Smoke Inhalation


Neil. Neil feel confused. Neil feel torn by Neil. Friends. Neil friends. Having. Doing things. Neil not know about. He'll. So all right well. Guys as you all now I'm comedian. I at at the comedy store I feel as a comedian. I feel. Like A. Muslim after nine eleven. I. Go to did I go to flight school with Muhammed Ana yeah same flight school. Did I see him at flight. Yes, did we tax year? Have I been Muhammad Odyssey House nope. but I'm not. It's you know. I'M NOT GONNA. Say Me and Chris. Friends weren't friends and in terms of. Like there's no fire. But, I'm I. I'm choking on of smoke inhalation. There's a lot of smoke. And And so the thing comes out I C Delia trending on twitter, and it says that it's as Christopher Pedophilia and Mike. So I. Look at this point. There's two screen shots. Neither of them say anything it's like. Where they go! This Guy Fox's step mom, but there's no proof that it's a step. Yeah like you. Don't I mean guys come on stem on there? Be More tension whatever so. So I look. There's two screen shots so I. Go on twitter and I'm like hey. I don't I'm I detest predators, but if you have information. About. Chris doing these things. Show show them to me I'll give money to charity. And I was like until then. Don't call him a pedophile right and a bunch of people take it down people. May even beyond that. Don't even post it, but may Isaac Lobby. I'm fucking. I'm a maverick guys. I do what I want when I want. I'm like a young Chris Delia now. Wait, why can you take me through? Exactly why post that like why? Insert yourself into the story I'll tell you why because Bianca. Without getting too specific, I just went through stuff where I did not feel amply defended. By people and and. I want it, so here's whenever there is an accusation. I follow the. INSTAGRAM innocence project and on twitter. And Innocence Project is about people are falsely accused who get convicted. and are. Sentenced in there in jail, and then somebody recant, S-, or they get a blood test and approves they didn't do it, and there are hundreds of these every year, if not thousands of these death row inmates that have been falsely. There's something like five that their positive were were killed. illegally an wrongly so. As A. I feel like I have to constituents. One group is women of which I have many friends, and the other group is black men, which many friends so I kind of have to pick when there's an accusation of Hough, who am I? GonNa. Who Am I going to turn my back on here? Right so when I see a false accusation. I. My no one likes this argument, but what I said was. I have an old man. Phrase you ready. I maybe I said it on the PODCASTS. Do we have? Do we have a song for all as? Goals! The old man phrase is. If a white man. Sneezes that means a black man's going to get pneumonia. Meaning meaning like if it's like what a friend always says if they'll do this to a white man, the fuck, will they do to a black man? Like. Pray for the black man if they're gonNA if they start accusing people without proof. That's not gonNA work out for the low it all runs downstream so again. To women, I say. All yes, you say, believe on women, but then as they'll. EUBANKS says she fucked Dave three weeks ago. Not, her I, know and you're on your eyes a little bit, but like I, don't know. I'm not rolling my eyes. Okay, all right. You're rolling resilience banks maybe. Maybe I'm listening. and. and. So like you know. So. That's the choice I make. So the choice I make is watch a friend. Get stumped. Or more at watch a friend. Get stopped and live up to a principle of innocent until proven guilty. or Turn my back on women. Flip a coin, everybody. 'CAUSE I. Don't 'cause I don't Wanna be either. Do you know what I? Mean like I? Don't WanNa do either. In that instance I guess I. Turn My back on women. What I've come to in the in the yeah go ahead, I was just thinking like. Is there. Is there a way you do that where you don't? were, you aren't involved. Like you aren't publicly involved in the twitter aspect of it. Is there a way to just I? Don't know, just say okay. Cool. That's what I'm going to do. I'm maybe not post about it, but say to yourself without anybody watching. You know what I'm not gonNA. Say anything against my friend Chris until I see. Concrete evidence that I'm convinced of and then if that happens, then I'll donate, but do none of it publicly. But what difference I had this argument, my friend Danielle. What's the difference between that and like the crime stoppers? Meaning when know what's the difference between, because there's all these another old man phrase, which is What is it? Silence is is approval, so if I say nothing as the fight is on twitter. So I can like. Oh that's too bad. It's like that's not support. So no one has a better option. We'll don't say you're going to get why not I'm saying I. Don't believe this and I'm and I'm saying I don't believe this for reason I've Seen Delia off thousand nights in a row, a not an aerobic thousand nights probably over the last ten years like literally if you think about it. and. And I've never seen him with a woman who looked very young I will say I was under the impression that he fucked every woman over twenty five. I didn't know. That he he Whatever whatever this is whatever you call this. Yeah, I mean. If you win, you work at economy. You get all the. We know all the dirt years before that ship. Pops Louis. We knew everybody knows about this stuff. It's like open secrets. And I actually have seen diliah. In a row like probably like between two to four nights a week for the last I don't know seven and a half years. And I'm on. Yeah exactly he has visions. Don't get me wrong, but. They all are carded. They're all. They look old. I, would never I never heard like? I literally never I was thinking like. Were there any girls that were like dodgy and they're really warrant none that I could tell. Whoever came to the store looked like some of them have like plastic surgery. That makes you look older to me so. I. Don't know just something about it. And then when I see these people are taking these clips from fighter in the kid in Theo's where it's like Oh. Yeah, he likes them under age. I never like that result if he liked them, underage wouldn't joke about it. Do you know what I mean like? That's a she's talking. And be like they're so obviously joking in. There, so obviously joking and people are taking You know they're just intention they're willfully taking. They're just taking it out of out of context and like they knew, and it's like they didn't I didn't know shit and I'm an Iraq and everybody knows me. I recognize patterns. and. I speak about things so so the idea that I should have done. Nothing would have been somehow letting someone get like. Pat Pat you know trounced publicly someone that I that I genuinely like and have had. A lot of funny, it's funny. It like we did our hours together in comedy central we did are we didn't come into the world on Netflix's the like, not it. It's almost like I, it's like being drafted in the same year in the NBA or something like i. have an affinity for Delia and I've also seen him be fuck. He's a fucking very hilarious motherfucker like shit that I could tell you. He said if you don't think he's funny like. Be Funny. Million Times so ma'am? So that thing of Willie sucks. It's like okay. The guys you get from east sucks to pedophile so so then I so then the next day I I posted a thing where I said like I ask for proof I more or less got it. And If I knew Chris was doing the stuff, I wouldn't have been friends with them. And and and the justice system is completely ready against women especially when it comes to sexual. Assault violence, whatever and and we need to rebuild the system, but when we do rebuild the system. It still require proof you know. and. And then people were mad at that. I said. Here's the money five thousand dollars to. Rape in and says. Rain I don't know yeah, and And and I said I hope you. Understand, the impulse to protect. And then people were mad at that, so I took that out. so and then I put up. I'm for due process with the wealth's right. and. People were. They didn't like that either. They're against due process. So you're just not going to win in this in this situation there's. Again it's like saying I'm for speed limits. It's due process. The fucking you, I mean. Here's what I've realized. Okay, 'cause I. Don't here's what I've. Come to and and tell me if you agree or disagree. So Martin, Luther King. Who I love quoting and he guides, he guides me especially. If I'm in trouble I love quoting him in a way. That favors me He said that that that riots are the language of the unheard right. What I would say is screen shots are the language of the unheard. In that? Women have an option which is. Mob Justice mob. Justice on social media. or No justice in the justice system. And they're like fuck it just it is because there. Because the justice system is so awful from literally the time you say I was raped until a the unlikely event that there's some sort of justice or even a settlement, it's all awful. male detectives. They don't do rape. They don't really they don't even they don't even process the rape kits. Your, Vaginas on trial your whole. It's everything's on trial. That makes it unbearable. So, what do you think be but I? Don't know what you're you just like kind of said the situation I mean like if if there is if we reform the system. Are. There still needs to be yes, but but I don't know. The thing is what if so there is still going to be need to be proof, but I don't the the bigger issue beyond rebuilding the system so women even with I would say screen shots or the language of the unheard women need to. you know like that, they they don't go there if they could go to the justice system, they would. Right but what like the bigger issue is even once even if we got to a perfect, the only way to litigate sex or prosecute sex or is with cameras? And emotion meters I. Mean if you if you really want to be honest, that's the best way to do it. Because the forensics on sex are are impossible, I mean there's no real. Way To go about it? You know what I mean. There's always there's no like this and then this. We're not gonNA have that because it's sex because it's. Intimate because you could have been raped and then also had sex prior. How do we discern that also? Yes, and you're also dealing with guys, not understanding whim guys literally your. Women who are are when it comes to sex have a lot of conflicting. Emotions and men who are uniquely unsuited to reading emotion exactly, but the problem is. Because it's, it was so fucked for so long. Our new thing is this you know like you said? Screen shots this kind of social media evidence. but They're there the margin of error? I feel like is going to be big I feel like something could just. Look bad and already you're being You, know your reputations being on trial, even if nothing that bad, even before I saw evidence of underage girls, because at first, it was like. They were twenty. Nine. And twenty two. I still haven't seen evidence of under it I've seen smoke of underage girls. I've not seen