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Episode 13: Personal Marketing with Joshua Sukraw


Welcome to the sale ring upon Jesse dedicate into real estate brokers agents and America's top auction years that keep them markets moving. Join your host, Sean and train them as they talk with most successful, realtors marketing and technology experts infrastructures and influencers these show is still voted to all industry professionals looking to up their game and stay up to date. Welcome to the sale. Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us in the side. The sale ring we've got Joshua sucre on the studio today. Joshua low. It's great to be here. Aloneness trina. We're going to be talking about personal marketing personal marketing at its best. Joshua is a professional marketer by trade works for United country real estate. And I think it's going to be a great segment for anybody. That's in real estate or the auction business or whatever sales capacity year in personal marketing. Joshua. That's what it's all about. Right. Definitely. I think it's something that you can use. And no matter what you do in your life. Whether it's real estate or auction business or sales or any industry, and it's a very important thing for everyone to kind of do awesome. Tell us a little bit about you who is Joshua Sukro. Where do you come from? What got she ended the marketing business? Well, who am I I grew up in western Nebraska and a small town of north Platte Nebraska. Grail road town. Knew north plant. It's a great place. Beautiful might think it's all flat. But we've got some great sandhills with a lotta cranes. Crazy. He'll yup. The sandhill cranes people actually travel for miles to come see them. I was wondering if we were talking construction or birds. They're birds maybe a little both do the hunt them. No. I think they're protected species. Yeah. You know, there's actually a season for those in most states where you can hunt. A sandhill crane, and they have a name in the hunting industry. Oh, I did not realize that I just knew everybody came to Nebraska. Hunting is not something that I get out in the past. We've got a fun coming in. They call it. The rib eye in the sky. Oh, they must taste good. Then I apparently I've never eaten sandhill cranes. But I kid you. I have friends that hunt and they call sandhill cranes. The rib eye in the sky. He's like beef. I guess. Now. I just know they bring tourist money. And so I assume they weren't allowed to be shot in Nebraska. Because people are coming to shoot them in. You gotta drag these outside the county. Making too much money off of them, go out and pet one. I don't know if they'd let you at that close. I mean, these like big birds like big cranes like big of a crane role long beaks. I wouldn't want one get near me, actually. So you're from north Platte Nebraska sandhill cranes sandhill portion of Nebraska. How'd you make it Kansas City? Well, I went to college and Kansas City's metro a liberal arts college of men Americanising university beautiful college my dad, actually graduated from there. So it was kind of a family thing to go and ended up. There didn't really know what I wanted to do to kind of some random classes over the place and actually started out as a graphic design major, but you had to choose an emphasis on either ardor marketing and took a marketing class and realize this is what I'm both good at and enjoy doing and kind of just made the transition over in the marketing and just really found my passion for that there. And after college I got a job in marketing for a nonprofit and Kansas City and worked with them for a while before. Ended up at United country. And it's just been something that I've been lucky enough to do what I went to school for very cool you work in the marketing department of United country. I do it's a fun time catalog production. I know when you know prior to the show we were talking about that institutional advertising corporate advertising, but your specialty at least for this segment of the show. And what you're going to talk to us about is personal marketing, personal branding, correct? Very correct. So let's get this started off by I offer our listeners, what is personal marketing. What all does that entail? If if somebody's not familiar with that term. Well, the easy simple answer is personal marketing is being able to market yourself. And I think that's probably one of the most important things to market really any industry because you wanna be able to get your name out there and make sure people know who you are and what you're doing. All right. So give us a five thousand foot view of just some different methods or types of personal marketing that are out. Out their personal marketing, kind of encompasses everything. But social media is probably the best place to get your name out there. It gives you a chance to really give a fine. Tune coverage of who you are. And what you do and really connect with those around you and in your community. I wanna dive into each one of these little bit deeper. It can go all the way down to business cards. I mean business cards big rate way, a personal marketing billboards paid ads, you know, full page ads magazine ads or and copy your personal vehicle. You know, things like that. So we're going to talk a little bit about all that stuff. Right. Yes. The importance of it to me personal marketing, the number one thing that you're trying to do in a competitive environment like real estate the auction industry. Most sales industries going to have a layer of competition out. There is just differentiating yourself separating yourself from the rest of the pack because we have a tendency to all blend together. How do you separate yourself? What's the importance of? Channel marketing when you're trying