Save the USPS (feat. Jon Cryer)


Hi I'm Joe Firestone. Have a new podcast out now called everyday decisions. It's a show where I talked about the last twenty four hours of their life. They're still alive. They continue to live but the last twenty four hours before they recorded. That's what I'm talking about and talking about little decisions that they make throughout their day And I I really think that these decisions like you know whether you choose cue tips or cotton balls. I think these are the kinds of things that really Make make the great people great. So that's why I'm talking to them. We're going to have all kinds of guests like dentists and Comedians and musicians and You know children under five. It's going to be very good so subscribe now wherever you listen to your podcast June. A hello and welcome to the daily means for Monday thirteenth. Twenty twenty today. The Wisconsin in Alaska primaries the celebrity Apprentice Tapes Weinstein is charged in Los Angeles. California could have had a corona virus longer than we thought a win for voting rights in New Hampshire two major stories about what trump knew and when he knew it dropped over the weekend. Trump's labor secretary comes under fire corona virus misinformation Chernobyl Krakatoa because why not twenty twenty. The Democrats get a win in the Kansas Supreme Court in an interview with Jon Cryer about the Republican efforts to steal the November election. By letting the post office close. I'm your host G. I'll be joined later for the good news by Jordan Coburn. Alright so thank you to everyone who joined us Friday afternoon Four PM Pacific Time for our Happy Hour Quarantine Cocktail Extravaganza. It was fabulous. Everybody who was dressed up it was wonderful And it's just something that we look forward to every week now and we're going to do it again this week. Send US your ideas for a theme. Because we had the first one was seamless. Second one was the Pajama Jam. Jam then we had a dressy cocktail attire. This last week and so let us know what What you think maybe we can do a tiki theme or or something Something to that effect but send your suggestions in hit us up at daily Bean Bean pod on twitter at daily beans pod or AP Miller. She wrote on twitter either. One works And you can send your ideas also to hello at militia wrote dot Com or Amanda Waller. She wrote Dot Com. And we'll take all of your suggestions and your questions for that Upcoming Friday tradition. Which I absolutely love I look forward to it We have a ton of news that happened over the weekend. So let's just jump in and hit the high notes hot notes okay. So let's go through these headlines. There was a lot of stuff that happened this weekend. First of all the Alaska primary results are in Alaska votes entirely by mail. One hundred percent of the returns are back and Biden has one Alaska fifty five to forty five Bernie Sanders with forty five As we know sanders has a suspended his campaign but he is keeping his name on the ballot and the remaining states to gather more delegates in hopes of eggs. You know being able to exert some leverage over the the Democratic Platform The for the party platform at the convention over the Summer Wisconsin Also voted as we know. We've covered the suit in the last week. It was kind of a battle going on between Governor Evers and the Republicans in the state assembly and Senate and Ever lost that battle and people were forced to vote in person amid this pandemic and The it went all the way. The Supreme Court and Supreme Court voted remotely to tell people. They weren't allowed to vote remotely But those Wisconsin results won't be out until tomorrow Or today if you're listening on Monday they'll be out Monday. How about we just say that. And from page Saint John in Los Angeles Times early cove in nineteen deaths in the bay area in California suggests that Corona virus had established itself in the community long before health official start poking around and that lag time has allowed the virus to spread unchecked before social distancing rules went into effect study out from Stanford shows a dramatic viral surge in February but data collected by the CDC and local health departments suggest. It was a lot earlier most likely back in December and it wasn't recognized because we were having a severe flu season on top of it and symptoms are very much alike as you know there. There are differences but they're very much alike. The Bay area is a natural hub for those travelling to and from China according to the La Times and Santa Clara County had its first two cases almost a week before federal approval for emergency testing on February fourth and both travelers were returning from Wuhan. Couple that with little or no community testing in January and February and you could see where Stanford draws its conclusions about the viral spike in February. I know Jordan had some How to how to sickness at the end of January that she's you know worker hunt all convinced that she had it Because of her you know the very specific symptoms that she had and hopefully soon. We'll have more access to serology tests where we can find out if we are carrying the antibody meaning we have had covert nineteen and speaking of early detection. The New York Times dropped to monster stories over the weekend about an email group called Red Dawn. And what the federal government knew and when they knew it about corona virus. We've heard a lot of stories about Trump and early warnings That he received in the White House received But this just sort of puts it all together. It's through credible Journalism and the examination reveals the president was warned about the potential for pandemic but internal divisions and lack of planning and faith in his own instinct led to this crappy response and part of the Red Dawn group which is named after the movie about the movies