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412 - Mother Jones


We're going to start doing the podcast. All right and actually doing the podcast and acting and ready to Amac we like each other. And you're you're listening to the dollar on the all things comedy network O- could one day. Thank you in American history. PODCAST reach week. I Dave Anthony Weiner story from American American history to my friend Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. How are you normal? Fine Raiders Sunday. Yeah yeah nothing interesting happened to you today. Nothing church out of the ordinary went to church spoke at Church. Obviously you love his signature saying Church Yup after Church Brunch of the pastors pastors. A is that we worked up. We had search. Yeah a lot of us just helped us around pitched in so messy. We had a really crazy brunch. We were doing a lot of crazies. waffle maker. Had was shaped like Mickey Mouse. Those going so we ran outta batter anyway and then after that uh-huh you go home. Went home and Bible study then when and watching. TV watching TV went to the bedroom. Um took a nap. Got Up God. After the now I got up James Talk then came here. Nothing between didn't watch anything on TV notably due to the packers game the packers game. Oh No it's was. It was a good good. Well fought battles and it was nice to see the packers pick up. What seemed like three third downs on the final drive Mike McCarthy would have done which would have been handball off three times and leave them with two minutes and ten seconds to go score the game all right? Let's not this is not the time to bag on Mike McCarthy. Ah I don't know personally. He's a friend he's a friend so We have a lot of dates coming up vert. I live dollops. I did not have for some reason. The Detroit show in the Minneapolis show. Were not up on the web page. They're up now so if you were wondering why that was not a thing it was because I'm a dummy solvability so we're going to be in February. We'll be in San Jose San Francisco. Then we'll be at the just for laughs Vancouver Festival and then we'll be in Salt Lake City. Denver Royal Oak Michigan Minneapolis. Cincinnati Pittsburgh Cleveland Seattle to shows Portland two shows. Oh we added a second show in Salt Lake City so now two shows in Salt Lake City Houston and Dallas Oklahoma City Nashville Saint Louis Kansas City des Moines in West Palm Beach Louisiana Orlando Louisville Indianapolis. This is a lot of dates I ever wanted to go to Florida and now with looking at ticket sales I I was right. I have not looked at the ticket sales for that one I will say I was shocked when you decided we would go and then look at them you know I love love he loved the Orlando Panhandle. The Middle Part Orlando is like Orlando and Jacksonville. The rest of it. I don't like it makes sense. Does the those the ones I also have some dates David. I'll be in Australia when he first through February first. Everything's fine there. I'll be doing standup. You can go to my website. Take care thrones dot com for tickets and all that stuff. There's some tickets available for some shows but not a lot together and then some of the money that is made there will be going to help the Koalas out then February seventh through the ninth. I'll be at the Irvine Improv February twenty seventh through March I. I'll be rooster teeth feathers feathers. And then April twenty. Four th through twenty six. The Denver Improv April thirtieth. Through may third. The Pittsburgh Improv may twenty eighth through the thirty first. The Rally Improv love. You can go to my website for those tickets. Those tickets might not be up yet but that just means they posted and they will be. Eventually something will donate some money to the port port mccarey. Koala Hospital is what I'm thinking where they're doing good stuff with the Koalas who are getting fucked up. Yeah because what's happening. There is creates this two billion animals. 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The M I a young man. A you drinking a coke. Let's Dave Dave under scranton underscore instagram throwing to see my old Chung. Starting when I was about twenty two so you will you get that guy. Land face down on a mattress for me out. Ama- coming aboard skipper. Excuse me permission to do whatever I want. Granted may I eighteen thirty year by Lord. Jesus Christ yeah maybe you this. We need to start again. Mary Harris may have been born on that day. Devout Roman Catholics Richard Harris and Ellen on at Qatar in County Cork Ireland. Wait what's going on. We're not sure birthday okay. They lived in a small village described as quote a report. Small Irregular village that had twelve buildings in total. This this is just an this time. My basic vision of Ireland. Not one down. I mean yeah. That's got twelve. Buildings were silly to a rename to be respected will lead to twelve building after Mary. They had four more kids. There's very little record of Mary's early life. We just okay. Irish peasantry united in rebellions against landowners during the eighteen thirties and nineteen forties sure. Mary's father and grandfather joined the fight K.. Jumped in that Shit. Shirk our Sean So they would set fire to rent collector and landlord owned buildings. Okay or free fellow peasants that were imprisoned by the British. Almost four four hundred percents on board. The British sent occupying forces when that was happening liberators liberators liberators. When Mary was to her grandfather was arrested and hanged? Jesus that's where you don't remember that too right. Yeah but you absorb Zorba the trauma in a way that probably not. It's not gruel. You put it yeah. Sure she's not like who I remember. Today I saw it. But she's like why am I so nervous around authorities. When she was five Potter Potter clear father was put put on a list of rebels who were to be captured and sentenced to death? Good Lord so British soldiers came entered their home home and tore their home apart looking for her father but he was already on the ship to America. Okay with his twelve year old son Richard Junior. Okay let's take the one kid has your name. I wouldn't take any other ones right. You just want the one. That's I'm also guessing there's probably a gender favorability play. Yeah it's also the twelve year old. Come work in this area. You were like. I'm sorry but you're a girl so that's the end of our our. That's actually the end of our conversation. Okay so I have a good life. You were so close if you had an ALA deeper if you add they put it in you so sorry to unlock pushing her out an open door you go off you. Go Rondo awards the city a little bit. You see those twelve buildings go inside one of those time to figure. We know there'll be no yawning crying. Well that's allowed. That was expected games. All right I'm shutting the door group. Go to one. Those twelve buildings go to one of those twelve buildings. Now get a life. Go and hurry up God. She's really not moving out there issue. I'm not caving. In America landfried. He worked railroad. Construction instruction. Save money until you had enough to bring entire family over Somehow all survived the family. was that ever happened. That's the first island. Whatever just survived the boat note? I mean yeah my family but I'm here relax. You look cute. Head shuts down so so once in America. The harrisons moved to Toronto like fuck. America share share an. Mary became the first Harris to graduate from high school. Okay she attended a teachers. College got a job teaching in a convent in Michigan when she was twenty three all right but she hated the job after years she quit and went to Chicago to become a dressmaker. Okay and and she said quote. She preferred it preferred selling to Boston little children shirt. I completely get that. I do too awful children's birthday parties. What I would think to dresses? Don't talk back up. I shouldn't yeah In eighteen sixty one she moved to Memphis and met George