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From the investors turks bank studio boomer assize in gregg giannotti boomer and geo on the fan simulcasts across the country on c._b._s. Sports network <hes> friday morning. Yes it is the first football friday of the year. We had our opening night last night. Packers and bears errors in it was a defense of battle. That's for sure a lot of people watching game like means say a little bit boring but it was fun and watching those defenses do what they did. A little bit scary to me is a fan of the vikings. Watching both of those defense is gonna work last night but we are here here. After many many months of upheaval with both the new york football teams new general managers new you quarterbacks drafted new coaches everywhere wide receivers that are superstars getting traded week. One is finally here ear and these two teams well one positivie around the other would be a little bit of a shocker if they made the playoffs starts now and takes us aw in february and i couldn't be happier about it good morning our you don't you also got your guy antonio brown going off the end again to buy forget about that. I had to that and a lot of things going on with the raiders by the way just <hes> you know before we get sorry about last night's game. Get the yankees and the mets big series this week yanks up in boston. Obviously mets return home. Here's the thing when when you when you watch these games now early on in the season you're going to see guys. Does it have not played in any sort of game action at all and it really hurts the offense. The offense has got to be on the same page. There can't be blown assignments on the offensive sense of line. There can't be misreads by the quarterbacks. There can't be dropped by the wide receivers. The defense is aggressive and both of those defenses last night. We're really really aggressive so they made both quarterbacks. Look average aaron rodgers at time there in the second quarter showed why he's so good that that's a blender that is like that is like on on high speed blender when you're playing in chicago and you're playing against that type of defense and the defense is not as good as the eighty five bears but they are good and they pressure the opposing quarterbacks accent is very difficult to run on them. It's just that like i have been saying this about mitch trubisky appea- if the bears really truly want to be a championship team. He's got to be the guy that's gonna lead them there. He's got to be more accurate. He's gotta be less like a chihuahua on thirty six madison in rush hour you know he is playing the game way too fast again and this is the guy that i saw last year. There were times he made plays he would break away and do something that you know he was able to do athletically but that's not how you play quarterback in the n._f._l. And what i saw last night was a guy who has progressed. I saw that stuck in neutral and he'll get better as the season it goes on. There's no question about it but neither one of these offenses especially. The quarterbacks played at all in preseason well. I think that's a big factor. In generally the defense is going to be ahead of the offensive that is the case the timing and all of that now and rogers basically won the game with that one driver he was great where he saw marquez valdez scaling down the middle of the field where there's no safety there and then through the touchdown pass to jimmy. That's where he won the game so he was great in that game for basically a four play drive and that one the game offense will be for the packers. Obviously their defense won the game over here. Here's the deal if you know plus. There are a lot of penalties. You know a lot of stoppages stuck. I mean s._p._i._c. right now. If you are the bears you wake up this morning and you give up ten points on your home field on opening night. That's came you. Gotta win like thirty five to ten right absolute. Ah you and i both picked the packers to win. This game always covered the game. Yeah and i had to win as well but i also had the over so i can't take much credit because they did not think it was going to go this way. I know well nobody did but hopefully this is not a sign of things to come this weekend. You know what we'll have teams that we'll have good offensive game simply because it'll be playing against bad defenses. It says right that was pretty pretty impressive defenses last night. They ran you know they were running a ball. They were flying all over the place roquan smith. Is you know you could see just just is the second year now of what it means to be on the field. If you are a young player and how how it's different and how now all of a sudden you could just let it go. Oh and go play and just let your instinct takes over and that kid certainly showed that so you'll see that hopefully from guys like sam darnold. We'll see that from josh allen baker mayfield but all these people that keep talking about all we got this. We got that we got a man. It's going to take a good month before anybody realizes what they haven't offense because none of these guys have done or played in a game that has those kind of anxious moments and have played four quarters and i often say yeah you could be physically prepared to go into a game you could it'd be in the best shape of your life but we're really is taxing in the n._f._l. Is the fourth quarter mentally because you've been dealing with this now for three quarters right and basically two and a half to two hours and forty-five minutes in real time you're under extreme duress mentally and you're not used to that. You're just you're just not used to it and mitch trubisky. Obviously he's not used to that. Even arron rogers was not used that last night yeah i i think that last year with all the offense and the emergence of pat mahomes homes and the records that were being broken could have been one of the more exciting n._f._l. Football seasons in a while with some great ones but offensively was an explosion explosion however the last two games we have seen played in the fans yeah. It's been all defense the super bowl and then last night. I don't think that's going to be a trend. I think that's more of an anomaly really than anything else but i was watching his game. This is the super bowl all again no offense in this guy and the one thing i will say in watching these games last night defensive linemen defensive lineman pressure with four you know whether it be <hes> clark or or mac or any of the guys that were on the field last night for either one of those teams. This is why you know you gotta you gotta worry about teams like jacksonville in houston and <hes> the the chargers you know even the even the forty niners have got this awesome defensive line now and this is what everybody wants. They want pass rushers. They want interior pressure. They don't want to have the there were some blitz and going on last night of course especially with my pet and as we know from his jets yup but it's all about the pass rush in the pass rush got to both both quarterbacks last night at times mitch trubisky just like he was like out of sorts like this should have been easier to him but it's he'll get better as the year goes is on but last night was probably a wakeup call for him and matt nagy score three points in your opening game against your longest rival in doc. The opening of the season in front of the fan base was crazy. Your team that won the division last time in the big question mark going on with the bears fans was the kicker kicker and the kicker goes out. He makes that field goal in the beginning and they're cheering but nobody thought the rest of the offense was going to be that bad trubisky did have an opportunity in the fourth quarter two two minutes to go. He had alan robinson allen. Robinson was the only bear really had a good offensive game seven catches over one hundred yards last night you know he sees him in the corner of the endzone however he's double teamed and he forces the ball in their throws that pick with two minutes to go. I mean if if it's a better throw a better decision there maybe have another opportunity or maybe the end up scoring the touchdown to tie the game but that that was the mistake after as poorly as he had played the entire night he had an opportunity and he took too much of a risky throw to his best wide receiver and that cost now is it. I mean they never got down there again. And that was the end of it. Remember i asked you the question the other day and had mitch trubisky and that's seven quarterback list yeah about whether or not you know he's ready to take it to the next level and win a game like last night as poorly as maybe aaron rodgers in the green bay packer offense played last night. They won the game on the road sure there's no you could call it an ugly win. I called game on the division vision game fair with the new head coach and the number one defense. Try out the eighty five bears before the game and a lot of credit deal with they won the game and you know i'm sure that when they wake up this morning i don't care we score ten points and the thing about it is aaron. Rodgers didn't turn the ball over the right right absolutely some saks place. It almost did right. Nobody did he did fumble and ended up recovering himself but but it was it was very close but yeah he he won the game himself at least offensively with dr so we get our first look in in real games with the jets and giants coming up division games to start the jets and bills was the giants and the cowboys and the jets in the offense that we want to see from them. There is a lot of expectation on both sides of the ball but i think especially especially offensively for the jets not only because it's a new head coach who's an offensive guy not only because it sam darnold and his second year not only because seattle levian bell. I mean there's a million reasons why the expectation level for the offense is very very high and if they come out out and give you a lot of people are going to be unhappy and you wanted to why the expectations are high because adam gates has made them hi i've watched watch you know the jets do this show and they put it out there on the on the on social media and all that stuff and you can you can watch adam kind of break down the film of sam darnold yeah and he is so a few of sam darnold and saying so many great things about sam darnold and as i have but i'm not as coach right one. I think the media guy says something. It's another thing when the head coach starts talking glowingly about your quarterback and you know he has been really over the top in his praise praise of sam and sam's abilities now. I don't know if he's doing that because that's what the jets want him to do. In order to sell season tickets or he's actually doing that because he wants to put extra a pressure on salmon wants to see how he handles enter and totally one hundred percent believes it but he has now lit the fire. If you will of expectations for sam darnold you know my buddy bob glauber from newsday wrote an article yesterday and this goes back a month ago. I think at c._b._s. Seminar he interviewed me about sam. So what do you think about sam. I said well sam's gotta own his football team. He's got to be the man and i think sam understands what i'm talking about. I don't mean he has to be raw ronal that other stuff that that's not my point my point is is that the fifty two other guys on that staff or on that team on the roster the coaches the players that are around him every day. I've got to watch him go about his business as a professional. You don't have to be era guy but you gotta be able to get into people's faces. You've got to be able to own your team. You gotta be able to live up to the expectations at your coach your owner your fan base. The media around here of all put on you is a ton of pressure in that young man. It's his second year and he has got have to own this team. It's gotta be his team. Tom brady is not a raw raw guy but he'll be he'll go off on the sideline every now and again but yeah it's been around for twenty years so this is the beginning of sam second near and unlike mitch trubisky last night. You know if the game is online at the end of the game and it's at home against division rival. You know you gotta go win. It sure got it and if you go win it if you go in it and you do it unlike mr bisky did it last night and he does it here now all of a sudden that's part of the process process of being the man and owning your team and everybody looking at you. You don't have to go out there and tell everybody how great you are not saying that you got to do it on the field. You got to do it in the meeting rooms and you've got to be so damn confident in yourself. That confidence is going to raise. Everybody's level around you and this week. One game is important because it's week one division game all of that apple also extra importance with the way that the jets schedule lays out early on you know they drop this one then you're thinking about. Maybe being a hole in a whole that's going to be tough to new climate of but there's reasons to be excited with the players at the jets have acquired via the draft and free agency and how much of a new look team. This is from the four win team last year. The one thing that i really wanna see and i think is going to be a major factor with this offense. I think sam's gonna be alright. I really do as much crap as levy theon bell. I think he's in shape and ready to roll. I think he's gonna be alright but who's that guy that next star or someone. That's going to help out sam darnold. Is it going to be rob again anderson again. Is it going to be jamison crowder. Is it going to be quincy and noon well. I thought that it sucks that chris. Hernan suspended for the first four games because the rapport between those two guys at the end of the year was spectacular but robbie anderson had a great stretch at the end of last year. Can he now mature into a guy who is looked at as a legit it number one wide receiver. That's a big question for me or is it going to be sort of by committee with those other guys but i think that sam needs. He needs one more guy out there to really step up and have a breakout season for him as a past time on don't forget about him. I mean he is. He is really good player. He's an under the radar signing. I know he's has injury issues but at the end end of the day he's a guy that kind of brings you the same thing that levian bell brings you he can catch out of the backfield so be interesting to see how they deploy william and the point that you're making about the wide receivers as good but we don't know yet right why because they haven't played now we haven't seen them since last year and we have not really seen a a offensive game plan put together and what adam gates is going to try to do to the buffalo bills in our defense so this is the fascinating part. It's it's opening night. We saw both teams offensively last night. Just look like they got pushed around a lot of mistakes a lot of penalties the offense of wine and the bears may have had their worst game in the last ten games. They made so many mistakes. It was ridiculous but hey this is. This is opening weekend the n._f._l. Now the say all that other stuff the san antonio brown stuff now so i don't know if you saw this but the captains of the raiders yeah collectively got together after practice yesterday and they wanted to john gruden's office and they are the players that have witnessed the nonsense that has gone on for the last five weeks with the raiders and their and their training camp in the frostbitten feet and the helmet and the missing preseason games and missing meetings and missing practice and that's why mike mayock had to find antonio brown because he's one of fifty three he may be the best of those fifty three but he has to be treated the same way and mike and mike mayock doc was pushed to the brink late in training camp he said either. You're all in there. You're all out remember that whole discussion of course and that's when the fine came and then antonio brown obviously isley as we go down the you know the road here of history puts that let her out on instagram and you know put some really tough words to it and then comes word that he threatens mic mac on the field. The players saw all that yep so the players wanted to see jon gruden said hey coach whatever you guys decide we are with you and then derek carr goes onto say that you know it's hard to defend the indefensible. It's hard to sit. Sit here and support antonio brown. We all want him on the field. We all want him to be a part of our team but the things that he has done <hes> just basically we. We can't defend so the players to tell you that he is out on an island and is i don't know if he's bipolar. I don't know if he's tripolar but he is basically soclean cost him third himself. Thirty million dollars guaranteed depending on what the raiders do with him and if they suspend him all those practical guarantees that the raider gave him a new contract after they made the trade with the pittsburgh steelers those guarantees go by the wayside man. His idiocy is going to cost him a potential thirty thirty million in guarantees. Now the raiders have the leverage now because of his actions they can suspend them now. They can still keep them that doesn't mean they're gonna cut him but they could suspend end him and wipe out all those guarantees meaning that they'll have that leverage over the top him over the next three years if they decide to keep them yeah. It sounds to me though that they if they end up going on after those guarantees that that's going to be something that's going to be a mess for the raiders. It's gonna drag on for a long time because then then you're talking about you know jon gruden rude and mike mayock having to go to hearings appeals and dealing with that so that's another layer of it but you cannot defend anything that antonio brown has done however the raiders to me who have preached all this and mike mayock since getting this job preached the culture and the accountability and all of this stuff went out and traded for a guy who was visibly insane and also quit on his team the last week of the season when the playoffs are on the line so i'm. I'm not defending antonio brown's actions. This is ridiculous a raiders fan. I would be livid with this guy. However if you're trying to change a culture that's the last guy on earth you should be trading for is antonio brown so they deserve a ton of criticism in this and if they end up now trading away khalil lille mack who was one of the dominant defensive players that game seen in the last five years trade away him and then bringing this guy and after cottam before he plays a game i mean that's-that's organizational malfeasance you know what i think they did here they also brought in bonn tells perfect and richie incognito and they trade for antonio brown and and give him a contract to pacify yeah i think they had holes on their roster. They wanted to take fliers on players and they wanted to give players in some cases second third jordan fourth chances just simply because they don't have the players to man those positions and they figured this was the cheap way out and i'm talking about the other two not antonio brown and we'll we'll give them an opportunity community to kind of get their lives right. That's why you didn't see much of reggie incognito or montas perfect on h._b._o. Hard knocks. I said we're not putting these two guys out there because it's gonna make us look ridiculous advantest perfect one of the guys that separated mayock and antonio brown. That's how far antonio brown that perfect is a voice <music> of reason out there on the practice and i'm going to tell you the personality of mike mayock has not to take any flack or any crap from anybody but remember who hired mike mayock jon gruden gruden jon gruden did so by virtue of extension good cop bad cop <hes> you know he's doing exactly what group wants to do. He's he's look you've got. You've got the whole this guy accountable because i got to be very careful. I got fifty two other players now. Those fifty two other players. I believe took jon gruden off the hook. Now they went in there and they talked talked to him yesterday as captain instead where would you coach whatever you decide to do. We're good man. Knock on wood. Knock on right so get rid of the guy suspend the guy what ever it takes whatever you do. We've got your back as plight. What's today. That's great. That's great to hear. What did they think was going to happen when they traded for this guy they they gave him in the world saw that he was going to be a problem now that i think it was going to happen before the season started no but at some point when he wasn't getting i i remember talking