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If you need business, communications use Vanek they've got unified communications, contact, centers and communications. AP is that will make your life complete communication wise, but that's it. Created all those. They're not great at making extremely entertaining and informative podcasts that make you feel smarter and more inspired, but you know what that's okay. They don't need to be the best absolutely everything they're fine with just being the absolute best at business communications bondage. Now we're talking. To wake up in Manchego, Charlemagne the the practice club pitching. Coach Watch the breakfast club like news. Really be tuned in just one of my favorite shows, though just because you're always keeping jonker real. But they're on. They're on facebook they're you know they're listening to the breakfast club. S Saw An, GOOD MOOD IN, USA! Job. You're you're you're you're you're you're yo? Yo Yo yo Yo yo Yo. Yo Yo Yo. Yo Yo Yo. Yo Yo yo Yo. Yo Yo Yo yo Yo yo yo your. Is it me. As hell, Bro and hurt? Your mic is so damn loud. He's blame the blame. The engineers and the produces good and I got my mic half. On my get halfway the e Manfred. Rosie screaming at any. Wrong, that's about the going to the corner. Hey Hey. Hey, Jeff, since y'all controlling my volume back the ranch. Can you fix over? 'cause you turn me down. Start. Overdramatize Dan. Dramas. Can you hear me? Live radio while love is why love live radio I was in. Good Morning USA in Toronto you're you're you're you're yo? Yo? Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Yo Yo, Yo, Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo. Yo Yo yo Yo Yo, Yo. Nancy. Yes. What's up. Dandy Charlemagne. Through the planet guess what day it is just what day it is. Daily you. Mercy guest. On this shore, so we started this morning, goodness called live radio to slow a slow raggedy ass. Ghetto ASS radio show still can't get together almost ten years later. Goodness Gracious. Progress Good Morning. It is Wednesday is Hump Day. Today's my baby girls birthday. Monday was my mother's birthday. today is London's birthday in Friday's Jackson's birthday, so a bunch of June birthdays so. June because I wasn't sure what month it was for a second June knowing in the. Bad thing about it is You know they can't have any parties. You know so today we. We put together something special for them. I ain't gonNA. See I we. My wife did I paid for it, but my wife put together something special for them I'm excited about it so when they get up this morning. We set up a whole carnival theme in the Family Room. We took out all the couches to chairs. We put up a blow to blow things like the Carnival we had You know Will, you throw the Whatever the beanbag the cans. It's a whole Carnival theme Popcorn and Cotton Candy Swimming Pretty Dope when he wake up, so. That's all we can do. We can have any parties. No friends could come by, but we're trying to make it as hard as possible as them and trying to keep any type of of a of a little bit of normalcy. Candidate just the five of them as a party loan I you're you're absolutely right. You are absolutely right. To Own. Temper you said what now. The two. Younger ones like that absolutely absolutely. And you. Can. Only tolerate envy. But you know with pandemic has made the family a lot closer because we're all stuck with each other. You know there's no I'm going out with my friends I'm going to play. Basketball got football practice. It makes everybody coexist, so we do everything together one day. You know everybody might be drawing. You know next day you know. We all might be listening to music next day. You know we drove monopoly. Are Drawn? Shadow drop. Really throwing pepper, pepper, pig, and things like that so anyway. We got a great show for you today. Kirk Franklin will be joining us this morning. Og Kirk. Versus battle, Sunday against Fred, Hammond sure did. Shortly the collection plate. Don't you? Only the collection plate that was going to a? Did you see? Let's get this show. Cracker Front pays what we're talking about. Well, Jill, Biden is speaking out. He was in Philly yesterday morning, and he was talking about a Donald Trump's response to George flay protests, and some of his own plans all right. We'll get into that next. Cuba locked this the breakfast club good morning. Everybody is TJ Envy Angela Ye. Shall I mean the Guy We are the breakfast club? Let's get in some front page news. Where we saw. Well yesterday Joe. Biden was speaking from Philadelphia. City Hall and he was talking about a bunch of different things. One thing he discussed was how racism has to come to an end in this division. Here's what he said. Can't we this moment thinking that we must again turn away and do nothing. For our nation to deal with systemic graces to deal with the growing economic inequity that exist in our nation to deal with the denial the promise of this nation. It's take more than talk. About. In addition, he talks about police. Reform is Joe Biden had to say about that down payment on what is long overdue. She'd come now. She come immediately I call the Congress to act this month I'm measures. It will be the first step in this direction starting with real police reform Congressman Jeffries has a bill to outlaw choke holes. There are other measures a stop transferring. Transferring weapons of war to police forces improve oversight and accountability to create a model use of force standard, looking ahead in the first one hundred days in my presidency I've committed to creating a national police oversight. Commission I've long believed. We need real community policing. We all need to take a hard look at the culture. Two allows for the senseless tragedies to keep happening. I'll be honest. Let me start learning. That's what he's supposed to say like. He is supposed to say that like. Do we think any differently? Would he get up there and say anything else? But that now I just pray to God that. If when he wins the presidency, he follows through with everything that he says or no. No, it's not about winning. The presidency is about getting him to make those policy commitments publicly now okay I. I watched it yesterday. It was good. You know he's. He's talking to what he needs to talk. He's talking about dismantling just immigration. He's talking about investing in the. The black community through legislation economic justice listen if if President Barack Obama was JFK Joe Biden has the opportunity to be Lyndon B Johnson. He had the opportunity to justice progressive on race and class at LBJ was, and he better because they know gonNA come to come to America until you do right by the Black Community Perry. Okay all right well here's. Here's what he had to say about. Economic Justice yesterday. trumark injustice, we need economic justice as well as an media step Congress should act now to rectify. Racial inequities allow cove nineteen recovery funds to be diverted from where they live. I'll be sending forth my gender, an economic justice and opportunity in the weeks and months ahead, but it begins with healthcare. America has to tone for its original sandwiches slavery. That's the only way this nation will ever heal, and the only way to heal racial inequities is legislation in reparation so joe go ahead? internatio black woman running mate you. You already committed to a black woman on the Supreme Court that'll be your Lyndon B Johnson Thurgood Marshall Moment and lean into this black agenda. Lean into this least reform. Economic Justice for the black community and God there and. Try to bring this thing home in November because not. Joe Biden did sweep seven presidential primaries yesterday, not a surprise at all because. Nobody wanted handlebar. Posing him, yeah, so it's not surprised at all, but those are the results I'm in Ferguson, also elected their first black mayor, so that happened in Ferguson and Obviously. That's something I think that's a really positive thing. In Ferguson, so shout out to them. L. Jones took fifty four percent of the vote in that race salute. I'm Angela. He and that is your front page news all right? Get it off your chest. Eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one, five one. If you're upset, you need to hit us up right now again. Numbers Eight, hundred, five, eight, five hundred five warnings to breakfast morning the breakfast club. This is your time to get it off your chest whether you're mad. Blessed Eight, hundred, five, zero, five one. We want to hear from you on the breakfast club. Hello, WHO's this? Was Gaddafi Chess. The CHARLEMAGNE! Big! Pick up! You guys every avenue. These Tang. Yeah this is a guy looking guy looking in. The play Games watch from this time right so. What I would really want to happen in America within the next couple of years. You concur wrong anyway. I something wrong, so this is. So. I hear that native American Indians. They get something like. Morning every month government. That truth. Out that's. Something something to that effect. Yeah, yeah I, mean I'm in south Florida right now so I know that it does to get a check every month I mean. by the way that they're like Yo. I was so like we you come to this country. Get yourself a seminole girl because DVD banking all. Must I mean? That's that's what I heard. When I was saying, I think the best way to get rid of What's happening in America? Really, kind changed with protests are because you just throw in all these people for like born in raised, and I live in South Carolina. Aitken and aching some got some. Really, you know so so people are. Brings his pot, so some people that will never change. Protests. What I think should happen hike, you should. Have like. As a person, a funny business. Doberman should put into play something where you want to a kitchen. You need for grant money to get your. He does being black. Love to see because. You. Walk into that building you walk with shakes to purchase if you WANNA to be a big cup. Check the purchase oven, and and all the and then people gotta is lacking Jewish communities. You got people who