S1E14 - Bag Full of Drugs!


Meanwhile on a completely different podcast Patty folks and welcome to all new episode of my new. Podcast live as an old man. Well actually. I don't know if that's going to be the name or not. I should probably figure that out before I get it up there and posted. This is just kind of a tease. Something putting together to get your listen to. I'm putting it here on this on this other. Podcast give you a chance to listen to what it is. I'm doing by the way money. Abner Abner Francs. You probably know my son. His name Abner Frank says well. Maybe you don't know I don't know who you are. His Ain't going very well. Is well the whole purpose of this. Here podcast is for me to just talk about things. I see in life things that I think people can do. Better for example you ever been in the grocery store and you're walking down the aisle with your cart full of goods and you turn into an island Bam you just you just slim run into somebody else. He's also got a cart full of goods. Well you ever think that. Maybe that wouldn't happen. If people obey the traffic laws while they are pedestrians. Let me clarify here. Just a bit folks. Let me clarify what. I'm trying to say show. What have you always walked on the right side of the aisle? Whatever if you came to a full and complete stop. Every time you came to an intersection would have them carts hand. Turn signals on them. Don't you think that would make things a little better? Would if when you return and left into and I'll you stayed in that right lane. You just didn't swerve into the left lane like some kind of idiot kid out there on the road. Why can't do that in the grocery store? That's all I'm saying. In fact why don't we take it a step further? You get some folks in NAM grocery stores. They don't work. For a grocery store this as a government mandated policy. They go around and grocery stores and they give out tickets tickets anybody. Who is violating traffic laws within the grocery store owner the Walmart or the kmarts or the CVS or Walgreens or costco wherever? We're just talking about any kind of retail outlet in which people go and they're walking around now. You can do this in your office building to frankly. As far as I'm concerned you know if you WANNA if you won't institute this policy in your office building you go right on ahead but I'm I'm advocating this. Get it in the constitution. You know what I'm saying. Get an amendment in the constitution to make people obey traffic laws when as pedestrians that way. We ain't run into each other. You got one of these Vanessa. In traffic law violation police officers in in a in a costco for example and they walked down aisle and they see one of these Egypt's sitting there with their cart parked at an angle. Taken up the entire. I'll just so they can figure out. What kinda green beans they want. Well heck they get a ticket if it ain't there. I know you take him on to jail. That's what I say. We got to be more blunt to each other out there. Folks we gotta look around. We gotta see what's going on around us. You know. At the center of the universe people are back in like it. Is it too much to ask to use hand signals when you're pushing a cart? Hey person behind me. I'm getting ready to turn right up here at the intersection. You may not want to try to pass me better yet. I'm trying to turn left. Probably makes more sense because if you try to pass me when I'm going to turn left. We GonNa have us a collision speaking of pass people. I you such Dang hurry anyway. There's only so much room down that grocery how this CA- somebody stops to quickly grab Hannah Green beans. That's right green beans again. I have a lot green beans. Ain't nothing wrong with a can of green beans course. I don't go for that French cook. French cut green beans. I just ain't my thing I gotta just get the regular cut. Green beans little salt added. You know I don't do that. No Salt added. I don't care about my heart my sodium intake a fine people stop worrying about it. The vote I'm trying to make is what is so. Dad blamed important. That you gotta pass people in a grocery how come on now. That's why I think. Oh retail outlets. They're required the use of a grocery cart be remodeled so that their aisles are wider. We need four lane. Our you know what I'm talking about here. I mean I guess they're not lost my train of thought. I don't know where I was going with that. From a secret. Location deep within the hills of eastern Kansas One man armed only with the micro bone his voice and unnatural gift for hyperbole. Brings you the most important podcast in all of human history? It's time to escape from the mundane. Ladies and gentlemen. This is Steven or else. Hello Hello Hello and welcome. Who Hello and welcome to another. I gotTa stop singing during the intro. Because there's music playing behind me. Guess what it Stephen. Welcome to another episode Stephen or else holy crap. It's been a long time doesn't matter because you're getting one right now Stephen. Y'All right here coming at Ya Boo. I wish I had something to talk about. Though that would be. That would be amazing. Wouldn't it I try to plan for these things and I spend too much time going? Oh my gosh I gotta make plan and I stare at my screen and I got episode whatever typed into my show notes. And I'm staring at the screen and I think to myself. What am I GONNA do? What am I going to say? How am I going to structure this? Podcast I don't know and so they just walk away