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Hi My name is Kerry Murphy. Tony Christie and coming up on the final weekly massive earth shattering news regarding mb legend, Michael Jordan, and it involves NASCAR holy cow Ross chastain inks a big old deal for twenty, twenty one and of course, everybody rally dragon stops by again with your NASCAR fantasy picks Las Vegas this weekend it's all coming up on the final weekly was that to radio? Is the final lap weekly. Featuring the latest car racing driver interviews, Rafe Review, opinions, discussion rumors, and more. Now here's Carrie. Murphy and Toby crispy. Just. Coming is talking to raise. DFL W is on, you found the place where we talk about all things Nascar Scary Murphy Him Longtime Nascar Media member and syndicated radio host of all things. The final APP are co host with shows Toby Christie founder and editor in chief of Toby Christie dot com welcome back to the program as always thanks man the official title there that's that's that's something. Yeah. It only took what a year and a half me to copy and paste it into the template and Yeah, and you're the King of copying pay some surprised it took you that long copy and paste everything. You know what's funny is we do the pre show open their where we kind of tell you things that are coming up on the show. He ever mentioned that we're GONNA be talking about a few that I have with the driver. I know you do have a feud. We will be talking about that and we've got her reaction. Oh, it's a her see. There you go. That should probably fill the. The clues there for everybody and this is the exclusive on this program. We have all of that stuff right? Because I'm sure she won't be mentioning it on her in a thanks. So No, certainly not this will be on. You'll hear. So there you go. We do have a huge program i. mean we are going to break down the whole bubble Wallace Denny Hamlin Michael Jordan thing coming up in segment to. We, of course, have a race this coming weekend Las Vegas. Motor speedway. I will not be there. It pains me to say that is so sad. It's awful. We've GOT ROWDY DRAGON COMING UP FOR NASCAR fantasy picks we've got. Dale Earnhardt Jr. News. We've got Ross chastain news but. This this is huge. Right here. This this this is huge. Okay. As of last week this program is on Amazon Swe Amazon Music Yeah I, mean I can fire up my Alexa. Until it that I want to listen to our show and it will pull up. Yeah it'll do it. It's we're getting about seventy people doing just that every day already that is pretty awesome. So I might do that I don't have to click anything then I can just say what I want right so I mean we're on apple spotify. Google. Amazon I. Mean You name it we're on it and so whatever you listen to wherever you listen to us on if you just found us on Toby Christie Dot com I know we got a lot of new listeners from there. Just go ahead use your favorite podcast directory hit subscribing boom. WE'RE GONNA show up every single day inside your ears. That's awesome I. Love when things appear inside my ears. Yeah. Did you you miss that little nugget there? We are daily the only NASCAR podcast that has something for you every single day that we're aware of at least if there's anything. Else, out there, let us know but I could that is the only one I haven't found anything else daily I mean you're nice enough to curate an entire NASCAR podcast directory over there at Toby Christie Dot com I think you'd know that's true I do have to update that thing. It's a little outdated on the podcast page saw get on that This week slash weekend. But Yeah I you know it all my. Looking around and peaking, and gathering, trying to find anything I can I have not found any other daily options as far as NASCAR podcasts go all right and even if there are welcome come on board that's fine. There's plenty of. Stuff to. To have in there and you know we'll be one of the few then of daily podcast but right now, I think we might be the only one. Well, Hey, you know all that. Aside, we have a huge like he talked about Kerry packer show. Let's get started talking about Bristol Man Yeah Bristol Motor speedway Saturday night under the lights and elimination race to boot and some drivers. Their playoff hopes for twenty twenty just like Jimmy Johnson are done. What we're. GonNa quit to everybody's going to be like Jimmy after each round well, I had to make it relatable to me. So I would be interested to good point that makes that makes sense actually. This top ten list though is very bizarre. There's like drivers I've never heard of in their drivers. You never see in the top ten of course, there's drivers you've never heard of will yeah of course of course I only you know think about maybe the top ten if that I mean I don't even think you think about the whole top ten probably not hey, if we're being honest probably not I think you're probably maybe the top seven the you really know anything about each week you get into the back markers and the truck series and the series. You could put them in a lineup. I wouldn't be able to pick them out I would love to see us run a extended or trek series podcast just to see you have like four trying to act like what you're talking about. Oh. I would probably skate by just from. By, but it would be total BS and everybody would know your. Ira Let's get into the top Michael McDowell Ryan. Priests. Chris. Bush. Or I'm sure you've got pages and pages on these three guys. Well Yeah. Michael McDowell fourth top ten of the season that is incredible when you factor and he's only had eight top tens his entire career before the season. So, for this year alone that that's impressive, he's had a heck of a run. Average finish for your nineteen point six things up twenty second in points. That is a career-best if you can hang onto it. So that's pretty good for Michael McDowell. Yup. Ryan. Priest by the way I top ten of the season it's been very frustrating season for Ryan Preece. But maybe he's finally turning things around a little bit as we head towards silly season there have been rumors that he won't be back jt racing daugherty that he has resigned and we'll be back. So what see how that shakes out for him but nevertheless, he's got a top ten under his belt and Chris Butcher our buddy he's been on the show a lot Yeah. Just just all guy here I don't think anybody has no can't handle the. No but you know he's a fellow. Texan. So that's cool and he's got a career high as well. This season of top tens in it continues with this run seven top tens this season form. Now he of course, has two top fives a earlier part of the season's well, but