$200,000+ In One Month! Dominick Felix & Gonzalo Corzo On How To Do Huge Numbers In One Market!


Hey everybody. Thank you for joining us for today's episode. We'll say disruptor city. We have Dominic Phillix and Gonzalo Cortisol with cash cake sub and they flew from Jacksonville Florida this year how they earned two hundred thousand just last month. So the around two if this is your first time tuning in Trang founder of the offense homes APP. The only m less for market wholesale properties and on a Mission to create one hundred millionaires One question I get a lot is how to become one of the one hundred millionaires. So please allow me to answer it here. The information on this podcast alone isn't enough to become a millionaire in the next five to seven years aby take consistent action that massive action consistent action, and you will become one. So you're a nugget job in the comments below and Identify. Your biggest takeaway and focus on just after the next seven days and you'll be well on your way. If you're impatient like me you when it cut two or three years off that time that scheduled call disruptors dot com we'll see we can get you there just a little bit faster and I did create a checklist for the perfect seller appointment this script that my team uses when we. Run ourselves appointments. So if you're interested in purchasing it, please go to disruptors dot com slash checklist, and if you get value today police tag from below or shed this episode right now that we can all grow together and this is a live show. So please ask your questions for Dominic and Gonzalo to answer. Let's go. He has ready we ready man. All right. Let's just jump right into it so. Two hundred thousand last month. What what how did this happen? Do it was a super busy month You know. Gee put it really really cool. Recently, you know through our growth pattern I think last time we were here. We had just recently hit our first one, hundred, thousand dollars a month. Yeah, and it was epic was a big celebration teams. All excited. We were super frigging excited, and We hit the hundred thousand dollars a month. Right, and then the next month was just slightly under. Then the next month was just slightly over, and then it got to the point where it was consistently over an consistently in the made hundred thousand dollars range. As of late, we've been in the upper hundred, thousand dollars range and then our first month over two hundred, thousand dollars for his. Last month was two, hundred, thirty, one, thousand dollars. So which is super at big and to to think that that's just specifically just wholesaling deals you know we're not flipping were not hold hailing i. think the last time I sent you a group Hud's there was one like retail listing in it. It was a brokerage related deal but this was Like, really just Halsey, they might have been a co- wholesale deal in there or something like that. But is really all wholesale related. You know it's our lane go. Yeah, I mean it's our lane and we decided to just stick with it and not veer into other realms not that there's anything wrong with that but that's just what we're very fond of. Really intentional. So I think one of the things that the reason why it's impressive because I put in here issues one market you know and it's not that you guys aren't other markets right but you guys crushed it in just one market and I. You know we've had a lot of people come on the show and they've had some big big numbers but usually it's around like six or seven markets. So do that much in one markets? Really really impressive What would you I mean it's been about a year says guys around the show. What would you attribute is the biggest thing that puts you in that direction. So I would say. Number one is growing our our sales team, our acquisition team. and then number two is expanding our disposition team right so. The last time we were here we had One disposition sales manager. and now we have to. Sales managers. Okay last time we were here we had three acquisition managers. Now we have four acquisition managers and sales manager. that were currently training up the manage other four to manage the other four Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. So let's talk about the responsibilities like what does that guy responsible for? So it's funny because we especially, if it's a new role yet, it's a new role. So right now they're ten of like a fifth acquisition manager. God I. Now they're getting acclimated to our our systems, our processes they've been in sales for two decades but they're not in line with the real estate realm and wholesaling specific and this guy came from outside the industry. Correct. So I I'm just curious if I was in your acquisition team. And you've got you brought us someone outside to manage me I might be like, do you just totally looked right past me and went outside? Yeah. Did you guys have that challenge? We challenge going through right now so talk about it what's going? So the the reason why we brought them on is because and the reason why they're training right now as an acquisition manager, right? So right now their goal is to hit the same numbers acquisition managers are expected to hit. So he's not doing any sales manager responsibilities at the moment. Okay. So he's brought in to be the sales manager before he can officially take that help. He's got prove himself correct correct Gotcha and we do that. Partly because we feel like he needs to get acclimated but because we want the other guys to have that sense of respect that we. Already. Feel as their on our minds you know. But the the exactly what you're saying like Dude I've been here for six months. You know year and in a why why am I not becoming? The answer to question they ask you that the answer is you know it's it's just because you're good at closing deals doesn't mean you're good at getting other people to close the. Right. And so we wanted to bring on somebody who? Has. Experienced coaching, other sales people to reach their goals rice this Sales manager has been in. city Citibank and one of the things that kind of sold me on him was. He was responsible for coaching the the retention sales callers. The bottom twenty percent the people that were in twenty below it was his job to coach them to get them up on their numbers Gaza the other eighty percent. Yeah. Yeah. So we wanted to bring on somebody who because we? We've tried it in the past having somebody who's in the industry right. But they didn't have that managing experience got in. It's it's tough to. When you're in that group, we all you know, I'm saying we like I'm one of acquisition EST, right? We all kind of started together. We're all in this together and now I'm responsible for. Bitch and you out cuss or whatever. you know telling you your slackened right and you're my boy. been. Chitchat in talking crap about the job whatever, and now I'm responsible for your numbers. So. There was a challenge with that shirt and that makes total sense like that's one thing we see a lot We saw that an engineering and see it in sales is like you taking someone's a good engineer aim for promoting the manager. Well, they were never a good manager. So now they're just a crappy manager and and came using engineering skills anymore. Ticket sales guy you put him in the manager Okinawa's craft manager in sales up from either exactly. So we went through that hurdle once before Yup also. Where we're seeing that. The? Way To go its might not be the best way but it is the way that we're taking his brain somebody who has. Crapton of managing experience now, it makes sense acclimating them to real estate wholesale and that's why right now they're on the phones negotiating you know hit in the trenches just like everybody on the sales floor off and we think it's working well because everybody's excited when he's closing deals now you know he's got his properties and our contract and so everybody's kind of excited for him and everybody wants broken down why he has the role understands why he has the role Gotcha and we've kind of painted it in a picture where. If, we all want to see the business get to where we're pitching you guys on where we want it to be. It's going to be with. Getting out of our comfort zone and having people pull us up and so. The only way to do that is by bringing in individuals who have the skills that we don't want to take the time to learn. Yeah. Absolutely. It makes total sense. So one of the biggest challenges we see consistently in our industry is Finding and keeping acquisition guys. So you went from three to four since you know well I didn't. Out here. Last right. Is it the same three or did you replace with that three different different? Yeah. Okay. So let's talk about the how're you finding them in higher retaining them so start with finding them how you guys finding these guys right now. So, I think in most cases, it's relationships it's through people we know on it's through networking. It's through groups couple. The funny thing is to have our top sales guys We didn't. We don't do any coaching or anything anything paid right now we do a show you know every week where we just WanNa say relative to the community and talk about