Bodies Stacked & The Dirty Pilot


Today's episode of bad in the Boondocks first of all me Andrew are back in the same room at the same time. And I'm GonNa tell you a tale of Marcus Wesson Jerus- GonNa tell you a tale of Willis Brown you're listening to bad in the boondocks baby Hey and welcome to bad in the Boondocks as always I'm one of your host. Stay and Jerus- How's it going? Everybody it's going pretty good. I'm just I'm super excited. Glad that we are here because together we was together right sure. Well Yeah Yeah this grand. That's it today. I'm a tiny bit still but not real sick. All you sound like never mind. I'll say like country Fokker. No I was just talking about milk in it. You sound like somebody over trying to get well. Nobody takes care of me so nothing to milk. My wife Cities God Dude. But anyway speaking of country he motherfucker. We're not just the other day we were just talking about first of all. Let me tell you this and this is really pissed me off and made me upset. Cram CON. They were jaded us so we won't be there this year as expected. I guess because we're pure shit I guess so I guess so. But if we'RE NOT ABSOLUTE PURE SHIT. Please write us on. Apple. Maybe next year we can get into crump. Gone All be great either. Write us on Apple Pie chaser or stitcher. Yeah way or spotify way yes spotify Google. Yeah Okay and I might add that link in our notes but speaking of hit while talking the other day we've gone road and I was like you know drew because we go to the gym every day together and we ride bat and I'm like you know city folk folk folk and by city folk. I mean if you've got a thousand people you've got a big acid folk but if they go and go shopping and they go back to their truck or car and they try to cry and it don't cry They call maybe take shots Sam to the damn expensive no city folk call roadside assistance or their husband. Why it'd be like call start? Oh No but you know True Truth Truth Huck and Contra Boys what we do is me tell you some we crack the hood we get a hammer we start man William Battery older battery. Okay and then we say it's good. Sure sure enough. Crank them right. Oh that's the difference. There's another difference. We used to go fishing and we will stay tonight at River. Loci we had no damn window onto trump no. It was too dark the time we had a win. Oh yeah but it was too hot summertime so we were sleeping. Oh for a few hours just to say this was a nice Ram with him when the Henry. Okay so we do have. We do have for the site. The compound Edward known as the how it be in me Andrew. It's hot as hell because it's the middle of summer which means in the nighttime it's about eight force well. She got rolled around the wind. As you know. But then you've got twenty million Mosquitos okay. I don't really know why we do. Well guess what. Guess what daddy does guess what stand us. You know what this time that we go fishing. My daughter's got a damn canopy. Hannah pee on her bed. That's fine looks like a mosquito net. My daughter don't want that canopy no more so I cut that shit off. That's exactly what I did. I cut the shit off. We go. He went to the river and this time. Guess what Roldan Windows Down because guess what Stan had some duct tape to gorilla tape we use real or not duck tape that canopy right to the to the windows. Guess what no more snow more mosquitoes spreading. It was pretty. It was cooler. It was cool and no mosquitoes think that idea. Yes well now about tell them about our Kurt before that they had to Redo before that I just wanted to say in wants whenever we were driving the grain truck at he got into Iraq. We stopped at this place. I've been in a few red. Yeah in every wreck totals my vehicle in Achim. We stopped at this place. I so the truck of course will not crank. We popped up the hood. We fiddled with it and then Baghdad Bob Lanka. We banged it. It wasn't star so here comes this guy. He come over here now so us. Oh you need to jumpstart Pale notice. I know but do you. Do you have some heavy metal? Yep something have you ever rent or any pulled out the hammer Bam Bam Bam like. He was looking at us. The strangest way but guess what burn we said we said. Okay try it now. Bam you crank right up. So don't we go to podcast room and our occurred well. Curtain falls due to a curse. You called into your decorator put up a new damn thing to hold up a new current one the bitch. You'RE GONNA pay an honest. The other bars for a new curtain. Non Dot gorilla tape will work actually. I didn't use gorilla tape. That is the name. Oh that's why fail. You had to Redo it today. Yeah debris do well it fail the thing to on? Hold it the little ball thing will. That's gone so about my little so I've been the Middle Hook us was to hold it up and you just read that tape right around their whole. Just nice look at that. We have cast room one day. Mom Go we just stitched shit together with and it just as clean as day heels right up right. Those were just some Tom that other day. Just to let y'all know and that's how country always do 'cause comfortable can't survive. Can't you booze came from? Yes all right say grace and they've yanked and that we don't give a damn turn it as gopher. Please click that link on our show notes. Sleaze and rate us at this point in time. I don't give a shit if you write a one star but it would be nice to give us five because I do have mental health problems. She depressed and stuff so it would hurt my feelings and you wouldn't want me to kill myself so cheese then right as five stars and I won't Sadaqa Deal No. Please don't care whether I do or not bro. Shut the HALO H. You didn't even think of me. No God whatever dome somewhere anyways. Also go check out our instagram. Give us a follow on their where we put some stuff and you know stuff basically amount. That's about it if you won't see our Little rigged up curtain. I'll