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Episode 198: Whole Island Massive feat. Andy Haynes


They got big up the whole island mass. TV Cowboy Stanton that constraint from Golden Gulag to- amongst I'll watch the Kingston wake up this morning and we see the tunnel that goes respect. Respect your Donald on our own thus classroom quite done four part of her son secondhand tournament so the river they made by the it is going to set them take her dot com document abuses birds off the air when in doubt go up in the air on them on and on this take off into them getting word for every riveted who live in. Draw twenty eight hundred Mac in the podcast to the podcast to we got an Obama cloud idea. I know miss with them. We Rob Stall Hanks family Golden Globe up Hollywood Foreign Impress Association up to the movie. Big Talk but still pod Eddie. Hey and part of the year. Rashly Mac in Los Angeles. I'm back gone for three weeks three weeks away and he said I looked good. Yeah you did New York New York you did say you look reading books on the subway. We're going to be doing the entire podcast in twelve voice that was. Everybody doesn't know that was chet. Thanks son of Tom Hanks. We're not adopt one. Absolutely not adopt. Chat Hayes in the now he has his stage. Name was chat. Hey Chad hanks. But an ex- okay sir. Tom Hanks Rita Wilson. We need to literally. I need to talk doc. Call him brother. Louis literally makes perfect sense. PAROLIN hangs call. It looks like Tom Hanks. And acts like is just like Oh oh that came from Tom. Hanks sperm that makes more sense than most things in the world. Yeah Chad Hanks does not look like him. And Look I I. I literally couldn't sleep because of chat hanks. I saw that video. Which is funny? Name doesn't look like Tom Barely. Do you think there's a chance. The Rita Rita hangs fucked Collie buds knows. He fucked yellow man. Okay but like it's literally I couldn't sleep I watched the video and couldn't sleep and I woke up and I was like I need to. I need to figure out Chad Hanks because I've heard about him before. Like dug into this guy. I'm like how do you become that because I was on a social media aside from that stuff. It's like him. You know kind of like He. He acts like a dude who just moved away from Minnesota. And like he's hanging out in like Santa Monica where they have the monkey bars like the rings top op off with like his absurd. TAT's yeah like he is a straight UP KANSAS SLASH MINNESOTA SLASH. Indiana guy doesn't happen as much in La but it happens all the time in San Diego dudes adapting Patois. Oh yeah sure it's like if you hang out near the beach long enough and smoke uh-huh yeah but no I mean I'm just flabbergasted 'cause having your parent be a celebrity or rich is one thing and there's like definitely definitely people who kind of go astray but Tom. Hanks is a whole different category. I mean like your. He has the energy of his dad. Being unlike the second lead on Jag. He's one of the most universally liked people. Yeah in the entire world yeah. Every door is wide open. Yeah you really. Nobody will be mad. If you're like Tom Hanks right happy. I was watching A. That's the biggest. That's one of the biggest clout moves. Absolutely yeah yeah. Have you searched. Well Chad hanks like I don't WanNA spoil it. We can play juice. We'll get to that. But I was like like watching some fucking like you know I Google Chat Hayes and we're only immediately you know actually like the rap in the N.. Word Word should just play the song talk about him a little bit but like on Like one of the fucking like TMZ dues one of the black teams teams. Use was like I'd be happier with Tom. Hanks saying Edward I love Tom Hanks when I googled him One of the first articles that came up was like him being confused. Why can't say the N.? Word what if what if that's cool like in response. He posted a picture of himself with the guy from Green Mile. He was on the set when he was a teenager. Tell me I can't use it the but mostly with him like I'm super fascinated because especially in Los Angeles you just constantly have to meet people who you eventually learn or immediately learned that their parents were like you know one of the Warner brothers like their grandpa was like a warner brothers Shit or bugs. Bunny there's something and it's like you know it's just like a thing you deal with. A lot of people perfectly fit the expression of their born on third base and they hit a triple but he's like he was born on third base. Not only was he. Born in third base. The batter at the plate was in the process of hitting a home run somehow gets out by some technicality. Mayors actually like impressive. It's like you even get out and I should have been like a forced run. He ran to the dugout ran. Ran Backwards looking at like dude. How'd you it's honestly on ironically impressive? He was born on third base and fought the mask like even just. It's not like he just weird it's like he doesn't even even it doesn't even make sense. Has the energy of like a mid West Guy. Well it's him calling hanks rock. Yeah Yeah Yeah Colin Hanks. Thanks Love Colin. And I'm in makes me question Tom. Hanks too because it's like you're Tom. Hanks you're like the ultimate father figure on screen. Yeah and like seems seems like a generally a good guy. How do you not see your son like slowly? Starting this rap getting like you know big. Barb wire cross tattoos or whatever and not sit him down like doc son. Like I'M GONNA help you out. I mean let's have a talk Tom. Hanks talk I mean go ahead. Oh well I was in New York when the when like the video clip came out like night of the Golden Globes and I was with Adam and Felix really talking about how funny it would be like just thinking about like Tom. Hanks trying to discipline his son Chet. Yeah lazing you think that he would have like a Michael Clayton level like handler. There that would be like this kid is not like you know what I mean like. Yeah so rich and so powerful and I mean he's a good guy it seems like I'm hanks but you'd think that like you know he's probably been on epsteins plane like the they'd have somebody we checked. Yeah well I was trying to. I was trying to figure it out because there are some celebrities who have like out absolute wildcard kid. But usually it's like you know usually with that type of person it's like it's a kid. They have one person and they are basically not involved in their our lives and like the kid grew up somewhere else and they didn't really get the benefits of the celebrity. As far as I could tell that's not the case with this. I was looking for the explanation but I did not find it. There's some celebrity. I can't remember who is right now. But they have a twin brother and the twin brothers a junkie. It's like Oh boy it's like Mark Ruffalo the lower something boy. We need find that. Imagine them at a family dinner like all the hanks. Oh Oh yeah shit sits down. And he's like dad passed me like Turkey legs Guam. Pass me the towel. Hey mashed potatoes mashed potatoes. Yeah it's not even even the right dish shocking Kale Collard Greens. It's Oh yeah. Pass pass me that good data. That good island could because you can't light displayed wit whose Obama's half brother though it became like a awesome solomonic. fucking Maliki Yeah. The one that like Benny Johnson was ghost writing all of his tweets. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. He'll that's fucked up became like a whole like he. He became kind of a figure for a while. While I was like I gotta go back and like find his tweets. Do you remember that I remember. Well he was against Obama. Yeah he was always saying and and saying crazy shit it makes sense. Johnson was behind wild. Well he would always like tweet about like. Yeah because clearly like not his own account really you see me magic. Did you see the video of Benny Johnson. Walking out of the teepee. USA Conference where it was like this epic Sifi Info about like the left. Can't me but we're here freaking me to live of. Oh we're GONNA free. It might be worth pulling pulling up. You know what we've been really backed up on clips mostly. Because we've been doing podcasts over the phone Feels very good. I think we like we. We need to. It's not fail son because it's like a category of like it's like you have like A. There's a stick of dynamite. It might that you have to love and you can't zone. It's like Biden son Hunter Hunter Biden. Also Bill Clinton has a drunk brother of. Oh Yeah Yeah Oh yeah well I wanna find out Google of these media have to circle back Because I want to know who has a twin brother. WHO's the Junky? It's normally not something to laugh. Edit is like Mark Ruffalo imagine like meeting your in a dark alley and you see just like Mark Ruffalo basically like buying crack but him. AWW somebody big I'm in. Oh Yeah but Okay this actually. I'll find the Benny Johnson thing may be where you could just find it but Back back to Batu check Chad. Hanks feel like this is worth. I've not seen this but I can say the N Word Tom Hanks his son. Oh we'll play the we'll get to the originally the song in the video. Okay video what is it. Is it him but yeah play play just him talking but skip all the fucking TMZ Z.. Bullshit I hate the TMZ voice. So much I fucking hate. TMZ so much okay. I'll just like him talking. I think this is him. Exxon wants to be able to shut up. I I thought it would just play the song on clay juice. Okay here's the Hank's is going to be unedited. Yeah not EH. We're not saying album. Art is him holding two guns a Glock and Beretta. Dad's guns from road to but also back to my original point right now. He appears to be in like a condominium with broken. Pull down blinds. Where is he a question like this? This speaks to like the jet. Hanks lifestyles like dude. Your Dad's Tom. Hanks you should never even know one of those apartments governments look like right like it's not like a trap house it's just like I wanna like a working class like apartment. Yes like where are you. You're in like a condominium. Any of 'em boys spy Illinois here we go. ooh ooh okay. Honestly this showed how we full in this week. Oh God where he says. Hostess smoke relaxed. This kind try to good. It's good to talk. Show him. Yeah let it keep you playing. Oh my God i WanNa hear this lack of proper this gun no sense but I'll about dollar shave dead popular among so not a white boy. Plus another friend got to keep the ship as hell eighteen boys. Not One word one reeler by do I love the line of him. Telling a girl to bring the condoms and big Sean loves rapping about Khandan. Honestly that's the thing bro Bro. If that like wasn't Tom Hanks son. It wasn't like a white guy you'd be like. Yeah this is kind of this is good. Yeah sure yeah. That's studio that base. Yeah do inclined to should be able to get a good beat and producer and songwriter to make say the N.. Word should let the beat is that that's like Tom. Hanks stop his son from played that in a car. Yeah Yeah it's one thing for him to say it like in public and get in trouble Tom. Hanks didn't stop his son from sang the song on a recording. According like. There's drafts of that song like Tom. Hanks didn't stop that Lawrence Fishburne's daughter I think made porn. and Laurence Fishburne just. I went out and just bought the paid the production company to to not release it. Oh Wow oh. That's the kind of thing that you do different doesn't have Tom Hanks money you know. Yeah I remember that happening. They might have even been a sex tape from something worse. It might have been militias. No it was just like something like it was like she hates him or something like man. That's great 'em go chat but yeah I am. There's only a few guys like that really where it's like. They've been able to his Well we never played the video where he like explains reasoning but he was like He said something about like. Let me see if I can find it because I thought that he's apologized since he said that he was on a lot of drugs at the time. No Oh my God dude. Yeah I'm like really everything on the jet Hank's is this his career. He's a rapper. Rapper Colin Hanks. There's no way he's he's like made more than two thousand dollars. I bet the demand is some club. Some Club appearances and his publicist had to ask his in his actual business manager to pay. The club appears so the yeah like there's no there's no I'll say this so. He has a new project that I wasn't sure might be worth at a new project him and his boy him and his boy and they have a new aesthetic right there like wearing like a lot of cropped crop sleeve shirts with like a cool black like wide brim hats you know. Oh like he bought like a a Joshua tree hat. He's kind of like pseudo western and one thing I like. Is that on this instagram. He's wearing the same metallica. A shirt like ten times in like all these pictures. He's like constantly wearing this. Metallica ride the lightning and then at one point his his boys. This medalla brand new metallica shared all these. Yeah that was disease. He's was wearing the special. Yeah my God. He was like funny by needs to borrow that shirt. They bought it at a Celebrity auction. Yeah it's such a good That's such a good like famous guy moves to be like I'm GonNa show people actually really edgy and cooling. Where a metallic them know that? I'm a little little around the edges and punk so intimate younger homeys shirt. Here's a little preview of the new music. He's working on. Its I'd say it's like equally hilarious into different different. The song is called models sick. Boy It does. I never walked for visual reference. They're on there's a lot of like really funny cause them like Venice. They're always boardwalk there on Venice Boardwalk in