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"Gagging For Redemption" (w/ Paul W. Downs & Lucia Aniello)


Hi, I'm Larry. Oh. And do you might know mind voice from legendary podcasts such as Las culture recess seek treatment or the unofficial expert. Well, guess what bitch? I'm coming with my podcast. It's called what makes you sing and it premiers on forever dolled on April thirtieth that's Tuesday bitch every Tuesday morning after that you'll wake up to my new podcast episode in your inbox. And what's my podcast? I'll tell you. It's a comedy podcast about music where I invite a comedian actor musician to come into the studio in talk about the music that made their lives and me, and my live in-studio accompanist James Harvey are going to sing songs with that guest is an amazing time. Stick around to the end of this episode where you will hear an exclusive first clip for my premiere episode with Benito Skinner known on Instagram as Benny drama seven. It is an amazing episode, and you're gonna love it. So again, this is premiering Tuesday, April thirtieth on forever dodge. So subscribe on apple podcasts. Spotify wherever you get your podcast. Oh while you're at rate. In review? Okay. As we say in music class. Oh, I see. Bullet look over there is that. Less coach. Ding Dong, less culture, recess call. We're gonna take me to task on some things. Yeah. I hate that. You always say how tired you? I hate the I always tired of it. So interesting. It's so bad. It's so dumb. Why do people do it? Why do I do it? It's I would even go as far as I don't think. So Honey people who their thing is how tires they are. And that's you. And I'm so sad to see that's become your identity ears so much more than that. I'm not saying, it's my identity who sing it's my identity. I am you're saying it so much you've been so tired. Yeah. I don't I. But I am. I'm worried tired talk about oh, I'm worried that. It is it is becoming. You're you're no notation. I'm worried that it's gonna it's it's portending something bad. Let's pretend. I'm worried it's a disease. Okay. Stop because I I so I said to Boeing stop talking about how tired you are. And he looks at me, and he's like sunk sunk down on the couch, and he goes what if I have something and I said well bitch you are currently on prep which her regular checkups. So I'm just saying you never you're by the way, everyone bone Ewing's on prep style. Just say, he's an LA. He's on. That'd be New York zoo telling all about would be on tour on prep. Look, I think you're fine. But here's the thing is it's like everyone's tired when I know. Everyone's time literally everyone is tired. But I just bit vir- for this particular trip. It's like it's that whole millennial burnout thing where there's no boundary between work and relaxation in like that's just what it's become. So I'm in. So I've been worn out by not working at a high energy. Yeah. Maybe makes you tired. It's like when when a when a dog that's a little bit older. No, shade sees a younger dog that has a lot more energy. It's like already done you can tell the the older it's like getting more tired just by watching. What's happening? I don't wanna be that older dog though. I wanna be I wanna be the sprightly thing. Anyway, I can I say why my happy. Yes. You went to the bathroom and an. An hot associated producer Alex hot associated Alec. I'm so sorry. He said he was going to Disneyland. Yes. And I said, okay, cool. Let me play on the show. Can I read this time bow Yan got back from the restroom? I had planned his Disney day. I'm just gonna read this entire list that filled up. This is good for everyone str- 'cause I just went for my birthday. So this is this is good for everyone started. Disneyland star tours slash be second. This is to say that you have bought a multiparty pass with max pass that allows you to fast pass option right now. There were okay star towards slash space mountain depending on what time right fast pass radio springs. Racer cars Matterhorn bobsleds big thunder mountain. This is all just an order. I know that the Matterhorn thematically is very close to the big thunder mountain. But just you know, for way times in for functionality where we're doing them both in a okay, so big undermine asterisk by this time. You may be able to to fast pass guard the galaxy. Mission break or Murli tire terrorist impis next haunted mansion NASA splash mountain parenthetical. You may have to fast this if it's warm famously if it's warm the flu rides we'll have a longer, wait. Yeah. This is why I say that in the print print that ical all caps lunch network. Head over to California adventure, parental the other part. This is the other park asterisk by this time, you may be able to fast pass in credit coaster. You may okay next radiator springs racers gardens of the galaxy credit coaster, and then a big bracket not necessarily in this order for these three depends on fast past ration- time. Yes, that's clear. We've already we've already maxed at our four fast passes, though. I'm no way touch. This. Don't touch those address fast, passive ability locates should be pretty open for everything. Now accepts Soren. You may have to wait for Soren parenthetical worth it. I waited an hour for soaring, and it was worth it address. Fast passed away midway mania fast passed around this time continually. Chuck for fast passability. There are must these. These are must put them in quotes because they're not really pirates of the Caribbean. Sorry, shady, but I don't like it buzz light year, Lester and my question. My question, Mark, whatever fantasyland stuff those little trinkets. Yeah. Okay. But that's that's that's Tinder area. And I think you're going to have a great fucking day. I the people that I took with me and my birthday joking booster. Greta title, minutes editor at had all been their first time at Disneyland. And they will never go without me. Now, that's what they said. It's my dream to. I think I missed my career Libya specifically. Mainstream theme park like planner. I mean, can I say something there's a hole in the market and use a hole in the market have to fill that hole who I bet it's fun at Disneyland. Our gas our guests, but but one just shook his head and that makes me feel like maybe not. But I feel like I would crack right open. It does Newland crack crack it's him. Wait a minute Disneyland. I feel like you just love it but him I from the head from the shake of I don't know. We'll we'll get into it. But this is constantly this is your litmus test for if we can if we can be friends yet, really connect. Okay. Well, I we you and I have already connected to so many. We've already. I have already connected. With her guests. Yeah. That's what I'm setting. We've connected. So been so many ways been directed by one of our guests. Yes. And I was very jealous because this is a this is a director entertain of the millennium of the Malays. Sorry. I didn't mean to laugh. She wins today. She wins the director of the millennium. This is this is pretty prints. It out your Britney Spears at the VM as when she called when Michael Jackson thought he was getting the artists of the millennium award because Britney Spears presenting said, I consider him to be the artist of the millennium. And then he misheard mistook that to be. It was like the video vanguard award. Right. That is the situation we're saying we're saying one of our guests. She's Michael and I'm Brittany with tracks. We're both more dire straits anyway. Okay. Well, these guests it to me, and I even emailed the Gus after they did I don't think so Honey because I'm such a fan, and it was so that they were at the and. Oh, and this is the gag is that. Which one of our guests was directing and then in between takes she was like when a pollen coming on. I was like I literally said whenever of all that trash I talked about Disneyland for two minutes. I felt I felt really conscious. I've sounded like an idiot ninety percent of the time. But here's the thing. I still feel connection is still feel because also poli was my favorite's get hardly really was and stop stop it. It really was before you guys came in. We watch real housewives of south Boston. So the same on Saint Patrick's Day, we watch say path Patrick's Day and famously I think view best sketch of all time is one of our guests. No, one of playing Robin from Batman and Robin. Oh my gosh. Forget about the mainstream film made moved onto baby rough night is what me and my family watched on thanksgiving, and we loved it. And guess it was there who one of the stars of the film, Zoe Kravitz, not just kidding. Oh. Was there? He's out there over love mo-, fry PASOK was there. Yeah. And is there he was not there for him. He's always invited though. But he MO was filling in for my sister for things she came over to the Rogers. He's so good. And my parents were so taken with her. We have to watch most movie and that was rough night. We had a great time, that's useful. And that was the second unit never watch movies on planes. I never want to on planes. But you did so Saraf night on a plane. I was like made the whole experience. I was like you've got I was like do people know how good this movie is I like wanted to tell people, and I was like, sir. You have to watch this move was, sir. Like the flight attendant? Yes. And he was just it wasn't the pilot. He had to do. He was he had a job to do. But yeah, he loved them so much please don't have in no interest in in interrupting. Come on. We love that so much, please. Welcome into your ears. Paul w. Wow. Really real pleasure said like I was like winter we coming on. This is not this is not just a win. This is a promise. This believable to a threat. This is coming on. And we are coming on and turned on. Quick origin. Actually. Yes. I want to do it. Oh well. The comment are different. So, but they're not this is because I know I know you go ahead. Go ahead. Okay. Great. The version of what we just cut it out this year is I don't know twenties. Fifteen twenty sixteen my gosh. My gosh. Lower East Side. Set the scene onset broad city broad city comedy central. So I'd seen Boeing audition for, you know, sundry things. Catty salesclerk hurt that. We had whatever it was brought city. So we were already knew he was coming in. But I didn't know of him. I just had known him for the dish in but he comes on to set. And with after the first take I don't know if you remember this after the first take you were so fucking funny. I literally wit said came up to you having already met you. And who are you? Her actually did that I said who are you? And then we changed some stuff later in the scene ended up getting cut that had you in the stretcher in the end because I was like more more. But it is the same. Okay. It's the same story. I