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The Vienna Strangler - Jack Unterweger


Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder assault that some people may find offensive. We'd vice extreme caution for children under thirteen just outside of Prague along. Eh Toddler River is a tributary known as bourgeois brooke the wood surrounding Virgina Brooke provide beautiful and serene walks for any early morning hiker but on the brisk morning of September Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety a group of hikers stumbled upon a horrific scene before them was the body of a naked woman belong cub Boetsche Cova Blanquita was on her back with her legs spread wide open a pair of grey stockings on her legs tree branches and grass covered parts of her naked body but they couldn't hide the bruises all over her corpse corpse nor the cuts on her buttocks. Blancas murder would go unsolved for nearly two years leaving. Check investigators increasingly confused I however they and the rest of the world would soon discover that she was only one of many victims who would fall to Jack Unterweger also known as the Vienna Woods Killer Hi. I'm greg wholesome. This is serial killers apar- caster vision every Monday we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. I'm here with my co host Vanessa Richardson Hi everyone you can find episodes of serial killers and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream serial killers for free on spotify just open the APP and type serial serial killers in the search bar at podcast. Were grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram the Graham at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help today. We begin our dive into the notorious. Austrian serial killer Dr Johann Jack Survey Ker known as the Vienna Woods killer and the poet of Death Jack Hunter Vaguer was always a sadistic and violent man but for years he was able to mask dark side by presenting himself as an author of poet and journalist in one thousand nine hundred seventy six. Jack was convicted of murdering Margaret Shaffer and received a light sentence by the Austrian courts. Margaret was Jack Second Victim. However charges were never brought for his first suspected murderer but while he was in prison Jack took the time to educate himself he began to write short stories and poems it culminated in his bestselling memoir purgatory. His memoir caught the attention of Austria's elite and petitions soon wet around begging for Jack's release in one thousand nine hundred fifteen eighteen years into his sentence. Jack Vega was set free and his celebrity continued to flourish but just four months into his freedom. Jack's urged to kill sex workers revealed itself and for the next year Jack Prowl the streets of Vienna Prague and Los Angeles strangling sex workers with their their own underwear and dumping the bodies in the woods he was caught in nineteen ninety-two leaving behind him a trail of twelve bodies though there is speculation that he killed even more women who have never been identified Jack Interviewers life even at its beginning was marred by violence when World War Two ended in nineteen forty-five allied forces from the US Britain France and the USSR remained in Germany and Austria. The allies occupied the two countries as they began the long process to rebuild the occupation lasted for ten years ending in one thousand nine hundred fifty five during those ten years the German and Austrian birth rates spiked the procreation wasn't entirely between German and Austrian citizens instead many young women found themselves pregnant with the children of allied allied soldiers many children born during this time period had no idea who their fathers were in Germany roughly four hundred thousand babies had allied light fathers and in Austria that numbers around Thirty Thousand Jack Vegas would be counted among those thirty thousand in nineteen fifty fifty two ratio owned travailler. A young beautiful country girl took a trip to Trieste Italy while on this trip she met an American soldier hurt named Jack Becker. Unfortunately we know very little about their relationship but we can make some guesses based on the time period the aftermath the war forced many women to engage in survival sex work in order to make ends meet even worse. Many of these women were sexually assaulted by Allied soldiers. Either of these could have happened to Theresa. It's possible that Theresa was forced to engage in sex work to survive but it it is also possible that her time with Jack was simply a passionate fling one that resulted in pregnancy while pregnant to ratio returned to Austria and struggled to find work. She turned to petty crime like fraud and theft as a way to provide for herself in the weeks before giving birth to Jack back to ratio was arrested for fraud however for some unexplained reason Teresa was released. She then travelled to Yudin Burg Austria and on August Sixteenth Nineteen fifty gave birth to Johann. Jack faker named after his American father. Please note that much of what is known about Jack's. It's life comes