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Sports audio nbc. Sports on peacocks. Mike florio of profootballtalk will be joining us in twenty minutes. Time to talk about A handful of items here on a very busy. First day of the free agency New league year tampering window opening up where general managers and agents and front offices and agents are allowed to actually talk to one another even though the no doubt already have Kurt warner will join us an hour number three of this show my pro football hall of fame friend from nfl network. I will be chatting with him on. Nfl network on their free agency frenzy. Show coming up right after we're done so i'm gonna have to stay after class today but that's okay. I'm used to that from back in the day. Good to see you. Chris brockman and mike del tufo guys over there. Good to see you good to see you. Tj jefferson over. There tony tony. Tony lied to us all those years. What do you mean it's raining in southern california promised that it doesn't and it wouldn't it is it's true. We were collecting animals by two over here to start today. Which over here. It's just like a imagine you're in colder climes. Right now are usually called decline imagining literally. Ten feet of snow falling out of the sky. That's what people feel about here in los angeles. No that's no room on the ball so wrong. Oh gosh seamus mike del to your only. Don't even wanna finish rains. Almost done we got about thirty minutes. So we're we're sheltered. We're we're good here. shack barrett's men signed long-term by the tampa bay buccaneers. So chris godwin got his his franchise. Tag levante david. Who's on thursday show has got a two year deal That's reported to be coming and now shaq barrett's got a four year deal and The buccaneers have a handful of other free agents. That they need to sign Brady redid his deal now. When you're you're hearing these quarterbacks redo their deals like say l. Well here's the deal. Patrick mahomes earlier in the week. Right right Or orlando late. Last week restructured his deal and gave the chiefs a ton of cap space and to to know do what they need to do in free agency and where where what we hear this stuff. And we hear we think of well chiefs i guess decided now the free agencies right around the corner they decided you know they got to go to mahomes. Call him up. Whenever you hear that a contract has been redone right. I think people believe. And i used to believe that was like brett. Vh general manager of the chiefs realizing free agencies. Right around the corner. I got a call him a homes like and they call them like last night. Hey i know that you're you know you're been watching some sort of show right but We we need your help. I mean we're capped out and we're right around the corner in the caps totally changed and you know we call my agent right. We'll call up his agent. Hey we need your help. We gotta do this. You've got to do this for us. I think that's what fans kind of think that when when this happens. That's how it goes on or or you could even say like at some point it dawns upon the team that they need the help of the quarterback or whoever's making the most money to redo deal and you read like turn salary in a signing bonus and then you can amortize and you push it out five ten years dead cap turns this cap and that cats got this cap. You got a soft cap hard. Cotton new year is just sorta glaze over. And you're thinking bottom line teams in trouble needed to help the quarterback and that's the team effort right there team. Let me let me let me let you in on all this stuff okay. Open the door. There's no doubt in my mind. I could be wrong. But there's no doubt in my mind that when they did this deal brett. Vh and mahomes and his agent is that hey before the two thousand and twenty one season. We're we're going to start to come the we're gonna ask for this amount of money and then you know that's part of the deal like this. This is how we can get home and twenty twenty this how we need to get home in twenty twenty one and this is how we need to get home and twenty twenty two and then maybe just the fact that the cap got caught down a little bit you know so it is something that might have been new just for this year but these are all plans in place to the point where the news. The news isn't that quarterback has redone contract. News is quarterback won't redo contract. That's the news if it comes out at one point that they asked for the money and the quarterback says no that will be the news so when somebody redoes their contract. It isn't like oh my gosh you know. Set off the alarm bells i. I would bet that they've even made this deal. I would bet when they made this deal with brady. We'll do right now and you know at some point they call them up and they say you want to keep doing this you do. Okay so this is where will continue on in the manner in which they probably even talked about it last year and then they might call up and just say hey. Tom godwin needs this exce. Sorta thing that's how we're gonna handle all this. We need that contract redone that we talked about just a little glimpse into things here on free agency frenzy. Monday we just had a big signing over. There looks like jonnu. Smith the titans titans tight end. Big fella going to the patriots. You gotta like that on a lot at four years. Fifty million. Thirty one guaranteed. He's a good one man