came to set she was like, wait till you see this. Truly joke on set that day. You before I saw take already. Someone on. Joke. No, I remember I was sitting with with with with with background people. And we were just hanging out. And that little pop up space. I saw hall walk in and it was like that's Paul W down. And I we love and and he looked at me and smiled, and it was like, oh, and like, and he seems like such a nice person. And then right before I left right before right after I wrapped I made was so this person anybody went up to Chiba sitting with with Alana video village named went up to the most like before I go, I just have to tell you. I fucking love real housewives of sambas. All right. So I decided love Polly love it was that Boston. And then you and then you said. Or you said and. Yeah. Well, like, you said like, yeah. We'll thanks a lot or something that you went into the accident. And it was like, a lovely. Oh, she dropped in. Was the point of our board. And while I mean that was back from set glowing that day, I was so happy, and I went to rice to register reward myself. I love rice, Richard. What is oh, it's the rice. It's the rice pudding person. You don't have to be. Okay. Riches is transcends rice Laura of restaurants. No, uh-huh. The lower is this. Yeah. I believe it's the nineties when it first opened it was opened as a mop front. A lot like laundering money laundering money. But then the rice pudding was too damn good. It will not go away. It wasn't. It was making too much money wasn't working as a front because the rice pudding was so good. It is so good. And so it doesn't that help the laundering scheme. You would think I think it doesn't never watch breaking bad. Just kidding. This is literally the plot of small time crooks. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly, what are y'all in movie with Tracey Ullman network show? Bad girls, or whatever. No, we're talking about the Woody film. Which you brought us here. Just kidding, wait. And so the rice pudding was literally too good. I believe that's what happened. I think they had to buy out the mobsters or something. And so now, it's just it. It exists free clear. That's fun. That's a victory for food. It is food can be any conquer all can conquer. All. Got us out of this mess where? This speaking in the midst, the no this administration still happening sage. I never thought we'd be here. I never. That's the first time that's ever been sent to the one of the reasons I really like hopper hot associate producer Alec is. Because I came in here just now and he was watching Pete Buddha. Judge video Slough okay with that. Well with it. That guy's great met him, very briefly where Hoffa no we. We'd just met him is great so far so good. It was like at a backstage of. I mean, I don't need to. But don't know. Josh stage. Larry King hunting. Doesn't age. Well, no, no. I know it doesn't h well. Well, just that reference because truly rose. Goes h well, Larry great. And he's sharp as hell. Yes. It doesn't age at all. I feel he's been one hundred forty. Yeah. He's constantly like in that like what's the boss from the Simpsons? Oh of Smith. The the system Mr. burns. Mr. burns like Turnley, ancient. Yes. But always with. That's the thing. He can never look worse. You know? So he break worse. Exactly. He's really, yeah. Yeah. He likes set his image at like eighty and they were like, this is like Sheikh for you. Right. So they've preserved him him. Yes. Which which we love. Oh my God. I we really were just on a fun. Polly Lou little kick or little little viewing party on guys. We're like that was like above average like that was like the early days of above average. I was also a channel partner, but like they didn't make our videos. But they seem to make a lot of yours. And I was like, well, that's because they're really fucking good. Thanks. That was a fun time was just moved to LA. And we just got to make stuff and this, and we're actually like now trying to get back to that place. Just being able to be like, here's a fun dumb idea. We want to just go make it, and it doesn't have stakes for us. And it was a really, yeah. It was fun. And you know, actually, I think a Alana produced some of those real housewives 'cause she was staying with us at the time hitching broad city sleeping on our cow and truly like holding a boom L. Like being like, okay, she's AD as well. Like, it was it was very, but it was a really fun time to be worn every handset. I believe that too. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That is a thing though. It's like as as your careers like start to get bigger and like things get more. You kind of do you lose the opportunity to do whatever the fuck. Yes. And that's it. Then you kind of like, oh, I missed that time. But also at that time, you were fully I was waiting tables and like miserable. Like, how am I going to find my next chair? But also you did have freedom to do kind of whatever the fuck. Yeah. And I think I think it makes you braver to there's eyeballs it's like, whatever. Yeah. No. Is that time for that? Right. And I don't know does it will loop back around that kind of weird. It was weird was a great time of dislike all the stuff sort of whatever. Whatever I always think to myself like our people that are super successful. Are they actually able to do whatever they want like? But no, I don't think. So I think it depends because sometimes you look at I don't know sometimes. And this hasn't happened now for years, but I remember I used to watch like Ben Stiller at the Oscars. And I was like no he didn't ask. Anybody? Yeah. He's just doing this thing. And I'm not I'm judgment good or bad. I'm just like he's doing whatever he wants. So I think sometimes you get permission. But I don't know. But you gotta be Stiller. Yeah. Got a, unfortunately Steeler. One of the correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like the prevailing narrative of broad city, especially when it first started out was that it was like the, and especially the writer's room was just like pretty like it was just like self taught. It was these peon who liking came together. And they were just like we'll figure this out together and ended up being this thing that like broke open all these just it's just like was so new and so cool like that was what ended up sort of giving it its identity, and like and like Christmas saying the other day that it was a lot of stories from your life about like be like being in New York and being young and like all of them every single every single thing happened to either one of us or somebody. We know something that happened to all of us. And that kind of made it feel like, oh, the this is our story has to be other people story. Yeah. And it was true of the in the room to people would be like, oh, I got locked out in this. And they're like I got locked out. And then I got locked out in this. So everyone had those twenties Bobo stories. Yeah. I do think. That's why people were like. Oh. Yeah. That is New York because it really was. Yeah. It's like a like a surreal like that. Was it takes some sort of like drug, and then she's like, adding like a full she's like a full day. And she sees that like this is season one to two she's Brian. Yeah. That's him. Okay. That like really stroke to me, just like having one cold brew. That's a little bit of taffy. Creatures like, and I'm in Ghana's. And you have painted on eyebrows. Yeah. For some reason yet. But like actually that from that that crack thing that Ilana cooks. Yeah. Cooked ones for the made me we had to work. So she ate it. Yes. Was like I'm so high went to bed we woke up the next day to go shoot back. But even a little more go for it. We actually did. So I ate it. And then I was going to go watch Paul do a show at gentrify. Remember? And so, but I was so absolutely out of my mind because she actually had me do actually eat we like actual we that she's baked into it. But like you're just eating we she has a name for was the name for oh shoot. I should know it. But it's edibles though, those things can get crazy. She was laughing. Also cries I forget what you did something happened. And there was this moment of silence, and I was like what? She was she was out of it. I had to leave early. Her home. She went to bed and then she woke up the next day. And we we were making short, and I was like I had been like for like a year being like Paul I want to be in front of the camera to and so finally he's like, okay, let's do it. And so we'd written short that. I was going to be in woke up the next morning to be in that shore. So she woke up, and she said Ono still so high from the thing that she serves abbey in that episode that causes the glass, and and then you had that experience. You cannot just fuck around with edibles. No, I swear to God one time I had an edible that was like cooked by someone at work, and like it was like a brownie. And I thought oh, I mean, it's like, Alex who cares, and I ate it. And I when I tell you, I I remember I ate it at work. I worked at Brooklyn crab in red hook. And we went to this restaurant like probably in go on us. And I remember I like sat down at order food took once of my red wine was like, oh, I have to leave right now or I'll die. Yeah. I remember I left like. And I I lived pretty close around there. I somehow made it to my apartment. I remember thinking seven or eight times I have to face down on the street. I only get there late in my bed. But I realize I didn't wanna leave the kind of high where you're like, you don't know whether you want music on not late walk around. I what happened in the wizard of Oz with the tornado. And it felt like a giant picked up my bedroom through it, and I was projectile vomiting. This isn't edible this marijuana. Yeah. Alex, alex. And now, he's the GM of that place. Real. You up when you swing by toxic religion. Go there. Oh, wow. See said, Brooklyn crab zipper. I love the institution love crab. But but but it's that thing of like what we were both servers together. And he did this shitty thing one time where like it was like almost ten pm in the restaurant was closing at nine fifty pm table walked in. And he said to the hostess don't give me that table and she was scared of him. So she gave it to someone else. And I was like you're a piece of shit that sucks. Like I got in his face. And was like you suck to work with. You're not like like, this is really like that was fucked up. What you did? And I see it and like, I'm not afraid of you. And then he became GM. Wow. So justice. Okay. That's standing. That's why you just shut your restaurant. Oh, this is just a job. But I always got like very involved socially at my restaurant, dry, relay service jobs. Everybody does I mean for me that