fire of underage girls. Exactly, so this guy's repeat reputation is. I mean his is in the dumps. and. We have to the I think it's closer to the federal prison, but dumps fine. What are we going? What if no evidence presents itself? No one's brings charges. Everyone just kind of wants to make a claim online to be like. Yeah, he's a piece of Shit F Y, it's. The kind of just people put out warnings. People put out just advisory like four women. And I think they're interesting because. I think they're important. You know maybe there is the disparity between bringing charges. Against someone and just like yoga by the way, this guy's a fucking creep. You! Know like they're yes. I mean plenty of interest twinbrook. Yes, that's the problem. Is the the whatever whisper network or whatever is? It's okay. It's the best option. And but it only it has. It's only an on off switch. There's no. There's no grades to it. It's just you're either. It goes from zero to rape. To mean it's liked after nine eleven year. Either you're either a you're. Neither you're either a Muslim or a terrorist. And there's no difference it's like The the the odds of once you get painted with the brush. It's not good. Even, Louis and Aziz and right. COSBY's. A serial rapist, but In Z's. Are Not. They still work, but it's their reduced. Their reduced and and in in Lewis case. I think it's more merited than this case. Rid these is reduced as a person. Like the light that the lightness is gone, you know. so. By so. I mean Chris, Hardwick and other one where it turns out. It wasn't true. But. He, couldn't if he says if he like boldly says this was not true. Then he seems like he is a victim blaming and shaming, and and whatever all the and not believing all women and not, and that's the thing that even if I said Hey, can we take that into consideration? I'd be considered a piece of shit. Can I say iggy Azalea banks that you fucked eight three weeks ago? No like. They're both women. It's only I. No one's GonNa. Believe me, but it's only gonNA hurt. Poor, people. Do you know what I mean. By that, said he, only now, having said that I also don't think that women are that. Are are likely to say Shit online that. Is. Is You know disprove a false right? Yeah? So I. Don't know what the answer is, but yet in in Chris. Hardwick case that's I believe what happened and Dave's case. I believe that's what happened. But if we go back to the Muslims in nine eleven, what ends up happening? Time. Eased all ease some of that tension, it was basically just time people just got. We spoke about it more. We talked about hey, but these people like poor seeks being like unfairly targeted right after nine eleven like we're not even. We have nothing to do with. That, how a counter! What Guantanamo Bay hundred dudes there who didn't? They didn't even bring charges against them? They're just fucking. Parked in in a in a box in Guantanamo back then. It's like it's better for all Muslims but the guys who got accused of nothing. are still in Guantanamo, Bay and as Americans. We all go like well. fucking serves you right. Is Yeah right well if you hadn't been at the thing. 'CAUSE like in case they're going after. They're like it's like. Santino and and and Theo, and all these other guys are catching stray bullets. That had fucking nothing to do with it right and people are trying to drag me into it like woody, you know I don't fucking know anything 'cause I'm forty six and if I knew someone's fucking underage girls, I would. Absolutely, said something. Right. As evidenced by the fact that I said he didn't cause. I also would like we have. It's part of our group. Our our young group of young fuckers like there's not you I'm not part of. Kabbalah and we fight our battles on twitter. But again you forget how dumb people are and how suggesting people are? and that they just WANNA go. It's like the Jeffrey obscene kind of reverse like. Like, he was murdered. Okay, so what but even the way we treat a? Muslims wasn't good and the thing with Muslims is it was it was like we just moved? We just got a little more specific, but that first three years. Was A fucking hell for them and again I don't feel bad. I'm not like it's GonNa be a Hell I. Just think that when it comes to mob justice. It's it's it's. It's flawed in a different way, then Then regular justice. You know and and it's just not really a way around I. Know So. That's the I mean. Here's why it's in some ways. It is like looting in Matt. Because of the looting. They chain. They're like okay. We'll give it a chokehold. It's like they go. We'll do stuff hopefully. I mean I don I I had the thought. That Delina is alluded store right. And Spike, La. Yeah, he's he's Pi ironically enough. He's Flight Club Ironic. Their people they sponsored him for a long time now he finally gets to feel what it's part. Maybe it's part of the sponsorship. But he got looted, and the difference, between Flight Club and and a person is fly. Club has insurance. and Chris may be getting looted. Kind of falsely or incorrectly. And in, it's in service of women fighting a bigger. Battle or bigger war, and he's a battle that he may be collateral damage in a bigger battle, but that's still. wrong. If he if he did it, did it. Go Away. You know what I mean. So I just had a thought. What if this new era as an entertainer? You had some sort of insurance. You could buy insurance. You can buy well ironic grin by. defamation insurance. You can buy insurance like basically mouth insurance. From what you say. About you get like I, remember them off. I remember Dave saying it be like. They brought it his attention when when he got popular. And I don't know what it costs or whatever, but you can't. What's The insurance? So if I mean that the insurance wouldn't work because it's like. If you get falsely accused of sexual misbehavior, then will give you money. Like the it's there's no incentive for him it. He has to pay in it. There's no right I'm just thinking like if there was I just feel like as an entertainer especially now there's just this trend of like. and. There is something weirdly satisfying not to me, but I think as spectators, there is something weirdly satisfying of people being brought down I I see people being like Ooh. I always hated him. has nothing to do with. This situation you, don't you not liking his jokes? Has Nothing to do with this, but there is some satisfaction. People are getting. He also can come across maybe smug like some of his Let's see comedy. You think he's talking about like how great! He is I don't fucking. Know I read a lot of feedback and a lot of. It's like I. Never liked that guy. You know and that's really that adds onto the mob. Rule not becomes a pile on not because. We kind of lose focus and it's just goes to like Whoa we took it down. You know it's like as we're protesting and we're marching. were making something happening happen? And we're coming together for good like it can easily be done the same way so. I I don't know it's weird like the more power we get taking one thing down. That's why people like Oh. We took down to Leah. And there's this between like those guys. There is this kind of overly macho. Some people say toxic masculinity I think they're cool, but. And I feel like people just want to take down, whereas most of them didn't do shit. Literally, it's just their friends, but there is something. I don't know psychologically satisfying for people like you. Then like let's go dig in the crates. Let's go see what else you fucked up on. Let's see where you said the one comment. That's discussing so I. Think it's. You know I don't know how. How to curve this. Social. Take down this mob mentality. I don't know I mean that's what a friend of mine said that covert. He thought post. Covert canceled culture would be severely muted and I was like. No, it's sweep. It's too sweet. It's too fucking sweet and. You also feel powerful. It's sickly sweet. It's absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. There's no system for. But again, also, it's all women have. It's all women have so. I get that. I absolutely get that. But. But like it's all, but but at the same time there's no. There's no. There's no like levels. There's just one level which is an isolation. It's a nuclear bomb. And I've realized twitter in the last week is is gladiator. It's it's the. It's the Coliseum for famous people. Is that they just they will go ahead. Twitter Karate. It's not good. It's like not good and. I also think what Chris did wasn't good. Even if it's even if it's I thought some while you're talking, which is? That's another risk. I run because there was a thing yesterday where it's like. Why don't you? Why don't you re Tweet Joey? As thing right Joe. Rogan podcast. and. and. I'm like cousin I. Don't know everything I've ever said on a podcast. Do you know what I don't know I? Don't know I, but I also know that if you wanted to get. I know that anyone can get got at any point. In social media in there's a Rogan where we just talk about the N. word the whole time. Yeah like and Dave was like I'd never heard to wipe it. We'll just talk about it like have a relatively constructive conversation about it. And but. I mean you know what I mean like so then I go. And then people go would how do you explain this? And then I'm that right? It's like. Yeah I. Don't have any stuff, but I have. All of these are moral issues is what I've been saying. It's like their moral issues. Racism is the moral issue sexism issue sex in and of itself gender relations. It's all moral. and. So I can get. Chris on an everyone on. Here can get Chris on A. On. Praying or whatever whatever you WANNA call the word for young women, but But obviously you know Marc. Maron used to do a joke like twenty years ago. You know they. They made a law about underage women for reason. You. Don't make a law unless it's popular. Unless people keep doing it clearly. This is a thing for people and borne out by. A category called barely legal. They have a magazine. They used to have magazine barely legal like it's an absolute thing and I don't think anyone if they're us if they like that sort of stuff, I don't think that they. Look at an eighteen or nineteen year old and go. She looks too young I don't think there is. You. Know what I mean, so so this is clearly like a category. And then I also think that there's an element of like some sort of addiction or pathology that that gets people into this. That May. I don't it doesn't forgive it or any, but I think it's possible. So I just don't have as black and white because all the women that are men that are coming down on, Chris. It's like, but you're just three weeks ago. Learning so much about race. Be that you didn't know you didn't all these things so is possible. The Chris just didn't know the way that you were racist. Your whole life. And didn't realize it was very obvious. Yeah, it was obvious to everyone, but you, so that's the problem, and also you know have to admit I will see. Raises People on camera or sometimes just people saying really races Shit, you know it's not always like sometimes people in a really bad moment being fucking awful. and. The Internet will take him