about this. You know whatever team he went to that first game where you only get targeted four times or whatever throughout the whole game. He's gonna lose his mind. He's going to throw a water cooler. He's is going to be kicking stop on the sidelines and crashing his quarterback. I thought it would happen midseason. It didn't even get to week one. What did the raiders expect when they traded for this guy you remember when the yours yours just got hammered when they traded him and said they got nothing for him in house but they got they got they got hammered. I don't believe that the giants got hammered not often frodo beckham junior and steelers getting how're ultimately. You got to get rid of these guys outta the locker room now. I do think that there is something to be said about. What may occur doc is talking about the culture and lock them. Every general manager in every coach wants that that's why cattlemans doing what he's doing that the giants that's why he got rid of certain players that didn't want to hear any missing. Listen guy said he didn't bring an ear. He you know they do this in hockey they do. I don't necessarily know that they do it all sports but where you are where where the game is really physical nasty like this and the and the and the physicality come into the game football and hockey they try to do that. They try hi to make sure that the guys that they have that roster and the way that they build the the room the locker room. It's going to be supportive of of the team in all the worst or situations because that's when it all becomes a revealing attribute to your team whether or not you're good because when you're losing you got locked. Lawyers lawyer said the media talking off the record. All these things are shown up in the paper. You know you got connections in the on social media and also the crap. I i would not be surprised that the raiders decide to move on. I wouldn't be either but i think that every all the focus is on antonio brown i mean i just think that you know the rate deserve some criticism and you're comparing dodo beckham junior at this point. I mean odell beckham. Junior's boutros boutros ghali compared antonio brown at this point about those two guys the del handle himself poorly antonio brown. This is this this dwarfs. The terrell owens craziness craziness where he was doing situps in his driveway. What antonio brown has just done in the last three weeks coming in with frostbitten defeat after arriving in training camp to training camp in a hot air balloon and then refusing to practice because he couldn't find a helmet that was not older than ten years old to play with and then threatening to fight who'll do punches general manager in the face before week. One is is the most bizarre behavior i've seen from a single player that is on a roster probably in my life and and you haven't even listed any of these social social media on top of all of this stuff including him instagram ing the fine notes that he got from mike mayock say no yes hit yesterday and yes that he punted the ball and yelled at may find the for that bleep. You know what i mean. Yes totally insubordinate and i'm on mike mayock aside here. He's got to be the hardest. He's gotta be guided holes the player accountable. They're fifty two other players that are looking at them in every coach out there that is listening to this. I think applauds leads exactly what the raiders are doing right now. No real for real. You're gonna be out thirty million bucks boomer and geo on a fan on end up with the patriots the super bowl. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo n._f._l. Season get started last night lighting chicago with a packer win. Jerry recco is here about that and everything else. I think boomer has something to save. I just wanna say this last thing about antonio brown round now. The raiders have not suspended yet. <hes> the raiders basically right now are trying to figure out what to do and i'm sure they are in contact with the league office when it comes to the c._b._a. And what all the rules are what the potential fallout of this is and of course you see drew rosenhaus a._b._c.'s agent last night at the game name. You know talking about how we have to repair this fractured relationship. Your your client created the fracture has nothing to do with mayock and in gruden it has to do with your crazy client. Who's completely out of control drew. Rosenhaus knows that but he also knows that money rules the world and he's going to have his clients back because he gets a massive amount of money so a guy who votes as much as antonio brown the guarantees are about twenty nine point one three million dollars that the raiders if they suspend him could could could wipe out and have the leverage over the top of don't have the guts to do that then i would cut his ass i would man and if the players came in and told gruden we got your back. We understand because because what we saw in what went on here for the last four weeks is a disgrace that no football player should get away with what antonio brown has tried to get away with then inkata's. Ask yourself about the friday of week one. I know they play monday nights a friday a week one and this is what they're dealing with. Jon gruden just ten million dollars a year and he's supposed to be there when they moved to vegas. He might just step down. No peru yeah for. I'm just telling you so they're. I think they're just going through what you know. There's also you gotta. You're dealing with california california employment law and everything else <music> out there. It's not just the n._f._l. The it's a lot of different things that you know that you have to deal with and this is going to be interesting to see what the raiders do. I my sense is i would just cut him. Get rid of them. Because that's how bad it's been yeah no. It's not i've seen in my life. It is it is it is really bad. I i mean it is erin criminal activity that you threaten somebody to punch him in the face. This is the general and that wasn't just somebody was the general manager jerry. What are you got forced man. We're brought to you by bobby v's restaurant and sports bar and winter stanford the destination crafted for all that monday night game is against the broncos <hes> this was jon gruden yesterday. I'm not going to get into any of that stuff right now have official announcement later but <hes> i'll. I'll be happy to the questions. Did you see the incident that just yeah <hes>. I'm not gonna get into all of it. Obviously <hes> wasn't here today and when we have some information for you we'll we'll give it to nine on here today. Meaning thursday didn't practice gruden runs the team. He's the guy that's running the team. He's the one that's telling me what to do and may aachen. He are on the same page. This was the the statement that he alluded to from mayo antonio brown's. Not in the building. Today won't be practicing <hes>. I don't have any more information for you right now and when i have some and it becomes appropriate you guys all get it. I promise you but that's it for today at that time is today and if they make a decision on what they will or will not do with antonio antonio brown that having been said the season did officially open last night in chicago. Bears packers started the one hundred season and here was the lone scoring play of the evening packers other first and goal at the decca pass while he looks like he does spinal pass in the back part of the end zone leaping. I think to catch by the tiny graham defenders prey on both shoulders three and catches a yard touchdown pass from an rodgers and the packers have taken the lead kevin harlan westwood one on the fan yeah now there was a nice standing ovation for ovation but a big ovation for panara the kicker acre who did actually make his thirty nine yard field goal. The packers field goal to ten three the final score. The bears had eight punts on eleven all events of cereal punt who hunt rough boring yeah now off throwback game terrell back to nineteen twenty eight th road back right on n._b._c. n._b._c. man. How goofy was that. I don't think you guys miles per hour of the kicks. No i did not like the launch angles of the they're always i mean the last last year that whole green thing that did change the color didn't like that either they brought that back in germany much you think but then they dressed up like fools they had that <hes> those outfits and then to foia look like what they call those flapper girls back in the day in the twenty. S isn't that what they call dono. I wayne randazzo eddie. Somebody please all right yeah flapper girl patrick mahomes commercial though if you saw that yes about him being the huskies please call him young or immature whenever it wasn't he's gonna catch up on the steak says kind of thing so my buddy peter king interview peter king eugene did interview on the field with brett farve and patrick mahomes just having a catch and both guys talking about each other and you know a petrol. The homes is born in nineteen. Ninety-five get out brett farr feels like what twenty four hundred even realize it yeah so yeah that was there was peter did a good job with that. Hey everybody it's boomer assize and it's september and you know what that means the n._f._l. On c._b._s. is back stream. Your local game live every reese sunday with c._b._s. All access available across all your favorite devices. All you have to do is go to c._b._s. Dot com slash boomer to get a one week free trial l. of c._b._s. All access here was <hes> you also had mitchell trubisky getting picked off <hes> right around the two minute warning time and so the packers hold on for the win and adrian amos with the pick in the end zone here he was. He says he was prepared. They did to play a couple of times and <hes> he missed it. A one of the times he was opening open on it and did it again and they <hes> they hit so. I'm saying that they lined up again. We're going to get that play and they got that play might as well punt pods. Nothing might what is well putt putt. Go ahead hunt trubisky on the night twenty six of forty five to twenty eight and the interception alan robinson did have one hundred two yards receiving in the lost the season off and running sunday jets bills adam gays says is offense ready ready to roll. I love the confidence that our guys have. I think they're having fun playing in this offense. I love communication that we're getting back from the players with whether it be ideas suggestions and tweets that they wanna make how they kinda see. Here's sam darnold their quarterback. It all starts guys around him for me. I have a ton of trust and protect and i have a ton of trust that everyone's gonna be in the right spot doing the right things <hes> so and i do think it's a testament to how well we practice are ready for. This challenge. Meantime on the giants will be in dallas late. Sunday afternoon are as jenkins. What are you thinking about this club a lot of things <hes> we're gonna work together the by the swarm to the ball nagoya johnny football young young dad but they matured over the off-season. I'm just ready to see everybody played one of those young guys as saquon barkley arguably one of the best players in in football. He sees across the country the new deal in ezekiel elliott zeke congratulations on the deal <hes> that's amazing <hes>. It's more made the fact that you don't want to see a guy that talented sit out as good for the competition is true though yeah forum. Is there ever a guy with dell but i'm just i don't care you know this kind of athlete that you know if he's on your team and this is the aaron judge of the yankees or the giants i mean i mean this is the guy you really wanna root for gets it. He understands you know who he is. In the the pecking order he's a captain now he was named captain twenty two years of age now terrific job by him and hopefully as a great season and the cowboys did the pomp and circumstance yesterday with jerry jerry jones stephen jones and ezekiel elliott. Jones couldn't do it wednesday when they did the signing because he was in new york city was ringing the bell at the stock exchange the real the reason i was up there though is knew this was coming and i was up there to get my finances in shape with well nance assist ways day he gave elliott fifty million dollars guaranteed later in the day took over a company and he was tiven eighty eight million dollars of of shares eight million shares. He profited sixty two million dollars wednesday. Remember anytime they give a guaranteed to a player yes okay. The team has got to put that money in escrow that that money has to be put in escrow scott scott immediately yeah immediately. It's got to be there. They cannot give guarantees and not have the money to back it up so he's got this one of the reasons why he was he was not kidding. You komo finances right. He literally made sixty two million dollars wednesday. Well there you go just gave it all to a lot of it for sure. <hes> browns take gone the titans on sunday odell beckham junior dealing with a sore hip. What is it exactly that hinders me from opening up and and fully sprinting as fast as i can so we'll see we'll see the brady even senior at full speed yet. No not really just <hes> especially what would have had going on. I just kind of afraid to just open up. I rather get the sunday and open up then to be running around and and myself before the game and one reporter then goes is an eighty percent of you better than one hundred percent of others and he looked smiled and said i believe in me so i think he thinks he will be just fine. Baseball mets and yankees were off yankees and boston tonight. The middle herrmann opposing i believe is going to be jewish. Cia seen we'll have it on the fan at six thirty nine and a half games ahead of tampa boston six and a half out in the wild card race also good news on this front luis severino matanzas to pitch and a double a playoff playoff game for the trenton thunder today. You're in the playoffs and they get donald potala team. What is this exact. The who's next aaron judge <hes> mentos the phillies stephen matt zach eflin the starters. They're mets again five behind the cubs for that second wildcard spot in the national league cubs beat the brewers ten five astros astros trailed the mariners seven. Nothing came back beat seattle and thirteen eleven nine on a game winning home run by michael brantley. Max freed seven innings one head fall braves make it seven straight forward or two over the nationals raise beat the blue jays six to four twins over the red sox to one white sox defeat the indian seven one the reds by the phillies and eleven four three game winning home run for philip sirven women's semi-finals at the us open serena williams were they straits it went over atlanta's felina helena's lena lena. It is spit alina. Thank you appreciate lena. Sit or run just fired him. Is that right handed. These names and i'm mike what janka andrea skew beat balloon belinda bench and then mens semis today at four donell medvedev plays gregor dmitrov followed by rafi on the dell and matteo bertini. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo too big n._f._l. Stories yesterday tony brown and mike mayock getting separated on the practice field and we'll see how that whole thing ends up shake it out of course the first game of the year which was a rough watch for sure i mean i was happy that real football was back in it mattered and it's a war off off in the third quarter because i said wow i maybe just took a half to get these teams going but then the third and fourth quarter there was less offense well first the second quarter i think i think the bears defense held up there in the bargain. Everybody knew how good they were going to impose their plan against one of the best quarterbacks of generation <hes> the packers depends however are certainly showed us something significantly different look with mike pet now <hes> still calling us puts his rex ryan mentality and all that other stuff but better players. There's and one of those players happens to be the guy who got the the game sealing interception last night and where did he come from the chicago bears on the paris last year. So that's how oh how exciting is that for him anyway but you know this. I wouldn't be surprised we see some more this for the first month of the season that you feel the runt don't yeah i really feel like i don't want to deal with that for the first month you wanna tell me i we. I'll say this the top ten defenses in the league. I think will run roughshod over over who they're playing. I wouldn't be surprised if dallas does this to the giants would do it to the redskins to the redskins i would you know the one i really can't wait to see is what the jaguars look like against the kansas. That's gonna be a big match up. That's a fun one and i do believe that baker mayfield and the browns offense should be able to move the ball all on the titans and i wouldn't be surprised if the browns defense gets a number of turnovers remember one of the reasons why the bears were so good last year is because they got so many turnovers turnover on defense yeah and they didn't get any last night so if you don't get any turnovers and then it falls back on your quarterback in your quarterback lead your offense to eight punts out of eleven series you got problems and mitch trubisky has got to calm down and he'll get better as the season goes on a little bit of an eye opener for him and matt nagy and last night. He looked like he was playing way too fast and he was and how chris was talking a little bit about you know his quiet feet and you you could say i still saw the guy that i saw last year quiet feet. You're quiet but you know and i know you're big on him last year lead time. I need to clarify this because now i'm being spun spawn as the guy so i hated the draft pick you did and i slammed him his rookie year to the point where like i was the trubisky hater he came out and won the division in which my team my favorite team plays and played well so i decided to scale back on my criticism criticism him and give him credit. I still don't think he's going to be like you know pro bowl m._v._p. Candidate guy not even close but last year showed showed me that he could play at least to a certain level league which i never thought would happen this. I thought with his team in the way that team has built. This is a huge year for him this game one of sixteen gene so he'll be better as as the season goes on so i'm not going to overreact to one performance especially in a especially against a team that has a new coach in a new way a appealing about themselves in the green bay packers that defense he has to be like good enough like rex grossman was good enough to get into the super bowl and that's what he needs to be. I really believe that and i think he's capable of doing that being good enough to get them play on like this but this is the point if he does that. Are you going to pay him like you know we at the market square in here the other day and i asked him about that prescott and he likes tack you dachsie unquestioned leader of the cowboys but that prescott is got to be better than dak prescott scott has been the last three years and what we all mean by that is he's got a standard pocket. He's gotta throw accurate passes. You know he's got to be the guy that when the game aim is on the line he's gonna make the play for you and you know who knows what that plays. Maybe he buys a little time in the pocket. Throws the ball up. What's amari cooper. Jason witten come down with. It can't always be about ezekiel elliott especially if these players are gonna want thirty million dollars a year to play the position so now the bears are going to be an a quandary at the end of this year. You're going to have to decide whether or not they believe it. Mitch trubisky is going to be jared goff carson wentz and they're going to extend them well. Maybe it won't be an a quandary because they'll play so well or so. Oh poorly that the decision will be. That's why i put him on that list. He's one of those guys because he's on a super bowl caliber team but it only really becomes super bowl cavalry. He plays s. replays matter. You're right. Let's go to bill in miami. What's going on bill good morning. Hey hey what's up man. We got force. Hey it's mike may even it qualified to beat a g._m. Is yeah. I think so man the guys one of the smartest dudes around the league. We saw that when he was on television you gotta remember. The reason that gruden brought autumn in was because of how sharpie was scouting guys while he was on television. He doesn't gruden is running this deal. May i play bad guy and you know. This guy has never even been a furnace. He's never been a scout. Anything never be been around the league office