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Baltimore By The Numbers | 7/29/19


At grade is here on the please radio network. It's Monday morning like yeah. I thought the weekend would never end. I don't know about you but we are back to business. As usual on time brand new workweek gotTa love it about time off. I love it. MHM Triple Eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also add pat unleashed on twitter a lot of stuff to talk about a lot of ground cover of course the president <hes> had a few things to say about Baltimore and then people from Baltimore and the media had a few things to say back another weekend America Twenty nineteen absolutely crazy crazy absolutely nuts. Let's I guess we could start with C._N._N.. Anchor I I've never heard of this guy. Have you know I haven't I guess he's just a weekend guy and for whatever reason we've never had. I don't think we've ever had a sound sound clip from him before Victor Blackwell from C._n._N.. Apparently he's from Baltimore and he was a little upset about what the president said. Here's what he had to say this morning. The president attacked another member of Congress on twitter. This time it's House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings he wrote this Cummings district is a disgusting rat and wrote it infested mets. Have you spent more time in Baltimore Ultimo or maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place right. No human being would want to live there infested invested. It's usually reserved for references to rodents sex but we've seen the took in fact yeah. That's what he's talking about here stupid. He's talking about rats in rodents in this case as well did you did you hear what you just read. Rat infested. Don't make this. He's GonNa try to make this out as if he's talking about <hes> is if the president is infested with black people come on now you know better than that. Stop It. That's just irresponsible and an despicable all right. Let's chill station to criticize lawmakers before pattern here. Just two weeks ago president trump yeah see a pattern where you're selectively not picking and choosing who he's spoken about before because he's talked about many others in the past and most of them white yeah. Does he talk about a black legislators. Yes does he talk about white legislators. Yes Hispanic yes. He's an equal opportunity offender. He doesn't care what color you are so so tired of this all right. Let's see we can get through this station to criticize lawmakers before you see a pattern here just two weeks ago president trump protect four minority congresswoman. Why don't they go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came came reminder? Three of them were born here. All of them are American infested. He says a week before his inauguration January two thousand seventeen congressman John Lewis has spent more time on fixing and helping his district which his in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime infested. Donald Trump has tweeted more than forty three thousand times he's insulted thousands of people right many different types of people yes but when tweets about infestation and he's talking about around people now it's September two thousand fourteen at the height of an urgent health emergency. Why are we sending thousands of ill-trained soldiers into IMBOULA? If Ebola infested areas of Africa bring the plague to the U._S.. I Obama is so stupid. Infested a revolution on so many sanctuary areas one out of this ridiculous crime invested and Brioni Onset Festival says he's impressed Congressman Cummings district. Oh boy all right. Oh Gosh Oh together. Keep it together. Come on Victor polling for you. Buddy fit no human. Tom would want to live there. Did Mr President I did you did when Dale was brought home from the hospital for college posit and a lot of Dave is borne dilly left after highschool he left his soon as he franken good Living Baltimore with your parents and as soon as it was your choice you got the hell out of their the point Victor Right. Where do you live now victor case from the minute I was born until right after I graduated from high school? I got out of that rat infested Hellhole as soon as I ahead wheels man I was all right. Let's see him finish up here. Jeeze but people are proud of their agonizing WANNA sound self-righteous people get up and go to work there. Take care for their families. Didn't they love their children who pledge allegiance to the flag. Just people live in different to congressman who support you serve armed Americans right back man that is really really out of control over the top. The president needs to call bullcrap on all of this stuff he was. He was talking about rats in festive Baltimore. Let's let's stick to the point here which they do by the way rats do infest Baltimore okay. What kind of proof do you have well? When Glenn I lived there for two years we went to we went to get our publicity shot? So we were looking for this studio when it it was somewhere in the inner harbor and we we were walking down this alleyway looking for the place this was before G._p._S. lead you everywhere you know and and so in the alleyway there are squished rats every few feet because there was an infestation which they the city had posted warnings on every post in every poll that warning rat infestation and and sure enough. Here's the proof because every time you drive down this Alex somebody's running over a rat they estimated that there were twenty million rats in the Inner Harbor Twenty million there were two million people just the twenty million yeah just ten to one they outnumbered people tend to one. That's all well. They postals notices all over the city because it is rat infested a really do think trump needs to address this and clarify talk about the fact that the city is a mess. It's a mess crime time. Rodents Decay Because of Democrats in office. They're not because of blacks or Hispanics because of Democrats just as Nancy Pelosi's district has become a human feces embarrassment Chucky Schumer Policies Have New Yorkers fleeing that state by the tens of thousands name the city where Democrats have been in office for decades. The place is a crap whole Yep Detroit Chicago you name them. Elijah Cummings is never called a racist for continually attacking white president and that's all he does is attack trump but if that white president retaliates it's the most racy racist assisting racism that's ever been raced. It's just it's pathetic. I'm so tired of it. In a Baltimore Sun they had this article. It was entitled better to have a a few rats tend to be one yeah. No better have a few of few okay if you million if you call twenty million it's probably double that now I mean in a few is such an ambiguous term and apply it right. How you like Penn.? No human would want to live there. It's a very dangerous and filthy place. They obviously like like victor did their report repeating the president's words worst in the U._S._A.. And our personal favorite it is a rat in rodent rodent infested mess. He wasn't really speaking of the seventh district as a whole he failed dimension Ellicott city for example Baldwin or Moncton or Pretty Roy. Okay I lived there. I don't remember pretty boy boy. There's a pretty boy area of Baltimore that's news to me all of which are contained in the sprawling yet oddly shaped district that runs from eastern Howard county to to southern Harford County no Donald Trump's wrath was directed a Baltimore and specifically Elijah Cummings the sixty eight year old son of former South Carolina sharecropper who has represented the district since nineteen ninety-six. Yes far too long. The Guy Sucks Wchs is a terrible congressman has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It has everything to do with his policies and the fact that he cares more about whatever it is going on at the border then he does what's going on in his own district and I got news for you. His own district is a M._S.. It's a mess we've got some videos that <hes> people who live in that district posted will play for you pretty soon but in the Baltimore Sun the editorial continues in pointing to the seventh district. President wasn't hoping his supporters would recognize landmarks likes like Johns Hopkins Hospital. Perhaps the nation's leading medical center yet. There's a couple of good things in that district now like every other city it has. It's good spots spots and it's really really bad spots pretty boy. Did you find pretty boy pretty poison reservoir. There's nobody lives out reservoir. Yeah K. K.. He wasn't conjuring images of the U._S.. Social Security Administration where they write checks that somebody retired and disabled Americans depend upon it wasn't about the beauty of the inner harbor or the proud history of Fort mckenry and it certainly wasn't about the economic standing ending of district where the median income is actually above the national average and I love this no he was returning to an old standby of attacking an African American lawmaker from majority black district on the most emotional unbigoted of arguments. It was only surprising that there wasn't room for a few classic phrases like you people or Welfare Queens or crime ridden ghettos or a suggestion that the congressmen go back to where he came name from isn't a great that he didn't use any of those supposed racist phrases but somehow the Baltimore Sun managed to smear him with them anyway just by putting them in this article you've associated all of them with what trump said and he didn't say any of it nice yellow journalism trick there that's Great. That's wow these people are pathetic and they'll stop at nothing in every time they do this. They just add to to trump's base instead of they sure do away from it they sure do they make us. They certainly make us more in his camp. Push US right right into his camp every time it's really some really bad bad stuff in all this thing started just just