the area near the skate park which is like where. If you go down there you'll see ten people shooting DSL our music because it's like if you move to L. A.. And you're struggling. That's where you go to shoot. Yeah Music video and you know my love of it. If you if you're like man I wanna I wanna go to the beach soon and then you go and it's just a bunch of people doing like fucking like bad bad like youtube social experiment videos. He's bad like fucking like yeah like Asking girls to kiss at the beach. Well there's like joey shoots all struggle music videos all like fucking skin like bad. Youtube risen like bad like aspiring musician. which is like you go? People go there to shoot those videos because they don't have like a friend with a mansion. It's funny because it's like chat definitely has like a Malibu mansion where he grew up probably that he could shoot and they also owns a large large production company. A little one. Yeah like. I'm talking producing major motion picture. Let's let's Tom Hanks I think it's GonNa play tone right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's amazing well. There's something kind of admirable because it's so most he's almost approaching it like he is a midwest those bank. I'm not even making fun of him. I'm like wilder and amazed like even if you tried your hardest to do that as is being Tom. Hanks's son I up until now I think you would like not even be able to get it like you wouldn't be able to jail. You could try but it wouldn't come off as authentic. He's he's like drug addict. Energy really is sober sober for two years or something I did. I did my research search last night old Chad Hanks era need to go find him and come up. I mean juice is okay. I don't think it's a good song necessarily but like if it was just sort of like playing in the background like somebody's playing in their car the basis like Pumpkin. When I'm listening let's play juicy? Listen just play juice for one second play. Well usually the visor certainly. Yeah yeah yeah off to pull it up again. Okay you got the vibe aid Fairfax yeah honestly like Lubar drivers playing this and I don't know that this is Tom. Hanks son just think that this is like some like the fuck. You haven't heard some okay song. Yeah like I wouldn't. I wouldn't be like Oh. This goes crazy but I wouldn't be late. Bob Your head I yeah it wouldn't be like Immediately be like Oh. This is fussy. This is better than Macklemore. Sure your high school classmates. Yeah you went to High School of macklemore. I did how big time how much three years so you knew you him. You ever played on soccer team with him. How many times have you been on this podcast without telling us this? I feel like I thought it was common knowledge. No what Jodi about it. I have a joke about it. Because it's like I've known this for year. Everybody goes to high school with a white rapper. And they get you. Just not worry about that white rapper. They don't have to be like I'll have to deal with him someday in my adulthood. I've seen my high school white rapper. Become the biggest white rapper in the world outside outside of EMINEM. That's so insane. Yeah so was he. White rapid white wrapping at the time he gave me a little description was like so. It's the nineties. Yeah so it was like very heavy. Like Wu Tang Connectik like big yellow Columbia rain jacket. Yes you know. One time. I remember we showed up at school in the same Like new boots Tommy Sport. Probably of course yeah fade BLACKSON whole nine yards. Oh blacks yeah of one hundred percent but you were kind of your. I'd just gotten over that period of my life. That was like a part of your accent for like seventh grade. Did I went to middle school. That was all black and so we just tried to fit in by black sent But then Ben was in highschool school so he's a year younger than me and Also I want to say I don't think that was better than Macklemore. Can't hold us as a good song. I I don't know I I feel like it's I don't know I like that kind of music more than like the kind of music macklemore makes share Well the audience anyway so he tries to be like a backpack rapper after high school and he's a total. He's like a liquid percocet addict and then he gets sober and starts making the current michelmore music. We know I would see a good guy. I don't think he's he's a good guy with a cool. We weren't that close yeah. He was probably like cooler than me. I mean he also really really did just. He didn't like I knew a couple of his friends but he also hung out with like he was like one of those white guys that did hang out with all black is okay. I mean like it wasn't like got put on we in the hood okay. I don't mind that Michael Moore coming of age story. Honestly I kinda like it. I think it makes me like Makomo a little more. I mean I'm a little turned off by his sincerity. Sure and his lake Virtue signal that probably is what gets most effected by Your New Story. Now that I have the information is that actually the woke. Michael Moore changes quite a bit. Yeah I think he actually came from money though he They went to third grade together. Oh is that when he thought he was yeah brainwash the kid that was like you're probably gay. Third Grade Gay Trendy Hanes served go fug we TAJ news different. That's so funny. I can't believe I didn't know that. Oh I mean well you honestly in third grade like well. I don't know we've talked about this song a lot. But in what he says. When I was in third grade I thought it was gay because I could draw but like a lot of kids are doing doing much more gay shit and now? They're not gay but they're just sort of figuring it out. I remember it. Did I ever tell you about that if he was drawing a picture of a really vivid picture of self hammock. Tom Of Finland super graphic. I control very graphic. Also good so it's like a really complicated conversation with our teacher and his parents have talent right but yeah he shouldn't know about this stuff. Yeah getting access. Yeah you shouldn't know what these very. Ah Yeah just like a very intricate fanar to Bart fucking mill house but No what was I. What was I gonNA say bory? We talked about his music Zik weighing in car. No no no Man I will say while you jog your memory. I will say this funny funny brandon. Ism Awesome is that like. We'll always be talking about like some kind of conventionally accepted as bad and brandon will have like some knowledge that throws me off off or he's just like Oh. Yeah but you know what like this one track number nine off. Their second album is actually like combat. Done the research. Is I actually do the research dude. I don't like looking. You know just revealed that. He's actually listened all all the way through to like. If I'm going to form an opinion I'm GonNa fuck in a a an informed opinion. That was what I was. Oh this is what I was going to say because we were