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Lee began today as meditation with the few sipping exercises to remind us a little treat can go a long way. So pick up your mccafe iced coffees close your eyes and deep sip Ben. And deep satisfaction out. Sick a treat retreat at McDonald's right now get McAfee iced coffee and any size any flavor for just ninety nine cents until am price of participation may vary. All. Right. Let's talk about this. Hollywood. Most miserable director and writer back again look. What looking like a Sarah as. Be For bummer. I mean, that's Charlie Kaufman. Charlie Kaufman is known for. A doing some very, very very. Creative storytelling on his own terms man you know not only with visuals like the guy that the way he spins his narratives in historians just creates visuals whatever directors taken over like. Being John Malkovich. Done John a spike Jonze directed that and. Eternal Sunshine on the spot I love that movie me to people really not a lot of people You know it's been a long time. It's been about twenty years has been out for anybody GonNa Jim Carey and you still think he's all up you know that the. Masonic you still think he's the crazy guy that does stupid. Stuff his face look at this and you see that. With the right thing when people give him a chance, he's actually really good dramatic actor. No. No. That was funny. Because because my youngest she was like Jim Carey because she remembers was Mr Poppers Penguins and She's hated him. I was like, all right. We got a cure that he went from the cable guy to you. Philip Morris and Eternal Sunshine and spotless mind now how you feel about Jim Carey yeah man. All right Philip Morris. Philip Morris he's great. Net I. Even hear he's good in a TV show that he's got also right right right but. Andrew. Directed that and one thing about these movies is that they're they're incredibly incredibly visual. They're also very inventive with the storytelling combined they make great movies. He's also directed himself. And he is. I mean if he can do that for other people. I mean think about what he does when he's when he's got his own project, he'll take it a step further. He's like you know what anyone mess with human beings with this. One Annemie puppets for this story. Really sad really depressed as. fucking. Miserable. Puppets. Is it. What is it? Is it to be alive. Each person you speak to as didn't they. have. been. Good. Some bad. H I view spe to had a childhood. He has body. Body. So you can see, do don't kill himself. He's just a puppy. Let me go hang himself. I absolutely love that movie to people and some have been like. Jesus why don't you even make me watch status ruined my day. Is, good. People either my wife and I saw that day they showed this another movie the big short I think when so this AMMO LISA Anomalies. A novel Anomaly, which I love this movie games in the but I love this. I think it's amazing film. raising animated film and Film. Period But Martin's rain. You know the thing is guys inventive. He's creative. He does things differently. He's also very fucking depressing. Yeah. Sad fuck unlike. Like is thing you know they talk about how how you have autour. In Hollywood and they all do their own thing. You know maybe like the fairly brothers you know they they do gross out comedies gwen Tarantino he loves violent some pop culture jokes in feet and saying word. and. This guy was his worst. Trait of being artur, he's just saying. With Anderson does the awkward. People Charlie Kaufman does the sad depressed people yes, he does. He ever see seductively. Yes. I did I even up here. Come on Man Yeah Right. I like life don't bring me down to. Go get go get some medication. Lead me the fuck alone. Say. To states stay the fuck away A. Little while. This movie come into net flix. called. I, mean it don't tell you anything. I mean he's before you even see the movie and you know what this is about I'm thanking of ending. Thanks. And wonder what that means. Is it a relationship or? Life or is it? Is it all of it chances are? It's all of the above. Let's go ahead. You you know the actors in here Jesse Jessie Buckley and Jesse Clements Jesse Plymouth to Jesse's been here. I think then the to Jesse's that sounds like a comedy does Now. Cough movie. This is going to be on Netflix. Friday righty yeah. And take a look. At the trailer for this and we'll be back and is if it doesn't depress you. Don't go. Back, but we'll be right back to give you a review after this. Boyfriend. It's snowing enter is coming. Connection. Rare intense attachment. I've never experienced anything. Things. Say something. Weird. Shakespeare's for the first time. He hasn't been my boyfriend for very long really are looking forward to meeting you. I think you've endings things. Hello Right. Dog is almost. Our Dog was doing. That dog they'll stop. Yeah. No. Way when you play it, back my oh yes. The Dog. Charlie. Goddamn don't like damn man. You even got the dog depress. Dow. Trying to shake this. I'm GONNA kill myself. Lead to take the about like what the fuck is happening. which you will say a lot if you watched his moving. Near. They. Sound much about you. told me so much about both J two and J. Tells me you're studying quantum psychics. Okay. I haven't seen trailer. Watch the move but I, have seen is. Got Them Doug which shaking. Try to pay attention was having that same. So by like get off of white people. Accept Everybody's. Why In fact, this is what he likes sitting nigger felt like. I'm around