to separate yourself from the rest of the competition all the answer that question, I like to describe personal marketing almost like for snow, branding, branding and marketing, a brand is so important, and you as yourself you should be at brand. And because you're a brand you also got a park at yourself and order to like, Sean said differentiate yourself you almost wanna be like a purple cow. So let's say you're out driving in a Pat like driving to aid to be to this new place. And you see the First Cavalry. Maybe get excited and say, hey, look, there's a cow then you from the cow. Exactly. Yeah. You see a hundred and they're not exciting anymore. But if you were to see a purple cow, you get really excited, and you start to tell everybody about it. I actually learned about this from a book called purple Cal. Which is really a really great book that explains how to differentiate yourself and as a great personal marketing resource for anybody to read purple cow. Make Drena's making faces over here. Okay. She does that happens when I think we're going to get a cat scan for after the the cat. There's the cat. Shawn's been talking about cats all day. We're talking about cows. Yeah. So making yourself stand out, you know, in one hundred cows out in the pasture one of them that you drive by his purple, obviously, it's going to draw attention to it. We're going to talk about how to be a purple cow and actually be purple cow in midst of a hundred other normal colored cows actually different colors cows. But very few purple bright colored cows we want to be bright colored cows neon cow a neon Cal. All right. This is going in the right direction right off the bat. We have already boxed ourself into talking about cats cows sandhill cranes rib is as the zoo is here today force. Welcome to the petting zoo. You have entered Studio B. Petting zoo in Studio B studio z studios E as in zoo. How do you market yourself Joshua? And again now we can start kind of diving in on that five thousand foot view, there's different elements marketing, let's kind of walk through those a little bit. And pretend that you're a realtor you're in the auction business. And again, I keep going back to sales because sales in general that is salesmanship wanna one is just trying to differentiate yourself have a better product have better sales pitch, and let's kind of walk through these little bit where we wanna make sure that we're giving some information that the listeners can can walk away with and say that that was powerful that's something. I can use for sure. Well, I think the first step is definitely making a plan. And when you wanna make a plan the whole point of this as you want to set goals, and you want to be realistic about what you wanna do. You don't wanna just jump and dive into it and just guess what you're doing because then you'll be all over the place in you'll be similar to everyone else around you and by setting goals, and deciding what you wanna do and succeed with. Creating your plan will help you be focused on what you wanna do. What is this plan that you're talking about? It's just marketing plan a personal marketing plan that she's exactly and is that a monthly plan is is an annual plan much like a business plan and a company, but what do you suggest how often do you make the plan for an updated? I think that's something that you can decide for yourself. Whatever will work best for you. Because it's going to be something. Everybody's a little bit different. And you've got to figure out what will work for you. Personally. I like to look at something annually just because I work better on an annual time line. And so I just kind of like to block out what I'm gonna do each month for whatever I'm trying to market whether that'd be myself or a product or real estate, Jim. So you can also look at the annual spend how much money that you're going to spend for personal marketing for personal branding. And we'll talk a little bit more about that about branding yourself in creating an identity. Definitely you're a brand. Yeah. The key point of differentiation is. There's a certain amount of a hate to use the word arrogance, but there's a certain amount of individualism. That's entering you know, the salesmanship today people have especially with social media and a lot of things it's it's leveling that playing field in. It's forcing people to have stand out a little bit more than they normally would. Well, I wouldn't even go far to say arrogance. I would just say it's being prideful of who you are. And what you do. I think if you are happy with what you're doing. And who you are there's no era than that. You just got to be ready to sell yourself. When you talk about an elevator speech in creating plan. Give me give me an example. Let's kind of walk through that plan a little bit. I'm starting out brand new on the first step secreting, personal brand personal marketing never done this before gimme some elements of what that plan kind of looks like how do I get started? I think to keep it simple. Like, I said you want to set a goal. So do you want to gain leads from this or how many leads do you wanna gain? Are you just trying to get your name out there or expand your business or you? Trying to sell something decide what you want to do after you've decided that that's when you can go to the next step in. So let's say maybe wanna a lot of this kind of will together if you're trying to brand yourself and really get your name out into the community, you'll hopefully get leads and eventually sell real estate or whatever you're trying to sell as well. Because a lot of stuff today is done by word of mouth. And so the more people that know you, and your brand the more essentially you're supposed to be able to sell. And so after you set your goals, the next