Case 176: Yingying Zhang


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Almost eleven thousand students from one hundred and thirteen countries attended. You y you say have a half. Were from china on the morning of friday. June nine two thousand seventeen. Emily was walking the streets of a banner shampoo pain alone. She was on her way to a bus stop when at around nine thirty a black four door car pulled up alongside her behind. The wheel was a mayo. Driver wearing mirrored aviator losses and black tayshia. He wound down. The drive is saad window and yoda to emily on the undercover cop and said he was doing some work in the area. Hey then flashed what appeared to bay police badge that was hanging around his neck on a chain. Emily approached the car. The undercover officer requested that she get in so he could ask her some questions about things that had been going on in the neighborhood. Emily post something about this situation. Didn't seem rot sensing that the man wasn't really a cop. Emily firmly said no before backing away. Surprised by her. Aunt saw the man remarked. Well you say anything. Suspicious coal the place he then drive away unsettled by the in kanta. Emily phoned the university of illinois campus. Police day scale at the area but failed to find the so-called undercover car. A bulletin was published learning the college community of the potential danger and emily posted about the incident on facebook where it quickly spread among campus forums shade described the man and he's ploy but couldn't recall the michael muddle of his car simply referring to it as a black sedan. She warned other students done. Get into the car. Even if they claim to be police or have a badge. Friday june non was a warm sunny day. The sprawling grounds of the university of illinois were unusually quiet with many students off for the summer. Break visiting family vacationing or completing. What placements that morning. Young young at twenty six year old international student from china arrived on campus and headed for the barra tree where she worked she said about cleaning some equipment with her colleague and friend go from now go phone had been a pillar of support for yingying who had found herself struggling. While in america yingying had been attending. The you y you say for a little over a month now. Her plan was to complete a year long research appointment focusing on photosynthesis in soybeans and corn. But she found herself a longing behind. She missed her family and the closeness they shed yingying was also concerned that her english wasn't as fluent as she believed to be in an effort to distract yourself yin yang threw herself into her work which she met and befriended guo phone the pair helped. Hi coming out of their shells often sampling new cuisines and traveling together. When they took a work trip to nebraska yingying was fascinated. The state's flat sperling fields was so different to the hilly landscapes of her home province and the bustling city of beijing as homesickness dissipated yingying considered staying on at the u. Y you say to complete a doctoral program wants her appointment at ended at around. The union got permission from guo phone to take a longer lunch break than usual. This would give her ample time to attend an appointment as she did. A nine. a car and was reliant on buses to get around union could be gone for a couple of hours at twelve thirty pm. She bid guo foam farewell and headed to her apartment on the south end of campus off to having something to wait. Yingying made her way to a nearby bus. Stop not long afterwards. Run trez stones so fine ping. It was one thirty. Am and he had just received a text message. It was from union joan who he had an appointment with that afternoon. Shane foam to ron chavez. That she was running and would now be meeting him at around. Ten pass to run. Trez was the marketing manager for one north student. Living apartments two miles from the ui. You say one north was off. Campus residential facility that offered university students a range of amenities and social events. It's apartments will modern and furnished and the complex was safe and secure wa with an onslaught property manager and gated grounds. One north appealed to yingying as it was less expensive than her current residents there. Comments were cited larga and even had a spare bedroom. Yingying was excited. Maybe she could find a roommate to hope Of come her loneliness baio. June sheet submitted an application and scheduled an appointment to view on apartment. Yingying had planned to may run tryst iron at around lunchtime friday june on when ron trez received a text from yin yang in coming him that she was running light and would say they're just off the two pm he replied to say it was fine. He continued to white. Being was a no show. Ron crespo daddy's phone opened his messages and taught. Hey yingying just checking in to safe. You're on your way. He never received a reply by the middle of the afternoon. Yingying had not yet returned to the lab. This concern anti colleagues over the pasta month. She had proved herself to be a responsible employee. She wasn't someone who would take half a day off on a win. Guo phone was particularly worried for her friend. The pair had discussed getting dinner together that naught yang yang would always confirmed plans with her first. But guo phone hadn't heard a thing at around four pm guo phone and others rang ings mobile phone. There was no ansa. Guo foam was forced to grab dinner alone. She rushed back to the laboratory at around six fifteen to check. If he ing had returned there was still no sawn of her guo foam then went to unions apartment but no one answered the door convinced. Something was wrong. Guo foam reported yingying missing to the campus police as it was a friday. Not they were inclined to think yingying motive just gone out but the concern expressed by her colleagues hinted that something was truly amiss officer as odd hoskins headed of at unions apartment to check up on her but no one came to the door. Although the student population had dwindled over the break