Why James said we should rejoice through trials


Ask which one of the books is the easiest to understand. You might put James in that width in some respects exchanged is almost like the ABC's of Christian living within going through and trying to tie all the sixty six books of the Bible together and for the most part we've spent about one one lesson per book but we'll get the James as we are right now. I want to slow down if things go as hoped. I want to spend five Sunday nights tonight. Being the first and talk about James because it has a lot of practical information. If you wanted to break down the book of James You could find the five divisions in a likely using these five divisions in the coming weeks tonight and want to talk about trials. Trials from gene's chapter one versus two three twenty seven. James is he talks about the character of the faith he turns to that subject and James Acute Spins Twenty six vs on it. Then he refers to the tongue and has some things to say about entertain street though worldly the secto the flesh Ashley. Mind James Four four five six and then finally he turns to the Second Coming of Christ. What it don't have on the sheet is the slide is who james was? If you read the New Testament you find that there were four different people. There are four different people in testament who are described as James Most has eight look at the book of James Believed that this was James. The Lord's brother Galatian chapter one and verse naked. James was apparently so familiar to readers that he could simply say. This is a letter from James. Did Not have to include anything else as you look at James Chapter one in verse one. The Bible says that he was writing to the dispersion. Now that's a word that little here too often. Perhaps we've never used that word. But James says I'm writing to the twelve tribes in the dispersion. If you think about that word dispersion for a little bit it sounds it's a lot of the word disperse we know what it means to disperse something that means to scatter or means spread. James was writing to Christians from you. May Jewish background that's why he referred to them as the twelve tribes and he says you are people who have been scattered your people who have been spread Abroa- well. There is a question question that arises from that these people had been scattered or spread abroad why what had caused them to scatter or spread abroad As you look at the bulk especially especially if you get into the first chapter. Trials is under consideration it therefore seems logical to connect the scattering or dispersion with with a trials. There may have been some issues as far as persecution because people persecuted they may have fled to different areas. It may have been poverty. There have may ahead then some kind of oppression and that caused them to scatter as we look at our time. We certainly know that there are people who scatter there are people who spread because house of economic persecution religious persecution. James as you think about the people who were dispersed. He knew that they were facing some trial. Some heavy loads roads in life. He therefore provides some insight as far as dealing with those trials in the first chapter of his book. James One hundred twenty seven. And that's what I want to look at tonight as you look at James One q twenty two to twenty seven and he talks about trials from really threefold perspective number one. He says if you're going to live the Christian life he says you are going to face trials from outward forces after it is those outward forces in versus two thousand twelve. He says now now. Let's talk about trials that come from inward temptations. There were problems there in one province then it would be helpful to have a solution or not. Aw if you're facing those outward pressures facing inward temptations. How do you deal with those things? James says. Here's the answer. It is the word of God back back. James Chapter one in verse two for just a minute. James Talks about those outward trials but if you had the ESP or you had the King James Translation you won't see the word trial you'll see the word in ten patients other translations some newer versions will use a word like trial or testing a related verb. I found this interesting. There's a related verb which describes a fledgling bird testing its wings. You think about that bird that is supposedly ready for The time to leave the nest and those wings get tested those wings get checked out to see if it's time for that bird to fly and move on its own. Jim Mm says the Christian is going to be tested as we think about this James did not believe he was not in the mindset of some are that Christianity is going to wipe away all all a person's problems. Listen people who had that idea of the faith. James did not believe that a Christian would avoid things like sickness and on economic stressors. Didn't we just have a few minutes ago. A prayer for a Christian who has oral men of melanoma a missionary. Why someone who for the better part eighty years is back? In fact I think probably seventy plus years has lived the Christian life. I've never met her but it from the writing that she's done from the work that she's down is probably one of the finest Christians in that country if not in the planet and yet she struck with cancer. Christians asked why I lost my job. I lost my child. This happened to me there. was that terrible tragedy. Why Aw James Answers the question if we are Christian? God will lead us undergo some trials if we are a young person. We need to you. Expect trials when it comes to our school expect challenges because we're trying to live for God in the Christian life as a young person are trial might be peer pressure. Maybe there's mockery when we try to do what's right for adults. We also should expect to face trials. It might be trial in relation relation to our job. We might be told that we have to do some things that are unethical. If we want to stay employed at the place where we are it might be someone becomes aware this. This has happened There have been