down and I. Fucking love it and it's like loser. Loser House Losers, scholarship and I'm like he got the jets motherfucker. But, when it happens to Chris, and he's a friend of mine, or we're friendly at the sorry just like. All Man Damn. You know you'll like. Dude not not cool but. I don't know I don't know it's hard. It's hard to. It's hard. It's an impossible I mean this is where they this is how they built the legal system. Thousands of years ago, they were like but you gotTA. Consider that and you've got to consider that and you gotta consider that and it is a good system other than. It other than its massive biases June I mean which hurt. A lot like. Probably. Way More than half the population so like, but it's in its. If it's done correctly, it's a good system. Right. But but also sex. There were no sex laws before like a couple decades ago. Like you could, you were allowed to rape your wife. Literally like so they don't even have a system set up for sex crimes or whatever you call them. the yeah, the also the thing of like believe all women. In light of You know Hardwick Chapelle. who else mentioned but but But also look at all those women on Camera Li- like the lady in the park. Like the line at the guy with the dog like the it's I. Don't think that it's common. But it's like I don't. Looking other women. Videos of Karen's doing calling. No, Andrew, see on the cops for no reason. But I don't think women are incapable of lying. So that. The term believe all women is like wall, but aren't women capable of lying, also 'cause. You saw like a in jamboree of women lying. But that's different. That is when they say believe they believe all women. It's in terms of like a sexual content at TEX, so hey, believe me I'm the one that he just came into. So that is really based on gender wars. That one is just those are just dickhead people. They happen to be women so on race. No one's saying believable women. So well, but now they're not but for a couple of hundred years they did. Yet you know what true as fuck? Yeah, that's what I'm saying like so as. Many as an ally. What can you tell me what to do? Tell me what to do like I that to everybody. I said it's like the two. Women in terms of sex are highly oppressed and. Black people in terms of everything are highly oppressed, so tell me how to. Thread this needle. And and I want support my friends when they were accused of Shit, I don't think they did. It turns out. I may have been wrong. But but but that's the thing it's like. Do I want to be a coward? I. Don't know I don't know I don't want to be a coward and I want to be the kind of person who. Stands up for somebody when they when they get accused of something, it's not he's not OJ. I'm not like oh juice. I'm not you know I'm not. I'm not I'm not online going like fuck. These women are like I don't if you're GONNA. Call someone if you're gonNA. Accuse somebody a crime you call if you called a Bijon my friend Bijon a an arsonist I would say. Him Having a book of matches does not make him an arsonist video of him, doing it or scraped something, but any an arsonist, but until then I don't think of a piece of Shit for saying. You need to prove this thing before you accuse them of it. Even though it's about sex. I don't think that it. You know you're as much as people WANNA say. It's Anti women are anti victim. It's like. Now, it's just pro proof. you know like I don't so. How do I? What's the? What's the the you know? The burden of proof is on the accuser right, but how do we change? where? There's. There's a crime, or there are crimes that are popular. They happen often and frequently and. It's very hard to prove so how where we go from there. You know I don't know that's what I'm. That's what I said five minutes ago with that cameras. and. Legitimately emotion meters. which are wouldn't do not exert literally, don't exist. But if we could in the end, it's just basically like this is weirdly the next best thing and not. Bad I mean. The Not. Perfect. It's pretty bad. Well I would say. Do you think the percentage of dues that have been taken down? Falsely compared to the ones that were accurate is a of no, I mean. I think it's I. Think it's if. Down the right guy. If you takes on the right guy, then it's not that. roaches margin of error is really detrimental. Someone's life entire life I would say so far. It's like one ten one in ten just went down for the cause false false accusations. It socially. I don't think women lie about rape. I'm not one of those like I, don't I? Don't think women lie even one. I don't even think one percent of women line about rape. I just know that when it comes to. Accusations I just my friends get accused Shit. And and it's. It's and I'm not talking Chris I'm talking my black friends, my ears. I'm going to start calling them. My acquaintances of black because people don't like it. People hate black friends Comedy album is going to be called my friends. No, it's going to be called a queens of color so I do think. This is in a man versus woman thing. I think they'll a lot of women. Do Scrutinize People come out with like hey, this president if they come out with like a claim against something, I don't think women are all like we believe her. Because she has a pussy like I, think a lot of women are like. Privately they are privately. It online again. That's the arena. That's the venue so even like with Hardwick I don't know for sure. I didn't follow it up. And I know really do we don't do follow ups also with right so and I don't even know what I know. He's working again, so that must've been. Something must have happened. And I've heard what happened and I don't know if I can say publicly because I don't know what's in the what's online right right, but that's the thing so like you go well. It's pretty good system and he's like. Okay. And what? What is he guilty of then wrong? Place the wrong time. Or maybe not being the best boyfriend or you know what I mean like. It's like that's the problem. The problem is also for example the situation with a friend of mine. And the dude in question is addicted. He's he's a Shit at master manipulator. Just all around dirty doll ga! But has done nothing. So my friend wanted to just. Blast it you know just post about it. About him being able. Yeah and and other girls were like Oh me too me too me, too. So then it started catching i. mean it's a small like you know whatever, but you know it's not GonNa make anybody's headlines, but amongst the people who know it and the extended group, it is making waves. And the problem is like okay now you're kind of tarnishing zoos, reputation, and making it seem like you know. If you put Hashtag, survivor, it's like. Would you survive? Great like the dude wasn't. He's just addicted, but at the same time well, why can't she warn people like? Why can't you put him on? Bless? It's just throwing your clothes out on the front lawn. You know. Internet poses nearby. I mean the again. It's the the the differences. If he applies for a job, it's there's just like repercussions that. Go. It's like throwing clothes up. No, it's not no. It isn't and also what's to say that the same impulse of he was kind of an asshole. Then metastasized as in two. Pedophile. Of course, my whole thought was that. Of course. It's just like throwing your clothes on out on the lawn to. That immediate impulse, but then it lives on the Internet forever, and then we can google his name, and what if all the shit pops up because it's on twitter and that at? And so it goes arms and legs. And really all he did was just be a fucking asshole and so. You. And then I mean I will say did criticize. Are there like girl like? Get over it. You know like get over him. Fuck Him. So I think there's just this weird line of like. Oh, by the way he's a Dickhead, and you can say that to your friends like Hey, girl, you're dating him like. Just so you know, but once you do it on social media. It kind of it lives in infamy and. I just I. Don't know like we tell people. To be. Careful what you post about other people while also I just don't know how to regulate it I. Don't know if it's like a checklist. What he does think about it. Don't do this. Think about if this is affects. You know there's the we do checklists. There's like these PSA's about like careful what you post you know like. What is it? Say It forget it right it regret it or something like that. So. Twenty. One! Cat. See I have one, too. So I'm not sure the checklist, because both I understand both sides so. I don't know. Are you scared that you know when like someone you're just like? Wow, damn I'm worried about some shit, but I I know I didn't do anything but I'm still kind of worried. I'm saying well. That's what I said. It's like I feel like Muslim after nine eleven where I'm like I didn't do it but I. But. I'm also so Catholic that I'm like. I remember even going through. As as me through TSA after nine eleven going like. Do I have a bomb on me. Right like? I'm not a terrorist right. I would tell myself I was there and I did have my bag the whole time like Chris Rock have that joke about when the cop pulls you over, and it's like. Is Your car and you're like? Is this my car like you stop you stop believing. You Start Questioning your reality? Oh yeah, when they're like. Did anybody help you with your bag? The healthy pack your bag Mike. You're like I mean help my mom. I don't know. Yeah did my launch yet, so it's. kind of but I I don't. I'm not worried about sex stuff, but also. It's not up to me. Yeah someone else you can't even. In the either beholder, it's like. When someone's like you're the hottest person I've ever seen. You're like you're wrong, but okay That's how I feel like you did X. and I'd be like. I didn't think that's what I did. But and that's where as as a Guy I wouldn't mind cameras in and and emotion meters. 