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Armstrong and getty. Radio! Food and Jackass on radio in an introduction that was holy, God. Nobody, does it better? We do want another it's. Such a bizarre. Apologize for that all right, go go! I remember your facing. And now he. Armstrong and getty. froms studios. Days near dimly lit roll. Deep within the bowels, the Armstrong and Getty Communications compound and today on little Wednesday were under the tutelage of our general manager Kim. Jong own the world's most powerful people. Might Call Information Party party hands-on. We both as an old toy. The fat little wobbly thing. Did you miss out on the we? Did we wobble, but they don't fall down Hawas that sounds. gingery toy. He doesn't like that. Two of the most dangerous borders in the world of in violence overnight, so and what do y'all good things were getting so dull. Thorough melts into the bank, so blessed I said to the last night. Is there no controversy? Is there? No anger is just boring. So a India and Pakistan the other one get north and South Korea and India, and Pakistan, actually got into it in. Killing each other in hand to hand combat. In Indian China I'm sorry. Indian Chuck, all right India and China which is horrifying, because China's a giant giant nuclear power India's a giant giant clear par and these people were killing each other in hand to hand combat. Yeah. WOW small arms knives couple big roster's going at it. They're exactly yeah. Heavyweight fight a two billion count hand to hand combat. Yeah, good point like you know well, and if they decide to jump ugly, I mean they could just send wave after wave of human beings to their doom, which you know, nobody wants what a third of the world's population, and that'd be something anyway. Yeah, so you get North Korean South, Korea! With things get blown. People Killed and same with. China India so there you go I'll be danged. The something something different think about what is it with that part of the world? Is it the humidity? Everybody's very tense. It's probably the totalitarianism. or the humidity and then I saw somewhere. They're trying to somebody who was trying to tear down Kista door statues. Did you see that I did so? When did Can Kista so Thomas Jefferson Statue got? In front of a high school in Portland horrible still down as far as I know. That! That crosses the line into something pretty serious. When you know, confed, your confederate statues are one thing, and you can have arguments each way. Yeah, if you can't name school in America after. The writer of the Declaration of Independence, and have their statue about side been wearing a really different territory, right? The keystone sourcing. Yeah, that's what I brought. That about Jefferson lately I'm or or later rather. DEAL! That's a big deal. I know I I can't be held back. But when when did CAN KISTA doors become a problem? The very name Jacks vanished for conquerors, please they they run row ran roughshod over the native people, but isn't the whole. We didn't cross the border. The Border Cross dos I e s that is the Spanish people the descendants of the CAN K-. K- center reasons late. In recent the reason we have millions and millions of people that speak Spanish is because that's correct. Pain came to Mexico, but see in the tradition of people who make that sort of claim. Jack, and it's going on all over the world as we speak, they pick a particular sliver of history and say all was the one that religion it ownership. was set out now. People have that. Before as they. Nobody does where they were. They just left my Texas. When we had it, that was legit. Then the next people have it. They're evil conquers colonialists right right. Angry and you know every landmass on earth has been owned by seventy seven different civilizations through the epochs. And then a quick check in on the I was just wondering myself personally on the sports I just saw a headline that the Commissioner Baseball said I am not sure we're going to be playing baseball significant because only three days ago. He said I'm one hundred percent sure we'll have a CCD really he did. He said on one hundred percent. Sure Yeah, you can't say you're one hundred percent sure about something. And then two days later said I don't think it's going to. Consider being good at your job. Unless you're a hard ass, and he is a hard ass and my baseball insiders. Tell me there's the enemy. No baseball really players. Association is Super Torqued off at the owners. The owners are hard Hainanese. Themselves as is the commissioner. And and the players are not being terribly cooperative, but then the NBA Commissioner I saw his and I'm sorry. It's worth pointing out that the many many thousands of people who aren't an owner or a baseball player, but make their living major league baseball will get nothing. And like just absolutely nothing nothing. You're hot dog vendor vendor security guards groundskeepers to a extent although they were selling for a living. Yeah, right I'm Pires everybody, the nobody's get nothing and the super rich hard hindsight or saying now you got to be a tough time in history. Few sing the national anthem well. He's singing at home in the shower I guess yeah. But not a lot of adulation. No, now while you gotTA. Do It for the love of it. Let's introduce everybody in the squad to kick off the show. There's our board operator. Michelangelo Pressing Buttons Flip toggles running some sort of foot pedals. It's an old time machine. Hurry this morning on 'em. How are you this