step would be really to determine who your audience is who are you trying to reach. I wants the plan for what's what's the mission the objective out of the plan trying to achieve in who's it going to? And then who are you gonna market that market yourself to? Yes. Branding, and I put elevator speech on my notes. What you mentioned earlier just because at me when an elevator speech. It's essentially your pitch is a pitch of who you are that you need to give an minute or less, and it gets the name elevator speech. Because in speech classes, and the whole idea of it is when you get on an elevator in an office building. You got to be able to sell yourself to somebody in the mount of time. It takes elevator to go from one floor to the next floor. And that's where it gets the name elevator speech. The whole point of it. Is you want to be able to tell who you are what you do what you can do for the person, you're speaking to and how you can do it in a minute or less? So that way they know who you are. And what you're offering what you can do, and hopefully you can get your business card to them. And they'll be ready to do business with you. Then once that plans created obviously put it into action. I assume that there's going to be increments of measurement every month. Maybe once a quarter or you on plan. Have you spent the amount of time the amount of effort in personal marketing, but you're going to have to date that plan, and I'm I'm paralleling this to business plan. You do the same thing in a business plan. You know this year last year, I sold X amount of properties I made X amount of dollars this year. I want to do more and then every month or every quarter, you go in and say am I on track to achieve in this plan? Where do I need work harder? You know, where do I need to shift motivation? And sometimes it's you know, it's outside things that caused that happen. There's changes in the marketplace or things that I assume this plan works the same way. Oh, yes. I mean, really easy example for that is one of my bullet points for what you do. After creating a plan would be to participate in events and getting involved in your community and one way you can measure the success of that. Or maybe see how you're doing is start to give out business cards at everything you go to and maybe set a goal of handing out ten business cards. I event you go to an increase that each time. And then to see how you're doing. You could see how many business cards you're giving out, and then how many call backs you get for those business cards, you give out and then figure out what your percentages each month and use that maybe to measure how well that's working or not working. There's controllable own uncontrollable elements in the marketplace. One thing. I could see somebody putting in personal kind of brand marketing in a specific area that they wanna be strong in is. And we hear this occasionally billboard advertising billboard advertising for some people is important for others. They could care less. You know? But let's say that for for example, will use us for an example, you're writing a business plan, but the billboards just not available right there where you're at your three months four months into the plan. You notice that the current ad that was on the billboard has been taken down. It's available as for so your plan may get modified. And again, I'm not necessarily endorsing billboards of endorsing as you have to be flexible in that plan and understand that it's not always something you can ride in stone today. Oh, I would agree. One hundred percent, you want to be able to be fluid with everything doing especially with the internet change that completely everything is so fast paced in the internet world, and you just got to be ready to adapt very quickly. I mean, great example would be windy. Social media is incredible. At this. It seems like whoever is running their social media will see when something happens immediately and jump on social media and making some sort of comment or getting involved with whatever just happened. Who is that again? Wendy's the burger restaurant Wendy's fast food. Yeah. So they're in tune with social media marketing very much. So if you wanna business to follow that does social media. Well, Wendy's would be a great example. That's interesting any specific tool in social media. They use more than another link, Dan versus Facebook versus Twitter. I mean DC him there twists is probably their best. Okay. So they're really focused on Twitter. Definitely. Yeah. Interesting. We talked a little bit about participating in events networking, and you just broached on that wall ago you brought that up, but let's talk about that a little bit more. Let's talk about brand marketing personal marketing when there's a vents that if you're gonna make an appearance there as some people say make an appearance. It's you know, when when you don't just show up and blend in be the purple cow, exactly the purple cow. A you wanna show up you went on? I mean, I was gonna say look for tasteful out. I was gonna say maybe show up all dressed to the nines. But that might not be what you're going for show. What is on brand for you who you wanna be and what you want to promote? And there's a lot of different ways you can get involved in your community when I say events, I don't necessarily mean like the community fair. I mean be involved in your communities. You can get involved in whether charity or local government or whatever's going on maybe in the schools because the more you get your name out there. The more people get to know you, and especially I feel like real ac- such a good example for this. You really want to make sure everyone knows you in your community if they don't already. Yes. So my kids are in sports and whatnot. There's