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Full Episode: Friday, July 27, 2019


Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the road infested attack this time the president going after a top ranking member of Congress slamming the district he serves calling it filthy a place that no human being would would wanna live already house speaker Nancy Pelosi calling his comments racist trump's wall money the White House claiming a major victory at the Supreme Court says the administration can use billions from the Pentagon to build his border wall so we'll construction begin also breaking tonight. The American teens held for murder overseas accused of killing a police officer at a drug deal allegedly went bad and tonight authorities in Rome say they have a confession protested the streets in two major cities more than a thousand attained in Moscow and tear gas fired at demonstrators in Hong Kong defending the neighborhood after a rash of robberies one homeowner pulling a gun to scare off team suspects before a second homeowner homeowner pulled the trigger hitting one of them while traffic assault a suspect damaging several vehicles before ripping a sunroof off one car and attacking an officer with it and extreme heat temperatures pushing triple digits as the West swelters and tonight the growing concerns about the wildfire friends even seen this is a._b._c. news tonight and good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom Llamas and we begin tonight. With president. President trump again being called the racist after a nasty new attack on top ranking member of Congress and the district that he serves the president on Twitter Today Attacking House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings calling his district which includes parts of Baltimore and majority black rat and wrote infested mess that no human would wanna live in the attack follows critical remarks cummings made when the Acting Homeland Security Secretary testified before Congress earlier this month about the conditions in migrant attention centers house speaker Nancy Pelosi swiftly condemning the comment as racist and she's not alone A._B._C.. White House correspondent Terry pull Mary's at the White House tonight the president lashing out at yet another minority member of Congress this time Congressman Elijah Cummings and his district correct calling it a disgusting rat and rodent-infested Mess President Trump taking on the chair of the House Oversight Committee tweeting. He's a brutal bully after this exchange over the treatment of migrant children with the acting head of Homeland Security at a hearing last week come on man what's that about none of us would have children in that position they are human beings but the president didn't didn't stop their writing Maryland Seventh district that Cummings represents is far worse more dangerous than the southern border adding. It's a filthy place and no human being would want to live there. The district includes most of Baltimore the state's largest city the majority of its residents black. It's not the first time the president has used the word infested as an insult shortly before taking office. He suggested that civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis is district which includes Atlanta it's quote falling being apart and crime infested an earlier this month Congress voted to condemn the president for racially charged comments about four Congress women of color telling the members who are all American citizens to quote go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came one of those congresswoman Ilhan Omar Minnesota was born in Somalia the crowd at a recent trump rally taunting her today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recalling the President's latest attack racist and C._N._n.. Anchor Victor Blackwell who was raised in Cummings district breaking down on the air that no human would wanna live there you know who did Mr President I did people are proud of their commute muted cummings defending his record tweeting Mr President I go home to my district daily each morning I wake up and I go and fight for my neighbors a terrible. Mary joins US now from the White House terror. We hurting your report that hearing with Representative Cummings Cummings that angered the president was more than a week ago. Do we know what prompted this rant. Today Tom All we can't be sure the president's tweet came about an hour after a Fox News segment showing video piles of trash and abandoned buildings in West Baltimore tomorrow it also showed people saying that they believe that they are living in worth living conditions than the people on the border. Tom therapa Mary frozen. I'd Tara thank you none of the other major headline involving the White House tonight the Supreme Court ruling in five four decision and that two point five billion dollars in Pentagon funds may be used to build the southern border wall the president calling a big victory so when does building begin and what legal challenges are standing in the way A._B._C.'s Rachel Scott has had a supreme court in President Trump's fight to. Doda Wall along the U._S.. Mexico border a victory the Supreme Court clearing path for the administration to reallocate two point five billion dollars in defense funds for wall construction money that was previously frozen by a lower court five to four the courts conservative majority rule does funds may be used even as court challenges continue that money earmarked for projects that would include replacing more than one hundred miles a barrier the administration pushed for a quick decision to finalize contracts by September December thirtieth the president quickly celebrating the decision as a big win for border security and rule of law those lower court challenges say that Congress has the power of the purse not the president and Congress considered the wall but denied it. The long promised border wall all a cornerstone of the president's two thousand sixteen campaign so we're going to build a wall. It'll be a great wall. Mexico's GonNa pay for the wall. Mexico is not paying trump has struggled to make significant gains in his border wall construction and much of what has been built has replaced existing barriers ahead of the twenty twenty election. The president has continued his hardline on immigration promising to build four hundred miles a border wall by the end of next year. He absolutely needs this border wall to be under construction. If he is going to be able to go to his supporters and say keep America great all right Rachel Scott joins us now from outside the Supreme Court Rachel this ruling was just one step as you mentioned legal challenges continue and opponents of the border wall say the fights not