128 - Serial Killer Pedro "Monster of the Andes" Lopez


It's hard to imagine a worst human being then federal Alonzo Lopez tardy even think of him as being a human being the monster of the Andes is one of the most prolific serial killers child, rapists and child murderers in history. The worst of the worst when he was captured for trying to lure a local street vendors young daughter away from her family in Ecuador in one thousand nine hundred local authorities suspected him for the murder of four other girls whose bodies they just recently uncovered police were blown away we confess not only those murders. But the murders of a total of a hundred and ten little girls in Ecuador loan. He'd also been busy and Peru and Colombia the number was so outrageous authorities thought he was lying. But when Pedro lead them to the bodies of fifty three girls, they certainly believed him then and the one hundred ten victims may just be the tip of the iceberg. All in all thirty suspect. Pedro Lopez of killing over three hundred and fifty girls between his native Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in the mid to late seventies. After he was convicted. Of the murder of fifty seven girls in Ecuador in nineteen Eighty-three. He was given the maximum sentence allowed for any crime in that country sixteen years in prison. Yep. Confessed to one hundred and ten murders. Led police to fifty three gravesites found guilty in court, a fifty seven murders all the killings aid recovered bodies for and he was sentenced to only sixteen years, and then he'd be released two years early for good behavior. And after he's released who be immediately detained again deported to Colombia and imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for additional crimes. They're only to again, be set free after just a few years. This time set free for good Petra Alonzo Lopez whereabouts have been unknown since nineteen ninety eight he may still be alive. He may still be killing Colombian. Authorities have suspected him of additional murders since two thousand two who is this monster. Why does he do what he does? How does someone becomes so cold so vicious house able to kill so many children before getting caught? Why was he ever allowed to be freed and sixteen years? That's it. What's the story behind Ecuador's? Criminal Justice system. We traveled to South America today. Revisit Columbia for the first time since we talked about Pablo Escobar Pablo and petro were born a year apart actually and both grew up in extreme poverty in Colombia and both chose to exploit the broken criminal Justice system of Colombia and northwestern South America in general in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies for their own selfish ends, but in very very different ways as bad as Pablo Escobar was and he was a very bad, dude. Petra was in my opinion, so much worse. If I had to pick either him or Pedro to babysit my kids. I'm sure as hell gonna go with Escobar. You could argue the Pablo at least tried to help the four tried to help some people even if he it cocaine epidemic led to cows deaths and destroyed lives petro caused only pain. It's a bummer Escobar. Never met Petra Lopez in the nineteen seventies. I'd like to think he would have had him tortured. And killed federal murdered little girls from the same impoverished neighborhoods Pablo at least tried to help in his own misguided ways. So get ready for a dark true crime suck today. Another example of why certain sexually violent people may need to be put on an island. We talked about last week or perhaps just from moved from the planet entirely work can wait. It's time for time sec. Happy Monday time suckers who Ray for Monday hip, hooray hooray, but time such a jolly good for time to the good times. When we talk about super talk show like we do today. I don't know something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks to our space lizard, supporting the show via patriot for allowing this show to continue for coming out to support the happy murder tour stand up shows as well. Meet more and more spaces on the road had a blast and Philly got some more cool gifts to adorn the walls of the suck dungeon as well. And thanks for all the brave courageous messages from the victims of sexual abuse past week. Holy shit. Glad the episode helped reinforce the message that it is not your fault when you are victimized. Fuck those assholes who took advantage of an abused. You may rot in-in rods. Hellish pothole forever and ever. Amen. Love you beautiful meat sacks. You know, they might have touched your body. But they couldn't fuck with your soul. Some powerful messages in today's time sucker updates regarding all of this at the end of today's show. Today's time suck is brought to you by by a nice sponsored by something. Very positive by. 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All let's start by revisiting levion. Shia. You remember that from the Pablo Escobar suck been quite a while since out of that tail? Let's revisit it. Let's revisit the chaos that enveloped northwestern South America around an after the birth of Hedera Lopez because Violencia certainly affected the childhood of one of the world's worst serial killers. A great deal. The Violencia was a civil war in Colombia the lasted from nineteen forty eight the year. Pedalo Pez was born nineteen fifty between the Colombian conservative party, the Colombian liberal party and various communist factions that began to appear in the jungles of Colombia in the mid twentieth. Century, communism, triple m and bojangles do not care for it praise. Jingles James Ingram may he rest in peace. Also doesn't care for it. Remember, he was also a fight of communism. I've actually gotten a few emails telling me, I shouldn't be so harsh on communism. I disagree communism. Socialism's ugly. Big brother has has never ever worked for any length of time on a national level like not ever despite the various evils of capitalism capitalist nations have consistently provided a higher quality of life for the average person. Then communist nations, you keep forgetting the communism never ever. Were you keep forgetting humans need incentive to do their best? Keep forgetting the commie litas abuse it pow you keep forgetting. The wealthiest. Neil shared bump bump bump bump, never distributed by the state bump bump, oh who fucking doesn't. Michael McDonald, communism, Perry me, kind of all right? Actually, it only works in theory. Why does communism's consistently fail? Sounds great in theory, especially for the economically pressed, right? Everybody works for the state and the state takes care of everybody have array. Why can't the ultimate share with the poor? Why can't things be more fair? Well, for starters governmental content doesn't recognize certain basic human troops were competitive species. Most of us anyway, many of us have in Bishen and all men are not created equal. That's was a work without with communist that. That's not true that notion of like everybody, should you know, how this equal kind of situation be are created equal. That's some child is bullshit that sounded like a cool thing to say sounds fun. All men who created equal. No meets acts or not equal hate that type of thinking. It's not logical. Lebron James had a much better at much of becoming a professional athlete when he was born than I did. For example. I come from gene pool of slow on athletic men with chronically bad backs and hips. I feel lucky that I made it to forty without a limp or an addiction to payments. Does everyone run at the same speed. Nope. Jump equally. Nope. Some people could train their whole lives jump higher and barely ever get off the ground. Someone else could same heights could never work out dunk, a basketball, and jeans were created very unequally inequality doesn't end with. Physical attributes some people are smarter than other people. That's okay, everyone has different talents. We should nourish whatever talents. Those may be an almost everyone. I've ever known works. Harder uses their natural talents more effectively if they're given incentive. Yeah. You think we'd have the same caliber professional athletes that we do today if they're all paid exactly the same Huck? No, Steph Curry's LeBron James the world are not going to be hiring the best nutritious and trainers to continually improve their games around some communist situation. People like Alon must Bill Gates. They're not going to work as hard as they have to create the technology. They they have created if they were paid the same. Whether they worked forty hours or eighty hours rights. I sure as hell wouldn't spend the hours in this podcast that I do the zero financial incentives to do my best out phone it. The fuck end a lot of weeks. Right. If I got paid the same for stopping at five pm instead of staying up till two or three or four AM. Sometimes why why why did he keep working or why would they work as hard or work with as much passion? I don't know about you. But I live primarily on hope hope that if I work extra hard. I can prove my lot in life dual. Who do cool things to help others, even when it doesn't happen. It's fun to dream about the possibility of it happening rights fun is fun to think like, oh, man. Maybe some that could buy this truck, maybe someday can have this boat or I can start this charity or I could travel the world do this or that. Because you know, I was I was careful with my money. And I was able to save it in a capitalist system communism. It takes that away. It removes hope it's the fucking death of hope now, I know this is not an episode about comedy. I just wanted to explain why shit on it so much and so many episodes. I am in favour of certain socialist elements, by the way, like a basic level of free healthcare free higher education for anyone who tests into college. And we do have like I've said before certain socialism or elements of socialism already in this country as much as some people don't like to think. So I'd love to see a mix of socialist and capitalist elements. You know, you know, continue to progress in in healthcare and higher education where you could have free tuition to state schools for citizens who qualify to get in keep higher education accessible to the poor and middle-class pry. Colleges for those who can afford it. Sure have added a basic health care for citizens private doctors and hospitals for those who can afford that. Again. Sure. Have at it. There has to be some way to work all that out. Now, I'm really done. Now, I'm really done for reels back to Columbia civil war in Colombia began with the April ninth nineteen forty eight assassination of the popular politician hoard. Hey guy, tan a liberal party candidate for the election, November of nineteen forty nine. And this kicked off lavar Linda Columbia was caught in the middle of the Cold War between the United States and Russia at the time. Lot of speculation that both countries were tampering with this election. Russia one of the communist friendly Colombian leader, the US wanted anything, but commie guidance murder provoked rioting lasted for hours and killed some five thousand people one of those five thousand deaths would affect Petro's childhood a great deal Lavalin. She has estimated to have cost the lives of at least two hundred thousand people overall lavar took place between the paramilitary forces of the Columbia liberal party, the Columbia conservative party. Which organized is armed self-defence groups and his guerrilla military units. Both also fought against the paramilitary forces of the Colombian communist party, the conflict has millions to abandon their homes and property a lack of public order and civil authority prevented victims from lane charges against perpetrators. It was chaos. There was already pervasive, poverty and Colombia, and this just made things worse families were torn apart. Authorities weren't available to protect you. There was no stability. And it was this chaos and violence. The Lopez was born into reminds me a little bit of Andrei Chica, teals origin, the butcher of Rostov. If you'll recall was born in the wake of the whole of damore Ukrainian for to kill by starvation that Stalin created famine in Soviet Ukraine in nineteen thirty to nineteen thirty three killed millions of Ukrainians also known as the terror famine and famine genocide in Ukraine, sometimes referred to as the great famine or the Ukrainian genocide and she can Taylor was born in nineteen thirty six when. Starvations still occurred in the Ukraine in the wake of in the more, the poverty and violence of that disaster helped shape his childhood just like the Violencia helped shape Pedder Lopez. And then a levion Shia. Transition directly into what's been titled the Colombian conflict, the Colombian conflict began in the late fifties really getting going in nineteen sixty four and it's been a never ending series of conflicts between various Colombian governments numerous paramilitary groups crime syndicates far-left guerrilla fighters in groups such as the revolutionary forces of Colombia in the National Liberation Army. It continued in some form to this day with a little flare up here and a little gunfight there. Two hundred and twenty thousand people died in this conflict between nineteen fifty eight in two thousand thirteen most of them civilians over one hundred seventy seven thousand civilians and more than five million civilians were forced from their homes between nine