AP One Minute Headlines Jan 18 2019 17:00 (EST)


Cohen congress. I'm Tim Maguire AP news been at BuzzFeed news, citing unnamed federal law enforcement sources reports President Trump directed Michael Cohen delighted congress about a Moscow real estate deal. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders. Absolutely ridiculous Virginia. Senator Mark Warner ranking democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee tells reporters don't know whether the new report about being told the lie by the president is true or not we'll have to ask Mr. Cohen that. But assures heck explains why Michael Cohen wide in earlier testimony. A winter storm stretching from the midwest and New England could bring as much as two feet of snow in some areas this weekend, Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolfe is declared a state of emergency the perfect weekend to do three things. Stay home spend time with your family or read a good book behind the storm bitter cold that will drop temperatures into the single digits by Monday morning. I'm Tim Maguire. This is fire fighter Raphael. Poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new spicy Cajun chicken sub Cajun seasons grilled chicken, breast zesty, cherry peppers and housemaid Cajun male just five fifty five for immediate. Remember a portion of every sub you buy helps provide lifesaving equipment for personal sponsors via subs until more subs saved. More lives. Limited time only plus tax participating locations by self donate. A minimum of one million dollars in two thousand nineteen to the firehouse subs public safety foundation. Building point one one percent of every purchase.

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