Serie Awesome: Time to start worrying about Cristiano Ronaldo?


It's awesome podcast. And we've Gab. mccourty aww back with us I know Mr horrendous working restore you don't understand cried because I just thought what's the point of this installs fantastic fact also shoot it anyway. Let's just out welcome back as well and Vandini me. I'm back as well and this week. It's I would like to say it's been fighting largely because disappoint us But you've into deeds kids even though they did win and I think that's the game that we should start off with because it was the biggest game over the weekend event hosted me land one one nil largely logic because the man who used to really never performed the big matches and rally school with his right foot pulled off. What is nothing short? Won't fantastic with the right short manage to get the only goal of the game but the only talking point that everyone really catch about was the fact that Renaldo was taken off the pitch replaced by the man who scored the goal and he looked extremely on how he is. He stormed his way through into the tunnel. Apparently left the stadium. Now this is the first time says two thousand sixteen that he's left the field before an hour of play and I think in his entire career is happened. And what nine or ten times so Is this whole like a mountain out of a moment any need to address this. I'm sure you noticed this Nikki. So if you notice I mean. It has a certain antipathy towards a Polish Argentine notice. You manage to explain everything perfectly right. Polish ultra probably about yeah. He's Polish of Polish extraction using Polish. Passport you know. I didn't know that all cady Buckner it change your perception of him little good okay. Grant documentary we go down this thing. But there's a there's a really good documentary Committee twenty minute documentary on Youtube about these two Polish guys who go visit depot. You might have still been in Palermo and show him pictures of his grandmother. who was out farming potatoes? or or whatever like before World War One or you you know and the whole thing. Anyway we digress. It was just pointing out out of her way without without to do the whole introduction summed everything perfectly she. It didn't mention his name one. Oh I'm sorry yes I am a touchable anyway. He got you back in. The boys is in the studio and the AFC show were very critical of Romagnoli defending. I thought it was a tremendous move from DEBA- we're probably he didn't get his body shape right but equally equally. I understand if you're on your way to Venice. You don't WanNa give a penalty first and foremost but that said Magnificent episode up until that point anyway Roman though some more context you gave us a two thousand sixteen that she's been substituted in consecutive games. He was substituted suited against Lokomotiv Moscow. As well I actually went back and checked in the last ten years going back to the start of his first season at Rommel rate. It's only happened three other times instead. He was substituted in consecutive games. One doesn't really count because it's in the run up in this season in the run up to the final. When you know obviously he was playing and not playing in? I'm trying to stay fit. Whatever the the laws final they won? Okay so I think it is relevant. I think because reaction is relevant in the sense that you know he's not happy. Walked out straight down. The tunnel showered got dressed and left the stadium three minutes before the final whistle further to that the next morning though the flipside the next morning is that you know he sent out a conciliatory instagram. And you've intas were very quick. Admitted be known that everything had been patched up with his teammates. Can we can highlight pilot one thing from that instagram. The take in probably nobody else. The event is Hashtag like the club uses all the time is now which means literally until the end he didn't you know the tweet is our what is like You know important when you know good job or something and then until the end you'd literally included uncleared it so I mean what what struck me is. There's two points maybe one I agreement. We can go over this if anybody's strongly disagrees. He's but leaving before. The end is a major to your teammates who are out there playing right. That's in every sport at every level that said the spite the way Rinaldo gets depicted. He's generally very popular with his teammates. He would have gone and spoken to them afterwards. I don't think this is a big deal guys thing not part is i. I don't think it's it's nearly as big as it was sort of made out speaking. I think the event is our club that and I think knows how to downplay these things when they want to. I do think that what you are seeing here without question in my mind. Is that Renaldo. Who is a special case I think it's it's Not that they have never been players who have spoken by tonight. Forgive trouble that before Divi indeed and when he had a when he was not getting gametime allegra had an incident or two where he gave him some net back but he didn't leave the stadium early and when she gave too much Back total likely. He found himself excluded. I think that if this was not Rinaldo. I think there'd be no chauncey would stop next game whereas I think because it's been although he will start the next game so it's it's yeah. I guess my question about all of this is that we know that Rinaldo is crazy about his health and fitness. You know and we know that. He's suffering with a doctor fatigue and there were some things going around social media where he sort of pointed that was on sky sports around the fifty minutes. There is another one that's going round whereas the seventeen minutes so that's probably from a number I need it. Looks like he's sort of just like really suffering with it now. I don't know whether it's like. He's just being rude you too because he's so angry that he got taken off whether it's the case of Oh my God what is this is a serious injury and I'm feeling pain and I need to address this white now because I'm Cristiano Renaldo so there was is a case if an although felt he was unwell presumably wouldn't have left us to save. That's I do think that he has his own People to take care of things not necessarily always as with the stadium Harrelson waiting for home and they don't go to the I mean all it's seems odd to that that would be the case. I think it's a simpler. I think the Saudis said he'd been having a nickel he certainly doesn't look it doesn't fit 'cause it's terrible and I don't think that because I don't think that part is what is a big deal. Is Saudi making this decision because a lot of people would have thought that it is a ballsy the decision to go and substitute this guy two weeks in a row regardless of how badly he's playing also because as was pointed out before If you remember Verona Game Rinaldo was terrible and then you know towards the end of the game out of nothing does little Shimmy wiggles button. Wins Eddie. Yeah he's got that obviously is you can do it anytime from