Free Agency Madness + Brees Retires, Big Stimmy - Fantasy Football Podcast for 3/16


Focus i've been using hellofresh for a while now and let me tell you if it was a staple in my kitchen before it's a must have nowadays. And if you haven't yet you gotta check it out america's number one meal kit right now you'd get twelve free meals including free shipping when you go to hellofresh dot com slash footballers twelve and use. The code footballers twelve well to the fantasy. Footballers podcast with your hose. Andy holloway jason moore and my grade. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the podcast. That's the fantasy. Football is podcast. If you're nasty. I'm your host for today. Mike dependency him and right joined by non other none other than my best friend in the in the whole world man. I'm so happy to be here with my best friend in the whole world right now. Jason how are you doing. I'm doing well mike. The fantasy hitman right that that is my birth name. That is your birth name and you can find you on twitter at f- f hitman and they can find you at jason. Nfl what teamwork we're using today. Welcome into the show. It's free agent time. Everybody look this is exciting. And can i just say. And i say this because i look peel back the curtain here for all the listeners. Mike super pissed off. Mike is so disappointing. Mike is like we're we're recording this. Just we are so spoiled that we want more news. We have a ton of free agents to talk about today. But we're not. We're not happy. We're like i want more. Where's the big. Where's where's the giants you know. Why aren't all five big-name wide receiver signed already. It's been hours. We are recording this monday afternoon. Slash evening ish At all i guess. I can say this where unperturbed jason is the biggest free agent. That we're gonna talk about has some ramifications for my dynasty team and i'd rather not spend more than two seconds on it but but we will Welcome into the show everybody Youtube dot com slash. The fancy footballers if you want to watch the show. I mean speaking of watching. I haven't seen j. grizz. I like me personally. I in i don't know like a year. He well i don't want to. Yeah i mean we try to keep things under wraps but he had a bad year with cova this year and so now he is backing radio. He's doing well and Now that we're in studio andy hallway. Yeah are fearless. Father news With some family right now we get to see. Cardboard pair cut out on the show. We absolutely do. jason already. Gave the handles you can fall the show at the f. f. ballers check us out on instagram instagramcom slash fantasy footballers and if you wanna see a little bit of our personal lives. Instagram dot com slash. It's the same as our twitter handles. F man jason f nfl. At andy away just before we jump into the news just a little quick You know when you're on when you're on facebook in your on these the social platforms like you know. Do you remember last year. And they give you a throwback. Sometimes people do throwback thursday some last year on this day pretty one year ago today and it was just the two of us in the bears witness. That's one that the andre eight hopkins straight happened. Reverend lord i think the texas have had enough of that i don't they they don't mind anymore. They're gone accents fans. They're actually a lot of them. Have accepted the official fantasy football. His invitation to join us as arizona cardinals. Fans that is true. I've seen a lot on twitter. Make sure you check out. The ultimate draft kit ultimate draft dot com the utica plus has dynasty content. Right now. the team is ferociously. Dare i say ferociously making sure that this thing this thing stays up to date as the free agent signings are happening or as it would be not happening right now But that thing will be up to date the second you get in there. Let's get into the news. News and notes from around the league. The saints have their own block in this news section because they have been busy that big one of course saints quarterback drew brees one of the real ones first ballot hall of fame super bowl winner super studly. Nfl quarterback he is retiring. He played for twenty seasons wall. Brother that is a lot when he came into the nfl. There had been one player. Who ever through a five thousand yard Season is true and he has done it five times since he retired home. My great job drew brees. We we had a lot of fantasy fund. Thanks to you and absolutely. I am so happy that you hung them up. It was time it was time i. It was absolutely time but drew brees will never be forgotten number one in passing yards. Completions completion percentage second in passing touchdowns. Now tom brady might break a few of those. We'll see how like twelve thirteen seasons left so probably But drew brees salute to your service to the nfl. Enjoy your time with your family. So now i it's interesting for fantasy for fantasy football. Yes who's the quarterback. Mike is a taste. Some hills at jameis winston. I feel like we did this before. Well what if. I told you jays. Okay that the saints have signed quarterback tastes them hill to a four year. One hundred and forty million dollar contract extension. Incredible i guess. He's the starting quarterback