The Newest Diva in Hollywood (ft. The Bachelorette Hannah B)


Mood. What's up everyone? It's chicks in the office with Rian Fran we are giving you that Friday energy on a Monday. Today is a big day for us. We have a new Snapchat show launching. We're very happy about it. But before we talk about that, let's talk about CBD, m d it is premium CBD oil products. They are THC free organically grown. They have so many different products capsules Gumy's topical bath bombs vape oils. Even products for your pets. Cd MD is a leader in the CBD oil industry. They offer a wide variety of premium CBD products, the oil from CBD MD has the power to help unlock a naturally better self, offering an all natural approach to traditional pharmaceuticals CBD's beneficial properties can insist you with stress chronic pain, trouble, sleeping, and more. I personally use CBD right before I go to. Abed always helps me sleep. 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Then we wanted to do it, and they didn't want to do it and back at four months, then a few months ago or not a few months ago maybe like two months ago Snapchat. Like the idea of the group chat, name the group chat with the show pop culture show. They want it like the view on Snapchat, and then it was like who's going to do this all around? Barstools a whole big thing, and Dave is like, well, I think Rian Fran already do a good job talking about pop culture, makes the most sense to have them do the show. Yes. So here we are now Snapchat said the show had to be called the group chat. They like the idea of it. So here we are. We have the group chat on Snapchat. It's gonna be me Fran. And a rotating, third host will switch in some people every day it will be a different person. We're gonna talk about all of your. Favorite subjects like we do on this show. So if you're interested in watching us, like I get some dams people asking where can I watch your podcast? You are you guys on to well, we do the Instagram videos on checks in the office on Instagram. But now on the group chat, you'll see a setting where we're all talking like it is almost like the view Yemi conversation, obviously way shorter way shorter form. It's like three to five minutes long. Yeah. Check it out. You'll get all of your pop culture news. And set is super cute, and you guys are gonna love it. Yeah. I'm very excited about excited where very excited about it. Hopefully it all comes together for Monday and whatever show. You're watching looks real real nice. Yeah. Hopefully hopefully what we say is actually going to launch on Monday. Yes. Exactly. Our kind of suck because this show is in launch on Monday. We just talked about it for so long and, and then we'll have to be like, well, it is coming, but it's very exciting. We're so happy to be doing. It gives us a chance to be more creative with a different type of show. So everybody check it out. We'd really appreciate if you subscribed. And then everyday you diskette your daily news. Yes. So go do that. Fran. How are you feeling today? It's Friday, I didn't go out last night. You went out last night. I did not. I, I had my weekday night of drinking on Wednesday. I forgot about when I happy remind so I did not go out of my ready. I didn't know we don't have to talk about it again. It's fine. We're talking about you hear no has a problem guys. No. Okay. Let me let me just quickly say, we're friend, it on Wednesday. And we re is a problem. Fran gets a little tipsy next day, get an allergy attack also gets hung. It was sure says it's an allergy attack. There's mostly allergies. I didn't have a headache. Like I didn't feel nauseous, and then. Takes hanging sneezing and sore throat and was congested. And you were hung over bottom line. It was a combination of both. Okay. Fair. However, I'm saying it was more allergies. I want for into behind hung over, because I feel like I come in, like throwing up in the morning, a lot more than you do, which is part of the problem. We're about to talk about. Yeah. I I'm about to, like implemented rule where you cannot have another alcoholic beverage before you go to the doctor. Yeah. It's getting pretty. 'cause you keep saying you're gonna go. I know I keep saying you should go talking about for awhile now we've reached the point where you have like a couple of beers, and you end up, throwing up the more like I should not be having three beers. And puking my brains out. Like I went to one oak the next morning. Yeah. That should not be happening, which happened to doctor. It's happening, and it's so bad. Like why am I you have to go before Memorial Day weekend? I have to go Memorial Day weekend and then. Puke every morning, you can't Boston parents. They're not gonna want me puking in their bathroom every morning. No, no, no, my gosh. And it's so real. I don't even know what doctor you go to for this. You want to hear a good story, short, the first, not the first time, I think it was the second time I ever went to Hank's parent house in Scituate, and we were going out not going out. It really was just a casual night with one of his other friends, and I had taken allergy medicine, but similar to the cat all these all the cat and I had taken allergy medicine, and I had taken to clarity, which you're not supposed to take one claridon and you're not supposed to drink. No. So we ended up taking few fireball shots. We go out. We come back his hair his parents are away. I was on the couch. I started. Puking. All over there, right there. Carpet, apparent, I don't remember this. But Hank told me this apparently I was so drunk, he was like, really going the shower like just wash yourself off, like it's going to be okay. And he found me in the shower with all of my clothes on and standing in the shower with all of my clothes on just letting the wand over me and grow up all over their furniture like my second time there, it was a nightmare. We had to clean it all of his friends start to help clean it like they were like, oh, no rea-. We have to help you. It was a team effort. His parents ended up not being mad in the end because I understood, they know him not like I'm not wild and crazy. I just, you know. Yeah, start throwing out. So that can't happen next week. No. It's definitely. Can't can't it can't. Because you can let a one time early on the relationship. We don't really know this girl, like she had an issue, whatever let it fly you ever deemed yourselves since I've been back plenty of times we talked that time. It's fantastic. But for me for again, they'd be like all right. Maybe we should have stuck with our guts to get maybe this one can't drink. Yeah. I mean I don't know. I gotta get it figured out. I gotta go, I think ler GIC docked lot, actually a lot of people listening, deemed me giving. They think might happen. I agree with some of those things. Maybe some of my digestive enzymes, aren't working. I don't know. That's people saying idea. So you have to go to a stomach doctor. I think so or what is it? Where do you go for the for like the do a diet like test? And they tell you. Well, I got the most like the. The dairy or whatever I think that's the stomach doctor. But I'm not sure so I'll figure gastro and then. That's right. Did that. Yeah. They'll stick camera on your throat there, see what's going on. There's a lot of stomach problems in this pod between the two of you. Yeah. Emiss- me. No, we'll like I'll text like, oh my God, I'm. And then we'll be like, oh my God. I'm trying not to throw up to just like I don't even blink twice when she threw up this morning. And when I tell people I throw up, they're like, yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. I mean, I don't have a reaction reaced like at the beginning. I used to be like. Oh, no rea- also. And now I'm like, again, just like shut the fuck fuck doctor. But another thing I don't want people to be like, really you're pregnant. 