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The. Radio DOT COM sports presents big time baseball golf with MLB insider John Hayman and former major leaguer Tony gwynn junior. If my pleasure to bring into big time base boy big time game. One of the best managers in baseball four years in a row division titles for the Los. Angeles dodgers made the World Series twice. So He's got a credible record right now the dodgers have the best record in baseball and. My pleasure bring in Dave. Roberts doc, how're you doing good to have you on big time baseball with Tony winning myself you know what? John T T G so good to be with you guys It's been a long time coming. It's It's been a crazy year a very educating year. And now with baseball kind of closing, it's going to be found. We got big shoes against the padres cover up here. For three it's GonNa. Be Fun. Dave I. Want to ask you. You know a lot of people talk about the L. A. Being. A soft town and being a mild milk toast I. don't see it that way at all. I can tell you from my tweets a when I tweeted that I thought Joe Kelley deserve the Games I got about ten thousand Los Angelenos on my back. And you know they're counting the years. You know we're into the fourth decade now and the dodgers have been a good team or even a great team. Many of those years go back. Twenty seven years before you even got there that they haven't won the world series after winning that Miracle Urine in eighty eight. But I do think that there's a lot of pressure in that job I. Know you only have cutouts there right now but I know that the fans are watching closely. In tell me am I wrong am I reading La Right you feel the pressure to win the world series this year it seems like you're the favored I, picked you. Of course, I, picked you every year a basically. Twenty analysts thirty years on to right yet what do you? What do you think is the pressure on and are you guys gonna be able to come through and it's it's going to be a gauntlet even with the best. Team. So I think you nailed it. You know I think that you you do understand our ballclub as far as a greedy tough. The way we the game. I think the consistency there's something at for consistency that we play within have played with you know I know in my tenure with the dodgers. You'd certainly it's a burden that I kinda came into and I understand that that this team hasn't won since eighty eight. When you're a part of this market that's part of it. The Fan base is still the fan base and that that those expectations pressure. I don't know if it's pressure I mean I guess expectations that we have to win the world series every year at the opposite. I do also believe John that with this shortened season other teams involve. More variables, the three game wildcard series, which I don't agree with. But it's GonNa make it tougher like you said, your words, it's gauntlet is going to be a college for any team that is crowned champion but. We gotta go out there and played baseball. We know it's out there the expectation but I think if you look back at October. retirement. Then consistent hitting to be quite honest and we gotta take better play baseball and then I think that will win the what thirteen fourteen games we did win this year. We ask you this because usually at this time of year, you got a pretty good read on on your Swat where the rat going in to the playoff run in this crazy twenty twenty season. You only had really two months to evaluate that. Were you see this? Ball club going into the postseason compared to past year. Yeah, I'll say this On the pitching side, I expect to get Walker back at this week. With that lister. We're getting. John Trend Joe Kelly back at some point this week. We got by its back. So the PITCHY count. Is Better. I think on the position players side. The defense just is is amazing. Obviously addition mookie which makes the offense better while but I think. There's a few guys that just haven't got on track this year with the bat and It's it's bellinger. Muncie Peterson and I just think that. You know once they get contract, then we're going to really take off because I don't think we've been a full strength offensively yet this year and I know many teams say the same thing but these guys that are performed every single year. So I still believe that you know they're going to right the ship. Your Best Penn you know you've had some other years where the pen was a little bit thin side It's feels like it's deeper than you've been in the pen. And I wanted to ask you this because I see the fans talking about it a lot on twitter and other social media not because I'm overly concerned ear but I mean Janssen to me when I've seen he's look good. He had that one bad outing against the Astros which obviously dodger fans like lose to the Astros. Maybe they overreacted I don't know but I mean you brought him in there the next day he did well against the Astros I mean you committed Jansen as you're closer, you've got another guy that you picked up this it seemed like the other. Wanted to trade grabher all but he throws up what does he three hundred, two miles an hour. From a distance he looks like a at least closer future So I want to ask