Rick and Morty Companion Podcast Live: EPISODE #409 CHILDRICK OF MORT


America this is the adults in podcast. Rick and Morty Companion Edition Matt Harrigan with Me Maxime Semi. Yes ever the professional. What's the term for wasn't south homeys and welcome back to? The Rigor Mortis podcast. Of course we're all here today. Rick and Morty furrow nine. We're talking about tonight. Children gathered here in our virtual world. We've got the guy who wrote it. James Cecil no James Welcome. Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to not be here. Leave background designer. Robbie Irwin Welcome. Robbie thank you for having me slow. The Post Supervisor David Marshall. Hey everybody we might get Kyung Hee Lim the director will I just got tax? Immerse says if it's a good enough podcast episode. She's GonNa drop in so all right. It's up to the listeners. Call and ask your questions. Seven zero eight seven nine four six three eight six. We get lots of questions. People are confused people in. They can't believe they've gotten through and they panic in a hang up. This is us. Yeah podcast live. Let's get some questions here. We go episode four or nine. Rick and Morty. The family comes back. We'VE GOT SUMMER WE'VE GOT. Jerry we've got Beth. What does that title mean? Alfonso Koran children are men coincidence tell who can tell us about the title. Yea I picked the title. I think maybe people think we I mean we have fun coming up with titles. Usually I don't know if you've noticed we try to put Rick's name in their and mortars name in there this one. I was going for something that had children in it because obviously Rick Fox planet and has a civilization of rickets. It was more yet. Children and men is what I was going forward but obviously the plot is different than children. Aman so just looking for a misleading use of children in a title. The titles often have all our let me rephrase that. Always have nothing to do with the plot or some- not always definitely studio title selection process now. I'm curious the first half of of the season for the first half four. It was a day where I know. Part of the day we pitched on titles Which was very funny And this back half. I think we just kind of the the. The Writers Pitch Pitch on them sometimes. the writer themselves will pick one. It really depends on the episode For my episodes I personally just give them temporary names until they stick and then I will name them. So that's my process personally but Wendy at depends on the episode Wednesday name. Come in normally when this this one was called the production this one was called baby on it so And then like the earlier one in the season we're just called space snakes So in production we typically just give them production names and a very last minute. Sometimes like we're like oh wait. What do we call this pursuit? I honestly don't even like never rick. And morty I had to look up what the actual name of that one was was just called train and I'm trying to think Gloria was Glorioso That was bad. This one's baby planet and I will not say well most be aware of the title of a show but I mean unless you read it in the TV guide like it doesn't do you think we ought four people more or less aware of episode titles in the Year Two thousand twenty which is when this is taking place. That is a question for someone else I I I. I'm not aware of titles but I think that's part of why we have fun with them. I think that that helps you. Know is like we just kinda give them funny and silly names and a lot of times. They do have to do like visually some way with the episode but sometimes more than order more than last. Sometimes you have a lot to do with it. We got someone on the phone with us in the meantime name. Where are you calling from Logan? Virginia Logan and right here with me so we just want he Want to say that The episodes for these last five been ramping up in this woman was one of our favorite ones so they've been getting better and better seemingly Curious 'cause we haven't seen a lot of like Continuity episodes aside from evil morty and I was wondering if there was anything in this one that we should keep our eyes peeled for. I mean my my take on. That would be like this. Season doesn't have an insane amount of serialisation as certainly compared to season three which family got. The parents got divorced and that was a lot. There's a lot more serialisation in that I would say as far as the story goes like this. This one kind of touches on where we started season for which was Beth and Jerry. Were like happily married and rick was in a low status position. And and this you know we're getting into the end of the season in this kind of episodes where it Kinda questions where Beth in. Jerry are at in their relationship. Beth kind of ails on Jerry. Very quickly to go right back into the abandonment issues. She has with Rick and they have a pretty good moment there so it has a little bit to do with just the season of. Where's Rick and end this? Is HE GONNA be back onto? Is