now. He's he's been around. He's been around the n._f._l. For a long time he is a smart guy bill and i understand that you know he's an office. He's never been a general manager before never been dealt with these personalities as a boss what what he has done and what he did a great job of when he was with either n._b._c. c._b._s. C._b._s. sports or fox sports. This guy has got a resume of working within the our business and being connected to everybody else out there in the n._f._l. On every team so he has connections all over the place. I'm not uh-huh. Sit here and say that it's an easy job to do. It's not the general manager is always got a plug. A hole is going to look into trades. Gotta deal with all sorts of agents and everything else. They got a lot of their plate but gruden hand picked him right. He wanted him because of his draft prowess in the way that he covered the draft for the n._f._l. Network and i don't blame him for that. You want people around you that are going to trust you and that love the game of football and see the game of football the way that you do and i do think that he his emotions here are genuine. I do you believe that but i also believe that jon. Gruden is behind this in saying good cop. Bad cop type of deal gruden for sure wants to discipline antonio brown. I know that dan down but i also think that they're trying to make mike mayock the guy to take the fall because gruden can't be gotta do that. We might lose the player for the rest of the well. There's no snowfall to be taken here because mike mayock. He made the trade with the steelers so that was you know according to everybody gruden of course but mike is the general manager of record to make that happen so these guys are in lockstep. They're kind of like john lynching kyle shanahan san francisco. They got long term contracts. It's kind of like adam gates and enjoy douglas here. Joe douglas got a six year contract from christopher johnson and these guys have somewhat have leveraged to ask for this kind of money in this kind of security so look mike mayock is obviously now feeling what all those general managers have felt for all those years ears when he was on the n._f._l. Network talking about their jobs and the jobs that they were doing now. I wonder though does antonio brown really believed that it was only mike mayock who was finding him because he went after mike mayock and then jon gruden ed is press conference and he said you know deep down again tonio good dude man you know he has a glowing report of antonio brown. Again is antonio brown. I know is on another planet but does he really believed that like mike. Mayock is the guy driving the boston antonio. I agree. I mean jon. Gruden has his back like you really have to be that lost. I would think that antonio brown at least has enough faculties remaining to figure out that it's not a lone wolf in mike mayock going after you could tell by watching hard knocks who's running the team. You can see who's running the meetings. Who's talking about the personnel. Who's asking people the knock on wood. I mean it's hard to walk into a meeting room and say to you guys in that meeting. Room are you with me and knock on wood and the one guy that you're counting on is not there yeah and he needs to be there and should have been there and was not excused not to be there. Yeah it is in the players man when they are starting to season in the hopes. Your high gruden's got every knocked together if you're with me all that stuff it's just tough when one guy is separate himself from that kinda. It's been a long time for you because you know you haven't played football in a long time. Because last time you played was <hes> back in high school two thousand season. We'll actually know the nineteen ninety ninety nine season coach coach much like i had a coach at east islip that ran the team the way the team supposed to be run now. I don't know about you but i i was one of the better our players on our team. I was one of the worst that guy my my coach. Sal champi kept some down on me all the time reminding me that i was a part of a team that i wasn't an in individual and when he would call me an individual that would be very insulting to mature yeah but he knew that would be insulting to me because he knew that would also inspire me. It's like bell check and brady. What is like ultimate countable man like you would think i. I've never done anything around here right well. He's done plenty eats the morning show with boomer esiason gregg giannotti boomer and geo on this first football friday at the twenty thousand nineteen n._f._l. Season we're talking jets earlier of course about at the foreign game last night as well and antonio brown. We'll get back to your a._b. Calls in second half touchdown. The giants get started of course in dallas against the cowboys with ezekiel elliot. How much is he going to play. I'm not sure of course they had a lot of running backs. Get some time in the preseason including tony pollard. Who was the guy hi that elicited that zeke who joke from jerry jones with turned out to be a thing during this contract negotiations however jerry jones turned it around and handed ezekiel elliott zeke who t-shirt so they were able to bury that hatchet but i think that they're probably be a little bit cautious with zeke because you know in this game. It's a seven point spread. I think the cowboys are far ahead of where the giants are right now to start the season that you know maybe late third quarter fourth-quarter. You're not gonna sees much of ezekiel elliott because the lead is going to be significant and this is going to be a theme for me unless i'm proven wrong and otherwise with the new york giants. I think that they're one of the worst teams in football and that's not me trying to go out of my way. As many giant fans will tweet me to tweak the giants. It's not that at all they're just in a transition period read right now and they're building and we're going to find out if dave gettleman is building the right way with the right personalities in the right talent but they are in a major major rebuilt built and that's what it is finally we know what it is. It's a rebuild and i think that the arizona cardinals have potentially be worse. I think that the of of course miami dolphins have potential to be worse. The cincinnati bengals down there the washington redskins and i think that the giants are right in that mix as well as one of the four or five worst teams in football doesn't meena can't surprise. We've seen this happen before but you know i've got conviction about the giants being pretty bad this year. Four five wins again. It's probably where they're at but you you know. This isn't about them making the playoffs in two thousand nineteen we know what it's about. It's about getting a lot of young players on this roster experience and building. This new generation of giant football ends about saying goodbye eli manning and saying hello to daniel the other thing. You have to worry a couple of things. The cowboys have won four straightness series and dak prescott scott has had his best game as a pro in week seventeen last year in a meaningless game but they they he threw for over three hundred eighty yards. I think in four touchdown so <hes> let me ask you this if the giants go four and twelve three and eleven five and i mean five and eleven three and thirteen eighteen pat shurmur still ahead. Yes i think so you cannot do this. Overhaul this rebuild and then put it on the coach. They wanna tell me that the team quits on them and there's a lot of guys that undergoing a wall like we saw in the last year. I don't think it'll happen either but no i think when you sign up for this. Which is this massive roster overhaul. You gotta cut a little bit of slack to the head coach now what happened last year with todd bowles it was sort of the same thing but we've been here for four years and that that would be my and they you know and christopher johnson did not like what he saw in the building yeah and he didn't like you know the lack of of <hes> the general manager and the head coach you know really being a part of the whole family of the jets and he wanted people that were going to bring energy to the building and that's exactly what he's hired what he's brought in here so we'll see that works out but for the giants really comes down to. How long can eli stave off daniel jones because if they're going to be bad as you say or you think they're going to be. I think they'll deal with better than that but i i don't expect them to win this weekend. I don't think anybody does except for themselves and that's fine but i would say how long can he hold off the inevitable and and the inevitable is the sixth overall draft. Pick is going to get on the field at some point and i don't mean in garbage time i mean in real time starting football games so so if there is bad as you think they are and that's going to be earlier if they're not as bad as i think that they are or that you are. I think they're better than what do you think like six wins. You thinking that i mean look saquon barkley. I think the offense is going to be better because even without odell and the reason i say that is because of this revamped offensive. It's of line that look. There are no excuses regarding the offensive line anymore. I'm sick of it. I don't wanna hear about your quarterback has got to make the offensive line better. He's gotta make everybody better especially when you're paying twenty five million dollars so i think their offense should be better. Needle is always been a little bit of a thorn in the side of the cowboys. Although the cowboys have one nine the last twelve in this matchup <hes> so that's that's really the biggest question for me is one is daniel jones going to see real football time time one. Does he take over or one. Did they believe he'll be ready to take over yeah. I gave you a couple of times that that i think it could happen. After that patriot thursday night game that would would be the early portion of the season. I do not believe that they should make it after the bye week because their first game after the bye week is at chicago and that's not a place. I want to throw a rookie quarterback into makers. I started as a rookie quarterback see if he can handle it. Why not why not make it as difficult as possible because anything after that's going to be a lot easier yeah you can look at it that way. It's just not the way about this league but it's easier with arizona at home which is after the patriot game on the road sure but nothing is easy and anything can happen in any any single game and we saw that last night we'll see it again time and again this weekend. It's going to be interesting to see patrick mahomes. You know he's been. I love him everybody. Everybody loves him. He's much c._t. Must see t._v. And all that other stuff you know opening on the road to jacksonville's not going to be easy no it's not and every high expectations for him in every single game coming off an m._v._p. Ep year <hes> let's get back to some of these antonio brown calls. That's what everybody wants to talk about eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six michaels in new jersey what's going on michael. Hey guys how you doing good man. What's up so you back. Let's see his back miss. Just <hes> touch on this year antonio brown again <hes>. This is my opinion on the thing. Can you know i could be wrong but the guy is a great talent. There's no doubt about that. I mean he's an unbelievable player. That's number one what he's done absolutely he needs to be dealt dealt with or you know with. You know doing whatever actions have to be taken. They should be taken but putting that aside and i'm not saying that i'm i'm a diehard fan of this guy no matter what he has done shane him on hard knocks and seeing him on other interviews his personality just doesn't seem seem to fit the way he's acting. He seems like a likable guy. He seems like a decent teammate when he's when when what whatever we've seen on hard knots what's now well. You know i'm not a doctor but what you were saying before you know maybe he's bipolar or tri-polar. I really think all joking aside this guy may may have some psychiatric situation going on which needs to be dealt with so you know my my buddy brand marshall you know the wide receiver you know basically brought to light you know he was the one that basically came out and said look i've had these mental issues throughout my career and it took me a while while the realize who i am what i am what i'm all about and how i impact other people and there was there was a lot of self awareness later on and brandon's career where he put it out out there for people to look at and i'm telling you this personality trait of highs and lows and <hes> you know get mad at people in being insecure cure and thinking that you're not being taken care of all these different things it screams of some sort of mental issue yeah i mean i've been saying this now for wild wild that montas perfect hit you can go that back to that as a line of demarcation to wear his personality changed and it just i. I know it sounds crazy because i'm not not a neurologist. I'm just telling you that it would not surprise me if you know there was a because of concussions things changed in his is personality a little bit because i was there and i saw him. He was nothing like this early. On now. Ryan clark with stiegler saved for a long time said that he thought that antonio brown always capable of this. You know he would know better than me me but i was in that locker room covering that team. I loved the guy loved him. It may have been one of the reasons why he dropped in the draft yet. This you know this first first round talent and grade could see it but there were other issues with him behind the scenes that nobody ever spoke about and maybe one of the reasons why he dropped in the draft and then you know when he got the big money now all of a sudden he became this crazy figure and i it just the unleashed the the frustration of dealing with somebody like that and i'm sure people out there that are listening to us have people in their lives quite like this just like this and they know exactly what we're talking about and it does take a little little bit of he has no self awareness a what he's doing like the fact that <hes> drew rosenhaus his agents so we're working on this fractured relationship your your client created it you dummy. What is he supposed to say and he works for me. I don't doesn't matter it's like you know. He needs to get him help if he really wants to be his you know his agent and wants to do right by a._b. And also tell the guy he's got problems any needs help. He needs some sort of therapy. It looks like yeah. I mean there's no doubt about. It just seems to be impossible to convince him that he's the problem. It doesn't seem like he is ready for that is part of the problem. Yeah i know but that that is the problem is the problem. It's not going to get fixed because he's never gonna understand that he is the probably the rise in awareness of mental health in this country over the last ten years has been significant you know and i don't know i don't care what it is whether it be football whether it be the gun issues in this country whether it be cystic fibrosis patients you know it's now will become a highlighted of aspect of our society and you know we're watching this guy. Just absolutely destroy himself right in front of us. Yeah and i think that most people i would agree that he's just he's just not right. You know and i don't know what it is. I it's top to give him a diagnosis over the air like this but there is there is no doubt to different people need needs help. I said there's no doubt he needs. He needs help. Maybe three let's go to tim in new jersey. Hello tim guys <hes>. I know that if a player is getting a logical to combine but before they get re-signed science when you do they ever get another test done. I doubt it non so there's no way most most of these teams had signed these guys. The you know the giants we had happened here with odell beckham junior. You know we all watched it right so he it was crazy and member the whole thing about aaron. Donald getting a new contract. He was a part of that same draft. They were going into their fifth year. They wanted extensions <hes> <hes> and and odell beckham junior for about three months there didn't say boo just went out and practice and so happy to be a giant blah blah blah blah blah then he gets his contract attract and the next thing you know he's on e._s._p._n. A little wayne disparaging his quarterback a craze. I mean obviously the giants thought and i think john merrythought. Sarah thought that all the bad stuff was behind them and we're going to pay him and since we're going to pay him he is going to fall in line and be one of our leaders in one of our best players players in more kinda got worse it. Did i mean that was when he went on to that interview after that contract and said that he wasn't sure if new york was it was a tough off question when josina anderson asked him if new york was the place for him to question what he should have said at that point in time. Was you know what i oh the new york giants. They've supported me. They stood by me. They paid me appreciated me and i and i love playing here in new york. That's what he should assert. That's right but instead. He had hype man little wayne next to him and he goes. I don't know it's a tough question who that was the beginning of the end right there. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti consumer in football friday by the way you know we're talking about the mental health aspect of antonio brown. It's significant again because this sunday morning a live two hour broadcast on two hundred and thirty five entercom stations all across the country are going to be talking talking about mental health and talking about you know <hes> all the things that are going on in our society including suicide in the name of the program as i'm listening and and when they told us about this particular program <hes> i reached out to the commissioner of <hes> the n._y._p._d. Jim o'neill and i said jim would you mind coming in and discussing be rash of suicides at the n._y._p._d. Has been dealing with ten now in in two thousand and nineteen and for all the cops out there that listen to this radio radio program you know that we support you and we appreciate your service and we know how difficult your job is on a daily basis so i reached out the delmonico's buddy of mine and i said would you mind coming in and talking talking about some of these issues that you've been dealing with you know not so much the political issues but the real issues that are affecting the cop on the street and jim is commonly only enough said yes and he'll be with us in the nine o'clock hour so we look forward to seeing jim and talking about some of these issues that the n._y._p._d. And the rank and file or dealing with every every single day yeah absolutely and we hope that we can help in a little way and entercom obviously with this. I'm listening which would be sunday seven a._m. To nine a._m. Hopes that it can help in some small way way if not in a very large for the people who do need the help. Jerry recco is here. He does have an update for us. What's going on jerry morning. We're brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire no body season opener for the n._f._l. One hundred season last night it was the bears and the packers in chicago. It looked like the bears might might tie this game up late. Instead green bay had different ideas defensively body back is montgomery sixteen yard line at green bay chicago third down in ten shock veterans snapped and arching spiral passive and a quarter of the intercepted famous chicago adrian amos coming through it makes the intersection in the back of the end zone of trubisky net is kevin harland on on the fan that wouldn't exactly seal it but pretty darn close packers. Here's monday beating the bears and holding them off ten three trubisky's pick certainly crucial. He was twenty six to forty five in the loss to twenty-eight aaron rodgers eighteen for thirty two. Oh three he also through the games. Only touchdown pass to jimmy. Graham in the second quarter rodgers on n._b._c. likes his team's defense. It's fun to watch. That was an incredible performance the matt when his head coach we'll get better matlock floors. What was your first game like. I probably didn't save her in the moment too much because i know it's one game and we've you've got a really tough opponent coming up next week and <hes> you just gotta take it week by week. In this league meantime bears head coach matt nagy talks about missed opportunities. That really stood out a couple stick stick out to me. When