standstill. Yes of course what's fascinating here is that Saudi has done this twice. I'm both times. He has nail the substitution. I mean whether or not it's really that Saudi his reinvented. His team. Technically made these changes. He's done something particularly clever. If he's just looking on the bench during your quite good scoring goals get on that but either way. He's now twice a week I it was cost with the brilliant Go against liberal monkey and then another brindaban governed about us so in that sense. At least Saturday is sort of. I think Sarah's come out of this great personally. I think he's Pete for his. Jews came out afterwards and said Yeah. Well we should thank Renaldo at all times that he's given and I think he's like he he's like I'm going to do I need to do when it comes to the substitutions and then after that I'll pitch to them to the man who you know I I'm okay with you know whilst saying and I think it's important to say that that we're now there's a special case and not everybody is treatment treatment. I am okay with the idea that Jew you know what a bit like Antonio constantly being just unable to handle losing Renaldo. Who actually in an interview? If you're not long ago Mostly football was saying. Oh I don't even know if it was up to interesting. The Champions League games I don't you know it's a big names getting excited like I think in some level bike he contradicts himself on that because yes he sort of gives off. This is like this crash. WanNa pay reimport games. But I think he literally just kind of handle even though his body is physically telling him you're hurt. Don't you know you don't need this right now. He can't handle not being the man like being told right now. We need someone else. Don't you because that is what it was. It's like he was hindering. Event is rather than helping them. I think that like really like emotionally affects him. ECON hung well sedan management really well when they around Madrid and he was like listening to you know we need you to be fresh for the important games because as the ones in which will make a difference so if you're struggling now it really doesn't matter what pay Milan I mean you know even if we lose this game it's not the walls calls on the end of the game and the season and so I think what it is is that you know he needs to understand that. Sometimes this will happen because what sedan always used to see them. As as long as we win the champions the you'll be the man who wins the door but let's talk about the game because I think that I'm not entirely sure doing Rinaldo. We should address though. Oh the bigger elephant in the room. which is that in terms of scoring contribution this year? And we're in November. Now this is. He's a lot less productive because people are pointing out. It could all change management since it's the ultimate messy wasn't productive at all until onto what like October this year. So it happens but Fabio Capello attention and he said It's been three years since he's gone past anybody. And I don't know Cappella. Did this intentionally knowing him a little bit. I wonder if maybe there was an extra bit of needle because this is the one this. This is one criticism. It's supposedly you talk to people. In Spain this is what led to the breakdown between their relationship with Florentino because Florentine apparently said that like five or six years ago. We're bugged me here. You got you guys. Says he doesn't go pass people will. He hasn't gone past people for a long time. I tweeted out successful dribbles. They're actually up. It's about one and a half for one point six a game since he's been at. Uva there actually are pro ninety minutes rather actually up compared to about fifty percent compared to his last two seasons at Madrid obviously before for that he was hired for that was like younger. is this is a big deal. There isn't go back. I mean what it just seems to me. It's a weird benchmark mark to use for a guy like who's John or not most guys who are doing all those size let alone his age. Do not go past people I I. I don't think it I think it hasn't bothered me even more so because you have. That isn't true what I do think I I do think that to watch competitor season and this is vision impression. He seems heavier. He seems nothing literally nothing. He's got fat. I just feel like he's not moving as explosively as he's been and I think with no ability to have the insight right from what the doses standing on snow but going on him standing in the Middle Pitch Meena said and making gestures that looks like someone and physical abuse injury. It's it's hard to for me to separate separate. How much of this is injury? And I think the one thing that almost bothers me most second in time is that this has happened a nice day off an international level. All people these guys on Thursday Liechtenstein and he's got Ali dies all time record. So what's more important events standpoint right now. The best thing that he could have would be a week off now. Of course that's Portugal's appropriate when he comes back and depending on the Games I mean. I do think that there's going to be a time when they tried to give him that. Time off to burn. It was like Oh my oh my God we they cannot win a game. He's available But choice we're GONNA game sooner or later. We gotta face the other question which ages if you could go back in time and spend all that money. Would you know. This is a face talk. Talk Talk Talk Sporting intention. You're taking into account taking the brand and whatever else of course you have to look at the whole point. I mean I don't know I think increasingly I think this will be an issue If if he doesn't get over his injury doesn't stay fit if Saudi doesn't find a way to use them in such a way where you're talking about. He's still one of the best finishers in the game. He's an absolute beast in the air. He's got the timing he's got the drive. You know you can use it you. He's not going to be traditional center forward but he can play as a centre forward that comes in from wide areas in score a bazillion goals for you. If you I use them correctly I have opinions on S. and I also think that this is how we spend half hour. I'm with me talk. The game But yes he does need to be managed better but I do think it's an important match in the sense that I think if we put event aside because they've been rather boring to watch out for a while Mellon were outstanding. I think for them considering the performances that we've seen into our disappointing that yet. Another loss. I do. Have this sweep theory when it comes to even his In the sense that I don't know how much preparation that Saudi deals with this team on a tactical level in some games just seems to me that when he thinks that they're superior to the opponent he's just like have added but when it is someone that he finds that to be an equal such as the now pouring into this just a lot more of tactical instructions attractions. More fluidity a lot. More beauty to watch on this point. I think it would have been done. You may be