trump just decided to pick a pick out of the blue a fight with Elijah Cummings right he just out of nowhere for no reason as a sec. Who can I pick on today? You know kind of Bourne right now. Cummings has been attacking every day every single day. Nobody says a word about it and then when trump finally has enough and he's like okay you know why don't you deal with your own stupid area. Why don't you deal with your district because Cummings was going after ice in these these facilities right say look how we're treating these immigrants? Yes deplorable conditions in America's better than this really stop it exactly right cheese do head to let's show the <hes> there was a woman. There's a woman in Baltimore who showed the area part of the seventh district. Some of what Donald Trump was is talking about and five <hes> Yeah Clip West Baltimore tour neighborhood with children whenever you see a pickup truck with stuff for I'll bet you if you follow it yeah. It's gone built up when they see abandoned by usually this whole thing but they just saying that this is the bag that's my dad's doing. They still isn't back when I used to right here and all this lovely lovely worried about the kids at the border right eight kids the order. Don't worry about it that entire yard was nothing but thick garbage that shows that they have a lot of stuff. They've got a lot of stuff well. It is America nobody's wanting to they showed a few other places to I mean this is amazing abandoned row houses in Baltimore that have been abandoned for so long that there's three growing inside. That's now taller than the building itself liquid this. You can see how big the tree is in this row home. You'll notice this didn't happen overnight with right inside and take a look. This should be right lovely lovely fixer upper upper yeah yeah there's a tree in the backroom. Trash here is really know back to it and it goes all the way to to the top of this beyond the top of the roof at one point in time. There was a row home that stood in between here. This is how much overgrown tat that much time. It is lovely like you said it's a okay so it's a it's a challenge. You've got a couple of projects. What are you above doing a couple of projects for your new the home no no in fact Dylan suggests that maybe there's a new H._G._T._v. show their fixer Upper Baltimore? Let's see that that's going to be a year's long commitment to that show lot going on in that town and not to mention the highest homicide rate in the Nation Yep among Major Cities Baltimore has the highest murder rate in the land end gross so don't tell me the Baltimore's in fantastic shape and trump should mind his own business because <hes> you know maybe Elisha coming should be a little more focused on his own city triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. We receive got this note from James in Las Vegas and sums up pretty well while while you should get the I target pro system. James says I work from home and rarely bring up guns because my kids are really little. 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Investment out kids invested housing rather than the fact of the matter is is that America is the wealthiest country in the history the world but anyone who took the walk that we talk. We took around this day good with not think you're in a wealthy nation. <hes> you would think that you were in a third world country did he just call Baltimore Maryland Arlanda Third World type of city. Does he know black people in his bags live there. What is he insinuating? Oh my goodness wow gosh that's the most racist St Racist Race I've ever heard of this. He dropped out yet. I hope so my goodness that man needs to be off the campaign trail immediately okay well whatever whatever but he can say yes right because he's a socialist. That's fine for Socialist Donald Trump man. Do they hate trump that they don't really doesn't matter what he says hate him so much that they can make anything out of anything. He says I mean wow and all he said really tweeted out over the weekend as as proven last week during a congressional tour the border is clean efficient in well run just very overcrowded and then he went onto Cummings district disgusting rat in rodent infested mess way. He's clearly talking about rats and rodents right since I don't know he said rats in rodents now. I hate to take him at his word when he's saying rats in rodents if he spent more time in Baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place well. We just took you on a stroll or the residents of that area you did and you saw that is filthy. It's it's filthy and you've got to believe that's dangerous you notice they're doing that tour in the daytime not at night <hes> <hes> and they're not the only people did a tour recently. You want to see the video of the mayor herself. You want to see that one. Yes it where she gives a tour about a year ago city leaders identified some of the city's most violent neighborhoods the hill we should just take always to target smell the grants under Baltimore's violence reduction initiatives Jesus just last week we went with Mayor Pugh. She toured in East Baltimore. Neighborhood is Fifty Four Years Baltimore's Violence Reduction Initiative is about taking steps doc rid communities of the cornerstones that contribute to crime God because smell the animals blocks dilapidated buildings helped to hide the addiction cripple this community. Oh my that's the mayor of the city. She surprised a priced hello. You're seriously you're surprised so I just WANNA point out. She was in East Baltimore. Cummings district is in West Baltimore. Is there any part of Baltimore that isn't you know well well. They spent two billion dollars building the inner harbor that ones that areas fairly nice but even that I mean you're gonNA find a lot of rats down there because it's near the water wow they got all kinds of warehouses and junkie things they're oh they've worked hard to revitalize at least they did in the eighties they worked really hard and then in the early nineties they built camden yards <hes> trying to upgrade that city and they got a long way to go right. How many blocks have been fixed six eight blocks? Probably something like that yeah so that was Catherine Pugh who didn't really like the smell that's interesting town hugh Catherine Karen Pugh. I see what you did didn't like the smell of her own city this story from September of two thousand eighteen with the neighborhoods crying out because Baltimore again the highest homicide rate of any U._S. large city. I mean all you have to do is look around and you can if you're interested. You can really find out what Baltimore what's going on in Baltimore what the problems are worst homicide rate among the nation's largest cities last year and the second highest violent crime rate overall according to new data from the F._B._i.. The grim news was the latest it's reminder of the sustained cycle of violence that has gripped the city since two thousand fifteen when the annual number of homicides soared above three hundred for three consecutive years after the unrest that followed Freddie Gray's death from injury suffered in police custody cassidy. There were three hundred forty two homicides in Baltimore last year so that's fifty six hundred thousand people that live in the city highest per capita in the city history and the highest rate of any American Kan city with more than five hundred thousand people. It's also significantly higher than the rate and other big cities. Well I mean I. I don't know that New York had three hundred forty two murders so we've got that's eight million people. This is the highest murder rate. It's infested infested with twenty million rats. <hes> I mean it's task neighborhoods are being used as dumping grounds for garbage. Yeah they have some issues. They've got abandoned buildings and roll homes that haven't. been used occupied for probably decades how long it take that tree to grow ten years twenty treatment business. He's like I own this house now. I mean that might have been abandoned when I when I lived there. That's what I was actually thinking when they were showing show in the tree as they go yeah. I wonder how tall that tree was. When they're twenty years? I might have been the one the planted it. You're just doing your Arbor Day celebration the radio station doing my part for the environment regul- Johnny any apple right. She's so bad. Meanwhile Baltimore's new deputy police commissioner got mugged at gunpoint last week just last week. I'm not laughing. No it's not funny. No this is a bad story here. Yeah Deputy Commissioner Daniel Murphy had just started with the force in April after being brought from New Orleans New Orleans to help lead sweeping reform. He was robbed at nine pm Friday night by four men in a white S._U._V. Near Patterson Park. I don't know where Patterson Park is no pretty boy. I'll tell you that pretty boy resin war two of them and said to be about at eighteen jumped out and approached him his wife showing a gun during the hold up they fled with multiple cell phones the officers wallet and his wife's purse as well as some cash. That's great so mugged at gunpoint. That's welcome to Baltimore two more commissioner Murphy Right. He was sure that Baltimore would be like the big easy he said obviously every community every police department is unique but the success we had in Orleans is directly transferable to here and we will modify it as necessary. It's necessary to modify it Sir to get on that modification or you're playing sorry. He's a he's. A police officer was not carrying. I guess not any I don't know I don't know if he's like the London police where they just walk around with a little club hit. You might baton <hes>. Don't make me do it. Well crazy. I mean it's just it's nuts but don't don't call Baltimore. Rat infested. Don't say it's crime ridden. Don't I won't say it's run down at all. Don't suggest that Elijah Cummings maybe