allies street. Yeah titans did not franchise tag him correct him and corey davis free to walk. Maybe we'll take him to write you like that a lot. I bet you do so okay. Here's cam who is you know. How a great relationship with greg olsen. All those years cam looks for his tied-in we all know. New england uses the tight end in that system. I liked that side. I like to keep going. How about the patriots starting to spend on free agency like that sixty six may the train and marcus cannon yesterday to free up about six million almost sixty seven million in cap space for new england. I might be spending bell check. Always praise jonnu smith. We go call them the best after the catch at his position. Here we go. Let's go okay. talk myself into it. You didn't go higher register for ball back on. I will tell you this. chris. Chris this season when you show up on the rich eisen show on victory mondays for the new england dressed as cam newton dressed the day before as you attempt to go through your closet both of our class. Okay oh yeah you share closets as you take her and your goodwill stuff and put it together and try and not look like inspector gadget addressed. And where i will just say this. You will have more days where you're like i. I could see what bella check and josh mcdaniels did by resigning him and doing it early doing early. And saying you're our guy you have more of those days than this is just the worst i mean. I hope you're right. Obviously but this right here what we're talking about right here. I just don't know if the quarterbacks the right fit. I wonder what they're gonna do with future at the quarterback and then you're like sitting here going all right. Jonnu smith says he's one of the past after the catch and he is an excellent athlete at the position. You saw breakaway speed. And you know obviously tennessee. Titans football is predicated on running. I it's not really this high octane passing off. And so that would be a nice fit for your team this whole stuff about cam and jonnu and all right. I'm gonna i'm gonna talk yourself into. It is exactly what i said almost a year ago to this date when brady sign with the bucks and i looked at you and i said welcome to the rest of us. Welcome to the rest of us. Welcome to aren't drafting in the middle of the first round. What are we gonna do. Welcome to what. Are we going to at quarterback in the future. Welcome to are they gonna spend in free agency and is it the right. Move all of that. Twenty years seth. You were sitting in a rocking chair now. Welcome to the rest of us which is a festivus for the rest of us to look at a patriot fan and see you go through all this and by the way if you need help figuring out how to go through all this. I'm right here. He's only twenty five ago. You look at The last two years receiving totals. He's number three yards after the catch behind. Kittle and noah fant dude. He's he's really good enriched with all due respect to you. Thank you in your jet. Fandom i think would be a better barometer for brooklyn considering my team actually was dynasty and then we got bad. Your team wasn't so much. Like i could help you to know what it's like the pinnacle and the top of the mountain and then slowly have that you're going back to you. T j o. We're all along. I get it you ever won anything in thirty years so Tell us tell us what it felt like. When you're in college going through all that cell phone is they. Don't ask man. Hey i was that guy. stephen. A smith love the. Hey i was. I was i. Was you opened up the obnoxious in dictionary in the early ninety. Oh it still comes out and texture me dress in dallas guard like that was made still comes out and you when it comes to the cowboys in the same way. If you cut me off traffic my new york accent will still come out. You know i get still in me. The new york accent. Lemme they're not just cowboy. Fan is still in you. You just don't have the gumption wherewithal show at sometimes because you're also more of an adult these days be circumstances circumstances. Let them be good. Lord i saw a mask and chunk out of the very good. Let them be good just one more way chris. I'm i'm here for you in all shapes and sizes and for all different things and i think maybe you're learning now again your your son cage brockman. Yes now thirteen months old closing in on thirteen months old kerala causing an ara closing in on our perhaps you are learning that all manners of clocks being moved forward and back are an absolute abomination and nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment for parents with children as spring and forward. You might think. Hey he's slept in. He slept in but then putting him down. And i'll tell you what my my whatever happened in your household last night might have been good one night second night. No shot. And i'll tell you what just in terms of getting better i got a twelve twelve. I got ten. I got a seven and all of them woke up just regular time anyway and all of them when trying to put him to sleep last night. We're like wait a minute. Why why are we going to sleep now. Even though it says on the clock when our normal bedtime is their body clocks would just go and bouncing up and then this morning was a disaster and it just makes you sit here as a parent of children. And you're like look. I will tip my cap to the farmers of seventeen eighty five or whatever they were doing in