about a group of Americans trying to save the country from an invasion Part of this group which is comprised of public health experts from universities and agencies across the country included. Dr Carter measure from the. Va who wrote on the night of January. Twenty eight back in January. Quote any way you cut it. This is going to be bad. The projected size of the outbreak already seems hard to believe and we know that addition in addition to read Don And and these doctors WHO and FAO. She was part of this group as well There was a memo circulated by Peter. Navarro on January twenty ninth but also predicted half a million deaths and cost trillions of dollars. The current virus could could take trillions away from the economy minivan is trump limited travel from China at the end of January which were showing as has not having been effective even though he keeps touting it as wonderful genius public health had to compete with economic considerations in internal debates and basically what happened is all the public. Health officials agreed. That travel bans were useless. And Mitigation or non pharmaceutical interventions known as N. P. is where the answer and the only answer closing schools social distancing etc and in February Dr Cadillac from the Health Department of Health and Human Services had run tabletop exercise concluding pretty much the same stuff that Navarro concluded and health experts decided to meet with trump to tell him he had to impose. National P is to mitigate this outbreak close schools and ten. No no more than ten in gathering. Y'All stay six feet apart Stay at home But but on the way back from India Dr Trump was flying back on air. Force One doctor. Nancy Massani the director of national the National Center for Communication for immunization and respiratory diseases publicly issued her blunt. Warning if you remember this morning without consulting the White House she just went ahead and out with it and that tanked the stock market which pissed trump off so he cancelled his meetings with Dr Cobbler. Who was also part of the Red Dawn Group and and he did not succumb to pressure to institute social distancing guidelines until three weeks later and during those three weeks. February sixteenth Or Twenty seven to March sixteenth. The virus was allowed to sweep across the country fairly unchecked Then there's the China factor trump didn't want to upset China and a lot of people who were to him with this problem about this virus. That could be you know. Have an issue are China Hawks And so of course there was also a situation room meeting Which we've talked about before where trump asked fallacy. Why not just let this wash over the country? Just the herd immunity just let everybody get it and apparently according to New York Times here took Thoug- a minute to figure out what trump was saying because it's so unbelievable. And when he did he was very alarmed and he told the president. We can't let it wash over the country. Many will die According to the models that they had two point two to four million people If you just let it do its thing And The New York Times quote closes with this quote saying the chaotic culture of the trump White House contributed to the crisis a lack of planning and a failure to execute combined with the president's focus on the new cycle and his preference for following his gut rather than the data cost time and perhaps lives. I really recommend you check out reading the Red Dawn emails New York Times published. All of them. I believe they don't have a paywall for any corona virus news so you should check that out and now from raw story. Labor Secretary Eugene. Scalia is implementation of the Kroger Stimulus. Package is coming under fire from Democratic lawmakers who say his handling of the new law favors corporations and leaves workers working folks behind Scalia son of the late Justice Antonin. Scalia has used the department's authority to limit who qualifies for Joblessness Assistance. And to make it easier for small businesses not to pay family leave benefits. Lawmakers have voiced concerns that the Labor Department's lack of urgency makes it more difficult for gig workers to get benefits and Scalia says quote. He's not he doesn't make any. He has no qualms about being an asshole. He says unemployment is not the preferred outcome when government stay at home mortars forced temporary business shutdowns. We want workers to have to work not to become dependent on the employment system. So He's coming under a lot of fire for for his handling of this and rightfully so and the numbers today In the virus epidemic. Show over one point. Eight million infected globally with over one hundred thirteen thousand deaths in the United States. We have five hundred thirty two thousand a little more than five hundred thirty two thousand cases and twenty one thousand seven hundred deaths almost seven thousand in New York alone and if that weren't enough Other news going around the Happening around the globe right now. Krakatoa erupted And the turnover. Forest fires are burning out of Control Radioactive Fires. And if you WANNA get Biblical. There's apparently a swarm of locusts threatening millions in Africa. Which is going to be ten times worse. Projected to be ten times worse than the last swarm that's diabolical and horrible and then we're dealing with all of this on of on top of this global global pandemic and from the Associated Press. I found this really helpful. It's called a week of false news about corona virus and it's a roundup of the most popular but completely untrue stories about the corona virus pandemic. The FIRST CLAIM TONIC. Water or Quinine supplements can be used to prevent and treat corona virus. Actually medical experts say as of now. There is no proven medication or home remedy that can cure corona virus facebook posting drinking. Show