166 Daddy's Back!


This is a head gum podcast. All Turks invest up to get. His up to open up. He's Flynn vacation. What would I put up at your boy mama. Bear my karnal the host of the twin invasion podcast. The podcast for all your schemes, dreams, misdemeanor, conscript, hustles anyway, you're making money. We're here to talk about it as always. I'm joined by my two oldest weirdest and best friends in the world. The identical rose, Merck twins to my left joining me for the first time in Jeffries of Merman because head gum kicked us out there. Insolvent there in solvent or in between studios right now, we're hanging out in Jeffrey's apartment. It's David Rosenberg. Folks. Oh, new catchphrase trying new things lately going through something like, yeah, I mean, I notice I'm all injured. Introduce Jeff when it come back to this notice and on my right in his own living room in a fold-out camping chair, look in comfortable sipping on red wine. He just made some delicious chicken wings from scratch. Jeffrey Rosenberg trains about to go off the rails. And on my left, making his glorious return to the pig pen, new father at super producer. Hey, baby, daddy. From the other side, big pitch a catchphrase he's back. He's. Wild, hey, dick me. Oh, boy doesn't want me. They're moving in Jeff. I'm looking for roommate. Turns out the kid didn't take work out. I tried. It wasn't for me. Good luck. One Montessori materials? Yes. Suffice it to say at best. I mean, maybe university of Maryland night too, but not your fault them the turps God? No, I if he if he doesn't make it least lower Ivy league, he's not a man. When I retired about the dark of the world Brown, I think we agree brand. Happy with this Colgate skates. It that's sub Ivy. Yeah. I did not get in there. You apply to Colgate play, big time to. I've always been at Colgate boy every night, brushing my. With the founder, no one hundred percent. Until school tour parlay that paste empire into college smart, maybe super right. Or your boys call? I have a kid. I'm thinking a lot about education. What reports college essays about fucking. Got to learn to play in hockey. It's good to be a strong leader leadership qualities that I include. Let me go to you. I talked a lot about diversity. Wow, you're on that train. I mean. Like I don't wanna be around people that are similar to me too. Horizon directly, Jeff. I don't wanna be around these Jews anymore. Also, I don't want to be around people like me as an identical twin. Got cut from the past team junior year and then made it senior year. 'cause my other friend Victor was on the team and he got me on. I mean, you were pretty. That's perseverance. Yeah, that's like plug in your friends and you on it was like Michael Jordan mixed with like cronyism. Damn. We also want to shut out our our other supervisor miles Felix who is here, but him and knicker sharing. Mike. Yes, each half is good, I guess. Okay. All right. I mean, this will be the most well produced episode today zoom except for the refrigerator home and. Behind, and it's. We turn your fridge up. They're spoiling off. What about my rotates? Three EJ. You guys see that COSCO's still going to sell their rotisserie chicks for five. I saw article. I didn't click through on the article, but I saw. It was really up in the air about whether it was going to stand five. Why way? I think I missed this story is date. Costco was going to raise the price of rotisserie chickens above five dollars can't do that. And you cannot do that. And we wanna rotisserie chicks for five and no more. I actually got fifty chick game about a year and a half ago little about the price point of retrieve chickens because they're so cheap, like a full chicken and I was talking to our buddy gets more about the price of chickens life. Well, no, it ends. This is about five dollars a pound the day they go, they're gonna, go bad, throw in the history that what you get, you get more life out of it. You have to chickens about to go bad and it's like hanging out in, I'll twelve the like chicken breasts and chicken. No, the full chicken raked history chicken. Well, no, before for history to move it over to the rotisserie section, you wait till the regular halt. This chick. There cooking the oldest chickens. That's actually pretty fair, right. I think that's a fair assumption from somewhere or debated it with my Colgate men time and time again. I like, I think maybe I might wait till my fortieth birthday. I'm going to get a rotisserie chick like a roaster lake. I'm talking five. The ronko run. I just can't right now. Delaying it. Ten years. I can't right now crank. I just can't no automatic, but like slowly Danny to hand crank it for cheaper than a cost. I guess some of the followers might be interested in the stray cat situation. My Cutie will stray. Cat that have been trying to. No. Do you want to go into the beef? Could have been talked about the cat little kitty boy. Yeah, please is a cute little dirty cat seen. He's a mean motherfucker. At least I thought, and I have been befriending him. If you follow my Instagram, you've seen. I figured out that if I put tuna for him, he loves me. So we opened up the other night. He was over there that one way. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We got to wait until the tunes about to go about in your cupboard. He old then we throw in the rotisserie and then I bring it out. So I brought out the tuna for him and he let me pet him a bunch. And then he came back today. You're putting strikeout heading straight cats. I'm curious about it's very dirty. I wash my hands, washed my hands immediately. Got power, watch that searched, outdoor housing for fair. I think I'm going to try to make him my my pet that lives outside. It's going to get is what it's going to become well. I mean he'll kill the rats. Yeah, also kitchen forgotten. I have an oncoming rat war, Jeffrey, right. I think I want this guy in my side. I've researched Farrell outdoor housing for getting him ground rat instead of tuna though, so he gets working on it. Well, he's got to kill the rat first and then become like decadent tasted. You article about someone that was like recording the rats in the sewer, New York knick. This podcast is about. A long time. We talk a lot about. Cats rats dogs. Or talk about it. We're developing, go, go on with your elaborate story. Just a bunch of rats laughing under the sewers. Us food. We give them free food every day. Of course. I think they're watching CNN and they're like, oh, we got to ship. That's a CNN burn. That's right. Anyway. Danny walk by while I was petting the cat and then he's like, do that. He was like, you know, that's not like a real street cat. And I was like, what do you mean? He's like he lived across the street forever. The guy moved and left them there. Now he just lives on the street which is like super fucked up. But now I'm like, I can. This guy wants to come in, maybe I can haven't been outdoor indoor kitty mostly outdoor when the rats comic seventy. When the rats come, I let him inside eat away. Eat up by all means eat out at what is this little dome? Asya look like this little. He's a black and white. I don't know what kind of black and white cat. It's like a little mini barn. It's sponsored by, it's like the tile top line, like seventy five bucks. And it's like a little barn with a pitched roof and a little tiny hole for the cat to go in no windows, and there's nothing on the first floor. So like if it rains or floods, you got to put him bay. When the second second four bed though. And then it's made with materials, would that insulate from the cats. Warm, five, six using. Three, three or three feet by three feet or something. It's if the bigger it is the hardest for the cat to keep warm is what I learned supposed to be smaller. Make sense. Anyway, I'm hoping to trap them make my little baby. Survived the wind. He has. He did last winter. Yeah, he did a lie sleeping under the ramps. A lot of handicap brand. I would go under car a car parked on the way. The residual heat heat. Starts in the morning. Cats are up at Bill, boom, though. Bye. Bye. Anyone thinking about maybe having an outdoor feral cat as a pet. I love it. What are you going to name him? It's already named Lucy short for Lucifer because he was very mean and evil to for that. What do you mean the same? I made it up. Okay. So when you said it was already named right by. I named it year ago when I first allergic to cats very much. So I told my mother, she said, I don't know if she wants me touch the cat to be honest. But you know, people grow out of allergies. It's not so bad. So I'm honestly now my nose is a little clogged, but also I might just go get tested and see what's up. Sarah. Think about this loves cats would have a cat not interested in a dog and trying to talk her no dog for a long time, I think made why not just bring it in the house. Maybe the cat can't come in but and preferred to be an outside cat, then it doesn't hurt the couches and stuff. Suspect, Michael, he likes it outside. We haven't. We have a full house for him. What if he wants to eat some figs in the back? He's welcome to the figs. I'll bring them out front. You know, he is a, he now I don't know how find out, but I'm cool that Lucifer and Lucy, you kind of it's either way ends up being a girl. Keep Lucy. What's gender? Mr.. Diversity? Yeah. Why do you? Why does it. It was just like a curiosity thing to be on us. Wait, hold on male