Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #33: Win Shut Up Tims Money


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So when you're ready to experience better way to sell or trade in your car checkout. True car today. True cash offer not available in all areas. Key. Don. Kiva needle. That's right, Robin. Akiva, need a podcast. I am rob sister. You know, one half of the podcast where we spin a wheel of ideas submitted by you, the listeners, and I get into it every single week with this man who's on a ton of podcast right now. A maybe over some people are saying here. He is the great Akiba Winokur. What's going on? Rob. How are you? I'm so good. So good so good now guy. What's the next line to that? I don't know. I feel good. I feel goose things that do. Don't do music on this show is this the first trivia question as we get ready to win shut up Kim's money here on episode thirty three oh, rob Makita need a podcast last week. Akiva, we talked to the thrifty thirty two on Robin, Akiva total request. I totally idea requests live. We have thirty two people call in. We got a lot of good ideas that honestly, yes, is it true? That all of our listeners actually just called in. And then there wasn't a lot of feedback in terms of the actual podcasts because everybody that is a listener called in. So you think we have thirty two listeners spent from podcast on hold is that what you're saying. Yeah, I feel we didn't get a ton of feedback after the requests live. I also think one of my takes is because we are getting so much feedback a few weeks ago. And I think like the it wasn't the episodes fall episode was pretty good nobody complained about it. Also, I think like we're posting these like as game of thrones starts. Post them like Saturday morning. They were getting a lot of feedback. Like, we weren't competing with anything. Okay. Well, other getting swallowed up in like the whole pop culture's. Eat guys Zeke Geist. Yeah. The Robin kiva hot season is coming up as we head into the survivor off season in a couple of weeks. So be on the lookout for that. Although Akiva next weekend is mother's day, which might be we might we might need to take a week off. When are you going to decide by the end of this podcast? Let's see how this phone call is. Okay. Let's next on the wheel. All right. Let's bring in our panel here today, and I guess we should start with the man who submitted this idea and making his first appearance here on the podcast proper. He his name has been mentioned probably almost every single episode. The man who has so much disposable income. That said, hey, what if we did a podcast where Robin Akiva could try to win the my money. Please welcome a man of many talents, both musical and podcast. Stating here is the great shut up, Tim. Hey, thanks for having me, Robin. Akiva. I just wanted to clarify the disposable income not necessarily true. That's why the stakes are so great today because I have too many kids in too many jobs and not enough money. So really, you guys are kind of jerks, if you take my money, no one taking it. Guilt. Open up. Games ready? Yeah. But no, then they'll like the one hundred dollars that is up for grabs is might as well be a five thousand dollars for me. So yeah, just just know that I'm asking a question. Yes. Let's say one of our listeners is unlike should of Tim like very wealthy, and they wanna come in the podcast. And but they're not like an expert about TV show or a movie or the Oregon trail or whatever what if they offer their money. Like, hey, we're going to play a game. But you got two thousand dollars. What is the limit where they automatically get on? So you're asking if somebody wants to buy their way onto the podcast, it could it doesn't have to be like automatic. By could be like, you have to beat me at like Mets trivia, and then you've got two thousand dollars you have to you know, I don't know make me laugh four different times. Then you in ten grand. Well, I think that we should have some sort of like a podcast pot that we can use for expenditures like sending people to Omaha and things like that. So I don't think it should be necessarily like we are divvying up. This Mon separate us. But it doesn't have to be like go to our pockets. Although today's episode let's be clear is going to either me or you. Yes. I think in general. Yes. If somebody wanted like donate five hundred dollars, and that will we will spend that money on. Episode. I agree with that. We will send will from America to Omaha and he'll report back or something. Like, yeah. I think it really depends on what the sum of money is. And what the topic is. I mean, I think one hundred dollars is the current. You know level because this is essentially what I'm doing right now. But if this was a boring idea one hundred dollars wouldn't fund one hundred dollars wasn't the only so plus you've like pitched like ten of the ideas that have been on the wheel. So you have some sort of cash