Schweppes Tonic. Water will work because it contains quinine. Quinine can be used to treat malaria. Malaria drugs like hydroxy. Chloroquine are the synthetic form of Quinine. So people are saying drink tonic. Water doctors say you can make a nice gin and tonic with it. But it's not gonNA help. It's not going to do anything next. People are sharing maps showing a correlation between Cova nineteen and locations. Were Five G. has been installed There's no evidence to five. G. Is at all related to the corona virus. There's no truth to it it's stupid. Don't just ignore that Next President Obama. Here's here's the lie. Here people are saying people are spreading. This thing around saying Obama is saying he would not allow white people to kill Africans with their toxic vaccines. This fabricated claim shared across social media. Grew out of a French TV segment where to doctor suggested that to burqas vaccine be tested in Africa in trials to fight the corona virus. The doctors were accused of racism for the comments. They made on the French news channel. Lci earlier this month with celebrities like soccer star Ddr Drogba and actor. John Boyega sharing their outrage on twitter after a video with the doctors comment circulated online Dr Matt Match Match at Iseo Mody. The World Health Organization's regional director on Africa also shared a clip of the doctors on twitter calling video deeply upsetting quote all research including uncovered nineteen in this global crisis must be ethical and based on principles. She said The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research tweeted April. Second that That the edited video had been taken out of context. Shortly after the video emerged online though social media users began sharing post suggesting Obama had asked Africans not to accept vaccines from American from America and Europe and urged people to share the message widely quoted Obama falsely saying. I'll be an accomplice if I don't denounce this. Evil Act white people. Want to do to Africans I of I was born in America but I am a African blood. I'm not going to allow white people to kill Africans with their toxic vaccines and that is just completely false. Post Obama never said that Another claim a false claim going at Walmart has adopted staggered shopping. Schedules based on age Monday age sixty six and up Tuesday fifty six to sixty five Wednesday forty six to fifty five Thursday etc. This is totally false. They do have special Hours to cater to seniors Who experts have said could be more vulnerable to corona virus but a post circulating facebook features logos for Walmart and Sam's Club and falsely states that the discount retailers establishing shopping days based on age groups. The Post apologize for any inconvenience before breaking out what age groups can shop which I just sort of went over with you and Sunday. Shopping is for emergency only anyway. That whole thing is fake. That is not happening. Another five G. conspiracy theory making around says that it kills birds and a set of photos a circulating on facebook to show dozens of dead birds scattered in the streets and sidewalks And falsely described The photo is showing the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Can you imagine what five G. will do us? It says The photos date February fourth when a strong wind knocked over a tree In Rome according to Italian media outlets when the tree fell over man was injured and several birds that had made their nests in. The tree were killed. Photos and video published of the time showed the fallen tree next to dozens of dead birds. Saying look if if this electro-magnetic radiation can do two birds what will five g to us so those are the BS conspiracy theory stores for the week. Thank you to Associated Press for rounding them all up. We'll be right back after this quick break with Jon. Cryer to discuss saving the post office. Stay around these. Mri will be big. 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Hey everybody welcome back and I'm excited about this joining us today for the interview. He plays lex Luther on supergirl on the C. Dubs and he was of course in two and a half men. And if you know our audience if I know our audience which I think I do. You'll also know him as duckie from pretty in pink and Maxwell Hauser from hiding out. Please welcome John John. Cryer John Thanks for speaking with me today. So happy to be here almost caught you choir Jonquiere. Yeah well you know a we I when I introduce myself earlier. I was a singing but I won't do that now because I think people have had a rough week. That's very kind. I thought you had a fantastic voice. That's just me I wanted to talk to you about the upcoming elections and how this administration is just basically out to steal it. Because you know you're not a Super William but you play one on TV and I thought you might have some relevant input here. Of course we know about vast voter suppression gerrymandering ridiculous voter. Id laws designed to limit. The number of voters and disenfranchised those who typically vote blew the only way that the Republicans can win and trump admitted that during one of his press conferences. And then of course we have Russian interference. We have the Ukraine scandal to get dirt on Joe Biden. But this week we learned about another extraordinary step to block access to voting. And that's the Republicans including Mitch. Mcconnell are refusing to rescue the post office which is set to become insolvent in June. And this is while. Democrats are pushing for vote by mail amidst the corona virus outbreak. I wanted your take on that. What's happening with the post office? Well it's interesting 'cause it it it it actually Corresponds to a bunch of GOP goals. You know they. I mean they're they're vast overarching goal Besides creating a corrupt kleptocracy is appears to be the privatization