focus his attention to where I don't know his constituents possible. Let's go to Bob in South Carolina. Hey Bob. You're on the blaze. No Bob Bob Lang to Bob. Hey I was born in Baltimore. I was watching it in the mornings and I was born in Baltimore. Nineteen fifty five right by the old Memorial Stadium Alad <hes> it was on the Belvedere Alameda to move out the rest of randallstown out west of a West <hes> sober northwest but <hes> Baltimore is basically a couple lousy city all the way back many parts all the way back from the riots have never really recovered from the late sixties <hes> northbound though I was North Street north of the inner harbor for years was considered one of the worst <unk> areas in terms of prime and murder <hes> in the country and <hes> you know this you know just having a general conversation with you guys <hes> those videos today's surprise me now <hes> I remember years ago drive my dad's car right by little Italy okay which is kind of own the east side of in harbour. <hes> guys in the projects were throwing rocks at cars as you were driving by Geez man yeah. It's a appreciate the call thanks Bob <hes> that's that was my experience appearance with it too. It was not safe which is why we lived as far out in the suburbs as we could possibly get and you going to the inner harbor if it was during the day and feel okay about things and I'd like to point out the Bob was calling us from South Carolina and Baltimore where he was born just a lot like a victor what's his face blackwell from C._N._N.. who was born there and then got the hell out as soon as he could soon as he's Outta high school? He's gone on from Baltimore bye-bye. I duNNo. Does that tell you something that maybe no human being would wanna live there triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three. Let me tell you about rid us on our idea you zone DOT com. That's where you can get <hes> red zone. It's loaded with OEI which is something that's naturally present in your body but this adds to it and sends a signal to your brain that you're full and so you stop eating you can feel fuller naturally truly. It's not a stimulant either. It contains no caffeine so you won't get jumping jittery all day. It's just something that helps you. Stop eating quicker and Bush metabolism so that you burn fat get a thirty thirty day money back guarantee and save thirty percent on a three-month supply at reduce dot com then thinking about it and you've been frustrated for a long time with weight loss or `yo-yoing up and down get rid US on today use zone dot com reduce zone DOT com. This is Pat Gray unleashed triple triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three or deletion on twitter Tyler Morgan tweets didn't pat wants some Baltimore's problems as a democratic hellhole. Yes yes I did. I stand by that. It is a democratic Hellhole. Look at it. I challenge anybody to go to Baltimore and tour these areas and then come away thinking hey yep that was a I'd love to live there. Man That is is beautiful and yeah well your tour there <hes> the beautiful city of Baltimore. Take a handful of acorns with you and planetary. Yeah you know especially this time of year when the dead body chalk outlines starting to be washed posture way by the late summer rains. It's you know no place better. There's no place better from its ma'am whole instead of manhole Ma'am Hall. Thank you saves eighty. I Four K.. Somebody should start selling little mega hats that fit on rats kind of cool. Oh yes like that run. Those around the neighborhood might flip that district from Scotty sweatman wonder if Catherine pugh thought thought for a minute. Maybe I shouldn't spend all that community center money on my bulletproof S._U._V.. She actually have a bullet professor vehicle. She needs one but at that way yeah this St forty-two tweets Johns Hopkins Gins is conveniently located next to the most violent areas of Baltimore Hashtag City Planning Nice Man Yeah well the hospitals. Are there where you got the emergencies perfect games on gas money for the ambulance right. It's actually pretty solid city is good man so good triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three Beto was spotted at an airport over the weekend he was in. I don't know where I I'm not sure what airport import as as somebody we know in love though I'll tell you that so here's let's take a look at what people well people are wishing him well in congratulating as he went through the airport zero percent of the poll out it. I mean they're nice congratulated him on zero percent. They didn't go. Hey there Mr zero percent it was. I think it was a congratulations. I mean you know that was so great. CONGRATS on zero percent in the polls I mean he's not negative percent. It could be worse go bell. I have to see that one more time. That's good clean fun right there. Good Clean Fun congrats on zero percent in the polls. His heart just sank the big smile. If only that doorway wasn't there we could have actually seen his soul being crushed the look on his face. Hey look here's the one person it's GonNa phone for. nope never mind. Hey No. It's not bad boy. Okay never mind well. He had that fleeting just like nanosecond of hope somebody still cared and then it was just crushed right before him. That's fun grab taken away from him. Oh man triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Oh we got more on Roy Moore on Trivia a returning very soon it returns Friday September sixth where we now were in July twenty ninth so a little over a month yeah just over six weeks from now not even a full six weeks because it'll be right just under six weeks right so just over and fact N._F._l.. preseason begins three nights from today so Thursday night Falcons Broncos and they first N._F._l.. preseason game wow wow this week so basically hall elephant game already yeah so I'll be getting zero sleep this week because on Tuesday night it's the democratic debate around one Wednesday night democratic debate round to Thursday night Falcons and Broncos so I'll we go into bed early tonight trying to store up energy and and Tuesday through Friday this weekend next minute be filling in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck Program with Stu so that'll be fun. You'll be a patent STU reunion so anyway. We're looking forward to doing more on Trivia game this year. That should be really fun. steelers steelers in Patriots last year. We were fifteen in three yeah fifteen and three predicting games so I don't know we don't recommend that you use it for gambling purposes but I'm just saying somebody had they would have won a lot of money. We don't recommend that you take the final predictions each week from this show and more on Trivia <hes> we say don't take that onto that no and then go in bed it because you it could possibly be very wealthy if you listen to us but don't right 'cause we. We don't advocate for gambling just saying it's somebody would have made a lot of money. I'm glad they didn't don't wrong. Don't do it do not do that okay. Hey you know that asteroid that just barely missed US last week. We found out about the day it missed us. We had hours. She's missed. It's just by forty six thousand miles which is like a quarter of an inch in astronomical terms. You know right. It's it's unbelievable. How close that is the moon is two hundred thirty eight thousand miles away? This was forty six thousand miles yeah so on your inch analogy right. If the moon is an inch away from the earth this was a quarter of an inch away the earth yeah and they've got this incredible computer animation that shows how close we came to a collision. Can we go ahead and play yeah that is watch this. You got the Rock and never go okay so they've got they've got everything on this <hes> every every orbit right and it just shows how the animation was going to actually show this this isn't yes wasn't quite what I was anticipating but maybe this is actually going to be better. Let's see because there's there's a watch this so they they show this this <hes> circling around and doing little orbit thing and then it cuts right between the earth in the moon and deadly close. It's one of the closest that we know of and it was it was a three three hundred foot space rock three hundred feet across it would have it wouldn't have destroyed an American city yeah so or whatever city it slammed into what they nickname it the city killer yeah wow and if that lands in the ocean you're going to have quite a little tsunami going on there so that's that's a little scary will okay so you see that real big trail of stuff. That's coming off of it. <hes> incredibly hard to see until the last minute it's threading tightly between the lunar orbit definitely to close for comfort so here I think I thought that was going to be the one yeah it's just keeps going and doing twenty nine thousand nine okay. We'll be back oh good and to come back. Oh no and then we've got another one coming September fifth where we have the one in seven thousand chance that when we see coming and that wants huge that one seven miles across that's the one that I think people like better roker actually rooting for like look. Don't forget about my campaign for day we would would. There's no question about that if we haven't already. I wonder if the end of this story it talks about the approach again when is Nasr's. This is close approach data shows that it will pass by Earth Multiple Times through twenty one seventy three but none are expected to be even remotely as close as last week's fly by says the same scientists. There's no is there in the first place okay so we'll listen to. You know we got you. We sure well. I hope they're right because that's pretty frightening that they didn't even know what was coming until they're oboe. Did you see you on no but thanks for telling us. I got a little less confidence in new people. I'll tell you that right now. Change the time stamp on our press release make it look