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This is intended for mature audiences views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates. Enjoy this is Michael Buffer. And you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready for boxing. Voice Parts was dot com writing later. This year may take a message you talking about Islam. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another Sunday edition of the box and Voice Radio Hashtag. Tbb PODCAST has used them. We're back rain sleet snow. No boxing we're going to let you know regardless we're going to bring you them headlines. I'm telling you it don't matter news knows we're here for you. We're going to give you something to talk about something to Discuss that the water cooler. Something a jog to hit the treadmill elliptical. Whatever you're going to do your bike your run. This is what you will be using man. We're going to be talking Eddie. Reynosa who says Devin Haney Ryan Garcia's about two fights away to fights away but they claim to twenty twenty was going to be the year that they were gonNA shock the world. And then we're going to be discussing. Floyd Mayweather. You guys want him to retire and stay retired. But somehow he keeps continuing to be the face of boxing so much so the day. Making a video game about him or with his likeness. And we'll give you the details as well and then we're GONNA be talking a double whammy Devon Haney. Because I guess he seeing will Renault So said and then he said some stuff and then Lopez said some stuff. So we're gonNA bring you the whole. He says he says all that twitter beef stuff. You know how to ads going will soon. We'll bring you all the news and a hundred and thirty pound vision but it looks like the two young bulls ready to go at each other at least in the comments section Dmitri. Bill says he's willing to go down from one. Seventy five to one sixty eight or was he always at one sixty eight. Nobody wants to fight Canelo. And I'm just saying you know who doesn't WanNA fight KINETICO. Kinetico has options always has always will quick. These guys understand that the better. It'll go for them but I can't give you know you gotta throw your name in the hat if you wanna get picked but these are the topics you're interested. You already know the number to call in one. Four two five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here. On the rich people hotline. Don't forget if you are a daily show us around Sunday so Thursday Sunday show us. You can hit us up on skype but remember for those four hour. No ads no interruption. Mp threes that you could take with you. Check us out on Patriot and become part of the family and receive an MP three for every single episode. We do plus be able to partake in acts of fighter or manager or someone in the industry series. And we're going to be having a lot of someone's this week we've been scheduling but let me get on out to my co host man. I know of a long winded. Their mattio what is up happy Easter to everybody on kind of a weird situation right still people saying that the markets opening back up in like I mean. Some people think it's Monday some people think it's next week But it's just really weird. What does all that mean boxing? And and everything. I don't know I think that we're getting ready to move to studio fights. I think it's GonNa happen a lot sooner than we probably anticipated but Yeah we'll chop up some of the fights that maybe you're going to be studio fights at this point Ryan Garcia definitely not ready yet so to fight but I know some knows what he's doing But we'll chop it all up. What a what do we saw Chapman. Offline heath no Alexander. I'm never going to here man. I mean a studio are GonNa have to happen. There's so many people with so many you know supposed times when everything's GonNa go back to normal at this point don't know so. I can see how that's going to be a heavy inclination. All these promoter now Hussein. Floyd couldn't be a good trainer. I think he can and as far as Ryan Garcia being ready. Maybe maybe it's not even three five. It depends on what three it is so we can get into that if you guys want to begin with 'cause I feel like it. It all depends on the quality opponents. Yeah definitely This to me is like a breath of fresh air after all the shit. Talk in these guys. Do you know calling out Davis. Haney calling out everyone. It's not that I don't believe them it's that I don't believe it will happen. Which are two different things But you know I don't know the more I think about. It's like if you have one two fights before you step up to that level of competition within the landscape of where we're at in boxing. I think that a studio fight could be easily put on between like Ryan Garcia. And you know somebody of not I should probably looked up a good name to like give you an example but somebody who's not like overly credible guests like kind of like a stay busy fight with everybody at home built his reputation. I mean they were going to Norwich's rouses go ahead. I was reminding you that they were going to go. The Leonardo has route before covert attack. Yeah I could see that being a definitely a fight that we could get. I think that's that's right at the level. You know what I mean like I. I think that's a level I wouldn't cross. I wouldn't go anyone better than yours for Ryan Garcia at this stage right now For a lot of reasons really one safety you know. What's that worth But but at the end of the day I think that if you put some of these other fights on that lead up to the Davis lead up to the Haney. Now is the time to strike. You know this is the time where you can get a couple of dogfights in this. Is the time where nobody's going to blame you for really who you flake. Everybody's going to get blamed because everybody gets blamed. This is boxing so I could be wrong about that completely but I think right. Now people are so thirsty and hungry for fights that You could get a couple of you know lesser opponents in and build a rapport with fans that you haven't yet connected with you. Know on a mainstream with Brian Garcia. It's a little hard with heinous little hard because of his own But you know we'll see how they open things up like that but I I definitely think two or three fights Should happen in between now and a Davis or Haney for Ryan Garcia. I mean what happens? If he's keeps knocking. These guys out in one two rounds I mean I I wonder where rain. Osos perspectives going to. Because that's what he seems to be doing. So it's like who's the dog is GonNa Take Ryan Garcia in like you know what I'm saying. What kind of what kind of style? And who who's available. I mean he's not GonNa go to a championship fight right from the get right but like who's the contenders who who are the gatekeepers at this division that that are in our little more rough and tough besides the NAR is. That's tough I mean. There's plenty of names. The wow did I can help with names. The problem is ways. Let's see I mean. The thing is the problems is always going to be. You know networks and candice get made but if if you rough and tough rough and rugged tough names that are beatable Ray Beltran former world champion. Leonidas is a former world champion but obviously he's more skilled at least passes the Itis we're Beltran's a little more rough around the edges. More of a veteran Has More I didn't even know if he has more on dominator to be honest with you with all the knockout losses. Lena's he's got three off the top of my head I can remember Leonardus does but Beltran is another good test. John John Molina. Fica still make one thirty five. I think he's at forty now but you know John. John Molina Julia. I mean I pull up no Internet. Those are just off the top but it was a two options. Yeah I really liked the idea of like Devon Haney facing like a heavier for tuna type and Ryan Garcia facing or Halen yours type like that's the type of those two types of fights to me that like how do you not just put them on. The undercard are on the same card. I'm not saying that that's easy to do. Obviously that it'd be a very difficult thing to do. You know figuring out ACO. According Samson according to Samson he does want to be on the on the car. While Luke Campbell win you know have year have a fight and in Haney could defend his title versus whatever mandatory at the time the WBZ put? That's what Samson wanted when he came out and said look we're not going to go straight into the Haney fight we're GONNA definitely You know by bar contract and fight Luke Campbell and you know we being Fortuna in Sampson. Luek Yeah it's easy to Come up with that idea. It's another thing to have these guys actually go along with the you know for Devon Haney to say well I'm I'm I'm GONNA sit back. You know play my role like by the Anthony. Anthony Crawler you know. He's is he in the lightweight division. I believe he's retired but I don't want that fight. We had two of those fights when Lee. Not as for that we get the Ryan. Lee. What do we need Corolla for? But I think rollers retired And I was just going for for the UK Clout you know what I'm saying taking in Ryan's name out there. But I mean Terry Flanagan. I've seen every was some sort of regular do but like I wouldn't waste money taking them to the UK because we got to see if we can make money office. Alleged American audience like why. Go build an international demands. Already got five point something million. Let's let's see. Can we get that to work? But the other name you just mentioned That's not a bad name. What was it again today Flanagan? Yeah Turbo why not why? I mean he's not GonNa do anything for Ryan in America. That's what I'm saying Robert Easter Junior. Would though you know. I think I mean. I think that they won't go for that. You Know Robin Easter's doorbell. He Ain't GONNA GET KNOCKED OUT. And he's tall lanky present some problems. Then you've got the whole you know don't say don't say but the other side of the street that's the other side every promoters going to try and do would they can with their stable before they decide to split the bank because then when you working with someone you split in that bank so before you do believe me you know you try and resolve it on your own. I mean again. I still have an open box rack. I'm pretty sure we can find something. A little bit. Sexier than the nod as maybe Leonidas is not a bad name especially for the demographic and market that they're catering to you know Ryan's and Mexican. There's probably going to be La. I mean I'm assuming that Leonardo's would be a great name for him to face. Yeah and you can take out. I mean like look at this point. There are a lot of things that used to hinder fights. I won't even say hinder but like You know if you have like a window to make a certain fi and it doesn't work like with a network or doesn't work with like a like The arena whatever. It can't be you know puts a for wition like it stops fights right but in at this time like right now. It wouldn't matter where it's at because nobody's going to attend. So you know a lot of guys who how should? I see like a lot of fights. Lanark is a great fight to me. But it doesn't even have to be that real like it really doesn't. I don't have prospected ago. Let me just put this into perspective for you guys. Because I think you're going down the same route and I think I'm victim of that too. You know we talk about Ryan's popularity allowed but that doesn't necessarily say where his skill levels that when you go on box wreck. I mean he's number ten in the world In his division which is bad because you will figure such a big name. Is You know top. Five top three. And he's not he's number ten. So this plenty of fighters outdid Ricky. Burns wouldn't be bad if he could get Gamboa's since he's talking about Devante so much getting getting there with Gamboa and do a better job you know messed up. Though right. He wouldn't even be available. I mean look. We don't know when we're getting back at it so you know it's not like he's not an option. Jason so size out there. That's a good name former world champion. He Lost Ceelo Marchinko. And and I think Nicholas Walters might have beat them. But that's not a bad name the fight I mean. The names are thin. If he wants to go undefeated row they could go. George Hambros We're going to have him on the show One of these Thursdays. He's all the way in Sydney but you know he he's sparring partner. He's in and that division. There's not a lot of big names. You gotta pull out an old name. Look Try John. John Molina isn't even in these rankings in the top twenty five and should turn out here it is it is but that's why you bring out a name like you know a ray Beltran. John Molina those names are known already in division. I bet you if we get down deeper will see some of those guys looked like Eggo Magdaleno. Got a good win. Could he could could could Ryan beat Diego? Not a bad name. Not a bad name. Look I doubt he's GonNa Fi Zaur Abdulah the dude Haney for. But there's other people out there Omar Douglas's there. He had a good fight with the TUNA. Hanes fighting for tuna. So that's not a bad mix air but some of these guys are dangerous. I don't think that their management is going to be steering them towards some of these guys mentioned like they they want more more. I'm I'm saying maybe they want more reward than risk like absolutely not absolutely. He's the biggest name in the biggest reward that you can see out of the top fifty in his division that is dangerous and isn't a a world champion currently active with a bell. And you didn't feel how'd you feel about Lee Selby? I mean again going towards the UK and Selby. Selby had a good. Like I said if you're gonNA fight Selby you might as well fight. Omar Douglas Douglas for him. And for tune. It's a better barometer. If you really trying to build the Haney fi selby does nothing man. He's from the UK. Nobody knows that dude. It's a good window definitely every win. Everything is a good wing. I mean no so. They say two to three fights right. We were only mentioned in one like we could actually come up with a trajectory right now. Like Lee Selby. I this guy second but anything can happen in the rankings. I guess while the fights going on yeah I mean look. I see what they did here. They do not his name out. Well I like that name twos lots of cannon but again not as holds. More weight does no name. We could say that's going to be better than Li not as and as and as vulnerable as Leonardus Your Joe. He does got that highlight of knocking down the Loma Chango like that. That's a lot of sauce. You know what I'm saying. So you'd be the guy that destroys the not is an fucking. Machiko had trouble getting them out early. So if Brian would've come in and get them out and that's exactly how to casual fans look at it. Casually is where the house cat says it right there. Dan Ronan Shit Homie E. N. Tuna Fish Up. Now let me get don. I got you baby. Carriages took the bike. Fight to Yeah good evening seven PM Little Late. Show starting late with me Hopefully not as versus Ryan Garcia is the topic. Not yet Haney. Of course. I don't think I don't think Ron Garcia is ready. Actually and that is why they throw in other names out there. Who Do we match? Make Him with their throughout the name or Hanley not as which is probably a dangerous fighter but they feel that they already and I'm talking about Ryan Garcia's team feels that day already for that kind of fight. I believe it. I know Devon Haney and like guys like Kvant Davis all big threat to the Ryan Garcia business. So I don't know who else to match making. What Lee Selby Now no you do you do you. Do you get excited casual. Pick OUT LISA from motherfucking. He can't pick them out in a in a in a line. You crazy in the lineup. No way now whole Haley not as I saw him perform against launching go in Madison Square Garden. So that's a good name. I'm just looking to life for these guys. I think these young cats is gonNA meet each other sooner than later. Bank they are. Now they're gonNA have to fight at forty like yeah. I think they're going to have to fight. Forty Haney Amy England. Get to fight everybody. We'll get to fight. Everybody does to going to be the first to to move up. In my opinion yeah Yuccas Ethiopia moving up. I for sure Garcia Still Got Tom. I think on his body And I don't think that's the that is gonNA tempt him away from the division at lightweight writes in his infancy though. That's what anymore fights. He's got twenty. Five nineteen detainees. Got Twenty Five. Fema was obviously got less because he went too fast. Ryan Garcia's got braces box wreck picture like yeah. I think he needs more fights. I'm just saying like t a female got fifteen does so it's just you know some people just further along than others. Man That Fonseca that funds Second Win Looks Nice though on his resume. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Looks Nice. Should we give a round of applause To Vima? He is like the first Honduran ever champion. I'm here and that's what I read an article that says he's the first undoing ever in his division way ever or is it just a his division. Dumi. Because that'll be safely. Yeah if he's the only champion in life of the Doria now we've done we've done all right in the you know in Panamerican and and you know in the trials and stuff like that but we never did not huge this like. He's the first role I never had a world good. Oh my God I think is my brothers. During that whole center is the triangle. They call it. The triangle is Nicaragua. My dudas Soho dudas. Never had a chance is what you're saying that had a championship. It's the first chance. Yes his big man and backs him up. Like right now everybody go Thursday. Not your moment He's doing he's doing it then. It'd be dope if we had an undisputed so keep doing your thing change and Bradwell. Look Man I gotTa. I definitely got to say that more. You see how Andy right away. His name got big because all I heavyweight in from Mexico that really picked up some legs. I guess a different way. And we've been. We've been waiting for a Mexican heavyweight or ever. Brawl was literally like seven years old when I remember it coming out on my local news. What's his name was fighting in South Africa. Now was a seven. I was like twelve when he was fighting. South Africa for a heavyweight title. It was like Major News Inc. Yo this could be the first ever Mexican heavyweight and same thing happened with Chris Areola faulk. Let's go like came out on my local news so we've been waiting for that. That was a little bit bigger a little more build up for that age. As Belle Teal. Fema also food. That's a great point to that fight was much bigger yet. -Til Fema also represents Brooklyn Heart to them. Yeah Yeah Yeah listen. I'm going to go ahead and say if I marry my my two or Leonidas because they mentioned it Gamboa Southie and if not Gamboa Ray Beltran Mexico versus unless Mexico Mexico en even Puerto. We need to put Regan important. Yes Oh they're go- Jason. Sosa said too I bohm so those are my options so we can move on. That's my picks. Reynosa wants to fights before Haney. I'm saying I'm saying Haney I mean I'm saying Garcia versus not as then Garcia versus Jason Sosa Mexico versus Puerto. Rico leads them right into the Haney fight. I think I should be like that or Haley. Not As and then Robert Easter. June U He wanted to test them right before. So you want him to get really tested on its exit. Fi- into championship. Finally there's two of the three. You won't bribery. Used to be the third. Well he he got you know. Put that flag out there man. He got a fight he got to show up to the hood you know and I think Robert Easters the hood and he won't show up Ryan Garcia gotta show his heart special. Go FACE IN THE FUTURE. Where does fight? Hap is like it ain't going to happen over there. That's the point that he brought up instead of glossing over it He could do to Mikey route if he takes Robert Easter now. I liked that fight a little bit more because it's like. Oh you know how Mikey ran through the clip. And then he tried to get to the top dog and you know it ain't workout but he still bad. Do you do run through three three three people in the clay beat the man aid. At-bat a day and you know what I'm saying you made it to the big balls in the video game. You know what I'm saying like the last dragon it. Should I remember that Double Dragon? So if if Ryan Dragging Ryan could go to Easter. I liked that plus. There's a connection. Maybe yeah I don't know. Obviously Easter and Haney have a lot of history. Oh yeah a lot of social media history. Haney been calling embroiled since he was like ten. No and you know that yeah. I guess you're right east. There's been I don't think anybody really gave it any merit. I wouldn't even use that word I would just say like. I don't think a lot of people really get that Syria. I feel I did into serious because Haney at the time was in Mexico. And you know he didn't have didn't have the big game promoter but look female. He got fifteen fights with a world championship. So you know I'm I'm not sure that fight resonates like oh bad blood. I mean it does but to what level I guess is what I'm trying to say. Everything needs to be built that attention back on it. Those videos easily resurface. Nothing dies on the Internet. They're out there between Haney and Easter the acting. I gotta go gotTA fight a black fighter slick and that's your taste people already. You like. The setup is Haney so Wah Fai too slick black fighters to get them. Prepare for one when they not really like. East doesn't say they. They does the narrative. Prepare you for I think so. He's fast as Haney technically skilled or at least in that box with any when you think of the skills really not as in compared to Easter I think most people would say Leonardo's is a bit more technically skilled that takes more explosive more explosive pro se. I'll say he's more powerful more dangerous. I think Easter gives up. His high gives up his reach. How could we put them in the technical box if he ain't doing the fucking fundamentals right? I mean I think we judge Moore's last favor. When do we see a bird? Richard Komai the fiber people thought. He lost his world championship. He he gives up his high every single fight. He never fights toll. He needs to go. Fine like Tommy hearns trainer. You know like he's well and like how you six feet in one hundred hundred five pound division but you want crowds down. How'd you feel about the Higher Fortuna file? I people really take the heat. One that Some some people I mean it was a tight fight. I would've liked one of them to separate themselves and they didn't and that's what that's what I'm saying like you know you ain't separate yourself. I think it's I think Roberts go pfeiffer Ryan. I think that's a good if I think it's not. I'M NOT GONNA say it's safe fight. I think that if I'm a matchmaker. I'm not putting too many chips on the table with Robert. He's doing I'm GONNA be extreme and he's not a knockout. It's not enough business to realistically get that fight done. Every you know every once in a while you get the golden ticket right now right you guys see you might just be given our golden ticket. You may maybe Maybe if robber looks at it that way if he looks at Ryan as a big fight instead of looking at Ryan in a disrespectful way you know because it could be like Roy Moore Prosper former world champ. Like that's how they're going to look at it. Oh you want me to give him a shot so he could bill his name off me so I'll know I'll know as east ticket that if that when he presents itself. I think rob is going to be like you know what I am a former too. I am experience. But that's what I'm saying. How much money is in there? Robert Easter Candy draw. I mean in Toledo he can Ryan and going into leader. So that's all they pay home. Yeah he's a former meals. And how how? How much credit do you give Ryan Garcia if he pulls through robberies to junior? You know what I'm saying. If he wins. I ain't even thinking that far because I'm thinking of the businessman. I'm trying to figure out how to happen. That's that's exactly what I'm saying like in business. My said think about that. Like if my fighter. How much does my fight a gain by beating Robert used to junior? Is it worth the investment? And that's what I'm saying. No No if you golden boy why would you go? Contact our who. You sued. Sit Down on his long conversation to then acts to borrow Robert Eastern so it housing house will laugh at. You like Oscar's going to sit down and say Easter Leonidas like multiple division world chant. He got more he just he just a big name. I sometimes tell you. It's just a big name like the smartest trying to satisfy the hall. 'cause I guess Robbie's the but even that isn't sexy to me I'm just keeping it real. It's Oh I don't know you confuse me. You told me you like that. I thought you said that do like it. But it ain't sat see like east name. One exciting for he's been in so robby still no sighting name name exciting fight. He's been in Richard Komai. Okay Okay and how many years ago was that? Maybe too now have got to be God. He Richard Komiya in two thousand sixteen. Thank you and Robert. These aren't even ranked at thirty five. Did he move up? I mean let me double check because we over on my robberies deep probably mood up the Robbie's the won't forty man he out the question. I mean he might come down for Ryan but again he might also feel disrespected. Lake Ryan Got Twenty five robby still former world champ. He'd been in guess what he wins. If he beats my Ron Garcia what he went celebrity status. I mean that's the thing right now. Everyone's waiting to see is Ryan a star that we think he is. He had that no Sabato doom. Yeah yet my phone. My phone just turned on. That was so weird. Yeah you know what that is man. You know what that y'all tune into mall untitled GONNA be crazy. Yes in two articles essentially. Yeah the chip. Don't say thank Gosh. Stop the Rock and the tick tock dass crazy tick tock crazy tune in the untitled man. We talk more than just boxing. Check US OUT. Paycheck DOT COM forward slash. The box voice but Yeah man back to them out of hand. I think we need to wrap this up. Move onto the next topic. Like I said I'm good with Sosa and Leonidas Enrica you said Easter not as and do me you want Easter and Lee Selby. Wow look to an selby. We've gotta be it's gotTa be it's gotTa be too because you know say he needs to before Haney who Lee Selby. How does Lee Selby prepare him for Haney? Like what's the Saudis? A good technical boxer hang on no power widow. My investment eight to move is a bit of a move like Fainti Kinda guy you know But he ain't all that he should the bear rather than he lost a comma. Geyer was that McDonnell. I think I'm thinking I'm GonNa confusing him with McDonald. My bad thing was MC James McDonald McDowell some should lost comma guy accomplishes dot com again saying that Ron to the Kameta. One of the competitive brothers. Yo who was it? The loss of the competitors is it McDowell wars Selby McDowell. Okay Okay so who does sell we lose to? I know he beat Warrington. He lost to worry warranty. Only one loss no way no. He has two losses but the first one is like I think two thousand seven because he's also because I know he douglas but that was about a hands on his Shicheng Chin. Yeah now but he only has two losses and only one of them's like has any real merit. Today we'RE GONNA CLICK CLICK. Oh Shit defying George Campbell. Also seen it on his what. Yeah that's ambos on. I think like one of these Thursdays this month. Oh look and I was trying to give them the Haney see. I was trying to give them the Haney Dan I mean Cambozola famous that he'd been sparring with pack out for like seven years. Now I hope he is good as they say he was. Because you know he'd been spawning pack out for his life look like but a selby loss to He lost his some dude. Nobody ever heard of back in the day and in his only other laws is like you said. That's really the only one that you count. Now come on just 'cause you gotTA laws early. We don't erase it. My man someone beaches but but just because you gotta lost early does not. That doesn't have any definition on what you are looking. Who said that There was mentioned saying that we erase it from his record or not to count it as something like as what? Bravo as a loss okay. They said don't mess for UK. The NAH he wouldn't change definitions for them. Would you want to count that law? Says like I mean it's just I'm just all I did was the thing. I think you can understand what I'm trying to say. You know. The warranty losses significant. But it doesn't I mean for all we know. Warrington is one of the best featherweights of all time. I hear you listen. Let's double up this floyd topic right. 'cause WE GOTTA Floyd Video Game Topic. Plus you guys were all sleeping. My little babies on Saturday didn't get the talk. Floyd turned into an official trainer. I know so. Yeah you guys get I guess Start on the official train already. Giving my thoughts over the weekend Yeah man what do you think about floyd saying that he wants to be a trainer and he is training and in the quotes? It's actually like sometime paraphrase because the show Saturday but it was something. Like so yeah. It's something like him Him basically saying that he's going to. He's going to start from the bottom with people that haven't for yeah. He was training his nephew and he was just going along the line nephew and son but but the quote says that he's working with people in gyms have never fought before and grow together. I'm saying fuck all that never fought before man. You know we got wild out there. Need you know you said you wanted to you. You've got the code. If you train while he could be fury then we got an needs train. It includes his itch also and we got Andrew Res. The needs a trainer you know. We know he's still hasn't made a trainer decision. Then who else I mentioned needs a train of fucked Devante Davis. He's still on a shave. Room put in underneath pictures. I going to smack a girl and then got caught smacking girl so it's like he needs a training. He needs some guidance. Browner said he wants to come back and doing the comeback think he could get back to one thirty who better to bring him back then. Big Bro that's that was my angle. That's great anger Wa. I agree with like wow the CNN. But then there's a big piece of money again loss. If if Florida's your trainer you know he don't want that top. Oh you already rich man. You either want this win or you want this loss and a check. I mean because if you win today you're GonNa win to mall. That's true too. I could see like big Bro. Looking real good with Bona and Bona's corna insane. We'll devante you know but what about Kevin Ford happened with that. And Calvin Ford. I mean I mean I'm GonNa tell you I'm GonNa say what people want is afraid to say like what you mean. What happened with before when they asked him why he may. All modified has made it so he cleaned his hands at a situation. We need to fight. We need to train a. There's going to get in the trenches with the fighter. Obviously devante is not that type of fighter. He Ain't Andre Ward. You can't just tell them what the doing he going to do it. This ain't a self parking call. You need to train a