always companies, you know, lining, the walls and the basketball court or lining the fence. Sign on the baseball field, or whatever that sport might be. There's definitely ways to get involved with just like your local community, the high school levels, those kind of sporting events, and all those people have kids, and at some point they're going to need, you know, a new house or new whatever, you know, our orthodontist or whatever that is. But I see the same orthodontist company using that as an example at every game. No matter what the sport is. Because they've honest use. No, oh, but perfect exam. I'm pigeonholed into another system. But yeah. But I mean, I know who they are because they're advertise everywhere. I go every weekend. So. Yeah. And you guys knew who Steve inches. Steve edge is famous for saying dress for a party every day. And he dresses, very elaborately whenever you see him. But he's been doing that for many many many years. It's what he's known for he'll show up at the most Muendane advance. And look like he is going to a costume ball, but his persona if it's extremely Wilno known about Steve edge, and and in the design industry, and I think this is exactly what we're talking about in personal marketing. Obviously, you dressed the part out there, you you have limitations may be in business. If you were a trial lawyer, his attire wouldn't work for that. But at the same token, he's in the design industry and it works great for him. Everybody knows who he is. And he's built this this personal brand this personal marketing and has his own design line-out, I get it by totally get it. And I think there's a lot of miss offer -tunities in the sales industry one of the things. That's very frustrating to me. And this is it's maybe not quite as much about personal branding as it is about just actually working opportunities as when you go to these networking events. You go to trade show, for example. And there is estimated six thousand people coming through that trade show, if you're not picking up some business and out just forcing yourself out there and that island making contact and starting, you know, visually and in verbally stimulating conversations with people, and creating activities sales activity that shame on you. Yeah. Let's wasting time. Time study, you're setting your booth for three days wasting your money and your time or somebody's money that paid for that booth and it gets very frustrating. So I totally buy into this. And I think personal marketing is something that everybody needs to be taught. It's discipline. Really is I do it myself. I practice at my daily life. I have a certain way I wanna look and be when I'm. Out and about especially in a professional environment. And I really am very self conscious about what I'm doing. When I go out, and you get a response from that, you get hopefully a desired response from that you surround yourself with like minded people, you surround yourself in business environments or impersonal environments out there that you're comfortable in and you can thrive in, and that's what sales is all about is putting yourself in front of opportunities and in kind of creating maybe even where those opportunities start approaching you instead of you having to go out and chase down. 'cause you're no one as that guy or that gal on that's such a perfect example. If you follow personal branding to t- people know who you are before even have to introduce yourself. There you go that sums up exactly what we're talking about on this podcast is do they know what you do. And who you are before you even introduce yourself. Maybe you're not the purple cow in the industry yet. But when I first walk up to you is your clothing branded does it say we'll Josh. He worked for United country. Does it say United country realty and auction on it at company name? Did you hand me a business card? Did you drive up in a vehicle that has what you do maybe on the back window or on the side of that vehicle and as so important in today's sales industry. Oh on today in general. I mean, we've got to compete with so much out there. You gotta to find a way to break through the noise. Yeah. Well, we found thirty years ago prior to the internet when I started in the real estate nonfiction industry. You didn't have to compete with digital technology or the World Wide Web back. Then you basically had go out and at work people be smart about your product about what you do. But if you're willing to get up a little bit earlier work a little bit later run twice as many lamps as they're willing to run. You're gonna outpace salesman today with technology and the advances in technology, you can reach millions and millions of billions of people through internet technology through marketing and digital marketing. It's level the playing field for a lot of people. I almost go as far as you gotta work smarter and set a harder today's market him hands down. Yeah. That's that's it social media. We had talked a little bit about social media different elements. Social media Twitter Facebook linked him. So give us some tips. Some tricks definitely different platforms that you that you think were maybe better than others. I think my biggest hip would be at least with Facebook. Maybe with other accounts of hang on how you want to run this. I would almost always create a separate personal and business Facebook, especially in an industry where you're going to be out in the community a ton because you don't want. It's easier to separate the two. So that way when you're sharing stuff about your business all the time for your business when you're not annoying, your family and friends you grew up with because they might not want to see that. But in that way, reached the people that do wanna see that. And then by subversive, if you're