We will die before we are forced to take a vaccination


Life yeah man. There's i saw this article just now of from a couple of big people about how it's loving your neighbor to get vacs. Oh my goodness he's gotta stick your arm at the experimental chemicals. Because that's what jesus would do and it's required but then later in the article they said well you know the first sentence is like well. He's requirement love your neighbor right and then later in the article there like well but it's immoral ought but you shouldn't be excommunicated and it's not necessarily susan but it's an obligation it's like even their announces limp-wristed like you can't do anything straight up. It's all it's all. Just everything is just so lame seriously. It's pathetic at this point. I i was. I commented on. I know you saw whereas they're going to eventually require baptism. And the nation communion and i said that line tweet it real quick as a joke and then i thought about it for a second. Wait a minute and my joking or my profit you. I don't even know. I totally see like an andy stanley doing this. Whenever he opens up his church again. No problem where you have to do because the thing is like we're they're already talking about the you know the vaccination pass whatever to travel. Why wouldn't big churches do that. I mean it's loving your neighbor. The government told them to the government tells. You love your neighbor. Then you know it's true. I have you been following the vaccine like Stories where people have died from it. Of course they don't even really know if like if you get the vaccine you can pass along the disease like maybe you can pass it. If you get weird weird russia russia's you can't drink alcohol for two months but you can't have any vodka for two months. Nobody's getting that backs and then move but the thing is again. I just have to wonder. It's you know it's just. It's such a survivable disease. Yes it kills people. We all understand. But it's such a survivable disease like why do we have to bend all the rules for this one. I'm not anti vaccine. That's the thing. And i know people want me to be anti vaccine. I understand the arguments. And and i. I've i admit that there's some compelling stuff but like why is this one the one where we do it in three months and we break all the normal protocol and this has to be it when i know that if i get it i'm pretty much guaranteed to survive. I might not but that's true of any day of my life. You know what i mean. This is my new theory. They stopped counting the cold or the flu this year. I bet you if you would look at the trends of the flu over the last ten fifteen twenty years and just this year replaced it. With the data we have with the covid virus. The trend would not look anything crazier than the last twenty years is deaths. Whatever i listen. I don't i don't know but i wouldn't be surprised if nothing would surprise me at this point and it's just i just don't understand like the this is the thing that here's mark in the comments. A saying that his workplace is likely going to mandate the vaccine order to work there. Which of course they know if an employer can do that. But it's just it's just like why this one though like you never did that with the flu vaccine. You never did that with anything else. like why is this. It just boggles the mind. Because it's just so obviously not that scary comparatively to other things and but this is the one where the fears ratcheted to the. It's just. I know that they're doing in intentionally. But i just don't understand why so. Many people were falling for it. I don't wanna get covid. I don't want anyone to get covid. I don't wanna get sick ever but this is not the appropriate reaction. I just don't get it. It's just like it's like i went to sleep. I woke up. i was the same. Everyone was different. It's a twilight zone episode for sure but you know it's scary is whoever has that totalitarian mindset and the ability to do this stuff is gonna realize it's going to be so much easier to get people to go along with things based on fear that is not so improvable like this obviously shown and provable. That is not scary and dangerous. Graham i mean there are. I'm not saying it's not real and all that stuff right but there's gonna be things that they're going to be able to scare you about that. You're not going to be able to prove like this. And they're going to be confident that you're gonna fall for it because look at what we've done this so true and then there's this little then there's line that i think that there so there are certain people i think that and i'm one of them it depends on the situation like there'll be a time like if i have to go to walmart and i don't a lot of time and i don't want to cause any controversy if the guy tells me to wear the mask i'll put it out. I don't care right. Look fine. I'll just gotta get your stuff. I gotta go So there are people that aren't crazy but are still doing it. Begrudgingly or just. Like they. Don't want to cause any problems and stuff like that. And i think i think a lot of people that i talk to you were like well. It's just a mess. I don't wanna make a big scene about a mask. All right i get. I understand that mentality but the sticking your arm thing with with whatever it is supposed to be in there. Yeah and that like there has to be a line right like. Don't you think there has to be like. I used to think that but i don't think there's a lot. Do you think big even knows how to draw a line. Squishy is line you've ever seen in your life that's quickly right. I don't think there's a line. I don't think because the thing is it's like yeah you're right because what would be the logical argument. Well it has wanna cause a big scene you know. Just give it to me. I guess what. I would think that a line would be for especially christian people like. Hey yeah you can't tell us not to go to church or hey. You can't tell us not to sing or hey. You can't tell us not to take communion at the line hasn't been drawn yet. I mean some just to be fair. But i'm just saying alan dershowitz who. He's a liberal democrat guy. But he's pretty like a libertarian constitutional guy. He said that states could constitutionally mandate the vaccine. Yeah i mean i. I don't understand that. At all that i don't understand that at all. I don't think any one of the signers of the constitution or the or the bill of rights would have said that one of the things that the government does have is the ability to stick your arm of chemicals if they if they say it's for your safety. I just don't get that get it at all. How could that be. how how. How can you read the constitution. In that way. It doesn't make any sense to me. It doesn't make any sense. And i know there's not like this national line that we have is a group of people tell you they ain't sticking with a needle rather die. I'm not down. yeah. I'm not doing it. That that's just all there is to it exactly right and the last thing about this That comment how does it work place. No or can tell you. Got the vaccine or not like i understand. They're saying it. But as all of our like kind of theory about medica- medical issues and stuff where you can ask. It's your private issues that they don't you know it's illegal like is it all out the window now and we're just allowed to ask anyone about anything know that were i. Guess i don't know. I don't know it's it's it's so preposterous. How quickly things have changed. And that's just where we're at and just got to deal with it. I guess that's that's where that We have well let me first say welcome to reform jellicoe seven and a half minutes in got interested if you guys have any questions obviously if you or wherever you're watching this live you can put them in the chattan. We will answer them if we want to. Thank you for anyone who subscribes to us on patriot. Patron dot com slash reform. Jellicoe and super chats are awesome. Thank