and female cats, probably dispositions, yes. Yes. So it's interesting. I'm looking at all these men's rights books hanging out in your apartment. Wow. Don't look at the books actually. Crowd boy with that. Top left book, the white one, it says. Taming lost aiming lust. That makes more sense. Tanning knows I haven't read it, but what's really back in the day. What's it called when you have sex with animals. -ality that was like normal. Really people used to bang pigs and all the time. In seventeen eighteen hundreds. Yes. Nick used to actively have sex with co. I. To Thomas Jefferson. The backyard's that book to me. Do the bit about shitty books that you're at. You wanna taming crimes against nature. In the early Republic, this is the one this is a Royal is a review, taming Las performs a remarkable double feat of Stoorikhel reconstruction. On the one hand in uncovers the tangled roots of a pair of highly anomalous trials for BC -ality in the late eighteenth century New England on the other. It unfolds abroad, panorama of social, political and sexual culture of an entire era, paired objectives and former writing that is strongly construct him l. expressed market with. Tail light. You're so proud of this. I also want to know why so many pages are bookmarked highlighted sticking together to read the description. In nineteen seventy six as revolutionary fervor, waned in the age of reason to cold in eighty five year old Massachusetts doctor was convicted of beastie -ality and sentenced to hang years later in seventy miles away. In eighty three year old, Connecticut farmer was convicted of the same crime Canoga in the same punishment. His name was David Rosenberg. Prior to nineteen Eighty-four practice, a criminal trails, neither Massachusetts Connecticut had executed anyone for BC alloting. Over a century, though there are no overt connections between the two sets. The similarities of their particulars are strange and striking. Historians Durant Benetton in Richard d. Brown, delve into the specifics to determine will social, political or religious forces could have compelled New England courts condemned to octogenarians for sexual misbehavior typically associated much. May maybe that's the solution not to like get into talking about sexual assault, lots in the news. Maybe if we allowed people to get back on this kick. Start being is going to be like, okay, fuck animals. Yeah, no. Rule to the animals. They don't know what's going on. Right? You're raping animals. Sali's people, rape and solution. It was just a pitch. Okay, but rain story. Pathetic. Fucked a few goats when you were seventeen. Can't you reform and then go onto the plank. Got me started on that scumbag cabinet pigs or like the go-to. I think pigs are the go-to because dogs will bite you like pin, right? Oh, no one was talking about dogs. Farm animals getting fucked, but I think it's getting fucked doing the fucking right. Doing the fighting. There's always like that story like a horse's dick, went up a guy's body and he died, right? Always always every day. You know that old. I do. I will describe the. Picture the drawing illustration on the front of it. It's a man. It pretty cool. He's, he's like. He's being struck by lightning history by two. That's what they say. It feels like he has his hand on the head of a dog and then also in the illustration, aval. There's a sheep, a cow, a horse AOL look various shape every single animal. And this is just like, this is cruelty. This man's ascetic is a vote. Yeah, there's there's some work. The man was hitting the ground anyway, taming lust. Doreen s? Benetton and Richard Debrecen check it out. That's farm animals. Y'all smell that hit it. The. This is a segment of the show where we call out someone who has wronged as someone who has crossed us. Anybody got a got anything to say. She, I don't know, man, I'm hoping I got your shit. I didn't get my shit. I'm told that it's out for delivery though. The final update on quest, it's finally out for delivery. I don't think this is gonna be the final update, but in what sort of state do you think your shit is in? I would be happy if it came damaged really. Rather than stolen. Okay. Why don't you take out renter's insurance? And then when you get it and it's damaged be like rob him, I dropped, but I actually should that there's an audio document, but we only hundred. David. Well, you should have renter's insurance anyway in Nick. Maybe be you ever insurance talk to me about what do you mean? I I've never had. It should get have home owners insurance now, but I didn't have it when I was rented. Oh, you should get it because it also protects your stuff. If you're driving in people break into your car and steel renter's insurance covers that as well. And it's like, you know, if you have a party and someone like fucking does too much coke and dies or like slips on fucking about the coke thing. Let's say they slip on a step Geoffrey. You have outdoor thing. You have a party, they slip on a step, hit, flip those pre party. Let me let me say a person with CoCo deeds. But they bleed out on the floor. They will replace the rug would couple cover the medical of something that your party. Insurance for like if someone gets hurt at your house during the party, don't trust it. It's like all major company when he talking about, I don't trust big corporate shouldn't, but you still get it? Yes, I'll say I will, but I won't. Okay. I don't care. All right, beef, Geoffrey, you gotta be. No. I mean, I made chicken wings lose. I was having guys over. I guess I am. Okay. Complain about offering to cook chicken wings. No, no, no. I was going to complain. I was going to be about you beefing over my chicken. Crispy enough. They weren't crispy enough and then you put them in the broiler and they were great and everyone told you so. So what are you complaining about help. Say you text me asking me bring them for HAMAs. Yes, yes. Did I not only did I get one container? Where is this. The the minimum charge was five dollars. This was four dollars. I ended up getting two containers of wow where chips it has been played. Yeah, where's this Hulme's do. Where's the Hulme's? I'm Chris Barnard up in the Bronx. When you have people over, you're allowed to bring allowed to Staples, but then you just wanted home as for your fridge. Yeah, that's right. And I thought you guys full from the chicken now we're now we want HAMAs. Is there crackers? I bought some four cheese triscuits. Yes, you're off carb. So I don't want to serve him in Tim, it you? I wouldn't get intimidated might have a few. It's my body, my choice, all eat what I want. It's not your cheat day. That's tomorrow. I've a little member. I went to his wedding. Yes, one of our friends and one of my groomsmen in the in my wedding, I pumped some guy pretty hard and the wet. I mentioned this and you weren't going to tell us about it till this episode by punktem pretty hard. So you know it was a smaller wedding in like it was just like kind of the band would play. It was like two or three piece band. And then at ten o'clock Kanchi realized he ain't. He didn't make a playlist for like the end and they were gonna put a phone on a playlist and do their thing. He asked me and another one of his groups and to do it. We did. It was a very good place. There was beyond say, there's reenlisted and all you gotta do is gin girls dancing, and it's fine. There were. Carey, there was some what or guys know if the girls dance, the guy stance, the guys guys don't guys never Larry. It was going great. And all of a sudden I see this like fuck in hot guy, thinks he's a real hot shot to tan to muscular walk over to the phone, some Hawes it, it silence everybody stops. Dancing turns and looks at him waits to see what he's going to put on any puts on the chess lied, and I've never laughed so hard and another person's face go. It goes up right now to live to it just like fully killed the mood. I left so hard and his face, and then he kept like putting on like shit songs kung comes to me is like, can we put onto better music? I got it. I walk over. I take the phone me and the other groups, again, pull up a chair and people come up like groups that are taking over. It's done. We're in charge of the music. Now. This has gone off. The rails key comes over. He comes over after we put on a Bowie just dance, dutiful perfect. First of a six person. Six song sequence get you going Little Rock and roll. Never heard anyone. He comes over. He leans Santa goes. But on the Macarena. Rolling you like huge. He was trying to me like huge like fake, smile on go. Oh, no man. Grimm's are taken over. We're not taking. We're taking requests times over. He goes mockery. Come on. It's for the moms put on the, I go to the mom. And I'm like, I don't really care about the ice at the sell out. It was like, I don't really care about the mums. The groom asked me to put on some good dancers. That's what I'm going to do. He goes, and then he is smile dropping, put on the mockery. And I turned in look because I've been kind of like just like kind of ignoring him in just talking to Brad, I'm like, shooting off and then I just turned it look at him dead in his eyes. No. And he had taken like hidden looking at me and like staring this beater. He was trying to be tough guy with staring at me and took a sip of his whiskey when he was like put on the mockery. No. And I said, you can sit there and stare me and take a sippy or drinking tough