lot on my Tyson's punchout is right there on the bike next to you while you running he owned by. That's what an invite his knee may whether's IQ and as much as all these years that he's been in boxing and he he if he could put that boxing brain in any of these fighters. It'd be it'd be crazy if you could do it to deontay wilder. I think that that's a great idea. You know just I know I know he. You gotTA develop. The skill is as a coach but like I mean to him. I don't think it'd be that I mean as far as hold emits. Maybe things like that but like as far as guiding your fighter you know knowing what works in the ring true. He's a he's a He's a fountain of Knowledge. Y I'M GONNA go the other way. I like that. He is starting off with people that have zero Professional fights I think that that's really cool. Like the idea of them like kind of growing together because he they're going to help him grow as a trainer he's going to help them grow as a You know whatever. He's going to help their career. They're going to help his. You Know I. It's going to be more about teaching than anything else. You know for him to insert himself into a camp. I'm not saying he couldn't help for sure he can. I I mean honestly. I'm not ready. I'm not there yet but I'm getting really close. I think at another ten years. I'll be saying that was the greatest ever right now. I still got sugary Robertson up. There probably got Leonard up there before too. But but but that's GONNA come. I'm pretty sure it's going to come. Well he also said he also gonNA come and train her in training. He said that they're going to call them. The best train of all time to listen and that I think very well could be but where he's GonNa make his bones are. I wouldn't even say that because you're right if you were to get in there help wilder while they're beats fearing the third fight. Yeah that wouldn't stand success. Thread most monumental thing that ever happened in sports overnight. I don't think that's as likely as floyd mayweather junior taking his role as a as an advisor role as a manager role as a trainer. Rosa coach so serious that he starts to implement it on the younger generation coming up. I think his success would be phenomenal hard route. But it'd be the route that now your forget and Mario that floyd mayweather is like he is when they say box. Yeah when they say I eat sleep. Shit Boxing Tissot. That's who is his conversation and out the hard day I BETCHA. Boxing sex money boxing. Sex Money you know what I'm saying if probably sprinkle and he's wrinkle little travel little travel. He likes to travel so he got there. He got the boxing dialogue with that. He could connect with you. Let's forget what three days ago two days in a row. He was in a gym at to something in the morning. And I was GONNA go with that too you know. He could also like discipline. It's fine it's like. Yeah we waking up three so now. Ainhoa going out there. Going out on Friday night is fucking three a. m. Friday morning and let's not forget his floor if Floyd took Floyd's mentor he's been in people's air before that's different but if he took the time out to be your trainer and he's like Yo young and when I did it we trained at midnight because we at midnight I was the main event you want to be. The main event will train at night with me. And you gotta why would you say no? Why would you say no like the same buddy? Mcgirt not no disrespect to him but it just no one is no he lutheran proven already saying like yeah no out of his formulas proven until until until you know someone look I. WanNa make it clear. I'm not saying that you're wrong like that couldn't work out. I'm just thinking realistic sense. Like Floyd Mayweather. Like who would he go out of his way for like that he would go out of his world? I'M GONNA send some real quick for family. I think for sure he would do everything that you're saying. And go in his heart as he would and do it in riquet wanted him to do what. I'm saying like really focus on somebody's career. I think he would do that for family for sure you know what's he gonNA get out of doing it for these other guys building a lineages a trainer. I mean I guess sure I could see that. But she's going to do it for the money now he's GonNa make your right and he's going to laugh at that. Shit right wrong body but I'm just seeing a different. You're right to wrong. You didn't read the quotes Bro. He's inspired by his uncle. His passing remember. He just had two deaths in two weeks then his daughter waiter jail for stabbing and I've seen articles saying she's phasing of the ninety years or I won't laugh at that because I'm not from whatever they are and no guidelines change state to state you know our laws different from Delaware and different from Texas. You so look. Would it that to you? Make it more obvious that he would do this. First family over a big time source star no to me. It's like Oh you lost your uncle. You lost these people that are close to you so like what family to be closer you you would wanNA bring family in more like a google. The quotes man. I mean I think I think that's the law has instagram. I could probably pull it up really think about it. He's been coach. Tried 'cause a lot of the the the the mayweather stable has always you know received you know Advice from from the champ. You know floyd around. He's been he's been around these guys all along you always in in the in the gyms or whatever he always has his two cents so I I think they were married was going to. It's like I dig it. You know He's going to have to. I mean not have to. He's GonNa WanNa grow with whoever he starts up right now. Know what. I'm saying like you know. He grew in scale where his uncle and his dad. You know SOM- that was chief over time and I mean you just never know who in the family is really Gonna. WanNa box those so. We can't really say that he would do it more for for family member because at the end of the day is who wants to you know what I'm saying. Just so he could. He could try. But that ain't how it works like you know what I mean. It's about the work ethic just read is real quick. This is from three days ago. Okay real quick before you do. I just want to amend it to include what Alex said. I think that he'd be better off with a family first foremost but I think he'd be better off with a young fighter whether that's family or not somebody coming into the gym. That's looking to build that. He sees something in that I would think they would just be better than picking deontay wilder gross or something. You know where this thing where you know. The egos get attached. I duNno go ahead. We'll listen listen. Listen you're right. And he went to route like he doesn't want I mean not that he doesn't want but he said he's training people that have never four. 'cause I guess he wants to build his name throughout those big names because those big names two of them are in need right like Devante Brown on need to get they should back on track and then the other two are semi looking but and I quote. This is my first day working with my fourteen year old nephew. I have no slug boy Chris who who has absolutely no boxing experience at all. And this is my second time doing network. The first time was with my oldest son King Koran which you may have seen recently posted as many of you know. I've had incredible trainers which include my dad and uncle due to recent passing of my uncle. Roger I felt inspired to help those around me the same way. They've been there for me throughout my boxing career. In a time where we must distance ourselves from others. It has allowed me to reflect on how I want to make a difference in people's lives and help them achieve their goals. A trainer wants the best out of their fighter and pushes them to the best of their abilities. I am new to helping people train as I've been on. The other. Side of the midst of fighter could be impressive at were but it doesn't make him a great fighter. Training could be impressive on the midst. But it doesn't make him. A great trainer has to become a goal of mine to help others reach the best versions of themselves. And I WANNA walk. I WANNA walk with it in confidence. I wanted to leave an impression on those around me and allow them to see to not allow them to see their potential. This quarantine periods allowed me to see the importance of unity and helping others grow. I want to do my part on this. Earth allow people to see the potential in themselves so that they can share it with the world I am. I am new at training and so far. I've been working with people with no boxing experience. Therefore we are growing together. But I promise you I will be one of the best trainers in the world inspire and being spied so again. It ain't about money man. It ain't about money needed to redick close to understand that. I just wanted that to be felt so that people understand you know You know I just don't want us to think right away. Oh boy because I want us to remember that. He has two big deaths on his mind. Twenty one days ago within twenty one day span. Let's say so I just don't want anyone who call in ignorantly yours or even really. Oh man this is just four. He just want to like live could be put into perspective with many things. This could be his testimony. I mean I felt it. I felt it when you read. I didn't read it like that much. I didn't read it at all. Actually I just saw it and I read the first line to. But you know him saying the distancing also reflecting because everybody's going through that and then him helping others you never have floyd say helping others like that at least so that kind of made me feel like. Oh Wow he's serious and he also mentioned about you know being on the opposite side and looking good on. It doesn't mean that should act as a trainer. So you gotta respect it because he's respecting it as well. I think that he goes out there and does work with Brown. Oh does work would have given. Tei and those his fighters right wouldn't we say that they fight for T. M. t. I may let me let me take a quick shot. Since he being a trainer he needs to go ahead and check in with rolly rolly posted a picture on a scale at one seventy eight and he likes one hundred and twenty two pounds dozen crazy not a hundred and twenty two here. He the same way. It is Ryan Garcia so one thirty five and thirty others. Let's just go google me on the Corinthian eating. What's his name? What's his name first name? I was asking out Helio crazy. Parolees boxer. Let's see how popular he is naive? GonNa pull up a little later. Do Pula London dropped off. Mr Know in Orlando where's he from? He might be Dominican on the law. I think he might be Dominican on a low. Check this name out Lando Floridian so Nah listen it is if he ain't Dominican brasseux. Sir My name is her Orlando Florida. Nco Romeo Morano wrap around. My main sport is high forty though Yeah Oh and as low as one thirty two so check in. Let's say from Vegas Dog. That's where he'd lived. That ain't his nationality or US Mexican. He'd be I guess more he could Morano. But I don't know that that Rahmael Morano that combination Rahmael marine unless you sound Dominican and I said that sounds like that's just it is because her male is a a male he got that in his name her Orlando Filling. Forlan's you actually actually term actually spoke to him like two days ago and she wanted to know buying interviews right now don they. He saw the number on the scale. He just said I want to know. Bison interviews right now Ma'am I now know this hourly wound you WanNa talk by a mind. That's the kid that I I. I can have the ACA respect skills. But why he hasn't gone like a quicker pace I'll know where he'd been doing well Real quick though to get back to the main topic before we move onto it From It I. Here's the thing I I read the quotes and I thought to myself like Whoa. This is something that like this is. I feel like every trainer. Maybe GETS THEIR H. And I feel like Whoa. This could be that thing for him. Because you know we've seen floyd for years like Ricky. Br brought it up. You know he's been in training camps. He's been a trainer. I mean essentially the only difference between what he would do now and what he's already done is actually sit corners your enemy in in and to me that is like the missing link between him and it's not just that it's managing. You know what I'm saying. It's giving advice. You know like everything. You being like an Andre Ward type but a trainer also you know even though Andrew warde destined time training as well. But you be that type of guy like that's a full circuit type of guy and and if anybody is up to that type of challenge it's Floyd Mayweather. Junior Lebanese ended. Anybody needs that it's young fighters. Let me just remind you guys. You guys still got a touch. Well we all gotta touch on the Second Mayweather topic. True Man is virtual getting real grow the future. He's getting no give out the facts. I JERK OFFS GO AHEAD. Go AHEAD YOU GO I. Football TV is going to be you know airing simulated flow junior fights with the technology help from face. Spank you interested in fights from the future. Could this be viable. Yada Yada Yada Right. And that's what's though because let's go pro like this virtual reality. I don't know if you've ever put on a virtual reality headset shit. Shit look fucking crazy man. Some of this shit is fucking crazy. Sources I thought FACE BANK DOES THE OKAY. So the company. That's actually helping them to get these. Simulations done is face bank. They're using this technology to create their avatars. They have like a lot of different stuff so I don't know if it's like only going to be that type of stuff like the headset simulation. Or if it's going to be on like a I don't know maybe grander scale. Like I know there's not a lot of There's not a lot of detail on it yet that goes. Let's check this out. They said that it was going to be better than four K. Better than anything you've ever seen it's GONNA be like next level virtual you know and I don't think I video games as Elia. I'll be doled. You'll remember real still like like the movie with the robot's saying that was a great movie. This is like it in a crazy. Sifi setting right like imagine like we have to like stay in for a while and like this is like the future of fighting and shit like that is going to be the future honestly like because I think we're going to get to a point where we understand the brain the most and we realized that like I don't know I think society is going to get to that point. Where like footballs done like? I'm not saying now or anytime soon. I just think like I mean we we evolve. You know what I'm saying. So if we evolved so much for survival essentially we're going to start to like do away with things that hurt us. You know what I mean so I don't know. I think this could be something like that. Happened like for a great great great great grandkids. So virtual reality robots fighting robots and you created that takes humans out. I'm getting a crazy idea. Cavs I'm thinking like they would like put like a suit on like let's say for example. Mayweather. They'll put a suit on canal. Oh I love with with sensors. You know how they do the movies with acid corn stove. That's how cookie because the backstory gotta be about a human as and his capabilities. That's why they have bought and Wada's you imagining right now. I'll say like why from Mexico. Who used to sell ice cream or the Filipino? So cigarettes and became world champion clean. That's that's a way right done by robots so yeah. Oh virtuality when you were talking about the theory as you got all emotional shifts. I know he's Union right now. He wakes me shit over