from his memoir purgatory or the trip to jail report of a guilty man and it must be taken with a grain of salt written while he was imprisoned during the nineteen eighties. Jack's writing was solely intended to garner sympathy from those who read it Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode assode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks Greg as an adult it. Jack Unterweger was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. A couple of aspects of narcissistic personality disorder are exaggerating achievements mints and talents as well as having an exaggerated sense of self importance much of this comes through in the way. Jack describes the harsh upbringing. He faced as a child wild. Jack claims that his mother was a sex worker but nothing has ever been found to confirm. She made her living as one. The general consensus is that she worked as a barmaid and waitress Chris. It is possible that while she worked as a barmaid she engaged in sex work from time to time or that she told Jack that's how he like so many others at that time was conceived saved or it could be pure fabrication it could when Jack was two years old. Theresa was arrested once again for theft and sent to jail. Jack was then sent to live with his grandfather fair demand visor in Carinthia South Austria from this point on Jack claims to have had a terrible childhood. According to Jack Fernand visor was an abusive drunk who forced him to act like a quote court fool a slave. We've educated by grandfather to be a fraud accomplice injects version of events he was barely given enough food to eat or enough clothes to keep warm and according to Jack he had no mother figure around instead a rotation of sex workers in lovers frequented the tiny hut decades later Charlotta. Our Ferdinand stepdaughter would protest that all of Jack's claims about his grandfather were a pack of lies Charlotta had lived with Sheridan ad in the same house a decade and a half earlier in the late thirties. Charlotta never disputed that Fernand had a rough exterior a product product of his country upbringing but she believed the rest of Jack's descriptions. Were fabrications according to Star Lotte her own mother. Maria Springer lived with Jack and Ferdinand for about six years beginning in nineteen fifty two Maria helped raise the boy disputing the claim that only sex workers unfair demands random lovers around as Jack got older. He became something of a burden. He was very stubborn and manipulative. Charlotte claims that he would come up with clever schemes to get whatever he wanted. Jack's attitude soon proved too much Maria Springer and she left in nineteen eighteen fifty eight when Jack was about eight two months later Austrian child services took Jack Away from fair to net and placed him with Fernand sister. Mr The exact reasons why jack was taken away from Fernand are unclear. It's possible that Jack's delinquency and fair demands inability to control troll it were responsible or it's possible that fair. Dan was a little too rough with check now that Maria wasn't around to contain him. Charlotta our does believe that it was during those two months alone with Fair Dinette that the myth of the overly abusive grandfather began in addition to genetics a child's child's environment can play a key role in person forming narcissistic personality disorder or NPD according to the Mayo Clinic in most cases a child who was pampered or received excessive praise could develop the disorder however a consistently negative environment can also lead to NPD. If Jack Really did face the emotional and physical abuse from his grandfather as he professed. It's possible that the groundwork for his m. p. d. was laid when he was a young child. Jack claims that his memoir that he ran away at some point in his early childhood and searched for his mother in South Berg but was unable to find her instead he found his aunt Ana and on according to Jack was the only kind person at his life as a child she was a sex worker and and sometime later she was murdered by Customer Jack Claims to never have been able to get over his aunt's death and that his grief stuck with him for years after after however decades later. Teresa herself claimed she never had a sister who Jack Stories about aunt ANA were entirely made up generally speaking once Jack was taken away from fair demand visor in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. The specifics of his whereabouts become entirely early unknown from then until his mid twenties. We only know that for at least one year he was living at juvenile delinquent facility and wandered around Austria Germany and Switzerland as a petty criminal. Jack started his criminal career with small minor offenses like his mother he committed committed acts of robbery and fraud his crimes escalated sometime in his late teens when he began to assault sex workers on the streets of Vienna Salzburg and Dan grottes the exact details of these assaults are unavailable to the public however Jack had become known to the police. Many of the women he assaulted began making complaints against