you for supporting the shown. Stuff on the show is continuing to do great and So we appreciate it we list. Yeah let me say this. I appreciate ever since we've been doing this platform it's been a while now and i haven't said this but the comments that you can get them from facebook and youtube and all that so it's such a better show in my opinion so if you enjoy the show you can be a part of it. The comment we. We can't read every comment. But i love it to you know what actually come to think of it. This might be like our anniversary mom dish. I think we started in december last year. Well there you go so happy anniversary into that. We're not So yeah if you have your questions feel free to throw in there. We may or may not answer them if they're spiff enough all right what's going on. Oh all right. We talked about the vaccines. But this was interesting on the gallup mental health. Study the group of people the only demographic and they looked at gender. They looked at a party identification religious services race marital status age group. The only demographic that improved in mental health from two thousand and nineteen to two thousand twenty were weekly church attenders by plus four points. Everyone else was negative but plus four increase in mental health stability for going to a religious services. I got to tell you totally shocked. Like there's blessings in god's commandments. It's amazing good stuff. Yeah i saw that. I didn't really quite understand all the data but it was definitely nice to see that guys like you guys have it in your power to just not consent to the nonsense. I got we got. We got new legs. Here noodle leg saying that The government won't mandate the vaccine but businesses will airlines your employer. You know food store stuff like that and just like with this nonsense of. Don't go to church it's dangerous. You can just say no just like this. I think there's opportunities man if businesses start doing that kind of stuff eventually. There's going to be opportunities for other businesses to rise up and say we're not gonna do the nonsense so you want to go out to eat but you don't want to get the vaccine you can come here There you go. You know what i mean like. There's opportunity you can just say no and it might be slightly painful for a bit. You know what. I mean like you know you might have to deal with the governor newsom harassing you know for a little while and maybe finding you or you know. Stop doing stuff to us. It's not like there's no consequence to it but dude it's so much fun to live in reality like you might. Maybe maybe i'm wonder i wonder if this is the reason mental health one. It's because it's like you almost like you almost gain confidence when you're operating reality at a time when so few people are just like feel good about that like man like this is a good thing. I'll tell you at least from my experience is because i was my wife was pregnant early on so we were being extra cautious just because there were stories of the hospitals taking kids and stuff like that they added and so we were a couple of months without going to church and we left the church. We're going to because they weren't open so actually they left. Dasa say it that way and we went to Just happened to be a presbyterian sierra seat shirts because it was only when opened in the area and going there though was such a great feeling of that commodity commodity. Yeah i that you don't realize you're missing and then you experience it and you go back to the wacko world and the same thing with the conference we were at is if you remembered what normality was like. Yeah and it was so sweet and it was so good and they almost like reassures you that your you know your faith and the the steps you do in the actions that you do that are religious actually means something here and now and it kinda just. It's more like confidence builder than anything. That's actually interesting that you say that. Because i was kinda thinking that there's i was thinking of camaraderie too but in a slightly different way like of course there is at church. Know it was so great to be at church with with with everybody and they're committed to never shutting down again and there's a lot of confidence everywhere on that's great But i was what i was thinking was. I've told the story like for some reason. Always when i see A black or latino person. Walking down the street where i live. There's so few of them. That i always like have this. This incident camaraderie. Always give me one of the little nod you know and That's something that black people do. Just you know like we. We always gotta you know latinos and blacks and minorities always do that. anyway but i've noticed the camaraderie that kind of camaraderie with the maskless people because there are so few of them and so when you see the maskless person you're like you know we know is that we know is going on like there's like there's instant connection Like i'm not scared. Are you scared down. musket either. Yeah for sure. And i think that's you know if you are going to be one of those people that aren't going to take the vaccine. No matter what. I would recommend just throwing away the mask now me my wife and my friends. That are around us We don't wear masks and we'll go into stores even if they require it and just create the conflict just to make the stand in the principle of it and that's one of the things that i think not just with the mask and not with even cova just with wife. We're going to have to get really comfortable with dealing with them conflicts and understanding and just accepting that being a christian. We're gonna have more of those conflicts. I think going forward in the next couple of months at least and just took a training ground and honestly this is not this is it. People say it's just a mask you can actually flip that around on them. Yeah that's right. That's why you get the reps in now. That's why you play t-ball before you play hardball it's just e ball but it's still important to do it You know what i mean. That's that's very interesting. You've kind of kind of convinced me that i shouldn't even wear even when i'm in a rush or even when i'm i'm trying to avoid a conflict because i do like if i'm with my son or something or like i'm in a rush. I'll put it on if they ask me to. I'm at the point now. Where i don't put it on like if they don't ask you maybe just like the signs not working on me but like but like if they ask them like fine. You know what i mean. And it's so weird to like you walk into a restaurant and even in florida where it's there's no mandate you can't get find you can go to jail for it. You'll walk into a restaurant and everyone has them on their. They've been trained already. I mean i think it takes thirty days to create a habit. Yeah so it's been far past that but most people don't even say anything they don't like confrontation either. Yeah so i mean. It's a good practice exercise. I got a man i. I walked into walmart. The the you know how all the stores started to do that thing. We're only one. Entrance is an entrance and the other one has to be an exit whereas before you could enter and exit where anywhere you wanted. So i walked into walmart. I was i think it was on the phone at the time to and i walked into the exit one and the sir sar sar and like you like hunting me down. I'm like what and he goes. This is the exit sir. You are you serious. And he goes. Yeah you gotta go the other way. So i was on the phone and i was like i just did it right so i was like fine so i walked to the other side and i'm literally eight feet max from where i was and i said i said what is this supposed to do. There's nobody in the store. nobody was coming. I'm in the exact same spot. Insurgence please and i felt kind of bad for him. You know just like what. What is it makes no sense. Yeah i got that same thing not with the entering in the exit but apparently