all you want. You're never gonna get your hands on this phone and you will never hear the mockery, so get lost. And I turned away from him and he just stood there and stared at me and then just walked away. Funny and then forty seconds later he go- he wants. He walks every goes put on the YMCA. No. And his wife came over and was very mad that I talked to Mike, that she put on p. funk, who is easy. The. A bridesmaid. Well, I'm a bridesmaid. You're not anymore important than I am a Mike. I know. But like the groom asked me to do it when you want me to do, she's like on people not putting on. Funk, funk, go. We want the funk. Bad song. There's only time for five or six songs. Let's get some reaction in there. Let's get some beyond saying there. I wanted to take requests. What's his name now? Even know Matt. So I wonder if the white terror. Originally him over suck. She came over and I work at marketing. Because then I tried to get rid of her. She was smart because then I try. I was like, all right, I'll put on what song you. She was like, we want them. All right. It's on there and she goes, you're not gonna put it on. And I go, yeah, I'm gonna put on. She goes bullshit and I go, I'm gonna put it on. You told me, why wouldn't I? I'll put it on. I work in marketing. Okay. I smell bullshit a mile away. Just laughed again. Laureate husbands phasing. I left and heard phase so hard. I was like, cool, congrats. You got me going to put it on the plane. I work in marketing has ever won in our of it. Posted a mile away on a lighter. Now, we remember Ryan from my window batch. Yeah, tastic men was one of our few friends that we knew there mean him and Sarah, it was a no liquor wine, no liquor wedding, wine and beer. And like a couple bottles of whisky is a whiskey more. So it was like a lot of Ryan brought a bunch of weeks drove up from l. a. and we had gone super-duper high, the after party had hot tub. So my my whole stance on hot tubs, you want to be the first in the tub, and there's one hot tub for a party house. You want to be first in the tub. Last one out first one out two. So we were the three of us were in there getting like smoking enjoying, very, very high. And Ryan goes had finished his drink as, hey, take some hot water. We're also saying, poured all over me and I like took it out. He because he was standing on the water. We Puerto over him and he was like, Sarah, try this. So then I it over stare. And then she was like, holy shit, Mike, try this, and then she poured all over me and then hard cut to us so stoned. And I'm going bathe the baby. And I have like Ryan is floating as like a little baby. I'm like bad. The baby. We're just pouring hot water. We're, this is like out of cupped hands almost like crack on the head type. It was the weirdest thing that bid. Like kind of like does the head scratcher shit tranche. Who didn't say, who was like staring, no. No baby the baby. That's the new hot to move. If anyone's gonna hot tub, take a Cup of hot water, stand halfway out and have your partner poured all over. You like that cold water would be your body was cold. It was about fifty degrees there. Where was it? Big bear. California I've heard of guys didn't seem like the the baby bit. Was it weird picture? Seems like something you guys twins in the bath. Oh, we still do. What were you wondering. Why like. How do you guys get changed from like your wedding attire till I cut Tubbataha there. Three par room. Our room was at the venues Kunkle during this part. I don't know wedding stuff I picked. You know, we're gonna talk about Kunkle wedding for the next twenty five minute. Have you guys noticed the super size, but we board in the corner. It's very, never marks on it. I've seen. I mean, we've seen seen the standard size one. What's us like two percent bigger that you print it by accident. Fifty percent bigger. Well, that's why you can't sell them, but I can't move them. I can't heavy too big shipping is prohibited. Don't make boxes outside coordinate just boxes. I was thinking about. Way back to go to the Brooklyn museum when they had the box exhibit the Bowie cheeks, going on. Still some of those boxes. I'm thicken. It's pitched remember. I went. Well, there's a bookstore down the street, kind of dislike, makeshift pop-up thing. That's like, yeah, yeah. Down the street. Like half a block down. I went over there. You know, six months ago, the guy showed kinda faked interest in a little bit. And then said it was more of a Halloween product halloween's coming up maybe to stoop sale. But we board thing think people by, well, I think you'd have to have your own candy that I think that know. Yeah. Think your market for that is hipster parents who have young kids in the neighborhood, which there are fifty one hundred dollars. You learn them in with candy for the kids decorations. And then you're also like, I'm also sell this for parents. If you're interested, you're saying Halloween when the kids are coming around on Halloween night because there's going to be parents with the kids. The kids get the candy trainer and try backwards. Trick or treat you get triggered day harder during the day kid? I think kids under seven. They like, you know, don't wait 'til 'til, nighttime to go trick or treating do an early. But on a weekday. You have to do it at night? No. Well, I think most people following our weekend there like five years old though. Does. And I think the parents would think I was a little like opportunistic if well, don't get me wrong if you're not opportunistic, but that seems like they're going to call some sort of a thorny on me for pushing my style if people can sell old shirts on the sidewalk. Oh, what do you for. For. I would try to just do it at this point anything you can so maybe ten, ten want dude. Loss to make. Price because of the misprint. Why did you just not pay addition? Because I had already put a down payment on on some boards and actually thought they were kind of cool. Big, big and beautiful. Triple b, how much? How many. How much aboard I would like I. So for. Probably probably ninety eight. You think under ten. So why don't you just break even in home for ten bucks. If the end of my bed neck, no one's going to pay fifty bucks for the timing night. Twenty. No one's giving you twenty bucks. But I feel like if you're taking a Bill out of your wallet, you don't know and carries tens anymore. ATM's don't spit out tens. Let's go to bed stuy. I mean doom for twenty if you want. But I think by eight o'clock on Halloween, you're gonna be busing those down to ten desperate pleading for people to take them off your. Escalating happen, but there on that on a patriot level. I can't move them through mail. He's already scammed enough of the fans. Okay. But I haven't scammed any fans. Okay. These were other people. Shrunk, people don't forget about our satellite beautiful show episode actually, ROY about idea. Maybe actually, I do have an announcement that I wanna make okay. I meant to do this up top, but I was talking about a hot tub for about ten minutes. I did a Twitter view with this company called tap. Okay, and I'm just going to pitch the promo code right now is twins, and that gives you twenty five dollars off. I believe it's one hundred and seventy dollars product and tap is pretty much a keyboard input device that you have on your hand. It's wrapped around your fingers and you can type on any surface or game from any service. Oh, I love it. Tap with us dot com promo code twins. Wow. And how much money are we getting paid for that? No, we're not. I'm very interested in this product. I'm gonna check it out. It's very piece to peace. Now, one eighty one p tap to tease they tap tap with us dot com. Epithets dated get tap dot com, right? No, no way they didn't. I think someone showed me they got an Email. They got a message from someone with the name e. They got e that was me. It was a user submission actually thought about it more after that. And it was just like his handle on on g mail which you can like you're now. G mail. That's less fun, much less fun. All right. Enough of this little Piter pattern. Chitter chatter, okay. This podcast in about beefs or books. Erba. Ouija. Okay. It's about making money. Stuffed up from the cat. It's very much about, but for me, it's all about it's about making money each week. The three of us me David and Jeffrey will pitch billion dollar scheme. An invention. It could be anything you'd be a physical product could be an app. It could be a change in culture could be straight up robbery or fraud anyway, you're making money. Were here talk about until he this off as always it's resident guru. Amanda doesn't just think outside the box. Quite frankly, he is the box the most smelly with the most belly, big pup pup baby, Davey rose. Folks question pleased to what's one of the hottest products the market over the past year. So. Thank you. Jill Jill. Maybe look a little a little bit further back more of a a. A toy and even toy Irby. Say about two years ago back. I have no concept of time anymore. I've been in quest moving fucking poured over the last que what you got, but that's right folks, fidget spinner and. Goes to potentially many people gadgets, like this are part of field known as ings -iety consumerism, have any of you heard of this essentially when I'm talking about is products that claim to relieve stress and anxiety took off? Yes. An anxiety is now the most common mental illness in the US. Did