happened like everybody right after we would end especially for the weekend would immediately go and spend half the money. They just made shrinks, and then it'd be like this weird little. Of who was going to hook up with you it became a community. Yeah. Did you wait tables? Elliot, I did too. I waited at tavern on the green. Wow. And one central park south in the plaza hotel. Oh, where you don't get tips because it's all like tourists. You know, it's like your interest. And so I did not make I thought it would make a ton there and g those like nice restaurants often. They're traps. Yes. Oh, yeah. For the people working. Yeah. You think it's gonna be oh, it's gonna be great tips. And it's really not know how did you work there for for a summer, and then I worked at tavern for summer. And I it was like one hundred degrees in New York in the summer, and you have to wear like a tuxedo in in the outdoors. So I I one day at the end of my shift walked off with the tuxedo. Never went back. I was how. I did I had a mint green very short tuxedo jacket. Yeah. Wants to borrow. Wants to borrow could be I should wear it to something really should. And also I remember justifying having like bizarre closed because like sketch comedy, it's a prop plea the amount of the amount of bizarre props. We have do you know that we have storage container in Hollywood. That's whereas, you know, amazing. We will give us give us a little walk through. Well. Because of the wicks. Melting or getting flat so air condition culture number ninety three take care of your way. Truly. Yeah. Really? What's what's what's how do you individually contain them 'cause coal does the Donut? Boxes, the cakes. Wow. That's he's serious. Like, very expensive remarks his or ours are like continuous or plastic case. Like, you know, kinda just in that little bag. Yeah. Try. Yeah. We have to go back to sketch. Two two. To have a huge, Ben, and I refuse to get rid of it for that reason. I think I have a few bags of like men green tuxedos, and like wigs that are never used, but I won't give him away. Yeah. Prop guns just in just this out west? Did you ever like travel to sketch festivals? And like like, of course, every sketching like two thousand nine to two thousand thirteen had guns yet. Well, I had a I was doing my second solo show. Sad sentence. My second solo show. It used to be and blown downs full blown down. Thank you. And I had a a suitcase full of props which included a gun a soft dildo. Baby doll all kinds of like, very very very 'cause I the baby wanted it to look like a real baby. So it was very I got it. I got it and go on was I got on us. And it was scary. Like, it was for, you know, I don't even know who buys these things. Yeah. Yeah. Baby. And we went we did the show such a smash hits huge success that we went out afterward. Celebrate we had some food favor restaurant now closed, and when we got back to the place where we're staying. I realized I left that suitcase with everything in the cab. Oh, and we had a we had a show in LA. Appreciate the we. Yes. We we had a show we had to come back to LA to do it in in LA. So I had to track down. I got the receipt. I Google till I found a PDF of a spreadsheet top taxi Madera taxi medallions found this person's name and number called his home. Whatever his home called his home. All this. I had to go through three people until somebody who spoke English was like, oh, you're looking for my uncle he dropped your suitcase in Williamsburg at the police station earned green point. I went there. When I went there. They were like. They went back, and they had everything that evidence backs because it was like weird ass like dildos industrial totally story. And I was like, okay. This is only half it. Where's the rest? I need my wigs. And I need my my MTV Europe teacher, and they were like the rest of it was sent to evidence holding in queens, is is the most in liens. We went to an evidence storage locker which they were closing. Because by the time, we got there. I it was I took hours to get there. It was really. But we got mostly all of that. I got almost all of that. Remember, what was missing by? What you didn't get back? I think it was some guy like it was. Jay MTV. I remember I remember. It'll it'll it'll round the corner again, it'll come back. It's like fascism it'll be like sewing silence. Like whenever anyway that was sad. Whenever whenever whenever is like stressed out at work. I'm like, we'll just remember it's wigs like that's good. That's good. So reductive because Jodi is. We love Jodi, Jodi. You know listener I'm gonna ask you a question that I often ask myself. And that's this question. 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Let's going to achieve verse road rules. Okay. Rules and not real world. Yes. Why not why not real world? Okay. Real world. Great love it. It got me in. Yeah. And I'm grateful for that. Thank you. But road rules showed me the world. Wow. Wow. You're only. That's exactly right. And then we were opening the world, but still we're still closed road. Rules showed me it should me anything. I never been to, you know, Tucson Arizona never been to the Caribbean. I'd never been to these places the world. Is it expanded cheap places to song? And so I really felt like I was able to see the see the world through the eyes of people who were older than me, but not dramatically older than me. And they were like fumbling and dumb, and like falling in love and doing stupid things and getting drunk and making out hot tubs. Which was like sounds good. But there were all hot beautiful people. And but they were also I don't know I felt like showing me the world in a way that felt like documentary without being boring. Yeah. And I loved it. And I became obsessed with road rules. And I would like I where I grew up. Western Massachusetts has a lot of colleges. And so this was really at the height of road rules was when I was like in middle school and high school, and so a lot of the people from road rules would do speaking tours afterwards. Yes. Exactly umass. Amherst myth called Hampshire. It depends on who they were like, you know, some people would talk about drinking problems or whatever it was specific like the way they got in their calls, then what they would continue to talk about. But in a way that actually was cool, and I go and like what watch them and sometimes like talk to them afterwards. If I could or whatever became this Socratic thing for you where you like. Like really like I was going to say, yes. Lehto? If we want to take it a step further, and we do do you. We did. The last step. Well, I don't know about the last. That when I went to college. I kind of thought what I was going to do with my life was try to create something that was in the realm of road rules in that it would kind of explore youth culture around the world because I was fascinated by it, and I wasn't exactly like never left. My town. Like, I traveled a fair amount, but not as extensively as I would have liked to. And so I really thought I was going to end up doing something that was I guess it turned out to be vice. So they got me there. But but I really was really excited about that. That's kind of what I thought I was going to do, you know, it wasn't exactly like comedy or directing or performance, obviously, which I got to later, but but that is really actually what I thought I was going to do with my life. And it was kind of inspired by my love of road rules. They also like road rules and also real world. What I appreciate about them is they also exposed a lot of LGBTQ people. Before anyone else? Of course, there's like famously conical Pedro. And that was also like an important like step in the aids story. I think huge but also there every season, and I actually curious to watch it again nab because I want to know how much of a straight gays. We're seeing it through and how much it holds up, but just like the representation period of and guess famously Kerama to now on no world. He was yes. And the narrative around him in his season of the real world was like what do you mean? This like straight seeming black guy is gay like I'd be interested to see it now. But the two straight like white meat heads were like. But, but it was like, I guess important for many people liked those two dudes to see someone like this. And that is I guess what I really liked about those shows in the beginning. And then it felt kinda like or you just like putting a bunch of different people together that you know, we're gonna fight because that's why things, but it was important for Las Vegas a turning point Las Vegas was it's actually relocate your number one hundred and three Las Vegas was a turning points. But prior to that and that was the Tristesse shell. But prior to that it was actually just a bunch of interesting people who are figuring it out. And then we're like, we're types and after that it just became like indie film of real real world it became like don't they have like Xs come in now. There's mixed to make like physically fight each other. It's become much more gladiator. And it's like we found a racist and someone black put them in a house and see what happens, right? Yeah. It's very crazy but road rules and bikes that was it did add that travel like it is like for me growing up like similar like my world was pretty small. I would imagine you stayed in western Massachusetts a lot. I because I was on Long Island all the time. We never went to anywhere except Orlando. But seeing the world was like, well, that's kind of interesting that there's a whole big road out there. And then the challenge to watch. Challenge. I did. I was I was a little lesson to the chance. But of course, kidding. If I say. If I say, oh speaking. Like, a comedian famous comedian now, I think so what's right? I think just like like you how website that's like has. Comedy dot com. Or so. Yeah. Look at us, please. Oh my God. That's a good one. But I never watched road rules didn't cable, but like we didn't have cable today's. But how did I had a general of these things? But the only the only thing I have to add conversation is that we there was such a cultural locus of a moment when people making out in tubs was like the coolest thing the posse on TV. That was true shell that was true shallan, Stephen. Yes. And that was sh-. Remember there was like a pregnancy scare. Yeah. Wow. That was a good one. That was for that season. Yes. You send Chris Kelly. Also turns out also for that sees way Chris Kelly was almost the gay on. They met their best friend. Yeah. That's my origin. Oh, yeah. I didn't get that far didn't person. Yes person. I didn't get very far. But my thing I had like my because I was well versed in this. And so I came in with like, here's my point. Here's my