years two guys for the Atlanta Braves that come to mind that were more nineties early two thousand this guy took the place of those guys immediately after that John rocker, which was sort of short lived. But he said that seven train thing. And basically said everybody on the subway was mutants in these horrible things that he said, you're just a jerk. So that that was quick the Chipper Jones was very long hatred that happened with Chipper Jones and then came along chase utley chase utley is hated for a couple of reasons. One very specific incident, as we know the slide in twenty fifteen Rueben to Hotta, but also he owns the Mets just like Chipper Jones that he owned the Mets and whether. He was on the Phillies didn't matter the guy would just terrorize the met. So today joining us in studio will be chase utley. And it's going to be very very difficult thing for me, and you to be able to talk to this guy without some of that coming out. You gotta you gotta touch all that. And I think he probably relishes the fact that he's like an anti met guy, anti hero guy. Didn't he get into like what he was introduced all sort game was Yankee Stadium where they the hell out of them. Yeah. And then he looked into the or looking into the fans gave. Bleep you. Yeah. And then of course, we have a guy. He's got a love it. Right. Yeah. And of course, we have a guy on the staff here. Bobby Dwyer in the back who generally can pick an athlete. He loves boomer boomers is favorite athlete of all time. Played hard. I played smart. However, I think is second favorite athlete of all time, man. He named his son after is chase utley. So Bob Dwyer named his son chase because Bob Dwyer's affiliates fan named his son chase. So he is all jacked up became in here in the break. He's got a he looks not like us about the meat is hero. Bob dory. Put on like a unicorn a rainbow unicorn t-shirt very very happy. But I said why? All right. So you're a chase utley superfan. He's coming in today. You're going to get a picture with them and you've got a rainbow unicorn t-shirt on what is that about a cash should've put on jersey. Yeah. But don't you feel like he always reflect? The Phillies perfectly. Oh, yeah. That's that's the thing. The guy. I'm sure he can't stand New York, fans course, probably loves the fact that there's a lot of tension there. Yeah. There's going to be a lot of people pay that we have on the air. Why? We'll just because they hate his guts. What do you mean? Why isn't he working with kids now? Something as long as you're working with kids. Good. It doesn't matter. What you've done in the past. Why is chase coming? He's doing something with MLB. I didn't look at the specifics. Oh, okay. All right. I should print that out chase. I one hundred percent. I said chase utley coming in here where he's going. Oh, yeah. We're interested. He's like Sean Avery of baseball players. I wonder how like when he's walking the streets of New York. How that goes can't be good. And I'm sure Evan. I could just picture Evan going onto stinking piece of crap. You are the worst. Shame on you. Shame on you for breaking my players leg. You are the stinking worst. You Evan would actually confront chase utley. He may. I don't know. But I do know is that you want chase on your team. Yeah. You want the grinder on your team? What you want? I know. I would go. I mean, he was guys great career. I'm just saying that we have a guy who may not be as edgy as as chase was as he got older, but Jeff McNeil plays the same way. He does these not talented. He's a grinder. I will give you that. I will give you that. But this is going to be tough. And you know what? Sometimes I don't want to meet those guys that you don't like in sports, right? Because you're gonna in them. I couldn't stand Brett farve because I was not that. I didn't respect the way couldn't stand the guy, and I have not met Brett farve yet doing the stuff that we've done I feel like if I met Brett farve, then I would probably love breakfast. And he ended up being Viking. And I hated that took a long time for me to one one games for you. They should air. Well, bountygate. Right. Right. Absolutely. So that there's a little bit of that. But I only felt like he was on the Vikings to screw the Packers. Didn't like that. He was never going to be our guy. So. Sometimes you don't wanna meet the guy that you hate you want to continue to hate the guy. Well, here's Joe in New Jersey. Joe what's happening, brother? Good morning fellers. The only person I need more than Roger Clemens in dirtbag. Chase. Him then garbage. I think we should take calls. You know what Joe called back when chases with us? We could take some some from fans. Chase. What do you think about that? How take some calls with chase with that. Definitely. You think he would be? Maybe he seems like a guy that would embrace something like that. Under midway skiing, of course, arrogant. He would absolutely love it too. Yeah. This is going to be fun. It's going to be great actual call after call garbage. Instead, you Eric. Arrogance. Credit for wanting to come on this morning. Yeah. Do you think that he is aware of the hatred? Oh, he has to sometimes we as athletes we live in a bubble. We have no idea. What the hell's going on out there in the world? Like, no as well on fire. Yes. No. Maybe who's involved. What's going on? We don't know. Yeah. It'd be different. This is his life. This is in Venezuela. I mean, he's when he is every time that he played in queens as a member of an opposing team, he got his ass booed role. Do you think when he's in New York, and he's going to go out to dinner that uses his name as a reservation? No, probably not probably not now. He's lucky that there's two baseball teams here. So it's not all Mets fans, remember too. I mean, this was a big deal got Buddha Yankee Stadium for the for the all star. Yeah. But there was also the Mets were trying to get retribution on chase. And remember that whole deal Collins, you gotta you know, my my ass is going to be in the jackpot unbelievable. Yeah. So I mean, he he knows what the deal is much like much like the NBA in the drama surrounding all these MBA playoffs and the back and forth between the players, and the coaches and who's flopping and who's doing all this other crap. I mean, that's kind of what chase was for the Mets during during the two thousand fifteen season. That's basically who he was came. Right. Of course, we've got to see him in the in the playoffs. The dodgers of all teams and that happens. Right. And then that happens goes the cherry of the top of the cake right there Sunday. Yeah. That's I hope he wants to take calls. Great. That would be amazing. It's going to Neil in Greenwich. What's going on? Morning or you. What's happening? Nothing. Listen, I listened to that Francesca calling yesterday. And I used to I to his show for almost thirty years. I was a big fan of his one of the loyal fans. But. In the last year. I just I just kinda got into specify. A fraud blowhard and I called in yesterday. I wish you guys did a nice job of being respectful and kind of let him hang himself with his rant and looking like a fool, but I wish you guys just told him to shut up because he kind of came on your show and felt like. I told you guys down and kind of felt like it was sort of boss me, Ron. Around. You know, what Neil? There's two takes on. This one has been. I wish you guys would of yelled at him because he pushed you around the other take is you handled it perfectly because he's a maniac, and you guys aren't and you took the high road and everything that he said spoke to the type of guy that he is in the type of guys that you are now I'll be honest with you initially when it was over. I was like man you want to shoulda yelled back at him because you got to go after the guy is trying to push you around backing them. And then I said, my instinct, I usually follow my instincts in this in these type of situations, and I followed my instinct, my instinct was that's not who I am. And sure as hell don't want to be like him that has been my goal in this business since I've gotten to this is I don't want to be that. I don't wanna be the screaming maniac at sixty five years old. That's everything he's ever wanted. So if I had I would have been really disappointed in myself if I started screaming. Back at him. Because I said, you know, what I'm no better. I'm no better. How can I sit here and criticize his behavior of acting exactly like him? So that's a little insight into why that happened. I know some people are going to perceive it as all you guys back down you had your opportunity. I don't look at it that way. And by the way, I think if you look at the articles that were written about it this morning, whatever I'd still rather be us than him because it looks. I mean, he looked like a crazy person yesterday, right? Well, I think that would have been a little tweak them in that sense did hand theirselves while very respectfully. And he's just. Loses. Credibility every day. You know, so hopefully, he goes away. Beijing on thanks for the call the amazing as we allow people to call in and just drill guy. That's on our station. What you think about it? And we're not trying to look we're just trying to be transparent. I think what people saw is what we deal with every day around here or other people deal with every day around here. So it's unfortunate. But at the for us, I kind of had a good laugh at it. Yeah. As the day went on. I felt I felt more comfortable with like here we go again. Yeah. Right. Thought you guys are going to be on the back page yesterday. Hold on a second. Why would it be me? Because his he's like, he's yelling at you. Twenty yelled, you shut up because you wanted to get his point across get some ratings and just learn how to do show. But also you were the one who opened up the criticism of him yesterday trailed Colt is commented. So I thought that to be honest with you so in for the peoples that you can stand up to go back to November. And look at the back page of the New York Post read that article and all the stuff I said, certainly standing up to them then, but when he called up here, we go this is this is boomer and Mike the gloves are off, and I'm just going to have a front row seat here. That's what I thought was going to happen. It didn't end up going didn't realize what he said he said on the Mike's on app, right? Do I pull context which I still think which was gone back and back after this posted? I still don't think he said the stuff that he claimed to have said with us yesterday. And I didn't. Did we ever questioned whether or not he had a relationship with they've or not care if he does or not like he has relationship with everybody said he I went back and listen to it. He said he did not. He does not have never had. Right. But we had a caller who called in who said that he did have a pipeline into the giants and had a relationship with them. But we don't know the truth. We don't know it just seemed like everything was lining up like Mike had the information right for everything that happened with the giants. And that was the I don't know if he was seemed to me like he was mad at that. Then no. I think it now that we said that he had a relationship that because that was an accurate though, that was part of what he was angry at, but he was mostly angry at the Corey Ballantyne stuff because he felt the need to defend himself there because that clip that we played yesterday, and the clip that's getting a ton of criticism that Ballantine's own father has responded to and just just just also understand. I did say GIO yesterday GIO. There's a family that is burying their son. Yeah. And I'm not going to sit here and argue over whether or not somebody has a relationship with the general manager of a local sports team over his comments about a guy that got shot. Going to sit here and argue back and forth about the importance of