Beth and Jerry going to be happy like the at? That's kind of the what I would be looking for and with the kids as well right like They're they're shared dynamic between you know not just themselves but their parents and then also rick right yeah getting a little Yeah exactly and how they treat Jerry and yeah I mean maybe they should be hanging out a little bit less with Rick who knows Summer summer lays down pretty hard on jerry there which is really rough because the first time reading the script I was like thrown off as why me everyone mentioned its main. Yeah we you know. We added a little bit more high rotating in there in the beginning On Jerry's part. But yeah she she. You know it's it's a little mean it's it's it's a little teenage tanks coming out. Yeah at the end. Jerry just comes back and she's like really kind of Nice. It seemed like everyone ended up the opposite of where they started morally. Yeah their issues. Is it important? Do you guys feel like you have to have like you have to bring the family into episodes or do you feel pressure to not due solely sort of ric. And morty centric episodes people seem to be chatting about the fact that the family. We haven't seen much of the family. Now we do at a conscious decision or just happenstance in the room. We we do. Think about trying to service All the characters Rick and Morty so we tend to try and get those stories First and foremost typically a rick story will be on the east side of the story. But not always but yeah. It was really fun to get the whole family together in an episode. I mean I don't know if we've done like a full off world adventure with the family before I don't think so but it's we do try to include everybody but we at the end of the season usually when we're writing we're like okay. Have we had enough stories with all the characters? And should we pitch on more? We think about it. You're on the line. The Rick and morty companion podcast. We're talking about a planet fuckers. What's your name you calling? Loops are Antioch over whether walked in Michigan And I'm I'm calling because I noticed a lot of anger entangled with the farming of the planet bastard children you guys wrote in and I was wondering how that has to reflect your Ecstasy Financial World Alrighty. Thank you Lisa. How does this out is the I was GONNA ask that? I'm glad she did. Yeah how does that reflect your existential and you guys can talk a little on this. Because I'm sure you're all existentialist speaking has an existential list I think You know just I guess just speaking personally. Yeah like you see you know all these recruits. They're just blank templates like we all are at some point in our lives and were put through this machine that seems in many ways designed toward specific outcomes. You know what I mean. If you're geared a certain way mentally you're GONNA wind up a poet or an architect or an existential list or a podcast right. Those are the options well when it came to a presenting the the world of ringlets Robbie in the tombs. They go through. And where you where are you coming from? And trying to make that as Stripped bare in a blank slate. Self I don't know I'm pushing too much onto it. But the tubes that they live and go through it where you're coming from yeah the initial direction of the pitch. We got does design launch. Was it supposed to be like a giant Chico machine? So and that's all remembers the giant Jink machine so I look into what machines were myself got you think. Oh no no no no he was Pacheco own. Basically it's go with. Yeah Yeah spoke and so doing that. We had to figure out how we are going to engineer this machine to catch all these records and then incorporate the idea of this giant Pachinko machine in this system that organizes all the lights and That's with every episode is trying to problem. Solve an engineer. How we can make this work with the narrative. That's going on and and make pedological but Left like hyper of realized. I guess as a Sifi at the same time and That's one of the pleasures working on is also one of the hardest parts of designing for the show trying to problem solve. How are we going to make this look like workable if it within the narrative and yet still keep it a simplified to the point we can make it make it within the timeframe of the production so and then that goes with backing to the world to itself designing that? I was telling someone the other day. Were we try to take something? That is relatable like this stuff. The planet is solve the trees the ground plane and everything we tried to take that and make it relatable in something that you know you recognize but then also different because we go to so many places locations that it feels new and so you're always that balance of of experimentation what works and what doesn't in the with this with this particular planet was like it was all about the camping and in the Chico machine and so just trying to make that feel debatable but also new and Saifi. Yeah I think this season we went to whenever we