abc. I mean no doubt air. But here's the details. Every year of the deal is voidable the and it feels like this extension simply spreads out taste some hills cap pay because if you remember they like they gave him a really big contract last year. I do remember mocking that. Yeah and so. Obviously the saints are in Just just cap purgatory. They're held hostage. Do there you go. we're figuring it out live. There was a button labelled cha-ching. I'm used to the there is the strap the money drop but there was a button. Yes thank you. But there was abundant said cha-ching. And i had no idea what it would do. So take hill had had the big payment. He's obviously getting along extension so they could spread out the cap hit. This is going to be bad for the saints for a while. Like they still think they're contenders and they've got enough pieces on the roster where they will be a good team and they're gonna they're gonna try to win games there about that rebuild. But i think they're gonna find that another couple of years as they continue to struggle with what they got themselves into with cap trouble. It's not gonna go that well in which case. Maybe so with the four voidable years from tatum hill. That actually says that jameis winston might be the starting quarterback of the future yes Seen rappaport saying is likely the starter they have been working on a deal for a little bit still working on at least at the time of this recording so we just don't know what the saints are going to do except finding this incredible loophole where you give a contract player. That's not really a contract. We'll see if the nfl has anything to say about that. What the limit is could you just do. A one hundred year contract was like this. Do we found the ultimate loophole. We could spread this over a hundred years. No problem buccaneers have signed. Tom brady to a one year extension. So he will be back at least for a looks like another couple years for the tampa bay buccaneers of try and run back. Alan robinson who was dare. I say unjustly franchised chicago. Shame on you. And yes i'm talking. You bear cardboard bear and bears management. How dare you what. You're blaming j. You should be consoling. He did nothing wrong. he's well he's happy he he's happy that l. robinson is under the franchise tag. I'm just shaming everybody that i possibly can from man l. robinson But robinson has plans to sign the franchise tag. He has until the fifteenth of july to actually sign that which means that he still has some leverage. They're trying to figure out what is happening in chicago. Who's the quarterback because mitchell trubisky is not from reading a couple of articles on this there is a chance and and we're just bringing this up now because obviously there's dynasty players and implications here there's a some percentage chance that he could actually hold out through camp holdout midst. Preseason hold out in season we saw levy on bell obviously an entire season not wanting to play for the franchise tag. And he's not happy but we're as of right now. Obviously he can wait. See what they do in the draft. See what to do with the quarterback position and wait to sign the franchise tag. But he's He's not happy about being a bear right now. I'm gonna hit this button. Jay and i apologize that the the drop says frenzy. Okay because it's not a friends. This is a friend who's a lot of news. This is a lot of news this is. There's some there's some there's two big names free agent frenzy an society. Make the packers good for them. They re signed running back. Aaron jones to a four year forty eight million dollar contract. All of our predictions were incorrect. Aj dylan master of the quads. Second round pick will now return to the backup role. Stupid freaking packers But also don't hear what. I'm not saying jones jones's fabulous. He's incredible player. He's gonna be fantastic for fantasy purpose just so everyone is clear. Yes the sadness is just solely that you have aj dylan on your team. And you're disappointed that he's not like a big breakout star thing this year. That is accurate is accurate for for everyone else. I'm sure out there. Everyone everyone else. There are other people who have dylan on their d. That's what i'm saying. Some people out there can relate. They have dylan and they don't have aaron jones and there's dozens of you and you're all sad but thank you feel our pain reality. Here is a great thing for aaron jones. yes now they did lose their center. The who is one of if not the best center out there. We'll talk about that in a little bit. But it's great news for aaron jones I expect that you know the jamaal williams has already said he's put out on social media that he's not coming back so this is great. This is still good for asia. Not great but is going from. A third stringer who spent the majority of last year. Not on the field at all to now being that too in the one two punch the jamaal williams was but i expect because we saw games the jamaal williams missed and the routes run looked. Really really good there. I mean jamaal. Williams was still running like thirty. Five percent routes run of his snaps. Williams is an excellent pass catcher. And and if you have age eight if you have. Aj