right. I think it would have been. This is a difficult match for which to prepare because you only made so many changes. Yeah if your side of you're like okay how are we gonNA have no idea what formation they're gonNA play. I don't know who's GonNa play you you know so I think that So they are relying a little bit on you know like it is the Allegra sedition individual individual quality making the difference in. You mean point while Nikki. You're on but I do want to talk about about me because I thought that midfield was outstanding I I saw that. It was a moment of madness against Ebola From Romagnoli and antibody was very good. I will eat. Grain was very good but when you look at Crewe Crew Niche when you look at When you look at sort of how effective they were in I mean and they kind of looks like the player that I remember him to be from Atalanta because I feel like he's been a little bit miserable in counties had since he went to Milan to major knee injuries? I think like he's you know he's been really bad one and that's true but I mean we mean a nail that he's this game you looked like the premium I okay point of how they in my opinion anyway. He was the best fullback Concetti I before his knee injury and he's still knowing that these things do matter but yes I agree with both of you. I think Conti not was a huge impact in this game. I think it was threatening to see him be like that because if he is I would have been like. That's right that's what it's going to be. That's what I want. And he's such a sort of courageous Bokhari when he's like this he really gets you know forward and I think when you have him and Taylor both doing it. Awaits event issue like copies almost like wow this is an actual. You know team that you think of as being one of the big clubs in Italy having the you know the Eh the bravery turnpike events. I mean without some of this as it says D.. Made me then win this game. I don't WanNa let's see. They turned the corner because again. I don't know to improve Alan. I think have been improving but this was a quantum leap this week. I think we we. We won't know is this. A blip is this like a one off or is this something you continue to build on because I think there's still issues with with Piontek in the sense there. We have different opinions. You're much more to go through this because like you said that if they didn't if you didn't have Chesney then you know this would be a different game if you if Milan had sort of this version of Guadeloupe then perhaps it would also have been a different game. You know but wasn't very good now. I don't think it was very very good either now. You just didn't think he'll take a good player in general. I think that he's been largely dealt with. I mean you know. It's of course everyone who's listening to scenarios we had the bassin has an idea and maybe they think that I think is something incredible. I made that already had nine goals and I thought yeah. Yeah yeah which wiped out But I think that fiancee can be something. I think the Piontek at his best is a strike at that reminds me of. I'm not again stressed. The same left lines but his style. What he does for you is similar to what people in our leaders for you? It's similar to what may be called if Manchester United way back when he's a a player who can tight spaces I think has the intuition has the capacity to lose a marker and I think when he was comfortable when he was informed was actually really efficient. Finisher a very Instinctive efficient finisher. Now if you look back at the back catalogue of people in Zygi and Andy Cole you will see plus you missed a lot of chances as well but they get themselves enough chances to score right. Does he fit into this team right now. Just finish the point. I think it's reasonable to look at this performance. I think people killed him fist. Foments reasons fitness performance. And say he's been playing on team this season and what he looked like to me right now is a place suddenly play on a good team but strike is live of confidence and right now because he's got. No confidence was good unlikely. I think he's good. Purity's Lama bets on the pitch. I agree with that I have to say. I think he's better for this team team. That purely is trying to do I disagreed UTAH. I'm about to my now came on a different phase in the game. I mean after Lau was was on for much of the game then develop was on and you are playing better too so it works both ways. I I just think I look at it in terms of is for what he's trying to do for the type of football trying to play with the counter pressing and whatever is this guy who will Judah Doc. You don't have to play that way and if the guy's exceptional if they had any Brahima Vich who's coming up. Thank you Don Garber You know you might something else is eighty behemoth. It wouldn't be playing this way and it's fine because he's rich but this is tech. We're talking about and I don't think he's good enough to justify them building the team to suit his skillset skillset. So you know I think right now no. I don't think they're trying to get him to play. The way purely would wanNA play and and I don't think he's doing it because because he's a bad guy chooses not to but because it's just not part of skill set you can do it without you've got other issues in the sense that he's younger and that neither that one of these guys is Marco Bombastic Now there will ever be Marco van bathroom so that is my concern with with contact and I think that's one of the things things that he's going to have to. You'RE GONNA have to figure out also just WANNA do like shoutout to deliver. Because I thought he was very good in this match No Hamburg take on the board. which the number one? It's like. How the number one day one game since loss and And I just you know again. I wonder how much you've been disapproved when piano disorder improved. Because again I think team is so dependent on him being good and he's can be somewhat inconsistent anymore on the on the game or should we move on now let's move on so Moving on from event A.. Napoli had an interesting few weeks. EXP results have completely fall off a cliff and as we talked about on last week's podcast in the wake of the champion George Salzburg. There is a sort of mini mutant affect players. Refused to say nudity fused to go back to the training basis at home I mean. Don't you love these anglers in their understated like they've had an interesting interesting. We had ten days from Hell. Mount Vesuvius erupted. It wouldn't be any worse five weeks. Maybe even longer checks is being cold and Anglo but I am Yes. They things have gone very very dark. Walk very quickly in Naples. I think a few weeks ago sent me me and got me and it was more skeptical sooner but like we was in that. It's nothing to worry about. It's a couple of games where results on the way they have much good ball in the net and we've gone from that situation where players outright rejecting orders from ownership this weekend some players were booed. What you do during the game We have Some situations