and I do an episode. Just another fan boy. Because I don't plan those there's no real structure to those. Those are easy. This is hard. This is hard work right now people. I am sweating blood. Sweat tears maybe a little dandruff possibly some ginger vitus. I'm getting a little little too personal. I think for you folks anyway. You know what that's not really the point. I'm not here to talk about my ginger vitus. I'm not here to talk about the lint that got betwixt mottos. I don't know what I'm here to talk about. Frankly it's a free for all up in here folks Yay Yay. I'll tell you what I'll tell you you what I will tell you what. How about we talk about some comics. What is your favorite thing in the world comics? Yes Batman a mysterious adventurous figure fighting for righteousness and apprehending the wrongdoer in his lone battle against the evil forces of society. His identity remains unknown. This is how the first appearance of Batman Opens. I'm looking at detective comics. Issue Number Twenty seven from May of nineteen thirty nine by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. This is a six page story and at the top. The title of the the comic says the Batman. And it gives you that little description now. The first big change between the Batman of then in the Batman of now is that the way his name is listed. It says the Batman but Batman has bat Dash M. A. N. And every time they use the name Batman they say the Batman and then Batman is in quotes. I don't know when they decided to squish the letters together and just call him Batman. Which really when you think about it as kind of a silly name. But recently I realised just like I had with Superman I had never read Batmans first appearance and unlike superman. This is not an origin story the first Batman Tale. He has already established as the Batman. But for those reading this story for the very first time all six pages of it. They don't know who Batman is. They don't know his secret identity. Of course we we know now right. I mean I'm not spoiling anything. By letting you know that. It's Bruce Wayne. But the Bruce Wayne in this first story is actually quite funny. Because we open at the home of Commissioner Gordon and the book says the home of Commissioner Gordon. Who at the moment is entertaining? His young socialite friend Bruce Wayne so their friends. It's kind of a weird friendship. I think just right off the bat there. In Gordon's Home Gordon is sitting at his desk. Batman is sitting at the well Batman. Sorry sorry everybody. Bruce Wayne is sitting at the On the other side of the desk and he's smoking a pipe and he's just he's just very he just seems bored. He just seems bored with life. Gordon gets a phone call and finds out that Lambert the chemical king has been stabbed to death and his sons fingerprints are all over the knife. So of course Gordon has to go check it out. The he has to oversee the crime scene but he invites his young friend. Bruce Wayne to tag along and Bruce Wayne says oh well nothing else to do. Might as well because he's just bored. He's bored with life. Now when they arrive at Lambert's mansion Bruce Wayne. He is just at Gordon inside the entire time. Gordon is walking the crime scene. He's talking to the cops. They're they're filling them in on what's going on. They point out Lambert son who who is a grown man? He goes to talk to Lambert son the whole time. Bruce is just right there right next to him he might as well be writing. Gordon's back because he's not just standing next to him. It's like he's he's at his right shoulder at all times. He's like A. I don't know he's like a hanger on but he's just he's just bored smoking his pipe just to Well Young Lambert tells the story that he had come home. He was walking by the library and he heard a groaning from within and he goes any finds his dad on the ground. He's been stabbed he's groaning. He notices that his dad's safe is open and he falls to the ground and he picks his dad up and father. No and his DAD SAYS CONTRACT CONTRACT. Oh and then he dies so asking the normal questions. Of course Gordon asks him if his father had any enemies he believes that Young Lambert did not kill his father but did he have any enemies and he tells them that he had three former business partners. Steve Crane Paul. Rogers and Alfred Stryker. Will at that very moment. One of the police officers is on the phone. And he says Commissioner Gordon. I have Steve Crane on the phone. He's called to speak with Old Lambert but when I told him that Old Lambert because they call him Old Lambert Versus Young Lambert but when I told him that Lambert was murdered he got very excited and he asked to speak with you so he gets on. Gordon gets on the phone with Steve Crane. Crane tells him that yesterday. Lambert had told him that he had received an anonymous threat upon his life and now the same thing has happened to him. Steve Crane so Gordon tells them hang on. Steve Crane we're on the way Bruce Decides at this point not to go with them over to crane's house and in fact as he's standing there tapping out his pipe on his palm tapping pipe ash all over. Lambert's carpets. And you know probably the crime scene too. I might add. He says Ho home all leave you to finish your work. I'm going home. Because he's a bored socialite while we go straight from that panel to the next panel where we see crane sitting in a chair and there's a man standing there pointing a gun at him. He shoots crane kills them. Opens up