wholesaling because we like it and it's fun but prior to this over a year ago, we had a coaching group that we did for close to about a year and then someone in that coaching group Jus just very fond of wholesaling Just always wanted to real estate to be a part of a team or whatever, and that individual he's our top within the last couple of months he's been our top acquisition manager he came in, he joined the team and then another individual that started a wholesaling company didn't really get off on the right foot but however, you know from there, he went off on his own sales journey into other sales positions and other companies learned about our position and came then worked for us just because he was just very fond of real estate sailing and wanted to be a part of you know a group that's expanding So those are kind of our two top sales guys, and then the other individuals are people that know those guys, right. So we've done we've we do a lot of just organic interviewing and you know homebase in monster and Ziprecruiter and all that stuff, but it just seems that the people that are truly have their. Hearts in real estate specifically in wholesaling we've done better with recruiting those. Sorry about that. We've done rhetoric recruiting people that want to be a part of truly part of it rather than people that have sales experience, but don't really know what real estate is. You know I think they really liked the idea of growing with a company and building something and being a part of real estate because real estate's really attractive. So they knew or knew about you guys correct before they even apply in most cases. Yes. Gotcha and one guy brought his brother. Right. So now his brothers and acquisition manager, he's doing awesome and then part of the challenges figuring something out for the acquisition managers 'cause they. Might feel like there's a you know you you get. Every single day you're getting knows you're getting, you're getting strung along deals fall through So you're getting beat up every single day as an acquisition manager obviously, there's wins but most of the time which is getting beat up for and so it's figuring out and painting the bigger picture on what can be next. So for one of the guys like we had to figure out. They became our field manager ride going out to the properties he used to be an acquisition manager. Now, he's a field manager, right? Because he was getting to that point where like are have been closing for a year you know and I feel like I'm good at it. But I want to grow with the company I want to do more how do I How can I add value to you guys while still being a part of your group and so we had to kind of rearrange the position and now he's a he's a field closer. So he goes out to the properties takes the pictures does the inspections gets the contract sign in person? So it's also figuring stuff out when they're. Getting to that kind of cap of Hey I'm thinking I'm getting tired of this John over doubt am getting a little burnt out. You know what? What is next for me or my just to quit what's interesting about what he's saying is that you know in some cases, these people have the essence of visionaries like they want to grow in whatever position they are whether whether they want to start something on their own, but if they decided to work for us. Now. They working for us. They've been with us for a year or so they want to continue to grow and you talked about a little bit when you're talking about the sales manager Bishen, they didn't get that. Why didn't they get their? Why they growing those? You know in that aspect of it So they do want to grow and we do continue to have to talk to them and and instill faith in our process where we're going part of what? We have to tell them like is listen. This is not the only sales manager position that there's going to be like we want to build squadrons and we want to go into more markets and we wanted to grow this into being something terrific in great So just because we implemented one leadership position doesn't mean it's going to be the last leadership position. You know everyone's gotTa have patients including US because we've been eating shit for the last three years and just. Because, we're having great months right now doesn't mean we're not reinvesting where not investing into leadership roles, marketing new ideas, technology new systems, things like that like you know wholesaling people into wholesome because they want to build cash flow, they want money now right? Right. But if you're building a like a true business, you're investing real money into this stuff. It's not cheap. L. Is not cheap at all and I think that's is a very solid point as far as the. Guys are in his role tend to be entrepreneurial nature. and. That's been. One of the biggest problems is You know I know for me in many many years is. You want the traditional roles as side is you train bring someone in and you and you coach them up and is successful and now they're like, okay thanks everything. And then they go to compete against you and there's nothing wrong with that. You know like Clinton was wing, so you can't grow. But. That's just a natural path of salesperson when they come in. and. So in fact, you guys Max last time. Yeah. He was my inside sales agent. Before he left came back to to partner Oh that's awesome. So that's just something that happens all the time so. The cool thing about what you're saying just I don't want to interject really quickly because I don't know if you've ever rent a book called good to great by Jim Colin. Yeah. So I'm reading it for the fourth time now. Amazing. Blige's read read books that I'm. Pretty pretty frequently and they talk about like if you're GONNA train strong people in your company, and then you have to train them up and be ready for them to move on. You have to expect for them to move on like either GonNa grow with your they're gonNA reach their ceiling and you have to be okay with them going elsewhere at some point in time. Some of the conversations we've had with people on our team like listen if we can't build new positions quick enough for you to grow with us were totally okay. Just be straight up with US talk to us. Let's just exit strategy be comfortable for everyone. Or. Stick around, and let's just work it out to to get you to where you need. Amateur we're getting some questions here about how are you guys compensating? Acquisition, guys, you know there's all sorts of different compensation models. Yeah. We have a sick sick plan We don't compensate them. That's why they're. Yeah. So so we give the base Yep, we give a base and then we also give a bonus. Right So the basis. So we have arranged in our minds is roughly between twenty four and thirty, six, thousand, a year base salary Rai, and then the bonuses between five and seven percent we have tiered based on how well they do on the front end negotiation right. So if they do really, well, they can get as good as a seven percent of bonus by the time it closes and if they do just very close to the maximum. About the pay and we do get to close it that'll be closer to five percent of a bonus right so they're making between sixty, seventy, thousand, a year you know and if they're not hitting sixty, it's just very close to the sixty got Yeah and one thing that I I heard you mentioned reinvesting back into the business you mentioned leadership, which is the topic. I'm very passionate about So what kind of leader is investing into? Programs or what are you guys looking into? So sales manager is one of the firstly. Oh, one of the leadership positions that we have, we also have an HR manager counting individual. He's kind of an all encompassing office support person and then there's Jianye. Right. So one of the next things that we're looking at is an operations manager. and. The way that we look at sales manager versus Operation Manager is pre acquisition contract and post acquisition contract right We just had. We've had long discussions and it's kind of the way that we operate like a clear divide of what happens before the acquisition contract and what happens after the acquisition. What we try to do in our company is we try to as soon as the deal is is locked up close and it's not perfect. But as soon as this locked up in close with the acquisition EST, we try to take it off their place so they can just deal with nothing with sales in new acquisitions, right? So we have an acquisition support person we. Call. It a liaison and then g is really kind of like an operations manager to where he helps with taking that off of their place in really just pushing it over disposition side of the company. Right. So we have the sales manager for the acquisition costs and of the next leadership roles is probably GonNa be operations manager, which is can kind of be. A sales manager for the disposition side of the business. That makes sense. So you know for people that are watching a show. Yet both guys who wears white hats were you guys responsible for? Gotcha so so I'm the CEO Geez. The President Gee does a lot more of the operational side of the business G. Twenty, twenty, g twenty, twenty. So he does a lot of moving parts of both sales manager and