that are very very questionable whether or not they're related but nevertheless sort of now coming to this conversation where Allen House got broken into His wife and kids were in the house as well Tensions in Naples sky high at the moment. he's not there and and already different where is wearing. The world's gap is already hanging out with his buddies. All with the mini. Maybe he's Buddy Brahima Vich who says he hangs out with when he's in La. This is such a assist so unnecessary. The whole thing ain't now natural. I think to go back to the so called mutiny when you order them into the stupid repeat guys covered this this last week in the player earlier decided not to and whatever but I think this goes further. I think this goes to the place. Contractual situations What he said about chi-han and and Where you know they're negotiating a contract which is fine and you would think that you know giving it the loading thesis like? Oh look now I mr shark businessmen they I know all about contracts. They're not signing in Minnesota's toys out of the program and he says all they can go and now if they want to chase the money you can go joan live a crappy life in in China for the money you know which one false rupee also had a go at Mark Hamrick as well right up doing that show. So there's tension there in the background but I don't think the fall is equal here. I think the fault lies with summarily with with I don't know if he hit his head or screw came loose and he's getting a lot of abuse from the fans as well Not Enough to be honest as much as I. I feel like advocating sororities but I do. I am very disappointed in the treatment of some of the players. Considering how much they've given to this club or the club or the offense defense I mean there were twenty thousand fans that came to the to the match against Genoa of which most most of the time they spend doing what the players who did above and beyond getting them to where they are and they're not on Iguana in money they're not on you know ridiculous salaries. They are pleased who have stayed loyal to the cores who go out every day and help to give four hundred thousand different self years. It's tough place used to be and Dido Nineteen's orders them into this punitive material. That just doesn't happen anywhere else. And yes. They don't agree with it and perhaps they didn't didn't tow the company line but go by the way they've go they just leave. They left off to Salzburg but for you to tawny games the the the players who let's be mattresses still the guy that makes a difference in senior was still very good against journal. You know peach tiny gains these guys as I find it really shocking from and this is what I think you know has caused a horrible atmosphere. And I think that he's put his EGO fuzz. Because because I cannot believe they didn't listen to me when I wanted this from them and so I'm GonNa just now like torch everything because it's you know we don't know how long she's going to lost an and and don't even want to last in this job anymore. Controversy Twenty Twenty one I I actually think we need to well. My opinion is that this goes beyond and Sort of EGO. I think this is and all of his jolly human he can sometimes give off. He is ruthless. It's about the business side an advantage to him. If you want to compliment on this financially Napoli have been one of the better clubs and say I for a number of years. They tended to stay in the black. They've tended did not make irresponsible decisions. They've sold the players at very high values when they wanted to the But this feels like sort of pushing those contract negotiations that you mentioned to absolute by foreign. It's him saying you think you can get more money out of me and if you think that's where go I will push it so far that I will soon like you know chase you out of here and not pay you that money and I'll give myself pretext only the fans no longer show they wouldn't you yea rather than just this radio. Good long-term drink straws going to say. Yeah I'm going to choose now because I really love the way that it's A. It's a great question the counterpoint. To if you if you won't one would be guests. That Martin's is not by young and Kenny does thing that he can rather then sort of get tied down to contracts face. Roll the refresh the squatting go over again. I I don't think any these guys are are irreplaceable. In many cases you know they've got replacements in house for these guys I don't think I agree with attached to other aspects. A if you're you know Mr Smart Wheeler Dealer Business Plan. You don't go and say Oh this guy's deterred please come vying for fifty million doesn't work that way you're not secondly if he keeps us up and Napoli don't qualify for the champions next season then that's four hundred fifty million at a minimum could be a lot more that you're not getting so whatever savings you might make not extending their contract dimension that if you don't extend their contract you're GONNA and they do go. You're going to let them go for less money. So He's playing a very dangerous game and it seems so unnecessary playing a stupid game two with I think some of his criticism for of of Angela which was never durant but we how it works right clubs put out certain things to certain people in the media messaging right. They are not son. Who's his assistant assistant? You know useless This idea that engine wants to get himself sat this idea that until he doesn't work as hard in training winning Ralph Hunting Stein idea. The doesn't work as hard in training as you know as did all this stuff is coming from somewhere so just people who are making the sub. This is coming from somewhere. None of this helps the club and none of this is automatically going to help and not even with the bottom line. uh-huh this is what I this is. This is what I mean by longtime strategy because right now. I don't think there's any player looking at this because I'm thinking to himself. I want to come to now pony. I think he's created. It's such a horrendous atmosphere between the fans and everyone else including launch lachey than I think windiest quite difficult now to me talk for considering their form. What I think is especially strange? I you don't actually think they're playing badly you know it's not like they're collapsing and looking unbothered for them to deserve all the all the abuse that they getting at the moment. And if you so you came out against Saudi who gave you some of his best years and some of the best football ever played and you said Oh well that's it. He's not the guy that I thought he was. Let's bring on. If if he does not know how. Many top level coaches are going to WanNa go considering the payments that are made to them. You know the players to to that whatever happens. There's a sense of betrayal rail because you feel like even if mountains is getting on whatever it is in terms of long term strategy you give your all to the cup. I'm going to give back to you. I'm going to just say Oh. Well you you know. Signed the disgusting contract that I've