Silicon Valley. The goggles the goggles the had set where you like. Turn your head right and you say I remember there was speaking about like buying you able to like buy a ticket to like the floor at the Knicks caught you know at Madison Square Garden and watch the Knicks. And if you look to the right you're saying right next to spike Lee. You know what I mean. So that will be like you by ringside tickets. You're able to get up. You see Floyd Mayweather right there. You know I like that idea of Chara is in. But it's real though. It's the fight going on at that time. So if you're sitting next to like some random person also yeah yeah okay. Gotcha Gotcha but the camera is actually. Did they have those virtual reality? Those do you remember when they did that for For Jacobs and quillet was what are they Jason Lewis? So have the real fight going on. But you're virtually there. Yeah you're virtually. That sounds cool swollen. And they did it for quilting and Jacobs. I don't remember who was willing to James they did. They did a three sixty three sixty. Which is you could move your phone and it would show you different spots in the arena. But it was different. It was a three sixty camera Yeah Yeah but now that was on youtube so now what do we talk about where he would you? It's better than four ks like you actually in the arena. I don't know if you could get up and go to the bathroom. You know what I'm saying in the Rena but I'm sure you left and right and down and up and see the fight live and you probably gotta pay actual real ticket price. If let's just say now. This is hypothetical. If the boxing now became events became still banned. As they said that they're going to resemble short films by these virtual fights are going to resemble short films. Like what would you do? They mean by that I mean is going to have a storyline. It'll be a short story and then you see the winner and then you know that's the end in our big that means that the fights are going to be shot Theatrically you know what I'm saying like like it's not going to be like a fight like we would. Hbo It's going to be a fight we'd see on HBO on the Movie Rocky. Or what? I'm saying I don't know I don't know I just think that's what they meant the atrophy. I can't believe we still talking about this video game but I can't promise people are GonNa Watch it. I promise people are GonNa Watch T. Nobody ain't even watch nobody. We listen to or rather no one that calls into this show mentioned the world's super series because we didn't keep mentioning it. Nah Hell No. There were like two or three people that mentioned it. Emmy do me interacted with them. Nobody else did so then. Nobody felt inclined to bring it up. But you better believe. I've seen some of the twitter handles that you know from this show. He'd likes and share in the world. The that stuff it was it was pretty cool. So if now if we can't go to the arena right and they sell you a ticket and you put on goggles to watch the fight but you still like in section two C seat number fit as good as the first thing you built. Why not just sell that one thing and not be addict to the rest of us can't afford it so it's like it becomes a luxury at that point like either you can afford to go to the Laker gained the Knick game or the boxing match electronically or you. Can you know what I'm saying? Like some people are going to start to like fucking the moon and shit and they're going to be able to afford it. I can't so to me. It's just like one of those things. Like being on the titanic or some shit like that wouldn't have been me. I couldn't have got there. You know what I mean. So I don't know why Ati bootlegs scout take virtual ticket. He's so now. Because if I if I if I buy goggles right and wash fight from seat warm wash away I gotta be with my friend. Yeah that's yeah she goggle happy like maybe like you could buy something with like eight people can tap into your like air pods. You know what I'm saying like both have air pods on. You can share with that person. Maybe you could share with up to light four to five to ten people all know giving these people. I in fact a nominal reasons. All the virtual tickets should be ringside tickets because his goggles. I'm saying so. Why not give everybody press a front row next to celebrities? That really. Aren't there like that's how you sell the tickets even more and you don't never leave guy like me. That doesn't like to leave home. I'd rather watch suffice. That's perfect for me I'm ringside virtually but how do you sit down with your boys and have a whole box conversation during the fight? I mean the same way you play any video game with your boys online where everybody got a log in a city. That's not going to be you know. Everybody got their own goggles. You and Ya'll listen and that would make it cheaper per paper view like if if if you could only have it on this one thing like you know what. I'm saying like when that make it cheaper for parents individual people to buy it. Not because you got you see next to you so it's still. It's still too big J. Lo Liking lightness and it will be one seat because they have to put a camera on every seat and that probably costs out was going to say it's like little robots cameras walking around the shit like interacting for you shit. Nah like fashion stand. You know it should make that shit to me like cheat like I don't think it should cost as much as a paper view giving you the goggles and shit. It's just something you're accessing. You know what I'm saying so it should be cheaper right now. I don't know let's move on. Though that video games should take too long. Oh can like westworld. Rides over here dash never hazard. Oh I just a simulated fight. Yeah I took it to the next level and buying tickets and all this shit we gotta titles on your. May John like you know subject but but man we talking Haney Lopez right and the reason we talk a handy. Lopez is because Devon Haney came out on social media yesterday and that was probably right after you know Eddie Renault. So said they needed. Tom Haney came out and know posted this on screen sharing so you can join us on Youtube or rather patriot. So e e came out and posted this and he said when you and in quotes put so-called. Don't fight nobody. It's one thing if nobody wants to fight you. It's another thing. I bet seven figures on myself against anybody in my division has tag boogeyman intake. Too Long for the young Dorien and champion to come out and say shut the fuck up kid. Damn you annoying so look I know. This is just twitter beef and it's a fight. The probably won't happen anytime soon. Because of streets and plans but These are the two most willing fighters right like these are the two that have shown they'll fight anyone Other guys are like Yo. Don't send me an offer you'll be side. Yo you need me like these guys are not talking like that and They've had some beef. They've had some beef. These guys have sparked and you know each of them say different things about the sparring. Botha world champions you know. Dissolve wants to build up the Garcia Haney fight but obviously Garcia not. Ready is trying to just told us that these two men are fool champions you know heinous elevated to reinstated his his his wbz status and obviously fee. Moore's IBF NOW. There's a lot of rumbling that he might not. Fight Launch Angle. He just did an article where he said. And I'm paraphrase on a quote but he says something like I'm going to stay busy even if it's not Loma Chanko so like what happened you know? I thought they were fighting. I thought that's why they dropped the bell. They didn't WanNA fight Haney because they had this whole thing set up a quote unquote safe female. I'll know 'cause his nose you know. Haney knows was going on and this is Haney talking straight to you. Know the seal the number and suit but hanes like let's fight back in January two thousand nineteen Indian last Sunday. I heard Lopez trying to back out defy Loma Loma Haney will generate millions so again. Haney wants to fight them. It's up to them to say yes you know. His promoter is there he entertained the Boehner fight. Brunner wants twenty million. You know like I don't get why people want to do so much to Haney. Like I WANNA fight you. I give me twenty and I'll fight you okay. Y'All I wanNA fight shoe but Gimme four fights in our fight you. It's like okay. Y'All I WANNA fight shoe but not right now get out this tournament and go get that the F. Bell. Okay you know so like what's up. I'll yeah what do they know that? We don't know why amy because I'm I'm starting. I'm starting to look. He's starting to look like everybody's duck and I'm starting to like. He's he's really the Boogeyman I mean. He didn't use the Hashtag for nothing right like he put. Hashtag boogeyman right here and again you boy to Fema Lopez was in the WBZ tournament. He could've fought Haney. He chose not to cool. He got the bell. He beat a legitimate champion. He beat them in sexy fashion. So you know people this not me. Don't say the truth but the truth is he was supposed to fight. Haney and he chose to get out that tournament. The truth is Haney ones Talk and twin. The truth is Haney ones. Mikey Garcia. Mikey talking pack out. The truth is for Ceelo Michenko except franchise status in his promoter. Filled out for it. You know they act for that so I don't know busy with sound I wouldn't normally report on just like tweets but when when when when you get in this blatantly like why he come back straight to the heavier Fortuna fight you know. I'm glad you brought that up. Because that's exactly what he was trying to do. He got reinstated as champion and he wanted to Fi Fortuna because that's his mandatory Javier. Fortuna trainer came out and publicly duct and said no. We got a contract. We're GONNA fight Luke Campbell we're gonNA pray the WBZ maybe gives us an interim title and then the winner can face. Haney down the line but it would be great. It'll be tremendous to put me on the undercard as well and do a little. Wbz Tournament get the fuck out here with the duck and that's just a long winded duck. No it's it's the same promoted the duck plant though it got video on his instagram where he's like shocked the did what he did and then he's like no no. We not ready for that. If I were Ben Evita's right now ben Evita's got by so oocyte promoters always going to do everything. That's now tom in now. I can't expect you to just say. Oh yeah yeah fight you fight you got Luke Campbell. Now and then he got campy everything strategically in place for that. So I can so now. So now we get in box into win interim titles now I definitely so why you WanNa fight fool why you don't WanNa fight the full rather fight for fake belt. The islets ahead ain't no belt on the line. Remember they Nobel. Luek say he's GonNa petition to to the WABC to get into Ramona. La Sitting with this is what if you? WanNa make the interim hot. It feels like let's let let us get this possible w before we take a likely l. like that's just the way it is that's the way it sounds. You know what I'm saying. And so that's why a lot of people won't rock with it and I don't think that we should have to put up with it You know a is it fair like I can't call it. I can see both sides. I mean that's a big problem. People have with me as I see both ends of it I understand. Why have you ever Tunis? Camp WOULD BE UPSET? I understand why Evan. Haney has an excellent claim but to me. Let's just boil it down to brass tacks who were the two best fighters. That's who fights over your bill. We'll need no interim belts like they're already too many to have US petitioning over. Who gets an interim title like that's crazy? Talk like the simple fact is they're saying let's get an A. W. before we you know guarantee and L. for us that's where I'm at with it. That's where he's at so I want to know where do me at? Yeah where do you see a man? A man's coming out you know saying shut the fuck up kid you would knowing I already at the you know. I look already sparred in all that. You guys know the backstory and all that but like my man Teo. He's you know he's already. He knows he. He knows what it is already. You know what I'm saying. He felt him out in the ring and all that and he feels a certain type of way to like He. He kinda ducked in Ohio. Fortuna you know. He was outspoken about it. And he ain't really worried about that. I mean you for tuna with a shoulder injury now you heal your injury and you try to fight them in Fortuna WanNa go another row and you still you you physically his saying. Well I mean you got the plans. I mean it's okay. Come on Bro. Is this idea which biases he really do. A historian bias right now. What am I to say he says? Shut the fuck up. You get annoyed I mean what else am I going to say about what he said to him? He really be. He had his eyes set on the tank on tank owes. You chose to go down that. Oh he ducked for tuna route like I. She was outspoken about history. He said I'm not I'm not necessarily in that. I totally agree whether the injury was That serious or not. I don't know obviously. Haney had to go to therapy. And all that and like again like fight his time. Yesterday he got Tom Today. He tried to fight you man. Don't WANNA fight Dr Fighters. They take off a little bit bro. And and you know he's probably Gordo whatever like we're all noticed because he's fighting Luke Campbell like ill you know. He had a viable reason. He Ain't docking. He was so anxious to fight him ducking. And it's like I don't think there's that much novella What they say H I pretty sure. They wanted to fight and You know some people felt like you know. Maybe Haney wasn't as injured as he was putting out the beep like I'm not saying it. I'm not a doctor. I don't know the hippolyte these are like you know things that are talked about in the shadows of the sport you know behind closed doors camps or whatever you know gyms or whatever they see what's going on but like at the same time he's coming back ready to go and he just expects the five year for two hundred land on on the ring ready to go for him and it's like he got other plans ten. What are you though why you respect them other players like I'm Dominican in a heavier can't get no pass? You get a title shot. Take the title shot. It ain't it ain't like this is Dimitrius Andrea and you. You don't get paid to fight them like this Devon Haney. He's one of the stars. He was one of the youngest remember. I don't even think there's another dude. His Age gotTA deal with zone. He got a deal with zones. Cope emotionally name. Will Ryan Got Ryan John to a promoter that gotTA DEAL? Haney got his own deal. So let's not acting right. He don't bring money to the table. A fight with hanes big remember. This promoter was entertaining entertaining broader. Actually twenty he got in his DMZ. Y'All talk realistically heinous a star to them. They back in. So let's just go with the notion that a higher fortuna really doesn't WanNA fight him. You know what I'm saying. He's duck in them now like I saw like. If it's like that you know you gotta protect your investments whether they champs or contenders whatever they may be you know whatever place they position they playing like. Have Your Fortune's pry feels okay. I'M GONNA get another payday. Where Luke Campbell? And I got a better chance at winning and I'm not gonNA fucking dilute my name because at the end of the day is good as your last fight. If he goes in they get demolished by Heini. His stock kind of goes down. You fill me as having those opportunities it does. It does but this is. The thing is for tuna in look I would love for my Dominican brethren to go to the UK. Be Luke