come into the Jewish community. These. So black people should support visits partly. Like. I said I, said to my friend the other day. NBA Sales and anybody everybody. s black decide the Lakers. Ain't nobody wants. Wife there you know what I mean so. I'm saying. What I want. You need. To create season. Right now, most the. Goddamn Akina sawfish right now. I don't know why all of a sudden. I started craving. mckiness office sold badges now. Only hundred mackey and selfish right now get it off your chest, eight, hundred, five, five, zero, five one. If you need to vent, hit us up now with the breakfast club. Good morning the breakfast club. Visit your time to get it off your chest or the. On breakfast. On Your Hello, WHO's this? J? Get it off each Hasbro Hey, good morning Dj. Every morning I listened to Charlemagne, with his commentary about back, recreations creations along with his Need for a black female, vice, President! Reckless commentaries like that. Like Song. Is Going to allow twelve walter right into the whiteout. What benefits? The populate snapping. Like, we're having now. He believes that. A brinks truck. Of every back household and dump a bag of money. That's not gonNA happen. They should not happen. He does not old black America nut. Only thing he does. Black America is basically civil justice. Okay, and make sure that there are criminal justice reform along with these police department. Esp should demilitarize the police department if I'm correct. The main said that he was a dropout, but yet because of determination and hard work, he's going now. DOC amount hat every opportunity in a draw. Hang hang up on his. They WANNA do. The the reason I'm hanging up on him because the vice president Joe Biden. Even things different. You heard him yesterday yesterday. He's talking about dismantling systemic racism yesterday. He's talking about investing in the black community through legislation and economic justice. Any stupid as Negro says America doesn't all black people is a Goddamn sell out hell? Yes, they owe black people. We built this country for free. They have to atone for their original sandwiches slavery and that's the only way this nation's going over hill, and and the only way. We're GONNA ever have he'll. Racial inequalities is through legislation and reparation not checked Hello Helene talk about and why we need to make it simple math. Because in two thousand, twelve from two thousand, two thousand sixteen four point, four million people that were registered to vote didn't show up vote. A third of them were black. Okay, knock it off and black women vote for voted for Hillary ninety percent of the time. So why wouldn't you lean into your base? Why argue with them? I hate dumb. Why wouldn't you want black people to get economic justice why you all? Why are you argue with that? Why they. Work. That's why I don't talk to the five o'clock well as well it's it's before surly. Goddamn blood pressure go. Mike Person, saying black people shouldn't get nothing that was wrong with you I. Don't understand Y'all votes. A quid pro quo can't number demanded nothing your life, you. y'All just want to get what the white man give you who the y'all thought. Breathe. I need you to breathe Moussa Moussa Funds. To call therapist right now. Eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one zero five won't get it off. Your chest got away. Yes, and it looks like Amanda. Sales is not renewing her contract with the real. We'll tell you what you had to say about that. Yes and also will be discussing a radio show. That should not be renewing their contract. Well. At least I heard shouldn't be renewing their contract. Seals on the railway. Rooms next the breakfast club Immonen the breakfast club. Everybody is Dj Envy Angela Ye shall together we all the breakfast club? Let's get to. The Room is less talk. Amend seals. Remove. This. Is the rumor report with Angelique on the breakfast club. Well Amanda feels leaving the real. She says she has not renewed her contract, but she wants to make sure people don't make up their own narratives about what happened and here's what she had to say. My contract is up at the real and I did not renew it because it doesn't feel good to my soul to be at a place where I cannot speak to my people the way they need to be spoken to and where people who are speaking to me in disparaging ways are not being handled. I'M NOT IN A. A space where I can as a full black woman have my voice and my co workers also have their voices, and where the people at the top are not respecting the necessity for black boys to be at the top to listen man muster scared. My sister meeting betting on ourselves for a long time. You know one thing about independence. Once you have something independently. It's very hard to give up your freedom and go you know work for your own corporation and smart funny and blankets and Brandon. MANZIEL's built, which makes people. Want to be in business with her, so she's always got that absolutely gonNA. Stand up. She's GonNa. Keep doing smart funny I'm black amongst other things and she going keep prospering the way she was before there was the real. Don't get it twisted. She got a plan. Amando always has a plan should be fun. She. said it's hard, you know once you've been independent. You know making your money to be a part of corporations. Getting that freedom is priceless. And speaking of these talk shows during the day Megan McCain She is, of course as you know on. The view is one of the CO host there. She wrote on twitter about the protests that have been taking place in New York. She said my neighborhood in Manhattan is. It looks like a warzone to Blasios Cuomo an utter disgrace. This is not America are leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burned to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathom this well. Another person who lives in her building Kristen Bartlett, who writes for TBS his late night program responded Megan. Building and just walked outside. It's fine so calm. Shut down pretty quickly, care she. Told Sal Care Right. No fire over here care. All Right? Yeah, keep the drama to a minimum I writing Kimberly and bet there on a radio show in a Rochester New York on ninety five point one, and they were having a conversation about the attack of a local couple after protests that were happening in downtown, Rochester, and Kimberly and Beck actually had this to say. Were they acting and word ish? There's request. They were acting fugger like I think they're seeing n word, Lee Yeah, and by the way he can't say that. What are you doing? Hey, if that were? Part of the problem. Not Fuck so if you look like a thug, and if you act like a dog, and you got three on one and beaten up. A white woman was a two by four by God. You're a thug, and by the way there are people in the black community would say they're acting and work. They can see that. You can't say that. It's double standard. I WAS GONNA say! I don't appreciate the Devil Santa Oh interesting. Kimberly. You're acting a white deadly. Generally, you're acting crackly. You're acting truly kimberly. Okay you! You was a white woman cannot say and wordly, even if you're in the proper context, I don't care how many times you watch. The N Word Versus Black People Joke from Chris Rock. I'll get how many times you've heard me. Say I don't talk to end words after five PM. You can't say that. I would like to know what you know what she's calling and thuggery, but I would like to know what she's calling. The white people who are out there protesting in Luton that's what I would like to know. What is she calling them when she sees White Lewis because there's a lot of them, what does she call them? That's what I want to. Well I'M GONNA assume they didn't take part in blackout Tuesday yesterday. Supporting Black. And supporting these movements, and this is what they decide to do, so we shall see. Percussions for that I don't know who that was in the room telling her she can't say that, but whoever was absolutely right, if that was beck, Kimberly and Beck if. You're absolutely right back. Kimberly can't say that there was a guy saying I think right. That was a guy saying that you can't see that. It's a kimberly and Barry Beck as Barry Beck. Okay was there. Becky Kim Becky Okay Becky I don't. All right well Angela Yee and that is your room a report all right, thank you, missy now. We got for a patient. WHO's next talking about? Yes, we'll give you some updates on George Floyd and what's happening you know. A lot of things went down yesterday. We told you about the March bombie actually called in to disgust that so we'll give you some more details and we'll. We'll talk about Joe Biden speaking yesterday. We'll give you some highlights of what he had to say about plans. Moving forward right also Kirk. Franklin will be joining us next hour, so we'll kick him a kirk, Franklin. So don't move. Is The breakfast club good morning morning? Everybody is TJ Envy Angela Ye. Shall I mean the guy? We are the breakfast club in some front page news. Where we start you. Yesterday! There was a march for George Floyd and just say you know George plays. Go find me raise more than ten million dollars in five days so that go fund me is being managed by attorney. Ben Crump, and they were seeking to raise one point five million, but they've raised more than ten million dollars in five days, so that's. Yeah to his children to mental in grief counseling to cover funeral and burial expenses although they did accept floyd. Mayweather offered to pay for the funeral. So that's going to cover all of those things to assist the family as they are also seeking justice for George Floyd. Now thank. Minneapolis not to pay money to a lot of money, too. I mean the money doesn't bring a dad bag, but at least it pays a lot of the stuff that the dad was going to do for them. I'm sure for schooling to everything. And they go need their. Lifetime therapy in grief cops real. Now there'll be memorial services for George. Floyd, taking place in at North. Central University in Minneapolis that's going to be happening tomorrow, Saturday, there's