morning? Michael, I'm doing good, although I'm worried that there may not be any NFL may or may not be as in touch on the most popular sport in America whether or not, there's going to be I've always assumed there would be football, but the summers dragged on. And We're getting closer to the season. And if it does happen, it will be highly politicized all right Oh. Golly, sorry. I interrupted. You know I'm just thinking if you're an alternate sport like Darts Croquet Darlings. This is your time to shine. You've got to step up and make it entertaining for people and Arts a particularly good example. To people with masks, no crowd very safe except for getting a the head. Count Line. These are professional, but this is your time to shine oddly Jack, they play sober. I've never played darts sober. I thought it was against the rule. Twelve I mean come on. I've played thousands of hours of darts. and. Always quite inebriated around other people quite in Hebrew to. Nobody ever caught DART. I'm surprised that never happened in all the drunken dark games I was in in my life. I think it has the benefit of being so obviously dangerous. He was completely Amer is aware of it right, I mean if you're if you're a super hammered swinging golf clubs, guys get accidentally conked. because. It's not obviously a threat of death. You're hurling needles through there. Even the most by item among US recognize the hazard. You could be knee walking drunk I still occurs Tan is like Oh, knife in my. There is positive. Sean who smile lights up the remark Sean doing very well now I've been seen a lot of articles. The last several days about the the influx of the Robin Hood traders on the the financial markets now the Robin Hood traders are being used as a shorthand term for rob from the poor and give to the rich I assume or not the other way around. As Jones pointed out he was actually stealing from the government and giving back to the people Libertarian the. It is shorthand for the new retail investors largely propelled by commission. Free Trading Robin Hood is the APP that kind of pressure, a lot of the other trading brokerage firms to get rid of their their trade fees and. A study has shown that the retail investors in the first quarter have been outperforming the picks of hedge funds during the market Golden comeback cording to Goldman Sachs. Retail investors now the the way they did the study, their basket of equities, the most popular stocks being purchased by these the this influx of new retail investors is up about sixty one percent compared to the forty five percent of the hedge funds over the same period mile, and that is interesting, yeah, the the hive mind or just A. There seems to be a shift in the dynamic of. they're no longer the gatekeepers of of commission trades and I it's it's similar to what the Internet did with a lot of media stuff now. It's just kind of made it worse. The best example, too. It's the same way that you know. Youtube disrupted CNN and a lot of ways. Because now everybody can do it. And yet wolf blitzer remains inexplicably. I read another Article Wall Street Journal about how trading has changed in the last year. So in a explains a lot of what's going on, but anyway maybe we'll get to that later. I'm Jack Armstrong he's Joe Getty on this already. It is Tuesday. June sixteenth got already have the way through June like the solstice. National Pessimism Day that they start getting shorter just five days away from the longest day of the year, and then we're and we're headed into getting darker in the coronas still around and no sports. Cry. We're Armstrong getting we approve this program. All right then let's begin the show officially now. According to FCC rules, regulations getting started at mark, so the most for the remember you know okay so. So so then so some people you know. And stuff, and then and then other people were they hey. And then other people like. Hey. You should to hear that stuff. It's good. They're doing that stuff, and then you. Should be doing that stuff. Around his three. That's a random gent who appears very mountain. Man asked giant, Gray, bushy beard, long crazy, gray, wild hair, nice, and he that was his impression of what what what the world is like right now. As you. Say! Well that's analysis right there. I'd listen to his talk. Show like it when you. Do of. And other views in. A. Informed as I'd be watching twelve hours cable. House Mel Bag Oh, it's the most horrendous pile of tripe. You've ever heard life. Awesome and other news today on the way. The Armstrong and getty show. We got no sports to watch Michael. Suggested the professional darts. Now we're getting texts from people either been hit by a dart or seen. People get hit by Dr Scott I never saw it in all my years of drunken darting. Bars all across this great land. This person says they. They were at a balloon pop booth. At a Carnival Cho- boy and DART sailed over. The Boo Ono. Standard off the head coach. Shimano stuck in his forehead. Better than your I, yeah, but holy cow. Luckily, Carney's are trained in Advanced Medical Response Jack. At off. You want a cigarette. mouth-to-mouth. Oh No, let me tie. freedom-loving quoted today sent along by Ian and Tijuana. That's right. People get mad when I say Tijuana T wan. WanNa. It's actually from Dr Seuss. We can discuss. Jose Rights. I'm sorry. Ian I'm Jose Ian Wright's. Being an extreme libertarian! Antisocial this quote stretch Muria from Dr Seuss. