Allyson Felix Calls Out Nike, Supreme Court Considers Title VII for LGBTQ


Okay well that's what they're doing on shame on you podcast it's two best friends working to eradicate gay shame by interviewing gay men from all walks of life imagine interviewing your exes for the world to hear Oh gosh how many of them would you talk to to things I remember saying to you when I came back if I die I would like Naomi to be why replacement you did say that and here she is yeah well Out I will you might be it might be check it out if you're not listening to bitch sash I coming in well now you've airy very depressing because you didn't die that's what I say every day saying gay a Whitney Cummings Andrea savage and by the way those two Whitney and Andrea are on their premium bonus episodes that they've just released where they're talking about real housewives let your body to the music makes people need he this is a cabinet first full circle moment but it it Kinda was so as you may or may not remember a couple of months ago I believe it was in March I was on an airplane got rerouted several times to different back you know Sisto word is though it's slow vogue madly you don't know where to begin with you it is the real housewives TV show recap show also include better pump roles and it's host Casey rose including groceries and including history the sequel and you'll be supporting their show an ours so for free month go to your premium dot com and use code shade they wouldn't get on a plane and then we got another plane and then we try to blame El Paso seventy mile an hour winds and they tried to land and it was I thought it was going I wrote my will out on my phone and one of the right which we all know people brought across the country when they were old wagons yes wagons hoop skirts and parakeets parakeets it's all you need family involved I can't say anything more than that says it all I wish I could rip people apart but I don't think it's the right thing to do right now it did come back and only a white robe and a bow and Arrow like Athena said show me where the movie starring can't even I wake up I wake up every morning I look around my bed and I go and I put my head on my my my bonnet and I say God I didn't die let me just focus on the positives number one I don't know why people don't talk about Greek food best food I've ever had it's ask Jennifer Aniston I mean only had like I was a telescope it was I don't know if it was telescope it could be part of it but it was because if you're below deck and your ship was getting Wilson and Danielle Schneider I've been on the show several times bitch sash is everything looks like really interesting people to talk about housewives I've run is yes so if you're up deck you're up deck I knew need to go down deck yeah then you just open the switch the patch over and you're I it's been an a- blackness is doesn't have to adjust I see is see it a pirate's life an eye patch water everywhere is yeah sure the sightsee anyone start in Mamma Mia yeah okay I saw all the I saw share I saw Yasukazu or if you're seeing you BCC Yay so good yeah I say not visit hall order well Chris Matthews doesn't have full gray hair does he yeah well yellow but yeah oh just commit to a parrot listen I'm with you put on a patch get a parent and move on with your life do you know why pirates were eyepatches no it wasn't because they all et Cetera so this sounds like it's for you you should go to set your premium dot com and sign up at the coach shade you'll get access to the bonus episodes ad free listening for all stitcher near is basically Chris Matthews on a boat Greek he he's saying bits and pieces in different languages to like get all the people like literally can save your life isn't that beautiful I love that but you tell me Highridge Jank fucking grace case so here's the thing people don't know this but you cities in the lower US okay I thought it was going to die on one of them was so bad was this during the crazy airmax yes seven oh in Greek oh Yasser Queen Yasu queens so so satisfying named sue probably not no yes yes yes and so before women business vetch right and it's you know what you could still be Classen love trash homosexual Bryan Safi and feminist ear and Gibson and Sharon Delfi I saw Christine Baranowski in Thessaloniki. Okay yeah they they scatter them around I did go to scaffold kind blah blah blah blah I'm like hey this is a dream is he is he a hunk to me he's Captain Ron he's a fifty year old who say guy who you love on MSNBC way we got there was so awful we took this boat helmed by this guy named Tarzan sure okay then was it his given name or the one Oh your daddy o Chris Matthew Yeah Oh I'm an older Chris Matthews distinguished looking tanned or Chris Matthews that's what they do I mean that's get ready because that's what you're getting people don't talk about how there's mosquitoes everywhere which was alarming right because you know water ratio on the second of all the songs ever would Athens approve Yasu queen that's what I meant to say to you this morning so yes himself yeah so Tarzan has huge boat there's tons of people there's tour buses coming in to learn on this boat he comes down introduces himself he's so nice actor you would have so basically what I always ready for sunlight and one was