hundred ninety five and two thousand two in the wake of these conflicts generating the world's second largest. Population of internally displaced persons. Lot of crazy shit's going on Columbia for a long time. A lot of why Pedro Lopez was able to get away with what he did is because of continual government, instability, people were killed all the time in Columbia when Petra was growing up life was cheap murders were routinely not investigated by you know, corrupt police force. They were often in the pockets of some drug cartel or some paramilitary regime, or, you know, following the orders of some corrupt leader. There has been a lot of fighting there for a long time. And of course, in times of war who suffers the most the poor their lives are always valued. At least and things were similarly chaotic in nearby, Peru and Ecuador the other two nations. Pedro would use his his sick hunting grounds. There were bloody political battles horrendous economic inequality territorial disputes the maximum sentencing law in Ecuador of only sixteen years the Petra would receive for his crimes was actually born out of this chaos out of some political chaos. Us. Now law was passed specifically to keep presence who've been put in jail due to political coups from being executed or permanently imprisoned on some trumped up charges handed out by the the new government in order to prevent more politicians for being wrongfully thrown in prison forever or executed. They got rid of capital punishment and reduced maximum sentencing while much of extra Ecuador actually has been really or had really low murder rates for years now, the jungles of the border areas between Ecuador and Colombia where Pedro at hunt an Ecuador, and Peru has been fraught with violence and corruption for well over a century, the whole area is chaotic chaotic and remains so to this day a territorial dispute between Ecuador and Peru lasted from eighteen twenty one to nineteen ninety eight. Yeah. Went out for a hundred and seventy seven years damn near two centuries. The longest running international armed conflict in the history of the western hemisphere. When South American colonies gained independence from Spain. Peru. You didn't like how the map looked Q over one hundred seventy five years of battle hard to have affective law and order in an area would no one can even agree who the area belongs to. There are also a lot of different indigenous people living in Colombia Ecuador and Peru, many different tribes. Pedro Lopez would target, you know, the children of these these tribes specifically oftentimes, and and he's tribes have been allowed for the most part, especially in the Amazon jungle or or up in the remote mountainous regions of the Andes to basically govern themselves in Ecuador where Lopez would I be caught from herder almost a quarter of the population is indigenous divided among sixteen national nationalities across the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon region and the police for the most part just leave them alone. There just let them handle their own law enforcement. It's crazy rights to think that that's how parts of the world are still ran my dad. My dad actually worked in Papua New Guinea on a remote construction site out in a remote. And I know this is South Pacific. This is not. South america. But but it just reminded me of how a nation can just let kind of indigenous people to govern themselves and how that happens to this day. He said the tribes they're still handle things themselves a member of tribe. A would be killed by tribe e council be held sometimes retribution killing would take place. My dad worked as a construction supervisor basically on the jungle and some of his employees were members of these tribes. And my dad he actually almost got killed by one of them hid bounce off the island for awhile at bounce out to Austria or should cooled off for a while. Because the local tribe member wanted him dead. They were looking for him knowing my hothead dad, I feel like he probably brought that shit on himself. If you think I can be a hot head. Oh boy. I'm a much diluted form of the original rage machine. Papa comes also working in favor of Pedro, not getting caught especially when you've -ducted indigenous kids is racist class system in many parts of South America, leftover from Spanish colonialism, the governments of many of these nations historically just haven't been having given shit about lives of indigenous people, the sex trafficking of indigenous people from these nations is still a major problem. Poor tribal youth leaving their mountain or jungle villages in search of a better life. Search searches some food for their bellies stumbled into Colombian Peruvian and Ecuadorian cities with zero job skills. Looking for jobs the end of beg on the streets. Many fall into or are physically forced into prostitution child prostitution life for them as brutal and this this all make things easier. Vermont's two like Pedro to do what he did easier to snatch girl from impoverished remote village at the police don't patrol or take a poor girl from a city centre knowing the police won't investigate because there's no money in it for them. They have plenty of other problems to deal with already. Okay now. I now I think I've given enough context the state has been set for the creation of a sociopathic monster. All let's get right into the life of Pedro Alonzo Lopez monster of the Andes with today's time so tied line, right? After a word from today's sponsor today's time suck is brought to you by the political action committee shadow Chica for president in two thousand twenty. That's right. The ghost of Russian serial killer Andrei Chica, Teela has thrown his hat in the proverbial political ring for the two thousand twenty US presidential race what this deal. So I'm not American citizen saw not live. So how shuttle Shinnecock vault for shadow Chica till onto twenty. 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Now, it's time for the time line of a man who does not ever get to have accustom suit or custom chain. China's unless the. There customize is to maybe make them out of fucking nails. And then hammer them in to his piece of shit meets XQ scare the time. Petra lopez. Wrap on those boats soldier when Martin down a time summertime lie. Pedro Alonzo Lopez born on October eighth nineteen forty eight and Santa Isabel Columbia little mountain town of around six thousand people today nestled up in the Andes and the totally department of Columbia departments in Colombia like states in America are provinces in Canada. It's about one hundred miles through one hundred sixty kilometers from the city of Medine home of Pablo's old Medellin drug cartel. I can't find any population stats percent is bell from nineteen forty eight based on how many people were in the area overall back then compared to now guessing some around a thousand people in Petra was born very small town Petra was the seventh of thirteen children born to Colombian prostitute who seems to have worked as a prostitute since she was a child herself his father mcardle, raise was a member of the Columbia conservative party. And he was killed in the initial writing of levion Shia when Lopez his mother a Bonilla Lopez duck dick Costanza who is not raised. His wife was just three months pregnant with Pedro she later say in an interview regard. In his father's death. I thought it was going to lose him from the shock. But I could feel him inside of me. He was of strong blood. Now, this of course is the death. I talked about earlier that would affect Pedro's childhood since his dad was a customer of his mom and not actually in a relationship with their. There's a good chance Pedder would have grown up without a father, regardless. However with his dad, you know, being killed before he's even born zero chance he's going to have a father in his life in Colombia prostitution still legal in certain areas. And I know that because I do Gould is prostitution legal in Colombia, adding to the horror of my recent internet search history, and my search history has been very rough recently between all of my pedophile googling for last week's topic. And now again this week I have to be either on some sort of watch list, if I wasn't already or I'm being more closely monitored in just the last two weeks between the pedophile island suck. And this. Pedro Lopez suck bugles stuff. Like how many kids are sex traffic in Colombia? Can you cure? Pedophilia. Is it easy to get away with child prostitution and Columbia? Sex offenders can they get out of jail easily child prostitution in South America. How pervasive is it? Which countries how the sexiest kids what is the best way to lure the sexiest kids into your van? Is it illegal to pay cash for a van then cover your license plate and duct tape? Then hang upside. It'll playground with handcuffs and chloroform and clown suit. I'm kidding about this lesser to them so fucked up. No. But it feels like I'm probably on the same list as anyone who has made those searches anyway, prostitution still legal and Colombian certain zones, and is common due to widespread, poverty, technically, it's only legal in certain neighborhoods or owns like I said, but only in designated brothels were sex workers are required undergo regular STD checks. But that is that's just what's on the books in reality is widespread around the nation and in and out of these owns and child prostitution so common that Columbia has become a popular destination spot for sex tourists looking for underage sex workers a Carol Deroy a spokesman for the UN. Children's fund UNICEF United Nations. International Children's emergency fund said many child prostitutes were as young as nine years old. And the clients were often middle aged foreigners fucking gross. He also said these children were often addicted to drugs, but who knows if we can trust what would Karel or Carl says name says about anything since he does work for the UN. So he's obviously illuminated puppet. It isn't Saint how many people actually believe the UN's actually part of the alumni just so you know, if there's any random Purves listening to this suck just because you're US citizen and you head to Columbia to have sex with someone underage you can still get in trouble with the US, you can still go to United States prison. Many other nations have similar laws for their citizens. Sadly, not enough of these sick, FOX who travelled other nations to have sex exploited children are caught international. Sex trafficking is a huge problem. But they do get caught from time to time. So so leave kids everywhere loan dirty purpose. Sorry, you got delta bad Boehner card, but if you can't control your urges cut your fucking dick off store yourself off cliff. The US Justice department formed the child exploitation and obscenity section CEO S in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven to help protect children both domestically abroad CEO attorneys work with the high technology investigative unit of the Justice department, the FBI immigration and customs enforcement homeland security investigations United States attorneys offices around the country as well as with foreign governor. And law enforcement personnel to investigate and prosecute cases arising under federal statutes prohibiting the extra territorial sexual exploitation of children, and if any of you listeners work with or for the CEO s huge salute to you man, thank you for doing very important work in fighting the good fight Sony. We got young Lopez. Born to a prostitute dad was a customer who died in levion. Shia. The family was extremely impoverished. Despite all that when he was a little tiny guy petrol seem to be a good kid. Lopez mother recalled young Pedro having dreams of being a teacher when he was a little fellow saying he liked to help the other children and with his notebook. He helped the other children. Learn their vows well become an teacher would never happen for Pedro. Now, really he he would teach them kids some crimes later that will find out about in a bit. He teach some other kids how to die. And that was about it petrol hated what is mother did for work. Not surprisingly he would later say all the children slept on a big bed behind. Drawn curtain while our mother did her business with men now without going into a big expiration of the moral implications of prostitution, some people think it's actually not always psychologically, damaging or exploitive many think it is a lot of different sociological theories regarding it be there being necessary horrible. I think we can all agree that hearing men pay your mother for sex, and then user like a piece of meat is probably, you know, less than ideal. Probably not as good as a stable home with firm boundaries. And no early exposure to explicit sexuality. I doubt anyone on any side of the prostitution argument thinks Petro's childhood exposure to prostate prostitution was healthy. I mean, can you imagine some random dude having sex with your mom in the same room that you sleep in only curtain separating the sexual encounters and your ability to see it? You would hear everything you'd probably smell everything the some childhood that would be how weird when you hit puberty, right? China's sneak in some masturbation while simultaneously trying. Drown out the sound of someone having sex was mother. My god. Oh, okay. You know, what that music means? We heard a lot now when we start talking about prostitution. By