'cause you're throwing up in the morning like that's not really happening for years. You would have had a child, I would have had a child been going on for a long child at popped out, already one hundred percent would have had a baby already if that was the case. You're right. But Fran is sick of it at this point. So I'm gonna go the doctor guys. That's all that, Matt, I think everybody, hopefully, maybe we'll get listeners who started to pressure you to go to the doctor, so then you really really just dig into the peer pressure because I can only say it so many times. Yeah. Start like maybe after call your mom. She'll set up an appointment for you. Listen, she'll come into the I know she mind now into the. To the city, she'll take you. She won't. Yes. She will know she my mom is so sick of going to like stomach. Doctors with me. Trust me, trust me when I was in tenth grade, my mama take me to the doctor because I was having, like my stomach was hurting so battle the time, and the doctor, I think I told this doctor was like, what have you been eating my mom's like sheets cheeseburgers, every day? So my mom just thinks it's because I eat like shit, which could be good. Doc, it'd be a factor. And the doctor might say that same thing to you. What you go again. You're gonna have to just pull the plug and do it and go all right. Mom. Just doing my job. Thanks. Thanks, mom. All right. Well, we have a great show like usual. What's our texts for the day? Oh whoa. Did. I not. Denies that here. Here we go. This was an interesting one one. We haven't gotten before okay? Okay, I screen shot at sorry moves getting confused. She said I don't how to submit a did. I just send that story, but feel like I need to share this at fortunate situation. Well, I'd like to tell you this xactly how you submit it because you're already one step done here. Good for you. Okay. I was in a sorority in college and the morning after we would all go out. We would all gather nurse living room while all being hung over and just talk about the night before, this is not part of the damn, I'd like to say, that's the best part about going out, sometimes the next day with your friends, your friends. We when we all like, have a big night, and we're all together. There's a diner that we all like to go to the next you have to you have to make so much sense resume, this time we adjust finished awardee recruitment, which can be a very hostile intense situation for everyone, especially the girls in chart through, I was on the executive board with our recruitment share who was just a terror to be around the past week. While we were all hung over sitting there hung over as hell in our room, together, my hung over self meant attacks. My friends, who is sitting next to me. I fucking hate fucking my mom my mind was not functioning at full capacity. We've all been that hung over. Right. I am right now. I can't even read this the end and. Instead, sent this text who was sitting directly across from me. I watch open the text and look up at me. I got up and sprint into my room and slammed my head against the wall. I had to live with her. For two more years the end. Man. Oh, no. So unfortunate, we've all been there. You're talking shit about a friend. If you say you haven't talked about your friends, you're lying, you've done it before you send it to the wrong person because you you're, you're thinking of it typing in their name, and you end up sending it to them. It's a disaster situation. But we've all been there. This is one of a tougher situation to when it's like a roommate or even worse, sorority. Would you have so many forced events like that? You can't avoid that girl for the rest of your life. You have so many activities that you have to do together. Right brute, so brutal. At that point, you gotta be like you were being a bitch may. Yeah, you know, maybe they own it. So you were being a bad. Maybe they salvage their relationship. Honest feeling of your look we just went to a really tough week. I really didn't like hang out with you either this time we were both we both have bad attitudes leisure move on. I would also challenge the person and be like. You tell me you've never talked bad about me before. And I bet the look on their face would be like, yeah. I probably have your sorority. You don't think they're all talking about each other. Come on. Yeah. Come on. But hopefully they just got past it. We didn't get a follow up. But that's what I'm going with. Yeah. That's a nice way to end it and heads. All right. Let's get into today's topics. We have first off, we actually have an interview with Hannity, the bachelorette crazy. We got to talk to her. It's been awhile ride because I mean I don't know how we felt right, right? And we're going to be completely honest with you guys like ABC was in the they were in the end we got nervous. This is the first time ABC has led us interview, the probably probably are. But that's fine for some that they have let us interview somebody like on while they're actually still on TV. We've gotten people after. But it's never through like ABC isn't ever. Time that ABC is book with them. So it was a pretty big deal freaked out. So there's maybe some things we wanted to talk about that we didn't talk about that, normally we would have, like, we have a whole topic talking about Kelly Ripa ripping the bachelorette could we have mentioned that with Hannah? Yeah. But I'm I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie. You guys. We, they're kinda scary and intimidating. So. But the thing is, we also have with Hannah was adult on top of that. I was going to ask the question we just ran out of time dated. I would've asked I was about to ask. We ran out of the actually only had twenty minutes, and we started late. And we were starting to get like the time it was, like, all right. Let's exactly. And when you start to get that we were like, oh, shit more nervous. We had a signal tapping her foot whole thing. But it was in the interview that of the. Yeah. I mean, they'd probably want to set it all at this point. I just listen to it. Okay. Very sweet, we I really liked to. In, in, in real life. Yes. Very nice. Okay. We also talk about contents. Woo diva drama. We Vinnie and his Chippendale show it got hot in here. We have the game of thrones petition bunch of losers Kelly Ripa and the bachelorette like we said. Yep. And Juliette porter is now dating the thirstiest man in reality TV Robbie Hayes. Yes. And we also have Justin bieber's new music video with Sheeran and Demi Levato. She's back. So Fran let's get into it starting off with Vinny chip day show. Is for sure. So McConnell round the slide. Shackles. We need to talk about a video that surfaced. I mean I. I know it's uncomfortable. But we watch. We me, I watched so many times Vinnie from the jersey shore. Is doing. Chippendale shows in Vegas now. I've never been to a Chippendale show. I don't really know how they work. So I was taken aback. When I realized taking about that saying that you watch video so many times. I did video so many times with you at our desks. Yeah, I watched it more. You later then my friends started talking about. I gotta keep watching C. I only watched it at our desk like ten times. But after that, once I left work, I didn't watch it again. But let's explain Chippendale show. Yeah, neither of us have been apparently. They get naked Vinnie. But full, but like Vinnie one full-frontal Vinnie went full-frontal. His dick was out, onstage will, and it was interesting. Thank you. The woman, I'm assuming filming it, it has to be a woman who knows is dick. No, no. I'm saying who caught the footage. There was somebody in the crowd. I was like, what can't be a girl like no there, there's so many in the crowd, who had the perfect angle because there was like a catwalk on the stage and Vinnie came up the end get a towel wrapped around his ways. There's a woman onstage in a chair and the way the woman of the person in the in the crowd was situated was right at the angle. So it was like, kinda right behind the woman in the chair, so that you, you're getting a direct view of Vinnie walking up the catwalk. He did a quick towel open flash. The woman put the CAC was just out like Vinnie and lashes dick, and you tell them back on, you could see a blurred it, but it's there. He just flashed totally naked on stay. He was in the shower rubbing soap and water on himself with his butt out and his ripping naked like I'm saying about was out everything was out. He was cupping his penis with his hand there. Oh, you Vinnie was naked on stage and for me. And Fran were like Vinnie Z. We have interviewed you multiple times before. He said, we're friends at this point. This is our friend on stage Vinnie. And next time we're with him just not gonna be able to look the same Vinnie. What do you do when you just got naked? And we know he looked like now. Yeah, because he looks good. That's that's the problem with shit. Vinnie's looking real Vinnie went from being like, oh Vinny like he picks on us like Bah, blah, the whole Kito thing, I'm like, well, it's paid off, France. Interested in Vinnie. Nobody weird comes back and and friends like sup Vigny. Hey, I just recognize you. Recommend. He puts in the work and he put in the work you guys plot him for that. Because he's up on siege. He apparently said that he was like down totally naked because I'm sure him knows he looks he looks good. And the other thing about that is first of all. Yes, his body looks fantastic. Second jersey shore. If you remember how much snooky talked about how Vinnie has the biggest dick ever, like, right? You