you have third of one you gotta get to i we had to third and once and we didn't we didn't get in so i know i know why but that's not happening anymore. Third and one we're going to get the first shore alan robinson in the laws one hundred two yards receiving so with that the season often running sunday afternoon in the jets take on the bills tremaine johnson moses hamstring right for johnson. He was asked how he's feeling great. It's been sitting now getting back out. There might have missed time but he says he put the work in a bit. Injuries is party game. I've been injuries greece. The main thing is standing in mentally classroom. That's what i've been doing. He better be healthy. Any better. Be the shutdown corner that greg williams needs because greg williams wants to do he's going to have to have at least one guy that can shadow the other teams best receiver and that's going to be interesting because they bring in in a couple of new receivers the the buffalo bills john brown being one of them the speedster down the sideline and of course coal beasley being other one and it looks like coal beasley and josh josh allen have really got a nice rapport going on from the slot position so that's gonna be something that the jet defense is going to have to be very aware of them sam darnold with a great relationship with love eon bell so far very excited to see him on the field for real all the security now. What is going to look like you own a live game. We've seen it been saying it for years in pittsburgh. We're all we're all relate side to see live in live action jets and bill sunday at one at four twenty five giants cowboys in dallas saquon barkley goes it was in as a team captain along clip but he talks about what it means it means everything is awesome to be captain for for my teammates broken especially ashley young player my second year so pretty cool their culture that they want. That's what galman wants. I get them and was smitten with obviously his abilities but more so the person is and said you know well you talk about redoing locker room and getting the right guys in there. This is proof positive. That's one of the most important aspects <unk> of cattlemen's rebuild is all about alex ogle tree. Giant linebacker says we can be great. We can be one of the best teams in the league. We have a shot at just like every other the team of the year maybe to the super bowl. We'll see it's gotta start sunday. So how important is game one eli manning you always want to get off to a good start and that's always a goal so it's just focus on on a game plan on the cowboys so what they're doing and what we need to do to go out there and play ezekiel elliot will play just not sure exactly how many snaps he will take the raiders open monday night at home against the broncos reports say oakland will spend antonio brown for all of the stuff that went on with mike mayock. Here's jon gruden trying to get ready with or without brown and that's actually easy to do because of the way things have gone. We've been doing that. Obviously you've been at training camp. I think for the last four weeks we have been practicing without them and prepared to play <hes> no matter who's injured yup adapt and unfortunately we had to adapt adapt again today but we're really excited about receiving corps. He was not there yesterday. For practices you can imagine speaking of wide receivers that are not happy or want more money. Vikings kings falcons sunday. Julio jones wants a new deal. Are you going to play on sunday. You would think he would. Here's his answer that i don't know. I mean like what i'm trying to do. Aetna's be ready. I mean there's no like if i'm a playoff. I'm not gonna play a you know a mature. I'm trying to be there now he. He's healthy all about the money with this. It's all about a new contract. One arthur blank has been intimating that it's coming and you know maybe it's just moving money around the falcons because if you're going to give them a guaranteed contract again. You've got to put the money in escrow if you're an n._f._l. Owner this was a weird one because it really sounded like julio. Jones was conflicted with this like. I see some guy's holding out and getting their money but i also really wanna play and i don't know what to do. I mean that's what it's i mean. I never really heard a player in an interview like that. A couple of days or a game sound that on the fence with what he was gonna do interesting 'cause one thing about this this whole raiders thing thing. Remember the remember the wide receiver for san diego tyrel williams and that kid had a couple of really good games last year for the chargers yeah well. He signed this off seasons of free agent for the raiders and that guy is the biggest winner when it comes to the opportunities now. I mean you know for everybody. Who's unhappy about you know antonio only over someone else who's happy always going to benefit ten thousand in pittsburgh. Why when there's an entire off season are they and they know they're gonna resign zeke elliott and they know they're going to re-sign julio jones. Why do they wait to the last section. I got to get the money you know so the n._f._l. Gave two hundred seventy five million per club probably about a month ago so now most clubs are flush with cash and that's why we do see a lot of these things happening now again. If you give a guaranteed contract the money has to go into escrow to cover those contracts. You see what i'm saying so you have to wait till the money is brought in. That's why they usually get signed here. In august and september the browns take on the titans sunday odell beckham junior's first game with his new team. He's dealing with a sore hip how he described his body with this injury interesting listing way to put it. It's like an extremely fast car with like a little alignment of something you know and it's right in the center of of what you need. <hes> at a carta still go but it can is dangerous. You know what i mean. The car was in the garage for four weeks. Remember the giants thought that three of those four weeks that car should have been out on the road. He does have a new car. It's called big bertha. It's a brand new rolls royce that is delivered to him in cleveland and it's got the colors right. I believe i've not seen a picture with the <hes>. The browns orange on it. I have the about the poodle ornament was was figuring of him or something. I think a was it to the one handed aimed to catch. Is that what it was. I don't know if i think i read that again faces on the bottom of the sit on it every time i see see about getting you guys some ford rangers. You gave me a model unless you're a real real. Ones like i get one like if i got one for you. Al what i i use the tampa bay buccaneers logos and colors seattle like a black and maroon or that puta long island what happened to the fire fire orange like the teal and orange or just something like with psychedelic pain and a big peace sign that i get you a miami dolphins one that that would work on yellow that'd be and how about the selebi over that's it and then black and orange for bobby who do we. Who do we talk to for them working on it tax russian but i'm working on it. I'll pay the taxes go away. You know ford truck official truck of the n._f._l. My buddy at ford said ma'am. Why are you guys selling ford rangers in the colors of the of the team. That's a great idea because you're getting red white and blue and white around here a million crazy crazy. That's just here how many black and yellow ones they would sell in pittsburgh or i mean that'd be the packer board ranger state of wisconsin when green and yellow ford ranger make it your official tailgating truck and do it in the colors of your team marketing genius. I should be marketing for the national folks seriously seriously i mean i like what they do. Now do it with me but i'd like to help them a little bit. When can we expect these trucks. I'm working texans. Take on the saints in houston. Lets you take a lease. Are you paying for the lease. I'm in yes. I'm in this like you're working on going to a met game with g. Yeah all right one of those y'all working on it. Here's laremy tunsil. He's in houston now in a new place where he discusses describes. I got to control what control this that's. It's all i can say about that and it's funny because my brother actually made of this quotas it was a a debt to change in involved from the past so that really hit home for me adapt from it was always say you've all from change and move on from the panel says what he's doing then there's drew brees juicy the story of breeze yes so he does has a video about a bring your bible to school day and i guess he got duped because i i suppose this company has had some shady stuff going on the organization that is you know that is all about christian values so therefore you know if if you go down that road then you can extrapolate from that right that lt btcu and you know and gay marriage and everything else and therefore before he gets attacked for now he does a video. That is nothing more than just kids. Bring your bible to school. Whatever so here's how he starts session with the media yesterday. Please raise your hands those who you saw the video that i shot for national bring your bible to school day okay. There's okay so the headline on that was drew. Brees does the video for anti gay hate group. Okay so that's number one and then he just zip it in there for a few minutes <hes> he n._s. Another question okay and in the video. Is there any mention of any group outside of just talking about <hes> national. Bring your bible school the n._f._l. There was no there wasn't right now. He does admit he didn't know much about this organization which to me in lies the problem i was not aware of any of the the things they said about <hes> them lobbying for you know anti-gay any type of messaging or inequality or any any type of hate tight related stuff. I was not aware of that at all. No there there is a silver lining at least for him shame on them wealthiest well. Actually we're sitting here talking about national. Bring your bible to school day. So that's a good thing it's october third for for anybody that wants to overthrow john and did a video explaining his his own feelings and how and and listen we're all of us who have ever covered in known drew brees. He's about a solid guy and dude as you could ever imagine he is for everybody. He is not in any way shape or form tied to any political rhetoric that is trying to not be equal goal for everybody. He is equal for everybody and he certainly said that and he looked angry like he was like man. I caught up in the political nonsense on on social. Media reminds me that breakfast thing where exactly message for some crazy in neo nazi group that he had no idea for five hundred dollars five hundred bucks for this really really careful man. You gotta be real antonio brown do something for you. Yes he did not certainly for an anti uh-huh graduates on your app. I hear subscribers is booming. Might your best brother like what if that was a mean app. He was promoting. We are back after this that asked antonio brown to do that while i was in tony o'brien going to go into the backgrounds of you know the people that are asking him to do the source for no real. No he's not going to do that. I don't think anybody is what did you pay for that again. Five hundred dollars i five hundred dollars. Don't you remember that you do that. You chipped in as well. I did yeah you're attached to that as well. Oh man listen. I just wanted to know that i'm not just really attached antonio brown no way shape or form. I mean come on yankees in boston tonight. We'll have it on the fan yankees. Ninety two and forty forty-nine domingo hormone jewish seen the starters coverage at six thirty janke start the day with a nine and a half game lead on tampa boston six and a half out in the wild card race mets five right out in the wild card race. They take on the phillies tonight. The cubs did win last night ten five over the brewers so that's why the five day game spread of their karl schwab with a grand slam for chicago. The astros trailed the mariners seven nothing and yet here they were in the thirteenth. Brantley has faced whistler once has a double laupepa first pitch and brantley drives this to right center field it sends back rarely at the wall looking up onto up to the astros tomato taste by the astros radio with the call mall and so with that win houston moves to ninety one in fifty one game behind the yankees for the best record in the american league and for the best record in baseball braves over the nationals four to atlanta's won seven straight rays beat the blue jays six to four twins. One indians lost those two teams play this weekend. Those i think it's six and a half games i think separating them <hes> in the a._l. Central reds over the phillies and eleven four three and a philip urban game winning home run women's semi-finals at the us open serena williams and moving into the final again a straight-set win over atlanta's fit elena you had bianca andreescu beating belinda bench men's semi start at four o'clock eastern no medvedev playing gregor dmitrov and then raphael adele and matteo bertini all right thanks jerry. We'll see you next hour boomer and geo at first football friday of the two thousand nineteen n._f._l. Season on the fan eats it's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo flipping around. Try and get some <hes> football stuff on these t._v.'s. He's in year because i was watching it last night. That's all sorts of weird crap on here and i just stumbled across one of these channels right. It's a sports sports morning. Show okay that. I've seen before this time and the fbi crew is on there. There's no doubt about it. It's it's not normal crew. That is is there now. What i'm trying to figure out is especially with this specificity of this particular network yeah that on the day after the n._f._l. Season starts and the friday before the first full slate of games in the the n._f._l. Season why would you have your be crew yeah well because the crew worked last night during the celebration of the <hes> one hundred last season of the n._f._l. Maybe you're telling me they worked last night nights. I couldn't work this morning yeah. You said that a man a man who spent twelve thirteen hours on television on super bowl sunday got on a plane they drank three quarters of a magnum bottle of casa migos did not go to sleep right came in and had one of my best shows ever this yes from four hours and did a talk show the day after the super bowl. I was awesome making excuses for these people well. I'm i'm just trying to point out. There are some people that like to shop the work in there. Some other people that you know can't handle it but type. Is that something you left out about. The whole casa migos ego's ingestion was the fact that i was sitting there with phil simms on the plane. He need an adolescent him. Just go off right about the super bowl and replay every frigging play. Every coach's decision who was stiff who wasn't stabbed was there who wasn't this. I'm like oh my god. I mean like three quarters in that bottle. I started actually enjoying myself and i think you've finished the book from the one hour that we had from when we got back to where we were staying that night to shoe studio. I finished off that bottle well. We finished off that bottle. Well you got a cocktail. I did have a cocktail. Yes i mean you cocktail. Yes now thank god because someone had to be so that. That was the decision that i made because once. I saw how hard you you were attacking attacking anything. Oh it was an attack man. It was like a steak right here phil simms yeah. You have to deal deal with him every sunday. Yeah i used to deal with them. On tuesdays. I have to do the two but on sundays and after game in a flying tube where i can't get up and get away from him yeah. There's only one thing to do man. I tell you this softened the blow. That's what i was working on softening the blow to take over all the libraries that day and the the first one i had contemplated taking over when you said get yourself a brand new ford expedition and then i said i might have to take these reach over and that was the tipping point was when you were reading the nj diet spot and you open it up with. Are you a fat. I paid which was not one of them rhetorical questions that was on the copy so i said at that point. Let me take the rest of ask for us in for the show so we're able to get done this show and i remember the flight back and i remember the super bowl sitting there next to fill at everything i mean it was is a great day. It's been a taping day ethic up. Yes what's that the sports minute tapings epic yeah they were. They were admitted committed. I had fallen in our listeners could appreciate it was great for thirteen years. Show up all the time after those games and everything else because it's important to talk about those games yet my wife and i had a tremendous experience took it to the game. It was awesome. It was all thanks to you and your hospitality and it was so much fun and i'm so happy that we did the show the way we did because i'll never forget added. I will never forget that but just so you know that's been going on for thirteen. That was just your first experience. I know right right right great and you know what i will say that that's the best part about being. A part of this particular. Show in this city is that you get to talk about things. Essentially i to the masses <hes> and i want to be on the air the next morning after the super bowl of course. I wanna be on the air at the next morning. After the yankee playoff games i wanna be on the air. You know doing all all those things that you get to talk about. I which is great right and that was the one of the reasons why you decide to stay here in the morning with with all of us as opposed to taking your talents to the party at one point and freak everybody out there. This is it man this is. This is our home. This is my home and this is even so aggressive with him. You know what it is saying your ear. Oh came in force horseriding tonio brown in the morning exactly yes sorry about that but i thought i saw you say to him and his ear no. It's it's going to bring it up with or without any help because that was part of the story man because these guys are taken off the day after the season opens true when they're the you know this is the sport they talk about all the time snowflakes and i thought about you at that spot. Just it's about coming to work man. You know that that's absolutely absolutely it's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer n._g._o. The n._f._l. Season he's in left us with one of the most boring football games on earth during the super bowl but it was a little bit easier to accept because you crowned the champion it was the patriots again and all of that fanfare than last night. It opened up with another really really bad football game but it's a football game that counted counted and that was fun to watch. We finally have that back and it's something that <hes> it clearly is for me the sport that i like talking about the most it's the when i get the most excited about. Unfortunately we've had a couple of down years for the local. Teams around ears or hasn't been a lot of juice locally but that might change. I don't think it'll be the giants. It's gonna change with but it might end up being the jets. I believe the jets are going to have a winning season this year. I'm not going to go crazy and say that they're going to to win. Eleven games twelve games but i do think that nine and seven and six is is attainable and that's what i think jet fans should be expecting expecting from this group this coaching staff this quarterback and all the changes with the roster. I i really believe that. That's not a an unreasonable expectation by any stretch at our c._b._s. Sport seminar n._f._l. Football are a lot of people are asking the analyst like under the radar team under the radar team under the radar team. Now the jets are not an under the radar team because of all the changes and everything that's gone on here and because of the media that surrounds the team and you know we're smacked in the face with it every single title day almost to a man on the n._f._l. Today everybody said the buffalo bills yeah every team under the radar team. Buffalo bills dell's buffalo bills so much like we all thought that the chicago bears would probably win the game last night at home great defense lot the celebrate new kicker the mitch trubisky's third year a code for the green bay packers blah blah blah blah. Yes what the packers walk out of there with ten three win so this game on sunday while i can't wait to see le eon bell i've really i can't wait to see both