of the postal service. They've been wanting to do that for decades. In fact My understanding of when they they they they enforced a they actually The outgoing congress was it two thousand in sick. No it wasn't I don't remember when it was exactly but they Change the pension vesting rules for for the post office Making it basically impossible for the post office to run at a profit. They were already in trouble but they by requiring them to fund their pensions for another fifty years. They were trying to bring about privatization Supposedly not do you recall this. Yeah I one hundred percent recall this. That pretty much made them. They were set to because of that decision. They had been set to run out of money a few times and and they were. I think they were going to be solving until twenty. Twenty one until corona virus hit. Yeah and so. Obviously male has dropped precipitously. Businesses can't afford to advertise in. Send out all those mailers that you love so much getting in the mail But this this whole push seems to dovetail with a bunch of things that the GOP wants You know ended and it dovetails with what trump wants as well You know he's had his had a bug up his but Amazon Amazon's deal with the post office for a long time because the post office does two things for Amazon The Post Office Has their their latte what they call their last mile service which is which means that. They serve as rural areas. That Amazon won't go because they're just too far At the post office required to to service those areas so they do so for Amazon And they charge them normal. Postal rates for that And trump has a longtime been saying that the post office would be solvent if they would charge much higher rates to do that But my understanding is that. That's not actually the case That The post office actually has excess capacity anyway And that chart that changing their rates with that wouldn't necessarily make them they still have to pay those those expenses so it wouldn't actually change things for them is my understanding. Yeah I remember The report came out Where had pressured the postmaster general to like double the shipping rates on on? Betas on Amazon. Because you know I mean he also owns the Washington Post which is not trumps favorite thing and that to me with was an impeachable offense. I mean we remember Nixon. Mobilized weaponized the IRS to go after and do audits on his Democratic opponents This was no different. It was an abusive power to try to pressure the postmaster general to do that. So he's he's been mad about them for a while and then there's there's the overall effort of You know trying to cut down on the reporting of the census which is a A. Which is we're in the midst of going out and that that certainly with a pandemic raging mail in balloting is going to be much more attractive to people in general than Than not showing up in person so so again this this stuff tells with a lot of goals for them but it's hard to pick out one because it's three There's so many yeah I have to go with the vote by mail thing. I know that they're very against that. Trump brought up in a press conference that if we vote by mail. Republicans will never win again And he's right and so now he's on. He's on this marketing goal of convincing Americans that when you vote by mail it increases the likelihood of fraud which has not been proven at all in states. That have nothing but mail in ballots. We just had the Alaska primary yesterday. total mail in. Vote there But I I think this is really aimed at at vote by mail. We saw what happened in Wisconsin with the State Supreme Court in the in the conservative Supreme Court ruling that Wisconsin is had to vote in person putting their lives at risk and I'm afraid of trump reopened the country before we have a mass testing program in place which he doesn't even seem to understand the question. When asked about that. I think we could see a second wave And it could hit in November and we have to vote then your now I have to say. I'm a little mystified about their intimacy toward male voting. Mail in voting. Because yes he said that but it would seem to me that there's a lot of natural constituencies four mail in voting that would favor. Republicans like the military like older people. A Lotta people already use mail in voting it seems like would favor. Republicans to me. I'm being my nuts. We'll trump himself mail in voted in two thousand eight at. Because you know he's like look I live here. I'm the president. I can't go to and vote and the we were trying to tell them Wisconsin. I can't go to the polls to vote either because they will die. If you know so I'm not sure like why your excuse you know. Your absentee excuse is is You know more important than in the lives of Wisconsin nights or anybody else who's going to have to vote eventually But yeah he voted by mail himself. So it's just it seems very odd. You're right That that it would get more Republican votes. But I think he knows I think he knows the writings on the wall. The more people that can vote the less likely. Republicans are to win. That seems to have been demographically shown over and over and over. Yeah yeah I I still you know. I'm still curious about you. Know the the for a lot of For a long time people have been proposing that the postal service could actually become profitable if it did if it got into other areas like postal banking And the post office by the way already contracts itself out to Amazon As a as a delivery service they they You know a lot of time if you've gotten a package on Sunday it's because of a US postal person did it delivered it for you so So again it would seem like this just seems like a huge loser for Republicans in many respects because You know but the postal service is one of the most popular government services that the. Us government has Yeah it's also enshrined in