him. His behavior got worse in nineteen seventy. When Jack was twenty he kidnapped a sixteen year old girl and tried to force forced her into sex work. Luckily he was stopped arrested and jailed but when he was released shortly after it was clear that Jack had learn nothing from his imprisonment once released he continued to harass and assault women. It's clear that as he was getting older his dark sexual sexual fantasies only intensified with each passing day one day not long after Jack picked up an unknown young woman and offered her a ride to her her home. She accepted but instead of taking her home he drove her to a meadow outside of the city while at the meadow he sexually assaulted her with a steel rod rod as he was doing this he masturbated while Jack was eventually diagnosed with NPD. He also showed signs of sexual sadism disorder. According to Dr George R Brown of East Tennessee University. Most sexual status have persistent fantasies in which sexual excitement results also from suffering inflicted on the partner consenting or not when practiced with non consenting partners sexual sadism constitutes criminal activity tippety and is likely to continue until the sadist is apprehended during many of the assaults danjaq inflicted in his youth. He would pleasure himself while harming farming is victim for him. The power he held over these women was what he found both gratifying and arousing after he assaulted the woman in Salzburg she she reported Jack to the police once again. Jack was arrested and then sent to prison while incarcerated. Jack smuggled muddled prescription drugs into his cell and attempted to take his own life. This landed him in a psychiatric facility in Salzburg however the pattern of him being released shortly after his imprisonment continued and he was eventually released back onto the Austrians treats. It's hard to understand Dan or fathom why Jack was repeatedly released after his assaults on women and it's made more mysterious by the fact that records and reports of Jack's early criminal record are difficult to find corroborate like almost everything in Jack's early life. The specific details of his release are unknown however at the the beginning of the one thousand nine hundred seventy S. Jack was a free man now in his early Twenties Jack had become a radio. Dj and Moonlighted as a pimp in the meantime he continued to harass and assault women constantly in and out of jail but as Jack continued to sexually assault women the more sinister darkness was brewing inside of him darkness that was ready to burst coming up Jack. Interviewers increasingly violent behavior crosses over from assault to murder. If you're looking for more energy better sleep or anything else to help you feel your healthiest. You should give yourself support this season with a boost with care of a subscription service that delivers vitamins and supplements customized for your specific health needs. If you don't know what vitamins or supplements elements you should be taking care of makes it easy to find out what you need to be your healthiest through their fun online quiz just answer easy questions. Like how much sleep are you getting. Are you looking for more energy. Do you need something to help support weight management or healthy hair skin and nails. 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Berg criminal charges were brought against him but the increasingly slide Jack never stated prison for long at the beginning of nineteen seventy-three eighty three Jack was released from prison in Bells Austria for an unspecified offence records show that at the end of January nineteen seventy-three he began renting an apartment in the border town of Basel Switzerland. It's widely believed that around this time he made his way up to Salzburg and on the night of March thirty first nineteen seventy-three murdered Maurizio Horvat Marissa's widely believed to be Jack's first victim mm-hmm. MYRMICA Horvat was twenty five year old Croatian woman who with her Yugoslavian husband motto moved to South Spur Austria in the hopes of finding a better life motto became a truck driver and Maritza a made on March thirty first Maurizio went into the city to spend the night with some friends when motto came home from work. He was surprised that Maria hadn't returned. He contacted the neighbors but no one seemed to know where she had gone. The next day day. Sunday April First Marissa's body was found in the shallow waters of salt sock lake. Just outside of Salzburg a group of young boys always discovered her floating motionlessly and a nearby father and son who were fishing heard their screams. meridia was naked from the waist down on when the police arrived. They noticed that her wrists had been bound with a red black and silver striped necktie. Her ankles were tied together. Using in her own pantyhose. Her mouth had been gagged with what appeared to be material used from a first aid kit bandages and tape were wrapped around her head read the police carefully removed the tape and revealed Marissa's swollen and bloated face. She had clearly been beaten on April. The