Mysteries and Secrets of the Moon and Mars with Billy Carson


It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil right contact in a desert Billy Carson he is the founder of the forbidden in our solar system and amazing structure structures on Venus and so for here truth be told Your your your lecture today like we said people all over the world have flown in to hear basically about anomalies space within our solar system that come from official sites like NASA roll footage that we download and then we actually go in and look for things that don't belong just not telling us well I think NASA and some of the other speeches agencies have a good idea we don't really know what it is we just know that it doesn't belong so we call it an anomaly sometimes we may correlated that look like things that you would see on earth and so are some of these objects nominees going all the way back to the nineteen seventies I mean the face on Mars was discovered in nineteen seventy so we've known twenty million light years away one hundred million in what way right here where we live right above our heads there could be solar system and that some of these remnants that we're looking at some of them don't appear to be completely dilapidated so you were talking about Venus so other planets like you said we don't hear a lot about anomalies answers to high and that it's a soup it's almost like ocean when you get to the to the ground level successfully landed and took pictures of the area and stop I know what kind of material that is because if that's the case we should we should make buildings background material one of the videos that I was looking to show today was the fact that now they're saying there may be life in Venus's clouds and today what do you feel like the most people found the most interesting I think they found the most interesting find it was like when you show them they instantly identified those objects with something in their mind that helped build these megalithic structures on earth because the structures are very similar and I do you think the government and religion and all these that know a lot when you have complete knowledge of situation you can then keep the people in the control all of a sudden all of the religious systems collapse you're talking about a multi trillion dollar industry yeah we want to know who if anybody is what's happening to the indigenous people what happened to between questions and that again now the energy system is a multi trillion dollar system that we is when we we look at Mars and there's a lot of looks like ancient civilizations don't exist now do you think it was a major disaster do you think it was just they Ford built exploded at Penn it was called tm in the ancient times according to the Samaritans and that's not discovered way back in the sixteen hundreds have been deciphered by many people before all talk the other parts of it broken into chunks became the asteroid belt Mars was a moon armone now was also a moon of that planet which now that's why we have now doesn't have any look at one hundred zero when you look at the Giza plateau off his balls of glass in the sand vitrified protocols on Mars there's a Zenana weapons-grade Zine on Mars some in space debris raining down on planets and moons you have to clear out of here technology that we had from our ancient past do you feel to higher level of civilizations before even way higher than what we are now on our own us at the right moment or for us wrong for them the right moment they came to a point and had we're GMO unfortunately and so But I think that what they vance not technologically because they were just starting back out to rebuild or come back out but I'm

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