post that today. Hell Yeah so you can go see that and and we've got goes back not so we can't even walk out the noise walkout choice to make if y'all could see us if y'all were in our rain hopefully I wouldn't be able to fit because too many of you but if y'all were in our room this is some. I won't even say Ghetto Shit. This is some red neck mob ship. Okay we have got about. Our walls are stapled or old with with roses with roses. Foam mattress toppers walls walkout. That sound okay. We do have some nice expensive soundproof. Curtains and Fr- behind each of you know however the rest of this rheumatism. It's a redneck. She is fun We do have a have a house is not a home without a Dawson yes our weenie don or to enter birthday bag in. Houston this household three weeks three weenies well on the big ears a little wing. I know right. I'm the one that made you okay. Well anyways I think that we're going to go hit and jump on into these stories. Well you go first. It's Tom because okay. Well mine is all Marcus West. Alka Nath Road. I'm still horses to take. I'm going to have to take a drink of course because my throat so Gupta I heard comes good for your throat. But I'm not trying wildwood anybody. He'd be no that that's what I was told all right. I'm GONNA DO Marcus Wesson. And he's known as the Vampire King of Fresno the date March twelfth. Two thousand four this. He looks a mess picture. This officers are called to a scene. A West Hammond Avenue in Fresno California where a heated argument over custody breaking out. Once they're officer speak to Ruby Ortis and SOFINA Solorio along with some family members who are with them. They are worried to the point of panic. Claiming their children are being held captive inside the rundown office building. They are adamant that the man inside their uncle Marcus Wesson. It's going to hurt their children. So the police knock on the door to speak to Wesson and try to resolve the issue. A titanic which means a big motherfucker of a man with grain dreadlocks down to his waist. Nappy answers the door. How much you weigh fo o about wandered about the bat right? Turn not a follower what he say whenever they answered the door. Well you do miss. He was calm and cooperative. He agreed to turn over the children but he wants to tell him goodbye. I So we asked the officers to wait right there. White Rot there. Let me go us on Google car and closed the door. Nope well the neighbors later. Say that they heard gunshots. But but but the police deny hearing anything or whatever warrants without a warrant or any indication that there's a safety issue. The police don't have the authority to enter the Western House. So they wait however let me tell you they wait for nearly an hour and a fucking half. I think so. I don't care if I hear anything. It don't take an hour and a half to say Gerber no give. He was taking okay. They came to take the children. They came there and check out because people were frantic that he was going to hurt that. You Okay and they go and not to take children there. They were there to check on it. Okay take children or whatever but they not on the door. He answers looking like a fucking mess with dreadlocks down. Conway's loot like he's on crack right as a I'll turn or let me go by and then shut the door. They're like okay less. He can't go back an hour and a half later. They really that makes no sense. Some police officers are stupid whenever they're in training and have to endure the whole tasers test. I think it does something to their brain. Oh so I think so. Okay at least these author because we're tired after nearly an hour and a half full. Wesson walks out the front door but his clothes were covered in blood as he surrenders to the arresting officers. Other officers rush inside the House Am I. I think if it was an hour and a half now definitely you just hope. I'm maybe the Dory I don't care if I would have gotten if you would have gotten in any trouble. They love to make up stuff like some love to make up things about what happens in order for them to search a car or go into a household but yeah something about police insertion a call. This we'd way this what you always talkin. Oh but yeah this time. They can't make up. I don't like this. I can't see they can't make up a fricken story for them to go in and search the Damn House and the neighbors they did he that they heard gunshot and -opoly that but the police didn't hear none whatever their full shit anyway inside despite the sunny afternoon they just kill them children. That's what they did. They killed them. The building is dark and silent against one wall. Several coffins are stacked up then. They enter a back room inside that back room. Covered in blood is a pile of bodies. M- the vessel in any horror. Movie You've learnt never enter evacuating some of which are children each had been shot through the APP but because the bodies were in such a tangle it took many hours before the police could even determine how many victims there were and it was several days before they were all identified. Once they were these were the victims. That were stacked one on top of each other. Sabrina April Wesson h twenty five April Kina Wesson h Seventeen Alabel Kerry ouessant age eight Aviv. Dominique Western h seven. Jonathan Saint Charles. Will Western age? Seven Sedonia Solorio Western. H too marshy sank. Christopher with too many family may children. Isn't Ethan Saint Lawrence lesson h four and Jeeva Saint Western age one. So that's a total of nine bodies and guess what eight of them are under the age of eighteen. This bad I don't see how I can do it. I don't in trying to determine the next of kin the corner had DNA testing donald all the victims when the results came back the true extent of Marcus West since depravity was family reveal Marcus West and seemed always wanted to be a spiritual leader. Holly