what makes me need. Just eighteen. Okay. Cool. How young yes? And soon at the moment that struck that guy was. Absolutely. Yeah. I was like, okay. I I mean, I don't need to to my whole story, but I dropped out of high school and take my GED. But then I was a freshman. I was my first year Columbia transferred in I played tennis. But I was like, I'm also virgin. Things I was going. Great. You just don't know with me kind of my thing. And I didn't get I didn't get very far soon. I I met. Honestly, maybe the first few months, I knew you show dish to be VJ and MTV I'd gotten to kind of far on that one. I remember we met in the day drink, and you were going to. Yeah. Yeah. That one I originally did send in a tape, and then I got called in a bit. But they kept being like you need to be a little more excited and a little bit more like a feet, and I was like way. That's not what I'm, sir. I also be VJ. Oh, they told me to tone it down. I was like I saw I might natural like tell me this every single audition. They're like cool, and they'll do it normal. So now. Duo honestly that would have been good. What a funny the other two. That's good yin Yang. That's right. The other two should be. Mike about with the other two should be. Oh my God. Post bright after like the Simon Rex era of things this way past Simon rights Rex but right around when his solo tape came this is what right around off taught whole Simon Rex inspiration for about city storyline rear. What's right? Yes. A fantastic are can take very little credit. I can't take any relief. No. Except for except for the. I mean, a lot of that stuff was like was just like Simon Rex like on a pool flow, and they just had the trae on them. I was like on towels. And yeah, I believe he was on his back in a towel on his back in it's outside of the pool and like sort of like disassociating. Yeah. Oh, this is sad. But I'm still near. It was the native American like his soul was being taken. Oh, they were right about that. With him. Okay. Let's we wanna Paul wholesome. Culture was for you. Wow. I think honestly, the thing that I used to watch that I think no one when I was like thirteen washed was absolutely fabulous. That was my thing. About it was just like, I think this is funny. And I don't know why specific thing was I was like, I don't get it. I love it, you know, and the audience was so into it. And even just in the translation of the language. I was like what are they talking about? But I knew I liked the energy. And I knew I liked it. And I was like I wanted to be in. There are certain things that you get you get like saffy, you got you know, you get saffy and pets you get their dynamics. It's clear. I wasn't like, you know. Yeah. Fully out. I got some of it. I was like I understood. But yeah, I think that was it. Yeah. Little things like that. Like, it's like you. You wanna hear it? But you don't know why or watch it for I say here because mine was I would listen to Margaret show stand up out understanding Singa. Yeah. I knew that. It was for me. Yeah. Yeah. I know this joke about like fucking, but sex is for me, even though I don't know yet. I right. But says, you know, I just was like it's those things that you connect to. And you're like, why do you think how did you hear about that? It was on comedy central. Comedy central and I would watch like premium roast or whatever the standup hours were. And I mean back then it was like it was like Paula Poundstone. And it was just like I was very weird. And I watched that a lot I watch channel thirty two and at one of the things that they played. So I think it was also like way after probably it was ever on the UK, you know, because they would do marathons they would have marathons of a weekend. It was just that. So I think it was like a the first thing I binged ever. Yeah. Really binging has been happening for a long time because that was a thing like on like MTV where there'd be whole weekends. We're just top model would be on. That s view like, I remember view marathons. Oh, yeah. Plan. And then you would I can watch all of that. Yeah. No. Because it's easy. And that there is like an argument for like that code easy television to watch like everyone's like JoJo like this is easy to write or whatever. But it's like, no, that's fun and goods helluva. That's procedural. It's you know, the preceding. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And also sitcom a situation comedy. We know this situation. It's clear we can see this is actually I'm happy. You're listening to this podcast. Which is what is comes. Yeah. Yeah. We should let people know we should know. Alec is leaving. What about this conversation turns you off? Yeah. Go speak comedy. These normals comedy either. I really don't watch a lot of comedy though. I I watch only some watching. We have been watching lately is changing comedies changing all the time. But Chris air came in. And they were like the last thing we wanted to do when we would go home shooting the other two or even writing it was just watching more watching comedy and seeing the production behind the work -solutely when we were way to just watched all the hunger games movies because how do we escape and watch the thing. Yes. Because anything the rare times we would watch like comedy or whatever I'd be look at this coverage time did they have. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think about sometimes literally like whenever that doesn't a small character. I'm like, yeah. They booked that. Them being on that. And I'm like, I wonder how nervous that. Yes. If I ever small role. I'm here. That actor kind of be like, I don't know. I just see the work. Yeah. Yeah. Totally totally in a way. And also like I wonder what take that that was like. Yeah. I mean like God, it's a curse to be working in the end. I can't enjoy things anymore. But I mean, it is like it's not the it's not an aversion or anything. It's just a Teague. Probably for me. It's like, I go home. I literally. And what Chris was the hold on housewives housewives. Everybody heard. There's. It was a lot of house is which we don't watch. And I have to be honest. Sorry. I don't mean to interrupt your thought that I I have this feeling where I don't really watch have. So I've seen it here. And there if you say the names, I know Bethany I know who during days, but I don't know. Well, I. I even got. And we don't want don't. And it's not asking I guess for you guys to like convince me because I don't need to be. Need to be convinced. Why I just feel? I'm just trying to like, no. We ask us. Why we like no, I guess a little bit. Why you like it slash how does it not come off as feeling like exploitation of women who are maybe a little. See, I'm happy. You ask them that? I was very anti housewives. Really even the Kardashians. I was like I sort of get why people like it. But the housewives felt to me like, oh, you're just like taking women who are like board and potentially sad. And maybe even have like alcohol issues hitting the begins the each other. It's reductive flat out without having seen it like, he's our friend Sudi like fucking loved it. But then I watched it, and I was like actually that's those are not often the narratives like if they haven't issue with alcohol. It's the friends all being like concern them. I have an issue with alcohol, and like is it for my convincing. You at all. For are not you're saying, Vince, I genuinely curious. Yeah. I'm curious. I thought I thought of house I was in those terms well before I started watching them, and I'm still not fully like mired in like, you might be or Kristen Serra might be. But I thought, wow, this is such a dumb show dumb thing. And why interested in these women are humorless? But then you watch it and like in the EU see these little size of life things. And then you're just like, oh like they have these nuanced thoughts to in their sharing them in there like going about their lives like not sure like where their money is gonna come from. It's like it's like these are like I like it, psychological, psychological. Sometimes it's like, I just see these women who are experiencing this heightened life the way they react to each other and like interact with each other. That's so interesting that you would call her that. And it's you know what? I mean, our activists. Right, right. I think they are such characters and they look for that that it's like I haven't seen anyone like Sonja Morgan ever in my life. And I m fasten it and do think it's funny. And then it's it is a question though, are laughing at her or with her, and I think actually Chris brought this up the other day our cerebral up in the room. It's like. It's both it's which is opportune. But and my thing is it's a blueprint for conflict or more intimacy in which an in terms of like, you're seeing people be friends in ways in all these different ways in. You're like, I'm not gonna be I'm not going to be a friend like Dhirendra as to Sonia or I am going to be a friendly Bethany as to Ramon. It's like you see these little examples. Just by example, you're like, oh, I I like what's going on here. I don't like what's going on here, and I can pick and choose for myself and saying goes for the for when people get into fights. I'm like, oh, they're dealing with this horribly. They're actually very well. And it's sort of like it gives you a full tapestry of lake found something positive about it just now. Sometimes when I watch it. I'm more like a Mike I'm gonna tell this person that I'm that. I'm thinking something because I just saw like. Like me in the space to beat not like it doesn't drive conflict in me. But it's like when I see this person later, I'm gonna just flat out tell them and see if they respond on. And honestly, I think from watching that show. It has thinking urge me to say what I think and feel that inspires you more on relationship. Honestly. Yes, that's cool. And that's a positive for me. Good. Do you feel you guys on us? And all your relationships. I mean. Yeah. No confrontation. Yeah. I mean, I I feel like I'm, but I do feel like I I always think when I would watch a sitcom. I just tell them what you did like, Joey tell Chandler you. Drank it all. Just be honest. And then you can get you know, what I mean? Like, right. So that always used to be a bump from me with like, I love Lucy. I'd be like just tell brecca you want the for. We can. We can cut this off, you know, which I know is not you have separate for conflicts for all of these for the end friend you want the for Tom. Down. Yeah. Yeah. But we boil it down for AB fab like because I really this bad me, bad media diet. Yeah. Yeah. I truly beside like, Jennifer Saunders. I'm like, I don't really know. What else the show revolves around? So I think it's actually based on