Campbell. Get more popular. Get more money to fight Devon Haney and beat Deborah Haney but do we really think that like does he really think he could beat Luke Campbell. I'm not saying that he can't. I'm just saying that's a tough fight. That's a dangerous fine. It ain't like it's a bag and you're going to pick it up and this. Ah Can you bought the tip over and then can pick up and fight. Haney that ain't it loo- Campbell's a serious fight. It's a serious fight so you're going to jeopardize a world title shot to maybe lose to Campbell in the UK under some own man. I'm telling you know he he. He gave a Robert Easter. A fucking a hard man. I'm thinking like some like like him. Haney would would make an interesting match up. You know because of the defensive styles or whatever that they'd be bringing j five boroughs heinous toughest fight till date. Haney hasn't for anyone with the power and the awkwardness of Fortuna with the ring. Not Ring. I Cuba the level of experience. That he's been in now on the on the world stage you know. He's got names on this bell. He had route good rounds with a you know Omar Douglas and and guys like Robert Easter. And you know he's knocked out guys like You Know Yon Dale Evans and He's been in the ring he's been I think even for It might fall under the volume. Not One hundred percents sure but might have where where does still FEMA Lopez go now? Shit like we're whereas you go Tom. He's with top ranked. They found another fucking. What's the was the dude He was he was fighting From fast and furious Han he was fighting harmon behind them. Up is shared by everybody. Got Off team. Oh train myself Danny De da. But what you're saying though because I I think deal. Fema was good mates. I think he could give it to Loma. Chanko may do but you saying now he got his ass with now he just don't say he got. He got tossed up in a in a in Hong fight. I mean they're not as touched up Janko and that's right. Sure did sure did as what it is. You can't get touched up in boxing because all of a sudden you wait Right now we don't yet 'cause no competition your Enrica Leonardo's is a name that you knew how to pronounce. Who Till Fema Guitar Stop by like? I don't give to us. It would have been. It would have been I if you just let let it a little bit more. So we're GONNA solids a little bit longer the violin-playing nine point right did I. What I'm saying like. You my Asian and and you know my from the West don't began the credibility like. Oh He's a tough fight. You know what I'm saying no matter which way you WanNa look at it. The guy was a tough fighter. Maybe maybe damn all alone in like fucking bid Palm Powell cash. It carried soup as well. Bugs butter a twelve. Am Barney carrots? Sue Times I'VE BURP. Didn't like the last forty five minutes where I'm like. Oh Shit am I gonNa hit it in time? I hit mute entire last topic last topic. Man We got to open up. These phones lives king. Nello King of options right. We only talk in Kanalelo because uh bill dribble like listen. This Bible Shit is oh I promise you you know what now. I got my email in this computer to let me if I pull up this bill shift when this press came out because this is what they do. You don't be all this is old. What interview like It was on a fight not remember who was on. This is a press release chant. I'm telling you it was a press release. But he gave an interview. He gave his own interview with his own his own quotes. Let me find it. We might have to ask them questions. Ami Seattle it's not the first time he's said that he'd come to one. Six eight could come down on this a week ago and so we go to this week all this week. Oh this this is a press release from his promoter April Seventh Dimitri Bill Calls for Super Middleweight World title showdown with gunmen Allah. I would say in this in this new world. I think that you know if we could go back on some of the things we missed. It's probably going to be a good is a good thing not I mean. Look I get you. We need to fill this. We need to fill the news and notes. I just you know like everybody wants a shot at Cannella. We should have did this whole this. Whole topic number. Four should have been everyone. That calls are Cannella. Not just like Cannella call outs. Yeah like everybody else can Nello like. Why does get a whole topic? Why he ain't even done nothing wrong because like that's a good choice for like Golden Gopher for the Connecticut camp. You know what I'm saying like mail US thumbnail. You see all the choices he got. And you're gonNA say bills choice. Bitcoin even known the Roster Bro. Well what I'm saying is this styles. May FEIS right now. I'm looking at it from perspective. That like he's GonNa run into some you know what I'm saying. They would want to run into some too big of a punch or too young. We gotta see Cannella stupid. They go let always had problems with sleep. Fighters is going Billy Saunders. Route Right. He Oh he was scheduled to fight. A billion covert happen and that was signed. That wasn't signed wasn't shot. I won't lie to you so you look fine and dry. Hey Fine Billie Joe and who? The fuck is listening. So listen since you so souped on this. I do think Canelo beats them because remember bills. One hundred and seventy five pound fighter. He's calling that he thinks down. Exactly no I just WANNA I wanted to word it in my words for the people that are listening did Charles Fans and Andre Fans. Look at what he's doing. You know this is floyd. Did you know what I mean? This is denied and tried to do. This is not just you in for payday. This is trying to create the paid by coming outside of your comfort zone. This man has had all hundred and seventy five pounds fights. He started his career. One seventy nine okay. And he's talking about I'll fight. Cannella super middleweight. Trying to catch he got the cat she got the bay. He got debate at the end of the stick. Like let me see if they buy gold ticket and guess what Biblical strong you know. Knock him off his added seventy five one six T A. We don't know we don't know where he walks around that and we saw them that their podcast road. He looked like he keeps in shape. But how much that affects him. You know to come down to that a lot of for the way. A lot of say he's small for the way I mean he's still got the power he knocked out by red eye in that division. He did not knock out Isaac Chamberlain. I mean excuse me not Chamberlain Chamberlain his undefeated in from the UK. I meant to say Lemba Isaac going back to the styles. Though like I'm saying like I see I see bill running in the sun with a with a guy like Kinetico too slick too slick bebel. Nothing bills like Kinda. He kinda basic he throws his low combinations but he's he's basically he hasn't shown me nothing nine super special as far as like Slickness and stuff like that that lettuce. `Isms what we've seen the most. Yeah he's as an athlete hard puncher and all that but like I seek a nettle Washington. Yoke nettles done. He Cova Levy. I don't give enough enough credit that you know what I'm saying like Coppola knows how to boxing knows how to use a jab. You saw a man on that little boy. He was really motherfucking. Continental red is after that fight them jabs his skill level. I think Kovalev skill wise is better than bill. Bro I want the triple J fi. I'm not with this bill shit. I hope this is just that chason. Even though I like that he's never had a fight at sixty eight that opens up my businessman. I wondered Renault sewing. Them will take serious but like I said. This is a week old and we seem no. Canelo team member whether that's promoter-manager trainers. No one has mentioned anything about this shit but my hat goes off to San. He'll go down to one sixty eight. But that's my final thoughts on that topic. You Guys Quick. Twenty seconds to say that Yeah look I like the Bill Kilifi in just pure entertainment sense. I think it'd be a great fight but there's nobody right now that I'm picking against fellow you know no matter what way class but this was just a huge milestone to me to bring bill down at this time in his I'll put it this way. I think a win over. Bill gets better as the years go. Yeah it would be similar. It will be similar to what. Kanalelo happen with FLO unanimity. Like you got that. He got that win early and now Kennels and so great that it looks better for Floyd's resume everyday exactly. It's a little different though because bills. Twenty nine you know. His seventeen to know is kind of It's it's it's a UNA looting out the word I'm looking for. I don't even know what the word I'm looking for background. Though that you know slow amateur background. But I think he'll be around as long as he needs to be to accomplish what he needs to accomplish. These eastern Europeans are very focused on their goals. Muscle focused. Yeah all those words definitely so which I feel about that. Mikey Garcia Paki out comment. You know what I'm saying. He's saying they pack you out might not present problems or whatnot. Not He just trying to get a site and each trying to get a fight and trying to get his fans. You know the Mario's of the world to believe him but like which we don't there's no way he gets back. Yeah there's no way he smokes but he says they're like like and I kinda agree with him on some of the things he said like he's saying that he's not as lengthy you know he's not taught as tall as earlier. Bush is mikey faster. You like Earl Sodas. Mikey mass slow. We thought he was fast. I mean he's not known he's you know he's got a good fast one too but he's he's not as fast as as those lines. Yeah Explosive Wants Earl. Put THAT JAB in his faces like his computer kept crashing like he was like. Oh can't compute can't compute. What do I do Ooh like? He was just he couldn't. You'RE GONNA COMPARE THEM STRICTLY TO SPENCE. Yeah. There's a lot of things that might your. She did it benefit from that he wouldn't have to worry about like they wouldn't be the same Division a lot of other issues as the problem. Yeah but but that's other divisions like we could only count him out well two-way and the the Vagas win is a good win because he got the drop Vargas. I wasn't expecting that but yeah I was talking to pack you out. No not yet okay. I know but I'm trying to like gauge. What he could do versus pack versus the pack. Yo Earl like you know what I'm saying. Just just got that explosive power catches you all off of glow I go right to like pack your versus termine. So there was not one thing that pack. Yao could not do so. I don't see him run through Thurman Yeah I put but that's what I mean. I don't see Mikey Garcia. Being smarter fight of their many pack. Yup Yup I think he got time and maybe I think Mike Mike Mike Thurman Bro. He bulking up the wrong trees. Mikey Safai Andre Berto. I'm saying so. You GIVE BURNT. Bertone were you. Give them no chance against Pacman all that chance. It Bra eight four. You know he'd be lucky if he got seven five But like I don't even see that how many rows Durman Got Dermot got like Was it three five missing. I don't know but I know making getting more than Thurman Year. I don't even more right hands on pack than any fighting. All history. Scorecards added one fifteen twelve thirteen fourteen. Fifteen twelve thirteen fourteen. That's seven father. I did not more or is it one or one or two more fifteen or seven five. Why won't focus at a knock-down? Is it a knockdown? I mean look but they they give them one thirteen. We'll see I don't even. I don't even watch fights with with judges that I didn't notice. Damn somebody added that closer with my man. Derby. That's almost draw baby. Let's just go to her. Mcdermott gave it a good ass fight. He Wa- has rematch. Joe taught me some data was rematch. Yo I'm telling you when I seen S. it. I was like Yo. Nobody landed more right hands on pack than do only thing that the market has landed the right right man. You know what I'm saying. He landed so many and they do. Marquez is wanted Marcus. Put THEM IN. Mikey's dreaming of doing this a white Christmas. It's a payday man. Is that eighty. That's that's what he dreaming about that. Pay One by new car sign. He gets paid before the fight. He cop new car they got. They got helicopters helicopters. Yeah Oh did you see the charge? Ovidio emory gap put over the weekend. I have seen the house days ago. Y'All and a peanut. Now you a very you know. Nice piece of property. I know you ain't from Texas. Because they will schooling me on the back end so allegedly schooling because I really zillow it on like that does not now what it caused. Forget what it calls your in his pocket. Book is it a million. I was thinking like Nah Ondo in Texas. That's what they said they said. Texas where in Texas Yoga. But you see how big he had a University College Basketball Gymnasium Slash Boxing Gym in his house. Bre on nine and I didn't see that far into it like Joe. He gotTa have like Twenty Thousand Square feet just in the Jimbo is like watch. The ceilings Bro. It's crazy you get some good deals on property. I know office they had. That office was huge. You're the staircase it was double scarface down multiple slats marble slab steps. Like no man. That's probably one five. I wish my man was still my boy because I would just love to say like wow. That's the way they decorated it too. I love the colors. White greys organized. Y'All got kids to mind man. That's what I said. I knew he had I chew. 'cause I'm I met him when I was pregnant with another one but I ain't no he had to the wants and you know what else is goodbye. A family found my applause. I WANNA give warned Iraq applause. Bill Hollow Light but firecrackers but I wanted to applaud your high school sweetheart. Shot out to my man holding down through thickness and thin because Yo- that's a lot you know what I mean like. She was there for all to come up. You know some people change on the come up you know they change on a come up. So that's shout out to him keeping it fucking one hundred all the way to stand with all them. Kids Beautiful House beautiful family man. You know what I mean. Hopefully Coyote said that he he had how paying more go K. Dudes hate is Bra haters. Brady say al. Hey Ms probably pay the mortgage on that. And that's that will mean he got money said dare tell you know you've got some Alison your heart when you gotta say like that. I'm telling you but what else I wanted to add. A lot of little tidbits out there man. I mean we guy I mean that's untitled obviously from now that is untitled. Some good topics on on that side is I mean. We could go with Pool because like I can't believe arum talking about pool of better than my man and the I disagreed. Have BY FATHER. I put my foot down. I don't agree. Robot Pool is not moving like my man envy. I can't be. My Man. Looked like he moving by Frankenstein. Shit you ain't doing nothing talking about. He better he better. He better fighting the envy. Roy's man I don't know it's a good guy he's a he's got more experience. Come on come on just excellent man face look like a beat up book bag Bro. Temp shots and he takes jots come on. Yeah he does. He takes shots man. He he didn't do too well to where we all Sino Sino. Let me just straight up in. A rugby are okay. Did receive your book for Major Clark You know I don't think I checked I didn't Give any information so did you. Mario who I did but I I. I know but as I got a package for I gotTA check my email. I got I got I got A. I got the package today sometime so you know. I haven't even opened that. I've just seen that. It was addressed to me from him so I didn't even open packages still in the past. I got his first book. He said to me years ago through four years ago. Maybe and it was really good. It was really well written. I liked the topics he covered. We're very unique. You don't really see them. Written about in boxing books actually any books specifically. I wish you to set me off again digital piece Abe Vagabond Hall. I'm like Whoa Yacht and get a book either yet. You Ain't get you got the email which you in it and I. I responded so you la you should be getting you then you should get it. I just got it today. I think it's it anyway. I haven't opened it on Sunday because I got and it was on the floor and a step so maybe it was there yesterday. Our no good pretty decent neighbor. Even though I'm trying to get the freak out here so you saying the Poulet Beats Andy Maria what. I'm not saying that I just. I don't think it's like I don't know a simple is just not worked and I see people on the chat. Talk about resumes. It should like. Oh yeah always like I understand. Resumes Look Good. But like when you compare fighters you can't like just say like oh his resume better so this fight. This fight is of course of course and if I had to like boil it down to like brass tacks in terms of skill sets. I think honestly a skill set impresses me more but based off of you know endurance and based off of how hard I think and erase heads. I don't know I don't think it's a simple answer. 