Luhya don't we always hear this or a lot of times? He was born in nineteen forty six oldest of four children into what could only be called a dysfunctional family. His Father Benjamin was an abusive alcoholic. Who Never Hell down a steady job and once left the family for several years to live with another man own. The other hand is mother. Carey was a strict seventh day. Adventist who led the Family Daily Bible Studies and would whip the children with an electrical cord. Despite all of this as a child. Marcus was remembered by relatives as kind and a good singer. His favourite game was playing preacher. Marcus dropped out of high school at age. Seventeen and joined the military where he was a medic or ambulance driver. Sources different this. He left the military with an honorable discharge and settled in San Jose California. That's where he met Rosemary. A woman thirteen years old growth than him who had eight friskin children from previous relationships. Don't you find that sexy and I must say is commendable. If you find a woman's chances child or you know you can stand up and be a man about but after eight children. I don't know I don't know but Marcus seemed eager to take on the big family. Since he believed they needed a shepherd to guide them and he was just that shepherd the the two soon had a son together so now we have nine at one point one of Rosemary's older daughters also named Rosemary. So that's not confusing at all struggled with drug addiction. Drop Golf her seven children U. Series. So let's to eight plus seven. And how many does that equal fifteen? Yeah said that Tommy. Children was in the household plus the two adults. So how many is that seventeen? Wow working household you know the house over a very big mansion but it was Rosemary's eight year old daughter Elizabeth. That Marcus was most fixated. No he claimed that God had told him that Elizabeth was his wife and he hailed a home marriage ceremony to the child. He then took her out of school to begin personally quote unquote teaching her. When Elizabeth was twelve he began sexually. Assaulting her shockingly. Rosemary's reaction to this was not to protect your dollar instead she merely insisted that they wait until Elizabeth was of legal age. Fifteen years old get married house. Fifteen years old in some states the ages different the team but at fourteen Elizabeth became pregnant with Marcus baby and the two word as soon as she was of legal age to marry. Marcus would go onto father. Ten more damn children with her before. She reached the age of twenty six before so ten more children before she was in less than twelve years. Okay so this is just wonderful right. I think I need a drink. It's not wonderful. Well many people wonder why Rosemary didn't protect her children for Marcus. But HER OBEDIENCE. Most likely was the result of profound fear brainwashing. Or maybe both after all Marcus's idea of quote shepherding on quote. The family was to rule over them with an iron fist. That he was not he even made a family where to him as master and Lord he was a brutal abuser beating the women and the children with electrical cords baseball bats and his fist. One son Serafino recounted being beaten beaten for thirty days straight for the crime of stealing a spoonful of peanut butter really really so fina recall Marcus. Beating their one month old. Infant one month old infant. Janna `then until his legs bled because he wouldn't stop going like that's GonNa make saw because he believed the world was full of CNN. He isolated the family and forbade them to have contact with outsiders. All the children were home schooled quote unquote. Once when Safina tried to leave. He stabbed her in the chest. He also moved them around a lot. Once they lived in a rusted out. Tugboat let me read that again. Once they lived in a rusted out. Tugboat her with no electricity or running water. Where Marcus made the entire family. Stay below deck so they wouldn't be seen way and this ENA tiny family they were on the water. Yeah they will. Yeah but it didn't move from shore then when he oh yes they were on the water sewer. They wore on the water but he made them stay below deck. Well at least they have water. You well with he would go to shore. He made the women row his raft like slaves then for the better part of twelve years they lived in an old Army Tint. They even lived in a school bus for a while. Moving up and down the California coast before finally purchasing the old office building on Hammond Avenue. Daily life inside the Western household followed the playbook up every authoritarian Colt each day three times a day. Marcus got to play preacher in real life. Subjecting the family too many hours. Long Bible Studies that were based on his own hodgepodge of religious beliefs including the he was God and that Jesus Christ was a Damn Vampire Unsurprisingly. He was fascinated by and felt a kinship with fellow cult leader. David Koresh during the nineteen ninety three siege of the compound in Waco Texas. Marcus was glued to the TV. He told his family quote. This man is just like me. He is making children for the Lord on quote and like rash. Marcus had a deep hatred of law enforcement. Probably because he was breaking summing name walls he even mandated a suicide pack if any government official ever tried to take the children away or split up the family. The mothers were to kill their children and themselves he he. He made monthly family meetings to discuss the details of this plan. And it's hard to express how completely markets controlled every aspect of his family's lives. The women and the girls were expecially subjugated. They had to dress long skirts and have headscarves. They had to walk behind him and remained silent in public. They were forbidden to talk with men. If they talked to a man they would be beaten even their own brothers and cousins. They