E Jones. Now right yeah. What is so? You're knowing not is that there has been some sort of sexual interaction the twix the to think so so little phone occasion. They got married two months later. Racist civil war started right after the civil war. Okay makes you horny. It's it's really does lewd. They called it the Louis War. They did lose. A lot of people. ASSUME STUCCO organically Georgia's skilled iron molder Who worked ten to twelve hour days? Brutal conditions okay. So he's awesome as a great job right. I always tried it like whenever you like. You know you have after work or you're tired from trying to think back on what life used to be like because you say things like that you're not so bad ten to twelve hours like what are you doing. I'm working with a hot iron all day. What did you do like got A? They gave me free lunch and well the plane was just. The plane was the late forty five minutes. which is kind of throws the fucking Internet was was you rotate and the Internet probably working? He championed workers rights and was an active member of the the National Union of Iron moulders. So he should be put to death. Yes and this is Al.. Mary was introduced to trade unions. George supported them and Mary stayed home home to take care of their firstborn child. Okay the civil war was raging marrying Jehovah's George Against Slavery but they didn't really talk about it because they're in Memphis right and keep on the downright when the war ended in eighteen sixty five they had four kids three girls and a boy but their whole war. They're just fucking. Yeah yeah yeah postwar. Industrialization took off many Americans Dad north-south Battle of their own. I don't get that catch Madrid. The two of them had battle at her bunker hill. Follow my lead. You do not the peers that he attacked act from the front and the battle finished in the cave if you follow. Meaning I don't I'm trying had to say that the gentleman He used a swing and Dole technique. But but he penetrated her battlelines if you catch the drift. I'm hoping you will finally catch because it's been taking awhile for you to seemingly seemingly click into Innuendo if you will and you will. I got did there. Were fucking all. I don't think so. Oh my God so I don't think that's true. So they had three girls and a boy. Many Americans became factory workers at this time and George started traveling organizing workers across the US fucking union guy. Okay and eighteen. Sixty seven memphis had a very rainy spring followed by a very hot summer. Share means means mosquitoes skiers skaters which leads to something called yellow fever fever. Yes so there's a these ebonic okay. Racist Southerners blamed immigrants calling it quote the Strangers Disease Shirt of course who else could be doing the staff. They have clearly they are just they bring the just bring death would then. That's right obviously. The wealthy people fled the city and working class people bleda stay behind work and risk their lives and goodbye to that scenario so the city tries to do what it can to stop the spread of the disease in different ways. They naturally they said barrels of tar on fire and the streets yes helping to contain gene the disease in the plumes of toxic. Yeah that was to spread chemical disinfectants. Yes so the theory here is just. There's is plenty. I don't even think I need to walk through it. It's it's an animated theory. It makes sense yes. Obviously Tara stopped so many has its picture Pie Cooling ruling on a window sill those sort of stinks right but with tar tar barrels will head guys. If you don't want it gets you head over at take. A POLL PEOPLE OVER MEMPHIS OATS sponges to their noses to avoid inhaling. They burned the bedclothes of the dead victims. uh-huh which polluted the air even more. They're putting that actually putting it out giving radic good news. It's airborne now from us. Oh we've found a way to make the fever. The airborne may watcher for children. And then George Die. Oh now I know you did and you were planning on having a good old time SUV. No heart quote all about my house. I could hear the weeping and the cries of delirium at thirty two. Mary was a widow with no children when just the couple of months ago she had four kids. How how is your fever transferred? Excuse so they. All independently would have bitten by. Does she just didn't want to say for sure. But I I believe it's repeat so they bite you and then they fly over and plus they were just like Oh get outta here. I'm trying to focus on getting the immigrants out of here. They're getting et CETERA. Killing emerhency you can't kill mosquitoes you're busy so The Union Georgia's Union paid for the families funeral expenses. This Mary spent months than volunteer nurse. Helping families tend to their sex US probably just like just kill me with this. She didn't get sick. In December. The cold killed the mosquitoes. And the plug end okay. I don't know what you immigrants stopped doing. What snow started falling but stick to not doing it? Yeah I understand I get I get to the white people fucking we know that it was you the whole time stupid stupid. What we know that it was you the whole time? Sure so. I don't know why you guys came to an understanding that you were going to stop giving us all the yellow fever but what happy was still watching you. Have you considered that you might be needs. We could sit at everything and that theory held a lot of weight for some of us but we just couldn't put the pieces together. I don't know what was standing in our way. We just get so distracted. It makes our minds hurt when we try to put your make my now. Hey there I like a spicy meatball got dave matter you Luigi Terrific Ones Somme. A went to Chicago with a little money from Georgia's Union they. They had raised a supporter and she opened address making shop K.. And quickly built an upper-class client base. Okay or business flourished but she was still deeply affected effected by the lives of the poor her auto biography quote often while sewing for the Lords and barons who lived in magnificent houses along the lake. Shore drive I would look out the plate. Glass windows and see the poor shivering wretches jobless and hungry walking along the frozen Lake Front. The contrast of their condition with that of the the tropical comfort of the people for whom I sewed was painful to make employers seem neither to notice or care and then I wrote parasite the site and thank God. Things have changed. Yeah and we've moved past. Yes as human beings we were like. That's wrong. This is an impossible position to empathize ties with. This is not applicable actor. I mean all the taxes. Jeff bezos. Paid right now now anyway. Let's keep going. It was great. He gave six hundred thousand dollars to charity to the Australia which is really great. Because he's worth yeah five. Five hundred billion dollars. Yeah really great. You'll notice would essentially a penny. They'll notice it not even if he bit a petty and half October W H he does he. Does I know eighth. Eighteen seventy one great Chicago fire burned the city of Chicago. They should've just called it. The Big Chicago fire instead of the great gives a pretty great. Yeah you know what I mean. It's just like man that was great. Dan Great Great Fire. I think we the call the greater the fantastic tastic. Yeah I liked that really good. We'll call it a really great. I can't think of any other names. That was great. Well awesome fire all right. I'm good with it. Is Fires fucking stupendous. Luigi get Outta here. I like spicy me Bobby G.. Mary fled to the lake. Make sure and waited out the fire for day and a half over three hundred people died nine thousand lost homes and businesses. That is great released. Now that I hear it as it sounds when you hear it. Yeah so Mary was crazy. Fires at Saint. Mary's one of them in two years. She lost everything twice. Well at least she's used us through it. Yeah militias used to it. I know it happens. This