order to grow the corn or whatever but do not have in the twenty first century ability to farm and do whatever we need to do to grow stuff. I mean i know hours total idiot. Twenty four hours a day but can we stop with the clocks moving forward and backwards. Can we finally be done with say. Cage was great yesterday today. Got tax doesn't want to go to of course want an app because short disaster disaster if we put a poll question. How do you want to change clocks back and forth. it would be ninety two ted. Cut the madness. Stop the madness. Keep the clocks. You could be ninety ten ninety ten ninety eight t to be honest. Maybe earning they're saying. Yeah you know what i liked. Moving clocks around. It's not a problem is it. Does this by the way adult. Y sundays is never a problem either way. It's the second day like this morning alarm went off. I was like what is happening. Yeah we we. We noticed. Took notice when tj walked in the door. And that's a little confused we saw. I was trying to book. I was on the phone spoken l. Let's let's land that plane. Then that'll be it's up. It's up rich. S won't even be close. Is it time to ditch daylight saving. Honestly i out there saying you know what i kinda like it later on in the fall when suddenly gets dark out two hours after launch. Three who loves that. Who loves it. And then who's just like you know. Watched i kinda love waking up in the middle of march and i lose an hour contradict that i kinda that i kinda. I kinda liked that. My kids have no earthly idea. What time it is in their body clocks are completely different from what our schedule is. And let's just mess with parent of small kids. I know you guys don't have it. And i know i might be talking to some people out there who don't have small children but people parents have small. Children are literally pounding the wherever they are right now. Hearing every word out of my mouth i agree. It is cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe damn near unconstitutional cool about arizona. They don't which clocks at this. Is this thing. I think i could put it in perspective. Turning the clocks back is is right above and the rate. What's the worst thing. Okay of things that really don't matter in the world got it okay number three. Oh talk three. Pike underneath right underneath tournament clocks back to underneath the three is eating pizza with a knife and fork. And you know how i feel about that that is truly like somebody should be institutionalized if somebody's like much number three and you're not cutting it up for a baby like you're doing yourself three pizza four knife to turn the clock back and forward and then number one. Is this fumble through the end zone. That gets changed. I hate when that finally we'll spring that with one patriots just made another signing potable teas that flow path but before we go to break. Here's what i want do later on. Okay okay in honor of the thing. We hate the most in spring. I wanna come up with. I want you guys to come up with a sports story. A current sports scenario right. Now that's playing out on this date middle of march k. And spring foot. Like what would you want to spring forward on got it and people can call into at eight four four to all right. We'll do that after florio. We're we're we're keeping we're we've got to be on time on these clocks certainly show. We gotta take a break to be on time for mike floor. I'm still asleep. It's a podcast about money but stacking benjamin's not only has great financial insight. It's lay back with humor too. Big that i read was early on the biggest winner in the rising games with fidelity investments if you think eight million investors all unread with their two thousand other accounts are going to take down the world's largest hedge funds and you think that they weren't part of it. I think you're sorely mistaken listening. Subscribe to stacking benjamin's on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your shows back. You're on the rich eisen show on. Nbc sports on peacock every day for those of us listening on this rich. Eisen show radio station or on sirius. Xm channel to eleven nbc. Sports audio you can get peacock for free and watch us every day. After pro football talk and after dan patrick show him before. Mike florio joins us right here on. Nbc sports peacock. What are the patriots. Do going to break on top of the jonnu smith signing that we heard about man. Go chris patriots. Spending money broke the bank. Nine million guaranteed for dolphins nose tackle. Devan god show. Okay look at them. Let's go to work and moves. It's gonna to work and As promised joining us here on the rich eisen show from profootballtalk which starts day. Npf t pm which ends are day right on nbc sports on peacock everyday. Is mike. florio back here on the show. How are you michael. Great rich how are you. I'm doing fine. The patriots digman suddenly. Now free agent. Hawks that's what we're looking at right now. If that character because previously it was like green bay packers style. Very rarely making a splash. Daily as thomas in seven or thereabouts. The phone gilmore. They usually don't go out and spend market value. They had that cap space that they build up last year. And they're spending it tight end jonnu smith. I think that's huge. When you keep cam. Newton one thing to keep cam newton with the guys that you had on the field around him last