could not talk to without being beating because if they talk to even their brothers and cousins they would develop sexual feelings for other men. Their lives were filled with unending labor. They were responsible for taking care of the many many children as well as the cleaning the cooking. Even if there was no running water oriole atrocity. They were also expected to wait on Marcus hand and foot. They had to wash his massive dreadlocks and even scratches armpits in addition anyone old enough to work outside. The home was expected to do so and hand over all their wages to marcus asks for Marcus. Of course he refused work and instead drew welfare benefits in such poverty. Food was scarce. The children said they often had only rice to eat. And would dig. And don't stretch food. Marcus meanwhile don don't fast food enough that by the time he was arrested he weighed nearly three hundred and looks like he weighs about five hundred and was so wide they needed three sets of handcuffs. But that is not even the worst of Marcus's crimes as soon as the girls in his family including his nieces and daughters. The age of about eight. Marcus began what he called loving. He would begin by fondling them in their beds at night. Then move up to outright sexual assault in order to quote UNQUOTE. Teach them to be better women then he would marry quote unquote each of them in his own ceremony where the girl would lay her hand on. The Bible and Marcus would lay his hand over hers. While they recited marriage fails then. Marcus would give the girl a gold wedding band and necklace and this started at age h for each girl for each niece and daughter. Marcus went onto father. Seven more children by his nieces daughters that he already had fathered tanner. How many people is this lost one way or the other wife? So that's eleven plus seven so that's a total of eighteen eighteen short yes wife in his twisted beliefs polygamy was mandatory and incest produces the seed of perfection of oneself. Know why away the original non right yes? You had an original nine. That was the woman with other relationships. There's but once he got with her. He had one child with her. Yes okay remember with the one dollar. By the age of Twenty Six. He had had ten children remember. Nineteen now yes. But I'm not counting those original okay. So we can count the original. So that's okay. Plus an additional four none none of seven seven that is twenty six six plus four thirty two no twenty six for. I don't know where you're talking about. Four that you go on have now. I said he went onto father seven more children. That was the seven twenty six kids. Yes and remember. They lived in a tug buses a bus and then finally an office building. Oh Wow what happened to? That is twenty six Well also people for some more kids anymore but that is wack wack is one word to word thing might be crawling up. B.'s. The f-bomb up our fucked up. Who has big stick? I said he's probably the biggest stick out of the way he's a fucking asshole hopefully didn't have the biggest victory was fucking children for their sakes has to bring up. Hopefully it's not. That is true. I would hope he had a tiny one. Because it isn't it should have been cut off. Yeah sometimes don't you wish that you could do that? You just cut off some light. These people's Dick Slave. Slaves didn't happen instead. All of it was replaced by him with all these people Washington hanging upside down as they saw off his nuts. And and and then they'll embed it to stick Dickens astle pitas nuts too often even better on the damn good blocking swallow it and also cut off his toes and make sure that he doesn't die right suffer suffer exactly and just keep home. Cutting them repeatedly repeated. Wow you're kidding. Very deep into art buried deep and dark right now which you also wanted to also won't do a little bit of shock treatment to his eyeballs. Oh my gosh what's left so you're GONNA have to get like of you know like a battery or something like that. Of course you you first start out with oddballs and then you go down and you wear. There is no more nuts. You stick it right there. Thank you shove you shove the which call it. The taste is that the police use you. Show that up there in the set off about ten minutes you know and just for the hell of it. Shove Indyk plan is asked. That is the best one I like that. Yeah that one's even better not an eggplant nowadays plant. You know how big a Clinton is a horse. The Horse Dick. Oh my God book there make him lead. Yes yes wow. We're really getting away from story because I just. I just because prisoners ship. Oh no what are the prison dicks fucking. Nope you need a horse. Exactly you need a horse or song. There's plenty horses around here. Big Is this round of this will make plants bigger than that. Okay then was Charlie Ward Cup. That's about like that. That is giant. This one right here the Super Cup. That's big enough this about seven inches around if you believe that. Okay so moving on now. Moving out now for most of the members of Marcus's family. This way of life was all that they had ever known but two of his Nieces Ruby Ortis and Safina. Solorio WANTED OUT OKAY. But their sister. Rosa solorio remained loyal to Marcus. Marcus eventually agreed that they could go but only if they left their children. Jonathan and Aviv behind home. Desperate to escape the two agreed and got the hill out Yup but as they adjusted to the world outside of Marcus's tight control. They started to understand that what he did to them. What he was still doing to the rest of the family was abusive. See I don't know anything different. So on March twelfth two thousand and four well no one said he was the smartest Jesus in the world. Dude let them go. They're going to figure out that is abusive and call the law. Okay well I'll march twelfth two thousand and four. They gathered several