you guys even knowing the mental that sounds right? Yes. And they're being judged likes. And what that tells me. Is that there's money there folks. We're talking numbers like one in three people at some point over the course of their life, looks variance. I myself and me and experiencing it as I speak right. Another product is gained the live traction is the weighted blanket? Yes, Wade, blanket is huge. Is huge. No, the guy that made the weighted blanket. Used to live with the Jayco Donal. He made the weighted, Blake, huge on Kickstarter. I gotta say. That sounds like a Twitter view. Me. Yeah, got in contact with them. Ease he's in. Now, he's got the biggest Kickstarter campaign. He's like ever actually died under a stack. He said his blanket way to XL and it crushed him. And so like in the past products were usually used for people with PTSD or even. Small form of PD SD at this point from what's actually probably aren't. There isn't there must be micro concussions. Yeah, they found can't there be micro PTSD. MP it down. It's my theory, at least. Unproven peer review for every type of disorder. All right, Debbie continue. And so. What we're doing right now is I lost my spot. I'll be honest with yellow spice, right. Find it find on your phone now don't know about you folks out there nation, but I for one have been feeling a bit of executive lately. Yes, of course. I mentioned it. Not not went to fidget spin and the weighted blanket really can't go with you everywhere. True or tenant. Today on this podcast, I'd like to introduce to all of you fine. Lads Dench to my new product known as Capt that she AP ED in all caps and what this is a hat with the polyester inter-lining filled with plastic pellets. Provide a weight to keep your head grounded all day, long awaited hat that will help if your strengthening diety threat today while concealing your secret identity as nervous dancy once you pop that cap on, you'll be known as confident Cameron or perhaps even in easy going, Gary. Cost thirty five ninety nine so pup that kept on to stay grounded because we're here to relieve all your messy stresses. Tastic pitch. It really built. I mean, I interrupted think your rhythm and then I think you found it again, very impressed. Myself is what can I ask you? What's the theory behind the weighted cap situation? Is there? Does it help? Like, what is it help? What does it do? Well, what do you think a weighted blanket? Let me pose it simulates a person holding you and you're also laying down initial concern is my neck right? That heavy Michael beefy neck though. In terms of Couric's or human supposedly topped heavy, how much is the way it's going to question humans, people used to still do carry stuff on their head. Right, true. Can I ask you a question, does wearing a hat make you feel more comfortable? Yes. And is secure about my hair that that's why, but you like the way it featured on your head, right? There's this right now. My hair's too long only winning, but does it hug your head a little bit. Head hug. Peru is what I'm so it's less weight more compression? No, that's correct. But the weight ads is where the compression comes from, what I could put like a like a stocking on my head, and that gives me the compression without the wait. I think I'm worried vertebrae right now. I'm worried about maybe my equilibrium being thrown on. If I'm Valance, my head's too heavy now or cutting off the into the Hatton freshener waivers twenty four to forty eight hours. We asked you not to go public with your neck and just a simple adjustment period. Yes, for sure. Waited throughout the entire of course, our whole thing. That's the weights. It's just it's all embedded within the lining, of course. And what sort of material we're talking about talking about that. When we're talking about the, of course. No. Nylon, plastic pellets. Of course. Oh, that's where the weight comes from. The hat is actually made of a polyester cotton mix, and we actually blended Flynn. Yes, yes, more blunt than if there any signs behind the getting getting the head squeezed feels good because I feel like feel in your pre hangs idee post current anxiety or pre post car. You have worn, I believe like. Not not jacking leggings a what are we talking spanks? Don't you prefer the body hug over the head hug for me, the body Huggins of two era parable damage on my intestines and UPN pupil. Yes. And you know, neck problems cannot do that at this time, but that's something that I'm willing to commit to early to late next year. Let's talk. Bryce. Did it's thirty four ninety nine. So giving you the to give you the designs in the hat, what do we all different types of designs? Classic baseball cap book. Yeah, it's not going to be fitted. With teams or colors or what we, but we the pay is going to be black, Brown, blue and light blue sky blue. We'd like to call it internally. But are you ever planning into licenses to maybe get a Yankees logo or Red Sox logo customizable station comes in and you have licensing deals with the amount being NFL. That's actually something that we're also not willing to talk about too late next year. Cute. Cute. Three we can't make any promises about that, right? Any other questions or should we send it around for a vote? Yeah, go on capital p. l. caps, keep grounded, stay grounded, be grounded, okay. I liked came around, wait. What is it state? Would it had to go tone after that? Mike, I have had free. Stay grounded, be grounded, what was the third one. We're grounded. Unless you buy this cap, let's all right. Let's Senator vote, correct? Yeah, one more question is a baseball cap era. Winter Cup, baseball capture baseball cap. So there's it is brimmed. Yes, I was picturing in on brimmed hat though. Let's is the brim waited or the frightening. It's gonna tip over that Br that brim is twenty five pounds. Brim is not his out late and we're willing to go on record saying, do you also offer brimmed hats, Michael? That's a question that we can't answer right now. Really? Yeah, not even I understand the proprietary technology, but you can't answer to me a perspective investor, whether you have non printouts. That's correct. I respect that. All right time for a vote. Yeah. All right. We're good to product will about your about to find out Jeffrey. Compression thing or the way I still feel like the compression. Okay. It's compressed inwards on the head. It's compressed downwards. Okay. Okay. So it is wait? Yes, less compression more weight. It just doesn't sound some comforting to me. Plus investing. Seaming that I'm talking about twenty minutes. I'm talking about something talking about thirty five. I feel anxious or stressed. I wanna feel late on my feet. You know, I want. I do a little head space in like you kind of feel free. This feels like, you know, heavy is the head that we're the crown. Now I have like more shit piled on the neck that wears. Right? Like it feels like the literal way over the world as opposed to like feeling like I just like moving down than like, have you used the compression Lincoln? No, but I do like a heavy blanket, which is why a little torn here. Why do you think you have your blanket hug? Yeah, feels like a hog. And. Supposed to someone. Please talk. I'm just going to go over to Jeff impress on his head a little bit, and I wanna know how these two. I'll describe what's happening to those at home. Dave is making his way over, okay. He's about chef. It's my neck. His is touching little nice actually, like to try to actually. Come. Some sort of cooling or heap Pat. It's like, give baby the bathwater baby the baby, whatever days. Hurts my neck little bit less. Maybe a little less, but less that is that's not bad. Nick. Cap. Are you at three point three or two points? Custom waited designed what we're precision. Go into a store and I want your technician Saotome e, hey, this is what your weight needs. This is what's right for your run on a treadmill where the Cup is a husky neck and your and you could take more weight. Yeah, you know, I was laying out and yes, sleep number because I was way out until you did that. And then I have this little little good right now in the perennial you present, right? You're aware of that hayne your brain solace like micro Pius, PTS, reverse it help reverse. All right. Jeffrey. Keeping sandbags in my half three weeks out. Investor, both look, I, I actually tried on my girlfriends. She has ankle weights. Now, kind of like the velcro things for working out those for like three hours today. I took them off and you feel light afterwards, so maybe that's fair. No, but I think they're on Amazon all throw up of fulfillment promo code later on the patriot. Cool. I'm in a customer investor, Dave big idea, love it, love it. David, I tell you sometimes there's just a product that you gotta try and when you put your hand on my head at first it was too hard. And then when you loosened up, I really liked it. And again, my final question is, can I customize the wait? Actually we can't answer that question too. Late Knicks here. This is the difference between my vote. What can you promise me? We can do that right now. You gotta have your cabinet member come on that. That's the whole promotional. Aspect of it for sure. Our cat numbers involved. Yeah. I'm willing to pivot on that. Then I'm in as a customer. Under a two point, three Nick customers. David, I wanted to count you when you started off. I haven't seen in a while and I thought, oh, this