second Marissa's husband Mato went to the police to file a missing persons report when he described her appearance and producer passport photo the police took motto to the Institute of Forensic Medicine there. He was forced to identify the corpse of a woman that had been discovered the day before through watery eyes. He confirmed armed that it was his missing wife. Marita fifty-three-year-old Inspector Auguste Shiner spent months meticulously searching urging Burma's killer. They're only promising lead was the red neck tie that had been used to bind. Marissa's wrists shiner discovered that the tie was is uniquely designed made in Vienna and sent to the Austrian town of bells. The shops records showed that the tie was purchased on either March tenth and sixteenth or seventeenth however no one could remember who actually bought the Tai as the days and weeks passed the case seemed to get colder and colder all Jenner had was tie but nothing else he never lost hope that he would one day find Marissa's killer on April fourth nineteen seventy-three. Jack was arrested for trying to illegally cross into Germany from Switzerland. He remained in custody. The until the end of August nineteen seventy-three from there he continued to go from town to town working odd jobs as a waiter or gas station attendant finally in January nineteen seventy four he got a job as a disc jockey throughout nineteen seventy three and nineteen seventy four women in continued to file assault complaints against Jack Across Austria based on our research. It's quite possible that some of these complaints occurred in Germany as well given that check wandered in and out of Austria surrounding German speaking countries what we do know is that in the middle of December nineteen seventy four Jack was in Frankfurt dating a young German girl named Barbara Schultz on December Eleventh Nineteen Seventy Four Jack and Barbara Drove Jackson Mercedes and hour. We're in a half north from Frankfurt to adverse Bach once in the small German town the two planned on robbing Barbara's parents house when they arrived at the house they quickly discovered that it was locked peering through the window they spotted Barbara's parents sleep in their bed realizing their plan and would fail with her parents home. They tried to think of a secondary method of making money. They refuse to have driven ninety minutes for nothing as they were deciding what they should do do next. Barbara noticed her old friend from school Margaret Shaeffer walking up the street. Jack immediately began to scheme. Why not see see if they could scam some money out of this young woman. Jack told Barbara that they were going to rob. Margaret Barbara seemed perfectly fine with that. It had been years since the two sites other. It wasn't as if she margaret were close. Barbara asked Jack what he needed her to do. He ordered Barbara to lure her into the a car then they would drive around for a bit to disorient her before striking without hesitation. Barbara did as commanded. She got out of the car. Dr Approached the unsuspecting Margaret. Jack watched as Barbara Smooth Talk Margaret into entering Jack Mercedes wants. The girls were in the car. Barbara introduced Jack to Margaret. He smiled shook her hand and then drove off down the street. Barbara asked Margaret about her night night and if she had done anything exciting. Margaret replied that she had just finished seeing some friends at the bowling alley. Jack listened with anticipation. He knew she she had failed to realize that she was about to be robbed. He asked if they wanted to stop off to have a drink. Margaret said yes and they found a bar but before four getting out of the Car Jack turned back and asked Barbara if she had anything else she should tell her friend. Barbara said no and Jack Struck Jack grabbed Margaret by the shirt and pulled her to the front seat. She protested demanding to know what was happening. Jack Jack told her to keep quiet and comply he then took the belt from Barbas coat and tied Margaret's hands behind your back then. He shoved her onto the car floor between the seats. Margaret continued to struggle. She was completely confused as to what was happening or why her old friend was leading it occur Jack Demanded Money Margaret complied but only had thirty marks about seventeen dollars in modern. US currency when Jack Yelled L. did her upset about the small amount Margaret told them she had more money at her parents house and gave them the key. They drove to Margaret's Parents House House. Barbara broken grabbed a stash of clothing and one hundred marks or fifty-seven modern dollars and returned to the car as Jack began to drive drive out of town. He told Barbara that they were going to need to make Margaret Disappear. Barbara's seemed to be perfectly okay with what Jack was implying and nodded in agreement. Margaret was sobbing confused and scared. Jack and Barbara ignored her pleas for help. They pulled to a secluded wooded area outside of hair born about sixteen miles south of abors park near Lawn River. Jack demanded that Margaret Undress but Margaret refused