a public viewing memorial that will take place on Monday a memorial take place in Houston, at the Fountain of Praise Church Now George Floyd's door gee-gee. She's six years old and this video just really makes you. Want shut its hair. If you didn't shed a tear when you first wasted in here, she is, she is actually sitting on Stephen Jackson shoulders and here's what she had to say. What? I love it I. Love it now. The world. And the mother of George Daughter, Roxie Washington actually told reporters that she wants to see justice for Floyd, and for her daughter as well. Here's some things that she had to say. Does not able form. He will never see A. Row Up graduate. He will never walk down. The problem sees having. A day. He doesn't add. Any more. On just his for him because he was good. No matter what anybody thinks? Right. Now Joe Biden we told you he did sweep seven presidential primaries in addition, and that was no surprise. Obviously, there's nobody that we know that running against him. That's going to. Make him not sweep, but you know we do have more elections happening next week on Tuesday, so we'll tell you what states that's going to be an will keep on making sure that people do vote in. If you're not registered to vote, make sure you're registered to vote. Make sure you let your census form, but Joe Biden was talking yesterday in Philadelphia and he was talking about. Please perform. Down payment on what is long overdue should come now. She come immediately. I call on Congress to act this month, so measures that will be the first step in this direction starting with real police reform Congress, Jeffries has a bill to outlaw choke holes. There are other measures transfer any weapons of war to police force improve oversight and accountability to create a model use of force standard, looking ahead in the first hundred days my presidency. I've committed to creating a national police oversight commissions. I've long believed. We need real community policing role need to take a hard look at the cultural allows for the senseless tragedies to keep happening. Joe said all the right things yesterday in Philadelphia and we need him to keep making. Policy Commitments like that publicly? Because voting will not change things unless the people we put in want to change them. This white supremacist system is by design. Okay, the whole function systemic racism is the marginalized black people, and it's very hard to get any old white man to change. The system has been working for him and his family for years, so yes, the only waste immigration will be dismantled if the people who benefit from it want to dismantle it so I'm glad he was talking about dismantling systemic racism and glad he's talking about economic justice investments into the black community. That's the only way he. Could keep saying over and over JFK with President Obama. Biden has to be Lyndon B Johnson S it. Congressman Jeffries. Senator congressmens every. He actually reference when he talks about blowing the outlying. The chokehold that is actually my congressman represents my district here in Brooklyn and you know on June Blattman elections here in New York City, but yes I love Vet Clark in Brooklyn I love Hockey Jeffrey, so make sure we support that now. Bank of America has committed one billion dollars to help combat racial inequality at is the nation's second largest bank and what they're saying. Is that one billion dollars to benefit communities of color over the next four years the money will go toward a number of different areas like employee recruitments job training support to small businesses housing aid. Aid and the expansion of health services like vaccination clinics, so according to the CEO he said underlying economic and social disparities that exist have accelerated and intensified during the global pandemic, the events of the past week have created a sense of true urgency that has arisen across our nation particularly in view of the racial injustices. We have seen in the communities where we work and live. We all need to do more. And I say. Good I was GONNA. Say This Bank of America to Bank of. America changed the policy that really affects a lot of small business owners Bank of America, because a lot of small business owners been hitting me about this Bank of America. Usually, if you write somebody a check, it usually clear from three to five days, but now the checks clearing in ten to twelve days, which is a problem for a lot of small business owners, because if somebody a check. Check. They can't get their money for ten or twelve days. which is a problem and a lot of business, owners are leaving bank of America because they can't wait twelve days for a check declare. That's affecting a lot of businesses. I wanted to say that to a Bank of America. Hope someone listening 'cause. They got to change that it wasn't always as we actually use bank of America for juice for life. use it for a lot of money. But changing. Well I'm glad they put up that billion dollars for a you know racial justice because we gotta keep pushing America tone this original sin, which is slavery, and the only way to heal is through legislation and reparations. Yes, the black community needs an economic justice package. We need that bag and we get it. Okay, that's that's why they keep telling people. Don't be afraid to make demands right. What's your votes? All right well I am. I'm Angela and that is your front page news. Did you get your name? Would you have to think about? Bank of. America right now and I was like China Sea about what they do because I was. You know concerned, but we don't ever write checks anymore. Anyway, because we just do everything electronically. Yeah, but for some people like if you write checks to people to get a receipt, a lot of small business owners telling me that Bankamerica checks clear and tended business days seven to ten business days before was three to five, but anyway. Up Next Kirk Franklin will be joining us. We'll kick it with Kirk. Franklin's to don't move is to breakfast club morning the Breakfast Club Morning. Everybody is TJ Envy Angela Yee Shalabi Nagai. We are the breakfast club. You got a special guest on the line. The brother Kirk Franklin. Beautiful people manage an honor to be here and I WANNA. Make sure you know if the if I need to take this, you know Bandanna I'd you know trying to come this morning? But look sauce by need to take it off I. Take It. You know I'll let you. Kristen CRIP VIBES sny. Let's thank. You have a fresh haircut to can I see that line on the side? Come about. No is that what? Tell you. I watched. You watched a good brother Bishop, td Jakes I watched Fred Hammond all in studio together with no damn mask on. Believe in God to and I got thrown Israel. Everybody that came into student attempts, and it's very difficult to be able to speak to the people and communicate an effective way when we're having to do it in a mess, so you know we were doing the best we can, but for the sake of hope and encouraging the people would put ourselves out there well, thank you for that versus battle on Sunday that was amazing and I think. The time couldn't have been any better at all. Because we all needed that man. No I was very humble. Swift and tim hit me. It was something that I would never do an anonymous the tuition because I think the platform is not to Paducah I think in. Gospel Music or Christian? As just because we talk about you know someone bigger than us. You know to to try to say you know that. The Music God gave me. It's don't, but then the guy gave you you know, and you know just Cana would have not always reflected. What I what I think. The biggest story is, but because we were able to do it for the people where we were able to do it for something, they had a bigger narrative. Is it I thought it was a great moment. It wasn't a battle is just don't call it a battle. It is give each other flowers as kind of Repin each other and represent each episode we. We call it versus, but it's more like given artists and producers and writers their flowers while they're here and we definitely needed that one this weekend. KNOCKER gals great, but who won who you think, one now come on. Let's. Hope that Gospel, music one then I. Hope that Gospel Music Fresh I hope that people. Could you know conceive energy because when you look at all the? Music that are curated by people of Color. You know a lot of times gus. Music is one of the low hanging fruit your day against so to be able to beyond et that platform to be able to keep it a buck with people about you know the hurt and pain, and and be able to see the entertaining DNA of Gospel Music as well. That was pretty fresh. Ford was able to present that to coach now. What do you tell people that? Fans that follow you right now with everything. That's going on from covid nineteen. Corona virus to. to protest it and what happened with George Floyd? What what what are you telling? Your people is I try to say. That, I don't understand everything that that that I we put those that we and and and a moment those who mourn that there's a lot of times is is not necessarily always stole about scripture at every. Can thing a lot of times you just gotTa? Be Solid and feel the pain with people, and when the opportunity permits itself, then you give them another narrative and another optic of what they look like, and you do license. People is I. think that was made this moment also. Divine as well as painful as that we all on the same level, and so I just try to be on the front line in the middle of the struggle with my people absolutely. Was You had wander Cooper Jones the mother of Ahmad I. Actually called in, and that was a tear jerking moment for that to happen, but it was also inspirational as well. Thank you and I was very intentional about that like a hundred her down when when? When this versus situation came up post like we need an element that can remind us, and you know his unfortunate thing. We are having so many black soldiers fall during the civil war that a lot of times you can forget the soldier before the soldier you dig, and