Airlines Take Desperate Measures to Stay Aloft


Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus. So stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home if you can more info at Corona Virus Dot Gov. Let's all do our part because we're all Hashtag alone together. Brought to you. By the AD Council how airlines one of the hardest hit industries are coming to terms with the pandemic. The really preparing for it to last for months could continue to affect their operations while the summer. Maybe beyond a recovery could be very slow and nation's courts are starting to look a lot like your work meetings just the other day. The Kansas Supreme Port for instance held its first argument by Zoom. There may be some glitches One justice was seen sitting on a couch at her home. But you know they found a way to make it work plus tackling your questions about the corona virus. It's Monday April thirteenth. I'm Ameri for totally for the Wall Street Journal. Here's what's news. The spread of the corona virus appears to be slowing down in the US. Thanks to widespread mitigation efforts. Some officials have been cautiously optimistic. That the number of new infections could be hitting a plateau in New York. The hardest hit state governor. Andrew Cuomo said he governors in neighboring states would coordinate on a plan to start easing isolation rules and slowly increased economic activity. We should start looking forward to reopening quote unquote but reopening with a plan and the smart plan. Because if you do it wrong it can backfire. And we've seen that in other places on the globe. Meanwhile president trump today tweeted that the federal government not governors would make the final decision about reopening. The states governors have broad authority over. Stay at home orders and school closures. It's unclear how or whether the Federal Government could override those orders a sailor from the US aircraft carrier. Theodore Roosevelt died from Kobe. Nineteen today a written plea about the corona virus outbreak on the Roosevelt led to the removal of the ship's captain by the Acting Navy secretary who later resigned. The navy now says four other crew members have been hospitalized and at least five hundred eighty five have tested positive for the virus the largest outbreak in the US military. For Months Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic presidential race. Last week has formally endorsed vice president. Joe Biden during a livestream with Biden Sanders urged voters of all political affiliations. To back him to defeat president trump tornadoes and severe thunderstorms tore through several southern states on Sunday and early Monday destroying homes and killing at least nineteen people of those Mississippi reported eleven deaths and declared a state of emergency about a million households and businesses in the region. Were without power this afternoon. Including about half a million. In the Carolinas we report that Amazon will resume shipping non essential items from third party sellers later this week. Amazon has been prioritizing. Essential shipments like cleaning and healthcare products and a shelf stable food for nearly a month. The company has been inundated with orders as people shelter in place and has been struggling to keep up on Monday. The company said it would hire seventy five thousand new workers on top of the one hundred thousand employees. It's hired over the past month. Mocks JER provides businesses with their own client interaction APP for today's digital age. Your Apple Be. One-stop hub keeping your clients and continuous connection with your business from anywhere manage your team to effectively respond clients all from within your APP. Get Your one stop at extra dot com not being able to meet. Demand has been issued for Amazon. But not so much for the airline industry. Us carriers have cut about seventy percent of their capacity. This month and fear more cuts could still be coming. Carriers have gotten some direct aid from the government. But they're still struggling for cash joining me now from Chicago with more details on how airlines are trying to stay. Afloat is Wall Street Journal reporter Alison CIDER SO Alison. There are a few ways that the airline industry is trying to stay afloat here including getting money from the federal government and working with banks to trade in miles. Can you explain each of those airlines for the government in March and proposed a fifty billion dollar aid package that would have been a combination of grants and loans and when the two trillion dollar cares act was passed? They ended up getting pretty much everything that they had asked for. And they've spent the last couple of weeks in are working with the Treasury Department and which finally came to them with some of the specific terms for the grant money last weekend they spent the weekend negotiating with Treasury. You know trying to figure out some conditions on those grants and you know if everyone agrees that some of that money could start falling pretty quickly on the private side. They've also been working with banks raising billions of dollars in new loans and they've had to mortgage their planes and routes and gates and all kinds of assets and are now we've reported that airlines including united and Delta have held talks with their credit card partners to talk about selling frequent flyer miles in bulk to get some cash now. The airline industry was among the first to really face a hard head from the corona virus pandemic as countries began restricting travel and now travel is obviously very limited because of it. What can you tell us about the situation now? It sounds like airlines are looking to do more things to kind of patch this period over. What can you tell us about the state of the industry so the situation for airlines now is that there's really almost no demand for travel between travel restrictions and stay at home orders and recommendations from the government. Almost nobody is traveling west. They really have to so. Airlines are still operating lots of flights because they have to maintain certain level of central service. It's of their agreement to receive. Government aid by a lot of those flights are pretty empty. They're things that are doing to sort of make travel safer for crews and passengers and also set minds at ease like cleaning the planes really thoroughly more often taking steps to encourage social distancing like blocking off middle seats and boarding from the back of the plane to the fronts and some of those are things that might survive when people start flying again if those are still things that passengers are concerned about. And I know we've been told that airlines plan to keep up with these enhanced cleaning measures. What their feedback. They're getting is that. People are really focused on cleanliness. Right now listen. Let's look good. Oh worst case scenario here. If an airline word ago Boston what are some of the ripple effects that could be felt throughout the industry and even beyond history serves as something of a guide here but not in terms of pandemic like the One? We're dealing with right now. So airline executives have said that this pandemic is really really unique and unlike anything that they've ever experienced just the swiftness and the depth of the fall off into manned is really unlike anything they've seen and they're really preparing for it to last for months you know. It could continue to affect their operations. While it's summer may be beyond recovery could be very slow that said airlines have