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Hi It's Ellen Degeneres welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show. Oh and it's GonNa be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening to to one last on today's episode failing on the go ellen talks about what it feels like to win the Carol Burnett Lifetime Achievement Award Hero Heart Ellen. We here at the show set a fundraising goal to help our friends in Australia. Who are suffering through some terrible terrible fire? Horrible stand looking at that credibly. Talented Michael B Jordan accidentally admits more than he intends to about a prom. Date of his is the beautiful live. Tyler talks about. Ellen's is about her famous relatives such as Steven Tyler and do a Liba gets life advice. ICE FROM A couple in speak the lyrics. And if that's not enough you have me Andy last year of Ellen on the go andy and phrase. Hi everyone who you guys want to introduce yourself though it seems to be your podcast so I think we'll just sit back and let you take it with him on well sitting with me. Today I have Kevin Leman Ed Glavin. Mary Connelly here at the New Year's resolution was to gain weight. You Look Great Trust some. I've tried walking good. Can We talk about Ellen. So like if you're if you'RE GONNA stop slow WOFFORD. We don't have time for this. She got what a lifetime. Achievement Award the Cow Burnett Award and you guys are making small talk. I have a question okay for you all right Movement High Cranky Cranky in twenty only twenty so if you burn. Let's say I mean two hundred calories because you're not going to burn much more walking well. According to my treadmill I am but I'm not. I WANNA see video approve of the calories on your treadmill. But let's say you burn two hundred calories. What do you do that I do? You eat like a nice Bagel or like a no. Here's here's what happens. Tell me because I exercise in the morning I end up leaving my home feeling good about myself and when I feel good and positive of an energetic I don't WanNa ruin it by eating a whole bunch of sugar and donuts like I normally do so. I'm not on a diet. I'm not on any eating plan but when I feel better about myself I don't WanNa ruin it by eating crap so it just makes me feel a little better just terrific. Because I can't do a program I can't be committed to anything because then I screw it up so you walk for like an hour a day depends some days. It's only a half hour some days. It's forty five somedays. It's an hour ten. It varies it's It it has been an hour on the weekend so then by that strategy like when you slow walk in the morning and you feel good about yourself you get your car. You're feeling good. Yeah your high powered executive in a nice car. Yeah then because you feel that way and you're inspired to eat better better. Yeah you wouldn't have a crepe with new telephone crepe truck would you okay. Well that's that's a good That's a good question. We that's a good question to celebrate. Celebrate the Carol Burnett Award and I believe the People's Choice Award we. We were gifted a CREPE card. A trump that trump's here and make crepes for us from our bosses. Here at Warner Brothers. Right Peter Roth L. L. when Donna Ready Linda the whole team when that happens it's rude. It sure is to not say. I will have a crepe extra butter and cinnamon cinnamon and sugar. Not Tell I like the straight butter cinnamon sugar and because I'm very visible and high profile. They would know if I didn't have a CREPE show I I need to respect. But that's a good example. I had that Crepe that day because I was was feeling okay that day and I had it and I just was more careful the rest of the day but yeah it was delicious crepes. Aren't that high in calories anyway way. Could there be calories extra battling cinnamon sugar calories. All I've had today's date Kokin Diet pills and I feel great here. Was the mistake. Learn here. Here was the mistake. What's that here's my my big mistake and I've been protecting Kevin from this? Big Mistake was telling Laurie how Great Kevin Looks. And she's like I now I see him on on and she goes. He liked working out extra and I said No. He's on some sort of no. Don't tell or you're asking me a thousand times. What are they? What can you look at the pill bottle I go oh no he brings them back again? There's no pill bottle so I'm not sure they're not purchased on the streets soon as as I make sure the marriage is working. Stop Yeah I mean I think those pills. I'm pretty sure we used to sell those pills in college. Having married married what was. What was the date of your of your wedding? We had several dates December thirteenth legal part then December thirtieth. We did the big wedding party. So then Today's days date is January fourteenth. Yeah today and so Last week cavs tech saying the marriage has hit a rough rough week one weekend. A little rise in lows people warned me. Well your home your home from the honeymoon you were home from all of it is not easy not DC RE entry. Mary says in the opening scene of stripes and then depressions exactly so my nice comments on the