'CAUSE I. DON'T WANNA. have sex people that don't want upsetting to me like like I. Don't WanNa I don't want there to be. I. Don't want there to be any doubt or any I. Don't WanNa feel weird or I. Don't WanNa feel like it's dangling I. Don't WanNa feel I also don't want to feel like. I have to be nicer to women to avoid them pressing a charge on me. Do you know what I mean like? That's a fucking. Shit not even like press charge, but just think differently of our interaction. Yeah do not remain. But well, you know this happens to people on comedy or celebrities and we talk about every time. We say the same thing like. There's no good way to go about this. There's no. Tried and true. Hey, if we just do this, we can avoid all of this so. I didn't know it becomes challenging to talk about because you just like fuck, what are we? This seems avoidable. In terms of Chris Oh. Absolutely. Absolute- just like Messi says like who the fuck doing. This I I. Don't know if there's anything illegal. That's happened to be perfectly honest. But you know well. That's what I'm suggesting what it's like. It could be any of us and it's like. I couldn't. I don't really do that, so in this case, it couldn't be really do like you could. And I actually swear to God. Try to when I'm. texting with the woman I don't know I tried to Tech Shit. That would be funny if read in court. Just because. I mean it's just I. Don't know if it's paranoid or I am people. That will not text me stuff. They're like call. I'll call you. I'm not texting about this and those are that you know. They're smart. Those are the smart people. But. Yeah I. DON'T I? Don't it's not good. I'm not you know? The I'm not I'm here. Yeah the the I had a thought is which is? I wonder why screen shots are legal to take and post, but voice recordings aren't. In that, it's a weird I. I'm sure it has to do with like the phonograph for like I'm sure it's a law. From the early nineteen hundreds of the late eighteen hundreds should has to do with because you can't record someone's voice, but you can take screen shots of their writing. The funny thing is. even if I recorded your voice. It there is still a chance. Give me and we gotta get expert. It could still say it's not him. I mean he there's that's the thing is. Nothing's been proven. Right like a Bieber got accused of rape, and he brought up Fuckin-. Truckload of evidence. disproving it. And yet so and I think the it goes from feeling bad for the woman to feeling bad for him. Immediately and I guess it's it's all unavoidable. Yeah, it just is. The shitty thing is for. Especially somebody like hardwick. Is. It's very. You. Look like a bad guy. By defending yourself, Bieber had so much that it was like he didn't seem like a bad guy. Somehow ran also because he's five five and looks like a woman. That, maybe have something to do with it, but he didn't seem like a bad guy, but if you say if you fight too hard, then your. Then your victim shame shame shame blamer the Cetera et CETERA. So. Yeah, there's no winning. No real way, because even if you prove yourself, it's still slide. It's still. It's still ICKY. Still part of what people. Feel about you. And! Most people will not get an accusation accused against or brought against them. Just most people. Won't you know? So the fact that it even got brought up against, you and people know we can't really prove it. We really can't prove it. You know and everybody knows that almost not in your face against you well, we can't prove so. What are we GONNA do. Yes, so passing when you think about now. It's I mean I'm like Kinda down today because I just. The more I think about it. I'm like man, fuck like and not about him. I mean about. I'm overjoyed about him. Kidding the joke I've been doing is It's it's a tragedy, but. As as the guy who had to follow him for the last three years. Yeah this couldn't be better for me. and if anybody listening has information on Sebastian, MANISCALCO. Bert, Kreischer, or Nollie Wong view have any information on Ali. Wong or Elisa Slesinger, I will pay top dollar. Will for any sexual miss giving 's? So So yes, so. It's a fucking. It's A. It's a bummer if you think about it. Right will will not miss women telling me Oh. Yeah, that's what I now the less we talk about the Leah. I'm the one thing I'm so sick of is whenever I would bring up in the last decade. Women always told me how they didn't think he was good looking and it was just like. Would you stop it like I? Don't first of all. You might not, but as the guy who has to follow him, trust me. Women think he's good. Looking more than seventy percent of women think he's good looking. He's looking around the world. He's six three broad shoulders. He's got. kind of like a face your route for that's not exactly good looking. Yeah, in a big head and fun hair. And he dressed nice, and he's fucking very funny, so. Say what you want trying to be like I like you neil. Now, but it wasn't even women. They go out of their way. It's like it's not A. It's a thing that guys have no impulse to do. Guys are just like Oh. Yes, he's not like. Elliot's pretty hot like if a guy doesn't think she's guy's pretty hot, it's. Occasionally one of those like. Red. Redwood, norse, supermodels will come along like that women love and Gay Dudes, love and guys are like I'm. But. We're not like the difference because they're so rare. They come along. Like once a decade whereas I could name five people that we'll be like I. Don't think he's okay. All right lady. he's here. You don't want to meet him. Okay cool! You, don't even want to say hi back right I didn't believe you. So. The Fun. I had a funny thought, which is the screen? Names are funny when you're like she rates. Dogs is bringing up charges. Like just funny like not serious. FIDDLE FATEH L- is saying that Christie Lee is editor they call. It will be nine, yeah? So. So so that's the other thing that's been coming up is. Because of. The Joey, Dee, as and the The. Makes the comedy source sound like. A real Shithole, but but I don't. I don't find it to be I think it's like any. It's like a we work. That serves alcohol. There's like a lot of there's a lot of different cultures. You know what I mean like. There's not one. There's not just one culture. There's a bunch of. Different Cultures it's you know. There's different rooms. There's different cult. Early people. There's late people there's there's like the drink. Has There's. Yeah, headliners! There's the younger ones older ones again like as much as you think that Delilah in. Rogan and D as and. Some ways Burton Burton Sierra are are the comedy store. So, are me and Whitney and alley, and Mullany, a little bit and Kevin Christie and bobby like you know Santino like yeah. There's I don't know what the comedy series that place where. You know fifty Jessil Nick Works. The comedies are all the time like. I don't. Is He? The comedy store. WHO'S THE COMEDY STORE? I think it's the people that kick their a lot that have been kicking it for. Close to a decade or more. And that is kind of rogue and Bobby you Leah. What are what? What am I brought to the culture? Do you know what I mean like? What part do I bring anything to the culture that? Could be used to. Like sort of scrubbed the the the image of it, you know what I mean like. It's all Joe. Joe's big physically big in MMA and violence and And you look and and and is violence and we'd and and All his stuff. And, he's like the biggest draw there, so does he then become the comedy store? You know like well. Nobody was also gone for a lot of us to and there is still the comedy I think there's. was actually by the way it was actually way worse. While he was gone. It was way whereas it was truly gross. It was a dirtbag central. Yes, so when you think about it's kind of like the laugh. Factory is the. To kind of the forty niners of the. Comedy Clubs Right. There are very presentable. You don't 'cause you know whatever that's not true. Yeah I, hear ya I thought you couldn't I thought you couldn't. Because they have clean shows. They have certain shows that are cleaners. And then you have the Improv, which is like a middleman, and then the commerce is like a bit like it's on the grimier site. You know I think that's the vibe at least there. It's kind of like anything goes. But it's like the walls are black and. I didn't know honestly I. If to the raiders thing, it's the Walzer Black Guy. There's a lorraine it's it's it's. It's it's. It's like a maze. Sukey, right, yeah! There's a lot. Here's ghosts Kennison in the cocaine in this and of course. The so the idea I, don't you now? I. Know that I don't know what specifically. I mean I've heard stories from Whitney in. And and sort of like you know people being cheated her because she was a girl. Yeah, right and. And that's of you know twelve years ago when it was fifteen years ago when it was like. except I like that before that's before Rogan and all that stuff like that's like. I won't say named, but just kind of dirt bags and. and. Allie I don't know. I don't know I. Mean I don't think that I think the thing is. Somebody friend of mine always says women think guys are nice to each other and we're not. We're just talking about a thing that we both know about. But. We're not like hey I'm going to help you. I'M GONNA. Come by this weekend and help you fuck in. Shingle your house like there's no. There's no there's there's camaraderie, but I would say I've as much camaraderie with Alli Wong. Whitney as I do with with. fucking I probably have more with Alli Wong and Whitney than I do with A. Or a you know I don't know like I can't even think of the people. Yeah like I speak to them, you know. Santino I have A. A. Camaraderie with. and. There's also again thing that that it might not be. To the to the idea of like the COP, a comedian protect each other like. cops. There's a what's the is there. Is it ninety thousand cops in this one hundred ninety thousand cops in America? A. Cut on what the word is I. Don't know what the what the amount is. That's not. How many there are eight, hundred thousand policing America eight hundred thousand. That sounds more like it. Yeah, okay, so that's eight hundred thousand cops. About two hundred and fifty comedians. So so there is a you know I mean I'm talking about people that make a living doing comedy. Maybe it's five hundred I don't know what the exact number is, but. The level of I. Ask Fortune for one time do do you identify as more of a lesbian or And she was like. I never thought to median. Like, it's a real strong. Thing. So. I but I also don't think anyone is coming out and saying like these bitches are lying or any of that stuff like. I think it's. It's like okay. and and people were posting. Chelsea. Peretti, posts some about you know being the only woman on a show. And Black people are very very rarely. There's very rarely more than one black person and show. You know I mean there's a lot of groups that are underrepresented and I'm not saying like Allie should look at that I'm just saying like. Yeah. There's not a ton of native Americans either done Latinos. There's not a ton of. You know like it's it's. Seventies are statistical issues. If fifty six percent of the country's white or sixty five, I can't remember my numbers of real bad today. And a comedy show sixty five percent white. That seems good. But? You can also make a case that it's not representative of other people so. I think the word of the year is systematic. If I'm not mistaken. Everybody drink. Yeah. The Here's another thought I had about delay. which is the amount when people look for clues like he did, he was telling us. When he was on, you know they just offered him the part. It's not like he was like. Call them like Hey, man I'm a sexual predator. Make me an hard on your incredibly popular show. That's a that's a complete. happenstance, it's just it's just a coincidence. It's any coincidence. It's like yeah, but it's not. He wasn't. In his basement I didn't see the show, but apparently he's a comedian. Who Drugs People in this basement. Well, that is like the the Hollywood aspect of it, so it's watchable, but the interesting thing is like he was kind of grooming this fifteen year old in the show so like when you thought. None Oh girl, a fifteen year old girl. So when you thought he was going to be a creep. It's like ooh Henderson what's going on with Henderson. Which is his characters? And then she was like Oh. Let me come. To Young, it was like on paper. He said all the right she was like. Yeah, let