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Son Storm from DWA is a podcast. That's all about how women help each other stay joyful and powerful amidst the chaos of life today each week hosts and activists Annalisa talked to friends and heroes about inspirations finding your center and what each one of us can do to make the changes we want to see in the world you can subscribe to Sun Storm. Wherever you get your podcasts. This is a CBC podcast. Barton I think you mean Primetime Star Rosemary Barton and I'm Alanine up-to-minute. Party line Rosie. We've just seen a lot unfolded over the last twenty four hours. We got a throne speech that resets the governor's agenda as we get deeper into this pandemic. Hurt some very intense responses from the opposition, and then we got a whole separate address to the nation from the prime minister himself. These guys have addresses don't happen all the time the happen in moments national crisis. You could argue we might be in one. This was a way for the government to turn up the urgency around what appears to be a second wave of the pandemic and to try to get zone messaging through around the throne. Speech. And how the government wants to, as they say Phil back better is there any chance the government could fall? A lot of questions to get through. So as we record this, I am still over at West loch not not that work have more to do after this. My T, my TV set is still the only one that is up. But if you hear things in the background, it's it's The fabulous tuck is starting to pull some stuff down. So we don't have to be till eleven o'clock the reason I'm over here of course is because we heard from the prime minister and opposition leaders speaking to. The Nation that happened at six thirty eastern and it was highly unusual for the prime minister to a ask for this time for the from the broadcasters and yet the time and highly unusual for it to happen after almost our long throne speech where the government had lots of room to lay out its agenda is concerns around the pandemic so. You know I don't know did did did he need all that time did? We seen enough and heard enough of the government. CanNot. Just tell you off the top first of all you know where you are. They love thrown speeches and I get it. But like man I'm not sure that I love doing speeches because audience speeches. Yeah. Like the audience is like usually media folks and bureaucrats and maybe sometimes other politicians but like it doesn't feel human like he doesn't feel like it's People like if you actually wanted to engage people, you wouldn't just have a person sit on a chair a big chair by you just read six thousand words and these things are really broad and kind of general gestures towards notions. The might become ideas that might become plans and and and I, and I understand all that and this was chock-full emotions and ideas. National. Childcare. was speeding up working on Pharma care. They said they're. They're going to pursue some kind of long term care standards that are national. They're going to create a million jobs. They're going to buy the world a coke and teach it how to dance I. I. Appreciate all of that but he just like if felt like a really big to do and I'm not sure who it's trying to reach what my mom was watching because that's what she does. She just supports me in that way perhaps your. Listen I think you know an hour long speech is a hard thing for Canadians to have time for wrap their heads around. We are however in as we talked about so many times now an unprecedented time and at a according to the Prime Minister and Dr Teresa Tan that she felt compelled officer at a crossroads of the pandemic where things are about to get much worse if we don't change the way we're responding. So all of those things out for a moment in time where maybe Canadians for once know really did want to hear what the government has in store for them. Really did WANNA see how they plan to fix some of the That we've talked about even is so many times in the past some that you just talked about there. So maybe maybe this was actually the moment when these kinds of speeches become bigger and more important than just for the media and for the people that implement the policy but for sure you're not, GonNa. Get from a speech, all the details and all the dollar signs. That's GonNa come later but it does give you a sense of how the government's approaching things. I think. You know what was interesting for me with the speeches that they spent I know that throwing speeches are meant to be the sort of vague big picture thing. They had the option still to kind of get specific in it. And for about a month or so I thought the expectations for the speech were just through the roof and he was going to be the speech that would lay the foundation of the most ambitious government program in like a generation and I think that's what we got Trudeau Promise Nice things. There's this promise to expand every province testing capacity, which in the middle of the surge sounds like a good idea. There's a promise of action on systemic racism which I think we only way you could come out against that is if you say, I, don't know maybe racism is not that bad. But it's worth noting in general that. There was a lot of big government will continue like we just heard this phrase over and over and over again, the government will continue to have people's backs people the front lines who have been looking after seniors do vital work and the government will continue to have their backs. The government will continue to support Canadians. The government will continue to expand passively to deliver a virtual healthcare. The government will also continue to address the OPIOID epidemic. The government will continue its policy of putting a price on pollution. The government will continue to bring in new. The government will also continue to stand up for human rights and the rule of law the government will continue to fight for free trade government also continue to never give up or never let you down. Me Wrong? All the things of the world this year I get it colossal on, and it's a big deal and they're gonNa keep doing those things. You know it's a big deal to keep doing the employer wage subsidy I'm GonNA continue that till next year. But like we have to keep in mind that they prorogued parliament to say look, we need a minute to get ready for this really big throne speech. So given the lightness of