the Constitution Article. One Section Eight club seven is the postal clause empowers Congress to establish post offices and roads so that they can be supposed to post can be delivered. So I'm confused as how Republicans are going to ignore that bit. They seem to waive the constitution around when it benefits them and ignore it when it doesn't so it'll be interesting to see how that fight goes. I. I'm mystified Mystified just yes. I get it The the the GOP has been horrendous on a bunch of issues. This is seems like also a political loser for them. Because I feel like it's GonNa hit their constituents in a way that they're really gonNA notice you know An and it would seem like it. It just seems like this just seems nuts to me. Yeah and I'm also concerned about how you know. Privatization of the post office could impact. You know this administration tends to project. They tend to blame others for that which they are guilty. And if there's any voter fraud I could see there. Being a potential for voter fraud with privatization in favor of the Republicans. But nothing else really. Yeah and and and we forget that the post office is this. Is this cultural unifier for the entire United States? You know it's it's really a it means a lot to people who your postman. You know your postman you know. Everybody knows that. The people that deliver their mail. They've seen them you know. This is a huge workforce by the way that we're talking about possibly getting a unemployed during a pandemic You know I just feel like this is a third rail for the Republicans and I don't know why even considering it while they've been successful at this kind of stuff in the past. I mean he managed to get his base to to hate war. Heroes like John McCain so I don't see there being a problem with him being able to flip his base on something like the post office they'll be people like yeah f the Post Office Bunch assholes and you'd be like what the post office and one of my main concerns is that Democrats are going to demand money for the post office. They're working on a second stimulus package. And they're gonNA demand vote by mail funding. Which because they did that in the first one. But that was a nonstarter for Republicans and I think. Republicans aren't going to budge on this and then of course just as they did with the. I still blame. Democrats for holding additional stimulus money hostage when it was actually the Republicans that kept the stimulus money low in the first package that you know. They limited the amounts. Everybody gotten the first package. And I'm pretty optimistic as as a person but this seems highly problematic politically for Democrats. I'm not sure how they get around it. I'm not either it's I it does feel like people because they're stuck at home At least on social media they seem to be paying attention so that's that's nice and And and there's been interesting of pulling effects to like Usually the rally round the flag aspect of pulling is incredibly powerful. When there's something when there's a national crisis like this and this is by the way national crisis that is unparalleled in you know in in my life I have not been a you know. I'm trying to think of a national crisis that that came as close and had this much effect on my day to day living. And I I can't think of one right away you know and you know so. I I but interestingly trump got he got a rally rally around the flag bump for a very short period of time and it appears to almost completely dissipated at this point which is which is fascinates me. 'cause that's you know. America when we feel we're in crisis tends to rally around its leader very powerfully and that is not occurring. Yeah I think Bush's popularity rating or approval rating. Went up to like eighty percent or something after after nine eleven and and I mean just unprecedented numbers. I think he peaked at fifty or fifty five and now he's back down in the forties. Yeah so yeah So it does seem like people are paying attention to some degree And you know I it's a you know. And the fact that the administration seems to have no plan for going forward. I mean this has been driving me crazy. It's like even if even if you say you're GONNA claim you know. We weren't flat-footed we we. We had a travel ban on China. Even that's now appearing to have been a largely ineffective he. Can you know you can always argue that? In hindsight we screwed up. But you know we. We given the information we had. We did the best we could. You can always make that but not having a plan. Going forward is inexcusable. Or or saying. Oh Ivanka's GonNa come up with something. No Ivanka I for some reason. The the knockoff handbag lady You know as God lover for a for making a living doing that. I don't believe is going to be doing a great job with it. I don't think her or her husband. Have the answers that we need? So it'll be interesting to see what happens there but yeah this is. This is a crisis of proportions that I think a lot of us can even fathom right now because we're in it but you know I am. I'm very concerned about about how we're going to vote how we're going to vote in this election and I'm interested to see With a little bit of worry and a sort of a you know a dash of anxiety In their how how it all plays out. Yeah it'll be very interesting to see how further primaries happen. How what what's the next one. Do you know what the next primary no I think. They all got pushed back to June nine. June twenty third I. New York's June twenty third We had you know Wisconsin. Obviously and we're waiting for results. Were supposed to get those tomorrow in an Alaska. The results came in today and that was but they were all vote by mail. And that was I think. Fifty five to forty four something like that. And I haven't seen any returns on the Wisconsin Debacle have we heard how to what extent a voter voting went