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All Things Salesforce Einstein with Sanjna Parulekar, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Salesforce Einstein


Saana per-litre Sales Forces Senior Product Marketing Marketing Manager for salesforce Einstein has lived in and around tech her whole life. Both of Santana's parents had careers. In Tech so Sanchez felt she was destined to follow a similar career path. Fast forward today when destiny has become reality. Sandra is currently working with sales. Sign helping to bring to life the influence it has on Ai Crm in the world. It comes as no surprise that Sandra is most excited about the future of voice technology especially considering everything sales forces doing with innovative waited Einstein. Voice Assistant on this episode of it visionaries Sasha and described the jaw dropping intricacies of the Einstein Voice Assistant and how it's going to change the way people do business view sales enclosed deals through the power of A. I am a personalization. This episode is part of a special series on the salesforce customer. Three sixty four the platform that powers the world's number one CIARA in this series executives from salesforce. We'll discuss how using ten innovative technologies including Ai. Blockchain and automation can help you drive the digital transformation of every experience and more importantly get you closer to your customers enjoy welcome to another episode of it visionaries. I mean phase on Chief Kassir here mission dot org and we are on the fourteenth floor. Salesforce Tower Saen. What's going on good? It's a great day and it's a great day to talk technology augie. We're going to dive deep into how. Ai Is being used to personalise every experience. We're GONNA be talking a little bit about Einstein deploying and all that fun stuff but first. Why did you get excited about technology in the first place? Well growing up in the bay area area. It's kind of hard not to So I am born and raised in San Jose and technology has always been a big part of my life. Parents were in Tak back and it really felt like the natural evolution career wise and and it was great because when I kinda entered the workforce the artist formerly known as big data which has now become a. I was sort of in vogue and big data of all machine learning and I realized that there were so many different amazing using applications of AI across healthcare and finance and the really is an application for everyone. And that's really what kept me excited about this field and why continue to be in it. So let's get into Einstein specifically for those who don't know what is Einstein nine so Einstein is our brand for all things. Ai At salesforce so along with this cute little character. We have of Einstein that you you might see in our billboards or even her or lobbies of our buildings. Einstein released signifies the power that. Ai Brings to the whole customer three sixty a platform that we have at salesforce so whether it's something simple like providing sales people with the lead score that helps them prioritize their day better or maybe it's something more complicated like analyzing tax to provide insights to marketing folks. It's kind of the whole gamut of Ai that we provide at salesforce and so is kind of like an underlying technology layer. That's in like all of the products. Yes you can think of it that way and it's actually a set of technologies so when people think okay I they often think two different things they think it's either one technology that's doing all the magic behind the scenes or they think it's this messy set of too many technologies. Yeah they don't want to wrap their heads around so our chief concern at salesforce and Working Online Stein team is to abstract that complexity and bring the power of ai which is machine learning. It's deep learning. It's a couple of main technologies to our customers without coding without complexity Just without you so would are some of the primary use cases of a in the enterprise that you've seen so so there are so many use cases for AI. All over the place in different types of industries and different types of the markets and things like that and when we launched Einstein around three four years ago now we stayed laser focus on ai for crm At salesforce our core user base is crm users and lines of business so that sales service marketing commerce than it and so for Einstein. We've really focused on bringing features to market that. Help those lines of business. So I mentioned lead scoring and for sales. We've really thought through a whole portfolio of features and products that address what sales people need the most so lead scoring is one of them scoring opportunities so prioritizing in your day with a I on which opportunities to focus on or even things like account insight so what's happening in my account in the news on the Internet in the world. Then how can I use that to run my sales process smoother and close deals faster. So we're focused on these use cases that help these lines of business in those little parts of their day that would make their day more productive easier make the relationships with their customers. Better things like that and what are some of the examples you seen from salesforce customers. Obviously salesforce has lot of customers but In the enterprise where people are leveraging technology. Oh Gee that have had successful implementations and are getting kind of those real time insights. Yeah I mean there's some amazing customers that we have they're doing really interesting interesting things with a I. I think one of the areas and lines of business that jumps out at me is in service and a large media. Company is using our Einstein products products to streamline their whole service organizations so they've created an online chat Bot that is helping them take care of these small kind of the easy tasks that a service agent might help with so things like resetting their password for the platform or updating their credit card information to pay for their media service service so that way their core service agents can spend all of their time on the more complicated tasks so instead of picking up a call to reset a credit card. Are there helping a customer through maybe a transition from one device to three devices things that require that human touch so that example is one of my favorites. It's because a lot of people think. Ai And they think Oh God scary and they think job replacement and the thing all these really terrifying and consequences in sales is here to say that's not happening right. That's not happening in the near term at all there