Coming Soon to Blaze Podcasts | The Chad Prather Show


So starting in the next week. You are going to have the opportunity to watch to watch the Chad pray third show. You don't just have to listen anymore. You can get it on YouTube. You can get it on blaze TV, which I encourage. If you have not picked up the streaming blaze TV app. Get it. We love you guys you make our life possible. We're going to be with you over and over and over again on the chat Prager show come into your bigger better batter than. Blaze TV, blaze media. I love you guys. I will talk to you again. Very oh. And guess what? Here's some other big news. You've been used to one Todd castaway get rid Chan pray. There shouldn't have become a four times a week. Somebody say come on with it come on with eight million. All right. We gotta go to the office. We don't have we're going to have to get out of bed in the morning and talk. So yeah, you're gonna love it. I promise you hanging there guys. We love y'all. We'll see you next time on the Chad pray third show. God bless you. Publishing.

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