year. If you're going to upgrade what you have on both sides of the ball team that was seven and nine you know we. We think the patriots like maybe three and thirteen because it's so rare for them to not be good. No they're not far from contention. They keep cam newton for the whole year. They have in in the second season in the system. The covert stuff messed up last year. This is a team that i think it's going to be written off by a lot of people making moves like this. They're going to get back on the radar screen. But this is the way that you spend that money. Spend that cap space. They definitely have cash. A lot of the teams have cap space. But they don't have cash because they lost a lot of money last year. No you know there are plenty of owners that don't earn a lot of money in their other lines of business. But robert kraft didn't have any issues. There can pay these guys and bella. Check spending the money and you know. I have a feeling. They're going to keep going and the bargains are still to come. That's what shocked me about this. I thought the patriots would just wait and go out and gobble up. A bunch of bargains wants the market softened for them to be jumping in especially this year. And he's going to be so many bargains. That's what surprises me. The most mike florio here on the rich eisen. Show get into the saints here. as expected drew brees announces. His retirement nasr expected as announced today on the today. Show he's joining Family that we're both part of nbc sports so What next i mean. Take some of that. That contract certainly caused me to refresh my screen a couple of times the contract extension for years one hundred and forty million dollars but gimme the layman's terms about what the saints did here and what it does mean for their quarterback scenario moving forward you the floor on this. Heidi of the deal rich is fake. They could have picked any numbers say wanted. And it's not a coincidence that they went with thirty five million dollar average. Because that's the russell wilson average per year under his deal. That was not a coincidence. I'm told but it could have been anything and the problem is the way that it first came out. And we know how the sausage gets made. Reporters do favors and they. They will engage in some liberties and it. It was just enough to get people to think it's the four year one hundred and forty million dollar deal and it's not it's just a device for taking what he's going to make this year and spreading it out over five years so they can pick up some cap space. They picked up seven point. Seven five million in cap space. I asked somebody what does tastes. He'll get out of this. He gets two things one he gets. All of his compensation guaranteed for twenty twenty one. Not that there was any doubt he wasn't gonna make anyway and to. He creates cap space so they can improve the team around. Of course the irony may be the cap space they create pays for jameis winston to come back and compete with tastes them hill and potentially take the starting job so Couple things one is. Why was It not coincidental the number that they just chose one hundred and forty million for thirty five million dollar average for russell wilson. Did they still think that that's a possibility. I was more of a wink to the reality that it's not a possibility now. Look we don't know who has called. I think it would be incumbent on any of the four teams that were flagged by mark. Rogers represents russell wilson seventeen eighteen days ago to make that phone call and see hypothetically what it would take to get russell wilson you have to do your due diligence. I think once you fully guarantee tastes them hills pay for this year turn it into a signing bonus to create cap space. That means hill is going to be on the team. Which means he wouldn't be part of a trade package most likely to get russell wilson which also means that. They're not going to have both guys not at those numbers on the roster. Although russell wilson only has a nineteen million dollar salary this year that's one benefit whoever picks him up gets it's not like they're inheriting a huge cap number if they get him because it's just nineteen. The problem is what you're also inheriting. He's gonna wanna deal at some point especially in the aftermath of dak prescott. But i think the saints aren't in now watch they'll probably announce the trade later today as i say but i i just. I don't see it happening because i there's no reason to to do the taste. Them hill restructuring. If you're just going to send his contract to seattle and once they did that you know it's it's kinda like with the cowboys. Once they did there is of course. He's not going there once they do. The restructuring of tastes them hill. I feel like he's staying in new orleans and the saints are gonna look elsewhere nuno's maybe next year. They tried to trade for russell wilson. If he doesn't leave seattle this year and so the hill and jameson scenario. We we may not know who. The saints are starting at quarterback week one until a training camp decision. Is that why i mean. Look at look at what they did and they managed to do it. Most coaches can't pull this off where they keep it close to the vest until they're ready for people to know who the quarterback is going to be but that first week win drew brees wasn't able to play with twenty eight broken ribs this year and we