in a fit of anger Jack Punched Margaret in the face then he and Barbara stripped Margaret Naked Jack out of the car and and dragged the scared and shivering Margaret with him before disappearing into the woods. He asked Barbara if she wanted to come with him. Barbara said had no jack once again tied. Margaret's risk together grabbed a steel rod and Margaret's Bra from the car and dragged her into the woods. Jack proceeded to beat Margaret Shaeffer repeatedly with a steel rod striking her in the head and upper body he then took Margaret's Abroa- wrapped it around her neck and strangles her jack returned to the car where Barbara was waiting and drove back to Frankfurt while on the road he told Barbara that they needed to get rid of the now bloody steel rod and his boots they pulled over just before Frankfurt and through the items away three weeks later at the end of December nineteen seventy-four for Margaret Schafer's body was discovered by some hunters in the area. Her Naked Corpse still had the bra wrapped around her neck. Jack's rampage continued unabated in January nineteen. seventy-five Jack Barbara met up with a sixteen year old named aimed Maria and robbed a jewelry store. The trio then fled to Basel Switzerland there. Jack decided to increase his earnings by scamming marina's parents with a ransom note. The parents agreed to pay the ransom but is jagged. Barbara approached the ransom point they were intercepted by the police <music> with Jack and Barbara under arrest. The police quickly found a connection between Barbara and the unsolved murder of Margaret Shaeffer for when asked about Margaret Barbour quickly turned on check and gave a full confession about the night of December eleventh nineteen seventy. Four Jack was immediately daily charged with Margaret's murder according to article eight of the Nineteen fifty seven European Convention on Extradition Austria assumed responsibility ready for bringing Margaret's murderer to justice despite the fact that she was a German citizen because he was an Austrian citizen. Jack was sent back to South Berg and awaited trial meanwhile in Prague Inspector Auguste Jenner the man who investigated Maritza corvettes death two years earlier began reading the papers about an Austrian man killing German girl as the details were released show noticed a connection between Margaret shapers murder Maurizio Horvitz on June eleventh nineteen seventy five shiner met Jack Unterweger for the very first time in Jack's holding holding cell schoener began asking Jack Questions about his whereabouts at the end of March and beginning of April nineteen seventy-three. Jack denied having in any knowledge of Maurizio corvettes death. He told shiner that after being released from prison at the beginning of nineteen seventy-three he vagabond at around Italy Italy until finally making his way to Basel Switzerland. He claimed that he had been arrested during March of nineteen seventy-three while trying to illegally cross into Germany shiner however new the immigration arrest occurred on April fourth just days after Marissa's death and not in March like Jack was claiming when Jenner presented this back to him. Jack quickly responded that he must have still been in Switzerland at the time of meritas murder three hundred miles from South Berg Scheiner was unimpressed with Jack. Smooth demeanor his quick-response to every question Jenner had jack wasn't telling the whole Truth Truth and Shannon knew it but he also needed to check. Jack so-called alibis the Swiss records confirmed. Jack started renting an apartment apartment in Basel but that in and of itself didn't prove that he wasn't in South Berg Murdering Maritza Corvette on March thirty first and even though Jack was released released from prison and bells there was no proof that he was the one who purchased the Red Tie from bells Scheiner had no hard evidence against Jack Doc but he knew deep down the Jack was responsible for Marissa's murder. The method was too similar to Margaret Schafer's death. Unfortunately definitely shinners hands were tied and no charges were ever brought for Marissa's death in nineteen seventy six. Jack was finally put on trial L. for Margaret Schafer's murder and South Berg during the trial. Jack broke down and confessed to the murder. He claimed that se dragged Margaret's naked body into the woods. He suddenly saw his mother's face rage swelled in him as he saw the face of the woman who had abandoned him when he was only only two years old. He didn't know what he was doing. When he began striking Margaret acting almost as if he couldn't control himself Uh Jack had hoped the courts would be lenient on him as he tried to milk his troubled childhood as a sympathy defense however the court saw through his ruse news and he was quickly sentenced to life in prison. Jack was transferred to shine prison in Krems Donau less less than fifty miles to the west of Hannah he should have spent the rest of his days behind bars serving his punishment for the brutal murder of Margaret Shaeffer but not wasn't going to let that happen somehow some way he was going to