of these quarterbacks go at it yeah and both of these defenses because the bills about matt good defense good obviously the coaches defensive coach by nature and i can't wait to see what greg williams comes up with yeah. I mean that's there's so many things that are exciting citing around the you know scares me about whether scared what scares you the kicker yeah. No i know so. I guess he's not been able able to vic that is hasn't been able to kick at metlife stadium yet note because there's some sort of soccer yeah what the hell's that about i gotta use the stadium for other things and put grasset in the stadium for soccer or why can't they get them out there and just least gets you know feel the winds and all that stuff i mean carre raid. Vic is going in there blind. I'm sure he's spent a lot of time in fjords in norway so i can't imagine that the weather over there the swamp is going to be that much different especially in september hamburg man i tell you it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day owned by the way a message from the jets look. There are no more paper tickets. Everything is going to be mobile all apps jesus this the n._f._l. The giants too by the way good luck with that but they want everybody to realize if you're going to the game. Make sure you download the jets app or the paper ticket. Now are even issued no more okay so it's not like speed ornery showing up there with paper. Take about you could print them out and go show up but that's not gonna work now. Not going to know what what if you're like a guy whose name glasses you don't have a smartphone then what right people i'm going to have a computer. I don't have a smartphone about handed me my glass right now. I got the message last night. This is all we're going to do is take phone phone calls on that on monday. I season ticket holders since nineteen sixty who never missed a game in these bastards turned me away. I need to go to the bathroom the same cell phone since one thousand nine hundred ninety four can kenmare day would probably by remote control is my representative steve rosner. You know he's a huge fan. Lungs doesn't have a smartphone. It's got a flip the phone see he can't go to the game got up to show up with his ipad or something. I let me get my wheelchair so here. Here's the best that i got up. You're going to the game. Make sure you have your tickets downloaded to the jets app or the ticketmaster app macron. You're or on your phones wallet. Make sure you just wanna make sure everyone is in early. Watch it in early because it's opening day of course in is going to be a lot more security and all that other stuff but my man mike del judas. You guys know him. He's singing the national anthem the u._s. Army flyover awesome the jets defense will be introduced. Here's the perfect example yeah. Joe beningo does not not have a smartphone. The guy's got he's got a flip phone to that are going to be roy. Gonna let me in this game. You're not gonna let me in now. Let me ed is right here. I've been a fan or for my entire freaking life rice. I want to go to the game. I live and die with this team. I got the scars to prove it and because i don't have a frigging i've thought and all of that this technology i refused because people were watching you. People would get these alexes and then all of certain. There'll be stuff showing up at your house that you talked about when you're watching a commercial. I don't need any of this. I will need any of this this could happen. I'm sixty five years old going on one hundred five i got i don't know how many days left let me into the frigging game. You get escape skein my phone. The scanners is at shoprite is check it out with my black bed. Deli meats. Let me bring together craig fina that'd be craig vehicle craig fina so baby craig fina could help him and he could give the tickets to him on his phone this is this has the potential to be like apocalyptic. Not just the justice giants giants too. They're both they're both doing. Giants got older fans. They're all doing this man jogos to like a game a year at least so. How's he going to handle this. What happens to that. He's gotta go get an iphone. Just go to the jet game. That's going to be just a long long line. Full of people trying to get in just scrolling through their phones china's. Find the app where it might be doing if you're listening. If you know somebody get it out there and let everybody know l. I mean they've gone through this through preseason but now obviously a lot of people who do not go to the preseason games now going to become into the regular season oprah. This is a big opener opener. There's a lot of fanfare around the team. They all want to see sam darnold and adam gays and levian bell and c._j. Moseley and jamal adams. I mean they really really good places exciting team to what an app to me to me. An app is like big clams. That's an app brawl. Mozzarella sticks dick stats an app so you want me to do. What now would you want me to put mozzarella sticks on my phone and in show them to you. Is this what you want. I never in my never in my freaky life bro. Have i ever had to deal with something so i gave me get into the game. Horrendous niskanen is often. Take my blood chick. Hey don't you remember what mike wouldn't go on twitter or wouldn't do that. Stuff no sure now of a sudden. He's radio dot com guy. I mean you have to adapt adapt. Joe's not adapt mike. Mike sounded like that like five years ago yeah right. I've never tweeted. I don't do it. I don't have an account. I have no interest you will never you ever see me use that. Utilize them ever write. It never happened and that he's at the twitter headquarters like two days later. This is obviously the biggest thing that's going in the world and then i told you that was going to happen. I knew that twitter was going to be huge and i told you that it was going to be so influential. Joe is going to the the game by the way all right. Let's go to sammy and her savvy. What's happening. Hey what's up guys <hes> so i i just want to set some light on this mobile ticketing thing <hes> it's not it's not just the jets the giants entire n._f._l. Yeah <hes> and you know the happening games where ticketmaster services don on down before the that and you'll have you know seventy thousand people waiting outside the stadium being able to lodge seven saw so member may memo to ticketmaster make sure you got your crap and older and then the none of those fans will be drinking before the game right sammy. There's none none of those guys will be. We'll be drinking right yeah. Of course everyone's going to be able to their phone. Properly service won't be battled be reasonable. I'm sure they'll be reasonable when talking to you. You know it's amazing. I've been doing this now madison square garden for three years with my ranger ticket. That's you're savvy. We're not talking about you. We're talking about joe beningo who's going to the game who has never used a smartphone in his his life. This is a guy who was picked up a mouse at a computer and started moving around in the air thinking that was going to move the cursor okay okay. This is what we're talking about here. That's the and he's not by himself in this. He is not a a lone wolf polly in brick. What's going on poly. Hi guys <hes>. I'm just calling to find out about what if you're a season ticket holder. I don't know it's the same thing every the i'm sorry my husband's family owned season tickets and we already have our tickets. I'm going to the dolphin game. Hopefully we'll win. I'm a giants fan actually have paper. Tickets are tickets there you go. I don't know what the hell ed. So you know i got. I got the edict or the edict. The ask ask from the jets to make that announcement. I think they're turning anybody away. I think they're trying to get everybody to think this way yeah all right well. Jimmy in wapping <unk> falls. What's going on jimmy l. real yeah. I just wanted to let you know i told him. I didn't have a smartphone and i didn't want anything to do with that and they said they would mail me pay for tickets which they did in in two days. They said however you wouldn't be able to use your jets rewards cash or anything like that. I said okay no problem but they send me an email last night and said that they had technology technology upgrades and now i can so i guess if you need to you can't get the paper tickets and you really. You really don't have a smartphone. He just didn't want to deal with the download and the i fono tailgating steve rouser beningo there you go. I mean that is crazy. That's the thing i tried to send rosner text messages and it's like goes nowhere. I'm like come on man but he carries around like an ipad. That doesn't make any sense. I'm like why are you carrying around ipads. I you gotta get emails. God is the ipad is just a bigger version of what you could have in your phone. Take that stick it in your pocket and you're making the iphones bigger now and the android bigger than the samsung l. Do whatever the hell they call their bigger and bigger and bigger and jagged pissed when people don't have iphones that's it's like when you send text messages and they go green and try to send a video to send a video to you and it looks like it was filmed in one thousand nine hundred fifty. I can't stand that why why my thing is like what so you have. You have your phone service and then your ipad is going to have to have service right or you have to be connected. Wi fi shows right up to two devices that are carrying cell phone service when you don't need to yeah well i i like you know like when i use my ipad and everything if i can't get because i don't have my ipad tied up to cell phone service but if i can't use it via why because i'm in a place where there's no wifi then i'll tie add to my phone okay. Well you know cooking. That's the way you gotta do but i don't know if he does it that way. I have no idea well so i guess so just to let everybody know i guess you can get in with a paper ticket if you requested a paper ticket. They're just really trying to phase it out to everybody. Not gonna turn you away if you ended up getting getting a paper ticket. I'm just telling you what i got from. The jets and i read it verbatim yes so there <hes> you know bouncing around the truth because somebody by season ticket. It spends all that money buying season. Tickets are going tell me can't go to the game because i don't have a smartphone no way not going to happen. If you're gonna go. You're gonna get your tickets but it'd be a lot easier if you download it on the app and you have it on your smartphone for those people that have it on their smartphone good. You're going to go right in and everything's fine now. See i do everything on the smartphone. The boarding boarding pass when i go on a flavors gets every everything on a smartphone ross in westport new york what's going on ross and morning. You guys are the good taking my call yeah all right. What do you got for us. You know so obviously the whole concept is speed right. They wanna move people through the turnstiles was fast as possible so they're getting to a point where it's all going to be some imprinting at some point. So everybody who has season tickets at some point is gonna get one of those little jimmy jamie's in the mail that they connect to their computer and they're gonna scan their thumb and then everybody in your family as part of the season the plan you just gonna go and you're gonna put your little patent. It's gonna like it through and then ultimately ticketmaster gonna move into it and stub hub and everybody else they're trying to. I mean right now the little u._p._c. code that ends up on your phone whether it's a little square or the bar i mean that's you know that's kinda just like a mid way right so they're going from the paper to that ultimately like paper stuff into codes are going to completely go away and someone will be caught. A murderer at will be caught through this this thumbprint no metlife stadium to jet game in a crab that but the thing that i'm envisioning now is all right so they have they they. We know like they've got a fingerprint but they don't have it in the fingerprint database because it's someone who's never committed a crime before but they think that they might have gone to a local sporting running event and then there has to be all lease tied up in the supreme court if they could use the thumbprints that the jets and giants have metlife stadium to get in there and then all of a sudden. They're saying well. I released the information. We're trying to catch a murderer but no he said the privacy of our customers i could not as a you know what the yankees have. The yankees have that thing. That's that they have at some airports. It's called clear and is the is and the <hes> the two factors yeah love your if you like. I don't think <hes> newark has clear korea but city field has it though as well what city field has his lawyer as long as you pay for right yeah. Why can't newark airport get that together. Let's go oh. I know exactly the pay for that j._f._k. And la guardia both have clear that just expedites the whole security process and they actually we take you through it and they they cut the line for you right and for the skin like really important nail paid a hundred bucks boomers is great. I i did it once. I felt i felt awesome skipping each one of them and if you time it right like if newark airport had this they'll try they'll. We'll give you like a three month trial for free. You get the whole summit perth airport in newark airport. Does it have it man but don't do join clear if you're planning on committing some sort of crime then you just all your information's connie and franklin square connie what's happening. Hi thank you have gone paperless for a couple of years. They still issue like the cardboard tickets. Excuse me excuse me so this season ticket holders and you can get them at the box office. It's just that they're trying to prevent the paper tickets that people print because people were printing more than one and scalping and you know trying to issue more in one case they're trying to limit the eliminate the fraud and everything else to happen to a friend of mine went out to a playoff game soldier field chicago the cody parkey game and they bought the season ticket holder pulled a fast one on them and gave them a duplicate ticket and they got in it scanned but then when someone else showed up with the real one they went and pulled him out of the seats because they scalped these tickets they went and bought them in a bar whatever they pulled him out of the seats and kicked him out. That's always always a good place to get a ticket in in a bar yeah but still there's the point is the point is made that that's what they're trying to avoid stuff like that. They're trying to avoid the fraud and the stealing and all that other stuff and but the yankees it's true that when i went to the couple playoff games last year the yankee stadium app send the tickets right to that. It's the easiest thing in the world the yankees oh. I mean they're yankees. Come on man yeah on the forefront of everything they're great and they make they make things very very simple for those folks at wanna go to the games art boomer and geo and c._b._s. Sports network. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer in in g. o. n._y._c. Police commissioner james o'neill in studio at the top of the hour to spend a couple minutes with us. We also have our picks exon. This football friday jerry recco is back to give us an update. What's going on. Jerry brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire noah body last night not exactly a big display of offense in the season opener between the packers and the bears you get an early touchdown pass awesome aaron rodgers to jimmy graham packers up ten three late the bears charging and hoping to tie this game what had happened it would not this is packers packers radio now you in the past boomer have jumped to call or to not so bad really. It was not that big a deal. I don't think once revenue once it was a super bowl once one time i said a time or two. I'm sure it's happened one other time even sell now <hes> this one. I don't know who the analyst is for packers radio wayne larrabee. He is the play by play gas. He is the other guy really jumps in. Hello eddie third down sixteen of green bay three receivers. I loved one to the right side and snap trubisky under pressure lawsuit over the left side of the end zone. It was dave lapham like he doesn't jump the call. He took over the call about battery. Now is packers radio ten three the final score rogers finishes the game eighteen thirty two zero three and in terms of the bears mitchell trubisky twenty six forty five to twenty eight and that pick late and coach matt nagy says yeah that was ugly. Just folding is in there that this is not who we are proud of our defense a thought played their ass off tonight. Offensively not good enough and that's pretty honest down conversion urgen rates for both teams not great all the punts the third down conversion rates the bad the bad passes punts the team make punt phase that i saw was pass rush from both of those teams and when you think about pass russia's not something that comes to mind line when you think jets and giants so to the worst of the last three years when it comes to sacking the opposing team's quarterback or even getting pressure on the opposing team quarterback yeah last night there was is a lot of pressure on both of these quarterbacks and i don't see a ton of solutions at least from the outside of the one of these teams at this point either because the giants really didn't upgrade them either you talk about shane jimenez who they drafted as one of the guys that they're counting on and i think that interior pressure from quinton williams something that they're really gonna want with the jets so there there isn't a matter williams. Williams is also a guy who you know. He's playing a different position now but he wasn't. They got pressure man. That's all there is to it and you can scheme it. I guess issue no patent does scheme in a little bit with his pension for blitzing in different fire zones and things of that nature but you know at the for for all these teams in this league that revamped their defenses in the off season. They did it to acquire as many pass rushers if they can get so both quarterbacks under intense pressure last night that's twilight without playing in preseason games. The first month of the season looks like preseason games for a lotta guys who didn't play that and we discussed that at length yes. That's why you know. I know what you're taking a risk when you put a guy out there but i don't know i get ready for me. When i played i wanted to play. I wanted to be out there. I wanted to get the feel of the game. I wanted to get hit. I wanted to know what what was going on. I just wanted to get into a rhythm and neither one of those offenses ever got into a rhythm so maybe the green bay did for that one series in the second quarter but after that it was just like in between thirty hair was trubisky. I'm pretty much what you're talking about. I think we just need job but we couldn't find a rhythm and i think it's because we didn't play in the preseason because we're rolling in practice and it just didn't translate the week of practice we to the game in more i listen i think practices important you know i'm not gonna go alan iverson on you guys but what you cannot recreate on a practice field or create on a practice field ziyang citing riding the pressure and the intensity of four quarters of football and the mental exiled that comes along with it. It's just exhaust you. Aaron rodgers knows his deplayed tremendous that was just a dominating performance gives it a lot of confidence when he played like that on offense and win a game by touchdown not too bad adrian ammos as you heard with the interception in the end zone not to seal it but to pretty much seal it <hes> jetson bills early sunday afternoon. Here's adam gays new jets head coach which team only believes they can win. I think they have a lot of a lot to prove that a lot of things that they send me go on their way all the time the guys that have been here and as as air excited to kind of slate clean and why it fits so well here's sam darnold. He seems like a different player year one to year two. I just think it's the comfort level with everything else. You know given that it is you're too and i know all the guys in the locker room and all that stuff that i have been talking about c._j. Moseley's always leave here now have to contain josh allen to be successful. They do a great quarterback as always a child's saw zones america very java china jonah because was gonna be dangerous player though jets bills at one o'clock