he sits twentieth and points. which marks you know the the the standing rank he had last year. So another solid season for Chris Butcher. All right. Chase Elliott with one t there at number seven. See that what happened the the other T. went silent and just Of corrected or something I don't know. When this is Kinda disappointing run for him because he's been so strong at Bristol all year. The spring race, which was I guess the early summer race when they got done moving it for covid. finished. Well, running for a win there at the ending piled up into Giuliano by mistake on a late restart and didn't finish. It was looking like is going to finish but still had a car capable of winning that day one the All star race at Bristol and yes seventh. Okay. But mad really thought he was gonna be a little bit stronger than that jobless Glenn Boyer there a number six jobless well isn't he going to be? I don't think. So I I the more I keep hearing about it Clinton lawyer. Somehow it's going to be back in that fourteen Garg next season it looks that way it hasn't been officially announced. Of course there's still. Things. But what I'm hearing the chatter I've been hearing as of late. Is that just like lassen somehow Clint Boyer will remain in the fourteen car. It's the dancing skills while it's funny that I say somehow he's still in the playoffs I mean he's He's been running pretty well, he's actually got quite a few stage points this year. And it's been a sneaky decent season for them. But again, it's just been kind of trailing off each year since coming to Stewart Haas racing it seems that to win season in two thousand eighteen. had. Eighteen. Top tens last year than in standard ten right now and but solid top top ten here Bristol and nearly a top five. So he he's building some momentum for that next season I. Guess. Fortieth top ten for Eric Merola this season but I one in a while. Yet another top five as well. Eric Merola is getting it done and He's a guy that I feel could possibly sneak up in surprise some people in these playoffs because like you said, he has been a fixture inside the top ten all season long he's had stretches where he showed he can run top ten for ten straight weeks. So if he can sneak in there and get a couple of wins finally. Air Merola could be a guy who might be able to dethrone the guys. We expect to win the Chamber of the season, but you know things have to shake out this right out I. Like Eric Law All Right Tyler rettig finally getting a top ten and after a long while he was there for a while they're in the beginning. Yeah, he was and it looked there for a little while like man maybe we reckon witness this thing I don't know. Obviously, he didn't have anything for the top two guys wants this thing going but early on it was like, well, that's pretty decent speed he's got there. Because if you know by the way, the starting lineup is determined each week. Now, the sixteen play after was currently get the sixteen top spots so. Taylor riddick had to fight his way from beyond sixteenth to work his way to where he was and. Solid fish out of jobless Eric Jones that still true that is true stagnant air. Jones is jobless and currently actively looking for a job. So we'll see how that goes. Thought he's got to stay within the Toyota. Realm because he just bought a new truck recently so right but then he's also been posting pictures have been driving around his father's old corvette. So All right those. Leaving himself open anything. Okay. Over the last few weeks, I have been texting UC's meaning with the race I can't you know I'm even posted it. You sent me this same exact text within the first ten laps this week. Well, that was more of a joke. Okay I thought you're being serious. Okay. Well, it's GONNA. Early Buddy just to see what you'd say. But this race, the battle, the best in the business going toe toe at Bristol closing laps was like the last fifty laps or whatever Kyle Busch Oh my gosh. What I mean just amazing comes up just short of his first win of twenty twenty. Let's hear from. Kyle Busch, frustrated over finishing second. You know just like this is one of our great shots to win and I. Don't know you know just come up short. So skittles camera was fast and we had a good car one that was in contention all night long fired off, started the race as I was like Oh. Wow this is a pretty. Yeah, that's all there is to these guys. I it was. It was just the most amazing racing I think of the season, those two guys, Kevin Harvick, of course, the other one continues to own the twenty twenty Nascar Cup series season he had a hole in the front of his car at least. That's what he said. It was running tight still was able to go. Door to door with Kyle Busch, they were swap and leads and different lines and all my gosh this was the race ninth win of the season third career at Bristol fifty eighth career overall. It's here from Kevin twice. I got an a little dinged up with your sixty laps to go knock a hole in the nose and. You know made it a be made it a little tight through the center of the corner but turned into a heck of a race you know in and out of traffic there with kyle he got me Gabby once pinned up there in traffic and. Hold lead there there till the end. So just really proud of of everybody. For. Everything that they've done all year and just continuing to fight and. You know there's not many races that you can win like winning here at Bristol an IRA. So that was that was a lot of fun. We're nose down just try to do what we do I I'd I'd have to go back and out all the all the things that happened. You know that stuff can can flip around and turn the other direction really quick. So you know we we they. All outrageous. You know. you know we we struggled at Darlington figured out you know a great strategy and and wound up. Capitalizing on on late accident there in tonight's probably probably the best car. So you know it's it can get either way. It's just as those days that she don't have. You know really good car You know what happens and how you can rebound from that and on the days you do have a good card you know hopefully hopefully finding. Victory Lane. So it's You know it's been A. It's been a battle some weeks some weeks it's been good but we've been able to capitalize on the on the good weeks and here to break it down for us the most exciting man in. NASCAR. Today Rodney shoulders. Yeah I think everybody Kinda knows about now this is my favorite place You know I love coming here we put a lot of work in the. Coming here and you feel like we should have won so many races here years, Holloway Back to David Ruderman days, and