a real publicist in the UK. And it was originally a sketch because I also then once I found out about them. I started watching French and Saunders sketches, which I had to get on VHS on. Because it's like, you know, I don't know. It's. Far from me. It wasn't you know, and dawn, French and Jennifer Saunders were a comedy team. Did really funny that stuff was easy to because it was sketch. It was easy to relate to it was very accessible. No matter what. Whereas AB fab was like weird like rich posh English formed park references, and you're like, you know, it was very hard access. You know, sure. Thirteen year old kid. Yeah. But. But yes, so it's it's this woman who's like single mom doesn't wanna be a mom loves to drink has a best friend. It's kind of it's kind of like broad city to we're best friends get into trouble all the time. It should not be parents mothers. One is the mother. I just just Jennifer Saunders is the mother to saffy who's like a very type a buttoned up daughter daughters. Like, the most always looking down on her and her best friend Patsy who get drunk and do drugs and go crazy and. Yes, they do tons of drugs cocaine. Oh, yeah. There constantly drunk. I think Patsy smokes falls asleep. Wasted in burn down the house in one episode. You know, yeah. Yeah. Did that answer the question? No. That's that's the dynamic of the show is two best friends who are get into a lot of trouble to trouble industrial DNA with butts. I also think it's a thing of like big broad characters, which I think we all kind of saw like growing up like, for example. Austin powers fucking lived for all I love how broad it was all the characters stupid epic. And even Ron burgundy I love that shit. Yeah. And now I feel like they do that anymore. No, no. Maranda sang. Yeah. Yeah. But that would then breakthrough in like a mainstream. Yeah. Show feel like now even the stuff that I respond to like I like summer heights high. I mean, I almost said I was like I don't think that's what you're looking for. But summer heights high. And most recently Penn fifteen summertime for me now. And I'm like, these are the things that are. Yeah there because the performances are so anthropological and subtle and good. It's so real even though the stakes are crazy, heightened insanely broad. It's for two adult women play children or for Mr. g or jamais to be like a a thirty five year old man who's playing like a girl who's dating seven year old boy, those breaking up with his her like seventh grade boyfriend 'cause you for what you forget you forget, they disappear into those characterize even an angry boys just him playing that just the fucking Japanese lady. Her son to be. Never. Problem with him doing anything. Honest. And that is of course. My place to say, honestly. And like this is just me like did not fully hate him playing Asian. I was like. I was like funny. Also, your favorite scour through ever is. Of course, miss. Well, I don't know about that defended her on a couple of. Okay. But I don't know. And it was whatever we don't have to but missed that. Really doesn't happen that much come back. I think it will might. Might I think right now, we're in this moment of important. You know, what I'm mean like everything on TV? If it's not like sort of, you know, this is why I loved breakable Kimmy Schmidt. I loved the big characters joked rightly like that it's like you get that. And it's like out there. And this is why I love the other two actually a physical combination things like heavy jokes in the script meets interesting characters point of view. We haven't seen in the supporting characters are big fun like that. Yep. But it feels like a combination between that sort of Tina face type sensibility of there's jokes everywhere. And also, this sort of girls insecure type thing where it's like it's a comedy because someone smiles every now and then right, right? Right. Something Chris the other day, which I thought was funny. But it's a fusion of that. I think that is looking for in television because I think Penn fifteen also has very, but yes. The other two for sure is hard comedy. Yeah. But also has that seriousness grounded nece in heart. And also like I don't know if you would ever just like copped to this. But like I feel like Penn fifteen exists probably because brought city exists. I would say like brought city changed a lot changed so much. Thank god. It didn't Penn. Fifteen like, I'm just like. Yeah. Like, I'm like, I don't know. I'm not saying like it needed one thing in order to exist, really this thing. But it's like it evolved out of this model this mental model for people to be like, oh, we'll this succeeded in some iteration before and so let's do it and thank God. And now, it's like and pen fifteen is honestly this show that like is totally not concerned with proced- singles about city, of course. But it's like it's not it's just about the jokes and the situation Makara on the relationships like that is what is that fair to say, thanks in cool. I mean, I think we all stand on the shoulders of giants. You know, there's there's stuff that. I think we watched that make us feel like that's you know, like if it was a for strangers with candy, you know, like would we even be able to make something that? Yeah. Like that was that hard comedy. I think I think that's true. I think you know, there is like this zeitgeist evolution that things feed into other. But I think more than anything what I respond to when I watch Penn fifteen is something that I think. Is almost subconscious, and it was true broad cities in which was what you guys were talking about before. Which is it was a lot of kids without a teacher in the classroom making things up, and I think season one certainly of brought city, and I don't know about Penn fifteen, but we had probably the least amount of notes we ever had because it was like to work go for it. You know, no one really knew. And so there wasn't a lot of cooks in the kitchen. And there wasn't a lot of like meddling. You know what I mean? There was just like go try this thing, and when it works, then there are more eyeballs on it, and there's more consideration. And it becomes Penn. Fifteen does feel to me like they're doing something that tickles them, and it's very very distinct and specific and the point of view is like their own, and I don't know you can feel that there's no Dulce, you know, it just feels like one hundred fuel so fun. And that's the thing too. Is like when you see the work because you because you do that work. You can also kind of see when something's been watered down. Absolutely. I mean, and that sucks, and I think now. Now being aware of that. I go easier on like the creators of that thing because I'm like well that wasn't there. You know? That's I feel like edges can be rounded off so much because especially the more money that's invested in something. The more people are like, let's make sure it works. And it's good. And I think intention is always right. You know, we we always look for the note behind the note when we hear note, but has that much money people become risk averse, and they have to protect their thing to extent. And that means that unfortunately, I think a lot of the best stuff is risky. And so it's like either invest very little or a lot or whatever. But no matter what it is just make it risk. It gets more interesting absolutely fail. I think in some ways the fact that there's so many more platforms in there. So many more offerings hand still be risky. Yeah. Right. And we've talked about this with Chris. It's also harder to like breakthrough. Because her you know, there's so much going on. It's like an also Trump's on the news constantly, there's no pieces about television anymore, but I Trump the the fact that Trump is. Aware might lead us towards what we were saying that kind of idea of just not more broad broad isn't necessarily better. But like bigger sillier comedy like just like things that exist because they want to exist in a way, not like things that are trying to be trying to say something. Hopefully, I think could be a rise of rom coms. Yes. Like, see? I think we're looking for an escape truly. We Notting hill was on. And we like didn't stop watching it. Yeah. That's only we haven't seen it. But it's like you just want that right now. Mistakes fumble through and then do the right thing. I missed them. Unloved is sick. Oh, it's fun. I was great. It was so fun really three a young watching fucking when Harry met Sally. And it was like this is so nice. The third person who's told me that in the last two weeks when Harry met Sally is having a moment. I'm just reading a of Nora Ephron stuff. I'm just reading books, and I'm like how one of the giants fucking one of the giants that we Scott how good was Meg Ryan's. I mean, still she is. Also like are there people like Meg Ryan? Yes. I'm sure there are but I'm like, wow. She was just so good ended. So we watch baby-boom recently. And that's another one that you're like oh of dying dying. Yeah. Shoes. But when you watch something like that, you're like she did so much with with in a scene where there's no dialogue. Oh my God. And good thing about noticing the work because you can also notice when the work is really fucking good. Meg Ryan just like that is someone you could take for granted. Because she makes it look so easy. Like Meg Ryan in her prime like when Harry met Sally. You don't just you can't just learn how to be that charming. No. That's a movie star. Yes. It's like wasn't. She did not have any acting training manager. It was school. And was like, I guess they'll try to know that actually audition for commercials. Schonberger casual and then like people were like who's that? Let's make a start. Yeah. Had it from the beginning ever seen French kiss. Cain. No. This is one that. I have to see I hear I hear nothing. But amazing good. Okay. What does it? What does? So some people think it's broad because Kevin Kline is in French. But I'm like, that's great. I'm like me. Kevin. Here's the premise. She's afraid of flying. She her fiance goes to Paris meets a woman breaks it off. So she gets on a plane with someone who is this like French CAD tram smuggler, and because of a little mix up with their bags on an intentional mixup. They become kind of like do. Oh, oh, as she tries to get back, her fiance, and he helps sort of navigate it is. So. You can't. I love that. Right. That like I miss. Meg ryan. Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock in those types of movies. Not that they shouldn't do whatever they want. But like, but yeah, I I do I I need that scene of someone telling someone what they mean to them. A high stakes environment with people watching. Yes. At the end of the proposal when Ryan Reynolds comes in, and there's actually a really bad continuity, and that's what I see every single time like her. The fully style. Re-shoot some. It right now. Is at the end, maybe shoot. How like what are you doing here? Cuts the him. And then it comes back to her and she's like got full spray tem. So different. This is like a drop, but I'm going to do it. We did some recruits for rough night we to screening and one of our characters had cut her over hair off. She was wearing a wig for a couple of the shots. But it was such a good inexpensive way. You could not tell unless you're rupaul, and he was the screen, and he was like the one seen joins in. And we were like yet. He's like, it's good. My killer. Oh crap that he complimented. He did was he said, no one else will notice, but me. Sure. I was pretty angel on earth. I'll say. They're eating pizza deciding what to do pretty soon after the death. Yeah. There's just one little line. We needed to bridge Cutler she wearing a wig at the wedding at the end. I think she might be. Yes. Very mostly. Why we noticed that wigs happened a lot in those ending scenes like legally blonde like at the end of the movie Reuss where this is in this like egregious wig the graduates, you know, what I'm talking about at graduate. Actually, she talked. And is it does this in the front? It's this insane middle that's a different color. She's just had. And it's just like the way. She's she looks so different. And it's just so funny. But it is like egregious. Yeah. I think God I love that movie. I really do. Breath. Now. Thank you. Sweet. But like Elliott came on. And I was just like God. What a good fucking. I bring up when there's any peripheral connection to know. That is the cast. Dream. Rob can I drop now? Yes, Alana angel on the earth was just talking Zoe at this Christmas party. I was at. Does she goes Boeing, you should meet Zo you met? So e why met Zoe when when when memo hosted, of course, it was literally the whole game Mimouna fucking Lisa Lenny what through all on the dressing room that I had with monologue changes. I was like, hey Jason. So so it's between these two jokes. Like, we gotta make one cut. So between these two what do you like, I told you this, right? And they were like at least it was like, it's gotta be this one. You make you make the Hawaiian joke and then. Got. No, you know, who I got in the money's like, wait. What's what's going on that one? There. They were only. Something where she really gets. It truly is really understands. Like people think this is funny in a way that I should have as much conferences. She does is the director. She washing early cut some things that were that didn't make it. And she was like this joke in this joke, you need to put in and we were like, I tell you what we'll try and we did and we did testing, and they were they both huge. And you were. You were so right. She's smart. She's not. She's funny. I love her. Her angel. She used to call them my angels. They are the love them. All we both be. I mean, honestly could not have been luckier those women. They're still in Texas. Really? Oh, yeah. I believe you can ask her Kate carried around a picture of all of them. Yes. I think she has. I think she maybe in her wallet. Still does who knows it was really his prayer for nearly in her office from Saudi thing the like you so bought the bond between the NASDAQ. I just watch them do a whole. Demi moore. Moore is an icon. Hot. Julianne Sundance and demean more was coming in. And I was so got me more to come. And let me tell you. What happened? Oh, yes. Interviewing me, more along with Jessica Williams, Ed Helms and Carin Sony miracle night. He's so great, and they're all in this movie together, which is called a corporate animals coming out soon. It was that Sundance. And it's basically about like this, you know, corporate bunch of people that work together. Demi Moore's like the head of this company, they go on the corporate retreat, and they end up there like a guy dies, and it becomes a cannibalism close situation. Okay. Very heightened common. So that all wear on these Demore comes inches wearing all these fun close. She's like here to promote our comet. Yes. So. I'm like doing my bit with her. I'm hosting for vulture. And I'm I say to her, you know, you're the most iconic Cryer in cinema history because you famously Slade and Charlie's angels full throttle. When you said, I was never good great shot the thing and shot a single tier and said and go, so yeah, you beautifully icon tried just from the center of your I know face crack, just one gorgeous tear, Ditto Ditto. And then no that wasn't that. But yeah, it was that. No it wasn't. It was fucking. It was. No it wasn't. It was not it. Oh, you're you're thinking see different cries in the end not with the. Anyway. So basically, I tell her this that woman took off her sunglass known her tinted glasses and she cried, right? No video. Oh my God. I rated she was underrated underrate she came to the set. And it was like, I'll do whatever I'll do it ever. We're like, okay. You're going to be eating Zoe out. She's like great. I love. This can you dig a little transfer and get she get. PA dig a trench. Down in the best came in full. He was like, okay. I'm this. She's diktat guy come in with a full on spray tan dark. It was they are. So it was Windies. Hell I was. So I was stressed out was location Miami. You want Miami a shoot New York? And he put up one hundred and fifty crew members in the ham shoe. There was a little there was a lot of drama in terms of production. We're going to skip it we're gonna skip skip the drama the drama shot that in the Hamptons. It's windy. It's cold. It's not really summer anymore, and they came and they didn't didn't complain at all to get on a plane truly wasn't overnight. Yes, got right into plane from honor famous, right? Five AM, flew right back. I mean, these these everybody never complained and talk about their job hires. I tell you what scarlet was like how long we had a scene where she had to read a letter. And she was like when there was no one else. There was just you know, just reading she was like how long do need. We were like thirty seconds to minute. Just you know, she was like, okay. Truly read more specific. They were like forty seven seconds. Read it. Looked up cry with her to camera I wiped I mean, we're like, that's it. Camera. I needed more takes, but we didn't have time. So she made sure we got in one take. I mean, God, she's like I love college Johnson. Like I have for years. I have since ghost world. So good. I mean, also the Shiite that one year where it was lost in translation and girl with a Pearl. Earring? Never this is like when I was first starting to really kind of like try to watch like, you know, adult movies, and I was like I'm gonna see both those didn't get either one of them whilst and translation the. Themes, and I almost washing on a plane actually the other day. Maybe that's a good one to revisit. I picked section the city that movie. The mood. I was in. Dictates the plane would just. I often like I should be watching this because I haven't my should now. No, I'm in this mood on the plane the plane dictates. That's that's actually ruled culture on the one hundred forty six. Bench jumped up when a plane the plane dictate and honestly the plane dictated the other day that I watched the Whitney documentary. Oh, haven't seen devastating the section of the movie because I had a lighten it up after that, of course. And then totally this a long flight this this. Shoes long. Yeah. Tell he's good. Pause. You know, what happened when you said Tully? I thought I'm like the one where Tom Hanks lands the plane in the water. Which I did not see I was like, I didn't see it. But I did like. I think that Charlie is great Charlotte. She is so great you like young adult. Is so good. Twenty minutes. Oh, young adults. The basically the cold up until the sequence. And when she puts in the tape into the cars driving. I was so gagged. Oh, so gagged by that. I twenty minutes that I had to stop the movie and pace around my house by myself because I was like this. Oh, really? Moment. It's so well observed picture the baby and the printer not working. I was like this is me is. I mean that movie towards the end the end looming. Just a little sorry. Jason, right. But I just felt that that I that movies that was those nice little chunk culture. I agree. The end loses me a little bit too. I wish she doesn't sleep with patent Oswald. It felt like, but then again, it's like, I don't mind, you know, what it's like it's kind of like the way I felt about the end of girls where it was like, well, Marnie isn't going to grow at all. It's like, no, some people just don't cry. Right. Right. And I thought that was the true that felt right to me. It wasn't actually the sleeping patent sister. That was the problem for me. It was the next morning being his sister said I was like I was like you've learned a little. Yeah. Some or maybe or but the, but the takeaways that maybe they're nicer dunker to the city Russia, Tina, redemption. We're we're gagging. Redemption geigy? Redemption. But wait, but also that movie and telly to made me want to go back and reexamined Diablo all her work because I remember when I came out. I think Juno was presented to me as that. You should hate. No. I love fuck. Fucking judah. No. I think I would love Juno now. But at the time they were like this movies produced by John appetito. And I was really looking for this to be like forty year old virgin type wasn't ready for like the drama with all my like guy friends in high school, Kenny Kevin Carl Nick the three of them, and we all went together. And I remember just like sitting there and feeling self conscious because I had been like ride ride to see this movie. They were like. Grow murder, right. What's the hamburger phone? And I was like, oh, no. Like this for me later. But then I like really hated it right to go back and see it now, but the women in film like fucking Ellen. Jennifer garner even Allison Janney. So for wreaking Jennifer makes that whole moving Jennifer garner. The her levels of empathy in that movie and jealousy. And just all of it is so well, it might be her best rookie thirteen going on thirty. Think she like her most playing a child I like that. Scene at the end of thirteen going on thirty where she's like, my best friend. God is so good star. And we need a little around around. Come another rom. I think we do we direct okay? Great. What what's the rom com? You wanna see what would you watch? They're coming. We actually do have a rom com on the on the on the background deep like as in. We've tried one conversation about it the one with Kerry. Oh, yes. Okay. So it's a sensually of version of working on a show that's