talking about the third grade Geisha okay do dude. There's do you remember that. Show trading spaces. Yes so this one. Eight houses where they trade houses emirate decorate each other's house. They have like I never saw control. TLC White so up. I think yeah it was like it was on. TLC and they would trade houses and then one house. What like one family would decorate the other person's house and vice versa? And did they were just like they know about the kid's interest or whatever and just try to you know yeah and but like one time they did it on the Air Force Base that I lived at and they it was like one of the houses on my street and like they they like it was one of the houses exchanged Houses with this other house on there for space but the kid those on trading spaces I remember. He's specifically. Was this kid that like my sister wasn't allowed to hang out with because there is because they knew like this is when I was in was was in fourth grade so this was like yeah he was in like kindergarten or preschool. Or whatever but like like kids like parents wouldn't let their kids hang out with him because they knew that like multiple times he would like invite kids over and just be like. Oh like let's get naked in in my in my parents room like like you just like you know they touch their dicks or whatever what it's not that's like other our kids so it's like I don't know if that counts is where was what's that is in Illinois. Damn where'd you live in Illinois Zone. Scott Air Force Base. Where is that near Saint Louis? Oh I didn't even realize that like you lived in Illinois at any point that makes sense basic legendarily. Count Out Saint Louis. Yeah but it was like Nell is during Natalie's peak. Oh state lunatic. Yes so I was there from East Saint Louis yes are so close to Nikki. Glaser to brought that up. Oh is she. She's a Saint Leu Louisienne. Oh Yeah I. We've never really talked about that one. One year I I live close to you. You know I was like a kid. I remember she was. Yeah Yeah one of the first people. I like hosted for the Arlington Draft House and She was She's Kinda mean to me. What did you ED I Dunno I think it was like stupid supposed to like pick her. If you're hosting the Arlington Draft House you had to pick up. The headliner realize like slightly slightly late because I was having dinner with my family at my home where I lived and she like she said some shit. Like oh you you said you were going to be here fifteen minutes ago. That's what I say now. Yeah that was like listen you WanNa get in the car or not High Schooler. Yeah like I think it was. I was a community college student. Actually I think it was. VCU probably in a smoking smokin Pax. Vaporizer oh yeah I was like. Oh yeah I remember ordering ordering packs to my my parent's house us two hundred dollars to right. Yeah where'd you get the pods. What's this is pre pot power? This is the old old you talk about this. Is I remember that. Oh yeah because I remember yeah childish. Gambino was always smoking a pack. Oh my God we got the Internet era. I loved it if I get that. I'll be just like Donald Glow I was. I was telling Jacka you know Manama. I'm on my yeah. My Dad's voting for entry Yang Chow. Beano wow a gang gang andy. Exact reacted the exact same way. I did where he didn't know making a joke. Yeah know. My Dad doesn't know who Donald Glover actually like parents being Brought over the young. No that's wild I. There's some guys that are these two guys that are always on an overpass on the ten freeway with like honk for Andrew Yang. And nobody's ever honking and I've given them courtesy honks before it's like a benign Lyndon Larouche. That's what it is. I wouldn't do a Hong for booth. He wouldn't get a courtesy. A young for me Yeah Yang. I'm like you. I don't vote for Andrew Younger support right but I don't mind them I. I don't mind the young people anymore. I like whereas more than Mayor Pete supporters one hundred percent. I think mayor is a deep state. Plant CIA CIA CIA. But I think he's not even gay. I think your plan they made like yeah that way kisses his husband. Oh you saw me well. I said something in close friends about it really because I was he not your friend know. Andy's my close friends stop he saw. I think I've seen I will. There's like about like forty fifty people in my close friends have on instagram. And I just kinda use it to like talk shit and like say things that I could not say Forward facing just making fun of other Canadians mostly also wild stuff. I love it out seven close friends but like if somebody's in my close friends stab. It's like okay I we I appreciate all of it. I don't think you've ever at one thousand dollars. I'm always on like the I'm always saying the right side. I'm always on the right side of history anytime I've gone after anyone close to post about the one that we talk about a lot the one I sent you screen shots of. Oh Yeah actually let me show you this one. I don't you guys. We're not say we'RE NOT GONNA say it is but it's Gavin Matt's a friend of the pod right. Yeah This you haven't undercut. Oh Wow there's a typo wow big awesome take time with her period. Oh my God. He's like I'm not going to say we're not going to say his name but he is kind of he is responsible for an entire fire. Wave of COMEDIANS on instagram. Now is that close to home that guy. What's you guys know him? Yeah Oh andy knows him very yeah. Well the the problem is that he's extremely nice to me But I find all of his comedy to be like objectively like. Yeah but it's not even like he's hilarious. He's a great comic but he he's like one of these words just like makes fun of like Trans. Pb Yeah Oh you know refugees. It's like well that's when I read any refugees. Myth Brennan has a show me was and I watched them. But I'm like he you didn't I agree with me. You know he is. He's good at it. It's just like what he's making fun of like. Yeah like why. Are you making a trans people. But it's not even like good jokes. Well he's laying low he just mad. I mean I think he's like He's he's objectively like he's good at like performing. Yeah yeah but that's probably right and also we are. We are on a podcast right now. Talking about somebody that they do not know. We're it is well. That's the thing I was going to say. Is that like with the rookie surveys thing. All these people were like you know they were like whatever you call like celebrating his monologue which was like genuinely hilarious. Great Monologue ready to 'cause I I've like because of the the Ricky Gervais S- like on a crucifix like atheists thing where it's like. The Mike stand is across. You know like I was like Oh this is gonNa suck and then I watched it and I was like Oh this is very funny. Joke is very funny and it's a good monologue. Yeah it was very funny but all these people are like celebrating him. mm-hmm is like a bastion of