how fast we always were and we've been able to carry that through all the way through the four team and just went so fast every time and and You know we've had a lot of awkward stuff happened here and we volunteers and. Boca Roca gear last fall. Something that was really odd but. To just be able to come here and have a flawless race You know no drama no, no issues cabinet a an Exxon job on the race track. The guys did a incredible job on road and we just had a we had a hot rod denied in I. Wasn't sure how it was in the spring. felt like we were pretty good for the for the All star ended up second there. But You just never know you know without Braxton and stuff you you kinda. Take shot in the dark at a few things and whether the voters going drag the ground or not, and and. Just all those things but overall it was it was on the money and those guys all my engineers have done such a good job all year Unload like this and barely making adjustments during the race and just doing a doing incredible jobs. He. Sees. Wow did we did we really need a minute and a half of riding chillers while that that that does put it in perspective it felt like five minutes. I mean the only other guy that's able to do that and longer is Brad. Keselowski. That's true although he doesn't you know he has a little bit more excitement in his voice so. Bracket SASKIA feels like eight when you get one and a half minutes of Rodney shoulders it feels like ten. So but that's okay my eleven year old loves, Kyle. Busch was waiting for this when he was watching this battle. For once he didn't lose it. He was actually reasonable about it thought it was a good race. Getting, used to him losing now. So that's good. I guess so yeah, I guess so. But I mean. The first thing out of his mouth was the four teams cheating I'm like. Well, I don't know the start of the race cheating they got busted for something as funny as that is he says, the four team is cheating they have not actually failed inspection one time this season, right? Whether it be pre-qualifying, pre-race or post-race number four team has not failed one time inspection. However, the number eighteen team, which is barely clinging onto playoff hopes has failed inspection four times this season second most in the entire series I had to explain to him just how much those cars are under NASCAR scrutiny yeah. Definitely, and so they're finding a loophole in the system They're doing a heck of a job as it hasn't been discovered at all yet to. but man, like you said, this was an incredible race. The finish was out of this world like you said to the best we've ever seen in the sport. Going, toe to toe definitely of this generation to the best just it was like a championship fight man it was just incredible. The the ebbs and flows of the lead and the lapped traffic coming up through there as they were running through there that was incredible to watch Kevin Harvick did have a hole in the firm his car I think he plowed into the back of joy as trying to get through their to keep. Cow Bush from being in front of him at one point where Bush actually took lead for a moment But man that was that was an exciting finish. If you didn't get up on the edge of your seat during that I don't care which driver in the field is your fan you're a fan of. that was incredible. Finish an incredible run for the win. That's what we that's what we want to see. That is what we come to us when we turn the TV on every week to see on on Saturday or Sunday that's why we do the show. Exactly. That's the point. That's why we're here. That's why we do what we do. That is what we saw on Saturday night and that was awesome. Now let's get back to cow, Bush? Does post race interview on television it's pretty normal. It's you know what you see out of most drivers who finished second nothing spectacular to see right then later. You have this actually never crossed my mind You always try to try to win races clean always try to raise hard and race clean and get the job done. Right. And Yeah I mean if that lap car wasn't there I would have. Blown it in on the outside or the inside and may some of them dip kids don't know what the hell are doing or where they're at and can't stay out of the way. So nothing like a gay. Center Smith. Will be eliminated the next round. So couple things in there, he's calling fellow drivers names. Is being whiny again, any flat out says that they're going to be eliminated in the next round. Yeah. So whiny Kyle Bushes back. Yeah. For Kyle Busch I mean this is a precarious round coming up today. He's never had much luck at the rover Charlotte Aiming Happen, and of course, he's Las Vegas native but that track hasn't been super kind to him over the years as well. So. I I don't know man he might be right I know but you don't say that as a driver and bring your entire team down there saying you're not even going to try I mean that's a quitter I agree. I agree I don't I don't like that attitude going into it. You're kind of it's almost self fulfilling prophecy when something like that happens now. But at the same time, I kinda see where he's coming from. It's been very frustrating season. But he is still. You got to hold together a little better than that. Yeah. Those that may say, all Tony Stewart said the same thing. No he said they didn't deserve to be there and then backed it up with five wins. Yeah. You real reeled off five wins in the last ten races and tied yet won the championship with A. Tiebreaker. I I don't know where that came from. How did I know it was five wins that fast that is impressive. Actually usually you're a little further. Usually seventy five wins ban I did not look that up I just came up with it out of a hat I'm proud of you. Do you really really becoming something all of a sudden I This NASCAR thing is catching on for me and your thirtieth year covering mistake. Finally. Picking up some of the. Some of the stuff you need that's good. All right. Next round of the playoffs always forgot to mention eliminated. Ryan Blaney William. Byron Matt Di Benedetto, and Cole custer. They are knocked out will not win the championship. So sad for them up next on the playoff schedule round of twelve will give you those twelve drivers later on Las Vegas Motor speedway then Talladega then the rover at Charlotte. Motor. Speedway you know who? Don't like. whiny men. WHO women in the bedroom. That's true. That is very true. You definitely don't want to go in there with an attitude you're not gonna be able to succeed. That's true. Yeah. You don't WanNa. All man that's forget it. Then you're. Down for the count so to speak. I mean who wants to walk in there like that I mean come on, right? So Blue Dot com is the place you know and and the best part about this is doctors we hate them where men we don't like going there for whatever reason, and this is certainly not on the list of of reasons we will put this off forever. Yeah there for a second when you said the best part doctors was like, oh, Gosh. No, definitely not. I don't have to worry about them. Yes. That's the best. 