sunday four twenty five sunday the giants and cowboys in dallas saquon saquon barkley congratulates ezekiel elliott on his new deal he was also congratulated for one being a captain into essentially i guess by percentages and votes awesome tallies. He's the top player taken in all if not most fantasy draft sized dope to it's awesome to be <hes> i guess no one fantasy pick i. I guess i do a good job. I'm assuming so for everyone have voted for me and continue to pick madden rating but it's kind of cool right the top vote getter or at least draft pick and fantasy. Here's generous jenkins. He's got to track down amari cooper on sunday. Settle <hes> if you go back to when i came to lead i've been doing i came here. <hes> came into the n._f._l. But you know whatever they helped me doing it. Almost my job is bidding. That's right. Here's ally manning so are you motivated by the way daniel jones performed in the preseason he wouldn't do it for for all the guys in his locker room and coach's organization fans and everybody that you know put so much effort into having a great year so that's more than you know who who's on your team. He's so vanilla. He always says the right thing really is pretty good. That's four twenty five on sunday monday night. You've got the two games of course the saints in texans. I believe it is and the raiders at home against the the broncos. Reports say oakland will spend wide receiver antonio brown after he got into the exchange with mike mayock on wednesday but no suspension is come down just yet the redskins eagles on sunday washington with a logjam at running back and this was interesting because while jay gruden didn't say it it does sound as if adrian peterson <hes> might not be active for the game hard to know for sure so he was asked about that by reporters there. There's a discussion about adrian. Potentially being inactive is that ah a more sensitive topic because of who he is and what he's accomplished in this game. If you know if the hurricane hits we won't have a game so i don't know we gotta we gotta worry about weird weird and now because he's the one that brought it up the whole running back thing and then really didn't wanna discuss. There's no way he's there next year is he jay gruden or adrian peterson jay gruden. Let's see how the season goes. I think they've got to have a winning season for him to stay then. There's no way man who knows. I think you have a pretty good idea like the worst. Three or four teams in football are going to be. That's that's right. Yeah i suppose i don't think the redskins are one of the worst two or three teams of football though i think they're one of the worst four or five <hes> i guess here's the browns and titans with baker mayfield a lot of hype surrounding this team with the moves that were made. He says whatever nobody's done anything yet so i'd say that everybody's starting from the same you you know square one <hes> and then i'd say it's it's pretty hard to live up to any high. If you're listening to the outside no part of that hype was bringing in odell beckham junior <hes> beckham's beckham's dealing with a little bit of a sore hip. <hes> says he's more like a vehicle. That's got something faulty on it and you can go. We just can't go one hundred percent until he opens it up on sunday. We'll see he also had a new rolls. Royce delivered to <hes> sure. I'm sure you've seen a they just entered this morning and i couldn't really we get to it <hes> because i was in meetings and stuff like that so i just had then bring it here. Her name is big bertha. Oh that's nice. He's actually he aimed his vehicle. Yes chiefs with the a new look. Jaguars sunday patrick mahomes having shawn mccoy on the team. Now is obviously <hes> did a great player in this league for a long time and someone that is going to come in and learn learn is a very intelligent guy that seem to pick it up the offense fast and la voice <hes> so that's sunday as well sunday night steelers and the patriots <hes> couple of teams that you think will be battling with the chiefs this cheer for supremacy in the a._f._c. Here's ben rothlisberger here. We go again. The patriots will be good again. They always on that's why the world world champs and it's hard to beat those those guys at your place let alone their place not just for us the whole league so what an awesome challenge is going to be and have you seen lean people posting the side by sides of tom brady. Oh my god yes you're right. This is what i brought up boomer says it's all because he's married. Susil and giselle has facial products that keep him young. I don't believe it's that diet i do too. I do too yeah but it's the way he eats. You see the. I agree with you anything bad for you. We add element in here. He told us that you know years. When you're in a burger a month i guess he drinks said beer a year after the super bowl in between the super bowl and the kentucky derby yeah but he this guy takes care of his body like nobody else. I'm sure he's even eating eating like you know you know avocados and look at the t._b. Twelve cookbook right right yeah. You're not allowed to have anything on that thing whereas that specialized sleepwear aware that that too yes about the photo from him at the combine. I think he looks older than i really does now not he's. He doesn't have any night shades or legumes uh-huh right no tomatoes. No here's braiding great series with pets. We had a great robbery against those guys and played a lot of meaningful games. <hes> we played at their stadium quite a bit last year's so it's good to get them here as they will race another championship banner baseball that's back tonight yankees and mets off off on thursday. You've got the yankees against the red sox in boston to mingle herrmann starting against. I believe it's going to be jolie. Cia seen coverage on the fan at six thirty luis luis severino and dylan betances to pitch a playoff game for the trenton thunder later today as for the mets they lost half grant half game in the standings in terms of the wild headquarters because the cubs beat the brewers ten five minutes again five out as they take on the phillies this weekend starting tonight stephen mad sack eflin are the starters they're the ass request ya aw you bet on that playoff game that don't pretend us and severino or pitching in a minor league playoff game. I don't know the answer that i'm sure somewhere. You could some guy inside a handy pantry somewhere who would take the bed probably think that those guys are in. They're going to win or are they trying to work on things and work on things. They're not trying to win them. I think they'd like to be effective but i think really what they're trying to do is get themselves ready for games that matter at the major league level yeah. That's what i think's going. Both i heard you guys talking about tickets and you know a scam where you buy a ticket you go in. Someone else has the ticket so legere. I bought tickets on stub hub for phillies. Billy's orioles shut up l. when watched the game get to the seats and there's a guy in his daughter sitting in the seats so you gotta get involved. Go to <hes> the offices turns out. They sold the tickets to us and then the guy had the hard copy and still went thinking we wouldn't show up. I don't know why and the the phillies phillies took care of it in five minutes basically out that he was trying to double dip and stubhub ruled out. I thought that was interesting. That stubhub actually won out on that with that one hundred percent on guarantee they have. I mean it's it's crazy. I don't know why the scanning technology is in better than you like. If you scan one barcode someone else shouldn't be able to scale right right that is on them so to me that's true. How do they guy so. I if two people are in with the same ticket to me. The team has to accommodate. Both of those people bull. I think they let the other people the exit yeah. I know this is what happened to the guys i know at soldier field last year with the the playoff game. It's like they all right so so they they bought the ticket they scanned. They went in and then they told him to leave. It's like wait a second. It's not my fault that you're scanning system is antiquated. That's your full. Is there default. Put us somewhere. We don't care what he said. They were saying put us anywhere. We're just here to see the game. Astros came back from seven nothing downbeat the mariners thirteen eleven nine there ninety one and fifty the yankees these are ninety two in forty nine in that race for the best record in baseball reds over the phillies and eleven four three and a game winning home run from phillip ervin women's semifinals at the u._s. Open serena williams a straight straight-set win over atlanta's fit alina and so she goes to another open final she will take on bianca. Andrea skew who people into bench last night men's semi start at four o'clock medvedeva gregor dmitrov and then it will be rafeh raphael dollar against matteo barrett teeny eats the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg gianotti boomer and geo so anyway get a belt wins again winning in. How did they win again. Well they want again because of their television television overnight ratings so n._b._c. is going to have to be pretty happy with these numbers fifteen point three slash twenty eight shares so that's that's two percentage points higher than last year's opening night game between atlanta in philly last year was thirteen point four this year its fifteen point three so it went up two points okay. It is the game it's two historical. Franchises wasn't one possession game even though as a bad game but the n._f._l. Network covered it and there's been a lot of lead up to the wholesaler and all that other stuff so a successful start at least t._v. Wise from the numbers on the overnight rating. It's just gonna keep growing and growing and growing of course there was a small rough patch with tv viewership that happened a couple of years ago that is now out the window and if you get much to do with some of the political go yeah what's going on on the field of course and that is not something that we are talking about much these days with the pertains to the n._f._l. And everybody's back and everybody's watching and it's going to grow and grow and grow and at full slate that week one sunday one o'clock is about as good as it gets. Let's go stephen cole neck going on steve good morning. Boy is good morning how you guys doing maybe what's going on with you. I'm actually calling to give your mets some props. I'm more of a yankee fan but i'm certainly not a hater yeah just going back to the all star break to the trade deadline. It looked like you know we were ready to give up on the mets and they were going to be sellers and the fact that senior leadership you know brody and i and everyone else sits we believe in this team we're not going to be sellers picking up stroman and i think that has really resonated with the team and and and since then and they probably won't make the playoffs but just even this last deal the loss to the to the to the national one of the most you can probably have especially when you when when you're fighting for that playoff spot now wildcard spot and how they won the next game and i guess you know again. That's probably won't make the playoffs this year. I think they have a lot to build going into next year and they really did a real fun team to watch for the last six seven weeks. Steve don't rule him out yet. Do not rule them out yet. I still think that that final homestand a._m. Is going to matter to them. I think it would may come home after colorado and cincinnati and they've got the marlins and braves. It's going to matter. They're not going to be mathematically eliminated at at that point. I still think that they're going to have shot. You got the cubs playing the cardinals seven. Well was seven times before this. Yes seven more time. We're walking milwaukee than they got four after milwaukee and then they've got three at the end of the year you know the one thing you know when we were off the mets lost those six games in a row and then they i also lost that that game that horrendous loss in washington. That's seven games in the last two weeks. They lost if they would've went three and four or four and three in those games it would be singing a completely different tune of feeling a little bit differently about them it's going to be it's a long road to get there. It's not easy. They start a home stand. Now at the phillies stephen matt's on the mound the night and they got to start winning again at city field. They got to take care of business with these with these teams here if they want to have a chance but i i will. I'll say we always talk about this every year in the beginning of the year. Just give me meaningful baseball in the month of september. That's what i want. I want my team relevant and the mets certainly are relevant and a lot of their players players irrelevant in different league. Races mets are better than the phillies confident in that they're. They're not better than the nationals. Obviously we've seen the i believe. They are pettitte the national. I don't think they're better than the nationals. No nationals wet the nationals. I know atta foreign to road trip and that was great and they should swept the nationals game the city field yeah but listen and over the course of this season they have been better. They're just they just been better. I can't you know what i'm saying there. If you look at they figured it out and then stayed like ten twelve games over five hundred where the mets can never seem the nationals out of their last four all right. I still think that the nationals are a better base. All the mets and the nationals going to the playoffs. I mean that says it right there for you. So that's what that's what counts in the end but it doesn't mean that the mets came grab that second wildcard spot and i really i just i cannot after that terrible arable laws or that six game losing streak after preaching so much about their schedule the rest of the way with these home games and then the road trip. It's bad teams think that they're out of there. Just there's is enough time. There's enough game we have. They have we as four back in april meaningful games in september s yeah well at this point. It's the way that they got back in it. It feels like you want a little bit more than that at this point but yeah they they salvage the season resurrected themselves and they've given you a lot and they got got a lotta good. Young players look forward to watching over. Hopefully the next five or six years and pete alonzo's authoring one of the great seasons we've ever seen from a new york met in his rookie. Season could be a home run title winner yeah him and trout how about beat alonzo mike trout that on the back and forth pita lonzo is he's. The new york mets version of aaron judge. You love that one. I do love that one so it's a perfect example young kid coming up here. Fans love him says all the right. Things plays the right way. Although although sometimes he's a little too aggressive at first base to his right but for the most part he is <hes> lived up to the hype and his gone about his business in a very professional manner and he's a very likable young man so you said saquon aaron judge of the giants yes pete alonzo's the aaron judge of the mets. It's right who's aaron the judge. The jets sam darnold sam darnold. Darnold is okay who's aaron judge of the yankees all figured out how judge aaron judge torres now who is the aaron judge of the knicks r._j. Barrett has to be he's gotta be the. He's got to be the aaron judge of the nick. Who's the who's the aaron judge of the brooklyn nets. I would've said cool routes. It's but no longer well. He no longer for that one no so you don't have one. I don't know that team that well. I don't necessarily know that i could put my finger on. It's just a bunch of nobodies over there right well. Where do they signed carmelo. You'll become right right of course <hes>. How about the aaron judge uh of the new york rangers. He's capo cosco not yet. We have to see out of perform but you'd like to see that right seeded to see that. Maybe maybe maybe trueba maybe the new defensemen though the tea but no but he's not a homegrown guy. He's got a home run. Guy should well then. It should be chris kreider but you know who's done. Nothing wrong guy wrong. He's a good dude and everything but he's in the last year of his contract and that's still has to be resolved and and have to figure out what to do with him. Yeah but you don't ride around the storm kreider on the storm yeah yeah and how about the the last one the <hes> aaron judge of the islanders matt martin now well samanta great guy and he's very popular. Don't get me wrong but you gotta. You gotta have the thing about aaron judge. He's a five tool playoff. Yes you know that's what you're hoping. Pita lonzo is. That's what you're hoping sam darnold arnold becomes. It's gotta be matt bars l. but it's still young yet and he sold gotta do it again and there's a lot of pressure on him to score a lot of goals. You could say honestly. I guess it's the some respect their captain <hes>. Maybe it's not a bad one big deal. Stay in hong guy drafted by them with him. I mean come on so homegrown guy all right. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo live from the investors bank studio former precising gregg giannotti boomer and geo on the fan across the country on c._b._s. Sports network here at boomer and geo and entercom mental dole health awareness is something that is important to us and of course the men and women of our local police force at the n._y._p._d. Also something that's very important to us. Unfortunately there's been a crisis. That's been happening with these two things and that is cop suicides. There has been ten in recent memory and it's something that we feel that we could have a little bit of a positive impact on bringing awareness to this talking about it and we'll talk about it here this morning morning for a few minutes and we're going to be talking about across the country on entercom stations on sunday mornings seven to nine a._m. With their special i'm listening live to our broadcasts special on mental health awareness and there's no better man to bring in to talk about this and to shine a light on it then n. y. P. d. c. police commissioner meaner james o'neill who is with us morning in studio commissioner neil welcome and it's a pleasure to have you here edgy. Oh hey boomer. Thanks for having me here this morning and it's a very important time time and i know there's a lot of other things going on in your life and i know you've been very busy dealing with a lot of that stuff but i reached out to you a couple of weeks ago because susan markinor market manager after the ninth cops suicide basically sent me an emoji with a broken heart and tears and everything else and there's got to be something we can do to help the n._y._p._d. So i reached reached out to you and stuff happened. I wanted you to come in specifically to talk about this and what is going on within the n._y._p._d. In regards to this and what can you guys do to help stem the tide of these things and that's. I think that's the big issue. What can we do to stem the tide and it's an obviously it's important that we do. I don't think there's anything more important important than than dealing with the recent spate of suicides and anything else going on in the n._y._p._d. And the city we have to take care of the people that take care of the city as the most important thing. We can do this a couple issues. I think the biggest issue that we face is <hes> having people come forward when they're when they're experienced some <hes> some difficulties some mental antle health challenges and as difficult as a police officer i think <hes> i don't think anybody would argue with me there. It's difficult because what do we do as cops. We protect people <hes> <hes> and i it's important that people know that it's a sign of strength. If you come forward looking for help i've i've known people that have mental health issues and they tell me that they'd rather have cancer because people understand cancer but people don't understand mental health issues but <hes> we have to pass that <hes> we do so much to take care of everybody in this city we have to start taking care of ourselves and and when you're in crisis you might not be able to do that so that's why we need. Partners need friends. We need family members we need the supervises is executives to make sure that people get the help they need when they need it because this is <hes> this is heartbreaking for everybody in the n._y._p._d. And it's heartbreaking for the people of the city who really do appreciate the men women the n._y._p._d. Though