'cause yours was more you came see. That's the thing is I don't want to get it. Played off the wrong side where it's like. Oh you picked the other one that I'm saying wait. All I'm saying is it's not a slam dunk case the way that you are making it. In my opinion I don't think it's as laughable for him to say this you know is it hyperbole probably is he talking. Shit for sure You know but and Pula Pula fight in. Who is he fighting right now? He's by Joshua Right. Yeah he's he's got Joshua Vob things pooling Josh Basse Bob. Things Pool is going to be judged think's GonNa fight him because they're gonNA get Tyson fury so they're all little nut though so like Pula Pula he's ranging. He got that one too. I mean look I'm looking at highlights from him at your Seora to try to compare if we're Andy breeze like just just just what you guys said is even more you know like he's Day slow in my opinion though he what he's massively slow in my opinion yep against Aj Pula like what is he. Does he be- AJ? Like this is what I'm saying. I mean I remember watching the Vlad I can never get that. Vlad left hook out. Like how Vlad big as did the mayweather check left Hook on. Pula drop them late. Vlad like huge and he was robotic he always was tagged with the robotic label. Like so imagine what pool? Ev Is Vladimir Klitschko CA- check left lunge left Hook. You Bro like come on Bro. Who Love is who love is always done what he's always done waiting for the big shots a Son. He went. He went to distance throughout the booker. You know what I'm saying exactly and there was in jail for like twenty years. Pitas not too long ago and I don't even know if he stopped saying Peterson shouldn't be fighting like pool. Leverage is trying to get this check man trying to get this check which seemed high trying to get this money but he told my given half of it up to corona virus. I know that's a publicity stunt. There's no way that was who is holding them. Who's holding them to? I want to know the name of the charity. He's donating half his check to. That's that's about two point. Five mill easing. Oh I wonder how Bulgaria is With the corona virus. Maybe he's doing something for his country. Who maybe me let me see. The paper Pool live loses. All right is that. Is that all the little notes Before we open it up. I'm the all right. Well let's go out to these calls. You know the number to call in one four to five zero five six nine fifty to forty one. Press one one Tom. Voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Remember to raise five stars on itunes. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts an electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com all right. Let's see who zone land. We're going out to Harlem Gaddi would up We go man. How are you good? Even you know you're everything man. I'm just making it all right. Thanks for calling in Israel Oklahoma. What UP GETTING PHILLIPS? Good show as always On the Floyd topic. That's when I was GonNa talk about the You know there's always that something when somebody's really good at something. They're not always the best trainer. That's kind of. We've heard that in boxing before too. I wonder if that's the case with Floyd That was my thought on Saturday morning to regarding female when Devon. I'm I got a few more to Walmart do me on this one. I I don't think. Pfm Was Duncan anybody. I just think you WANNA data Loma fight and it's committed corona so we'll see what happens. That's my call all right. We're going out to New Orleans. Let's make up really ship. Hey Karma off the way I WANNA talk to You. Turn off the station. Yeah it was. Yeah what up route talking team? Oh female versus Danny Yup. I got team FEMA I think he did a little more power. Everything Haven't got good skill. Haven't been tested team. Fema been tested by few fighters and Pros there floor with fabric. I'm kind of like with Israel. He's a good excellent fighters. They don't make him a good train but we got to see how he adapted being trained being an attorney in a row not making about floor. Megan and the bodies fight could show keeping up all right. Jt Man thanks for calling us on. He was working out. We'RE GONNA GO OUT TO ATLANTA. Forty somewhat feet tend to paint every counter that we've seen another net tutor city swag came onto this. Oh man even back on the bowmore. We're going out to sit in. Orlando the shit. I guess I'm ahead just from some love me. No as usual. How no we talking about but Gersh it anyway and I catch y'all in the morning while I'm working brother. Thanks for calling in We'RE GOING OUT TO DETROIT BILL BLACKOUT FREE ON TV. And you gesture knows I thought. Cpt Voice said p people now let scientists said a sweet in route to be good. What would I change? Yup Yup hear me. I'm I'm on blue. Is that all right sir. All right First off let me give Micro Mario. You snow there. It's an all care about these topics. Mana. I need my back. May A lot of people call me upset on so ready right now. If you're ready to night what's up. Come on Friday Guy Way Guy Rubber. We can rubber mashed night. Then we could. We could do the trilogy on Friday guys but I I I do this. It took him two days to write his last one. You'll send them off Tuesday. That's two days could do the rubber the rubber match Tuesday trump. Could I know I'm a Beato? You're saying let's go out Yo. Friday is talking to talking to. You is off the chair you man. Is this law at the press conference. I can you all talking to Carmelo Tuesday. I'm always reading. No no when it was my turn right now. What's up I'm here. I said. Listen we we moving on a big imbedded days right now you gotta you gotta you gotTa get you back into the wing. Ain't nobody talking very high right now. So caught up an essay contract that you missed out on his work over here. What'S UP MARIO? Mario Mario Tell you what I'm GONNA BE READY. And if nest colleen can be ready ready Brady right now. I'm just letting you know saw negative. Who was who was now believers who got us to borrow squad man wagging stylist circus. I ill you know what I'm saying. That's all good. You know what I'm saying. I guess we all have to wait till till Friday since mess acting Liberian Eddie hard with AJ protection over there. For Mario also listening he goes I. Listen I listen I listen you less. Let's go out. Let's go. That's all I'll say as always say. Please make sure you push the thumbs up. Share this every episode of the boxer. Boy spar-casse This TV for life. If you pay your guess you'll find out next week. 'cause you spoke and sat out the ELK Amino pigs. I just had to get that air. 'cause I don't know I'm still at work. I don't know if I'M GONNA be off in time for that. Boomerang and so so Listen it's not that I didn't want to give him a chance and I didn't realize I wasn't trying to be a spoiler. I just think that we need to keep it on Friday so that it becomes a thing in an emmy up because if we just do it anytime sporadically then it's not a thing is just more like Yo. Whoever has balls to battle battles and should be again. It should be body Friday. And you gotta stick to the rules remember. You gotTA keep it boxing. Say I'll know Myron now. They want you to write another one. No and another goal Schreider. Then we go out to stone bone box with up Ryan versus FEMUR versus Devon. I look at Daven as the same as I look at Shukor outta elite Ilk of boxer and is going to be hard for puncher to beat them. Because if you think you're going to beat them which is knocking him out. He just box you for twelve rounds and win easily because he waiting for a guy to just come in and try to knock him out so tier female GonNa have to really level up. And I'm not saying he don't got he can't do it but I don't see him right now. Possess in the boxing skills to be a Devon Haney. I think you can beat Tanko but I think they've McCain. Is bigger faster stronger. A different animal. He's a natural boxer. He get he get out the natural so unless he can tell me like. Danny Garcia Catching Danny can catch. Shoot Danny away for you to hit them just to counter you so I would need to see some light that out of a tear for think you can beat a Devon Haney far the Ron Garcia we do like a maybe a mandy wasn't I von Mindy or Machado so former champions guys who lost the champions maybe even a top rank let him get a Richard. Call me give them the Richard. Call me see if he can knock out a rigid call me or put on a display. Think that'd be a big step up form mayweather you see to the clips. He worked with Roger. Roger Mayweather Son He worked in his son. He just wanted to see if the love of boxing. We're just not emotion because sometimes you can how you jump into things. Dan You your wrist. Do he'll be like trump. Trump is bad he president. He's a Ryssdal he he and the limitations of the presidency with people watching them just like floyd would be in the limitations of a trainer when he WANNA go fly to Japan and pick up two three four five million dollars while you're working with a trainer dishonesty on give them maybe a thousand dollars his payday as trainer so I think that love could he got it. He could do it. He wanted just work with his people to see if he can really feel the sustainment to WanNa stay at a gym three hundred sixty five days and not be fighting for a hundred million dollars every time you know what I mean. He only getting a couple thousand trainer for a year so I think he could do it. He just wanted to see if the rowdy WANNA go by. But what if is just us? Just don't believe he's retired. What if he's just retie it you know? And what if that's believe he retired? I believe he retired. I think he looked at the time to train semi retired. He Ain't going to pick a hundred thousand dollars now. He's listening. He Floyd Mayweather. He goes over into speaking tours. Getting five six seven million dollars to go tour. Fuck Torque Opened up jims. He's getting paid six seven figures just to just to pull up. Dan He go do after showed get a thousand dollars to walk into Clo- hundred thousand dollars a walk in a restaurant. He going to clear ten million dollars on his private jet. How you think he feels in in gym training every day three times a day for somebody can. That's a lot to doc. I said about trump. The limitations of Dole's disciplines is the same thing trump feel in the White House. You rich he used to telling people with a quid pro quo as business but at president. That's illegal so you telling a man. I do this every day in my business but I can't do this shit as the president so it just I don't know it flew the pacing and And Death Probably. Why starting with the young guys to see like making money off these guys. I'm pacing in the art bring on a big name. So that's what I think he's doing and I think in my work out for him you never know but put him in there Put put him in there with Richard. Combe I'd be better off. See See I mean I get what you're saying but is more of a letdown for young up and coming guy been him in there for one camp with a already known stall like Andy adjuvants a Bono wilder looking at that. I think he's looking at that. I think he just want to microcosm manage it and if he feel good after a month where he'd like fuck it. I ain't gonNA fly to Japan. Almost stand the gym. He might be lower man. Come on down your focus perceived months. I can get you right. I think that's how thinking I mean I know. He thinks he can do it. When you great at some you driven to be great at everything that you do it's a competition level has wired and you'll hear but I think if he start on a lower level and he maintaining the love and not getting paid. He'll be willing to sacrifice three months just for a percentage of that that fighters not the whole purse like. He was used to control the purse. The whole money. He was saying he. I mean he controlled everything and pay people out of the total money of the thing. So let's a lot for him to sit down so him doing it with his family. Just let you see like all right. He got the I'm pacing. I can do it by private. Jet Ain't it ain't it ain't call cobwebs and saying it's okay to not be in my girls club. I can try and boxers and nothing other fighters will want to see him how to love or to do it on a minor level before they entrust him with somehow getting them to the next level in a professional career. When somebody who'd been doing it for fifty years maybe couldn't do it. You know so. I think that's where he would. You brought up a good point though like when you're a coach you give up a lot of stuff like you're going to be the gyms you're going to have to be on your fight like it tastes a lot of time and it gets uncomfortable so like I get it man. Like how long can you do it for? And if you really gonNA really like it like three or four months down the road. But that's that's us that he still has that money hungry itch we gotta also think with a the memory of his uncle plan in the back of his mom remember. What what I read. He's inspired to to inspire. So sometimes you make enough money. I get it for everyone. We're all GONNA question that part I come on. That's you crazy they're gonNA be offering the money for this too late stone bone. Say he could do a walk through and get paid so I get that. No one will believe he will stop chasing money but you know he's older now he's older you think differently you know. That's probably why he chose his son and his nephew to start with remember. As like I said something just happened with his daughter so maybe he wants to grab a hold of his youth in his family. First before something you know happens. I mean because no one expected. Yeah you gotta go what she's going through so that's a female. You know main you know you don't want the guy's really going through that for sure you know I mean like I said I'm interested though. Because if you could put floyd mayweather its box brand in in in in another you for an you know in another another person and we get to see another like you know clone. You know so to speak Bro. I'm just thinking about his kids like I had I had with storm. What was I just had this quick like fantasy of his kid like imagine a floyd mayweather son turn pro. I mean I gotta be like a half million dollar pro debut right. Oh Yeah I could imagine every network is going to be trying to get for mayweather son like Yo is pressure. Don't get me wrong like I said that to whoever