picture. I post from people who listen to this podcast. Thank you so much you guys looked very handsome. Happy was so nice to see you with all your family down on the photograph. Great so much all right. It's very tan. So what was your brakes. Let's I agree break. It really really nice. Awesome Cape Cod. Spent some time with family and friends back there. We had a very nice. It's the best but then we all at the very end of our breaks Sunday on Sunday the last day of our break. We got to do something that was really a highlight that was absolutely spectacular. Attack was the Golden Globe awards. Were that Sunday night right before we came back to work and Ellen received the Carol Burnett Award for achievement in comedy the and television right and she is the first person to receive the Carol Burnett Award after Carol. Burnett herself right so you could say she's also this is. This is the second year of the award. So she beat Carol Burnett. Yeah I award take back so carol only one at once and Ellen is one at once and we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens next year. Burnett was there S. Kate McKinnon mom Saturday night. Live flew out to Los Angeles to make the Presentation of the award to Ellen and she gave an absolutely fantastic each and then ellen got up and gave a tremendous speech just a really really beautiful speech funny about having won the award we play it. Yeah you WANNA play it I yeah. Let's play play Ellen's here it is. Yes here's Ellen accepting her thank you so much to the Hollywood foreign press I feel humbled and honored to receive this. The first person after Carol Burnett is quite an honor. Thank you so much. It's a prestigious award in what I like. Most about it is that I knew coming in. I would win because Ooh I mean there's nothing worse than sitting there like most of you waiting and wondering if you're GonNa win lightly acting like I'm GonNa list nearby speeches it's nice and it's not just people just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on on and you're like I'm not I can do that. I'm going to be quick although I don't have to because it's a special award and they don't they don't play me off. I mean I don't have to end hit all because it's a special award. But they said they were gonNA give me a sign at twenty five minutes. But that's for my reference just to see where I was but I could go on. I'm not I'm going to keep it quick. I was born in New Orleans in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight January twenty six. Dr Swanson delivered me at eight forty three in the morning a rainy rainy and not I mean Louisiana Hannah heavy rain. My parents drove me home in a Buick. Buick could have been a Ford or Chrysler at. I think it was a buick. The point is they brought me home into car and before I knew it I had a successful Sitcom and I came out and then I lost that Sitcom and then. I got another Sitcom in a lost that Sitcom to and then. I got to do something that I'd never been able to do before. And that is make my own whiskey and after that I gotTa talk show and I was able to be myself and it was seventeen years ago ago and I feel like you've all really gotten to know me over the past seventeen years I am an open book and I couldn't have done it without my husband. Mark you are my Roth. Thank you for supporting me through this phrasing journey. I know it wasn't easy for you or the kids. Rubert and Fiona go to bed. I love you. That's funny because they're in college now the point. Is You all well now me and obviously you're else. He wouldn't have laughed at all that I feel like we all think we know someone. There's a connection when we watched someone on on TV for as long as we are on TV. And that's what it was. Like for me with Carol Burnett I. I felt like I knew her. I felt like she showed us who she was. Every week. She was larger than life. He was counted on her to make us feel good and she delivered every single week. She never let us down. She was hilarious and all the sketches that she did when she did the. Qa with the audience. She was just genuine anyone and personal and I always felt like she was speaking to me when at the end of the show every time she polder ear I knew she was saying it's okay. I'm gay too. The television vision. Television inspired every influenced everything that I am today. Lucille Ball Mary Tyler. More Marlo Thomas. Dick Van Dyke Bob Newhart Mannix. There's a little bit of all of them in me. That doesn't sound right but you know what I'm saying. All of everyone to do is make people feel good and laugh and there is no oh greater feeling than when someone tells me that. I've made their day better with my show or that help them get through a sickness or hard time in their lives but the real power of television for me is that not that people watch my show but people watch my show and then they're inspired to go out and do the same thing in their own lives they make people laugh or be kind or to help someone that's less fortunate than themselves and that is the power of television and I'm so so grateful to be a part of it. Thank you so much