in the cloud cash up. The yin Yang people would say being. I'm disappointed. Rob did not over. Explain who. I was. I do hold the record of the most amount of ideas on the wheel the most. We'd how many how many is that record? It's four right now. And this inner tell us what what what what your ideas worse. So you'd say if they're good or not know, how many ideas have you had that have happened already? Okay. So this is the third one that's been a picked the wheel has chosen it. And of course, my first one was the, Robin. Akiva gets sorted into Hogwarts houses. Goes gun. And then or actually I think hit shows are trash was the first one. So I don't know was that his rob. I'm not sure that was his it was one hundred percent. Okay. You invented Ryan? This not cast is like Ryan's mystery play. Am I a Ryan's dad in that situation? I think in this scenario, you would be the guy who comes out. Right. Who's the mystery play out great? Yeah. Yeah. Ben all around what a good show, though writings mystery played eight. I think kitchens are trashed two is a great idea. I also believe I have the most ideas read on the podcast. All right. This first line if your obituary is going to be wrapped. That's what you're saying, basically. Yeah. Parody songs on. Marriage APS, some would say that you were a forefather of the wand off something would say that. Josh would not probably not I got I got a complaint last week. Rob that we always mentioned something called the Wanda off. And we don't explain what it is. Yes. They can go to rob brought has a Wicky for. Yeah. Something you're like, oh is that from like the weird like other like survivor part of the world Yoda, rob is a Wiki, and you could learn a lot of stuff there. Yes. And I know Mike bloom has a lot on his plate. But I really think that Rene its own section on the Mike get I mean, first of all he's got along despite but this is clearly going to go to the top of the list. Yes. All right. I hope so too. Because then maybe I'll finally get an entry on the Wikki if Mike if you're listening to not give him make sure he's read and not blue and the Wicky. Yeah. I think we that we should since. This is the first podcast that we are recording sentence. The big announcement. Congratulations to Mike and Angelo bloom on this show. Yes. The on the birth of their baby Asher. Congratulations. And so it won't be long until Mike will be calling into many podcasts with crying Asher in the background. And congratulations to Mike and Angela, rob. Can I ask you a question since the trivia show? Yes, Asher is in the bible who was ashes father. Is a trick. Question. Asher is not in the bible. No is okay. Then I have no idea. Mike. Mike is ashes father. Oh, boy does Tim away who I don't even know who said that mattress powder. Sorry. This is the first question. Yeah. Okay. Other voices on just heard the co host of the RHA BNB who is has full control right now here as Mike is on paternity leave from podcasting. Please welcome a woman who you should be very familiar with this weekend. If you are a listener to the rob has a podcast network of podcasts. The great Liana Boris is here. Thank you. Rob finally feel like I'm able to you know, really stake. My claim on this podcast being silent for ten minutes for me is truly a challenge. I am very excited to be here to host this game. Although I would like to throw my hat in the ring to win some of this money. I'm not entirely sure how that would work out. Liane? Okay. I have an idea. But do you know who offers father was in the bible? This would help him. Stop. Stop. No jacob. Twelve sons and one of them is Asher. Okay. Okay. Anyway. All right that you're losing us with the bible study. I'm sorry. There's gonna buy. More about the nail cutter loves the freaking bible. All right. So Liana is here to host this version of win shut up tins money. But does anybody here know what the rules are of Winston up? Tim's money. I learned the rules last night. So. This is actually going to be based off of a game show that aired in the late nineties early two thousands called win Ben Stein's money, very very critically acclaimed very popular game show, which I think it's alternate claim to fame was that it launched Jimmy Kimmel's career. Yes. Jimmy Kimmel and cousin Sal, I think after him. Yeah. So it was co hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. So I think in this instance, I'm the Jimmy Kimmel some really hoping for career boost after this, obviously. But so yeah. So we're going to be playing a game is based on that very well known format. I'm sure everyone's familiar with after your run here on win shut up. Tim's money. Will you be launching some sort of the woman show? That's right. Exactly. Underwood jumping on a trampoline. Yeah. Boys jumping on trampolines. Yeah. I actually that's Jimmy Kimmel is the person that I'm basing my entire career trajectory off of. So I think that this is very fitting and definitely something up. My