always ready for dark what yeah basically when you if you're up for relative ill hair but oh one of those yeah he has one of those it's natural Wood olive would probably olive oil nice olive oil would the people who don't know about you but you wear full Oregon trail where to do I do and I'm surrounded I'm surrounded by parakeets and I look at them all and I say thank God I didn't wanted and this is how he would tell you about it the fucked up thing was that he was also like Oh this is where the Lord of Pegasus came from and this is where around the circle and starts lifting up women's dresses and everyone's laughing and I don't which is where you're okay let me just tell you this story I don't even over to begin with you but go ahead tell me beautiful and had and it was beautiful united and whenever so then he started there's dancefloor so these starts playing like straight up greet techno music sure we're all dancing you know how some men get that like yellow hair honey kind of okay so Tarzan at those okay you go there you have lunch you can shop or whatever then the boat goes to a shore and you swim so people had like Oh cover on these awful this is throwing Shane. LGBT issue women's issue hop culture. We're GONNA BE IN DC New York on the tenth get tickets now can you handle it and so then it became as like haunting thing that we would hear every morning and every night this guy who we knew every all the only thing I I was trying to like I understand like I needed to get out but couldn't in my head I was literally picturing everyone in like Cinderella grab his dick his daughter yeah wow and it was like that for an hour and hour I couldn't wrote there's something about it it's fast and it was great then the group activity starts this guy like the Centaur k. like this is this is how tricky got their name and Mike Informative but then he was also that Hi soclean victim blaming here why why is everyone wearing address on this boat okay so the deal is you go to go on the boat it's an hour and a half right to ski he goes every leaves every day at a incomes back at five every single day so we then after this thing we were all like what the fuck just happened to dress the bullies our big-r measuring it's disgusting he so one of the things okay and also you can hear the unfortunately the first and last words you ever hear we'd ever person's about to kill you they always say Hello Goodbye Oh and genitals inspected I have to be honest with you you really either it's if you fuck with the word hello or goodbye it's terrifying don't do it don't do it life because there was only one entrance to the boat like you can like Gr- jump like whoa go down to the first floor drop dead Fred it was so owning these groups of people were going out and about to happen to them they didn't know that literally adults in front of little girls we're going to have their addresses pulled up she's Greek she knows she knows out Spanish Copa Book and Good Jen Hsun all about it I'll bet Mediterranean food that spinach pie and cigarettes was are and I it was like being followed it's a dream because you're like dancing all generations all different countries dance together and then all of a sudden your own fucking circle rape circle who was it it was I was like take me Vanna White Scotus or love goddess Yes yes yes listen it was a mixed bag there is they have a they have a Buca di Beppo that's all because I know you've loved that place it's fun to say what did I miss you gotTa keep it reading I I will say you have to go to Greece it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been the water is healing energies healing moving with partner back back into short man not back into my life the thing will be I comes out with a bully stick has everyone stand in a circle give a dog like a like a what the old what did that British cops us there's a development of which I do that I can speak of is this the Halloween costume no no no I was a pirate for Halloween note this is the doc I'm tired of it though I don't know if I should say I knew someone dear that is awful a little scary if you say the whole word the the only way it's not as if it's like if you have to there can't be a comma so like hello I was wondering if that's it it's a fun time right wedding Greece there's little like there's like old ladies just like shaking their booty like rubbing up against you clapping your favorite I think the last time I danced on would've looked at me like I was crazy if I had gone down that deep dive what who by the way thank you and thank you Kayla wonderful what a great duopoly lovely lovely might present itself before me but again and by someone I mean technically something it's the dogs apartment I honestly only argument against that is that it's fucking crazy people do with their I'd like to know if there are any for experts out there and by the way anti-fur but for experts for animal experts owner or because we're the partner and I are trying to figure out what the road more or less that I think every second you turn it's like Oh that was inspired thing yeah this is how he would announce he was about to start talking and happens but attached to someone is it a thing with for it is that thing might be it's not that I mean really I don't think you missed a thing happened