so I, just thought that it would be a very powerful moment for this beautiful of queen to know that, even in the midst of Mr Floyd suffering that we also know that before. Mr Floyd was missed Albery, and so sometimes a Mumbai Michael. Imagine that you make forget the people move-on. Yours and I want her to know that the pain is transferable, and then we see you as well and we remember you and we've got you. You know cart. You've got a single called strong God, and then talks about racism and human race needing hailing. Have this song already made prior to the different George Floyd was just a result of his murder. Man I, wrote this song last year, and put it on the latest album alone that love, and had no idea that it would be at evergreen moment, but you know what at the same time you know. We've been in the state for many many many many many many years and so the. Topics unfortunately these topics evergreen. We should be writing new lyrics. which should be having moving helmet station? But unfortunately we are always having to to open back up the same one, and so that is a problem it's. A problem for culture. It's a problem for Christianity is a problem for social injustice as a problem on the political scale. It's it's a problem socio-economically is that we're always having to regurgitate the same compensation, and that in itself can be deportable. I saw you tweet on May. Twenty ninth pain loses haring after centuries of broken promises, he becomes numb, indefinite anything except tangible change, you cannot love people and not be shipped to your car optics against humanity help. It's found on Netflix. Could sit in the better that you did you know. And and the push got their Charlemagne tone, so you know it. Kind of more powerful that if we are are from the same origin, we all from trump, the same dirt you know scientifically proven that we all come from the soil of Africa, so we all have some type of genetic code inside a bus that makes all of us human. That's why we don't see. Animals cry when they kill each other just. Humans possess a soul that should be universal when somebody aches, and so when when you don't have salvo in the hearts. When humanity hurts. There is a deafening inside of your humanity. There is something inside of you. That is deceased. And I don't care how much you lift your hands or what God you pray to, and so if you can see. People suffering and and screaming help. if I was drowning Charlemagne, and if you drove by me, and if I was drowning in the lake, and if you pulled to the south of the lake, and and if you started saying to me, swim harder. Battle. doggy style and it took a book about how to swim and threw it at the in the water. In your mind. If you think that you're helping me, you've lost your mind. I'm drowning. Can pull over and throw a book at me. Is Out need for you to Yell Jeff Doggy Paddle I need to get your ass in that water and I need for you to come swim. Because I've been drawing long time and I need you to come get me out of that war. Now Kirk I can't swim. Kirk. Can you swim? I Swim I'm a black. Swim me to go into same. Doggy style is Doggy, Pat I know. What were you thinking about, but it's. Doggy. Doggy paddled. Hands on her so. Oh my gosh. How we got more with Kirk Franklin when we come back. Don't move. Is The breakfast club gamonal? A Envy Angela, Ye shall Nagai. We are the breakfast club was still kicking it with Kirk Franklin shallow me. What do you say to a lot of Christians? Who have received backlash for saying that? We need to pray for the cops who are involved in George Floyd's murder. We need to forgive the cops. What are your thoughts on that? It's all the time. It's only like we need to say then. We need to say that we need to pray for the Roman soldiers that killed Jesus. Let's say that you pray for the man that shot Dr. King's then say then. Shea and if you say it saying loud. The Bible says rejoice with those who rejoice in more, and with those who mourn right now we're in the morning state and mourn mourn mourn with us. It makes Christianity duplicitous when you have those type of statements, and that's what people do not trust we are. Already trying to deal with the narratives of the weaponized version of Western Christianity, they we've been dealing with for centuries, and so I'm just trying to rewrite that narrative, and so I'm not playing the anybody right now morning with my brothers and sisters and if a White Christians ahead that conversation now then I. think that they need to check the motives and intent. That's the first time I've heard that you know what. Really people say no. You gotTA praying for the people as her. And I always say I can't. I can't pray 'cause I have. I haven't forgiven him yet. And that's the first time I've heard anybody say usually people like no. We have to pray you know the person that came in and shot the people in the church. We pray for that young man. We forgive him. I can't forgive him because I'm still mourning. Now. Do you think that it should roll it? When you have family right after the Charleston killing that we're gonNA pray for for this young young man, how how roar and how much I want to be like that and I do believe that got allowed in different periods of history those moments that we can try to aspire to, but it should not be judged against stole. That can't do it at that moment. I'll be honest with you I. Don't believe them when they do that. I'm I'm from alborn in Charleston Reagan Corner. Right next to Charleston I don't believe them when they forgive that quick. I guess it's physically emotionally mentally spiritually impossible to get to a place of forgiveness that fast, I don't believe. What, you know, what Bro is is is that I can totally understand. What you're saying that. For Your state and good morning and the pain, but I do believe in my humble opinion. This is my humble opinion. That, there is a supernatural power. That God and give Coretta. Scott King went her husband. Was Martyred for the sake of freedom. They give the power to March and stand, and to pray at and and to keep the narrative going, and and I believe if I believe in God then I got to believe in a supernatural power that can supersede and even trump my human emotions, and being now there's no scientific scientific evidence for it. There's nothing tangible than any data, but that's what the spirit's released. Competitive Edge just look at all. The people look at all the hell. Black folk born through centuries, and still some of the most powerful people on the planet, and and when you look at that. I mean Bro. And I'm getting excited. There's keeping no cap right here. Look at all of the hell out four dollars. Mothers went through. If you didn't hear a lot about suicide. You didn't hear a lot about people just ending. Okay, you hear more about listening I break Mama's and and grandparents. They were not cashing out like we all right now, and they were going through some of the most demonic. Trauma and all the PTSD that a lot of them live, too, but they will still holding on still believing that God was GonNa make a way out of no way, and if they could have done it without the resources that they had. During Jim Crow. Then then there's gotta be a supernatural power that we cannot explain right just how people grieve differently as some points for people, their faith is what will get them through certain things, and that might mean prayer and forgiveness, because that helps you as a person to go on. While at the same time, I can also cosign Charlemagne and anybody else that if you're not there, we need to not just people that they not fair. If they're not there man less mourn with them. That's what I'm saying is that there's a duality that we can be both always ask people you know at times like this. You know a lot of times. People are trying to to get their faith and losing faith a little bit. From cove, nineteen to corona virus, then people open up their small business, and then their business gets looted. What do you? What do you tell those individuals first of all incredible question and I think it is very important. Of People That'll have all the answers. One of one of the most prolific statements that you can come Tom Tate is I, don't know. But I do want to say this. What I don't know that's not cancel out when I do know. And so what I do, Know Ke-. Validity in the middle of the battle, and I can say the people that I was abandoned as a child I was adopted at age of four by six to four year. Old Woman are hurt. My biological mother tell that lady I at thirteen had visited once instead. I didn't even want him. I want an abortion and you met me. My father did one thing for the game. Their haircuts haircut when his father died. died for the funeral never didn't think that's for me I had adhd. Kids laugh at me. Because I was a church boy, I dropped out of high school i. had learning disorder got a key when I was seventeen to church. Kick me out I'm bound that same later that adopted me dated asleep and I remember going to a pawnshop cash. You trying to pawn her wedding ring that she left me because I was. Living in our house, there was not full of breads, and so how can you take somebody like me with no education? I'm vertical child. I can't say. And my career has lasted for over three decades. It's not because I'm the DOPAS. There's so many people that are great embedded the me. It is only the grades and testimony of Christ and so I. Try to let people know that he did that. He can do that for me. He can do that to you. A Kirk is a fellow, vertically challenged man It's not like you playing basketball. Okay, so let's Let's not act like. That's not act like height has a real factor in anything you doing okay. Thank, you don't WanNa. Talk about God because you said until lives matter morning ties matter. Who let me let me hear you did. Somebody passes making all this money. Yeah you know once again. Our brothers and sisters that are in the battle that don't always reflect what the battle should look like you know even if you have a president that is walking in front of a church yesterday. Hold