everybody. So here's here's what I will say. Those of us in this room have been very fortunate in that Ellen has hosted the Oscars the the emmys We have we have won a number of daytime emmys people's choice awards. We've been to the grammys. What I'm saying is we've been to a lot of awards unfortunate fortunate I? I know I know where you're going. I don't know if you do I think I do. I've never felt less in place. Then I did going to the golden the power. I guess when you were in a theater you don't really see who's in front of you behind you. But somehow with the way the tables were set up on us being in the very very very back and more specific being in the back but just generally good view of the kitchen. Yeah just in general I just felt like Oh my God there are are stars here later. Here's an I don't belong near any of here's the thing about the Golden Globes so the Golden Globes. The the ceremony itself is held in a fairly small ballroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Yup and the room is then packed with the biggest movie. The stars you end the biggest television stars you and then throw into that some music people. Their music awards is we. Don't forget the ten foot roundtables and the majority of this and it is the toughest ticket in town to get. Yes and it is everybody in that room. Is Somebody really except for us. We'll tell you lift your eyes. Leo Leo Brad Pitt. Beyond Murphy beyond our scale or spelling just yeah crazy. Martin Scorsese at the same table with Nero. And Al Pacino Joe pesci agent and Kevin in an ill fitting tuxedo Scarlett Johansson scarf just a very nice hello from Scarlett Johansson in the ladies room the Golden Globe. We have celebrities. I don't know who she thought. Yeah I was but I think she she was. She was like Saif senior face somewhere else and I was like well we have. We have a lot of celebrities on the show. It's just that they were all concentrated in one area of four tables that made it or five tables made it overwhelming with Tom. Hanks all and you go through an hour and a half security to get their heels impact. How you know that there are more important than us because if you go to the daytime emmys you can pretty much walk in Komo Open door either way I thought the highlight of the night was our host? Our boss Armenta religion. She was she was wonderful. Fold to see the old clips of her like she's you know she's lived a life man. Yeah like before. We all came into her life. She she was doing. I also really happy for Tom. Hanks Really Gig big award. I was happy for Tommy. It was good to sign the night. Like I mentioned the big round too. Many get hurt here. No No we both get hurt Allen stable right next door to Taylor swift stable in order to get to Ellen tell her what a great job she did and I had two. Jimmy are way past Taylor Swift. who was seated right? Her dress took up every square space in about an eight cubic foot diameter. Yeah no it was Taylor swift a neither. I was only only looking at the dress because I was like. I don't WanNa step on this dress. I stepped on Jimmy through. I did front facing Taylor so I saw her face. Look at me step step on her dress. Andy was in front of me and he's stepped on address because my legs were a bit longer so he went over. The two thirds of the train was so much. Can't you couldn't do that. It was like it was going to happen. Yeah single person must have. It was the only way to get through so funny. I welcome Mat if you wanted to get one. And then here's the thing that Ellen had a lovely time that night right. She had a real she really. She went out to parties. She had a really great time. Here's a bit of her monologue from the next day. Happy New Year. My resolution was to Carol Burnett Award and I did it the first week I got my resolution. All settled tiny bit tired. Today I gotTa Tell You I know it's Tuesday for you guys but on Sunday night not only went to the Golden Globes but I went out afterwards and I don't go to parties usually at all but it's a big night and there are a lot of parties and so I went to not one with two parties and oh boy guess how late I stayed out. I just want you to guess. How late do you think the globe started five to three hour? Show goes to eight then you have to travel to the parties and all that. Keep that in mind I was. I was at home in bed by ten thirty yes. This was tiring. I'll tell you that this who is really tight. I'm I'M GONNA sit down usually stand up but I'm GonNa sit down right now. I'm thank you I sorry. I can't stand up anymore. I'm tired it was a fun night. My friend and Kate McKinnon. It presented the award to me. She is so incredible. I love her. So the if you did not see her speech before she presented the award an I barely remember it so. Let's all watch it together. The Carol Burnett award is given to someone who like its namesake. Carol Burnett has given US decades cades of laughter tears and a new sense of what's possible so I would like to read a list of things that tonight's recipient ellen. Degeneres has personally personally given me and some of these are spiritual and some