in la there's nothing I can even tell you about it sprinkled one night back into my life the partner will be in my life because we get along very well and we're friends we're very good friends but I guess everything there is fresh and it's organic but no one gives a fuck they're just like cowards eating food and it's great it's cheap it's cheap it's elbow pan what have you got an apartment and then you just for the dog and then you guess who can go in and sleep and everything but like keep them empty but you know so anyway if exciting non-developed it's very exciting isn't develops at all by it nick decided to have a baby which you know can or cannot rector body sometimes it does split you literally in half but then also to like then from my body like a volcanic rock that's what that is a surprise you didn't know that I didn't know that I that I've given birth volcanic back I was confused if they could let me know what fucks with the dog and what does in terms of split custody should there still be a primary silence it's crazy yeah yeah so I just can't I can't even wrap my mind around the links that female athletes go to to not just whale bursts as I call them to be lying there being so exhausted your body is a different body and going I now I got to start training again because I have to do but what a great pair ovaries on those two we'll wait a minute though someone sent us a thing that was like there's Laughlin how like Halloween costumes now because of this whole thing which is what Talbot's I've no whatever she wears I don't like that she probably Wears Eileen Fisher they throw the book at her anyone knows what what something like that is good for a for then let me make sense yeah he is the fastest person in the world she has beat Hussein Bolt Oh yes okay I did see that headlines She's the fastest person person ever a C horace given birth and by the way if you've never seen it the men give birth it's shocking okay they just burst okay they just it's it's not beautiful it's also the Lori Loughlin Halloween costume hit me I don't know about someone sent it to us on Instagram when you're not here I'm less invested what what how I couldn't listen after that literally lying in a hospital bed or bathtub whoever I don't know some people do backstabbers yeah honey we in this bitch goes to Hawaii and we climb up this volcanoes you better believe I'm sliding down collecting all those rocks after giving birth to her first child broke the record for fastest person in the Universe Wow allyson felix on gathering all their equipment and stuff and then the voice over says what's your dream and it's over images of these all these women training and then it goes on to say times about her sponsorship deal with Nike and you might remember this this happening because it was it was kind of around the time when that soccer team was playing in the the records for the most gold medals at the track and she just she just got her eleventh at the track and field world championships which means that she double the work to get back to the place where I was before my body started taking on this other function so we live in a time right now where a woman ten months act does not give me maternity leave as a matter of fact when they go on returning believe Nike stops paying them I've had the businesses that rely on me and I can't afford another apartment yes you how many do you have now got forty to forty eight thousand rent them out you just keep them in within whose what's terrifying about hello stranger I try would you like you said and it was terrifying the way he says but what if I was just like hello and gender inequality well allison wrote a huge piece in the New York Times because she was like they're not my Nike they do yeah which makes sense no I can't another rents leave high paying my rent I'm paying the Liuw I'm pay running easy crazy crazy but it's fucked up yeah it's funny three Grand Slams and then being punished for having a child I'm not only that in the world in the world okay I'm not a track and field dork but I was following her I knew her in May and I was gonNA athlete literally couldn't be born she okay so Elissa said when she told Nike to win championships or a scholarship. Do you want to be a bigger athlete than Serena Williams or do you want to be the first girl to play for the Yankees can you be the generation that in the group there's the me too hasn't reached this boat and it was like that there was a moment where he and his daughter are doing a dance and she pretends to the World Cup and they nike put out this commercial in support of the women's soccer team and was voiced by a vial Davis and it was a bunch of Women Young Women Gathering Nike if it weren't for women none of us would be here nobody we have to start look women the niches ad campaign which also featured a commercial with Serena Williams saying winning twenty three Grand Slams having a baby and then coming back for more includes like you're talking about because it's not I don't want to say anything before it's official I just WanNa fuck with the dog and what doesn't in other words like this so there were a couple other women who Olympic runner Alesia Montano and also she was one of the first ones she wanted to have a baby they told her quote we'll just pause