talk about this big fucking huge. So like I'm sure Vinnie's fine with toxin is dick around. He's been with multiple women. He knows it works the woman's like, I'm going to show it the woman that he flashed himself to did look shocked like he when he opened that talent he was, like, I think she was shot at he opened, his that could also be somebody just opened the towel in their Vinnie Vinnie from the jersey shores. Dick is in your face the same react. Yeah. I almost we were going to get like a full lap dance was going. But then he slinging around, but then he took it to the shower, and he's just watered. Walloping himself us and listen Vinnie. We applaud you. That's all we gotta say shipping. Dell's Vinnie as a whole whole other seat never met that Vinnie. But he clearly exactly that Vinnie exists. And I'll tell you it does exist because I've been watching double shot at love of minium polity, this show is fantastic. This show is every day, so behind. Thing I wanted and more tonight's episode pumped up for it. I'm all caught up friend. There's so much good drama that I wanna talk about. But you don't even know what it is. But of course, the girls are fighting it's the drama, but it's just so good because it's venue poly, and they're just not here for drama at all. And the way they reacted the dramas, so funny their dislike like Vinnie so against drama. You could tell he does not like, when girls say other things about other girls. He doesn't like that at all. Paulie doesn't like how people questioned his character is like, if you're gonna be with me, then you need to trust me. You can't be listened to these rumors celebrity people. Start rumors about me. I'm like fuck you Polly. Wow. Shows great. So they're, they're like taking it serious. Well, they're taking it seriously. But they're not like you could tell their fucking around. Yeah, they're not gonna marry. They're not like I'm looking to get married. The funniest part to me is there's a few girls. On the show, Mercer being one of them who don't interact with Videon poly, but have made it every single episode. So do they send it kind of depends on how many people do they send home episode? I literally have only watch only watched the first episode like varies exempt, it's usually one person sometimes it's too, I feel like a changes week to week but they've been keeping girls around that have not spoken like there, are, that don't speak to them. And they're like, you know, we gotta get to know you better this week today. Stay on do they get airtime with the other girls. Yes, they're on their with the other girls. This is one of the situations where I feel like. There. It's a show for the drama. So it's like. It's not like Vinnie and Polly are having these deep connections with these women, and they're like, no, we have to keep this person. Like I'm sure if a producer was like, hey, can you keep these to get rid of these lecture? Yeah. I think that they are keeping some people who are just good for good TV, and good TV. And then, but they did send people home that were just like creating just friendships instead of talking to Vinny. There were like it's clear you guys are just obsessed with each other. You gotta go. I just want you to watch it so that we could talk about a friend because it cracks me up the couch and catch up some of the characters on the show are Fanti be lashes be lashes is still on 'em. Orissa have a tight knit group. It's, it's Marissa be Lashley. Yeah. They really linked seem like they're cut from the same cloth those two. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It's it's been nominal though. Honestly, I enjoy them on the show. Yeah, I won't lie. I definitely have to catch up and I feel like I feel almost more inclined to catch up after after watching, he's chip. Yeah. I mean, just as support, we gotta support our guy Vinnie here just got us aboard. Vinnie? Oh man. We'll get more of those videos friend. He's going to be how much longer is he? I don't know. I forgot we didn't really talk about it. The last off. But then we just ran out of. But next time, we talked to him as I'm sure, we will hurt himself like in his last performance, I think is been maybe a weekly thing like last week, or whatever it would. I think he like sprained his ankle on sedation. Sus. Maybe I don't know what he was doing. That's how you had to redeem himself just get naked. So everybody stops talking about I sprained my ankle ripen del show because he must not have gotten fully naked, the first time that would have made headline now clearly is only pastime that would they were like Vinnie. Nick vinnie. But naked but probably to him though, I have to say props to him for having the confidence to get button aching. Yeah, it takes a lot to just getting fully naked in front of people like that. And one hundred percent gotta have a lot of confidence. So good for you, Vinnie. Stop the track. We say. Demean made enough we right back at the world and. Binges case speed. Commendable blind emits. Danko. They cut us. Well. Lisa knows how important rest is to better life. Lisa is the foundation of a healthier, happier. You all these products have been thoughtfully designed to go beyond creating a comfortable bed and to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. You want to spend time in Lisa's. Most popular multi-layer foam mattress is bad with premium foams for cooling, contouring and pressure relieving support. Lisa believes all people should have access to depressed and relaxation. They make it easy for their customers to know. 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We talked about constants woo last week. Or maybe it was the beginning of this week. I don't remember but constant do is a diva and it's becoming a parent. It really is. Like I'm saying concentrate diva I don't know. She definitely is. But what we're hearing makes me really think that she had a so okay? Maybe we like I love crazy rotations the movie and. I'm kind of looking at her a little differently now. Oh, one hundred percent because we there's obviously the whole tweets and being upset that her show was renewed. So now, now I feel like outlets are kind of running away with that story. And so obviously, we're gonna get stories like this now how, you know, how accurate it is? I don't know. But it's seems like could be possible. So page six wrote a whole story with the headline hated Constance Wu is an even bigger diva than Jennifer Lopez. They are filming Hustler's which is Jlo's new movie, Cardi B's in it. Constants Wu's in it. And. They were told by an insider from the set of Hustler's that, while the actresses get along well behind the scenes, who is a way bigger diva than her more famous co stars J, lo and Cardi. Woo is a quote pain in the fucking ass. She just won't agree to do anything she refuses to do interviews. She won't have visitors on her sets. It's like a cliche. She's very talented, but all signs are pointing to a difficult diva. A third insider who worked with woo added. She's a total piece of work. She thinks it's okay to treat people badly and say out loud ever comes to her. She's the new Katherine Heigl, and if she's not careful her movie, career will go in the same direction downhill, see hearing, these things about constants. Woo Hoo originally, I would be like I'm dying to interview her. It makes me not want to be near her at all. Honestly. She sounds like she is a real she's just with line diva. And when you're being told that you are more of a diva than Jennifer Lopez who. You know who we love who we absolutely loved one percent eve, yes, she is a diva. And but like Jennifer Lopez. Of like beyond site earned. Diva status, correct. Jennifer Lopez earned Davis. You need to earn your diva status. Cardi B, earning her diva status is in the way of earning. Her diva status Constance Wu has not even begin as garage the source. No. Like she is. She is on the bottom. Try to crawl up to get to the diva surface, she's not there. So she should not be treating people with disrespect and when it goes back to the whole ABC show, and she, you know, she wasn't happy. And she makes it seem like it was because of another project, and then the people on the show or like we're just going to act like, you know, everything was fine. No, no contracts. Also nightmare. Yeah. And it's crazy to hear something like can we give people a background Katherine? Hi, go. Well, catherine. Hi goal. I mean Cavanaugh Gossett because she also went down the whole diva har- door. She was compared to Katherine Heigl, so s- Katherine hi goal was Hugh. Huge Grey's anatomy. It was like peak raising Adamy success, the show is doing so well. And she hated doing the show. She was just like I think she had that whole create creatively stiffled, and all that shit. So she left the show, and it was not in a good way. They there was not a pleasant departure from that show. And then, you know, I think she expected some big movie career, and yeah, if she did so many moot, like romantic comedy after romantic comedy, but she never really hit the next level and every project. There was just more and more stories about how she was so hard to work with co stars people on set everything to the point where she just saw, like I haven't seen her in a move in forever. I haven't seen Katherine Heigl and a movie forever. You're right. I also I remember when it started come out that Katherine hi goal was a diva but I didn't really read much about it. Now I'm a little more. Interested because I got mentioned before I think it might have been Noah, the Seth Rogan and Katherine. Hi goal, obviously, knocked up, great movie. She trashed it afterwards. Yes. So long ago. And I was way, younger that I wasn't like tabloids. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think she said like she didn't like the way women were for trade in that movie. And to throw goes, like, will you didn't say that ever on the set like everything was fine on? Right. If your hejab little up if you have a problem with the way, you're being portrayed in the want, you say it while you're filming the movie route afterwards so like love causing problems so constants who seems like she's going down this, this route. And I think if she continues this way, she's not going to have a great career because it's it's still early on, you know it. No. It absolutely. Is there the air like the timing, she's got the time here on her Silje? She wants to turn this around Ken. But if more and more stories like this come out, it's hard because that rumors that spread so fast right where everyone. Hollywood is not gonna wanna work with her because of those reasons it would suck if these were coming out and page six wrote this and it wasn't true about concentrated. When people were just trying to take her down. But after see on the tail end of them tweets, the tail end of the meltdown that she had on Twitter about her show, getting renewed, not cancelled. It was funny. We were doing stamped out with Casey Smith and she was like, yes, she had a meltdown, because her show, got cancelled and we were like no, she had a meltdown, because they're show got renewed its opposite. Yeah. So Jimmy Kimmel ABC up fronts, like made a joke. Like only ABC's somebody going to be very upset about their show can picked up another season. It's, it's crazy. But I, I don't know how to like she can't just keep doing movies if she's going to act this way. Right. I mean when, when you have now rumors Fota around that her team is pleased, quote, pa- leading with her to find. Some humility like soul bad picturing, her people like Begg on their hands and knees. Johnston's. Please be humble and conscious like no just like such a weird thing to try and ask somebody to do. Also, like if you're not humble, it's pretty hard to just change. Your look at somebody and say, hey, can you can bolt let you may be just humble it up people who aren't humble don't realize that there not be like you know what I'm saying? The concept we probably doesn't think like oh, I'm not being humble right now. I'm being right. So I it's, it's interesting to see what's going to happen because I don't know what ABC is going to do because I feel like right now. Constants. Woo. You know, she has a bad stigma around her totally, and it doesn't exactly make ABC look great like now, it's like you, you just renewed renewed their show. And she doesn't like working on her. What whatever she does like working on it? But she's Saj wants to be challenged. Just miss her other opportunities. But it's it is crazy. Wake when this happens and it's kinda like where they're smoke. There's fire situation because once there's one story that goes everybody starts coming out of the woodwork and, and saying this, and that whatever. So there was a source that page six also talked to from the set of crazy rich Asians, who said that she was standoffish and arrived to talk to reporters, a separate van from the cast who came together, it was clearly didn't socialize. She was cold leaving it to Henry Golding to charm, everyone. And then they wrote out a screening last summer. Woo is when co star Michelle Yao spoke speak of Henry Golding just a quick side. Note, he did the w magazine AM our stuff. Fantastic fantastic work from him. He did he. Marceau sue that you've got a great voice. It was soothing. I fell asleep to it the other night. I will how also fell asleep Tabatha Makaay the other night to sleep stories. Yeah, I only do that. When like if Hank is recording late part of my take probably fall asleep before he gets back. Yeah. And that's probably the only time I like watch the Samara videos, because it's kind of weird to be like, Hank. Let's watch Matt McCoy. No. I actually thought about that. And I, I just assumed it was when hey, wasn't around? I just assumed like you weren't falling asleep together. Hey. No, he was. But I actually did show it him was like, this is what I'm talking. Yeah. Like damn gonna make sense. Although he was historical afri-. I can't listen to the seriously, which is fine. That's fine. But just wanted to give a quick shot at the Henry Golding on his ASA Mark fixed. Wow. That's great. And baby on the bed is. Fuck this cat. It'd be nice to me. Demme has been really like I say back on Instagram. Yes, she obviously has posted for a while now but ever since her her overdose and rehab, and all that she feel except away from social media, which is obviously, the very Smart Choice, and now she's slowly making her way back in. And she looks fantastic. It looks like she just went on this vacation to bore Bora. I would love to go to vacation poor abort. This place looks stunning. I can't tell you the amount of times, where I have been up late at night, searching, every which way that I can get myself to Bora, Bora, relative be the flights, the hotel rooms over the watts, I think about the how I can save up enough money for me to go to Bora, Bora, the problem. Yes. Stay in one of those rooms the problem is you can save up and do that. The problem with Bora Bora is vacation time. So bought really is far away very far away. It takes like two full two full days. And then you need the week in between or however long, you're going to be there at today's on top of that. It's a whole trip. Yeah. Realistically that doesn't work into our schedule. And that's what stops me every time every time I'm like, there's, there's about one time in the year that you could do it, and I like Christmas, but it's so tough because. Christmas? You're with your family. I'm going to be like, hey, I'm gonna bore borough. See, guys, you might have to like some point, you might just have to be like, you know what in my life, yet, I can't keep acting like it's also very expensive. I can't sit here and act. Like I have the funds. Think for some, I think, okay. If I save this amount of money by this time, I'll be able to go to Bora, Bora. But yes, she was in Bora, Bora posting pictures. She's feeling good. She is feeling good. She looks great. She was wearing this like, cheetah print bikini. She looks awesome. She wrote this whole long caption a couple of days ago that, that, you know, she just feels Gracia was like I'm sitting after a post, Jim session, feeling high on life. I'm not feeling so glamorous right now. But fuck I feel awesome. Imposing this feels empowers empowering because I like this pick where I feel sexy. And I also defend myself anyone that ever tries to tack me any size, any shape any gender, I've security. But in the moments, I'm alone. I feel confident that I can hold my own against attacker, and hope everyone finds something they can become as passionate about, as I feel about Jiu jitsu. She's a bad estrogen sue fighter now. Like I think she'd probably take down, and a lot of people. So just add that to Denver Levada. Resume and on top of that we didn't even talk about this when it happened. She recently signed with scooter Braun. She's on her new manager scoots. Our guy, scoot school zeal. Yep. He is our guy if you guys don't we met him at rumble. We shook his hand, I stepped on his toe. So basically we're pretty close with scooter Braun. Yeah. And she signed with him, which I think is a mutual feeling of Demi Levato like, oh my God. This is scooter Braun and scooter bronze like, oh my God. This is Demi Levato. I think it's mutual because right now Luder Braun has Justin Bieber in our ground to the biggest pop stars ever. You add in the Demi Levato in the mix who is fantastic singer. I'm sure she's gonna come out