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who don't mind. Like that except that, you'll get your job taken away from you these days. Dr Seuss. Dr. Dear Team A and G mark has out for jog today. Last leg of my route goes over a small arts book bridge in back to my street. I always sprint the home stretch. There will never be another day going down that bridge that I don't scream momentum. At least internally you're right. Best Police, one word tweet ever. Pretty funny talking about how he jogged down last part of that rampant west point momentum. Very nice. Alien Animus rights just won Gina know that after being loyal listener for ten years. Thanks ailing I know. Is this going toward? I can't ever listen again. No, actually it's not or the other direction now Sean. This is the thing we were discussing moment to go after a loyal listener for ten years Bob of I you guys have started showing up in my dreams the other night while I was sleeping. You guys showed up in my dream. You were singing and dancing. The Carol Baskin Song. Care Bath. KIELDER HAS! Happy. Then, tigers snack. Factor. And she writes she signs of chaos, IPTF keep sheltering in place to flatten the economy. Right. Lean op-ed. We're going to get to buy scientific types. Crunching the numbers in the Wall Street Journal today really went through the numbers and say we got to open up. That had a marginal decrease in the number of deaths, according to their numbers as long as we're talking about the Chinese bat fever. Let's see back here I, believe in my stack of fabulous emails from you. Good people. You can email us anytime. Mail at Armstrong and GETTY DOT com. Mail Meghan Armstrong and getty dot com social, distancing very important, closing down businesses barely accomplished anything according to the wall, Street Journal today and their number crunching Hashtag flat in the economy. Unbelievable Dave from Yorktown rights, and this is an excellent point, and we've touched on this a couple of times through the months, but probably not enough without context, the covid nineteen death numbers are suspect what we never here is. What's the Delta from normalcy? And so it stats term, but you'll get it in two thousand seventeen for instance to the CDC in a four-month period on average, nearly nine hundred thousand Americans die of health related causes. What are the total number of deaths? The health related deaths in twenty twenty for the past four months that Delta. The difference is more a more accurate estimation than can be attributed to the virus. The to simplify it a huge majority of the folks who passed from the covert, not everybody but a huge majority. Old Sick of weakened. Somehow in the chances are quite good. They would've passed from something else now. How good I don't know as as Davis pointing out. We need that number. And, it's not a question of deciding whether it's a conspiracy against trump or the greatest threat to mankind ever it's a question of what do we decide policy wise to respond to it, and do we for instance crush the economy. Without any solid information that that's still a good idea. Moving long. Boy a lot of people weighing in on Chazar. Chop or whatever they're calling it to the. Occupied zone in Seattle Dave. Suggest calling it chop. Suey capitol, Hill occupied, protests, sickly, undernourished, evil youth. That's that's a bit of stretch their Dave venomous stretch. Let's see Vince from Idaho wants to know. I feel like this movement has escalated so much because we're paying all these people thousand dollars a week, not the work into continue to destroy cities and towns any chance we can get a list of the citizens of Chazan back. Charge them for legal using American benefits I. Love that idea events. Good call now chop. Continues, and we have an update on that among other things coming up on the Armstrong and getty show. Armstrong and getty. The Armstrong and getty. Show. What men and women attractive in each other on the way, and also we need to check in as we mentioned two of the most dangerous borders in the world got violent overnight in. We should touch on that. Why have you tried to silence me? Michael Liberal. Make citing economic news out Jack. Things are very positive on here. Momentarily, sure know. Goes up and down but funny note here from Emily and Cal Unicorn. Yesterday while listening the fourth hour of the show via podcast I got extremely worried that Joe. It had a stroke while on air. That's me. I can assure you I am unstressed as of yet in fact, my. Well I had a doctor's appointment. Yesterday we went over my various lab tests I to be in fine health. Except perhaps for my blood glucose, which is slightly. Hi, it's It's on the road to diabetes is barely it's like Los, Angeles, four hundred and sixty two miles. You're on the road. Los Angeles but you can turn around if you'd like that. You have control over the lifestyle or is that something? To a person nights it's it's in until you pass a tipping point. You can absolutely do with Diet you. Lose weight you avoid carbs, and that sort of stuff so is. Is You know get you abs done folks good. You can nip the stuff in the bud before you suddenly find yourself in Los Angeles. which you know if you live in Los, Angeles is probably a poor metaphor, but I see I think you see my point anyway. So, then once Jack started talking on seemed like he had suffered the same stroke than I realized my sixteen month old played with my phone and set the podcast to half speed Oh. That's funny Thanks for the unintentional laugh. Yeah, I'm sure that's that's fine. Oh, speaking of people with an odd manner of speaking sean that the the champion played