free speech. And it's like he was making fun of millionare's to their face like that's funny. He's not like like like making fun of like people that are like already like down in society. You know what I mean like. He's not making fun of gay people people upset about. Oh No it wasn't people offset the they were celebrating it. Yeah what what he's doing is now what they're doing. He's like speaking truth to power which I think is like a bold. It sounds Corny. I'm not trying going to be like to you know sincere here. No but I know what I mean right like. He's actually like he's looking Lord's comedian. This like like making fun. One of a millionaire celebrity to their face is way different than just like making Trans Jokes onstage at a comedy club. It's not even who right. There are kind of equating. Were waiting he does like all these people. I really hadn't realized that like I have been like 'cause I have been getting to know more people people in like that. kind of like the sphere of Rogan. Yes all these people that are like talking. About how comedies being ruined by these like S J W which is really really like old topics. But they like. I hadn't realized like that it was still in the air and that people were like these fucking people ruining comedy that guy other we were talking about who you showed me that screen out of a on rogue him he was like dude like Netflix is over Bro. Yeah Yeah that's the thing is like people there on Youtube in like they watch you watch like a couple of Youtube clips and you know you're just you know whatever like you know you watch Netflix. And then you stop watching it but like you watch youtube clips you just keep you keep watching youtube. Clips thing is like Netflix. Didn't give me a special net. Netflix is over bro Netflix special. What's that they also offered him? Yeah the half hours or the quarter offered him like not a fool ourselves. Yeah Yeah this is definitely GONNA get back to US talking. About what else can we talk about. Besides a guy that the audience. It doesn't know where they know. If you know you know yeah war and fire. Yeah we are going to war we will. We'll we might not be. Why do you? Let's hear the analysis I don't know. Do you know like I know all of it. I didn't following it pretty hard. We killed we. We basically killed their secretary of defense right and they're gonNA do something they'll take their time but they'll do something and they said that they're going to do it militarily to yeah. They said they're not going to do a clandestine. We'll see we. There's not really a yeah but still analysis to give on this situation by special breaking yeah report. Yeah we're going to give some breaking breaking news but I mean I have been obsessively watching it. I've been obsessively watching that and I'm getting emotional. Overseeing Australian animals displaced by far horrible for. Yeah like a crying fucking sad. Yeah they shitload of money. heartbreaker the Koala's I called two more opportunities. Everybody whenever there's a disaster. I mean I do want to help animals and stuff. I do think it's funny. How much money gets raised for? When there's an animal in trouble versus like human people like I'm pretty sure the fundraising for the Koalas? Wallas have wildly outpaced everything else and also there's one shelter that raised ten million dollars and they had like a thirty grand goal or something like that. Fuck really the Koalas. Those are all going to be absolutely kitted after this. They're going to driving cars. Koalas in Kiffin. So I. I think it's also I'd like to be said that like probably like at least a quarter of the world is like living in the conditions that people who are displaced by these fires are leaving or worse I And like nobody ever donates to them. And everybody's like Oh these. The refugees of the fires I remember after the bad floods It might have. I don't remember Knbr which when it was it was really bad and it was like really low fundraising for all the people that were displaced which were poor. Forgive I really wish. I remembered which floods in American American news American. Yeah I remember I think it was Houston but I remember like the one fundraiser. That was crushing. Some guy. Some like conservative do was collecting dog dog food or something to the point. Where like and money for dog food? He had post. We don't need anymore like sending a two million bags of dog food like we only have eight dogs thinking like dude because there is not the fundraising for the people was low. People just WANNA fuck and help. These dogs don't want help humans in this flood. That's wild. Yeah but they got tons of dog food. I'll say that I think the qualas they have enough money for sure. Now I hope so funny keep donating. I hope there's a scam like one of the quality is just like the one quality on Kula just on some like giant desktop in a toy. Baby computer me. And my boys about e he has a giant pile of eucalyptus leap Getting his ears blow dried. I know marsupials go off. I Love Them. Big Up marsupials big to the whole marsupial thumb. But yeah what a what a way to bring in the new year. It's already already going. Great going back to war baby. I'm an enlist. You think you're the old no I'm I can still enlist. I'm thirty side. I have I I do like the attitudes People don't seem to be interested in the war which is wonderful because I mean you definitely remember how pissed off. Everybody has after nine eleven to I mean I was thinking about enlisting like like a drunken stupor. Yeah no drank forties at this park. I'm a fucking join the army I guess I mean and it was like I mean it was crazy back then and you couldn't speak out against remember what happened the Dixie chicks. Yeah and I remember. I almost got the ship dot like my very liberal college because the kids come from like the inland of Washington state and I was like trying to tell people that the Iraq war was bad and and people would like get in my face and they both my brothers in fucking Iraqi piece. I don't think he should be in Iraq at literally. Lay Liberal Arts school western Washington Western city the death cab for Cutie. Oh my God we did death cab. Go there there from that town and Gabbard Ben. Gabriel check that came with Ben. Gebert before you talk about the Iraq war would have been Gabbard win enlisted style all the troops hate as music. Yeah we got to see the real death cab there like play play postal service. Oh Man ooh them a lot of a lot of good the death cab on the. OC True Yeah Adam. Atoms rewatch goes showed rewind shiels. I think he was the show. It is yeah I think it was yeah. I think he's just rewatching it because it's a good show really just a yeah. I don't know I that. He's a bad influence. Adam yeah all the things I mean all my worst impulses on a percentage just clicked into my head. Ed Now. Yeah like over this break. Because