that because that is not important the big picture of things when you're talking about somebody who lost her life. Right. Exactly. I said at the end of the show yesterday. I mean, the whole thing feels weird with subject matter. I said sometimes in this this cesspool in which we exist in you get it's tough to focus on the real issues, and you have to and he's he's all about defendant himself in a maniacal way. But really, what are we talking about for talking about a real tragedy here? So we can't lose sight of that. I did I did mention that at the end of the show was well, and that's why this isn't about like, oh, you're doing my impersonation. Or you criticize my interview with whomever about about something serious. Let's go to ET Teaneck ET. What's happening? Doing this morning. And I'm starting to master industrial organizational psychology, and I'm happy to offer. My pro Bono work in two years. When I when I'm done every I need workplace strife happy to help out. I just wanna see productive and a smooth organization running and it just killed me. So much fighting infighting, and you know, talking on each other's that goes back. I'm happy to help in whatever way. I can't. Well, we're not talking about. We're not talking about somebody behind their back. I mean, we've trying to be as transparent era. We don't want to get too personal things. But at the for us, I think you got a glimpse of what things are around here when we're not we're not here. Yes. It is true. We usually out of here by eleven o'clock in the morning. There's a lot of happiness around here between five and eleven. I think well, I think I think all the way up here and a happy, right? No. I don't see you got strife around here me strike strife with Joe be there for a while a long time ago. Yeah. Getting autographs from our guest guest awhile ago. You didn't like that didn't like that. But we have since patched everything up and all. Strike over here free. I'm trying to think that might have some strife now. Anti-strike? Yes. No. When I listen to him, and he does his drops. And he's taken zingers that people that that kind of creates. I'm sure some strife, I'm just going for the laugh. Yeah. No, strife guy. I used to have more strife. I don't have as much strife those big strife guy. Tasr? Oh, he's a big shot. He gets. Anxiety and everything else all wrapped up into one. Ball hate strife pumped into his veins daylight gasoline. The Andrew Marsh, not the Andrew Martian is the Bruins guy. More marshawn Brad Marchand. He's the Brad more Sean of WFAN a little ball hate. Yeah. We seem to be cool. I had I had I had a heart to heart with the last night. We had him on. So no strife there. Listen, you gotta understand doing entertaining radio show. That's the point. I'm not like, you know, you can't take personally, you know, Brian in Manhattan, Brian. What do you want? Bouma. Did I just hear you compare Jeff McNeil to chase grinder? He's third bag themselves. They call Siliguri basement. I said, I hope I didn't say that. He is like lived up to everything that chased by by way of accuracy is not going to be a hall of Famer. And also did you say oh Cape. Elliott uses name at restaurants when he makes a reservation in New York. How many met fans could actually put the restaurant that chase the number one? Right. Probably not going to add. I thought you yesterday because there was a story of a guy who was ruining the ending of avengers to the people that were waiting online to go into the movie, and that sounded exactly like you was that, you know, wasn't me but GIO I actually yesterday. I thought you after after my call an actually dress you down. I I really did. I went to church I lit a candle. Spry church that nice. Also to fact that you know, you got you got to use at home abuse at work. It's not. There's no there's no abuse anywhere. Brian. None whatsoever. Right. A churchgoer. Church. You got a feeling that? He just said that he doesn't really go to church. Brian is unbelievable. He's that guy. Who is just absolutely the thorn in the side of everybody of everybody is chase of callers. Yeah. Definitely is the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty, boomer and geo. Jerry Recco is back to the updates get right to what's happening Jerry run to London. Visiting experts Americana manhasset, east Hampton, and Westfield World Trade Center start with the last night because a pretty cool moment for C Sobat. The despite the fact that the Yankees did lose to the Diamondbacks. Three one one two two. Murphy pitch swing. He has three strikeouts. He has three thousand next CC about the hall of fame. And no doubt about John sterling call here on the fan as we mentioned the three thousand strikeout does come in a loss. Yankees falling era. Zona the first of two game series about the striking out the side. Four three thousand finished with five strikeouts on the night as he went five in third did take the loss giving up two runs. It was manage Aaron Boone good for getting this done. Just really happy for him and his family to to get to be a little bit part of it is is giving out to do the post game press conference with his kids sitting down with them. He says all right. We got three thousand now we move on. So actually have done and over with and now just worry about the season ultimate goes trying to win games. He's now seventeen twelve Wilmer Flora's of all people did them in last night a home run on the second inning. And then an RBI single in the four. Snapped the one one Arizona never looked bags that ranking seven and two thirds for the win. He struck out seven at city field. You're the Mets and the reds second of a four game series. And the Mets were just moving right along three one in the eighth. Jerry's familiar comes in. And you wonder why he pitched the second inning? I know you guys weren't weren't home seven pitches in the clean quick clean. Even reason. Just to sit them down. Gee on this when he threw seven pitches, and then you take them out and you blow that game. You will be roasting Calloway for the next week. I know I know especially with the options that you had saying Jerry our together. And we were watching it on the phone. And when when familiar got through the eighth, what did I say said take about great is I'm not disputing. What you I'm not trying to second guess here. I was I guessing in in real time at the moment that it was happening twang ground ball up the middle base hit going into center field. This game is tied. The Renton on his way to thirty dives without a throw at rents have tied at against familiar to runs into the nine three two three game. There were two out. And nobody on jarash familiar has come undone yet again how we roll. Hewlett breaking our hearts, and so it was three three. They would go to the tenth and the Mets would get a leadoff double from JD Davis. Jeff McNeil a base. It would bring up Pete Alonzo with the winning run on third. To to win the game. That goes to the core. We get a. On into sort of the winning. What is janey Davis the mix of fashion? And when it. Cohen on us and y previously we heard how he rose CBS eighty four three or final score Alonzo with the game winner there as for the other stuff. Here's Mickey Callaway fifteen and fourteen he says got the win, but we can be so much better. We're not satisfied with what our record is right now. So we're going to never be satisfied until the very end in the last man standing well. Jerry's familiar could've been the last man standing last night. He could have stood on the mound with the two winning save. He did not hear was Calloway on familia. He made some really good pitches throughout the night. Just didn't put the latte. Didn't get that third out. Once you get two strikes. Two outs. Nobody on in the ninth before the roof caved in basically happens for the Mets the other way. I'm sure it has. But it's hard to actually think of it right now. Yeah, you're probably right. It's not often doesn't happen often. Feel like it happens a lot to us bunch of dirt bags these. As because Jeff McNeil and where he played in college. And he is taking that mentality to Citi field last night. He had a drag bunt that drove in a run. Here was Calloway impressed to see it after he attempted the first one, and it went just foul. He kept on staring down at the first base on new. He's going to do it. Again. He did do it again. And even said in the post game, he was stunned that Cincinnati never adjusted. So he did it again, and it worked he got a base it drove the running this me. That's how I was taught to play the game. And that's almost gonna play the game. Here's a lawns. Oh, says this McNeil guy really is something like five or five or something. Like that for sorry. Four five. I mean, I mean he he put me in that situation as a clutch hit. Yeah. It was and putting them in the situation moving JD Davis to third with his base it. And so the Mets do get the game tonight. Jacob degrom takes on Anthony Sclafani should note that Vargas was not bad a third last night better than not bad. And that's a couple of starts in a row now. So he's better than it had been better than synagogue. His last two starts better than to is. Last. Celebrate Tori cream pie have to acknowledge that Harris Allen. Who is the only man who was defending Jason Vargas are came in here. It said you guys after relax. He was right. We're going to have to get him in here to tell us about Jerry's familiar of this continues. But yeah, good for Vargas, not bad Tigers beat the Phillies three one. You also had the Red Sox winning as they beat the as five to one Rick Portillo eight scoreless innings and while Manny Machado is not exactly lighting the world on fire and San Diego. The Padres did beat the Braves four three Fran meal race homered twice. Drove in three runs there. And the dodgers get their first Homer from Justin Turner of the season. They beat the giants tend to three or the NBA playoffs out and Oakland, Golden State and Houston, and Kevin Durant continues to have a monster postseason looted into Kevin. Vise on the white apple topic. Kevin Durant is curry flash by provide a little bit of a screen. It's one four ninety two K D with twenty two Tim ROY without his buddy there on warriors radio. One fifteen one nine the final score Durant with twenty nine on the night. He says when did the job I was just like to urgency. Night. They made some tough ones they made some good shots show. We just play hard and played hard. Got it done. You also had James harden going for twenty nine in the laws. He was poked in the eye is Mike dantonio. I got rate came out briefly went back in so media asking Steve Kerr he's ever played after being poked in the eye. No, never mind. Right hand side to get hooked in the eye when you're on the bench cheer. So usually just cheering the guys on one time some of my team of elbow. Yeah. Wasn't like he was the twelfth guy on it. Yeah. I know. Humble, he is that they're going to. We'll James now with an patch. Here's Mike dantonio bases. We're almost there. Four five plays that we just have to be more solid. We laid on a screen or they got threes. Right. And we've got to do a better job, and we will and good balance for Golden State along with Durant. Twenty-nine Klay Thompson at twenty one Steph curry at twenty and a near triple double for Draymond green bucks and Celtics in Milwaukee. And this is more like rattle pick it up shoot. Janas driving on down the line. Throwdown thirty six thirty four. There's the crowd pleaser and his slam tonight. And if you remember the coup his coach had said, he's just going to put his arm around him and tell him he's going to be great. Yup. And last night he was headed in Kuku twenty nine points and ten rebounds, one twenty three one zero two as the bucks reverse things on Boston winning going away even up the series of the game of peace. Chris Middleton at twenty eight points and seven rebounds. Janas says we gotta done because we bonded. We did some team building we went out, and we saw the movie the avengers together. It was. No, most of the guys on the team came out. The movie was. Really nice movie. I was made for that movie. Probably a year and half. Now waiting for movie for a year and a half. Yeah. Waiting for the sopranos for a long time right for that final season and curb your enthusiasm when way for a while. Yep. You're gonna have game of thrones people were waiting for a long time for this final season. Yeah. Did you see there's also a new movie coming out called BelAir? No, what's that? All right. Yeah. Fresh prince of Bel-Air now, I didn't know is he doing it. No. I don't think I don't know if he's got a part in it. He doesn't play a will as a younger actor up all these years later. What's going on in these? It's it's a serious. Look take on what the sitcom was it looks pretty good, actually. But in the end, we kind of know what happens. Yes. Yeah. So you got that tonight game between the nuggets and blazers and Denver you've got the islanders hurricanes playing game. Three in Raleigh. Carolina up two games to none will have it on the fan after Yankees baseball. But you can pick it up on radio dot com at seven pm a trade for the Rangers who acquire Harvard defenseman Adam FOX from Carolina for the thirty seventh overall pick it is your assets, Jerry. Yes. Using our sets. Let's go shock. The avalanche. Four to take a two one series lead and the blue jackets over the Bruins to one. They're up to one there as well. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty boomer and geo joining us in me twenty five eastern time one of the most hated Mets fans opponents so kind of clumsy way of saying, but. I said it chase. We'll be joining us in studio. So we are looking forward to talking to him saying things damning, and we want to take some calls some fan coils. He wants to take the calls a few years ago when we were doing the Super Bowl and Houston or number Mike Scott came by to me, he was a hated met rivals all the way back to when I was a kid, but he was such a sweet guy that's probably going to happen today with I know, and that's what I'm afraid of. I don't want that. I don't want him to be a nice guy. I don't want to like him. There's just certain guys that you have to dislike for example, you probably have a how many flyers could you name that you hate that? You don't want me because I told you Craig Craig got me to Dave Scholz, all that's right. This big sit down meeting, and it was going to be. I forget what we want to steakhouse. Forget where it was. And there's Dave Schultz sitting at the table. And I'm like, I do not want to sit down at this tape. Yeah. So I sat down at the table and it turned out. That they've Scholtz was like the greatest guy ever see that's all I sat there and I spoke to him for an hour. We talked about the history of the Rangers and the flyers. What idiots don't you feel dirty though? I did. But then I got up, and I said, I appreciate getting a meet you and talking to you and getting to know your history, and all that other stuff and understanding you had a job to do. But you are really good guy right now, and the Dave Schultz that I had dinner with like the Dave Schultz that used to be I still hate. That's the way that's the way. I reconcile that my head. I also thought maybe if he didn't want to take coal we could just find all the Mets fans in the building. And just line them up one by one and have them come in and say their piece to chase like Evan and Joe Harris and all the Mets fan just come right through sit down you get ten seconds. Chase me ask you a question. Yes. If he were on your team. Would you love the guy? Yeah. I mean, that's an obvious one Brian. I know I'm just saying from obvious. I'm going to really. Really this spot. I hated him for what he did to Rueben. I hated the fact that he owned us as a Philly and as a met fan, I can't stand any of that. But as a professional athlete, I have to say do have somewhat of a modicum of respect for him. But someone see here's here's a Larry and beacon on on this particular topic. What's going on Larry good morning? Good morning. How you doing today? What's up? Larry. I disagree with you GO on the Mets fan. Hating Chipper Joan. Okay. I think we highly respected them every time. You went to the ballpark. You saw them gave you everything he had and give you good baseball. And he never really irked the Mets fans from being disrespectful poom. Sure. But you hated the fact that he was so successful get your team. But as far as the man you felt like he was playing a game right at least whereas chase with the slide that was sort of cross the line. What you're saying? Yes. And the thing is I didn't as much hate him as I wanted to the beat the best. So that's what I thought when I saw chip or coming up to the plate. I wanted whoever was there to strike them out of this that because he was at the top of his game. And I won the Mets to the top of that guy. Like, John rocker's never gonna get any respect for Mets fans a guy like Chipper Jones will chase utley Chipper Jones kids shea, and I met fans as as his career went on and the way that he reacted to the bed ban calling him. Larry and all that other stuff that met fan kind of realize that, you know, he's okay. You know, he's he's he's buying into all this. And he's having fun with it. He's not like an any way shape or form coming off as douche didn't. They video tributes. Yes. It was crazy. Yeah. But the thing about chase that chases got like this. He's like Lenny Dykstra, like, no, he's good. He's Z Philadelphian uniform on you can't you can't compare let Dykstra these probably the wrong. I've talked about on the baseball field. The they called any nails. I understand if you. Now you do. But if you talked to him or talk to anybody about chase utley he was a one hundred percent all about baseball. And there was always a plan. It was baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball, kind of like Jeff McNeil is he's baseball based. I'm sure brand knows the same way. Okay. Guys are the same type of guy were they just go to the ballpark and it love just being a baseball player. Okay. How else to explain it? Still can't stand. The I know because you were Philly uniform at a smirk on his face any, bro. Second basements, laying right? Yes. In in the in the playoffs. I understand. He was terrible player. Wouldn't dislike I wonder how many key home runs? He hit against the Mets over his God. Stopping Roy's that he actually played for the dodgers for four years. You realize that? Yeah. Is crazy. Absolutely. I thought when he left the Phillies to go with dodger figured, maybe maybe maybe that little end a year thing for the playoffs and all that stuff. But I didn't. I never expected in the play as many games. Did. Let's go to George in Tom's river. What's happening, George? Gentlemen. How what's up George yesterday almost verbatim right after the whole Mike thing, even when it was still tense? Okay. She owed says, you know, he says he says is that not what was opposed to happen. My Kohl's, you defend himself yada, yada. I'd rather that where we talk to one another attempt to have a conversation as opposed to it happening on each other's shows. You're right. And now today you say, oh, gentlemen might seen a maniac. He's acting maniacal. I'm not going to put myself in those shoes. Just be more consistent. Hold on a second those George hold on George those things can be true at the same time. I was happy that he called. I was he also was crazy when he called. So they could be true at the same time. I think that it's better that if we can try to talk it out. That's what we wanted to do yesterday. That's a better attack at it. As opposed to saying something on our show him saints issue going around and around. But also that he sounded crazy yesterday what he called in. And he was he was screaming. I think those two things could be true. I don't think that's a hypocritical statement regarding to eat those of the entire have going on. I thought you guys had a breakthrough yesterday. Lou if I call him a maniac. Through. Do you like, okay? So explain to me the breakthrough that we had yesterday. You guys finally got the people to actually listen to the three of you talk, and he called and he put himself out there. He really did. And he was passionate conviction. He was defending himself. What are you want to do? You really did. And then you even said, okay good that he called we got it done. And then you put it. But I think what you're doing that you're taking what I said at the end of that and in the touching meaning to it that I didn't mean. So when I said, my whole point George at the end of it was I'd rather aus- at least have the opportunity to talk to. I don't think that it went. Well, I don't think that it was like at the end, we them our differences. But that's not what I thought. And that's what I said. So honestly, right at the end right at the end, he said perspect-, he said, okay goodbye. He didn't hang up. He wasn't being a jerk. You're kidding, right? With respect told boomer to shut up his talk with respect because there hasn't been listen. We haven't shown respect either. Like, I get it. I'm not I'm not trying to say, we're respectful, and he's not. You like this as well for everybody does. But this was not about that. It was not. And then with people always assume this is this is a theory loved to debunk right now. We had no idea he was going to call. In fact, we didn't realize it was him. Right. He's we didn't do this some sort of stunt, quite frankly, quite frankly yesterday, was exhausting having another thing. Like, I don't like I hope that it comes across my don't enjoy these things. I don't but I get sucked into it. Because possible not to. I would rather come here. Laugh about some stuff. Do Micky Calloway's voice have good time. Talks and football, boomer. Go home to my family, quite frankly, that's what I'd love to do day. But it's so now on wrapped up in everything I'm wrapped up and Courtney my friends. I can't get away from it. Like it. I'm not doing it for ratings on. Okay. Part of it. Talks Daniel Jones, mix them four jokes. CT eve covering football, baseball and basketball, and the radio station and everything else. These kids, folks. It's like what people all you love that you want. You is exhausted exhaust. Call one for the way home. I can't do it. Doing too much. You think what you did was costing sit my seat for a while. Yeah. I know. I know trust me. I know. That's why I don't really talk about it. 