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The Raptors Out-Warriored the Warriors | Heat Check


Welcome to the ringer podcast network. I'm Liz Kelly, the ringer is introducing a new live Twitter after show covering season two of HBO's big little lies with jam sessions. Amanda, Dobbins and ESPN's Mina kimes immediately after each episode, they'll be going live to give their initial reactions and breakdown everything we saw in the episode and to kick us off. There'll be a special season to preview airing this Friday, June seventh at twelve pm Pacific to join Amanda and Meena for that this week and then catch big little live every Sunday night on Twitter. Check. Recovery. He check on your host, John Zala Isaac is back in the studio in Los Angeles. I am joined in San Francisco slash Oakland slash the bay area by Dan Devine per usual in my hotel room and a very special guest who is now weighing down on my bed like lounging on my joined us in the series in the bay area. Kevin O'Connor has made himself at home care. You see one of your beautiful French girl? No. You didn't say that creepy at. All right. Span Josh tick much like the Toronto, Raptors Kevin O'Connor does whatever the fuck you was Toronto. Raptors go up three one in the series. I cannot believe it. I didn't anticipate it all three of us picked the Golden State Warriors to tie up the series. They did not tie up this series gang. How are you? I'm not surprised because when you consider just how limited this goal and say roster really is right now without Kevin Durant, all the spacing that he provides an offense, never mind, the on ball dominance, that he has brought his entire career the defensive versatility for him being able, we'll put him directly on Colli allowing things. The fall into place, the Nikkei foot Klay on Kyle Lowry. Then you can have dream on green room off ball, never mind. The fact that Klay Thompson is not one hundred percent for damn shore with some of the airballs, he had tonight and kevon looney like coming back t do. Come on looney is a solid center. Take back. He's lucky Kvant Linney about that. But he but he is not a. A guy who's gonna swing the series. He's a twenty minute per game player. So in that sense. No, I'm not surprised in that sense. But I did expect a better overall effort from Golden State tonight. That's for sure. I'm having a hard time he seriously right now because you've gone stand less, you're holding the microphone like a fucking singer. This is me a week. You've got a beautiful jacket on with, like a soak Silcock at square coming out. I feel I stand up there should be a tip jar. I don't know what's happening. Divine roster. You not just by KABC, and this whole bit. But. By the comfort level, on the bed just. Like it just popped right down there. But by the warriors, who, I guess, at some point like we should believe our lying eyes. Right. Definitely dream on green kind of had a good line about this in the post game where the thing with the raptors is outside of Leonard. He's been consistent every night. He's been excellent. But every other night it's sorta like whack a mole. They're playing on defense. You know they Danny green gifts going game three. They kind of take him out tonight. And then it's Serge Ibaka comes up PASCAL Siachen his great and game one. He goes down and game two. But then you are sort of everybody slowed down a game to you that you get the Kyle Lowry game in game three. There's enough answer is sort of everywhere on this roster offensively, and there's the baseline excellence on defense where eventually, they're going to string out the possessions, eventually, they're going to slow down Golden State's motion and cutting, sorta shut off the off ball cuts. Once they started sort of locking in on the high low passing game that DeMarcus cousins at unlocked, kind of took Marcus cousins ad a series, he really doesn't have when he's on the on the floor he stinks. It's been bad. The minutes have been really bad. Because he doesn't have any lift, he can't get off the floor. And when he's not if he can't make those high low passes, there's really nothing you can do affectively on the floor, and if they're not getting offense from him and they're only getting it from the splash brothers. There's really no other place. They can go for consistent points. It seems silly to say, but I wonder how different the scheme unfolds if cousins doesn't play at all because that, that opening stint for him in the first quarter you so that it was some of the worst basketball that we've seen in this entire finals. And we've seen Jonas to Repco minutes. I love he's a great deal. I can live series so hard, fucking Casey comes in with his elbows out and he's throwing bones. I real. Wrong. With cousins, though, you look, it made sense for Steve Kerr to play him in the series and it worked out in game as you said with the passing it was tremendous in game two but game want he wasn't good game three. He was bad and game four he was worse. Fifteen minutes. Fifteen too many for bogey number fourteen. We'll give them a minute. The first minute was not good by one minute with, you know, I think with Steve Kerr, he's