you're there for so long and I just realized like Oh wait brandon and atoms sit and they eat lunch and give each other dating advice. It's just like the human center straight up just like you're just like passing back. Worst Information and ideas has to each other and just like approving of bad decisions telling each other just the wrong thing. Well I mean we're also like Doing Ketamine at night and it's fun yet rocks brand and you not like it. I don't do ketamine. You've never done ketamine. No I haven't either. It's used secure. Depression Medical Academy Ketamine. I don't think it's you know used in the same way. Alcohols used to cure depression. Bro The Kennedy is is really great after doing well one time surely in the worst possible circumstances does anyone could do a drug. No no longer fun Bros.. Awesome we did it and we put net flicks and just chill. Yeah Eh you know. We're on the subway. We've got some chop cheeses. Ironically watch the OC see for two hours well. There's nothing ironic about. I know. It's good it's well seasons one and two of the. OC PERFECT TV it. Adam Brody is very a underrated as an actor. What's he doing now? He's He's actually gave me movie. He's in that new movie What's it called Bos also in it. Ah The one that look promising. Young woman they look sick. I am saying would you say they showed the trailer before Uncut gems are actually. I got got it all. It's like he's made Carey Mulligan okay. Yeah go off. And he's in he's doing. Oh Sam Richardson. Isn't it Dan. Christopher Mintz Plas it's like a good cast I we've been paid for this Pug Yes all right before I value to pivoted into that. You worked your way in like I was going to be really ought brody and then yeah it was all right before uncut gems which you saw right right. I saw in the theater guy. I had got there so him. Yeah I was there for. I went into Q.. And A. With the softies in Adam Sandler the ARC light in Hollywood. But I saw that was the first time. And then I saw again in Fairfax with with my parents and my friends I want to circle back to the enlisting because I'm now my memory is getting jog too because that was a little after even when I was in high school because I was young during nine eleven but in high school I still think back to like my friends genuinely enlisting like thinking of his noble. There's still and it was really funny. 'cause you're still in high school like you try talking out of it. The Shit you tried to be like propose to them as alternatives like Nabo like. Don't do it like I swear where you're GonNa get promoted at the pizza place soon. Like whatever we like staying in a band be like dude. Your band's doing so good man like no you guys are Super Gusto. Are you at the church. You're going to go to school go to college. You're music you're going to Berkeley Duda Berkeley and major guitar major in Scream Screama. How big is a military discount? Most places thirty percent way at the fucking What's it called the huge store on the base? What's what's it called? Oh yeah there's no sales taxes and there's like price right. Yeah it's it's it rocks. Thanks but I was thinking about like sort of you know like some guy goes to miss submarine Sandwich Sore. Sure Great. There's a military discount. He's like well like I guess about enlist joins the army discount up on the big sign. IV The lake immediately gets deployed. Are the sandwich. His wife cheats on this kind of sandwich. It's the discord dischord knows this but like there's been several times where I've like been super board one week and like somehow multiple times in our discord. It's it's led to me like looking up the army reserves websites and being like I mean how series of a commitment is it like I've I've like consider it because I'm like you get like there's like tax incentives to I think it's tax free pay. I've looked up the way more insane. One which is the French Foreign Legion. I've looked at that too. I literally like weeks ago. Years old is the latest. You can sign up. It's it's a five year commitment French citizenship. But like hell yeah and warrants. What's the what's the pig one? What was that? That's why not. There's no list us. Show up a militia. You gotta go. You gotta fly to Suleimaniya in Iraq and then you just walk around until somebody's like. What are you here? Four French Foreign Legion. Though I think you need like military experience though that actually that was I will say that already served and other countries you guys go. But it's pretty pimped. You could just go fight. Infringes Francis Army. I heavenly I heavily researched why. PJ blame after that pissed. Big Episode. 'cause very depressed at the time it was like whenever get really bored and think about joining the army. I mean I think it's probably after the people during the army took like there's been a couple of weeks like dead seriously in the discord. I've been like 'cause army reserves. It's like once a month you go. I think it's a weekend and you have to do like the and stuff but you do have to go basic training which I would not fuck with. There's no way I'm too hard. My ways now to go through with like full on boot camp. Is it two months probably I would be I would last one day and just be like Bronco and home. This book and sucks. I had a friend of mine. At Eight Marines. Yeah just like in the disallows jokingly like you would be if I sign up for the army reserves thinking like dude. I'll go do push push ups. It'll be fun I'll make friends and then we start a war and sure enough we fucking did start out most likely started a war like three weeks later. I hi. It's definitely people who like did something similar and they're like God fucking Damn we're going to war and then all of a sudden I Used to get called every day after high school by a marine recruiter. Boy and I remember like I would like to lead them on because I was just home board like just talk to them and stuff. He's like we gotta get you down here or do we gotta get you D do your physical and just see what your stats see where you could go and then eventually got to like drugs and he was like have you ever smoked pot and I was like yeah smoked it and she goes like what would you think like one to five times. I was like no more than that five to ten. I was like way more than that. And then he was like just like I think we got up to like he was like more than fifty times. Like yeah definitely and then he was like all right well You know like we can work around that and then never called me. I thought you were going to say that. He was going to pull a scheme of smoked weed. You know what the greatest high of all is fighting armed battle breaking into a sweeping weeping Iraqis. Yeah Dude I Owes rewatching that cat. Williams insurgents. Bit Legitimately maybe one of the best standup bits of all that one. The insurgents thing. No I mean I'm paraphrasing but it's