white people and I'm white. Six. Thank. Yeah. I'm? Glad take you. Addition To. These drove me crazy. So. Don't open the door. I tell you I would misplace. It wasn't screwed onto my own head i. feel like I. See. We're. Seeing the MESSI will pick seeing the math. To stay here. Excuse me. He don't have to go. To go wear. Forward. People like to take themselves as points moving through tiny. Is a opposite. Stationary. Passes through? Towing cold wind. Maybe, this is how. A Spoil, everybody the dog does not shake through the whole movie. They did that just for the trailer because I seen that trailer before because I had I would I would have been disappointed because I wanted the dog to sink hole moving well, fuck that was misleading. So. I kind of think it's safe to say that. This is probably a horror movie but done in Charlie Kaufman's way. That's very good. Which means you recognize as a horror movie right? Be is very, it is listed as a psychological horror. It is. Yes. Yes. Wag like when I went to to watch it, that's how it was listed psychological horror and so the movie starts it's It starts with a lot of awkward awkwardness humorous. Goes into squirm and is this feeling of impending dread? Yes. So much of it. And the novel it's taken from is listed as a harm. A. Horror novel psychological, horror novel, okay. But as you say. When it should go to horror at that time where okay. Enough of being creepy let's get to the actual harm. Goes through the Charlie Kaufman filter. Yeah exactly. Look so. Once it was done I actually saw where it was going because Martin is right to the whole the whole time. There's Just a very uncomfortable Phil. And I had to say it does give you that sense of dread like a Har- movie except if you watch it. You if you don't see the category, you probably won't think that the Zohar move you probably just thinking this is bothering me just because it's weird and sometimes these people get them a fucking nurse as funny 'cause I was identifying with the character. Jesse Buckley's character who doesn't have a real name kind like the protagonists in A. intended. But I got roped into something like that going home with a girl for Christmas to meet her parents when I knew I was going to break. was trying to get out of it and she's just trying to be nice sounds like okay and it was just that whole awkward thing the whole time. So watching this I had extra butterflies in my stomach. Yeah. Our uncomfortable. Watching this the whole time and there was just this feeling that something horrible was about to happen at any moment like you would expect an are moving, but it was only because everything is so not just even awkward. Everything just gets strange. Like these people they they they behave like insane people you have. Like the parents that they go see here. The parents the play by Toni? Collette. and. David. Foolish. Like there's not they act like they are serial killers. In a movie are in a horror movie like they act like people that you because the whole time I was thinking and it doesn't go this way. But the whole time I was thinking like this woman is trapped in the House with these crazy people is this a blizzard on our side now this has been any normal horror movie. This would turned into the Texas chainsaw massacre. They would chase a who acts to the house trying to eat flesh there's a blizzard outside. So there's that feeling of being trapped. Now you can't get away and the parents are weird. A almost like bordering on insane and the boyfriend you've come with. obstensibly serial killer because he looks like he's gritting his teeth like he's ready to kill the parents and everybody loses because he's losing his temper at at at the slightest thing nothing is normal here but then movie stars to like do these things where they play, they start playing with time. They start playing with dialogue people we talking about one thing in the dialogue will come out of nowhere referring to something else and then go right back to the conversation that you had before. There's a there's parts relationships with change people seem like strangers before, and then they'll be intimate in the next scene like the hugging each other like they've known each other a long time that Goddamn dog won't stop shaking the music. Is Minimalist Music one known. Like a fly or something. And the whole time you sitting there and all of a sudden what seemed like is like a a cabin, the woods type movie except this is a farm on a blizzard. It all of a sudden it's turned like feels like a supernatural but. As Martin was saying this is Charlie Kaufman movie and I will say this when they get to that house to meet the parents those parts awesome because it just feels crazy. But Don't. Let them get their car. Manny. When they get that Saying. They get in their car. And they. Start talking. In everything slows down in, this turns into a movie that that college student at the college film students but like. Because this is a movie that tried you know the dialogue sounds deep There's a of literary references in there was a lot of we references hipster movie talk they talk about people like, oh What do you feel about John Cassavetes? Shit, it's also very philosophical. Very academic parts. It's almost it almost takes on a bit of snobbery as. A Jab, at people I Robinson Meka's they take a jab at mainstream filmmaking. And when they're in that car. Is like listening to to to to academics talk about absolutely nothing but they're just talking because they think that