go off world. We're seeing a lot of really different stuff like you look at like the planet For the toilet episode versus this camp place it feels much more sort of you know self contained and like you have to sell it as like a person to right because it's in Humi. Oh Junkie them talk. Hi You've worked on some of the most famous animated shows ever everybody's so genius. Yeah come on Bob's Burgers Family Guy King of the hill. Now the yeah. I'm lucky look in Washington. Yeah Jayme I don't know very lucky. I just going to wake up something for my bed in what happened to we in the first hour I feel to. Yes no no think about it just you guys is GonNa With English library like air for me whenever the script. Even I already told James Three times to I understood everything Starts Pro Myself? Ide- did myself. Ooh Yes sir I can. He days. I can see you guys know what's going when you look at this episode. You look back on it fondly. Do you look back on it with dread. What are your emotions in a left? Anything is actually the most one of the very normal episode accessory games that yeah go back to season three when I started as story was Dropped wet the heck is best minded thinking about visit this t sheets when it's very. Yeah exactly when I just watched some family guy. Is this really shocked but business winning bed not even not even close? No I totally prima slow person Working candidate Hugh okay. I don't have any place to go. Siamese to joy this ugly join bad act to to later and we'll up they show is twenty thing. This is genius. I am so proud because I'm so old I have grew up with. I have grew with Grew up with. It's totally different culture in Korea in but I just totally problem myself. Either be proud. Yeah absolutely this is a great episode for sure yet totally I love that. I really love this my first lovely show to me. You're on the line right now with the Rick. And morty companion podcast. We're talking about this episode. My name is Gabby. I've been watching. Rick and morty since the beginning and I absolutely love it I just Kinda WanNa know because I said he had a nation. How do you guys come up with such crazy and fun ideas up with such crazy fun ideas? You mean from the aesthetic point of view even just the writing from from every point of view like the creatures that are needed for example bringing Zeus into the show was was brilliant idea and it was just interesting to watch for. How do you come up with that idea? All right thanks so much for the question. I'm going to piggyback on that too. I had a question about Zeus. Is there a larger narrative that Zeus or a race well to be determined It certainly would seem that everyone. He's as Zeus if God really exists and there are Zeus is and was. That's God's are their gods in the multi she would. You would think so right. I mean Rick Rick has called himself a God and he fought a God. References that there's a god and that's uses just as Zeus. But Yeah I. I think that there certainly could be God's in the multi verse mom and as far as just coming up with ideas. It's we pitch a lot of ideas and a lot of stuff gets thrown away. A lot of stuff gets shelved until we can use it later until we find the right way to use it. Space snakes was an idea from season three that we found a way to crack it open and season. Four is. It's just. There's just a lot of a lot of ideas. We talk about a ton of stuff at least on the writing side and then the arts site is just mind blowing. What you guys do. It's just crazy the amount and I'll just let you guys talk with the amount of character designs and are an art and props and stuff that we get as options to us. Not even let we pick. Just the options are unbelievable. It's so cool It's it's so cool like this stuff that we write the art get so elevated Knowledge you guys talking on that but it's yeah it's amazing. How many sketches we get through on each launch for every episode hundreds of drawings between characters a- backgrounds and props and The stuff that comes on my God. I wish week it uses but it ends up sometimes. Getting you know changed altered for the better but there's so many interesting ideas and it's just a combination of sketching and bouncing ideas off of everybody and that's what's great about this crews were able to like pitch an idea to the art director of the lead and say. Hey this might work for the shot. What is the director where the rioters think and then it's just When the grace collaboration I've ever worked in but it's just processes sketching sketching. How does the filtering work internally for like you Robbie and Cuny when it comes to like you mentioned backgrounds elements or props? That don't look like they'd work. Technically how do you guys decide that and then filter what ends up being sent to actually That is something we everybody is this. Work kind of positivity in an nobody's perfect so everybody's got their own parts in. Sometimes we need to this In the writers had Sopping wet. He just expected and what he's thinking about it. And so