said it. Every junior has a bad in boxing. They just have it bad but man. If it ain't some all fucking good come out of that. I'm telling you I could just imagine new. Because I've seen how they bill earl all Olympians from two thousand twelve. They got the the pro debut on showtime so. I can just imagine the clout that a junior would get in. They WANNA THEY WANNA like them and Medo. He was filling them in. May but you know you boxing. Mma so shit. I ain't even click on Kerala quick on Corru- social media because tag both of them. Let me see what they were with. No you know ness-like account instant success. It's like it's part of that if you watch black did you. What did you watch the Black Mirror recommended? That's about social status. You'll black mirrors ahead of the Tom and says. Oh I'm giving you all episodes when my fi is a man die? Fi Shit Bro. This ahead of time what I was looking for you to call us stuff going on in China ben going on in China. Oh my God I can't wait fun side of the talk about that China Shit. Jesus Christ is put it at PREPO. Oh yeah that that that. Ma Belle crazy gay. I immediately three hundred seventy one thousand. What that's what his son has. Already three hundred seventy one K. He's try this this no way. These kids are going to WANNA fight though. I mean his instagram already. Looks like he's a rapper. Like why would you WANNA get punched in the face? He's got better jewelry than half the boxes boxing. I'm GonNa just show you this for all my view in public because again we got like is different man. When you come from the Hood you hungry when you was floyd from Michigan you hungry you WANNA get out of poverty but you know worst my man. What's the what's the famous saying is hard to get up out of the bed when you sleep in his suit? She said my man been in a silk cheated crib like he had a silver spoon at the goals. Boom PLATINUM SPOON THEM SILVER. Yay Look he got the TMC jet man he said where we to next air mayweather like he could talk cocky. That's mayweather son is he really gonNA WANNA get punched in. The face was he. Doing box cardio is your boxing. Should I mean he's probably like what like fifteen sixteen when I hold izzy like is he this Iran Corron? This is oldest son. I'm not really sure. But he looked like he could be at least eighteen. I'm Ya Ya was. What nineteen in this. She's big system right. Is this boy. Also he walked out with his oh a rapid to he got a Mike on him. He Ain't trying to stop it. Stop Nah Chan. Maybe the nephew a walked out his father nine trying to fight a walk them out in Japan Promotion. Oh so they airtight to Dan. Good that chain now. Don't take no punchers chance you already got bread and even worth it in about the bread. No more about the name but he can make a name. He obviously is a rapper. So maybe if he got that talent he can make a name without that without having to take punches. He ain't gotta go. Look at this Bra. Look at this look at this. That's a lot of money that's at rise and that's how does default like those. Floyd really want them to a lot of a lot of people say they don't want their kid to fight. You know a lot of boxes but now he only on box hang on box. You know what I'm saying. Yes I get it. Yeah if they don't they basically see how I don't want to buy but they also say I got to see that in them you know because they know what it takes a guy like floyd knows what it takes. It takes those miles. It takes those during the set of all that you don't WanNa do unanimity. He's going to be able to spot that out. He Ain't GonNa be fooled that you can't fool hard work. You can't fool that you can't law that that don't lie like if you go to the gym and you ain't do your shadow boxing. I mean everything man. It's not just one thing. Even though everything that is going to tell in the fight is gonNA. So he he he all that driving to the music man he owned need to go out there and do no twelve ramp fights but you gotTa Remember Manolis. Keep it rocky and that's why I always always Bang for rocky when people are back in the hall of fame. Yeah 'cause rocky made us believe right so rocky member. His son went through this. Not This my imaginary story that a mother just bring out too late now. What if you WANNA get embossing? Because he got he got the rocky store. Remember Iraqi File Tommy. But his son was getting beat up he got his bomber took and shit. It's like oh it's like. Oh so you think people ain't picking I mean. Maybe verity took his shirt. Maybe he got security. I know I know in this day and age. He probably got security go to a private school and he and he seems cool. But I don't know maybe maybe he just like he's maybe he's expected to fight. Maybe he feels like society expects them to fight for sure. I could see that I mean like you know people expect you to go into whatever the businesses you know the family's business or whatever and it just so happens his father. His family businesses the fight game and in a major way. Because that's the other thing it's one thing to have your Dahbi whether that's like the big thing but you still got you know. Two of the most famous trainers of the Twenty First Century Twentieth and Twenty First Century. Like there's no way it's amazing grain in him so. I could definitely see him thinking. He has some potential. He's gotta live up to. Would we get like a Julio Cesar Chavez kind of resolve Brown and? I don't think you'll get that from Ford. You see I. I know for caring every five is gonna be loving and caring to their kids but I feel like Floyd knows what it takes to be a fighter. And he's going to be that trainer this on you man. You can't you know you're going to even get you so. I think he's GonNa push him if he decides to train right but Looks like j Mag Join US someone? Go out to him in New Orleans but yeah man that would be interesting to see you know what you bitches in the sport total disrespect. Cuba's not only modest thing if you do stay away from I'm challenging one hundred thousand million e Yoenis J. Man. Yeah can you hear me? Give Him Give both my brother imagine jumped on that. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Uh-huh a stay. You GotTa wait till Friday man. You GotTa Win Friday. You came out you had just said you gotta wait to Friday though. I mean like you like the caller said. I can't call you stainless right and I got a call. You stay with I mean based on I mean we could talk more about the topic man you know like I say that. Continue to be a good train them. Instead of like the low he'll take that ego out of it and You know religious. Focus on the fight. It'll make it about him. 'cause that's the whole thing about floor may whether you know maybe some of this stuff that's happening to him. GonNa humble him a little bit like Y'all saying and you know and make you know. Make him focus more on his fighters voluntee- training these other fighters. They were built a nest in Inside the top- topic. I'll tell you that I'm pretty backed up Haney say he needs Haney but train. Excuse me re Eddie Reynosa says Garcia needs two more fights before Haney so we was. Kinda just throwing out name or Davis and listen Paul Ryan Garcia Davis Andy off low. Pay and stuff like that. You're thinking more of a hype job right now. He may need more than two fights to fight those top fighters. I see Debbie. No boxing beaten in my seat. Devante knocking them out as a team of female Lopez Alabama did knocking them out drumming guy because Wrangler see that high right now. You know where he got. He has potential but he needed a few more fights before heath Still fighting those guys. That's different level. Even though I still feel Haney haven't been tested yet next up The Lopez Haney Lopez. You know I said I got Lopez I think this skill for skill handy my have a little more skill than on Lopez but I just see I think Lopez been tested a little and I thank you eventually. I think eventually crip painting catch him in clip them. You know I think he does. He'll see the stronger fighter out too. I'm not that big on Debra hand. I know he got boxing skills. But like I say I I thought that brought a fight would have been a good test for him yet thing. That will be a good test. Fight to see what heaven heinous really about because one thing about Brown. He'd be he even if he gets as well he he come the fight and I think I mean I think Brian will feel disrespected. Writing his young champion nothing. He tried to clip of Deborah Haney. So I mean I think that'd be a good test for Haney to see where he goes from now to take pool Levin Andy Bob the Bob Father. Talking about Poulet is better is a better hula. Hula Pool is which is that. That's the one I kissed a reporter. You Joshua Nex. Oh man listen. That's a rough. I'm not big on Josh. I think Pu left can go on an rough Anthony Joshua and beat them I think he got the skill set. physicality to to run Joshua And beat him. You know Annual fees if he was really focused man he'll be awesome fight I think that would make a better fight out of the Jocelyn Pula but I feel like any where we got the whole he just don't have the conditions and mindset right now to get in tiptop shape to You know the the redeeming loss. It looked like a a a rough and where we so dimitri bitter wants to fight Canelo at one sixty eight even though he's never had a fight one sixty eight and he was a young When he Friday seventy five I. That's a good fight man that do about Cannella each right. They both twenty Anna. Yes I will want. If I- alpay pay per view out pay double pay per view for Cannella take the challenge in a fight like that if he beats people people are finally Cannella his respect because he he went in there for the young champion somebody that push them roam up but he won't be bringing them down. Because the do the champion at one. Seventy five now wants to be a or he. He's still young is different when you get older fighter in you. You mid thirties or thirties and stuff like that you you try to bring him down. Like a like for instance like canal to Andre Wall and try to bring him down to uncomfortable. Wait Yeah 'cause that that won't be good if he tried to bring underwater all the way down to one sixty or one sixty back to one day but somebody like that people. I think he's still young. He could get down to one six to eight. It might not affect him as well and like I say he cannella take their fight even though my respect probably wouldn't matter to him but I'll finally respect canal on this show and give him credit from stepping in there fighting. A young home attempted. Yeah that's about it champ. No more topics than unless you unless you want to buy virtual fights and all that let's talk. Let's talk about the Mario vs state. Stay stay to you. Know what's the percentage on that man who is We know who it is. Larry how much are we giving them? An immediate rematch. Is he going through a round robin with somebody like what's going on with Under last Friday we say. Give him a rematch. But I thought you gotta you know is up to. The chip may expire removing married. Give him a rematch. Make stainless go through. Somebody else didn't Didn't he get that rematch? But he got a win at a fight I I. I'd be discussed that Promoting them in a fighter. I think the only word the opponent data showed himself was intrigued intrigue so if you want Israel Israel man listen Israel hit that. He has some strong little punch lines. Yoga easy gotta practice delivery before he go out to King May Mario which delivered my. We're talking about Yuta. Standards of getting him is go. That's it you dead. Jt stainless came through on a counterpoint. He like that. Dan Combo breaker stainless dog. Don't you say counterparts? Yeah man you know I'm at work. I wait your garden. First off stylists was already a champion. If I if I wasn't a super champion I was guaranteed unified. He's talking about do every interview I've ever had is a song. Got Guys So. I'm already labeled as a rapper. So Armagh a champion anyway. The fuck is y'all talking home. No disrespect to intrigue Sony. Anybody else that caught him. I'd Saleh's help. We'll say and they. Nobody take that that's me you know what I'm saying and then if I'm going to be real which are your Mario one stainless be stylus. You know what I'm saying. I tripped in. You know what I'm saying. It ain't like Mario came near slaughter me and then I came with a cold and then he beat me now. I stood up and said you know what I ready if I'm GonNa do a re written and I'm going to a ridden now. You WanNa do a champion champion on some ridden becomes O B. You did grown a bra like you the incoming prepared. That's just like Yo Yo. He was mad road. No no I don't I just don't like well. I mean I get it. I get freestyle battle rapping if you pat pool smoke stay stain on some way right now. I'm ready. Yo Yo yo Yo. This is almost untitled metaphor. We by the end they would would Bid untitled so what I want you to do for everybody. Listens to untitled. This ain't gonNA be out fast enough any of the news on ups to even hear this like I guess they do they can because they'll get the MP three tomorrow. But what I mean is whoever's just relying on the free show won't even hear this in Tom but that being said for people that are listening in live and okay. Is this tomorrow before we do entitled. I'm not going to give any spoilers today. So go watch code eight so that tomorrow Monday night we could talk about code eight on Net flicks all coded on Netflix. I you got you up to par with the ozark Dash. It is not an owner yellow. I'm not even on it. I watched like the first two seasons and I haven't been back for the season so much shit going on with so many different cities. But there's another one. I Y Code is good enough though. But this mother should out there but that is really glow. Little fires is pretty good on Washington with I read half of that and then I never finished. It was a library book. Let's just wait but I'm just going to watch it because it looks fucking fire. You got fucking Reese Witherspoon fucking remember. Pacey from fucking docile Dawson's Creek Oh First of all I'm GonNa say this real quick. I the only two people right now that I would even once about on Friday will be either entry or stainless so I let everybody else call it. Yeah because because you know what? I'll take them both on the same day. Knowsley champ. Don't get caught. I don't know Kathi. Don't get cocky. I know wrapping is now. I know wrapping is not I know wrapping is not boxing. But just because it's the boxer show. We should keep it that way. You know what I'm saying. I have one full training camp for one fight chant. Don't take to buy songs at once. This it after what had less this one. I'm going to do unless on day one. Some Day somehow grows to the point where it's like a tournament one night on different because then people you know at battling each other. Yeah and they got to the next round you know what it means others get eliminated others move on but using come like super super hard. Now I gotta stay about the come at. You will stay. Say he backed with another counterpunch. I'm assuming not because I'm not even GonNa say his name But I remember the last time this happened. Somebody was getting a this is why respect stainless last time. They say whenever you ready. I'll start the clock. I'm waiting for you to But those are the only two I would have been consolidated statement. What did you say I was letting finished? I'm done first. Off on all of your. I saw you know patriotic people. That's why you need to know why I need to be all patriotic for the fifteen dollars. If you'll see in skype chat entry the incredible just to step aside so you ain't got nobody to fight right me baby so you don't want to a Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. I see you Friday so Sony. The man who came in wrapping. That was the first thing he said was. You need to give them another chance. Israel Weber same thing so I see you Friday but like I say it's all good. It's all of Y'all saying which you know saying I'm licking my chops baby. Like seven like seven or photo me. I'm looking at shops as always say. Please make sure you push the thumbs up. Shed this every episode of the boxing voice. Podcast 'cause if you ain't Patriae you stupid. I guess you have to hear this in another seven days. Shot Off del Camino. Yeah I just hope Mario. Don't get all anthony. Josh shore by Joe. I got the win. I'm so nice. And then comes in lackadaisical because I honestly didn't think it was going to go that easy for you Mario. I always thought stainless specially when he did the last one. Which is intro now. You know I don't play the long version because the someone else's beat so well I'll be honest with you and there's GonNa sound probably make people think like bullshit but I'll be honest with you as soon as I was done. I thought I lost because the best bars I had. I had hired. Won't say you thought you name up password to listen to what I'm saying. I had a verse right and remember you cut my time. I still had like Saul like six bars. Left four to six bars left. And y'all when you cut that Thomas Bach get it all in all. That was it because the last two bars were like okay. I sent it home like that was. It was something about a throw in the towel. Like that line hold that we gotta count upon out accountable and that was good enough and if I bring the heavy bars you know Jay Mac when you ready to go forward rock. Yeah Watch without. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm Marie saw. That was stainless. Okay Hey look Myra you don't it again. See you got the crowd way in the crowd you got us over it and now you're not gonNA go tonight. Talk Radio With beach take your those. Aren't you? Let's staffers are staying on air. I'll just like the I like the bill for the site. I like gone also like stone. Stone should ask you fill out the outer which killed them on each mission for youth. Check theirself all right. And that's all the time right. I was trying to let it roll. Just in case he wanted to get anything else off because you do get forty five seconds on the counterpunch but again just don't do a AJ. Mario don't take it lightly. Because you get into wins and you know that this is your thing you gotTa Mardi for gotta come at all these dudes like they floyd everybody you gotta come out. That's crazy intrigue me more Tom. He need more. Tom Like Ryan Garcia. What he said he took step aside. Much is Kinda was like Yo. You know what I'm GonNa get this bag and then I'll just beat the wind. You find money. What I'm saying you take step aside money. You don't WanNa find I look at it in this case. I think he just like. Oh my main intrigue. I'm staying on beaten this time. He believe in staying. I hear you and ask cool. But they ain't GonNa do with the business of intrigue if you step aside money you a wasn't ready to fight or be was more worried about business than glory. Yo Yo is there is staying wasn't encamped and Marriott was already he stainless Anthony Joshua Ruis. He came in here thinking like oh I ready. Spit verses TB. No me and he free style. Listen I know this is a hold on because this is the second time I forgot this and I just remembered again. This is when I when I originally say. Let's start the untitled. Tease right now. I wanted to say Axa Digest. See the summer challenge. Whatever from five started his own. He started his own like so. So some challenge. Mario you should do it. And I'll put it and I post it on TV and I was GONNA say after you body everybody then. We all should not week. Because I ain't no rapper. But Yada Rat Yasser all do it in our polls on TV. Because I got a lot of followers and maybe get picked up by five but every rapids doing the sole coal summa is some shit where you gotta rat like about being locked up in the house because the code did not everybody sticking to the topic but he also ain't posts in the people that ain't sticking to the topic. The ones on I G. Of course the one that is. He's report that sound fucker. Twitter no more men to the old man should done nine. I do think I'm young but I am in the technology world so I'm trying to be with what's trendy and twitter's not like it's cool information gives you. They even opened it up. It used to be a hundred and forty characters now is like four hundred because they know they whack and they need you to write more to keep people there but I. Geez Whiz at even though casual gonNA say different. 'cause girl made him show his should now. Yeah I saw that video you posted to the pre pro. That's it was called so so-called summer or something like that and I forgot I didn't I wasn't you I'd impose any rap in pre pro shit. I don't know who that was then now but Yeah somebody 'cause you know Fred? The Godson got a hose open. 'cause that's that's the way. I saw NASA Puerto Rican even know he even Puerto Rican. Eve were serious. Basel's up but I never heard of that. Do who do. I don't know who that do. Abc Community that community. He added Riposte. Do his balls were seep. He was on topic to. That's what I like when you could stay on topic man like that's what separates real good rappers man like like. That's the problem that the locks always had they so good but they can't give you like a party song because right away they talking about guns and clips in coke in his Light Bra. La craziest Jada and talk about this. Chilling would a girl without her having some eight chest. Exactly exactly a whole lot. You said for the gossip has Kobe. Yeah supposedly he's doing really bad shape so I never. I never heard of today. Yes him breathing. One hundred percent with the ventilator that he's like using it only like seventy percent now so he is doing a little better for everyone keeps the man in in your prayers. You know what I'm saying. I still use the ventilator. Yo think that's the worst part about that. Kobe Shimbun once he gets to the lungs. I can't can't imagine you. I used to have asthma when I was little. She went away is crazy but I can remember as a kid man like China like breathing Shannon. How that pump like? That's such a scary in light uncomfortable situation. Being just pure. Panic is add cure panic. And like when you're in the cold and it's just even worse like at least when you're in the warm like you could kind to get this but yo- when you're in the cold that should just your lungs just threes. They allow We got Caesar Online at home showing no more intrigue once Boomerang. So hold on. Cesar intrigued by the tells why he'd step aside money. Yeah yeah big. The postal talk to me nine. Step aside money man. Also say St Louis lied on your name. Because that's how I fight name. But he that was his characterizing a word that he chose us work with my whole thing. Is this hold on intrigue. This is a box related. Wrap so like if you ain't take step aside money than boxing related. What happened now. I said to him Mario's to go at it because stainless to have a whole week to go at Mario. Unless I'm just missing it somewhere that this word plan to happen that day. Was that plan to happen. That it was playing. That was oh stay. Listed came into the ring flabby and sick time to prepare stainless type appear. Pull the key. Stainless you heard him. He was lying blonde sitting back like he was scoff. He thought he joe he believed his ohi man. Actually I know that I mean that's the only thing I could assume again. We keeping everything bikes related. That's the only thing I could assume. 'cause I he's he's he's submitted. Numerous intros like you. He's wrapping so we all know He. So there's no excuse for what took place really you know what I'm saying I'm just keeping it a hundred. Well you know. Stainless can go adam but fee. If y'all want me to go out I go out but I I'm be ready regardless so you'll step aside money until you give us another metaphor for boxing. I don't know what else could have happened. I mean he I ain't got ain't no thank you know but it's all good whatever whatever you want to let me know when. I'm going to be ready if this week or next. We listen you last ball saved you. So you got me intrigued. I'm telling you I'm interested. But it was the last ball. Let's be honest. You gotta you gotTa rewind that Man. I got subliminal saying catching on one on the way you know what I mean. You gotTa rewind you know but when I do it for real I'm GONNA be able to put him subliminal in place because I must plan them at drop so you know. That's what happened when you do three motor route versus a week of prepare in a totally different I'll believe in you. Let me Jae Mac on facts broken. I just thought I'd like to and tree lines right now already. I gotTa Stop Doing This. Shit Bro. It's always easy. Man is too easy before I go to jail. Let me get the Caesar Real quick. Caesar talk to US sound rhythm everything. Good Shit Man will finally get to call the two guys doing instinct helped you know. It's been pretty hectic last week or two because I'll wait so we switch areas and Where I'm at right now. Get like one bar service all over the struggling to get. You guys aren't blocked off. Sometimes you know Glitch Ian ship. I'd Scott to deal with it right now but yeah man. I've been listening Yes I figured out when I couldn't see the play button on the other videos matron is of my tear. It gives you a little oxygen and I WANNA pay up to fifteen. I didn't click the the fifteen dollars tier. So that's why I was getting on the trip to the benefits so my bad Switches the whales. Post up how much pain. So that's why wasn't getting on Notification Damn nesting me over here was never never never a still join us. Show America's doing a great job practice more mental because author stapler. They shut your job. Downright everything good or you man. No they never sat down. They just might crew this. They all to lay houses so it was just three of us left and I was like it was like ten guys in three stupid stupid because like to them into the actual tower dropped called resorts world and it came about on the news that there was a case affirmed one of the guys. Am I? Guess the governor was talking about as we hear about it actually will sit down and we got four tasted the Nassau ready. And what's happened so we just Kinda just we just keep going so it's us All right well at least our man glove up but season let me get to j Mac Boomerang on behalf of trae in the bay talk to us a thank Look let me tell you something. Mr Gibbs mark clients weaned duck and none. And don't let me introduce you to that nine to five and that's my business. I was you know how I'm getting down. I'm just letting to be clear. Weaned taking step aside money. We you know trying to just trying to let stain Build his name and if staying can step up to the plate intrigue already showed you what he can do. You were about having your client reading stuff like if stay not ready for that next. We weren't ex and stuff like that. We don't take no step aside when who we just give me one. Boxing analogy because we need. We keeping the boxing. I mean you want the fight with the champion. So what is it called in by? Never say we didn't know how to turn down a fight on his said he'd right and that's us we opt in then we already know and confirmed it. He said well. I Ju- I ain't take step aside money but I did give saying this opportunity. Go back would happen. I'm explaining to you would just have I about I in in a happening. Went down so we try to just see how things go from this point. We don't know if you turn it down to nothing as officials would you tell them. You know what I'm saying is you won't know you turned down. A Remez was staying with staying yet. Or what have you let him out of respect for what happened? Friday? We just trying to figure out what was going to be the next term. So when you decide is ego rematch stain or are you going to give standard remiss? Y'All got y'all could never thing going on right now. It's really going based off stainless words. He said you know intrigue game on her. Mario say I'm willing to take going intrigue all stainless because they all his level. But okay well one it sound like he going rematch stabilises. I wanted to do. That's what you get you. Try to respond with Lieutenant. You need the press rewind your client say. I'm going to let him fight him. No mark clients say out of respect he was gonNA stain redeemed. So because we didn't know of a rematch. Jameh duh would intrigue me seven in the ring on Friday. Look look at. You know what you're doing if y'all rematch stain or you are intrigued. All you gotta do say what you want. Myra call it out out he getting a rematch. Or he wanted to call it our. That's what I'm trying to I. Can you got twenty seconds left to keep talking? Because I can't say we'LL MYRA say who he won't. Whom are he won't because that's what y'all got to figure out 'cause we ready for for for variety that's the case ready for Friday. I'm not going to keep talking. I'm GonNa talk now but the I don't Mario is you. There is a busy okay. No He's not he's not this guy's not listen day. Mario just live say outtake on intrigue or stainless then what literally happened was stainless cold right in on a counterpunch and said well. I'm GONNA help you. You Ain't GonNa take on in tree because he taken step aside money so they ain't. Nobody else defied but me okay. So Mario Call where he won't he said. I'll take in tree and if not I'll take stance on rematch. They on his level okay so after stainless update intrigue called in only to reiterate what stainless said just without the word. Step aside so like items they what you need to. Fi- management intrigue. You see this why. Some people can't be manages. He not even listening. He not seeing the verbiage on a contract or not and then she I mean listen if you do all in off label but to get you try to do all in the interviews. You know a fucking up your interviews. Come over here man. We go get you promoted properly and get you. The big fights man had the right excuses for you to like they literally. Don't even have another metaphor like Yo. They could've say he had an injury. I said keep it. Boxing related sly. May You got offered a championship fight with Mexican pay-per-view Staw in Utah Pamela. My man fight. And you don't want us to say you took step aside if you say step. Is You duck? Then I'm sorry I mean that's what it sounded like the main unless verbally Lezak Iraq. Over being in like. Yeah where would he spoke? Is your mouth. Gto instagram twitter. Right now. Nobody else we add damn Alex underscore underscore la. I Z. Tb twitter is Alexander TV Channel. Let's see what goes manage these. These the This is like this. Remind me a cannabis and LL COOL. J. Murderers rat battle. That was pretty good back in the day. Yo But Cannabis was always. He was that he was he was too nice man. He was too nice addict. What they say he was under rated now. He was underrated. He was under suited. He was Super Mad. J Mac mass. Stop Stop Stop. You know pulling these contracts and money right now. Chen Yo I. I don't take the big fight this will have fought to. He just did before tune day. Intrigue and J Matt All Fortuna Samson Right. So hey me off. Samson over over over Volturno defy intrigued. You said Nah let them let them let them go fi fi mo. S- crazy man. Y'All we out we out man.

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