like we really coming yeah. We knew that was gonNA miss this by forty six thousand miles all along. We weren't even worried about it. That's why nobody knew about it because we didn't need to tell you about it. Yeah we hear about the ones that are three and four miles for three and four million miles from us but we don't we don't hear about this one sh- and scary stuff I mean it's only a city killer. You know the problem is we've got that asteroid belt out beyond Mars between Mars and Jupiter and sometimes those asteroids break free from that belt and start hurling inward. You never know where they're gonNA end up. Wow could be right in our planet or or not but I mean at some point. All you have to do is look at the moon to see how prevalent asteroids were point hit a million times right right now. I don't remember when I was a kid. I don't remember a lot of talk about asteroids coming close. Do you remember I don't remember any of that. Just not have the technology we just. Maybe we didn't know about coming yeah which I don't see them coming but you remember the days when we didn't know about them man where we stupid yeah yeah I think the dinosaurs saw coming either at the same scientists monitoring for them was monitoring for us as well. It's scary you bet you bet all right Rashid until leib wonderful. She's a terrific representative of her state. That's the word and we all appreciate how solid that she is on Israel and <hes> she talked about it again i. I don't know why she doesn't just shut up about Israel. Everybody knows she hates Israel. Okay we got it. We got it. You're you're Palestinian gay. Your loyalty is to Palestine. Stein Palestinians got it. I understand maybe just shut up about it since I don't know you're a U._S.. Representative and Israel's our allies instead what does she do. She sits down Jake Tapper and here's what was talking about the hate agenda and you know you have heard there's there've been criticisms of you from even your fellow Democrats especially for your support for the B. D. S. movement which stands for board divest sanction. It's an anti Israel Movement <hes> Anti it's it's it's criticizing the racist policies of Israel and it's a boycott right. I mean I think folks say especially around the country when you say you're not sure what it means boycott divest sanction. I want to get your reaction to something Senator Schumer said about E._D._S. which is movement you support. He said quote when there is such a double standard when the world treats everybody one way and the Jew or the Jewish state another way. There's only one word for it anti-semitism. Let's call out the D._S.. Movement what it is and I think one of the questions that Senator Schumer and other supporters visual might have is why focus on just Israel why not also call for sanctions against other countries where you might have issues such as Egypt or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and I think that there wasn't economic boycott movement around Saudi Arabia the first to sign up for for it. I can tell you they're all around college campuses. <hes> there are Jews Muslims Hindus all different kinds of backgrounds who are pushing back against racist policies in Israel because they see that <hes> the human rights violations nations of children being detained the fact my grandmother who lives in the West Bank right now does not have equality. She doesn't have freedom of travel <hes> she is someone that right now under occupation is feeling less than and I grew up in the most blackest beautiful city in the country where every corner in Detroit here you will see a reminiscence of the civil rights movement the Labor Rights Movement and we did it through economic boycott. It is a form of freedom of speech but people want to dismiss it because there's trying to say anti-semitism. That's the way to discredit the in fact we all know under Netanyahu's gene human rights violations have gotten worse and we need to boycott Egypt they how drunk at ease of course would balls there right now. There is not ought a bill or resolution on the floor that is saying stop boycotting Egypt but you could of course and I would add the gory oppose any sort of oppression freedom of speech a First Amendment right in this country. It's a slippery Slope Jake because tomorrow if if folks WanNa you know boycott Saudi Arabian there's a movement and it's got a name <hes> they're going to go ahead and passed a resolution saying you don't have freedom of speech. She's pathetic. Oh boy what a hypocritic oh I would. I what why don't you want you propose bill then. Why don't you write a bill? I mean if she was starting in a position. Yeah there's four hundred thirty five congressman that can do this and there's only six of them that can write bills only six what it is yeah. It's the the little known clause in the Constitution. We're just six. Oh yeah the bill writing yeah yeah that you have to be from different state other than the one where she needed to leave lives in sponsor it. I don't understand pathetic. Pathetic static is she's so transparent. Oh such a leader to if there was there was a resolution support it okay we'll tell you wouldn't just first of all or no. She wouldn't know no she wouldn't now and by the way why why isn't there a movement against Jordan who has twice the Palestinian territory Israel does why isn't there a B._B._S. movement against Jordan why I Y is it only Israel and Israel treats Palestinians a lot better than Jordan or Egypt or Saudi Arabia or any of the Arab nations treat them they employ Loyd them giving them jobs this freedom of movement I. I don't know what that means being really. I need to look into why they keep saying that. They can't move around. I've never I mean we were in Israel. They're for all kinds of Palestinians who went from the West Bank into Jerusalem back and forth without any restrictions that I could tell the only restrictions the Palestinians had where the restrictions they placed on themselves because as they couldn't tell their they couldn't tell their family members they couldn't tell their friends that they worked in Israel with with Israelis otherwise they'd be killed in some cases they be they'd certainly shunned but a lot of them came men to work in the archaeological dig underneath a temple and they made really good money doing that and that's the only work they could find was was in Israel because the unemployment rate in the West Bank was I dunno sixty or seventy percent or higher at the time should look into where that is now. 'cause I mean there's no employment opportunities. He's for the people in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip and you do realize though that poor people aren't necessarily killers. You're welcome. I heard that I'm not sure I agree with that. It's I'm looking at the crime. What was it <hes> the unemployment rate of yeah unemployment rate in let's say the West Bank or the Gaza Strip because it was really high a few years ago when all of this was was going going on and now it's coming back again because of to leave in a lot Omar and their beat E._S.? Love so it topped out. <hes> looks like in recent years in July. Two thousand eighteen looks like he got up to thirty two point four percent. Now it's twenty nine point one okay twenty nine point one now in twenty nineteen in the West Bank or Gaza West Bank. Yeah check and see if you can find something for the Gaza too because you know if when your unemployment rate is is is close to thirty percent your people are not happy and they're not doing well and it's the the government fifty two percent fifty two okay. It's in the Gaza then that I was thinking of fifty two. Who Percents can you imagine that women seventy five percent? She's a good thing they put the P._L._O.. In charge right right that's yeah congratulations Nice Nice job good thinking good decision on that good decision man all right <hes> just just so that we can take our minds up some of the madness <hes>. Let's take a look at the grasshopper. Swarm Las Vegas apparently early. This happens from time to time. I guess depending on the weather yeah. They'll tell you know biggest trip right across from the Mirage. Is this in Sin City. It's the insect invasion putting on a show. No one can escape. They popped up out of nowhere twenty. Four seven onslaught of grasshoppers stead really sticks with you did you all covered in locus covered for many of the first impression felt downright biblical a migrating eating hoarded bugs so big you could even see him from space. Experts say a soggy winter plus a mild spring made conditions perfect for the pallet winged grasshopper a migratory species that should be gone in a few weeks but till then one thing they're known to do was made and that's why they're so many of them around here to make matters worse they're attracted to especially white lines like finding their match made in heaven on the Vegas Strip. There is a plague of locus in Las Vegas. Isn't that interesting here. We sure that's just wild coincidence sure. That's what that is yeah convention. There's a crossover convention. I mean Vegas has a lot of those conventions. Mentioned that freak you out if you're walking down the Strip Vegas warmed by I I'd be out of my miss that yeah images of <hes> like city workers just wearing their construction vast and just covered in them yeah. He's just standing there uncovered in it. He didn't care amazing all right more. Pat Gray unleashed coming up that way look. I'm doing great w with US traffic and weather together every six minutes on the fives triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Ed Pat unleashed on twitter. We got thirty two tweeting cummings had the nerve to lecture border agents by screaming at them. What does that mean what a child is sitting in their own feces yet? He silent about his districts citizens living in their own feces at home such a great point. I mean when you see the condition. Some of