'cause I know you guys went through L of a lot more than I did. But it's like it's like every day melt onto my might said, you do this do that. He's back to bike in queens. No, it's me. May calling you guys right now. I don't listen. But. What you said the last five minutes couldn't be more utterly and more misinformation. Okay. First of all, let me talk. To come on here and say that I opined Jacob Tanny. Kyle to have an open competition to speak to me every week. Okay. Number one, number two. You couldn't be I made you look like little school bills yesterday. You look like you looked wisdom Pelosi and Schumer. Okay. When Trump had the open policy open cameras and there. Okay. And you guys couldn't be more and more faked in the founding New York Times. The pump Agana that you put out everyday. Okay. This is this is definitely Trump, Mike. So of course, that is not Mike so Neil best. Relax. All right. All right. All right. Bye. Bye. Is. Respectful you guys. All right, guys. All right. All right. All right. All right. Fifty-seven newspaper articles laid cheese. Over now. Comment on credit cards, and if you. Come in on my screen. Want to do is go home that frigging bike around porn. Porn. Do. Fischel little bit summertime. Come in here. Couple labs go on. So looking for. The reporter reaches out the wiser. Are we talking about? So that's coming to you yesterday. No comment to any of them. Why four hours a day to get my comment? Why would anybody look for a comments nuts? Absolutely crazy. Did you? But you know, because you work your for a long time. Yeah. That this. This is a quagmire. I know this is trust me. I fully get it. And I wouldn't want it any other way because so many people care. So that's that's the caveat of it. But at the same time it has an ended. Anytime soon never gonna framed picture of me screaming and Mike back. Alice. Ten minutes for ten minutes. This is twice. The did. It didn't come out today the three thousand strikers. But I think the original back page of the post was Mike again spree minute you screaming at us, right? My god. Everybody's gotta take. It's great. But that's that's the catch twenty two of it. All is you want it any other way? I mean, I could three years over at CBS sports radio. I said anything I could have done a whole show enforcing and nobody would have ever known wouldn't have matter. Right. But here, you know. Every day something, I know. So it's it's exhausting acquainted to like like being being an athlete in New York as well sort of what it's like a mini version of that is the closest I'm ever going to get to that. We're like you achieve your dream. You're there, but then like something bad happens and then boom microphones in your face. And then all of a sudden like watching you last night kind of navigate all this. Yeah. And I think I mean, I think handled it well who knows John Manhattan. What's happened to John? Hey, I think geo you need to take down a little bit broke. What you should have done yesterday has fun with it. And you should went back at my in the mic. That's what I was waiting for. It. Did it happened? It was like soil familiar blown thing was. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I did hear a lot of that John. You're the only one. But here, here's while completely honest. The reason why that that didn't pop it to my mind right away. Because it was a serious issue that we were talking about. Yes. If he had called up to yell at me for doing his impersonation again that would have been the time where I would have shot up going back out. Okay. That would have been the time to do it the issue. We were talking about is what he said about a guy who got shot and his college football teammate who was murdered. So it's just that my both boomer, and I we'd said the same thing our instincts were to dial it back Abba conversation about the issues as opposed to just screaming. So. About who has contacts. And who's right? Who's piped in whatever? I don't know. All right. So it is eight to one on the right? All right back on fan here. Investors Bank studios. Also shifts CBS sports heats the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty boomer and geo joining us less than twenty minutes the very catered by Mets fans chase Conley in studio. So that'll be an interesting one. We're hoping that we'll take some calls for many fans hate his guts. So if you ever wanted to yell at chase utley directly, hopefully, we're going to be able to give you that opportunity that most met fans this morning are more upset with Jerry's familiar who gets five outs one out away from a two inning six out save and then blows the whole thing. So Mets come back to win in the tenth Peter Alonzo with a sack fly. So they ended up beating the reds excuse me. Hopefully, they can take the next two of this series because you'd like to beat up on the reds at home and start actually winning at city field consistently. Wouldn't that be nice? Having a nice home field advantage at city field. That'd be a good place to start. The only thing that that I would say that they have going in their favor is that everybody else is kind of like them in their division to lose to lose three one one one two here come back when one they're losing other too. That's why they're frustrating because they just really haven't taken off yet. Now, you gotta get Jacob degrom tonight. And Jacob degrom. You know, obviously has been scuffling has been struggling. Now. It's time for him to see if he can get back on track here. I mean, he's the guy. He's the horse. He's the leader in that club house. And he's the guy that's got to go out there and find his game. He really does. This is every every of start is important. And I'm sure he would tell you that. But this one now given come on the heels of three pretty lacklustre performances, plus the issue in the strep throat and everything else. I mean, what's easels for these guys? Yeah. It's not it's not out of the question. No, it's not I mean, but so he's got to get back on track. He really does. And he also have Tanaka going for the Anki tonight. And hopefully, they split with the Diamondbacks, and they get back home here and the Yankee fans because start seeing some of their stores return to the lineup. So I wanna talk about Daniel Jones a little bit because he went he didn't one of his first interviews post draft on NFL radio. And he said knows a couple of ways that this question is answered who exurbs gonna ask them. What do you think of the reaction to the pick of you giants and number six can either say use it as motivation could say, which is the most unlikely one man, it's really discouraging Z, which not a lot of guys say or it can go the route that he went which is I haven't seen or heard anything, and there's just no way. Now, I don't blame him for coming up with that answer or saying that because there's really nothing good coming out of. Perfect for the giants got the guy that they want. They want the guy that's going to say the right things handle all the kind of criticism. That's coming his way. And be the face of the franchise. I mean, this cannot be easy at all. Of course. It's not. He's going to have this support of the organization that's going to help the coach and the general manager and Eli or always going to have is back, and he's got a shutout that noise, and it's going to quiet down eventually. And then it's not going to be about him any longer. It's going to be about the giants and that's going to help. But these last couple of days if he was some truth serum and Daniel Jones, you can't tell me that the one of the greatest days of his professional life to this date. It is the greatest day of his professional life. That is fault. Not embrace them. They do they really do need to embrace them. And I think they've got him in his right? Be fair. Give the kid a chance if you want to be critical of anybody be critical the general manager for taking him at number six, and then put putting the pressure squarely on his shoulders is the kid that was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was a kid that came out of high school did not receive a lot of a lot of opportunity. Go play football was almost going to go to Princeton decided to go to Duke and then playing three years at Duke and a guy in front of him got hurt. He took the seize the moment in the opportunity, and he has grown every year since he's six foot five two hundred and twenty five pounds. Probably be a two hundred thirty five pound quarterback when it's all said and done. So he'll have the body. Type. He has the athletes Zemy runs around a little bit. He was not highly recruited coming out of high school. Like, I said he wasn't even ranked on rivals or any of that stuff. So this kid is just kind of slowly gotten better each and every year and more mature. And the interesting thing is I saw one of. It was Brian Baldinger. Think was talking about the I think it was him who was doing a study on Daniel Jones. And he was saying look at the crappy protection look at the drop passes. Look at the bed execution around him. And man that David cut cliff must suck is a coach, right or in the recruiter or whatever. But, but but still the point being is that we all feel and I think everybody feels that Dave Gettleman reached at number six to get him. And then the stories come out about how Dave Gettleman thinks that there were two teams that would have taken him had he been there. And then those teams refuting that and get into all this tit for tat, you just don't know. Gettleman wanted his guy and got him that that's all we really shouldn't should matter and whether or not this kid takes over this year or next year Gilman's time here at the giants will be decided by his success lack thereof. Right. And you got to remember too. When he was with the giants prior to the Panthers job he didn't drafty lie manning. Anyway, manning, of course, was the quarterback during those two Super Bowls when he went to the Panthers he didn't draft Cam Newton. Cam Newton was already on that roster had some drafts and freed and signings. They went to the Super Bowl while he was there as general managers. This is the first time that he's putting his stamp on a quarterback. I think he did it last year too. You know by taking saquon Barkley by doing what he tried to do with the offensive line last year. What he's continuing to try to do with the quarterback position. I know it's like. What do you do? Right. This is the problem that he finds himself in how do you build your football team? Now, he wants he's always said that wants big defensive linemen, which he drafted this year. He wants big offense lineman which drafted last year and signed on soldiers left tackle, they may still have a situation over there. Right tack Chad will or will be the answer there. But he brings in Zeitler that that's going to shore up the middle of that offense of line. He goes out, and he and he jazz drafts Dextra Lawrence that guy is a behemoth. He's going to be right in the middle of that defensive line. And he's all about stopping the run of the Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys who all have significant running games right now to see them those team six times. So that's why you go and get that guy. So unfortunately for him reaching number six to get Daniel Jones will determine his legacy here. Now, he has been somewhat. Condescending. Yes to the media's condescending to the fan base and defending himself. I don't necessarily know that I would handle it the way that he did. But you know, he's steadfast in his ways, and he's going to tell you about his resume and seven Super Bowls that he's been a part of. And that's why you gotta hope that this kid turns out to be something special. You just hope fingers crossed Chris's at Rockland county. Good morning. Chris. Hey, guys. What's up, Chris? Yeah. So about what you said where he hasn't heard anything deal Jones well yesterday, I'm I mean the day of the draft. I message him on Instagram, and I said no offense to you. But you shouldn't have picked six draft and got him into Nydia. And he read it like twenty minutes later. Bond, you could tell because seen right? See he didn't respond to Chris that he now you didn't respond respond. I gotta ask you, Chris. And he definitely controls it Instagram account because not that many followers, and it's not like he would have you know, agent or whatever doing that to the kid I would board and I was about the pets. Yes. So you take it out on the kid. It's not his fault. I know I kind of felt bad after. But I didn't I said no offense. Okay. That clears every sure it's feelings Chris do this other players to what I don't do that often. Why do it to like judge Stanton? When they have good games on message them. But they don't usually see it and stuff like that. Okay. All right. Chris keep keep being the Instagram police out there keeping everybody in line. You did a good job. I don't like you fence. But you saw right. I'm so happy that Instagram and Twitter and all that crap wasn't around when I was flying. I don't know. What I'd I'd probably snap. Yeah. Some people do Kevin Durant. One of those guys made burner accounts fight people. Well, that just goes to show you about that part of