talking about personal stuff, you don't have to worry about your clients seeing that either. And so that's one of my biggest hen. Subtle might even help your sanity a little bit while doing this. So that way, you don't have to worry about what's going where you've got this is my business Facebook, and this is my personal Facebook. And that's a big hand. I have an rule of thumb for both Facebook's or both social media accounts that you run in my personal life is I never post anything that I wouldn't want boss, or my parents or my pastor to see just because that stuff does not go away. It's on the internet forever. Even if you delete it there's a way for it to get found. And I mean, we've seen that a ton with a lot of famous people in politicians in the last few years that stuff has been dug up on them. And you don't want to be the next person that happens to I keep telling Trina that. And she won't listen post in that STAN for ended him and said those. Trina that stuff still exist? It can exist for all time been blacklisted by just won't be friends with him anymore. What about him person in Studio, B can we be friends here? We can be friends here. All right fair enough. They'll take what I can get is. You're not judging my lifestyle while we're sitting here. We're good. I'm done with. Okay. I'm done. I realized it was not going to make an impact. It is about task. But was in that panda express Cup nothing. Good nothing. Good. Some things are best left unsaid. Yeah. Let's let's talk about Facebook Twitter, the predominant use of Facebook and personal marketing social media marketing versus Twitter, and I think linked in is and correct me if I'm wrong linked in feels like it's more kind of business to business. Oh, definitely. I can actually break each of these down Facebook by far the biggest social media out there right now, and it's going to have your whitest impact and have your biggest market, and so Facebook, I would almost have be not literally or web page, but almost like your website where this is going to be your mass market where you're going to reach everyone. And so Facebook is going to kinda be we're your homepage is and we run everything that you wanna publicize and get out to the biggest audience, and then Instagram is newer in actually owns Instagram now. And so there's a lot of communication between the two so you can use them hand in hand pretty easily. But Instagram's whole focus is on photos and in the real estate industry. That's amazing. Because a picture says a thousand words and showing beautiful photos of a home. You're trying to sell Instagram. I can't think of better platform than Instagram to do that on Instagram tends to have a lot younger of an audience. And so maybe some of the people that are on Instagram might not be your initial target market. But they have parents who might be or they're eventually going to be your market. And so the earlier you can get in front of them. They'll know who you are. And they'll know who you are when they're ready to buy a home. I was told by my daughter that a lot of the younger generation have moved off of Facebook because of to Instagram so much of the older generation had moved onto Facebook. So they went over to Instagram. Now, exactly my youngest brother who is quite a bit younger than me is in college right now, and he Instagram is all him and his friends use. Mike has the same. They don't have Facebook anymore. They keep a Facebook account like their original Facebook account. Just so my mom, they're very mall can still send her stupid little happy say, oh, did you hear this stuff? So that's my youngest brother relates the reason why most people that are under a certain age use Facebook, just they have a Facebook account. They have the easy log in when they create an account somewhere. And then also for misunder, very cool. You talk about Twitter. I was getting there. Okay. Be patient, Sean. Yeah. No Twitter is an interesting one. I did some research before this podcast and wanted to check a little bit on I know Twitter, depending on your industry is really great because it gives you a chance to be really impersonal with a lot of people at one time. But in real estate, I've noticed there's a lot of noise on Twitter, and it's hard to break through into to differentiate yourself on Twitter. So my suggestion for maybe real estate auctions and sales directly is that's a great opportunity to get involved with your community again pretty much every city has a Twitter account. We are here in Kansas City. I live in Kansas City. I follow the Kansas City, Missouri account. I follow the mayor. I follow a ton of Kansas City Centric Twitter accounts. And that's such an opportunity for you to get involved in live and Twitter is almost like the new news for younger people in. So whenever something breaks it's on Twitter before it's anywhere else. And that's an opportunity for you to be involved in your community without even leaving your couch and get your name. Out there and be a part of what's going on around you. So I wouldn't use Twitter almost more of as a relationship building social here. Yes. To your voice instead of necessarily using it to sell and the same philosophy that you had with Facebook. Would you have a personal Twitter account in a business? One hundred percent, okay. My personal Twitter doesn't even use my real name. Gotcha. What about linked in to me Lincoln feels like it's more kind of as we said business to business. So I assume one of the biggest elephants, and that is proof up your professional your bio, your resume on there and make sure that other business professionals when they look at you, they see someone of competent value on somebody. They'd want to do business with exactly right Lincoln is so hyper focused on business that is gonna be