those people are living in. It's unreal the abandoned row homes and the garbage everywhere because people just come into the neighborhood and dump their garbage. Dumping is a a real problem. The Steve forty-two tweets the trail of stuff behind the asteroid that was plastic straws. Oh Wow okay so we need to. That's where the five hundred million a day go. We need to throw more of those away. Maybe we could see it better when it's coming toward us from Brad infested mess apparently the city killer already hit see Baltimore. I SAR above me I did I did place a bet on the super bowl based on more on Trivia and one Elo Nice. How about that? We don't recommend it but that's that's great not that you take the knowledge gained from more on Trivia I agree agree unleashed and transferred to bet right. This is not a competition is purely for entertainment or the fist of it bittel bond life that of course from Ilan Omar. I believe this is a bill moment woman so from bittel pond life. Can we go ahead and make that patents to reunion permanent. Oh yes as far as I'm concerned. I don't mind doing multiple shows every day. No that'd be great. That's stopping you now. Either Jackal spunky trucker rooker how can to leave support Palestine. There's never been a place called Palestine. We forget that don't we forget that from time to time I don't but many do swank think tweets ice. I only saw that grasshopper swarm one time when I was stationed there so insane they're just everywhere and then it keep keep coming back a few times to where to Las Vegas <hes> weird and from Steve Next the Balaj Fountain will turn to blood. You'll know it's time to leave Las Vegas. You know those annoying robocalls we all get the one saying you're preapproved for credit cards or loans or whatever you gotta be careful because those oftentimes are scammers trying to steal your home's title and your your title in your mortgage all of those records or online line and of course we've all had our information compromised pretty much nine hundred million homeowners files were compromised <hes> back in April so there's a good chance that thieves have your info so when wouldn't data breach occurs and millions of titles and mortgages are exposed. That's win the risk of Home Title Fraud Skyrockets they forged document stating that you sold your home to them and that they're the new owner and then they take out alone against against your home's equity but you get stuck with the payments. It's really ugly and it's really hard to get out from under sulfur pennies a day home. Title Lock will put a barrier around your home's title. This is something lifelock doesn't do they do. They're so great with other forms but not this. This is where home title law comes in and they will give you sixty risk free days of protection right now register your address verify. You're not already a victim and protect your home's title go to Home Title Loc Dot Com. That's home title Loc Dot Com Tom Yeah okay <hes> and when you got a border agents actually helping illegals into the country. I think you got problems. This is something at the border yeah and I I wouldn't believe this. I don't think unless I saw it and now oh you can see it. Here's what happened Border Patrol agents assisting your they are clement up a hill. Come get a couple of border. Come on in all right and let me give you hand that you're GONNA go right down there right down there and <hes> here. Here's help you right around the border wall there. You go there. You go right into the U._S.. Okay I'll come offer code ten off. Isn't that great. What what is the deal there? Come on up everybody yeah come right on in that's fine. Don't worry about it. Meanwhile the Supreme Court cleared the way and of course the Democrats are all they're all up in arms over this too <hes> but they're still up in arms over the Baltimore stuff they haven't had time to really scream as much as they want about about the Supreme Court ruling but the Supreme Court cleared the way for the trump administration us two two and a half billion from the Department of Defense to construct parts of the wall and they voted in a five to four right along ideological lines this time so finally the two guys we put in to hopefully help with making constitutional decisions finally did thank you Cavanaugh and Gorsuch well and Roberts for that matter because all three of them are little bit suspect what we're down to <hes> Alito and Thomas as our institutional sure Bet Yep Yep. That's it three members of course Ginsburg so when you SORTA my oher her Elena Kagan wrote they would have blocked the funds for now of course it would fourth member justice brier wrote separately to say he would've allowed the government to use the funds to finalize the terms for contractors but blocked the funds from being used for the actual construction. What does that make weird like a bad news though I maybe you'll get to it Oh oh I know what the bad news I can't i? I didn't know that I give up. It is still not new. It's not new wall. There's no new construction Russian. This is all about the it's all about replacing current wall. Can you believe that we had fight at the Supreme Court to existing fencing yeah yeah yeah. Isn't that amazing. I just I don't understand I really don't I don't get it houses possible so the A._C._l._U. is arguing corp papers against a stay at the lower court ruling fearful of the walls impact on border communities. Stop it pathetic and they claim this is not over well. What do you mean it's not over? It's a it's decided law now. What do you mean how can to not be over? It's the Supreme Court ruled on this. The president is set. This is settled law okay. It's in the constitution now because the Supreme Court said it right here we go. I've I this. I've got I've got solved. The left is gonNA fight tooth and nail on any kind of funding for a border fence right and they already hate spending on the military we had to go through the Pentagon to get money to replace the fencing. Let's just increase the the armed forces budget by what how much cost Bill Defense Ram that through by twenty five billion or whatever we got this and they're not going to. I couldn't believe it. Would I got to the end of the article because I'm thinking all right finally good all right. Here's five point seven million total that we can now build at least some new fencing nope it's all in sectors that are already have fencer wall and they're just either repairing or replacing the existing wall wall or fencing. They're still not one inch of new wall being built not an inch. I I don't get it. I think we're OUTTA. Words we are. I think we've depleted the Word Reservoir E._S.. Yeah there's not a word frustrating enough to express well frustrated. I am start vending some new words for the English language to accurately convey how we feel as yeah Erica loving because English is not adequately express my dumbfounded nece like I mean between that and this story just I'm so disgusted right now with our government. Oh No Democrats and Republicans have both introduced a new carbon tax law push to regulate greenhouse gas emissions is on as I guess Democrats and Republicans according to this article or facing pressure from their constituents please Republicans are being pressured by please reinstituted Carbon Tech. Nobody's seeing that no one but Senator Chris coons and representative Francis Rooney from Florida plus Dan Lipinski who's a Democrat from Illinois all introduced carbon tax bills last Thursday that each take a shot at cementing the long tossed around round idea of carbon tax those three bills join to other bipartisan measures proposing a carbon tax introduced earlier this year in the House and the Senate here we go I hurt the influx of legislation selection is surprising some observers have long called for action on climate change. They say they wouldn't have believed a year ago that there would be there would be such a push not wonderful. Now there is I yeah I can tell you from what I know from. What I know is that we are worlds apart from the Congress that I left at the beginning of this year? He's CABELA's will last year was the first Republican into to introduce a carbon pricing bill in nearly a decade. He's since joined. The Alliance for Market Solutions Are Republican to Republican focused carbon tax coalition great with with Republicans like this. I mean he's Democrats there. It is and with Democrats like we have who need socialists. Nobody we don't need A._M.. During my four years I think we made a lot of progress on changing the culture to make it acceptable left to discuss the CIA this challenge to name it for what it is but then but even then a lot of Republicans were not anxious to engage today not just rank and file for moderate districts but leading Republicans senior Republicans are stepping out on the issue making it cleared that the debate should be over solutions not over science or anything else of that nature and for me. It's a sign of real progress good so what they're saying. Is We just need to move past the fact that of course it's already settled science chance now we just need to institute the Carbon Tax and force it on the people can we. I dislike these people with all the intensity of a billion white burning sons. We go home just about we about getting close almost time to shut down the country. Turn it off. As soon as the Republicans pass a carbon tax then we just shut down the country well yeah but you have to pay tax on the energy used to shut down the country of course then you flip that lever it actually uses energy does to shut down the right country just so stupid. We're just seating at all to them. I everything Republicans can't go out on any limb and say no. I'm going to stake this ground and I'm going to fight for what I believe in. I believe that the earthworms and cools on its own. That's what it does. That's what it's always done. That's what it will always do. That's what it is doing right