religious. People not necessarily detested Christians but there've been religious people who have taken a particular stand. We don't believe in that we don't support that. We're we're not going to endorse a net. You're out the door. We don't want you here or someone applies for job and supposedly. This is against the off but they discriminate. The employer does not let you get the job because of your religious beliefs. That's trial for the faith so and says well. I'm not a young person and I'm good at my job but my marriage is a trial and that can happen. We experienced trials from the neighbors. Somebody says if you knew my next door neighbor you WANNA move ten years ago. There's some neighbors like that there can be crowds from the government are crowds might come from trying to Christian. If you are trying to be a Christian parents will almost guarantee you don't have to be a Christian parent for this but if you're a Christian parents I can virtually guarantee you that at some point your child is going to come home and say I want to do this. And you're going to say no you're not and the channel says I want to because everybody else is doing. Most parents have that battle. But if you are a Christian parent you're trying to do what's right. You're trying to teach your kids what's right. You're probably GONNA have that battle a little more often often than others and the response to the child is going to be at least it should be. That is not the way the Christians live. It does not matter if every other their child in the district in the state in the country is doing this. You're not and the reason you're not is because we're trying to be a Christian family that's trying to. That's a difficult time for Paris. Someone as they think about this the May say well. I'm a little confused if God you serve as all powerful if these all loving if he is all those great qualities why would your God allow people to face trials. Why wouldn't you God? Just wipe all those trials awake. He certainly don't you think has the power to do it. And if he's all loving and all knowing wouldn't he have the knowledge and the ability to do that. The final part of her three provides the answer to that question. James Says God much trials because the prove or establish one of the most interesting TV commercials. I have ever seen and I'm not gonNA mention the product but it is that product we have a leak and the product is applied and instantly that seals leak. Here's commercial they're gonNA couple of commercials like that. It is almost as if you're route in-invoke out there good distance from shore and your boat begins to leak you. Just take out this magical product and you apply the stoplight product and and your boat is not going to leak. You didn't continue fishing trip. Not all the products that people have come up with as far as an interesting product. I think that one would certainly the one that would appeal to a lot of people because it would have a lot of applications if something sounds too good to be true chances are it probably is. We'll see a product like that when it's advertised. You've got a leak coming in your roof. You there and apply the product and the weakest. Gone when you're out there in the boat and your boat begins the leak. No problem when you're out there in the desert and your vehicle has a hose spring a leak. Just wrap some of this tape around rounded and the leak is going to be instantly stopped. We Wanna see that tested. We WanNa see that proven if I'm going to take that on my fishing trip and it's GonNa be the solution to a leaky boat. I want to know what works. If I'm going to buy that for a leaking roof I wanna see that tested. God knows our character. He doesn't need to see our character but there's another character involved in the spiritual story that we were writing and that is the devil in revelation chapter twelve in verse ten. That's in gray on the screen. The Bible says sickness accuser. Not only does that tech say the that was an accuser of the Bible says that he accuses God's People Day and night the devils accuser. That never stops the devil. It is a lot like that water. Stop product that leaks. We say well. That's a bad product actually did some looking online to see what people said about that product asking. Stop the legal. That's about what I figured. I kind of want to see the reviews but the devil is sort of like that. He looks like a Christian and he says they're not legitimate. They're not real. They really don't love you. God they serve you for this or that reason. God they're a hypocrite and the list just goes on and on and on. There are people who are good rundown of us have you that somebody who fell into that category you can have the best day ever and talk to that person. And they're going to run your data you can look your very best S. and they're going to run your parents down whatever you have to say or do or think they're gonNA have something negative or bad say about you if you WanNa know who the authority is when it comes to running down folks. It's it's in revelation twelve ten. It is a devil. He accuses people day and night. Let's take that information and make a little more person. Imagine the devil coming before God tomorrow or even tonight and he goes before God and says he is a fraud she is a fake. They are not genuine. The Devil says we pointing to us. We need to be condemned. We because we're spiritual rodney given back the gun. We because the devils accusation or not fit for the Kingdom of God. The Devil seeks to run down. The People Lagaan now. It might seem for the devil to go before God and make those kinds of accusations and be perfectly fair with a double. You might think the God I would just hated level. You gotta here but you know what God has done is perfectly fair with the devil rather than strong arm Satan God says in essence the devil. Let's look at the person that you're accusing. Let's see what's going on in the live now. So how do you know that I know that because reading the book of Job You may remember. That story seat went before God and he needs to Machias