alley. Okay. Are you gonna have kids like thirty years apart? Also. Added to the list. Okay. All right. So Tim could you explain what the rules are of wind shut up. Tim's money or early on you feel you have it. I understand. Okay. So essentially the way this is gonna work is key. Rob YouTube will face off against each other in the first two rounds. And then the person with the most points after those two rounds we'll go on to face shut up. Tim in the third round. Okay. So the sort of. Yeah. So way to shut up Tim competes against us. Yes. So to keep a birth, rob. And then shut up Tim joins in even though he's he's just trying to steal the answers from us. And then I ever wins Cuban rub faces Tim for the hundred. Okay, right now. Tim, could you give us your background here for listeners who may not be familiar with you? Are you a trivia master? Ooh, that's a great question, Robin. I was hoping that all three of you. If you had to evaluate my level of intelligence, please please let me know what you think that my level intelligence is. I don't know if the roast for because I mean, I was not under the impression because we have a lot of listeners who like play in like all of these different leagues on jeopardy jeopardy. But maybe that Tim is like some sort of a savant that. I don't know about. Well, there they're better. Or your trivia knowledge. Well, we'll have to see by the end of the only thing we know about his intelligence, rob is he's famously terrible speller. And so we don't know if we think spelling is not a real system Twitter. Twitter. Where can you spell? There's not that much autocorrect on Twitter. Okay. I'm I'm dyslexic. So that's my excuse for the spelling. Okay. You're gonna make me look bad. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Cuba's been talking about my spilling for a long time. And yeah, I am a dyslexic so good Akiba. You could've just the Cape, boating. I believe Tim. Did you not submit the Robin Akita have a spelling bee also. Yeah. He did submit that one as well. I mean, I was going to host. I wasn't going to compete. Okay. Rob. He just throws ideas at the wall. We get like ten tweets a day. You don't even see because you got a lot of that are just like throw them straight in the trash also if it's possible that we've stumbled onto something here of who is the author of most of these ideas that we need some sort of like a patent office. If we'll from America could add that column to the Robin Cubana spreadsheet of and you don't need to go back. And listen, I'm sure we can we can piece it together. But if someone. If if somebody did send in that if someone's idea was like seven like tweet me and remind me, so I don't know what Ashley has had like sort of like the like the dick wolf of. Law and order and the Chicago's right? So like, for instance, this is a wind show up. Tim's money created by shut up, Tim. Yeah. Give me the blame. If this episode is lame so lame. The the thing I do want to point out as far as my level of intelligence goes. I wanted to tell you that I took I started to take the jeopardy quiz for this show. I got two questions in and just gave up and said, oh, there's no way I'm gonna get be able to get on him. But I didn't realize that you were tricking the audience and looking for the most average person. So I think the competition is going to be pretty close today. Guys is what I'm saying. Level of intelligence is lazy than. Does not apply in the middle of this show. I got I got intimidated that was the thing. Jesus. We put that on the wheel following jeopardy James at all. Should we should we just should we watch an episode with jeopardy James? Feel like it's not going to be super exciting. Yeah. What if we compete what if we have him on and we play jeopardy against them to on one? Sure. If you can get him on the podcast money's big baseball fan mail trick them and say, it's about the Mets or something. Okay. All right Liana. How do we open these festivities? Okay. So the way of this is going to work for round one. Is there are going to be five categories on the board. And. I can't remember how the first category is picked because it's kind of like jeopardy where when you get the question. Right. I think you get to pick the next topic. Tim, do you know, we just pick one of the two of them to go first. Ok okay. Ms this your favorite show. How do you know so much about win Ben Stein's money? I've seen every episode of win Ben Stein's money. I was a big fan back in the nineteen Ninety-seven. When it started was really upset after Jimmy Kimmel left go on the man show. But you know. The there's a really actually here's the trivia. So it's a comedy central show. Right right there. They did an episode where the hosts of the win Ben Stein's money and MTV's love line switched, which of course, is Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel because they're best friends who went to go do the man show. And yeah, I'm that deep in the Ben Stein's mythos. So