of them are pieces of clothing. I got to keep after doing impressions of her on her talk. Show a roadmap for a way to be funny. That is grounded in an expression of joy. Two pairs of Stan Smith Smith sneakers. That's one of the close ones a desire to bring everyone together by laughing about the things that we have in common. My best collared shirts a sense of self. I have to. I have to explain that one more in in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven when Ellen Sitcom was at the height of its popularity. I was in my mother spaceman lifting weights in front of the Mirror and thinking and my gary and I was still on and that's a very scary thing to suddenly know about yourself. It's sort of like doing twenty three and me and discovering offering that you have alien DNA and the only thing that made it less scary with seeing Ellen on TV. She risked her entire life life and her entire career in order to tell the truth and she suffered greatly for it of course attitudes change but only because brave people like ellen jump into the fire to make them change and if I hadn't seen her on TV I would've thought I could never be on TV. They don't let Lgbtq people on TV. And more than that. I would have gone on and thinking that I was an alien and that may be didn't even have a right to be here. So thank you Ellen for giving me the shot the good life and thank you also for the the sweater with the picture of the baby goat on it well. So here's the other really cool thing so. She brought her award in to work on Monday so we the Golden Globes for Sunday brought her award into work on Monday and she let everybody hold the award that was really she pass it around. She passed it around the room of all the awards. She's wanted was absolutely the heaviest as Andy said it was girthy. It had real weight. His tiny little. It wasn't yeah. She then brought to the control room. Everyone in the control room got to brag about it. Well she she was proud out of it. We know that about everybody got a chance. It was nice pictures with the. Yeah yeah it was really it was really she was. It's very similar about how meaningful it was to us that she had one yes And then of course Kate McKinnon her talking about beyond say sitting that close to be on so when she came on our show to talk about what happened. Oh my gosh. We pull up the archive clip of that. Do we have it. It's a Dvr and we have let me tell you that the super we have it on nothing within a building let me hit play by. What was your first time at the Globes to right? Yes us now. That's quite a time to be your first time there. I mean the table that we were at while. You're there you are. You are to me. You know everything and then Porsche everything. And then we had Carol Burnett American legend everything and then there was also beyond saying Jay z at the table which I mean the king and Queen of America. They are there. They were unbelievably gracious. But my sister and I found out that we were going to be at their table started panicking and making a list of like. Well what can we say. We live in one bedroom from apartments in New York City. What can we say we do use hellofresh? Do what kind of milk do you like to drink. And so but my sister went right over and has this balls of steel and just was great and beyond so nice and I was just such a I just pretended I had something on my pants. And it was sort of I I love. UK McKinnon. Thank you your speaking captured. Exactly how I felt about Alabama's watching that same episodes love you. How old were you when that aired imus among freshmen in College L. K.? Got US Graduate High School. Yeah the amount of people who were affected by that. And there's only one person who I love more than Kate McKinnon. That's Michael Jordan Jordan. I know he's not everything. When you look at his body healthy multi body the acting bodies ridiculous his social conscience just love every single thing about him? He's amazing and Eboni have probably known of Michael Jordan long before you have that's true. Where'd you learn? Oh Friday night I remember when he was on there and somebody said he was on a soap opera to what's he like a child actor Mares Story. I'm sorry I'm just saying that. They're repeating Friday night lights. On some channel on television they are and it popped up on my dvr and so for the last couple of nights. I've watched old episodes of Friday Night Lights and Michael Jordan. Yeah is in the episode where I fell so in love with Connie Britton. Oh my God you really love her. It's a really good show and I love when Michael Bey was here. He mentioned what several celebrities I think. Feel and he's is brave enough to say the only ellen gets him to admit things yes that he would never say anywhere else. So what was the name the prom photos. We had We had A High School Prom photo of Michael Jordan and he said they were just friends. Ellen really wanted to get to the bottom of what the relationship Jason ship was up. And here's Michael Jordan trying to answer the questions you. There's a picture that popped up on the Internet of you at your Prom now did