is the delirium sitting visit l.. I cry a lot there. It is just like she'd done in Memphis. She started volunteering. Tearing she was helping. Homeless families relocate organizing soup kitchens allocating donations. And then she was doing that. She would run into union men who had known George and respected elected him loved him and they would help Mary stay helpful and give her a sense of working class solidarity K.. One Night Mary came across an old acquaintance. He was standing in a doorway when the Guardian the door this abandoned building. She's like what are you doing. What's Nice start talking? And after some discussion he goes okay. You can come inside. It was one of the earliest meetings of the Noble Order of the Knights of Labor a newly established union. So you couldn't tell people you're farming gene back then because you meet in secret because workers who belong to unions were blacklisted right so they can get work so if if you were farming and in eighteen eighteen seventy you're literally putting your life at risk so there's never ever been a time where the powers that be are. The government ever has been pro union all constant battle adult to always trying to extinguish unions constantly. Yeah pretty much. In other countries they they understanding the Value Union. The Union gives you the ability to leverage leverage. Negotiate with the whole group of workers. Wants right right when some companies will come over here from Europe they to set up a car plant or whatever they want you have a union they'd be like knows nonunion state but we were used to. Now see here you. There is enough negative. I mean there's plenty of now that's what that's why it is so upsetting when when you hear what you just said about like all right. So the Knights of Labor they're meeting in secret Becau- and then you get so far and then again after you know we're probably like thirty or forty years past the unions peak essentially and and it's still is like they're not that good you know what I mean. If you you told these people back then like eventually will be so misinformed that people will think this is a bad thing. All right. We'll see you later. Bye Waiters So the night started in eighteen sixty nine and quickly spread across the country in cities they accepted skilled unskilled workers from all industries and would soon as this except African Americans and women but at this point. The nights are not allowing women but Mary still volunteered and started going to meetings share. So they're long meetings. There's lots of heated debates and Mary discovered. She had a natural talent for public speaking K.. And and she started hunting. We're speaking skills while learning everything about the labor movement and we waited for Tornado just kind of come and hit her. Now within the financial panic of eighteen seventy three which up to that point is the worst depression the US are you serious you imagine. Could you imagine a time in America. Where all of these guys who have all the money are just speculating on a bunch of bullshit and everything falls apart and all the banks closed? Imagine that no yeah no so so. This is the only time it happened. Except for all the time fairy tale to me so soon one million people were unemployed. Some cities had twenty five percent unemployment. Lau so the railroad industry was hit the hardest but CEO's wanted to keep their profits. Okay shocking yeah so they it. During the depression they increase the workers days and decrease their pay which they could do. Because it's twenty five percent unemployment neither union right. We are So many workers were killed by collapsing truffles or crowded boilers because the owners want to save money. They're not fixing any it's not I like. We can't find more workers that's right when asked if he was worried. His workers were rebel against him. Railroad tycoon. Jay Gould said quote wrote. I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other. So this guy had suspenders cigar. I WANNA have working class to kill the other God damn it. I just thought of the most evil thing that I could actually say I believe I just thought of this is the value of when you get money. Your value of human existence is it evaporate. There are studies that show that as is you get more wealthy you lose empathy. Your empathy is drain. This guy has zero or he just started out as a psychopath but either way I think it's bubble base so hungry and homeless. My bath is also our go ahead. I don't think I want to go ahead. No I think I wanNA stop this eap going one legs out. Hunger and homelessness were wide spread companies. Did absolutely nothing to help. A prominent industry supporting minister said quote the necessities of the great railroad companies demanded that there should be a reduction of wages was a dollar a day not enough to buy bread. Water costs nothing. The man who cannot live on bread and water water is not fit to live. Oh my God the the the minister religion. I mean look Jesus turned water into wine. And what are you selling. Come on just Brin Water Bergman especially that's very similar to win like the breeze. The breeze get the jumbo jet. The planet is like it's wife for me to go and spread Ma massive against the part of the parisioners originals. Now can see more. God needed me two million dollars. The manner cannot live on. Bread and water is not fit to live. And that's my sermon. Today all right now Jimmy came up here. I'm going to Piss on your face. We're going to hand around the collection bins to gang. Throw something in there. No no bread. Either all your fucking bread water. We're gluten free Atkins based in eighteen. Seventy six unionist and political radicals joined forces for the first time to establish the working men's party. Okay workers or striking in Martinsburg West. Virginia you didn't need the men's in their necessarily the workers but still men's yeah though I say men isn't that what it's called working working men's party yeah man I'm sure but yeah So workers are striking in Martinsburg West. Virginia it spreads to railroads all across the country because they're stopping trains. Right right and then everyone starts walking off jobs all around the country K.. President Hayes sent federal soldiers to Pittsburgh who fired into a crowd of twenty thousand killing twenty six. Jesus this is Christ the next day riots. Seventy nine buildings one hundred. Five locomotives were destroyed. So that you're not gonNA be a bad idea. Everybody everybody yeah. The solidarity of the Working Class had a powerful effect on the Mary quote. Then there I learned in the early part of my career that Labor must bear the Cross for other sins must be the vicarious suffer for the wrong others do a little loss but I get the I mean. It doesn't make sense back in the late eighties. Laborers were required to work fourteen to sixteen hour days but they were selfish. They want to just an eight hour day. What yeah that leaves them time for life? I know the nerve. So unions obviously supported it but most of union leaders this point where immigrants so the demands were dismissed as foreign or American by the industrialists of okay. Hey wait so just because the union leaders are immigrants and most of the union workers probably but specifically the leaders ears so they were just like well. This is a foreign idea. Reggie foreigner nonsense but America America is like fourteen six in America. You work in your sleep in Chicago. Kissed Party endorsed the eight hour. 