Bob level, by the positition, you know, my contribution trying to create a space for sexual disrepute a kids at the same room as mama getting zoom zoom. No, you got separated. Consummate propagate when you conjugate appropriate. You do you feel me you catch thrown down kipah kid? He's waving them titties, unless mope new beach. Let's put them in a teddy less. You wanted to burn the bees teasha flower round. For the wings in read was even residents. Sorry had a hard time snapping out of that for a second. That was that was residents suck pimp chicken Joe is with saying even Pimm such himself. Things is terrible choice to make sexual business and parenting in a manner to mix them in a manner. Pedro Lopez was exposed to it and new listener chicken. Joe I showed up and suck on a one the Candyman episode if you're curious, okay. In addition. I've never I've never like I got a little rhyme in there. And I wanted to stay in it for a while as having fun with that one. Okay. In addition to his mother exposing the sexuality in an early age. Pedder would also later say there's mother was violent woman and that when he wasn't listened to have sex. She was beaten him just like with Ed Kemper. We have another killer with mommy issues moulder during Pedrick stories, really get much Zappala roundup. Loser. Poor at on stick. That's said Kemper Petra would later say that woman was violent. She would punish me with such violence. Okay. When when Petra was five in nineteen fifty four his mother moved their family to nearby L Espanola a little city also in the Tolima department of Columbia that now has about sixty thousand people known mostly for really good tamales and randomly for the manufacturer of musical instruments. Like, the Tamboura a drum as far as I can tell in SPN yell. They do not make air banjos, which brings us to our next sponsor criminal lot in right now time suck is brought to you once again by Andrew holes internationally, famous a whole air banjo. Kademi the academy's North American factory quarterlane, Idaho is now giving tours. So you can see exactly how air banjos are mate. Experienced craftsman use artesian air much of it flown in from either northern New Zealand or the Quebec province of Canada regions known. For exceptionally musical air. Did you know that the air banjo is the perfect instrument to turn traditional Colombian salsa music? You know into something much more into you can use it to put a put a Frago into LA fiesta, check this out. Thank thank thank don't. Thank god. Thinking don't thank. The fact. Put tough the thing things that don't. The different thing. What the tech your thank? The finding by combined. God damn it. Oh, just all episode. All episode. Of course, done a sponsor. That's another inside. Joe God started back in the drunk as fuck accident of New Orleans suck episode. I think around there one hundred anyway, it's not the whole does not going to be this chaotic promise when I just when I heard that was known for making musical instruments. I just I had air banjo. I'm sorry. No not. Okay. So no Pedro Lopez. I don't know why that pumps show so much that that might happen again late in the show. I can't making promises it's not planned. But I'm I'm feeling my soul right now. Petra Lopez mother when she she did not work tamales instruments and has been she did continue to work as a prostitute. And for the record it took everything inside of me to not make a skin flute joke right there. I wanted to say that she did kind of get into music polishing skin flutes by didn't. But I did just say it now. So I kind of did nine hundred eighty seven when Lopez eight years old something happen that caused him to leave home and have to fend for himself. Exact. What happened is disputed? There's his version there was this mother's version scheme. According to his mother eight-year-old Lopez ran away from home one day, and she searched desperately until nightfall that night. I cried and cried. And I couldn't find him. She said adding that she turned to a fortune teller for help finding her boy a has that ever worked, by the way has a fortune teller ever helped anyone find a missing person even one time. One time has that happened very skeptical of fortunetellers, according to Lopez his mom caught him fondling his young younger sisters breasts and victim from the family home. He said my mother threw me out when I was eight atrophy commie, touchy my sister's breasts. He took me to the edge of town. But I found my way home again the next day. She took me on a bus and left me off more than two hundred miles from home. I was abandoned based on what he'd already witness in his childhood and who'd become later. I doubt for a second that his mom caught him a lesson sister. I'm guessing when you grow up in the household that he did sexual boundaries and norms of what is sexy? Etc. Going to get a we bit confusing. I mean, you're hearing your mom have sex tonight. You know, you end up learning about what it is far younger than his healthy. It has to be looked at various casual you're laying in bed with numerous other siblings. All impoverished, all I'm guessing on educated living, some poor ragged little Columbian mountain town and country full of corruption hard to get a good read in that environment. And what's okay. And what's not okay in general? And what if you know like we learned as possible last week what if you're born predisposed to pedophilia, and then you start acting out sexually when you're eight s not good. That's not good at all, you know. And then there's no support system around you doesn't bode well for your future. Whether he was banished or he ran away. Lopez made his way to bogus. Aw, Columbia's capital city big crowded city of about ten million people in the metro area today about one point five million people back when Pedro lived among other children who made up the lowest rung of the social ladder in that city, petrol started smoking basuco a form of a low grade. Cocaine that probably isn't good for any mental development. I mean, my God, you know, he's already having a lot of trouble is on the streets about now. He's smoking basuco. I found a right of about Bogota's ongoing basuco problem. I didn't I don't remember hearing about this in any previous sucks. I found it in one thousand nine hundred seventy Chicago Tribune article, titled Columbia has its own crack crisis. And this is the basuco problem. How is described it is a potent toxic mixture of cocaine brick dust Jesus cocaine brick dust chalk and even volcanic ash with residues of lead. So furic acid editor chloroform kerosene or gasoline. My God drug addicts call it basuco because it is the crude extract or base from the coca leaf like crack sold United States. It is smokable cocaine. Unlike crack, it's it's unrefined an unpaid making it one of the most toxic drugs around it is readily available on the street, and is very cheap less than a dog. Dollar for enough to make one cigarette if injected it can cause sudden death. Wow, man, lower than crack that's saying something when someone's like, you won't you won't go smoke, some crack well easy. They're high roller. Again, I can't afford crack crack smoke the shit out of some basuco, though, bazooka was legal. I wonder what the commercials would be like you're tired of the high price of crack. Tired of literally sucking dead for crack. Introducing Bush suco less than a dollar high with just the change you can find under your couch cushions you can smoke some basuco and melt your fucking face off. And it's kind of safe basuco is nearly as safe as bath salts and not quite as safe as helping gasoline. But suco when you're tired of hearing. We sound like that a Doctor Khumalo rebate Gonzales, former scientific director of Bogota's clinical toxicology described how brutal basuco is saying. It's the most grave drug problem in the world crack is like chewing gum by comparison because crack has the effect of pure cocaine with no residual effect bazooka has a little cocaine and a lot of toxic substances. And that's what pedal Lopez was smoking. When he should have a third grader. Speaking about Bogota's street, kid, evidently, Colombian criminal psychologist, Alexandra d'eylau Torah your meal would later say most of the kids left our house because they were abused. The only place they could end up on the streets because they had no other options. Like other street kids Lopez stole clothing and food from dumpsters. Joined a gang of other means a name given to the throwaway kids who lived on the streets bogus. Aw to have protection during the night as they slept. He learned how to fight with knives and belts for territory, food and shelter. My God smoking a suco and then find with belts and knives. When he's like eight nine years old when I was at third grade, I was still getting teary eyed if someone said Iran funny at recess which I did I had a funny gate. My legs kicked out weird to the sites. I didn't know how to handle Mike Damon sometimes kicking me in the shins really wanted him to to stop was my best defense. Just stop it. Please. These comedians would have eaten me alive. They still exist in both. Guitar today. I found I found picture these kids on the streets and slums they lived in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine article written by women working for the Irish women's political association. Here's what Catherine Riley had to say about the good means in nineteen seventy nine. She said in Bogota one sees the sickening contrast of the ultimate and opulence next door to the most desperate poverty. I speak of the slum dwellings on the slopes of the Andes restoration, which sprawl down the hillsides overlooking the city's northern shopping center, these dwellings, our dwellings are made from stolen bricks cardboard sheets of plastic pieces of wood and disuse petrol drums anything that substitutes for four walls at any moment. The bulldozer can come sent at a whim by a local land owner or government official when the rains come. They are more often than not washed away the children as young as six years old are sent out to the streets by their mother or father or whatever where they compete with the Volkers in their daily quest for food among the city's refuse bins. Ill clad in their torn shirts and pants often with no shoes sometime. Straw slippers. They form. Packs sleeping on quiet, streets, doorways and local parks and under bridges. It is a well-known. Fact, they can strip car down to the chest in five minutes flat. They're fast on their feet so fast, the police seldom catch them more often than not the police turn a blind eye girls of thirteen become prostitutes. Their faces reflecting the hopelessness of their lives even children earning pound per week down. The treacherous coal mines are considered lucky by comparison to walk on the streets of Bogota wearing a wristwatch is not just hazardous. It's crazy. The means would pull it off your arm. And if it didn't come your wrist would be at stake, the same fate applies to handbags or any kind of jewelry things were by all accounts. I came across even worse for the means back in the sixties patriots affiliation. With one of these gangs wouldn't be able to protect him from violent sexual assault shortly after shortly after he arrived in Bogota when he was begging for money on the street an older man seemingly took pity on him and offered him warm meals and a warm place to stay Petra went with the man. Who didn't take him to a home? But instead took him to an abandoned building where he repeatedly sodomized and tortured young Pedro until he's satisfied. Whatever dark urges possess them to do that. And then just tossed him back onto the street years later Petra would speak of this incident saying there, I was found by a man who took me into an abandoned building and rate me over and over again, I decided then to do the same to as many young girls as possible being a child. I lost my innocence. I've always wanted to punish those responsible will weird statement to make I always find it like these monsters trying to rationalize their terrible behavior that they don't do very logical job what they say might somehow make sense to them. But, but it makes no sense to anyone else on any kind of logic level. Let me get this straight an older man raped you. So you want to punish those responsible which would be if it was going to be anybody older pedophiliac men, but then you decide to rape Lou girls. Like, how does that pay the old men back to some little girls higher the old man to rape you? Like like, he was clearly just using what happened is excuse to rationalize the shit. He had done when he was interviewed to give that statement, which I'm guessing he always probably wanted to do and wanted to do before that old man did that because that's why he was kicked out of his house in the first place, you know, probably probably easier to to do these kind of happiness acts. I guess if you're able to rationalize it at some fucking bent form of justified revenge in late nineteen sixty when Lopez turned twelve four years after living on the streets of Columbia and older American. Couple took him in gave him a room food and a chance to attend local school for orphans which should have been the start of a new life just turned into more of the same. Lopez was sexually assaulted again. This time by teacher at the school. The couple sent Pedro to who had a thing for young boys unwilling to endure anymore sexual torture at the hands