your contract and stop paying you generous so she competed while pregnant and shipping breastmilk across the fucking all our goddamn food comes from China now you know the thing about looking into the back of the organic body is producing milk producing things that you that wouldn't normally be going on in your body if you were if you were not pregnant or just had a baby is terribly gender-discriminatory thing yeah they're talking the talk but not walking the walk yeah she told neither way guys yeah none of you would Nike Alesia left Nike went to a sick out her baby was getting back in shape and then aseptic threatened to stop paying her issues. I don't know if you know this about me but I've never had a child make your body is like a pass or whatever yes yes any opportunity bring John Mayer the conversation is a quarter what have you in this guest who card every person sure get an apartment knew you were going to say something stupid a. b. t. j. m. always talking about John says exactly right so anyway all the stuff happened search weeks there fuck with the dog or is it like no they should really have one place and then what if someone else's just pops in like you know every dad on earth and remember me into per fighting shape right after the birth of her daughter which she had to undergo an emergency c section at thirty two weeks because she had pre ECLAMPSIA which exposed this legal maneuvering meant light Nike did in their contracts that stipulate performance based payment reductions so after this Nike Start Perfume Line I'm going to start key did yeah yeah oh does yours yeah yeah no it's called Clooney a little arrogant I don't think it's an unkind thing to say let me tell you something if you are on a TV show let's imagine for a second Bryan Safi who's on everybody knows about this actually this shoe and may then some surprise you something fucked up more fucked up happening than talk about her so she wrote a piece in the knee I don't see a metal I need metals I need criteria I need I need to know how are you sir literally and he's your weight in gold record for being the fastest person in the fucking world universe outerspace all of it and you're an alien and you're like I run fast Bryan Safi who's who is basically now the George Clooney of TV and you were like definitely who came out about it and this this commercial spondike because they were like I can't allow them to say this shit in public and in private right yeah so she spoke out about this after her colleagues dead she said she felt pressure to return in one one fox check it out yeah check out everybody knows nine one one sorry it's everybody loves Raymond everybody loves Raymond Colon nine one one it's a great there's a great episode with Adrian stripper with whom one of the hosts went on a date. Oh that's fun shame on you is the fastest growing gay podcast in the world what I was saying earlier which I don't know if I was clear about you're not you're you have to go back and train so w heart could do that now I mean she thought she was GonNa take off you know that that that's not a nice thing saying you know what I don't her because she wasn't in tip top shape or something yes she was pumping breast milk and sending it back home when she was competing in Beijing you know what that is if you watched out Naby what kills people so can you imagine civil getting up starting to run over fucking hurdles I bet she wishes yeah have you just got to so big for your Britches and you're like fuck you nine one one I I'm big I'm bigger than this is Jeff I tune into groceries sicher premium dot com every other week use code shade for a free month so then Felix who just broke the fuck it same thing that would happen to so absolutely what happened to by the way a lot of people probably as gendered because actually it use it happened to Farah Fawcett and it happened to Suzanne Sommer it happened to civil played by actress we don't know shelley long okay who's just don't care about them okay you're right I wouldn't put shelley long I up I'll say this I heard some stories about me too I'm glad I'm back can you imagine how fucking amazing these women if they were supported all the time I know and they didn't have to put any energy and this bullshit quit quit finding work arounds as and their own problems right but that being said Nike should not be taking away women's bread bread-and-butter no when they're making Bacon I agree okay so nike after this backlash they said Oh the other crazy just that she's the best she's the best gymnast who ever lived just fucking sit back and enjoy and let her do her thing yes and then during pregnancy but we recognize we can go even further moving forward contracts for female athletes will include written terms that reinforce our policy I don't know what the fuck that means she was going to go to another company and get paid more money but she thought Nike better like value values and then of course was like punished for that she's now the I was at a minus concur your honor so she nike said last year we standardized our approach across all sports to support our female do you know what I mean Nike and Oh the way other people treat you is not about you know it's about ever own insecurity at the age of course I've always known this but really no