'cause at the time anarchists very radical very violent. This made politicians the businessmen and law enforcement even more reluctant to negotiate for the eight hour to sure quote employers use the cry of anarchism to kill the movement. A person who believes in an eight hour working day was an enemy to his country. A traitor anarchist shocking. How they are able to still get that message out there? Yeah the foundations of government were being not away by the anarchist rats alway always the radical radical radical. These radical people. It's yeah please opened fire at a protest at the McCormick Harvester the plant in Chicago several killed than a meeting was held in response and Haymarket Square during which a bomb went off. And then cop stop shot into the crowd. Why are they just shooting into the credit is sending a message? And then some strikers shot back seven cops and four workers were killed. Hundreds were injured and then the leaders of the mostly anarchists were arrested and hanged even though the bombing was never linked to the protesters. Sure well we don't need evidence no you don't need evidence that went off went on hang them. Newspapers Civic and religious leaders and the public blame the violence on labor unions anarchists with zero proof right and of course things have changed of course the nights a Labor didn't believe in strikes and violence silence. So they refuse to help the wrongly charged protesters okay union. That doesn't believe in strikes. It's a tough one. Not a great. They just wanted to talk shit up. What are we gonNA? I do go to work all right boys all right. Let's live though. So many workers felt betrayed by the nights nights later membership plummeted. The haymarket affair strengthened. Mary's belief in the power of numbers and militant activism. Awesome the nights. Labor went from having a million to like ten years later. Having one hundred thousand cash toaster so May Day was recognized used as a Labor holiday after this and began saying it was her birthday okay. This began a long tradition of Mary lying about her birth and age. Okay Day working in. Coal was an extremely dangerous job. Magnates like Rockefeller did everything they could to produce without spending money. Sure many workers here's were injured or died in accidents but were quickly and easily replaced. Yeah that's the cool thing now. It's the cool thing about Gyn on the job. Yes get another guy. Yeah Mother Jones as she started calling yourself. Okay Nick. Dander Rockefeller Oily John. Okay the a united mine workers of America the W was established in January eighteen ninety and Mary China up K. W. quickly had millions of members and became the largest union in the country. Part of that was due to Mary's field organizing. She spent hours talking families and groups getting to know workers and provided literature on their plans for bettering being conditions. John Brophy a young miner from Pennsylvania described his first encounter with Mary quote. She came into the mind one day and talk to us in our workplace in the vernacular vernacular of the minds. She Mind Talk Right. Yeah she like came in. She was fluent in mind. Yes someone who understood. Somebody would listened and how she got in. I don't know probably just walked in and defied anyone to stop her. When I first knew her she was in her late? Middle Age a a woman of medium height very sturdily built but not fat. Nice guys like we got the quote. I think the we got the glory need battle of other problems. She would take a drink with the boys and spoke there idiom including some pretty rough language when she was talking about the bosses. This might have been considered a little fast in ordinary women but the miners new respected her. They might think her a little queer. Perhaps it was an odd kind of work for woman woman in those days but they knew she was a good soul and a friend of those who most lack friends. So she's not going to hang out. She drank she talked. Shit right. Yeah yes yes Ma'am we're like. You're so cool. Yeah we think you're an equal you do swear like us like a guy she said fuck face is pretty great another another worker quote all this union business sounds ordinary enough but we picture organizer neither male nor a former minor but an old old woman drinking with the boys telling off color stories and talking union. Yeah so is there speaking skills that swayed many quote. Her voice was low and pleasant with great caring sharing power she didn't become shrill once you got excited instead or voice dropped in pitch and the intensity of it became something. You could almost feel physically K.. And it's hot. Hey excuse me he boys talk you. Don't think her I'd rather Mary adopted the persona of of mother. Jones okay. Her nurturing spirit gave her an appealing maternal quality to- people who she was older than she was to reinforce the the mother Jones image image. That's an inmate. Does that only happens for bars. So she wore outdated black dresses bonnets that she sewed herself itself and refer started referring to the male workers as her boys. Care my boys. I'm ninety one now thirty five. No no no no. I'm very old last week and I know I've deteriorating rapidly. Oh I just became came ninety two since we started jeeze. I'm old okay. Oh my leg harding. Legs a herd legit mental rather them. No I'm not gonNA wrap your legs Manga. Drink yeah okay. The New York World reported that she was building her own model of motherhood quote. It is a big brood. She mother's a big toil SOM troublesome brewed scattered. All over the face of the land. How does she do it by the grace of power the power of love? She loves her boys. She teaches them to love her sitcom the boys but also the mother. She knows how to make her. Children Behave Thursday. Mary leaned into the role of Mother Jones. More and more. She created a legend around herself. She kept her past obscure so people did not know who she was before she became mother Jones and Mary Jones ceased to exist. Okay on July fourth eighteen ninety seven the UM W called a nationwide strike of soft coal workers After they're asked to take a twenty percent pay-cut wow guys you twenty percent less money terrible. This jobs already Bosley awesome. You barely pay as you over work as we have nothing. I haven't stopped my offer. Okay our more work. Know what that's worse we're bullshit but now you're part eighteen. You know we've always been part of a team. We all love each other. We we hate you. But here's the deal though if you take less money you're doing more teamwork we understand the concept. It's stupid stupid. And what are they threw. It team player can't take twenty percent of our money. We don't have anything and one of you will get. You're going to be named employee of the month. Well you didn't and tell us that part and what comes with that is we put a plaque up in the coal mine. We've seen it. We've all wanted our face up there. Where in yes? That is crazy and by the way I'm sure the yes the ability actually get people to listen to these strikes or things like that is what we just completely. We no longer have that. I mean it's been happening fast. Food workers the fifteen that actually for fifteen eighteen teenagers but we need a mass walkout. Teachers have done well. Yes so tens of thousands walk in the strike but the men and their families had to be fed the house during the strike. Obviously your mother Jones went to western Pennsylvania to help from Pittsburgh daily post quote. She was given a rousing reception. She advanced to the edge judge of the platform and listen to the noisy approval of the crowd with a smile of satisfaction. Someone in the gathering shouted hats off an instant. Every head was uncovered law. Dave I need to lay down. She spoke quote. I see that liberty is not dead. This gathering is a protest test of the army of toiler is against the law by injunction. Someday this army will rise up in its might and turn the tables army of toy. lers is is fantastic. Because she's a fucking speaker. I wish that there was army of twenty dollars. She brought it during the strike. She convinced farmers to donate nate food. She organized escorts for wagons delivering supplies. Now I don't know why they'd want sex workers with them. Hey and she gave example. Yeah the wagon. The night baby. And she gave speeches to fire up workers and then once everything was set up in a place you would move onto into another