it's the whole thing about like nick it's this whole bit about the Iraq war and how In like they use the word insurgents to like make you know like the were killing like civilians. And he's like like none of you can tell me what the Iraq like armies. The army's uniform looks like he's like an and they use the word that they know. We're not going to understand where they're not like. Oh we killed like five five women within four children. Whatever what they say is we killed nine insurgents? And I'm at home spokane. We'd like I don't have have any insurgent friends I don't know. One insurgent antiwar thing to Steve Harvey had an amazing easing. Well yeah that that bit's like that bid is like half anti-war in half like literally see Harvey View. Like like if if I if I went down there I'd be killing. Everybody like seve done. Shot the baby. Yeah really so good. But the I mean the Cat Williams Liam's bid I think is legitimately like one of the greatest stand up bits like of all time. I had to watch it after watching a certain bad special troll that I'm not gonNA name but it was on and there's so many bad special it was a it was an Amazon special. You talking about my ex wife. Oh uh-huh Damn my ex wife has a good special and also I live in her house. So shut five star review Paid for it. It was canceled. My prime membership bought it than I am so price full price. Baby What was I gonNA say? Oh yeah I I don't know I'm thinking about the troops still. I was really afraid. I think I was really afraid. Prayed like all my friends enlisted back then I was like man like they're going to die all this stuff they eventually over there is what happened. This one's definitely can be worse. I think my friends earns locked out and they're just like super bowl. I don't know anybody that enlisted except for your dad. Well besides like yeah besides like percents that that is true up with. Yeah but none of the people my age Brennan's DAB is in charge of the drone that lucky. Because you miss that window like you were still a child for nine eleven. There's no the way they let Brennan and no I can't be in the military. They wouldn't like they're technically chat with diabetes. I don't think so. That's that's a good one. Yeah Imagining Brandon. Going in there and they're just being like no literally if you have like a diabetic or have like rheumatoid arthritis or anything like my dad was about to get drafted and so he joined the Air Force officers training and then they sent him to the as ores which are like beautiful islands off the course of Portugal because he had bad vision. Yes we just like studied Portuguese and like eight fresh seafood all of of the Vietnam War. That's awesome. Yeah Yeah that's tight. I my GRANDPA in World War Two was in World War Two and like he not when I asked him like. Would you do World War Two and he would just tell us about being on the island and like we've been a baseball field and pierced ears with dimes. We made it earings dimes. And I'm like that sounds fun. It wasn't until like much I was in my twenties that like I actually like found out but he was definitely like in heavy action. Definitely killing people and like explained his personality like like thinking back. I was like really funny that he was just telling me. It's like yeah. We played baseball. Oh for sure wasn't yeah But yeah this time around. I feel like it's refreshing to see people actually like I don't know maybe we're in a bubble but reject this war for the most part except for the troops tick tock I think that there's even like trumpers are starting to get called up because promise was all like no war. You know. We're going to get out of both these other endless wars. Yeah I mean. There's just no escape from from this. It's going to be interesting. Yep only time will tell John. Bolton's advocating to testify before Senate go looking can even stash. You're gonNA Enlist Brennan them. New still hold on idol qualify. What if there's a I would say podcast the army oh we've talked about doing a USO troupes in the families we have in there? I'm sure there are troops. I would like to think it'd be pretty sick if there was a troop overseas listening right. Yes show me out in the discord if you are in Afghanistan at a would of those basic called that are like you're if you're in Afghanistan Iraq hit the discord. We will give you the instructions. We'll give you coding instructor. Tell us if they have if they have Captagon jewel pods send them to us. Afghan like Amphetamine Isis guys use on that. piss pig episode of Troppo Napa. He was talking about how when the warriors are like the Chinese Muslims or like What like Chad Hanks? Yeah Yeah exactly When they take captagon you'd be shooting them and they wouldn't stop running Razi? It's like overlord like fallen angel. Dust low yeah like just taking hits. It's and listens also trying to give me some of that. Yeah to study on Jaggery listen CAL state. La He's going there you're I mean dude. I've I've had a couple of weeks. Ross so bored. I almost went back to school. I wanted to go to trade school. I talked to the discord. I happen been bored and I was thinking about how funny it would be to work at the starbucks cal state. La full-time Arista at the CAL state La starbucks. I've founded by doing shit like that too but then again we talked about you. Go back to trade school. I go back to state school. Rodney dangerfield style. You should get a go fund me to go reach a certain like five hundred K.. You'll go to Chico state for one year the GO-TO UCLA. Chico state is like the route. It's like couches on fire in front of. That'd be so funny to see Brandon there. Yeah you have to join a frat too. I was I was rewatching. Would not rewatching watching for the first time there's Todd Phillips documentary from the nineties. It's like right after his documentary his documentary about like frat houses of the village like never aired on Hbo uh-huh but the scene some of its gnarly. Yeah that was like that really was a fucking. I saw him talk. Joker sure yeah and he was so funny shit like a hilarious person yet. Judo's rewatching road trip when he is sucking on that secondhand Elizabeth Smart's toews. It has a cameo in road trip but documentaries bonkers. I think I've seen it on Youtube. Is it like edited or is it like just kind of footage you jump. Oh I think it's like the full like edited version of guys have seen it. Yeah I you know. I've talked about this before you hate hate frats love Sororities guy female. ooh If you joined if you like applied to a state school got in and promised to Russia frat for the podcast and like on patriotic. Yeah I think the Patriots would go up enough that it would pay your tuition. Yeah we need. Yeah we need. We did to hit a certain threats goal for joining State School. Frat though that would we'd need like fifty K.. That's it no. We need a