is very much a human plus. Ai Augmentation Augmentation Story. That is really really strong. So that's one example another example. That's one of my favorites is actually at a nonprofit. So Oh one of my favorite things about Einstein. Is that any type of organization whether it's a large enterprise like the media company. I mentioned or a small nonprofit can use who's to optimize their business or to connect with their customers or their clients in a in a new way and so this nonprofit they are are pretty small and their whole charter is to get students. High school students into college and through college and so they're using Einstein to help help them engage with students in a better way so they're bringing in email data and case status a case notes and they're using Einstein language which analyzes as natural language using technology called natural language processing. And they're picking up key things that might be indicators at this kid might drop out of school so if Suzie easy says hey my mom and I have recently lost our housing and I won't be able to go to my school in the next week in. Ai workflow is picking up. The sentiment and intent of that taxed automatically creating a case for a case worker to pick up the phone call. Suzy make sure she's okay. Fine her alternative alternative housing. So that's a really powerful example of how. Ai can be used in a smaller community But have really really great impact impact. Yeah I love I love the NLP use case because it's something that's so hard to get right right but also it's got a long way to go right like and they're still so many different things and like tonality and you know different sort of words words that as those algorithms are learning and figuring it out the potential for business impact is going to be huge we had on the show Craig Walker the CEO of Dial Pad for example and Just destroys that. They're making to figure out how people are leveraging in NLP for sales conversations nations being able to figure out how many times are people referencing our competitors in sales calls or things like that. The possibilities are endless. It's just really exciting. Yeah yeah there's amazing potential especially when you think about not just bringing in Raw text data from things like social media and things like that right but when you think about that voice data what I think he was talking about. The opportunities are just amazing to bring a not voice data and to analyze it a to just be better or to be better partners to your customers. And that's really what Einstein's about when I think you know. It's your point on the customer the nonprofit prophet you're leveraging Ai to accelerate like human interactions raid to like flag those things earlier on in the process to figure out how more quickly you know how a human can intervene because a lot at the end of those conversations. There's some sort of human interaction and it's like you know we're not it necessarily as good at figuring that pattern matching obviously large amounts of data. So that's where the that's where the machines Goeman. Yeah absolutely and I think when we think through our roadmap in which features were going to ship to our customers we always have that in mind right. How can we make our customers lives easier for? How can they connect to their customers? Better and how can a IBN enabler and not a blocker or not a replacer. You know I mentioned Lead scoring earlier and if you ask any sales personnel say had an algorithm. No My leads better than I do. Right I've been doing this for thirty a years or whatever it is right I know my business but at the end of the day were serving up score. Were serving up factors that contributed to that score weather. This customer customer has just gone through a leadership change and that's why a score is low for a lead or whatever it is and you can take it or leave it right. You can provide feedback. You can say Stein. This insight was thumbs up. Helpful thumbs down not helpful or in the middle of helpful and it's providing that transparency to the end user and taking that feedback into these models. These algorithms that are building these insights. That's really really important. And it builds upon that trust arrest rate. Because you can't just tell US sales person to use a number right you gotta tell them why and you have to make sure that their voices heard and not goes for a I features across the board word for US owner talk personalization so how is being used to personalise experiences so at the end of the day. Ai Is this brain. That's taking in all of this data that we have around us that we now have the ability ability to collect and analyze. And it's helping us do things at scale in a way that we never could before. So what might live in my own brain about personalizing an experience for a customer or for a client is not scalable so our customers are using. Ai To release scale that expertise is that they have in house to you. Know they're thousands. Maybe millions of clients or customers so I gave the example of the of the nonprofit right and and in order to use that technology for good those case workers are not just picking up the phone and saying hey. I got an alert that I need to call you right there. Picking up the phone and saying hey I heard you at an issue with housing and your little distressed about it you know. Let me let me help you. Through that rate that caseworker. Now approach that case with empathy and context as opposed to a cold call. You know I need to call this client once. It's a week because someone told me I have to. I think as you know with chat bots and things like that that can you know regularly identify like why you come to the website or why you use a different thing. It's like you know every single day you know on Wednesday when I whatever log into my bank or whatever I check my accounts or whatever it is but once a year you know I go to check you know might renew my policy or something like that and it's like having algorithms rhythms. That are that are figuring out how to say like. Hey you know Ian it's August you're probably looking at your insurance. Premiums are policies again this year. Like just want to be proactive active. And send you those that Subodh doing that like by the way. If you WanNa Talk to representative Mike you know. Just click this button like those type of personalization super exciting waiting for me and I think how people are able to capture. The data obviously is important but then be able to like add that into the customer experience. Experience obviously think about the customer a lot but how much does customer experience plan. How