given you and if you don't then old anyway in no one wants you so I'm just a little bit like as a businessman. You've just gone about this. We criticised sized content when he did certain things with like Diego Costa. I'm I feel like this is ten times worse from a man that should know better but going onto the worst I am content because at least it's denoting club and D- Did somebody else's clubs crapping over. I don't see them but The the the first one is just in my head. At the moment because you're talking about the attractiveness of the club. The football is off subject to crime in different places and certainly independently. There has been Madan Sassanian broke into the has been and unfortunately history several high-profile Neapolitan. Based footballers what is experiencing this Edison Cavani had his house Burlington. One wants me was there comes. Ex wife was prompt gunpoint while while while he was there You know that that was aren't they kill the vets getting a big interview way. He talked about and basically not even a criminal part of it. But just finding life life in Naples for him to as you know and if you remember this He got into a road rage incident with somebody And Mrs Lavar or whatever woman he was with his wife She no I'm not I'm not saying no sure he was married at the time is what I'm saying right. Let's see and his wife took off their belts and started beating them. The people that are going to fight with belt buckle so he's he can take care of himself and and you know when. HP WAS MONCTON human rather than train and he took a home invasion less than a month to use trainings raising because he gave. Can you very specifically a big time. He was about it. Being different. Atmosphere isn't even the crimes of just how much you have to deal with people compared to other cities where he played like Rome at the same. I mean I know I. I'm just not comfortable with us. Whether it's Allen's wife bringing up crying being victims victims of of crime when Liverpool players have had their homes broken into while they were playing. You know crime happens unless somebody can go when link and then incidentally the crime rate in Naples despite all the stereotypes I was reading about this today easing significantly weekly higher than other major metropolitan areas in Italy. But I'm just unless somebody can sort of link this somehow to Oh football or or or Napoli fans or excuse me Mr Levin these breaking into their house. I don't know I I don't see I think it's just another. There's stereotypes about different direction. But I you know what I was GONNA say. His gets a raw deal on that front Franklin but what I think the point point is not specifically to say you know you're going to move to Naples and get real because that's ridiculous and not true. The point I was trying to make is clearly for some players including Cavani and limits. You've talked about it. Naples is not for them whereas mountains is someone who has it so emphatically embraced it that to sort of flesh out people like that is particularly coline. Stupid and I think with these breaks into his house I mean could he body is also spoke about the fact that he feels Neapolitan absolutely loves the environment over there as well breaking news house. CASSIM putting on this you know this stalking pantyhose over his head climbing into high bodyguards. Because he's a little bit schedule of what's the situation creation now. Considering a hybrid design inskeep consider having to Allah. Of course this may have to do nothing with now. Pretty Situation On the field. But I think that if everyone just listened to me and we go carty One hundred and how. I loved the now that you're trying to do this. But you take this over. But you can't see her. Finish your point okay What what did I hear about talking about? How like if food signed a comedy? But I do think that you know I want to go back to just the way that they're paying the football in the sense that I do think that Napoli haven't been hideous to watch by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps against Roma they were but other than that you know they do have them moments. It's just about finishing and when you look at one hundred and four shots of which only says three are on target and nearly six calls have come out of it. Yeah I mean if you look at these tests then not that dissimilar to be honest former season no from the last five games and then. I don't think that you went exactly lighting it up when it comes to scoring either but with with nap what do you feel like this is a problem that has lasted a long time and I do think that perhaps perhaps we need to look at the fact that they haven't necessarily bought the right players and I don't think your intake I'm going to go back to. This was the right choice. And perhaps if they had just operated differently in the marketing and been scoring all the chances that they getting then there would be no problem or mutiny to begin with all right so obviously I wasn't here last week but which is a shame because in court you guys had the whole fiction? Tom Funny enough. I'll just rub it in. That's not very original. But it was made the point being that at the weekend Comeback Win Blah Blah Blah who scored the winner. Look it's that guy from Coyote who's you know not as good as rocketed KC or all these other people who populate Columbus Fantasies I mean this is going to taste fantasies. People brings up all the digits like the idea wreckage five years ago to whatever whatever but daydreaming extremes but I think the basic point though. Is You concerned. The I think we need to give any credit for this. And how you guys feel. But I was a horrendous second half half against Borussia Dortmund in midweek where the wheels come off and whatever. They were ripe for a boo a weekend but in the end yeah I can imagine license. He told us a bit of you. Know he likes to please the bosses coming out and saying Oh you know actually combed his words energized me and I don't know if it's true but this is a real team and they're sticking to the roads going to be bumpy but you know what I said before that or no sorry it was you with the Hashtag that we're mocking you. This Female Fina Hashtag use of it. But you know obviously they have code. Code has by on that front right the thing which I think. I'm pretty sure I said I'll say that I feel quite strongly is if if contacted just shut up I would think he was having a really positive. Most if season notwithstanding forty-five minutes document I think being having dropped four points from eleven games now and being you know not in the perfect position on champion secret but having played some really good football against Boston numbers already said you know what you've taken this Cup Ford from was things are going in the right direction without question. It's it's it's it's all what's happening in his head bike. It's all the sort of negative is purely in Antonio Conte is mind for me at this point. Now this is what's interesting all social media after our last show with Robson