you how committed yard Kenley as the closer in his gradual possibility. The fact is is. Current performance. Should not wait any past performances and I think that that's that's and I believe that So with Kelly. but performance matters, and he understands that and you know the last three or four. Now three five haven't been good and so but last night he came back and tap through the baseball the way he baseball and. So he understands that. So I think for me is A He's are closer until he's not and so I think that every day and I talked to our guys everyday's a test and they shouldn't, and that's how you hold your teammates and the players accountable to be great So. Grad all. He's got a special arm. He's even more special person John just just loves to play the game. Love to be a team mate He drives his big truck with this crazy horn. Is Just so much fun. I. Think on the mechanic side, he just got a kind of. Or developing the slider because when you're talking about Afghan really really leverage there's gotta be swinging midst he those one hundred one, but it's a sinker the ball's GonNa be in play but now getting the slider to be at ninety, nine, eighty, six, and a roller. Now is separated so we can continue to develop that slider to get left and right out with the Swiss. Now, we're we have a conversation. Before I get into five hundred against say it's very rare to you hear a manager. Sales words he he's my star until he's not in performance courtesy performance matters. A lot of managers aren't willing to say that I have to say that that is a I was surprised to hear you say that. But I WANNA move to this padres dodgers Clearly, you guys are at the top of the chain here in National Western been that way for last seven years. But you do have an and coming Padre team that is home re in look in the challenge mentioned the series this weekend Howard at this week today starting today for next expert days. How do you see this is one club in terms of them being able to challenge has pretty good series with you guys as far. Why I think there's a couple of things I think the talent on the position players side. Now, adding clever on the pitching side the talent is real. And now you're talking about. I think that performance the chicken, the kind of theory that the performance of the continued performance by the ball club has breed it real confidence swagger. So There, it's real. The Really Council on. I know they're looking forward to this series as the only downside isn't exactly the fans are. Great for. The city of San Diego. And Baseball in general but you know once we get six, forty, six, forty, five game time is tonight. There's going to be some intensity with which I think will show through in the broadcast. New Tony was GONNA that padres rates question their. Accents. That's that's that's. That's the threat to the dodgers right now. So I get I want to ask you about the team you just played We saw just turn around the broadcast I love those in game questions and he was very honest and said that he's never really GonNa quite forget the Astros and what happened for that and I. Don't know if you saw the fans outside the. Booing them and holding up signs, and then Agassi's muscle skyrocketing was going on there So they didn't get the reception that they would get would've gotten with full house, but they certainly got a a tough reception where the dodger fans could do it where do you stand on that? Two thousand, seventeen, a world series are you ever GonNa get over? Are you like Justin Turner? No. and. I think it's fair for Justin to say that and it's on us and I think that in this world we need honesty you know and me I'm never going to get over it. You know I mean there's a political way to kind of handle it that I. Think I've done a very good job of doing it but. You know winning seventeen would have changed the landscape. The narrative for not only myself but individual players you organization so I'm not going to get over it You still have to move forward but I'm not going to get over it and I think as far as the fans I love the way the fancy responded at. That's the way that they did it in a peaceful way, but it was. And I think it was heartfelt. It was passionate and it's a good story as I found out my old college roommate at Ucla. was responsible for the flyover with the flag thing. I had. Did did you put them up to it? Absolutely. Commissioner. Thank you for that. I, had no idea. On Sky, we'll take your word for. Let me ask you You mentioned that so many. The landscape could have been changed by that. I mean you mentioned I remember Kershaw Getting Hammer over at sears. I remember Yu Darvish Getting Amer- over that series. Obviously, you're having to take on the way that is already there you lose that gave what I mean those emotions even during the game is something that you're you're filling with our, you're locked into the game in. That game specifically. I wouldn't say that during the game, the game is at gained individually. But you know when you see the collection of guys on that field in the same place at you know some of this stuff happened. You know I it's it's it's it opens up a wound certainly. But as far as