other mining counties and do the same things Franchising fucking organizing all these workers sure franchising as you call it. She was getting more or more attention. Red lobster that's angle the Tennessean on September fourth 1897 Mother Jones is a brave woman. She left her home ICAGO sometime time ago to visit the scene of miners strikes but with all this Miss Jones is a womanly woman when the report called on her yesterday shed excuse herself for a few moments. It's for at the time she was engaged in curling her hair. What I just love their lectures still a woman gentlemen Ataman? I know you're getting scared. But she's still woman we wanNA see the penis. Her heart was always in in West. Virginia though where the miners had at worst. Also a lot of Irish miners there. Quote the Ma- the man or woman who would witness such scenes as I have witnessed in West Virginia when a betray God Almighty if he betrayed those people West Virginia mines were in remote areas and coal companies built company towns which we all know are awesome. Yes they they control everything the doctor. The school nurses Mayor City Council judiciary police preachers most workers and their families lived in company housing. And we're paid in SCRIP company. The money they can use a company stores this force minors on credit and then they're trapped in and the cycle of debt. I mean this is going on in places in America crazy. It was like ten fifteen years ago. There was happening in Orange Orange Farms in Florida. They still had fucking script and company stars. And it's so crazy crazy. Yeah so forces managed by credit more debt more debt companies do not let minor shop elsewhere. Even though they didn't have real money to shop elsewhere the ADS conjoined twins fan. If you figure it out still so west. Virginia's minds had the worst working conditions. Honor spent less on safety than any other state. They didn't didn't follow any laws. Scrape state law that bans scripts a ban on child labour. Bannon safety measures the blue all that off West Virginia mines had the highest death rate in the US. If worker said anything bad about the company he just be fired and replaced immediately and in Nineteen eighty-seven Asari and 1897 Mother Jones came to organize several counties Janis into whole large rallies in Charleston but armed guards stopped her so she went door to door to talk to the families. In the Union men Avella organizer was with foreign born Labor's who didn't speak much English. She communicate with them quote through a combination of broken English Hand gestures and French classics French classics. Okay I think the cops we gotta bring that bag. That's great the fucking best. You know that guy. I like is stuff but he drops out of the French classic French classics. Yeah that's the thing that's got to be. Yeah the Marx Brothers movie. She's Irish humor until jokes about company bosses to lighten the mood. She also spoke. She talked shit about priests and ministers. Who took a corporate bribes and said quote Labor must be its own religion? She traveled with a band called the mother Jones Band. That's now Dave. I've liked everything everything so far. But now I've I've found something I love. I couldn't find anything else about the mother John but Mother Jones Ban was the thing. I'M GONNA picture it as Funk based Jason Okay Three Bass player yeah thanks for the P Funk yeah okay. She held the miners contracts and claimed quote even the czar of Russia. It'd be dethroned if he attempted to enforce such tyranny on this subject so yeah that's right found now we're doing this. Russian miners began calling themselves. Mother Jones Boys. They kept pictures of her in their in their homes as if she were a patron saint there. She's one hundred ninety she wasn't she wasn't always to kind of. She scalded some miners for being cowards telling them if they afraid to fight then she would continue alone. She went wherever she was needed. Funded by the UM W and socialist. She helps striking garment workers in Chicago. Bottle washers in in Milwaukee Breweries Pittsburgh Still Workers El Paso Streetcar Operators Cow Copper miners and tons more from Boston. Herald the article on West. Virginia Strikes Nineteen to one quote so the Old Lady standing very quietly and her deep fiery voice painted a picture of a life of a minor from his boyhood ahead to his old age. It was a vivid picture. You Pity Yourself. She said but you do not pay to your brothers or you would stand together to help one another. And and then she called them to awaken their minds and as she ceased. Speaking many women looked at each other with shame faces. Almost everyone had been weeping. Wow she's fucking speaker. Jesus brought the shit. Yeah they game always relaxed again. Getting a little intense AK okay settled down in nineteen hundred mother. Jones was leading a rally from a platform when state marshals appeared in distance. Finally Swish the law. You broke that we just wrote a woman talking. It's not okay. She shouted quote Goodbye Buzz. I'm under arrest. Don't surrender nice. She was arrested at her trial. The judge lecture under what is she being arrested for. Yeah I mean they would just arrest on trumped up charges okay. So the judge lecture collections are saying quote strayed from the lines and paths which the all wise being intended her sex to pursue. Oh my Lord this Guy City maybe needs a lot of the boxes of wrong angles. Oh did I did I. Stray from the line when my family died. I'm sorry I'm sorry I made babies and and they all died and I decided to kick ass instead the idea that you're using an invisible deity to tell you about what gender means. Yeah well now come on a fake man in the sky what God God. God was very clear he says you should just be fucking. They can't get your head could fuck fuck fuck. Fuck if you're that's the whole last part of the Bible cookbook revelations if you're not fucking then you should be cooking if you're not cooking camping fucking fuck and you should be dead. That's right. He also said that there were many charities that she could engage in a lawful character character. That would be more in keeping with what we've been taught and what experience has shown to be the true sphere of womanhood. Yes thank you. You do like a charity thing. She helps babies B.'s. Raise money for cookies. Some sort of pie thing a pie charity. That's right all right. So Mother Jones listening to oven Mitts for a year. Some other Jones listen and then when he was done talking she called the judge Scab. You must have been furious. And then she told them she would do it all over again and then in very gentle voice she noted how old they both were and suggested they might be friends in death one day. Wow he was like what the hell believe. She's told him she would see him in. Hell yes in. The courtroom audience flipped out. Enjoyed it very much. Yeah West Virginia District Attorney. Reese blizzards closing statement. That's a fucking name. I'm actually a weatherman. God How can there not be weatherman yet blizzard only causing stamen unquote. There sits the most dangerous woman in America. She comes in a state where peace and Prosperity Rains Crooks Finger and twenty thousand contended attended. Men Lay down their tools and walkout. Right you can listen to me on. What a quick quick strike tragedy in this state is? My last name is blizzard. Rest my case wrist KS Rosa. I think I'm going to start to drop the blizzard stuff from my doesn't make sense. Legitimate doesn't try hard but I know there's A. I'm bobby rains and blizzard. What were the weather lawyers? We we asked the case we should add on that last part I had something in my name I and I did. I literally stood up. Said your name but then I started thinking of your name and then I started thinking of the weather and I'm like why am I thinking of the weather right right now. I remember it rings. I'll save it and we don't know whether you say guilty or not guilty but house