Asians and God says okay. Let's talk about an example. Let's look at jobs life. If you read the book of job you find. The job was allowed to face trials. How's the very thing that we're talking about in James Chapter One? Those trials that job went through. They were severe unbelievably severe. But you know what happened. Joe was indicate was he. Perfect man know someone who was willing to withstand the trials really to the best of his ability. The answer to that question is yes. We're exposed to trials. We need to see them for what they are. James Understand that he says they are awake. They are illustration of our commitment and our faith our loyalty to God. That's gene says in James Chapter one verse to Ub Joyful so when manifold when a variety of trials coming hard times you'll be thankful for those not because they're difficult because because James says you can go through those you can whether those and they will establish your character now. Don't expect that you're going to weather. Every trial successfully come through the flying colors. It doesn't work. That way. Didn't even work that we've for the apostles when you have a trial and perhaps you add not as well as you possibly could have as you look back on how things went you can pick yourself up dust yourself off and seek to do better next time. We should expect to try to both trials in the best possible way. Don't skip over. How James Opens Gems One to count it all joy my brethren when you fall fall in a medical quotations along with proving faith trials can do something else in verse three? He says they produce patients as he continues the thought lose down to verse four four. He says when those trials come he says they helped perfect character recent. If you've never seen them we can show you one reason. I have a fair number of petoskey stones uh-huh that we picked up within about the last year or so and those stones Michigan State Stone those stones if you've never seen them are basically coral. which is fossilized with hunted them a couple of times but never really seriously we happen to have as we were hunting them we were looking for them over a mobile period? Read on about three of the days where we're hunting wellstone's we happen to have the widest possible range there was just enough moisture. We sort of get wet but not really rain. I mean that was the most interesting experience for me because as we were out there in that weather there were stones which normally would have looked like a regular stone. I would not have looked at that stone. I thought this is a petoskey stone after a small amount of water and they're actually some people who take a spray bottle and spray. The stones' are searching for them but after that smallest amount of water hit the petoskey stone. Something happened there was change. We're actually able to to see the coral formation in the stone thinking about that in terms of James One in the trials. Have you ever met a Christian. Who has like Mike? The petoskey stone this hidden they say oh. I became a Christian. Nobody knows it. Oh if enough happens they finally might acknowledge that there are Christian. If enough is done they might finally say. Well yes. I'm a Christian but that Christian liked that was supposed to be burning so brightly it can be dimmed to the point it can be hidden to the point where it's like a petoskey stone. You Walk Right by you step on it you look at it and you have no idea what it is petoskey stones though you find something else you find that there are some other petoskey stones. They don't need any water as you're walking by you you look at that and you can see the formations. You don't have to bend over. You can say that is a petoskey stone if Ben shaped it's been molded it's been in home it's been polished and nobody would have any doubt when it came to sing. That's a petoskey stone. Not only are those formations visible symbol sometimes. Those formations are stunning. You can find it on the web if you want but President Obama. When he was in office he had at least at times a petoskey stone stone in his office someone gave him one or maybe he bought one beautiful stone? Beautiful example Foschi stones and. I believe that he used that he. He rubbed it from time to time. Trials in life for the Christian are bit like polishing a petoskey stone. There is the rubbing there is the standing. There is the polishing process if we think about the trousers of wine. Ma respects they're like a rock polisher. Every user Polisher just tumbles and tumbles and tumbles someone who is interested in Christianity might hear that and say. Wait a minute to hide. I don't want to be spiritually speaking thrown in the Rock Tumbler. That doesn't sound like a very pleasant experience to me. Well well guess what it's not but guess what else dot says unless you're willing to go on the Rock Tumbler. Unless you're willing to be shaped and home unpolished unless you're willing to have those rough edges taken off and this is probably not going to happen in the day a week a month or even a year. But unless you're willing to have all that trimming and all all that pruning all that shaping and changing done you can't come to me. That sounds pretty severe. That sounds pretty stiff. James Readers have experienced some of that Ba. James says you can't all joy because we're looking at the end result and the president faith repentance confession in fashion and baptism they get into Cumberland but faithful Christian living. That's really words at upon hearing this might say. Well I'm not sure I can endure the polishing process. How can I stand all those trials? Best Great Question James Versus Fine Three of chapter one answers that question he he says seek wisdom for me. You're going to need some wisdom if you're going to endure those trials. God says I've got plenty of come to me. And James says he continues two thousand James Chapter one in verse six. He says you pray pray troublesome trials even good times can cause her faith the waiver James One verse people can wonder where is God during this trial. Were to fall off