up the Bible where you know he mustang. Read. Psalms one nineteen. You know because some. Says Hideout Word by heart not holding my word dot and. You know. And so. So, so so there are a lot of hypocritical images in every community, and so that's why you try to see me very verbal about the mistakes of Christianity. Christianity and so I can cosign with that. I I I concur, and so and so, but it does not mean that there are the men and women have not been transformed by the Incredible Eternal Message of the Gospel jump through sixteen forgot so loved the world that he gave his only son diesel messages, and so when people make money and make God a lottery than they are missing. The divine purpose of why. Price would give his life but everybody. There's not a person on this. Jesus don't love I got more with Kirk Franklin when we come back, don't move. Is The breakfast club Good Morning? Morning everybody TJ J envy. Angela Yee Charlemagne to guy we are. The breakfast club was still kicking it with. Kirk Franklin Ye Kirk while you're at home during this time. Have you been inspired musically by everything? That's going on around, you know. I can be honest with you. One of the reasons why I wore this shirt. Today is because I started going to therapy during this pandemic I now it's been going to therapy now. Awful about the last thirty years dealing with by. This dealing with my band, diminish shoes, dealing with you know just a rejection as a kid. lot of the trauma that I've suffered as a young man and so therapy and my faith have been my they just been my life, and so the trauma of of of first of all pandemic, and then that was happening now is that I started going back to my therapist and I can be honest and tell you that the motivation to do a lot of music. it's been often on just because I've been just really struggling. I've been really struggling trying to get people just to hold on gets. It's almost like what is the physician when he's sick. You know I'm getting myself back together. Just because I think that y'all needed, Sunday. But I needed Sunday to. That versus moment. Now, what have you been going? You said you were going to ally and I'm sure people are going through the same thing. What were you dealing with that? You said you know what I gotta go. See a therapist right now wasn't anxiety. WH, what was it that you say I have to? Yeah Yeah, but but you know I always broke with Dottie, and then you know as a creative I think almost every creative, and I'm sure of there's just because y'all are curator, and then the attention that you get in the and and and just grabbed your platform. Too much is given much is required and a lot of times people don't and of course you're can man this when you live in the public eye. Your eyes and your lows a different. and so that type of pressure that you live abundant is not realistic so you know just in the pressures of the world, or or are people trusting that you always gotta answer, and they always having to be ready to give an answer. can be very discouraging can be very heavy, and and and I carry the weight of people's hurt. Berry real bro like no cap I'm telling you I would not be doing this music if I did not believe in the dude that I walked with, so it was like I gotTa have somebody to be able to block this team. I can't go to wipe feet with the everyday you know. She made me to be strong with us, so it's like I gotta go to somebody who? Who I can go, he's Chris than me off. It's like somebody else shot man what do I. Do Medicine People Working Right now? You know and I gotTa hold crude gotTa Take Care of Man. You know what to, and and so that type of pressure is i. need somebody the to me so that when I get these incredible platforms with y'all have something to be able to say. Absolutely Kirk What's interesting man you know prior to prior to the quarantine. My therapists had been trying to tell me for the longest. Let go of things that you can't. Control you know what I mean I could never grasp that concept until the quarantine. We had never experienced anything like via so you know what I did. I flipped it right. It it I started leaning more into my faith side. Because already had gotten what I needed from going to therapy, all of those those past these past couple of years I started leading into my face is, so it was more bishop. Td jakes Stephen Verdict more pastor John Graham More Minister Farrakhan. That is the job that I won't be able to communicate to to culture as well is, is that at the end of the day? Are Spiritual beings is that if you live your life depending upon the natural world to be able to feel something that the natural does not have the ingredients to do? That's why that's why no matter how good sex has been for a lot of human beings. A lot of people don't stay with that same. Same One. You're always looking for something different. No matter how much that drug made you feel at that moment you're looking for the next Just because the natural world can't speak to the death of the cry of your soul, your soul was created for something bigger that they human world is not able to able to fulfill it with, and so that's I'm always trying to. That's why I'm always trying to be a messenger to clean up. What a lot of the history of Christianity as messed up because Christianity and Jesus, not always so none. Explain a little bit. Well Christianity is the form in which was brought to communicate what the teaching of Jesus, and now or what the to Jesus was, but. In the sinfulness of man, throughout the narrative of historical context, there has been a lot of. Distraction there's been a lot of abuse of power. There's been a lot of misuse of the statement of Jesus Christ, but that does not mean. That the historic individual of Jesus Christ and what he stood for, and for what he preached is always reflected in the action, historically whether whether to the Crusades whether to the conquest whether do Jim quo whether through colonialism Christianity was always leading and those narratives, and we've got to confessional in in order to get it right. We've gotta confess what's wrong and so that's why I'm always an advocate. Four for platforms like apologetic to be able to communicate the historical accurate narrative of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as pointing out the bull and the foolishness that Christianity historically has done. Absolutely? One last quick question for brother Kirk I was watching. Bishop jakes Sunday. This is a conversation that a lot of me and my folks have been having. Do you believe that we're in the end times you know? that. A lot of people. Can Be so enamored with the compensation of what does this mean? Versus, what do we do? Is I think it's easier to to try to figure out what's happening out there? Instead of looking at this moment to see what needs to be fixed in here. Does that make sense what I'm saying. Purposes so for. People, I, curse. People stopped trying to be so worried about. Where God is. Instead of trying to be more focused on. God with me. For thank. You. My brother now, Bro! And Jessica. You know I'll be paying for you as well as I know. You've been going through some difficult times. Absolutely. You gotTa leave us with a prayer Dobro. Mad Father, I of man don't even know what to say to sometimes in the midst of this because. I don't always understand which your hand is doing. But I've come to understand that when I cannot Chris your hand. That I can trust your heart. And that I can also believe that when the world is out of control that does not mean that you're still not in control. And I do want to say to you, Father. If you've ever been trying to get our attention. You have our attention now. Whatever you want to say to us. Well, we want. To hear. And I know that we come sometimes with our own biases own prejudices. Own Ideals of who you are. But instead of us to make you what we think you are. God. I'm asking you by fake. Show us who you are. Show, what's your face? Let's see your hand. Reveal yourself to us. In this pandemic because we have to pandemics happy three pandemics financial socially politically spiritually more than one just pandemic. There were asking you to be the sovereign God that you are said here the hearts of your people. Lord I know right now. It is show difficult to trust because we're so broken and fragile. So God I'm asking you right now. At mercy. Have mercy on this. And your name quite separate. Man. Hey Man man. Thank. You so much. Thank you, thank you, man. Kirk Franklin is the breakfast club good morning. Guys. The report with Breakfast Club. Today on the talk they've put out a teaser for what's going to be happening in Eve is discussing how she has to have these very difficult and uncomfortable conversations right now because she is married to a white man, so here's what she said I. Am interracial relationship I am having some of the most difficult and all unstoppable conversations I think I've ever had and vice versa with my husband, but at the same time is so beautiful Bain because i. don't know his life his eyes. He doesn't know my like my is. All we can do is sit. All he can do is try to understand. Try to ask the. The question and he wants to understand it's GONNA be uncomfortable, but we have to be okay with being uncomfortable so that we can get to a solution. Thou L. who was alluding to when he was saying. What did you buy racial? No actually got a call about L. I. believe don't quote me. I believe he has a step brother or at half black half white. I believe, and that's what he was referring to. I believe K. Oh, okay when he when he out on twitter, imagine how people raising Biracial Children Phil Right now does this crazy, so he was just having a conversation with her white husband. I get it. Shouldn't be an uncomfortable conversation. It shouldn't be uncomfortable at all. That should be somebody listening and somebody teaching Yeah Yeah. Have uncomfortable conversations I feel like that's fine. Eat something that I mean it's a you know right now in this day and age and everything that's happening. Some of those conversations