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This human resources professional is crushing it thanks to Cronos Engaging all the best people the Steven A. Smith Show podcast brought to you by the new capital one save this is the Stephen A. Smith Show podcast player wears of ESPN radio and ESPN two hundred and fifty plus markets across the United States of America be a new number to call triple eight say espn that's eight seven to nine three learn more keys to progress dot com time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk on television show on ESPN every weekday morning from ten am to noon eastern time seven to nine am in this show don't you worry about it because he had a lot to say and a lot say about draymond green have lots it's the first order of business to get into as the world series I as I can remember that won a world series winning all four road games sweets game three four and five nationals comeback win game six or seven fourteen strikeouts three walks opponents batting average who was absolutely sensational three thirty three batting average eleven seventy eight zero P. MY MVP he would have been my mvp let me tell you who would have been my goat it's very similar to me let me tell you something first take you that long to figure out that the game is going to be tight that it will likely but here's the biggest Koper is our biggest reason why I've got hitch as a coporate it says that was absolutely spectacular six complete inex- six L. at night stepped up handed his business away did it game three way and he gave up the home run their end dome what you do that I understand he's not a relief pitcher so he's usually starting and all of this other nonsense see this overthinking and go in with that we all know that Houston Astros or renounced rely on analytics from a numerical on analytical perspective of bit excessively one he's the one that's been bowling it's ver- landed has been struggling that great the dude is all year long since he's put on an astros runs period you gotta one relate with eight hours to go and Shannon when we're talking about what Garrett Cole is talking about himself as an astro and I was nice breed game seven there is no tomorrow you rocky three we're Clubber Lang Aka Mr T. AH MR T. was sitting up there talking about them saying you scare Beerman or no what do you mean I wanNA fight this guy and Mickey said you'll do it without me and he walked away ahead Yousef real man at night why don't you come on over to my apartment and all this other committee sectors you can't win and got knocked out to the got knocked out tomorrow lost confidence trade Iraqi running on the beach traded it's a little last night there is no tomorrow look at this man again this game seven I'm your Stud you tried Berlin there is no tomorrow then you've got this opportunity so wait so he can start an ending if that ain't over thinking and this guy gets smacked around ultimately guarantee that that wouldn't have happened against Jericho but dammit you take your chances this is your race came from my teammates from the pitching coaches and pitching staff data does that sound like a man that's coming back to the rockets I mean to the Astros he gave his teammates applauded his contemporaries there is no tomorrow there oh by the way hinch warmed up in the fix he walked up US I watch this guy he won't one hundred seven games his record is four eighty one three twenty nine he's won two Katy B GonNa anything stupid like that he's done a hell of a job but I gotTa Tell You with a championship on the line there is no tomorrow doc can't make it up national deserve a lot of credit wants Soda Ah listened laser German and it's almost as bad as how the Yankees loss for all the sabotage try to get cute with eighty seven miles per hour sliders against Jose out never liked the fact that George Brett with the Kansas City royals many many I do goose gossage brought to heat this how will go out you're gonNA have to hit try to get cute and they got the nerve to go on except seven seven six Aj Hinch Guy Gary Cole- Lear No one the Gary Cole- was the I'll be you lucky decent do don't advocate for people to make it uncomfortable for you sleep there's they are satisfied with what we got and then by the way we didn't lose because the pitching I Brennan this is why Ms George Steinbrenner because Damn it dat you on my day I'm ruining yours no way that these pleasant days for the golden you come into this season your defense looks horrid you got nine guys twenty then you salvage a victory against the New Orleans Pelicans coach in New Orleans former assistant in various places and and at least at least one child who got the accident and I remember you know to know he is how wonderful he and his family were and you know him the suffers and then he got the head coaching job and Phoenix even though he was interview for the Los Angeles Lakers job before this laser gentlemen they were up by twenty nine on a Golden State Warriors Line in the first quarter it was so embarrassing have careers driving into the lane Aaron Bain former Boston side trying to help and draw offensive fouls and that's just a recipe for disaster because Arab beans body fell on the hand we don't know how long he's going to be out of whatever playoff squad we're not gonNA see anything there's no Brooklyn Nets you somewhat screwed over because when you worked out the sign and trade when Kevin Durant Golden State had to include a first round pick Asian was top twenty pick protection meaning if the war is to make the playoffs hi so says they're going to miss the playoffs they get to keep their pick as like trash defensively and Steph curry was asked about it approach he'll have more time to watch it now what I will say this I've seen in NBA history class Massana fide he's good people it's just that the Golden State Warriors have looked in the first four games of the season period. I'll give a damn what anybody says in any harm or ill will towards him or anything like that but I gotTa tell you I'm really glad when you're that great limoux finesse player and the fact that K. D. in clay were find skills who do are determined let's see we don't put a hat on we're GONNA put her body on them we make with you why give beat up as a three time the finals and then come back next year when you and klay both healthy and do what about the rest of Y'all at an eight say espn edit eight seven to nine three seven seven six to your parents don't I take you had a lot to say about a few things and we'll make sure we hit F- Y'all right in place choose to Home Depot as your free no hassle carpet installation partner we're free visit homedepot dot com slash flooring for details that's the home depot more saving you wake up you look in the mirror and you start to realize you're going thin up top to out of every three guys use to think as soon as you start losing your hair that's it it's genetics it's father time and there's nothing written by a doctor and delivered to your door thanks to science baldness can be optional could affor- HYMNS ESPN that's F. O. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN four hymns get out on demand and the Steven Naismith podcast brought to you by capital one capital one is reimagining also download the vivid seats APP and enter Promo Code Espn Twenty five at Angelique Baseball analyst extraordinaire does a phenomenal job for the MLB network cliff Lloyd is on with us right now what's going on how you all good man are you think about that but here's what really bothers me cliff just me anyway okay you got Garrett Cole in the bullpen instead of instead of Jericho can you explain it to break can then Aj hinch has a plan regardless of what Britney doesn't that situation it was too hard to take the ball out of hand man so I'm not you can you can obviously right you'd think in Cole but again that's the that's the most important thing I know sometimes you go against the grain and go look I don't care what point the job so you can see where he's like I don't WanNa put Jericho in go against his his gut telling him this is a perfect situation for gear -cerned put forth a Gutsy Performance Corbin came in I was absolutely should we have seen this coming that's a great question I I don't cliff Florida you there you went that's what that's that's these guys do right so opportune time GonNa sell you noticed star is GonNa come to play but I'm not gonNa let the stars beaten I'm the ESPN news who is your mvp they gave it to Stephen Strasburg who was he had a tank but when you look at what Soto did and how he went about his business and how he no no wrong decision for me wrong decision I think Strasbourg I mean I mean pigment to win that thing click for you her Garrett Cole speak after about the managing on this day I don't blame him I going to you he's he's he certainly

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