of his elders. Lopez stole enough money from the school to fund an escape and made it back to the streets of bogus. Aw. I I should add that these tales early childhood rape, come only from petrels later confessions. So we're trusting him to be honest about these encounters bay. Based on what he confessed to later. I don't think he was lying. He doesn't seem to be that guy. I'm guessing the second rape further motivated him to hurt more young girls. Right. That's that's the second old man who helped me I will have. My revenge girls will pay. What don't you mean? Men. The men will pay rights. No, don't you. See it's the girls who are behind it all girls higher the men to hurt the boys. It's always been that way. It's so obvious when you smoke the basuco, I wonder if his anger towards girls stem from that early instead of molesting sister. That's what I think maybe he felt that he hadn't gotten caught he wouldn't have had to fend for himself on the streets. Maybe he blamed her for that. In some way, you know, rationalized his all his behavior is being sisters fault. Somehow in early nineteen sixty one twelve year old Lopez returns home to bogus. Aw. He's he's been fending for himself since he was eight hadn't gone to school for any length of time since he was eight didn't have any job skills. Still aren't even a teenager, his brains fucked up from basuco since Columbia's welfare system doesn't provide resources. That are really re readily accessible to young people. I return to begging for food soon, his reputation than is one of the most talented car thieves in the city if you keep track now has spent his first eight years sleeping in crowded beds in poor little Columbian towns listened to his mama Sex's random customers start them less than one of sisters. Now, he's lived on the streets of Bogota where he's been sodomized by two different men harshly man. Heart doesn't excuse anything. He would later do because plenty of other kids who had similar childhoods didn't go on to do what he did. But still man rough life. I I think the reason there is far. Oh, sorry. I think there is far more interest gives me can remind notes far more interested in a murderer like Bundy. Then there isn't a monster like Lopez because like with Bundy or with Dahmer as well, they had pretty normal childhoods, no crazy abuse. No, extreme, poverty, you know, they were molested or raped even Gary green river killer Ridgway had a normal childhood by comparison. You know, sure, mama ridge. Away. Probably a little carried away with cleaning that bed wetter Zwane, making sure he had a real clean wing. But but way, less tragic of childhood Lopez like you read Lopez's story, and while it doesn't excuse anything. He do I it just makes his crimes more understandable in a way. Like, I think like the fascination with like Bundy is like why would someone who had seemingly fairly normal childhood. Just fucking snap so hard and become so twisted. I think it's harder to process mentally. But you read Lopez a story like well. Okay. Yeah. I mean don't agree with anything. He did. But jeez surprised more people become monsters who grew up like him. Just you know, the environment. He grew up in just consistently plays. No real value on human life for the innocence of children for the next six years. Lopez would continue to steal cars and scrape a living off the street if you raped her killed anyone during this period. We don't know about it Petra was paid well by the local chop shops. He was finally able to live out his dream of being a teacher of some sort teaching other kids to steal cars, which I'm sure actually did help them go hungry. Sadly, teaching other kids. To steal cars is probably the most noble thing petro ever did in his life. That's how you know. You've led a really dark life when some of the did you ever do anything. Good. Yes. I teach kids to steal cars. He helped children. Learn how to note because by police officers as sort of Geneen mentor for time sort of streets of Bogota camp, counselor Iki to Carthy if is just the right amount of basuco. Eventually Lopez confrontation cars nineteen sixty seven at the age of eighteen. He's arrested sentenced to two years in prison, and he's immediately raped again. Two days in his sans. Lopez was gang raped by several other older inmates. Third time this guy's been ripe. Now this time by multiple assailants, and these rapes would lead to his first known murders. And the only murders where the victims were not little girls petro knew if he didn't retaliate that more rapes would inevitably follow. So he took revenge on to those who are the most brutal killing them in the weeks that followed with a makeshift knife. He'd made an axe that were, you know, deemed. Or the he'd made four for acts that were mostly deemed self-defense asked about a later. He said I don't deny that killed two in there. But the warden said don't worry about it. But the more the word must have cared a little bit because he did get two years attitudes sense. I guess one for each of these killings. He swore. He would never again be seen as a victim by this point. It feels like he's just pretty much destined to become a madman nineteen seventy-one. Twenty two year old Lopez is released from prison. He's already a monster. He he's no longer just some car thief. He's the monster the Andes he caved into the rage felt from being abandoned by his mother and for being sexually assaulted numerous times. And he allowed that range combined with whatever twisted sexual attraction towards young girls to transform it into an unprecedented kind of rapist pedophile killing monster. He blamed his mother for most of his problems, if you hadn't kicked him out, you know, he he wouldn't have been raped if she hadn't been a prostitute would have been sexualize so young as she had him in abusive. You wouldn't feel so much rage inside. According to former FBI profile, Robert Ressler, serial killers, very. Often have obsessions with some of some kind with their mothers, a love hate relationship in popular language. These moms usually aren't candidates for mother of the year, although the aren't necessarily abusive either the common thread seems to be the sexual element mothers who are very seductive who had many sex partners of which the son was aware. Of course, the children of prostitutes are more likely to be exposed to this type of behavior. So yes, so there's numerous early childhood environmental situations, you know, gave this guy much higher odds to become what he was going to become than than the average person. Sometime in nineteen seventy-one nineteen seventy-two Lopez set off on his quest just to kill as many kids as he could. He never stated that that was his kind of mission statement explicitly. But it appears that's exactly what he did. He clearly had to been fantasizing about sexual violence with children for a while. He's in prison for whatever reason because when he got out got right to it. Like we learned last week in the pedophile island suck. We don't know. Exactly. Why people are attracted to what they're attracted to. But Lopez was omitted -ly attracted. Girls one time when asked like, you know, why why you know, little girls he said something to the effect of you know, why eat old chicken when you can eat young chick. I mean, it is fucking beyond messed up. He wanted to kill him. He wanted to rape them. You wanted to control them and decide their fate going forward. Pedro now basis life around access to little girls in a way, unlike any of the other killers, we've covered almost a somewhat similar to Richard Ramirez. But his motive Rhonda would become remarkably consistent. Same exact type of victim. Always young girl, always kidnapping, rape and strangulation. He made no attempt to lead a double life. He had no desire for normal life, quote, unquote, like many of the serial killers, we've discovered we've covered already, you know, like he wasn't a good dad when he wasn't killing women and children like BT K didn't have a family at home that he provided for Chikatilo didn't have a relationship with his mother like Ed Kemper or Alexander push. Go wasn't trying to publicly be seen as a good, dude. Like Ted Bundy didn't have non killing career aspirations like Charles Manson wanted to be music. Or John Wayne gay see who wanted to be a bigwig in this community wasn't blatantly mentally ill. Like Jeffrey Dahmer, you know, wanting to build that skull alter have sex ambiance or Ed geene with his nipple belts and skin suits Lopez. Just wanted to kill lots and lots of little girls room again. Reminiscent of Richard Ramirez. The nights Docker, you know, just just living off on pure evil. It weird loner. Ramirez just wanted to kind of eat, candy, steal rape and kill. And I guess Lopez wanted to rape kill and just smoke basuco loop. Lopez knew we could steal in hostile to keep food. His belly. He didn't need a job to ride for a stable life because he didn't care about getting married or starting a family didn't care about having friends so nineteen seventy one or seventy two sets out for Peru. The country he thought he would have the best chance of getting away with his crimes in Pedro later admitted that during the next few years he spent in Peru. He stalked and murdered anywhere from tens to over one hundred young girls from various native, tribes and city centers across the region. He confessed different numbers two different people. He also confessed targeting young indigenous girls because they were the easiest to lead away from their parents. In addition to the indigenous girls also chose to punish the poorest of kids victims other victims of you know, the streets other street kids, just like he was kids who worked in open air markets by themselves with gangs or with their parents. He'd later say I went after my victims by walking among the markets searching for a girl with a certain look on her face. A look of innocence and beauty. She would be a good girl working with her mother. I follow them sometimes for two or three days waiting for when she was left alone. I would give her a trinket like a hand mirror. Then take her to the edge of town route promise a trinket for her mother this trick was affective especially since poor hungry. Children would be easily lured by gifts and the promise of more. He would show himself by helping the children would trust him criminal psychologist, Dr der MIO would later say, Dr Who later study him as doctor would also say, then he would take them somewhere where if they would scream they would not be hurt, and he would repeat that pattern over and over and over again, the parents of the girls he took usually between the ages of eight and twelve often had no idea it was gonna happen to them. Some of their their bodies have never been found to took years for other bodies to be found. They just vanished. I told her to go sell some things to buy a bus ticket to come home said mar in day, the mother of one missing girl who never made it home other parents believe their beloved girls have been kidnapped into the sex trade, which actually sadly would've been a better fate, desperate. Parents ran advertisements in local newspapers often offering rewards for information on their missing girls. The ads never turned up, anything helpful. Pedro Lopez was very very good at being very very bad. It wasn't until after countless women and young girls had been murdered that now twenty nine year old Lopez was caught in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight by tribe of I- Akot Indians as he attempted to kidnap a nine year old tribal girl the tribe members stripped him and tortured him for hours. Some reports say they beat him others say the actually flayed some of his skin off all reports say they buried him up to his neck in the ground and poured syrup on his head. So that giant South American ants would sting and eat him a lot. Live a punishment. They deemed suitable for his crime. This appointment guys would actually care on people in the mounds approve the Hombre Sinoe aunts groped three inches in length have manuals that allow them to nod their way through actual human bone. They usually have no interest in eating humans. They prefer sugar who doesn't love sugar, but they will eat flesh. If it's easily accessible to them the bodies of wild boars spider monkeys the occasional human event found stripped to their bones in the jungle the Hombre Sinoe answer venomous, and with enough bites that can paralyze you how you like to go out that way man, hundreds of giant aggressive and just walk around your face walking into your mouth, you're screaming eating their way into your head to the soft tissue of your your canal summit. You southwestern American suckers probably already know about these critters. There was an article just last week about Hombre Sinoe shown up in south west, Texas and in Arizona, six months ago. An elderly woman was found eaten alive. She. She's eaten alive and her nursing home in a in a room in Brownsville, Texas, nursing home. My god. The ants had completely eaten her entire fucking head off. Not a trace remains at torso in a rocking chair. Entomologists originally thought she might have been killed by team of Roanoke. Rick Lewis spiders, but then they realize that she was actually fake killed by new fake creature. I just made up in this fake aunt fake attacks story to give you more real nightmares. There's no such thing as Ambrus. You know, it's I know I know I got some of you. I know