usually the Designers Pre Zayn with the Ryder first. And then just trying to use deadline sometimes. Can we have out off of your own in the last work and in something so we always discuss it with Canada in in just I can take the Greider in they can take. Yeah maybe disconnect just shape on of these yet. So it's Kinda positivity that is the best answer yet now redesign go out will have the board lodge and the writers. Sometimes James will say well this work but I can imagine it better this way and just go through a bunch of different revisions and We might start off one point completely and on the polar opposite but it always ends up being something really cool and then at the end of it all when when the data comes in when he's doing all post and the animation that he does stuff that I've seen that just completely makes that even better so if he wants to talk about that I'd love to hear some of that. I could brag. Can I brag about you? You helped put together the rick and Morty Simpson's couch gag Yes yes I did. Yeah I was a ton of fun to work with and you know I mean it's the simpsons right like dream come true for right but anyway getting back to what Robbie was saying as far as like wanting things to feel real practical in some way you know. That's that's really how we try and approach things on our. We've we've got our script. We've got all of the directors notes and everything like that and when the show comes back from our amazing animation studio in Canada ardell entertainment shot barbell after. That stuff comes back and We take look at it. We get everybody's notes in A. We're really trying to push the character stuff. That's already existing in the script trying to make sure that characters are interacting with each other in a believable way. A way that can sometimes you know? Sometimes there's a lot going on in a in one scene. You know what I mean like. Rick and Morty can be in a scene but it's actually Beth in who are having the interaction and so it's trying to keep everyone alive and looking like you know like they ought to and interacting with each other in the way that they should And then when there's like special effects work and stuff like that like in this episode we had that glow around Zeus. We've got a lot of blood effects we've got love. We've got all kinds of stuff going on and you know we try to approach that stuff. Where like this looks great? This is working. Can we lift that up? Can we really emphasized like so the the glow around Zeus when we got back from a talented and amazing animation? Studio Barbell Entertainment. We just really wanted to push. This is a moment you know when Rick's gone up to the clouds and they're going to have a showdown now. This is this is it. This is what we've been building up to since since the end of act to you know this is we're here. We're going to see. Rick fight a god or whatever right so we need those steaks to be high he to feel divine. He needs to feel like this is not going to be an easy fight for Rick who we've seen you know do impossible things over and over and over again you still want there to be some tension there you still want to be able to. You know say man Rick really done done it this time. So yeah that's that's how we approach that kind of stuff. This might be nerdy inside baseball. Talk but you guys have like procedurally generated liquid physics stuff that you guys use. I've been I've been really into checking out like the way the streaks work in the water in the river when Jerry was like being pushed down it. Those are some really amazing Hand-drawn effects Better done we're really lucky to have some very talented artists working on that stuff. We do keep a library of some affects. Some they've if we find something we like the Look of particularly. It's always nice to have that in your back pocket for when you get a you know a very late rewrite that needs to take place in some sort of ironworks foundry or takes place in some other crazy battlefield where you're gonNA need all kinds of explosions and lasers and stuff and you're not gonNA have time to draw that stuff purpose just for this one very quick thing so yeah we do. Keep a library of some stuff. Speaking of that fight scene at what point in the process was it decided that not only would it be kind of a longer? Just straight up fist bite but that it wouldn't even have music. I think that's that's the production 'cause like I you know we we as writers like to try and let the artist go nuts as we say And this was certainly like they get in a fight. Here's a couple. Here's a couple things that they could do. But it's really just amazing to see it. Come out and how long it went on for. Did you specify in like stage direction? There's no music it's just. I didn't but I think the only direction I had I maybe I don't know if it was in the scripture just verbally but just that I wanted to feel like brutal and almost low tech that it was like a fistfight between two dads like like in a in a in a baseball parking lot or softball game. I