operations manager and and I support backup Fergie as well as project management and we work together on big decisions for the company. So he's handling operations and Sales Yep you're managing. Don't get me in trouble. I don't do anything. Year round. When when it comes to negotiating deals and lock the deals up under contract working with the sales guys that's what I do So Dom- works with the marketing side and our. Company automations. We, call him a project manager in the world of real estate people think of that as like a construction manager who goes to the projects don't do that but. The, project manager just works on polio. Create pulling lists skip tracing Treating Different automations in the system. Different workflows and might be getting a little technical but as with polio and and different integrations with Zap beer and globally flow automating the system basically. So Dom- takes care of that end takes care of hiring the virtual assistance pulling lists Make sure we have consistently flow right and then also handles a bunch of the employees. Stuff right hiring hiring. Getting the employees in trouble. Right correcting them does delay write ups yeah. Good. Cub backup, right. And a lot of backup for g because like on the sales side of it like it can become pretty overwhelming. Especially, like we're firing to scale, we're doing a lot of transactions Think we did twenty one last month but twenty one means that you might have started with trying to do thirty to thirty, five, thirty, five to thirty eight or whatever, and not all of them mark cow. So there's just a lot of moving parts a lot of activity, right? So he'll be over helping someone someone else needs assistance backed up for that as well. Gotcha. Okay. So the other thing you mentioned was that your One disposition Sotoudeh disposition people. House that helped you. So that has helped us tremendously especially during the Kovin. Outbreak right because. A lot of. Our biggest. Issue, during Kobe was the buyers right buyer stopped buying. Buyers were backing out by lowering the amount that they were offering. Buyers are no longer buying tenant occupied properties flipper in the past would he'd by kicked the out whatever now they're like our has to be vacant Kenny victim I don't know how long it's going to be until I can't act or whatever so. It's been a struggle trying to. or at least it was right trying to position deals to investors and we had a ton of buyers, but you get comfy working with the ones that you know. This guy's going to buy it. You know send it to him and so now on that their usual buyers you know there may be paid, they would've may be paid one hundred grand for this deal three months ago. Now they're offering eighty five, you know. It takes a while before our acquisition adjustments kicked in. Two because we lowered the amount that we were locking deals up under contract that takes a while to kick in. You still have these twenty properties they have under contract. What are we gonNA do now and so it's it's worked awesome. Being able to be more proactive with dispositions right before we were. A little more. Mainly reactive, right because it was only one person's my wife. So she was. Her. Yeah Yell at her, and so she will. She's been with us since day one as dispositions right and she did disposition transaction coordination and then we have no. Now we have a transaction coordinator and she's awesome. So she's allowed my wife to focus specifically on disposition. but on, you're trying to scale and grow obviously you get. overwhelmed. Every single day. Because now you know you get a new deal and in fact like they just messaged us Yes. last week we had eleven twelve properties under contract with. disposition, right? Yeah. Yeah. Within a week span was like ten locked up on the disposition side or eleven ten within like three a three day span. In the last three days we going. To title. So we this is a person there are in charge of obviously moving the properties. Are they also in charge of prospecting for buyers? They are in charge of. Not really not really. WHO's doing that? So we were taking more of a reactive approach to prospecting for buyers. So we get a lot of inflexible whenever we get a deal under contract. We put it out everywhere right social media, tons of different websites, connected investors, bigger pockets. We cast really big Web. So it drives a lot of people to opt into our list, right so we're getting what two or three, a day, two or Three a day new by. So we have thousands of buyers on our buyers lists in our market, and we're getting two or three every single day that are opting into our list, and that doesn't include the people that see ordeals that just call in to negotiate or whatever you know, and then they continue to to enquiring call and potentially by that having opted in his well Gotcha. Yeah, and how you're spending your disposition. Disposition, person was another person that wanted to be in an wholesaling and Is. When we when we were doing our our, we were having our coaching You know we did free office visits so that we allow people to come into our office for free for like a quick little twenty minute tour would give them a little tour and the we try to you know seldom, Hey, if you WANNA learn more come to our event or whatever right This was actually one of the. Persons that came in to do the tour and They had came to the tour probably a year before we hired them in one thing I I actually didn't remember is at the time his name is Charles by the shadows Charles When he did the tour and in remember this and he told us this later after he hired us, he said I told you what happens because he lived in Tennessee he's like, Hey, man he goes I'll just quit my job on to Jacksonville work for you guys right now. Would you guys take us on and we weren't ready to take we weren't hiring at that point. Yeah. But it was flattering you know and it just so happens that exa months later you know were higher for disposition agent he had already lived in Jacksonville new his. You know his wife had family out here in Jackson you know in Jacksonville and stuff like that. So they moved to Jacksonville we were hiring and he saw the post. So he came in for an interview that's awesome. So another question these guys must be asking is what? To get to two hundred. You. Know a I appreciated that you guys sent the the Hud and a well-packaged. Oh did it come through and? Good Google drive where I could just click the huts I really appreciate that get email and I have to kind of figure it all out. I appreciate it. That what what lead source has been most effective for you guys. In in Jacksonville secrets, you guys again the secrets now. For this so calling is is just The Major League sources I co calling where we're heavy on CO calling yeah. We've got about eleven agents things that were looking at doing now is just picking up another four or five agents because now that we're going into another market and we're starting to see success in a clear path of how to succeed in that second market. Now since we're in, we're we we still see a lot of potential on undoing more in the market that we're in the way we're not done with expanding inside of our market. There's a lot of things that we're going to zero in on of it. At the same time, we can expand as well. So when we go into the other market and we we've only pulled a small amount of data. There's so much more data that we can pull into that in that market. So they began starting marseils We're GONNA expand now going to be able to hire more salespeople and build on the team. Were you guys, findings, agents. coca-cola Haney won't all the secrets you know. It's it's interesting. Yeah. So basically, we do it organically we Meshaal upward here and there we hadn't really had a ton of success with it, but really we've had more success on craigslist, right but not only just craigslist craigslist in the countries that we target and we mainly have been like central and South American countries and we had a good experience. A lot of people that live in central and South America they spend a good part of their lives in the US. Yeah, you know either. They came over as kids you know after they were born they weren't quite legal. They spent you know their grammar school time middle school time in the US and just moved back and whatever the case may be however work data I feel like half of our, our agents have lived in us for a period of time and the other ones that haven't they just they get our culture they can talk. You know it's not just that they've learned English so they know how to speak it. It's they get how to have a conversation with an American and that just seems to make a big difference for us because we've had Philippine agents and agents from Indian things like them fat bad experiences and and then you know maybe it was early on in our wholesale career maybe it's not because those countries don't work it just that's the path that led us to getting to the agents that we pick right now in the now since we're trying to aggressively. At agents on four five, you know within the next few weeks hopefully we are we are GONNA put ads out into, you know Philippines and India