people a little upset in the sense that you know. They don't necessarily think that we giving turn your content off of love and what I wanted to make clear. Is that all three of us. I think that they would either produce a title challenge or actually win title. So no way didn't say that it'd be the closest John just speaking honestly finishing third. Okay so basically. Once again I do but I've we've always let's be honest. We've always thought that the guy who can renew to something special so doubting his ability to do that it's more his behavior and all the drama that he brings with it. I thought it's it's interesting that they came back with the against Verona with the goals and taking off his shirt. Just showed you how happy it is and I mean for a guy who just came from Saudi edits remarkable he made the difference for Antonio confidently I do what I do want to point out is that I do have an issue. Like I said I've I do feel like when it comes to his tactics against quality and I knew people get angry with me saying that but I'm going to reiterate that because I do think the wheels come apart at some point in games with contain teams that we know how to control the ball due RAV extraordinary things in midfield and myself that that happened against Barcelona that happening as for Dortmund in even happened when he was contests on against Fiorentina remember when they see two three goals in a few minutes. This is something that tends to happen quite a lot for him And I'm not necessarily sure he's addressed it but this is not taking away anything from him because he's a winner and I think that he will produce a wonderful title challenge and he's on amazing work with Lukoil. I think Laszlo's now a quite a good player to be honest which I. We didn't see that coming from his first. Few appearances even Alexis Sanchez and his cameo role in in his career. So far has been fantastic. So He's certainly Tunsil. These please from sense Youtube Ariella to really Pathak affects. Stars is just that when it comes to his behavior and how much he asks if pupil and how many alibis he seeks when there is a loss he tends to never look inward right so much and that is why we criticize what good teams as he faced many good point about when he faces quality. Right what good teams who actually good at the time has he actually faced this season. Because I'm not sure we mentioned Bruce Dorman. Leave aside the hype hype in the macy's updating the summer. This team is horrendous horrendous. Run the tons of problems tons of tons of injuries by in Barcelona have kind of been a bit of a mess for for a while and memory serves they face them like when messy was just coming back and they lost. I'm trying to remember who they've played in city That's any good. I mean I just wonder I if you're going to do that with Barcelona even that have not qualifying as good. How many teams are the in? All of the European going to put as a base would be an acceptable level of challenge because even Bat Barcelona are better than merger. Well apparently I can. I actually genuinely think into a very unlucky. Definitely we're online and I think they deserve more of the game but what I'm saying is I don't know that he's been tested fat. I thought level yet and I think he's always kind of walking the fine line between you know the he's a winner type thing and the other thing which is which is very true. which is he inherited a real in spite all the money they spent in the summer he inherited a poorly put together team at least as the address some of it in the summer you know it is a long way back? They haven't you know the the collect. There was a long time ago. You know instant success just because you're corny isn't isn't isn't a given. Yes and now qualify for successive champion. Speaks they didn't do it convincingly but they've done it which is more than interior done for few years before that so they had moved forget to Ramsey and being the tallest and so yes this is exactly why I didn't think they would even be job in front of them and thinks thinks. Oh I'm sorry I just don't agree and like else's puchased all these wonderful. I mean if now I'm pretty sure now pretty would be in second pace right now. You know I'm telling you to Kaku the world's greatest strike break-up and let's be honest the investment in law in the market and they are not greatly that everyone wants to be honest. Anything short of second-place is a failure. You're balancing the two things you you wanNA generate the excitement and give the impression that you're on the REBAC. Is that builds confidence. And you can go head to head with this. And he's the first to do it because obviously when they win. It's down to hand mm-hmm when you lose world reminded of of the the DRAC that was there before except that it's about team. It's probably one of the I. I'm not saying there by a team. I also think like just sort of clarify with saying good or not good like the second place and of course yes in the end is winning losing but the second second place in the second place if Intel were second but already ten points behind you I would be looking on them different into the fact that the one point is when you vendors have dropped no points so season particularly in Tara. A genuine titletown does here. We have not been in a long time. Yeah but I I mean this is what I would expect like I I. I don't I don't see why everyone's really shocked about it when you look at the squad at the end of the day it is. It's a good squad I'm no. I don't agree with this whole thing as he inherited a mess. And he's done this fantastic the job. No I think Atalanta done a fantastic job. I think have done a fantastic job. I think he's done a job. That was him. which is you spend a lot of money on getting some some stars Eh? And so yes. I'm sorry I do expect that can place. You've been a lot more convincing. I agree with what you're saying. Guests perhaps not so close to this. But I'm not gonNA I sit there and say Yeah I'm definitely GonNa because you know you've wowed me with everything that you've done because when it has come against teams that I know how to switch on the quality even if it is between two minutes they fall into the pond and if they face Napoli right now and I'm saying they'll probably win this because I'm pretty are a mess but if not pretty action I had to play like. They're not pretty beat Liverpool. I'd love to see what happens then. Some of the situation is one hundred percent spot on and very much underscores the dichotomy that we talked about. And I think you're wrong all I have calmed down from the passionate Response I have to enter a new contract and into. Let's talk about things that made me a little bit happier. which is Kennedy's form and that fantastic five hundred victory of thiede? Because by the sixtieth minute in it we need stories linked stories links because has not got an experienced midfielder. He hasn't got one except for the one who he consents. The being sent out on loan. who had a Hattrick this wonderful go this weekend? Oh nine Golan talking to