get his freedom back <music> coming up we'll explore how jack was able to manipulate the public into sympathizing with him securing his release from prison and how in a matter of months his murderous rage burst forth in the woods outside of Prague your direct passionate and fiercely loyal you exude an air of mystery that draws others towards you and they work hard to earn your trust you love of for a lifetime and carry others on your adventures if this sounds like you. You may be a Scorpio if you're not a Scorpio. That's OK whether you're in aries. Stories Capricorn or Leo podcast has a horoscope show for each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac Find Scorpio today along with the rest of the astrological Mr logical signs for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts simply go to the search bar and type the name of your sign and the word today for example ares today Jim and I today or Kaffir corn today and stay tuned after our show here today's episode of Scorpio today now now back to the story in nineteen seventy six. Jack Unterweger entered Stein prison to serve his life sentence for the murder of eighteen year old Margaret Shaeffer Jack had brutally beaten and strangled the young girl and confessed after his arrest by all rights. What's that should have been the end of Jack Story but it wasn't it was only the beginning upon entering Stein Prison Jack Hunter vaguer was a fairly uneducated and barely literate person with nothing but time on his hands he began taking classes. US check was smarter than he realized and he quickly learned how to read and write after learning the basics he followed up with actual writing classes. He eventually became the editor of the prisons magazine as well as the literary review as he continued honing his writing skills. He had an epiphany during his trial. The court had perceive jackass a ruthless murderer and nothing else he had been unable to convince them to sympathize with him but now all locked away with a newly discovered gift for words. Jack realized that he had the power to change the way people saw him as a child he was able to manipulate others into getting what he wanted now with the pen he could manipulate an entire nation three years after his conviction. Russian in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine he discovered a passion and talent for writing poems short stories plays and even children's stories his his children's stories were soon passed along to the Easter Riser Rundfunk or allow Raff Austria's National Public Broadcasting Company soon mothers in children all over Austria fell in love with Jack Ultra faker the author but they weren't the only ones Jacks writing began to win fans all over Austria's intelligence yeah in a matter of years they all seem to have entirely forgotten that the man they were beginning to adore four and praise for his writing was the same one who beat and strangled a young German woman or rather as Jack's writing increasingly improved moved and more of his story was told they had someone they could use as the perfect example of prison reform six years after entering imprison. Jack published his Memoir Vega Foia known in English as purgatory or the trip to prison report of a guilty man purgatory began China's a serial published in nineteen eighty two by mono script a highly regarded literary magazine that still operates today in nineteen eighty three it was published as a book and became an Austrian bestseller with each passing day. People stopped seeing Jack as an evil monster. No he was the true victim and his revisionist history began in the opening lines of his book quote. My my hands sweaty with fear were twisted behind my back and the steel chains snapped around my wrists the hard pressure on my legs and back it makes me realize that my only escape is to end it. A new package of razor blades lies ready also a long leather strap drab. I have prepared for the minute of the last decision. I see my body go to sleep with a final convulsion fleeing from this lonely lonely vegetative life is that the answer the version of Jack that people are first introduced to is in existential <unk> despair. He considers suicide the thought of having to spend the rest of his life in prison seeming worse to him than taking a razor blade and opening opening a vein but then Jack decides that there is still hope he isn't lost his psychological dynamic fits perfectly to the title of the Memoir Purgatory Purgatory in Catholicism is the place between Heaven and Hell unlike hell where punishment Dan suffering are eternal in purgatory. Person Sins are temporary. The offender can be rehabilitated. Jack knew that he could manipulate his readers into thinking that his crime only deserved a temporary punishment and that he could be rehabilitated into society that his time at Stein Prison Krizan was only his purgatory despite it being a bestseller the vast majority of Austrians didn't rejects book instead his main audience was as burgeoning fan base the Austrian elite they ate up Jack's tale of surviving the brutality of alcoholic grandfather the