you. Do you have fond memories of match and who wish. She sang a childhood friend of mine. Her family's really really close to my family we do. Yeah she's She's married now. These moving to Japan with her husband and Japan and are hurt her. Her mom is a close family. Family Friend I missed the net and yeah that's that's more people look at that. Yeah that was a bet. That was fun for her to be able to say he went to Prom with Michael Jordan. How does yeah? I don't know where she said. You know what we used to get into so many arguments we we'd like. We had a love hate relationship grown up but she says she wasn't your girlfriend. She was just your friend. Yes use my friends say I went to my prom a girlfriend but we were. We were cool. I I can't yeah we're more than friends by you. You're bringing more to within just said you were friends so now you your girlfriend as you these questions you know she was your girlfriend. She was more gopher all right. Your friend with benefits fringe benefits right. The only her she you bring this out of me. You're welcome thank you. I think we're doing this. PODCAST is really good today. I think this is this standard it. By which all PODCASTS ARE GONNA have to be properly this. This'll be a net. The national podcasting association will use this as a tool for people. People excited this question. Should we submit this for an award. Well that's what I was GonNa ask you this question. Could we get a globe a Golden Globe like Ellen got for this this like no she will hers was a Special Award Right. Could we She said she knew going into is GonNa win already. Won The people's choice choice choice award for this one feels like we together no TV show. But I'm just saying happiest Globe hard to get a you know my apologies to all the people at Brooklyn. No one listens to this is Mary. So then the news now hi Porsche producer podcast producer Daniel leary. He's got he's got all this kind of technology -nology. He was able to send this from his phone to my phone. Really in the middle of the podcast lot Michael Jordan and Chadwick Bozeman both played played Erica Kane Stepson on all my children. Well let that. y'All had like a Darren situation. I can't read the whole article. But that's the kind of stuff we can do on this podcast at other podcasts. About something and then get information right away loved ax. We Love Armchair. I'm not it should be whatever whatever Google takes tax ninety minutes I mean we do a podcast and a half hour whatever. The DAX has come in this week that we should be nice. You know it's funny thinking that Dax would ever hear this. Oh no he loves it he. I've been told he hasn't told me this personally. But I've been told he listens to our podcast. To see things you can do to make his better untold up tonight by the way Big Game Sherwin talking about. What's the big game? Show the greatest of all time Gailey Jeopardy Tonight Watch people saying it was great for three nights on not watching it this week. I want to watch games. Sort of Sir. I'm hearing that a lot. I have had a number of any way. You can hold game of games until after that that is not true because honestly honestly I'm knocking first of all time game games contestants and that might be something counter for they were not good. No yeah very good. We have our rivalry to be a bore. What what what games we Playing tonight on Gaming Games tonight is truly one of my favorite contests of all time. Kathy Kathy golden girls if you feel like me and your kindred spirits you are going to love Kathy she's hilarious. We played dizzy dash which is excellent settlement. I monster runaway bride a brand new game. You never seen before with your eyes. And Ellen's all time favorite blindfold musical chairs injured. Somebody gets hurt kicked in the face though injured forever forever. It's probably take awhile ago. It's probably almost cleared up on a great episode. Horst who is your favorite golden girl. Gosh that's a tough one. Well actually no. It's not rose. Yeah Betty White Betty White the best. Who who are you blanche super into that show? I've liked the show and and and the show also has been showing up on our TV recently. I don't know why I don't know what's you got that and Friday. UNLV between Ed. We got seinfeld covered over here. We will over here. We got golden girls over here and we got parks and REC. I'm finished with parks number parks in Iraq trek. I'm just GonNa say deals the phone and I I watch Seinfeld. When it was the first round hit I loved it? I lived in New York City. I had a friend a great friend who Seinfeld reminded me of and I watched the show. I'm really watching it now as an older man and still enjoying some of the comedy of appreciating George Costanza more this time around. Let's let's so relatable it holds up very well parks and REC. I'm just going to make a confession here. I missed it parks and REC was on and it was an absolutely brilliant show and I missed it. I didn't watch it and my daughter kept telling me to watch it and I try to listen to her because she's much smarter than apologizing and I just can't believe how