some stores have were. You can only go one direction in the aisle. Yeah the one of the workers called me out on like Sir you're going the wrong way. And like i finished elementary school longtime ago. I didn't even really follow the rules. Then i'm not going to start now just kept going going the wrong way. I've never even honestly never even occurred to me to pay attention to those signs and absolutely not that. I didn't even notice. I didn't even know. I was breaking the rules because i just don't care just a stupid rule i've lived my whole life. Grew flutes flu season through the swine. Flu never gave a thought about which direction i was going in the store. I'm not. I've definitely noticed them but i've never once been like. Oh which direction is just like. I don't even know if you were to ask me. I would not know. Like i see them there but i don't know which way is which you know it's like the butter is right there but i have to go all the way around the circle round just to not go the wrong way. Oh insane doing that. And i know it's like private property and they can kick me out and they have the right. Yeah they do just like. Toby says as cheerful disobedience. Because you gotta make these stones if we don't make these stands. Now yeah the vaccine. Then the then the companies are going to just feel like they can mandate because they've had back with the masks. We started doing that now. Yeah not met you. You're you're onto something here with this because we've talked about this idea where people are like. Well i'll take the stand went for christ's when they tell me tonight rights. I will take this like dude. You have to practice that like you can't just assume i do not assume that. So many of these compromisers will actually not deny christ when the time comes. Why would i if you didn't if you didn't at the small things. Why would you at the big things. It makes no sense at all. No not at all. I mean i would absolutely be shocked if like dan lee had a gun to his head and said denied christ and he didn't like i'd be just shut down his church for two years because the government said he might get the equivalent of the flu. He's going to deny christ. I mean you think he's not going to deny christ. I mean i don't know. But i'm just saying i would be surprised like there's a lot of people like that where i'd be surprised if they made a big stan because they haven't made any stand so far so why would you ever think they would be on the big platform. This big eva stuff is so interesting because they'll say you know well loving your neighbor. The studies have shown this. And that and the studies are always extremely flimsy and very debatable. And so it's like if you're gonna make me do stupid stuff based on nonsense studies and we can't possibly really know because nobody's ever been in situation before so like what. What what did they do based on studies. What study would they reject. I just don't understand like is it possible to reject a study and still be a christian. That's what i'd really like to know somebody. Please call her and ask him. Is it possible to be a christian and reject a scientific study that they say a scientific or like if you aren't going to reject these scientific studies it's going to affect your worship. It's going to affect how you hold church services. Then how can you ever fault mormon for believing in the book of mormon like what's so different from adding to the books of the bible and scientific studies. Hey man you got me. The the new priests are good at hiding their priestly. Stances i guess. Yeah it's it's so crazy man i you know. I think we talked about this. Social science science in school either. Anyway i would just like to get back to real science like scientists actually do science not in the rush vaccine kind of way in the other kinds of real science but we were talking about a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was a couple of weeks ago. It was after we stopped recording. We're talking about. Are we already at a place where we have a state run church and we kind of talked about it and we kind of just threw it out there. When really didn't think about it. I've been thinking about it a lot more honestly when you compare it to the church of england back in the day. I don't know where we are that far off when further churches that are taking orders. It's not like the church of england didn't talk about. Jesus it's not like they didn't have the bible and they weren't sharing from the bible. They were just taking their orders from the government. What's so different about that now. yeah you know. It's it's such a good point. Because i think that people get this impression that in order for it to be a state government it has to be like the official church of the united states or something like that like no. That's not how it works. Like as long as the government is setting the rules of what you do and what you don't do you. It's already a state church. It's already a state church like like an and and people are going to be like well. The government says you can't murder church. Oh that's not true. No no. I'm talking about the worship of the church. I'm not talking about that kind of stuff. That's that's their sphere man. We always talk about their sphere. They have they have jurisdiction in their sphere. But what they don't have jurisdiction on is when the church meets how long the church meets for if you're allowed to sing or not. Are you allowed to take communion. That's the stuff that they're talking about now. So if the state is able to control those things the elements of worship. We're not talking about small things. This is what worship is made of. On the lord's day. This is what it is if you're not hearing the word preach if you're not singing songs until the lord if you're taking communion then you're not a church you know what i mean so so These are the main things and if they have the jurisdiction to talk about those things and when they should be practiced. How often would have then. It's already a state church. You're so right about that. Net Yeah it's absolutely crazy okay. I kinda got distracted by the comments. Here yes you. Joe carter experti- expert tears. Joe carter said that. It's okay to take fetal cell vaccine. Vaccinations did you hear about that. Is that true. Yeah i did hear about that. And i did not read the article but i heard somebody summarize it what it you heard someone. I don't reach your come on a click strange links. Yeah but no. I did and actually i opened it up just now and i did open it at the time and i kind of skimmed it but yeah i did see that okay. So question is can a christian or should a christian take a vaccine is fetal cell vaccine burke created or whatever and then this is. This is very interesting. So i was such little about this. I have to say though that if that doesn't give you pause. I think there's a problem. Yeah honestly like my gut to. This is kind of like the meat and idle thing. Yeah if you take a vaccination that has it. You didn't know it. Yeah then. I don't really feel like you're at fault for you're not the one creating order. You're not the one you know that caused the baby to be killed or whatnot. But if you know about it i almost i. I don't know i feel really. I would feel weird about as a christian. Well as far as i understand. I mean i have some of these vaccines in my system right now like because when you're a kid. I think that. I think that there are some of the ones we get. When you're a. I think i heard and i never. I never validated it. Probably because i did hear it as a kid but that some of them were like experience and they developed at using stem cells from kids. Don't know enough about this. It's definitely something that that you should at least think about. Maybe i should be thinking about solid. Talk to myself and get back. You know like there's the twenty twenty has really made me rethink my