me get you home. Dude like you're tired. Get Out of here, you know. It was totally like grooming her to be like. We're friends and homes, and that's it because you're too young. And then. And then once she finally was comfortable enough to. Pass out a come to his house. Then, he did the old switcheroo with drinks bloop bloop. Tried to drug her. Blah Blah Blah but he. There was an aspect of grooming this fifteen year old girl. That was weird grooming again. All was I. mean in terms of the screen shots Vinas just like suck my Dick. By that's not grooming. I'm going to be honest. The grooming I guess it was like I. Don't know I guess finding girls in high school. Is Weird and then just being like he. Like emojis like. How like what is? You, could scripts outgrew is next to you and they'd be embarrassing. You know what I mean like. Just embarrassing out of context but embarrassing but. Yes, but just. Can't ever I if you tax if I text a fifteen year old, and I and then I. And she said I would be like I. Am very so I am backing out of you know. I! Always think about that thing you said. Louis said to his kids like no adult needs to ever talk to you or something like that. Yeah, absolutely, that's exactly right Saint Louis. I don't know I think we said that on the show, but there's Naby said it, but. Yeah. There's never a reason if you're under sixteen. There's never a reason for any adult to speak to you. A stranger, so it's weird, but by grooming I mean had an I just feel like it's a stretch to say. He was grooming them. Yeah, now we're just into like, but but the thing that was annoying was like. Is He try? He calls all of his things. His his listeners Beattie's is this part of? His spell his name's D. Apostrophe, Ilia is that is d for The d like to stop it? Stop it with the fuck instate. Fake reasons why he was sending us a message. And then, and then the other thing that people say is all right, so let's this goes to the saving the culture change the culture of the comedy store. How do you tell an adult what to do? What could I literally brings you money to your company? But also just you and you. Even. Yeah, like you know. There's tweets from women and say it's like. I can't. I can't tell an adult. I, told a friend the other day Haymond Watch your health. fucking doesn't care. Just, become legs like fuck out. Like I'm gonNA smoke and drink, and do whatever the fuck I want, and and you're not gonna be to say Shit. Like If I go. Hey Chris you're flying a little close to the symbol of these ladies her. Like what am I supposed to say? I truly don't know what I was supposed to say. Oh my, that'd be so funny. He said that. Yeah. What do you want me to say anytime? I've liked pointed shit out. People are like. Don't fucking lecture me man. Yeah. It's just you can't anyways you. It's not your job to. It's also not your job to influence a culture like an establishment. We don't fucking pay rent. It's kind of all the culture of the time I hear stories you've worked here. It was blank. which is not how it is here, so it's kind of everyone contributes. And talking this out made me realize like Rogan's Clinton made the comedy star. Way Cleaner cleaner better improve. It's like. Didn't so when people hate on Rogan I'm like. What are you gonNA get Rogan for like what? A joke, but I don't know. I mean. Immunity. That situation of like. Hey, that's wrong I. Mean it, which Eddie F kind of did when Brad. Williams said that he snuck into a woman's room and all that shit about Mencia but but Yeah so. So I? Don't know I don't Joe is in. I don't think Joe's at fault and also. To the to the other point of of You know who affects the culture, the person who kills the most and the person who brings in the biggest crowd. So, and that, in this case in the case of the club was Rogin and Chris. Mallya I. I'm trying to think of somebody else like Ali doesn't advertise. Winnie didn't bring it as many people as Joe and Chris. who you sit kill Cry Bird Kreischer Burton Tom Bring people in. but You know I, don't I? That's the Colt. The culture is the audience the. So if people want to make it more like Largo, it's like Largo. Crowd wouldn't like the comedy store off Comedians and. And the and the and the Largo comedians wouldn't do well with comedy store. I mean if Y-y-you. And I shouldn't say a few actually a lot, but Capela rule used to kill. It was like the vibe different back when he was like you know doing like. But have. Broad and was like on Chelsea lately. Right so it wasn't I'm just like. Does it matter? Does it matter the particular comedian. Or is the five kind of similar. I think that he brought in more of a Chelsea audience I think back then. It was more of a Chelsea audience. Whatever that means you know. So. I. Just it's really it's not as easy as. The change the culture. Okay, how? Like how how tell me how your female comedians on? Okay, but what if a? What if? Even, not female, if it's have more blank comedians on. Okay, but what if they don't do well? Then what right? I'm not saying women in particular. I'm just saying if. Trump. What if they don't do as well as the people we use that the audiences I mean it's not like people that killed the at the store. Don't kill anywhere else. They killed pretty much everywhere so I don't. I Don I. Mean you know how you change culture. Stop serving alcohol. That's about the. Right now I'm talking out now now. We're going to cut this out of the podcast because. I'm taking money out of your pocket. Amen. Nobody honestly like out holes the thing that's the thing if we're talking about in the context of Delia he doesn't smoke ordering yeah. No I know there's no way to pinpoint takeaway this and then the leases there. It's like half the people are sober. Yeah I. Know I I'm not what I'm talking about. Out The comedy about transgression. It's about a benign violation. That's what Peter McGraw Buddy Mind defines comedy which is about as good definition. You're going to hear so violations that are benign and acceptable and fun and surprising. But the, and this is a thing that I spoke to a female comic about I have a joke with she. She was saying like people say. Shit there that's fucking discussing and I was like yes, but the problem is I go. Do you remember when I said to? You MS A woman that I've known forever and never had sex with I. Do you remember when I said to you? I think I would understand your vagina. And it's like an ongoing joke with us like it I go. You probably never had something less sexual, said you and your entire life. Then I understand your Regina. That's because she's like well. That's a case of like. It's a it's. A PERFECT! Throw you know what I mean like I like? Hit the Bullseye, Mike, but other guys don't know with the Bullseye is. So, it's you're taking. This beret area of what's transgression. What's too far and you're adding drugs and alcohol? So it just pre. Creates how do you change that culture? The reason the the laugh factory in the comedy and Improv aren't like that it's because they only have their smaller. And they? They're sort of corporate. Yet and they just it's like they're just corporate. There's not a bunch of ours is not a bunch of people that have been a long time. There's no there's no vibration to it also is the other thing is like there's no vibe. One last thing about all this stuff which is, is it up to? If you're a famous guy. Is it up to you to parse out. Why a woman wants to sleep with you and reject her. It's that thing of like the power imbalance thing. And and Because a lot of what's attractive about a guy is the power he has. Particular Guy, you know, so. Is it up to me as attractive guy to some people? Do I then need to go, are you? You fucking me for the right reason. because. Then she could say I, only because there was a power imbalance in a Mike I didn't know that you thought I was powerful. In, terms of power imbalance, it's this is. Here's the extent of my power. I. I woke up and. I meditated and then I tried to start the podcast at noon. Didn't get off. Technical issues than I had a conference call for twenty minutes at two thirty. Then we started this at three. I've been pants Lewis and you know what I mean like I just like it's not I'm not. I guess I. I if someone thinks I'm powerful. I have nothing to do with it. Do. You know what I mean I don't fucking know what you think. I truly don't know I'm not walking around like yes, all this. These are my grounds and. But you! Also you already covered that before while saying like you're not gonNA make the first. Make sure. Like I'm GonNa Kiss Your. Take the romance out of it, so you think you solve that one. No, but I'm saying about like a guy like Delia. If a twenty one year old wants to Fuck Delia. Is. The is the onus on him to. parse out why you can fuck someone for the wrong reasons you just when you say like. Like abuse of power I just felt like I had to fuck him. That's the pattern, but who cares if well, that's what I mean like as a guy. How can a guy? Play. Defense against that if he. Legal aged woman wants to fuck you and actively walks to value. Furniture! If IF I. See or she's like being Bitcoin IV. Let the problem with the problem. The problem is your dice. Don Guys don't can't discern women's emotions? Few wait till she makes it clear. She's the pursuer of. She's the captain. She's at the home. What's the bubble? I mean again I. I don't have a problem I. Guess I would just say what should. Other. People, what should other men do? How do they? How do you mitigate the idea of an what you're saying is do what you do. Nail, which take the romance out of this which I'm happy to spouse. Something's gotTa give. You know. Do you want to be one hundred percent chore that you're Not GonNa? Get into some hot water. Do want a little bit of romance. Likely covered here. I like the Romance. I'll never tell. No it just I mean. Something's gotTa. Give if I'm the one with a career to lose and reputation delusion money to lose. I wanted to be clear I don't want any funny business so I understand why you take. The woman's out of it. Yeah I. Mean I've thought about the I've literally thought about putting a camera in my bedroom. And, not sitting right, but not for not for I. DON'T WANNA? Watch it. Just for like. Hey pressure when they put Dash Kim's on all their cards. Yeah for Insurance, Yeah Yeah. That's the thing is like, but then I'm a pig. I don't know like it's just as a guy. You're like okay. I gotTA. Okay the woman owns the camera, but to fuck her to do it like you gotta set your camera. And she owns it she all her. So, she could deleted afterwards. If it's like all right right, delete it. She can delete it in press charges like that's the thing it doesn't if I, protect myself then I'm a pig, right? In like that's the that's why everyone thinks. It's as simple as a slogan like believe on, it's like now. It's not that simple. It's not that simple and I. Don't again if he even if you say that I don't believe that even one percent of women lie about rape accusations, but That's still you're gonNA. Still that's still some women lying about, and that's still some men being accused of thing that they didn't do or a thing that was in a