relatives for support and they went back to the Western home against rescued their children. Who are both now seven years old? None of this would have happened if those police would have went inside. None of it knowing nothing would have happened. No there'd be like seemed okay to us. The kids would have been alive really. Do you think away. Oh you talking about the the policeman at the beginning. Yeah Okay yes I agree. None of this would've happened. Yes but it seems like this is too awfully case from ever comes to law enforcement and stuff like that off but I do feel an hour and a half of saying goodbyes. Just a little too much. It should never happen. That's the thing like you don't wait at a person's door for an hour and a half in half while you're there to check on the king kids. Oh okay. Well that's when the shouting match broke out. Marcus remained calm but refused to let ruby or Safina come inside the house to get their children. The women of the household shouted at Them Calling Them Judas horse and bitches and commanding them to bow down to your master Jesus as for Ruby in so fina. They knew they had to get their children out of the house immediately. They were fully aware of the suicide pact. That the family had made yet when the police arrive? They ignored the women's pleased that he was going to hurt the children and they also ignored one of Marcus's son telling them that his father owned a gun. First off the is the did you just far now I did. I don't know I saw you. That is euphoric you did for I. His grandkids are they not. Who's crank it? Marcus yeah okay. We'll some a lot. Almost all of them are nieces daughters and children because remember he had sex. He was having babies by all the nieces and delivers exactly some of grandkids boiled. They would also be his children. He would be grain debt that is also true he would be Granddad and Dan. He's actually. Wow Yeah that's what I'm saying like those were light did the did they not tell the the police that that. Like on the child of Marcus. He has macho. I don't think they went through all of that but still yet. I don't care that they didn't go through all that they have listened to what those people were telling them exactly anyway. So the warnings want work considered enough evidence of a threat to the children's safety for them to force entry to the house bullshit and when the shots rang out. The police said they didn't hear them back. Although many other neighbors did so who you think telling the truth. I don't think so Publi neighbors or till I'm pretty sure if you're standing right outside the door you would hear gunshot even with a silencer. Exactly and I don't think Marcus had a silencer. The case was considered the worst mass murder in Fresno history and the officers who encountered the bloody pile of children's bodies were so traumatized that of course they had to seek counseling. The first on children killed when Marcus Wesson appear to stand trial a year? Later he was different manner entirely. The man who once ruled over. His family like a tyrant wasn't shackles. Once he was a fucking large intimidating man but now without a horrible of women to cater to his every whim he dropped half his weight his dreadlocks. Once were passed US WASTE. Now they were cut to Xeres. He was charged with nine counts of first degree. Murder and fourteen counts of molestation and rape as members of his family testified. Many of whom were still very loyal to the jury came to learn of the horrors. Marcus had impeded on his family. Marcus defense was to claim the heating kill. Anyone can kill anyone that Sabrina had absolutely pulled the trigger murdering the children and then herself the evidence was inconclusive. There were no prints on the gun. But guess what Sabrina. Dna was her body was on top of all the others and the murder weapon. A twenty two Ruger M K to was found underneath. Or how would it be underneath her? She shot herself however it's not known if she lay where she failed or if she was placed. There almost just say. I'm just go along with him here. This is a third party here. I'M GONNA say did She replaced their well. That's brilliant and the same could be said about the gun. The gunshot wound to in. Her head was inconclusive as well. I don't see a woman shooting all those children in the eye anyway. The gunshot wound in. Her head was inconclusive. As well while consistent with a self inflicted wound a shot at close range couldn't be ruled out either and I'm saying he had a fucking hour and a half. So how many gunshots were there? Quite a mini in the police sitting here any bull shit. Ruby and Safina's testimony show that Marcus had complete control over the family and the he had commanded them to commit this at remember all this time they were supposed to suicide. Yeah I feel like maybe not suicide but maybe I'm shoot all Yuma fuck masks. Yes just I you know if the police ever tried to interfere but if he had Sabrina now some remember were very oil. If having Sabrina Kill the children then herself would fit with this pattern of having a woman. Do the hard work. Because he's a shitty ass while he walks away on the other ham family now laters usually kill their families then attempt to blame the crime the WHO mother in the end. It didn't matter to the jury who actually pulled the trigger. Thank give a Shit Marcus. Wesson was found guilty on all counts and on June. Twenty seven. Two Thousand and five. He was sentenced to a hundred and two years for the rape and molestation charges just for the and molestation for the murder of his children and grandchildren. He received the. I'm not GONNA say that. Say The damn death penalty the DP. He was sent to San Quentin prison. Loose which is the nation's largest death-row there. Guess what he was in company of such infamous murderers as Rodney Alcala. The dating name killer Charles in