is what the podcast is become, but my fucking God. Head right issue, least everything. I think it kind of very nice. I'm in investor. I'm glad to be on team Davey. Teen Dave miles dog miles? Yeah. Do you wanna vote. Oh, I'm in. Could be therapeutic thing. You put it on for five minutes, take it out. Great. You know, bounces wearing a hat that says Stonehenge on it right now. Yeah, I've been a Stonehenge on the brim as well. Let's hear for Davey. That's great. A little work to get their row holding. All right. Next up in the pig pen is more Nick manic of the two twins. He's got a slender frame, strong joh-, broad shoulders, a nice pair of glasses on the mustaches looking good. It's l. Hefei Jeffrey Rosenberg. At the beginning of the episode, did you the whole thing? Michael? Did I say the abridged version when you intro me as just the chew. Yeah, fuel to pose a question, please do look at me. Oh, what's what's like, how am I wearing my clothes bad while I'm at home? So I can. To where it's comfortable. Actually my shorts, believe it or not? Yes, my shirt. But let's move beyond that to the broader picture. Okay. How am I wearing certain things loose? Well, sure. Lose that. Great. Yeah. Got everything is everything loose. Sucks. All right about it actually cut off the circulation and because they're a little higher there. Right? And what what do we notice when people where maybe pops moms? They wear high socks for a long period of time. Then you see them at the beach. They got these hail feet pale lower caps, but also have you noticed anything else about them? Lack of lack of care, Michael. What do you think that is? The socks are bad for the hair. You're not. You're not breathing, but it's. Fractious rub section maybe? Yeah, maybe one of the elements involved. Is it not the one you're thinking of? Well, I'm not thinking of anything. I'm just having a conversation with my buds right now. Well, then other than friction and heat. I don't know. That's pretty good. Mike, that's pretty good. Anyone else have any ideas. We are trying to figure out the reason why people who wear. I sucked don't have hair on their list. You need to the rest of your hair Brian. You never noticed that. That's still do not have. They're, they're racist the mile. Yeah. I also showing us a mothering those hair follicles right smothering hair. I mean, that's a heat situation situation. Yeah. Net doing here is taking that sock tech. Okay. Tech or an unfortunate side effect. It's a side attack. If you very nice continue. And what I'm doing is I'm displacing to another part of your body where maybe you don't necessarily want a laser hair removal for five nations. You can actually put it anywhere you want with my bare pads. Okay. And bear pads are sticky pads where you can put anywhere on your body, you leave him there for inordinate amount of time, really and within within three to five months, actually. Wow, you will no longer grow hair in that area because you've killed those follicles. I mean, what happens if I have to take it off. Take your socks off at some point too. It a sticky. So my reply is multiple. It can maintain it stick. Can't it? Actually does maintain it stick Michael. It's a loose stick almost like a posted stick off. What about sweat. Mean you sweat on your socks all the time and yet they don't hold on what if I don't want here my chest. What do you? How do you do that? Well, we actually also offer how do you beat gravity friend? Thank you for asking Mike. We also offer a small eight to twenty four ounce aerosol spray can if you need re sticking, you just lately spray the pad and you can re stick it. And that will last you about another. I'm sweating though because the sweats gonna keep coming out of the pores Michael, and I'm very glad. Yes. What this does is c. pores are if you look at a cork board. Right? And you have a bunch of pins in cork board, right? Yeah. Okay. So everywhere, out of that cork board, you're not finding if we're going back to the back here, we're going back to the chest. You're not sweating all the poorest because there's not a pain in every poor drew. Continue. Imagine each pin. I'm not done. Each pin is poor. Okay, and but you can't put a pin in every poor? No, because poor isn't you're not covered in pours pores are on a surface, right? Your your all of your skin, pores. If it was free, that's how skidmarks, right? But there's space between the Poor's Michael, I guess if you're sweating, you're not getting bigger, selling your skin and shit. I mean, yeah, you're not completely covered in pours a lot of force. Well, there I would say they're twenty percent. Yourself, right? Yes. That people are only twenty percent poor. I would say twenty to twenty five percent. So what we're doing. At least sixty percent even if it is sixty percent Michael word. If it is three times as much as you Michael, it doesn't matter. What bonding to next. It might not know what's the word. Force work and we're bonding. We're bonding to the that thirty five percent and you're sixty five percent poor scenario. This skin. Kinsey, you're saying that your material dodger. Dodge the poor neck because. Like I said, and I may not have said this at this point, it does have breath ability and sweat is wick to the outer layer. So this is a wick. It's a polypropylene. You're lucky. I don't know. Ceded polypropylene bitch. So like you explain to me what you what is killing the hair in your estimates, a lack of oxygen. We're also matting it down enough that the Falco can't grow out of so. Okay, go ahead. Dick sidebar. This is I'm very worried about my investment in caps at the moment, but. But people who are building who were hats, all the time don't become more bold because of the hats or maybe they do. It's the jury's out. Maybe they do, but go on, go on. I mean, that's the pitch guys. I think the sock thing is people that are wearing the socks like that for a decade or two. Right? Accelerating that that d- growth if you will, by having thicker pads, a little less breath ability factor than your average. And for the wearer of these pets, they stretch in their flexible. We do have twelve percent. What if you go to the beach to can, I don't have to wear the paddled time like we're slowly killing news here, follow. Here's my thing. Is this more convenient than shaving. Shaving is a lifelong process that no man or woman wants to have you ever shade down over ten years by covering on my voice. Six to eight months. You said three to five years? No, I never said three to five, three to five years, six months miles of it any until on the poor situation, getting a lot of conflicted data. What have you seem what percentages are we looking at? I saw numbers from one million pores per square inch to six hundred fifty pores per square. Well, that's a big one now we have, but then in that case, we end to find out the size of the poor because that doesn't give us any indication. Yeah, but a math, but you. How many finit so do the math, but I'd have to know the diameter of the poor. No, that's how you figure it out. You're there is one poor preference. What does that mean? How many square inch funny. Flay one inch thing skin. You have a million pours right? Do the math, but if the pores are incredibly small could be half an inch of surface area of skin, which is enough for my fucking bear pads to Bunn to you. My friend RA I'm gonna send it around the horn. David. Are you in as a customer and vegetables for the bear pets? What body part are you focusing on for me myself the shoulder, Dave. I don't like the shoulder here. I don't like the upper back here. I find that Bray, very cumbersome. You are your and you think that's okay to say that some people would prefer things a little different, you know? So not you. Well, some, I mean, some people wear hats because you know. They don't like to show the top of their heads. Maybe I don't like to show the front of my back. Fair enough. All right, customer investor, both. But I think the price points here enough where I would try also don't like my shoulder hair. What if we actually had the same exact pours? Isn't that interesting? Interesting. We'll talk about it off cast, of course, patriots. Maybe? Yeah, patron Jeffries investor though. I'm out in, oh, I think it's a semi bad idea. Hair removal. All you have to. Isn't going to go for rice pointing in Dave. Do you have any Intel on that on your price point? Yes, because he said the price. Note. Don't forget to ask you to fall. It's actually nine ninety nine for a pack of ten. Does that change your vote, Pac, ten Pac, ten borough what is packed. What's the. Need more than one. I thought I would just. Maybe your friends need or you want to do multiple parts of your body and you to do because they come to strips. Okay. How big is a strip? Three by eight inch strip? Sorry, three wide eight along three long, eight wide. It's the same thing. Yes, it is the same thing. Yeah, it's far as I'm concerned, Jeffrey. As a customer. I mean, I'll try it also where my friend. As far as investor goes, I'm not really interested. I don't understand the idea. It seems strange in to me. Have you ever had a war on your body? Yeah, and get those frozen off. Yeah, duct tape works actually duct tape. Does work, duct tape, work, vape works. Duct tape. Can Garrett awards because mothers, yeah. Yeah, yeah. How long do you have to wear the duct tape to head neck too week. Frozen. The fuck in when you get it