Einstein's used it plays a big role a really big role in the the way we develop features? And you know we're always thinking about our customers and our customers customers right and there's so many features within the Einstein Stein family that helped both of those sets of use cases and I think one call at I wanted to make is that we take for granted in our personal lives interest rate when we go on Google and we search something and we get the tailored result you know. That's an expectation and those expectations are very much in in our business. Lives too when I log in to salesforce and I make a search. I WanNa make sure that that search is relevant and is personalized to to me. Actually we launched our new search product Einstein. Search a couple of months ago to do just that and we've built in recommendations is and natural language processing so that every search that a user makes whether they're a campaign analyst and marketing or a salesperson in sales every researches personalized within the salesforce APP and that's really powerful because we have different constraints on the enterprise side when it comes to technology stock and all of that but customers don't care nor should they right we're here to obstruct complexity provide value and search is a big big part of that. What are some other examples of personalization that you found the particularly enjoy? This is an interesting one because since it's a business business example it doesn't jump out as personalization but it is very highly customized. Let's put it that way so We have retail L. companies in CPG companies using US for planet grams. So for every company. Say you're a big beverage company or something like that. The way your or a beverages show up in stores Maybe even in some office spaces. It's all highly customized within a plant gram and it's just cheat a paper. Her little drawing hang on this is how we want these products to be laid out. These are the colors we want next to those other colors in the flavors here and the other flavors there and it's pretty complicated. When you get into different folks going to different stores setting up these installations of this product so we have customers that have built APPs to do this with our technology so we have yeah so we have an APP or sorry an API called Einstein Vision which does object detection and image recognition? And so you can build up where you take a photo of. Let's say it's a fridge and it'll tell you does adhere to the plan a gram and does it not. Oh cool and so that sounds really simple but on the back end we've trained a deep learning algorithm and deep learning refers to the set of Ai that basically has is algorithms that work like the human brain called neural networks. And it's train. This neural network to recognize. Okay you have a Cola here in Lime Soda there. You need to switch those. And that's based on color in the feature of the bottle and maybe there's a traditional plastic bottle next. Thanks to a glass bottle or things like that and this takes. This is pretty sophisticated stuff. And we're allowing our salesforce admins and doves to build old apps like this with no advanced degree. No data science experience just knowledge of what they need an APP for a planet crown and with knowledge of their the use case. And that's about it. That's really cool. Use Case I love I wonder if they do that for coconut water. Because spoi- we were dying off air. About how much we love. Coconut Water Because we go on a lot of these visits and we always get it but I never see not a good plan. A gram and the stores. Anyone who's makes coconut water. Just reach out reach out so the. It visionaries we'll get you hooked up with a planet grandma signed and we both pass through and it shows. You're listening so the yeah that's really cool. So and what was that I. I don't know if you can sure sure if this is this is to internal details but do you know if that was made by someone in like engineering was low code tool or something like that. No so the coolest thing about Einstein is that its four core users radio it's for salesforce almonds and salesforce developers and and we have training on how to use all these products for free entree ahead and if you learn how to use salesforce. Let's say you get an Admin certification and you want to build your first prediction. You want to build an APP that creates the plan a gram or something like that For quality control you you can do that on your own No engineers required no data scientists required. And it's a really really interesting and important value prop because in the enterprise if you want to build this sort of application. There are a bunch of roles and departments that are involved you have your data. Scientists you have development operations operations engineers you have application engineers you have data engineers just find the right data And all of these people sit within different parts of the organization position whereas now we've democratized access to the salesforce Abbott in the salesforce developer. And they can they're embedded in the business already and they can connect with the business owners honors find a use case quickly related solution and really own that end to end which is something. We've really never seen before. Should you think that you could build take a an APP with Einstein that buys you tickets to the new star wars like suing. You must not see my phone phone case. beat up to our producer. Sean that we know you love Star Wars Embarrassed or is it where we should shut shudder to Hillary producer extraordinaire. who finds all the things about our August? Okay what's another example of Of So I'm going to be a little self promotional here because one of your favorite APPs is actually a feature of the salesforce APP called Einstein Voice Assistant and this is really great right because it's using voice data to increase productivity for salespeople so imagine your sales guy you're on the road all the attached paint a picture You're always in the car. You're always on the go and to be completely honest. I mean for a lot. Just salespeople their least favorite thing about using salesforce as data entry. She's who likes rate putting your notes from different meetings you've had and in and updating records and things like that it's a total pain but it's a necessary evil in order to forecast accurately in to make sure your sales managers are happy with you right so in talking to customers. We realized that we need to make this better. So we both Feinstein Voice Assistant to bring invoice data to streamline win this process so now our customers can open the salesforce mobile app