where your professional connections are made. And it's also maybe if you own your business, it's a great place to look for hiring. And it's a great place this share within your business community as well. So if you have maybe a pool of people in similar industry who are trying to share. Knowledge between each other. It's a great place to pick up on maybe follow some other real estate companies because they'll post stuff on breast, practices and excetera or other sales companies, and they're gonna post blog posts in best practices in that industry. And it's a great place to grow as a professional. Also gonna mention with being a group of professionals. It's a great place to network and maybe find it's going to be people generally have a higher income source because it's business professionals. So is really good opportunity to maybe network and meet people who are going to be you. Maybe you're more qualified buyers later on there, you go your fear of the real estate or auction business. That's a great place to sync up with people that could be good referrals or lead generators. Exactly people that handle estate sales. Pro Bates of St. divorced attorneys, you know, or bankruptcy US, bankruptcy. Trustees things like that makes you connect with all of them that could be greatly generators this been. Awesome. So far, Joshua exactly what we're looking for. We're going to slip away here from our sponsors. We'll be back. And if you minutes with more from Joshua sue cryan, personal marketing. Thinking about selling a real estate investment, but worried about the taxes you'll have to pay property owners. Just like you have self their tax issue with a starker services. Ten thirty one exchange. One call could save you a fortune in taxes. Call starker services today at eight hundred three three to ten thirty one or visit online at WWW dot starker dot com and keep the tax dollars working for you. Crude oil, natural gas, coal buying and selling minerals is a breeze when you have the right energy professionals on your team mineral, marketing dot com is a leading resource for America's mineral owners, whether you're wanting to lease or sell your mineral rights mineral marketing has you covered mineral marketing dot com, the oil and gas marketplace. 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We took some notes here over that break, and we talked a little bit about county. Keep a portfolio how to use testimonials, and I want to dive into some of that in the back part of this show just to make sure that we're we're kind of rounding out here. What personal marketing can do for your business? Let's talk a little bit about keeping a portfolio. This is such an important part that I think a lot of people either skip or don't know about when making a personal marketing plan, and using personal marketing is keeping portfolio. I think having examples of what you've done and done. Well is such a. A good opportunity to sell yourself because it sells for you. If you have examples of maybe a great sale you've made and the advertisements used to make that great sale or anything related to it that you can put together and a portfolio whether that be a notebook of examples, or maybe you want to create a website or a web page or a blog that just shares the successes that you've had than the more you share that the more at sells for you. And I think that that's such a powerful thing that people often forget to do so looking at like real estate because that's what we're talking about this intially, right? Is you're talking more like your sold portfolio. Definitely if he's behind it definitely both. 'cause I would almost maybe create like a one sheet every time you sell a piece of real estate, maybe create some sort of piece of paper that has a short right up on what it was about. And what that property had with some photos of it to not only just show perspective buyers and sellers, but. Just to have on to show anybody that you need to sell to. And also always keep any marketing piece you ever do because it shows the power behind your brand, and your what you're doing it shows proof of performance the sales that you've had that portfolio to your point. It's a way for people to you. It's instant credibility. It's somebody has confiscated if they can see that. Oh, well, you've sold all these properties. Obviously, you must know what you're doing. So I almost think that that is detrimental to your career. If you don't have something like the, especially if you're season if you've been in business for ten years. How can you be in business for ten years? Not sell anything. I wanna see once you've done exactly blows my mind, if somebody doesn't have it and mmediately, maybe if I'm out looking to use someone's services, if they don't have a portfolio it's almost a red flag. It's kinda like if you're gonna go hire a graphic designer to work for your company, and they don't have anything. They can show you what they've done. Why should you hire them? Yeah. That's a problem. That's a problem. I gotta see. See example might not even know how to do it. They might just be saying that they do do you find that that happens more in society today than I I mean, I don't how long you've been in business, but in thirty years ago, you taking somebody kind of at face value. This is no, you know, we do this professionally now when you meet people on the street, hell, they do everything. They're a master of everything, you know, almost wanna say happens less today. Just because you can back it up on the internet. If you do a quick Google search, and they nothing comes up. Yeah. You couldn't find that person unless you went into their office. And, you know, sat down main appointment, and they had it all printed out in a book for you. Now. I was just online, right? So it's easy to