that your skin crawling right now got to hope some of you were starting to worry about little ants eaten are willing to your head. Any who I really did? Bury Pedro Lopez up to his neck poor syrup on him. And the actually did intend to have an aunt of some kind of eventually sting him to death, or at least torture him for a while until they decided to finish him off themselves or let him die of dehydration or exposure. You know, whatever, unfortunately, the plan was interrupted Lopez would a parish there and many other young South American girls would have never died, but a female missionary convinced the tribe to turn Lopez into the police rather than go ahead with their plan to lynching. And unfortunately, the police chose not to believe the ICU witnesses and they let petro go deported him to nearby Columbia rather than stay in Columbia. He just bounced over to Ecuador where he again thought it would be easier to get away with murder once he made Ecuador Lopez started killing many three girls a week. Sometimes. Ounce back into equity Columbia just kind of pop back over to the border and the jungle to take a few digital victims for Lopez watching his young victims die after he violated them with sexually more pleasurable than the physical release of raping. Then he talked about this later in a prison interview incredibly casually like you just talking about his favorite memory playing football or something he said, there is a wonderful moment a divine moment when I had this guy so fucked up, it's unbelievable. He says, there's a wonderful moment divine moment, when I have my hands around a young girl throats, I look into her eyes. I see a certain light spark suddenly go out only those who kill know what? I mean, the moment of death is enthralling an exciting just smiling as he says that man just truly did not give a single fuck about taking human life meant nothing to him. Never spoke of feelings of remorse or guilt about any of the killings. Just talked about how much he loved it. Just you know, openly admitted he truly enjoyed it. Complete sociopath, zero empathy got fourteen years, right? Wow. Talk about that later, my some criminals. I call who have studied Lopez speculate that since he felt never felt a sense of powers child due to repeated violations from authority figures that he killed his victims in order to take some control back in his life. He was no longer the victim. No longer the play. He was the predator. He decided who felt pay now. Right. He took painting flipped it. Some also think he was symbolically killing his mother over and over again violently a racing. One woman after. Another from the world girls who had never get to grow up and be the mother he had Colombian criminal psychiatrist Dr Maria Helena to heal said of Lopez one of the reasons he said he killed him was because they were poor. Maybe he tried to stamp out the weakness this allowed him to feel stronger bigger. There was a moment for him to be big men echoes of she could till their Lopez relish killing his victims. So that he would so much. He would wait until daylight to choke them to death, even if he had kidnapped them in the evening the night before because he wanted to watch the life leave their bodies. He's like it's like he's a fucking character of evil. He'd also forced them to endure night of terror before they died that morning. He later said at sign a first light. I would get excited I forced the girl into sex and put my hands around her throat when the sun rose, I would strangle her it was only good if I could see her eyes. I never killed anyone at night. It would have been wasted in the dark the cell the composure the people at the prison had to have had two notches. In a moment of weakness. Pull out a gun mid quote like that and just shoot his Falk Indica dick off and just let him die in some prison cell, while death was usually quick some girls didn't immediately die and he was forced to continue strangling them after they regained consciousness. It took them between five and fifty minutes today. He added sometimes I had to kill them all over again. They never screamed because they didn't expect anything would happen. They were innocent. He lived for these kills. He he was like dude obsessed with hunting, but he hunted kids, and he wasn't done with them when they were dead either. After he killed his victims. Lopez would play with their bodies, but not sexually not usually. Anyway, he would play with them like like a kid plays with dolls he'd host imaginary tea parties sit in the single mass grave with several bodies of his young victims propped up around him. He told pretend conversations with them saying my little friends like to have company. So maybe he's a little bit crazy like game. I often put three or four girls in a single hole and talk to them. It was like having a party. But after a while because they could move I got bored and went looking for new girls. Dear God, man. This guy this guy. Ed camper had gained would have had the most evil fucked up social club in history. Excuse me. Just Pedro Lopez talking to the dead bodies. Ed gained wearing their skin. Ed, Giverny Zappa lls, doing all kinds of horrible stuff with their heads. Police did notice missing persons reports were piling up, but like many brokenhearted parents they believed the young girls have been the victims of sex trafficking, and they failed to investigate the disappearances, sadly, girls disappeared from villages and families homes. All the time one victim was selling newspapers when she encountered Lopez he lured away from the market raped her strangled her covered her with newspapers to hide from passer by sometime in nineteen Seventy-nine. Lopez snatched the daughter of a prominent Baker Ecuador, which did draw some attention not only to herb action. But to the other missing girls as well, but not enough to lead investigators to opus eventually the baker's daughter's body was found severely decomposed in an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It wasn't until April of. One thousand nine hundred eighty when a flash flood in embattled Ecuador on earth remains of four missing girls that police began to consider that something extra sinister was going on closer to home while the bodies were so decomposed. It was impossible to determine their exact causes of death. It was clear that the young girls bodies had been buried in order to hide evidence of foul play. Then a few days after the flood a woman named karleena put sauce strange man attempt to kidnap or twelve year old daughter Marie while she and her daughter where the local market she screamed causing shoppers to surround Lopez and pin him to the ground before he could flee with this girl. Lopez was rescued by police officers and arrested while proclaiming that he was a good person. And then you had a clean heart. Don't arrest me. I have clean heart while in detention. Lopez was subjected to a standard interrogation until he told the policeman that he was not Ecuadorian, but a Colombian drifter a police Lieutenant then beat him and accused him of being part of a gang of girls from Umberto the officer threatened to kill him. If he didn't confess but Lopez remains Tyler. I love this other. They won't give them a sense of more than sixteen years, but they will possibly beat them to death during an interrogation, and then a man named captain Pastore Cordova Dino was able to gain Lopez's trust sources seem to be split. As far as how there's two different versions of the story. Some sources say that captain Cordova entered the room, total of policemen to leave the signing to carry interrogate the suspect himself with the more friendly approach that he then offered Lopez food and cigarettes asked him about his health and feelings before requested information about the gang of doctors low-pay shrug said he knew nothing about a gang when the captain told him there was he was under a lot of pressure from the families of the missing girls defined whoever abducted them Lopez told him that he did. No where one little girl's body was in a cabin outside of town. The police went to the cabin found the new dead body of Ivanova Yakult line on an old mattress local missing girl after finding this girl Kotova as Lopez. How many other girls may be out there? Lopez looked upwards and said over two hundred and Ecuador's some tens impro- and. Many more in Columbia. And then supposedly the president of Ecuador was informed. And he ordered that Lopez should be taken to the places where he left the bodies until all the victims and Ecuador had been recovered as one story, another maybe a little more popular indefinitely. I think cooler story about how captain with you know, got him to confess is the captain. We know went undercover as a fellow inmate and shared a cell with Lopez for about month gaining Lopez. Trust was able to get a confession as well. As details about the sites victims buried each story. Lopez with Telugu Dina would be more gruesome than the last each revealing bone chilling acts of inhuman degradation, eventually the season officer could no longer, you know, just stand it and just blew his own covers couldn't take any more stories. He also apparently got tired of wearing the Pender was going to strangle him in his sleep. Like Pedro had strangled young girls or maybe stabbed him with Schiff like you'd stab those inmates who had raped him years earlier Gudino again. Yeah state. It was pedal. Lopez net sell for about a month for free himself by the time. Revealed himself. Pedro had gleefully informed. The undercover officer that he'd been traveling to Ecuador Peru and Colombia for the past several years and by his own count raped and killed over three hundred young girls Hedera Lopez or as he came to be on the monitor of the Andes proclaimed proudly that he had raped murdered over one hundred and ten young girls and Ecuador at least one hundred Peru and put many more than one hundred quote unquote, in Columbia in the ground going on to state that he only really enjoyed killing the girls in Ecuador claiming their trustee nature made them more appealing as opposed to the stranger wary little girls in Colombian Pru in his own worlds in his own words. I like the girls and Ecuador they are more gentle entrusting more innocent. They are not suspicious of strangers like Colombian girls. And then and then Lopez relished the media attention that came with his confessions. He started to talk to reporters about his own childhood. But the many ways society had failed him playing that blame game references own tragic past, you know, just you know, coldly declared Yoda conditions had created him at one point. Specifically pinpointed the moment he decided to become serial killer saying I lost my innocence at eight so I decided to do the same thing to as many young girls as I could. Okay, doesn't really fit in with what he was saying about want revenge on the men who attacked him earlier. Maybe this particular excuse is truth. Right. Maybe this is the reason he killed those girls. He lost his innocence when he was eight and it didn't feel fair for others. Keep there's I don't know. It sounds like bullshit to me though. 'cause he wasn't like killing like, boys. Right. I think I think he just was wanted to somehow sound like he had a reason for his horrific obsession just to rape and kill young girls. Pedro used all of his murders to go on sort of an extended field trip with authorities. You offer to take them out to the grave sites to prove the truth of his claims, initially, they were hesitant, but local police that this is the, you know, the the second version of the story this has end, but the local police decided to allow Lopez to guide them to the grave sites to provide families with closure and then over the span of six weeks. Lopez led the police. Eleven Ecuadorian provinces at each revealing yet another gruesome collection of bodies for zone safety the police required. Lopez to dress as a police officer when he accompanied them to the grave sites. There was a guard place on either side of him both for his protection and to thwart any attempt at escape. First gravesite was just on the border of Umberto. He described the girl as a new that newspaper seller. We talked earlier told him he buried her under a specific bridge to their surprise the police found a complete skeleton as described at the base of the bridge. The medical examiner was unable to determine any specifics of the crime from the body other than a corroded, arm and leg evidence of torture. He'd inflicted on the young child. Never said exactly what he did. However, the police soon gained the the clarity they sought after one of the victim's family. Members was brought to the site recognized the clothes hanging off the bones. Skeleton confirmed what Lopez told them the bones belong to the young girl that he mentioned and Lopez has claims were shockingly accurate, and so then they trusted him to lead them to more bodies, which he did roughly two months after a ten this girl. Lopez chose the wrong victim. Oh, yeah. When he was actually in his in his await sorry. I think that was some kind of some some leftover notes there. Pedroza Lopez printer Lopez his trip down memory lane would lean investigators to over fifty three gravesites at each gravesite. Lopez would display the exact same amount of amusement satisfaction as if each grave marked victory and his name his pride was sickening. And yet the police had little choice but to