gray area, and it's like they're not a malevolent person. So. Can't wait till this is a cut up to say. Don't believe women. CanNot wait Kallio Brennan Neal Brennan if you listen I listened weekly and the amount of disappointment I felt. Were we get to letters and you WanNa talk about Beethovenian black. Well. What how what are we at right now? I feel like we've over an hour and a half. Yeah, I want to. Before we get to letters I, WanNa shine a light on something, Bianca said. Guys, you know. This. When you're doing live podcasting, there's something it's what they call. What our friend Blake called Bianca's fantasy boyfriend spank fantasy, boyfriend Blake Griffin calls, and all those guys in the NBA. Colleague Bang Bang play. it's a fast moving play. That just happens quickly. and last week Bianca said. we talking about Jerusalem, being actually not the real Jerusalem it's refurbished and Bianca said. Jerusalem is Shabby Chic and I didn't give that the attention. It deserved. Because it's a nice metaphor, and it's a good joke and I just wanted to give Bianca flowers. Bianca? Take Your Flowers Bianca! And if somebody wants to make a song for Bianca smiliar flowers. Would it Hey, y'all. We just took a break to tell you something and we wanted to tell you that anchor. Is the easiest way to make a anchor is the the. Platform that hosts our podcast so even if you listen to us on. Any other you know stitcher apple podcast. Google podcast. It's all it's all as it were anchored on anchor. Anchor gives you everything you need in one place, and it's free, and you can use it from your phone or computer. It gives you tools that allows you to record your podcast, so it sounds great. 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That says can banke start selling some sign photos of herself. Please now listen while we're on the subject. I have a good idea for I. Have a good idea for shirts. What is it dance twenty twenty for the election, but it's my titties. That's hilarious. Joe. You can't. We can't be known as a BOO podcast. This is what what they're going after the culture the comedy. Why are you bringing the comedy? The comedy store on our podcast where we have New Yorker Readers Bianca. We have high minding. Bianca we have high minor. We have producer music producers. Such as We have television producers says Andy last year. We have comedy writers Danielle Henderson we have a lot of gail listeners and you're trying to bring. Bring it down and I won't allow now if you want to run a run A. A Factory out of your van. No, I'm not going to stop you. What's your again? My My instagram I is. Yanni the money thing. What's the money thing? People will send you money, then Mo.. Is through your instagram. It? Is Your instagram name? It's not minor different, but okay. You you can find right near number email. So, it's I F X. W IT BIANCA I forward this year. There is a re I'll tell you why gun shy because. The New York Times Mitchell did A. Review of Chapelle show and mentioned. Dave's obsession with boobs because we don tube sketches like the first six episodes and. Then he tried to put it on me. I was like I when I pitched sketch I said we shouldn't do this, you motherfucker. It's bringing up a lot of hysterical to stoorikhel. Neal, Brennan's old man phrases you. and. Brennan's twelve stumble Ma'am phrases next letter. Well, you've got. My friends with benefits is also my neighbor in corona partner, we are both not in love with each other, but we are partners in taking care of our respective children and gardening and household cooking. Everyone thinks we're a couple. What do you think about teaming up during a pandemic? Just because it selfish for your family? just because it selfish for your family We enjoy jealous companies, but would not have gotten his intertwine without the pandemic. I'm not mad at that I. Hope I believe the way. A friend of mine thought that it would the Corentin. Lesson cancel culture. I believe that this will lessen. I just think it'll change relationship dynamics. I think more people are realizing that they're okay by themselves. Then then they are and I think it was a habit that people just had never broken. What do you think I think when people feel, they go to the quickest thing to make them feel safe and I think a lot of people felt unsafe in the quarantine so. If you need like a fuck buddy, corona partner to make it through. That's fine I. Worry about her. It seems like yeah heard Guy I think he was when I read I just cut the name, but but I worry that. I mean the problem is. You're a buddy of mine. One time was married to a A. This guy's married to Christy Turlington. Right and his brother is married to his her sister. So. His brother married another Turlington, so it's two guys from one family. To its ED burns, the filmmaker and his brother married. Christy Turlington and her sister and I was like. Have you guys know that if he gets divorced? You're getting divorced right like you can't get out of this. Like, there's no way around this so. So yeah like so so he's. You're stuck in that. You gotTA. You gotTA. have an exit strategy and I don't know if you're GONNA be able to get out of this or. You want at this one. You've got mail. You want dear banking and slinky. Dear Banking Slinky. My wife got upset when she saw that one of her white friends listen well listed address. Listed at us on Ebay when a promoted it on her social media with that a percentage in quotes. Of the proceeds go to. Is it, exploiting gladys matter to donate percentage of your sales to be a limb if you do. Does it have to be one hundred percent of the proceeds to promoted as such? Should she just have not donated anything? Thanks semi confused White Guy with the fiery Filipino wise. You know it's funny I fucking hate when people do that, and that's totally fine. If they want to donate percentage fine, but when you go when you do a deeper dive. A lot of times it's a small to after taxes. It's small percentage after it's. There's a lot of fine print. There's a thing in in I believe in Judaism where they say like if you talk about a Mitzvah they call it. Like. You're invalidating so. Just, do it. You don't need can. Promote it just do just give to charity. And this is coming from the guy who said if you can prove that Kristalina salt chew I, will give money, but only then by the way I was giving them I was gonna give the money up whether I got it or not. I was just making a I was trying to incentivize people to come forward so. Thank you Bianca? Thank you, thanks. What do you think that you know what it is to? People are also. I mean everyone if you have your own business. Chances? Are you need all the fucking? You can get so when people like a donate I just like hey. Or maybe? Dress all the proceeds go towards. This one thing will go towards a but a percentage of sales seems like you really want the photo op, but you're not really putting. You're still getting a photo op with one thing. If it's one item. One hundred. Hundred percent. I mean this is all gonna end up being the same. You know what I mean like I just think if you're going to give to charity, give to charity that I'm of two minds about this. Because whenever people promote that, they gave to charity. And whatever, but statistically speaking. If people see that you gave to charity, they're more likely to give to charity. So I don't so you know? I don't know what to do I don't know what to do. I'm one of the few people who can give to charity and have had people still hate him. Goodbye now That's what's great about me. I talk about threading the needle you've got. L. and Benke orest Neil I like that are. Are Sdn, Neil. Really quick. The, few times. And they'll be basking us. Knowing is that from? Whereas what? Where's are? A. It's I, get it all the time to it's from. We'll fortune when they do the final puzzle. They just say R.. S. T. N. L.. E. I to get it out of the way, which is on the show that's instead of saying love. The podcast love Chapelle show up three Mike's love the champs you just say ours finale and it and lets you know and also on the street. People yelled at me on the street now. That's pretty great. Which is all you want? That should be again. That should be the only t. the only t shirts should just be are. On the. Rest. But My. Designs, but again not a BOOB joke inside jokes. What is it and then you go? Here's what it is, and you still have your dignity, not a doc. We're not. Women even though it's pro women and we're just pro sex. Where love were sex positive unstrapped? Sometimes you've got not. Doc read wondering. If you have read competitive, former bastard cop got posted on meeting with the beginning of June basically the argument for abolishing police. We did I believe we talked about it right and he talked. Okay yeah, it's just not. They're just not good. They're just not good i. mean the guys that this guy talked about are not good. They're not good. They're not all bad, but there a lot of them are not good. Nothing About a culture talk about a culture of a workplace. The culture of the workplace is fucked. Yes and but the impact of the reason. It's fucked is because they're trained. It's intrigue. There's no boot camp for COMEDIANS. Do. You know what I mean like the Guy said it starts at training. It starts at training. They've symposiums where they like that murder guy that they showed on on Oliver where it's like you gotTa. Know whether you can murder not. Are you martyr? You gotTa love murder like the it's. That's a real culture based on. You, know dominance and masculinity and Seeing everyone is of. Criminal like she the stat this week. Ninety five percent of police calls in I. Don't remember I think it, San, Francisco. are like mental health care there? There have nothing to do with San Francisco Danger Right, but that's a lot of the San Francisco I. Thought it would be way hide same. This is not A. I mean obviously there's a ton of public health problems, but I'm saying like what's the highest it could be? In a in a city, so then distribute the fucking cops that way. If it's fifty percent sort of welfare than get welfare institutions. Plump. Plump, that's the word that came up plump plump the welfare. So we'd by the way I just realized. Says it plumped. That we do not have title for this episode and that's. I'm I'm scared to my core. I'm I don't know. Plump the welfare as good because it's got nothing to do with the Liam. Good Bio. tzoanos. You got this interesting. Hey, guys, I'm the white adoptive father of a beautiful brown skin boy. My son is a toddler, so I haven't been able to participate in any of the protests. However, I have been very active on social media I. Keep asking my quote friends to help. SPEAK OUT AGAINST RACISM. I've written posts sharing our stories of racist encounters. A lot of them have have, but still others are silent some of Of. Them are individuals that I've known for years. They are people who supported my family through our adoption process. Now I wonder. They only supported us because we were quote saving him. Not sure how to proceed should just accept that. They are not the people that I thought they were can I be? Can you be a good person