they can choose the Einstein voice assistant and they can dictate their notes into the APP and on the back end. We're doing voice to taxed which is nothing earth shattering right. You can do that. You've been able to do that for a long time. The really cool part is that we're using natural language processing to understand the sentiment the intent and the context of those notes that are being transcribed. And then we're bringing that data until the appropriate records into salesforce. So if we have a meeting and I say okay just had a meeting with mission. They'RE WE'RE GONNA buy some Einstein's you'd be like you'd be like in phase on is GonNa buy something then it's GonNa say in the notes in and then it's going to spell out phase and then on sure you don't want to know what they do with my name. It's interesting every time and I say you know Ian is really interested in a coconut water use case it's accurate and let's update the task to follow up with him in a week and update the opportunity to one billion dollars. Yeah then Einstein is going to analyze that and in the appropriate records and fields and salesforce. Everything will get updated so suddenly I don't have to do any data entry. I've just spoken to my phone. And Einstein has all the heavy lifting for me which is super cool. Einstein's like how much. How much coconut water does he in one all the coconut water? One billion dollars to buy all the coconuts. Yeah no that's that's really cool and voice just gets veteran better because we have better tools to capture voice with things like air pods and better you know all things like that and your phone is is getting truly good good at it and all the little clinical `ISMs and things that we say are all are all getting better. Let's talk to reinforce. Can I might be it. MIGHT BE DREAM force. There's right now as as our listeners. Listening to this. What are you really excited about from an AI? Perspective about Dream Force or we're just in general you can say whatever or from nine Einstein perspective. Well what I'm most excited about is that Einstein will be everywhere dream force through and I think in the two years that I've been here just seeing the maturity of the product the reach of the product across cloud. How has just been incredible and you will be able to go to any physical space at dream force any keynote right and you will see huge innovations from Einstein and of course there's our dedicated areas so we have Einstein zone which is on the third floor of Mosconi West where you will see a huge Einstein that will indicate where you're at and we will have product experts talking about all of our different innovations across lines of business sales service marketing commerce? It and showing off some really powerful use cases and then we also have the Einstein. Keynote I am not as your one stop shop. You will see me there. It'd be talking about a And that is at nine. AM in North Hall F on Wednesday of Dream Force on the twentieth so anyone interested in Einstein. Those are the two places to go Wa- so we are super excited for that we will. We'll be there that is for sure. Mission team will be on on ground for all a dream. I was awesome any any. Let's look into the crystal ball. What are you excited about for a In the future not too distant future. I think I'm most excited about the potential for voice. I think we've seen voice really changed. Change the way that we interact with devices in our personal lives and this is how these trends go right you you have them change something in your personal life and then the enterprise catches is up and I think that this is a case where the enterprise caught a quicker and when we launched voice last year we had this incredible bowl reception from customers just wanting more and I'm really excited to see where that pushes just not just future of ai but the future of crm right. It's a totally different ballgame now and excited to be a part of it will now. Let's get into some lightning round questions. You're not exempt from the lightning rounds. Despite despite working for the company that makes the salesforce platform you can go to salesforce DOT COM and learn more about salesforce platform. It's it's fast and easy to build mobile APPs on there and do many things just like these fast and easy lightning round questions Tasha. Are you ready ready. Ready number one would APP on. Your phone is the most fun the most fun spotify I duNno number to. What is your favorite vacation spot? I just went to Bali and I WANNA go back. I had a coconut a day. Let me tell you go keeps Dr Ram. What is your favorite thing to cookery? My favorite thing McCook is coconut rice and some sort of seafood favorite thing to cook if everything they eat anything my mom makes. What technology are you most? Oh succeeded about for the future. Other than doesn't care bartering guard event through that. Can it be a subset of a all right. Deep learning neural networks are very very cool. My friends and they are literally building the human brain and teaching Algorithms had to think the way we do. So I'm very excited to see advancements their do you have a favorite Chat Bot you've chatted with. Oh Boy I've used the Hulu dot which is built l.. Tonight Stein. Oh is it really. It's Oh that's cool. I've used the Hulu. It is awesome. It is very cool very helpful and that is my favorite. That's great because we need that curation so tough with content totally as someone who works for a company that makes a lot of content. Sure is tough last question. What question do you never get asked that you wish you were asked more often? People never ask me how to properly say my name to. How do you say say hidden go on with themselves? Yeah how do you properly say Sanjay like Satin Sanjay like like as S. like it's pronounced S. U. N.. Yeah all right. Yeah I was pretty. Close your great great friends aim Sanchez. So I like how's that I've worked with free years that it's just wrong. Well this has been an absolute blast. Thanks for coming on. We're GONNA see you at trim force and All the Einstein friends and colleagues and family Any final thoughts. Anything to plug I can say is come see us a dream for us come to the KENO come to the zone and we'll be happy to have you and if you don't stick out com thanks. It visionaries is brought to you by the salesforce customer. Three sixty four the number one cloud platform for for digital transformation of every experience. Connect every customer empower every employee and deliver continuous innovation. Putting the customer at the center of everything you do learn more at salesforce

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