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Like us at facebook dot com slash final lap. This is the final land weekly. My Name's Gary. Murphy. His name is Toby Christie recalls entire program the final lap weekly and Toby Christie. All my Gosh Earth Shattering News. My mind is blown even though even though. You. Kind of knew about this whole thing ready like a month ago. We've been talking about this. We even alluded to it a little bit on the show at one point. not quite how expected it to go down it seemed like for a while that this was gonna be the forty-three team next year. then. After that looked like maybe it would be the got brothers racing ninety sixteen but I know they're gonNA start their own team any ham on Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan will be the majority owner of this team and they'll a wallace as their driver. How cool is that? All right we're GONNA have quotes from all three players we begin with Denny Hamlin who basically broke the news on twitter for all of us. Yeah. It was pretty cool. This ramle like nine eastern. You don't expect a an announcement of this magnitude that late in the night but he said in his statement quote eleven years ago I met Michael Jordan and then Charlotte Bob cats game and we became fast friends not long after I joined the Jordan. Brand as their first NASCAR athlete, our friendship has grown over the years and now we're ready to take it to the next level. Tonight I'm excited to announce that Michael Jordan and I are starting a new single single CAR NASCAR Cup series team for twenty twenty one deciding on driver was easy. It had to be Bubba Wallace, BUBBA has shown tremendous improvement since joining the cup series and we believe he's ready to take his career to a higher level. He deserves the opportunity to compete for wins and our team will make sure that he has the resources to do just. That off the track bubba has been allowed voice for Change in our sport in our country MJ and I support him fully in those efforts and stand beside him more details about the team will be released at a later date. But for now, I remain focused on winning a championship for my number eleven, Fedex Toyota jobs, racing team this season, and in the years ahead while that is huge. All right. Let's continue now with Bubba Wallace he said this is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity that I believe is a great fit for me at this point in my. Career both Michael Denny are great. Competitors are focused on building the best team. They possibly can to go out and compete for race wins. I'm grateful and humbled that Michael and Danny believe in me and I am super pumped to begin this adventure with them and quote moving along to the NBA legend. That is Michael Jordan. He says quotes growing UP IN NORTH CAROLINA. My parents would take my brothers, sisters and meter races and I've been a nascar fan my whole life the opportunity to own my own racing team in partnership with my friend Denny Hamlin and to have bubby. And to have bubba Wallace driving for us is very exciting for me. Historically, NASCAR has struggled with diversity and there have been few black owners. The timing seemed perfect as NASCAR is evolving and embracing social change more and more end quote. So wow, just to to recap. Michael Jordan majority owner Denny Hamlin on board as the racing expert I guess and Bubble Wallace will be there driver. We don't know the car we do know that It's the GEIKO team that they're buying, right? Yeah. They're buying the team charter from the Thirteen Germain racing team. Germain racing will no longer exists after this season, which tied Dylan is now a free agent as well. And we still know you know obviously who the technical alliance will be with. It seems pretty obvious. It'll be jobs racing Michael Jordan exclusive interview with the Charlotte Observer. said they are talking to Joe Gibbs racing? In, trying to work on a deal there but are also looking other options. So I obviously, it'll probably be Joe. Gibbs. Racing they partner with indefinitely Toyota as Toyota has been wanting to get more teams under their banner a competitive team so This looks like the avenue for Toyota to get that done for sure this is huge on so many levels I mean. At face value if this had just come together if denny and Michael, didn't know each other, it'd be kind of like haphazardly done quickly. But the fact that they are longtime friends, he's had those logos on his fire suit forever Danny and Michael have been friends for a very long time I think golf brings them together they they play basketball but I'm sure Danny breaks need more often than not. But. This is huge to bring Michael Jordan. Name a caliber of of that magnitude and the sports world to say you know what I'm GonNa put my money into Nascar. It's huge. It's so huge. Yeah, and for bubba Wallace, this is a huge opportunity as well. He's been a guy that's been kind of you know he was a rising star from the Canaan he series working his way up got the truck series won several races with cabbage motor sports. Look like he was gonNA ride that Toyota gravy train to Joe Gibbs racing. That train got derailed. He got bounced back to the extend series with rows fenway racing. That didn't pan out very well we'll sponsorship issues and he's been struggling to make his way sense and he's kind of worked his way into a decently competitive situation. This year with Richard Petty motorsports gained sponsorship all of a sudden. Through his likeability then of course, through some of the social injustice things that have been going on. In the country and now the sudden he's in a situation where he could leverage his future with the the partners that have signed on to to to do battle with him basically at this point. So had it not been for Wallace taking the stands the he took and you know doing the things he felt was right for not just his race but for the world at this point he might not be in this situation. going into next season. So this this is huge. This is all come together and like you said, haven't Michael Jordan involved in the sport. It's obvious. He's been race fan forever because there's pictures of