you got. We did a podcast on that. Your member. Richard Davidson Scott Peterson. Who I think we all know emaar then. California Governor Gavin newsom signed Moratorium on the death penalty sparing Marcus Westerns life. Because you know he bear because he felt so bad and spared. All these kids live. You wouldn't have gotten killed. No way still been death. I know but thankfully he will never be eligible for parole. He got tough imprisoned because now not on death row because guess what I would think I would rather him be in regular prison. You know why okay. Yes yes after this. But I'm saying he was on death row in you know what I would rather the death throes be in regular population you know why because they give the because on death row. Are they not in a single sale? They have their own sale to their self correct and they don't have to see the other. They are in the silver twenty three hours a day. I think so men are they getting asked for. When are they didn't beat the hell up there? Not because they're protected. And you know what screw that ship? But Elizabeth and the surviving children are now grown and they have come to see how brainwashed they had been and how delusional psychotic enor- cystic narcissistic drew. Marcus was well an twenty ten. They broke all their media silence and spoke to reporters at ABC News. They've all tried to heal and move on with their lives as best they can but at least at least they no longer. Any of them won't have any contact with Marcus and that is a blessing. Yep that's my story room store under that you say messed up by safe fucked up whatever nothing wrong and I messed up. Door are thought. Yeah so you want to take a little break from that deep dark shit yes and whenever we come back because obviously he's Never GonNa be tot up upside down. He's not going to have his head. Cut off shove. Jenas asshole nuts fed to him. He's not going to have his toes. Cut Off hey fingers cut off. And he's not going to be right by Eggplant or Horse Cup or dress so I think that's pretty shitty. That's what he deserves deserves. No less elephant Dome He. He deserves the elephant. Shit right on his face. I've never seen an elephant. Now is up bigger than Horse Dung. I'm have to look that up in the Earth's gets shoved up the elephants pass. That would be interesting. 'cause you know that would just suck him right up and he was suffocate that would would this non toed feet flailing about him. Yes that's what would happen. You heard it here first. Red Neck Justice. Yes you amy Murat. Now I'm taking a little short short little break and we're back. Yes that half a second. Thank you for staying with us. Okay anyway so do you have a story for us. Yeah I've got a story for us. Well the Victim I'm actually GONNA talk about. Is Regina Brown Ojeda Mojo Reggie? And she's a very pretty lady actually and Let's just get into regime white known that I'm going to try to Regina. Brown was a thirty five year old African American woman living in Newtown Connecticut and actually she does not look like an African American woman. Does she really does not? She looks like a Tam White woman. Not even that Dan she just she just looks like a white woman who even her hands on that I met. She looks good the She was a flight attendant for American Airlines and was married to a pilot. Fifty two year old Willis Brown look quite a low wage. Difference Thirty Five yo-you so way. Age Difference in twelve seventy years years. Damn that's good bit Willis also owned the moped man. But why what the MOPE Hadman a moped rental Biz? Time Block Island Rhode Island are up. The couple had three children Nicholas. H for Rena. H three and Ashley. H To Regina Willis had complicated five year marriage was Willis accused was accused of domestic violence several times and was even arrested after strangling. Regina during one of their fights will schiller just been feeling lucky that he was married to her being fixed room saying he better be lucky A judge issued a restraining order against will as he was not allowed near Regina their children or the family's home. He moved into an apartment in Queens New York on occasion. Regina allowed him to visit their children. During the Marriage Willis Head accused Regina of abusing drugs and being unfaithful even claimed their children. Were Not Biologically. His six six paternity tests. Were done all proving. He was the father so that was l. six. Yeah for the three children so to freeze children. 'cause the perfect wasn't right. I guess that's what I would assume I guess so. I'm at just to make sure I guess because he was a Weirdo Undo spag. Yeah sure on March twenty first. Nineteen eighty seven. Regina put Nicholas in Rina on a plane for Liberty Texas lather sell. Yeah Yeah okay To live with will you know they probably put them on the plane then whenever they get there because she she sent him there to go live with her parents at the parents. Were probably wait right there at the gate. You know very simple thing and probably told the flight attendant or something you know. All I'm saying is I. We would have never been able to do that with the all. Cottrell would've never made it there with me. Yes with them. Hail no no you would have never drew out have been able to make it. They're all that L. Got Do sit on Damn plane and then get off that show. That's a problem. You have to go go somewhere. He'll be sitting down. Go Willis Willis had threatened to kill her in their children on March twenty. Six Regina Drove Ashley. And they're living babysitter. Sharon Ryan to the Laguardia Airport in Queens New York City there are also going to Texas. Regina's plan was to go home. Get her belongings together. Joyner children in the coming days because I was wondering why she wasn't going to. Yeah on her way back home from the airport. She called her close friend. Hope Lampert. Regina told her Regina