Pakistan things like that. Just to see if there's still hope for for that size just so we have you know an abundance of options but we'll just have to see how that turns out. Yeah I mean I've kind of heard the same thing. Just it's hard in the Philippines to have that same track record of consistent success. I'm like. From what appears Costa Rica since they'd be like the most popular as far as finding ex-pats What are you guys paying these people? the CO callers. So we're paying them anywhere between four to seven dollars an hour. Depending on. Number one obviously there's skill set and their background, but also what they're. Still getting paid. And then after a year, because we have some people that have been with callers that have been with us for over a year. Yeah So we bumped them up on their on their wages and they also get abilities and they also get bonus So depending on the amount of leads that they get after every. every month they have different tiers. So if they get X. amount of leads, they qualify for first level incentive than if they get more more leads than they get a second tier incentive and so that's kind of how paying them anywhere between four to seven and WHO's managing them. So we have one. Manager in the office and she manages them all day. So she trained them up, she listened to their calls she answered their questions she makes sure the leads come in and tasks out the leads to the acquisition managers Yeah. So that's that's. Only, her role at one point in the beginning she was in house go caller herself through for a long for a long time. So another one of the leadership positions another one of the leadership position. Yeah. So she's kind of like an we we entitled the VA's lead specialists. So she's like the manager for the lead specialists in on the same token she's elite manager in the sense as well. Gotcha One thing at this is just as an aside because I had a debate with somebody last week Florida. I've heard that you will get crushed Abd, RBM and texts. Just from a TCP, the specific loss I've heard that I've investigated. What are your? What is your guys? Is GonNa, talk to my attorney before I enter the. Asking the US is asking what you guys hearing out there. Yeah. So Florida's definitely one of those states that everybody's cautious in with text vm We kind of just. Do what we do and tried to follow it as best as possible. Yeah. Follow the rules as best as possible but is it Is it a? Is it a dish lost Florida or the general just more proactive? I. Think it's additional laws. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. I. I don't take my advice for this. You know attorney I'm not an attorney you know but from what we know. It seems that there's different laws in Florida rather than more enforced, but it's cool to see. Is there software out there that works in a way to compensate for the laws right and they claim to be. Safe to use any state in the US right so they'll function like if there's texting software, they'll function in a way as if you're sending the texts individually and they actually make you kind of do it individually bit you. They help you to do it faster and we're using we're using software like that guy. So if we're GONNA text, then we're going to do it legitimately. Deck complies with the FISA TCP, a laws So we're we're doing stuff like that We're not doing a whole ton of rbm stuff plates more like co calling and texting in a lot of the in that we do. It's really on the buyer side. So we're we're just getting information quicker to the people that expect to hear from us and we don't really do text blasting. For sellers. We, we use them call tools. is the dialer that we use and is sends out texts as a dials. So instead of sending out, you know thirty thousand tax will call the list, and if they don't pick up than the text message or if the hang up, then they'll get a text message. Goddamn. So that's kind of how we've been doing very cool You guys don't seem to be have been impacted by COVID. A little a little bit man so. So the funny thing is we've we've been having a gradual growth for the last couple of a couple of years. You know tweaking little things adding to the process getting better as we go along and You know we had a record breaking month in March Right and then we just we just had momentum. We had the momentum we were feeling good. We were growing and then Cova came in. And you know everyone get nervous and then it just started seem seemed like like you know sellers on the seller side investors on the buyer side like. No one knew it to expect right and since they didn't know what to expect they didn't do anything it's not like they didn't want to sell or buy in one by the wanted to, but they just didn't know what was going to happen. So they wanted to stand on the sidelines to wait and see what was going to happen. Right so I don't know I. Think we had one hundred, seven, hundred, eighty, thousand dollars a month in in March and then we still had a good month in April is was over one hundred, thousand dollars and then Maye started to kind of tank a little more between fifty and sixty thousand dollars so During that timeframe we started questioning like you know. He's at us in a way like I know there's a problem but sometimes, you don't WanNa. Believe there's a problem like you know your process has worked and you want to push forward and don't want to drive and you don't really want to change anything. But then life teaches you a lesson and it tells you to be creative and figuring things out now I in a way it was a blessing in disguise because it made us implement processes that help us to operate more efficiently now that the. Economy's recovering a little bit where you know people are coming to terms with the fact that Kogas here but you know life goes on at work with you stuff to push forward and buy, and so what is this week? So one of the big things was was the texting on the buyer side right in formation to more buyers quicker right portraying your deals over to a big array of people to get more interest on right so that that was probably the biggest learning experience I would say before that sounds so commonsense you know just like text your buyers. We've built a good reputation in Jacksonville and we have a good group of buyers and because of. The network of buyers that we built, we have a lot of repeat customers An and the repeat customers that we have are. They're paying good prices for the deals. You know what? I mean and so it's worth a for us to you know because sometimes. You get those repeat customers that are like Oh. You know you you used to make five grand on my deals. Now you're making fifteen grand on my deals. What's going on you know and we have some repeat customers like did you're GonNa make ten grand or you're gonNA make fifty grand as it fits my number I'll buy it. And that's kind of. The the relationships that we have out there, and so you get kind of comfy just you know calling. Five guys. Easy sale right and then Kobe hits. Those five guys dropped their numbers you know or out of it for the next month because they want to see what's going to happen so now We've had this list of buyers for years. We haven't. We email blast them but email blasts you know you can email blast, four, thousand emails you only get two hundred opens. So there's. Three, thousand, eight, hundred people that didn't see the deal So how do we get to them right now and text blasting has been has been huge for us and then also lowering the acquisition number right so lowering the amount of. The amount that were offering to sellers. because. Dat Obviously, buyers are offering less But that's always been a struggle for us not not more of a mental struggle. You know it's the whole struggle of like I could make five on it. So let's lock it up. Instead of I need to make ten on this one I need to make fifteen grand on it. So that's been a a mindset shift for us is offering less and getting better deals. What is you guys targeted fee? We target to make fifteen. Yeah. Yeah. In order you guys finding to be your average fee are average fee has been about ten to thirteen Gotcha. Okay and then before even jumped in the air, we're talking business building. that was one of the things you guys are GonNa be focusing on his well. What does that mean? Exactly? So what we WANNA do is our. Dream. is to build squadrons right. And a squadron would consist of the exact amount of people that kid. handle leads from a specific market size or combination of of market sizes that can flow equally throughout the the people in the squadron. So when you look at our team, it's it's like an assembly line right? We have project management lead generation, right so the generate, you know they're they're putting together the lead source and they skip trace it, they load the dialers, they handle the virtual assistance and they're bringing the leads in right when the leads come in they. They disqualified the ones that we know in their signs that we look at that. We know we'RE NOT GONNA get a deal with or most likely. We're not going to get a deal with this individual. The remaining leads the hand over to the acquisition managers in the acquisition managers they have their