now. It's warming and cooling and don't tell me that the snow means of same thing as one hundred degree heat because that's lunacy and don't tell me that that the preponderance of hurricanes is caused by the same phenomenon the brings on no hurricanes as we've had this season so far knock on wood. Hopefully it will continue that way. I actually read an article the other day where they said Yeah. There's there's more frequency and intensity of hurricanes. What are you what what are you talking about? `Bout I mean how can you how can you say that when ever since two thousand five when they when they came out with an inconvenient truth and that movie claimed there was going to be more frequent and and more intense hurricanes and then we didn't have another major storm until what was it last year the year before that was a twelve year period where we didn't have any major hurricanes hit the United States okay that that that was the same problem as as when when we were getting hit in two thousand five by a lot of them case stop it. I can't take it take it all right with all the stuff that we have <hes> to deal with every day. All the dumb news that goes through our T._V.'s are mobile phones or computers. You might have missed some actual news like the recent study in the Journal Cell Metabolism. I try to I try I to read the entire thing front to back and especially when the cell metabolism swimsuit edition comes out. I'd never missed your come on. It's just great stuff I read the little inserts has a postcard. You can tear out yeah. We'll get into a friend Yorkshire to share the the Awesomeness that is enough time you can get a free toaster-oven from cell metabolism's really good so yeah look for that <hes> anyway scientists have always suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity obesity and processed foods but now they found that the process food also helps you overeat so the bottom line. is you need fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. I really tried last night. I tried to eat actual. My wife like made this actually my daughter whose home from college made this concoction this salad with some fruit in it and then a rubella and spinach and I thought well. Let's see if it was so nasty like three bites. I couldn't get like nope gone going back to field of Greens brickhouse nutrition no question maybe you can help me. <hes> Dr Pat Bitter Nasty stuff right. I had for dessert drumsticks. You know like ice cream cone so but also had a peach so totally negated everything so I started ballots right out that's right Yep. One Scoop of field of Greens has a full serving of Real U._S._D._A.. Certified organic fruits and vegetables that don't taste nasty in fact it tastes really good and you're not going to get that bitter nasty taste that you get from like this a rugen cooked spinach and stuff. I tried. I really did a really did I just can't I can't do it a brick house. Pat Dot com go there now. You'll get fifteen percent off your first order. When you use the offer Code Pat Brickhouse Pat Dot Com Offer Code Pat Pat Gray on weeks gravy with us <hes> Some News on Alon Omar just just sad if you can't believe in her forever love what happened and you can't believe in anything she she and her husband the father of her three children have split up? They're headed for their second divorce. They divorced once and then she married leader brother and then she divorced brother and married her first husband again and now they're getting divorced at sad again. You couldn't see that coming is comes. Just as critics are demanding answers whether she married her own brother in a successful bid to get him into the United States Omar has now dumped her current husband a med Hersi who she I married and a religious ceremony in two thousand two and divorced in two thousand eight then moved into a penthouse apartment in one of Minneapolis is trendiest neighborhoods. It's like a twenty eight hundred dollar place. It's really pretty darn nice and you know I find unless you're talking about income inequality all the time and you're <hes> <hes> flaming hypocrite as she is. That's really sad though you really yeah. It's he when the yen if you can't depend on her forever love what can you depend on. Nothing obviously most of this <hes> <music> very very thick list of papers here or pictures of her beautiful place looks really Nice Really Nice <hes> as a luxury spa in there and sauna indoor pool a lot of room the TUB JIM in case. You're you know entertaining guests or have to husbands and you'll have space or she in and watch the special that Glenn did last week if you haven't seen go back in and go to the blaze T._v.. Dot Com and and check it out because it's a great special on Ilan Omar and he goes through all of this stuff. I mean somebody's gotta get in Glen came as close as you can. I think without being an official where you have access to all the stuff stuff but he came pretty close to getting to the very bottom of it we need to find out definitively though whether she's committed crimes and it looks to me like the answer is yes tax fraud campaign yeah so that's in addition to all of immigration fraud by marrying her brother so that she could get him into the country. I mean there's a huge list. She should be impeached. They're there should be an impeachment. Not of the president but of Congress is people triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three meanwhile nice tweet here from let's see Dr Richard Harambee tweets Omar might try one of those dating apps like ancestry dot com yeah now that she's single again. Should she should jump into that game. This is kind of fun. Mike Lindell him mypillow. Hi Pillow Dot my pillow. Is it mypillow DOT com. I Dunno anyway. It's my pillow. He's those are great pillows. <hes> I bought my wife wanted one and <hes> so I bought her about her. When for Christmas last I think it was and I didn't have the foresight to by myself one as well so I'm continually taking her pillow from her so seeing if she'll notice every night she comes in because I go to bed a little earlier and she does and she pulls it out from underneath my ahead? No Yeah Yeah Wayne Digging Front you the next day wow. She loves her my pillow. She loves her mypillow. She's not going to allow me to sleep with it by right now. I hear you get thirty percent off in two pills free but <hes> seriously yeah yeah so nice. Now you guys not to fight over the one pill. That's not even a sponsored thing so anyway. Alon Omar has emerged of course as maybe the nation's most reviled wild lawmakers and so it's it's it's come to the attention to Mike Lindell who is known as the my pillow inventor. He's considering challenging her next year for her spot. Please yes yes. He is a conservative man. He is yes definitely loves the constitution and and he has the wherewithal to to challenge her. He confirmed that he'll be intimately involved in the effort to turn Minnesota read next year wow and did not rule out potentially running against Omar Yeah. I like it. There's things going on. You don't even see he said I'll tell you this. I'm going to do so much in Minnesota over the next year and a half. You won't even see see any blue. Wow that's great okay and Gutsy yeah for a businessman like that. Just put it out on the line to do list is by a pillow from my pillow today. That's really good stuff. Meanwhile Rand Paul had something really nice for Ilan Omar. Here's some of his thoughts rand Paul Rand. Paul Rand Paul talking about what he wanted at town where we have a lot of people people who are refugees who've come some from Somalia some from Bosnia. I've never heard one of them say that Americans are terrible place or <hes> unappreciative of our country. Most of them are thankful. I've met people who've come here from behind. The Iron Curtain got away from Communism Communism. There are some of them best Americans we have because he really appreciate how our country is and then are here representative of Marseille America's terrible place to be justice and there's no justice here. It's like when she came here and we fed her. We clothed her her yup. She got welfare. She Got School Yup. She got healthcare gang low Mojo. She has the honor of actually winning <hes> seed in Congress and she says we're a terrible country. He does not as ungrateful as you can get and so while I'm not saying we forcibly senator anywhere I'm willing to contribute to buyer a ticket to go visit Somalia and I think she could look an and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is Somalia that has no capitalism has no god given rights guaranteed in a constitution and has about seven different tribes had been fighting each other last forty years and then maybe after she's visited Somalia for washing my come back and appreciate American or maybe she'll love it so much she'll stay stay cut a place. I'm willing to contribute to that ticket as well MHM if she would agree to go back to her home country and just check it out or maybe even look for a nice place to stay. It'd be happy to contribute I would I would happy forget contributing. I'm paying the full fare I will pay for the entire one-way ticket if she chose to. It can be an open into ticket do around trip you know and if she wants to come back great love to have you you WANNA seat in Congress but maybe you love it so much. Maybe decided to stay EP. Maybe it's so. So beautiful this time of year you can't bring yourself to leave that beautiful Somalia Somalia late nine hundred thirty three ninety three more pat gray unleashed coming up. I'm moved triple late nine hundred thirty three ninety three's just noticing C._N._N.. And others <hes> just flat calling what the President tweeted over the weekend trump's racist attacks. There's no alleged no purported no assumed so-called nothing think despite they're not being any definitive racism in the tweet. They don't couch it all at all they. They don't care definitive moods to race what