wanted to just feel almost non sci-fi because it was just two dads Bad too bad dads so fight. A streetfight streetfight. Yeah just the mass fry your child. Yes children's sure. How'd you how'd you? How'd you done then rope? Everyone into kind of make that same as visceral as it was. How did you? How did you orchestrate communicating that? Everyone who working on the episode. Sometimes we have our own Non Christian Indians on. We have the to become a three times Huge meeting when it will at some cushion in just jumping around out. That's as Jane. Something's Robbie's jihadism. Yeah and everybody just yeah. We got someone on the phone right now. I believe there from New York. Oh yes This is Avi from New York. The show is had fancy elements in the past. But there's more this season and I was wondering not saying fancier for James. Do you in the writers discuss how much fantasy you put in the show. And will we see more stuff like Zeus Bite and the Dragon episode of the future Fantasy we don't I mean we don't outwardly. Say we need a little bit more fantasy this season. We Yeah We obviously we we. We like to put it in. I mean we do try to steer more towards sci-fi than fantasy I think it's more in our wheelhouse But as far as I can quota or like what we think we might need in the future or in the season the helicopter goes by we I would say it just depends it really depends on the episode and the season But certainly I mean fantasy ideas get pitched as discussed and sometimes they start fantasy and wind up becoming more sci fi or the other way around. I think one of the really great things about just. The premise of the show is that in ricochet said things to this sort of direction before but the like an infinite universe. Like all that fantasy shit is sci-fi. Yeah Yeah and I think. Rick also doesn't at least by his own. Admission doesn't respect. Fantasy doesn't respect magic. So it's yet something that he has to encounter. Have yet he still right exactly? He's still it's still part of the world so to speak the universe. The multi-diverse it. It is something that exists and that dynamic between his hard Scifi Shit and of it fantasy stuff like some of that stuff is is my favorite stuff for sure on the line on on. I'm young from New Orleans. The ship that they discovered when they were looking at what? What was that stuff? She was Huffing out of the barn looking at Brad. It's collect what's you active knowledge of their species. I think it was like that but species was that as the caller and is that something you guys know. Is there little background. Lorsch like that that you track in a giant side. Bible called the Bible for that particular one. I'm not sure. I mean. Certainly their skeletons of the pilots. That if you want to go back and take a look at you might be able to do some reverse engineering and come up with a story there But you know an early draft in an early draft. I had had that ship be like seekers and they had like painted a clouds in like a like had painted in blood like visions of juice cloud on the wall and there was in a in a early version. It was like maybe that they had crashed while looking for God on the planet we simplified it a little bit to Kinda open up what they could have crashed there. Four but who knows aren't exists. Great Question Rat Wall and chat asks how much if any discussion was. Had about the question. How do you fuck a planet? This had to have come up right. I mean I don't know if we discussed as much how you fuck a planet as you can fuck a planet. Certainly you can. There was a scene earl that got cut the boards where we saw how Rick fucked the planet. Walk us through that scene. Why was it cut really unnecessary timing? Don He wanted to walk them through that scene or a bit. Just like didn't cut to like Rick Rolling the over by an orifice that he finished. Yeah Yeah as the. Yeah and his kids. Were there serenading him after that? He's Assia Scott. Yeah isn't that similar vein? Though you still show the planets kind of cervix thing. How much discussion about that being snp appropriate and how many kind of ideas were thrown out for that. At first maybe helped us get to the whole we have today. We definitely get plenty of. Snp Not ideal with all of that stuff They're pretty cool about this one. You know I think whatever your you know drawing reading into that whole that's on you from the creator of orphaned. Black comes an all new series? Tnt sacrifice Snow Piercer to seventeenth only on TNT explore the world of Piercer at WILFORD INDUSTRY DOT com. How do you deal with people in real life when they come up and they work on the show they freak out sometimes or do they say sometimes they want to give you a hug? I don't know you guys have gotten that. But they WANNA give you a hug Xers and I'm like I just draw on the show. It's really not that important but you know it's it's humbling. You know the thing that we were on something that this many people like and that makes me feel really good and I Proud of that that it touches