dylan in aaron jones as your two main options. Who are you going to run out there to be the pass catcher. And it's not that dylan's a bad one but aaron. You're gonna go with aaron jones. Aaron jones managers were so frustrated. Every two minute drill. Yes when they're like. Oh this is fantasy. The two minute drill is fantasy gold for offenses and there's jamaal williams run in the two minutes. That will be aaron jones next year so i think this is good for aaron jones. If if anything. I think he gets a bump up from last year. And it's good for aj dylan versus last year. So you don't be happy mike. I'll be happy. But aj dylan had a ticket booked. You know how like they're sending the first people to space the not. I people like they're sending civilians. I mean he could have been on a rocket ship and now he's just kind of in in middle-class on the on the airplane i get it but i also think there's a good chance of first people space my so i'm mean you know this essay safe route for him because think about You know his compass who derrick henry right. There killing did nothing. For many many many years behind demarco murray saved those legs let him continue to grow into his man body and then dominate if he is still growing into a man body he's going weigh four hundred and seventy five pounds by the time. He's mature grown-up is gonna look like deer. Kids like the hulk. The patriots have not been quiet during the free agency period. They have opened up. The the vaults and i re-. I realized something jason so we have big shimmy right. Okay yeah bill belichick though with the stimulus. I'm calling big steamy big. Oh this is stimulus. Stimulus money yes. He's why didn't realize that. The nfl franchises get heart of it. Yeah to illustrate that. He has spent more than half in in the first day of free agency the patriots and we knew that they were going to make a big deal because obviously they had a lot of cap rim and a lot of needs but the last decade of free agency. They have spent over half in this day. What they spent in the last ten years In the free agent market so they have made a big splash. Let's talk about what they've done. Patriots have signed tight end. Jonnu smith to a four year fifty million dollar deal with thirty million guaranteed This is the most that bill belichick has ever in the bill. Belichick he's ever spent on a pass catcher Round pick devon ozzie. Ozzie dalton keen. Apparently they did not get enough out of those two guys that they would be moving forward with them. I think they did ozzie. Ozzie a touchdown which is like thirty percent of camps passing touchdowns last here's a stat telestrator. The twenty twenty patriots had the fewest fantasy points for any tight end group over the last five years. All right they didn't they didn't they didn't have titan make sense. Where are you on jonnu signing. Because i'm i've people all there are also media hot and bothered people upset. You know from this last offseason if you've been around with us for a while I am a jonnu smith believer. I believe in the talent athleticism and he's getting paid big money and my official analysis point of view as of day. One is really really. You went to a far right to far look. You're leaving a team. That had a lot of a lot more passing volume a lot. More passing touchdowns a much better passing quarterback in ryan tannehill a couple of years and now you're inheriting a team that won. They've they've spent a lot in free agency on defense. I think their defense is going to be outstanding. This year Cam newton joked about him. Being d you win just done. He's certainly not going to be throwing for forty five hundred yards or even four thousand yards. He averaged one hundred and ninety one yards a game in his first ten weeks stretch where he was doing great and that was one hundred and ninety one yards a game. He's not throwing a bunch touchdowns like the fantasy. All i care about is fantasy. Is this a good signing for the patriots. Yes good player. Yes is he going to help the team absolutely. Is he going to help my fantasy team win games probably not. That's my official stance. I interested. bill belichick clearly had an affinity for jonnu he. There are many quotes out there of him expressing his admiration for jonnu especially after the catch. He made sure that he went on got him speaking of other things that they've done cam. Newton was resigned. To a one year contract. It can be worth fourteen million. The baseline of it is not going to be that. I would still expect them to try and draft the quarterback of the future angry. But i will say cam. Newton actually with an off season with the team His second year in the offense the patriots offense is the legends are told of how hard it is to learn. And that's just for wide receivers. A quarterback hasn't had to really learn this system for a long time that we've we've seen them have to get on the field and the patriots have agreed with. They've agreed with their wallets. That they needed to rebuild because they also signed nelson angler to a two to your deal. They signed kendrick bourne from the forty niners to a three year deal now. Those aren't guys that will make you say yeah. Well that's not yet kenny golladay. We'll folder i get