the cliff. James says you hold on. God knows what's is going on in your life you'll see his face. Expect hard times and turn to God for help with pearn faith. That's the the essence of the Christian life. Well let's say that we can get a handle on the outward trousers of life. What about the second thing? What about the inward trials of life? James says there are also inward drives looking now recently some information versus thirteen through eighteen. Here James Says God doesn't tempt anybody any time you're tempted it is not gonNA come from oftentimes. It's GonNa come from the devil because he is Tim. James Though says that was not the sole temperature we content ourselves this. This is if you haven't noticed the time of year was some people. Some young people are selling cookies. Maybe about some cookies. Maybe maybe someone one who is you saw those cookies being purchased by people you thought boy and they look at me. I really liked that particular one. But my doc or my weight has said no cookies for me and maybe there you ordered a box maybe not only order Box New York maybe ordered more than what box. Perhaps you ordered that box boxes thinking. I'm going to give my box away but you got the boss you look at it. Maybe it smelled it and it seems so tasty that you thought I'm not going to give the box away Ed. I'm going to have one and if you open up that package you had one but one wasn't enough to are not going to be so bad and then maybe three and then maybe four and then maybe finally eight that whole sleeve of cookies if it's not cookie is your sweet. Sometimes people are tempted inwardly shortly to let their emotions get out of check their conditions when it comes to fleshless sands including speech and James Talks about that. He says we can face trials from the outside but there are also those inward temptations which can get us with us new wisdom that permanent faith that we talked about earlier. We need that to navigate the spiritual realm James says he talks about temptation. Begins to give the explanation and James One verse fourteen. He said first of all there is a desire going back to the cookie illustration somebody may have a boxer. Should we see the box or Somebody's here taste. This is really good. I confess they ordered so somebody came up this morning wing and said these are really good. I'm tempted to change my order after we had that designer. James says we're taste. Oh it's easy to be enticed there lot of problems in life which can grow and mystery when we had a leak in our car the good of the garage. You says you've got an Orley not a big problem today but you let that problem for years and even need new engine. James says that desire can turn it a lesson that can begin to incubate. It begins to incubate long enough where it concedes James One Fifteen James says after that conception syndrome and that same results and Beth those word though he says James Wanted Tina's solution for that Senate solution for the Christian. It's the solution for the non-christian if they're your Kreil sperm without if their patients coming from within the Bible says God's Word perhaps James had a little more about the scriptures he. Did we find that in James Chapter One versus nineteen through twenty seven verse Nineteen Says Swift here slow to speak a lot of people. Call that verse out of context but if you look at the context it is in relation to God's word we should be swift to hear that is the word of God when it comes to hearing model but when it comes to seeing what the scriptures say for a lot of people. That's the last thing that they want to do. James says going to the Bible should be the very first thing that we do. That's what Jesus did during times like his temptations verse Twenty One is a reminder to put away that old live that's going to help us with the trial. Sometimes that will help us with the temptations trials do not become any easier by going back to the temptations are not willing to decrease by going back to the real life going back to the old ways makes life worse not better but a lot of people simply. We don't understand that or refused to fight it. If we're going to deal with the trials impatience. James says you'll be a doer of the word son. Have Pity parties you. You probably know some people who have pity party they want you to come over. They want to call you. Percents you message listened to all their woes. There's nothing wrong with Sherry Labor Day with people if someone has a problem. The Bible says bear one another's burdens and fulfilled aloft. Christ but when trials intonations come. They're part of life off and the Bible says this is the right way to deal with not only that the Bible says as those trials come do your best to work at the will of God doing it even and in a better way when it comes to trials impatient some people say. I'M GONNA have my pity party. I'm going to step back from spiritual work I'm going to do the least. I can committee nothing because my life is so bad right now. James says when those times come you draw closer to God. Try to do more rather than less during those times. I we've got the perfect log. Liberty James One verse twenty five when those trials and temptations come as not a few minutes ago the last place. That many look is the Bible. James says you make that the first place you look if we're keep God's word before that's a mentoring so simple the the ABC's of the Gospel. That is God's method his word prayer faith during those times to deal with trials. Tonight you might not be going through any difficult period and that's great. You live a Christian life long enough though you will and you look Christians Christians who are struggling in some ways. It's a good reminder for them seek gotta his help wait on him and he'll come through for you every every single time tonight. Can we help you with the trial. Can we help you with the Christian matter. It's not a pro can encourage them some way. If so we let us know what you need is and please as we stand to sing the selected song.

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