talking circles without the naming names yes so yes so well done to the gym who is absolutely fantastic CICCHETTI and it was fantastic. Job Pedal was fantastic. Really Honestly Kelly. How you Eddie were fantastic again for me as Fiorentina so defensively? I've always like all. They're always a little bit. But now we all sort of with a bit disagreeing on Kennedy and the sense that Gabby made this point that there's just come across the old fashioned Tynan team. No I yeah if you want to call it. I just think the way the way they're playing is we've seen it started last year but we've seen in say the you know the mood has changed. The stereotype of the Italian defendant counter. Bop Safety first attitude has definitely changed. It's not just it's not just the big clubs it's Saas Wallo obviously tried to play off. The land obviously tried to play Bologna as well fuelling Tina all. There's there's many more teams that's right. Yeah great example. Coyote seem to women seem to do it the other way in which is let's defense outlay was defend very well. Let's not give away chances first and foremost and let's try to hit teams in transition which which which they've done they've done well thus far And I thought that was interesting now looking at some of the underlying metrics And the fact that I think they were pretty fortunate in several games the season. I don't think that there are top fourteen. I think they'll probably end up between between eighth and tenth unless all of a sudden they suddenly improve which is still tremendous tremendous feat for the PUCK. I mean if you look at the gap up was the middle of the table. It's not you know. There's a lot of good teams behind that presume are going to are going to improve. But I. I just think that there's more than one way to skin. A cat basically right. I think it's I think it's worth of because not everyone is going to sort of honing in and watching these games close just to sort talk about what they have done. Which is written about this Nikola leaves the summer and and they get a good some him. It's it's one of those deals that has layers to its initiative. Loan deal is more money than his bonuses but it could go up to forty nine million euros. which would be easily the most they've ever made carry me? There's smoke Mostly they're made from so they play And they responded to that by going out and breaking that transfer Barron transfer. I think twice in the same summer And they sort of completely Reinvented them field. With eight to nine days and macher rajput coming in and Brian Giovanni Upfront They should have they didn't do do the classic Smaller Cup thing of hoarding most of that money and making making it at Prophet. They've actually been aggressive in the way they treated it And and obviously the nine one comes in. Is this sort of late summer. Opportunity that's presented to them and historians sort of fast end your personal level because I mean I think his first choice was he tried. He wants to do that. He believes countries. I believe he could've contributed. I think that was mistake. Blanchette botts once decided to leave. He had offers and he had office within city. I including Tina. He had offers from China. That could've made him very rich and his wife Cloudier is currently Receiving Treatment for breast cancer Sir and he went basically not homeys from Belgium. But it's her home something here's where she's from. It's a club. He was the first one he paid for and City I. It felt like going. Haven't for him and he's taking that chance. He's missed a few games the beginning season being habit since he's come into the team he's obviously had a huge impact brilliantly in this game but as a team he they've really transformed and you were talking about even through eighth forbid successful absolutely I mean they are a team that is accustomed to fighting relegation is level But what they have. You've become a new to here. This brand is not a talking coach by instinct. He has never been in his past like coachee. Look and go. Wow Yeah he's the one bringing sort of sparkling offing champagne. Football's the division But they've become a team is very Willing to commit on the counter very willing to work those transitions aggressive. Ah The brilliant in this game with that and what's interesting to me that sort of the the sub the sub not almost is law season they had Pavarotti Upfront. And they he's he's going to top scorer in Lebanon of singles from Hadas. They won the most aerial challenges in the leak. By far this season he injured by the side of the season almost forced to use news. Simione your rights away but it really works Kasumi. I don't know if he's a great striker told but he sent me a hot running strike. He's certainly fast and capable of you've of stretching out of team and I think that him stretching defenses out nine with everything that he can do from behind the attack and he's great Nowadays is good putting this. I mean he's come from Boca Juniors again people. I know a lot about him. But you know young Young He's twenty twenty four Italian. Yeah I mean he's been. He's been in Argentine International for several years. It's funny you're just you're right. It's I don't know the reason I bring this up. Mondays is is amazing. And it's just as a side note when you go to the Copa America or whatever and look in the Argentina Brazil squad and there's guys that you don't know because they don't pay Europe you assume that they're really young for that they're just like random do do and that's not the case that's kind of like no European Eric's Nathan Mendez's guy who's played for one of the two biggest clubs in Argentina's been there's been a and has rightly been in the Argentine national team. He could probably play for any European league in the top half table make. That's who you think. That's what's interesting because you know I think Pavarotti illustrated they've gone from being like who's the local journeyman who we can use. They've suddenly caught. This core of players Karadzic Croatia International. He's a good point. I mean this was a guy that he was loaned out via from now for the year. Now he's doing tremendous spoke with Kennedy. But I do you want to go back to it because it's interesting because no sport called a mini boss. Lana Fun Four. Yeah I mean the first goal was one of the players go exactly. Maybe they're not that type of team that will always dominate possession. But I think it was written reference to the quick doctors that they do and they do have those narrow spaces your Barcelona's Shirley Nova is quite awesome and Leonardo throughout Madrid in many ways. Yeah in the sense that undeserved Dan In the sense that I do think that very good out of possession of pressing game that very organized is they all sort of know exactly what the plan is and as soon as they win the ball. It's the typical pushes the quick touches And I think that they read beat their opponents. Very well I think that you have to get any in nine eleven. I think they're just an accident in midfield like you said Simione Agr Pedro