it but nelson galore. Would we've talked about all the time on this show last year of someone who looked like there actually is actually good. Yeah maybe maybe he can be a consistent player in kendrick bourne is the same thing where he was buried on the depth chart but whenever kendrick bourne had an opportunity he would come through and he will be a reliable player which is far more than you can say for. Any of the patriots pass catchers that he had last year. I cam newton. I do completely agree when it comes to cam. Newton i mean last year you're throwing to jakobi meyers demure bird. James white was the third target on that team So yeah i mean. This is an upgrade. But i mean obviously mean. You're hoping that this is like when the rams brought in robert woods and we said look robert. Woods good player. He's been married on a depth chart but he's actually good and then he goes and he was good. He was good for fantasy but the difference being they also had a complete shift in philosophy. That was when they brought in. Sean mcvay this is. This is the same patriots team of last year. Adding mediocre pieces. I'm not thrilled. I do think it's good for cam and remember him to start the year. The first ten weeks that i was just talking about their only two games that he wasn't a quarterback one because he runs. The ball has rushing touchdowns all he do last year. Yeah mean. I'm not super in on anybody here. I i expected to be still an anemic offense all right Let's see before we move on. We wanna thank. 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Dj charq to baltimore for some picks and then a ranking official from the jaguars got on and puffed his chest up one hundred percent not true. I mean this dude was bell. Stewart was all about so they added phillip dorsett. Whatever that's fine. That's great for trevor lawrence. Or whoever they choose we can just say trevor lawrence. I've just got to build some some suspense into the draft. Now the nfl's gotta do that. We don't we can be real with the people. Okay fine when trevor lawrence is there. He'll be glad that phillip dorsett is there. however here's the more interesting piece of news. Carlos high As been signed to a two year six million dollar deal now. That's certainly chump change when it comes to an nfl salary. But carlos hyde on the field for seattle last year was good was good. He still had juice. And james robinson has been the hottest topic for dynasty. What do you do with an undrafted. Free agent who came in and was excellent he was robinson was a fantastic run back but he was also getting ninety percent of the market share and the question was what happens if someone comes in and is eating into that carlos hyde instant reaction because we have not had time to digest the. Think about this where you at now. Instant reaction is. This is really disappointing. For james robinson but we knew something was gonna come. We knew we were going to be disappointed at some point. Some point in time you cannot have a running back on the roster especially one that is you know five foot nine undrafted free. Who's getting the workload then. He was receiving you. Running back attempts of rushing. You had so many one hundred percent eighty nine percent one hundred percent eighty seven one hundred one hundred one hundred ninety six one hundred one hundred. He was the only back there. And you just can't go into a season without that so in in you know on one hand you have to say. This is kind of good news. Because carlos hyde is good enough where i don't think they need to address it signing james robinson. If that's what they're going to the season with i won't i won't be shocked now at this point if they bypass running back in the draft or grab seventh-round special teams guy. So this is great. But it clearly means james robinson will take a step down from what he was last year. And that's kind of the projection. We've talked market share in market share. And therefore i believe in fantasy points he will not be as good and twenty twenty one as he wasn't twenty twenty and that's kind of why i brought up the phillip lindsay comp that massive breakout rookie or undrafted free agent. But you're not gonna get the same workload going forward I you know. I've been advocating. A hold of james robinson in dynasty leagues And he's good. He's a great. he's he's a really really good player. He'll be the lead dog but he will take a step back. And hopefully the team is good because the team is good with james robinson. Then he has a chance of sticking around. But what do you say that the jacksonville jaguars are good in two thousand and twenty one. Little yelich thirty percent. Yeah yeah little. But robinson was good on a bad team. I agree with you. Karnal tide is good enough to get on the field. But i think you if you have robinson on your dynasty team you should exhale and feel good about this move. They they have to have someone else on the on the roster and carlos hyde is not just. He's not going to take over a dream. They were going to add a fourth round running back and this is i feel like this is adding a fourth round running back. This is adding of this adoration. I yeah it's adding a veteran. But here's the the danger with a force