No Spin News, July 1, 2020


Bill O'Reilly here. This is the no spin news for Wednesday. July first two thousand twenty. Stand up for your country. You know I never thought I would see. What I am seeing today and that's why we started the stand for your country campaign because I don't want. America torn apart, and the process is underway and I'm GONNA. Get into it in a very specific way tonight. Now, I went through. The Vietnam Years I was in college I paid attention close attention, and even though the violence and the protests were far worse back in the late sixties early seventies, many many more people engaged the underlying cause was an unjust war, and the war was unjust for a lot of reasons, but primarily because it drafted American, young Americans, and it put them in a battlefield where the US government wasn't really fighting to win. And, that's unjust. And You know it was not a good time in American history, but there wasn't what there is now. And now we have the second American civil war. underway. And the tear down has begun. So this fund the police. This is happening. Is Happening in Minneapolis happening in New York topping in Los Angeles. and. This is going to lead to thousands of people being killed murdered. And those Americans, who feel is foolish and subversive like me. I'm on the warpath. So it's no longer two sides to the story in my opinion. There's the right side and that's the side I'm fighting on. And then there's the wrong side and I'm going to list. This whole thing for you see what I'm talking about. Now I don't want any violence I thought those two people in Saint Louis brought the guns out foolish for doing it and hurt their own cause. I know they broke the gate down I. Know They were yelling at them? I know all of that. But the press is never going to report their side of the story, and if you give inflammatory material to the far left press, which is almost all of it now. It's going to hurt the cause of traditional America. So if it had been means Saint Louis I would have stayed inside my house now. Somebody comes in my house. Somebody starts to destroy my house. That's another thing. You have the right to defend. Yourself and your property. You're going to have to pay a price. If you do that right, you know it in certain areas. They'll come after you. You do have that right? So the civil war is underway, there are two sides. The bad side is the tear down. We want to remake the country. Right because it's racist. This is the bad side. Countries racist capitalism is racist. Our founding fathers were racist. Our Constitution is racist. Everything's racist, so we're GONNA. Tear that all down and we're going to build up a new Socialist America. Where everybody's. Equal and everybody has an outcome a guaranteed outcome by big federal colossus. Guarantee, your health care. They're going to guarantee your job. They're going to guarantee your money. They're going to guarantee everything. But. In return you have no freedom. You GotTa do what they say. So they're gonNA. Pass a wealth tax, so come into your house and they'll take your private property. All, right that's socialism. That's what the bad side wants and they're using racism. To tear down the country to try to impose socialism. Bedside. The good side is we know? America needs to be improved because it does. And I. Hope All of you. Will step back and think about that. You can have a system where four police officers. are standing over a man. Watching him die for nine minutes. You can. The system has to be Reali- not destroyed. Realign. The something like that cannot happen is illegal. It can't happen. This can be done without destroying. Our police system ours has of justice. It can't be done. You are listening to a free excerpt from bill. O'Reilly dot dotcoms, no Spin News broadcasts where you can actually see me. We'll be right back after this message. 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In thinking about the state of America these days you feel. Seventy one percent angry, sixty six percent fearful. Forty six percent hopeful seventeen percent proud. So an incumbent president, facing seventy one percent of the population, angry and sixty six fearful. It is almost impossible to be reelected. However. With the civil war underway if Donald Trump becomes the commander of the traditional side. He could win. If he doesn't, he will lose. It. Fide and says he's GonNa hold any rallies. Of course he's not. Why would you hold rally? The trump rally was a debacle. People aren't gonNA come out in the age of cove it. All, right now, Biden. Has Not held a press conference in eighty nine days. And he was asked one tough question yesterday go. I'm sixty five I. Don't have word recollection that I used to have. I, forget my train of thought from time to time, you got twelve years on me, sir. Are Have you been tested for degree of cognitive decline. I've been testing. Look. All, you gotTA. Do is watch me and I can hardly wait. To compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I'm running me Nance. All Right? I can't wait to see that as well Biden seventy-seven trump seventy four, but in reality Joe Biden is not. A factor in this election doesn't that sound crazy, but he's absolutely true. It's Donald Trump running. Against Donald Trump. It's either I hate trump. Vote or I love trump vote. Do you know anybody who goes. I gotta get that Joe Biden in the Oval Office. He's the greatest leader I. We have to have him. You know anybody. I know a lot of Liberals and Democrats, and there's no one. No one. WHO jumping up and down because Joe Biden's running for president. No one. Another quick break right back. Go to the Mail Lynn Bill. I'm frightened for our country, I don't even know where to go. Is it over for Republicans? Now it's not. If Republicans figure out that most Americans are traditionalist and don't want their country torn in pieces and if they get some. COJONES S. it's a Spanish word and stand up. Then, this thing could turn around fast. Brian, Zek Dallas Texas. It appears the media controls the narrative by keeping conservative opinion on the defense. How would you is simple man bill change that so conservative narrow gets on the defensive and folks get to hear the other point of view I think the folks do hear it because of talk radio as I mentioned Fox News. But. There's nothing that anyone can do about giant. Rations corrupting the news. The government I guess could step in somehow, but I don't know how. First Amendment. Arlene Rodman Colts Neck New Jersey. Thank you bill for organizing. STAND UP! Stand up for your country and a lot of people that can stand up for America. Stand up for your country, the formal campaign name. I will display the stickers proudly. Thank you for reporting on the ideology and the money behind the black. Lives Matter Movement. K. Column. There's a sicker by the way the column on Black Lives Matter. Global Foundation posted on Bill O'Reilly dot. com must reading. Bob. Wakeman, San Demus California question. What does woke mean woke is a politically correct description of people who have suddenly come to the realization that we are racist, misogynist country, and that everyone's persecuted and there's no fairness. So if you believe that your woke. For the July weekend. I'm off tomorrow. I'm going to have a good time I'm GONNA. Relax I'M GONNA jump in the ocean to pool a knocking to get angry. Not GonNa. Get angry instead. I'M GONNA give money to the independence dot org to help the wounded vets I already gave. A couple of weeks ago. Two big brothers and sisters on long, island. Make a donation on the fourth of July to your favorite charity to help the country I know you're angry, I? Know you're teed off control it do something positive. Be a patriot. We Need Patriots Happy Fourth of July. Stay with US I'm Bill O'Reilly DOT COM we'll be checking all weekend. So you soon.

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