with more music now. And he's very good at handling the people that, you know, mabley maybe have a trouble dealing with emotions and whatnot. Right. No. You're definitely right. I think he's a he's he is good guidance for these young people, and I trust scooter to make the correct business decisions for. What are you what's going on? Oh, wow. Now there's a wow I mean it's a mess today. We got houses on what was that a motorise motorized skateboard? Yeah. On house. It really is. It really is a fun house. Okay. Anyway, what was they saying scooter Braun? I believe that scooter Braun will make all the best business decisions for. I think he has done a great job at handling Justin Bieber. Arianna Gandhi, I think he'll do the same for Demi Levato. I'm excited for her. I hope that she's on the right path now. I hope we get some good music from her. I think it's coming up for people underestimate her as a singer. She's a fantastic. She's so town. What's your favorite Demi Levato, so rea-? I don't even know where to begin mines don't forget all the old ones. Obviously, that's classic. I I'm so mad because I had a video of me singing that on my laptop in like sixth grade. I'll never get that video back. But I was so serious teach. Oh, yeah. I mean, I think everybody had had a video like that where you saying until your eighth grade boyfriend up with you. I say that she's had she's had songs lamb trying to think of the ones there was one that came out. Skyscraper skyscrapers antastic one. You're right. That's one of my, that's where my faves, obviously, she's had songs with just. Others. Yeah. This is me singing into my. Yeah. Everybody had a video like this. So like so good excited like heartbroken. Another song, I put on like my aim away message was gives you hell. Yeah. I've really thought in sixth grade, I should be making my status. I hope when you see my face it gives you my sixth grade boyfriend who was who was that who was. I am ING another girl. I love that. Yeah. It's pretty serious. Demi Levato out here killing it. So we just wanna really exactly and shoot. Just put this out there scooter, you know, make make the right decision scoots. I don't wanna trusting you trusting you with Demi Levato. Don't fuck it up. Yeah. I talked to scoots as if he's listening to this the show. That's how I felt I'm just wanna put this message out there. Scooter Braun take care of our girl. Yeah. Make the right decisions for her, please. Thank you. Thank you. Scoots. Stay. Shit. We have to talk about the big drama of the week with Kelly Ripa and the bachelorette we haven't talked about it, and honestly, it's, it's a nightmare because Kelly Ripa listen, I don't watch her show, but I see her on comments by celeb-. I love Kelly. Ran. I love her with that. I love her and her husband, and I've always liked Kelly Ripa, then she comes out the bachelor and bachelorette while Hannah be was on the show, and people are freaking out bachelor nation is going mad. And then there's people that are siding with Kelly, Ripa Ellen Pompeo, for example. So there's both sides to it. Now, I want to start out by saying that I obviously was dragged into bachelor world because of you. Gotta watch the battery. You gotta watch back. I was a bachelor not. Yeah. It was bachelor hater before that. I was like, what's the point of the show? But once you start watching it, and just like it's fun to make fun of laugh at and whatever, just easy television. I'm glad I didn't go the route Kelly ripa's going with this yet because this is the thing like you can you can obviously dislike something that's fine. But if you really. She, obviously feels strong enough about it to go on her show, which is on ABC and be like, it's disgusting. I hate it like just shit on it. Literally the day before hand a beast supposed to be your guest and then have had become on and just be like kind of make a joke about it, but not really in the hand kind of to defend yourself. It's all it's all very awkward it definitely seems like a Kelly, Ripa has and watch the show and a very long time. She's always had this stance. That's fine. She doesn't like the idea of women competing for a guy. But you know that it's flip. It's flipped and they have the bachelorette and it's just seems like she's always been out out on it. That's fine is just like whatever. That's one person who's watching, you know. Yeah, I play who hate it. Yeah. I don't think that there's any reason to go after her. But it's it's bachelor nation. And they're going to be pissed, when you're, you're coming after their show, then we had Mike fleece, who. And they obviously Baltics him because he's Scott. He's salty about everything we've said it before he's really the worst when it comes to everything we saw khloe Kardashian and the whole, she's going to be the new bachelorette. He was annoying with that already LA La Land. Yeah. And then he goes after Kelly Ripa, and he says that he basically pays her south outlook, we signed your checks, which is where had where most people had the problem, and that's where I think it went too far because if you wanna hate on Kelly Ripa for hitting on the bachelorette and bachelor fine like yeah. Like you're hitting on. It Hannah be sitting here this is awkward, like just move on. But when you start saying, like I pay your salary, then it gets it gets out of hand because like no, you don't like you have a different show and then Ellen Pompeo steps in and she was her tweet. She she tweeted at his my, sir. That's my fleas. She said that some handle, bro your show, does not pay Kelly Ripa salary. Also, we don't attack successful women on our network and men certainly cannot take credit for their success. Don't get me started on your show, 'cause I'm a savage dot dot dot hashtag bachelor so white. She very much makes her point. She's obviously allowed like she's led to hate the bachelor two and Mike go, and after Kelly Ripa, who is a very successful woman on ABC totally wrong funny. Anything Ellen Pompeo's, probably bring in that Grey's anatomy, Chris true. She's got to say in the great anatomy thing. But either way. No. None of those people are paying Kelly, Ripa salary Kelly Ripa doing her own job, either way. But the only time that it got that was like, seriously was, when might flee gone volume because it was like Chris. Would have made a joke. It was just like haha, like, don't look out, like bachelor nations gonna come for you. Which I, which I didn't really like either. But. It's you're right. It would have just blown over. She's been open about disliking the show before she hasn't really talked about it that much recently. But she's, obviously brought it up now again because you wanted to and really wouldn't really wanted to been that bad. Colton made a joke about it and was just like he tweeted how mad is Kelly Ripa going to be when the bachelor this year. Wishful, thinking Colton, but they also TMZ. I believe God Colton and Cassie in an airport. They are talking about it, and he was just, like, oh, look, I just think Kelly, Ripa doesn't really know what the show is about these days. She obviously has watched in a while, like the dating game in general, in just society has changed so much tender and apps and everything that, like, it's not that crazy that a groups of men or women. Are there been so many dating shows like that? So, so there are so many dating shows of people fighting for one person is your son, right? For the show. You're consenting to the show like you wanna be a part of the show. So if these people want to be a part of that, then let them be apart. Right. That's how I feel about it like exactly it's not. You don't have to go on the show Kelly, but whatever. Married for a long time. She doesn't really know what's going on in the dating seeing that, that was Colton in kassy's angle on it. That's fine. It's just Kelly Ripa doesn't like the bachelor. And we just gotta move on fine. I liked the bachelor. I wanna keep watching. She's gonna watch. That's fine. Yeah. That's a pretty average middle take on it friend. So we'll just move on then. No. 