vaccination game and just what i give my kids. I'm not anti vaccine. I'm still not. But i'm super skeptical just because i don't trust the science community at all anymore right. Very good point yeah. There's really no reason to all right. The next joe carter. This is like a joke harder. Themed comments Right now i wrote an article on. Oh this is a nanaimo. i dunno. She's from australia. Were international guys. This right Joe carter wrote an article on trusting. Science at churches may require attendees to be vaccinated. Seems have no trouble with that thought. I think it's the same orbital. Yeah and so we are doing look. I'm just going to search the word required. I have never seen in the bible anywhere where jesus new testament says that. You cannot come to church. If you're sick and fact it says have the eldest. Pray for you. Yeah i would say like obviously we've talked about it before and a lot of people haven't heard it so improbably repeat it once or twice every couple of weeks sphere sovereignty. There's the families fear the church. Fear of the government's sphere and as the family. You're responsible for the health of your family for yourself as an individual. If you're sick you shouldn't go to church for the love of the church but you're responsible for that it's weird to me that we have the church making these rules saying that. It's kind of just writing articles about it before these vaccinations come out that needs to be a requirement to fellowship. That's insane that's not even saying after six-day home that's saying yet you have to do these things you have to inject your body you'll be part of church that's fair cynical right absolutely so i don't need to think about that like you know if you wanna ask me about the fetal cells and stuff. I need to put some time into that obviously. That's i get that a lot. So maybe it's about time. I did that But as far as requiring it for churches No you cannot as a pastor. You just can't. You're not allowed to add Elements to your your your worship in that way where you decide whether someone's cleaner unclean whether or not they have a certain chemical you know stuck into their arm right a certain time. They're not allowed to do that if you're at a church that's that's that's considering this i would. I would even say even the considering consideration of it is almost enough for me to leave. But if but god forbid if if they require it that's just that's off that you cannot even. You cannot submit to that anymore. You just can't and when i say that even if they're considering it that's that's that to me if it's a mature church. They should know the bible well enough to know that they can't do that if it's a young church and it's like a new fellowship okay. I could give them a little leeway you hash things out is the first time but but if these are like big players that have been studying the thirty years. They don't know that you can't add a certain drug or certain chemical to decide if someone's cleaned cleaned worship if they don't know that and they're a big player than get the freak out of their run like like the dickens because they they don't have your best interests in mind. Yeah absolutely. that's insane that that is even being discussed and and it's not even because like just the fact that they're considering it is not even the issue that makes me run but it's the fact that if your foundation doesn't make that clear in the very beginning where you could consider it that's the more it bigger issue for me. It's it's revealing. your foundation isn't really solid where i can trust the submit to you in these kinds of things you should go find another church Same thing with closing churches down. Same thing you know long term. I guess i mean everyone close down first couple of weeks. No one knew what was going on. But yeah that was crazy. Yeah it was crazy but like these long-term closures mask requirement. Those kinds of things reveal the foundational cracks in the system. Not so much the issue of self as the big like divider for me so Yeah well we have a lot of people passionate about this. I love it. Good comments guys all right. Let's turn to the most important thing in the world. at least that's what it feels like last couple weeks. Is you know this whole election thing. Have you done any more research since we talked last time. Eighty the election the election fraud. Who all that. Good stuff man. I'll tell you what. I i've looked into it a little bit but it's very it's a. It's amazing i think that's intentional. That's amaze but I just. I just can't the thing that's striking to me. Is the fact that if you did not like spend time looking for the stuff. You would not know that this is happening. It's just like it's it's it's it's as if it's not the we're we're watching the memory hole work in real time like you google something about this and it takes a while like it's not the top story and you would think it would be the top story that there's all these allegations and there's cases being filed and this and that only becomes the top story if a if a cases dismissed and there's like one hundred cases going on they're like well. She just dismissed he he lost. You don't like that's the only time becomes national news. I that's striking to me because you can find the information but it's like buried right it is very and even youtube came out and said that. There's the deadline that came all the states certified if you on a youtube video say that the election was fraudulent and donald trump is really the president and joe biden. The elect is not. They're going to remove the video from you. It's getting to that point where you can't even talk about it. You can even descend from the narrative or you're just gonna be silenced. I mean that's youtube. That's google so you really do have to dig But it's really interesting. The case of all cases or i forgot what trump said. It was the big beautiful case. I think that's how he said in his language. Texas state filed against michigan wisconsin pennsylvania and georgia. And so. this is the case. That's going to be the outcome. Determinative is the word they're using five states signed on fifteen states have wrote some kind of ital- or go ahead of question. No no okay. Like fifteen days wrote an amicus brief or whatever it's called something in some latin term Supporting and i think. There's one st debt or dc wrote to Defended defendants and there's this whole constitutional argument that they're trying to bring to the court that supposedly going to be the thing that determines if the courts are going to overturn the election and we're supposed to figure that out today or tomorrow so it's going to be really interesting to see but what was the most interesting thing about it is the main thrust of the case is ken. Executives and jud- judicial branches of government determine what how elections are held when the constitution specifically gives power to the legislatures and in pennsylvania. The governor the executive branch for state. And i think some people from the judiciary. I'm not sure but wrote for supporting the defendants. And then the legislatures themselves wrote for the plaintiff which like proves the whole case in the point of. Why do this needs to hear the case right. So it'll be interesting to hear. That's kind of like everyone's kind of waiting to see if they're going to hear the case or not. I mean i. I find that to be such amazing theater. I mean i don't understand why they would delay and finding out whether or not they would hear it. I mean seems to be a very clear cut thing you got a lawsuit between states that seems to be the whole purpose of the supreme court. At least that's what i thought and And this is such an obviously important thing that you would think you'd want to hear it and rule on it right. It's gonna be interesting. It's gonna be so because it state between state apparently goes right to the supreme