weather's spelled in their wrap it up. I did that. It makes it's all my God. That's how I think we should do. You need to kill each other. I think we need to go out of the corner but I have a gun. You have a gun let you should be oriented. Let's go now to now. Yeah so so. She's she's Kinda she's released K.. So Oh eight thousand nine hundred seventy eight hundred. Four strikes significantly improved minor standard living in workplace safety over those years okay but John's was also very very successful bringing workers wives into the movement. Nice she organized what she called the mop and Broom Brigades. I'm like what okay. So they were or mothers and wives who stood at the entrance to a mine where strike was happening and they would be there twenty four hours a day there was always lives are our moms. They're usually they. She would always try to have a baby in their arms. Okay and then they would shame any non striking workers go trying to go in. So they're like shame Barker's yeah wow going. I've got to go to work. Yeah the Little Guy who want to say hi he has not I gotta go ask him four days. Why why because my husband always working this morning our l.? Look I can't. He's on strike. I make more mime. Sorry about Oh my God. It looks like he's telling you know why because in your yeah you're killing you're killing. I'll come in for a minute. Just go ahead and we keep up by dammit dammit scout then another one day as gives me I gotta go in there. Oh this is cute one. I know you're gonNa tell me it's dying. I'm not bomb on for it. Yeah he died. Oh my God I'll go just for a minute demon so that worked that that was a great tactic. Yeah having women as part of the Labor movement was running unusual for the time Jones quote. Why wouldn't a woman be able to discuss mine affairs? Who has a better right? Has she given birth. Has she not raise you care for you. Has she not struggled along for you. Does she. Not Today when you come home. Covered with corporation soot. It have hot soap and water and towels ready for you. Does she not have your supper ready for you and your clean clothes ready for you so all old thinking a little bit. She makes a good point well. Mother Jones advocated for the inclusion women. She had a contradictory stance on women's rights. She was against female suffrage interesting. Ah Okay and argued quote. What the towels accu quote? You don't need the vote to raise hell you don't well But DOT DOT DOT but wouldn't it be great to have it. What about both? Just in case. Just in case democracy existed she believes and more important to liberate the entire working class before moving on to gender issues. I think we can walk and Chew Gum but okay I. Here's what I think she's saying. I think that she's seeing middle class. Women in Upper class women fighting for what they want and not giving a shit about or peaceful splitting the movement. So that's what that's what she's and she got a really negative obviously tact for this but you see her point when she's dealing with starving people versus people who want to vote. I think that it's a very applicable to today. When like I think people who we are aware realize there is one issue and that's the only issue that matters but also let's do this other stuff? What about this stuff? Yeah that's terrible but she was attacked by and accused of being anti women's rights writes mother Jones quote. I am not anti to anything which brings freedom to my class. She thought lives. Put an important role as nurtures and motivators striking man but not as workers. She's young girls working in mills. Were being robbed and demoralized so quote working men should earn a wage that would allow him to stay at home to care for the kids. So it's a little old thinking or you know it's I get what she say right. I also think you can fight for both things. Yes but again. The upper class women are not fighting for poor people to have a decent living wage. They're fighting for the vote. Yeah so it's complicated. She wasn't great on race. This is like we're digging up early tweets. Mother Jones always preached racial inclusivity except. She was against Chinese. He's immigration good. Lord wants I can't how does that all the races should be working not shying dot the Chinese all of the races. It's not my illegit and accept those devils. It's not even like it's just funny only because that's so crazy. How do you well members? We've we've talked about this either. I mean the Chinese to look at your brother and your sister the next to you unless the Chinese than as again the leave. We've been very clear you're not welcome here but everyone else. We are all one we are all united. Is that a Chinese guy asked him go sir. are so remember. This is when you know the strikes the the railroad kingpins on in Chinese right specifically lead to fuck over the striking workers so yet again. But that's how capitalist play shirt play one against each other. That's how they keep the money but you're saying that the probability that she would not have an issue with Chinese people if they were not brought in to work to undermine the strikes probably allies. I would imagine okay so she but she did fight for the Chinese exclusion act quote when the Pacific was bringing over Chinese to break the Labor movement. The battle began there and I had a hand in that Chinese agitation. We kept it up and stop the Chinese coming over. The Union Pacific had been bringing them over in hordes and using them to break the Labor movement. Which is true? But you don't blame the Chinese people who just want jobs. The true villains are the fucking yes again again the puppetmaster. But she had a deep respect for African Americans and what they'd been through unless they liked those Chinese people unless they come for our jobs. In June of nineteen eighty three mother Jones went to a textile mill in real Philadelphia where thousands of child workers were on strike for better paying conditions. I mean the idea America they also Great Child Strike Nineteen Zero Three children on strike. Children are striking for better. Wages is shelter in nineteen zero three. I gene three children. Are Boys. Come on these. These conditions are no good. I tell Ya puberty head. Five smoke breaks. It's that form. They were mostly in their early teens. But somewhere as young as six Pennsylvania law banned children under thirteen from working in males Dell's but no one enforced it good mother Jones. Dave imagine working with a six year old. Oh God what a fucking imagine working first of all number. The sharing works number one say chatter. Oh My oh directions. Think No. I'm telling you go over there. Dude dude why but why do they even make it like that. Don't ask me another goddamn question. Christ put on your welding mass. I did but I forgot it next to my paper. I have the paper. I got you babe shot carriage a tight brushes your the one guy went over there and then he paid a dinosaur will. Will you shut up on the building mask and put down the pressure. Another fucking painter. I WANNA show you my drives and that put ask. I don't WanNa see your drawing at got hot in there. This is the airplane yellow Putting start again you hold my hand. I don't want him. I love you Mr Cheeses. I'm your Foreman House. Work has really bad fire so these kids. It's really really bad. I find honestly feel like I'm running a kindergarten hitting our numbers. I really that bad terrible kids understand mother Jones code six and seven year old. Start that workday at five thirty. Am taking their scanty lunch at noon working working until seven pm then returning home to a rush to dinner get whistling. Oh my ass sleep until the factory was blue again in the morning well take my parents bunch. Tamara I've seen mothers take their babies and slap cold water and their face to to wake the poor little thing. Sorry I'm sleeping like a six year old. I watched them all day long tending to dangerous Rangers Machinery. I've seen their