a really tumultuous history and you know a lot of the airline that we know today have been cobbled together through decades of mergers and many have been through bankruptcy at least once maybe several times. So you know it is possible if there were if airlines remain under remained distress for for more months and their carriers that do go into bankruptcy it is possible they continue to keep operating as a consumer. You might not really experienced much of a difference but for for airline employees. Knew the impact could be really huge. If things don't improve they might have to lay off. Large percentage of their staff may might have to curtail some of their service. Send an stopped flying to all the places that they had planned to fly or expand as quickly as they'd wanted to expand so it could be something that people feel that way that's Wall Street Journal. Reporter Alison cider joining me from Chicago. Thanks so much. Alison thank you. You've probably been spending a lot of time on zoom or one of the other teleconference apps over the past few weeks for work or even just to spend time with friends and family. Well the nation's top judges going digital to the US Supreme Court says the justices will begin hearing oral arguments by teleconference in. May It will make a live audio. Feed available to the news media. Several state supreme courts have already done this and Wall Street Journal. Supreme Court correspondent. Just braven joins me now with the details. Just this is certainly a break from tradition for the Supreme Court. How unusual is a move like this to hold oral arguments via teleconference? This is really an extraordinary moment for the Supreme Court which generally has to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Twentieth Century And the twenty first century is a whole other matter. This court has been far behind many other appellate courts including the State Supreme Courts Including the federal appeals courts in trying to make their proceedings more accessible to the public. That's generally the reason. Those other courts have taken steps to webcast or broadcast their hearings or allow people to dial hand to listen to oral arguments. This is not something they're doing. In order to promote transparency. This is really a matter of necessity and is probably the least aggressive steps. They could take without simply canceling arguments. Altogether in light of public health orders to follow social distancing and avoid interpersonal contact to stop the the spread of this of this terrible pandemic. So we don't know where this will lead. Perhaps they will find this. Half step is an as useful or as valuable as Conducting arguments by zoom just the other day the Kansas Supreme Court for held its first argument by Zoom. There may be some glitches. One justice was seen sitting on a couch at her home. You know they've found a way to make it work. It's possible that the Supreme Court of the United States may upon reflection find. They should just go all the way with cameras. A or maybe not as an expert I interviewed said time will tell and there are a couple of big cases on the Supreme Court's docket. Which cases is this likely to impact the most significant ones? We'd have to say are three cases that will be argued together involving president trump's financial records and Those cases involve some things. Perhaps they sound like ancient history now but They involve in part the hush money payments that the president's company paid to two women who said they had extramarital affairs with him. He's denied that but those cases will be interesting to hear the argument and certainly when the court ultimately decides we'll be paying very close attention. In addition to that there are some cases that are of importance as well. There is a follow up case to the affordable care act involving whether the accommodations that the trump administration has made to some religious organizations. Go too far. These religious groups have employees. They don't WanNa pay for contraceptive coverage and the lower courts found that the administration didn't Properly apply the law and made it too easy for these groups to deny contraceptive coverage to their women employees whether that holds up or not is before the court then. There is a pair of cases of that pertain directly to the presidential election. That we'll see November. They have to do with whether a presidential election were. That is somebody who is a member of the Electoral College. Who is the person who people actually are voting for? They think voting for president in November. But actually what they are doing is selecting an electoral for who will go cast a ballot for a candidate for president. That's of the Electoral College works. Most states require electors to vote in accord with the popular vote in their state in the last election. Some electors attempted to defy that and cast votes for different candidates whether they have a constitutional right to do that is before the Supreme Court. That decision could have an impact on. Who IS PRESIDENT NEXT YEAR? If it is a very close election and a handful of electoral votes make up the difference. Three very important cases and the other ones are significant as well. They chose From their docket ones that probably are the most important Yet to be decided Wall Street Journal Supreme Court correspondent. Just braven joining me from Washington. Thank you so much you bet emery. And finally you've been sending us your questions about the Corona Virus End. Our reporters and experts have some answers. Today's listener question comes from Aaron. Graph in Boise Idaho their between the people that survive or the people that are hit hardest by the crow virus and their blood times. We reached out to Dr Alexi Wagner emergency physician at Stanford University. This is a very exciting question. That's coming up as everyone knows. We're learning more and more information about this virus every day. They're more and more studies that are coming out and so this idea of the Kobe. Nineteen virus being associated with your Abo. Blood type is an important one to consider in it. Really stemmed from study out of China looked at twenty one hundred patients who had co virus and compared their blood type distribution to a match sample of noncovic Pasta patients. But it's really important to remember that this was a single study. It was not pure reviewed in so we can't jump to any conclusions about it but it did potentially show or relationship that people with certain blood types may be at lower risk of contracting the disease or the vice versa at higher risk in particularly Potentially being type O blood type would be protective too. The Cobra virus. We do know that that blood type is impact like does have relationship to other viruses such as the norovirus. It's very clear that It it does interact with receptor an gut That's similar to the blood type. Antigen and so patients with certain blood types are at increased risk of getting disease than others. Do you have a chronic virus question? Leave us a voicemail at three one five nine nine. Two eight two nine eight. That number is also in the show description. We'll try to answer as many of your questions as we can. And that's what's news this Monday afternoon. If you like our show please rate and review US wherever you get your podcasts. We'll be back tomorrow in both the morning and the afternoon. I'm Anne Marie for totally for the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening.

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