didn't know is it. Winston is hill sean. Payton does a great job of keeping. Everyone's mouth shut and we found out it was hill when peyton wanted us to know. I think he envisions. Payton does a competition between hill and winston and we know that payton has the willingness to use both guys if he thinks it's advantageous. Remember that long pass on the trick. Play that they stole from the bears in the division around loss to the buccaneers that wasn't thrown by hill. He's got the arm to throw it. They brought jameis winston and let him throw it. So i think he beat and who use the guy and maybe use both guys. Mike florio here on the rich eisen. Show the monday of free agency week in the nfl and twenty twenty one right here on the rich eisen. Show out of all the quarterbacks situations to use our phrase that pays in the nfl media Pretty much every team. That may need a quarterback or could change a quarterback or definitely need a quarterback. That's a large group of people And teams mike You know every one of them could go ahead and draft one or hold onto who they currently have with the exception in my mind and the chicago bears. The bears could draft one twenty. But you know who who are you going to get potentially to just throw out there and maybe catch fire for a coach and general manager. That's on the hot seat And trubisky running back with him even though he's a free agent or foles i don't think is tenable. What are they gonna do. Do they really think that they can go ahead. And pry russell wilson lewis with the package that may include the water tower. I mean what what what. What is that mike. What are you guys from me on that front. I think it's gonna be very difficult for them. To put something on the table that will get the seahawks to say yes and when they restructured. Kaleo max deal kicking some money from this year into future. Years reducing his cap number that seemingly takes back out of the conversation for the trade compensation to try to get russell wilson. I just think that if the teams that have been identified. It's going to be hard to pull off now. The four teams identified. I don't think that's the full and complete universe. This is a gut feeling on my part. I think there may be some other teams out there. That mark rogers strategically omitted that could ultimately potentially get involved in this and wilson would accept the trade. But i think it'd be hard for the bears and rich. You mentioned the possibility of using that twentieth overall. Pick on a quarterback people will know by the time the first round of the draft rolls around whether or not the bears are looking and if they haven't addressed their quarterback position in a way that people will say. Oh that's definitely the guy. Then you may as well have a sign out in front of halas hall. It says we're taking a quarterback with the twentieth. Pick so you better jump the number nineteen if you want the best guy who's left as the pick draws closer and closer to us which is an ideal either. So they're in a they're in a mess here and i know there's a report over the weekend they're moving on from mitchell trubisky. I'm told they haven't ruled out. They've got everything on the table. And just gonna see how it plays out at some point though. You've got to move on if you're trying to get russell wilson you've got to move on from that and go toward someone who you believe is at least gonna be your guy for this year. The thing about russell. Mike it is just i. We don't know how bad their the relationship between coach carroll and and russell wilson really is right i mean but why would he want to leave a spot where d- king metcalf is there and lock it is there and no matter what the protection may be. You know they're going to run it right so so you're not going to be in a situation like stafford who never got a one hundred yard. Rusher out i mean and then you know you know bobby wagner is going to be there you know. There's some like there's some people are you know that can that can go ahead. And and when you some games like i. What is it that bad that they're doing that or or they're just sending a signal up to just give an idea that it can get this bad and you'd better fix it right now. I mean like wh what is going on there. I think ultimately what he wants rich the offense to run through him with a patrick mahomes and he doesn't believe it runs through him. They did it last year for a while with russ cook thing and then the defense is caught up to what they were doing in this new. Look offense and they did a poor job of pivoting away from what the defense is. Were doing to slow them down. There was that stretch with seven. Turnovers bhai wilson in two games and that was the moment according to the athletic where he went in with ideas for how to improve the offense in advance of the short week game against the cardinals and they politely told him no and stormed out of the room according again to the athletic so i think plan for him is give me what i want. Let let me be the offense. Let me be patrick mahomes. And if you're not gonna do that trait me to a team that well. I think that's the play here so he could very well stay. And if the seahawks don't get an offer they can't or won't refuse. He will stay. Put think about how dysfunctional it will be. you know. i always root for good stories. And obviously it'd be a great story for wilson got traded