court. It's like i'm be surpreme court scholar now. I never knew that before besides having to go through the lower courts i But there's now over in some way shape or form at least half of the states are involved in this lawsuit like how can the supreme court not hear this case at this. That's what i'm saying like. Yeah so i didn't know that the lawsuits between the states where we're going straight to the supreme court. I thought that was the whole purpose of the supreme court to begin with and then evolved over time. I might be wrong about that. But i i knew that was one of the primary purposes of that being said like again. Like if you don't hear this this is why talk about theater like d'alene on deciding on whether or not to hear it seems like theodore to me. It's just like waiting to the last minute to to make the kick the field goal of making more dramatic. It's like if there's ever a time where we need actual interpretation of what's happened it's now right. Everyone's involve everyone's hearing about it. It would be shocking if to me if they didn't take it It would be shocking and it it would be revealing. it would be revealing that really the court isn't there to do. Its job anymore. And i think he'd bring a lot of clarity about what needs to happen in the future. Because if we can't trust the state legislatures to hold lawful and honest elections. We can't trust the supreme court to rule on the constitution. When then we sure aren't going to trust our executive branch we're gonna think he's not a legitimate president right the unions over at that point right. Well we definitely can't trust people to just do the right thing But but i think the key what you just said here is if you can't even count on someone even hearing the case to to decide whether starting backwards happening like that would be an amazing statement because of course you can't trust people to have not cheat. That's why we have a legal system. But if they won't even hear the case it's just it's just they're even even if you didn't think it had a lot of merit you'd almost have to hear it because you know you've got millions upon millions of people that are thinking rightly so that this was this was this was cheating involved and obamacare of americans. What's that forty. Eight percent of americans was the last poi- saab that believes. Somehow there was some fraudulent activity which with the complete media blackout forty eight percent right because it was in plain sight. You know we it was right before our eyes we all went to bed and we all woke up and we all had the same experience. Like wh what are these votes. T totally all in. See it so we. We know we know that. That's not. how numbers work we. We know. that's not. How statistics work or how voting works. We all understand so like yeah that would be it would be very revealing. They would be just like a sign that it's it's it's basically you you have to. You have to get your own affairs in line. You know what i mean. I think they even put the statistic in the lawsuit. It's either one in a trillion or one in ten trillion. The chances of trump being where he was at it two or three in the morning and for joe biden to come back and all those states one in a trillion a trillion. That's statistically impossible now six trillion miles so there you go there. You go Josh and the common says it was eighty percent of republicans it was it was eighty percent of republicans was like thirty four percent democrat and then it was a group of independence and like just putting it together was forty eight percents There's a reasonable democrats out there. And and i think that reasonable democrats. And i do not include eva in in this category at all. They're not reasonable reasonable. Democrats want this to be heard because they want to know that if this was fair and square they want that to be out. Anyone who anyone who who who who wants there to be a legitimate country wants this to be heard the people that don't want it to be heard don't wanna look don't want to actually have a country they just wanna eaters right th the lou out there that want to maintain a a situation where they can continue to keep their finger on the scale. Big is like that. that's why big either all everyone. Their mother came out and said we must accept the fair and square. Because they're doing that to in their own way. They're putting their finger on the scale. They want everything to be the way it always has been. That's what they want. And so they can't take any kind of questioning authority because they rule by that by that illusion of power you know and it's why they hate social media so much they hate famous spirit. Yeah right. They would be applauding. If if if twitter would kick guys like you and me off of their platform they would love it. They would love to put a little disclaimer on. The bottom of eighty roma's youtube videos. These theological statements are not approved by the official sources. They would love that if they could figure out how to make that happen right. They would do it so so of course they don't want you thinking any way besides the approved way and so but but there are reasonable democrats out there that they vote. Democrats not still sin. I'm not saying they're not centered but but they're reasonable in the sense that you could actually talk to them. You know what. I mean you could actually talk to them and hash out ideas and stuff like that there are. There's a small percentage early thirty percent one out of every three is reasonable. The best you could hope for with democrats pretty good right and the thing is we talked about this time. So i won't like harbor on it too much but if i was joe biden and i thought i won i would demand to have all of these recounts for it to be adjudicated and for people to have in see that i rightfully one. Because it's gonna make me more effective as a president. If i knew. I one and i didn't cheat. I knew i didn't cheat. I would call for these investigations all day long in other words. You're trying to say if he actually does want the unity that he's calling for. This would be the first and most obvious and painless. Step that you could take if you hadn't cheated so would this would require if you hadn't cheated this would require and i don't even want to entertain the so much anymore because of the cheating was so obvious but if you hadn't this would be there'd be very little effort required on your part. No capital burned in fact. You have nothing but stuff to gain. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain through this but since he since that's fantasy he obviously did cheat then of course he's not at the last thing he wants. You know what i mean. Every single democrat piece of this is acting like they know they cheated the media social media sites. They all youtube would not ban people talking about this if they thought that the he was legitimate. Wouldn't yeah youtube. Youtube i Okay so this is my funny thing. I love that. These joe biden investigations or happiness. There's these investigations that were happening beforehand. And then they stopped investigating which. I mean thanks. Fbi that's totally not political at all stopped investigating for three months according to cnn For hunter biden and turns out his brother to of not just with taxes but money laundering with the ccp. China congressman. Yeah i know. But i just love it because all of these big eva people ever seen. It's not end. Vote for this guy as he'd done anything that is virtuous. Is there anything about him that you could say as a christian ideal that's better than trump or anyone else. No he's a terrible person and we're just seeing that more and more. I think it's larry. He's got a good. He's he's got a presidential stately manner about him as he he can't even walk and together sentences goes to the hospital because he tried to play with his dog and shower at the same time. Really