abandonment of the sex worker mother and the grief felt over the death of his sex worker at would meet the Elites Love Jack Jack was that he wasn't some Brandy Swilling cafe dwelling member of the bourgeoisie. He was a murderer a man who clearly recognized the error of his ways. He was raw and real to them at least soon. Jack was holding readings of his work at Stein prison. Many of them were televised across Austria. His fans were shocked to discover that Jack was a thin boyish looking man barely five foot six. He looked nothing like a savage murderer. It wasn't long before Jack caught the eye of members of Austria's government a government meant that had recently been taken over by the Progressive Social Democratic Party of Austria and with Progressives empower came innovative policies like prison reform. A key reform. They put into practice was resocialization. The idea was to focus less on prison as a punishment measurement and more as a place to reform to treat offenders and give them the help they needed to reenter society checks literary following suit included included some of the very people who either oversaw these reforms or were in charge of implementing them. One of them was the former director of the Justice Ministry section for penal executions Doctor Wolfgang Sch Dole. I visited Jack in prison a few times beginning in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. He clearly early believe Jack was in the process of reforming following his retirement from the Justice Ministry sometime in the nineteen eighties dullish. May Jack's release his personal 'cause alongside. Dodi were Arno Pilgrim University lecturer of criminal sociology ernest bone Amman on Australia's well regarded sexologist and Alfreda yellow neck future Nobel Prize winner of literature all three of these people and more for began petitioning for Jack's release in one thousand nine hundred eighty five in their eyes and in the eyes of many prison reform activists. Jack was the perfect example for the shift in focus on prison as rehabilitation as opposed to punishment but according to Austria's laws because Jack had been sentenced to life in prison. The President of Austria was unable to pardon Jack. The minimum time served for a life sentence must be fifteen years from the date of arrest and at the peak of the outcry for his release check. It only served ten so jack was forced to stay in prison however ever now that he was a highly regarded author and caused Celeb- Jack's time behind bars wasn't like the average inmates he continued to give televised devised readings of his stories and when purgatory was made into a film in Nineteen eighty-eight. Jack was allowed to attend the premiere at the vel spill investable. Jack had successfully cultivated an image of victim a child abandoned by a sex working mother to live with this abusive grandfather and turned his victimhood into celebrity among the literary and liberal elites. He was a darling for the leftist government. He was the poster child of criminal reform. Jack knew it was only a matter of time before he would finally have his freedom and it would come sooner rather than later after serving the mandatory fifteen years. Jack was up for parole in order for a convicted murderer to be granted parole. They must first. I go under psychiatric evaluation on April Twenty Seventh Nineteen Ninety Dr Gerhard. Kaisa delivered his opinion on Jack to the Parole Board. He told them that Jack not only was perfectly rehabilitated but that writing had been the avenue he needed to express himself. The courts agreed on May Twenty Third Nineteen Ninety Jack Unterweger the man who savagely murdered Margaret Shaffer and Maria Harvey was granted his freedom he had gone to prison at the age of twenty four. He was released just shy of his fortieth birthday within without the confines of prison walls. Jack was finally able to fully live and embrace the celebrity lifestyle. He had only gotten a small taste stove. He immediately began seducing women putting his cultivated charming personality into practice. He was also finally able to take advantage of his interest in fashion. Thanks to the government subsidy to help them transition into civilian life and the money he brought in from book sales. Check was the richest he had ever been in his life. He purchased lavish clothes and exotic cars within weeks of his release. He was profiled in magazines wins and asked to be on television shows to discuss prison reform. He gave readings of his stories and the purgatory all over Austria he was also asked is to be photographed by famous photographers there two pictures that perfectly exemplify the image of Jack Surveyor Post Prison Sentence One one encapsulates the myth he had created the other shows the darkness waiting to come out the first image is him in a white suit <music> sitting in a Viennese cafe. The sleeves are slightly rolled up in Don Johnson Miami vice kind of way. His Rolex is perfectly center as he points to the camera a smile on his face sunglasses height is is a German shepherd sits next to him. This was the image of a middle aged man