over Tom that's right this was a ruling on funding and so while the trump administration can temporarily move forward the issue of the border wall is likely to come back right here to the Supreme Court sometime this year. Tom Rachel Scott for US tonight. Rachel thank you and George will have much more on this and all the political headlines tomorrow tomorrow on this week. Make sure to tune in but we do move on out of the arrest of to American teens in Rome accusing police officers murder Italian authorities say Finnegan elder in Gabriel Hayworth both from San Francisco fatally stabbed a police officer after an alleged alleged drug deal gone wrong they also say they have a confession with a knife reportedly found hidden inside their hotel room. A._B._C.'s David Wright with the details still coming in tonight. These two Americans are behind bars at Rome's Regina Celli Prison Finnegan Lee elder and Gabriel Christian tally heure tourists from San Francisco seeing here reportedly moments after being detained in their hotel room. Police say the to have confessed to being involved in a violent altercation that resulted in the death breath an Italian police officer. The policeman stabbed during a scuffle at three A._M.. Friday with two people suspected of stealing a backpack from another man and then trying to ransom it back police say it was a drug deal gone bad the suspect seen here in surveillance images fled the scene police say they've found overwhelming evidence in the suspects hotel room including the alleged murder weapon cleverly concealed behind one of the ceiling tiles and blood-stained clothing clothing supposedly worn in the attack Italian media report their bags were packed flights booked police murders are rare in Italy so this case is politically charged Brigadier Mareo Church Cello Rageh was thirty five years old a newlywed on Monday. His funeral will take place at the same church where he was married just over a month ago tonight. The family of one of the suspects issued a statement we are shocked and dismayed at the events that have been reported they said adding we have not been able to have any communication with our son in the bay area. One of the suspects neighbors said this Vincent's he was born in. I'm in Chalk. He's one of the nicest neighbors I have. The accusations definitely only shocking David Wright joins us now live David. These two are being charged with aggravated murder attempted extortion. That's right. Tom and conviction could mean life in prison but an important note of caution there have been murder cases before in recent memory in Italy that seemed at first open and shut but turned out later to have lots of questions. We have definitely seen that before all right David. Thank you next tonight at deadly accident inside a pack nightclub overseas leaving several American athletes injured at least two people were killed when a balcony collapsing nightclub hosting team U._S._A.. Water Polo players at an international competition in South Korea for American athletes to women and two men were injured in the accident and overseas protesters clashing with police in a pair of major your cities in Moscow a thousand people were detained during anti-kremlin protest against the exclusion of several opposition candidates from the ballot for the Moscow City Council and in Hong Kong police firing tear-gas and rubber bullets at a crowd that refused to shutdown a protest located the same site where a mob attacked a demonstrator last week none of the cross country manhunt that US Canada on edge two teams at least three murders but no new sightings authorities are going door to door in one Manitoba Town town. Here's A._B._C.'s Morgan solace tonight police in this rural Canadian community desperately searching every home car and train determined to track down these teenage fugitives suspected in three murders the military now arriving. To help we're jittery. I don't sleep a night. Investigators say the crime spree started July fifteenth the bodies of American China DIS and her boyfriend Lucas Fowler found along a highway in British Columbia five days later and three hundred miles away police discovering discovering Leonard Dick all of the victims shot to death investigators linking the murders to nineteen year old Cam McLeod and eighteen year old brier sh- Miguel ski the childhood friends leader spotted more than two thousand miles from the crime scenes. I and this is Scott John Store then in the small town of Gillam Manitoba. The suspects may have inadvertently received assistance in leaving the area the manhunt intensifying while tonight in North Carolina and emotional service celebrating the life of China Dis police in Canada say they believe the suspects may have changed their appearance and tonight. We're told investigators or following up on more than one hundred twenty tips Tom Marsa Gonzales for us more. Thank you in Tulsa tonight. A string of robberies taking a potentially deadly turn when victims neighbor came face to face with one of the suspects and opened fire now that residents under arrest A._B._C.'s Acura Quiche has details tells the neighborhood tonight still shake in from armed robbers and a resident who fired fired. He's gone claiming defense here. Police say two brothers just fifteen in seventeen attempt to rob a man watering his lawn who pulls out his own gun. The fifteen year old flees the other suspects taking off but quickly crashing their getaway car. The road police say would soon ended up on Zach Cooks property in Cook shot him. We are in the kitchen POW POW POW citizens that phone. That's where it is back. We are run out. I'm going to blackmail down. He's talking shot in God that team is expected to survive but for his actions Cook was then charged with intend to Q. Authorities. Say Cook felt he was defending police. Police officers were in trouble. Maybe their life starting or his as well as what he had stated. Originally you know three suspects those two teams in twenty year old Andrew Peyton were charged with armed robbery. Tom Still some mystery tonight on whether that neighbors that cook still faces charges of intend to kill the jails website suggest the charge has been dropped. Tom Zachary thank you note update and that hot car tragedy right here in New York city twin Siblings Stein after eight hours inside out of a vehicle tonight. Their father is under arrest facing manslaughter and homicide charges. Here's A._B._C.'s Kaley Harto tonight a father in jail facing charges after his one year old twins were found dead inside his hot car in New York City city. I was coming out in my building when he was going wrong. The car talk yelling and screaming because not my fault. It was an accident one Rodriguez pleading not guilty in court