down. The I haven't even seen any exit. Polls or turn outnumbers for Wisconsin. I haven't seen any results and I you know I keep paying the page but everything seems to like. It's going to be coming out tomorrow but I. I'm assuming that there weren't any exit polls done because people didn't want to risk contracting the virus who's going to answer them. I mean you're GONNA have to yell. Your answers in Fronton. I don't know how you were. I don't know how you do that. As a pollster. Yeah no one's going to be wanting to yell out. I voted for Marianne Williamson. Well thank you so much for helping parse this issue today tell everyone we went over this a little bit before we started recording where they can find supergirl right now. It's it's there's a couple of different places most complicated as a voting time It is the CW APP which is free an awesome. You can watch the last five episodes of supergirl But if you want anything further back than that you streaming on Netflix and but that will only be for the next few months because then it's all going to go over to HBO. Max So all right so get it while it's hot You mentioned while you can And you can also follow John at At Mister Jon Cryer. No agent John on twitter. Thank you again for for speaking me today. I really appreciate it. You always a pleasure. All right stick around. We'll be right back with the good news right after this everybody would say gee this portion brought to you by human right. Now we're all living quarantine life. It can be hard to stay focused and productive not curl up into a ball and just snack the pandemic away which I can't have been doing. We've all got to keep fighting. We have to keep active. We have to keep our energy immune systems up. And that's why I'm excited to tell you about something. 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That's super grapes. Dot Com slash daily beans? Again SUPER GRAPES DOT com slash beans. Hey everybody welcome back. It is time for the good news all right so I've got. There's actually a lot of good news that happened over the weekend. I mean there was a lot about news but there was a lot of good news. First of all prosecutors in Los Angeles have leveled another sexual assault charge against imprisoned former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein It's a charge of sexual battery by restraint. And it stems from an alleged incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel and may twenty ten and that's according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Weinstein. Who's already serving twenty three years in prison in New York after being convicted of committing criminal? Sex Act in the first degree and raped third. Degree was already facing four felony charges in Los Angeles including forcible Rape Sexual Penetration by use of force sexual battery and forcible oral copulation. Weinstein has denied the allegations. No and you don't hand yeah And the Kansas Supreme Court has voted to uphold executive order by the state's Governor Kelley limiting the size of church gatherings on Easter Sunday ending. A dramatic legal clash in which the court was asked amid a global pandemic to decide between public health and religious liberty in a ruling issued on Saturday. The court said Democratic Governor Laura. Kelly was within her rights when she announced an order on Tuesday limiting religious gatherings in the state to ten people the ruling came after an extraordinary morning session in which the courts seven justices heard oral arguments via video conference in order to comply with social distance guidelines and a bipartisan Senate. Group has given trump until Monday. That's tomorrow to explain. His firing of the Intelligence Community Inspector General Atkinson. The group is led by Republican. Senator Chuck Grassley and His letter trump demanding answers was co-signed by Susan Collins. Mitt Romney among others and a bunch of Democrats including Mark Warner Eight Eight. Eight senators total So that's that's nice right. The Republicans are like you you. You can't just fire. The Inspector General that handed over the Ukraine whistleblower complaint. Yeah that without you know without giving some answers. Yeah that is nice and it does also make me wonder where that logic was before slash hill name. Something that could've been useful months ago as if now. They're just heating the warnings. Yeah and judge ruled this week. That metro-goldwyn-mayer has to hand over the UNAIRED footage from trump's celebrity apprentice to entrepreneurs who claim they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after trump and his kids endorsed appear amid scheme on the reality show prior to the election. Us District Judge. Yeah Lorna Sheffield. She's a judge in the southern district of New York told Metro Goldwyn Mayer that they have. They have to make available hundreds of hours of recordings for these two episodes And it's the two episodes when principles of a pyramid scheme called. Acn Opportunity LLC Were guests on the show This is the same suit. I spoke recently with a Andrew Tours about where the judge disallowed arbitration for this case and it has to go through the courts so interesting It's only two episodes worth of tapes but they have to hand him over our be interesting to hear what he has to say behind the scenes. That scares me hell easy. It is for crazy people to get airtime. And then it's like no one ever follows up on anything. Same thing goes for new story sometimes to honestly and that more so goes relate local news. But if there's like once it's out there is just out there in if they actually dedicated time to circling back. Obviously they wouldn't do it in the apprentice but just in general like if that company was on I dunno fucking shark tank or something and then people went. They wouldn't come back into a message and correct the record. There's