there was still plenty of young people milling about no one recalled saying yingying during his search hoskins continued to co yingying phone. H time at rang out office. Hoskins headed back to yingying apartment. Her worried colleagues gathered outside awaiting news. Hoskins noticed that business cod head left at ying ings. Front door hadn't been touched. Housing stuff unlocked. The common and hoskins entered with a colleague to conduct a preliminary search. The apartment was lived in but nothing appeared to be out of place and unassembled boss. Cool lay in the living room. There was several pots and pans yacht in the kitchen. The covers of unions bed will pull back slightly. Some cash had been left on top of address. The officers are grade that everything appeared to indicate that yingying had intended to return by midnight. Hanging was still missing as the situation had become increasingly. Dora singing's colleagues phoned her family in china. The father race time from work and her mother fainted on hearing the news. One of the loss paypal yingying spoke to from back home was her boyfriend shall lean. The couple had been classmates at university in china and started dating towards the end of their first year of studies. They were maintaining a long distance relationship while yingying was in the us and hoped to get married later in the year yang spoke to shell laying on the phone the night before she vanished. She was looking forward to moving apartments and data out her plans to sauna lace for her new place. The following day shall lean was certain that something terrible must have happened. Hey new winging would never want to cause undue concern to others. Hey code her over and over but there was never any. Ansa offices. Spoke with the ron stone. The one north student living apartments marketing manager. Hey hadn't heard from yingying since she texted him to say she was running light to their appointment. Phone records revealed that yingying cell phone was lost. Active on the afternoon she vanished. It pinged to sell tail in downtown champaign. A full minute drive from the. Ui you see. The funnel paying was to twenty eight pm need twenty minutes after she had planned to get to one. North the champaign urbana mass. Transit district is a bus network that serves both cities. Luckily it's known as the mta day. This was the system used by yingying to navigate around town. Buses within the mta day are equipped with multiple say-say tv cameras. While examining footage tycoon by the vehicles on june nine investigators court saw of winging outside her apartment building at one thirty five pm. Et bosses external camera captured being as she boarded internal cameras recorded her as she walked down the aisle and fantas sate. She was dressed in jane's of pink. And what long sleeve shirt with a what. Top underneath and white shoes. She was carrying a navy. Blue backpack and on her head was a great baseball cap. The bus was operating on. What was cold that -til lawn. Its route took passengers northeast through the college campus at one fifty two. Pm at stops at the intersection of springfield and matthews avenues. Banner way union disembarked as they saw it was still about one and a half miles south of the one north apartments at saint. Luckily that yingying had intended to transfer to another bus four minutes later. A boss known as the twenty two limited traveled through the area. The vehicles external cameras filmed yingying walking north along springfield avenue towards another stop. When yingying noticed the bus passing her she ran after it and attempted to flag it down. It was clear she wanted to board however as she was on the wrong side of the road it continued on without stopping. The boss turned left onto a straight name to goodwin avenue. Yingying chased after it but didn't make it to the next stop in time and ultimately mr to pace together unions movements from then onwards investigators pulled footage from security cameras in the vicinity of her lost. Nine location you why. Uc campus police telecommunications officer. Kenny kosta was scrutinising footage taken from a parking garage camera when he noticed something. Standing across the road was being waiting by a bus stop. She had seemingly continued along goodwin avenue to the stop after missing. The bus officer. Kosta kept watching the video at two pm. A black four door. Hatchback could be seen driving south along goodwin avenue on the opposite side of the road from union. The car then turned left onto a saw. It straight before reappearing on goodwin avenue. Several minutes light off this time that was on being sought of the straight the vehicle approached her slowed down and pulled over. Yingying approached the car and chatted to the draw through the passenger window after almost a minute. She opened the front passenger door and cloned inside closing the door behind her car then pulled away from. The curb continued north along goodwin avenue and disappeared from view. This sequence of events bore striking similarities to an incident reported to police just hours before yingying vanished another. You y you say student. Emily hogan had been approached by a black caa in a similar manner while walking alone to a bus stop in emily's instance the cosmai or drive opposed as an undercover police officer in an attempt to coax her into his vehicle. The area where. Emily was confronted was roughly full blocks from way. Yingying young was taken other security cameras in the area captured. The car containing traveling a quarter mile before it turned onto a straight named university avenue couldn't be tracked any further. It appeared as though the murderers had been following yingying well before approaching as she chased after the boss black vehicle was filmed driving alone. The same road no matter how. They looked at the footage. Investigators couldn't get it cleave view of the driver or the vehicle's lawson's play. They tried zooming in but the images became too pixelated. However the footage was sufficient to identify the vehicle as a black satin. nash draw. This was a very rare make and model