frozen, it's still it becomes bulbous does not wanna hits the actual skin like it expands because it's like a blister duct tape works. You don't look any less a full where at work. Yeah, you guys are well versed in the work culture while it was one of those things like puberty where it goes away? Yeah, I feels like you. That's why you're wearing the hadn't. He words not feet Wirtz Nicorette. Investor, both out on this one. I feel like if I, if I really good idea desperate enough to remove the hair that we're talking about, I, I could lose some of my lower back here and be fine with that. But if I reached the point where I want that out, I'm gonna go get laser. Hold on. Hold on. Let me say this. Okay. If you were to get wax and you have to take a pad and rip these hair follicles out of your body every call it once a month for the rest of your life. Is that more worth it than using the beer pad for six months to never have to deal with that again, I'm not to rip it out, not gonna wag written. Not gonna wag written out of your body laser eight. You're not gonna laser eye. You're not gonna leave this. I'm not that I don't need to change it that much. I'm saying, like wearing these pads, that much is going to be as much. No one's gonna. See, you were in the Pat. It's they're almost like Chris strips or even the knows things that you put on to get rid of your black heads. Okay. Let's think of it like that. Those are non me for like three to five the problem, but you don't have to wear like through the three to five months. He can take it off when you go to bed. I think that's actually. So now every day I have to add to my routine, like throw on your your hair part of a beautiful process, Mike, and if you're not willing to step because you know what my body's beautiful because you're already married and you don't need to to win people over anymore. Okay. 'cause when you Papa shirt off and a girl seize your back here or your backer some people care and maybe I care. Okay. Maybe it's not because they're wispy and they're cool. Curly fund thickness. Take off your shirt seen it now. Show me. But if that's the result is what I want. I just wanna pop in and get laser and then be done with it. Well, laser takes six seven sessions because you have only there for an hour and then you're out, you're talking about seven hours. We're going into a doctor's office. I my casual homeware pads, bro. But this is three to remind you that we are in my home. All right. We're investor both. Nick dude allow miles. Yes, I can propose a pivot. Oh, we got miles on Mike, the witch folks ma-ma miles where so it's like a body suit that you're you're by, but has the material you every time you go to sleep. Just put this thing on you wear. Yes, you go on the website bodysuit body. You wanna be entirely hair removed about him. Custom body soon. Kathi Ramadi pivot on the Mesa. Doc body sack, put it on, you go to sleep your sexual though into that suck, but you're saying not the full body way we do. You know as much as you want. Like that. Well, let's give it up for Jeffrey. Do you guys? Will you guys pivot if we go with the bucks clapped, it's kind of guys, you know what time, and it's time for the mutter who utter, we're all taking. Taco from mum and beer micro. What do you have in store for us today? What phone pitch. I'm going off the phone. You never do this. Sometimes it's fun. Yeah. I normally go off the dome maybe this time I just had to remember the name of the product. I think foods and sations are one of my favorite things about modern day society. Think about when the Chiluba came out when when when. They're like, there's no more buns. It's chicken bitch, and that's fun. New foods and saints. Yeah, are can be fun. And it's also like a funding to recommend people, and I'll say this talk to a barbecue. What's something that you'll grab on the way Batato cell? No. To exile. It's it's, it's not a may. It's like an accessory to the to the meat cheese. We're talking about Hawaiian sweet rolls. Guys like wine sweet rolls. All right, hardy. I know what that is to be on us what you don't know about sweet rolls. I don't think swine you trash miles. Do you know about alliance wheat roles. Is going to go back. You learned about wines everywhere. It's like it's like kind of like sweet, yellow breaded. You learn about it. I mean ten years ago number. I'm with Mike. By the way I'm with Mike. This this weird Nikki, you now a thousand percent. The main kind of bun. That's the difference. These this is not like rich foods, Jaffer fucking hood. Kitano kings wine. Swiebel's of these are like standard barbecue, bright, yellow, this they're like bright, yellow. They're just like Berbon little slider boys. Sure. Yeah. Yeah, they're like bread and sweet, and it's like. Okay. No, it's bread. They're not biscuits pitches there for sliders there for anything that's law, potato bun. It's bad. It's a sweeter potato. They're great for the barbecue sauce, barb it, no, it's like a big barbecue joint. Can't believe this. This is crazy. I know what they are. I just didn't know what they were called. I mean, anyway, people don't know what they are. Just guys are miles. I don't understand you guys don't eat food miles seems like is big on Allard. True. I'm confused anyway. I'm mixing what it is, but picture very sweet potato role. If we. Sweet taste, the texture, chewy fluffy of a potato, but making it appear to the shape of a pita actually happen to think that pitas are some of the best sort of vehicle for a sandwich. No, Nick, you know what? We were always imagine a big one shaped like a pita that you could stuff stuff into. There's a slit in the middle bud, and there's a cabinet. It's a cavernous opening, but it's still fluffy fluffy. That's the problem with pitas is that they break sometimes because they're thin and they, this is like. Vicar now you're not gonna wanna go crazy on the SaaS, but like what's nice is that like it's also going to be more absorbent so like you're not gonna have Netflix through. I mean, I actually think. A Hawaiian sweet roll pita could be a revolutionary. I think there's a food truck that's like, yeah, we serve food, but we got sweet potato. We, we read us on the menu and it's like. Sweetly. Good name, right? All give you depths on that. I opened the Florida questions. Gimme gimme the range of what your stuff in their barbecue obviously stuff. Anything you want personally, my favorite is to go lettuce, tomato ham, cheddar, mayo, and regular, like maybe a little, maybe a little mustard regular sandwiches. I think you can do. I think my RO something I'm gonna cook up for myself is a little sweep a little mashed potatoes, a little gravy and a little rotisserie chicken with the skin on deboned stuff into sweet leader. What about like more like a Middle Eastern dish, like chicken, kebab home asleep to buy? We can have a little kebab knew what we do is like a little layer of Bobby shows, sort of absorb the first sort of line of defense of the sweet Rita, and then we're gonna stuff. Some schwartman they're and they're gonna put a maybe a little bit of a, you know, a Greek salad mix in there just to get some brunch motto want. Some crunch low keys a little to me. Meech crunch crunch some of your meat chips. If you want white sauce costing disease. Anyway, I know it's like a simple idea and you guys don't know what this is, but sometimes I'm just like, this can this week. It's like it's just like a krona member. The krona. Yeah, this could be the new sweet rita's specs on like diameters, size Peterson. Okay. Pitas thickness, thickness, it's much thicker. I mean, I think we're getting you're talking about an inch thick, so it's like a hamburger, Pedo must Amer a row. Well, no, it's a Hawaiian sweet roll. What he's saying. Not. What that is you're saying? It's the thickness of a Hawaiian sweet roll. The thickness. No, I don't even know what Hawaiian. Sweet. Well, you pulled up a four and it looks like it's a two and a half inch, or I don't really use. Don't like it. It's a, it's a Puta Cise to incher and it's a Hawaiian. Why are you calling pita then if it's not pita diameter, the pita shaped bitch and it's two inches thick? Yeah. No, it's why it's a hybrid. I thought it was pita thickness. Can I remember shit if you. That's too big. What did you big for bird. Food. Taste bread is so light like a burger. That's three times the size of a regular. You're exaggerating. Phone, you got buns on both sides Jeffey. That's an inch one inch, but it says big, a two wins. That's an inch and a half, at least my friend. That's not. I think that's fine. Don't you want the heart exterior to hold all the juicy you're putting. That's why. That's why it's more absorbent in. The Browns, just. Point, it's not. Why do you wanna know why you wanna? Because it's absorbent hard light, those opposed being thin and dense. Michael rip down to a personal juicy burger and a potato pun. It's gonna seep through the Nazis through. People don't mind Yvonne. All go to shit, don't eat it. Amount you're around. I'm out. Customer investor, both a link, some scared. Well, what all do. Yeah. As you should be now eight. The sweet where you don't wanna sweet. Read with the little chicken schwartman to Zeki. I bleeding. No leak. Jeff. Don't be talking about pours, get dumb ass. Thanks. Put porous tape, tissues to your skin. You, hey, we'll go away. Fuck you. Dude, you know, pure exterior with this. Aforementioned bread that I