who is just too afraid to speak up? I would love to hear your thoughts. You gotTA. I have some. Spots. So. I think the problem is that. It's not surprising. That is disappointed. White friends because black lives matter. and. This movement is very hard for some white people. Today Jess and They're not just saying black lives matters supporting de-fund the police and everything's like rigged against black people and racism is a way bigger problem than anybody wants to admit and I feel a lot of wiping bloom humble saying that. I feel like a lot more coming to terms with it but I. think a lot of really uncomfortable saying all of that. You know so I'm. I think he should just prepare to be disappointed. I mean it's it's. It's a kind of moral clarity what? I think that. I, think that the automatic assumption that people if people are posting on social media that means they don't support. Something is wrong. Meaning like Donal, the reason Don L. called me before I made my my world. Famous videos be and said you're not doing enough. I was like, but I hire black people and only work with. What are you talking about? And it's like that's not enough and I said like, but all my followers are liberal like I'm not converting anyone. right now. Son You got it comes down to. Your own I think it's more important. Support you when you're adopting a black baby than it is to post on social media. I don't know if they went black. Then they're not your friends. Maybe a But but I. don't but posting on social media. I. We don't know if it's works or not. You know the that's that shit is vitamins I don't know. That scientists out. On whether social media is actually helpful for for for for change. And also. I don't like being told what to post. I do though have taken I have taken. Note at the people aren't posing anything and I'm making my own. You make your own decisions. The at but I think. Getting upset because people aren't posting in favor of black lives, matter in your friend circle is just going to be a slippery slope to get your feelings hurt in. Yeah I don't. But I don't see why you would make a note of WHO's not posting. Black lives matter if they post all lives matter. That's noteworthy to me, but if they're just like I don't know I don't think it's I. Just don't automatically think it's malevolent. Fish like. Plenty of women haven't posted about Lia. It. Do you know what I mean like I don't go like well, then they support it. Probably are. either. Think. It should be obvious. So Dave won't say black lives matter. Does he seem anti-black? No but I think with black lives matter movement. There is this element of white silence. White silence has been a problem. Is Complicity again? This is the thing that you were sailing for earlier if I don't say anything about Delia or its. Silence is. Complicity I don't fucking know. Everyone's got different rules for different situations, and that's and I think we. Everyone agrees that we don't know. Social media actually is effective. And and. And I think that people. Just. Don't even think to die. That's not their first unless you're like. You know heavily into social media. It's not your first instinct. Like I've type. I have to type into a gaping hole of existence goodbye. You've got mail all right. Neil avid listener of the pot. Your discussion on reparations was interesting to say the least and appreciate your effort. I should say avid listener for your pod with two year pod with banking, but I admitted that because I. don't see this as my pod bank our pot. It's called being real ally guys now will I post about that? No I'd rather just give her the fuck money for the PODCASTS. Her the money, and then and fuck in and not say whatever fuck you, guys. This podcast is over. Your discussion reparations was interesting to say the least and appreciate the effort. What is not taken into account is. With all the hurdles placed in the path of black Americans way, we have both we've made it. We have made it competitive. Despite the judicial financial social had start by whites. Don't you think that frightens the hierarchy? So reparations can't be measured in money or even. Tax Breaks again I'm neil stand. I normally clap on the Jealous Comedians on twitter on your behalf. They don't get they don't get is I. Won't let him near me. I recognize your talent. Estimating the community is quite insulting, not to have one of your black American friends in on this topic, being is nice, and you definitely bring the aware white. Guy Perspective. We are not a charity case. No other group could produce the greatness and perseverance in a country that is downright hateful, yet enamored with US simultaneously. You need a black American view on this. Please one of your friends Love Banke, but she lacks the depth. Due to the due to being. She is not black. American only reason and it hurts that you don't see that. Don't get done, l.. I mean he's wrong. Because then again, it's like Don, l., not the right one and done out. Who I, don't I. This is what I was saying last week. My stance on. Black people could be lured could be viewed as me feeling that black people are pitiable and charity cases. It's just unfair and I'm trying to make it more fair where I can. And of course it's amazing. Yeah, he's black. and if it's amazing that that what black when able to do, and that's will Smith, said that an interview one time like. At the Africans especially look at black Americans like how the fuck did you do that? which is great, but it's it's imagine what you could do without at. That's the the trap is that I'm being condescending to black people, but it's more like A. I. How do you go about? Helping a group. And not seem like you've. Its charity, do you know what I mean? I don't think it is, but I understand the appearance and I don't see how you get rid of that well, also I take issue with is the fact that how because? My family background is from A. Is Not African American I mean it's a if not that far off at wasn't born. There was born here I'm people don't? It's not like I'm. Spared from certain experiences because. The check my twenty three and me four. Touch yeah. They touch. My hair ends not. Somewhere. Someone has multiple times or Josh. You're taking me at. You're taking me out of context. I'm kidding. Right. To discount my experience in this country, because my twenty three and me says that I'm. Like a thousand miles south of here route little bit less like something about it is very. and. Happy, he's an listener. He wasn't trying to insult me on my intelligence. Just simply that I'm not a black, American and I totally understand read. Coming from, but I think he's wrong in speaking on behalf of. You know the the. The ability for me to to understand and be a measurement and a voice to black women in this country who do experience racism and sexism, and all of the things I think I'm perfectly fine boys and even. I mean you know it is what it is because? I think he's dead wrong? Don't cigarettes. In the name of trying to be representative, he is completely dismissing all of my experiences. I don't share all of my experiences on the podcast. something. Problem for me I. Wish you'd open up. Anyway, some things are just your you know. These are just like boulders and. Here at this point I. Don't need to prove it to you every single time, but I certainly am not going to. A man who wants to tell me I'm not black enough to. Believe the term for this is color ISM. and In. Dark, skin enough, yes! It's the. It's the observation that a friend of mine made. I'm I'm making a concerted effort again. Who or whatever that a friend of mine made? that. Obama. Isn't. He wasn't born. It's his dad was African. and His mom was white. That's a different experience than. Black parents. Descendants of slaves. This guy's mad that you're not descendant of American slaves. You know I know then. That's the that's the that's. The RUB is like you're not incentive slave, so you don't know the exact experience, but it, but obviously the pitfall there is like well. That's not a monolithic experience, because his skin color, or because of because of lineage and I mean I had a guy one time. That girl that I sent you a picture of? Samir. My my ex girlfriend who I dated. WHO said like she's Trinidadian and. Middle Eastern, right and somebody said. She's not and she was. She grew up in Montreal never liked. She's not really black like okay. You know what I mean like I get. I don't know what the what's the true black experience like you have to have done time and you got to. You have to be chased from school and you have to like I. Don't what's In you had to sling rocks for six months and then you the the end you gotta be? Dr You have to be. You have to identify with. Fuck and Wesley Snuck. You're not light skin, and you're like all of these fucking. Caveats that are just possible for act like woo is actually black. And of course I can't get involved. With for me, it's like I've spent my whole life being told, I'm not black enough I'm whitewash. I'M A. fucking fuck off. Everyone Jesus, Christ. I've I've spent my whole life being told. What. Do. You know I. Spend my whole life seeing a mirror of what my blackness is to other people and. There's plenty of people who like their families Jamaican Trinity all over the place, and no one's going to be like. A real black. You know what here from your black like? It's gross to do that because then. It's like okay, you're black. Will you had your dad growing up in your house? Your I'll real. You're light, skinned you it. You know it ends up being a much grocer conversation than. INTENDED TO BE NO. I know because if you start if you interrogate what Israel black, it gets into awful white stereotypes about black people. And you end up sounding what? The thing we don't like about this system. You end up just kind of perpetuating it onto me and. So. Bless thank you for listening, but I think he has huge. Huge holes in argument about. I mean yeah but I don't I maybe. Have done. We're educating goodbye. You've got mail. You guys talked to the podcast. About cops being able to fall back on the I was scared defense while agree with your thoughts on the subject. The US is fucking scary about guns I'm from Australia. Where we had a mass shooting in the nineties, after which they all long guns and handguns were banned I can imagine that as a cop in the US knowing that anyone you pull over can be armed as terrifying thought and add racist cops and shitty training into the mix and you end up with. With a lot of black people killed senselessly. Here's my hypothetical question. Do you think that black people will be treated more fairly by police? If neither the US population, nor the police had guns at least in this scenario the scared argument seems pretty weak of police Obviously, there are still racist systems in place, but at least blind people aren't being shot. It seems like shooting as low hanging fruit for the scared situations I know there are thousand moving pieces to police. vis-a-vis racism, but interested to hear your thoughts on this one. I mean. I. I they would racism always finds a way man. It just always they would just cause me of rate. I don't