satin astros were first produced in two thousand eight but due to the global financial crisis. Only a few thousand was solved. The model was discontinued after. Just one year of production. Police firmly believed that yingying had been kidnapped as there was a chance she might have been transported across state lines. The fbi were brought in to assist the investigation list. Full sutton nostra's registered in. The county was quickly. There were approximately twenty-six in total of these only eighteen were four-door backs agents began visiting the individuals that these vehicles were registered to. They started with an address in pain. That was the closest to their field office. But none of the inquiries provided any leads back. In china union's case was making headlines the fact that yingying was from an ordinary family increased intrigue though the household was full of love unions. Family did not have much money. They lived in a modest palm with simple furnishings unions. Father wrong gal was a truck driver. Her mother lay phone was a homemaker who was unable to read or ride. The family didn't have much to contribute to winnie perspective. Ransom making this scenario seem unlikely. The sean as parents of other students attending college in the us gripped by fee that their children might be randomly targeted next unions distraught. Family couldn't understand why she would have gotten into a stranger's vehicle. Her boyfriend speculated that she must have been desperate to get to her. Appoint men just over a week after using vanished her boyfriend father and on to arrived in champagne to join the surge. Her mother was too exhausted to make the journey. She had slept door rayton since learning of hangings disappearance. The college community rallied around. Yingying loved ones providing them with housing and meals. Students also set up an online fundraiser to support the family financially with an initial goal of thirty thousand dollars in less than a wake. Eighty thousand dollars had been donated. Champaign county crime stoppers worked with the family to provide a forty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. It was the largest of its kind ever offered by the organization. The fbi offered its own reward of ten thousand dollars. Volunteers assisted as being families scale at the straits. Send a follow up on leads. One tip said that yingying had been spotted in the city of salem one hundred and twenty four miles south west of champagne. Her family made considerable journey. Unin lead to discover. The saudi was a case of mistaken identity. Complicating matters was hanging father's to speak english and the difficulties of navigating of foreign country. Run gal jong struggled to sleep at not and would often leave. He's bed to go stand outside. He's daughter's apartment. He waited there for hours hoping yingying would come home. Run gal gave. He's i the media interview on thursday. June twenty two through a translator. He begged person who had taken yingying to return her before addressing he's directly they strong daddy's waiting for you here. I hope that being a good person you will be safe forever will wait for you and we will definitely fund you in an effort to raise awareness unions. Boyfriend shall laying organized a vigil to take place. On the nod of thursday. June twenty nine participants would begin at the campuses. Credit center for the performing nods then walked to the location where yingying was lost sane often the posing the they would return to the credit sent off for a concert that evening. Megan not her real name received a text message from her boyfriend. The pair had only been dating a month after meeting on a dating website. He's message megan's boyfriend requested that she accompany him to the walk. That was being held feeing joan he wrote. I am going to this no matter what i'd love if you were there with me. Megan was aware of Case she asked her boyfriend why he was interested in going and why he wanted her to go to. Hey replied that. He didn't know but he was asking her to megan grade when the couple met at the venue megan's boyfriend held up a cola that she sometimes wall when they were intimate and dasta to put it on. The pair often engaged inactive bay. Dsm erotic consensual roleplaying. That includes bondage discipline dominance and submission. Megan refused to wear the caller stating that it wouldn't be appropriate. The occasion was to samba and she was uneasy wearing such an in public. He accepted this and didn't press them at the joined. The three hundred fifty strong crowd including yingying loved ones chatting quietly as they strode after briefly talking about their relationship. Megan's boyfriend brought up the knee by off field office. He described where it was located. Then named some of the meteorologisy is covering the walk. He also made some cheuse remarks about the walks participants being there for him after a while he picked up one of megan's hands and trist the number thirteen on her palm. She was confused at the end of the walk. Megan went to the when she returned outside. Her boyfriend was sitting on a bench waiting for her. He grabbed her off fine and tapped a on it before handing back. He had written short message on her notes. Add it read. it was me. She was number thirteen cheese. Gone forever after. Megan had seen the message. Her boyfriend deleted it. The pair then attended the concert. Megan's boyfriend exhibited strange behaviour throughout the showed. He consumed a large amount of alcohol and clapton a widely. Slow staccato fashion. When the crowd gave unions boyfriend a standing ovation he remained seated at one stage. He pointed out another attendee to megan and remarked that she would make quite a good target but the time that concept concluded. Megan was extremely disturbed as the pair walked off. Her boyfriend brought up the message. He had talked earlier on megan's fun. Hey revealed that he was a serial killer. He had started murdering when he was not pain and had killed a total of thirteen women. He didn't know the names of any victims. Assad from young yum shea was the only