the safe steals a paper and leaps out the window. All this happens in two panels. He climbs up to the roof of the mansion. Where he meets up with a partner then they're both like ha ha we did it. We've got the paper but then suddenly the Batman is there and they turn around and they say vote back man and so they fight and Batman beats him up and he takes the paper and then Gordon arrives down the street below. He arrives at the mansion and the Butler tells them Gosh Mr Crane. He has been killed. And then we go straight back to Batman or the Batman. And he's in his very ordinary looking car and he's reading the paper that he had taken from the murderer who had taken it from cranes safe. And he's reading it and he smiles. Then we see one of the other partners Rogers. He goes to visit the fourth partner. The only two partners that are left alive. He goes to visit striker. But instead of seeing striker at Stryker's house striker striker striker striker that was from airplane. I don't know if you're aware that but instead of striker answering the door his man jennings is there and Jennings invites him inside wax. Rogers over the head carries them down to the basement lab ties him up and places him under this big open glass cylinder like a dome like a big glass Dome and he tells them ha ha. This is the gas chamber as soon as this glass. Lid Lowers over you. The gas will stream out of the jet thing at the top and you will die and he pushes some levers and whatnot and he says I'm going downstairs because apparently there's a sub basement. I'm going downstairs to turn on the gas and so the Glass. Dome thing starts to lower and then suddenly Batman is there and with the speed of prowling cat Prowling cats aren't really all that fast With the speed of pouncing Cheetah he grabs a wrench off of the table and leaps under the glass. Dome with Rogers and has the Dome encloses them. It meets the ground and covers them. He takes a handkerchief not a bat handkerchief. They don't call it a bat handkerchief but he takes a handkerchief and he shoves it up into the tubing the jet thing where the gas is gonNA come out. And then he smashes the dome with his wrench freeing Rogers. And that's when Jenny comes in and he's like why are you? And they fight Batman Takes Jennings out and at that point. Striker comes in now. Batman is kind of on the floor behind some equipment subduing jennings so striker. See Him and he comes in and he says oh so jennings didn't take you out Well then I'll have to finish you. He pulls out a knife. I'll finish you and then throw your body and the acid take below. Really dark striker. That's really dark. But of course Batman leaves out from behind the equipment and they fight and Batman subdues him. He's like holding striker there by his collar. He just holding him. And Rogers is he's befuddled. I don't understand. Why would he do this? The Batman and Batman spells it all out for him. Rogers Lambert Crane. Striker were once partners in the Apex Chemical Corporation striker. One at all of it. He didn't WANNA share the wealth. He wanted the whole thing but he didn't have the cash to buy it all up from the other three so he made these secret contracts to pay them a installments every year until he owned everything but he didn't wait that long so he hired someone to kill the three of them steal the contracts which as I said Batman points out they are secret that is important because nobody else knew of these contracts so if they so if he steals them and burns them the no one will know that he was trying to wrest control of this corporation away from them and at that point that striker breaks free and he pulls a gun and he shoots Batman but he misses because Batman socks in the jaw. And that's when striker reeling from the mighty blow falls into the tank of acid batmans response a fitting end for his kind. That's right folks. If you're not aware of it. Batman did not care if the people that he went after died he may have even used a gun at one point. I don't know I haven't gotten much further than issue number twenty seven but to wrap the story up. We go back to Commissioner Gordon. Back to home. He sitting at his desk with Bruce Wayne. And he's telling Bruce Wayne the harrowing adventure with the Batman. And Bruce Wayne is like I'm GonNa go home. He on and he leaves and commissioner. Gordon is thinking to himself that boy. It just doesn't seem to care about anything. He's so rich he's just bored with life and then Batman goes into his home and then comes right see. I said that wrong. Because if if you didn't know I'm kind of spoiling the ending Bruce Wayne who was hanging out with Commissioner Gordon with you on. I'm GonNa go home so boredom so rich. Bruce Wayne goes home. You see him go into the he opens up his front door walks into his home and then the front door opens back up and out. He comes again dressed as the back man and the whole readership at the time went. Bored Socialite Bruce Swayed as back man it cannot be but it did be. It would be this week's news and information you could have easily gotten yourself with just a little. Effort is brought to you by the Tom. Bosworth Pedestrian Traffic Institute of America. When Tom Bosworth set the world record for speed walking on July eight th two thousand seventeen little did he know that this amazing feat of Britishness would inspire Joan Milton from parameters New Jersey to create the very first pedestrian traffic institute? Do you find it difficult to make your