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America what world welcome to another episode of the Ocho presentative in partnership as has always been nations blog on the boys dot com. My name arduous. Cho- you know me of course from an from right here you're humble host on the OCHO. It is Tuesday December December tenth. Two Thousand Nineteen Dallas. Cowboys did not get any help from the New York giants on Monday night football the Philadelphia Eagles drawing even with them from a record standpoint. Both both sit at six and seven the cowboys have the tiebreaker of course and lead the NFC east Going to be a fun final three weeks of the regular season obviously dog. It's going doing this Sunday. I should say not gets them but the next wave of it gets going this Sunday for the guy was at home against the Los Angeles Rams and while we will have a lot to talk about With regards to that game in the coming days today is about one thing and today's about one person and I know that the episode went up a little bit later than it usually does. Yeah we had to just to call an audible because we have a very special guest in store for you today the one and only Dallas cowboys wide receiver. Randall COBB was kind enough to take some some time to join the show. randle's doing some great work with Gillette and the Grand Prairie Boys and girls club the DFW. Area Randall is a great role model. He's a great mentor He understands understands the importance of giving back this community giving back to today's youth and it's a conversation that I think you're going to enjoy before we get there. Quick Reminder to make picture you have subscribed to the blog on the voice podcast feed. You can get us wherever you get podcasts. Whether that's apple devices spotify radio stitcher. Google play. We're everywhere so go subscribe. And you'll get access to all of our shows all four different ones including the Ocho which is in your feed every morning to get you caught up on the latest and greatest with regards guards to America's team so that if you have time give us a rating review those things or certainly appreciated. But I don't WanNa waste anymore time. I want to get to him the star of the our Dallas cowboys wide receiver. Randall Cobb right. Here joins US next on the show. Pleased to be joined now by somebody who I know you are glad to hear from. I'm sure he's filled with holiday. Cheer as we get closer and closer to Christmas the One and only Dallas cowboys wide receiver. Randall Cobb Randall. Oh happy Tuesday to use. Sir How are you. I'm doing very well You know it's a it's a bit chilly. And so I'm I'm adjusting I might make some Chili. You know how sometimes you get certain foods when it's cold outside a house our theme song for you right now. How you got the holiday spirit? I mean you're getting ready Christmas Christmas tree and everything up and stuff. Yeah we got the Christmas tree up. We're GONNA decorate it today Let my son for the first quarter minimum. I guess Christmas look like going up here soon. So definitely getting into the spirit. Let's good to hear and I know you know you mentioned your son. I know you have such a huge focus on your family You know on our side our instagram account. We had a fun exchange with your wife. She showed you were wearing gloves and she was talking about how everybody was all curious about the gloves you're wearing I'm sure enough. She said it was you were doing that. We we had some fine out because your teammate Dak gloves whatnot fun. So tell me about I know you're working with Gillette. In Grand Prairie Okay Boys and Girls Club today. What do you got going with them? Yeah where the big event that was going to do today is it's all about you know characters off developed to experiences and choices that we make and it's always daily choices you don't like shaving in the morning and whatever it takes for you feel your bed so you can achieve your best. Also that's a really important lesson I think especially to teach young men an and and young people in general What does that come from for you because something you know one of the hallmarks of your career both in Green Bay in Dallas Nationally has been that you are a great leader and and you have all those strong values. or where do you attribute all that I I would say my father I would say that you know being being there for me and being around and and giving me an example TV show me. What hardworking you show me what dedication and showed me being a strong father? Figure of my life You know I think that. He played a huge role in who I am now and and You know that's that's kind of message to pass along that we we all role models that we can learn from what we can also learn from our experiences in through our daily decisions and the consequences. Good and bad. It's it's certainly one thing to pass this message on and it's really admirable thing on something that all people should do and and look to future generations but you've also been a leader of your peers. That's a difficult thing. It's hard to sort of rise. The leadership roles in in moments of adversity. Wherever the case may be you know is that something you just kind of continued as you grew up in you just sort of fell into those roles? Yeah you know I think one thing that makes a good leader is to be a good follower and sometimes you have to follow before you leave and and knowing who the frog you've gotta follow the right people you know it's not always about WHO's the best player who Is Talking to most. Sometimes this is leading by example and doing things the right way You know whether whether that be in the weight room whether that be in a meeting rooms on the practice field is it's is being good at the little habit of that you do daily In in trying to be bites out for the best you can. That's that's all important tonight. I certainly respect that I think it's an interesting subject this week of all weeks because I know your team is facing some adversity What would you say is the temperature of leadership there? I mean you know did you. You know you specifically coming in follow as as this new guy this season and then find your way man. What's that been like