helpless limbs torn off and then when they were disabled and of no more use to the master thrown out to die no thrown out to die. We're going into the four year old. That was missing an arm by. Oh my God odd. It's just when you see people say that socialism has never done anything really. WanNa take a child's arm and beat them with it. Ah My God her attention switch to child labour after witnessing this but the males blew off all of mother Jones demands it like it. Frustrated straighted mother Jones decided on another tactic quote. I'm going to show Wall Street the flesh and blood from which it squeezes its wealth. Joy Seventh over three three hundred children and adults began to march to President Theodore Roosevelt's summer home on Long Island from Philadelphia. We strike it was hot and many were too tired to march locals gave food and lodging as they walked along the coast in Princeton New Jersey Mother Jones asked to speak on campus. She pointed pointed at a twelve year old boy quote. Here's a text book on Economics. He gets three dollars a week and a sister who was fourteen. Get six dollars. They work in a carpet factory ten hours today while the children of the rich are getting their higher education and then she glared at each and every student in the crowd which forty five minutes later continues speaking. Wow that is so crazy. I mean also truly like being confronted with like. I wish we could be confronted that simply today a week later the striking kids arrived in New York City they were greeted by thousands of supporters. These Social Democratic Party offered their headquarters as space for them to stay. Whatever ordered? Stick the kids to coney island where she put them in cages. As like a symbolic I couldn't find more about this but I'd just rather she put them in my metal cages care like they're very fine. Line has actually gauging children and then whenever the kids also taking circus that was nice. It really fun strike. Yeah the kids have been traveling for four weeks now. They're very tired they walked. They walked from Philadelphia to New York. Mike and the mother Jones took three kids and for Union man to President Theodore Roosevelt's oster Bay mansion but they were stopped at the gates and told quote. The President President has nothing to do with child labour. What's not my issue? Thinking of another Roosevelt Blah. The president never responded. He's just got kid like he's got a lion head on the wall. Next like a child's hand the trophy room he never responds and then soon ecole strike in Colorado pulled a mother Jones away and the Children March back to Philadelphia and went back to work. Can we get a cab. No they lost but the mill children's drag publish publicized child labor and pressured politicians to do something thing which they didn't do it would take another thirty six years for the Federal Government banned child labour thirty six it gives America and capitalism are awesome. Yeah between Nineteen Five and nine hundred twelve. Mother Jones participated in strikes across the country and took jobs with the Socialist Party as a lecture but she was getting old and hospital and was hospitalized with pneumonia wants still. She exaggerated her age even more and now how claimed two hundred eighty thousand. She's not going to be in her eighties when she was still in her seventies okay and then she started working get minds and helping children load coal. That's the right age to start much less this ever nineteen thirteen violence broke out. During protests protests in the Kanawha Valley West Virginia the governor declared martial law and sent the state militia to arrest strikers and organizers some other Jones went and she gathered a small group and they marched or they marched on a train heading for Charleston helping to talk to the governor face them down now rumors started that she was coming with an army to assassinate the governor and bombed the Capitol building. Well no Dave. That's a big rumor papers reported. As fact the Newcastle Herald said the strikers would quote tear out the heart of the Sheriff Kill the governor and Wipe the militia off the map Those are just good journalism when mother Jones in her minors reach the train station. They were arrested. The FAIRMONT West Virginian headline quote. Mother Jones aged Agitator kept in a box car. Okay she was then taken back to Kanawha valley and jailed. She was charged with conspiracy to murder and had to appear in a military tribunal even though she was a civilian arrested and then the civilian area. Okay really bent the rules for this. Just just decided to give her a military trial and the beret. There you are now. She refused to recognize the legitimacy. The of a court martial. Sure which is I mean. That's kind of sounds like it's legally right. This court rejected that right and she was given a twenty year sentence. What for conspiracy to murder which she was never doing wow? You mentioned a miscarriage of Justice in America. Not Out of here. She was put into solitary confinement. There's that fun term again. She said quote I can raise just as much hell in jail as anywhere but twenty two days later she was found lying on a straw. Tick on the floor carrying a temperature of one hundred and four with very very rapid respiratory respiration and a constant cough mother. Jones had pneumonia so to save face. The governor secretly had mother Jones sent went to hospital to recover after she was recovered. He was GONNA put her back in solitaire but were got out in. The public was furious. People demanded her release and a Congressional Investigation Gatien within a week. A congressional committee reached a West Virginia and the industrialists. Were for a second. That can you imagine getting a congressional investigation into an anti establishment advertisement figures health within a week. Yeah I know I mean that. Just doesn't that's not even on the radar happened it all possibility. No and the industrial is under so much pressure that they were forced to negotiate with the Union and the workday. It was reduced to nine hours. Miners were allowed to buy from stores. Outside the company towns the miners are allowed to be people. It's going to be humans oak. Okay all right. Let's still enjoy your fun bucks. But Mother Jones remained in solitary confinement. She survived a second battle with ammonia and after eighty five days. They just let her go. Okay very very weird handling of this. When she arrived in New York City she was met by a mob quote shouting stamping handclapping? People through through kisses to the aged agitator and flowers at her feet she gave interviews to reporters in which you made horribly racist comments okeydokey quote but in calling calling for unity among American workers. She also made the most blatant racist comment of her long career. Complainant complaining about the gaps and the Hindus were entering the country in large numbers becoming a serious menace to labor in the western states. This is not a good. No one's no one's perfect certainly. It's it's tough. It's tough tough she slows. Yep Yep she went right back to work and headed for Colorado to organize strikers in the Colorado Coal War where she was arrested again quote without a warrant or without any suspicion of a crime. J. Mother Jones was illegally held in a dungeon engine like cell from month a letter. She wrote quote a let the nation. No the Great United States of America is now holding mother Jones incommunicado in an underground cell L. surrounded by Rats Tin Horn soldiers and other vermin the PU- public flooded. The White House would telegrams and again she was released with no charges she testified before the House Mines and Mining Committee and urged Congress to intervene in Colorado and Congress did absolutely nothing. And as we've talked about in La massacre episode many men would be killed in that strike. In what would become known as the ludlow massacre after for that people protested across