where i'm running back. Sometimes fourth round running backs are excellent and they pop and they're then in training camp you go holy crap. We have to get this guy in the field. Not just we have. We have someone to give james robinson arrest every once in a while okay. The buccaneers are bringing back. Gronk on a one year deal after he allegedly was going to test the free agent market. That came out this morning that he was going to dip toes into the free agent market. See what's out there. And mike and i are like yeah right what. They're still changes. Not just us everyone. There's just no tsietsi. Plays somewhere else without tom brady. He was going to retire. He four he forced the raise rates. We're going to the lions hired. Yes he said no. I'll take my ball and i will go home. Of course he's back with gronk. We'll see how that plays out we need to hear about. Oj howard has he. He is recovering but gronk could be a spot. Start for your tight end position and then in this news mediocre signing of the week. What are the texans doing bringing in a guy for the locker room. They're bringing in someone to support the head coach. The new head coach. what are they doing. They have signed mark. Ingram formerly of the ravens which there was a the head coach for the texans Was on the ravens teen. When the ravens made the decision we will get better as a team if mark ingram does not play for us right if he if he just sits to the side. Yeah we put our better running backs in Team will be better and well. The running in was the running game was better because have mark ingram. So he's like we gotta bring them marking. Yes that's it. What is clearly doing. No i so i talked tongue in cheek about it but i genuinely believe that this move is not as much an onfield move for them. This is david. Kelly coming over wanting a leader in the locker room. Who has his back. he's worked with before. Who believes in him is. This is a locker room veteran presence. And i honestly david calling needs it right now. The the locker room is is is not the locker room that i would say. Has the best buzz around right now. Yeah they're probably not very. Does this do anything to david. Johnson does will he eat into the workload enough to probably. But if you're going to head into this season what johnson and mark ingram. Good luck twenty. Sixteen would have been great. Just jumping the time machine a couple of important offensive line signings because offensive line. We don't really pay attention too much. Defensive signings unless it's our arizona cardinals room but offensively is important. The chargers have signed corey lansley. They they stole him away from the packers. They gave him a big deal. He's now the nfl's highs paid center. The chargers had the worst offensive line according to pf last year. So this is a huge boost for that team frost. An ekeler for jess. Hey this is one of those. You can't ignore these offensive line. Changes your literally literally going from the worst to the best at the center position. As far as like pressuring given up they had the thirty second ranked and they're going to the number one ranked. That's that matters that hell does your your guards on both sides. The office of line will be better So men austin ekeler us. Great friend of the show. He's been show. We love austin ekeler. Dude has been playing around with gamma radiation. Because i saw another photo where it's like. I thought he was small. But i think he. He's he's shorter. He's i mean i. This dude is ripped drug. That dude his jacked. I mean goodness gracious. His veins had muscles actual had muscles in them. It's unbelievable the kansas city chiefs. They said we don't need our tackles however we are bringing in guard. Joe dooney formerly from the patriots are giving them a five year eighty million dollar contract. That's that's huge for a guard. He's now the fifth highest paid linemen and guard. That's what it was gonna take to get crazy because you think with pat mahomes. He you know you might get like this. You wanna play for a pet mahomes. Oh way man. Joe get that money. Yeah no i don't i. Don't blame them but this is obviously it's it's funny because if if you didn't know the news where they released you know. They had three of their five offensive. Linemen starters the chiefs did are no longer with team. They're gone so they have to make an adjustment. This is a great signing for them very important but at the end of the day like i think the chargers offensive line is clearly an utterly improved it it went just up. I don't look at the chiefs offense as better now because they signed someone after releasing a couple of important players. Hopefully it stays the same and he has a guard as a look. Gonna the offensive line. Hopefully this helps clyde edwards allaire as well because they're the guard will help the running game and the ravens they brought in guard kevin zeitler. They gave him a three year. Deal do you have any other. Do we have breaking news fellas that i missed while we were chatting and we're itching over here. The the amount of refreshing twitter and every news feed we can get our hands on but hopefully look. There's there's silence is is saying nothing is happening. We're watching nothing. The