the insecurity that he's dealing with. So there may be some truth to all of that stuff. That's coming out about him. But I I love Kevin Durant. I want Kevin Durant here in New York City, the one I go I actually would by Nick tickets, if they signed him, I think they might even be at your price range. Maybe if they signed Kevin Durant. Yeah. You might be way up in. In the rafters that hang off so much. I can't remember the last time. I went to a game. Yeah. Worthless. But now now we got a chance also celebrity row like the dues from sopranos. They're going to get out of their heels real. Real Stephen terrip is ride is over. I think you gotta you gotta remember the celebrities that show up during the trying times that's the thing. That's why Stevie sherpa should be good. He should be fine. No way. All he does. He also gets involved in common thing. But the comic thing the fundraiser for the garden of dreams and all east hide in. He's good. Don't worry about him. I hear Howard Stern talking all the time. He says he doesn't want the Knicks at good because then he'll get no good seats. Now, they'll still let him in. Yeah. Have to Woody Allen, still go. I don't know dude, I'm assuming he does. But I have no idea. It was to push them. We back. Mcenroe's? Always there getting revoked. No, no, no, not Jimmy Dolan. He's fine. Trying to think Spike Lee, obviously. I think he pays for his tickets, though, stern still be there McEnroe's he'll be there. Just Steve represented shrimp disease out. He is not out. I bet he's worried about east move or locked in over there for life. I don't know GB smooth JB's hope is another curb your enthusiasm season coming out because he is e relevant right now. Always not he hoisted the jets uniform reveal paid for that. Okay. You get paid for that. You listen if if it was relevant he wouldn't be doing that. He's relevant. Right. He was gettable for the money. They had for the. Yeah. Like second choice was Tony danza. You know, that's the type of celebrity they were going for for that type of thing. Just just famous enough. They were just like we can't afford, boomer. Let's see who else. Okay. They could afford now use. Boomer and GIO with chase utley coming up next. And we're hoping that will allow us to open up the phone lines to Mets fans to yell at them because that would be a lot of fun for us. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo here. I already looked at him. And he's just one of those guys looks like a good guy too. I don't want this to happen because I know what's going to happen. It's going to walk out of your not a wanna like J subtly chases here representing the Scots field refurbishment program, which is renovating youth baseball and softball fields across the country. And he's also a special advisor to the dodgers, which is like the cool job nowadays wagon. It's got like fifteen special. Does have being one of them. Right. Why? But yes. Okay. So she does what you do. Right. Hey chase. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Thank you for having. Well, thanks for being suck up to us. Now. This is a weird one for me. I gotta be honest. I was that matured now, I'm in my later thirties. But I was that guy who couldn't stand you on the field. Appreciate that. I would I would do the hell out. I hated the slide and all that I knew your great ball player if he stunk I wouldn't have had those type of motion. So that's gotta make you feel good. But when an entire fan base like the Mets fan base dislikes, you do you take pride in that? Or is that a weird thing for you to them, and it's a little bit weird planet, professional sport. You know, that you're going to have fans that just don't like you. And we had some pretty good games against the Mets over the years of the Reverend that we had was pretty special. Two thousand seven to two thousand ten we're pretty pretty fun years to play against each other. So it's not the most comforting feeling in the world. But it is what it is. So Chipper Jones like loved it. He now he didn't have the slide thing we'll get to that. But Chipper Jones seem to really embrace that. And then the Mets fan sort of embraced them back so much. So, you know, he named his kids shea, and they give them a video trick the Mets game a frigging video tribute when he retired. So I mean, I guess it just depends on your personality. And how you handle those things I was. I was. Growing up on the west coast. Baseball's a little bit different out there here on the east coast. I mean, the fans are into it there intense. They're wild. They love you. Or they hate you. And obviously they didn't fare. I can tell you right now, you're not getting a video tribute anytime city field. That's for sure. So when you out to dinner in New York, do you actually put the reservation onto your name or now? That's something my wife hand. Okay question. What she does. All right, because I just wondering if you've ever run into fans when you're out to dinner here in New York, and as anybody ever, confronted, you know, I have done nothing really know. Wow. That's kind of interesting, especially after what happened two thousand fifteen when you slid into second base and broke our second basements leg. Sure stopped. But the point being is that you end and you went in hard. I did what I did for the past ten years. Bright and hard to second base. I'm a second base myself. So I know that. Created a rule change the rules rule was going to be changed regardless. But yes, I I understand it looking back on it knowing that his leg was gonna break. You changed change it a bit. I would've probably gone into a little bit easier. And that's one thing you do not want to do is hurt an opposing player, but I've. But the intent was to go in and break up. The double play definitely was not the intent to hurt him. So when you know that retribution is coming. That's got to be just a czar feeling. I came up with old school coach coaches with kind of old school mentality. Take for tat so -ticipant, it'd being hit at some point. I wasn't going to be upset about it. If one of our guys got hurt in that same way, I would want that guy to be hit by a pitch which is part of the part of the program. So I was I was intimidated. I was waiting for it. I wasn't going to be upset about it. And I was going to take my base. And and do what I did over two hundred times go to first talking to chase utley on boomer and geo on the fancy BS sports. You mentioned the old school stuff. And now you have this divide with the bat flip you have the major league baseball, by the way is on the side of the younger players celebrating. They like that. When you're now working with MLB, you're still in an organization a year a little bit older, where do you stand on the old school new school bat flips though, I'm torn I like you said I was guy that put my head. Down and ran around the bases. I didn't want to show up the other team. I didn't want to create more. Give myself more attention than than I deserved. But I get it. I understand why guys do it as excited. So game is slowly volving changing in my opinion, the players better than they were ten years ago the pitching now you guys see it on a nightly basis don't heart ninety seven ninety every every everybody coming out of the bullpen and knowing hard that wasn't the case back in two thousand eight. So I'm I'm again, I'm on the fence because I've I've I've played with some guys with both the Phillies and the dodgers that flip bats didn't make me mad that didn't I didn't want to do that myself understand. Why players are reacting to is because there's still some players that just don't feel good about it. And I think the old school players still having a hard time with the the separating oneself. I wanna talk to you about the money a baseball because of what Bryce Harper Machado finally gotten their free agency years that a couple years there that the free agency market was down and still is down. I'm Craig kimbrel. Can't find a job guys. Like, Dallas kaikal still haven't signed a contract. What what in your eyes? What is going on? Now that you work for the dodgers on the other side of the fence. It's a good question. I think players are getting better. I think teams are doing a better job of evaluating talent in and finding ways to. Pick guys out of the weeds that can essentially do the same thing guy that makes three or four or five million dollars. Can do the scouting is better. There's a lot more information. There's stat casts and all these different things are giving you so much more information than what we had ten years think the players are relieved that Machado in Harper got their money. And of course, Mike trout got his money, of course. But but they're still disgusted other guys. Still can't get the money that they think that they deserve. No, they self. I've told I was told that a long time ago, you have to know what you're able to do what you're capable of doing. And also put yourself on that path to be to be successful. And I think that also counts when you're negotiate and contract you have to understand where you fit in. And we're what your value is. And nowadays, I think teams are doing better job of understanding. Everyone's value the the Harper and Philly marriage lasting as long as contract. You think that was a good mix and a good fit for Bryce hard nose player. All the games we played against them. He played really hard. And and there's one place you need to do that. That's in Philadelphia. And so far the fans are really loving what he's doing obviously, he's very passionate. Great talent. So that continues I see that relationship going great. How involved were the dodgers in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. Because we heard the reports, but how serious did get that's way over my pig. Right. Yeah. So as a special adviser, you get the phone call Bryce Harper, your, of course, what are you kidding me? See you later. I didn't get that phone call. But yes, all right. All right. You're here on behalf of Scots in the field refurbishment program, which is renovating youth baseball and softball fields across the country. Tell us about that. Because obviously getting kids playing baseball for the rest of time is crucial to the game. So what are you doing with Scott huge? Choose. I think it's important. We're talking about earlier. You know, the conditions of some fields. Nowadays, aren't aren't aren't great. I was lucky enough to play on a beautiful field grownup. And I want my kids two boys seven and four I want my kids have that same ability to grow up on on on fields that are that are safe that are fun that that you enjoy actually going to in Scots over the past four years has done a great job of finding these fields that that need help this year. They've given out four for grants team here feel here. New York one Chicago one in Oklahoma also want an Allen town, Pennsylvania, which hits home to me being close to Philadelphia. So they've done an amazing job of of just fixing these fields and making them a safe place. The kids can hang out in. I have. Like, I said to boys that I want outside all the time. I wanna limit their screen time. I think that's important as young parents to recognize that being outside is important. I grew up outside all the time. California can't be outside. Right. Did you? Do like when you were getting ready to play the Mets and you were coming either city field or Shea Stadium. I mean, like did you just want to piss off or what I mean? Like, did you? Listen up playing against the Mets. I did love planning the atmosphere was great allow their intense, obviously, didn't like us. But that's still that created more adrenaline. So I think that can elevate your game been so those all those games were really exciting. Because of that. And yes, there's plenty of fans. I remember coming off the field one time. And there's a boy he was. Ten years old. Maybe that's what we start