a great coach a sensational, coach. And some of the play calls in order to get stuff loser attempt. Again, looser amazing. But, you know, I'm thinking, I'm sort of thinking, like the article that I'm writing, but it's like part of me thinks, like what got you here. It sounds silly to say what got you to five straight finals. Maybe you need to change it hub here because Toronto is stopping everything that works right there. They are all over every single. Holy locked in on the action. Yes. I mean they have two guys on him the second he catches the ball. Maybe what you gotta do is use a lineup that you really haven't us all season long. Even though katie's out to put dream on the five with. Alphonso mckanie. The four have Andre with doll out there. And then with Klay Thompson Steph curry road league of rockets offense. Let like twenty two shots nine threes for curry doesn't feel like enough considering the limitations on this roster. Like how curry not jacking up thirty shots fourteen three pointers in a must win game. When you're down ten plus late in the game. Yeah. I think that it's kind of crazy that we've been saying for the warriors that they need more offense, which is just a wild statement for a team that's been this dynastic and then in a game like this where Steph curry goes for twenty seven points to thank yet, you need more curry. It's kind of create like he didn't make a three for a while. He went to for nine from three was only nine for twenty two from the floor. It wasn't a very efficient game. His best game of the series was the game that they lost game three where he scored forty seven points in somebody afterwards, not you Dan Devine, who has been an excellent question asker in these post game press conferences. But somebody else was like, hey Steph, congratulations on your performance. Right. Yeah. We lost. Like I appreciate it. But they did you did more curry. Yeah. And I think it's interesting drew Schiller, who covers the warriors for I believe, in BC bay area was talking about remember when the warriors ran eleven pick and rolls with Steph and Draymond down the stretch of that game against the rockets where the hell's that over and over and over and over and like, no matter what he's did trap it, switch. It drop. Did not work. Yeah. You're right. Where did that go? And when you are absolute back against the wall. So maybe that's the case here. Maybe we've talked about this with Kerr. Sometimes as you mentioned, Kevin. He's sort of so relying or so he believes so strongly in, what got them. Here doesn't necessarily always just until the back's against the wall. Now, we saw them in the Houston series, say, screw it where we're going, you know balls out right away. We're gonna play the death lineup right? Up front, obviously. That's not available to him right now. But the idea that your back's against the wall, like there is if you do not come up with a better, save significantly better effort on both ends of the floor in game five your season is over your dynasty might be over, and it is era in warriors basketball is over. So you've got to come out. Swinging. I wonder if we're going to see more of that in in game five because as Kevin said, the raptors are incredibly smart on defense. They are on every action and once they snuff those things out there off to the races. They're getting into their pace in their flow. And we saw in the second half, especially in that third quarter. They are tearing this warriors defense apart. I have consistently not believed in the raptors and they have consistently made me look stupid. I mean not during the regular season during the regular season I, I thought that they were very deep team a good team talented team. But the kind of raptors team that I thought would flame out eventually in the playoffs because that's what we've seen before. This is obviously a much different raptors team. And again, to my point of like at what point do, we just believe in the fucking raptors? It should have been a long time ago because they, they have played the Golden State Warriors six times this season. They've won five of those games they have played sixteen quarters of playoff NBA finals basketball against the Golden State Warriors, so far. They've won thirteen of those quarters. They're up three one for a reason. The raptors are absolutely legit and coined Leonard is everything, but this supporting cast that you were. Talking about like where they've individually there have been moments where they've been good and then, like, sort of invisible. But as a collective unit it's almost like they've switched off helping Kawai. And it's been plenty it's been more than they've needed, which is it continues to surprise me. The funny thing is with this team you had reason to doubt in some ways down one, oh to Orlando. They were down to one Philly. They were down to a walkie. This is the first time in months that they've been up in a series. Yeah. So it's like, but even when they were down they came, they came rushing back. Obviously, you know. But, like, no, you're right. Like now, it's, it's kind of, like, okay. Yeah. They, they did themselves into service and those series