around come show wrong show international rom com show. Yes. Oh, yes. Couples around the world. Anyway. All connected. Oh, okay. That's that's a. Yeah. That's all we can you know. I love I love dangle. Okay. Spending. It's like my best friends wedding favorite. But it's a girl and her best friend, and she's gay, and she's her ex girlfriend essentially in her ex girlfriend is marrying a guy, and he's like, I pretty sure we should be together. And so there's like a moment where like it seems like maybe it's going to happen in the movies exploring, maybe the like couple months before the wedding. Like was that really relationship wasn't not was it. Just one way was I'm guessing myself up trying to be like is about retaken or about what what is this about this is so and rich. Bowed and reddish love hitch on that pitch it. Okay, loved it. It's about how to number tippety and also unrequited situations. Everyone can relate to them. And I think and also like through what we're saying before specific he'll be lens. We need we need we need in this. Tell them what I'm doing. What you're doing a hang loose? This is my favorite thing to do. Now is doing how looking hang loose. I got you did LA Lear show last night. And man, I told we we're going to come out and pump our fists with the hang loose show jets their agenda. Oh my gosh. Let's shout out. Vive though, if you're not following not following the funniest jokes. I had a conversation where we both agreed best. Social media presence. Actually. Yes, unrivaled. Wow. What a talent show up that character where she's ordering. Alamo draft house. My gosh. It's a it's a veritable goldmine. That's girl who watched some high at fourteen or something I remember giving her thumb drive of summer heights high when she was like in truly in middle school and being like bitch, get ready before God be oh, probably before my friend was living in England. And they had it and she brought it on like a flash drive. Yes. Yeah. That's a good gift. That is a good kid. It's so crazy Genevieve can actually say that some are high tight is is culture for her. How old is she? She just turned into sleet to know. This is the place. He put it in writing. Because I remember I think I remember I watched summer heights high like around freshman year. Yeah. Schools. Yeah. I was in this room with her. And then I was content of the coolest fucking is. She's probably like like, and this is I mean this as a full accomplished like a fully formed like per woman who's like like just nearing thirty. And then I found out that she's like a full year younger than me. No fuck. I'll wait a minute. Hold on. We just have to quickly shout out. She is first onscreen turn on. Oh. Way. So good. Here in calm, and they are. Decided to you like. That was like you made so many. Good choice -is. And I'm here. Scripted? They're not scripted pedophile. No. It wasn't in. It was it was worked on the set. Let's say that. A real pedicab. It was there are open. Yeah. My. So good. It was it was really fun doing. What was the condition? Just the loss mellowed Ariston Totta who dead Motors, dente, smelly pussy donnas the characters. Name. If you aren't caught up. Yes. Yes. Friend of abbey's from college up Donna catch up guys. Okay. Great. I think it's time. It's time for I don't think. So my gosh. I don't know if I can you have to. Did you did one of the best show bowls of all time? Here. This is my favorite thing about what happened before that. Yeah. So you guys, and I think the first or second and Joachim booster famously, always has poppers on him at all this moment. So this is what I'm saying. 'cause I look back at the Joe like puts the poppers undermine knows, which if you're ever down can booster you have to cover your nose. He will put hoppers in roles, and he's kinda love make your butthole. That is dialing that is not okay. He's got the the dense industrial stuff truly has all times. And he goes all right before we go. We're going to do pop person. I was like okay down. So we did them, and I look back and Paul you were just in a state of shock, and then Sabrina Jolie's comes up, and I think took the largest hit of poppers ever seen too. And I don't think some Honey I could see her eyes. We're just blessed. He was like she was go. No Sabrina is the next level. Absolutely love her. And then what immediately followed that. My God the troll that you picked that was Mariah Carey. Thank you. And there was not a moment's hesitation. Do you have a left ear? Well, does she does? She. Does she? Oh my gosh. And you know, when you do trouble, then you leave and you're like, here's four more years four things. I could have said. What I do. Now is I don't prepare any of them at all just what comes out comes out. Oh, that's good. We also have two hundred. No, I know like we literally today. We're like, oh my God. Which was are. We gonna do. I think I have good ones. But that's great right now. Whatever you want. Okay, you Barrett. Well, why do we don't do? Trouble on the on the power. Did we just trouble with? Oh, Tony Newsom tawny. Newsome? Oh, she famously prepare star star of woman. She. Oh. Wow. Okay. If I want to hear what's up there. Okay. But man, you wanna go. I I do wanna go this. Mat Rogers is I don't think so any time starts now. I don't think so Honey that I'm obsessed with the trailer for us but not gonna see because I'm to fucking off raid. I don't think the movie us. You are fuck far too scary. If every little literal thing, I'm reading is true. I do not like scary movies. If physically hurts me to watch them how ever I don't think. So Honey in order to be part of the cultural conversation. I will have had to see us today. We were in the back of a lift, and I don't think so Honey the commercial for us when pita Yondo Doxa news voice. That is the most scary thing I've ever heard in my life. I am absolutely not seeing it. I don't think. So Honey that I've watched the trailer approximately four hundred thousand times I am obsessed with it. I do think Honey what they do with that song got them, whatever they do with the orchestra. Fuck that. I wanna see that. We'll see that. I don't think. So Honey, I am far too afraid Jordan. Appeal. I don't think somebody that you are so good at what you do. Because even in terms of trailer consortium did that trailer and Oscar terrifies me intrigues me, and I'm fucking pissed. That's one minute. Do you guys do scary movies? I don't I mean, I did get out. I don't really if it's like beyond see get Alyce hereditary. But generally hate actually did see hereditary. Okay. Together. Because the Chris said that like are they? Relation doesn't see scary. But we did like it. And I don't usually like this movies. I didn't find out into be scary. Alligator that was the only thing. I mean, the end is like the end was like just too bizarre. To be scary to me. I was like it was. It was. Unbrella story and like. Hop is not in his azoff. Most to his intestines being out. Yeah. But if you feel if people I feel hereditary is probably the scariest Michelle king movie ever seen that movie is. The one the one moment alone talking about thirty minutes. Yes. Yeah. I wrecked me. Think about it too. And I'm like, I can't believe Jeff siblings ideal. No, see. That's I I just thought about my mom, and it was like, oh, I know. I know I know it's. Oof. You don't hurtful it is for me as a gay man to know that Toni Collette is giving a toward a force on. I can't see. Does to me. You're missing on some my that's my trauma inequality in Dowd stuff to. Oh, yes. That's right. Yeah. Not a stick it in a break. This is breaking off off. All right. I'm just saying like it took me literally nine months to see get out because then when the Oscars rolls around like I was like like I had my sag screeners. And I was like I gotta see it. Because I want to be able to talk about it. I fucking loved it. But I did that thing where it's like I would like scroll ahead and scroll back in school ahead and scroll back. She she Wicky thing while we're watching talking about a lot of times television. I can't I can't I gotta Wicky. And I'm like, how can you do this literally? And you know, the ending of finding Neverland. You know in the lift today, I googled leaving Google movie spoilers leave. Yes, we know that Neverland now is the time for Boeing Yang's. I don't think so Honey and his time starts now. I don't think so Honey pre exposure, prophylactic prep, baby. I don't think so many that it's only my sex drive own. Also, I don't think so we what does this approval lactic for me getting bucked because I'm not getting it in Honey. And look why this is this is this is like the dumb irony of all this is that you're gonna fucking out me. Or did you prep? Shame. You earlier. I can't tell if that was prep. Shame tried to encourage your sexual activity. Anyway, it's not happening in any case fall. Well, I just I hate that. I have to now take this blue pill every every day and feel feel very confused about like, well, I guess I should put this to good use. But oh, wait. I have no access to putting this to good use Mary sexually confusing. I'm sure. I have prepped queens out there who feel the same way Queen lease DM me only talk about the only to commiserate in our prep. Nothing. Nothing else. I wanna have sex with you. Because as I said before prep is killing my sex drive only taking just to have the piece of that's one minute. Here's the deal. We have to get you laid tonight. No going away your house party. Parents in twelve hours. Takes have sex. Yeah. No. You can't within within twenty to thirty six hour down, your parents, you you can't do that. That's my mom. I know wingmen you hard tonight. You don't have to do that. Yeah. You're you're you're going to be on. I encourage you to look out for yourself. But what am I going to be? What do you mean? You said jerking to be. I said you're you're going to be like you're going to be like on your own little prowl, and it doesn't it doesn't have to do anything with hunting. But anyway, I go to the club. That's not about the prow. It's about dancing about the lights about the environment. Oh, let the music. Okay. No. It's all right. Okay. So who's going? I I feel like do. Yeah. Okay. She's got it. She's getting this. Gotta read this is Lucia Neal is I don't think so any time starts now. I don't think so Honey gender reveal party. You want to have a baby shower. Go fucking on for you. Fine keeps for your baby. Hell yes bitch. Stroller on your registry. I'll buy that shit. I'm rich. Gathering your friends and family to reveal the gender of your child is fucking archaic. Hey, this obsession with binary dupe it ass, you're not revealing gender your revealing anatomy. And if you don't know the difference, you shouldn't be bringing a