follow up schedules and and their routines and their rules that they have to go by with handling the scripts in the conversations and the offers and the contracts and things of that sort. So they're going to lock up those deals once they lock up those deals with the sellers, they pass them onto the acquisition liaison, which in a sense is really kind of an acquisition assistant or support person for the acquisition managers and that person is GonNa Handle like for us we pull the DS, we get a lot of information we call the seller. So we get all the information, is that ten month to month or when is the lease and all of that information and they're in charge of setting the initial appointment in the. Initial walk through and then they're also support person for dispositions for setting showing appointments for that property for our investors right that individual handles that from that person, it goes onto a disposition liaison, which in a sense as a support person or an assistant for the disposition side of the business, and they're going to do a live, the Biron marketing and the email blasts posting are deals and all different websites and things of that sort support other support things that we have in line for the disposition managers, and once all that's done Then, a lot of interest comes to disposition managers by way of email phone calls into the office and things of that sort and disposition managers also will mass texts, blast targeted investors for the properties depending on the category. The property falls into buying hold or flips things of that sort and then once they contract the deals with the investors than all of that information, you know all the paperwork from the the the acquisition side and the disposition side goes to the transaction coordinator, and then they take it from there and try to take all the. Burden away from all sides of the business and handle it from that point going forward into we close right. So what is that? What are the right numbers? What's the right number of acquisition of managers I? The right number of disposition managers, acquisition, liaison, disposition liaison, the right number of V as how many leads need to come in that va can handle and how many Va's transitions to an acquisition manager and so on and so forth down the assembly line. So we're getting close and we're not perfect and feel like we have the numbers pretty close and then once. You know as close as possible. As we're going into our next market. We're starting to see kind of a morph of a second squadron being build inside of the I squadron. So what that's going to create is adding more sales managers, adding more dispositions, adding more support people, and then ultimately separating the teams right. So you know team one might handle. You know all of Jackson on half of San, Antonio and then team to is gonNA handle half of San Antonio and then we're GONNA come into Arizona you know you guys go Probably probably not but you get where I'm going you know and then they'll handle a certain. You know it's really all in the number of of leads that we can pull in from. You know the the markets that were in to see team I could see what dominance in charge of the the project management and yes. In the whole organization I'm just a wholesaler. That's awesome. That was really cool. All right. Let's get to some of these questions Awfully patient with us So you got some love over here from Leo. See. Why would you really do? So really what's return to keep these guys so what is the most challenging thing for you and his business? So I think one of the most like what's going to become INS immersed starting to see that the most challenging thing is to build leadership roles. Right to choose the right people for the leadership roles You know we don't really know we have experience hiring and training people that can work for us as leaders but to hire people that can lead the other individuals is going to be. Of really challenging thing we don't have a whole lot of experience in that had another business before this it wasn't a big thing that I've worked toward. You know I was always the leader but now that you've been in business for a long time and you know we're we're in personal development and we wanna grow something great it's going to be you know true leaders build leaders perhaps. One of our. Organization I building leaders correct. Yeah. one thing you touched on earlier was coaching where you guys you were trying to coach a little bit but you guys don't do that anymore correct talk about that. Because a lot of people you see it, you know anyone someone has a limited success like coach now. And they kind of like transition away or whatever. So talk about what Tempted you to do it and it was what causes a Africa? Yeah. It's a great queer. So a lot of it Kinda got started because we were getting asked a lot Locally in Jacksonville I Were very involved in the community, right so we try to many networking events as possible Any opportunity that there is to teach a class we'll teach it I. I was Vice President of the local Rea-? I was on the Board for two years. Then I was VP for one year. So Our name is out there in in the local market and then there's you know. Every single. Three months of new networking event pops up right and so we're big on because. One of the reasons why were so active on networking for recruiting right? Like most of our people clouds move very effective. Yeah. Most of the people that that come work for us the they know about us, they know about our business before the even come work, for us yeah, and so Because of that, we were out there. and. We started getting a lot of people asking US questions. Hey how'd you do this? You know can I can I spend a day of your office is kind of started somebody asked to spend the day at our office and we charge them for it. And what we did is we let them sit with each department. Right. So they would sit with the manager who manages the the virtual assistance. So they sat with them for an hour right and they watched all that and then they sat with an acquisition manager and they watched them then they sat with the Acquisition Liaison Watch, what they did then with disposition liaison transaction coordination, and it was cool because we were we were able to bring these people in. We sat with them for about a half hour in the morning ten a you know. Seeing them up on how they was gonna go and the team would kind of handle the rest of it So it seemed kind of lucrative for us right? Because, Hey, one person you know they'll pay US thousand bucks to hang out with us for one day and. Not. A lot of people were bringing people their office, a lot of people do trainings, but they don't bring them into their office right or the there's a lot of coaches out there but they're not really doing it right and so there's a handful of people out there that are crushing. It still have massive operations and our coaching as well but most of the coaches out there. Had Their Success and analysis focused on coaching right and so we saw that there was a little niche in the coaching industry of wholesaling where there's not a lot of people out there saying come to my office shadow, my team you know So we felt like we could be effective with that and so it started off with one person and there were like, Hey, let's start promoting it online. Social. Media this guy's at our office for the day. You guys are interested. You know hit me up and then people were contacting us. And that led to another thing and then out of nowhere we were doing you know events. At our office with four or five people shattering one department then we took didn't conference from Table Out and has sixteen people in there. And then instead of them showing at their desk, we'd have the we work in our conference room would bring the Work of Asian honored her there to in front of the people, and then we were like. Let's rent out a hotel room. You know because this thing is working and then we recreated that whole event in a hotel room. We had eighty people there and then we were going down the path of let's start a mastermind group. You know because people will pay more for that. And there's a desire for there's a need for it and we're big believers. Join, a different mastermind group. So we're big believers in it. We do it ourselves. But. And it's funny because. We're growing in our office right and we were in our office right now we had to tear down walls. We had to kick our landlord out of part of the building so that we can take over some space and in the past we didn't have all the space that we have now in our office. So Dom- Ni-. It's funny but dominate used to have like very serious conversations in like our storage rooms posit because that was the only. Place we could go wherever super quiet come out and on. Mop Water. So. Really. You got two minutes and then we'd go hide in the closet really quick and just talk and I remember just sitting there and we were both talking. Do. Should we like we started a mastermind group. We had four people signed up. They had already gave us five grand each to do this three month mastermind group. and. We were coming back from momentum event and we were super