by putting themselves in a hole, and having to fight out of it, but, you know credit to them for doing it. But now there's no hole. Now. It's just like oh, we figured it out with like, you know, the, the four series that we're playing in the postseason. We got this now and it's incredible because it's against fucking warrior. It's really insane. But it's also what's remarkable is, I think the fact that you have such veteran heavy group and so many guys who've had so many disappointments in the past in the playoffs with. Th- Lowry with Mark assault with Serge Ibaka. With Danny green yo have had success in, in San Antonio, but also had some real heartbreak moments with the Spurs all those guys are looking at this and saying, like there's all these cliches about one possession at a time when game time Marcus all, again, we've talked about his unwillingness to countenance my comparisons or my question, but there's every to light full also. But when you taught me, it's like I'm not I'm not thinking about anything beyond the next thing, because that's all we can control is the next thing, Marcus all after this game is like the only thing that matters is game five, the only thing that matters. How do we come out at the beginning of that? It's absolutely true. And all of those have that mindset we can't get too far ahead of ourselves. We even even when, when they're down there down in the first half they're done in the first quarter, and I'm thinking to myself, I bet all those dudes feel really good about this because the shots, they were getting that. I think they took ten three pointers in the first quarter. A lot of them were pretty good. The actions were good. The motion was good. I bet they're all saying themselves. We stick with it. This comes comes right away coil entered open the second half with what I believe. Fred vanfleet called, too few shots. We can call them. Fuck you shots on the ringer, and we learned that we were, wow, we checked in on that we have we have as okay? But they're off to the races. There's this sense. Like this is a team that knows we keep going play by play by play. And we're going to get someplace they're really close. Now, I think that point that you just made about the way that they came up. So, so after game to Kevin or during game two rather at the half. Dan turned means. Like, I can't believe the warriors are only down five and then the warriors went on that eighteen third quarter run and tonight, I was thinking to myself, I can't believe the raptors are only down for because they had a really bad first half. And then they come out in the second and the second half in that third quarter they scored thirty seven points in the third quarter alone. Unreal. Why Leonard had seventeen of those points. Golden State Warriors only scored twenty one points as a team in the third quarter. The raptors out warrior, the worst words are supposed to be the third quarter team. It was the raptors quite Leonard. All series has been sensational. Despite not shooting, the ball, very well, until tonight, eleven for twenty two five of nine from three, I think, with him in that third quarter, it was largely the scoring with seventeen points. But this dude, like even at the shots not falling getting to the line. Boardman gets paid as he said, like rebounding, the hell out of the ball and obviously that the defensive contributions that he brings it goes without saying granted the off ball can be a bit better. That's a whole different conversation. At the time we gotta start breaking out game. Right now. Out of the microscope, Kevin. But, but I do think like with this entire raptors team, especially in that third quarter you know, after the first half it speaks, those cliches, you're talking about, Dan where this is a one play at a time team. And a lot of cliches are true. I mean just like Google, Google popular close, as a lot of them are true, when you're writing, but they're true. And so, like, what's, what's, what's give me one that you want to apply to this one? I mean, really it's the one day we're using all game long. One game at a time. We're not looking to far ahead and it's the truth. Like that's what sorta got him here. That's why they were able to get past one Orlando to one versatility to Milwaukee. And now up three one, this is probably what they're not getting a hidden selves, because they've trained themselves to be this way this tire season under Nick nurse and obviously throughout the playoffs. So for this team, I think, anytime there on a whole they are going to continue to take it one possession of the time, they have the obviously the the defensive bodies, the talent in order to act. On that mind, soon that you mentioned on Twitter. I saw that. You say that Nick nurse has coached a hell of a series. And I thought that it was really interesting because you know there were multiple times during the game where you could see him go into those adjustments in game. Right where they decided to run. And he had mentioned this before, you know, maybe we're going to go to Kyle Lowry. And Fred vanfleet at the same time they had been starting the second half that way. But he went to an earlier. He