think statistically cops I know. The cops have to legally approach. Cars are not legally but. They have to approach every situation like. there's potential for violence is with pullovers with pulling people over, but I don't think that. It's in that pastor cop article that they showed a lot of videos of cops polling people over and the people killing them with guns. And and so it just that's in the first week. So that's what you think being. A COP is so every time you pull someone over you go. It's like that video. If you only watch porn in the for like that's what you think. Sexes sexes yeah. So you very disappointed, so I don't. I think that racism would find a way. And I think that the amount of people that have guns in traffic stops has got to be so small. and and of and pulling it on a cop like that only happens in movies. Man I mean I'm not saying it never happens in person, but the amount of cops that are killed on the job is during its it. I had it at one hundred. trayvon looked it up and it's more like fifty five a year. the rest of them are like run over or like the fucking. The at some other shit happens like they're not run over maliciously. Die Them now especially because. The problem isn't guns. You know that's just a symptom of it. Also the guns in this country. It's such a bigger issue than like well. If police didn't have them, you know. Yeah, but if you eliminate it, all guns like you said racism would find its way so. This is one of the few countries where you can have, and they're still racism and equality and unfairness in plenty of cities where the cops are. Fairly unarmed and so if They would just become i. he was reaching for an axe, so I had to hit it with my axe. and. Be like okay. Like it would just like my police knife, he went for my police knife, so I had to slit his throat like okay. there's also that history of drugs thing where they when they gave cocaine to black dockworkers, who may have been slaves? It made the Slaves Berserk and they needed higher caliber guns to kill them because they were so cocaine crazed up. So again, it's just racist and finding a way. It's just like Oh. Okay, we'll find we'll just. Shift it goodbye. Hi, this is an interesting one. You've got mail high neaby. That's a comment Danka visualize if you will. What if Neal was female? How People's reactions to his personality with different? First of all? You know, I'd be sexiest fuck? would. Would he be successful? Respected by peers in poppers alike because I gotTa, Tell Ya as a female lifetime subscription to the Neal Brennan Lifetime. My values and personality have not gotten to respect and success. I deserve in my career as a lady Neil. I do I don't use my sexual sexuality dumb myself down play the victim or engage in gossip like I see many of my female counterparts parts doing as a result I am not particularly accepted by female co workers, or ideally considered by mail employers also I will be forty one soon and I wore. The workplace will increasingly devalue as society directs I like who I am. I'm friendly in INCON-, but I. don't Collar Cajole. Anyone thinks she's misusing. CAJOLE which lady Neil would never do. True Lady Nail would never do and I come to work to W. R.. O. K. work. Is Love me and the relationships I built with them are directly tied to my comedies. Revenue is really infuriating. This is not the most important thing to employees considering me for pay raises promotions, or just around all around professional respect. So what's a lady Neil to do? How do I get respect? How do I? move up in the world with the body and voice of a middle aged white lady, and the personality and soul of Neal Brennan. fucked if I don't fake who I am. What knickers and what knickers phreakers and Brinkley's wrinklies winkle. I mean Jesus Christ. That's a lot of a lot better. I'll tell you. You would be far less likable if you're. You can pull off your personality in a guy. It's not like. We kind of expect like it's in the realm of possibilities. YOU IS A. No nonsense, every rational analytical intellectual believable block kind of stick to your like weird rules. I call them ethics I call them ethics, but yes, I called the morality and ethics, but go ahead uh-huh I call them weird rules. Dome in the name of fairness. So that kind of hard line approach to your worldview I think. We respect in a man and a woman. It's harder to digest. She's cold. She's Bitchy. She's like ice. Queen. You know all these stereotypes so because we want women to the little saw, little more nurturing nicer Blah Blah like more empathy and so I just think she would not be nearly as successful as you. Accept you even though you're a bit of a quarantine, Dude, you're still you know Sulu like. Deal. Now, I like him. Where the girl! It's not as palpable thought like it's like. She's might cold. Yeah I. Mean I feel like I agree with you on the one hand. I. Don't I mean when I think of like what what I'd be like as a woman, it would probably be like. Schumer. Off! like wh whenever wolves on the daily Sharon and they like you guys are brother and sister I. Don't know what you're talking about, but cool like either of us know what the fuck. Anyone's talking about In terms of mant man Neil isn't that successful. You know what I mean like Daniels. Neil successful as a? Comedy writer but manuals not successful as like a as comedian like if I looked like burt and had birds personality in my jokes, I'd be as successful as Bert or or or cigar if I was more visibly lovable. I'd be fucking is hot. Singers now cigarettes hot now because of because he lost weight and he's got beautiful is. Beautiful Eyes and you could tell him I said that. I do think so you think if you so we as a man that less attractive you are. Lower. I think it plays a part I think I come off as Jagat in grouchy and if I had the same thoughts and and work ethic and output and I was better looking. People fucking way, but I be Leah if not for this face. I'd be the one getting canceled, but I'd be. The toast of the town has been for the last ten I. I'm not saying I'm as funny as it's just like it helps. That's the thing people don't realize like Dave looks like something. Dave isn't like good looking, but Dave's not ugly, and he looks like a character of Dave. He's handsome. Yeah, Dave can be handsome. Chris is Chris Cleans. The Rock Cleans up nicely. Jessil next good-looking delay is good looking a lot of comedians are good looking. People don't realize. Ron White's kind of good-looking Jeff. Foxworthy's kind of good like of them are ugly. You can't be other not Egli I know. I'm not ugly, but I'm saying I'm not as if you're saying the if I was a woman. I. Think you can do well as a woman with my. Engine. Especially now I think I, mean or or I. Think Phyllis Diller was like A. fucking pain in the ASS and Joan rivers is pain in the ass and they did great. So well as a woman I feel like it's better if you don't look that good. As again that's dicey. If you look man you if you if if. Halle Berry could write jokes like Chris Rock. No one would care. Would discounter now. Really don't think. They would be. She'd be a fucking. She'd be amazing. No one would discount and we'll be like fuck that. Bitch with incredible point about bullets and guns and were so, what does that mean well? I just think like as much as you said that it being a good looking woman hurt you I, disagree. Because I think Whitney's. Alley. Alleys kind of gorgeous. Like Schumer's good look like. Good. Looking man helps you tell. Yeah Tashi is very good looking. Like. Delete was very good looking. Kevin good good-looking like. All these guys are attractive. The people don't realize it, but like they're all very likeable and attractive, and that really helps whereas I look like. If I don't focus on smiling I look like I'm nauseous. Goodbye next question. no I. Know what you mean though I know Wa you've got. Somebody asked me about Sam. Harris and I'll just say quickly that I think he just. cherry-pick stats on that podcast. I tried to listen to it. He just had chimney. Stats were easily debunk -able because what he doesn't. Realize he? He didn't. He didn't consider over policing in black neighborhoods and similarity of crime crime stats drug use robbery. All that stuff and the black on black crime is bullshit. Everyone does crime on their own race. You just crime as local so that's my. Short Answer Here's a racism question. This is very fuck interesting. This'll be our last question. You've got Bianca Neil I'm a Mongolian Swedish woman quarantine with my partner in a white neighborhood white neighborhood in Georgia since Mongolia's shut down everything you know, Mongolia's and we'll let anybody in. I didn't know that. I'm not keeping tabs on. Mongolia and Sweden's gone off the deep end. Anyhow I'm current Lee neighbors with a white celebrity. Let's call her dollop scene. She is Super Nice to me possibly to prove an anti-racist point since I'm the only person of color here I'm wondering if it's worth leaving a note in her mailbox or inviting myself over to talk to her about the positive impact, she can have by using her mostly white platform and her money to do something good. Maybe there's just crazy talk. Maybe growing up in Sweden's made me to focus on making white people. Understand would love to hear your thoughts. Yanga is how you say. Is Her name Y. A.? N. J. A. and the first day. Has the fucking spice over? I don't think you can tell. Anybody to do anything. I'm sure polythene realizes she could use her platform and is actively not doing that. Despite a Mongolian Swedish woman! Trying to stick up for black people. Bianca. Yeah I mean. I, H leave the note. The. No, but. Why not I mean whatever, but because I think she'd regret, not doing it. But at the same time it's like you know. She's not gonNA. Use Her like you also don't want it to be a hostage situation. That's the Hollywood. Me My neighbor left me a script two weeks ago on my door. And it's like dog fuck in Jesus. CHR- like so now. I just have to avoid them. It's like I don't know. I never talked to him. And so that's the thing of like what policy knows what I know I can. If I need a script, I can find his grip. I don't need to what you're doing is you're encroaching on your making me less comfortable in my own house? Because I feel like I'm at any point, I can be served with the script, and it's just as shitty place to be. You've convinced me, don't leave. Don't don't do that in her mailbox. Yes, l.! I agree No, no, no. Yes, no, that's fucking weird. Now. That's just you saying someone leaving you a script is it's so creepy and weird and just yeah. We'll are they see me as an opportunity, and it's like that's the thing I'm not a fucking opportunity and I'm also not powerful to have a huge region social media of course I'm kidding. So big driver hit podcast. With with a non black person who if you ever would hard a black person out. Full Black Person. Not Done L. and I said hired. I mean partnered up all right. Let's Bianca thank you. We don't have to take this shit. Get outta here goodbye. I think as A. Student to think about. And that's. Everyone.

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