seahawks fans be a great great story for us. Wouldn't it be a better story. If the entire year is just one hayes of dysfunction for the week out and every carol press conference in every russell wilson press conference. And how many times would he say go hawks. And how many times will he say. Not go hawks and i it just it it. It's they have to ask themselves if we're careening toward an end. When's the best time to remove the band aid. The appeal it off slowly first season. Or you're just rip it off now and only they know whether or not they're comfortable going forward with a year. That could be a complete mess. Like floreal here on the rich eisen show The buck signing shaq barrett long-term levante david to your deal Brady extends To provide cap relief that currently For the team has chris godwin under a franchise tag for the moment so that keeps him off the market This week what is jason lights to do list best. You can tell right here for a team that said they thought they could resign. Everybody well they got to figure out what they're gonna do. Leonard fournette and that may be a luxury. They can't afford another creating plenty of cap space between brady and got relatively low cap number for shack barrett south of six million. If you could extend chris godwin deal you create more cap space. So i look. They've managed to keep so far guy is that he was kind of on the fence. Where they can do with chris godwin with they franchise tag them. If they didn't he was likely walking away. They don't tag shaq barrett. He doesn't walk away. He resigns my guess is they made it clear to him. You got an offer on the table until noon on monday. Once the market opens we got a bunch of other options out there at pass rusher. We're going to start signing them up unless you say yes he said yes. They still haven't dom consumer out there gronk and aby. I assume if they play for anybody they're gonna play for the bucks. So i don't rule out for example the seahawks getting in on abc. Because that's the guy that russell wilson who clamored for in the past. I don't rule out the packers getting in on because that could be a guy that aaron rodgers clamours for gronk. I think though if he plays for anybody he's playing for the buccaneers. So i think that. It's down to sue leonard fournette and then i think just a matter of time before gronk and ab come back unless there's a curve ball that's thrown into the antonio brown discussion. And what are you hearing about before. I let you go because this is Part and parcel of free agency. Week the draft and what you're hearing about About the jets sitting in that To position in that domino spot. What are you hearing about their decision. Making in how. That involves the shawn watson potentially in houston more and more i hear about. It's like to forget about that joe. Douglas is not gonna sell anything remotely close to the farm required to get watson who might not be interested the jets anyway. What do you think about this Scenario that could affect So many other a quarterback situations in the nfl joe douglas gm and that team's been doing building from the inside out not the outside in focusing on the line offensive and defensive. And yet chris simms on your show last week over. Zack wilson as in his mind. The best quarterback in the draft and if the jets e and wilson. What sim season wilson. Why would you try to trade for anybody else. You get a guy straight out of college on a rookie deal where you can spend around him. Because you know. You've got him on affordable contract relative to what quarterbacks cost and he could be the guy that the jets have been looking for ever since joe namath. Went to the rams. So i think that that it makes sense to use the free agency money to work on the offensive line and for that second overall pick again it comes down to how they feel about. Zack wilson but simms pretty pretty strong on this. And he's got a good track record of spot and these guys whether it's patrick. Mahomes lamar jackson or whoever and he's all over. Zack wilson so until i hear otherwise. That's what i'm that's what. I'm keeping my eye on us. Free agency for other positions and go grab your franchise quarterback with number two so you know how the way this works and a roadmap For it would be what arizona did once. They drafted cuyler maree. And then traded. Josh rosen you know. That deal wasn't made until the friday night. Because you're not going to get rid of sam darnold even though you love. Zack wilson until you actually have zack. Wilson like zach doesn't fall and break his leg the day before the draft of the morning of trying to get out of his hotel room. If that's the way we could get back in the regularity honestly in cleveland you know so so who might be still in the market. Do you think For a quarterback of the friday night of the draft getting through free agency in the first round. Could that be like the bears dream scenario that we get to bring this all full circle. Who do you think would would be a market for. Sam darnold on the If it is that late of a trigger pull on the deal. I think that's another reason for the jets to wait until after around one because there will most likely be one team standing all seats filled as far as first round quarterbacks go and so they're still going to be looking and they didn't go all in in free agency to get a guy who was a clear answer or via trade. They