one who'd had public fall and could be tied back to him. Hey told megan shave was the first person he debit confided in and to remind remote the last person i would consider at my level. That actually did. Anything was ted bundy. Hey was called in the eighties. Concealing her fi. Megan continued the conversation. Shia stiff thirteen was a large number of victims. Her boyfriend responded incorrectly. It's bigger than jeffrey dumb. Big then john wayne gase. Why have caught the nation's attention. Apparently he then reassured megan that he would never harm her. She responded unless for some reason on the complete idiot and say something to somebody. And then i'm not safe. Hey replied that's true. Investigators fronting the yin yang junk case remained tight-lipped refusing to divulge publicly held. What was progressing behind the scenes. They had been working around the clock to find her ongoing efforts to enhance security camera footage of the suspects Nostra proved fruitless. You why you see. Campus police officer sajjan james kadar asked whether he could help cada was known for his knowledge of cars and off. Dato over the course of five to ten minutes. He continually slowed and pause the video to make sure nothing escaped him. Kadar then noticed something. The hubcap upon the 'cause wrought front wheel appeared to have docked spot. He rewound the footage and studied every single frame. Hey realized that the hubcap was broken with a chunk missing from seattle rim sajjan cada also determined that the vehicle had a son murph of old the black satin nostra hatchbacks within the county. Only one was noted as having a sunroof it was the first vehicle. The fbi had inspected during their initial enquiries. It was registered to a year. Old local man named brent christianson. Who lived raw there. In champaign christianson a full moss this student at uc had no criminal record he lived with his wife lisa not her real name in a two bedroom apartment. On west springfield avenue christianson had also bena tasting assistant at the university but was currently unemployed and looking for work. When initially questioned by the fbi brin christianson had been pilot and up fron he was familiar with the union junk case and acknowledged that hey drive a car matching the suspect's vehicle. Hey maintained that. He was at home all day on friday june on sleeping or playing video games he allowed. He's apartment and car to be searched. Nothing suspicious was found but the discovery that the suspect's car had a sunroof narrowed the investigative spot lot directly on christianson. He's black satin. Astra was the only one in the county that had such a jaw. Offices headed straight to the parking lot at christian sins apartment building. They hung dean on his car. A lodge chunk was missing from its front passenger hubcap. It had been awake since. Emily hogan's unsettling encounter with the man purporting to be an undercover police officer investigators for the union. John case approached her once again seeking her assistance. They provided her with photographic lineup that contained six different draw lawson's pitches when she saw the third photograph. A wave of nausea washed over emily. Shay was sure at the man pitch. It was the one who had tried to lure her into his car. Emily then reconsidered saying that she was sixty percent shore. The third image was of brent christianson. Investigators were granted a federal warrant to search christianson time and caa. They arrived at his apartment and knocked on the front door. He'd opened a fraction. The officers couldn't see who was on the other side. One of them cold out that they were there to search the property. The door open to what a surprise but calm bring christianson stood before the group dressed in his underwear at a p does though he had just gotten out of bed. He permitted the investigators to winter. He's done he's walked. Lay saw was standing a few feet behind him naked. One of the agents asked her to put on a robe. Christianson was in the warren and was asked if he was willing to talk back at the investigator's office looking nonchalant christianson turned to lay saw and off. Everything of saying the movies tells me or shouldn't talk to the police. What do you think in an equally unconcerned. Turn shave replied. Yeah i think you should go. Christianson put on a black t. shirt and pants before he was escorted to the fbi. Field office once there. He was asked to recap his alibi although he admitted that he couldn't recall fraud. I g nine clearly. He maintained that he was at home playing video games. Hey suspected that. He had up for a couple of hours in the middle of the afternoon. One of the interviewing detectives abruptly asked. Look you know that we didn't bring you all the way up. He to talk about video games. So what you had for lunch that day. Why do you think that we brought you up here. Christianson replied because the koran was seen picking up a girl that's missing when asked who was driving his car on the day in question. Christianson said no one else had access to it in an effort to get him talking. Christianson was told there was footage of him picking up being john. Hey remarked that he had insane himself in any of the footage shown by the media. A detective retorted. You've seen what we've allowed to say. Christianson began breathing heavily. He's is dotted around the room. There was a long pause. That seemed to drag suddenly. He said that he might have gotten he's days mixed up. He now emitted to picking up an asian girl on what he thought was set at a june ten. Hey out driving around the u. I you say when he saw a girl looking distressed and pulled over to speak with her she was light for a meeting with her professor and showed christianson a map on her phone of where she needed to go. He offered her a lift and she accepted but after he driven a few blocks. The goal became destroyed. She tried to get out of the car christians in thought he must've accidentally taken a wrong turn and inadvertently scared her. He stopped and let her out after. The girl exited the car. She stood on the sidewalk looking