details here I'm not sure that Canadians are going to think that. was necessarily justified. Well, okay that's a point. But sometimes when you are you figuring out what the future is going to be just throw things on the wall and see if it sticks and that might be what they've done with the big promise of childcare. It sounds like a significant amount of money. They say we'll come attempt to fix long-term care, which they will have to do obviously both of those things with the provinces and let's not forget also promise to create one million jobs, which is about the number of Canadians that need jobs right now. So I mean there are some big ideas there but you know it's Just like really tired of how you would know this. But sometimes when you're tired of how you look and then you just go and get bangs just. So I just give you like a fresh fall. Look I think that's a little bit what went on here. bangs the government later regret. I've never done that. So I don't understand the feeling even thinking I can't wait I can't really look perfect all the time. But curious to me that you say that because when they justified the probation, he was an early perturbation. and. It was in the middle of a bunch of really big stories like we still remember the we investigation because of bunch of committees we're looking into it. And all of that work got put aside because they pervert parliament. So it I think it had a high bar to live up to and absolutely those programs are big. But I guess depending on the level of details and we ended up getting. People might not feel that early irrigation was. Justified I get that. They might wonder after hearing the speech from the Governor General and then hearing from the prime minister today is hot. We actually pay for that given that we are three hundred and forty eight, billion dollars in deficit right now, the prime minister recognizes obviously that that is a question people will be asking because he tried to answer it i. know some people are asking how we can afford to do all this Canadians. That's fair. Low interest rates mean we can afford it, and in fact, doing last would end up costing far more. Doing less would mean a slower recovery bigger deficits in the long run. So. Again, some of these programs as you said will now continue in order to make sure we get through what long was pandemic is like the wage subsidy program but some of these things are brand new and we don't know how many billions they are going to cost, and that's where that's where you start to hear from the opposition parties who had some questions particularly conservatives obviously about. Like does it ever stop? How do we get out of this massive deficit Where is the fiscal anchor wh? Where do we? You know why do we just continue and continue and continue and I don't know that the prime minister answered that question tonight but he tried to reassure people I guess that interest rates mean that it'll be manageable and one notable line from the throne speech was. Sort of saying that. This is not a time for austerity. There's no time for. Back. Spending now that's signals. Significant matter spending is going to come. But again, as we sit here is sort of light on details. Now, one thing that you mentioned is from that later speech that he delivered and during prime time and I, guess one thing that people need to know is the prime minister can't just pop up on your like the has to make the case to the networks to give them the airtime and then the networks have to agree. And because for them like cutting into the mass singer. Pretty. Significant. Added revenue loss. So, given the high bar of cutting into network-time. Do you think the Prime Minister justified it? I think that from a public health perspective the answer's probably guessed. I mean he said we are in a second wave and our actions now are going to you know there was that line that he gave about. Won't be able to have. Thanksgiving. We might be able to have Christmas. It's all too likely. We won't be gathering for Thanksgiving. But. We still have a shot at Christmas I mean, that was that was both very effective line. Yeah. In terms used thinking about your actions and what you want your future looks like. From a political perspective because it was, you know just as much a political speech as it was a warning of public l.. I mean I. Don't know it. Was it. Was it what Canadians needed to hear heating to do it did broadcasters need to give time I don't know but. We've we've done that in the past we the media have done that in the past for Stephen Harper, for instance, who gave it buber political speech address to the nation back in two thousand eight when the opposition parties trying to form a coalition. So there's precedent for it and the opposition parties got a chance to respond I guess the question now is. That was their response sort of in Primetime when are they? Going to do because as you know, this could lead to an election. Yeah. The what they're actually going to do seems to be a pretty big thing that's missing I mean air no speech was. Kind of right off the bat thing, they're not going to accept his government's Pergram. Block said Look Trudeau has a week to provide unconditional health transfers to Quebec. But Doug meets things. Response was very striking. I think we have a clip of that I know that you're worried. I know that you're worried about your kids going to school. I know that you're worried about paying the bills. I know you're worried about your jobs. I know you're worried about your loved ones. And our elders in long term care homes it was to me was a very, very strong speech. He also laid out the conditions for supporting the government, which is the MVP wants Serb extended or rather the new form of I because service ending next week wanted. To sort of give the same amount of service is giving, which is five hundred dollars a week. He also wants paid sick leave, but it felt strange watch it because when you play a hand, that's bet strong politically, the next step is to say, and there will be consequences if I don't get what I want and you know the consequences are like I'm not going to support this government and that sentence never came. And I think it will come from what we've heard today from from Jagmeet Singh and I think it's in part while I mean obviously in part because he doesn't want an election but but the other reason is that there is a for the US those wins to their political