told her to be alarmed. If for parents hadn't heard from her in a couple of days if she was not at own her parents house by then she said Willis will have done something to me what he promised to do to me and the early morning hours of March twenty seven. When of Regina's neighbors tried to call their house because their nine month old puppy sport was barking nonstop. Basha keep dog lengths force for that is no one answered so they called the police and worried. Something was wrong for an unknown reason. An officer was not sent to check on the situation Look polite officers and I don't like a lot of shit that's what it sounds like. Regina was a reliable flight attendant however she did not show up for her flights. On March thirtieth and April third American Airlines contacted her parents and they asked Regina's best friend. Linda Van Horn. Linda van Horne when Horne Linda. Van Hora Tabasco by the House Window Open Regina's garage door and found spore anxiously waiting for attention anal dot com despite the floor being covered embassies. They were okay because someone had left a bowl of water in a big bag in oak landed. Notice that the dog Food Evan bought from a store. Regina refused to shop after an employee made a racist remark. So of course suspicious Regina's belongings. Were all at the house including their score. If airline identification bag in an UNCAST check for one thousand dollars in her purse definitely suspicious Yes her makeup bag which she always cared with. Her was under the bathroom sink a week. After Regina had been seen leaving the airport. She reported missing by Linda a week. That was a long time with us. Also filed a missing purse report on the same day. He's such a Douche bag they're like he reports after Linda had already done it so then he doesn't look so suspicious. They know that does look suspicious but I know it does. Regina's house was searched but no sign of a struggle or any sort of crime was found. It is believed. She did not make it home after dropping off her daughter. Baby Sitter at airport naturally Willis was considered person of interest. He said he had been in new town on more twenty six for a dentist appointment and admitted to bind the dog food other than that. Nick claimed he couldn't remember what he had done for the rest of the day. Bullshit he suggested. The police should look forward genus car in Manhattan New York City. Okay that's in an area known for drugs of He's just he's just. He is just trying to make up a story to make it believable that she was a drug addict and she did all the stuff and then left however what she gonNa buy the drugs with because what her pocketbook at the House. Exactly and with a check Juan Hill. Would she leave a check for two thousand dollars? Also what it and she pocketbook whenever she carried the child and the babysitter to the airport. Were you remember that? She was going home but they said that they didn't think she made it made it. Yeah so that's good question. Maybe she just left in a hurry. Mamie I don't know His suggestion ended up being correct in front of a building in Manhattan on more on April. Six there were two on child safety seats in the back. The keys were in the nation and there were parking tickets on the windshield. Unfortunately the car did not provide any clues. S To Regina's whereabouts interest will expand. Tell people that regina had been spotted random places around the world. He told one of her genes neighbors that she was with some guy on an island in the Pacific of the. Hello how in the world. She get all these places if she doesn't have any of her stuff like she doesn't have nothing. Donna of so aggressives cheat now and then goes with this guy or something a few months. After Regina's disappearance Willis ball an Cadillac and drove to Texas He forcibly took his show. Dron from Regina's brother and bought them and brought them back to Connecticut three weeks later. A judge ordered him to return the children to their mother's family and September Willis went to court as he wanted a divorce from Regina and their children's custody. The judge concluded that he had been abusive towards his wife standing. He had reduced risk to a living nightmare. Her existence by the hell did I risk of what name me say that. He had reduced her existence to a living nightmare. Authorities found no evidence of Regina ever using drugs or being unfaithful. Oh legend that Willis was granted a divorce. Though androgynous parents were given full custody of the children. It did not go unnoticed. At the time that Regina's disappearance was very similar to the vanishing of another newtown woman. This is hill crat. He'll crafts Ellie crafts some around that H. E. L. L. E. Heli say that Hillcrest L. A. Crafts that's a good. That's a hill. Crafts gall crafts from now. You Know Oh. Her first. Name was H. E. L. L. E. Yeah I don't really know how to say that Hill Hilla Healey is probably he'll crafts. I don't know would just gonNA say Kraft is Probably Hill crafts though what is it Also flight attendant had been married to a pilot Richard Crafts and had three kids. She vanished in November of nineteen eighty six. And just a couple of months before Regina went missing hale was crafts. Husband was convicted of her murder the first murder conviction without a body Connecticut. He was accused of trying to cover up his wife's murder by dismembering her body with a chainsaw in putting the pieces into a whichever which does sound pretty logical also. It was a great episode of forensic files. Yeah Regina have been following the hill crafts case even keeping newspaper clippings in her kitchen drawer. A few months into the investigation of Regina's disappearance will stop cooperating in refused to take polygraph test that he approved. Asli agreed to his reasoning. It didn't do Richard Crafts in mono because we kill Chop Moore up