if you want to judge my intelligence that way there you go. Okay. Well, what's been Stein up to these days? Does a lot of commercials where he like mocks the ferris bueller stuff, right? Commercials where he is the teacher from ferris bueller? That he was actually in ferris bueller? I feel like he's very active in like a political punditry right now. He I think he was I think you'd think you'd see more of him. But he doesn't have a hot enough. Take like he's he is. I think like libertarian maybe. But he's not like right wing enough to get on Fox News. And he's not liberal enough to be on on CNN. I think he's like too weird. I don't know if he's in the middle. But that's my guess because I don't see Stein. He was a speech writer for Nixon. I I remember that. But I feel like yeah, he's kind of fallen off. The Jimmy Kimmel is definitely the winner of that. Make you know, Ben Stein in two thousand eighteen was in the last shark NATO. It's about time. So so we've got our answer. And he's not on Twitter. I think that's one of the reasons why we don't see much about it. Okay. All right. So. Liane? Oh, how are we getting to the first category? Again. Right. Okay. Theme song. I o. Zone of bear the lead gonna win. Tim's Mani with key. Heave fake. God a podcast now they need. Shut up him is on. The bacon took all his cash. He's landed up his stacks. If they. Got you back and the three bands to look the cash cow down your cloud. Now. Yeah. Okay. Karen from who is the vocalist on that one? Works Erin from Canada has now rebranded herself as KFC. What do we think about this? If she's officially KFC. She just said KFC out. Justice an acronym. I know, but that's interesting rebrand. I don't know why you got something that gets chicken. No, I feel like it's cultural procreation for a Canadian to call themselves KFC. I'm not sure. Okay. All right. Let's not get into. That was great though. That was great saw. That was great. Yes. Tim, did you produce that song that was an original KFC joint? That was an original basically asked her. She's a good Wanda friend, again, check out the Wikki if you want to know what the wand off. Yes. I forgot about my singing Jim controversy. Yeah. Okay. All alright. So all right. Whoever is going to start this off. Let's get this started. Okay. So so I shared a Google doc with all of you that has the categories because what's going to happen is the categories will be replaced as the questions are asked. So I don't want to have to keep reminding what's on the board. So that's the way. I'll do it's all copy and paste in the new categories. Okay. So then the way this is gonna work. They're actually going to be two questions. So the first question will sort of work like jeopardy where you will need to buzz in. And that's the toss up questions. So you buzz, and you get the first toss up question, then if you get that question, correct than the you get a chance at the follow up question, which is worth less points. But it's a it's a way to get more kids to tell somebody points. Everything's worth. So I will tell you the point value when I reveal the question, but the follow up is always one point. How do? We buzz in. We said say your name because of the typing from the jeopardy was too confusing complicated annoying. So. Akitas note. Yes, okay. I don't wanna have to type I don't even have my key delivers that had a problem with it. Thanks for calling me up. And do we know how many questions are in each round approximately forgetting about the bonus questions like how many categories? Yes. I know that and if you don't have to it's fun six seven eight nine eleven twelve fifteen. Okay. Fun to read this one. Okay. Yeah. Is that not? Okay. Well, this is what I have which by the way major shout out to Matt Stewart who put all of this together. So I take no credit for the question. So also that means if you've a problem with the questions, I also take no credit for the question. Leon is just reading the questions. Exactly. Okay. So I think Tim do you wanna pick who gets to chewed up? I I'll I'll choose the dumbest determined by the jeopardy. Kiva gets to pick. Okay. All right. Rob hates geography. He said he will not listen to this week's thirty two fans rang the European countries. Definitely have it Uruguay. Okay. So yeah, I'll read off the so the listeners know a read off the five topics that are currently on the board. Have it Uruguay books? Only shut up. Tim has read zakat rich boy game show me the money, and Charles and charge. Okay. So Akiva, you picked have it Uruguay. So again, you're going to buzz in when I read the question. So this is the way you finish reading the question. Oh, Tim, do you know if that's a rule on win, Ben Stein's money? Yeah. Usually they do. Okay. Okay. So the value of this question is two points, and it is which European country established the first permanent settlement in Uruguay in nineteen sixteen twenty four. You lose money by buzzing in wrong