thursday show it will also will be maybe an even bigger free agent frenzy. Because if better be this year's interesting there are so many wide receivers that are good. Even even after the franchise tags of godwin and allen robinson. You have a lot. you've got will fuller. You have kenny golladay. Juju smith schuster. There are a handful of really important. Big-name wide receivers and they're all waiting for someone to set the market. Nobody wants to be first because they wanna come in over the top so it'll be a couple of days But once once sewn sign the nelson aguilar has set the market. Oh man nelson agholor. He's getting paid more per year than aaron jones. Mama don't let your children grow up to be running packs yes But yeah i. I think thursday is going to be very exciting with all those wide. Receivers mailbag jason. We're gonna do the mailbag less. I don't know if you were ready for that. We got off. The website is morton from denmark. Oh bonjour la viscous chenault or the rookie pick one ten laviska shenault or the one ten in this year's rookie draft have pr single quarterback okay. Single quarterback makes a big difference. It does the tenth pick in the first round is pretty good. If you're in a superplex there are four really legitimate first round quarterbacks in this year's draft so in a single quarterback league it becomes very close if the chart news were to happen I would probably take laviska chenault. The jaguars are denying it right. So i'm you've got a good quarterback coming in you've got a head coach that likes to use the You know multifaceted gadget type player. That laviska shenault can be. He showed a lot in his rookie season. He's going to year and that's important you. You get a year earlier of production when you're taking a player versus he right sometimes. It takes a year for a player to break out and even if both players like let's say laviska shenault and whoever you drafted the one ten have identical careers. One hundred percent the same career. Then it's better to have laviska shenault you've fast forwarded that rookie year I think i'm going to go laviska. Okay over overtaking. The over john the show at ten because the way that i look at it. It's pretty simple. Like the one ten has the chance to be better than laviska for sure but it also chance to be nothing. Laviska does not have that chance. I think he's going to be solid. Where i mean are you more. I'm taking chenault okay. I'm taking chenault here. There are it's a. it is a week running back draft class there for our scouting. At least we're locking in. We've got are the big three running backs the big three. And then there's a couple of guys that if they get draft capital. I think they'll matter like michael carter kenny. Golladay irt kennedy Kenny gain. Well there's a couple guys here in there that maybe a team surprises us with the day to pick on them but there are a lot. It is deep at wide rece. Yes there's a lot of. Why the ones that the one ten could be a better wide receiver. Then chenault but yeah. I'm gonna take the fast forward a year and take channel here. We got An instagram question from t. schultz ninety nine which giants wide receiver has the most dynasty value. Kenny golladay calling it. You calling it. I'm just saying they are really trying to go get some big name. Wide receiver And that's who. I would want otherwise if we're just talking guys on the i expect them to do it. Expect one of these big name wanders levers to go to the giants who otherwise sterling shepherd for me because i just think he's solid wide receiver aright Dynasty question here from james in texas. I picked up tyler. Johnson and dynasty in hopes that chris godwin would sign elsewhere. Excellent as a very proactive move With godwin being tagged. Should i draw johnson half pr. I would say no. You're not gonna drop tyler. Johnson at this point the who are you going to drop him for a number one but this is what you have to do in dynasty it. You have to just take shot after shot after shot and of projection of calling what what's going to happen. If godwin had left. That would have been an incredible signing for your dynasty team. Tom brady with mike evans. And tyler johnson. How likely would have ended up. So don't despair keep taking those shots and we had a question that i thought fit into their. This one's for a long before you on. Oh you item johnson thought. Yeah i do. Have tyler johnson thoughts. I think when when the when the chris godwin franchise tag came out. I know that you want chris godwin to just leave but there was and still is still time to come to terms on a longer term contract but the fact that they've signed all their other players. I think that godwin is one year for the buccaneers. Like he's he'll play on the franchise. And i don't think they will be able to afford them. They're going to be in some trouble here because of all the signings. They're doing today. So tyler johnson. I expect. I know you don't want to wait two years for the third year break-up but i think that he will have his opportunity. That is a part of dynasty. Is you gotta have patience with some of these players on instagram question. Here that i thought tied into a jason. How do i get an edge over other