like. There's really no one that you look at the I'm thinking to yourself. This is a very good side but I disagree in. This says that the money spent and everything that's going on. I do think that they'll finish rush but for me higher than twenty no higher than most. So I'm giving them between sixty and just didn't see the game like finish five two but it could have been more than five before before they'd have take a couple of really good a real weapon what you mentioned fearing Tina Their Day For those like what. They're doing there. By the way somebody flagged up rebury when players get older they stopped quibbling. Going past people re Burris three and a half half successful dribbles per game per ninety minutes this year. which is roughly what he had last year? Pine didn't play very much and it's Nearly three times as many as Christianity. But that's why rather Fiorentina quickly one tell US sticking around. I'm being now spell it themselves to one They have to let go of someone but like you know. Obviously the president wants to make a statue watch in the sense that he's invested a lot in this club and now he's going to have a training ground looking to build a stadium. He wants to make Fiorentina special. I set from the straight. I don't believe in Montana. Wanted me defensively than anything else And then it's been might not want five wins without five games without a win but I don't know if again for him the this particular team right. I want to spend for Milan. But I'm not on board with Belletti for Fiorentina but Once is not Montella is not the answer either. Dropping points are boy Paulo. Fonseca you still upset with Fonseca here I have the three I have this strange obsession with Fonseca and and Obviously Zorro mask. It's just I feel like he's so determined and everyone just. It's such a happy environment except for Florida. You will call upon no matter what happens but I'm a little bit upset. Because you know Antonio Conte is out there being these guys are on their last legs you know and this is just tremendously over and I think I think I'm GonNa keep them you know. It doesn't matter that we played against back mid week that everyone is physically exhausted that these poor kids can't manage anything anymore. I thought that this was a game. They didn't need to lose. It's really strange. Because at the very end they finally came back they find inside producing something a little bit at the end when it looked like they had completely collapsed from fatigue. But I'm upset because I just think that this was a team that can really nail down foles please continue. But he is learning on the job. And I have faith and Fonseca. Yeah I I think I felt sorry for the much about eight minutes or so. Let's get off your lucky but I think that you've nailed it. They this was the game in which he needed to rotate more. And I think that if everything it's just the Florentine went both this me. I can understand some concerns. I mean I think that no one is under new lesions. That fines is is well costs right back. I think he's a player who is a contribution especially time like this. I'm surprised you didn't use him and got lots. Co that was a bit of a penalty. Scenario and I was wondering if you felt like being the one who explains it for this I didn't know Trying to say cross. I hadn't seen this before but lots of lecture lecture awarded a penalty and the guy takes the penalty. And it saved it into the path of teammate. Running into the box who then scores now the goal gets struck off if you look at the replay. The guy the reasonable goal was struck. Off is because the guy had encroached but if you look at the replay you can see that other players players back three locks. Yeah encroach and then coach much further than this dude. And I'm sorry I don't remember his name And so it seemed odd to a lot of people we discussed on the show what we are there for apparently it's in the VR poetical that encroachment isn't it's encroachment via can intervene on encroachment. When it leads to to a goal retake doc then? It's down to the referee so the referee should have ordered or retake. But I guess I don't know what was looking so you didn't notice these. Three large man in the box walks in wearing shorts so because the referee miss that the I couldn't intervene but they could intervene on the other guy that let you player encroaching and so they start off the goal rather than ordering the retake. It seems to me that this is a bug in a law that needs to be strange but it's really strange dot co We need good sunny out. What earn joint third and it's just hideous and they don't be disrespecting Celtic tastic? Celtic fans are gonNA come after. You're looking the at the end of the show listening to US right. rounded off with knee jerk reactions. Let's check action. I mean I think online okay. I was trying to think of who I think is going to be in the top four positions and I think that's five teams and I do think Napoli still going to be kit strangely enough so it's between event is inter now buddy for me Atalanta and Roma and then I do think after that. I think it's going to be lots of Meenhan Kennedy. I think my knee jerk reaction is that what I still think. It's still not healthcare territory now. I don't think that this is the loss of this Renaldo soccer. I think it has the potential to become big because I don't think he's fit and I think as long as he's not fit the best of them as long as he's not being the best of him Sarah he's GonNa be an awkward spot of having to decide whether or not taking off and cleaning. We've learned that sorry is not going to decline. Take off the best thing I ate mine is also Rinaldo related and then go back to when I said earlier this business. We we get fixated. I'm players on the path. We don't pay we thing highly experienced tremendous coaches like five and others criticizing center in Aldo for not going past players. The way he used to a hey isn't true but be shows that you haven't walked last two years of him around Madrid. He is a different player now. He's still an incredibly productive player. Who averaged urged fifty odd goals a season for nine years a row Madrid scoring a little less at Uber but still scoring a lot? He's just not the kind of he's not that sort of player who will go pass people that often but he's certainly goes pass people more at Uva than he did it raw Madrid the last two years although all that send may have to do something about this to do the fact that he just receives the ball further away from goal and an often has more to do to get closer to go At you've just because of the way he's being used bends with the mood drop off and talk about it would have been closer to in in that sense then right. That's where we have time for also with fully on board with doing a remarkable. Okay job but she didn't it next week. One will be going through everything that happened in international week as we take on their rivals and I'm short of new youngsters will be tried again. Also you then.

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