at her phone christians and then drove back home. He couldn't remember he's passengers name. But provided a brief description of her she spoke broken. english had been wearing jeans and was carrying a backpack. Hey yes the mated. She'd only been in his cough for five minutes or less but he couldn't remember where he had taken her when asked why he had withheld this information. Christianson insisted that he thought he'd given the goal a lift on sunday. Not the friday. That ying yang was taken. The topic of christians marriage was then raised christianson. And he's waffly saw wearing a mutually agreed upon open relationship which enabled them to dykes other people while remaining married. Lisa had a boyfriend whom she knew through work. The weekend yingying was taken lisa and her boyfriend who vacationing interstate. Christianson was left home alone. Hey admitted that. He had gone out driving because he'd been stir crazy and align all he wanted was to clear his head. Christianson pointed out that he's still wasn't sure that girl he met had been hanging john he was asked if he'd picked up the go because he wanted to sleep with her christians and replied a main that would have been nice but then he tried off a more. Forceful approach was taken interviewing offices. Demanded that christianson tell the truth. Wedgie you take her brent. We need to find yingying. There was a pause then. Christianson said i think it's time that i stop answering questions on know. The typical advice is to get a lawyer before you answer. Anything and i think of tried to help. Enough forensic examination of christianson cellphone revealed that less than two months earlier. He had visited a website for individuals. Interested in sexual fetishes and kinks. He spent time in a forum. Todd abduction one on one in threads labeled perfect abduction fantasy and planning a kidnapping. He tried to a woman about how he would lock to a doctor. Hey described how he would bind and gag her then. Put her in a large duffel bag in the trunk backseat. If he's car. The following month christianson purchase the six foot long green canvas duffle bag online but soon returned it then. Just six days before yang vanished. He rewarded the same back. Investigators hadn't found the bag at. He's hunt the search of christians. Apartment did uncover a pair of to stall sunglasses. Lock those worn by the phony undercover cop that approached. Emily hogan l. was before he hanging was taken in the main bedroom to tween mattresses had been pushed together to form a king sized bed on one of these mattresses were three reddish brown stains to towards the middle and one at the end by the wall. A baseball bat was found. Luminol revealed it to contain disdain. Christianson sat astra was also examined. The front passengers say and saw of the had been recently and thoroughly cleaned. Investigators with certain that brent christianson was involved in unions disappearance but they didn't want to keep him in custody if released they believed might slip up and do something that would delayed them to yingying. On friday june. Sixteen christianson was sent home without charge. Christianson was well aware that he's movements. Were now being monitored by the fbi. He turned off the tracking function on his phone and switched to a virtual private network to encrypt. He's internet connection in the meantime. He's marriage deteriorated further though he's wife had taken to sleeping in the spare room and pushed heavy autumn's against the door to prevent him from entering. The code showed on impact christianson too harshly. As per the rules of open marriage. He had another intimate ought not he could reach out to a young woman. He'd recently started dating named megan. Megan had been terrified of her boyfriend. Since the nod of union junk visual christianson had insisted shea accompany him to the walk during which he confessed to being a serial killer that not. He data showed in an excited and boastful manner. Exactly how he had attacked yingying he said he had taken her to his apartment cut off her clothing and writer on his bed before strangling her with his hands as he was over six feet tall and had a large build. It was easy for him to. I've powell the much smaller union. Nevertheless she had fought back. Fiercely christianson described it as quite unbelievable supernatural. Almost how she didn't give up. He estimated that he had choked using it for ten minutes. Despite this she kept a breathing he then carried her into the bathroom and placed her in the tub before striking her with his baseball bat uncertain whether he had killed her. He grabbed a naf and stabbed her in the neck. Hey that consciously or a reflex yingying tried to grab the weapon christianson than decapitated her. He told megan. This fauna lacked. Put a stock to what he called this fucking zombie shit but spoke admiringly have unions fought festival describing her as valiant christianson then laughed about the fact that some people at yingying vigil had thanked him for attending. I am apparently very good at this. He boasted they will never fall her. Because i will never tell anyone the family. They won't leave until she's fans they gonna leave empty handed. Megan returned home a short time later and walked in saw it alone. She then spoke directly into her clothing. It's ten oh one. And i buy got at least some of that. Is there something interfering with your happiness preventing you from achieving your goals. Beta help is here to help. 