so many people out there that are just falsely endorsed in getting like sucked into shitty things. Yes it's pretty bad but I'm but that's good news. Yeah that's all good news a little some of it's a little shot and Freud e I mean it's not good news what Harvey Weinstein did. But it's good news that he's being charged in Los Angeles now in addition to the twenty three years in prison that he serving in New York. So you know the I again. I think that he's sort of the the lightning rod for justice for all of us who did not get justice for when we were assaulted. And I think that that's important All right well. What what Good news do we have from our listeners. Georgia yeah so we got a whole bunch. We didn't get any quarantine. Confessions in time for today show but We just want to send that call for those again. Please send in your quarantine. Confessions these can be. I mean they're meant to be light hearted obviously but unload on us why not. We're at at daily beans pod or you can email Amanda at Mueller. She wrote Dot Com or answer the posts on Patriots on if you are a patron So that will be four next episode but for now we have amazing good news from our listeners. I'll start out with a stephanie. Stephanie says my fiance and I have been dating long distance for the past year while I've been in graduate school but because of cove in nineteen we've been reunited April. Thirteenth will be the seventh anniversary of my okay. There's a trigger warning here. I'm sorry April thirteenth will be the seventh anniversary of my suicide attempt. And I'm so happy to be alive and able to spend this important day with the most important person in my life when I would have had to celebrated alone seven years ago. I learned that life is precious with the Cova death toll raising daily. That lesson rings true now more than ever. Thanks for all the beans. Keep up the good work. That's amazing thank you Stephanie. Yeah congratulations yeah. That's a huge congratulations. That's incredible Our our next our next piece of news comes from anonymous anonymous. I work in a large reference laboratory that serves hospitals all over the country. One of the tests I perform is for measuring Interleukin. Six and inflammatory chemical that is currently being monitored during treatment of severe cove in nineteen patients. I'm sure I pronounced that wrong Needless to say things are a bit stressful. Right now is our testing volumes have increased from about five hundred a week to over seven thousand. What I really wanted to mention is this. During the pandemic our clients have been sending US encouraging notes along with their patient samples. Saying things like your work is helping us save our patients. Thank you for your timeless effort or tireless effort also timeless Sometimes working in a lab where you are far removed from the frontlines. It's easy to forget your impact. After work I cried my car on the way home thinking about these messages and the people they represent. I am immensely proud of the laboratory professionals. I work with and the medical community as a whole thanks to those sending us these encouraging messages. I assure you they are appreciated by all of us. Well SO COOL. Awesome so seriously so bad. S so much bad ass. Work is being done right now in labs and everywhere our next one is from Jack. Jack says I finished the Bunny Day. Crafting Bullshit in animal. Crossing me too was a letdown. It just seems like a corporate scam to sell eggs personal it is. I'm so I feel like the people who haven't watched tagger King. I have no idea what the fuck is going on with animal crossing and need to get on. That shit is soon as soon as I can. Get in ten to switch or whatever Yeah someone said that you can like plan your phone to I don't know anyways from next from Glam You inspired me to join neum during this lockdown and I'm already down six pounds. It totally appeals to my check. The Box. Finish the assignment personality. So thank you for that. Also I haven't missed a single episode of msw or the daily beans. I listened in the mornings when I walk the dog and it is my coveted alone time for the day. You've definitely given me a wonderful space to feel understood. That is so cool. Oh well awesome. Congratulations yes yet. Numerously is cool and just in general just getting your body moving right now so important. I'm like my immune system is going fucking insane right now. Like in a bad way and definitely when I work out and eat well and just all the things that new teachers to do. Regardless of losing weight it helps. It helps so much. 'cause currently it's like. Oh God so many cylinders and our bodies are just like what the fuck is happening in. Your brain is like using anxiety so anything like that that just gets your brain and endorphins and all this other these other systems endocrine systems just off of stressing is super cool. So that's really awesome. Very glad that you're experiencing newman having fun with it next from Lisa. Homeschooling is working very well. For my fourteen year old daughter we are considering switching over once things go back to normal quote unquote she thrives on the one on one contact to an L. I read that rid she thrives on the one on one contact Dr she drives she thrives on low one on one contact and it had improved our relationship. It has improved our relationship which has been a surprise for both of us. That's Seagal love. What a cool unintended consequence right. Yes yeah it's very cool. Great hands out of that. Yeah Okay just a couple. More from jared. We are thankful for a joke. Gift Joke in quotes from my mother-in-law of Mini Ping Pong my wife and I can set it up and play ridiculous games a ping pong to keep our spirits up during quarantine and get a little exercise between eating and movie marathons James Bond Movies the West Wing and Star Trek. The next generation