'cause it's one of my like Kelly Ripa like everything she does she. She just doesn't like one thing that I like, yeah, I have nothing against Kelly, xactly nothing. You can't rip apart. Somebody's. My almost kind of went for integrity. You can't like rip somebody apart for one thing that, that they like that. You don't like when, you know, otherwise, they're decent people. Yeah. They just don't like the show shares, a lot of people don't like it. Yeah. Where we love. I love you of it. I will keep talking about it, despite what tell process. That's power friend. We gotta talk about more more reality TV drama Robbie Hayes, who, if you know who we're talking about. He was on the bachelor bachelorette bachelor in paradise whatever he has stayed in the reality TV dating pool. He loves today, people from reality TV shows, he's dated Sheena from Vander pump, obviously pass bachelor bachelorette contestants. And now he's dating Juliet. Porter from siesta key. Would you love siesta key? So you must be happy about this. I actually just because of the drama that might come from like a next new season. I do love siesta key. And, and for that reason, I'm into it just because I wanna see I don't know if this is gonna play out on the show or not. But if it does that would be kind of awesome. Because I really don't like Alex and that's. Juliette was dating before. And now she, obviously has a way technically hotter and more famous boyfriend, even though Robbie is kind of the won't of TV his this is a guy who went from Jo-jo season of, of the bachelorette, then he went to bash paradise dated. Amanda Stanton, thought that that was like an Instagram. Couple may match made in heaven in influence or wise. Right. With their presets and whatnot. She sells presets right. Oh, yes. She definitely does he presets he definitely sales. I don't know if she might use use her. Presets awesomely. And so they just that fell apart because they're all the cheating rumors that geeted on her. That was the whole thing. Then he pops up on Vander. Pop rules, going on dates Sheena tried to weasel his way into that show. Now he's dating. Juliette who just graduated college. Yes, she is on the key. But she she just finished college. He's like twenty two he's thirty. I believe he's just maybe like pushing it a little bit on like I hanging with the just graduated from college crowd. That is. Yes. If Robbie now becomes a member of key. It's just hilarious because yes, he is a made up of bunch of like guys and gals in the early twenties. I I love these guys and gals. I genuinely think that he just goes from every TV show and it's like, okay who can date next the second he breaks up with somebody, he just guns for another reality TV star. Maybe he does actually like them. But his is gut instinct is I need to date, somebody from reality TV well, it's just crazy, because the reality TV world now is just so connected, because when you want. Become a star on one show. You literally try and be a star and every other show you go on so many shows. So it's like Robbie was on bachelor and paradise and he was on ABC. And then he became friends with Corrie Brooks, who was on big brother. But then Corey Brooks went on X on the peach. So now he's in the MTV crowd. So now he is other friends from MTV. And now that brings Robbie into the MTV crowd, which then takes you to key on MTV. He dip. Dip a many MTV shows because first of all, you have the Bravo TV shows, you have the MTV TV shows, maybe he'll dip into the pool. They're getting into, you know, I don't know. Maybe I'll pop up with one of the Kardashian friends. You never know at this point the sky, the limit is endless feeling Robbie. Hang. Right. Totally feel like Robbie Hayes in the reality TV world, like in those circles, he's he's like a he's like a now now like they're like you trying to be Robbie Hayes. Yeah. You exactly you he is the guy you referred to as for any type of like. They say when girls are just trying to bang celebrities. I'm Robbie Hayes for the guys that are just thirty is alive. And Thursdays, Terry alive, is my problem with Robbie does Juliet. Not realize. I mean we're talking I like Juliet. And I like her on the show, but we're talking about a girl the dated Alex long. She'd do Alex was Alec sucked. And she got out of that relationship, only to get into this relationship. I don't know who she might know what she's doing. And that's exactly what she wants, right? Like people are going to talk about her even more now. Dating Robbie Hayes. Would you say it's an upgrade? It's tough because on paper. Yeah. Definitely is. But like at what cost? Yeah. I think it's upgrade, but it what a. Cost. Don't I don't know where the limit is like it's an upgrade, like he has more split like that's fucked up. Like this is the real world. Look, he's a very attractive guy. Can't deny that he rob as. Yeah. He looks fake you. Yes. So it's just I don't know. Maybe they can go get spray tans together, and sit on the beach in, I don't know. Yeah. That will be takes pictures of each other. Yeah. They, they would be a great Instagram couple. They are we already got two pictures up from them if she plenty more Juliette had posted an original photo. That's the one that got everybody like freaking out because they were kissing and it was like holy shit. She's dating Robbie Hayes. And then Robbie, then she, you know, she posted another one with Robbie. It's a sunset picture there on the beach. They look beautiful. They're matching colors and their NCIS key right now. I guess, but actually, you know, as far followers go. She's right there up there with him. So it's not like he's really are ahead of her that she needs to be up our game dropping Hayes has four hundred and four. Dollars four hundred and four thousand yeah, Juliet has three hundred ninety seven so she, she say, she'll, she'll surpass surpasses him. She dumped him. Find somebody else she could probably find somebody else when she reaches that height. What an interesting world. You think people, meet each other, and they're like, so how many Instagram followers you have? Yes. I actually think that happens in LA LA quickly, go to the bathroom and check their phone to see every conversation in LA. I expect them to be asking, how many Instagram followers they have, and I would expect everybody have over at least ten k yeah, if you're going to borrow LA, everybody has over at least ten K followers. That's intimidating. I've never been we've been out in LA once. Yeah. I've I have to really find my way around. Well, now, they're now it seems like they're just beaching it. They're, they're in Florida. I actually think Robbie is from Florida. I don't know where in Florida, but if my memory. On did not memory is correct. Robbie is FRA is from Florida and that would be testing my my, my knowledge of remembering shit from the bachelorette. So let's see Robbie Hayes, biography. You're gonna read the whole thing or no? Just skim the beginning now. I'm just trying to look for. Oh, okay. Yes. So he was born in Jacksonville, Florida. So yes, there we go. Both from Florida. She is from. Robbie one to Florida state. Wow. Juliet, graduated from floors. Been shitting on the them this whole time. Maybe they have a lot common. Well, he he graduated like seven years before she did. Awkward, they overlapped. Well, good for them for that, happy, Instagram couple. Yeah. We're gonna see way too much them. Yeah. Fantastic. Maybe. The best. Say. Have you ever had someone come up to you and say you smell amazing? What perfumer you airing? Well, I have with sent bird. I have been wearing the grace last few perfume that sent birds sends me, it's fantastic. You can carry these around in your purse, whether you're going to work, you're going out, and you just feel like you need to have that extra spray on you sent bird is the place to do it. 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He actually did like when Noah created that music video for Clemson was a better music video than what Justin Bieber not here and did. Which is fine. They just went a different route with it. It was like a little fun. Right. That's just. Rod and acid trip entire time. I felt like I was high the whole time I was watching video didn't you? There was things jumping out second filmed, it completely on a green screen. So they're just jumping from location to location costume to costume, and ice-cream eyeballs the water Ryan through the air doesn't on a magic carpet. Yeah. The whole thing had me for a wild ride. But, you know, it's nice to see Justin an sheer in alive and well in a music video. Yeah. They're doing. They're innocent loved see that. It's great. The songs enjoyable and I said it to you anytime you can get Justin Bieber in a music video. You're here for it. And on top of that anytime we can get him. Listen music video even better factor. And he was shirtless. Basically, the whole Ryan this fit. He looks really good ehrlich's face look tax. Tastic. Maybe he really is cleaning looks happy. Yeah. He looked. He looked like he was enjoying it very much. It seems like the picture that Haley posted in the green screen that was the same day which explains why he looked so hot wearing makeup because honestly I'm not gonna lie. That thought just came into think it's probably because when that picture when Hayley posted a picture of him in front of the green screen, what the tide shirt. We were like damn just a and