way around your local grocery store. Do you stop at the intersections of aisles and find you quite certain what to do to has the right away. Sign up now for one seven year course at the Tom Bosworth Pedestrian Traffic Institute of America. And you'll be on the only path available to provide you with the guidance. You'll need to navigate America's cluttered retail superhighways with over six million campuses across the country. You'll have no trouble finding a classroom and getting the training you'll need apply today and receive a free set of walking shoes and your choice of white black or sporty red. So what are you waiting for the Tom? Bosworth Pedestrian Traffic Institute of America. Walk with confidence again. Today's headlines COME FROM ABC News Dot Com headline number. One family gets fifty. Five thousand. Duplicate letters from loan company in Ohio Man is pondering what to do with the fifty five thousand duplicate statements address to his home by a student loan company. Dan Kane said he was suspicious when a postal worker and twins Burg. Ohio told him recently. That has mail wouldn't fit through the front door of the office when Cain drove his truck around to the back of the building. He found a postal worker wheeling out to large bins full of letters. W. O. O. T. V. reported. It turned out that there were a total of seventy nine bins of letters and it took cain two trips to deliver them to the garage of his family's home in the city. Roughly Twenty five miles southeast of Cleveland officials from College Avenue. Student loan sent an email Monday that it apologized for the error in its mailing system and was putting corrective measures in place to prevent it from happening in the future. We are looking with Dan directly on a remedy including picking up the mail from him if possible and a statement credit for the inconvenience. The company's Chief Operating Officer Tim Staley said. I just hope it doesn't happen again. Cain said I might just have to return to sender Haha Zinger from Dan Kane. There folks Zinger Bird Buzinga Bam. The duplicate statements were for alone Kane and his wife had taken out for college tuition Kane said he also indicated that the statement was wrong and believed the company used the wrong interest rate to calculate his payment college avenue. Student loan said in the email Monday that there wasn't an error in the calculation the rate matches what was disclosed when the loan was originated. Staley said adding they also were working with Cain to resolve his questions regarding the interest rate. Fifty five thousand letters. At what point does somebody within the facility say Are we really supposed to be mailing out? Fifty five thousand letters to the same guy is that is that a thing. Nobody questioned this. That's what's wrong with corporate America today. Somebody's standing there. Watching all of these letters come off the line. No quality control fifty five thousand letters. Think of the trees man. Think of the trees. I mean the Laura ax is GonNa be pissed when he reads this article. You don't WanNa mess with the Laura axe. He speaks for the trees headline number two package labeled bag full of drugs leads to Florida arrests. Two men charged with drug trafficking. Could've done a better job hiding their wares than using a package labeled bag full of drugs Florida authorities said Ian Simmons and Joshua Reinhard. Both thirty four were pulled over in Santa Rosa County on Saturday after a trooper clock them going ninety five miles per hour on interstate. Ten on the state's panhandle. According to a Florida Highway Patrol arrest report the trooper determined. That Reinhardt was the subject of an active felony warrant for violation of probation in Orange County. He requested backup a Santa Rosa County. Sheriff deputy arrived to assist and a canine alerted to the presence of contraband in the vehicle. The arrest report said authorities found approximately seventy five grams of methamphetamine. One point three six kilograms of the date rape drug. Ghb One gram of cocaine. Three point six grams of Feno. Fifteen M D M eight tablets and drug paraphernalia. Both men were taken into custody and taken to jail. They were charged with trafficking and methamphetamine and GHB three counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Note to self. Do not traffic. You're legal narcotics and bags labeled bag full of drugs. Deputies wrote on facebook are canines can read jail. Records did not say whether the man had attorneys. Who would comment so? Did they have other bags in the car? Similar bags to the bags that have the drugs may be one bag. Had their lunch. Another bag had office supplies. Maybe a third bag had their grandmothers prescription medicine in it or something they were donating to the local nursing home. And they didn't want to get the bags mixed up and so rather than labeling the other bags they said the important one is the bag full of drugs. So let's let's label that one. It just makes me wonder about the future. Ladies and gentlemen it makes me wonder about our future and it makes me makes me a little sad. I learned something new every day. For example. Did you know that people are colder today than they were in the nineteenth century? It's true according to Ripley's believe it or not way back in eighteen fifty one German scientist by the name of Carl. Reinhold August wondering which developed the standard for our internal body temperature of ninety eight point six degrees