follow him around and encourage him to take them to the next site. They desperately needed the information that only Lopez himself could give them. So they continue to supply him with cigarettes and alcohol in exchange for more information. Lopez began to develop a friendship with the captain. He initially confessed to it'd be and referred to the Katherine his father. Finally, when the police began to realize that Lopez was now only leading them to older compromise gravesides, and then it'd be harder and harder to identify any actual victims. They decided to bring him back to police headquarters where he was charged with fifty seven counts of murder fifty three from the gravesites he'd lead them to. And then the four corpses discovered in those floods we mentioned earlier was Lopez his own detailed confessions that would lead him to being charged with one hundred ten murders Victor, less Connell at the time. The head of the Umberto jail told reporters that in his in his personal opinion, the tally of three hundred girls the Lopez claimed to have murdered was likely a low estimate, I know these numbers kind of bounce around let because he would say different things different people. So they hover around the same area. Sometimes three hundred fifty Puerto Lopez only confessed to over Petra Petra Lopez openly confessed over three hundred murders called himself worse than animal and yet he showed no. Line of regret in his actions of words, his voice was calm steady. And unemotional why did he confess to so many murders? Police had no evidence for was it just for the notoriety. I I don't think so despite very little formal education smoking that basuco pity was not an idiot. He knew how Ecuador Justice system worked and he knew how to manipulate it. Ecuador had and still has some interesting sentencing laws as we talked about earlier, no matter the nature, a number of murders, the maximum conviction. When Petra was caught with sixteen years didn't matter if he killed five people or five hundred sixteen years, the longest sense to court could hand down to you by confessing to all of his crimes after his initial arrest. Even ones the police had no evidence for Lopez was ensuring that he couldn't be tried again for future murders in Ecuador. He wanted to avoid double jeopardy if he didn't confess to everything then when he was released after the initial sixteen years he could be rearrested in thrown back. You know for sixteen years for like another murder, and he just was making sure he could avoid that possibly. And then there's you know, there's not there's not much to peddle story for the next fourteen years for the next fourteen years. He's just in an Ecuadorian prison. Some say he was placed in solitary for the entire nation of stay behind bars. Some say he was not fourteen years after cents on August thirty first nineteen ninety four he set free his behavior in jail had been so exemplary that the monster of the Andes at his sentence reduced by two years for good behavior. A news crew recorded him leaving the prison man fewer member of that crew. Would would you follow him would you be tempted to pull a Dexter and just snuff him? The fuck out would you at least think about doing that? I wonder how many years somebody would have gotten for killing him. No one did Lopez was given a bottle of water. So new shoes a shirt and pants small amount of pesos and a package of food. Then he was just that loose. He was still only forty five years old still very physically healthy a man with a lot of experience killing kids know social ties to the outside world. Luckily ecuadorian. Did detain them about an hour after released they discovered our Lopez. Discover the superintendent the province had ordered him back into custody claiming that he was now an illegal immigrant was pretty funny to me didn't have the proper documentation. The only logical step therefore was to hand him over to Columbia authorities and hope was at once on Colombian soil Petra Lopez will be forced to face the harsher laws of his native country where he could be given much differ punishments but about an hour after his rival back into Columbia. Lopez was arrested charged with a twenty year old murder a floor Sanchez quickly processed and sent it to Lima for prosecution. A Sanchez's body had been founded identified by her mother the pattern and methodology of this twenty year old murder fit Lopez's previous methodology, perfectly along with other evidence gathered by police they had everything they needed to secure a conviction, but Lopez's sneaky little fucker. He was able to benefit from a another shitty. Criminal Justice system and nineteen ninety-five. He was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial on grounds of insanity and incarcerated in the psychiatric wing of prison. Bogus. Aw. Where he was diagnosed as a sociopath when with an antisocial personality disorder. I do believe that. He also started blaming Jorges. Hey, Patino, an alternate personality for the murders. He taken complete. Credit for back in Ecuador. Now. It's now it's not him. Now. It's out dammit horray while we fucking all this bad stuff. I'm just trying to you know, smoke a little basuco live good life said whore. He made him do everything convince psychiatrists. This was true. I don't believe it's true. At all three years later. Lopez was declared sane on evaluation by the prison psychiatrist probably 'cause he wasn't insane. In the first place. I wonder if that prison psychiatrist bogus. Aw, had just moved there from California. Maybe he was the same guy who declared serial killer ad campaign after that psychopath killed his grandparents felt like nine thousand nine hundred federal was released in Colombia on the condition that he attended monthly sessions with the judge and continued to receive psychiatric treatment he would do neither. Instead, he visited his now elderly mother the Nilda mmediately after his release asked her what she was going to give him. What are you gonna get first? Inheritance? She told Pedro that she was a very poor woman. I've seen interviews in. She looks extremely impoverished living in extreme poverty. She told him her only possessions in the whole world were a chair and a bed. So he took those Tucker chair took her bed place them on the street with a little for sale sign told her that have known would buy them that day. He was gonna set on fire. A woman did buy them gave Pedro the money, then he left walked back into the countryside. He'd once littered with the bodies of little girls, and no one has been able to locate him since he could easily change his name could have changed his look for what it's worth his superstitious mother Bonilla thinks he is still alive. You know, she hasn't felt anything. She believes would signifies passing. He'd be seventy years old right now, if he is still alive law enforcement also thinks he may still be alive, or at least was back in two thousand two and Tober of two thousand to INTERPOL the international criminal police organization in international organization that facilitates international police cooperation released a statement saying they suspected Lopez in another challenge death. They think he is killed again and espionage or Espinel Columbia, and that will take out of today's times. I've timeline right? After a word from today's fi. Final sponsor another new one time soak is brought to you today by quip one of the most important things we do for our health everyday is brushing teeth yet. Most of us don't do it. Properly. Quip is better electric toothbrush. Created by Dennis and designers quip was designed to make brushing your teeth more simple, affordable and even enjoyable with sensitive, sonic vibrations. It's gentle on your sensitive Gump's. I like that. Because my dentist told me the last two times I've been brushing way too, hard and take him. My frustration out a Montgomery, apparently, and it makes your gums receipt. If you do that if you brush too hard, it can get you can ruin your own gums, the built in to minutae repulses every thirty seconds to remind you switch sides and guide you to a full and even clean a better yet. 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So Pedro Lopez Gary scary, dude, man, he's still out there. The mother of Maria Panetta, the Ecuadorian girl who was lucky enough to escape capture and help locate the helped lead the initial arrest of Lopez from order has some thoughts about that. She says it will be a kindness to the world for someone to murder this fiend the monster of the Andes moat last long on the outside. Maybe this is why we haven't heard of more missing girls, perhaps someone even the police in Colombia Ecuador have already killed him. If they have I hope they made himself or oh me too Maria me to hope. She's right INTERPOL might be wrong about that two thousand to murder. You know, there haven't been a slew of other bodies fitting his old MO. So who knows maybe he got caught by tribe, maybe fucked with the wrong villagers, again, maybe those Hombres Sinoe ants are real maybe some I AKU Indians buried him in the dirt up to his neck again for trying to take another girl knows aggressive answer Chopard into his ear slowly Berlin knew his brain. Maybe he was still alive when they took the first chunks of his buttock all ruined. Dr. Mind, you know, back to the colony maybe took him days diet a little bit of a little bit of payback for all the the harm. He costs. You know, thinking about him getting eaten my ants makes you want to celebrate a little bit. Mike. Thank thank thank. Thank. Thank. Thank bent. Bent Benton thing. The aiden. Different. And get into thinking. Yeah. For we're gonna final thoughts on Lopez. Let's see dinner and thinks because why not on today's idiots of the internet. The internet. I just heard a bunch of footsteps upstairs, by the way for my upstairs neighbors here, the suck dungeon in the in the business. Just imagine what they're thinking today just weird screams than once in a while just some like pluck and noises and rebus. For today's comments looked under a video titled pedal. Lopez serial killer files, number six uploaded by rob Geoghegan on January fifteen thousand fifteen eight hundred sixteen thousand views user, one hundred points in do over shows, a lack of understanding when it comes to the diversity of Hispanic cultures. When he when they post his name is so Mexican it is unreal. And then a vivid is candor posts would should've gotten more than one like when she post. He's not Mexican though exactly he's Colombian you silly goose, you know, let's kind of, you know, entirely different nation. Similar to talking about like like how American and Australians name is. While talking about how he thinks federal became a psychopath user. Fred sounds like one himself with his use of the word harlot. This guy posts if it wasn't for his unsympathetic mother, the dumb harlot who abandoned him to the streets at age eight he wouldn't have had a psychological disorder that made him a serial killer. His mother the cruel harlot is the first to blame for making her child suffer that severe abuse that led him to become a psychopathic with a fucker you talking about Fred, you don't know anything about psychology. A cruel dumb harlot who uses who says harlot psychopath. I picture Fred, you know, writing this as he has a prostitute tied up in the basement just next to him not so hot now. Is it Harnett local couldn't keep their legs. Close hearts. You dumb cruel. It. He wanted to towns with the devil. Now towns, I kill you got all it. Now. The neighbors are really fucking scared upstairs. Fillet Fred doesn't understand how hard life could be for a woman in third world impoverished economy, maybe never had access to birth control. Maybe she was forced into prostitution when she was very young. What about all the fathers wherever they why did they stick around if she's the cause of all this? Why didn't his siblings also turn into murderers? Choose a terrible mom. Why didn't she abandoned all of her kids? Maybe Petra was a bad seed, maybe had a lot of evil-natured him. Maybe he was born evil. Deus ex machina. Probably pronounced down announced YouTube name leaves the comment that enrages another user posting I actually feel only pity for this, man. He was raped him a lesson wherever he went and often saw no Justice being done against the perpetrators. Had he grown up in the right environments. He may have never developed into the monster that he became which I disagree with you may have never turned into that. I don't have pity only feel pity though for what he did needed as Merrick GRA Vena, Merrick arena, not lend this shit slide. Holy shit. Are they not let it slide? They post do ex machina. This is the worst comment I have ever seen. What the fuck are you talking about? Oh, poor guy. He was Melissa's. What does it matter? He did worse things to three hundred little girls. Holy shit. Maybe you are as degenerate as he is. That's why you feel pity for him. I would gladly beat the shit out a few and more happily torture. The fuck out of that monster. I love that Merrick also gets included in the beating. Kills monta and beat for posting it user yourself forester, makes a nice Napoleon dynamite callback posting how about we don't vote for Pedro either get that one, and you don't user Eric XL posts. It would be okay. If he had just been released after twenty years, but this guy promised that he would continue if he ever got out and