went to it in the second quarter, and also, I believe it was the first time that they want to a Bacha and disol- at the same time on the floor in this series, which was he was searching for things in the in the first half because they got off to such a slow shooting star. I mean, they looked really bad in the first half you look that up at the same time in our surgeon flagging each other's heads there. We have a surgery Bacchus slack channel and the ringer and keep talking about ringer slack. People are going to set us on fire. But listen, this is part and parcel of what you hear your point, though, is like you posted about it in our surge Bacchus slap. And. And I responded that you were like this the first time they've used it and it's like technically. No, they use it for less than a minute less than a minute in the play. But they used it for like a stretching and Zach and Dan and I talked about this in game three where we thought to Kevin's earlier point about boogie being terrible, and he can only play one minute. We were saying like saw and the and the raptors bigs were eating boogie up and they were eating up bogut, and, yes, the warriors got looney back. But ultimately like one nurse was searching for some answers that idea of. Oh, yeah. Right. Are Biggs have been pretty good in this series? Let's run both of them out there. And see if that can jump start us. And that wasn't the reason why they did it or that they got back in this game. And they won the game. But it certainly didn't hurt and again Bach found money like he had a good game. He had a fantastic game twenty points on nine for twelve shooting a couple of blocks but felt like a lot more than that in terms of shots that he was able to alter contest. And Nick nurse was saying after the game with the Bach, it's kind of like once he gets. Involved in the series. Defensively box a couple of shots. Get sort of his rhythm, going, everything else seems to come at once for him and the big thing that was his sort of success point all season before he got moved from the starting lineup to the bench. What the Mark assaulted was the relationship he developed with Kyle Lowry in the pick and roll the way they've been able to sort of find spaces in defense and get a Bacha going for either mid-range jumpers or diving to the rim. And when the warriors were selling out to try to take away coin Leonard in the second half after he got going in the third that opened up, so much space for, for Lowry to make plays with Bach in the pick and roll and the fourth, and that was really what sort of they rode home. They were like where they had the lead. They delivered their counterpunch in the third quarter, and then it was like you can't stop this. We know you can't stop both of these things at once. So you go you're going to try to put two on the ball who is gonna take it. You're gonna put on Kauai. We're going to the pick and roll over here and Bacha, just eight. And that whole fourth quarter has Golden State's pick and roll defence ever been worse than rough. It's been really bad. Yeah. And I wonder you know, we expect that when. Arcus cousins in the game because it's never been a strong suit of his also. He's had the injuries and feels like Golden State has just worked better on both ends of the floor with either looney or Bogan in the middle. But it does it really speaks to the point. You made Kevin where they haven't been able to get to Draymond green at five or whether they haven't been able to or Curtis hasn't done it. They haven't gone to it. And that's the best version of those lineups when you can have more athleticism in the pick and roll better able to switch and cover up at, you know, spaces and been getting to the passing lanes, not having Kevin Durant takes a lot of these starch out of that it removes options, but either way, Golden State has usually been a defensive team. They have not been able to get there. Get as you said, they're getting sort of out warriors in this series by raptors team that's really well equipped to do that. On both sides of the floor needs to new warriors are the raptors. I mean they've, they've been fantastic like just throwing all these different looks at you and there's so many different ways that they can box on one yo. I mean the king. Everybody got very excited. Good mention the cliche point, right? Which was true that the raptors haven't gotten ahead of themselves in this series. But we've heard like the reverse something similar, but the reverse from the warriors. The whole series. I wrote about this written about it multiple times with the warriors where the words were like the only thing that matters is us, right? Like with we play our game. We're going to win as these cliches go. We'll guess why you've tried and it hasn't worked out, and then tonight dream on said, you know, we just got to win one game in our video. I said, she one is that one is that game coming, and you said it better coming came five, you know, shit. But do we read there? Schick divide. You call the your Magic Johnson Mullin was so true. Like my whole point here is that the warriors keep saying oh we only got to win one game. But like you've