blame the guy. i mean. he's old you know they're not trying to make fun of an old person but you know this is the thing man. This is what we this big. But it's like it's a. We heard that he was. The civil person was going to restore dignity the office. I forgot all the things they said about him but his whole family is literally engulfed an fbi. Investigation the fbi definitely not conservatives definitely not on our side have been investing for two years like is there anything about big data that is like remotely plausible to believe anymore. It's just just a joke there. They they're just the approved official authorized church. That's what they are the authorized church and you cannot count on them when it comes to anything controversial in any way anything cultural anything political anything involving society. You can't count them. You can count on them in general for the basic gospel. Good are they be glad that well we're going to give him that eighty having given that i'll give him some of it. Okay i'll give him that but with other things that's the thing that's that's the problem. Of course right. That's the problem of course When i was gonna say i was going to make the comment about how it's so funny living. You read books about people that live through communism and totalitarianism and you learned how to read the media where you read between the lines because the media can say anything. Those critical of the government. And we've kinda learn that through twitter and social media where the blue check marks. You don't really take them seriously. The sensor material and the articles they say are been proven wrong. You kind of take them as more legitimate and you kind of learn how to deal with this totalitarian kind of and it's kind of true with Big ego to is like the articles and the things that they're pushing it's like you automatically need to have a red flag and you do. You're like okay. What about this issue is not difficult. Because they're talking about an pushing it right. Are you at that big even. Yeah i mean so. I think you said it well. I'm so i'm so against big eve at this point that i it's just the opposite opposite. Land anything they say. It's just you're just opposite and it's even like if they say something that you agree with your hesitant to even give them compliments anymore. And i've got burned several times for doing this. Because you feel like it's a trap where they're gonna make you into a whole and you're going to have to create nintendo agreed-upon. How'd you get that one right. How'd you told you. I i do get into trouble though. Sometimes because i think i was gonna say this on a video the other day it was the one i did where i was disagreeing with. Doug wilson on piper saw them. Yeah so there's a thing that James white dr james white talks about. Excuse me where you get so into one topic that you almost start to read it into everything and so so like he does it with antioch. Anti calvinism often will say that. Every church council was against calvinism. Just see it everywhere and So it's like almost like a derangement syndrome. And so like i. I have to caution myself sometimes. Like big even deranged at this point. You know what. I mean like a little big even to range but but honestly it's even though. I have made mistakes on occasion It's very difficult to make a mistake with big. Even they're almost always wrong. Yeah i know i. I saw the first video. John piper. I didn't see the second. And i think you're spot on with your now And i i honestly think. I think doug wilson i don't know personally but this is my hunches 'cause john piper kinda threw him a few bones back when he was getting scorched by. I think they're friends. Yeah i get it. You know what i mean i get it and i think he was right. You know sort of like it was. It was pretty good. You know in the things that he said But but it's just like but the thing is though that like in the trenches here we we need help in the trenches. We don't need help just in the ivory tower and so i'm sure that if you got into an ivory tower debate with piper about critical theory that he would probably decimate you. You know what i mean. If you were critical theorist i have no qualms about saying but in practical land when i have to determine whether or not so and so said something. That's racist or not i. He didn't give us a value. I i don't think you know. And that's that's his. mo man. I it seriously. Like i listen to them. All day about the theology and the philosophy of dying yourself and loving your wife. Sure but then. I'm sure he has great things to say. And i'm not even saying that tongue in cheek kind he he has really dropping biblical manhood and womanhood. Who a pretty good book. From what i remember. I read that longtime ago. But then it's like okay now. The practical application. Let your wife be sexually assaulted like what about what you were. Just saying your book that analogy. I say it all the time but i think that is him like he's great on the book knowledge and the full philosophical of applying theology. But then when you get to practical application it just goes off the rails man. Yeah no you're so right about that. I had somebody Where was this. Somebody had reached out to me about the exact topic. I'm forgetting what it was. But but yeah it's just it you're so right it's just in when it comes to down a practical land. It's just that's where things get a little wonky and i listen. I get a lot of pushback. Every time i talk about piper and i get it because i really enjoy piper. I love him. he's got a he's he's brought me a ton of value same. Yeah but it's just you know like look. I'm not gonna all this sort of get you more in trouble. That's brought he. He started out with talking about the neal chevy debate with rassoul whatever his name was and his first thing he says. I didn't see a single point of disagreement between neil and russell and neal's a nice guy so it has article about it he's like. I was a little confused by has been up. And i'm thinking that you don't see any differences between those two. They're debating a topic. They're both on difference. I'm sorry you're just not qualified to talk about this anymore. You need to go back to the drawing board. If you couldn't see a disagreement kneels over here like. I was slightly confused by that statement. I listen i get. I get all the problems with neil. But it was just funny. I'm reading neal's article. And i'm like he's obviously like thinking in his head. What i'm actually saying right. Greek is that replaying you saying that. Over and over again you're going to live vicariously through you know the coin a term and there may be a term that already exists whether somebody who's an expert in one field and then they think they're qualified to talk and other fields. Yeah yeah and they're not. We need to come up with some kind of term not for here but sometime we need it. Yeah i get it now. I think that that's that's something that happens all the time. And it's not that they can't talk about it but you know they make big pronouncements they talk from an authoritative position. I'm not saying you can't have a comment or disagree. Or whatever i mean we. That's what we do right there all day long all right. We got a question and we're going to read this question not for the question but for the first part. Because you know it's a compliment to us. Derek says the best duo podcasting today. And that's why your your question read you to get it. Thank you very much dirk. Have you watched john macarthur speech before his. Qna on sunday. No you've got you've got your questions. You got your question. And i answered it but wanted read the complement to us because we need to hear that every once in a while. Oh my goodness all right idiot savant. Yeah no that's like. For autistic people term is idiot. The also disagrees with the best deal comment. Yeah of course you would understood