so maybe in so many ways you know. I don't read it sled dog. I moved through the world like a ghost. A but what's really interesting is like walking behind people and I realized. Oh they're talking about rick and Morty. They're talking about that episode that we just finished and hearing their reactions and stuff. That's that's that's really cool. Yeah I think my favorite is the secretive observation of people enjoying it. That's that's the best thing is when you just are observing people in enjoying the show And obviously the people that I've interacted with fans have been really awesome. So it's been it's fun to see. There's a review I saw wrench mentioned a rare. Dynamic of morty acting like a little brother frank to his sister Is that a conscious choice in the script. Is that just something that comes up. More IN SUMMERS RELATIONSHIP IS I. I mean I love. I love summer to. She's just such a cool character but their relationship really is very wrong. It is unique in the show in that. Obviously they can bus each other's balls and be sci-fi and crazy but really. They do probably have the most normal realistic interaction between the two of them. I mean like they are brother and sister. They fight And and talk to each other. I mean you know even back to season one Shows summer the bodies in the backyard. they have they have some of the most real like family moments. I think in the show it so was it a conscious choice to kind of have that. Come out not not particularly while I was writing it. Just it fits with family going on a vacation. Though I mean I I think about when I you know going on vacation with my brother and you're kind of trapped in a situation when you're when you're with your family. So how many on the animation end of it? There is some of that stuff that we try and play up if like so so in the story Summers the one that initiates them leaving the camp site going off on their own trying to find rick so she's the one that's made that decision. That's a very big sister kind of decision and so you can sort of play up that aspect without hitting it on its head going. I'm the little brother. You're my older sister by like having characters so summer needs to leave the scene before mortars he needs to be falling behind her when when rick or when when she's talking to Jerry he needs to be reacting but she needs to be the focus of the scene keeping him in the background emphasizes that that that little brother aspect of it and I think that bit by those kinds of aspects to it to the acting and to just just straight up. Just simple editing stuff I think really plays up that kind of character stuff. I make sense what was development process visually for the primordial earth children. What's the noise? They say when they come out I am I am I am. They looked like gingerbread to the exit. Gumby Gumby Gumby like very like four Earth Earth Clay people so the directions was They should look like they came out of like a cookie cutter or something right. Yeah yeah they add like sharper edges of point of the soften everything out so it's easier to enemies stuff but again what do you mean they had sharper edges it walk? It is a dave we expand on it but initially designed had a lot of hard corners and edges to them in the initial designs. But David I you can explain better how it's hard to enemy versus short out. Does well. Things are round All right so can stupid technical this. Nobody has a sawn because we ended so so Rick and Morty is a vector based puppet show so So you take a hand right so the palm here and this is GonNa be really bad for the audio portion of the podcast right okay. So you've got your your the you're listening to this right now. Picture a poem so the palm is one part. The thumb is going to be one. Part of the thumb is going to be broken into this joint and this joint right so if something is round and it has to bend then it's GonNa look more natural than if it's a hard edged if it's hard edged you're gonna see things like seems and it's just going to look digital. It's not going to look good when it's moving. That's the simple answer. Only so the original characters were sharp is sharp rises. Yeah detects that and says you have to change everything you think. It was far del Greg. I'm wrong gated but news yet. This is going to be impossible to to to enemy all these guys and make it feel good so many right. That's that was the biggest challenge for the episode. Was just how much you have on screen. Never Shot Rangel physicians of crowds to make sure the focus goes in the right place. Because there's a lot of big lots of people in some shots in Rick. And morty every once in a while well we really you know Cuny and her fantastic board team like we're we're really just following what they're doing. That's that's always the note that I'm giving out to. The team is like what's look at the boards and see what it is. We were going for originally. Why didn't we get there So whenever there's an adjustment that's that's really you know sort of art. Our