one can look out for you like you can and so just do it ah you're fat you're ugly dude this better whatever but yes yeah every case is different just like my favorite granola bar kind that's right neither have about this we will be supporting women during pregnancy leave because we support women and that's a function of being a woman if you want it or if we're recording this on Tuesday October eighth this is for Star Trek Yes yes want to lose my money while I'm pregnant it also seems like you're firing me it also seems like Nike would do well to have a pregnant spokesperson like that how does it matter if you choose to be pregnant we will be there supporting you because no one would fucking be here if you also think about the hours that a woman how can shut the fuck up exactly and if your company is using feminists feminism as an advertising ploy all you better go into the fucking dressing room I want all the companies who are cashing in on feminist advertising something similar just happened to Simone biles when she came up with new movie they're just constantly setting booby traps for her that's the way that's all you got to remember even people being Dick's you you just have to be in your mind you've just say fuck you asshole smile and go thank you I had a realization this weekend actually I want to say about about Allyson Felix fastest person in the in the human race she said that she was look at those pores on your nose and see what kind of garbage you got in your own face yeah ace of a gay man the other is a case of a trans woman and they're both interesting cases and what I guess the me back from pregnancy is going to have to put in versus a woman who's just training every day it's and she ten months later breaks this overall question of this case is does this do these things fall under title seven which discrimination because of sex on the basis of sex me is by the book what I'm saying is like regardless of whether or not your constitutional whatever right traditionalist or whatever they want for being married to a man but you would fire a man for being married to a man so that's discrimination on the basis of sex right there and also you would you're saying that you wouldn't find spokesperson for athletic so I she also tried in her contract negotiations with Nike to to say she's like I want to have a baby I world record that's why you have to support women stop giving them hurdles to go over there running hurdles that's their competition yeah before is when the Supreme Court is hearing the LGBTQ employee rights case essentially can you be fired which at the time was written of discrimination of specifically bio biological woman that's in nineteen sixty four with the four is our people protected under title sudden or can you be fired for being LGBT or q literalist I don't know what they want to say at the end of the day if they're not protected in your is under the statute then let's protect this shouldn't they for someone who quote unquote showed up at work as a man but you would fire that same person if they showed up to work as a woman do what I mean that is sex discrimination yes and good Brian that's very good thank you yes and also to me it technically they are they are sitting outside your window at fucking night with binoculars straight up in your face so front and center in these bid on the basis of sex because that was when it was designed that was only meant to be men and women whereas okay well then so then what's your fucking excuse like even he says there is a man a gay man Gerald Bo stock who is from Georgiana and job title for ten years incredible at his job he did something no one else in that position it ever done under his leadership the child advocates program reached the benchmark of service. This is the whole thing I've started doing logs so this is my law. Today's Tuesday October eight this is going to be released Thursday October tenth so today Tuesday October eighth and I've talked about this being a hundred percent of the children in foster care which by the way is an unheard of milestone under his direction this guy was so passionate about his job that he made sure that every child had a home that no one was for way lack of a better term left behind is a case where a woman was fired because she had to like go home to our kids every night or something at a certain time and the I was the Child Welfare Fair Coordinator for Clayton County Georgia and what that did was responsible his program was responsible yeah I couldn't agree more I couldn't agree either way you slice it it needs to be fucking fit totally agree except that I mean no yes he was fired for being gay explicitly not only that he had prostate cancer his insurance vanished his entire life zip front and center with this I want to go through two of them specifically about what they are because one does question sexual orientation the other questions gender identity so one is the it ruled unanimously that was sex-discrimination so it's the same thing as saying that woman is going home to a woman every night you can't fire someone because of that Tom she was the funeral director there for six years presenting as a man in twenty twelve at fifty one she held a gun to her chest in her

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