telling police he forgot her reason and Phoenix were in the car when he went to work a full shift as a social worker at nearby hospital. Do we have any delays after working eight hours. Friday police say the thirty nine year old man got into his car even drove a short distance for realizing the babies were in the backseat still strapped in their rear facing car seats. They weren't breathing foaming from the mouth. Police say Rodriguez immediately pulled over and screamed for help police taking Rodriguez into custody at the scene at least twenty three children have died inside hot cars this year temperatures in New York City yesterday when up to eighty eight degrees tom a sad story all around right Kaley. Thank you none of the extreme heat and mounting wildfire threaten the West some residents in Oregon tonight told to be ready to evacuate evacuate as the milepost ninety seven fire Burns near Canyon Ville one of May of more than forty major fires now burning out west and firefighters also battling smaller pop-up brushfires like this one outside of Los Angeles as triple digit temperature set in they are are dangerous conditions and senior meteorologist Rob Marciano is here now with the latest rob good evening get anytime we are heating up on both coasts but extreme heat warnings have just been issued for the West. Check it out here as high ridge builds in that means that he's going to build into Fresno Palm Springs. He's Phoenix temperatures getting up and over one ten tomorrow heat advisories up in Sacramento parts of Los Angeles little weak front coming through the Interior North West that could produce more fire starts so red fly warnings are up there for Washington. Especially here comes the heat in the east after the latest heat wave if temperatures again in the nineties. We could warminster license 2013 here in Central Park. Tom GonNa get hot all right rob. Thank you and passing to know tonight and the Disney family you may not recognize the name Russi Taylor but you most likely grew up with her. The official the voice of Minnie mouse from more than thirty years has died in Glendale California at the age of Seventy Five Disney CEO Robert Bob Eiger praising Taylor's talent and quote tremendous Spirit Disney of course the parent company of A._B._C. News and there's much more a world news tonight this Saturday a wild crime spree a man damages several vehicles before rip you off a sunroof and use it to attack a traffic agent how the man was finally taken down plus a dream honeymoon turning into a nightmare for an American couple. 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We are a dot com slash tonight. CAPTERRA software selection simplified back now with a honeymoon nightmare for one American couple the groom falling into a volcano on a Caribbean island his new wife climbing into rescue him A._B._C.'s Lana Azzam has a story just days after her wedding came each day nearly became a widow Ariza's completely terrified that my husband was going to die on our honeymoon and to not only to her strength is the reason husband clay is alive. She blows me away and and everything that she does Klay was rappelling down volcanic crater in Saint Kitts came out the top hurt allowed snap and then she no longer hurt her husband buying something. That's going to be really bad and I was really scared about what I was gonna find when I found him. Klay believes his rope snapped causing him to fall thirty to fifty feet a. k. me found his Bandanna his cell phone and then she found him x-ray plan on one but both of our phones neither are set any kind of signal so it just five feet to barely more than one hundred pounds. She dragged her new husband for almost three hours to safety. She's a pretty small woman even out their wedding clay says he knew academy was small but mighty but admits he really had no idea just amazed at how strong she was. Okay has a long recovery ahead of him. He just had a procedure to relieve fluid buildup in his fine but it came. He tells me tonight that he is doing well and her message to other couples. Take the guided tour. I think that's good advice right line of great to have you with this year onset as well for index in a series of deadly earthquakes overseas at least eight people were killed in dozens injured winter strong quakes rock the northern Philippines hours apart early Saturday morning then later third quake witnesses say their beds were swayed side to side like hammocks back here at home to a violent spree caught on camera in Seattle Watch this dramatic video showing a twenty-eight-year-old suspect ripping US sunroof off of a car then using it to attack a parking enforcement officer police say he also damaged several other vehicles and started all all by trying to strangle a woman bystanders eventually took him down and held him until police arrived and to Florida now. We're woman accused of stealing an ambulance is under arrest police Fort Pierce capturing the scene on Dash Cam a twenty nine year old woman grabbing the vehicle you see right. Paramedics were busy with patient leading officers on a long distance chase even turning on sirens and running several lights before crashing into an officer's vehicle so far no injuries have been reported and baseball star. David Ortiz is back home tonight more within a month after he was shot in the Dominican Republic the former Red Sox slugger just released from Massachusetts. Hospital Ortiz was ambushed at a bar inside the Domingo on June ninth. You may remember this video Ortiz undergoing at least three surgeries since that shooting finally the teenager we're in the viral video inspiring millions. It's America strong. It's a moment millions around the world have clicked on and watched a teenager bore without arms refusing to quit the challenge right in front of him you deciding to try one more time. He makes it on top fourteen year old Tim Ben leaning into his coach for a hug and getting emotional along the way. I just started like crying like you're like joy. It was more mental and physical all the people who said I really really couldn't we're in the front of mind saying just don't do it like you're too weak to do it. The entire moment going viral. I'm hoping when they see that video that they're going to be like holy cow this kid can do it. I can do it to his grit doesn't end with that now. Famous jump he's training for the Chicago kids triathlon for months running biking even swimming working with two organizations nobility ability and dare to try and his mom Linda also born without arms so proud of her son and how he's inspiring millions refusing to let his disability define him watching him hit that box John was pretty amazing and then just.

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