us earlier, the wild bearded fence, so the most four. Z. you gotta remember. You know 'cause so so sedated so some some people. Were and stuff, and then and then other people were hey. And then. When I saw a picture of him, it reminded me of the Cracker Kroger Guy. Bush ragging. Warren, Kroger Kroger going around white. Which is just priceless from Mel? Brooks blazing saddles, he does look exactly like that character. And I knew you would enjoy this. That actor was the same. Is the same guy who was a cruel deputy in first blood, the first Rambo movie who beat stallone down and was terrible to him and the rest of it same guy. I mean the range on that. Come on both sides of the law I please. He's No side, wind and power crack. So I, see Trotta joke. Trump is tweeting with lots of exclamation points about the retail sales numbers which I have not seen. Is that what you're? Jackie retail sales are up seventeen point seven percent. Economists had expected. Why do they even tell us this? It's the biggest one month increase of all time. Well ovation up right harshly because we are in such a trough, but that is still good news. It had dropped sixteen point four percent in April, but is up seventeen point seven percent in May. Retail sales, excluding auto and gas, you don't want to include those or twelve point four. I'm a little confused. Because enough enough stores opened up or did we stop buying even online Darah month or We got our heads around. This whole. Auto and Listen to this, would you? Okay! It's broken down here. consumer spending online rose nine percent one point three at grocery stores and macy's sales at department stores jumped by almost thirty seven percent since they're open. Furniture Stores showed a ninety percent increase in spending. Sporting goods rose eighty eight point two percent. This was a sitting around at home. My furniture is not good right, right? My baseball MITTS worn out sales, electronics, stores, surge, fifty percent and spending it. Clothing retailers skyrocketed one hundred and eighty eight percent. Auto parts gasoline food sales from food services up almost thirty percent spending on building materials increased about allows good yeah. It is we're back and better never folks for everybody hating everybody and quarter of the people being out of work in the Ryan's and a lot of those people making more money, being out of work than if they went to work, which I don't know how you unwind that hurt a couple more examples of that yesterday. How do you unwind that I've listened experts talk about it. It's going to be complicated. Cut The cheques. Get back to work. You Lazy Bums. That's what you say. and if their jobs are there, then you give them more unemployment. Somebody texted this tweet. Maybe I could. FACEBOOK's. And then this techniques, Graham, picture of that screen capture been printed out and put in the mail and fax it to someone's great aunt. Fax It to my great aunt, anyway, I don't know who this person was commenting on the people of Chop or whoever? Some of you have done nothing with your life and your mad. You have a college degree in smartphone with access to virtually anything, and you can barely get out of bed in the morning while you spit on people who built a whole world with nothing but a horse map and ax. Is Pretty. Bad is pretty darn good. That's strong. You Know I. What Are we going to do here? Oh what people find attractive. One of our beloved listeners sent us. A video videotape John cleese then on extremism John cleese of monty python fame, who also was a visiting professor at? Cambridge and then American University and is a brilliant guy, can't even guess what his Iq is a but talking about the appeal of extremism. Maybe we can get to that next thing. I want to check on the in on these borders. Before we get to the male female thing, you should probably know this news. It's kind of interesting, so remember when trump walked across the border with. With little fat head there in North Korean nobody'd ever done anything like that and was absolutely amazing and it Kim was the first person in his family to step across the border into south. Korea and everybody smile well. Then they built this little building. They called the Liaison Office where they could all meet after years, of South, Korea north, Korean not even speaking to each other. They built this building where they could meet. North Korea blew up. So that's the end of that, I guess, but they didn't shut it down. They blew it up that in changed the locks and instead word cancelling the meeting on Tuesday. They didn't sell it to a grocery outlet. Just blew it up. They split it and apparently that was on the orders of his sister. CASSIE sister, who we've all come to know who's starting to assert herself, remember. She's the woman. The NBA. The I'm sorry. The NBC folks called the Bianca Jagger the and help if I had these. righty vodka trump of. Trump of North Korea. She's so beautiful she has people killed in blow things up. I find her oddly attractive. I don't. Psychologically I want to be dominated. Obviously I've read about this. And then the other border that's troubling is India and China up in the Himalayas. Some Indian troops were apparently killed by Chinese soldiers in close quarter combat. Just as the two countries, we're trying to settle things down because they had a little dust up a while back, but nobody was killed. Preliminary reports today indicate that the soldiers on Indian soldiers had not been shot, but had been killed. In a brawl with rocks and wooden clubs, holy