John Irvings Abortion Arguments


john irving famous for the nineteen eighties novel and subsequent movie the cider house rules just demonstrated the problem with moral outrage if you're a moral relativism the colson center i'm john stonestreet this is breaking the nineteen ninety nine movie the cider house rules one writer john irving in oscar in it elevated him as a pro abortion apologist in his acceptance speech urban thank harvey weinstein's movie company miramax for quote having the courage to make this movie he didn't sancti academy for honoring a movie about about abortion is well is everyone at planned parenthood and the national abortion rights league last week twenty years later in a new york times op ed irving once again took up the role of proabortion apologists and in the process expose just how incoherent his this particular proabortion argument really is and i'm not even talking about the factual problems with a piece like claiming that prior to the eighteen forties abortion was widespread or that are founding fathers got this right the choice having abortion or a child belong to the woman and sorry john are founders put no such right in are founding documents rather supreme court justices imagined abortion rights from numbers and emanations they literally used those terms as ramesh punter rewrote at national review if the founders thought about abortion at all they certainly didn't think in terms of they right to choose and then ignoring the overwhelming evidence for life science and philosophy irving also argued that are first amendment rights include being quote protect it from having someone else's religion practiced on us well then i look forward to his next novel supporting polygamy symphony prohibition of that would be having someone's religion practice on us still wear irving's piece really goes off the rails in his in his self promoting appeal to his own novel into the cider house rules as such it convincing syncing apologetic for abortion what stunning is that still twenty years later irving completely misses the moral chaos that his story justifies the protagonist of the cider house rules is homer wells who grows up in an orphanage in the years prior to world war two they orphanages kind director doctor large treats homer as if he were his son and teachers and everything he knows about madison is specially stat tricks by the time homer leaves your finnish cheeses well trained as any doctor despite never graduating from high school doctored larch is also an abortionist which irving naturally depicts as an act of kindness towards the women he meets in dire straits but homer refuses to perform abortions because as irving himself describes it he's an orphan his mother let him liv now what changes homers mind with young girl who is raped and impregnated by her own father homer works where their father in cider house were mostly illiterate worker stay doing harvest season homer sets aside his objections jackson's and personal history to perform abortions and afterwards the father as homer to rid the rules posted on the wall for the cider house homer does and then the father proclaims someone who doesn't lives here made those rules but they don't know what it's like to leave here we have to make up own rules so you get the argument where you just say someone shouldn't have an abortion if you've never walked in their shoes we shouldn't force are moral values on others it's the same argument irving makes in his op ed of course that same argument that's used to justify abortion in the movie could net also be used to justify be incest in the movie who were we say it's wrong if we don't leave their walk in their shoes by the way the kindly doctor larch while he was also forger he created fake education one professional credentials for homer

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