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The completely redesigned twenty twenty four explores the greatest exploration vehicle of all. Time won't take you to the moon or the bottom of the sea but those places have been explored already instead instead. It's going to take you on explorations that everyone can relate to but few have conquered like complicated interstates new towns on vacation or grocery store trips with cargo space to haul everything you need or winding gravel roads to get to the birthday party for a kid in your son's fifth grade class the all new twenty twenty four to explore the greatest. I xe vehicle of all time. Family secrets is a production of iheartradio. This January Danny's taking family secrets on the road. Good to get your tickets visit. Danish appear DOT COM I'm Dani Shapiro and this is family secrets. The secrets that are kept from us the secrets we keep from others and the secrets we keep from ourselves. I've heard from so many about your own family secrets and realize that we are creating for each other on this. PODCAST is is a community a community for those. Were looking for a safe and supportive. Space to unburden themselves to that end. We've created a number for listeners to call Dan to record stories to share here in this space this week. I'd like to share a few of those stories from our community. Thanks for listening. Hi Danny I am grateful for You doing the family secrets podcast. I just stumbled upon it and and It's probably been really healing and the work that I am doing within my own healing journey and the secrets within my own family. When I was about twenty three a big bomb was dropped in the middle of my life My beloved grandmother had just passed away and I was sitting with my aunt and we were talking about Kind of how awful. My GRANDPA had had been his whole life. And you're just kind of sharing stories back and forth like remember the time granted. I did the old remember time. Granted those you know and just kind of One upping each other of how awful he was. You know not not not the best story and then my aunt All of a sudden good. Yeah like a time GRANDPA's than your mom away to have her the baby and he thinks she knew immediately that I had no clue what she was talking about. At first I thought maybe she was talking about me me and I asked I was like we me what and And then she just started my started crying and she was like. Oh my gosh. You don't know Gosh. Oh my gosh I thought you knew and my mind Totally vanishing there. And my mom had spend walking in the house at that time and my aunt grabbed my mom and both just took off and left me standing there and Then and my mom came back and told me that she had gotten pregnant when she was young and That my GRANDPA had forced turn to go to a different state and give her baby up for adoption and and it came out later that she has even like baby. You for some rural Weeks I think almost a month and then She wanted to come back home with the baby but my grandpa he just. I wouldn't have it let secret in my family has to do with the death of my dad's mom when he was five years old back in the thirty. S. I was always told that his mom died of a kidney infection and that no antibiotics were developed by then and there was waco saver was also told My mom as a child. My Dad had overheard someone saying that. His mom had never been the same after he was born and so that he sort of felt responsible even though he was only five years old and Her her obituary just says she died after two weeks of illness. But I always had a feeling that. There's something fishy about the story because if it ever came up in conversation with my dad or his just stir it just seemed awkward and Then 'cause my dad did let's say that he didn't think his mom was very happy and I asked him why just to way and said. Oh I don't know so I just had a feeling something was because they will not be hundred percent truthful about it. But doing genealogy we chaika her and some states redact the cause of death ask but the state they lived in did not so it said she actually died of mercury cyanide poisoning and it must have been pretty pretty horrible because the there's a certificate says the poisoning took place on one day and then her desk actually happened ten days later and Mercury Korea cyanide was used in enough photography back then so I guess would have been not that hard to obtain but it's extremely talked thicken it causes your kidneys to shut down eventually and it causes severe gastrointestinal problems. So she was in the hospital title for ten days and died so It was very shocking to see that even though I kind of suspected it. I haven't discussed it with my dad or his sister. They are doing okay but they're at advanced age now and I don't know it would just be more heading to bring it doc And it would be worth and When I see my daddy live two thousand miles away. I just WanNa have fun with him. You know I don't get Cassim that offense though I haven't really the subject I don't know I should so I i.. My Nice family secret is my own secret years ago to me. On after I had had left husband nickless daughter tonight had sex. One time you got pregnant with my son and after that we had kind of became extinct gene and then found out. He was doing drugs on they needed to live. And you threatened to kill me and one day in the back of my car. After he'd made up threat I told security of my work and they came out with me every day and he stabbed the security guard him laid rush off. Nobody's ever heard from me after I.. They had back into my life and said that he wanted to give us an office live and family and I said that I'll scrap. What was I do On his name's sins on mentioned certificate. Yeah my son does not know he has another father biological father and I don't know why should never tell them listening to your podcast. I know that too much damage will be done something that I share everybody recently. Recently I told my wife no forty years and I was like a complete accident into what happened and I was so ashamed because I thought that I told them but I didn't shameful so yeah that's me. I don't know if it'll ever come out and if I wanted to thank you so much outcasts because it really brings a light to to my world. Thank you if you'd like to share your story. You call one eight eight eight secret zero and record your story. We won't be able to run all the stories but we do want to shine a light on as many as we can. The number again is one eight eight secret. And then the numerals zero For more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio. UH-HUH APP apple podcasts. 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