lost all of these kids like this idea that they can just be like, oh, no, it's going to be the next game that we're going to be the war argues are coming. We'll the we're going to be fun. We pulled out of a three one whole before. Okay. It doesn't look like you're going to be fine what he said about winning one game is better than what he said after game three though when he said, quote win. The next game go back to Toronto win game five come back to oracle win game six celebrate fun times ahead and put it in our dream on slack that quote reminds me of Tom Brady before Super Bowl forty two. When I think it was plastic cO Boris on the giants said, alleged lexical Burs. Yes, he said, the patriots are going to score seventeen points and Tom Brady said, quote, we're only going to score seventeen points. Okay. And the patriots ended up only scoring fourteen year. Right. So we'll forty to one of the worst days of my life as a sports fan. To be best. I enjoy everybody else listening to them. I enjoyed it quite a bit. But you're saying, I cried a fetal position on the ground. True story about lying about it. Don't get into that position on the bed. Stay out of the fetal. You know, there's been a couple of times citizen should have said that at the beginning. AM one of the podcast. They added the fetal should I quoted Titanic check. I'm checking out of this hotel room much earlier than anticipated onset after game eighty I don't see us losing too many more games. And then they lost another game. You don't have to lose too many more of them values have to lose two and you're already down. It's just incredible that like thinking percent again. They five straight championships for a reason. So I get why they believe supremely in themselves. But at some point, the sense of urgency has to materialize if you're going to get back into it, and it didn't look at any point during this game. Well, that's not true in the first half. It looked that way, especially I thought, like clay looked so good that, you know, they they're posting a little bit on Kyle Lowry up. He was hitting some, some threes. Like he looked really good clay clay was fantastic. Oh, this is what they need. And also, we all such each other defensively that they looked considerably better with clay and loonie Avila, which I thought they did. But in the second half, when coli and the raptors went on that run, and it started to get away from them, a little bit that urgency seemed like a completely vanished, and I'm like, what is this version of the warriors? I'm so like I'm not used to seeing this none of us are. Yeah. You know Stephanie in the post game talked about, you know, is in our locker room. We're talking about believing everybody out there believed that we can get this done dream on sort of struck a similar note. Steve Kerr struck a similar note all those guys have been there before they have been through the ups and downs and won championships. But it sounds like they're trying to talk themselves into it. They're trying to sort of speak that into existence that kind of the spark the energy, they need, because, you know what the cavalry is not coming. I, I don't know how we can believe at this point, the Kevin Durant is gonna ride it on his white horse and win them. Three straight games. He hasn't played in a month. Brian Windhorst was reporting. After the game on ESPN that the pre-game four workouts that he did. We're, we're not fruitful in a way that everybody expected he was his body was not responding to them the way they were hoping this is not the solution to all the problems. There's no debut sex macho coming in here to fix this up. If you're going to participate in your own salvation, you better frigging do it right now. And they just don't look like they're able to do it. I mean you can believe as much as you want, but they need Kevin Durant. And that was apparent after game one and so it's more apparent than ever now. So it's like less believing in more kissing his feet erecting, statues outside of or chlorine, or outside of chase center in San Francisco. It's like. There's probably no convincing him to come back. It's the guys the guys hurt, but it's like if he can come back in any capacity. Just having him as a spot up shooter, the spacing would provides? He doesn't have to dribble. He's an upgrade in the defensive versatility that he would provide just even at sixty percent. Seventy percent would bake a massive massive difference for their steel minutes right now with Affonso McKinney on Kawai which would obviously, if you've got K D. That's a totally different situation, it on lock so many possibilities for the words where right now. Yes. There banged up. But like they don't have a lot of answers, and yeah. I mean that whole narrative coming into this series where it was like, oh, the warriors might be better without K D. I like old shut. That's what I said that multiple times on this podcast. See where I was like, how could they possibly be better with a top two player in the NBA or out of the top? Right. That doesn't make any sense. Of course, they're better with K D. And now if you're K D your. Looking at this going. Yeah, you're not