pumped. Really Shit. There's so much stuff that we can still do in. In our business. And we sat down and we were like, what if all the time that we had put into this coaching? We had. Put into our wholesale business. You know like, where would we be and we feel like we're behind in our wholesale business where it could be because for a year we were focused on coaching and it almost felt like we were cheating on her wholesale business You know in our staff because our staff there they thrive off of closing deals you know and we pitch them on. We're going to become the biggest in the baddest wholesale company in the nation. And that was no longer are focus it was but it was you know doing two things there was like said, but not being done yet. and. So we were sitting in the in the storage closet and we just made the decision we're like artless like should we really do this? You know like we're about because once you take five grand from people and and we were very very honest people. So we want to commit. We're going to go out of our way especially getting started coaching. We totally undercharged for everything that we do that. We did in coaching because we were. Trying. To build a brand get clients whatever right and. We knew that. Once we commit to coaching somebody like we're going to do everything we can to make sure they're successful right and we just knew that. Starting, a mastermind group and going down that path is going to ultimately take. All of our time away from our wholesale business and we thought our wholesale business was there to be self sufficient but it was nowhere close to what we wanted it to be an it's nowhere close now. And so. We just made that decision right there, and then we're like screw it. We called up the people sorry to tell you this but. We're just too busy to do this. We're going to give you back your money. If something comes back up, you'll be the first person to reach out to, and we still have great relationships with those people and we've introduced to other mentors and are mentors Kate I can't answer it but these are the people are mentoring us. You know go with them But. That's kind of how it happened and we just saw all the numbers that we were doing like I would just spend like four months putting on this event trying to put on this men were like, let's look at the numbers like no money a couple there. That's a couple of wholesale deals like. Let's just put our energy back into our wholesale business, and then like two months after we stopped coaching and just went all into wholesale and we had our first six month and we just felt the impact of us just one hundred percent driven into our wholesale business and we feel right now like. We should be. More down the line of where we want to be, but we kind of took a little. Hiatus because of coaching and I don't regret it because. It forced us to put ourselves out there forced us to brand ourselves on social media forced us to. Do facebook stories every day, and you know instagram stories and build that following, which is still important to our wholesale business right now whether it's buyers or credibility for other wholesalers, I want the JV with us or expanding and recruiting people that are watching US online. So we're still big believers on branding. That's why we still do like a Tuesday night show and we own a networking. Group in Jacksonville So we're big believers of it, but we just don't want to commit by charging people because once you charge somebody now, like can't sleep at night unless you're performing for you gotta you gotta you gotTa treat their money right? Exactly. cloudy. The question is, how are you guys staying lean marketing wise but still able to produce plenty of leads for that position team. Did you staying lean are you saying lean marketing was still able to provide leads? So I think it's just continuously pulling data and in one thing that we've learned in this is not entirely proven. Some of it is theoretical is like will pull a mass amount of data right emperor quarterly and will re pull a lot of the same data all over quarterly, and it will perform like brand new data. So we'RE BIG ON CO calling, right so we pull a list and we dial a list it'll perform well right and if we dial through that same list, it will perform less well than it did the first time and then the third time the four-time that you go through that. List, you'll get less leads from it over time writing, and then if we go back in the beginning of the next quarter and pull that same exact list, it performs brand new. Again, my theory is and I don't know if this is proven, haven't really dial it on on this data but the theory is like you know people are moving. There's New People that occupy those properties they change their phone numbers as all these different things go on in people's lives, and you have eighteen year olds that about their first home twenty, four people in early twenties about their first home now, and they're on the list. Things like that are going on all the time. So we're pulling the same data entirely over. And just data, and then it just performs like brand new data in that's kind of the way that we're working with it now. So John says you have to bear with this question He's marketing consistently for six months but still no deal. And it feels like nine of leads base marketing good amount of people on his position. What would you do? So I feel like I know the answer but I'm not gonNA give it but I'm not. Next week It's an maybe this isn't the correct answer but the answer to me is your buyers list right because I feel like he. Joon, not know what his buyers are looking for or what his buyers are willing to pay for the deals that are out there and so I- every wholesaler that I that I. Meet that wants to get started. I always ask them. You're only as good as your buyers list right? How good is your buyers list and a lot of people out there are just just find a good deal. You find a good deal, it'll sell right but confidence and wholesaling is everything especially just getting started in the fear of you not making a strong offer to the seller because you don't know if you're gonNA perform or not is going to stop you from doing deals so I feel like and this is what? Made me a successful wholesaler is especially when when we started our business, you know I had already been wholesaling for a couple years before I started this business with dom. So when I started this business with them, we had buyer's already to like we did our first deal you know within a month or two of once we started doing marketing because I had already done deals already had buyer's knew they were looking for So if you don't have a solid list of buyers and a good relationship with buyers not Confidence, everything and having the ability to portray that confidence to the seller and being confident in our I'm going to offer them fifty I. Know it's Super Low, but I'm going to be able to perform right and so. Most of the time, you're not making the offers that you should be making because you're either scared that you're not gonna be able to sell it or you're offering to low right and I know this might sound weird but. There's deals out there that you know you feel like you needed for thirty there's a buyer that's willing to pay forty five. You can offer them forty and make five grand on. Like Buyers Eagles confidence confidence equals deals. Yes. Yes and you kind of see it in some of these guys you know they're they're offering one hundred dollars M D, which I'm not saying anything wrong with it but. You're confident that number if more confident. MD Yeah for sure Lucas Roscoff. No. Did you guys decrease your marketing expenses at all I'm I'm presuming he's talking about covert here. Did you guys reduce your marketing during Govan? We? We actually didn't she didn't one of the things that we had a conversation about was we're GONNA try to operate as close to normal as we possibly can because in our minds like it felt temporary and kind of still does feel temper because ultimately you know the mass are going to go away. The vaccine is GonNa be here and people are GonNA operate normally people are still you know contract the disease or the the Whatever the flu whatever it is but we just we just said to ourselves we're not gonNA PANIC WE'RE NOT GONNA RETREAT WE'RE GONNA continue to market the same the same did cut cut a couple of loose ends. We tighten a few things up we explored new options but we did not reduce our marquis. Anna Leo wants to know. Is Deals. You guys need to do per month to break even. Certain amount of deals so with it really comes down to to Proper per deal right but we probably need to at least make like eighty grand a month to at least break even. Along our holdings and? Deals. And we're getting eight to thirteen a deal. So I mean tend to their Tina deal so and there's one thing. That you guys could change about your business. What would you guys change? Nestle good question. If there's one thing we can change about our business. What would we change Sheesh Dude we've been talking straight. We haven't paused on any questions so far. It's more deep than people realize You got something I if if I could change something