didn't get the guy they want it in the first round of the draft. So let's go get sam darnold and you get more if you're the jets if you get a team that's desperate because they didn't get remember. Josh rosen got a second round pick for arizona so yeah i think i think that time line makes sense whether it's the bears whether it's the forty niners who've been linked to sam darnold and i think they hold onto jimmy garoppolo until they get an upgrade and then possibly cut him loose because twenty. Five million i think is more than than than what his current skill and ability to stay healthy justifies. But yeah i think sam darnold could be that delayed reaction guy this year after that first day of the draft you got an eighteen hour window or so and the jets would make the most of it and finding a partner for darnold. Mike really appreciate it as always somebody who bet. Mike florio checkout. Pf t pm on right here on nbc. Sports on peacock as news is a break-in left and right and he starts every day right here on nbc sports on peacock profootballtalk. We'll take a break. We'll be back in a second right here on the show back. You're on the rich eisen. Show radio network Kurt warner and our number three. Our poll question for That you wanna put up there for the nfl as the nfl's big three the problem with saying nfl's big. Three's the chiefs have a big three but it's tight end. Receiver quarterback just tyreek hill. We were going wide receiver. I mean no. Because aaron joe like when you say big three or talk about quarterback receiver and run should have specified. Can't for the chiefs. You can't put clyde edwards helaire and there. But i don't think he's even a top ten running back in the league right now. You can't even say that right now about him but you could say hill kelsey and mahomes is one of the best. You know. Three headed weapons. And you've put the cowboys in there and you said the cowboys camp include. Why kosdaq was hurt last year. Because when you're paying dak prescott forty forty million a year and you're wide receiver twenty million a year and you're running back. What they're paying zeke. Damn straight the big three better. Come through for the dallas cowboys and But you know when you refer to triplets and big three as dallas you thinking wide receiver running back and quarterback. Nobody's ever going to be better than three hall of famers like that for dallas. I mean that's obvious. So i mean but you definitely have to include dallas in that. I said rams vikings chiefs in the packers rams. Who's that cooper kupp bobbing robert woods data because you conclude minnesota quarterback is the weak link. Exactly which is why. He can't have him on there. So that's why. I was saying josh allen flow is great but the running back is running back has less than beyond less. I mean you could say you could say buffalo at the weakest run game of any team in the playoffs last year. You can throw them in with anybody with the exception of the steelers who had a dreadful run game going into the playoffs last year. Put them just to have fun. You could cause you go. Brady playoff lenny and mike evans. Kevin you know ronald jones. You could do that. But but then again. You're not putting that requirement on the chiefs well because the tight end receiver quarterback situation. That's why it's kind of different title on one-size-fits-all poll question intended to be quarterback running back wide receiver. That's what if you wanna go quarterback running back wide receiver. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better one with the packers are putting on the field. Thank you right. name me another one. That's where we're trying to come up with okay because carson and decay no shot. I mean that that does not beat the parish. Yeah so. I don't even know if this is a poll question now we we were just having but what about. What about the Spring forward what about that. Poll question okay. So that is the way. I put it as a time to ditch daylight saving. Yes or no seventy nine percent yes. That's not high enough. Who's twenty one percent saying almonte springing forward or back like what's not twenty one percent. What does it matter with these people. And i say that with all no no respect no respect. I told you i told you. A few three is people who eat pizza with a knife and fork as an adult number. Two is daylight savings at spring and fall back number. One is the fumble through the end zone. Those are the most outrageous things of anything. That's not really that series. I think a few people on twitter were taken literally like some of the comments. Were ditch standard time. Daylight time permanent. So they're being very specific so let's just say don't mess with the clocks as your point. That's right yeah don't because you're messing with me and you're messing with my family. My children in my home where they come and play with their toys. My bbc literally daylight savings is like shooting in my house of like the godfather. Oh man i know it's very serious serious with the clock instead of bullets. Obviously all right. Let's get to Let's get to what we were having a conversation about. Because this is the only way that. I don't mind springing forward in honor of something that should be discontinued There's a ton of stories out there. This is kind of like a higher register without going higher register that we truly believe