might get a little heated, even amongst people who love each other yeah. Yeah and it's not even a conversation about race. This is the conversation about humanity. You know what I'm saying like. There's no way a human being can watch that video George Floyd and say oh. That's okay. If you don't feel that way about that, something's wrong with you. You Ain't got no soul. and. You should always feel okay when you're in a space where you feel safe to be able to ask questions to even those difficult questions so like she said you know she. He sees life through his eyes. She sees life through her eyes, so they have to be able to discuss those things and China and she said you know it's hard because she gets very emotional as well so I can see why. I now killer Mike also hosted a virtual meeting with grassroots leaders, and he was highlighting all the ways that they're working to address systemic racism here. Is TMZ live streaming? It Gaza your most important people on the day. Because you do the work. I was told by my mentor. You do not organize on the behalf of people without Organiz it with people so seeing this though I have attention because I'm rapper are want to give that attention exactly where to go, and that's the people were in the fields one work when this Akia Kerry INSA- I just wanted to make sure that along with answering my questions, today or questions for. For me that you didn't hang up the phone looking for people that are doing the work that they're on the phone or on his own call with us, and with that, said outback restless remember when the guy called up earlier and said people need to be meeting coming up with demands coming up with a plan the UP. What killer Mike Killer Mike is doing has been happening. Okay, that's at that one just went public, but we all know Mike the brother that always does the work, but I'm GonNa tell you something. We all need to be plotting and planning in front of the world. Let's let folks just see to. To work. They don't need to see how the food is being cooked. You get more accomplished that way sniper position, stay low, keep fire, if all you brothers and sisters in in the communities. Don't wait on us. Celebrity to help you organize organizers, so don't wait on a celebrity to lead you lead you know your community better than better than any celebrity does so lead well Chicago the mayor. Lori lightfoot, or has already announced new reform measures for police accountability, and also a ten million dollar fund for businesses. There have been harmed in recent days, so there are some new directives, and she says their immediate necessary next steps like improved. Improved training for police officers bringing in community leaders and members of teachers offer so wellness programs, so they can manage their own trauma and stress, mandatory training on crisis, intervention and procedural justice for all officers and a new recruit program for police community relations, so they said they're going to implementing these measures within the next ninety, so nobody can say that work is not getting done. I. Don't think that's true at all Dr. when include Buffalo light for the that shows you low. Life is a black woman. She's a black woman who is in in a in a in a position to do things that benefit the black community. And black face and a high place. She's a black face that cares about black people in a high place, so she can make those type of things happen. That's how users to white supremacy. And she doesn't give F. and she only cares about making sure what doing. What's right and I love it I love that I write Kiki Palmer also took to the streets yesterday, and she was demanding justice for George Floyd and she was spotted at a demonstration she did approach members of the National Guard and here's what happened. Televised beside. US! I can. I can't believe this post. I will march through this street with you. As intersection. This intersection. Sexual but I have control this control. What did the Control Man March widow? Taking new. As Camille. I thought that was great shot the Kiki had the guards get on the knees and everything I love shot to Kiki. How do you love and the Gods? Get on their knees? Oh Hey. Wrongly humidity. So you always take these cakes. Serious man. She had the national guards. Take a knee last yesterday. Man That was that was no. That's not what you say. said. She had you heard what you wanted to hear me? You loved it. There's an inmate in a jail right now here in smile see he wants to. Please continue. This guy's crazy like he. Takes Eight. Everything turned into Kinky. You are right and surviving R. Kelly producer Dream Hampton. She is going to be directing a lack. Wall Street series. She has announced that it's in the works right now. It's a mini documentary series about the Tulsa race massacre in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty one. That's when the Greenwood district was known as a Black Wall Street and that was because of the success of the three hundred African American owned businesses. She said black people from Tulsa have refused to let the Greenwood district massacre be erased from history. I'm so inspired by their persistence to lift up. The stories of North Tulsa was before the massacre, so she's going to be telling that story. can't wait for that story to be told also dream. Hampton is so much more than the surviving on Kelly. Director I hate when. Joe Fault but I just hate when people label her that when we say surviving R Kelly directed dream has been around for a long time doing some great things actually to. Iraq And that is your room rumor report for All right? Thank you Messrs showman. who he given that donkey to LAPD police chief. Guard and be get excited, but the L. A. Lapd. She named Michael Moore Okay. We need him to come to the front of the congregation. We'd like to have a war with him police. Why are you wake up so kinky? Brew. Is, something about Michael Moore that you might like we'll get to it. Goodness I. WE'LL get into the. Don't get a day up next. Is The breakfast club morning? Gang, don't you? Or don't you? Don't you? Don't you today does not discriminate might now have the song of Dave? I got the donkey they. Feel need to be. The Breakfast Club Bitch don't keep today today. Day for Wednesday June third goes to lapd police chief Michael Moore now, I don't know how I missed this but this man has to get the credit. He deserves for being stupid today. Los Angeles police chief. Michael Moore said that looters ludicrous carry as much blame for the death of George Floyd. As the Minneapolis police officers, who actually killed him I repeat lapd police chief Michael Moore said that Lewis carry as much blame for the death of George George, Floyd as the Minneapolis police officers who actually killed him. You can't make this kind of stuff up. Let's listen. We didn't have protests last night. We had criminal acts Redan people mourning the death of this man George Floyd we had people capitalizing his death is on their hands as much as it is officers, and that is a strong statement, but I must say that this civil unrest that we're in the midst of we must turn a corner from people who were. Were who are involved in violence I am a business owner and Angela is a business owner. Dj Envy as a business owner as much as I don't like seeing people's businesses destroyed, not once has watching buildings get destroyed, not once watching a buildings get set on, fire traumatized me in any way I've never gotten a panic attack watching the rolex door get broken. Broken into now once have I gotten heart palpitations. Watching folks steals from veins. You know why because I know all that material. Stuff can be replaced. Buildings can be repaired, but you know it can't be replaced. Once stolen from you. You guessed it your life for one thousand. Alex Okay statements like the one lapd police chief Michael Moore made the sole reason. There's A. A black lives matter movement because we have to keep saying it over and over and over again in the hopes that you may finally understand that black lives to indeed matter because you see as you can see, when is being compared to murderous the net means that this fool, lapd police chief Michael Moore Things, buildings and black people were on the same level. Not to mention. Have you ever heard of cause and effect? There was no looting protesting writing before George. Floyd's Murtagh at the hands of the police in Minneapolis. So, how in the hell did the looters have anything to do with George Floyd Steph. Did okay has. Nothing to do with the other, the only other thing contributing to the looting in America is the fact that the celebrity and chief. Your president didn't handle corona virus pandemic. Well so forty million people ended up out of work largest unemployment rate since the Great Depression era, poverty lack of resources, no money. Stopping okay being broke is what leads to looting. You know whose fault that is the president. The president should carry is much blamed for the looting as the lueders because he made his economic mess period now I know would lapd police chief Michael. Moore said pissed you off. I'm sure at angered you. Well, the LAPD had zone meeting. There was a police commission that met in wake of all the regional unrests going on in the city, and I don't know why dismay Jeremy. Frisk got invited I. Don't know if he hacked system but Jeremy. Frisch got through and I'm glad he did. He had some words for Lapd Police chief Michael Moore Drama I. Want you to turn the music off. Okay, 'cause I love a great read, and this is a great read. Okay on a scale of one to Kaya talking the Trina discipline is about seven or eight. Let's hear. Black lives matter on the police by discussing the LAPD slaughtering peaceful protesters on street I had to go to the protest in Beverly Hills at a couple of days ago, and the protesters peaceful to the police showed up, says of force, shooting rubber bullets and throwing tear gas. Is this what you think protecting? Sorry, because I think it's. You'll michelmore refused the officer corps cheap, because you don't desert, US titles disgrace. And show got a you'll buy you. Drop would include bombs Jamie fresh. As you re? Or Kid fury and crystal. Okay, that was disrespectful. He told LAPD. Police chief Michael Mortis. D In choke on it. How does lapd police chief Michael Mauriac something like that? The you say, F him, he don't know my throat. I would never choke on a deep this here. EAC Jeremy Don't know me on my gag reflex. Does Lapd Police Chief Michael Moore Tell Jeremy? Frisk put some respect on his throat. How do you reply to that kind of read? You don't because lapd police chief Michael Moore's wrong, and that's why he apologized, but we don't care. Please let Kathy Griffin Give Lapd Police chief Michael Moore too biggest CEO. Please give this giant Giro mail the biggest. Hee haw. Okay I was GONNA. Play a game against what race it is, but I think Kathy Griffin. All right. Well thank you for donkey of the day up next. Ask E eight, hundred, five, eight, five one. Oh, five one. If you need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can hear her up right now. Angelina the breakfast love good morning. What's your? Baby Mama issues needs to words of wisdom. Call up now for at. Eight, hundred, five, one, five, one a breakfast club. Komo. Be Relationship Advice the personal advice, just the real advice. Call up now for deep. Morning. Everybody is the J.. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne Guy. We are the breakfast club. Is Time for ask Ya? Hello WHO's this? Jay Jay, what's your question for Ye? Hey, good morning warning I just WANNA. Ask Angela. How do you cope with moving on from your first relationship like specifically like my high school? I'm fresh out of high school. And I was dating this girl and we had like good chemistry. But life happened and college hyphen guard separate ways, Hey, and when I do concerns terms than. No I was GONNA afterlife. Okay well say you're fresh out of high school. You guys broke up and this is a really difficult time to be breaking up. Somebody because I know a lot of us are distancing. There's a lot of things in the world that we're dealing with at the same time. Why did you guys break up? Really, It was just we had to take our different at. In College. Like. Eight and you know I was going to another country. You know to. Spend time with my homeland and study there and we kind of lost touch over the years and slash your homeland. I'm just curious. Where are you from from the Philippines and The girl was dating the girl I was dating. She's of Jamaican descent and I should be attending University of Virginia. Okay well a few things here. First of all I know, sometimes, people will say Oh, you guys a high school. It's puppy love, but there is you know definitely nothing wrong with you feeling heartbroken. Do you have any like physical chest pains? You know that happens. Sometimes people go through a break-up by really like I. Guess it was kind of like. Shops for me at first I was having like. You know like depression like symptoms like I can really focus properly you know like. I would lose focus. At times and I lost like interest in some activities, but I did get some help. Okay, you said you went to the this. Yeah, it through a traditional therapist. You Know Authority going to the gym. And I started. Having a more. Spend based Diet. Okay? Those positive things that you're doing for yourself to help you. Get through this heartbreak, 'cause. You don't want to lose sight of things that you need to do this positive for you and let me tell you something. It is perfectly normal to feel that way after a break up into this somebody, because clearly you know you cared about this person, and so I think what's important right now is to make sure that you're in touch with friends and family, and they know what they're going through, and that you express yourself in that they're supportive of you. Do you have good friends and family around you? Absolutely I keep my. And then another thing, do you still follow her and social media and you guys still keep in contact. No, no! We don't keep in contact, even friend. Learn social media. All right, so take your time I think it feels to me like you've been doing a great job with coping and understanding that you are going through something, and you're very aware self aware so it does just take time, and you know they do say that time heals all wounds, and that is the truth as the days go by. It feels like you've been feeling better about yourself, yes. And you know I KINDA WANNA start. Going in on relationships again because I feel like a more experience, you know I learned a lot for that and I felt like. You know like like you said like we were young. And you know trying out new things and you know sometimes when things go less. You kinda don't know how to handle it. She don't have any. You know coping mechanisms. That taught me a lot well. That's good and I think that's what we should take away from every relationship. Even if it doesn't work out, you should be. You should be learning from it so the in the next relationship you're in, you'll be even more experienced. You know better know yourself better. Know what you want in a partner. What you don't WanNa. Partner, so you know I. Think you're doing all the right and positive things. Jay All right, thank you, thank you so much. No Problem I. Wish you so much luck all right as me. Eight, hundred, five, eight, five one. Oh Five. Won't you relationship advice or any type of advice? Call now is the breakfast club? Real advice would enter League IT'S S. Morning everybody is DJ envy. The Ye shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask Ye. Hello. WHO's this isn't? A Lisa question for Ye. pushing. Guys individually collectively, although SHARLA and. Cunning Angela. Question is yesterday. I found out about the march and he's saying. I lived in his employees about ten years and just moved. And I told my set for writing email and I'm like a personal. Than I, read did. I had an appointment. I was the margin. I feel so much effort into. Doing what I can. To make it page Omolo it back to her kids mccarter, please. and. And I just I wanted to. Because I don't WanNA physically. Like, maybe sometime or And if you WANNA have that conversation because I went from Houston, working with all black people are be his all black women as A difference duty and I'm the only black woman in the office and I do want to have that conversation. I just don't really know. Okay. This is what I would recommend so number one. You said you had an appointment and you did so. You didn't lie about that. You had an appointment. You went to the rally and absolutely nothing wrong with that and the state of what we're in right now. They had discussions about these things at work being that you're the only black person. No, we have not I mean we've had. About outrageous, but obviously know what's going on. Do. You feel your bus is open to. Having these discussions I do I just feel like they that she is. Okay, so I think a positive way to produce this. Just because nothing's been done wrong, here is for you to actually schedule an appointment to talk to her and let her know look. This has been weighing heavy on me. No, this is my people in my community and we are being affected so I think this is a great time for us to Take the opportunity to have these discussions. Even if they're uncomfortable discussions in the office and we I would love for us to schedule some time to do that and I can't imagine that she would say noticed something like that and I think that you could be a great catalyst for that in the office. I think I I I need to schedule an appointment, but I can definitely do that. Yeah, so I think that's really really dope and another discussion you need to have is about diversity in your office. Just because you are the only black person, and that seems like that could be an issue as well and you know I think we may have. To notify person so I'm not sure she didn't quite saying. Looting to it. Is So I think they're open, but I do want to have that open conversation. As well in now is the time to doing at least. How is the rally? It was great it was. The free energy brought my cousin law. She brought her sister A. It was a lot of. Time, but the energy was great I got some exercise. So! Breaking up with sounds like it was much needed well so much left to you Lisa and. Good luck at work today I feel like this is going to be a positive discussion for you to have in the office I hope so. Ask Eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one, zero, five one. If you need relationship, advice any type of advice, you could hit year anytime that we got one was on the way. Yes am I going to give you an update from. From earlier, we were talking about this show. Kimberly and Beck and that show is an Iheart show, or should I say was and they said some very nasty and racist things yesterday, and so we are going to address what they said. And then what was the repercussions from that all right? We'll get into that next. Keeping locked this the breakfast club good morning. The Breakfast Club. Is the rule of war. With Angelique. Now we were telling you about this show and Rochester New York Kimberly and back their radio show hosts. They also were part of Iheartradio, and apparently they have been fired or ready, according to the president of the upstate. New York market. Iheartmedia Robert de Morgan, he said we made the decision to terminate Kimberly, and Mbeki yesterday as soon as we learned of their comments and inform them early this morning we will not tolerate this kind of behavior, which is I can't say this way right antithetical to our core values and beliefs into our commitment to our community and everyone in it, so here was discussion that they had after the attack of a local cup of following the black lives matter protests in downtown, Rochester. Were they acting and word ish. There's request. They were acting thuggery like I think they're shing n Word Lee. And by the way you can't say Thad. That's part of the problem noticed. Thugs, if you look like a saga, if you act like