no-one kept an eye on him after release first off. I will say Eric rob Gavin seems to have gotten several facts wrong in his presentation of Lopez peasants video Lopez did not serve twenty years. He's fourteen years. Also, not sure where he found information that Petra said he would just keep doing it. I don't I didn't find that any my research. He promised to keep doing it. And how does Eric think it would be okay? Let this guy after twenty as long as as long as he promised to not do it anymore. Like, you could trust the word of someone who's admitted to killing hundreds of kids like, that's that's their system. Now, you admit to killing over three hundred kids, right? And you know, that's fucked up right east. I do I was killed fused before. But now, you get it. Good. Okay. So you promise you I can do it again. I will do it again piggy. Promise. I'll never do it. Again, cross your heart. And hope today is I did I never do. What are you gonna do? When you get out. I want to get the job. I want to be good personnel. Keep to myself I a smoke, but so call I cannot afford the crack, but they can get onto bazooka was need to not kiss. But still cool. I think that's enough for today. The internet. Our last Lopez thought sorry, my voice sounded different today, by the way, had a hell of a head cold skin over maisy, what one can rationalize isn't it? When this piece of shit talked about what he don't investigate with the prestigious no zero shame, no remorse is proud of his kills spoke killing girls. If he was some noted baseball player talking about his favorite home runs. Love the attention big grandma to laughs act act like a celebrity when in award instead of a criminal rested for murder. He he also claimed he was helping his victims said he was strangling them. So they would go to heaven and not suffer in this world. He also wants said, I am like a God, I give life, and I can take it away. And he said, I'm the man of the century. No one will ever forget me. Yeah. You won't be forgotten federal but being forgotten his way better than being remembered for being one of the worst piece of shits of all time. I've never understood people who seem to think that any attention at all is better than no attention you ever been to a bookstore never checked out net. Flicks ever walked through a beautiful park, swam of scenic beach, there's a lot of things to do in life that are fantastic than ever you noticed remembered but super fun and enjoyable and worthwhile. I don't care how. Gonna be remembered when I'm dead, not really I hope I can influence others to do some good things with their lives. But I'm not gonna really care because I won't be here. Don't worry about reading. You know, how you gonna be remembered or if you're going to be remembered long? If you're worried about how your value now when you're live where about doing something meaningful not something memorable. You know, if it ends up being meaningful and memorable fucking great bonus. Now, let's take a few looks at the memorable. And also extremely despicable deeds of a man, I hope someday has his life violently taken. If it hasn't happened already in today's top five takeaways. Time away. Number one, petrol Lonzo Lopez was born on October eighth nineteen forty eight in the little village of Santa Isabel Columbia. He'd be kicked out of his home for molesting sister. When he was eight spent the majority of childhood living on the streets of Bogota, fighting it a gang of other kids stealing cars smoke. Some of that Oba suco number two Petra Lopez will be raped three different times growing up by the age of eighteen once by a stranger who promised him food and shelter once by teacher once by prison inmates after being thrown in jail for stealing cars. He would kill two of them. The only man he is known to have ever murdered number three nine hundred eighty Pedro confessed to killing a hundred and ten girls Ecuador. He led police to fifty three different bodies after his arrest. He sends to sixteen years in prison serves fourteen number four immediately after released from Ecuadorian prison, petro was tried again for murder this time of Colombia where he's declared mentally incompetent to stand trial on grounds of insanity. And incarcerated in the psychiatric wing of a prison in bogus. Aw, where he would be declared sane and released three years later in nineteen ninety eight. And he may still be alive and free today. Number five, new info in two thousand twelve in tuna the capital of the Colombian department of bojenka a girl with killed in the way, petro had killed so many other girls. Details of the murder were similar enough to Pedro's crimes that the Colombian weekly news show Cronica's RCN hinted that petro Alonzo Lopez may be responsible is he still out there. Hopefully proof proof of his death. Come soon until then who knows time. By away. Petr? Lopez has been sucked another dirty dirty deed bag a D bag. Now, the dirty dirty dirtbag to throw into that. You know, fuck that meet sack pile. Unbelievable how people can rationalize the most heinous of acts. Just so, you know, bojangles down in South America right now looking for that son of a bitch and hoping about his dick off, and then bury him up to his neck in an ant hill. Thank you to the time suck team. Thanks to Queen of the suck. Lindsey comments high priestess of the harmony village camp. Jesse garden of grammar donor, Reverend Dr Joe paisley time, suck high priest Alex Dugan. The guys at Bill, sir, meeting them just met them today. Well, I mean say is every this change your brain axes apparel. Thanks to this episode's, researchers to Lilly twins, Sarah and Rebecca REBA, the hammers of knowledge, I got to meet them and meet the parents and Philadelphia after one of my shows last week such great family. They're so good. Couple young curious meets acts with great futures ahead of them though. Pretty confident about that. Now have you joined the cult of the curious private Facebook group. One over seven thousand times suckers in that group now on Facebook and well over fifteen hundred discord members in the discord group linked to the discord chatroom messaging app, right on the time suck up links to the private Facebook group and the discord challen today's episode description next week, we're gonna be talking about the Unabomber. Finally, all hail the space lizards for vote in that top again been waiting to suck Ted for about two years. Now going to be a fascinating suck. I'm sure the Unibond is the nickname given to American domestic terrorists Theodore John Kaczynski, aka Ted Kaczynski who conducted the seventeen year series of attacks using mail bombs to target, epidemics, business executives and others. The uniform were bombing campaign which killed three people and injured twenty three started in the late nineteen seventies. Continued until Kinski was caught nine nineteen ninety six following a nationwide manhunt led by the FBI his capture marked the end of the FBI's longest and most expensive man hunt and judging from the sound of his name he may be polish. So. Probably a lot of slander coming to our polish monster meet sex time. Now for today's time sucker updates. In times. Important update about pedophile island coming in from time soccer co Murray, saying Hello master sucker. Listen to the pedophile island, suck notice something that wasn't accurate when you were talking about Earl Shriners assault on a seven-year-old boy said he was left for dead into and did die. He actually lived through that horrific. Ordeal. Actually went to the same elementary school is Ryan the boy he assaulted, and I live down the street from the wooded area where this took place while I did not know him. Well, but do remember seeing him come back to school after my God? According to my research died in a vehicular accident two dozen five just wanted to let you know since his hit so close to home. I remember being a third grade boy who's afraid to go anywhere alone for months sorry for long message on long at all. And thank you for the info and keep on sucking hail Nimrod Costa curious member called Murray. Thank you for that. I remember being confused by the wording in that. And I felt like it was a coin toss. And I couldn't get to like the exact verification I wanted. It was written to me in a way that suggested that he died, but I guess maybe I just read into left in the woods to die. Not did. I so thank you very much. It's great correction update regarding the private priva- today. Shen that's a tough word from my brain regarding the privatization of prisons by private prison employees in time sucker, Jake who writes in and I was talking about that that pedophile island wise, you know, I was concerned about privatizing prisons. Jake rights hail suck master sackful of meet. The kingdom comes I saw redone. That's a good one. Forgive us. This day our sucker updates and those who may trigger. Oh, man. Okay. Enough of that first off I would prefer it. If you didn't use my last name. Yep. Take the and this is on the podcast. I wanted to address your concerns about the private prison industry holding. These types of civil commitment centers first off, I do work for private prison company, and how the luxury of being paid to travel to our various cities all across US I've been in both government, run and privately operated facilities. I've also worked for both sectors. I say this because you to show you where any bias might come from. But I've been corrections for quite a long time. And I've attempted. To remain objective as possible. My first question is if you okay with the government holding people outside of the prison sentence. Why? Then does it become not, okay? When the private industry is being paid to do the same my concern there. I can't address my thought there is prophets. My concern is that it becomes a conflict of interests. If when prophet is on the line, if it is profitable to hold people, you know, in in the prison more profitable than letting them go to me that creates a dangerous conflict of interest where it is in the best interest of the committee to not let these people out. But I might also on misunderstand. How the committees are run and the committees that decide if they're going to be out on might not have any private influence. But that's that's why that's where my concern comes from doesn't not raise the same question of constitutional constitutionality. It does man. And right now, my sinuses. So full of cold the even harder for my mouth. That's I'm struggling extra. I can assure you would you not go. And watch the government agencies which contract us consistently. Visit an audit our procedures, and we audit ourselves and our processes on a nearly endless basis. It is actually in our best interest to do better than the government agencies contract with us can if we don't do better. Why would they pay us? We report everything that happens in our facilities some of our clients government agencies. Tell us we report too much, but that it is because of the scrutiny we are under at all times. When I worked for one of our clients, I witnessed several occasions of cruelty neglect and outright abuse that was covered up because of someone's tenure, but with the private industry I've seen people in high ranking positions with fifteen plus years with the company being fired because because they failed to report an incident this is because our liability is so much higher in the private industry. And we have everything to lose. If we do not maintain our clientele in our professionalism. Are there some incidents that are bad? Of course, there are we deal with the same challenges our government counterparts do. But the spotlight will fall on us at least three times more because we are in the private industry. We are just people trying to make a living with a company who can pay us better and provide better benefits than our government. Counterparts. That's all I will go into I will gladly provide more info for you. If you ever have questions, thank you for reading. I've already bought tickets Indianapolis show in September. Can't wait to see live keep on sucking P J PS may bring pootie and juju back every once in a while. I will I they come back. They're still in. They're still in the in Sacre, man. Thank you. That was that was that was a very well worded update. Jake a lot of information. Yeah. I guess I wasn't thinking about the oversights that the that the private sector would have didn't realize that there were more stringent than public. So I guess as long as we keep those laws in place. Then then I don't have a problem, you know, as long as scrutinise the same sounds like even better. So thank you pronunciation update coming in from Kim alone, Kim rights. Again. With the mispronouncing the word penitentiary, it does not have a unit you have pronounced it as Penetentiary. Oh, every time. I've heard you say it I've sent this in before. Please stop LL in one suck. You said it so many times that I thought maybe it was me saying it wrong. So I listened to. Listen to pronunciation guide. I'm not wrong. Seeing Lanta Hillman rookie on slugging. Thank you Kim penitentiary. And it's been attention. I got now I gotta look it. I gotta look up some phonetic spilling on this one. Thank you for sending that time suck Bill. Wicks a hilarious. Message regarding last week's episode Bill wrote Dan twelve minutes into the pedophile suck. And I'm definitely not ready to dish out some vigilante Justice. I would assuredly not