cow are marriage is sir. Wow. And they say as many as twenty soldiers, Indian soldiers were taken captive by the Chinese believes are still being held by the Chinese. That's a serious problem of tension. Tensions longest unmarked border in the World Jack Twenty one hundred miles of frontier mountain territory, tastic hate to be in a rock club fight unless you're a secretary of Hud right now, but unless you're Ben Carson you. Don't WanNa get into a club Marach fight. He's used to that. Right back to North Korea, the reason they're pissed. Is that the dissidents? Escapees escapees. What do you call them defectors? From North Korea have been sending leaflets into North Korea generally via balloons, saying hey, here in the south people live well. They're educated. We have plenty the rest of IT and North Korea's angry about that and threatened to send its own leaflets in South Korea. I'm South Korea I'm saying go ahead. You can come to the North and starve to death if you'd like and you'll be beaten if you complain about it. Gee, I don't know honey north sounds pretty attractive. You got any any thoughts. Please send all the pamphlets. You want you dirty commies. And now this men and women don't know what the other gender finds attractive according to a new study. It's interesting that they went the way they went about this. They had men and women. Draw a picture of their ideal body type for the opposite sex so I. draw a picture of what I think is the the hottest woman and the women draw a picture. What do they think is the hottest man I'm so bad at drawing? You wouldn't even be able to tell a human. What is that a coffee table? And it's interesting. They did it twice once. With short term relationships I like that phrase people you find sexually attractive. I guess just that's all the on your mind, and with long term relationships in mind, and they ended up with the same results. Men and women. Have seemed to have misconstrued over the years. What the other gender is looking for as far as body type of men thought women wanted someone more muscular and women thought men wanted someone more thin. which this doesn't actually surprise me, but you know. Maybe this'll be good information. Get out there. The idea that women are looking for big bodybuilder types. That's not what the average woman drew for what she's looking for and run into few women who express. Yeah I know and I just just yeah, just my life, experience and singing, who attractive women Mary has led me to believe that that is. A false notion put on us by what bodybuilding magazines movies I. Don't know what that's just. That's not been the case in my life really ever. I've known a few women like that type of Guy, but very few yeah, and the other way around. Apparently, most men are not going for the super skinny stick figure that women seem to think, and they're probably misled by magazines and TV shows shore bachelorette embarrassing voice. Both. Those solo things appeal to. Certainly there's somebody for everybody, but on average yeah. men were attracted to drew pictures of. Much less stick, figure, women and women because Oh. Did I I? Don't know if I said this. Which Ruins the experiment? Then they had each sex. Draw what they think. The other sex want So women drew skinny pictures of women. Thinking that's what men want. Men drew not as skinny pictures which should be good news for everybody, right? You don't have to be a bodybuilders man. You don't have to be a stick. Figure is a woman to be attractive to the opposite sex super general that is goodness. It's weird that as human beings since mating is the aside from breathing the most powerful urge we have is finding a mate. It's weird that we've gotten completely off track I think it relates to the frequently voiced theme around here that instead of perceiving the world through our eyeballs were perceiving the world through the eyeballs of those who feed us mass-media pre mass media you. You're only idea of what women look like what have been your local. They're like women roughly by age married in this town, right? And you notice there four five gals usually hanging around Jimmy the blacksmith shop. You know he's sees he's fit. He's not huge. But he's fit. Exactly a little good news get Greta the barmaid over there who come on to put down the way to have a doughnut. That's what I'm. Working on your personality, yeah, exactly, your personality martling is interesting, friendly smile, the be interesting. That's good rich. Oh boy. Back to cynicism. Good to be home, we were just about the break. Well. The Armstrong and getty show. CNN is just released released a list of statues. Plaques etc across the country. That should be removed because of. Various bad things. These people did through the current lens of time. Right or as Tim. Sandoval pointed out a prominent abolitionists statue was ripped down because he's an old white guy. We're going. That's the enemy. Can talk more about that in a little bit if you want to. Speaking of which this is so terrific, John cleese of Monty Python Fame, and actually you've never watched fawlty towers, which was a sitcom sort of he did after Monty Python, watch out with my dad was really enjoyed. The funniest things ever made just awesome. Absolutely hilarious fawlty towers spelled within Wfan W. he had a temper problem. Basil Fawlty is he did. Rather severe one, but. This is actually John, cleese, who? As I mentioned was has been a visiting professor at a couple of universities and I have a collection of his lectures in book form, and