they sound smart. Then even talking to each other veggies talking to please themselves it's it's an interesting thing because. With for all the sympathy, a half of this girl in this situation once they get in the car start driving that drains away and I'm like. Yeah I mean if you're GONNA kill it and You have my blessing. Yeah. Yeah. In fact. Get involved. Yeah. Both into a fucking tree and go through that window shoe. Because you know there there's A. It. When their house a win whenever they get out the car it takes on this other worldly failed to wear feels like a complete nightmare they're they're surrounded by the surrounded by darkness like that blizzards out there. Like wouldn't drive into car there surrounded by nothing they stop at an ice cream stand that's in the middle of nowhere it seems like purgatory something. It's the always surrounded by complete darkness even when they got that car, the movie takes a different tone. It feels like a nightmare with the car. It feels like a nightmare of different types like I just WanNa. Hear y'all anymore to shut the fuck up. Like really been around to people too smart for their own. Good. Plus it's such a it's such an odd thing. Throws you to watch them be in the middle of Blizzard and stopped to get ice cream treats. Something about that and with that ice cream Stan, there's a whole history. Lot Lot of stuff built up around that. Yeah I mean there's things that keep you wondering I mean, even ice cream stand is like okay. Does somebody do something this flashbacks that keep happening to a janitor high school and you start to wonder how these things connect was gone so that the movie does keep you interested as far as if you don't open the car door jump out at some point, you stick with it there's A. There's a lot to keep you interested in from it listen a Har- movie. Done by some Art House Guy Who and it does not come across as a horror movie but there's always feeling of of just a a e of uneasiness. You always feel like you on edge watching this and. Stick with that then. Ula. There's things that very, very interesting things to try to put together now whether you and it's almost like at the end of it. It's one of those movies where there is no real. Answer that you can pick up right away. You'll have your product to go and find theories about it. You probably to find out what this author says about it. Yes. Because I feel like this is the theme for the night. Watching it. Yeah. When we talked about the endless car ride and it seemed like stuff was connecting and I think you talk about jumping car I think. Emotionally SORTA. Did. So. Then when I Came back. I was like. Wait what is this doing now? Yeah, we were and now and now this and you're doing this. And it's over. Where was this another jerk off? And then and just like how is this? Psychological horror. So then I went on start doing some research looked up the novel is based on bread with that was about and I was like Oh then actually was har is just that at that point with a Har- actually really comes in Charlie Kaufman went a completely different way. Okay. Yea He when he Did his own thing. But then upon reading that and seeing it, then I really went back and rewatch the second half of this a second time. I was like. Oh I see now it's not a horror movie again, what this is all about. Yeah. It such that you got to. Do Deep. Dives and watch the second time to really get. It was like man it's really like there's so much creative stuffy does here. Just just in the filming the the setups, the shots, the bring in animation at different. Yes and telling you know what you don't figure out is the story until the end I it's one of those things where I was like man I'm really not liking this. Okay, and now I have a better. Appreciation for it a lot better. Yeah I know I do appreciate it. Especially artistic side. Right. especially with everything he's bringing you not thing about Charlie Kaufman where he loves doing a kind of camera work that he does he you know. This guy is a true artist behind the camera I mean he he paints his own pictures you. Know specially in like this this. So many creative shots to give this sense of loneliness. Top Del shots at the car the millen nowhere. The car in the middle of nowhere with snow only coming down on top of it and surrounded by blackness. Creepy people that just behave in certain ways but I love the I love the set design right there. Yeah. Bringing in animation to do certain things. In this plane with shots like shots that repeat themselves over and over again on that I. Really. Do like it. Man I. See. This is what I'm talking about when you just have me focus on this and see what's happening. Just kind of like all right now wanna put together and everything here no big action steam coming out this big. There's no big chase through the house by somebody with a knife anything this sticks to be in some weird sort of just weird narrative like I need to just put the pieces together on this at some point. You know the only thing that really has me floating between my rating is I did not like those scenes in the car I don't like long conversations that seemed pretentious to me. And they spend. Let's move this. Another movie is two hours fourteen. I know I know that that what's in the fatal flaw of stuff like I? I do like experimental things but I don't like when they let them run and go and go and go because I. think it takes away from what is trying to do. So I you know I I read like this and probably again, I