now watching the music video knowing that, that was a picture of the day, they were doing the music video. Yeah. You probably has some he probably has something, you're not gonna little zeal. Seal of foundation. Browser news video without a little something. No, no. You need something light too harsh. I would think even at Sharon, they put something on for sure for sure. But definitely like you know, something fair for him. Right. Well, just in the just pop a little bit little highlighter and stuff. I don't know but he actually looked really good. And I'm hoping for more music, video and song. Do you ever get the feeling that you just wanna give share in hug, Gary time? I see my just wanna give him a hug, especially when he was in that pan. The cost I thought about that until you said that to meet today, when you're like I just want to hug, it, like he would be a great hugger certain people out there, where you look at them you'll you probably give fantastic. And you're right. When you look at your and you think, oh, well, his hug, just miss be so soft and nice, I feel there's another eight gives a great hug. I'm trying to Shawn Mendez definitely gives you also not that I envisioned it before. But he because he is so tall I feel like I would fit really nicely just like right in a shoulder. Knuckle yourself, I feel so small and cute and safe in there. Yeah. Because you're, you're taller, anyway, taller guys now. He's a little taller guy really, gets really made a hug cute. And cuddly and cute and smart as being a great hugger. See that trying to think who else I think would be great hugger probably some of like the bigger feel like the rock. Probably good hugger. I actually I don't know. You are rockets to need a little soft. Yeah. Like I bet like Seth Rogan Rogan Russ give great hooks. That's good one. Don't you feel like he has that type of body that gives you? I feel like you're calling him a little doughy. Seth Rogan is, I guess a little doughy. Yeah. But it's nice comfortable. Yeah. Not that I've ever been in San guitarist before. But I'd imagine it's nice. I feel like that. I'm trying to think of more people, but really the lists that I'm coming up with people that I want to hug, like who's now, Jonas, smelling who I think would be good huggers. It's like who would I really I'm not dying to hug Seth Rogan? I just think he would be a good. Who are you dying to hug necks thinking like no, no sensitive OC worth of them would be good huggers? Feel like I feel like all the avengers are good huggers. Yeah. She heroes. Yeah. Downey junior, Robert Downey junior. He's got like too short a dad vibe. I like when the tall people. Yeah. Like Shawn Mendez. All right. Well this conversation getting brand. Lambeau doors drug. If you busy. Got could gain your dogs. Dozen dollars on the table price, small whip, same price smile got no jumbo but. On a big show. Your Stony dude? Lambeau. Doc Duckie's game. It doesn't on the table, top price. Small same by smoking. Stony doing. Probably had a long day at work either tough day at school. You're stuck up the office would wherever you are. You don't feel like traveling to get food trying to find out what you want. 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That's five dollars off your first order, when you download the door dash out from the app store and enter promo code chicks. Again, that's promo code checks for five dollars off your first order from door dash we are joined by very special guest Hannah, the newest bachelorette, I have to say is like we say Hannah, but it feels like I should be saying how to be at all times. I know. It's like you're permanently hand be permanently Hannah be in as a kid. I don't know why people call me my phone into back Hannah Brown because this kind of off the time. So now's handed me. Whatever, I'll take it. Yeah. You know, or say my name, and that it's Hannah not handed G and it's not the whole mix. Right. Right. That's very true. You are the newest bachelorette. We're so excited to have your talk to us about this season. I am a die hard fan. I she's always liked it, but I pulled her in even more. And I'm so excited to be talking to you. Here. What were your first emotions when you found out? You are going to be the bachelorette. Kind of in disbelief of like, are you, are you? Sure, are you serious? Did you think you had a chance like we were in your head? You're like maybe I mean, they were talking to me about there's no way, I was a polarizing figure if you would say, I had some, some moments that weren't the most flattering f for myself, but that's about a thrill life. Always our best. We have days, we have bad days. We have crazy days. I showed all those, so for me, I didn't think I was the typical bachelorette choice. Like there's no way but I'm going to keep doing this. And so when Chris called me that day I was in full disbelief in shock, but just so thankful. Yeah, I feel like a lot of people were shocked that you were picked as the bachelorette, and it was just because like you said it was a different choice. And Chris Harrison, even said it was, like, how's the season going to go? Everyone was a little nervous but episode one. We saw you come back. Very strong. Yeah. I am strong and I. I was. Really hopeful to have the opportunity to show like, who I am, in, in that I'm not just a lot of people focus on like one thing. I didn't golden season knows like, oh, well, she's that girl. I'm not like I have all these different area. Our hearts of my personality, but ultimately, I am strong independent woman, and it's great to be in the leadership role to show show that, right. Because I feel like it's so hard when you're on the bachelor for everybody to get a sense of your whole person. Now you get to be the star. Yeah. Everybody gets to see. Yeah. Which is way nicer, because like you said, a lot of people were, like, how is this going to work like, what, what, what side of Annabi are we seeing here, and I feel like everybody was really surprised and happy after night, one especially how you handled Scott. We love how you handled. I was yelling at my TV like sent his ass home. Sure did. Was that feeling like you know, being so empowered to send him home? And what was it like hearing that he had somebody else at home before you're seated, we're I was just disappointed and felt really disrespected because I'm leaving everything behind for this shot and twenty nine other men left everything to hopefully want to be with me and see if there was a connection there and to know that this man had. Ultimately the worst reasons to come on the show and having that night one. I mean it just really fired me up. And I think, you know, of course, I didn't want that to happen. But ultimately, I think it was a good thing because the other men that were still there. They could say right? She's not playing. And this is how it's going to be in a definitely was. Right. So as Demi just like your go-to girl now to find out the situations on everything. God is my girl. Like I said, one time, I we are like. What is it? I love Lucy loose Lucy. And was time. Oh, no. No blind. She anyway, like she's like, right go-to girls for each other. But it was really great to have her in Katie the first night to just not only like, give me all the dirt on the guys. But just speak for your faces, right. Because it is I guess I've done this before. But it was really I didn't know what to expect and kinda scary and but to have them just like calming down with you've got this, right. The debt the night. I think go as well as it did for me. How nervous for you right before the limos started to pull up. So I've been I'm not nervous like sweet, right? The first week. I'm gonna nervous but honestly from me with so fun. Yeah. Like I had the best time meeting. The guys one of my favorite things to do is to me like strangers and dislike have random conversations and then finally figure out their cats name and their deepest. So it was kind of, like that, like, in the small form of just like meeting new people and to see if there's a connection right off the bat. Who, who is your favorite limo entrance? Favorite limit entrance. I'm trying to think I mean. Some of them went home, but that's fine. They can still be your favorite tractor from Matt Donald. But the thing was I was so excited. I was like a macaw this a farmer and then he wasn't a farmer tractor before. And sounds like I'm confused just just a big letdown. Yeah. I was like, I think your tractor sexy. Oh, wait. That's not your track. Yeah, it was the whole thing like, oh, mcdon- Matt though, I got it. But then I was kind of a letdown right kind of a long bit. How would you describe night, one as the bachelorette in the mansion and the night, one being on the