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Shadowy russian operatives threaten the law of dissident. How blood sartre car is bound of. Being done to buy a curbside and bomb explodes in a quiet sydney suburb. A prankster clashes. With conspiracy theorist alex jones a forbidden results. In an escape to the other side of the wo- and revived in spies secrets and allies. Nothing is quiet as it seems all episodes of sued assad are available to binge right now for furry only on spotify. That's sued assad spelled. Psa you deo sake. D two weeks before the vigil union. John f. b. i. Agents paid megan a visit. But this stage all eyes were on burn christianson but he had yet to be directly implicated in the crime. Investigators needed the help of someone close to him to secure the smoking gun. Their efforts were kept under wraps. Not even young's own family. Were aware that a suspect had emerged. They continued to carry out their own. Enquiries ole the wall christianson was being questioned and he's belongings searched. Megan was upset to learn that her boyfriend was a prime suspect in a kidnapping investigation yet. She couldn't deny her own concerns. Although her relationship with christianson seemed promising to begin with in light may he'd sent her a series of text messages in which he rambled about not wanting to fade away into obscurity choir. I would rather destroy humanity than let that happen on. No most would disagree. It was proposed that megan work with investigators but covertly recording christianson whenever they were together she was conflicted while she loved christianson. Megan bentley great to participate believing that her actions could help exonerate him. She was provided with two recording devices. One was hidden inside a coffee mug. The was the size of a post at night and could be worn underneath clothing. Megan started recording christians. Light on that same day. He initially seemed nervous about being under investigation. But then at another point he appeared amused by the situation. Christianson talked about the yingying. John case with megan he came up with excuses regarding the evidence against him often. Using megan as a scapegoat he said he had purchased the duffel bag to transport a cat scratching post for her. Although she never received it he also said that the blood in his bedroom belonged to her even know. Megan knew this wasn't true. On friday. June twenty three megan recorded a fine conversation in which christianson said he was worried about. What would happen to him. If the investigation goes self. He added that desperate. I'll we'll be in prison for life to continue that conversation via text messages in one. Christianson admitted i was the one who peaked. That goal up dropped her off shortly after. I didn't do anything wrong. But she's missing and i am officially lost one. Who saw her. Lisa lose a husband. If this goes wrong. I will literally lose my life but the tom christiansen asked to megan to attend king's vigil with him. She was already deeply troubled by. He's various remarks prior to leaving home. Megan heater a recording device on her body. When she returned home later in the nod she find the fbi to notify them of christians. Chilling serial killer confession. She then burst into tease. The following day of friday. June thirty was brent. Christianson twenty eighth birthday. Fbi agents arrived at his apartment and charged him with the federal crime of kidnapping. A cadaver dog brought into the residence alluded in the bathroom. Wet christianson had confessed to killing yingying. There were no human remains at the address but agents seized a number of items including a roll of duct tape. None of yingying belongings were found an alternative lot sauce revealed handprints since swabbing marks on the draw wool and carpet inside and underneath. Johnson's bed suggesting someone had cleaned the area a dock. Reddish stain was found on the underside of the cop. It as well as on its tax trip and the flow beneath samples of the staining. What tested along with swabs previously taken of christian since mattress into baseball bat olaudah gms returned a positive result unions. Dan i although it couldn't be proven that it was christianson who had taken yingying. Further evidence proved. He was in the area at the time. Security cameras from a local supermarket. Colt christianson buying a bottle of rum at seven forty. Im on friday. June on from there he drove around the ui you say. Campus in the aftermath of unions disappearance christianson used. He's smart fine to research the ingredients in cleaning products news articles about the case and in fact on as obstruction of justice laws. He also looked up information. On how i find tracking words to spot not owning one union however had used and i find months before the abduction christianson filled out an intake form but the u i use as cancelling santa he had written that alcohol and drug addiction were ruining his life and that he wanted to Others when asked about his desire to her people christianson revealed that he'd banks spending lots of time researching serial killers. Particularly ted bundy. Hey remarked always being interested in the bag guys. He admitted to making homicide or plans. Which progressed to the point of purchasing items. That could be used in a murder. Said he later returned them hanging system. He didn't want to actually hood anyone because he didn't quiet want to live with the guilt. He refused to attend a substance abuse facility or a meeting at alcoholics anonymous. However christianson did attempt to follow up appointments with clinical counselors. Another counseling session was planned april. Six two thousand seventeen three days before union was taken christianson filled out an intake form for the appointment but never met with the cancel off to that he stopped attending cancelling sessions during his time in custody. Christians find his wife lay saw. Their conversation was recorded. Christianson wanted lisa to delight. He's a on the discussion website. Reddit as well as any of his stupid comments in a post discussing the possibility that unions kidnap modifying posing as an undercover police officer. Saw christianson had commented. That's very ted. Bundy esque scary. Christianson had once confided in saw that he was fascinated by serial killers as well as quote violence testing limits. Things of that nature this troubled aleisha. She issued her husband with an ultimatum to stop drinking him when he failed to do sire. Laser announced in march two thousand seventeen that she wanted a divorce. This course christianson to become emotional and destroyed so lisa suggested they open their relationship as a compromise. Lisa returned home from her