are the current viewing schedule. In case. You're wondering heck yes. Love that Mini Ping Pong so and also I saw imposes on their instagram story. A friend of mine from college. There's this thing where it's essentially ping pong but it's with soccer balls. Have you ever seen this in your in your like dribbling over a net? LemMe see is. It is so fricking crazy helicopter activity. Yes soccer meeting. It's not it's an indoor activity. Soccer meets table tennis. It's literally just like table tennis with a soccer ball. It's fucking crazy. It's called Tech Ball T. E. Q. V. A. L. L. You should definitely look up some videos of that shake has. It's very impressive. All right and finally yes from Laura I love you all. Thanks keeping going in spite of these really difficult times and thank you so much for the daily beans happy hours. I have some non cove in nineteen good news. If you're interested. I work in wildlife conservation specifically amphibians reptiles. My colleagues and I have accomplished incredible achievement of saving endangered slash rare frogs. That was picked up in the L. A. Times that I'd like to share headline in the La. Times is race to save rare California frog. Beats Corona Virus Lockdown Helje awesome? That's dope that is dope. That's so cool to look that up. Save the frogs safer. Frogs indeed I I used to collect frogs when I was kid like I. Actually I think they were toads. Not Frogs but You know that they not amphibious but I love frogs. Yeah Frogs and toads Melissa sent us According confession her teenagers asked her to pick up. Japodlay for dinner on the way home from work. She's snuck a chip hearing there and before she knew what she'd eating the whole bag stuffed the bag under the seat of her car and told them they must have forgotten the chips in the order. Oh my God I love that. I like how you didn't say I forgot to order the chips. You blame the fucking Shapur laypeople they. I ordered the chips children and they failed to put it in bags double whammy. That's also a total door dasher. Move that some shit I used to know. I know it's a horrible confession that I'm not proud of that. They're are definitely times where I would like would steal a French fry because I was starving in driving for twelve hours at a time. Jesus I know it was a grind with a college degree. Everybody God is dead guys. Let's just throw that in there on Easter. Technically story goes I have an anonymous. A confessional here to Someone wrote and said I'm a nurse practitioner in an ICU and my attending physician ripped a new one in front of a rather large portion of our medical team. Because she didn't like that. I was standing up for the nurses in a heated situation. Afterwards one of the nurses one of my favorite bedside nurses reminded me that the best part of wearing masks all day is you can mouth fuck you and eat shit without getting caught doing ever since and my God has. It made a difference in my day. Oh my God. That's so good. That fucking sucks. Though that had to go through that that's awesome. I liked that a lot. Yeah you can just make faces. I noticed when I went to like when I'm walking around outside You wouldn't I'm interacting with people the grocery store. I have my face mask on a but because I've had Bo Talks. I can't express anything with the top half of my face so the cashier will be telling me a story and I'll be thinking like I'm making a wo- like surprised is you know. And I'm not and so they just think I'm either an asshole or that there are very boring It's probably a combination. Yeah it's okay. You're in southern California. So I'm sure there's a lot of those situations. People are used to navigate just walking around expressionless mm-hmm. I want to feel I just can't well. Thanks everybody for those good news stories and and and you you already covered where to send them and we're going to see everybody on Friday but you know we've got a few shows a few daily shows between now and then and thanks so much to John Cryer for talking to us but he's my hero What a great guy Interest so kind of you know everyone's like don't meet your heroes unless it's Jon. Cryer of Jon Cryer zero. It's it's okay to meet I've I've just let you know. So that's it Any final thoughts Jordan before before we hang up If you would do me a solid and check out my podcast that have gone I disagree we are our last episode. We talk about Zoltan was on and he was actually born in Hungary so we talk about socialism versus capitalism. And some other fun stuff but it was. It was probably. It's when we've only had three episodes but I really enjoyed it and we're gonNA start talking about some current a virus stuff recording tonight. Actually so please check that out. I disagree and Yeah give us a follow on twitter. And if you WANNA check out on patriotic that would be fucking booking read awesome congratulations. It's such a good show. Thank you I appreciate that. It's really fun. It's a really nice little addition to the work that we do on here just to just to have a space where we don't have to like be smart all the time no pressure no smart pressure. exactly no smart pressure awesome. Yeah you're like we don't have corrections on our podcast there. You go eleven all right. Well everybody please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been AG. I've been Jordan Coburn and them's the beans. The daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG and Jordan Coburn an engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and starbucks industries are marketing manager. Executive assistant production. Social Media Directions Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research by AG Jordan Coburn Amanda Reader. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are Web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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