Fahrenheit or thirty seven degrees Celsius the good doctor collected millions of temperature samples from two thousand five hundred patients in the city of lip. Ziege didn't matter if they were sick or not. He took their temperatures and then wrote the book on temperature. Variation related to illness Wunderlich noted temperature variations based on gender age height and weight. His research was so spot on that ninety eight point. Six degrees Fahrenheit became the textbooks standard for ideal body temperature for generations and it is still used today because of his work. Doctors began using body temperature as the thing to look for and to identify the presence of infection. I mean you go to a doctor today in. What's the first thing they do? They stick in a room and then the nurse comes in and she takes your blood pressure and she takes your temperature but regardless of all that doctors today. No that one's body temperature can change. It actually fluctuates by as much as a half a degree throughout the day older people tend to stay colder than younger people. Menstruating women are typically warmer than men and most folks. Risa bit after eating or exercise or knows. This guy gets a little warm under the caller. After having a big Mac I can tell you that when all said and done however we tend to hover around a standard body temperature. But guess. What according to this Ripley's believe it or not article? Our Body temperatures have been dropping by approximately zero point zero five degrees Fahrenheit every ten years since the early eighteen. Hundreds the result women born in the two thousands are on average point. Five eight degrees Fahrenheit cooler than females born in the eighteen ninety for man those born in the two thousands measure one point zero six degrees Fahrenheit cooler than males born in the early eighteen hundreds. This means that we're going to get a change to what doctors consider our standard body temperature. Maybe some scientists from Stanford are calling for a change. But what's causing the cooldown. What's happened in is it global warming. No actually it's not. The article says that scientists theorizes that this change in body temperature has to do with decreased rates of inflammation due to antibiotics anti inflammatory drugs. And all over better health all them folks in the nineteenth century well. They had to deal with malaria and tuberculosis. Dental disease chronic wounds and everybody's favorite bouts of dysentery. It's no wonder they ran a little hotter. The article goes on further to say that scientists also theorize that are comfortable modern. Lifestyles may play a role in these changes. Americans live in temperature controlled environments hovering around the constant seventy degrees Fahrenheit year round. Basically what they're saying there is our bodies don't have to work that hard to maintain that body temperature because we're Kinda doing forum but does that mean that people in other parts of the world you know the areas in the world that don't have access to a lot of antibiotics thermostats and dental care. Are they running warmer? The two thousand eight study from Pakistan supports this conclusion with subjects. Averaging Wonder Lynch's original figure of ninety eight point six degrees Fahrenheit that said at least. That's what the article says. More research is still needed. Some scientists think that the cooling trend will continue in the future as medicine and life expectancy improve researchers even hope to use body temperature as a means of predicting longevity knows for sure though what a continued drop in temperature will mean for humans moving forward but I tell you what I'm getting cold just thinking about it getting a little chivalry. It doesn't help that. It's below freezing outside. But I think it's best that we all warm up with thirty seconds of nonsense. One of my biggest hopes in life is to one day. Write a fish. You know like a horse just strap on a saddle and scuba gear and let her rip think of the freedom. If only I could make this dream come true. Then maybe I could move onto the next the next dream on my list underwater cowboy. I'm talking about revolutionizing the fishing industry here folks. I'm talking about a good old fashioned fist. Drive because believe you me. There's nothing like bringing in a school of fish. Thirty seconds of nonsense has been brought to you by the Arthur McKenzie. School of fish wrangling. Sign up today and you'll be roping fish by Christmas Solutions Inc. This is Charles. How May I help you? Well honestly I'm sure I got the right place. For which product are you enquiring Ham patties? Well then you have the right place how May I help you? Are you sure because I thought I was calling the Yemeni term foods hotline? I ain't never heard of this solutions in whatever it is you call it. Solutions Inc. Sir. We're a call center that contracts out to many of the products and services. You use every day. How can I help you see okay? Well here's the thing I bought a case of your hand. Pat is seven years ago. You know them hand ones and when I'm down to my last candidate it says here that it's expired. Okay well yeah I mean I wanted to have some Ham patties tonight. You know for dinner. I mean I sure do love these hand patty. You know what I'm saying. Who of course I do? Yummy Yum Ham. Peres up positively scrumptious. Yeah about a whole case of met the huge mark because it was cheap and on sale and all that and well like I said I love me