nineteen, eighty four hanging out with Richard, petty in the pits right so I mean he's been race fan forever, and the fact that we've now cultivated that race fan and turned him into a team owner and it's somebody's iconic is Michael. Jordan I mean everybody knows that that jump man logo this is this is a big deal It shouldn't be shouldn't be thought of his anything less than a big deal at this point. This is probably the biggest thing we're gonNA hear. Bosley ever. This might be the thing that really turns things around sport and gets things back. Onto global level at just to give you a perspective, I did some googling Michael, Jordan his worth his net worth is one point six, billion with a B. Yeah. So you do you think about guys who have the resources needed to succeed in the sport and they've got a they've got to have lots of money. He's got lots of money. So this could be a thing where in a few years. People might be asking him for a technical alliance. That's true. I mean that's how Joe Gibbs racing started as a one car team. If you look at if you look at Joe Gibbs himself, the guy who owns Joe Gibbs racing, you look at celebrity worth he has a net worth of sixty million, right? So Michael Jordan could just buy them out. Exactly. So that's that's what I was hinting at that Mrs. This is unprecedented. This is just huge wealth amazing celebrity, an incredible athlete. Feel it either no I mean he would be able to say you know what Joe Gibbs I will w net worth right now you can walk away. Yeah. Yeah. I'll just take everything yet. That's okay and like you said, it wouldn't even be aiding them. So I mean that's just wild and this is huge. I know we've lost some teams this year leave on family racing Levi will not be around next year. Anymore Germain racing longtime truck series team trucks here championship team worked its way to the cup series has been there. For over a decade now. They'll be as well but man to bring in somebody like Michael Jordan. This this is a big deal and it definitely. Reverses some of the negative feelings it seemed like we were having about these other teams shutting down. Really. Feels like maybe the sport is in a positive situation when you see something like this definitely definitely all right up next, we've got your Las Vegas preview. We've got chastain news we've got toby getting blocked who is doing the blocking. Next on T. F. L. W. stay. Like us at facebook, dot com slash the final lap. US. The final lap weekly is back. Here's your host Kerry Murphy Toby Christie just a couple of guys talking. Reysen. Welcome back to the final AP weekly. My name is Kerry Murphy Mo Longtime Nascar Media member and syndicated radio host of all things. The final APP are co host for the show is owed wait. Now I gotta scroll up because I I changed it who's the Co host for the show I br Oh. Oh, that's right. founder and editor in chief of Toby Christie Dot COM day that's pay cuts sounds so fancy. Doesn't when you put it that way well, I just took it off the bottom of your email. I'm like. Well, that's must be what he wants to be called. So that's funny that my email and even though. That's yeah. At the bottom of your email. So okay, we'll get to know. Hey we are daily you knew that from the top of the show, we are also on spotify. Apple Google and now Amazon I mean, what more could you want you anywhere you go in this virtual world right now you're gonNA find this you're gonNA, run into the final AP weekly. That's the thing is it doesn't matter where you're listening. We've got you covered, and so we're not holding anybody back. You know we're not forcing you to a new service just to listen. We're everywhere and you mentioned the fact that we're ever and how cool that is our latest patron. Has Actually reached out to me Oh. Yeah. Yeah, and this is this is so so cool because we love our patrons anyway. True Clark our latest patron he's from Australia. And he told me van for whatever reason coverage of NASCAR has really started to decline here. In Australia, we don't get to see much of it anymore and you guys keep us up to date throughout the week and He really appreciates it and we appreciate him after being patroness as well as Oliver. Other patriots. supporters. But this is this is really cool you start feeling a little bit of like, Wow, I'm actually you know this is four somebody and and that really feels good when when you get that wow then we shouldn't you know make stuff up as much as we do. I. Mean you spell sure. If it's mostly me you know but you balance it out with actual stuff. Yeah. So I think in the end the end up with something that's kind of somewhere in the middle and it's great. You get the comedic relief of crazy weird wacky stuff. And you also get some hard hitting news and but that was are pretty wacky from time to time. So it's not all just you but it's good times. Yeah. All right. Let's get into it news of the week you. All, double. But we'll take chip ganassi racing announced their new driver for the twenty twenty one season in their number forty, two car and I love the way they did this they put out a video is so fitting. Total. Destruction of a watermelon, which means it's gotta be only one guy, right? That's right. It has to be Ross chastain through the good times in the bad times it's been humbling that keeps me humble to to think about where I've I've come from and and sign a piece of Fan. Mail just a few minutes ago and see me enough firesuits wasn't wasn't made for me with somebody. Else's it. They changed the name on and I got to wear the next year you know. That doesn't happen anymore that doesn't happen with Neutra neck solutions either spark of the suits built in made for me and and to think about those times it just glance across in inside a piece of Fan mail is is crazy tumbling so I wouldn't trade my path for anything. But I also would not wish it on anybody because it most people would not have done it and I'm not even saying that I would have written it down to plan it this way but it's the only way I was going to get here and I made my first truck start just over ten years ago. In Cincinnati you know now a full-time xfinity season run a championship in the playoffs after a championship run trucks and looking at next year to be signed fulltime like you said, with a a a fully funded, you know fully capable team a guy like chip Ganassi a guy that's world renowned and racing calls me and wants me drive his race car is is absolutely incredible by the way. Did you see the video? That thing? What was it dribbed dropped from like ten floors up thing just Everywhere they dropped it from the empire state building or something. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I mean that thing was obliterated congratulations Rochester and good guy. We've had him on the show a bunch of times pretty pretty good race car driver to. Yeah definitely, and and this is big for him. He's another one of those guys Kelly bubble wallace that has shown promise and looks like he he should be on the fast track, the Cup series. But weird things happen with sponsorship and just situations and and he's just not had that opportunity to be with a decent cup series team to this point and that all changes next season. So this is this is going to be pretty big and he's going to be a teammate with Jimmy Johnson the that's true. That's true. I mean he'll be in a different kind of car. I would imagine Jimmy Johnson will probably run a couple races and a third chip Ganassi racing car next year I mean it just makes sense to me well I had not thought of that I mean they don't have food four cars so there's no limit but what about Mr Hendrick isn't going to be fuming well I mean he's maxed out with his four cars he can't help it still the fuming. I think Mr Hendrick will be just fine Jimmy's want him seven championships. I think he's allowed to do what he wants at this point is my guest. Well, Jeff Gordon isn't they've got him for life. So well, I mean he kinda owns the place now I'm not sure what's going on over there. Yeah I. Guess I guess they let them be on. TV for a little bit. Yeah. So hey this came across rather. Late into the not taking for this show Dale Juniors plane crash back in the day. It's been years now, right? What what's The for you got? Yeah actually the plane crash was August of last year. So it's just over a year ago I got tells you how how covert has affected our timelines right and our brains apparently. So it was like years ago. This year's been like five years and one but. Yeah. So the NTSB has released their their. Statement of probable cause for the crash because the initial statement was that you know there is a landing gear issue and they've been clarifying it to seem like it's more of a pilot error, and at this point, they've released this statement quote the pilots continuation of an stabilized approach despite recognizing associated cues and the flight crew's decision not to initiate a go around before touchdown, which resulted in a balanced landing, a loss of airplane control, a landing gear collapsed and a runway excursion. Contributing to the accident was the pilot's failure failure to deploy the speed during the initial touchdown, which may have prevented the runway excursion and the pilots attempt to go around the deployment of the thrust reverse hers reversal. And quote there so. It seems as though it was pilot error is what it looks like at this point and it probably could have been prevented, but which is unfortunate but luckily everyday did walk away from the crash. Okay. of course, they'll junior was on the plane with his wife, his daughter, his dog. Pilots some pretty scary moment for those of you who don't remember it. Good Toby Chris Dot, com we've got all the old links back to the other stuff inside of our newest. Report on this NTSB report you know what I took away from all that. What's that? Pilots need to know a lot of stuff. Yeah. I don't think that you are I would ever be in the realm of anything. Flying that's how I'd be like Oh. Crap. We're GONNA crash. Oh well. Well it was fun. Driving a car sounds a lot easier than flying a plane and landing it. So yeah, I mean the worst thing you have to do in a car is like parallel parking or something, but well, and those do it themselves now. So yeah, that's pretty cool. I've been seeing that. That's it's crazy. Now Walk us through you. You got banned again. Now this isn't the first driver that's banned you off of twitter. Yeah. So this is the first one I understand why it happened though the other ones that have been blocked by I can't pinpoint a reason or a moment in time where I deserve whatever happened and even this when I don't think I, deserve. But I at least understood. What led to the block so okay. All right. Well, what happened? So well really. If, you want to be honest. The person who blocked me blocked themselves from like they're the reason that they are blocked. They blocked me I. Guess but. Haley Degan on a recent episode of her family's podcast the deacons. Calls Covid nineteen a hoax Okay. The the virus that's killed over two hundred thousand Americans at this right in the year. That's all fake. Right. So I just posted a article saying that she has said this man, this comes on the heels of a couple of other questionable moments the happened recently with her. She had a recent media availability were conducted the whole interview in her bed while lying down which. Whatever she was at least answering questions I didn't have that big of a deal with it by did understand some people that felt it was a little bit disrespect. but whatever you'd that's an isolated incident now the problem right but then she also had another incident where she posted a video on instagram of complaining about the inconvenience of having to wash off. Her New Ford Mustang which had ash all over it do the wildfires in California. She was complaining because she just got in a car wash hope I'm sorry if your car has ash on it because there's wildfires going on people losing their houses, live livelihoods and lives. Yeah. I think at that point your car being clean. Is probably the least of anyone's problems and Hopefully she put water on at first because when Nash Mixes With Water Oh, that's great fun. Anyway the article itself went. Viral. On twitter and Saw People Start Tag near in it when they're sharing it that's why I knew it. Yeah. I'll be blocked. I even told like we were talking about who was gonNA, write it on the site. we kind of had the idea. Really. Okay. One of us to write about this who's going to do it. It's really a situation. Anybody wants to write about and well, but your names on the website. So exactly, and so that's why I told the guys. Up probably blocks but I'll do it. You know. Take one for the team here But here's the thing you all you did was report on something she said. Then that's the thing and it doesn't. Exactly and that's the thing that is confusing and just infuriating can about it I don't really care that I'm block. That's fine at my life will go on I'll keep writing articles. If, she does something good. I'll still write something positive. She does something bad is little report that as well. That's just how it goes. But to be blocked for some