advantage right to be able to say the Canadians here the things we got for you even though it's the liberal government them and EP. Can sort of shape it to to make it sound like it would not have happened without them, and that is perhaps the biggest political advantage open to the MVP right now and some sometime there's no advantage for the Conservatives. They don't like anything about this as you said, so they're gonNa do it and the block is trying to defend only one part of the country. So I I would say at this point in time. Late on a what are we a Wednesday night? Ten seven election is pretty slim because the end EP will will probably come round. Don't you think Yeah, I can't. I can't imagine them not supporting this government. And I have to imagined the reason that sentence was missing because. They just don't have the position to take a break now. One advantage that Jagmeet Singh had. That Erin O'Toole did not. Is that. Jagmeet. Singh. Was Responding in an address that followed the prime minister whereas Erin O'Toole was speaking from outside his home because he's an isolation, he's he's tested positive for covid. So his speech was recorded before the prime minister gave his speech So it Kinda struck just this general tone of criticism against Justin Trudeau after four years of Mr Trudel, our country is more divided less prosperous and less respected on the world stage. Across this country millions of Canadians have lost their jobs. Many fear losing their homes and too many have lost. Hope. MR, Trudeau says, we're all in this together. has never been more divided. See that the disadvantage to me when I hear that speech is that it just doesn't match up with the with the tone of the speech that Trudeau delivered because Trudeau speech was very sort of grounded in those public health messages. And this kind of felt like a bit out of left field. Aaron a tool wine of the leaders who has tested positive along with his wife and they are self isolating home, and while he did, you know at the top of of what he said reference that and the importance of listening to public health he then got into a bunch of issues that really weren't about the pandemic and weren't necessarily even in direct response to what the prime minister heads they obviously. So it was little. It's felt a little bit off at times. I mean at one point you went off on a tangent about his. His approach to China which how there was a there was a line about trying to get the two Canadian hostages released arm from Chinese prisons but in the throne speech but Yeah I. Would've thought that one of the leaders who tested positive along with his wife for covid nineteen on his self isolating in his home might use that more to you know to criticize the government but also to to play to Canadians Canadian. That public health message. But that that maybe is indicative of of something that we have sensed that has coming and that is that this had pandemic has now turned away from being a fight of everyone against it and that it's become something else that that it's become. So political now and I don't think anyone one party is responsible for that I. Think they all are. I'm seventy and I'm. SECO and we're back with a brand new season of seat at the table The podcast where we have in depth conversations with notable guests from media sports, and pop culture. But this time we're capturing personal stories about the power of the black lives matter movement the urgency of this moment, and really what it will take to move forward seat at the table is available now and CBC Listen On spotify or wherever you get their podcasts. I'm Jonathan Goldstein host of wiretap each weaker invited to listen in on my telephone conversations whether funny sad wistful or even slightly strange. You never know just what you might hear on Wiretap I. Showed I didn't think that people actually listened to it that the breadth of your genius Jonathan It's not funny but you can be cripplingly pointedly depressing. The Wiretap Archives available on CBC listen spotify, Apple PODCASTS and wherever you get your podcasts. That's the sound of an illegal gathering basically. Double. For big trouble in also means it's time for last call. Last week we asked you would you like to see public health officials and premiere reinstate mark. Covid nineteen restrictions in light of the surging cases in at least Ghor provinces in the country and right after that they actually did it Antero Premier Doug. Rolling Out I. Know It was all US actually by way we take credit for that. Doug Ford, ended up, ruling out more restrictions on how many people can gather in homes and backyards and said stop doing it just to stop it and it sounded like a lot of people were like. Give me more of this. This is great I just over four hundred people chimed in on our twitter poll sixty, nine percent of them said, yes. Please bring on the restrictions one person added please make masks mandatory in New Brunswick many are complacent due to low number of cases any trip to your groceries you're met with about two thirds of people mass and one third nat there is stablishment but kind of nonsensical other mandatory were am. person right days I'm torn because I'm worried about the rising cases but I know that reinstating restrictions will likely come at the cost of my friends and family that work in retail and food services jobs can't done from home and that is sort of the challenge for governments. Another person pointed out the uptick is primarily in very specific groups and settings. I think they're talking about young people. This person suggests target them aggressively with restrictions in fines and let the rest of us being careful live our lives as best as we can. All right. Well, this week obviously, we want to know now that you've heard the throne speech, do you think it made sense for the government to Perot Parliament to take that five week break to do that reset now that you've heard what they had to to gather all of your feelings and then throw the Mattis tweet US Ella mediate I'm not ready. And you can turn the Hashtag party lines and let us know what you think. Belongs to sleep on CBS News and Timothy. Garton she political correspondent, Alameda? Mahmoud. Chief. Guy Just. GonNa go to sleep right now and culture writer. Buzzfeed News. Sorry Man The next week. You Bet. For more CBC PODCASTS GO TO CBC. Dot. Ca Slash podcasts.

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