some Ham Patty so I thought I'd picking on a splendid right so if you managed to go pull that last can from the cabinet to cook me up some of these hand patties and I look at the date on the back which I never do to be honest with you. I just figured it's Ham patties. Right Ham had his. Don't go bad indeed. Well the date here let let me grab the CAN. I'll read exactly to you what it says. Take you time. Okay okay. I found splendid. Yeah so the date here on top of the candidate says use before April. Twenty-seventh right. Okay well that's April twenty seventh of this year right. That's one possibility. Well it says here April twenty seven two thousand but that was last year wasn't it? That's correct well. I guess what I'm asking. Here's in regards to the date there that's printed there on top of that. Can I mean? Is there like a hard and fast rule that date you know like does the date meaning that the hand patties have gone bad starting the day after that date or is there some wiggle room there that data's meant to inform the that it's best to prepare serve and consume? Those pat is before the date to ensure maximum taste right. I understand that but if was to eat it you know like after the date. Would I become like sick or anything? It is possible depending on how long the time frame is following the date. It is entirely feasible that you could become sick. Which is why we would never recommend that. You consume any of our products after the date that has been printed on the package. Okay cool I guess that makes sense all right? Thanks no thank you anything else I can do for you today now now. I don't think so well in that case. Thank you for your call and have a good day. Okay you too. Yes says there's something can help you with. Will I the HAM patties? I see well. I'm sure you'll be okay. We'll have thrown up four times already. Well in that case I would suggest you seek medical help as soon as possible. Really you think that's necessary. Yes Sir I believe. Under the circumstances that it would be in your best interest to hang up the phone and continue. It wants to the emergency room of your local hospital or possibly even a walk in urgent care facility that that's a good idea. I guess but here's the thing I'm new to town. I really sure where the hospital is. Or if we even have one well. That's no problem. In light of this new information I would recommend you hang up and dial nine one. One with all due haste okay. Yeah I could do that I suppose. What was your name again? Well My name is Charles Charles. Bland but you can call me. Chuck okay. Great. Thanks CHECK. Not Problems Thank you I think. I'll have the chicken for lunch today there. It is folks the end of the episode again. It's been a long time since I put one of these out but I'm feeling pretty good about this one. I'm feeling Pretty Darn Day. Indeed now before I go. I do want to say that I love you. Not all of you. I mean that was kind of mean to say I love you and then just take it back because I mean I don't know why I said it in the first place you know. I'm like one of those uncomfortable. Kids out on a date. I love you. I just wanted to say that. I think y'all are great. I mean if you're listening to this show. After that great amount of time I was off. I tried to throw a couple episodes in their here and there. I don't know they're not that great. I'm really proud of this. I think this is a good one and I. I got them creative juices flowing again. I'm ready to start out some more episodes so I don't know I don't know what else I should say. That's about it I wanted to I. also well. Here's the thing all right. Okay let me back up. The mirror wind that a little bit. I don't want to just wrap it up here. I WanNa tell you about something I got going on. If you do the whole discord thing I do have a new discord server out there for me for the Stephen or else. It's there to talk about this show. It's there to talk about comics. It's there to talk about. Just another fan boy. It's just there to talk man. Just get together. We'll chat. We'll say things to each other. I haven't done the voice part of it yet. I don't I don't really have time or a place to sit down with like a microphone and a headset and just chat with people but as far as text chat. I'm all about that. So give it a try. Go over there if you discord discord dot Stephen are else dot com. And Hey if you wanNA tell me Dude. Where have you been? Thank you for this episode. It was splendiforous and wonderful. And the new hotness and on bleak and tight and shiny and all that stuff you can send that to feedback at Stephen or else dot com. You can support me over at the Patriots on for as little as a dollar a month. Patriot dot com slash Stephen. Or and. Then you're going to get access to my other podcast and guess what that's called. It's called my other podcast. Ha isn't that crazy that crazy. I came up with that. That's fine. I'm a genius. It's my podcast. My other podcast. It releases every week and recently I've been using it to talk about comics. Sometimes I talk about what's coming up on. Just another fan boy. What might be working on. What's in my head what's going on around me I did. A couple of episodes about the weather. Doesn't that sound exciting? Will you can get that every week for as little as a dollar a month one dollar a month. That's not a lot you're GONNA get this other podcast my other podcast four times a week unless it's a week that has five weeks but in a normal month that