welcome your help in tracking down and castrating pedophile than stapling. They're assholes to their foreheads still attached. I'm all certainly would not seek your assistance and dropping these pieces of shit bounding gagged into some exceptionally rapi. Big dick only prison. All of these things are legal and frowned upon by lizard, overlords. Who definitely aren't rated R messages, keep sake that fucking great Bill. Thank you, man. They send that in got some you last week with my horrific Pat, say Jack character assassination based nothing true whatsoever. I need to probably never do something like that against terrible. But sucker air grant wrote in Saint God damnit, Dan. I started googling Pat say Jack immediately. You got me a normally take pride and now getting sucked but holy shit. Good move doing it right off the bat keep on sucking. I I try to keep guys off balance. I know that one I felt a little guilty about it was so terrible. And now for some powerful messages from those affected by sexual abuse. Pedophile island message from Tim time sucker Kerry leaving last name out on purpose who wrote in with the fantastic subject line of Pat, say Jack hooked up with your mom's. Friend paula. Nice. Callback care, right. Hey, dan. Of course, subject line is nonsense. Just trying to get your attention. My apologies. Now needed those difficult to get through due to con. Stant crying and pausing to become physically ill. I wanna thank you for tackling the too often avoided subject of pedophilia. It is a God damn epidemic. And most people seem to be looking the other way, my wife, and I found out a year and a half ago that my father had been oh, man. This is so brutal out that my father had been molesting our oldest daughter since two thousand fourteen when she was only eleven years old since our daughter came forward. Five other women have come to us saying that he abused them to some as far back as the mid nineteen sixties as our as a protective, father, four girls. You can imagine how this has caused how hard this has caused me to be on myself, not being the most mentally stable fell in the first place. I have been to some very dark places on this journey a fan of the Rudo Osho. I only found time suck in your stand up in December your comedies been a vital escape for me. In times. I wasn't sure it could go on you may think I'm being ridiculous. But I truly believe you say my life, and I can't thank you enough. Carry carry me. I can't imagine cannot imagine how tough that would be my. I mean, my God the double whammy of the victim and perpetrator. Both being very close family members. Man. Thanks for thanks for, you know, protecting protecting your daughter, you know, for for doing the right thing, and and stand by her, and and making sure that, you know, your dad is prosecuted that cannot be easy. Hope you're getting some good therapy. Whole family is and sorry. You had to have somebody like that in the tree, man. But no reflection on you. Absolutely. None. Thanks for being great meet sack and great dad time sucker, Katie has sent a powerful message regarding overcoming the guilt of being victimized got a lot of these messages. And thank you everyone for sending these in choosing to reduce one, Katie rights. How your fiery hatred of sexual predators helped me come forward with my abuse a subject line? Hey, Dan of a wonder, right? You about this for a long time. And after the pedophile island episode. I felt like it was a good time to tell you. How much you've helped me overcome years of manipulation and come forward with my own sexual abuse. It may sound weird. But stay with me. My story is that I was sexually abused by my sister's husband on three different occasions between the ages. A fourteen and sixteen. It wasn't just touching the man manipulated. The fuck out of me, and it had a continued. He would have raped me. I have no doubt in my mind. I did not come forward with it until I was twenty one. My brother reported to police for me. That's a whole other story my family's fucked up, and it was such a difficult decision for me to press charges and the day. He was arrested was the worst day of my life because I felt so guilty me for ruining his life. I honestly felt so sorry for him that I almost dropped the charges all of that. Because of how deeply I was manipulated. Okay. Now for the part where I explain how you help him before the police were involved. I honestly just didn't realize the scope of the situation. And I didn't think it was worth making a big deal about it. And I felt like it was my fault at the time. There were several sucks where you were able to express how you feel about predators. The way you spoke about them and didn't hold back. Help the wheels start turning. I started realizing how messed up my situation was and how I needed to do something about it and fight for myself after I press charges. I specifically remember you're angry rant about David Koresh. And it was what? Made me realize how manipulated I'd been. And it was like a light bulb went off in my brain. It made me snap out of it. And realize that my abuser is a sick fuck and deserves to rot in jail that there is no redemption from that. And that those people deserve a hell of a lot more than a slap on the wrist. It helped me so much to hear normal person's viewpoint on predators on how normal. I am. But I'm glad I hope I I was I was it was like I finally had the right voice in the back of my head telling me how it really is. I don't know if any of this makes sense it does. But I just wanted you to know that sharing you're passionate hatred of injustice and scumbags helped someone finally break the cycle of nip Yele shin gain, an accurate perspective would happen to them. I honestly think there needs to be more angry rhetoric about predators. Because to talk about them. Any other way is doing a great disservice to their victims. But that's just one person's opinion. When that I agree with thanks for being an angry bastard. I hope it makes you happy to know that it positively affected at least one person. Sorry. This is a bit long winded so excited to see you in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend. This'll be this past week. Yeah. And I will beat your Saturday early show where pumped to see perform for a second time. Thank you. Your times are Katie PS after charges were press. Six other women came forward two or three of them are cousins he is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to four counts of child sex abuse. I'm blanking on the exact charge and one count of lewd act with a minor. Each is a felony charge of one to fifteen years in prison. I'm told the judge overseeing the case in Utah does not put up with that shit. So we're hoping you pass it down a harsh sentence. Hell Nimrod me too me too. I hope he is kept away from other potential victims for the rest of his life. Because somebody who does that like he does as we learned probably not gonna stop. And we've get another one other perspective on all of this. Actually, you know, what we're going to do two more two more updates. Sorry. I scroll head there. This was from Rebecca Jade, Rebecca rights. I was referred to time. So by an ex-boyfriend and for a long time refused to listen to you because they didn't wanna prove him. Right. I'm glad I got drunk one night unless you anyway, because that mother fucker was right. You're hilar-. Darkest faulk. I love it. Anyway, the point island, I've always had a fascination in all things macabre. And maybe that's why I'm so good at my job, I registered sex offenders. Wow. Not glenn. It's not glamorous, obviously. But somebody's gotta do it. I tried to get as many locked up as I can. Because frankly, there is no cure and fuck those guys for hurting kids. Well, listen, you go through the stats about sex offenders my blood began to boil now because you said anything wrong because the truth is so much more terrifying than anybody realizes, even when sex abuse crimes are reported is fairly common for the charges to be pled down to a lesser offense. For example, a locally known predator. Here has been charged multiple times with aggravated sexual assault of child. All but one of the charges have been dismissed, and it was pled down to injury to a child, which means he does not have to register as a sex offender. I think it's because of the laziness of the attorneys not wanting to go to court with a difficult case. But to be fair, I don't have any stats to back that up one time and attorney told me he dismissed charge on one of my fenders for failing to register because he was just confused. This offender was actually recorded telling me to go fuck myself because he didn't want to register anymore shortly after he was released. He then tried to kidnap a teenager from a convenience store surprise surprise the courts dismissed that as well. God damn it. And he is out there roaming, the streets again. Well, now, you got my blood boiling that's fucked up. This is just one of the many many stories. I have I mean shit look at all the white guys. Let off on serious charges because the judges don't wanna ruin the perverts life knowing full well to pervert and question completely altered the life of all of his or her victims. But I digress. I think the moral of the story is keep an eye on your kids and trust. Nobody as you stated most sexual offenses were committed by someone, you know, stranger danger, just as not as prevalent, as you would think most importantly, talked your children, monitor social media and their phones as this is now the common way to groom child. Good point trust your child when they don't want to be around. Somebody also something not everyone is aware of the national sex offender public websites and S O PW this will link you to your state's registry, and you can. Do a search by name or location and see all registered sex offenders in your area. The NSO POW also offers resources on education prevention, which is just so so important sorry. I'm telling you things you already. No, no, this is important to share. I just wanted people to do everything they can to keep their kids safe, hopefully bojangles in his infinite wisdom can rip the testicle off each motherfucker. Who was raped anyone things for everyone thing you do keep on truckin hail Nimr. Thank you. Rebecca, awesome, info. Yes. The problem is much deeper than people are aware of most people and yes use the registry. Lindsey, and I keep checking perverts in our area. We use it. Sadly, there are several around. The suck dungeon due to the dungeon being located near some transitional housing. And yes, I have often fantasized about the possibility of getting away with murdering them which Lindsey does not care for because she's afraid of me going to prison for that. I you know, if I could just figure out how to confidently get away with it. I might very much enjoy going full Dexter on those mother fuckers. And finally an important update from Anthony McAndrew that is leading us to our. Next charity donation, he writes, dear master, sucker. I listened time suck every week. I just finished this week suck on pedophile island wanted to tell you about a group called bikers against child abuse. They are a group of all in tears that are bikers who protect protect children that are victims of abuse. I am sending the link to their website. It might be something where saying in an update to give people in need resource, keep sucking. Yes. Thanks, anthony. I've seen these guys actually a local chapter was part of a fourth of July parade this last summer here in court. Elaine, Reverend Dr Joe motherfucking paisley also interviewed some local members of this organization when he was working at rock ninety four and a half in Spokane FM station there and says they would help transport sexually abused kids to court and show up in the courtroom and mean mug the abuser. Let him know we see you motherfucker. We know who you are. We know what you've done. I love the intimidation factor. Their mission statement is bikers against child abuse is a nonprofit tax exempt organization that provides that exists to provide aid comfort. Safety and support for children who have been sexually physically and emotionally abused. We are dedicated to the principle that one of the basic rights of childhood is to be safe and protected and when the child's family environment have failed them we stand ready to provide it to them bikers against child abuse is a strong organization of dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice any and all in order to protect and secure a child's basic right to a happy childhood, and it looks like based on current patriot. Subscriptions, we're going to be able to donate over sixteen hundred dollars to them this next month and March to help them do what they do. Faulk dirty. Purves hail Nimrod. Everyone else may loose a FINA finals, purse and torture them nimrods butthole in life after this. Thanks time. Suckers nine need. We all. Did. That's all for today. Meet saxon. Joy, those pennants don't wander into the mountains and killing girls this week. If you do I hope those Hombre Sinoe answer real eat fuck and head off fraud of you not getting eaten by ants. Stick around after this little outgrow for some joy for moment. If you want and after that, you know, keep on sucking. Thank. Gordon? Joe? Thank Nick thing appointment. Olympic lifting think to thank. Thank thickening thing. Think.

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