good it is and I feel like everyone in America needs to go watch parks. Here's where here's what really happens in my house guest here is that it's law in order. wall-to-wall oh yeah so. Yeah so my guess is that golden girls must come after some channel that shows lawn. Yep that's when that's when golden girls is Chris and I are. We watching ally mcbeal why he had seen it. You you feel. You're seeing our friend Porsche. deresh Laura should do. Rossi is so brilliant in that. Show US everything about her by the way speaking of Porsche. She's listening sitting Porsche. Our favorite Australian. She's somewhere Ellen has donated. I know privately to a couple of different relief efforts in Australia. You sure has and and I just want to remind everyone that we did start a gofundme page where well over a million dollars so thank you thank you. Thank you cool like freaking watch. The News. Donations agents from eighty five countries on our. We have we have a goal to raise five million dollars and so an ED's GonNa match whatever we raise that's amazing. Ah He's just amazing from the Super Bowl. I'm a giver please. Every part is true. Except the ED part. uh-huh so oppressed by our viewers giving Syrian from fifty different countries. Did you see like we descend that. I'm impressed by it but I missed it but it is like when all that terrible news on all day long. It's so nice to know that like the entire world is rallying around Australia. How about the video of the American firefighters arriving in Australia and the people in the airport? Yeah so crazy. Unbelievable really cool super cool so thank you. Can we talk about. Live Tyler for a second. So live tyler. If you don't know who live tyler is live. Tyler is the daughter of Steven Tyler. Who of course was the lead singer for? There is the lead singer for the band. Aerosmith ran live tyler. Zia Actress who has appeared in many Dan hits. Yes Jovi a model just to Armageddon named three more Mary. I've got a name. I think she was she in that thing can you do. She's been in girl. She was in Jersey girl. She's been in a lot of stuff. She's beautiful she smart and yet never has been on the show. Her Father Father Stealing beauty stealing Lord of the rings sort of rings movie. So I bring up Tyler. Because she's being interviewed by L. and for the first time and about two thirds of the way through the interview she notices Ellen's is and it was just such a sweet funny little exchange. I thought we should play search Steven Tyler grandfather. How is he is a grandfather? The different kind of grandfather normal grandfather's others Granddad whereas Nail Polish right and lime mortar. Yeah perform. They must see would he does yes. I'm trying to think Milo has been a few times. He's very shy. He doesn't like he's my fifteen year old son. Whose six foot two now you'll well? Hey that I'm talking about him on television because he's very shy but he will have nothing to do with me as an actor or my dad as a performer or his dad is a performer. But he if my dad's performing he will stand in the corner with his back to the stage and just it's like torture for him. How all right? So it's rob. Blow has been telling me that he's a friend of mine. He's been telling me about this. So it's nine one one star takes place in Texas but you shoot here we should here. It's Texas this. Yeah I love Austin. I wish we got to spend more time to take place there. Yeah and you bluest eyes ever thank you you so beautiful thank you. They're crazy. Blew off not displeased. Thank you you you have blue eyes to give a fanatic that well anyway. She's not wrong. She is not wrong of note. Are Gorgeous Kev. Do you WanNa talk for a minute about do Alita duleep. Oh my goddess. Yes yes I love her so much. This is crazy. What's happening on our show? Celebrities are seeing things that we're doing with our like riders and then sting to do them themselves so ellen makes aches are ready to go out and use only lyrics and duleep called and asked if she could do it so we sent her out to Cost plus world market and it was. Yeah I mean first of all. She was so confident it was like brought a new air. Lauren is very timid when she does it. Bender also a little scared do Louis so confident that she was just fearless and she did all of her own songs so it was very fun to get to see how the none of them knew that she was duleep right. Yeah she wore a wig. Yup She had a bit of a disguise on but she just she just looked like a regular shopper. It was so good. Her lyrics are crazy for that segment. Yeah should we prove it by playing a club but then but you really have to watch it so you can see her so good you. DVR US and and watch it or good Ellen Tube and see it real real good. I did a full one. Eighty goes crazy. Just just just thinking thinking about the way. I was change me baby but I ended up. Don't don't show up. Don't don't come out does start carrying about me now you know. How don't talk about me now? Not Now let me take the night tonight. I Love Radio. You'll still WanNa see me on a Sunday morning. 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