weekend away with a boyfriend. Dies off data yingying was abducted. She didn't notice anything strange about her husband behavior. however on monday june twelve. She saw him leave the apartment carrying a duffel bag. that didn't look to have much in so added. She also noticed. The petrol gauge in christianson. Sat nash draw was at the halfway point. This indicated that christianson had driven two hundred miles over the weekend. Lezo was surprised by this. As her husband was a homebody that never really traveled anywhere and staff and students from the ui. You say what shocked upon learning of brent christian since arrest he was remembered as a mild mannered and normal students and teachers assistant if a little awkward however one young woman who lived in the same apartment building as him told the media. Shahid phantom creepy photographs and video footage taken at the vigil for yin yang fated christianson with megan hey was captured holding her hand and walking alongside her with the non around her shoulders in haunt sought these innocuous images which schilling as they implied unions killa motive walked with her family that not pretending to show he support on the morning of monday july three members of the media and the ui u c community queued outside ben bananas small federal courthouse to attend christian sins. I hearing only forty five people could feeding so at the courtroom. Hundreds of others gathered outside chanting justice union while holding banners and signs. That read we a with few yingying. When christian centipede in court he was shackled at the ankles and said little unions. Father and boyfriend watched owning silence as the judge ordered him to be held without bond. He was facing charges of kidnapping resulting in death and lying to federal agents. The prosecution was seeking the death penalty. Christianson pleaded not guilty unions. Mother and brother joined the rest of the junk family in the us. In anticipation of the trial lay phone sobbed as her husband spoke through an interpreter. Dot to the press. This is a very painful process. How dreams have been shouted. We just keep on telling ourselves. This is the worst and we cannot really lose any more. Hey vowed that he would not leave the. Us until he's doing. I had being found and could be given a proper burial. In accordance with their beliefs and coccia delays by the defense meant. The trial didn't begin until april two thousand and nineteen almost two years after years disappearance in the interim her family returned to china to conserve their money. And so lay phone. Could recover from. The trial was held. Saw of champaign urbana after christian since attorneys successfully argued extensive media coverage of the case smart of prejudiced the local jewelry pool. The venue change would inconvenience hangings family who returned to illinois. They were soon off at a place to stay locally for the trial's duration christians attorney shocked the court blessed dotting. He's opening address with the lawn. Brendt christianson killed being john and did nothing that we say or do during this phase of the trial will be an attempt to saw stab. Or deny that brent christianson is responsible for her death. The defense explained that they were only having a trial because christianson face the death penalty if convicted their intention was to prevent this sentence star witness for the prosecution. Megan was the first witness to draw any emotion from christianson. Hey look down at his hands and occasionally what the white a tear is. She spoke when asked how it felt to be testifying against her former boyfriend. Megan replied terrifying. She was then asked. So why are you doing it before answering a because it's necessary christianson did not take the stand. The defense asserted that the government wanted to take his life. They relied on christensen's longterm alcoholism as an excuse for his actions going so far as accusing megan of plying him with booze to get him to confess that you also blames her for introducing him to bay. Dsm claiming she quote injected the idea of fantasy and sex day described christianson has happily married successful student. Who was led astray by alcohol and delinked sex with violence after discovering bay. Dsm culture after two hours of deliberation the jury fan brain christianson guilty on all three cans following christian sends conviction lawyers representing unions. Family issued a statement thanking investigators for their hard work on case describing coordinated efforts as nothing short of remarkable day also thanked all the witnesses who had testified in particular megan quad. Megan's courage is self evident and the assistance shea. Gave to law enforcement was invaluable. The close knit loving junk family. Were able to tell the world how the loss of young young had impacted them at christianson. Sentencing hearing her father wept over the lost fidai. He had taken with these daughter. It depicted being flanked by both her parents. Outside a train station moments before she departed for the us she had just celebrated her birthday party doubling as a farewell celebration through tease. Her mother asked the court this wonderful daughter of mine as my everything. Hell am i supposed to carry on living. I really don't know how to carry on one of the few times. Christianson showed emotion throughout the hearing was when he's father testified that the thought of he son being executed was unbearable. Dis caused christianson to break down in tease off christians to receive the death penalty. The jury had to reach a unanimous decision. They deliberated for almost two days. Ultimately ten wanted to deliver the death penalty was to oppose. As a result brent christianson was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release he was also given five year sentences for the two charges of lying to federal agents and the maximum fine have seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Christianson chose not to address the cord upon hearing the verdict but smiled at his mother. When he heard he's lav would be sped. The judge told him the mercy extended