a dog, and you got three on one and beaten up a white woman with two by four by God. YOU'RE A thug. And by the way there are people in the black community would say they're acting and work, but they can see that you can't say that it's double standard. I was GONNA. Say I don't appreciate the double standard. Oh, Kimberly. What you get for being white devil. That's what you get for. Cracker being being crackly. I did just now I. don't care how much you've heard to Chris Rock n words versus Black People. Joke or how much you've heard Uncle Ruckus. Heavy negatively at work You can't say that Kimberly. In the proper context, and that is also another reminder of why DJ. Envy when we first started the breakfast club putting his contract that he can't get fight over anything that I think that is definitely true. Five Kimberly and Beck. He was a defendant. User was the one that was trying to tell them. Yeah can't say that and I was. Back Oh go talk, show producer. Now let me just say. This. I would assume does. For whatever new show is coming so at least they are always remember. They got fired on blackout Tuesday. Though so, that's dope. Bombs for God I like that. Why G has also shared his new protests anthem f the police now. We can't play the hook, but we can't play this verse both. That's how I feel like for. Part of the. STRAT plus. All these tears. I think he'll. Stay Gum here. We kill been up. In the. Got They own them as soon as the. Police already heavy. Chest. Asked. Pass, fans man, dropping the Kuzbass Wozniacki with nobody say about why to one of my favorite new rapper. Since he came out why g gives busy, he maps. GMS, he does gray songs. Y G is a blessing to the coach I. Don't give a damn nobody I saw myself for somebody I was arguing with the other day telling me why Weiji was like. My! Forgot, who I was debating without the bean with somebody. You don't want any regular Negro conversation it was. Well. Prior to this is a great prior to to his collaborative. See Hustle DT. Donald Trump's zone know. I right now Leah Michelle had from Glee had to apologize, and she also lost her endorsement hellofresh, and that is for her past behavior. Now you know. She tweeted the other day in support of black lives, matter and things meant left she had said. That she was supporting. George Floyd in the black lives matter movement. That's when one of her glee co star Samantha Murray Wear Accused of tormenting her on the set of Glee. And she said that she doesn't remember ever making specific statements. You know that it was said that she said according to Samantha where she said that Lee Michelle said Ella Mayo. Remember when you made my first television gig living hell because I'll never forget I believe you told everyone that if you had. Had the opportunity you would ish and my wig. Amongst other traumatic microaggressions that made me question a career in Hollywood, so she was called out for her hypocrisy, and you know things just spiraled from there. A lot of people were talking about their own experiences now. Leah Michelle has apologized. She said what matters is that I clearly acted in ways which hurt other people one of the most important lessons of the last few weeks that we need to take the time to listen learn. Learn about other people's perspectives and any role. We have played or anything we can do to help address the injustices that they face. When I tweeted, the other day was meant to be a show of support. She said well I. Don't remember ever making this specific statement and I have never judged others by their background or color of their skin. That's not really the point. What matters is that? I, clearly acted in ways which hurt other people, so she did acknowledge it was her. Her privileged position and perspective that caused her to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times all right now, following that bt founder Robert Johnson is calling for fourteen trillion dollars in reparations from slavery. oconee said he must send a signal to white Americans to acknowledge that damages are owed for the unequal playing field that has been created due to slavery. Here is what Rob Johnson said I am advance that the problems that we confront today can be solved, but it takes A. Bowl action and or thing trae thousand reparations for damages visit upon the ant. Airs of slaves is an appropriate statement um listen. Bob Now wrong nothing good gonNA come to America, and say the tone for the into slavery. So yes, America has to do that through legislation and reparations, the black community needs an economic justice package. America absolutely have the means to dedicate capital to the rebuilding of our communities, and that's just another step in the divine direction to dismantling white supremacy I mean they print on time. They printed up the money last time, so they can put up the money now. I talked the. Him this week we have Bob on tomorrow. Og Bob Johnson, GonNa go. He's GonNa. Pull up on the breakfast club via zoom why you wrapping yourself up in a towel like that. Because I'm calling. It was called in my basement for some reason this morning. Manley and that is your. You. All wrapped up in awe man, I forgot. happening. Old Lady Look like my mom was on the couch. United Costa so you've got to get the little blanket got the blame. Game I should've I should've put on my sweatpants I got on my little short shorts. The ones that's right above the knee. Lupus, you've got a little boom booms. Oh my goodness gracious. Cold. What's? It what is wrong with you, Bro? We don't need to see all that man. Your, what would you? All right, thank you. Ye shall to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else. The People's choice mixes up next south to my babies. They just woke up. Happy Birthday. We sell a little carnival theme at the crypt him today with junkies in the house and all that because I mean they. They can't have their friends over. They're not going to school so happy. Birthday to Lundy Jackie's birthday is Friday all right well. The mix up next to SCO to breakfast on. The. Breakfast Club your mornings on. Now would be to say. If, even underarm skin tone is holding you back. Dove can help co created with real women dove even tone antiperspirant helps restore underarm skin to its natural tone while providing forty eight hours, sweat and odor protection. Throw your arms up and show off those underarms. Putting everybody stj, Envy Angela Yee. Scholem guy we all the breakfast club. Shout the Kirk Franklin for joining us. Yes, that was A. G Kirk, Franklin strong it was. No in about I would say maybe about seventy percent sixty percent him up parties when I do I play correctly revolution. I don't plan in Shoe Club. Though but I do play it in and went when people are partying. Do definitely play I. Don't play the script slow. I, don't know I just doesn't it? Doesn't make. This jeopardize. The did. I bought my Bible into the Strip club one in Columbia South Carolina. Took my Bible in there. Actually resorted West. Well. I didn't record it. Somebody who recording me we. I took it in just a few I feel the word. I'm sure did not want renting from them that paper I'm. Census yet. Painted dissentient long-term. Sure 'cause some people still haven't done and you still can. I am asking you. We did a couple of months ago. I was posting from a Vet Clark and in flatbush where I'm from only sixty five percent of the people. They are filled out the census so I. Just want to encourage people who have not yet filled out their senses. Please make sure you do. All right well. When we come back, we got the positive notice. The breakfast club good morning. Morning everybody. Is Dj Envy Angela Yee Shaw Amina Guy? We are the breakfast club now Charlemagne. Yes indeed senior on CNN last night to to tell you. You own a CNN. Always when people you hold your own, I'm like always hold his own. Anderson Cooper show last night with David Axelrod if you know who David axelrod is, he was the former senior adviser to President Barack Obama and we were talking about Joe Biden speech in Philadelphia and what Joe Biden needed to do moving forward to win the election in November and you know my answers because I've been screaming. My aunt is on Newsradio for the past few months. He has to bet on blackness and David axelrod absolutely agree. Yeah absolutely well. You've got a positive for the people. I do man. This comes out of my black pearls book. have a book called Black Pearls. It's Daily Meditations, affirmations and inspirations for African Americans and today's. Affirmation is encouragement. We can rarely expect ourselves and others the fall in line at a command well we can do is encourage motivate and allow opportunities for the spirit to flourish. We need to show our children. The world's possibilities, giving them the chance to become aware and excited about their own talents and interests. We need to give our loved ones, time space and emotional support, so they can get in touch with their passions. Excitement is contagious. Commands are drag so on this day pledged to encourage and support friends and other black folks in their endeavors prevalent club. Finisher, young. Casey I'm sorry. Put staying on top of the news. Every Single Day during these times has been really hard. I wish there was an easy way to get everything I need to know. Hayes I. Think you're forgetting about news o'clock you know the daily podcast we host from buzzfeed and iheartradio Oh right. Time Haze Brown and I've Casey Raca and every day on news o'clock we help you catch up on all the stories you missed throughout the day from corona virus updates the latest pop culture with a little help from special guests like Isa Ray. I definitely won't be able to do a YAP party this year at an ethnic mount my only chance to be the life of. Is Your Boat? It's your party. They will take. My. o'clock is the new podcast from buzzfeed and Iheartradio that you need to keep track of life outside of quarantine. Listen on iheartradio, APP apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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