can't remember what it's called wine sweet rule. But what if it had a harder exterior that it well and it doesn't because that's not the best. It's a big ass. Hawaiians understand Meyer mentioning pita at all. It's nothing like shaped with the sled and you just say circle then a bigger certain because it's fun. The people are stupid Jeffrey. So you have to be like this new thing is this plus this. That's why for bread, it doesn't make sense any market, there's no pocket. If it's light slices of, that's that are open because if the pocket then it's gotta be thick enough that all the juice and good whites, two inches thick. It'll bleed through my won't bleed through customer investor. Both dude, Dave, just one quick question for Nick. Do you think it will lead through? I think it'll bleed bleed through through. Tiny, tiny pitch. It might soak. It might soak the bread, but that's a good thing you've ever French dip. It's a taste thing. Sometimes. Breads still ever gonna full foot long Italian sub. And then you put that second six inch sub in the fridge that oil and vinegar seeps through within twenty five minutes. I'm telling you to leave your fucking sweet rated the fridge, like a freak, throw either get less subway or throw it away. If are you in or not? Did you talk about the call your thoughts on the league game on a sandwich? Let Nick answer the question. You asked that he's debating it used to be at the baiting. Mike also was willing to buy a lot of his high art. So I'm curious about sentiments lie. I'm the product of the thing itself. I really wanna taste. It's like right down my alley. The two inch. Digging your heels in on the two inch thickness. I'm thinking concerning to me. Yes. You have a. Why? Well, because I feel like Fitch. The business, the bread ratio to whatever and put inside of it. That's how jumbo stuff offer sweet Rita sandwiches on that out. I've just saying that's where that's my concern on the fence about that. I feel like a thinner version of this. I'd be a hundred percent in and I'm want your. Don't want your. Thick Kennedy, half it can be half that gets that bread and twice because the pita, you know, can we talk about an inch. Give an inch. I'll go into the quarter. Honey side total. It's an interesting quarter, thick, thick. I'll send it around David cousin viscera both inch and a quarter min as a customer in an investor. Becerra both inch. Now. All right, Nick investor, both hundred percent and I wanna I wanna throw miles on this one to investor, both both baby. The one idiot that's left alone yard. He pivoted though multiple time. I'm allowed to one time. Order, and that's in. You could run the tape on that ship. Boys spirit and spirited and long first half of the episode. Let's take a little break. We'll come back and we'll hear from the nation. Yeah. And we're back and I wanna clear the air, Jeffrey who love you. We went out each other pretty high view to, but I mean, just maybe I'll make coin sweep. I'll maybe I'll try to do this all the bear pets too. If you just bear with us. All right. You're one sweet Rita. Wait, hold on l. smell that here. Related. Really. Really. Really is the kick cash. This is the segment of the show where we salute fellow Hustler's in the real world, make it happen guy guys. I guess this week it's us interesting. This is because at around three in the after today I emailed you guys. I was feeling a little bit inspired and I said, Halloween, show Email, hey, I think it'd be really fun for us to dress up in costumes. Dual our second ever live show in Brooklyn also have a fan, costume contest ever live show in Brooklyn. I ever in Brooklyn. That's right. And you guys were in we, we emailed Jake and Amir, the podfather themselves to respond black listed band and blocked from the Email. And then Jake said, we're gonna reach out. We're going to try to find guy some venues. We think it could actually happen if we want it to live show slash Halloween party life. Slash Halloween, party costume contest. I'd also be interested in, you know, maybe we could raise an army of fans in the nation. Help us like decorate on the day of and we get like decorations. I'd love some fake missed, coming out of a pot. I'd like to have one room where we do the spaghetti as brains thing into the peeled grapes. I'd like to get like or the photo booth. And it's like you sit down and there's like the table at the spaghetti and the and the great good, everyone's photo as they put in there. I don't know. Yeah, I love it. I think if you're in the state area or willing to come to a show tweet at us with hashtag Mike. No, I think hashtag. How. In may for those of you long time, listener doing Halloween, fucking top straight, straight maze, and we're doing we're doing Halloween in may and Toby, which is how will Bill it's how the annual hollow main festival. This Holloway Tober. A lot of people might spell that differently h. a. l. l. o.. And. Two. You're saying a lot of people would be confused by the fact that it's called the Jala main, but it's just. October. Talk over w. I think it's. He didn't include the w I think we still have the w. l. l. o. w. m. a. y. n. e. yeah, it's Halloween in may and Octo ber and we're going to do. CASA test and kind of know what I'm going to go as I, I have two weeks often Tober from work, and I'm gonna put Sarah to where she hand makes my costumes every year, and we're really. It's always I was doing an wife been a skunk. I've been a duck or less here. I was a cool cat had a full cat, and then I had like kind of like a coke, which one was the one where you can move the tail skunk and and then rest assured we're going to try to do some movement as well this year because that was a big hit, huge off the top of your dome. What do you think you'll go as for Halloween? I think mine is gonna be a little self explanatory. Save it. We know you're talking about Jeffrey. Any initial thoughts do you normally going? Yes, we're woman in for the past couple years. That's problematic. Now why? I don't know. You gotta ask that question. I'm going Ruth bidder. You going Rb g or be hunch. You're gonna do the hunch. No, actually I think we're going to do a couples costs to Ouch rough. No. But as to women, which is a couple as well, believe it or not, Michael plug in a socket. Pretty cool. Couples costume. Well, we did a couples cost in left here. We went into the twins from the shining. That's sure. What are you gonna go is this year? We're thinking is handmaidens. Sexy him. Yeah. Interesting choice. I think like if you have a problem with that, I don't wanna be your pal anyway. Not you specifically. I'm worried about other people have a problem with it. I think there's worse costumes than like going as a birthing slave based on Netflix show clear agreed. The Hulu show. I've been watching the wrong show. Much in the soprano. Yeah, even watching you been recall, you re watching the soprano which is great God. All right. Hollow main, I think it'll be October. I think the data's Tober twenty six. I want to do this. I want wanna try to do at the Saturday Halloween. We just thought of this today. We will give updates, but if you're into Halloween again, tweet at us, post it, send us awake. What you think you wanna go as I would encourage costumes from the show. I think that like I'm not gonna guarantee that a show con. Win bull like a no would be nice his twins. Nice. Maybe whatever you think Danny looks like, oh, but I also wouldn't encourage let's be obstruct with it. You know what you could do. You tie a buoy board to the front of your body and went to the back of your body. And I think they're like they're on sale now. So you could get two big size boys and then allowing run like sixty sixty five seventy bucks a person who hasn't yet received their show up. Had something to do hollowing bring you in your twenty or thirty friends. I'll say that like Halloween, a city can be a little rough. And could you know you're bouncing around? We've waited in lines before, get your ticket. Come see a show. We'll try to get venue with the bar and we'll just like party and have a Halloween party. I love it. City. You wanna bring some friends in from schooling like, yeah, let's go to the city. We got a cool show. Let's go to a Halloween party will party with you guys. We'll be in costumes. I'd like to sell around two hundred two hundred and fifty ten and I'd like some help. Decoration area. So if you're in the state area come by for Halloween, I love Halloween. Sorry, away in France to fly through. They're talking about thanksgiving. Put me. They can come for Halloween. Maybe we live and out guess on the pod. Well, I, I don't know pay cash for that. You're the only one with the access to the Bank account, so that's correct. How are we looking. We're pretty liquid right now. Cashed. All right. Well, again, tweeted us at how use the hashtag Halloween. Our hand, Trish. Yeah, yeah, of course. Whatever day of things we, we're going to get the ball rolling on this thing. We're in trying to get it going, get you start thinking, you're costumes now and we'll let you guys know when tickets are on sale right now. It's time. Can I have been real quick though talking about social media that there is someone following fake accounts on our Instagram, rewrite. Some someone's doing what. I keep deleting fans, and I've kind like a thousand a couple of weeks ago and now seventeen hundred eight in Caribbean. You mean the account itself is