find out. If there I got from college who's a freelance designer, and I don't think he would make it as a freelancer at all. If you didn't have everything he did on the internet. Yeah. Well, that makes sense that makes it I've just I'm getting more skeptical of people, I think the tone of business professionals used to be to me, it was a lot more deliberate kind of in their actions years ago than today. It's easy to talk to somebody today. -absolutely we can do it. We can do it and they get the job than they figure it out later. You know, kind of relying on the fact that you knew how to do this. When asked to that gets really frustrating. Testimonials utilizing testimonials I'd love to talk about that before we in the podcast because I think that's a nice way to wrap. This up testimonials is that proof of performance. Exactly. It's high so much into having your portfolio, and honestly, I would conclude testimonials in your portfolio, simply for the fact that testimonial is somebody that you had a successful business transaction with praising you, and I would ask everyone that you ever do business with to give testimonial to you. Whether it's good or bad. So that way you have them in. If it does happen to be bad. You know where you can improve on. It's a critique it's like Google review. And when you do something wrong, you can look back in correct on that. And then you can share the good ones and the more good ones, you have if you took a thick three ring binder full of positive testimonials and slam it on a desk. That's gonna look really powerful to people around you that you're trying to use. The banks. Lot of sense testimonials is something that comes with obviously experience failed ago on time. This is interesting. We were talking about you have any testimonials. He goes. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. And it was his aunt to family. Yeah. His dentist. Dog in. He put his pop print right there. What do you mean? He doesn't love me. That's my kids. I made them do it. It's in crayon. If it testimonials incri on what's the validity of that? Let depend on how all the handwriting is. That's true fair if it's really incredible handwriting. Even if their kid, right, it, I might take some credibility to it. Listen, if you didn't do your workforce 'Same street that testimonials not gonna work in my book. If it's in Cray on. That's the only exemption I'm gonna give you if you do somebody's just didn't have a pen. All they had was cramped. If you did some high profile work for Sesame Street, and they wrote you straight. They wrote you a testimony in Cray on. All right. That's pretty cool X somebody who worked on sesame street's resume might look like all the tier. Yeah. Like isn't. Lacquer Doni, art and cranny, Rony art nice. We have drifted off track as usual, Joshua. Let's Solis recant. Let's talk about personal marketing remember personal branding because at the height of this. We were talking about the purple cow. Right. That's how we started this. That's how we're going to end this be the purple cow be the purple count in the field. And and and get noticed get the business. That's what it's all about. If you're in sales. Gotta stand out be that purple Cal. This all starts with you. Right starts with you. You wanna be the brand that you want people around you to perceive, and it's not about putting out a false profile of yourself. It's taking the best aspects of you. And what you do best and highlighting them and making sure that that's what people see I and you wanna make sure everybody sees what you're good at. So that way they shoes you before they choose this other person over here, who's a Brown cow or a grey cow or whatever normal might always. See you want to be the different cow. Nice. Very nice. And this all boils down to if you're going to start marketing start with the plan, everything takes planning, but be ready to adapt because it will change the elevator speech. We talked about you should be able to some who you are. And what you do in one minute or less. Exactly. And then Abouna time it takes from one floor to the second less. You're on our elevator. Vader. You've got twenty five minutes all the elevator in the United country. Stay elevator. Is you know? Be on that elevator. If you stayed in it events network, go to vents network network network and not just the vents your community get involved in your community. Absolutely. We talked about social media and the importance of social media. I think you rank those well, I think the overview of it's not the kids that are on Facebook anymore hits people that are business professionals there the buyers and sellers and the real estate noxious markets and the consumer products markets that the kids have moved on their on Instagram now. So utilize those tools for personal marketing for brand marketing, I really love what you said about creating a personal page keep that personal page up there to do, you know, happy birthday mom. You know, here's pictures of the kids, but create a company page greet a business page on there and utilize it. Well, it's like they always say don't mix business and pleasure there there it is there. It is your portfolio is your proof of performance. Just like testimonials that is what you have done what you're capable of doing. And it's it's outside validation that you'll do great job. If employed and wrap all this up. We want to thank Mr. Joshua sucre for being in the studio with us today. Trina as always it's good to spend time with you. We look forward to seeing you next time inside the cell ring episode has ended but your journey to craziness continues to excess old wing sources links mentioning today show head over to WWW done the sale ring dot com now, that's.

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