he doesn't it doesn't it's just ugly. Terrible propaganda against the president and it's every day all day especially on C._N._N.. But most other news agencies seizes well really bad meanwhile bill blasio mayor of New York said that trump won't be welcome back in New York City after his presidency okay first of all thanks for showing you know the tender loving inclusiveness that we've all come to love and respect from our leftist friends second. You're not the King of New York. You can't tell anyone they're not welcoming New York. Two words come to mind <music> as a response from the president and the second word. Is You yeah. I'll just leave that to you the imagination yeah. This is America and I'll go where I'd like to thanks I I mean that's unbelievable. That is amazing what happened. They have dropped any pretense of inclusiveness now intolerance haven't they. It's just it's it's amazing to watch. Also a love of this tweet from Greg Gut failed over the weekend from Fox News trump's about to execute a white supremacy white supremacist because there's the death penalty that he just reinstated stated the federal death penalty so gut fell tweets trump's about to execute a white supremacist while trying to free a black rapper from jail in Sweden as he pushes prison reform. I'm the directly benefits families have black men while calling out a city where minorities are victims of crime and blight. If trump's a racist he really sucks at it great job Greg Gut fat that is great when you think about it like that okay so yes but to execute a white supremacist free the black rapper what's his name Ace APPs of or other something Asep Rocky Asef rock testing already been pushing. He's been pushing prison reform for awhile super low black unemployment rates. It's by the way which Greg didn't mention here but Annie's calling out a city where minorities are victims of crime in blade and that's being turned around on him as racist so yeah if he's a racist. He's not doing a good job of he didn't mention the unemployment rate for blacks because you only he gets so many characters on twitter so many things that honestly the trump is done for the black community or they wouldn't fit there but seriously intellectually honest when we're talking about the president and race this is. I don't like this yeah so we're GONNA go on. It's GONNA go on. We're GONNA keep doing this every time he tweets even if it just references like in this area as a black area everything's racist he literally will not be allowed to even mention anything that has any remote connection to race and again they don't they they don't even try to appear non-bias they just flat out call things that are not racist racist which also by the way demeans and diminishes actual real racism I it's insulting to people who've the actually put up with with discrimination and and racist policies and racism. It's really an insult to them in harmful to them and that's what's happened to me to movement right. Yes I mean think about it. There are legitimate cases that women women have people gets a any kind of harassment and everything name harassment to women and it became a joke and that's what's happening here with race. It's really true. It's go to don in Tennessee. Hey Don you're on the blaze yeah worrying power <hes>. Let's see I have a question. I'm a little confused here this morning. <hes> why are the comments that trump made about Baltimore being portrayed as racist and he's the worst this guy on the face of the earth but marking run around talking about our country way she does and that celebrate it yeah yeah. It's like it's pathetic. It's a double standard appreciated done. It's a double standard that is so frustrating so mind numbing but so prevalent that sometimes you just even forget to take note of it just par for the courts man yeah. It's just every day and you're like okay well. I'm used to that whatever whatever we need to stop being used do it though we need to call it out for what it is and I really think the president needs to clarify all of this stuff with this supposed racism because he's not saying Anything Racist About Baltimore and when you've got residents of those areas that trump was talking about black residents showing you the evidence of what trump was talking about and saying this isn't racism this is reality. That's something that's something that America America needs to see in here just man frustrating maddening. You wonder why we've got such a wedge driven between right and left in this country. It's just really every day YEP by the way Fox News toured an ice facility. I think this one is in California but ice has also invited people to come down to the Texas Facility Arizona Mexico wherever come down to any the of our facilities and show us the children who are in cages sitting in their own feces and drinking out of the toilet so anyway Fox News. This is what's his name griff takes a look at the inside the actual conditions at a nice facility acting director where are we. We're currently in the intake processing center Atalanta Ice Processing Center this facility here houses up up to one thousand nine hundred forty detainees after the <hes> classified and after they get booked in by the facility <hes> we're giving them <hes> hygiene items they have soap shampoo conditioner <hes> toothbrush toothpaste as well as they get there. They have a bed linen closet shower shoot. I stand this is racist what he's saying. They're filthy and they have to clean themselves. Is that what you're saying. They're all dirty people coming here from Mexico or Guatemala. Wherever that's why you're offering them soap okay? I'm sure I'm sure we'll get to the right in in this video tour. I'm sure we'll we'll find the piles of feces that they're forced to sit in. All you know we're going. That's why we have to give them the soap and shampoo because it's after we've forced him to sit in human waste right okay. Let's see more well as they get there. They have bed-linen socks shoes shower shoes and then there there. You don't like what they're wearing. Now cares a top priority. We have a full-time medical clinic here. One thing that we do you offer here is <hes> for consulate phone calls and Pro Bono attorneys. It's a free phone call for the detainee director word. What is this here? We're currently in the special housing unit here in this area the individuals that are detained your individuals that have committed infractions options to this fighting or to get the most common in custody. The most common infraction that's occurred here is refusing staff orders in fighting while they're in here. They have open movement and you can. They have the ability to roam around the area here. We have phone calls phones for them to us. We have books for them to use <hes> individuals are able to play xbox movies played soccer. I presume this recreation yard. Yeah we're right now. We're in the recreation yard and we offer the detainees anywhere from two to three hours a day if not more depending on the availability in terms of the characterizations out there there's a big national debate. But what do you want people to know why people know that when these individuals are detained here. We're giving them <hes> carrying in custody that they need. We're going to do everything we can to keep the individuals safe while they're detained you hugh bester while the the the hate well. It was clear that that was an absolute concentration camp. Yeah I mean I don't WanNa play soccer xbox movies. They were playing cornhole tossing beanbags across a bit at it to shoot and yeah so they've been doing it for a while. Get a lot of time to kill in their shoes seriously seriously come on just it's we do so much good for the world then to have the people that we put in charge of our country bad mouth. Yeah we have to improve how good we are to the rest of the world well and they talked to at least one of them about his cart. ceratinly here's what he said to write. How how do you think the conditions are? That's what's great for me is great. I see a hook my family and couldn't hug my family. They're coming from one hour and a half away. Ban is to orange you know and traffic and all that stuff half an hour sometimes twenty five minutes twenty one minutes could off real quick behind China glass right here. I have contact with my family. I hug my kids. Well how whole listen to that the horror or the racism the horrors Angeles area traffic is what we learned from that clip. Sometimes it takes an in our to get here sometimes twenty one minutes whatever that's going from here to Fort Worth again. It's the same thing you could never count on it to be exactly you know constant okay well. There's a look at a facility facility in California. You see the conditions you see the horror. It's the hug his family I I apologize for any vomiting may have should've worn. You didn't do a disclaimer anything. We didn't warn anyone. Sorry on your way to work vomiting limiting profusely into your steering wheel. It's probably I apologize triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three. Let me tell you about real estate agents. I TRUST DOT com. There's over a thousand active agents across the country and another five thousand on a waiting list because this is a great network that gets things done for their clients so if you've been trust frustrated trying to buy or sell your house there's been no urgency from your realtor. No return phone calls no real marketing plan except hey. Let's have another tab another open house so you can leave your house for the weekend. Make sure it's spanking clean this. These agents are really good at what they do. They're really committed to it and they've got great track records and we follow up to make sure that your experience is a good one. They do business like you do business and they also have your sensibilities because they're all fans of of Glen show go to real estate agents. I Trust Dot com will introduce you to