Mike Church Show-CATHOLICS: Glorious St. Patrick Must Have His Feast Day Today With NO Green CoronaHoax Masks!


Decade ago most mark has never had a conversation about transgender issues. Now question few hat acts has only one acceptable answer. Transgender equality is a civil rights issue of our time regime. Leader biden tweeted in january of last year. There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights. There's no basic human rights to say. God got your dna or your chromosomes screwed up and that some quack doctor is going to mutilate you mentally and physically to fix it. That's not a basic human right but regime leaner biden treats it as it is big trouble in little ireland here today. And then ryan anderson acids epa question. Can we just haven't conversation about this before you start doing. Is children too late too late. So matter of fact. I brought this up today. National geographic jumped all in tranny. Miami wagon train. Three years ago with an entire centerfold issue. And i'm not exaggerating about the centerfold dedicated to all other dea merging evolution in man jets. Showing children are transitioning from all corners. Job just in case. Our crusaders were wondering. I'm sure they are. We brought you guys the story about ellen. Page the actress who claimed that she wanted to be a dude now. Well she finally got top surgery this past week and she is now chopped off elliott page. She is so she will never be able to breastfeed a child that she's gonna wanna had have and Sometime in her biological life if she makes it that long Because now that you started mutilated in your body now. The real psychosis begins and almost everyone that's ever had any of the transitioning surgery will tell anyone that's interested in. We'll listen don't do it in a long screw you up more and the suicide rate here is forty three times take whatever the rate is currently for whatever your age bracket is an times at times forty three if you mutilate your body to transition now ladies and gentlemen there is no doubt there cannot be any doubt i will debate anyone on earth this is demon spawned as my here's burner. The lepanto institute. And i have talked about here. The first sin was what eve- what does she do. I can't eat that for god. told me. no the serpent his hand. He told you happy because he doesn't want you to become a guy him. So eve was one man human home all right not home like that home as an pilots at chair homo behold the man and a serpent told her if she ate the fruit she could become a god. What is that. That's the transition transition from man. God and so she did. I sin was santa pride true. What was the pride. I'm not humble enough to just be an adoration of my creator. And i love him and thank him for this paradise that he's surrounded me with. I want to be like him. So transitioning is evil. It is straight from satan himself from the serpent in the garden of eden. Still now being perpetrated. Now look at a cover of slime magazine. I'm fully who. I my folks. I'm telling you when the history of this epoch is written. The nazis will be written out of the history books. They're a bunch of pansies compared to what we are when it comes to human misery suffering murder mayhem destruction hatred of the actual human species rebelled are aerob- rebellion against almighty god himself. The nazis don't have anything on americans or anyone else in the english speaking world history books in one hundred years ago. Yeah there was a little chapter the kind of pave the way in the nineteen forties late thirties and early forties for one ultimately became the ultimate smackdown the ultimate rebellion against god and the most lethal deadly chapter in human history. More people are gonna die as a percentage of human population as a result of what's going on today then died in the flood and it will not be because god does it. It will be because man brings it about it. We don't stop this matter of fact i want to come in here and take my because i really don't wanna do this anymore because of things like this only thing that keeps me saying is catholicism devotion saint joe's of devotion to our lady devotion to our lord and knowing that. I'm not supposed to be here. That makes me sane. Otherwise i would lose my. I'd have a mental nervous breakdown. And i'm sure mo- most people would there is simply no way to confront the stupendous amount of evil that we are confronted with on a daily basis here. Has you sitting there going. I wanna kill you. Don't wanna drag you to hell. I wanna put you in that icy river and mail bowls at dante wrote about and then it'd be surrounded by humans. Fellow men go. Yeah i think you to go. How in the world is anyone maintain any semblance sanity when such evil abounds and it's been normalized ticked. They want you to be they want your children to do pornography may go back to the national review or the national geographic. I forgot i wanted. I call it the centerfold issue. There is a full size full color. Whole page photograph of a fifteen year old girl topless. Oh but wait she. Did the top surgery says it have any anymore. They cut them off dressed like a little boy holding her skateboard. She said she did she care. But they're that jay ditching nets. It is surgery. Do a boy. This is kenny porn. I a teenager by national geographic. Wanted to show you what a real boy looks like. Hell concert i. I'm telling you if you're not catholic and you won't you haven't considered converting because you hang up with the pope and all and and and whatever else it is specifically because we have holy father who will be succeeded by another one by the by the apostolic succession remains with what they do. The church akinsanya survive. It has to be the real deal but took in just to have some peace of mind. You gotta know that there is a real paradise near is called heaven's here on his earth you're not made for this earth and have any peace of mind. We need spiritual healthier folks. These good grief here Where's the headline. I was going to share with you. This vaccine took switch. Seven countries now is barrett notebaert site in into chat room wherever richard barrett is at. I okay. well i saw the I'm sure he's listening. I saw the the list of countries. Sweden's now been added that makes seven. European countries have gone. Don't sell and you just take all the astra. Zeneca are manipulated. 'em aren plating vaccines that we have From that particular manufacturer warehouse dole. Anyone take him too. Many people getting sick too. Many people were dying. But that's only part of the story older. There's only wonder it's not safe. No people are dropping dead and getting sick from the modern and the pfizer one too.

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