understood. Why haven't you plugged your show yet. Tony i think every comment you have has your show the patriarchy on it. The machine was promoted. I've ever seen in my life. But i love you. Tony so let me so. I'm in. I'm in a twitter conversation right now while we're talking here for our show i've got a guy. Yeah well listen you know. I gotta stay out there. I gotta stay in the streets. You know otherwise. I don't know what's really going on. This is a real time. Share the moment. That's right so we were talking about the vaccines. And i was kind of just making a few comments about something and this guy talks about this article that i mentioned in the beginning of the show where they say. You're obligated to get the vaccine. Let me read a the media quotation from this article It says its first of all. I talked about the masks. And how because mask can save other people. Then you're obligated to wear the mask and then it says the same can be said for covid. Nineteen vaccinations if by being vaccinated. We can protect others from illness than we have a corresponding obligation given our lord's commands to love your neighbors to be vaccinated. And so i said that you know how many laws affairs he's gonna add and he took. He took exception to that. And so that was a hasty critique. Because they say that you can you can be you can according to your conscience stain and so i said but they said there was an obligation and they grounded in god's law and this guy's trying to say to me i get this maybe someone in the comments can help me understand. He says the word obligation is how ethicists talk you. And i might conclude after reflection that there are better ways to love our neighbor and the article offer that possibility and so they're not making any proclamations about what i should or shouldn't do so is is obligation like technical term. That doesn't have it's normal definition. i don't understand. I don't know like i need to do it right right. I have an obligation to love my wife. That doesn't really mean i. i'm. I'm not saying i'm not saying you should or you shouldn't. I'm just saying you're obligated to. This is a big guy. Seems kinda squish i. I don't think he is. But no i don't think he is. Just don't get. maybe. I'm just maybe i'm just missing. Tony says you're obligated to be obliged to be obligated. That's that sounds about right. So yeah i'd make sure you watch the patriarch. You look at this shameless promotion that he does right here. I don't know maybe maybe we're just not smart enough to understand the nuances of the arguments. There i don't know yeah. I'm definitely not a smart enough to follow a circular argument. I'm telling you you're obligated but you're not required but you really obligated put. You're not really alta gated but this is actually kind of common like they have this category where you have to do it. But it's not a sin. If you don't like i don't understand that like like almost makes this then. It makes tears of christian. So it's like you're not sitting but like you're not that good of a christian though it'd be like not loving my neighbor but it really not sitting. Yeah i think big loves to do that kind of thing. Oh yeah they love it. It's membership you're one of us or you're not. You're not a christian. I wonder if our country club right. Well i wonder. If that's how the pharisees thought about it to like. What were they saying that were they really saying that. If you picked up your bed on on the sabbath that you are no longer going to heaven or were they just saying. You weren't being wise. No no. I think it was this. I think it was that they weren't saying your jewish to put in the right context. We're just saying you're not fair. see like us. You're not as good. It's the same thing. And i think paul squashes that when he says. I'm thankful i didn't baptize anyone. Because everyone's bragging about their group. Their apollo says baptized by barnum. Missing all this. I think that's the same mentality is what this you're saying. This is the same mentality. So basically the pharisees weren't saying you were jewish anymore. But they were saying was you weren't like holy. You weren't like this like we are. We're like oh it's even it's even that same. It's like in the prayer. That jesus tells the parable where the pharisee says. Thank you for not making me like this guy. This guy this guy and the other guys. Yeah that's kind of interesting. Because i have noticed this weird category and again. This is why why i stay on twitter during the show. So matt you don't even know it it. It brings everything full circle. So i'm having this conversation here and mike. So what are they saying so. I'm not sitting. Shouldn't be excommunicated. But i'm obligated to love my neighbor as myself which is just the law so i obviously that would be. I'm sitting but i'm not really sitting. So what are they really saying. They're saying you're you're you're gonna make it in maybe by the skin of your teeth. But you're not gonna ever be one of us. You're not as good as us. We really love our neighbor. Look at what we're doing. That's pretty twisted man that that is pretty twisted. So i think fair see was actually the right word under the sun. It's the same spirit may just look. It just looks differently right. Pray in the windows. Like how holy am i. It's wearing a face mask and church. How am i love you so much. I'm going to bear this right because they weren't necessarily kicking people out of the synagogue for taking up their bed on on a sabbath but but they were but they would threaten that when there was something they really wanted you to do so it was almost like it was. Yeah that's that's so interesting man big setting this up again. They're setting it up again man. 'cause i'm not going to tell you that you are obliged to do something if you're actually not like i might think it's smart for you to invest in xyz stock. But i would never say you're obliged to invest in this way like what. I would never do that because it's obviously not an obligation even if i think it's wise to invest your money rather than i don't know whatever but you don't use your i'm trying to say yeah absolutely. And it's just it's a fair cynical attitude and it's a way to differentiate yourself and make you feel better than your brothers and sisters in christ. Oh no wonder. I'm big deranged for sure. Okay unconvenient. Which makes me skeptical. Says let's stay on topic about the real issues that matter. Well what issues. You want us to talk about. I mean throw something out there. He is goes back with my fear that everyone says like the show has been really great lately. But i don't know why it's been really great so i'd missed it. What he said though he missed the rest of the comment the real issue is. When is this show. Getting a winsome. Intro song submit your songs how to build a ten dot com. And maybe we'll throw in there. Although i do love our little halfway through a conversation start the show. I do too does that. No one does that. What if we did it like this where we started at halfway through the conversation. And then when you said welcome reformed jellicoe. That's when the intro music started. It would ten minutes twenty minutes. Oh that'd be good all right. If you want your intro slash mid roll submit it love it. Love it so what else we got here. Should i check twitter. Yeah or what other conversations have you been carrying on with while we've had this show the only what it was only a couple of tweets. Tony says you know what show has a great intro glycine. he's gonna tell us guessing goodness okay. Mm-hmm yeah so. I don't know what else to say. We can go into other topics but we only have four minutes left four minutes. Let let me say this. I think that the next. I do think that the next few weeks are going to be pretty pretty weird and so i think you're going to be bombarded with a fake information real information kind