hundred a hundred K.. Yeah I think we could make this happen to enlist in the army though already. I actually did hit that through school. Because that's already is a goal that I have to enlist in the Military Ninety Ninety K.. which dude I would try to? I would try yeah at ninety. I'm a man of my word I might reject me. I do think you know I do think frats are kind of. It's it's a it's a hub for. It feels archaic. Feels like an archaic fucking you know disgusting discussing the toxic Masculinity fucking whatever but then you know sometimes I do these colleges and Sorority girls come to the shows and they they're cool feminists. They're great. I I love them and then you're like I have a place to stay. I just WanNa there's a war going on I really I sleep alone scares the school. Didn't really give me a place to stay. It's weird I'd never I need to call. I've it really feminine. Like just like to be around energy me while this is all happening in the quad right now. uh-huh you're you're eating Frisbee. I'm really exhausted from doing that. One show like uh-huh schools who had it still has the tags. Oh God I need to rest bed. SORORITIES geordies lay down. I don't have a ride. I think please please. I need to see an absolute ten. Get Sick. Where's the Are there any time here. Please please. I need if there's if there are any barstools smoke shows you need medical assistance for say. Oh speaking which did you read that article. It's very very interesting cool. Did you guys talk about it already. Know we talked about it a little bit with. Ezra write that off pod. Maybe off pod. But that Shit's crazy guy holding a gun to a man's head like open up go daddy dot com and happen. Yeah is literally. Yeah basically nuts for the listeners. Who did not read this It was actually a good read. It was like okay so there was a guy who started a INSTAGRAM account. That blew up the phrase do it for state I guess which is like equivalent of Saturday's for the boys I think that type of thing and then another guy but it was not officially coin. It's not like a bar or something and he was trying to build a little empire than somebody else just like started building on fire. Well I mean it was just. He bought the domain. Do it for state. Yeah the other Guy Yeah. It was just like hey. This is like a catchphrase going on online. I'm going to build a dude for state company. Yeah and then the state something. Yeah they're both capitalizing on this. The one guy who becomes important later actually kind of like was the originator originator of the Fraser. His instagram was yeah and they started like beefing and stuff and it blew up to the point. Where like the second guy the kid owned the the URL and the dude like hired his cousin as a Hitman? Like who recently got out prison. I think to like go over to the guy's house put a gun to his head and transfer the go. Daddy don't I just loved easy to do but I also just love the idea that he thought that he would get away with it. Oh yeah like like the the kid would be like this is irreversible. Yeah Yeah you can't answer it back and like like as if he wouldn't immediately go to the police. Yeah Oh man mob rules keep it unofficial. So I'm not going to SNITCH. I'm a business major. Yes that was crazy. Yeah so I guess there's both going to jail. Oh now are they both know now not having money. Yeah well yeah. You're going to jail for you. You almost murdered wanted a guy and You're going to jail because bitch joe main squatting air. The prosecution finds you lame name. I think you need to do it for state and sign up. Sign up for the Army Armie College for College. Yes or collage or collage. Yeah Yeah who. Well I think I think that's enough of this. I I got a I got to get some more college gigs. Before the semester's over yeah you gotTa make sure because like the sororities like a lot of them are like all of that good energy and you need to go in there like ladies. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I got A on campus. I'm trying to referees. Some pillow fights sir. Please please campus emphas- fully like trying to promote like unofficial comedy shows outside of sorority houses. Authority House is trying to pitch them. Listen listen nobody tells nobody books me at this school thought stopping me from hanging out of yes nine. One one There's a guy who that looks a lot like Elliot Rodgers trying to get into our heart and we talked about this. We talked about this. The thing is literally like Elliot Rodger just like Bro. He was clouded pro. That's the thing thing is if Elliot Rodger like if he fucking new if he just like was good at posting and like maybe like the dot good at comedy or whatever ever instead of like doing you know getting into like you know racism and like hating women or whatever If he just like got his comedy chops up got clouded. Yeah if he was. If Elliot Rodger was dripping clout he would have gotten so much pussy and looked good path and now he's you know like if you yeah joined the you know. The the workforce the only guys if you live in La this Sunday at the satellite. Come to the satellite light My monthly show back. I'm back in. La this Sunday got a great show This Sunday and then also so the Lifeblood Yeah January twenty fourth. I'm going to be doing stand up at. SF Sketch fast at Swedish Hall. And then the next day we're doing a live have pod at Gateway Theatre also esab sketch fast and we'll have links to those in the descript. That's sick so yes sketch fest. Next week Yeah not next week in two weeks you better to walk in that heavy burden on the God damned on the God damn through January twenty fifth. SF SKETCH FEST. Part of the Goddamn comedy jam. Yes live live pod at SS sketchpads and Santa showed us up. Sketch fest Yeah buy tickets is to those. If you live in San Francisco and have plugs Andy. Yeah I'll be at The comedy loft in Lincoln Nebraska. If you go to I think that's University of Nebraska. I think that's probably what's there but it's like the. I'll be there Valentine's Day next week if you have any Valentine's Day if you have any albertans up there in Calgary albeit the lap shop. Wow where's your Is your girl GonNa come to. I think Lincoln nebraska-lincoln because it's Valentine's keep you away from the smoke shows. Yes she does. I do on Valentine's Day two We've been fire extinguishing been been bumping. Mike's when we are on the road together fun his his eager congratulate honestly. Congratulations on having a girlfriend now. Thanks man looking happy. I I'm doing well. I feel very normally gonNA plug your girlfriend. My girlfriend is Rosebud Baker. She's GonNa definitely lap me a couple of times uh-huh Check out our new podcast. I think she announced it today. yeah just what we need another podcast was. It's all about smoke shows uh-huh Oh oh yeah all right by us.

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