bachelor in the Banten? Night win on the bachelor be contestant. I, I, I went into this whole was happening. I don't know what's happening. Why are you interviewing me? I don't know what's happening. I feel like you're trying to set me up, and they're like, you know this happens every day. Oh, okay. So I was just like on it nervous like didn't know what I got myself into these cameras in my face. Why are we all sitting in a group chat talking about our feelings? I don't understand this. So it was just a whole lot in all sensory overload was happening on me as the bachelorette. I controlled like it, it was my show and it was like. My thing I knew it was going on. And I was making the calling the shots and, you know, ready to have conversation with some conversation with others. And so I really got to have this experience for myself. So there's just a difference of being comfortable. Yeah. You gave your first impression rose to Luke. What about him made him stand out with Luke? I mean, even after the phone arrays there was just like this weird connection between is that, like I was very drawn in. And I think he was to. And so it was when he was a familiar face, and I felt more comfortable around him. Oh I noticed guy and then he did. He made me feel. Very special. And he was really. Really into with asking me, how I was feeling and just overall gave a really good impression made me really hopeful for the rest of my experience that relationship started. The first night made me really excited about what could be is it is it kind of awkward having, like pass all the other guys and be like, okay, I'm taking this Rosada also. They have to watch you. Hey sorry, not for you. Your final rose. Monday night to John. Paul jones. To know. How did you feel when somebody was like you need to say, John Paul Jones all the time? It's so day John Paul tone. Tone, mouthful. I thought it was funny. I had he was somebody that truly I enjoyed being around and made me laugh, whether he meant means to or not. Right is so joy to be around, don't dads. So. Yeah. I mean we used to call me Braun. I didn't ask them to they did. So I was like, okay maybe that's the thing just because his name is jump Holden's. And it's fun to say. But yeah he's. He's interesting. I'm excited to see more of him. I'm on. I'm also very excited to see more him. How did your family and your friends react to you being chosen for the bachelorette, like was your family nervous, or, or they like, well, she already did the bachelor so. I think they really wanted it for me actually, more say then, like, I would don't talk about it. Like I just don't even talk about it's not gonna happen. But when I got back home, from the bachelor, yes, I was like my heart her and I was upset. But I they realized that I was different in the best way like I really learned a lot about myself and what I wanted out of love and in what a life after would I would want it to be, and in alternately, that was really encouraging for my parents to get on board with me continuing on in this process. And they were static for me in just they know Mahar, and they trust me. And so, yeah, I think everybody was just really, really happy. And you obviously went through some heartbreak on the bachelor with, Colton. Do you talk to Colton and Cassie at all now? Or is it kind of just? Yeah. Actually, I think Africa. After women tell all for Colton and I we were good. Yes for me. Yes, I dealt with that heartbreak, but he didn't like I said, I want somebody to choose me didn't choose me and he. Did everything in his power to get Cassie in. And I think that's really admirable, even though it wasn't whatever buddy specter, rightly Brennan, norm. And so he had that to give somebody just wasn't me. And so I'm really happy for both coating Kathy. And he's been really great in congratulating, me, and supporting me and it's I now know what it's like on this side and how hard it is. I think there's definitely just a connection there. Like a lot of people will never understand what we went through. Right. And it's always nice to see after those seasons because it feels like the girls really do. Become such good friends. Yeah. Was there. Anybody that if you didn't get the bachelorette you were hoping would get it? Well, I think Demi in are like, yeah. Of course if she was like, I don't get it. Then I want you to give. Yeah. How much fun with that be right? I totally get keep better inviting. The also like Hannah jeez. One of my really good. And so we haven't got taught turn off. He's been busy. I think she would have been great just because I think she also she was really heartbreaking with, Colton, and I want her to find love and somebody that loves her bag the way I know she can give up. So I'm excited. I'm glad it was me. But I'm excited for them to be able to journey. Yes. Maybe bachelor empowered, I wouldn't have gray you would be fantastic. I love. And if they want me to come help them all for it. Totally we during the whole coming attractions of the season and whatnot, we saw you kind of have, like a no bullshit attitude that how you you're handling these men this season for share what I want and I have settled in the past and taken crap from guys. And I'm not going to do that anymore. This is my time in my opportunity. And so if men try to mess with that I will settle it. There was one part of the coming attractions. I loved where you were like I have had sex, and Jesus still loves like you were laying down the law. Is that going to be a big factor of this season? You talk about your sex, life, a lot on here. That was like a really big breaking in the as in for me. I feel like I think it'll be something that everybody will want to tune into watch because, you know, my faith is I'm very open about my faith in how big important part of my life. But I do think that this went to Missy is important tune, that should never be judged by anybody about what other women or men decide to do with their bodies and in their relationships. And it was just a moment that. It came to, to that. And it was hard. I mean, it will definitely be something to why. Yeah. And obviously you can't give anything away. We know that for you. You're done. Are you happy? I am happy. Yeah. I mean I just got done. Yeah. Right. Three four days ago. Wow. That's crazy. I know. I know. But I am so happy. It's definitely not how expected everything to go and it was really hard. And I had a lot of emotions, but overall wouldn't change a thing. I feel really good at this moment where I'm at. That's great. Now. Last question. It's a fun one. How many times you think ballpark will we hear roll tide? Hey, I really did try to to. Too much everybody, like, we'll come up to me about what do you say back? I think people do can't back. Right. They feel like when they see they have to blurt out. Hey role. Sick of it. I mean, I'm not the roll tide girl in there all types frustrating. Because of course, I'm from tusk Lucille, like I believe, comes in a white, but I'm also not this crazy. I mean, kind of crazy football fan, but not like some people, and so I don't want that to be all that. I am really thankful for where I'm from and the people that support me. But I think we kind of scale it back, mostly. Yeah, I hope I don't know. It's probably very heavy night, one because that's like trying to. I remember being like okay got tied jokes like get it. But after you've got a song from it, I know. Yeah, that was very good singer. Good. Yeah. We were we were joking that that's such a good way to like get get attention. Like, really? Wow. You just wrote a song about me, like that's cute watching. Maybe they'll be more. Oh, I'm expecting a lot of singing and dancing the season. Right. Is like. Omar is like the guys love kind. They love to die. No. Let me tell you. I did a lot of dancing to all different types of music. And it was it was fun. I love to dance team. And so that's important in a partner for me to not just not. They have to dance but just have fine. Let loose in not take themselves too seriously. So have a lot of fun guys that I get over. So excited to see you on this journey will be watching. ABC. The bachelorette is on at eight o'clock every Monday night, thank you Hannah so much talking to us or so excited. It. Yeah. All right. That wraps up this episode of chicks in the office, just over minder for everyone to check out our merch it is in the podcast description, we have brand new crop tops for the summer, plus the chicks t so now crop tops chicks. St. we're working on other bag working on different Packers. Good things coming maybe possibly being soon the works. We will keep you posted. But you can go. Oh to store parcel, sports dot com. 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