with your role on leading the cowboys? Oh Yeah I mean I think bad you know. Obviously we're we're going through some adversity right now and we're probably at a low point of the season season and the only way we get out of this is is too big ourself out then when it comes to leadership you know you when you come here and you can't. You can't be super vocal. You guys right away you know you gotTa make sure you earn respect you to try to do that. Offie the off season all through Training camp doing little things James and then just my practice is brexit. The right way teammate. Leading by example and it Kinda starts with your group You know I try my best to do everything I can for the seniors and and bill you know we all have different person so being able to semester everyone together and make sure that we're talking communicating and been on the same. I page through everything that we do and continue to go through You know at the end of the day you have to be the best that you can. It'd be put a team and and try to get the best out of everybody in group. You mentioned that you don't always have to be the best player. You know the fastest guy this guy. I know that some things stay in the locker room but who are some some guys and maybe some moments of leadership this season on the cowboys that you've been impressed by You know certainly. In your arrival rival there would be shocking or a little bit surprising other. Why don't think this is a shot but I think back as great leader You know a big around here and they're watching You know just routine and they seem to go through You know his background you you hear a story in the way that you continue to fight in the faith and he had everything he does You Watch You know the little things that he do Barium so For Game Day for practice The way he talks through the week About an opponent in the media rules and stuff like like that So by surprise I think that is one of our leaders and you know everybody go to five. Every time we step out on the field but I I definitely think He's been doing this for a long time. And a Lotta guys have a lot of respect for him and You know being gain kind of an older player. It's sometimes difficult for younger guys to listen to you so sometimes you wanted to take a step back in and while some of those this Guy Stephenson enrolls younger guys step into roles and Out I can't really speak for defense because I you know we're not really around those guys as much the fact that practice so I really couldn't tell you I know I know Jesse his words you watch what they do. Every day. The way they work they they come to work in their their professional about what they do. That's that's all great. And that's all awesome. I think fans will will love to hear that answer and so you certainly know. Audience Randall. you mentioned being older guy. It's funny how you know your line of work can make you feel old at such a young age Do you do you feel old. I mean you're nine at this point you know you're really used to you. Know football and everything going on. It's been so you know big part of your life for so long or do you still feel young And maybe not naive I use but new and fresh but maybe being on a new team is kind of reenergized her in that way When I was talking about older guy I was talking about win? uh-huh myself myself. No I don't feel I don't feel I can order Guy You know I think So obviously I've been in the League for a long time but I'm only twenty nine You know that is a little on the on the older side in this league but You know I I feel young. I still feel like I can play at a high level I hope that showed me with opportunities that I've had this year But yeah I mean. Obviously you know some of the guys coming into the League now their little twenty one twenty two twenty three years old and they were in middle school whenever I started my career so it definitely is sometimes can feel like a disconnect but I think they key young at the same time. We have a lot of similarities celebrities and in in this game that we play some Tom. I it really does keep players young I do feel a little bit on the difference. The maturity level but definitely still feel young. What's what's a way you keep yourself young? Maybe it's a show. You Watch on Netflix. Or maybe maybe you you still watch some trash. TV what's your what's your thing that you know is a little bit revealing their. I honestly think being locker room. You know. That's that's what keeps you young. It's always fun. It's always you know jokes and games and you know playing around and and enjoying enjoying ourselves you know making what we do or play a game for living. You know. That's that's fun you know. We're we're very fortunate enough to the to do that so I think that keeps you. You're young I mean it was like a boom. I'm committed to vote for the most for the most part is you know I'm I'm I'm being that role model. I thought that was for me. I'm trying to be that from my perspective last football thing. You mentioned that you so you think you're doing well with the opportunity. Do you know that you're sitting on more yards and you've had in a season since two thousand fifteen. Do you pay attention that kind of stuff. Yeah I mean I I know that just for the fact that I know that I was I was hurt. I've been heard of these patients injuries. You know Last year missed a bunch of games and Two Thousand Sixteen a few games so I I feel great. You know. They're through the through the season. My body showed up really well. I feel great You know moving around Really good I feel like myself and you know unfortunately we go through injury sometimes and you start. It's a wonder who you are but I know I know that I think I've proved myself in Proved that Accu still do this and I love them through the season. I know you mentioned being a role model for your son. And that's awesome and what you're GonNa do later on today. Do you remember when you learn how to shave. I mean do you remember those kinds of the moments in you know. Maybe you know First Time your dad showed you. I don't know how to mow the lawn or how to drive a stick shift into those things. Stick out in your memory. I