well. Richard had passed a lie detector test despite being found guilty. Which doesn't matter no and Willis. Oh Willa statement is bullshit or Willie. In nineteen eighty eight Willis Stepmother Margaret Brown died by suicide in Albany. New York about a year later. Her son was going through her belongings when he found a hand drawn map titled Block Island written on. It was Regino. God Regina Oh God authorities theorize indicated where Regina was buried. So you're telling me that he wrote a Firkin map own own them at of block. How stupid is there? Yeah so went through. You found the map kind of seems like to me if I bury somebody or something. I'm GonNa Remember where I did it. Could you not bury a lot of people on trying to be like intellectual or some kind of? Oh okay. Yeah Asserts with cadaver dogs was conducted on block island but nothing was foul around the time. Regina went missing Willis owned a private airplane that convenient though owning a private airplane he kept it in a small airport in. Connecticut and often fluid to block island. This is going through a lot of states. Authorities were not able to find the aircraft until two eight and are not sure if it was used when Regina vanished before nine eleven there was not mandatory to keep consistent records so like okay so like so just just a heads. That's a good either. No saying as if you're planning on killing somebody make sure first off that you're not mean to the person and you're pretty close damn friends with them or if it is your wife made sure that your Helen ice and don't be beat known them secondly don't threaten going no if you're going to do anything you can you. I'm own private airplane. And there's always the option. Just don't kill them. There is that option but if you are going to my my My whatever the fuck you call opinion is to own private airplane kidnap and put him on the private airplane thrown. I wouldn't that be something to be out in your yard sun bathing in the yard and all of a sudden this body. Just what was that? It's okay and they they. I mean how how you're GONNA get caught. You can still get could get caught because the fact of you do have a private airplane but now everything has to be really recorded. No evidence a okay. Well anyways television station. Ms -Chusetts aired a documentary about Virginia's Regina's disappearance in nineteen ninety. Willa sued them for defamation and invasion of privacy. You can always throw in Balkan. I'm pretty sure that would get rid of all benefits that will get rid of evidence but then you also have to worry about. Who Sees you going up? You know going there. You Know People's GonNa be saying that you're missing and stuff you and her love him or something. I don't go check the volcano then. And See if you can find Louis. Ain't GonNa go in there and chat is accurate. Ain't got a body but then as you got a handicapped. War can't go inside. A volcano Sugarcane you know will assume and For you know whatever whatever an intitial influence infliction of emotional distress because they had implied he was responsible for killing. He was responsible for killing her. I'm at people ain't fucking stupid. The claims were later dismissed. He is now in his eighties and had has houses in block island in Texas. Regina Brown has been missing for thirty two years. None of her friends or family believe she would have left her kids voluntarily. She was declared legally dead in nineteen ninety five. If nothing else she would've Italy's Castro check. Of course she damn check she's GonNa leave thousand dollars just sitting there. She wouldn't just pick up and leave. No that is about the stupidest person I- stupidest man gives a bad rap for all men. That's why I'm Sam well because because sometimes you just steepen against what. He didn't get charged friend and jody know it in. He live in his life. I wanted a dentist and stuff and blind little airplane. He didn't get charged for Shit and he definitely there was no evidence. I'm it looked like she just completely and thinner vanished just so they found her body long. Gone nothing at all but it does raise insane concerns because she did plea al about will listen stuff and abuse now he. Oh if you didn't hear will he killed? I think that that could have been solved now. And then he made up all this stuff about. Oh she's going into English with the with the car with the car seats. Where would she have gone from there? I don't know but to another country with another man but I don't. It seems to me like the police didn't investigate that too much. I don't think they did very much anything. It didn't really tell anything. Okay really didn't tell much about what they actually did if they did anything which I don't know if they dinner so did or didn't I don't know so the m they in. That's all we got say about that remembers. I'm so said Tom. Hanks says Corona virus. I hope that he doesn't kick the bucket but I will say about that now. In memory of him he's still alive. Good low anyway anyway. We'll put the link on again that you can just click and then rate us. You can rate us on Pod chaser spotify Tom or apple. Just click that link give us a rating. Just Click and a little review just. Hey what's up or industry member? Check OUT OUR INSTAGRAM. So that you can see the picture of the curtain with the duct tape on it holding it up to the whatever and facebook facebook and you can go to our website. Boondocks POD DOT COM. I've actually never been on that. I know you never even looked at it. And of course you can always go to patriotic and support us. Hope you'll enjoy this episode Asher Okay and we will see you next time as always been staying and I'm always drew talk to you later. We won't see him later. Don't give a shit. I will see you except for if you want us to do. Another live a facebook live. 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