in our business. I would say. I WOULD WANNA say not start the coaching and just go in On the real estate but without that experience, you wouldn't have known like it's always GonNa sit in the back it feels like it would ultimately come back one days every distraction more. So when you're not ready for it and now that we've gotten that out of our system I guess. I guess I would WANNA know from other parties What that experiences like. So I would rather know whether to to try it or not and we didn't have any any experience like that. So basically tried it on our own in a kind of. But our growth trajectory on hold in a innocence. So if I could know that information and not do it we'd be further along in our real estate business than we are right now. If that helps now's on and and I would say another thing I don't know 'cause obviously you. Were here today because of everything that we've done in the past you know. So I don't Wanna I don't really have any regrets but a big mindset shift for us was offering lower. was. Was Negotiating, a better deal right and the reason was because we knew it was a quick thing you know If if we can get this deal into contract, we can make a quick to grin on it. Just flipping into this guy you know, let's make a quick to grant on it a quick three grand on it and that's how it was like the first year like our first year in business like our average profit was like forty three, hundred bucks. Right and so 'cause we want to have that equal balance of. Decent margins and decent volume right. Because we also don't want to do four deals at forty grand deal you know Hard to replicate that. For sure. Yeah, and so. That was a big thing for me right because when I was a one man show like two grand four grand deal is awesome. You know and you know, I, do one of those a month to those month. Great. But now you have a, you know you have a team of staff you have an overhead I can't really afford those two grand deal anymore. You know because those two grand deals almost take more time than fifteen grand deal you're losing based on author for did yeah for sure. To that that's one of the things that I think out and we have this challenge with our acquisition managers especially during covert because during and we made address now I wanna see a drastic. But over time we've tweaked it down and down and down a little bit more and it's funny because we just tell them the numbers to get them under contract and they just get them under contracts. Zoe. Yeah. Yeah. So that was one of our biggest things. Let's lower it a little bit and. So that's something that I would say Ron wants to know what markets are you guys any about Jacksonville? Are you guys and other markets? Are you guys looking at South South Florida? When looking at South Florida, we've heard some pretty horrible things about South Florida Miami's a tough market So basically what we were in Jacksonville Florida and what we what we try to do is we try to look the other markets and try to figure out which ones are similar to Jacksonville's possible because that's how where we know how to operate you know all the way. down. To like the the climate, right you know in the climate during the winter like winter months can be disruptive storms and you know icing and all that stuff. So San Antonio seemed to be very similar in climate very similar in medium price point effect the price points a little bit lower One thing that was really interesting is that their market size is about five times bigger than Jacksonville Florida. So, if we can operate the way that we operate in Jacksonville set of San Antonio we have a lot of room for expansion and we can build roots into that market. I think we can go a long way. Gotcha very cool and the answer is Hornets question what marketing is going into. Arizona. everyone should go in Arizona. Everyone should definitely becoming Arizona. Lot of us are looking in other markets. Okay. So you mentioned that you guys are purely focused on wholesale. So you guys aren't doing any flipping or any retail at all like just strictly your closing on our first hotel deal. In September on September fifteenth. So we're buying a Condo Ponte. Vedra beach like a Nice beach town. and. We're closing on that because during covid. We didn't know it was going to happen. And we did it. To buyers backing out and so one of our things was, do we just need to raise money and just take down these properties ourselves? Right? Because we're still getting deals we know they're deals You know we might not be able to make a quick ten fifteen on it, but we gotta pay the bills. So do we just need to take it down ourselves, put it on the market and then make the fifteen on it. You know what wasn't crazy for us was the one of the best things about Kobe was that we started buying more deals because. So I mean, we've died we got one that we made seventy on one that. We're closing in a couple of weeks they were making sixty. Like another worry making a hundred and it's just like these are the wholesale before. Because, everyone's backing I was like, well, the deals are still really good. Yeah. So that's awesome. That's that's that's really cool to hear. All right. So In the last year because I was asked, your favorite book has been a year in the past year. What is what book have you give them more than any other? In the past year. Or favorite book. To be honest man, I, haven't really haven't really read much last year I would. Have haven't really read much in the last year. I bought a big lesson so but I would say though that one of the things that drives me that has always stuck with me is the myth right and obviously the book is awesome but it's The one thing that stuck with me in the myth was build your business like a franchise even if you're never going to franchise it out right and I tell this to everybody right tell us to my dad my dad owns restaurants right and I tell them like your goal shouldn't be to franchise if you don't want to but you should build it like a franchise on that has driven me in my business one hundred percent you know I don't think we'll ever franchise it could be somewhere down in the path who knows But I want to build it like like a franchise and that's going to continue to To, push me but I don't really read much to be honest. I just listened to a lot of podcasts. Always your favorite podcasts besides disruptors obviously, obviously disrupters not one. So what one of the biggest podcasts and I know this is gonNA sound weird because it's not really real estate related but I listened to a ton of Joe Rogan. And I listened to the different individuals that he interviews and I compare. Their lives to my life in real estate and different things that they're doing So just And he interviews some weird people right and he's got a very broad ranch is not limited, which is what I like. Yeah and I like to. Listen to those things and see how they can apply in my business right So a big a big big lesson for me that I'm trying to do now more is. When you're delegating. You you forget that you need to lead from the front. Right, and so it's hard to delegate because there's so much going on. That is hard to delegate and still lead from the front like it's hard for me to coach my acquisition managers and still do aquisition calls while. Trying to sell the deal managing employees and all that stuff. So. One thing that I've recently been trying to do is get more involved with them and I forgot who it was that was Though saying this on his podcast but I found myself recently in the last. Month or so ever since I heard that just trying to. You know, hate this call I'm going to do it and you're gonNA listen to me right like just the other day we had a back out of a deal and my one of my acquisition Maj was kind scared on backing out of the deal because you know we we renegotiated the seller extended the deal and we still couldn't perform So you've got to back out right and you know obviously no one likes to talk about those things but now the reality of of of wholesaling and we had the buyer back now. So now we had to back out. And so like normally I. Just mark backed out you know. But I just feel that he wasn't comfortable and I know that if I were to do that call next time, he'll be more comfortable. Confident. Right and I did the call it was super easy and he was like others it and I was like, yes, that's it. You know So little things like that. I found myself that. Cup trying to do more of is leading from the front, which is hard. When you're the business owner sue and you're trying to build the business, you don't have time to get on the phone with the seller But I've been you know, let let me get on the phone with them. You know how takeover that call let let let me do it and so that was one of my biggest lessons recently. That I think I need to do more of, and it's just an excuse of I don't have time to do it is to find the time you and most calls. You know it's going to be five ten minute call anyway. It's in my head like I don't have time to do this like let me just do the one call him renegotiate the seller for my closer to listen, and then that is gonNa make a huge impact not only in. The ability for him to do it in the