it's absolutely brilliant, absolutely full of insight. He did this thirty years ago now at the beginning. There's like a Britishisms to don't get hung up. This is John cleese on extremism. We've heard a lot about extremism recently Nastya harsher atmosphere everywhere have more abuse and boy, behavior, friendliness, tolerance, and respect for us all. What we never hear about extremists. Is, it's a bondage use. Well the biggest advantage of extremism is that it makes you feel good. Because it provides you with enemies, then explain. The great thing about having enemies is that you can pretend, but all the badness in the whole world is in your enemies and all the goodness in the whole world. Is it you? Attractive, isn't it? So if you have a lot of anger and resentment in you anyway and therefore enjoy abusing people. Then you can pretend that you're only doing it. Because these enemies of you also such very bad persons and that. If it wasn't for them, you'd actually be good, natured and courteous of rash of all the time. So if you want to feel good, become an extremist, okay? And, then he gets into lists of. Left and right wing extremists in Britain and their list of enemies, and he says Oh, we have a fine list on the right as well and that sort of thing, but I'm not. That was very good at you. Know as as we've been discussing. I guess I brought up that there. When you get swept up in a political movement, it is very much like feeling in love emotionally falling in love It's it's exciting. You know you just super enthusiastic. Everybody's coming together your arms around each other and declaring autonomous zones and the rest of it. It's intoxicating the problem, though with all political movements is that. Independent thinking immediately becomes group, thinking or mob, thinking because you WanNa be part of the group to stay in love with it, and the first thing a mob loses is its conscience, and we're seeing that right here and you've all seen one hundred examples that in your life people doing things in a huge group. They would never do if they could be seen as an individual I stopped by a target yesterday, as I was trying to find the last copy of minecraft that exists in the nation to put in an intendo switch. Is My son was getting a medical procedure done, but anyway so I. Stop at this target and I go back there night. And they and having done a lot of research, they had the last couple of craft and so I bought it, and she said I need to walk up to the front with this and I said. Do People Steal these that often? It can't make it from the back of the store to the front of the. The store, and she said no I'd ring you back here, but the other day. When they broke in here, they took all the cash registers. I said when who broke in her. When the rights the other night from the George Floyd thing, I said really so yeah, so when there was rioting in my town I didn't know that I didn't know that either. I had no idea when there was rioting and leander reported. Yeah, I would say. I would say when there was writing in my town, they broke into the target, went to the back of the store and took all the cash registers in addition to a ton of stuff. Obviously you a ton of merchandise, but all the cash register now gone and the. Multi gazillion dollar target corporation is yet to replace the cash registers and a lot of the stuff, and probably going to wait and see what happens for awhile, not gonNA. Put out a fresh crop of cash register to be stolen by the way who wants a cash register and getting told cash in there and get into what John cleese said. There you know you excuse your own bag behavior. There's a certain crowd that would be willing to break into a target and steal stuff. I'm not one of them there. There is no political cause that would ever lead me to break into a target and steal merchandise. There just isn't. I gotTA believe you're the sort of person that would I mean. He's saying you're you're you're you're you're projecting the idea that? If the other bad people went away, you would stop doing this stuff. Right the crowd that's willing to smash windows. I'm never going to smash a window. What if the windows already smashed and people are going in and out and you see A in your size. That's really appealing. Go in there leave twenty dollars, but you're right. Oddly under reported, I had not heard. That far from this radio station that target got just completely decimated. Doesn't make the news that much year run counter. It's all there on the right side of history, so let's not get caught up in that whole thing right did it undermines our narrative, which is that this is the good and righteous expression of good and righteous indignation, and to some extent, Bailey thing well right. Yeah, to some extent it is, but yeah it. It gets more and more extremist and harder to understand and you go from Tarran down. Of stonewall Jackson to Thomas Jefferson to one of the leading abolitionists of his time. Because you're a mob, you've lost your conscience. You've lost your ability to think rationally. And all you're doing is seeking out the enemy, because they are the seat of all evil in the world, and you are the seat of all good. It feels good when you're doing it, but it is morally indefensible, not only does the news not wanNA report because it runs it. The narrative I'll bet target is afraid to speak out and say anything make Moore as much of a ruckus about it. They've changed the name of the chain of stores to target of looters. and.

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