to you bought. The jury is a testament to their humanity. Not your character. The junk family must live with the thought that yingying was ripped away from them but a total stranger. Thousands of miles away fulfilling. He's self absorbed and selfish fantasies with no regard yet to this day for anyone other than himself you will. Complete and total lack of remorse was not lost on anyone and emphasized the one more time today when given the opportunity to speak and not subject to any cross examination. You could have said whatever you want to say for as little or as long as you wished and yet today. Seven hundred and sixty days. After you took kings lawf- you could not muster as simple on sorry christians. Out com caused an uproar in china. Many citizens shared the desire of unions family to say him receive the death penalty however unions family accepted that the law sentence was still a suitable punishment that reflected the significance of their loss. Her father said we hope that every day he spends in prison he feels the pain and suffering that way feel for the loss of union. He added now that the trial is over and the jury has made its decision. We ask the defendant to unconditionally. Tell us what he knows about. Hangings location if you have any humanity left in your soul. Please help end doubt torment. Please let us bring yingying. Hone the search for unions remains had been long but few taw dumpsters creek beds and abandoned mineshafts had been thoroughly searched crime. Stoppers singing's family offered a fifty thousand dollar reward for information that led to her discovery. They were completely unaware that christianson had already revealed what had become of being in november. Two thousand eighteen christianson had divulged the truth to federal prosecutors in an attempt to negotiate a deal that would prevent him from receiving the death penalty as the information was part of immunity agreement. Prosecutors bain unable to share it until oughta christianson was convicted and sentenced off. The killing union. Christianson had dismembered her and placed her remains in three separate garbage bags the following day. He threw the bags into a dumpster out. So he's apartment building on monday june twelve. He placed the unions. Oh iphone clothing and backpack in the lodge duffel bag. He'd purchased earlier that month and then drive around disposing of them in various dumpsters. Around the champaign urbana ray area. Finally he threw the duffel bag away. The dumpster wearing is remains were placed was emptied the same day its contents. Were take into a private landfill then. Compacted twice spread over an area spanning fifty yards and buried beneath thirty feet of garbage jude to the compaction process. Yingying remains would have likely been reduced to a saw smaller than a cell fine. Investigators believed it would be near impossible to recover them. Any attempt to do so would be extremely complicated and expensive unions. Family fronted a press conference soft finally being told what they came of her union. Father told assembled reporters if what that man city's true it further confirms that he is a hot less and evil person we condemn he's brutal and malicious actions and we hope that hey suffers the rest of his life as he made union safa in the final moments of her life. We now understand that. Finding her may be impossible but if unions remains are ever found we will return to take her home to china where she belongs to days after learning. What had happened to yingying. Her family had a memorial service in illinois that same month. That was announced that day had assisted the you. Are you see in creating an endowment. In honor of their daughter named unions fund had aimed to assist international students and families. In tom's of crosses unions parents denied thirty thousand dollars to the fund from the gofundme money that was raised for them. The ui use as chance. Lost spoke of his admiration for their gesture. The junks cherish to members of our own illinois family a going through one of the most challenging points in their lives and yet they still thinking of others. The gift will make an enormous impact when they students and their families needed most unions. Family full-size dynamited that twenty thousand dollars as rewards for individuals. Who helped solve her case the. Ui you say. Also awarded three members of their police department. These decisions highest donna. The chancellor's medallion their work on union's case sergeant james cada who identified the sutton astra's distinctive hubcap and sunroof telecommunication. Kenny cost who traced unions path to the second bus stop and discovered. She had been abducted using. Cici tv footage and detective eric. Vison who interrogated christianson despotic. Brank christians and boasting that he was a prolific serial killer. Nothing has ever been fan linking him to any other crimes. Investigators concluded that this element of his confession was nothing more than a fantasy. Kings parents chose her name as it meant the twinkling of the stars or candle light from an early age daughter proved to be extremely intelligent. She ranked at the top of her class at school. She attended in two thousand. Non yingying was accepted to study environmental science at university. She was the first member of her family to pursue tertiary education. Four years later union graduated as one of the talk students in her year next. She began a master's degree in environmental engineering and beijing's prestigious pecking university. But two thousand sixteen yingying had her masters and to begin working as a research assistant at the chinese academy of sciences. She said assad some of the money she tend to purchase gifts that would make her family's lives asia such as microwave and to sell fine unions. Ultimate ambition was to become a professor. This career path would hope her support her family financially despite never having left china before she decided that the best way to achieve this goal was to travel to the united states for further education

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