for reporting something that she said. In public on her own podcast is just you know silly to me, but it is what it is. It's immature. Yeah for sure. But again she's she's still very young. She's only what eighteen nineteen years old. So now you don't know I did this. I went ahead when I heard about this, I reached out to them and I wanted to get a quote. And they got back to me because they didn't put two and two together I guess. Okay we'd. So I've got audio of Haley Degan and her response to blocking you here it is. Okay. Okay. So. Okay So. Okay. So that explains a lot right there I mean. It says it. All right. I was wondering when that old clip would research. I was waiting for the exact right moment and I think we nailed it. Yeah. You did that that was a surprise I thought for a second year really gotten some have a quote as like Oh man this is really turn into a big deal come on. It's me you're talking to I mean, I don't make a big deal. That is pretty funny that was excellent use of that old clip and that's Vegas Motor speedway is on the horizon just days or hours away depending on when you're listening to this, they are kicking off the route of twelve at Las Vegas Motor speedway then Talladega and Charlotte role. In case we haven't told you about that. So the top twelve drivers that are going to continue to battle for this year's twenty. Twenty Cup series championship are Kurt Busch Clint, Boyer Kyle Busch Eric Merola Austin Dillon Alex Bowman Martin George Junior Chase Elliott Joy lagaan break laskey Denny Hamlin. And Kevin Harvick. WHOA man and Kevin. Harvick my gosh. She has a chance to do something Kerry that has not been done since two thousand and seven win Jimmy Johnson accomplished it if he gets one more win. He's looking at ten wins the season. Huge. Huge. Massive I. Mean that's what I. Mean is that thirteen years it's crazy. No Kudos for me getting that whole list out without a problem that was actually pretty good. I'm proud of you I, there was at least butchered a couple of names in there there was no editing whatsoever that was just and the breath that was real. That was yeah that's true. That is true. So the other thing is also still in play for Harvick at this point, which is kind of noteworthy not just the ten win season. But he also has a chance for the most wins in a season in modern era. NASCAR STAR team by Jeff One, thousand, nine, hundred, eight. Man You're really getting good at this. Magical Thirteen Win Season by Jeff Gordon and ninety eight following his two ten win seasons and ninety, six, ninety, seven. So Yeah You know that as a magical season for sure. But what Harvick's doing this year is Pretty Dang. Good to. So we'll see if he equals the thirteen or even surpasses it. But regardless, the fact that he's at this point in the season and we're talking about this is a possibility is quite impressive one and a half Mile Oval is what we're talking about banking up to twenty degrees front stretch twenty, two, seventy, five, feedback stretch fifteen, seventy, two, Cup, race, two, hundred, sixty, seven, laps, four, hundred point, five miles stages eighty, one, sixty, two, sixty, seven, one, hundred, seven laps to the checkered flag in that final stage earlier this year Joey Logano won and your weather looks like this sunny and hot highs near one hundred cools off towards the end of the races though you did that really well, have you ever done traffic earn and traffic and weather reports on radio. I was trying to go. Yeah. It was radio in there. So it was pretty good. Pretty no fans in attendance. Thanks to Kobe good job guys. Cova. People. All right. Thanks, Kovin. Yeah. It's been such an awesome year so far and your supporters who keep passing you around without masks that too. And Haley deacons for for saying it's all conspiracy well, and what's even funnier or back? Yeah. Let's get back to that. I just want get back for a second. I got one more thing to say here. All right. So she thinks cove it is a hoax. Not Real. Not a thing. It's fake I. Mean you talk to her about it? It's like you know Har Lee Harvey Oswald not being the Guy who shot JFK. That that's what she thinks. Well okay. We can give time. But if you go to her website. Shop. Digging thirty eight. Dot. com. That's her shop. Okay. Why are we plugging her and you go in there there is a face mask section. where she is selling three different masks with her logo on it of course, she is. So, if this thing's a hoax and you don't believe in it and you think is the stupidest thing ever. But yet it's good enough for you to make money off of. Yeah of course come on. Yep. Just saying. Just saying all right check out all the NASCAR Cup series action Sunday, seven PM, eastern on NBC. It's a tripleheader weekend. So trucks on Friday nine pm Eastern on fs one and xfinity Saturday seven, thirty PM eastern on NBC and so yeah, it's GonNa be hot during the day. But by the time these races run, it should be a little bit cooler. So that's good. Yeah. Definitely. Definitely definitely in lots of late racist this weekend this is wild because. Sunday you don't get a race that late in the evening. So now it it it messes with my schedule but thanks thanks for consulting with me NASCAR. Then, of course, you've got the truck series on Friday at nine pm Eastern on infest one xfinity series on Saturday at seven thirty eastern on NBC ESPN as well. So. A lot of lot of late racing this weekend top five championship drivers at Las Vegas look like this Kevin Harvick. Has To win seven top fives eleven top tens opole average finish of thirteen point two, seven, seven best at lvs. Good. About Denny Hamlin the other guy who's been kind of dominating the season but since missing here what is it wins? There's no wins. Yeah. That is a problem. But he's top five, seven top tens and average finish of fourteenth. It's not like he's been busy you know starting race team or anything. Well. Yeah. But that doesn't having to do with this past performance this race track so. Wild, especially when you factor in his teammate, how Bush also only has one at this track maybe the Joe Gibbs cars are very good vegas. Perhaps, Brad Keselowski is good at Las Vegas. He's got three checkered flags from their seven top fives ten top tens of poll average finish is still only eleven point two about Joey. Logano Brag has lost skis Teammate. He's also really good here. He's got two wins this race track six, top five, ten top tens and a pole check this out for fantasy eight point. Oh, average finish. That's a series best, and finally chase Elliott has to top five. So that means no wins three top ten's average