North Star is what the directors are trying to do so cuny desist actually the first time when I just got to scrape them in the surviving directors of West said. Can you get it can you? Can you just didn't say anything in Sabato just our toll. I'll tell James in James. Yes finally just rearranging. I asked him to. How many times did you wrote this in a he said times. Yeah firemen five rewrites before it went up so okay finally it's it works Complain every single episode to grow the do that sometimes got really pissed in high this show to the adult oversee Yet and something but anyway we need to do okay. We need to do this when Last work in very active. So sometimes it's really to avoid really really. Huge crowd thinks anything's The first lovely shot is actor. The regulars is gonNA shoot to air and the full down. Be a crater less. Try to disconnect showing the Wet Bay looks like in a very effective than not human thinks. Is that esteem. My favorite part in apt to just GONNA act to so many weeklies in jail. Generalists IS GONNA start fighting this. Why shot for everybody in Throw every single stuff. So Yeah Yeah. That's a great point. You can really do a lot by just clearly setting up the geography to start with you. Establish the crowd and then you show where each of the difference see clouds are and then you don't have to show it every single shot you don't need to see twenty different ricketts fighting in the background every single shot. You can choose your battles. Where's it going to give us the most bang for the buck absolutely? Yeah I remember the fourth I think the fourth draft I let production usually let them read an early draft? Sometimes and I remember Mandell. Might Mandel may recipe's FLAMENCO's office in saying this is not producible. This is fixable We can't make this so yeah I mean so in in many says you can't do it. It's it's on producible might have to Redo it now because everything is unpredictable. Until it's not I mean we basically what it means is okay for from my point of view how can we I? How can I rewrite stuff to make things smaller but the same? And how can we work with production to make things? More contained used background elements to cheat things And I put in quotes like how do we make it? Work is the kids and in after the shooting and then go down to the busing machine. Things is going to do on my God social less to this. This one is a chocolate factory. Just do it. One time one cycle on indesit make everybody's just in case okay that's right like an optical illusion that's what cartoons are. Ed already there frames per second were brains fill in the movement and we can also fill in geography of space. Yeah you totally do. Yeah that's how we make. Our show is on season four right now. Like where you're watching would be probably unpredictable for any other show. I mean the amount of the amount of stuff and assets and the cinematic elements that we pull off is just because of the people that work on it. I mean the and you know and adult swim does a good job too but it's would-be unpredictable for probably any other show or certainly a young show. It's very intense and awesome awesome. Seems to come up a lot that you guys The crew seems to often go above and beyond that beyond what's necessary they go for what's entertaining but there's tons of outtakes and everyone wants to know where these outtakes and how do people see them. Are they actually animated outtakes? There's very little stuff that we bother animating. That doesn't make it into the show. There are things that get rewritten. Sort of there are things that are floating around where it's like an entire be story almost completely change so that stuff's animated. You'd have to ask Justin Dan. Max S Dan. Hey Dan here on the line with US right now dancing. That song is Dan. Dan Dan Right. He's saying the song to how does that come about that. He's decides to sing it. He's seeing it as a SPEC and will fill in later does he. That's a great question. You should have our amazing talented sound people on Talk About Jessica ask revenue for s cameras. That's all writers and that's why there's all these musical episodes in cartoons. It's the dirty little secret of the cartoon. We'RE IN FOR THE ASK. Mike to see belly. You're on the line with the twenty companion podcasts. What's your name where you calling from High This is John Calling from Texas. Hello John a question John. Yeah my question D- guys make a conscious effort to younger writers or just new new belied I kind of felt like a bunch of like you know like current like pop. Culture references like misuse of fuck boy micro dose before. Yeah You know kind of like a spaceship thing with appropriate meatiest dead space type thing You guys like try to try to young right here in the room. I mean I think it depends season to season. We always have some young people in the room. For sure it depends on the season and the room But certainly we always trying to bring in New People. We have some that we have a wide range of all extremely