this stuff so high register order. You first chris and then ut jay. I'll finish up strong on sport stories that you'd like to spring forward on right now so i never. The story is on march fifteenth. We could spring forward and get the answer. But he for me all right. I'm going to england patriots. I'm looking at this as a fan of their of their team. I know they brought back cam newton on another one year deal and now. They're spending money in free agency which is very uncharacteristic forward. I think i want spring forward to like. I want to see what this looks like. I want to see. Is cam the starting quarterback. Yes did they draft someone in next month's nfl draft. Did they sign someone else. You wanna blow off the summer and spring all the way to phone. Just get right to the fall. Because i wanna see how it's all been fitting together is going to make it work but is that translating to wins on the field. Did they beat buffalo in september. Always play the bills in september. Did they beat them. How do they look compared to the jets. How do they look compared to the to us down in miami. I wanna see how that's going five and one ran out of the gate. His cam starting strong like last year. I'm really curious. 'cause it's gonna drive me nuts until it happened over there. Tj jefferson which your spring forward. You want to spring forward. Rich in chris and they'll to i've got to basketball teams that love in Talk about the sixers right now. You know joel embiid has been having a monster season putting up. You know i round up thirty twelve and three per game and then he had a knee injury. That happened brockman text. Me immediately was like oh no. It looked like his left knee had dislocated turns out. Hyper-extended animist two three weeks to three weeks right. So i'm thinking man like that's about nine ten game so i want to spring forward a little bit right. I'm gonna see how the sixers respond without their best player. The most dominant big man in basketball. And then i just want to see. Can they keep it together enough to hold the nets at bay and found louis bring the sixers their first championship since eighty three. I'm just. I just want to get to this point and okay. That's your spring forward right there by the way thanks for calling me For about joel embiid whose only the most important player on my fantasy team kept court like sat by the pistons until he's on another team now. He's under the team. He doesn't even play getting up to speed like he's eighty. He's eighty pounds overweight. That's great waiting on. Andre drummond that's great. Cj mccollum is hurt. That's great by the way. When i say great not great lonzo's playing great now. That's not my spring forward. The good my spring for my spring forward is very simple because it not only involves a team that i'm obviously emotionally attached to but it involves the sport that i cover for for not only in this show but the nfl network. What are the jets going to do a quarterback because what they do at quarterback effect so many other teams if they go get the shawn watson that obviously affects another team and the texans and then what they do for evermore and then if they draft a quarterback that means it would be zach wilson off the board. How does that domino affect other teams in the draft where they're choosing a quarterback and then who comes and get sam darnold and then if the jets decide they keep sam darnold who they trade. The number two overall pick to. And what does that mean for the jets. Not only with donald this year. But forevermore it's a major choice that the jets are going to make on the last thursday in april so i'm just going to spring forward to the end of april. I'm literally in spring forward to the end of april and see what happens. I want to know the answer to that right now even though that dramas going to be something we talk about here for quite some adver sure to spring forward on the effect so many other teams. So that's our little spring for what the boat name. Oh that i've been being nagged about so you want to spring forward a spring forward. Guess what everybody. I'm not be keeping this boat. I mean be getting a new one. Stunned on a mike go see. Is that a real photograph of the that is the post. You might not keep this boat. Why get a beer with the great hager pro moving on a johnson in the marinas on i just. I need a bigger boat. Jaws my favorite movie selling some games. Our so you're not. I thought you were saying you're going to spring forward to see what you're going to name your current bow spring forward to see if you're getting a bigger boat about yeah that boat that we just saw on the screen does not have any name on the back. No name is like driving around with my license plate. No it's what they call a good luck though it's fine is that why you're getting a bigger boats because you wanna name it. It's one of yeah already has a name right now. No actually the one on one or two. I've looked at names. But i'm not telling you know. Actually here's why he wants a bigger name because right now on that boat he can only fit the words to pump were. Hey i'm not gonna sorry. Mike you walk down also fit six okay everybody. You can't pay tv and brockman. Some reason reasonable joy plump. But i hope we never do it again. Get rid of daylight savings warner coming up. Rich eisen show.

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