the game itself you know no there there's nothing to it I thought we played Seventeen innings of really good ball and we split a series but Yeah. Game a gwen nothing from the past. It I'm going to skip ahead a little bit to the playoffs here since you're gonna be in the playoffs. It's you know we're going to have that bubble the two bubbles one in Texas one in southern California. and. It's been reported. I've heard that The dodgers are among teams that are pushing back little bit in terms of the whether the families are going to be allowed I was wondering if you had any update on that if you understand. Where the dodger players stand on that I mean my thought is, let's get through this. Let's be healthy. We've done a great job and the dodgers I I hear that dodge was a done a fantastic job with pandemic. So credit to you for that and you know I. think Overall LB has done. Pretty well, considering get off to a rough start with the marlins in the cardinals and I. Think we're GonNa get through this. So that's that's great. What are your thoughts on the on the two bubbles and the the issue of whether the Family should be allowed in? Yeah Law I. Think Major League Baseball has has done a really good job I take the the next layer of incidents earliest there's got to be accountability with people you know that that put the. Responsibility so that has nothing to do with makes meiping unless you'RE GONNA make decision to do it with the NPA which was even on the table. I think far as our players, our players are getting this. With players. Also, this is not just I know it's of been painted as a Justin Turner dodgers situation these guys nowadays on threads all the time as far as what the players feel. So just in just happened to be one of the voices of Major League players I understand it because we've been very diligent and they're also is luck that has been a part of it. I. Mean I know I, understand you diligent instill get it. So so we've been lucky as well and I want to say that. But we have been diligent Ron Porterfield. Our guy has been really kind of staying on every plane, a players at the fighting and hearing. These protocols I'm personally not a I like you John I want to get through this so whatever it takes to get through it. My hang up is I want some I A decision sooner than later because it's happening is that everything has been kicked down the road and there's not there's no decision being made and we got off on up soon talk about getting ready for a season. Oppose them, and then now you're talking about with families without in a bubble in not what part of the series we go into a bubble that starts to become noise at affects performance, and that's where for me as advantage that meet. So I wanted to station and I think that's where we keep kind of like fluttering. That's the frustrating part on my end. No doubt definitely won some finality to what is going to happen as you fort. Last question for me doc, you mentioned Muncie, you mentioned bellinger you mentioned Peterson all struggling right now to get on track those are all your left at batch. What specifically have you seen from them? that has hasn't allowed them to get on track. Each of our different like all things I. I. Kind of look at everything. I just don't think that. In a vacuum, they're not using low field. As, much as I should. I think that cody is being challenged again at the top of the zone, the crowded. I jock. Mechanic mechanically is getting way needs to be but he was out of the strikes on for quite some time I think and I think Max is just being really spun best. So I think they're all different but again, if you can just get back to being a hitter. The slug was all three of obviously shown. They have will be there. But in the postseason you know they're going to exploit weaknesses and. Cody doesn't make an adjustment on the ball in. If a Max doesn't make adjustment on the spin. If jock doesn't control the strike zone. You know it's going to be October of the past and but I expect our guys to kind of understand that makes adjustments. You just have a one sentence question here for you to give a quick answer and then we're going to let you go. It's really been a pleasure having you on though Dave. my question is tomorrow the rosters. Are Set on Tuesday. For the postseason. Any chance David price is going to be a last minute Ogden I. Know He's really following the team he's interested but I I meant this point swimming probably not but I thought I'd run it by you I. gave. It is definitely in tuned every game taxing players, coaches myself but there's zero percent chance. He's GonNa Outback. Yes. That's what it sounded like I've seen interview with them. Dave. It's been a pleasure as always. We really appreciate your coming on our show making it a real big time. Show this weekend good luck to you with the padres coming in in the weeks to come and you know I have to say dodgers only because I want to be right for the first time in thirty years. Are I felt that they grab beyond is guys at be while I talked to. Right, that was Dave Roberts on big time baseball with myself, John Hayman and Tony Gwynn.

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