child into this world. Okay. And you're going to release a hundred pink balloons into the think about the turtle choke on your hop glitter because you needed to reinforce hetero, normative stereotypes. I don't think you I'm getting you me Missouri stroller anymore because I don't think so hunting. One minute. There we go. Honestly, I have said before I don't think so Honey balloons for this very reason, it's environmentally bad threatening. And the ones that say that they're environmentally friendly are lying liars. It's not true. Oh my God. That's that's big. That's big rubber. And also, I don't think so hunting agenda parties, I totally agree because guess what not always one hundred percent, correct either. I'm sure and also that you freak fool when you've painted your whole house blue also who said that blue was the boy collar, actually, do you know that blue used to be the girls color, Virgin Mary. Radio. The Virgin Mary was like blue girls. But honestly thing had something do Hitler being like pink is for. I don't know. Exactly hilarious needs to potentially spread. Anyways. I also like it's such shit because you always see like dad being like when it's girls color, and it's like reinforcing for all the children that are there that guys are like wanting boys makes up it's just also gross. It's like so an almost it's so gross. I hate it. And like h I don't wanna hear that. You'd rather have one or the other? Because that will like once you put that out there like everyone hears it. And if you have the other one, it's like everyone. Yeah. Yeah. It's like I wanted to go. It's okay. I'm like, yeah. It's just. Yeah. That's now like what's and it feels like honestly, it's being pushed by moms. I'm sorry to like mom, but I'm like, it's a party to be like, here's the I don't know. I'm getting now, I am becoming like well, not if you like don't care, it, whatever it just feels like it's like a party to be like I can use my body to have a child, which is a beautiful great thing. But like to be like the result of it is the thing that's important the gender of it fourteen. I'm like just have a baby party life. It's a new life party, you know, not necessarily it's gender. It's not exactly right. Jenner genders drag gender is driving all gender gender is dragging. That was a rich one one. Hey, all downs. Do you have veer gonna do it? Yeah. He's. What's been discussed? Okay. Okay. Because I was well, okay. Just thirty seconds before I walked in. Towns. It's I don't think so any time starts now. I don't think so Honey, I don't think so. Come on a podcast and write a minute of brand new material. When all I wanted to shoot this shit. Too busy, wedding, film and television. Yes. To I don't think so honey's, and then I was told they'd been done before hunting. This is the best podcast in America. Host charming and funny. You are. We don't need this. We don't need a gimmick. Honey, if I want to do homework, I go back to school. But I'm not gonna go back to school, Honey. Okay. Don't you? Going to go back to school. And it was going to be that. I don't have a full minute because I don't think. So Honey, I don't think so. More than that was going to be that was incredibly tried. It's made me sweat. You know, I love you guys in the home, but I did write to. And then Jesse was like, I think that one's been done. They had been dog people. Degreen while the other one hadn't been done. But I was doing it as a secondary. Which was. Yeah. Restaurants with bad. Brett, I'm like oh. Honey, just truly said that. Yeah. You know, I love you, right. And listen. Okay. Just here's the here's the deal. Okay. I emailed these two after the show, and I was like I genuinely was very excited. I don't think I've ever been so excited to have people on. Yeah. I. We were it was so honored. No joke on. We did miss you. I was. Yeah. Fo MO hang them up was so fun, fun one. Yeah. It was really fun. And also, I feel bad because it was raining so much and I made everyone downtown. But like, it's fine. You know, it was so fun. It's a great way. Also to see so many people you haven't seen in so long. It's like a bizarre proudest, lit rain house. We're into it. They were going nuts. It was really it was really fun. Also, the thing is about Sony is like truly, I don't think. So Honey is nothing. It's we we thought no one would ever listen to this podcast when we started out with like, it's like an hour and a half of time. We scheduled each work have a play date. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you should have a segment, and I was like, okay. So we came up with. I don't think so Honey because it's something we said to each other all the time we were like stupid. Yes. Like, it'll be omitted of us just like, ranting, whatever. It's a minute ram that revolutionary. It was like it was like a meta commentary on segments and podcasts. Yes. Shitting rant from it fine. And then and then I think people want to do like I need to come onto this. Onto the platform. I want a rant. I wanna do it. Yes. Yeah. But I wanted to impress you guys. You know what I mean? So I was working. I was really, you know, it's impossible for you guys to anyway, not live up to the sky. And also to be honest with you, this is the way I feel about Christmas to like just to like have whatever doing comedy. And then like, oh, the people that like are doing comedy like a high level and aspiration away that I like Earl nice and cool. And we give you the time of day. We love we love and respect. This makes my heart sing and really quickly. I mean, I will remember the stay for the rest of my life. One one that won the the broad city origin, then truly shooting the pilot. Yeah. But like just really quickly that day. I once I rapped I walked away to my friend. I'm only for dinner, and I like cried the entire time just pure pure joy of just like I talked to you about this. Don't think it was just like I walked onto that set. It was like we shot in Chinatown was all Asian background. All the names on the call. She asian. We sit down were eating food. And then like PD likes starts talking to me about like. Oh, will you know? Is this your first scene where you're eating that you're eating something? And I'm like, yeah. I think he was like will. Here's the thing. Donate too much because then you're gonna just keep eating the shit in between takes to be so full. And the nor was like, oh, yeah. Don't do that. Like, that's a protest like don't you that? But it was just this. And then over the course of the entire shoot. Like, it was like there was a plate with woody's, which is Chinese fungus that like is just a staple in cooking Asian cooking. And then we all talked about that. No one had to explain what it was. And that was like the general sense of it was like no one had to explain anything to each other. And like I was like I've never experienced this like walking onto that in like not having to feel like I had to like keep up some layer of respectability because it's like, well, I got it like I got I got my shit together. And it's not even about that. But it was just about like the comfort of just. Not having any of those walls up and just like and then working with you. And and so beautiful. I'm an objective. Observer you're so funny. Good. Good. Other rooms like obsessed with being like how much can we have? True. And I went I went in the other day. And it was I got chills like the stories that they were like, the the the arcs and shit not even stuff that has to do with me with that meant. I was just like this is going to be so cool. Yeah. I it will be. Yeah. I think it's like we're really just I mean, it's not my show, I'm helping part of it. But I think we really just want to help people tell the stories that haven't been told. And it's like we're trying to make this like a very, well, she's like, you know, three quarters Chinese quarter Korean Chinese quarter Korean Wayne story family and about people who are different levels of. They're like where they are in terms of their Americanise. It's it's got a lot. Yeah. It's just I think a I just I hope that people feel seen by because that's really it really is. I think the intention. It's I think she's so funny in the writers are so funding who's the show runner is truly one of the an angel on earth. She's the funniest person. And so I think it's a really awesome group of people hoping that I think are making something really special to directing several episodes. I am doing four total of the fourth time using. But yeah, I can't wait to that. Coming in January twenty right? That's right. Sure. Idea out there. Anyway. But anyway, fun. What a great for our four hours has come back for part two. Then we can hear Honey bad Brennan. I'll do it anytime. How do you feel about the outback steakhouse bread? Round bread. Oh, I'm not a big Brown bread person. I don't okay. Yeah. I'm not a big Brown. I'm not against all bread. Bread is bread in Ireland is incredible. It depends on the kind about raising cinnamon. Raisin toast this morning. Yeah. Raisin toast, is is good. I don't know what I'll tell you. Why? She smelled like this morning. Weirdly, I was like. Which I used to have at my grandmother's house, and I haven't had since I was a true child. But. Yet credit made it the other day in the morning friend. I'm staying was do you want some cinnamon raisin, toast, really? Yeah. So that's an atmosphere to his factory heaven factory heaven low pollen Lucia. Yep. The song. In you, look me in the. Tell me that's have. You gotta meet what are you doing? Michelle brass town. Now. Race. You have now. Are you have? No. This has been forever dog production executive produced by Brett Bom, Joe Silio and Alex Ramsey for more original podcasts. Please visit forever dog podcasts dot com. It's script horror shows on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Keep up with the latest forever dog news by following litter and Instagram at forever dog team and liking out on Facebook. Tell me. With Larry Owens studio with James Harvey, say, hi, Jamie. Hey, larry. I'm so excited to get the show going. We have a phenomenal guests in the studio. I'm so excited to get to it. But I you know, how we start off. You've been liking rating subscribing telling me what you love about the podcast. And so in exchange I request to here. It goes. This goes out to Mary that. Spee. Area again. Philly bought a pack. Mall. Forum. Said as greyhound Berg. Inspired. She seems lag between two. It took me for days to hit time. Simon and Garfunkel. Yes, it's okay. Hope that Mary Beth that was a nice folksy way to start off the show. We're obsessed. Ladies and gentlemen alley. So in this, gene. See this is. Like me. Punting me. Spent some. To me. To me.

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