i just wanna ask you tough question here because there have been ten suicides so after the suicide happens what does the n._y._p._d. They do they go in and they look at each individual case to try to figure out why this is happening and what's the background and then you you acquire the data to try to open open the eyes of people that maybe in leadership looking for different signs or different depression <hes> aspects to a person's mental health yeah we we do. We do take a look but <hes> there's there's it does take some time because you know you've got to think about the families that earn four and the friends that are involved. They're absolutely devastated and you want to come in there. <hes> you know asking asking really tough questions right away but it is part of our our force investigation looks at that medical division looks at that this way we can have a suicide autopsy this way we can collect data and see what the issues are listen. It is really difficult to be a police officer anywhere in the united states and i think it's particularly difficult in new york city with all the challenges that we face ace and all the great work that's being done so we have to make sure that people come on the job to make a difference in to do good and they do that. We have to make sure that they have <hes> the ability elodie if they are having issues and not let it lead up to crisis. Whether it's personal issues professional issues <hes> issues family issues money issues. We have to give them the resources versus to deal with that so it doesn't build a crisis zero point they can go. That's anonymous were they can go and get the help without having everybody else a part of this. There's there's a number of things that we can do. This is internally <hes>. There's the medical division needed employee assistance unit and if you don't wanna do that you can go outside the department. We've had a a lot of our health providers. Come forward and and make sure that the psychologist psychologists counselors are getting the money they deserve sending people going there on their own and we're now working working with a major university. Who's going to have within twenty four hours. You'll be able to make an appointment anonymously at no cost immediately. You'll be able to do that for somebody it yet. That's a whole that's and that's that that's another issue that we're dealing with. We have to make sure that <hes> that we get this information out the family members too because who knows does best and i i know as a police officer for a long time if i had issues or challenges <hes> during my work they didn't come home and talk about it but i'm sure <hes> my my spouse or my kids knew something was wrong so we have to give them the ability to to find out what the issues are. We actually put an app on on every cop has a smartphone. Now the employee assistance unit app it gives a rundown of what the signs of depression are and what you can do what the resources are internally externally but the boomer majia that the the big step here is to get people to come forward and get help and that's gonna. That's gonna take all of us to make sure that happens yeah and that's the biggest part of this as we talked to n._y._p._d. Commissioner commissioner james o'neill in studio so you mentioned something right in the beginning. It's very important about coming forward and talking about it and realizing how hard that is for a lot of people especially when you have a job where you're supposed to be the tough guy in control to admit the fact that there's something not going right with you and to break break down and be vulnerable to go to somebody and talk about that is not an easy thing and it's especially hard for someone who's a police officer and i think the important thing to say is that when you find the right person to talk to maybe talk to your friends and say you know i'm kind of depressed or whatever and they might buster balls about it but when you go to the right person who's a professional to get you through that that that could end up saving your life and changing the course of your family's like and i think that getting over that hump of saying i am someone someone who is comfortable enough in myself to talk about these things with somebody you know could stem the tide but the problem is that that stigma which is a word that is over used these days but it's the proper word that stigmas out there. It's still very very strong so if we do anything today it's to break some of that down into say that it's okay okay to be vulnerable. It's okay to talk about. You know how you're feeling and there's places to do that with professionals. That will help. You and i've been someone who has gone to therapy therapy. I've talked about this and for a long time. I didn't wanna talk about it and i finally did and when i walked out at first time i felt like nick why. Why didn't i do this a long time ago because the professionals give you tools to do that and i have never been under the stress. Police officer is under and i cannot put myself in those shoes it was but there is help and you're providing it and they need to get to the right people so gio just think about <hes>. What cops do we recruit from the human race all the all the they cumulative trauma trauma that that that cops are exposed to now you see people at our shot. You see people that are victims of murder. You see people in vehicle vehicle accidents. <hes> you see the victims of robbery you see some senseless violence and you think about that that all adds up and then you add the personal stresses marriage finances finances <hes> other family issues. This is this is. This is a really difficult job so we have <hes> on september twenty third. We're going to have peer to peer counselors and all the commands. All the executives have gone through a three hour training course and that i think is an important part of what we do is got to be a way to get people to. I feel more comfortable to come forward now. I've everybody's had issues. Everybody has family issues. My dad died back in ninety eight. My mom for the longest time wanted to all of us to go to counseling and i'm an irish guy. I'm a cop like i don't need any help. I don't need i'm fine this is this is a tough guy but that i finally did and it it. It's it's good to talk to someone to get in an objective view of what's going on in your life and this is why this way you can find a path forward. You know first responders especially the n._y._p._d. A lot of times they're called in situations that they see the ugliness of society and they have their own lives. They have to deal with and there is a p._t._s._d. Component here that sticks with them and and sometimes they don't even realize it and that's one of the reasons why you know we hear on this radio station. I know our entercom cluster and i know you on your country this morning. Appreciate the sacrifices acker ffices that your officers make on every single day and then jianye were sir basically have been exposed to the police foundation and we have seen all the great things that your officers have have done in their precincts that never get told about and we're we are part of that so we see that part of it and that's one of the reasons why we try to voice that and that's one of the reasons i reached out to you specifically for this reason and i hope that the cops that are out there could just put aside whatever their differences may be that you guys are dealing with internally and understand that you're all in this together this part of it. You're all in it together. I think <hes> i think patio lynch understand that completely. I've had conversations with him about that understands that the most important thing that we can do right now is to take each other and to make sure that the this <hes> a spate of suicides stops and it's gonna take. Everybody's gonna take everybody in the n._y._p._d. A._p._d. It's going to take everybody that has come forward and offer help and <hes> eight point. Six million new yorkers can help too. They can show their appreciation. Say hello to a cop. Thank him for the great work that they do each. I think there are a lot of people that do they do and i was louis ever hear about it. We only hear about the negative stuff that's true. I mean i was a precinct commander for a long time. <hes> i was in central park for a couple years in east harlem for two years. I was in south bronx for two and a half years people like n._y._p._d. Cops and appreciate what we do and as you said you don't always hear that you hear a lot of the negative stories which doesn't help it was quite frankly doesn't help. I want to ask you about one of those negative stories because it does go to the morale of the of the cops now. We have a story story this morning. That aqap had some milk dumped on him again. We also had the water issues with the cops being doused with water. What are you telling your guys on the streets your if you're rank and file on the streets how to deal with situations like this again <hes> drawing from my experience strength from <hes> chief bond hands experience and the executives. We've been cops for a longtime this. I don't know if this is news to new yorkers disrespecting cops. This isn't something that just started happening in two thousand nineteen. We've been dealing with this for a long time and i'm. I'm glad it's come to the surface. You know we're not victims absolutely not but people have to respect what we do think about how the city has been transformed think about how safe it. There's no matter what you hear from the rhetoric here from different people about how the city's going backwards it's not we went from twenty two hundred homicides down to less than three hundred last year. That's not a city going backwards. I tell them that you have to take police action. You know this that happened in my precinct that happened in the four four and when it happened they took police action. There has to be consequences quences for disrespecting the police officers. There's there's law involved. Is this certain point. You can go up to but if there's a crime that occurs if there's a violation of cars you have to step forward and take care of it and and in each and every one of the water incidents we did. Maybe not immediately which i a lot of us weren't real happy about but that's okay some of those instances they were very young cops involved and it takes a while while to learn how to do this job correctly and look at how the city is today to know. It's one of those things it's hard for all of us to wrap our heads around but watching some of those videos videos i felt like the cops just didn't want to inflame a situation that could have really gotten out of hand especially if there's only one or two that are involved in there's a group of people around and them disrespecting them all at the same time and i get that too <hes> i think you're talking about the incident and brownsville us so then you have the opportunity to step back you have radio is this you know there's a number of other police officers that are working that day you have sergeants lieutenants and you come back and you make sure that there are consequences and people get arrested for that and then we have to deal with the prosecutors to make sure that their consequences for those arrests now these people just can't walk people have to know that if you disrespect the cop something's going going to happen. Can i can ask you. We're talking to commissioner <hes> jim. Oh i wanna ask you one other question because something that they came up and i was just thinking because i was reading about this morning this whole bail reform situation. That's taken over where i was reading. Where a couple of your deputy commissioners talking about eighty nine percent of the people that are arrested really don't have bail l. attached to their arrest but now it's going to go from eighty nine percent to ninety nine percent where there there could be some significant criminals knows walking on the streets without bail attached to their arrest so i've <hes> we've done a number of op eds actually went up to albany to talk to the state legislators about this. This is right now. There's about eight thousand people in rikers and there's a certain number of them. They're being held in pretrial detention. <hes> now if you're in on one hundred five hundred thousand dollars ios bail. I'm not really concerned about that really not. If you can't afford that maybe we should. There should be some bail reform but there's a core group of about varies from about six six to eight hundred people at iran rikers right now awaiting a court proceedings <hes> next year they're going to be out and some of these people have <hes> gone on collars in the past they have significant criminal violent criminal histories and that's not how we keep new york safe so we have to pay attention to this. <hes> we have to deal with legislators to make sure sure that whatever law they enacted maybe that we can push that push back a little bit and get them to make the changes that need to be made so we can keep new yorkers say go. The reason i say that is because because all it takes is one of these guys to come out of jail without any bail and then go out and kill somebody and then then the questions are going to be thrown off your feet wondering why <music> out on the street and why weren't they locked up in what happened then it becomes a whole polygamous so boomer if you take a look at how we went from twenty two hundred and forty five homicides down to three three hundred how we went from five thousand shootings down to less than eight hundred it's because we target we use our resources are investigative resources on the very small percentage of the population involved love and violence and once we complete those cases and we bring them before a court and the prosecutors are involved. We have to make sure that they stay in and there's this this this witness. Intimidation issues here. There's a whole host of issues if your house gets gets burglarized in twenty twenty and we make an arrest that that person's got to be out that same day that doesn't even make a little bit of sense. We have to use common sense here. I understand criminal justice reform. We've done a lot within the n._y._p._d. I understand bail reform but we also have to make sure that we concentrate on on potential victims and we keep them safe just one question on the tough decision. You had to make a few weeks ago. Oh you knew that there was going to be some blowback from the police union from the rank and file from your perspective. Has it been what you expected. Has it been worse worse than you expected. You feel like the rank and file looks at you differently after the tough decision the impossible spot that you're really put in. I have almost almost thirty seven years in law enforcement and that was the most difficult thing that i've that i've had to do but <hes> arose. Marie maldonado's decision aben tucker backed up that decision. I looked at the facts presented and <hes> this is. This is the decision that i made and i stand by that decision. That's a decision that the city charter the police commissioners possible for the discipline of the men and women the n._y._p._d. <hes> did i knew that they were going to be issues going forward. Yeah i did and does it <hes>. I'd like to sit here and say it doesn't bother me but i've been a cop for a long time. Of course it bothers me but the it it's gotta be bigger than that. <hes> cops do this job for a reason. They become police officers to make a difference than to do good and they understand that and they'll continue to do that. They'll continue to keep the city safe so we'll get through. This is my reputation. Take a big it sure it did but it's not about me. It's about keeping the city. So do you think the overall morale is the rank and powell right now. It's you know i talked to cops. I still talk to cops. Yes <hes>. I'm sure that <hes> some of them did not agree with my decision and i'm sure a lot of them. <hes> just wanna come to work. I want to make sure that they're in a good environment that they work with good partner and they go out there and do what they get paid to do. Well your community community. Policing <hes> programs have worked. There is no question about that. We've seen that the police foundation yes and how many of your offices actually do get involved within the community that they are policing and trying to make a difference so that that that program has prevents that it's not just a program away. We have to do business. It's a philosophy. If we're gonna push crime down even further. We have to make sure that the the community you know all eight point point six million new yorkers that they trust the n._y._p._d. That if something happens they're going to come forward and help us solve those crimes and they're going to help prevent crime so at one message for your rank and paul there are listening right now the the men and women that are walking on the street in regards to <hes> the thoughts of potential suicide in what we've been through over over the last seven to eight months here new york city losing ten officers who've taken their own lives. What would you say to them right now. As you get ready to leave us so so what i would say is first of all thank you for what you do each and every day thank you for making the choice to become a new york city police officer a. Not everybody can do this job and you do it so well. If if you yourself are experiencing problems of there there are ways you can come internally through the police department and if you wanna do that go through your your own providers <hes> you can really it. It's it's it's important that you take care of yourself and two partners and friends and family members and sergeants lieutenants and precinct commanders pay attention to your people and if you see somebody that might need some help don't ignore it <hes> talk about it and if that person needs to get help make sure they get help nope and this will enable them to do what they came on this job to do to be healthy to make a difference and and this is the best job in the world and you have to be at your best to do it. It was our pleasure having you in here and we hope to be telling more good stories <hes> through our radio station and others here at entercom new york and throughout out all our stations across the country with all the great first responder all the great n._y._p._d. Stories that are out there that aren't reported on as much. Thanks for being here. Commissioner sure i just want to end with this. Yes go giants. Go jets ask you one question. You know the rangers. Are we making a play also else with the rangers taking the cup man thank. Nobody cares about hockey boomer james o'neill on the fan c._b._s. Sports network. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer n._g._o. Toby jet giant game okay with the spread coming up right before ten o'clock along with three other games. Jerry one picks last year. I believe i did yes. I did okay very very good so <hes> jerry will better than boomer and i think sixteen better than you. I don't remember that and ran away with. I mean ran. Websites ran away with it. I don't remember because once it's over it's over the math right. Just flush it right kind of like the super bowl over it was over but the girls there's a lot closer than you and him in the picks history where he played it. No i know that's what i'm saying is super. He played and was a lot closer. I mean you blew him out. Yeah blow them out. At least i played in super bowl. You did you want as many as i did right. I played one more than you did and you always will have <music>. Okay jerry. Pull the remember the <hes>. I really don't remember standing picks getting out. I think i beat you by four <music>. Games in greg was way back. Remember this. I remember that i remember jerry was on a tear there for a long time. He was like florida five. He had have the finals from last year. Oh i think so. Oh good call yeah. Bobby should have it and why it's not laburnum me right now. I don't know why bobby's buber fan though he probably fixed. It always listen to the final friday if i have to get it actually on tape jerry one. That's all it matters win by one at you suck sunburnt breath thanks. He won the defending champ all right. You got an update fourth channel. Yes we are brought to you by the ray catena auto auto group schedule an appointment today to ray katina service center for first class service at affordable prices <hes> and we will start with the football because everything began last night the marathon sprint whatever you wanna call it to miami which is where the super bowl is. This year opened in chicago the one hundred season of the n._f._l. Packers and bears it was not exactly the most pretty game to watch but in the end the packers had just enough to win the first goal at the pass rogers. He looks right tolson arching spiral pass in the bed of the end zone leaping two hundred catch by the tight end graham eighteen defenders crepe them both shoulders it touches your touchdown pass from rodgers and the packers have taken the lead. Oh oh yes that was kevin harland orland but no one cares. Here's what's more important. I was sixty four forty three in three last year out yet. Forty seven and three terrible and greg was fifty fifty fifty seven hundred more on seventeen thousand bad ten games. Were good job on your porcher. Look at that young yes man. I like the winter is supposed to get a ford or after man what happened that raptor that you said you're going to give jerry for winning a picks. What's that the raptor told jerry. You're going to give him for one in the picture. I gave it to him. It was it was a model. That was the model the model i lease. I did that too darnay scott back when i was playing with him. In the cincinnati bengals <hes> you know he was moping around on the sideline decided he was not gonna play. He was dressed but he was not gonna play because he he missed miss the meeting or something and then of course i go in the fourth quarter. There's a third and like eighteen and they put him in on the field had done anything like totally checked out and when he got in the huddle i said man if i throw this ball go where you're going to catch it. He goes well. You know look if you do. I'll i'll give you a mercedes so i throw the ball behind him. Of course it turns around and call the great catch and you know and it was i down and he gets up and he's point back. You'll mir mercedes jumia mercedes so so the next morning i went to toys r. us reseda electric cars so in the in the locker room. He's telling everybody i'm getting him say these now and and <hes> i drove a mercedes car up to his locker. The controller said men that was some great job so nice move baggers wind up winning ten three kevin harlan westwood one on the fan the rogers to graham touchdown the only touchdown of the game mitchell trubisky was trying to throw a touchdown late but did not back ivanka marie sixteen yard green bay chicago third down in ten schalken snappers arching spiral pass over the corner of the endzone intercepted sector of the former the chicago. They're coming through makes the intersection in the back of the zona trubisky again kevin harlan westwood one on the thing. Somebody told us on twitter they think don mcculskey is the the analyst for green bay a radio a could be. I don't know the answer to that just google we could check it to find out and if what people are wondering about was this call of the interception that we played gigs last hour. Here's how it sounded on. Packers radio ted of the sixty eight of green bay three receivers seaver left one to the right flipside snap trubisky under pressure lost over the wow down mcaliskey and i don't know i think als googling it as we speak. I'm not sure if he is. I wasn't aware he did that. Maybe it's the first year i don't know <hes> i will check it and find him seeing guys named <hes> wayne laravie. He's the play by play guy. We'll be the analyst please hold aaron rodgers n._b._c. tough game against a real good day that defense is going to get a lot of team struggles very talented team. You know we i had a couple of real bad throws. Were off out of sync at times but <hes> we got a defense aaron. Rodgers look fake. What would you think about stash this one in the picture that the shown on c._b._s. sports boogie nights one that he's actually really wearing now. He's not he he is. He is the last night it wasn't there and you know what i forgot about to speaking of mustaches yeah watching all the stuff on antonio brown when he died the remember the day that i came in here the mustache the one day i decided to go must i think c._b._s. Sports don't remember that you shoot the beard yeah well. I just came came in with the mustache very large too so the picture is the picture is ridiculous. I look like the guy the cartoon that's on the cover of a pizza box the question tonio brown call himself mr big chest yeah so that's his alter ego. Maybe mister big chest. Eh big jess brown remember right. Yeah that could be until that too so who was fighting with may might guess chest or chest brown probably larry mccarron. Does that sound right to you. That's the analyst betsy. Analyst man spend a lotta time on this so get the answer. I thought you might know google all right. Somebody here was ammos caskey. He was ready for the player because everybody's twitter they did to play a couple of times and <hes> <hes> you missed it <hes> one hundred times he was opened on and <hes> and he did it again and hit it so i'm saying that they lineup day again <music> plate now. Is that a problem in the formation where the game planning that they ran the play three or four times that clearly they recognized so remember amos also so play for the bears last year so they and they have film of the bears they have you know the videos from last year when they played them and everything else amos probably saw that in practice a bunch of times so you know it's just mitch trubisky making a bad decision. He went to the wrong guy and it was covered essentially well zone is he wasn't double covered off the line of scrimmage. He ran to his own and the the the one cornerback drop back and the safety ammos came over the top so it looks like he's double covered but because the field is short because of the back of the end zone it looks like he's career you just throw it into a zone where he shouldn't have thrown it and that's the difference between an aaron rodgers is going to win games on the road like that or even though he's grinding and he's out of sank yeah compared to a mitch trubisky who is a bottom half quarterback and doesn't seem to have have grown much since last year. Harry was on the pick which would have had that went back. It felt really good when it left my hand and put in a good spot for arab eras allen robinson robinson one hundred second year before we get too far away from it to c._b._s. Sports our dig up that picture of me with the mustache so if they would show it now ever so kindly this that was me. Yes god look at that told you peter at soldier lawns done the same guy was. I was gonna say the same thing yeah a year ago. I don't know how long ago that was. Holy crap that you also look older. You started january. You're eighteen yeah. I did yeah he's el chapo. I'd like to call l. chumpol. Yeah that was back. Dan dan yeah. That's a that's a double x. Shirt that boomer gave me wear right there with the chest. Wow thank you for taking it off. I couldn't take my eyes off. Damn good for you because you have really turned around your life. Well thank you jerry. Yeah sunday luigi the guy master. We're mario brothers sweet way thinner than super. Mario brothers definitely <hes> jets bills metlife stadium sunday afternoon. Adam gays in his first official game is jets head. Coach says the options ready to go. I love the confidence that our guys had. I think they're having fun point in this offense. Yes i love the communication we're getting back in the players with the ideas suggestions tweaks that they wanna make how they kinda see it and the one guy who has the theater sam darnold quarterback. He says sure i have a big part but can't do it without the guys around me for me. I have a ton of trust and protect and i have a ton of trust that everyone's gonna be in the right spot doing the right things so and i do think it's a testament to how well we practice c._j. Moseley he says let's get this thing started already motorist charter during a preseason most <hes> no charter established a new foundation for instance so all the jets and bills play at one. You've got at the giants and cowboys four twenty-five jenkins thoughts of the club with a lot of things <hes> we're gonna work together the defense everybody sworn to the ball until nuclear dining football new york giants. I ends football <hes> jerry jones of course signing ezekiel elliott. They had that whole press conference yesterday. Saquon barkley love nut contract zeke. If you see this congratulations graduations on on the deal that's amazing <hes> it's more factor as you don't wanna see guy talented sit out you wanna see there is good for the competition running-backs. It's good for it. If you're a fan of football <hes> he's a special player especially italian hobie out. They're just not sure exactly how much jason garrett would not commit if he's going to be on a snap count or carry count we will find out on sunday brown's titans on sunday former giant odell beckham junior dealing with a sore hip he was asked yesterday if the team is seen any full speed yet not really just <hes> especially what would have had going on. I just been kind of afraid to just open up. I'd rather get to sunday and open up then to be running around and and handle myself before the game and what exactly is the issue. You're dealing with just something that hinders me from opening up and fully sprinting as fast as i can so we'll see we'll see if he can open up on sunday. Sunday vikings falcons on sunday kirk cousins year two with minnesota. He loves this thing. I think we have a great locker room. I felt that way. Since since i got here a a year and a half ago and it's very competitive league we're fighting everyday for our spot and see how they finish this year speaking of cohesiveness in the locker room not so much with antonio brown in his new team at least not with the g._m. Mike mayock reports say the raiders are contemplating suspending brown because of this heated exchange she got into it may occ- and of course the posting of the fine letter that he got from may also things not exactly going swimmingly for no no one of the monday night games will be the texans texans and the saints. Here's laremy tunsil in a new place. I watched his five minutes with the media fun guy really fun guy. He makes you call out who you are who you're working with wants to know what your deal is and then gives you a blunt to smoke with them right smoking weed through a gas mask attached to a bond. I told you fun guy fun guy baseball yankees and mets back in action tonight the yankees and red sox in boston. You got the yankees at ninety need to and forty-nine the red sox seventy five sixty five red sox six and a half out the wildcard spot that second one the yankees with a nine game lead atop the division on tampa to mingle harm onto angelique chassis coverage on the fan at six thirty mets and phillies at city field. Steven matt's zach eflin the starter coupon. I want to give it the jury uh-huh post here a little while. You're doing your attention and i found a place an right here in new york. City is a matter of fact on one forty one forty east east side from coming to work. I'm not all that interested in anything in new york city while this is going to interest you and i know it's ju- one forty east twenty seventh street st place called stone creek. Look what they got. They got the cowboy game on their advertising cowboy game. Yeah new york riposte cowboy fans in the area. It's amazing arthur's their steeler bars in the city. I believe cowboy right vikings soccer bars vikings born but that's never seen seen them advertised in the newspaper actually advertise in new york post for stone creek for and if i lived in manhattan and didn't have the sunday ticket i would uh-huh and during every cowboy again they could be a spokesperson for something. You've got my number right now. Go over there and maybe do a pre-game brunch or something. That would be great. He's got to work the game. I do have to work but that's kind of cool. I dunno stone creek a bar lounge but i would be happy to check them out now. The no this cowboy bar area go that'd be kind of cool. <hes> cubs did beat the brewers ten five. That's where the mets oregon five games out in that wild card race for second spot women's semifinals that the u._s. us open some interesting names for sure but one that is a mainstay and that is serena williams a straight set win over atlanta's fiddle lena and bianca andrea skew beat belinda bench inch so you'll get andreescu and williams in the women's final men semis today four p._m. To know medvedev and gregor dmitrov and then it's raphael matteo heo bertini time now moment of the day brought to you buy resorts world casino in queens with over six thousand games. This is how n._y._c. roles well. What summer easy summer not so easy. You guys were discussing stall here. We're up a loaded. <hes> you guys were discussing the flight back after the super bowl when boomer drank. I'm too much coming into the studio. If you remember that whole mess which was kind of funny at the time and this is how that went and once i saw how hard you were attacking taking it was at attack man. It was like a allergy flank steak right here phil simms yeah you have to deal with him every sunday. Yeah i used to deal with them on tuesdays to the two but on sundays and after a game in a flying tube where i can't get up and get away from him yeah. There's only one thing to do man. I tell you this softened the blow. That's what i was working on softening the blow to take over all the libraries that day and the the first one i had contemplated taking over when you said get yourself a brand new ford expedition and then i said i might in half to take over that was the tipping point was when you were reading the nj diet's spot and you open it up with. Are you a fat pig which was not one of rhetorical questions that was on the cop. I remember that vividly one of the funniest things you've ever said there. You go moment of the day all right. Thanks jerry eats the morning morning show with boomer esiason gregg giannotti boomer and geo. We told you about last year. Jerry one boomer came in second when i was in the caboose way back started off with a win last night tumor and me. I don't think jerry even picked the game so i wasn't aware we're picking the game. We had to might have to toss out packers for the record. Okay digit. I saw one and i'll give diane jerry jerry. I saw this is how we're going to do this. We're gonna pick the jet giant game every single week with the spread then three other games were also going to pick with the spread so jerry what do we got for week one in the n._f._l. And by the way eighth today's football picks are brought to you by brother supply your number one source rice air ptacs water source heat pumps and fan coils and by rex real estate failing to percent to sell your home and also by radio dot com game number one we start with the chiefs and the jaguars you've got the jags at home new look jaguar offense nick foles patrick mahomes and the chiefs chiefs minus three and a half on the road. I am not sold on the jaguars having a bounce back year i i think there are major problems with that team. They've got so much talent on defense and they're gonna play well at some point defensively but it's not gonna be this week because the chiefs have the best offense offense in the game and i really do believe that nick foles away from that magic and philadelphia so what happened when frank reich left and deep lippo left and he was still okay. You still pretty good now. He's away from all of that down there. I just don't see him playing all that well. Gimme the chiefs in this one to cover as pat mahomes starches. This is n. b._p. Back to back season. Did you see the defense. Last night i did and i know patrick has got travis. Chelsea's tyreek hill actually platform form now they did lose mitch morris their starting center to free agency. There's something changes there and they're going to try to improve their defense. I actually take the jaguars as a home <music> home dog. I'll take the chiefs minus three and a half. It's nick foles <hes> chargers and cults in l._a. The colts of jacoby percent at quarterback chargers minus six and a half a lot of turmoil there with the chargers and injury that they could do nothing about darwin. James was not going to play this week for a couple of weeks and of course melvin gordon thing. I think the charges are going to have a good year i do. I believe that. I don't think that they're going to cover this particular game. The indianapolis colts is boomer mobile. Tell you and has been telling you that. Roster is stacked from top to bottom. Yes they lost andrew lock. Jacoby percent will do enough to keep this game close. It's this is one of those upset type of games that i'm not gonna pick the colts to win. I'm definitely picking them to come. Clogging the colts <hes> the whole way and jacoby perset certainly isn't going to do the five or six special plays per game that andrew luck did but jacoby percent is professional quarterback. They gave him a contract that is reflective of that <hes>. They love him out there. The team loves him. He's one of the more popular players on the teams got a great play. Call her and remember frank. Reich was fired from the san diego chargers as their offensive coordinator nater so there's a little more riding on this game i think from a personal standpoint. I'm gonna take the call. I'll take the points and the calls but i think the coach going to win a game. I like the chargers at home. Philip delivers light it up chargers minus six and a half assed offense of line of football versus. Maybe the best pass rushing football patriots steelers sunday night game in new england. The defending champions means minus five and a half. I really like the steelers in this game. They never have success up there in new england but i think that changes week one up there mike tomlin ben rothlisberger wanna approve point getting bell and brown out of there. I think they keep this game close and they do cover. It'll be a three point game. The patriots will win but the steelers will cover that spread. You know what the patriots defense get no love and we saw that defense on display against the rams and in the super bowl and that defense is even better. I believe this year than they were last year. They can cover they can stop the wrong and it is brady invalid. Check it is opening night now. They have lost opening night games up there for you. Remember to kency chiefs a few years ago <hes> they do not have gronk. I think the steelers cover but i think the patriots win. I like mike tomlin and what's above his shoulders and i think the steelers will win this game. I and they're getting five and a half. I'll take pittsburgh and a little bit of an upset all right the two local teams i duck jets and bills metlife stadium. The jets dick the numbers down to two and a half my two. The half is solidifies it for me. The jets are gonna win this game by field goal. It's going to be close. Both these teams who's in that field kat event is going to kick that i feel goal and he's going to be a hero and the jets are gonna get the season started with victory and them and the bills are going to be there. It's going to be a tight race to the end but i think the jets ended up getting a wildcard berth in this game in week. One is going to go big way in a long way towards securing. I think it's gonna be like a one one or two point game. That's why why this thing keeps coming down and i think a lot of people do like the bills. I think the bills and the number. I believe the jets will win the division patriots gonna lose sunday night. Laryngeal earn rather sunday. Yes just a win. I put pressure on the jets. Minus two and a half day will win and then the out jerk poll. I ah i remember saying that giants cowboys a._t. And t. stadium the cowboys minus seven and a half now. I think this is going to get a little bit ugly. I think that the cowboys are gonna win by double digits egypt's saquon will be an unbelievable story for the giants outside of that. They are a bad football team. I think the cowboys are going to have a burst of energy would see coming coming back and they're going to win by ten or more. This is a hard one again in division team on the road in week. One most these games are really close and most of the time the the division the division games end up being like four to three points in all but last night we saw a ten seven victory our ten three victory <hes> by green bay okay and and nobody thought saw that come in i gotta take the cowboys i have to. I've been sitting here saying how great i think their defense is going to be and i do believe that so i'll take the cowboys and i will give the points in the. I think the cowboys went on. I think the giants are they play well. I don't think they're gonna win. I could see a back door cover. I don't know but i'll take the giants plus seven and a half there there. You go all right jerry.

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