finish of twenty one point four but he's fifth in the championship standings. So that's why he's listed here. Well, well, that's pretty cool. I. Guess All right. Driver spotlight includes Ryan Blaney who was eliminated last week misses the cut to continue the playoffs and he gives us right. So let's spotlight. Is Reaction I. Mean I'm upset about it. You don't WanNa be knocked out of seven race to be run for championship I. Mean I'm not very excited about that. No there's lot of things we could cleaned up as a group together myself included in we just didn't perform and perform in the first round like we needed to to a transfer in. That's just something you have just need to step up and which many shoes but you know we still got seven races left's Try To win wanted to. Try to get fifteen points. We still got the answer. There's still a goal you know that you're trying to go to yet sucks you know you're not be able to run for, but not really disappointed I wish we all had a better three races all as a team like I know this team could have great races and just There's a shaming style bit and What Is Ryan Blaney think the problem is just in general with the World I. Guess I think it's racing. I figure I'm not sure you know I thought Thought we still had decent speed. You know maybe even you know a couple of months ago and I just you know things haven't fallen into and you know maybe a speed is is not quite there I'd love to tell you if i. If I knew what it was. We try to fix it. But I just think it was you know tough some tough race tracks that. Came around for us and just not not stepping up to the occasion you know as a as a whole group is music driver for sure included. So I love telling I don't think we've lost Oliver. Speed. I think at times we a lot of speed maybe it's not as consistent as what it was earlier in the first year but I still think it's there. We just got to find it again here's lesson and we wrap up things with Ryan. Blaney and what can he do to gain speed back that I guess he lost and his goals to close out two, thousand twenty you know the steeds still there is just maybe not as consistent. I'm not surprised. You know we work hard every week sometimes you have rough patches as. As a team Sometimes you know things are really clicking really well in your cars are fast and things are working out for you know we had that the first half of the year and then I'd like to see us actor that consistent speed that we've been showing near the first half the year I, two thirds of the year. And I'm sure we'll be able to find that workers are on myself and everybody I nevertheless Lhasa. Final Lap weekly. Biweekly getting you ready for this weekend's race. What's up people rowdy dragging back again with this week's final F- weekly fantasy update. Today will cover the Bristol night race continue to look forward to the Las Vegas Motor speedway. So looking back on Bristol the race stage one, the winner there was Martin's strapped. Stage to also Martin's strapped. And the winner. t-bone. I came in forty ninth place slipping down one position out of the four spot into fifth. Toby Christy you came in eighty ninth and currently sitting thirty seven spot. and Carry Murphy forty-eight. Fan boy you came in sixty four and currently sit in one hundred fifth in the overall standings. Ahead to Las Vegas Motor speedway. Some. Good picks for you. This weekend starting with the number twenty two joy Lagaan all. In the last three races Joey has had two wins. Here is had the highest finishing average among all active drivers at Las Vegas and his last trip. Here he brought home those all important stage points in both stages along with that wind trophy. Another driver to consider for your lineups is the number to Brad Kozlowski in his last six trips to Sin City Brad has had a win four top five finishes in finishing average of four point. Oh. He could also get it done on Sunday. Ending non-playoff driver to watch this week is yet another Pinski driver, the twelve of Ryan Blink in his last five trips to Las Vegas Blaney is finished top five three times. He's Racist Track Eight, Times Cup and currently owns a ten point. Oh, average finish at this track. Ryan loses nothing by going for the win on. Sunday. Okay. Folks get on over to the final LAP DOT COM and Toby Christie Dot com for all your NASCAR news information and fantasy stats. You've got seven races left to run down our current fantasy leader Diaz is racing anyway that's it. For this week's show. Thanks for sticking around and listening to the final lap weekly fantasy segment. I am rowdy. Dragon. Until next time. All right. Thanks again to Rowdy Dragon for giving US fantasy picks for LAS, Vegas, motor speedway this coming weekend. I. Always like to to hear from Rowdy and I think that's IT I. Think we're done. We are completely finished with this program. Wow, that was fast. Yeah or or slow long either way I don't know how everyone look at it. The chequered flag is flying on this show. This has been the final weekly catches next week right here when we will recap the racing from Las, Vegas Motor speedway and preview Talla Day guys superspeedway Blah. Does not get old toby you and I will chat next week we are getting old. Arap another final lap weekly is in the books. The final AP weekly is hosted by Carol Murphy along with Toby, Christie proudly syndicated by United Stations Radio Networks in New York, city city executive producer, Kerry Murphy Kerry Murphy. Sound design by Russell Nash at Audio Director Dotto. I'm Tom Mode Tombo DOT COM. Thanks for listening. And time. Now for our giant list of papers around people that we like to thank at Patriot dot com slash the vinyl including those from Australia definitely including those routes failure. We really appreciate that we appreciate everyone of our of our patrons. It's amazing to see all the people who for whatever reason believe we you and I carry. When we do is is good enough to at least chip in a little bit of tip and and help us try to cover some of what we do and just be rewarded for our hard work. It's humbling to be honest. Actually is. So here's what we're. GonNa. Do we already talked about everybody our new buddy trick? So we'll mention him at the very end of this list. Let's give somebody else a little bit of a spotlight here. We kinda mix things up every now again how about our dear buddy here. Morgan slagle. Ben, a patron for a long time. Now, we appreciate your Morgan. Jeff Grimm Belsky James Maples. The second David Breed eight Schmidt Peter Joe Rallies. Kurt our dear buddy there. 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