talented people Better range from newer writers to experience more experienced riders It just depends on the season so we had some really really great talented writers across the Board on this one and as far as microdosing and stuff like that I mean I wrote it so I look at me. I don't know how I am but I mean know we're we are. We watched the same stuff. Is everybody so you know it's It's just it all gets absorbed. WanNa do what you guys do. So the four of you. How would you respond to that question? How do people get to do what you do? Well I think like Cuny and saying it can feel like pure luck allotted times maybe most of the time for me anyway but There's there's lucky and then there's being ready for when you're lucky you know what I mean. you just Keep working and keep doing it and eventually you've impressed the right person or right person makes the mistake of giving you the right job. Yeah you just put one foot in front of the other is a lot of a lot of luck and and then talent is the other twenty percent. But it's giving that chance it somebody giving you the chance to show your your worth and and when you do get a chance to really invest put forward in. Hopefully you've done your homework beforehand to really prove yourself. Prove your point but it's all about just continuing to try for that goal. I'm I didn't start. I went back to school when I was thirty. Eight to finish my degree and I had written Auchan an animation years ago so to come back and be a little bit now is is is is such a gift. So it's it's just a perseverance and continue to try and work hard. What you WANNA inspiration. Yeah I mean that. What they're saying is across the board right. I mean yeah you got you gotTa be good to be. Lucky lucky to be good but you more than anything. You have to be prepared and work hard. I mean like if you want to be a writer. The first thing that I would say is well the first thing I would say is. Don't be an asshole be nice. Yeah and the but the specifically for a writing like you gotta right and you gotTa right and right right and write and your writing for yourself in the beginning and it's probably gonNA suck but you have to be you have to right so that when you meet someone that gives you a chance to read something that you have something but before you even get there you probably need to start at the bottom as a PA Production Assistant And be you know. Be Grateful to be working on a show. And it's the lowest position. And you'll be getting launcher restocking fridges. And making coffee but you get to learn the business and and again once you want someone gives you a chance than than make the most of it count. Hey how about you? What's your take Same kind of things started to Bettina in career and then I'm the second animator in Ezzor Women so I know I have a little help talented the that I disconnect yet to step by step in his other knee in people start to notice me in. I can do everything so. Yeah then yeah just GONNA Kick Garden. Why would just whenever you can do and you want in try it yeah. Nobody's perfect in. Yeah the luck will with you guys. So just do it. Do you think now that you've successfully accomplished an episode with three storylines and a giant God figure who crashes into the service CRATER OF LIVING PLANET ORGAN. Expect too much from now on everything crazy all the time. Do you want to scale back and go chill for the next project? No Baby No. We're never GONNA chill out. No actually this. This show will be my last actually. Yes yeah I already told the producer? Maybe nothing's happened to me and is going to be my last ricky. Maury will be run seriously. Is On top Junkie Limb James Sicilian Robin Irwin. David Marshall Coming on guys. Thanks you gave away. Join US live next Monday at ten PM EASTERN ON ADULT SWIM DOT COM or the from APP and ask your questions. We'll be talking about the grand finale of season four. Subscribe to the podcast. Wherever you get your podcasts. As always we'd love to hear from you. Adilson podcast at gmail.com. Thanks to Christina larger for producing this episode special. Thanks to Steve. Levy for organizing all of this and thanks to you the listener for listening you think of that. Max had that. Go Fun time. I really liked. I really like David talking. Mama's wanted to ask him about a roster images versus vector thought. It would be cool to hear him. Explain it because I feel like he would hate himself for explaining it but then explain it anyway and it would have been cool was interesting hearing. I'm talking about the rounded characters in the pointy character. Totally makes sense though. Because like if you bend those limbs like and you don't have something around to cover up the hinges of a puppet you know. Imagine if you made a puppet just out square image of whatever you got off the exploited it. I like to get into the nitty gritty of it The callers pretty good. Yeah some of the best callers. We've had one more one more next week wait.

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