has four weeks. That's twenty five cents an episode one dollars a month twelve dollars a year. That's less than a cup of coffee. That's how people try to sell that stuff. People be bond coffee. Oh Lord ain't got no problems going in and buying a couple of governors. I'm talking about something little less than the price of a cup of coffee once a month. But here's the deal folks if you don't WanNA support me monetarily if you don't want to if you can't if you can't afford it or you just plain simply do not want to a school. I don't mind I sure could use your help though. Just getting the word out there. Tell your friend tell your friends. Friend tile note sticking in a bottle throw it into the FREAKING OCEAN. Whisper it to your dog. Just tell some people bring them round. Stephen are else. Just another fan boy. We're out there man we're just doing. We're just digging in changing the world. One podcast at a time. Not really not really. Have you WanNa find me and other places out on the web you gotTa Stephen Around Dot Com? That's the website just know the fan boy dot com. That's the website to. You can find me at twitter and Instagram at Stephen. Ross Dot Com. I'll be over there all the time just putting stuff up bunch of nonsense but then that's my podcast right. So that's IT folks. That's the end of the episode. I hope you enjoyed it. I can't wait to record some more. I'm out love. You be nice to each other. What else can I say bye by the WHO I guess what? I'm trying to say folks as we all need to be better about things and laugh. Wake up smell the coffee or the tea. I don't know what you drink in the morning. Some people wake up and they drink energy drinks. I don't I don't get that myself. Seems like a heart attack and can if you asked me he there's always gotta be looking use your peripherals folks people behind you. There's people next to you. I remember what I was talking about. Now Dragnet Grocery House. They need to be wider. We need a browsing lane first of all on each side of the aisle. This is the lane where you can stop and you can look at stuff on our on the on the shelving. Let's he's green beans as an example again. Let's say all you finders. French cut green beans. Well you don't like them. French cut green beans. Just a little too fancy for your taste. You're looking for just regular cut green beans. She you stopped there and you pause and you're looking up and down You're looking at the shelves. You're reading labels all you can find as green beans that are cut the way you lock their no salt added. What was the funding that next to that Browsing Lane? Is the go through lane. I'm sure there's a better name for but basically it's You can just go by you. Don't have to worry about trying to pass them hitting somebody coming the other direction. Because you're GonNa have two lanes going either way the go through lame. That's what you need. Four lanes to browder lanes to go through. Lanes are passing lanes ups. Cheat Code. You passing lanes. I suppose that makes a little bit more sense than go through. You know what sometimes I go to the grocery store and I'm going down the main island. I just need to get onto the other side. I I use one of these cross aisles and I. I don't want to have to worry about people stopping to look for Chili. I just WANNA get through. I JUST WANNA get through to the other side. Well we had one of these passing lanes. You can do that. You get from one side of the grocery store trading other. Don't have to wait while people look for pig's feet spray on butter. What's that all about anyway? Spray on butter and seems Kinda Weird. Don't you think better something you pull out of a tub with a knife and you spray it on. Why are you spraying butter on things wrong with these people these days? Just listen to what I'm telling YOU FOLKS. Listen to my podcast. Follow my rules. You'll get okay you'll get on one life like like somebody who gets on in life as does lay. You know doing stuff laura way now. I can't tell you where to finance podcast because like I said I ain't even come up with a name for it yet. I don't know where it's going to be frankly. I don't even know this is going to go out to anybody. I said I was GONNA put it on somebody else's podcast but I'll be honest with Yano. Nobody how know anybody that's it that's all I got to say. I guess I don't know I don't know how to close wanted things out. Maybe I'll just stop talking. Maybe that's what I should do. Just stop talking and maybe some musical come in and maybe something else will happen. I don't know have really thought about it too much. You know what? Here's another thing you should do when you're playing and you should you should plan planning is an important thing plan on. Steph. Otherwise at some point you just GonNa find yourself sitting in a car battling away like some kind of idiot no point at all. You got nothing to say folks. Maybe you got something to say. I don't know I'm just saying I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Maybe maybe if somebody would just give me the mercy of just cutting this off and getting on with something else that would that would really help me out a bit. Because I'm I'm lost. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm going crazy over here folks. Everything's go nuts. Why can't somebody just come along and cut it off and move on with the show already? Just please please God please. I'm going to do that.

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