now. No, okay. Keith. There's. Spain. That is correct. So you get two points, and you have a chance at the follow up question. What didn't you capital of Uruguay? The only city. I know is Montevideo that is okay. Yes. That is the way to start because I knew rob wouldn't know that Uruguay stuff. Control your Uruguay trivia, we are off to the races. Okay. Yeah. It gave Zuck rich boy. Okay. So so the I replaced because another categories get replaced so the Uruguay category gets replaced with. I'll give you a peach of my mind looking you chose Zuck it rich boy. Bef-? Okay. So this is worth one point before dropping out in his sophomore year. What university did Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attend. Rob rob Horford that is correct. So that is worth one point. And you get a chance to follow question. What science fiction movie was the theme of Mark zuckerberg's bar mitzvah. Star wars. That's correct. I already shed up. Matt Stewart those questions were way too easy. Lohan knows that Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard. Rob, right. I mean, it was kind of an educated guess, I. It's like it's Star Wars like album. What what was it going to be like frigging matrix? Like what what sci-fi movie was that gonna be could have only been Star Trek, right? Could have been the only other thing and those two questions in particular, the Uruguay questions were too easy. Also know that you're my question was hard. But I mean, let's let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Do categories those were level one. That was a one point question that those are the easiest ones. Okay. All right. Okay. I do I control the board. Yes. He gets to category. I'll do the next category. There was added with smoke on the fodder. Okay. I'll go with a game show me the money. Okay. Game show me the money. So this is worth two points, which game show theme song written by Merv Griffin was originally intended as a lullaby for his son, rob. Yes, RAB jeopardy. That is correct. So that is two points for you. And the follow up question is across all their American game show. Appearances which contestant has the highest all time winnings. Zone for me. This is only for you. Yes. Ken Jennings thing is Brad Rutter? Probably right. Okay. So that was incorrect has the chance to steal. Okay. So and then it kiva is not your answer Rutter. Okay. So kiva that is correct. So when they came for jeopardy James because I've seen these charts all over Twitter recently. Why why does he want some like super tournament of champions, rob? That's why he's got more money. Is that counts? Survivor winners. Also, Sandra DS twine. Though because those are not federally. Like, they're not the game shows because a quiz show are sort of federally. Watched and survivors, not okay, meaning survivor. It's not. But it could be fixed. Then you'll big brother, whatever. So it's a different category. It's not a game show. Okay. Is is this game show? Federally watch. Yes. Yes. We are unimpeded. By the way, currently rob has four of my dollars, and Akiva has four my dollars. Oh, we can we only like right now. We would only win four like I thought we're going for one hundred you are you have to beat me at the end to get my full one hundred dollars. But whatever you get into the third round. That's how much money we'd tank any can we Bank the money before then? Yeah. Whatever you get. But at the end of the second round will be your money to keep no matter. Well, 'cause I didn't know. So we could we can theory win like twenty bucks. Even if we lose the GAM. But if we whoever wins the game does get one hundred dollars you're saying you get my fully takes by. I was told today interrupt a lot of people on podcast, the we didn't say the stakes rob. But if shut up team wins because he's not giving this hundred dollars for charity. He gets a money in the Bank pass to appear on any episode of this program that he likes. Okay, but Hannah Shapiro's money in the Bank pass outweighs himself had her. Yes. Wants to be on an episode and she calls it before that to be fair. Tim listens. Hannah listened to the didn't even think she really followed the concept of what this sheet though that I've spoken to hurricane. Yes. She is interested in coming on the show soon. Okay. I don't know. I don't I'm not saying that she listens. But I think she understands what it is. Now, I'm not sure I follow the concept. And I didn't know what this rob rob rob now willy nilly just give out money in the Bank passes to ever. He likes comes those house. If it's good enough guests. Yeah. It's like the mailman and you're happy with the service. So instead of you know, already who you are, okay. With me giving money in the Bank. No. I was just wondering what the rules are. But also, we really have to be Tim because I'm not sure if I'm not giving it to your ops, Jonny fairplay or anything. But I don't know. I don't like we really need to team up not like collude, but be Tim because I like