saying L Abbott. You're thinking. Yeah, of course, you'd better with me. Of course you need me, by the way, I'm probably leaving. Does it feel like something's ending right now at this feel like something's ending? I, I don't mean to change topics terms of the ending. But like everything you said, I can't help. But think about why doesn't occur have these options and it comes down to the decisions that are made like granted when you have all these star players. The rest of your guys, but it's like it's just unfortunate for them that they have not been able to find the reliable bench pieces, with their draft picks missing on a handful of guys. Damian Jones Jordan bell, who are barely playable or unplayable, and never mind. The fact that like with your signing Andrew bogut out of Australia. Says a better option than bogey, and be me and Jones, Android a bell, the guys and it's just disappointing that for goals say in the draft is a crap shoot that hasn't worked out, his things would be different if they were able to replace Kevin Durant with some quality bench, lawyers. So that's part of the reason why it feels like it's ending. I mean, the options that are available are insufficient. And they're you know, there's lack of success in terms of finding the Tacoma columns. Right. The guys they're like the ring traces at the end of the bench. You know, they didn't find those guys this time you know, there's bogut bringing back, but, you know, it's Girenko not really there for you there and the situation. And you know, it's there is not that sort of, influx of guys who are like, I'm going to latch on to get the sort of runs a glory like as weird as it might sound like how much better with his team look, if like Vince Carter took the money and went over there, right? Like another guy who could shoot and play like, as you wrote, Casey, like it is a decision that you make ten times out of ten a hundred times out of one hundred if Kevin, you can get Kevin Durant frigging get Kevin Durant. You figure the rest out later, but then if he's not available figuring how becomes hard to figuring out becomes. Pretty hard. Yeah. The roster construction here and let this be a lesson to all those teams you know, to bring everything back to Philadelphia, but the Sixers are looking at a situation right now where like, maybe they'll they go out and bring back Jimmy Butler at a max, and who knows if they bring back Tobias Harris. And at what price but when you start loading up on these super high end max contract. Guys, building out the rest of your bench becomes incredibly difficult, and like it sounds crazy because, of course like you go. Yeah, we want Kevin Durant to stick around. Of course, we want to have all these superstars. But yeah, if one of them's not available, and now all of a sudden, like that Hausa card starts to teeter a little bit. And I just can't I still can't believe that we're here. Like we're at a situation right now with a series is going back to Toronto and might end there and might end in five in, if you had said to anybody, this series is going to be a five game series. Do you think that there's anybody outside of Canada? That would have been like. Oh, yeah. That's gonna be a raptor series. I didn't see that. Very popular pick ended about you, Kevin. I had warriors and six there weren't many people, I've talked to that raptors in the series, though, I did it alone represent free. And on that note, there was one executive did say rafters at five to me like you're fucking crazy. No way. And I here. Canada. We had a great time, Dan. And I for the first two games, you want us over the, the entire country was so excited KO saying, you're, you're about to get on the media charter and head out to Toronto like eight hours or something like that. Who knows? I'm not going to the math for you. But like you're gonna see a city and a country. That's like completely mobilized. They threw themselves behind the raptors. And with good reason, and I think, like when we were doing our preview videos about like, do you think that they can win? And like, how do you convince quite stay? There were also overly optimistic. I this is just like fan, boy ISM, and maybe it was, but also the raptors are making them believe for a reason because they've been the team that, you know, that they thought that they could be that very few of us thought that would happen in like here we are. It's just it's mind boggling, Nick nurse had a really great line about this, or, you know, the addition of to what that did for the teams belief said, I think more than anything just once we saw him early in the year. I think your team's vision of, who they can become eventually changes said that about Marcus, all to when we got him, we started passing the ball or assist started going way up became the number one three point shooting team in the league because of the extra passes, and I think our team again, thought their sense of who they could become. Come went up every step along the way, they believed a little more and a little more a little more. And now they're here, they believe it was very clear watching that, you know that game tonight they believe