following feature, Vincent good. So I looked it up and you know there's like different third party platforms that you can use to see like who, and follows. You can choose like a lot of these third party platforms are like, yeah, we can do this for you, but we're allowed to like post on your behalf or follow people on your behalf. And I'm like, all right, that's the problem. So we're like, you say, what third party got hooked up and we don't have any. Oh, really? With us. Right. You change the password. No, but I should actually don't. And I want to hear from Evers hacked. It will leave the password open. Let's have a dialogue. I, this is very interesting. I, I don't know. I don't. I worried that someone would be trolling for two years without me knowing. Can I say not surprised for sure. You know why just me that is responsible for this, your social media, ru. Abdicate the throne. I don't want to advocate it, but I would like a little bit of shared response. The most work you do the second most work? I do the least I'm not gonna take on any more responsibility. What I said? Yeah, he did say nice, appreciate that feel like I used to do a lot more and then I got sort of depressed and anxious over the Pesca barely did any. And I've slowly just, yeah, for sure. My presence is a present, kiss my ass. Federal little here, the car fives coming out aturday a little. Five years. The Macon been waiting. All right. Well, as I was saying before you interrupted by do like the mystery of Instagram. But right now it's time for my favorite part of the show. It's time to hear from to lucky fans who submitted their schemes to us to be read on the podcast if you want yours. Right on the podcast said yours to ideas at twelve Asian dot biz tweet at us at twin of Asian pod Facebook, I review or of course call our voicemail and. Michael. Well, I don't remember an we're going to have to go over the jingle again, but we're singing jingle whether you like it or not. So tell me what the number is. Please people don't like the jingle people like the jingle they do on person didn't like the jingle, and then people came out and said, they did like jingle. So what's the number David? Of course, it's going to start with the one six, four, six, nine news, ten ninety two. We don't do change the to wait one, six, four, six, nine, new six, ten. Ninety. One six, four, six, nine, two, six, ten to one six. Six. Six, ten, nine, two, good. All right. We'll play that Boyce spill Geoffrey, you gotta bud. What up cared. Oh. Yeah, dude. Please do. I respect that. Nice. Whoa, certified. Be so funny. We're that weirdo. And it got cut off there. Not at the price matching system? Yeah, sometimes voicemails get cut off. Wow, that is. I've got to say that it's a fantastic idea. I'm sorry that that got cut. But I mean, it's actually one of my favorite ideas I've ever heard what else. Rats here, but what are some of their options besides maybe you can have a beat, boxing squire, even Nick mentioned earlier in the podcast, kind of like your drum roll little drummer. Always require having an instrument headache. That's the main. How else do you plan to make an entrance with? Beautiful backless coun- and you spin when you nobody's knows your coming in, they're not put a. Like right when you're about to come in someone like a fake waiter drops like a tray full of glasses. So everyone's like turning in that direction. It's all. You know, because maybe there's maybe there's like a spectrum of Squires where you can have a bit of a more inconspicuous look if you want like we've planted a waiter, we're dropping glasses, or you know, you go full. The gold package, which is the trumpet people turn. And then just like, who is that man in that gown, God, it's backless. That's a good one doves walk into those fly around. Oh, yeah. Whoa. Hey, sorry. Just flew to destroy fan his blood everywhere, feathers in my drink. I love that idea and I'd love to. I mean, I wish there was just someone who could make that, but let's give it up for him. All right. Next up cut off once again. Please. It's hard. I don't do get a lot. The emir bid. No. Oh. And of pitch. About that. Tool tanks tank. You'll tank. Love it. Love you. Shit. Oh, you better believe it. Vibe. Thoughtful boy, and I like his idea like this is Google voice number. It does that transcribing on, please keep safe and keep screaming. Which is kind of still works. I like the hot water bottle is a very European. The New Zealand. What for kids, it's like, basically, if it's cold, you fill up a sort of rubber sleeve and you fill with hot water, and then you hold it and you go to sleep on your chest, like cuddle with it. Why. Keeps you live in the country maybe or whatever you don't want to spend money on. It's kind of silly to fill up an entire house. Body warm, you know, just saying it's pretty cool. I mean, I also love to change a culture and bring it to over to America. Bring that water hot water bottle of them into it seems like it'd be pretty fun right when I'm called. I put something hot between my legs right. A water about hands, water bottle filled with what? Yeah, hot water. I imagine how hot water bottle when I'm hot. Like I wanna put something cold on me. It's forehead or it's it's I hadn't. Then you laptop that left have crash, you're feeling become sterile, Nick. Hey. Hey. Who's today doesn't look at you in the eye mice, mice to really. I mean, I loved the idea and I love his like I just love his demeanor overall. I mean, so it's a dual tank right? Gotta be dual tank, but why? Why would you be tempted to drink. Like they're, they're like bottles. Were there like kind of like pads fill like floppy little rubber? Yeah, yeah. Why did he want to do? Why? Because say you fall asleep, but you want the hot water on you pre sleeping piss. So UP in the middle of the night, and it warms you up again after the hot water bottles. I don't know it right. This is hot enough is hot as it needs to be pretty hot. Two, it's warm. It's the temperature of your point, six degrees that came out a couple of weeks ago that that's not the temperature of the human body. No, the bodies that ninety eight point six wrong. What is it? Ninety? Five point two, no way. Maybe ninety seven point something. But what what? It's ninety? Eight point five. As far as the argument here you actually have miles. If you look above there, I have that that radar. Most of them there. Yeah, it's the gun that chose the. He very much unfair technology, I believe is that really worth ninety point to ninety eight? He's cold. His is boys. Do the mouth. Do the mouth hand ninety five? This is Mike hand. That's what I said. Ninety five baby. No one's ninety eight anymore. This is days mile. Climate change. One hundred degrees. Dave. I don't need that right now. Just ball that we've been looking at for the last hour. On what do we get ninety? Seven. Oh, you're cold. Right. Let's give it up for the for the water. I wanna say Jack, we'll give Jerry Jerry. Jerry. That's the Philly kid, Jack, Jackie, Jackie. Yeah, let's give it a little bit. Well, good job. Jad boys, great episode along episode, but you know, Nikki's back the boys be Jabarin fans. They want a nice long long into miss you boys. This is where needed we're happy forty, five minutes. You like. House. I can't wait to listen to the archives when he's a, she's like, you don't love your dad until you're like, you gotta go through teenage years. You know, he's gonna hate your gut. So please hope so we'll be done my job. I mean boys. Fantastic. What are we doing this weekend when he got cooking up? I think one of our one of our little guys here on the calf, maybe our host is having a. I'm twenty two years old and I'm a trip back, doesn't hurt at all. Yeah, we'll be. We're gonna get a little drinks on Sunday. I think. Sunday party is Larry chill a Sunday laid of thirty one and not thirty. It's a Sunday, five thirty. Jope rooftop outta hotel last year Sunday night. Blocks away from your house. I love the turn Sarah's like, do you wanna. Do you wanna do big party, and I was just like, I still have PTSD from the wedding. I'm going to wait a blanket then or better yet. Gap. What are you guys doing before Sunday. Got anything cooking up. Yeah, there's an art festival, you know, one with the arts so actually have my lady's birthday is is the second. And actually, I believe we have a second birthday boy in the room here. What you're doing. Heard, damn, we're so close prizes all around what's up. Very nice. David, were you doing? I'm hoping I'm gonna be like helping bring my furniture into my apartment. How would be the perfect weekend for me is helping to carry up a so far that I haven't seen in three months. That's how bad my life is right now for the perfect weekend for me is promoting furniture into my apartment. All right, Nick, what are you doing? Improve diapers baby. I'm just fucking. I mean talking about Sunday, of course. Diaper, and I want you to change. I would love that. I want to be like if there's any fans in a hot, take a picky you bay that your friend like a baby and tag me into hashtag bay seems like perfect for vine, the dead. Baby, the stars are still alive my house. What are you doing this weekend about that? Your birthday man? That's all right. Cool. Man, guys, fantastic episode, Nick rapid. Have you back into the nation as always say. One. Don show. Today. That was a Hickam podcast.

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