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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. Futures markets are pointing to another down day on Wall Street. Npr's Scott Horsley reports all of the major stock indexes have fallen into correction territory on fears of the corona virus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has now fallen nearly thirteen percent from its peak earlier this month the broader S&P five hundred index and the Nasdaq both lost more than twelve percent selling accelerated at the end of the day on Thursday and overnight markets in Europe and Asia. Were down as well. Investors have been alarmed by the growing number of corona virus cases outside of China and the prospect that the economic damage from the epidemic could be bigger and more long lasting than had been anticipated. This week saw the first cases reported in Africa and South America as well as the first case in the US where the source of the virus was not easily traced Scott horsely NPR news Washington. Health officials say that I use case of the corona virus with an unknown origin was identified in California this week all other. Us cases have been associated in some way with travel abroad. California Governor Gavin NEWSOM is calling for greater testing capacity for cove in nineteen the disease associated with the virus from capital public radio in Sacramento Sammy. Kayla reports newsome says testing is key to tapping down community spread of cove nineteen. But there's a supply problem. He says there are only two hundred testing kit statewide that simply inadequate to do justice to the kind of testing that is required to address this issue. Head on more kits would allow health workers to test more people including patients with certain respiratory symptoms regardless travel. History test results could also come back faster if state or county. Labs process their own samples instead of sending them to the CDC for NPR news. I'm Sammy Kayla. In Sacramento. Turkey says Syria will pay a heavy price for an attack that killed thirty three Turkish soldiers in northwestern Syria. Npr's Peter Kenyon. Reports on Gra is promising to target all known regime targets in response. Turkey's Defence Minister tells state media that Syria's main ally. Russia knew exactly where Turkish troops were located. When the russian-backed Syrian military launched the attack. Moscow denies that it was the worst single day loss of life for the Turkish military. Since it got involved in the conflict. For years ago Turkey called on NATO to get involved in NATO's North Atlantic Council convened a meeting to discuss the situation in Syria. Turkey's for a no fly zone has gained some supporters including us. Senator Lindsey Graham but there has been little sign that either NATO Europe or the. Us is willing to undertake such an effort. Peter Kenyon NPR news. Istanbul South Carolina's primary elections tomorrow. President trump will hold a rally tonight in North Charleston. Next week IT Super Tuesday. Fourteen states in one. Us territory hold presidential contests this is NPR blizzard conditions persist in parts of upstate. New York the National Weather Service Warns Up to two more feet of snow may fall. Meanwhile in the central and western US today temperatures will warm up considerably Opera Star Placido. Domingo is walking back. He's apology to twenty one. Women who accuse him of sexual assault. Npr's honest dossier CEO because has more from New York earlier this week. Un-american union representing opera performers said it had substantiated. What it called Placido Domingo's quote inappropriate activity. But after he said that he accepted full responsibility for his actions Domingo's started losing plan performances in his native Spain including one sponsored by the government on Thursday. The opera singer issued a statement saying that his earlier podgy created what he called a false impression. He insisted quote. I have never behaved aggressively toward anyone and I have never done anything to obstruct or hurt anyone's career in any way domingo's has stepped away from several Spanish performances and others have been canceled on associates. Lucas NPR News New York. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says officials have recovered hers stolen yesterday with a casket and body inside officers arrested a suspect after a police chase the vehicle crashed officials. Say the body inside was not disturbed on Thursday. The agency's schooled in the suspect on twitter saying of all the bad decisions you've made make one good one and bring back the deceased person. Korva Coleman. Npr News in Washington.

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