future but also too trust me to trust me that I can do this. You know you're listening to me because I've done this listening to me because I'm smooth I can you know I can get us out of any? Situation with the seller with a buyer, whatever it is, you know just the other day I had the whole disposition team in the transaction coordination team. In the conference room with me talking. And I was on speaker with the buyer because the buyer was like mad at us because he found out how much we're making and I had to kind of diffuse the situation and I had you know the disposition liaison who doesn't do any sales but he wanted to listen to the call anyway hanging to disposition managers and our transaction coordinator, and there were just listening to me in the conference room you know and so. That's what. I'm trying to do more of and it's hard, but it is what it is. Now that's awesome. How about you? Series this shit. So I read a shit ton, it's by Gonzalo Kors though. I I mean it it. It might sound typical. But my favorite book of all time thinking grow rich by Napoleon Hill. And, the reason it's my favorite book of all time is because. Before this I built a successful business It was a foreclosure maintenance business and I grew it. To the I was a part of Iran field crews in eight states for these national companies and had a lot going on. We're doing five million a year at our top. And You know I don't really have any college degrees I don't have any educational. Whatever to to brag about but I would go to these these yearly national seminars and conferences I for my industry and you know you know either at the conferences or dinners afterward I'd find myself at these tables with you know ten or fifteen individuals. It's my client since my competition right Mike Competition these guys you know they have achieved things you know they they've had their bachelor's or master's in certain realms of education or whatever. The case may be another thing I don't follow sports you know people talk about sports all the time it's a conversational piece that just can get things going and I don't. Do that so they're talking sports they're talking about their achievements whatever the case may be, and the one thing that was different timmy in them is like I'm like three times bigger than these people. So I would sit there thinking like how am I even at this table and how am I beating these people out when they seem admirable? They seem like people that should probably ten times my size and I never really knew what I was doing and when an also prior to that, I'd never really read any books and I wasn't in self development I didn't really follow anyone really really have any mentors. So when I started getting into self development and reading books and things like that and I picked up thinker grow rich. It told me what it was that had no what I had right and it's the simplest thing you would ever think of it's just It's persistence right think and grow rich. told me that I had persistence I had persistence more so than anyone around me or anyone that I've ever met, right so. This guy might be smarter but I'm going out work and I'm going to beat them and if I can't do that now I'll get better six months from now and then I'll persevere Nassir especially. Yeah eventually I will win. Since just my favorite book of all time, I've read it three or four times. Then within the last year and I've read just I don't know a ton of books within the last year though probably read a good to great a couple times I've read it three times in the past them or fourth time right now I find myself I'll read new books but I'll go back to the ones that really affected me or that I really took something from an I implemented things from it and I'll learn new things from the rereads Jim Collins. Great. He's got a couple books are really good. The last. The thing about I, think I think there's two things here a the. If I had just read that book alone in that, read any of the books. I'd be just as fine because a lot of the other books and really just re saying the same thing as thinker rich and the second thing is a lot of people can't finish that book, which is Ironic because that book is about persistence. Fish that book. PROBABLY NOT GONNA make. It's funny. It's funny. So I'm GonNa let you guys think about something you guys want to leave the listeners with and just make one quick announcement guys. If you guys got value out of the show, please hit the like button please hit subscribe helped me a lot. It'll help us create more millionaires and next week we got Jesse BARRAL AND EVA dragon author comeback about how. These started as individual wholesalers been teaming up, they've created something that's changed her life. So tune in next week, we get Jesse and evil they're gonNA, talk about their journey together So before we wrap up. Last thoughts while leaderless. I would just say you know just to keep everything super simple just be very ethical in everything that it is that you do be very straightforward with people One thing that I think our sales team does very well. Is there straightforward with everyone that they talk to the tell everyone exactly what it is that we're doing and how our process is going? To, go people have a sixth sense of figuring out if you're bullshitting them or not. Right. So if you're trying to portray the deal in a different way, that's not really how it's GonNa get done they're going to not trust it in. That's probably why you're not getting deals right so that's that's just kind of like to leave everyone with and how can someone get hold of you. you know instagram real dom Felix Dominic Felix on on facebook and we do a we do a wholesale show every Tuesday at nine pm eastern time it's called the people's wholesalers. So you guys can go to facebook and search the people's wholesalers and join the group in. It's free obviously Colt. Last thoughts. So. Last thoughts is you want to make it in this industry or in general. You have to change your sphere of influence you have to. Change, the people that you're talking to on a daily basis, you have to change the people you look up to on on a daily basis so. I I would say you know that has made me who I am today it's it's been the hard work and action taking in in all of that but. Than anything. It's been surrounding myself with people who are. You know just crushing it in industries and sometimes it that takes money you know. It is what it is. You know. Room Yeah you go by yourself into the right room sometimes and that's something that we've done. And every time I connect with somebody that's doing more than I am pushes me to to do more and that in itself will. Get you to where you WANNA be way quicker than. A bunch of other stuff you can work hard you can. You can you know Lake Lake Lake put dom said about his old business that he was with right his his business that he had in the past he was at a table and it took him ten years to get to be at those tables and I think that and he knows this he could got there sooner if he had surrounded himself with people who had been in, you know in in those In that industry and it was a little bit of a different industries, not like real estate where you can just listen to podcasts and there's people sharing all the details on their of their business. and it was a different time but. I feel like that's why we're. We are where we are today is we are continuously in rooms where we're not the most successful person in the room. You know we're we're we're trying to become like the people that were hanging out with and that's something that. As you grow and as you? Get more and more successful becomes harder right because you've never done deal and you go to networking event of real estate in the people who've done three deals. You're already somewhere right. But now you know we're in Jacksonville were. Top Dogs, and in real and wholesaling So it's hard to go into a room where people were doing more wholesale deals than us and so. It's challenging ourselves to. Be In those rooms where you know people are doing fifty plus deals right in that hard. There's not a lot of people if there are people doing out there they're not talking about other required about yeah. They're very quiet about it and so it's a it's a challenge right to get to those next levels but I think. That's the last thing that I want to leave people with because nobody really talks about that. But that has been the biggest game changer for me. You know when I was eighteen, I was shadowing millionaires and that's what made me who I am today So changes for influenced stop hanging out with people who don't want to be successful as you are, and it is hard to do It's probably the hardest thing that you are going to have to do in order to achieve success but. It's going to get you. To where you want to be. And how how can someone get hold of you. So Gonzalo Cores on Facebook Real Gonzalo Cortisone instagram just send me a message and let's connect. Awesome. All right. Thank you guys. Thank you all for watching. CD. Up this. Body. You'll be brought the. Church. Pew. Shot up to St Train. Your phone train. For Further? Weekday.

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