said this tenant if I see it again in upstart put together it might it might be better movie I might appreciate it more and I'm really eager to go look at some of the theories behind this I want to read up on this. I love this kind of stuff but. even when they do their own thing like. The climax here plays out like a true horror film. But in Charlie Kaufman fashion in let me just say this the narrative plays out like a horror movie the way it's actually filmed and done does not know it will not scare you it. In fact, you would probably get your sense of dread eased as you can't into it especially near the end by the end up, you're going to be like, fuck I was scared. I know. A. Hard On. ME. Pumped up for. A big scared. My my heart. Was it. I was I was in my rental where the shoots were ready to just pump it out. Oh and then nothing. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Imagining I tell you. I can put it like this without spoiling imagine a kill is getting ready to kill you and he pulls up that knife and throws glitch. The prize though is. is on that level but. I read like it though I do I do but I can't bring myself to even. Those car scenes to the point where I can't bring myself to even go matinee I'll go very high rental in a which is good because Netflix's anyway because again, I, think this is for this is the kind of movie that makes critics when they see people talking and he's big theories and you know especially talking about you know film history and some deep dive Kinda way critics really love that kind of stuff. Movies movies, snobs that kind of stuff film students let kind of stuff. I don't particularly care for myself but I can see why a lot of people like this a lot but it's a high rental from me. Yeah if you look on rotten tomatoes has got super high scores and. Really Yeah and I skim through the reviews and it's Charlie. Kaufman is a critic Darling and. You can see that's what it is like even when people see what's not good about it, they go. Yes but and this this and this. And I for me the my I go through watching it. It was it was. Just a regular rental at best it was bordering on a low rental. because. It was a frustrating experience but having read up on an and re watched the second half of it again, it bumps it up to a low matinee for me. Yeah. That's cool. Yes. Hi Rental for me. Reminded me more like where I love dollars. Moves like I don't like all his movies right? There's a lot of my really do like that whether he wrote are ready. He directed Allama. Redo. Like but this one was more like that. What is What is it? Yes enacted a new New York. Appointed you somehow. Disappointing. The more you know someone I don't know what I'm doing knowing that you don't know the most essential step to knowing you know I want you to beg me on your knees for. Investigate the essence of each being weirdly close to what I visualized for this character to be able to close the smell. Menstruating I don't know A. Arkansas immensely. You know. He. was never going in I was never gonNA escape. That's another one I think is over two hours and I'M Like man just let me go. Theater watching it. Diane Yeah. Please pay. One thing is if I not that Jesse planet has a beautiful voice. Is that him saying yeah. Good I. I really do like the movie I just think it's too long. Yeah. But I I really do and like I said if I saw a second time, it might bump it up for me too. Yeah. It's just an really it's it's the realization of what this is about. Okay so I I would give it. Okay I might. Go see another time going well, maybe that high. I'll watch it again. I Don I doubt it because I don't have that sound, but I'll probably maybe I'll will because my wife might, WanNa see it I'll watch it again. Maybe maybe if I change my mind if I see it again, you'll hear about it like I say right now it is on Netflix Nip. It sounds like something from everything new we said you're on the artistic level of filmmaking. Is. Definitely worth a watch. I'll tell you that I mean. So netflix's if you have it definitely watch it. If that's thing. Now, if you're looking for something that's more mainstream do not I don't want to hear your shit if you watch this right. Exactly. That's why. I gotta give to ratings on this. Yeah. Don't don't don't come back man and she was crazy. Yeah, we told you. Told you stay screw born? I can see my son Giuliano. May I know going on mission? She told me about the I tell you to watch it anyway. Craziness. Things. Should say something. Thanks so. Weird. I'm visiting shakes parents for the first time. He had been my boyfriend for very long. Looking forward to meeting you. Lee began today's meditation with the few sipping exercises to remind a little treat can go a long way. So pick up your mccafe iced coffees, close your eyes and deep sip been. And deep satisfaction out. Take a treat retreat at McDonald's right. Now McAfee is coffee any size and any flavor for just ninety nine cents until eleven am price of participation may vary introducing touch free payments from pay pal a safeway for your customers to pay whether you're a market seller. Poodle. Piano tuner. Or plummer. Signing up to accept touch free payments for your business is easy. Simply download the pay pal APP and display your own unique qr code for your customers to scan touch free qr code payments no seller fees until twenty twenty one not applicable to pay your transactions. Other fees may apply shop. Safe. With pay POW.

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