Tim comes onto in a row, we're going to lose this show. Yeah. I was gonna say a pair Louis I have to work for her. But you can just give it away for free to people yet. Eared did water it down. But that's fine. Let's see how it is. Okay. I'm excited for the mailman episode of. Renounce instead of Christmas. I. Okay. So the new category and the board is kiss my ass. And I think so does a key just get to pick because. Okay. Right. Okay. So keep up. What topic? Would you like only showed up? Tim is red. Okay. This is worth two points. What was the name of the third book in the Harry Potter series? Oh boy. Prisoner of azkaban. That is correct. Oh, boy, you got to fire. What number was kiva didn't buzz in Tim ruling shape? Just blurted writing. I forgot said me. And that's what it was. Also. It was incorrect. So no, what are you? That's wrong prisoner of ask a band. No. But he has to say the full title to get correct. Oh shut up. So rob. I don't know questions. Non void. I think so. And then I said, it's I forgot I had the buzz in I'm taking my name puppy. I just I'm telling you, I win Ben Stein's money. They're super strict on full titles and all that stuff. So do I get a chance to steal? Sure is rob. Okay. Rob, Harry, Harry, Harry Potter and the prisoner of ask Caban. Yes. That is. A man, I'm really it'd be great. If it wasn't. No, no. Instead it's Nolan. Void. That's okay. No, it's fine. I made a mistake. Okay. Well, Tim, you're keeping track of the points. All so whatever you want just. I don't want to get the open up the controversy. Find the follow up. Give rub the fall. Yeah. All right. Okay. So rob here's the follow up question. Name one of the two schools that competed against Hogwarts in the Tri wizard tournaments. Boy harvard. Captain, Mark Zuckerberg status card that was incorrect. Kiva now gets chance. Yes. No. Remember, I've read all these books except for book seven, and I don't even have a guess I'm going to say Coventry, which is a city in England. That's incorrect. It was either Derm Strang or Boba tone. Pope this right? They're real close. Okay. So the the new category on the board is garden variety. So rob what category? Would you like go with Charles in charge? Okay. This is worth three points. What war saw Charles McMahon and Darwin judge as the last American soldiers killed with the war ending April thirtieth nineteen seventy five. Eva. Yes. Akiva, vietnam. And I'm worse. Yes. Three point question. Okay. So the follow up question came made these who made the point amounts was it. Matt Stewart was a Tim that was well Matt's yard, I think he's Canadian. So he might not know how easy. Questions. Maybe he thinks that they're they're like, oh, nobody's going to know. Oh, this is like a small college uses. What war America was in the seventies? Also, I haven't seen any of the questions. So yeah, I'm not a cheater. So just just say, no, we'll see. Okay. Follow question. Here. What ship did Charles Darwin considered by many the father of evolution sale on during his fame? Two five year voyage around the world. Oh lusitania. Okay. So rob. That was incorrect. Rob you have a chance to answer this question. The s s minnow at it'd be loss. The beagle Liana. Yes. The HMS. Beagle. You knew that you knew that. I'm nervous for the final jeopardy around. I have a beagle. So. So. So everyone who owns a beagle knows the answer to that question. Snoopy? No, his name's George was named should be Charles Darwin. Okay. So the next category is class Cloonan. Yes. Oh doesn't update rob has four my dollars? Akiva has seven. Okay. So who answered that question? Correct me. Yes. Cloonan? Okay. This is worth three point which movie did George Clooney win his lone acting Academy Award for Brum. Yes. Rob up in the air. That is incorrect. I've got one guess, okay. Good night and good luck. No. That is incorrect is it the Syria. Ana yes, maker act now, you don't get any points though, for getting any of these questions. Correct though, you're just like joining funds. He's trying to the next round. See, I'm smart. I'm smart. Not like everybody else says can you spell? It though is the real question though. So it's okay. So now what happens to the fall of question? Does that even go on? I think. Up questions if they don't. Oh, okay. All right. The category next on the board run to the core RIA. Kiva? What's category? Would you like a run to the Korea? Okay. This is worth one point. What is the most populous and capital city of South Korea? I heard rob for. Okay. Rob, wait. Can I just say how crazy that robs me? Because I said at like ten seconds before here, rob you guys must be hearing me so late. It's almost like having the chat with typing would've been more. Straightforward. On the run down the chat last time. Rob with the chat, I would like type in and then twenty seconds later at here up note, rob just wrote in. That is correct. No my God. Okay. This is the follow up question for you. Rob in April of this year. Who