don't remember the first time I learned how to save But I do remember watching my bet and I remember a happy happy little shaving kit when I was like five that my my dad got me obviously not with a real razor blade but it was one of those things as I remember using that when I was a kid but I don't remember the first time learning how both my dad was taught me how to mow the line. He thought we have. It's pretty much everything wash cars and all the all the things you do He was always there to lessen awesome. I think that that's sort of the perfect note to end this. I you know the the Bible says that children learn what they live And it sounds like that. Sort of your approach with your children in in with today's youth I mean kind of just serving is a great example and and being someone they can say well. That's how Randall COBB did it is that you know you know who knows what the rest of your career has in store for you is that you know it sounds like that's what you want your your legacy be alternate. Yeah I think so. I always say that you know the way that I try to live. My life is to be a model to kind of be a blueprint for other people. The bill by a and we all have stories. It's not always going to be the exact same. We're always going to have adversity. That we face in different ways and things that we gotta go through But to know that there's something on the other side of adversity There's another life that whatever that is that you want for yourself you you you can accomplish it through hard work and dedication and Through self confidence and continue to grow and learn and be the best. You can be every day you wake up. I think that's good perspective last thing Randall. I saw you gave some love on your instagram to your high school correct And some success they had. Yeah so my my high school Alcohol School back in Tennessee won their fifth straight championship in eighteen. He's been in school history and my nephew who goes to our rival school. They want to know And one state championship this year. and he's he's committed Tennessee right now And his One of my cousins those Americans. Well he's committed to purdue so we got a Lotta got a lot of athletes back where I come from and I'm hoping that I can. I made a friend in a in a model for them How they can make better? That's awesome well. I'm sure that'll make for some fun. Talk around the Christmas table when you get some time Later on hopefully. Hopefully you know you're pretty busy though you know through Christmas in the early part of twenty twenty Randall You're doing great work. Great job in the community and you know it was a pleasure to have have you on happy holidays. Thank you you too very big. Thank you to Randall. Cobb Gillette Grande Prairie Boys and Girls Club for making interview happen if you have not heard a lot of randall conflict between his signing with the cowboys. And now I think you now know. He's a good dude man. He's awesome awesome and he's the type of guy it's easy to root for the type of guy you wanna see. Have Success in his style of play is obviously very fun. He's really physical guy for You know someone that people sort of characterize as a slot receiver and he really approaches the game in life. I think the right way. And that's that's awesome to see it's great to see Randall. Devoting voting a lot of time and energy into giving back into raising. You know the community around him. We need more people in the world. Like Randall Cobb. I think it goes without saying and so Very appreciative of of him for taking the time to join us. It was very fascinating to hear him talk about leadership in especially leadership within the Dallas Cowboys. Because that is something that has been discussed a lot lately in fact it's something that has been criticized lately I wrote about you know. NFL Networks report that You know the team is been expecting more leadership from their younger players. And they're not getting Randall. Obviously visit did not say that but did talk about leadership among the young players. And how you know there's been a focus to let the young guys lead and so I think that's you know I thought it was really powerful or Randall. It'll set about. Sometimes you have to be able to follow to lead. Because I think that's true a lot in life you have to be able to fall nine and understand the way things work before. Maybe you want to try to step into whatever whatever role I mean and I'm talking in any capacity of any job any workplace setting and his school setting I mean obviously you know. Leadership is something that's harped on and talked a lot about with regards regards to sports and football such a powerful sport and allowed and ferocious game that you know the leaderships have been more obvious you know guys screaming and yelling Certainly kind of the face of that but I think Randall had a great point lead in the locker room. He lied in the meeting room It's the little things it's it's stuff like that I remember there. It was a video back. May I WANNA say it was early on in the season. I know he posted on the blog and the boys instagram story. Or maybe we posted an instagram post on. Its it's own by video of kind of the young receiver is making fun of Randall. COBB and the shirt he was wearing that day and just kind of having fun with him and I think that you know that's Randall. Understanding where he is it is point is a little bit old and these guys below to make fun of me and we're all going to bond frog good times etcetera. I mean that's really heads up awareness ernest heads of leadership in Griffin. I think you'd get it and so a very big. Thank you once again to him. Gela into the grand prairie boys and Girls Club awesome to see we will be back on Wednesday a are normally scheduled episodes of the show. So sorry this one went out a little bit late. We did have to accommodate the schedule change. So hopefully you enjoy mixture the best day ever right. I just have the absolute best day. The absolute best Wednesday of all time you know why because you deserve it we will see you magnon on my friends as always go cowboys and peace out. It

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