foot clan members in minor league okay The way that i thought it tight end was you're gonna to if you're if you're in a dynasty league you're going to have to take a little bit more risk. You're going to have to swing a little harder of trying to be out ahead of these tyler. Says you need to you. Need to be a couple moves ahead and these aren't moves ahead where you're basing it off of absolutely nothing. No a teams cap situation. No a- teams contract situation and be making moves accordingly over those things for players who are in those situations where dynasty teams playing dynasty. You get fatigue with certain players on your bench that have been there. They've been there for years. I have had gerald effort on my bench since the year. He was drafted. I have started jail different. Maybe three times in four years or whatever it is. And i have been holding onto him. This is my moment this. This is everything you take you of. What happens now with gerald averitt. Now that he is a free agent he has said to the rams and he could be illegitimate fantasy option. Harry this is why. I don't like drafting tight ends and rookie drafts. Because it's so often you're waiting for the second contract second team it's like i don't want to hold onto. The kyle pits might change paces different but outside of outliers you and and i would just say. Look if you're playing with all folk limbers and and they're all in it. They're all on top. It's it's going to be sometimes about speed it. Who gets the first person to the trade bloc who gets to the waiver. Wire i or you know. I is the most aggressive. Yeah see. that's what i mean. You got to be a little bit riskier aggressive. Maybe you make that trade. Your trading away Someone like dalvin cook even though it feels bad at the time but he's got to be out ahead of things it's it's it's tough because you're gonna miss far more than you're gonna hit but when you hit. It is sweet very sweet instagram. This was from tim miles. Sanders question is miles sanders. A top ten back this year. Oh brother yeah top ten. I'm going to say no. I'm gonna say he's not a top ten. There's going to be ten players. I like more than miles sanders. There's so many question marks on the offense. I i do think now sanders is good. He'll he'll be. He'll be a really good option. If if the line was top fifteen. I'd probably say yes. But i. I think he's going to be outside the top ten You know and and with the draft capital. The eagles are at what i think Pick six that is going to be really interesting. You know i'm a big jalen hurts believer and i think miles sanders will play. Great with jalen hurts but there are some quarterback because this is a really loaded deep quarterback you know in theory that the first round talent is supposed to be there for four quarterbacks this year It might not be as good even even if they grab a better quarterback in real. Nfl might not be as good for miles sanders. As with jalen hurts. I would like miles. Sanders with jalen hurts miles sanders or josh jacobs. That's so close. Josh jacobs miles sanders or acres. Or tomlin's i dobbins all right and what about Vein muscles austin. Ekeler for sure. I honestly saying this. Maybe he's not my top fifteen but he's he's still i'm not saying. Mile centers is bad. or someone. i'm trying to get rid of our. I don't believe in him. I think there are better options. Like where we're in on dobbins and cam akers. We believe in those players here. This one's very important for our friendship. Oh no oh no i. Don't ask this one man. Don't do it antonio gibson her miles sanders. How man further brand the brand. Who's the quarterback in washington doesn't matter he's antonio gibson baby i further brennan. I'll say antonio gibson what are you actually say though you you would you rather miles. I wanted the cop. Out of for the brand mike It say it. I'll go antonio okay. Well i was. I was loaded with premature is fair. All right we're going to wrap up the show here want to thank pristine auctioned the best sports memorabilia site on the known internet right now what we got. We cam akers signed jersey. The current price. Just sixty eight bucks. The alva- kamara signed saints size helmet. The current bid just seventy eight dollars and there's a dj more jersey right now. Thirty three dollars. Christie's auction has new stuff. Every single day you go you go to pristina auction dot com you sign up with the code ballers because you're going to get a ten dollar credit off of your first victory you don't you only pay for what you win pristine auction and you could go onto it every single day. You see a price you like you bid on it if if that's not the price that ends at your you don't pay anything is great. All right that's gonna wrap it up for today. Hopefully thursday brings us a little bit more of the frenzy. More at the mania more wide. Receivers as what you mean. More good things for my dynasty team is really never really what i'm saying. Thank you for tuning in everybody. We'll see you next time goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast join our fantasy. Football community on joined the foot dot com and follow us on twitter at the f. f. ballers.

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