who you would have never know spent a decade in a half in prison for murder. This was the image he wanted the world to see this second. Photograph is drastically different Brent. This one was taken in an attic professionally done in stark black and white. This portrait has Jack leaning against a wall is staring hiring into the camera. He's shirtless revealing prison tattoo that covers the bulk of his stomach with tattoos on both of his arms. This was the Real L. Jack the Jack waiting biding his time to kill again prison hadn't reformed him good at only delayed him as Jack Soaked in his life as a celebrated author and model example of Austria's prison reform arm. He knew that he needed a steady income. He was offered a job as a reporter at ORF. The Austrian Public Broadcast Company that televised Jack's Children's dron stories years earlier he accepted it was perfect owner vaguer because it allowed him to make money while keeping up with his playboy lifestyle he was still going on television shows speaking on prison rehabilitation and soaking up Australia's nightlife as a reporter a topic that he found particularly particularly interesting was Europe's sex workers and so on Friday September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety Jack Drove two hundred miles lyles from Vienna to Prague to research the city's Red Light district two four a story but for Jack his trip wasn't purely leap professional. It was more about picking the right targets. Although Jack had traveled to Prague he didn't know how to speak check. So we asked the landlady lady he was boarding with to help interpret from dusk to eleven thirty PM Jack in the landlady roamed around the streets of Prague interviewing sex workers and pimps about prog red light district around the same time thirty year old blonde Caboche Cova went out with friends to have some drinks. It was a Friday night right and it had been a long week working in the butcher shop. Blanco was happily married with two children but in the evenings she would go out and meet with other other man because of this behavior it was unclear if she was a sex worker or if she was in an open relationship when her friends all went home state out after midnight eventually she made her way to Wenceslas Square one of the city's famous landmarks named after Saint Wenceslas and it was here that she made the unfortunate Ed Acquaintance of Jacker Vicar Blanca's body was found the next day September fifteenth by some hikers at Bre Johnny Brook Doc along the Volta River she was naked except for her wedding ring and a pair of grey knee high stockings her legs were spread apart art she'd been strangled to death but the object used to strangle her was missing police scoured the area eventually finding some of Blanca's Carr's clothes and her. Id Unfortunately there were no real leads to finding the killer witnesses recalled seeing her talk with a man in his forties in Wenceslas Square where around midnight but their description of the man was too vague so for months the murder went unsolved after killing Blanca Butch Cova Jack Unterweger returned to Vienna and continued the persona he had created for himself. Jack had fulfilled a need that he'd been craving while locked away in prison and and now that he had another taste of killing he knew he wanted more on October twenty six thousand nine hundred ninety over a month after just strangling block a coach Cova Jack Prowl the streets of grottes Austria searching for its next victim. He found her in thirty nine nine year old sex worker. Broom Hilda Massa Brune Hilda was a ten year veteran of grasses Red Light district and knew many of the typical John's a a little after midnight. Brune Hilda was seen talking with a local taxi driver. The two had been acquaintances as both worked in the same general area. The conversation didn't last too long and he soon drove off shortly after the taxi driver laughed. Bruin Hilda vanished her body was discovered two months months later on January fifth nineteen ninety-one when some children playing in the woods happened upon it like Blancas Corpse Broom Hilda was stripped naked and she showed signs of strangulation. Her clothing and purse were missing but police could identify her by her jewelry. The murders of Blanca Broach Kovar and Brune Hilda Massa were only the beginning for Jack Unterweger in the months that followed more bodies would be discovered in the woods around Vienna China stumping the police however two hundred miles away in south Berg one person knew exactly who was behind the string of mysterious various murders it was inspector shiner but detective who investigated the murder of Maurizio Horvat back in Nineteen seventy-three Shenouda that the man the papers called the Vienna Woods killer could only be Jack Ultra faker next week. We'll follow OCD Jenner's quest for justice while Jack Ultra vigors reign of terror makes its way to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles Yup. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. We'll be back Monday with a new episode. 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