of good information kinda bad information and it's going to be very difficult to decipher and so i would suggest over the over the next few weeks. Is that when you see stuff on twitter or on fox you still watch fox or wherever you get your news like take a deep breath before you react to anything because there's the misinformation that's gonna be out there over the next couple of weeks i think is gonna get to the insane levels and it might not even all be related to the election. I i have a feeling that this alien stuff is a distraction. Tactic didn't talk about that. Yeah yeah. I think stories like that. Get put out at key times when they want to distract so just stay. Keep your head on straight but at that we keep your head on straight priore. Don't overreact pray for wisdom keep going to church. Keep doing all those things that they sell you not to do Have christmas for goodness sake. Have christmas yeah. You know what i mean. We'll talk more about that because we have a another show before then but like our couple actually But but yeah man like like the key. Things are gonna get weird. I think you are obligated to have christmas this year. There we go obligated. You know. i'll just say this to. I've been telling people on my show how to build a tent. Shameless plug That you really at this time need to be prepared to at least have a month of food water and medicine. Because i don't know what's coming. And i don't like being the fear monger. I don't want anyone to act out of fear. We should never act out of fear. We should always be acting out of perfect. Love casts out all fear but we start seeing things like what's going on and the tension that is building. i mean. Our president today tweeted that there was a coup against him. Regardless of how this plays out really think that our president's going to step down and you really think people are just going to let him like continue. There's so it's it's escalating. you can see it. Escalating the rhetoric that is happening. Yeah and you just were again. We need to be wise. We need be filtering things and we need to be evaluated in how we love our families and protect them and be prepared. Not that you have to go into battle but just be prepared for another shortage where you don't have toilet paper anymore. Sure yet mad. Did you see tony's comment before you said that or did you get on your own accord. So tony the exact same thing. Which which if i was a charismatic still. I'd be like that's confirmation but no it's it's so true so basically here's the thing. Tony said the exact same thing. Every man should have a one month supply of essential minimum for their family right now. There's my serious comment. And i'm dead serious about that. I'm dead serious about that as well. I've been talking about this. Since the beginning of corona virus. I think it was before it was before i moved so it was before it got real crazy. I started talking about this. And i said look is like. I don't think this is a big deal. But i could be wrong number one and even if i'm wrong people are gonna react to this insane and i was right about that and i i prepared for probably get through probably a quarter of a year without having to do too much store shopping. Here's the thing this. There's nothing wrong with with seen danger and reacting accordingly. That's actually smart. That's wisdom and so you know you can if you use your fear to act rationally. That's fine like you shouldn't. You shouldn't act on fear in an irrational way. But it but if you're if you're if if you're right now sitting here and you don't have a month supply of food figure out how to get that done. Most stores are still stock right now. And you probably can find the money for that Do it do it because it's not like like the kind of thing that's not that's undoable so like it's not like i'm telling you to put a bomb shelter into your house where you can't afford it and you can't use it for anything else when nothing happens. Food's gonna get eaten that supplies you're to get you right. It's not a waste. it's not a waste. so this is matt. you're one hundred percent right tony. You're one hundred percent right. I haven't been talking about this so much Since early february or whatever january but it's it's so true we should be prepared for insanity because people are crazy out there. You're right yeah you know and like honestly. I've felt the need to tell people this. I don't know how to do without sounding crazy. 'cause i don't wanna be the crazy guy but the for saying i really appreciate that because like i said like the president literally is accusing people of a coup. The foundations of what that means is significant. Yeah and i agree with him. I'm not. I'm not saying. I disagree at all but the ramifications of that are going to lead to conflict in one way or another and i was going to talk about this. We ran out of time. But lou dobbs cnn fox news host. Did you see that that was having that was crazy. And it's crazy because what he is saying. He saying. This is a cyber pearl harbor and he has his st statement. If you haven't checked it out on twitter you need to go or you can watch my show. I covered tomorrow. And he lays out things were if he is not telling the truth and he doesn't have the evidence he says he has. He's getting fired and he's going to be sued for liable and destroying the reputation of these companies and these individuals. But if what he's saying is true. Which i have no reason not to believe. I don't know why this guy who's been a news forever would go out on a limb and say this without being true. There's going to be hard times coming. Yeah yeah so. Yeah not not a downer. It's just about being on a dare. That's it man. We tony set in the chat. We shouldn't panic but we should prepare for others to panic. Definitely right definitely guys on that high note dares in order and i let me just literally ended on a high note is just because tough times are coming. I think good is going to come out of it. Oh don't i am. Maybe my little post mill talking to. I'm just not post me. When i'm talking about postal conference in a couple of weeks is god do using this for good and i think that he's gonna come out. There's been a need for a long time for our country to shake out the corruption. And they think it's coming. I just think it sooner than later. And we need to be prepared for and what that entails going. Can i tell you what. I hope yet please. I hope that the tough times that are ahead will put me out of a job. And what i mean by that is that i hope that this nonsense. That's being toyed. Around with this critical race theory stuff looked so irrelevant and childish because because of the troubles that we face like we were will need to galvanize together and be like okay. Well let's put away these toys and start focusing on real stuff. I hope. I don't think it's going to happen. But that would be amazing. Imagine if this kind of stuff galvanizes the actual church and so we can stop talking about stupid things like how much representation we have of women in our on our stage and stuff like that seriously released. Let that happen. Lord oh i got promoted people representing i love it. Oh my goodness out of job. You were just going to have to do reform daily. That's right man. listen. I'm all about rebranding and re Bridge events pivots. You've got to pivot in life if you're not pivoting if you're not pivoting you're not changing. You're dying man that's right. that's right. Hashtag the gospel coalition. all right. Everyone thank you for joining live. Appreciate you guys being flexible with us. Joining little th- little later than normal next week. Thursday seven thirty pm eastern time. Join us live. And if you don't you can catch us wherever you listen to podcasts or on youtube until they ban us on. Fridays will talk to you next week. God bless god bless ticker.

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