young here and years old. And as I'm walking in the dugout. He's looks me right in the eyes. And he goes, I hope you Blinken dot. And I looked right at his dad like I can't believe he's ten years old. He said this maybe his dad and his dad repeated the same thing as. Okay. What we started getting chasing. You have a heart attack and die. That's right. New york. I can tell you that you seem like a really a decent guy fun guy to be around. Even though you're kind of quiet. You're more quiet than I thought you would be, but I got your villain. I mean, that's just the way it is here in New York fine. You don't embrace it because we had a hockey hockey fan, but Sean Avery joined us earlier in the week. It Sean Avery is just that antagonised, and he loves it. He's looking to fight people in the streets, and he needs this fuel him. You're the exact opposite of that. You would you would like it. If Mets fans liked you. That's the that's the sense that I'm getting from you. I appreciate the passionate part about the fans in the Mets not not really taking kind to me. I don't like it. I don't hate it. I felt like it. Propelled our game a little bit. See I was going to open up the phones and see if met fans had some to Sadie thinking that maybe you would actually like that. But I'm thinking you're not going to like that. And I don't want to do that to you. You can do whatever you wanted to that. What do you think Al you want to give it a shot could try give it a c put dopes through a thing produce a dope through hopefully every now and again a dope. Does get your Mets fan. Wanna talk to chase only have something. That's not. I hope you being die because we're not gonna have any of that. But you know, we'll start. I'll make you feel good. Yes. We're going to start with this guy. Chris Staten Island. Chris go ahead. What's up guys? Hey. Some fan. And I made the mistake of any my son of to hated rivals. And name is what the hell are you doing at Chris I with? With. Yeah. No. I. We can't we don't want to call. Chipper middle name Clements, right? We do have a guy here who works on our staff who did name his son after you could use a Phillies fan. So that guy's gonna wanna picture with you latest that'll make her feel good. So so we'll see if we get a couple of phone calls of Mets fans. So baseball is something that you're never going to get away from that you are going. This is going to be part of your life for the rest of the time. There's certain guys though that once they're done playing. They want no part of it. I wanna go do something else. Why do you need the game in your life? A baseball Rhett. It's in my blood. I love it. I enjoyed it. I was a student of the game. I wanted to. I wanted to be the best player. I could be felt like I got probably more out of my ability than I should have. And I want to give back the relationships that I made in Los Angeles last couple years, we're pretty special young team. A lot of talent try to help them moving in the right? Direction. I want to continue that relationship this whole analytics wave in dodgers are at the forefront of it with Dave Roberts and everything else. And the way you guys manage our the way they manage games and things of that nature that do you like that? Or do you? Do you understand that whole impact or the impact that has had on you guys? Yes. It was obviously different than what I was accustomed to see the importance in it. Now, I see the games games that we won because of that strategy. So it wasn't really that way in Philadelphia as much as wasn't that way ten years ago period was the strategic aspect. There was a little bit there. But not as much more information now together, they can they can give you a sense for the manager. It depends. It really depends on on the guy. Dave does a great job of taking a bunch of information filtering it and and using it when he feels like he needs to. But it is important specially managing bullpens difficult. Nowadays, matchup situation, is is is a real thing. But I do see the benefit in using some analytics go to Tonio in east meadow. What's happening? Antonio. Hey, what's up, boys? Hey, man. Chase utley. Let me say this. You are villain to me. Ruined. Grueling life high school, the wheelhouse those seven away ten awful, obviously, our spec the hell of you is a baseball fan. I also hate you. I thought that the second year a hard bass player, but it was stupid smart and finally stupid. But you didn't play games three and four, and we got you out the dating and fun. Two. I want to I want to ask about that collapse in the Mets collapsed from our perspective. When did you think that that was a real thing in two thousand seven or you could actually overcome that deficit, and and get it done. That's a great question. We focused on our weird thing, we didn't really paid attention. How the Mets were doing. But our focuses on trying to figure out what we need to do to win essentially every single game. I remember it was seventeen seven seven seven back with seventeen ago, and we lost Billy Wagner. Yeah. Yes. What happened? Yes. So I mean, we played awesome baseball the Mets play terribly at that time. Don't we all know? Yes. And so yeah, it was a little surreal the adrenaline the action. We had at the stadium. The last week was crazy of fans, we're going nuts. And I remember that last day that we obviously score were watching a little bit. And I remember playing defense and I think the Mets game finished the loss. And we were had a decent lead. Remember, the crowd going crazy sense of calmness? Came over me. Like, we're going to this. Richie and Franklin square. What's up Ritchie? Guys, come on. As much as I hated you as a Mets fan, I always wished we had a guy that played his autism played even though you broke shortstops like we never had a guy that played his one hundred ten percent. So that I'm glad I did. Hey, I gotta say. Sub respect their appreciate that. I didn't expect that. Yeah. Meet me, neither pull in Brooklyn going on Paul. Before I kill ya. I wanted to know do know that the cups. Thoughts was renamed the only method. All the home runs up there. Yes. That I wanted to add. What else you got? Okay. And then when you're broke his leg pretty much ended the guy's career. How did not guess spended? You think you should have been suspended, obviously going to say, do you think outside he should have been suspended for that? No, I do not think. That's why appealed it. No, I slid heart. Listen, if doesn't break, we're not having this conversation. I'm not the villain. But unfortunately, we collided just upper tune time for his opportune time for his leg is obviously unfortunate. I would do it over again if I could. But no, I don't think I should have been I don't remember his years ago now, but did you reach out to him at any point? I have a conversation or two Rueben Todd. Yes, I did have that. There was no conversation. I've tried to reach out to okay, didn't go. So. Well, it didn't go. So. Well, all right. Textra or gift basket or something? Or no. Try to get a hold of him through David Wright, he passed on messages. I wanted to talk to him. You didn't wanna talk to me. I sent him a very nice bottle of tequila to say sorry. It's kind of like me, and John Randall, John Randall was one of my favorite players in football little did. I know that he almost tried to kill boomer out on the football field. We have the Super Bowl guys are about to come to blows. I'm all excited because like my favorite player bowl time, my radio partner doing so. Well. Last one for chase. He's been great. He's here representing the Scots field refurbishment program. Really, a great sport going through all these colours Kelly in Connecticut was going on Kelly. Hey well. I just wanna say to real quick. I do appreciate that. You've worked with dogs and kids I've heard about that good for you. But that's the last thing. And then tell you that I really respect about you. If you came out here, and you were telling me, you know, I liked being the villain. I didn't really care. It was fun for me part of the games might have even respect to that a little bit more. But it doesn't really seem like you care about anything. So I just need you to know is Mets fans. How annoying it was watch you respect that. You're a good player. I understand that. But when you took out my shorts in the playoff that wasn't about talent that was just being dirty, and I don't care how long you told me that was if you'd be an old school that would be being dirty because that's what you do. And. Look, everybody's gotta take on. Right. Of course, while shipping sweetheart. That's very very kind of you to do that. Because you could have said no very easily and you sat through that. And we appreciate that. Because it's entertaining radio and Mets fans is sort of cathartic for that. Very good luck guys. Appreciate it. Thanks website. That people go check this out anybody nothing. No, okay. Very good Scott's, and they'll be document Moby dot com. Deasy is that the Scots field refurbishment program and best of luck in your special advisor role. And you're going to have a great post plan, totally relaxed. You're the man you're working in baseball, less stress. Now for manager someday. Now, you don't think so things you want. Travel. Seven year old. I want to hang with them. All right. Sounds good. All right. Chase on the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty boomer and geo say I was thinking about chase Ali still hanging out here, by the way in the green room Evans walking around and said Evan. He's waiting for the DA show. Aboard the mothership zero. Chase for a second. So one of the most hated rivals. Like who are the other New York hated rivals say Reggie Miller has got to be in there. Right. Sure. For me it Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin hate those guys, but you got to respect their game. Right. And sound like what met fans nobody cares about hockey, boomer. Yeah. About how about how about a? Sean Jackson for the giants, right? That guy. Drove giant crazy. Yes. That doesn't seem to it doesn't really has there been one recently for the giants. There really hasn't been that you think about the Cowboys and the Cowboys heyday for sure. You think about the giants championships? The first go round like recently. I can't for the jets would be Tom Brady. Right. But I mean, it's not even a fair fight. But I'm, but that's the point. I mean, here's a guy that really successful comes off a little bit swore me because of the way he is. And who he plays for how many championships they won Mitch? Meanwhile, the jets of wallet a mediocrity. But it wasn't like with the chase thing. It was consistent for a longtime multiple games a year where he would be for the Rangers. I can't stand. The Mets were good. Then two they didn't get the job done. They were good. I mean, they were good. No, seven good. No, wait, and they collapsed both years when that was going on and they were good in two thousand fifteen when the whole slide. I get I get it. But I mean, the jets had the Bart Scott game. But wouldn't you think like Michael Jordan is kind of like the way Chipper Jones is to the met fan? Michael Jordan the knick fan. You'd get a Meyer him, and you respect them. And he's the greatest of all time. Yeah. I mean, chip or something greatest how about LeBron James that never really LeBron James. He goes are really good. No, those two is those guys are good against every team. Like chase utley just had a thing against the Mets the gun on them. Really good though. But what Batra queuing was here for the Nixon they work competitive because of Patrick Ewing. It was Michael Jordan. It was Reggie Miller. Those guys in the Eastern Conference always became a thorn in the side. Now, they we beat them every now and again, but I don't forget about those heat teams to that. We cook Tim Hardaway PJ Brown, and those head group couldn't stand them either a little bit later in the ring. Lonzo morning. Yup. Absolutely. We had a coach office leg for God's sake. Yeah. I do think that for the Yankees. Pedro Martinez comes to mind right away. You'd have to say him. Yeah. Well, he got into it. Yep. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, the jets I mean, that's a tough one jet. It's gotta be Tom Brady. But it's got to be. I just I don't know that there's nobody dolphins. There's nobody at the bills. It's got to be Tom Brady. It's got to be Bill belch Abba, Bill Belichick. Not playing, but he resigned as see the NYJ AL's point like Bella check and Brady that's against every I don't know. And the biggest games that were played every coaches ever come here since Bella check is taken up over up. There is like I'm not kissing rings. Rex Ryan what? And what came out of the last meetings with CJ Moseley got to beat the patriots in their right? But I don't know. I guess so there's really no other better answer. It really is to show Jackson for the giants. Live with that. Yes. He's hasn't hasn't been awhile. He's been a while since he was there. But he was definitely at thorn in the side without a doubt. I mean in the classic punt game, Tom call running out in the field. The punt return. Twenty two you. The giants fans. The hell it is. The middle of the field. What was supposed to directional kick? Right. Right. Right. I know I just doesn't make any sense, but the the Mets multiple guys because all those years with those battles with the Phillies and the Braves right and the Braves because you had brought. You could also say could you say Bryce Harper with the nationals to some extent. Yeah. I guess I mean, but he will now him with the Phillies just gotta continue which is going to grow. I mean, that's for sure. But yeah, I mean, Noah Syndergaard, Bryce Harper gotten into it a little bit. Now, recently, like syndergaards, his social media stuff troll them a little bit. So that's it's not the same for me being older as it was then because now I just I don't I really don't have the same type of hatred towards people. You know, like when I was a younger fan was not because you have a child now. Right. I mean, I was totally affected by it. That's part of it. Yeah. I mean, I just think in general you mature to this guy. He's doing best. He can. Professional ballplayer back. Then you gotta love it. That's why that he was going to embrace the villain role a little bit more than he did. Yeah. It was strange because not everybody is showing Avery. You're not everybody's Chipper Jones. Not everybody's looking for that. And chase utley wasn't looking for that. Himself in it. And they also had a bunch of home runs and pinch hits all sorts of nonsense against those. Yeah. Right. Exactly. Which is which is alternately. Why you don't like the guy who was it was a Christian Leitner who said when we had him in that. It's a good thing that people dislike me because I'm good. If they disliked me for some other reason, I would have been a property. But that's what I keep reminding myself that the reason why people dislike because I was good. Do you think that that Al dukes is creating a trend here with the guests that we tend to get on the show now? Villains about. Yeah. I feel like we're we're kind of like one Bill and after the next went from Sean Avery to Mike francesa, Tangy, Mike francesa, right? But that wasn't a book about that. Just that was happening stance birth Smith coming in. Man, you guys ever see that Bruce Smith collapsing on live TV. Yes. Thursday night football or something it was it was like a local buffalo thing. I think it was a local buffalo. They had him on set. Like, they're like a sports report. He's talking. Bove just goes down. You got to watch this out. If you haven't seen it people have seen an exactly what I'm talking about. He just goes down. I think he might have been a little bit of a good time that night not moving is has been knocked unconscious, but he is not moving at all, boomer. Guy killed. TNT? Football Jay, Neptune. What he got Jay. Boomer. Listen, I'm a lifelong Yankee fan and the guy that I could not stay on. I could never sit down dinner with them. Even if he was buying it. Luger's big Papi. That's all. I gotta say. Yes. That's true. Absolutely. I don't know why we left him out with the Enke's. Yeah. There's no doubt about it. Pedro Martinez to stand. Pedro martinez. I kind of want to watch this Smith through the old man on the ground Zimmer right by his head. Right through to the ground. Don Zimmer's like you was like physically bobblehead body. Yeah. I read the guy by the head thrown down by the head. I remember as a Mets fan that really pissed me off. I was like you've gotta be kidding me. Elder abuse, you grab this man to hate it. But you go out there and started fight with each other at home plate. What is doing? I mean, he did like charge them. I mean what what is he doing out there? Yeah. I thought it was great though on that that that was great theater, including theater. I wish we were doing this show. Then that would have been amazing. Could you won't get in here? Tomorrow morning and someone on the Red Sox through an oldie Yankee coach to the ground. Holy cow. Zimmer? I remember that video Seymour charge them. I always I said at the time. I remember thinking get out of the way. Right. Just get out of the way. You don't have to take a by head and throw a ground like a rag doll. What was more ridiculous that or being Gundy hanging on Lonzo Mourning's leg that was definitely the Pedro Martinez thing definitely? But van gun the I mean, it's just as tiny guy. Seven foot basketball players. Tiny bold guy down there hanging on for dear life. Crazy stuff that's gone on we need more. This would happen if things like this. Yeah. I mean, there's just there's certain times in rivalries that stick with you forever. And that that time of Yankees Red Sox. It'll never be like that again. I don't think I really don't. I can't imagine it a again could be recreated. Here's a great one Stevie in fort Lee, Stevie what's happening. Shocked that you man, you forgot that is. You're right. You're right. There's no question about a pot fen sucks. We know. Speaking of that, some hockey. Well, hold on. We'll get one more in here. Tony deer park. What's going on? And Tony Ed guys cat borough. Yeah. I know I couldn't stay player. This guy was terrible. Against the Mets guy was Babe Ruth the. I know I know drove you nuts and smug face to had that smug face. That old thing to thanks, Tony. But you've got the islanders back in action tonight. So this is the whole this whole thing. Just pisses me off the fact that they're in this situation. Then like, I don't want to sound like a crybaby the Barclays Coliseum things. We would talk about and there's no way to quantify what they wanna won those games or one of those games of at the Coliseum sucks. You know, how I feel about it? I mean, but right. But we can't you knew the situation. You got to man up. You got to be a professional all that stuff. You go out there you play the games of the Barclays, but you don't doubt. Oh, two now and having to go onto road, which went to be a good thing for them. But still you down. Oh to go on the road. It's like you had all this time off things broke well for you the hurricanes going seven games. And obviously the capitals are a better team overall. That's you got to go to Barclay's the Plato's games. It's just it's thing for the pan is whether or not calc Lauterbach will play tonight. He's got back issue. And you know, he was helped off the ice on Sunday. The question is will he be well enough to play Razek or mcelwain macaroni Muratovic? I think is going to be out. And you know, the interesting thing I did talk to Matt about macaroni. He was a teammate of Macanese up in Toronto. Yeah. Hey, guys are really good goalie man, this is like we can't you can't assume anything in hockey, you just never know. And as we've seen with the Columbus, blue jackets and their goalie Sergei Rabovsky he's actually stealing that series. He was unbelievable last night. And you know, you just you just never know what these boys in, Robin. Leonard has been good all year. I suspect he'll be a good again tonight. It will be a physical game will be fast game is actually played really. Well, they've hit a couple of posts especially in game two. They play well, this hockey, sometimes you get the breaks. And sometimes you don't gotta get in front of mcelhinney. They got they cannot allow him to see all the pucks coming to to the net. But he was he had a good year for them. He and Meraz expli- season hurricanes, and they were good. They were quality goaltending. So the other hands full tonight, I believe it will be another low scoring games could be a two one or three two type game. And it's going to be it's going to be physical. It's going to be fast. And you know, Matthew Barzel has got to continue to create. I he mates and open the ice up for the guys on his line. And then, of course, Matt's line has gotta go out there, and they got to be physical just like they were to start last week game. And look the hurricanes dealing with a lot of their own injuries. So both of these just goes to show you how hard it is to win the Stanley Cup. When you watch these these games. These guys are killing each other. And everybody's losing players. And it is a six got win sixteen games, man. It is a. It's it's a beast do it. And that's why it's so much fun watching it. Yeah. Well, this is a true must win. Because you don't want to go down three. Oh, so this is this is really at the islanders season comes down to get in a victory jail one period plunge shift one period one game. Right. So you're an island or fan. So that's the way you gotta look at it eats mooning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty boomer and geo to last night, the NYPD foundation gala dinner, it was a man who was retiring after twenty five years in Puma got him a costume retirement. Football made very very nice, and boomer was going to throw this football to this man as a retirement special event. Right. So we meet the guy before this football toss. Yes. And we say twenty five years on believable. This is great, congratulations. What are you going to do? Some funeral homes stuff. Some funeral home stuff. So we should some funeral homes. He's like my family. You know, we've had a funeral home. So I'll just do some of that stuff. Simple. What he's Paul know. Dress up a couple of bodies. Excuse me goes money hundred dollars a body. It's no problem. So I said hundred dollars a body at its takes about two hours pallbearer right now, I told the story last night on stage and people thought it was a joke thought, I was kidding. No. He's series the guy series. Computer stuff? So with white is still working. She is a transit cop who's who's working up through the ranks. She's got some more years before she retired. So he's got to stick around and killing jet off to Florida with family. So he's going to do some funeral home stuff. So at that point. I'm like, he's not catching the football. There's no ways catching a football. So we get to this moment. Bluer gets the football jacket is off of holding boomers jacket and winds off guys about I don't know what you say twenty yards away. About thirty about thirty yards away over winds up. No practice tosses. No stretching. No, nothing donate. It was born to throw their GO zoom perfect spiral through the crowd. Wiz ING by plates and glasses and hit films music pops right of John of beautiful spiral. The foundation dinner has many of the honor is so there it goes baskets of bread that are catching wind from this football right to him there. He stand in funeral home stuff guy. He's hold a puts his hands up. Through his hands. Pretty accurate. Yeah. He came up to the stage is basically you gave them a little toss. So I had to talk to you got to catch. If feel better about absorb loser. Loser. Triple so, I someone recorded this and send us the video. So I just retweeted that check that out on Twitter. You can get here in the back of the. It's got to be done. A great moment for him though. It is nice special moment, you'd think at a retirement all of the great things that come with that. The good news though. He's got his Tharman all setup he's going to pull bearer's. It'd be great could blow your bucks for two hours, Paul bearing a tough business. How much how long do you think it takes the dress a body? He could do five day five hundred bucks. If you have any bodies, right? Like, the success of your business is the demise of others tough business. So when you said yet, but if you're in that is a good day financially people are dying to get in there. Oh, jesus. You know of all the dad jokes. That's the one we go to right now. I guess it took two hours to dress. Oh, he said as a pullback era it takes about two hours. Okay. Gotta go through whatever service. There may be too. Obviously carry the coffin get to get it to be said he was doing the other stuff to those the other stuff. Well, which is that that's what I got Paul bearing. Is that what we call it Paul bearing? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Right. So you would get one hundred bucks for that. And that takes about two hours. So the way he looked at it. And if he bucks an hour, Harry a dead guy for fifty bucks an hour. His answer was in. What are you doing post? Retirement funeral home stuff. That was his answer. Hey, how many people answer that way? Go to Florida. Do take time off to relax. I've got to be there for my kids when they don't school box deadbeat. Yeah. Right. Funeral stuff. All right. Good luck. All right. Jerry recco. Is back with his update. What's happening? Jerry are brought to you. By the rake auto group. Schedule an appointment today to rake Tina service in her first class service at a Ford -able prices Yankees Diamondbacks. Don't we? Don't we? Zona about that for. Because I thought about it after we had the conversation. We just had that conversation. If you actually a joke. It is. It is. Going to see if I can play this through the microphone the the the horror of him missing. All the bedpans at city field last night. We'll get to them to do the Yankees. You got a nice moment for CC's about one to two. Murphy pitch came out swinging. Sheridan's three strikeouts. He has three thousand next CC's about the hall of fame. John sterling the call here on the fan three thousand two after last night. He struck out five, but the Yankees did lose to the Diamondbacks hit on the ground. There is a basic Tuchman feels throwing and it's late on to second Flora's gogo. Olds on base in an are beyond for women. Florez Bogarde beyond two one Arezzo three one the final score David parole. The knocking in the other run later in the game belongs to Sobat the but for him. He got the three thousand afterwards thinking about it, which is relief. Since the end of last year, you know, coming up short fourteen strikeouts. Kind of like the last thing. I've been the only thing I've been thinking about for the last six months now he can finally put that to bed for manager Aaron Boone he looks at CC. He's famer. I mean, you know, this is one of those. Big numbers. Handful and numbers in our game that get you into all garnered just kinda wishes that could have won the game. His NASA worried about personal Schmitz. He is the team. So unfortunate that we weren't able to scratch if you more than cost them to win today, but not series finale this afternoon with Masahiro Tanaka face Marakele on the fan at three o'clock first pitch three forty as for the game that boomer just alluded to you. Had Jerry's familiar going for the six out save. He gets the first five outs leading the reds three one. And then he implodes with nobody on to out in the ninth gives up the lead. But in the tenth the Mets do put together a rally and get the victory from the bail his pitch Alonzo too high. This one plenty put up near the wall. He makes the fence Davis tax third. He scores went to with a suck wind. No put it the books because how we rose not on the call. That's Wayne Randazzo. Any eighty doubt that Pete Alonzo was going to get that done. Whatsoever. Yeah. I would say very comfortable very confident kid is going to come through. There was doubt. He was not having a great night give it, but you know, you had to do is hit the ball. Now. They did a easier. Done. But yes, he did get it done and the mental back over five hundred fifteen in fourteen four three win not to be forgotten inning starting with a leadoff double by JD. Davis Maki Calloway at bat together against that guy. Is is unbelievable glaze is Sears Calloway. Unbelievable. Why not just do your job? And that what it is. Why does the whole night attached to it because it wasn't playing? He came in late in the game. It was his first at bat in the night, and he was down to against the closer could jog a nasty stuff. Crop situation may be credit. Here's Mickey on familiar outing. I saw a guy that was lights out for five outs. He's gotta take pride that. He he got five big outs in this game tonight that if he didn't get those out we don't win the game and him who familiar Calloway Calloway. She'd say I love him. Oh, he didn't say that last night. But he probably has in the past. Here's familiar through a translator, nothing really changed. Really doing the same thing. Like trying to thing. I know some some of the pitches kind of stayed over the plate a little bit. And it was those single kind of kind of did the damage now. In terms of the good stuff. Here's a Lonzo getting a game winner. Also, I mean is really cool to come up clutching a spotlight that. I mean every game's important, and I'm just really happy. I could come through for the boys. No doubt. He says McNeil Cise. She made sure he left the spotlight for Alonzo peel the walk off I could've done right there. But. Doing the single going to move them over to third and then in terms of Vargas, he was good last night five and a third gives up a solo home run. But for the most part he's pitch real well McNeil as TV show and had a great drag on earlier in the game that drove in a run. Here was Mickey Calloway on that came in and said that's bag baseball. And that's where he went to college. They were called the dirtbags. Yup. Here's McNeil talking about him being a dirtbag. I played their bag baseball that that's probably definition right there. I mean button the third base, you know, just doing everything he can't get in the guy small, boomer. Don't like it. Scumbags. That's baseball. Oh, sorry. Bed. Baseball. It's easy to get those two mixed up shake your hand. Disclose funny. Everybody's favorite neighbor. Divers beat the Phillies three one. And apparently, I guess the Phillies AAA affiliate was trolling the Mets last night or two nights ago. One of these Jacob rim enters the game. And they put on the board rain giving up the home run Phillies game. We're not happy about that. But not the Mets AAA Mets screen. Oh, where they Zurich nuts grin. They were not happy. But I do think they won the game. So they get the last laugh also of note you had the Red Sox beating the as five to one Indian stop the Marlins seven five and the brewers over the Rockies four to three NBA playoffs. And we hear from our favourite one two punch. Tim ROY in his guy is the warriors beat the rockets with a scale rivers goes down curry those head to the head of the field. Houston. And so. Eighty eight eighty the warriors lead lower. I know that is he doesn't even really do a good job of disguising his voice there. Either. You know, if you're going to be a ventriloquist gotta have two distinct voices. One fifteen one nine the final score. Kevin Durant finished with twenty nine Klay Thompson at twenty one and three steals. Here's Steve Kerr. Two games to none were winning games are supposed to win nothing has happened yet. So we gotta go down to Houston and be ready to play because you know, how good they are. We know how hard they're gonna play. Here's Draymond green applauding the refs on this night. Green and near triple double. Let us be physical both teams. And you know, what I made because it any and he is happy that where you're moving beyond all the foul stuff because the last day or so really are dumb disheartening. For a game that I love since. I was a child to see the talk over the last two days. Nothing about basketball and everything about foul call, but hopefully that's going to over and done with what's not over and done with would be more drama for Houston. Because James harden almost lost an eye. Let's be honest. Here's Mike dantonio tough shooting night because of that way through stuff guy. Look like, he was you know. Not in great shape. I they might have cleared up a little bit. But he got got pretty good in the eyes got raked in the eyes. Here's harden who said he had trouble for sure after being poked. Early could see. A good barely could see. Great. If you said like you barely can hear. Yes. That would have been great. He didn't say that. No. But he did have I drops in whatever he did of twenty nine points in the loss bucks over the Celtics one twenty three two one two Janas Kupa with twenty nine points and ten boards. Eric Bledsoe had twenty one kyri Irving did struggle. He was four eighteen from the floor for nine points. Any added pressure for him being the leader of this club. And they certainly need him to do it. He didn't game one. There's no extra burden. This is what else onto for this is what Boston traded from before. So and he certainly expects to be better in a game three. That's series is tied at one in one big night for Chris Middleton to twenty eight point seven rebounds there tonight game two for the nuggets and blazers in Denver with the nuggets up one game to none. The islanders hurricanes are back on the ice. They will be in Raleigh. Of course, the aisles down two games to none in that series. Coverage on radio dot com at seven will join it on the fan following Yankees baseball, the Rangers get themselves. Harvard defenseman Adam FOX Carolina for the thirty seventh pick in this year's draft a second round Jericho, Long Island, Jerry. I did I heard. Ranger fan. Nice sharks. Beat the avalanche for two blue jackets beat the Bruins to time. Now for moment of the day. Brought to you by Resorts World casino in queens over six thousand games NYC roles. We had a couple of really good choices. And while I think the better one was you on the events of yesterday, a very close second because it's so rare and so different. We're going to go with our friend and die hard met fan Kelly. Okay. Who decided to call in and have a little discussion with chase utley? You real quick. I do appreciate that. You've worked dog and kids. I've heard about that good for you. But that's the last thing. And then tell you that I really respect about you. If you came out here, and you were telling me, you know, I liked being villain. I didn't really care. It was fun for me. The games might have even respect to that a little bit more. But it doesn't really seem like you care about anything. So I just need you to know is nuts fans. How annoying? It was watch. You respect that. You're a good player. I understand that. But when you took out my shortstop in the playoff that wasn't about talent that was just being dirty, and I don't care how long you told me that was being old school that would be. Dirty because that's what you do. And i'm. Everybody's gotta take on. Right. Of course. Sweetheart. Best part of the video is a she's railing on him. He's just sitting there. Sipping some coffee. Oh complaints. No worries in the world. No, right. Exactly. Right. What a career when a life. Now. It's amazing. We really. Yep. Boomer GO on the CBS sports network.

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