the country and govern report claimed quote there was positive danger of a national revolution growing out of this Colorado strike. Now that's scary. Can you imagine the government doing something like killing someone and then saying well they were going to attack somebody. Nope can't either are not recently at least mother. Jones spoke to President Wilson but he offered his sympathies and nothing more the union eventually winning Colorado a few years later mother Jones opposed World War One and American involvement in one thousand nine hundred thousand sh made a statement opposing the nineteenth amendment quote. I have never had a vote and I have raised raised. Hell all of this country. You don't need a vote. You need convictions. And a voice. I am not a separatist in no sense of the word. Am I in favor of women's suffrage in a long life of study of these questions. I have learned that women are out of place in political work. There already is a great right responsibility upon women's shoulders that of rearing rising generations home training of the child should be their task and it is the most beautiful of tasks so I hear is what I like I said. I think that she's seeing richer. Women fighting heading for the vote while being upset that poor kids are losing their limbs shit like that so but at the same time both. Yeah Yeah Yeah you can do. So yeah she's wrong. Yes a she. Called woman. Suffrage a middle class movement at a dinner honoring her she said quote God Almighty made the woman and the Rockefeller Gang of thieves made the ladies for the idle. Rich woman. Parades her finery before the hungry and poverty stricken and is a modern inquisitor turning the thumbscrews of NBA and despair into the very vitals of those who are in reality her sisters she US Christ right. I mean she's very good with the word Lord. But you know that's how I feel about you know you see Hollywood liberals. WHO's the WHO's the actors from? WHO's the boss the Judith Light? No the no listen Milano Milano a great example example. I think today of what she's talking about his you know. Yeah there's this this they're fighting for what matters to them and yet the the astounding poverty the fact you can drive around Los Angeles and there's where we have seventy thousand homeless people or more and and and then fight it for other things like there's like this blind spot to horrific poverty that's astounding the the that is it's very interesting because people who are also liberally minded. Think that when someone who is a fellow liberal says says stuff like this is the only issue that matters or some of the rhetoric comes out these are people who have have now lost touch with what actual people go through that they're just like no you know there's this is this is the way to do. It's like I have to feed a family like there's just not room for this sort of thinking in my world there Every day I don't know why he particularly drives me crazy but every time. Donny Deutsch talks. I want to. He's fucking awful. He's the worst but he's also a liberal who has no concept of what's happening no concept and never has and people all who have never had a concept of what it's like to struggle or need help or just need safety net's there people who don't know that feeling of course they don't see the matter in that issue at all. It doesn't affect their kids. It doesn't affect their the world right right around them. Yeah of course so I think I think that's what she's talking about and I think that's what Martin Luther King talked about. That's what a lot of people what you say about homelessness to it is when does when do people become violent thinkers towards homeless versus and that is already happened. It's happening it's happening and the reason is because the second that starts to make your neighborhood not as great as it was before you want the problem I mean i. It's like bees like everybody. It's like bees. He's okay everybody save the bees beezer dying I see bees all. CB's these days states and you're GonNa Save the beezer everything Einstein said if go away we die. I had my apartment infested by bees once. You Kill Them. I mean you want you are like I don't care get the bees. I can't live in I. You know what I mean so. It's like the second that that you know there is. I guess it's like the base mother. Mother Jones wrote an autobiography in Nineteen Twenty. Three and her time laments was very off. Historians believe the book can be trusted or use as a factual reference. She celebrated her hundredth birthday. Birthday on May first nineteen thirty. Does this She died six months later on November thirtieth nineteen thirty two thirtieth probably ninety three years. They think okay. Thousands attended her memorial service in DC. She was buried where she wanted to be in amount of Illinois in the union miners cemetery. Where for a lot of miners? who have been killed are buried? She's known for the phrase pray for the dead and fight like hell for more to living sources mother Jones and the march the milk children by Penny Colman Mother Jones the most dangerous woman in America by Elliott Gorn The importance of Mother Jones Madeline Horton speeches and writings. Jones owns by Johns. And then mother John's fierce fighter for Workers Rights Judith. Pinkerton Josephson Judith. I would lose the middle name. Yeah Yeah So. She's a bad ass and its racism self is setting. The the gist of is a bummer. But you know you gotta you gotTa there's just some people you gotta go. She she did a lot for someone. Yeah and you can take the good and use the good. Hopefully it is. I mean as we know that the like unions are it's so important to have have oh turns out without unions. Your country turns into a giant fucking shit pile and again it is. They are anytime that not gets tied tightly. They are pulling on the thread again again. They need constant never constant constant constant battle to make you believe you can trust them and don't need the Union Yep and that's why people in Ayers Amazon warehouses are walking on broken feet. Yeah yes and you're not allowed to like I mean yeah I there. There is a story that I've contemplated doing a which is about of. I don't remember the name of the company but it's a factory in in the south and it's literally just like people we're getting their arms ripped off all the time and like whole riddick injuries because there's no union and of course the government local government is not doesn't give a shit about Osha regulations relations and it's literally people getting maimed all the fucking time because they need to make ten dollars seem community fruitful to they also and they are this stuff now that's happening with protests laws and stuff. They're starting I mean that Shit Shit. Is there preparing for climate changes. Yes and but it is you know. Don't tell anybody it's illegal to protest. Is there anything else we wanted to talk about. David Everyone Australia. Yes truly and there are a lot of great charities to donate two guys have. Yeah Well Fuck Me Charlie. From to- FOB have one. There's the Red Cross and then the the the place that I think I'm going to donate it is. Yeah it's like animals because that should issues that the fucking wombats tall did you hear about the one. That's what the wombats were woman's have dens. They hide from fires in they were running out and guiding other animals into their down. Oh my God that's crazy. Yeah all right. We have fun in Australia. Thanks we'll do podcast before. Yeah right right this week. When does this one come out tomorrow? All right can drop this one tomorrow. Yeah it's hot. Drop it all right. Well let's do the regular app out all right everybody. This has been For Dave Anthony. This is Gareth Reynolds saying. Hey Hey if you think American history is fucked up. How about we do at nine? More Times are high. That's I I guess and social things about everybody getting that America.

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