they're the better team now. Maybe in a theoretical injuries off fatigue off stimulate the series with Kevin Durant in the lineup. Maybe they're not the better team but they are right now in this matchup. They've been for most of four games. All they gotta do is do a one more time. And then they win the whole frigging thing, which Toronto's never done, and they knock off and basically, put the stake in the heart of the ascendant dynasty, in the NBA it is an unbelievable story to everybody. But all those people who believed because they saw those that belief go up a little bit and a little bit. And a little bit by the way like injuries are part of the game. Like I mean so it's like if anybody's say, well, you know, Katie was playing gotta here. That injuries apart of the game in every sport. And it's like players got hurt all the bam time. And by the way, I'm like standing rappers locker room after the game like Leonard is walking with a serious ass, limp. I mean like it's even more parent being up close with him in the locker room than it is, like watching from afar. When he's on the court he is not healthy at all. And it's the type of thing where it's like he's playing through and he is battling. And he is producing still at elite level against, you know, still without even Kevin Durant. I still a really strong defense against him injuries are part of the game. But like before the season ever started right? Like there was a conversation among people like there's sort of like a fatalism associated to like an inevitability that like the warriors were going to win again. Right. And you look at their team to loaded and invariably somebody whenever I'd have this conversation, whether it was with a fan or with another writer, somebody would say, yeah, but what if there's an? To curry Durant, and then they still have curry or rant, right? And it should be. No. And like I that's still kind of shocking to me. I do. However, wonder if the idea of burying the warriors, quote unquote, dynasty might be a little bit premature not not in the series. I think that the raptors are obviously, like in the driver's seat. Right. Right. But I'm saying for next season, Katie leaves. And then, you know that opens up cap space, and they could figure out, you know, some maneuvers that they could do. And like you know, let's not forget that they were really good team before Katie showed up, too. So I don't think like all of a sudden, the warriors should like fold the organization nothing out of the. I love it. I mean to your point gone say it's not going away. And, and that's where this team, I don't want to step on my idea for Mondays are. Well, I think this team becomes the Spurs, in a way where it's like Katie leaves then suddenly you're talking about this team as this beloved team that's going to be in contention every year. And they might win it couple years from now, they might win it next year even without Katie with any type of changes that they make. But I think they go back to becoming a beloved franchise or katie's gone if he leaves, and then it Stephan clay Dray just like it was in the first place, and they're playing that fast paced style moving the ball and they going to be adaptable. And they're probably gonna make some tweaks you would hope that are not happening right now in the series, I would like to see Steph shoot more. But I think that would happen over time. You as you mentioned are on very early morning flight to Toronto. You're going to Brooklyn. I'm to LA. Let's make. Before we wrap this thing up because everybody's got a right chances that ends and five in Toronto. I I've now gone all the way over. I think I think it's over. I think they're done. You're not getting Durant back. I don't believe they're getting Durant back. And I believe that the ra- the raptors have solved the problems. They needed to solve it every step of the way. I think it's over. I'm not I don't think it's over until we hear katie's out. And when we hear katie's out, then I'll say it's over. But until katie's out I'm not ready to go there, because Katie is the one variable that yet to be decided, I don't care. What's been reported tonight? It's Friday that's going to be early Saturday morning, by the time you guys here this if we get news Sunday news Monday, then we'll have a better idea of, if this is over a year leaning raptors I'm leaving rapid. I, I think, as everybody who has listened to this show knows. And I don't mean just this show tonight, but all the shows that we've done for he check. I've never doubted you raptors in Canada, and I too am riding hard for the raptors. I believe it's going to be. Over and five, which then necessarily means the Golden State's gonna win and bring a patch. You just screwed Canada by picking them up. Fantastic. Wonderful KFC's now climbing under the blanket, he's. That's a lie into the sheets. He's going to write from my room. I guess. KABC. Thank you for doing this, Dan, Devine. You have been a wonderful partner on he throughout the playoffs. Really appreciate it heat check. We'll be back after game five thanks for listening, everybody. Bye.

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