the best agent in your area real estate ages. I TRUST DOT COM command. So did you see a movie over the weekend at all. No no I mean that was I can you did whereas a flash in the pan where I saw movies and nine days. We're on a roll there for a while yeah anything good out right now and yeah yesterday well besides. I you know I've seen that yeah. I love that excellent movie really good. We're GONNA ruin it for people today. If you haven't seen it by now okay. It's been out for what I don't know four or five weeks yeah so excellent flick the big surprise net if you don't WanNa hear the big spread here the second to turn it on the radio and hold on to get candice on the Board and after step out of the studio. Oh yeah you got to cover your ears man still having this from still haven't seen it Martin. I was trying to see at this weekend but I wanted to see it in the really Nice theaters like Synopsis Annapolis Yeah But they're not showing there anymore so that's a sorry a._M._c.. I can't do that anymore. I've become a theater snob because of these recliners and stuff in them. Aren't you well yeah but yeah. I don't think that's what he's talking about yeah. That's what I'm talking. Talk Nice Theater Snob like I am and it used to be adequate okay if it has stadium seating that's fine. I'm going to go but not anymore declined yeah. It's on that Yeah I love them and then the dinner is nice. Thanks to the actual gourmet really expensive why this country so great. It's because the theater I go to I really love it. It's very nice and on this good stuff but the reclining seat doesn't go back. All the way doesn't go far enough for most of the way come. You need to find yourself a better luxury theater obviously this weekend the number one movie again was the Lion King. It's been out for two weeks. It's made three hundred fifty million seventy five million just this last weekend. I don't get okay so it's the same thing is the cartoon just with real animals and people or something yeah wait a minute right yeah. It was really good though it while we saw it yeah I saw yeah. I saw that one but I into yesterday I had no choice now on hold on our their people in the lion king. No there's no people okay okay so never mind okay real animal and they talk I do they talk yeah. They do talk. Yes yes. They do talk dancing stupid stupid like beyond say like beyond saying well yeah because beyond say is one of the characters see this. No I just want to sing. The big deal over the weekend was how bad the the soundtrack doc is doing because it's beyond say's music it's all say stuff and it sold fifty thousand copies almost all of them. I tunes out it yeah. It only sold hard copies of albums ten two thousand ten thousand for a beyond say album. That's a surprise so anyway. Lion King was number one once upon a time in Hollywood that new Quentin Tarantino everybody's making a big deal out of made forty million billion cost ninety million to make so that's probably going to be a hit spiderman is up to three hundred forty four million now that was third followed by toy story which is at three ninety five is good crawl yesterday Saturday at sixty three million. It costs twenty six million to make so that's awesome yeah. It's doing well. It's doing well. I was interested in their choice of a lead actor for that. He plays it well he does. Yes really good at it. He's really good in. It and I think they wanted to find somebody. who wasn't your typical pop star looking Guy Yeah to make the deals music so big like a geek? You know that the last place he needs to be is on a stage you know playing music for big crowd okay again. Turn down the radio. If if you don't want to hear a spoiler Oh yeah all right the place where they were where he goes I and because he's confused about whether or not he should be doing this. You know claiming all of that music has his own and then he finds out where one of the Beatles lives one of the former Beatles are Beatles didn't exist which which beetle yes I am. Oh here we go better so it goes up to the door and you're thinking okay. Paul McCartney is going to be there. NOPE even cooler. It's a John It's John Lennon. Oh wasn't George Harrison. They made him look a allot. Oh it looked like your heart skips a beat at seventy five or seventy seven or whatever opens the door and it's like Oh my God oh hey did. They resurrect John Lennon Yeah. Wow you really think you think hey maybe it's that face face APP. You know where we're GonNa see if someone's GonNa look like they're older and they nailed it. Oh did a great job with that and and really fun because obviously he wouldn't have been shot by an obsessed fan if his music never came to be so that's really cool anyway. It's grown Melik then movement. I keep going back to to the scene where he plays well. He plays yesterday for his friends so well done so they have no such wow that's so much better than the other crap you've ever written yeah and that's what I really liked about the movie and gives you such appreciation for that music. Sure does how well written it was incredible songs. Those all are amazing. The Beatles titles aren't the only thing missing from this parallel universe. Those are fun little Easter eggs throughout as well. One thing I would have liked is if they would have shown why this happened but they never do why the stuff was missing or why all of a sudden the lights go out for twelve seconds. Twelve seconds comes back on everybody forgot about the Beatles except for a couple of people yeah. I would like to know that too but it's such a fun movie that normally that stuff that bothers me. I WanNa know well why what happened. What caused that you know I let go? I you know what I let it be. See what you did there and I just ride the movie provides. It was probably that asteroid that came close to Earth all it could've made me knee being the other fun aspect of it. What are the other fun? Aspects is the the performance of Ed Sheeran as Ed Sheeran. Yeah really good very good anyway all right. We're done talking about the movie so you can turn it back up except the volumes down so you don't know just said that. 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Dot You just had this story Friday that on Thursday the temperature hit a hundred eight Fahrenheit so that's a real temperature. That's something we understand hundred eight in Paris because Peres usually you know in the summer there. It's a hot day of it's seventy five so so so they just had one hundred eight degree day yet on the tour to France there was snowflakes falling. How weird is that? Take a look at the snow in France France during the bike race and to clear the roadway of snow so the bikers could come through okay. That's obviously a higher elevation Peres been still right same country country I mean that's suffering this heat because also dealing with this snow up in the mountains in July in July pretty amazing and they had to shorten that yeah they had to stop the stage because of a snowstorm snowstorm or your that's your global warming. It got so hot encircled back around cold and that's that's global warming anyway. Donald Donald Don Donald J trump tweeted tunnel yeah Donald J trump you ever heard of that guy he him president tweeted France just put a digital tax on our great American technology companies if anybody taxes them. It should be their home country the U._S._A.. We will announce a substantial reciprocal action on macron's foolishness shortly. I've always said American wine is better than French. Wine exclamation marks. Obviously we're going to do another tariff off and on French product. That's that's exactly what France did. That's a digital tariff. I thought he likes tariffs. Just one country okay yeah. He's gotta think for tariffs. We know that no more terrorist please. I know the really could mess up the economy which is going really well and if he messes up the economy there goes the election so please don't mess up the economy there goes through his reelection if he's not careful bright sixteen protesters from the climate change activist group extinction rebellion glued themselves to underground shuttle entrances in the U._S.. Capitol resulting in the arrest of at least three people look this the glue themselves to the wall all losers. If if they're in my way like the I'm just I'm slamming right through them. Oh Yeah and they're gonNA lose some skin from where their hand is glued to the wall or something else going to happen yet. I mean that's stupid. They do their hands together. They glued to the doors ours and wall. I'm sorry you're losers. You don't have the right to do that. Didn't somebody just glue their snobbish to the ground as well. That's right yeah over in London. They had a protest where <hes> where some lady <hes> glitter snoops <hes> to the ground. We probably don't have a photo of that one but they used gorilla glue Oh. which is the way you you have to go? I don't know why they didn't use the flex seal family of products because they want to stay in place for girls have a new slogan. You know like Glue Your snoops to the road gorilla glue mean it's effective obviously works yup earlier this month aunt Earl Blumenauer and Bernie Sanders introduced a resolution declaring a climate emergency and demanding a broad mobilization of resources to prepare for the impact of climate change shut up meanwhile extinction rebellion protesters. WanNa make sure that resolution passes when you're you're you're not winning friends and influencing people when you're getting in the way of their daily life when they got to get to work and you're blocking the entrance way with your stupid protest. That's not helpful nope full. I don't know why you think that's going to work. I'm going to be pissed even if I'm on your side and your glued to the wall and I can't get around you. I'm sorry you haven't made a friend. I'm not going to be friendly to your cause idiots.

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