was the first Korean pop group to perform on SNL? Saham news, uncle uncle knows this. Okay. Kief BTS. They were just echoed shell. I think also. Yes. That is correct. Okay. That brings our totals. Rob has five key Yuba has eight. All right. So next category is Polly wants a question so kiva what category? Would you like, let's do Gordon variety? Okay. This is worth one point, which is not included, which is okay. Which is not a vegetable included in v. Eight and there are four choices low lettuce. Watercress broccoli or beats. Rob rob broccoli. That is correct. Wow. That's where we're wondering. Why have you ever drink the eight rub? I've had it. Yeah. Okay. Have you ever seen water crest? Like, what is that? And nobody broccoli you. Couldn't have that in a drink. It wouldn't. Yeah. Wouldn't be. It wouldn't really be the V eight is kind of gross. So it doesn't puree. I don't think. All right. You're right. Rob your follow up question, which state produces the most potatoes. Why don't normally like to talk about food on the podcast, but I will say Idaho. That is correct. That was worth one point. Matt Stewart probably thought, oh, this is a stumper. There's fifty states. That was a tough one. Arabas seven akitas eight. Oh, okay. Sorry. Rob the next category on the board is meet EA AT, the per us a little bit more food here. But Robert is your category mature smoke on the fodder. Okay. This is worth three points in eighteen seventy one a cow kicked over a lantern in a barn and subsequently started the great fire of what America Rosie's question. I got a time at two seconds early now because otherwise you miss time that was on this. No, you're right. You're right. I missed I'm that. I thought I gave it world. Well, I think I'm on a little bit of a delay. Because I thought I finished the question. Time to properly Kim. Yeah. It sounded like keep it got a perfectly right after Leon. All right. You said like O'Leary listeners who hear what I hear. Then Bill Bill. I did say I did say in the middle of the question. So rob, rob you answer. This you give me the last one. Okay, chicago. That is correct. Without a one point or three g. Gossip is it like the higher the? Underpowered on that one rub. Should've shows American question maker for. You did a great job. Great job values are off fat. The one off. All right. Okay. You're following up. Question is what kind of animal was kicked out of a Chicago Cubs game in nineteen forty five and was believed by some to be responsible for their World Series curse until 2016. We've it was a goat. That is correct. Okay. In honor of my lovely co host of the BNB this next category is living life in full bloom. Okay. Rob. Well, let me gotta go. I'll give you a peach of my mind. Okay. I'll give you a peach of my mind. This is worth one point hard. What is what that's right? What is the name of the turtle light character? Who Mario must fight to save Princess peach in the Nintendo franchise. Rob douse her at is. Correct. One points. Follow up question who wrote the popular novel, James and the giant peach? James milne? It was a road Dahl. Yes. Akiva that is correct. Okay. Rob has twelve of my. Okay. So the next category added to the board is happy wife. Happy life. So kiva known like. Okay. Let's do. Happy wife. Happy life. We're to wife experts here. All right. Is worth three points. According to the Koran how many wives and one man have. Kiva? Yes. Cuba three that is incorrect shoot, rob. Do you have a guess one? That is also incorrect it is four. Okay. Yeah. To force a lot. That's a lot of lives. I was watching. There was a really good. Bigamy show on Netflix. I forget the name of it was really good, but two wives. Did not like each other good wreck. I feel like in my situation, the wives would just banned and like leave me they would just like they would bond over there. Okay. So this is going to be the last category added color me excited. So I think this would be the last question. I yeah. So we're not going to play out the rest of the categories. This is the last question. So kiva, I think this is your question to. Meet the press since rob hates food. That's meet with an a, okay. This is worth one point in twenty twelve. What meat was the most consumed in the US for the first time in one hundred years, Akiva. Yes, Akiva, hamburger. That is. Incorrect robbed you have a guess, I will say chicken. That is correct. It's not orange chicken chicken chicken's meat fighters. An animal chicken kiva chicken is not meat chicken chicken. There's meat or chicken you ever go to a wedding. What the chicken just orthodox writers me? Yeah. What is or isn't? He told you guys. He. Chicken chicken is meat chicken is me. Any Elway be meet in fact that we don't. Orthodox jews? Don't eat milk. After me. They don't eat milk and meat together. And they'll wait five hours after they've had meet and there's a big debate. If chicken even councils meet the answer is yes. I guess we we hold, you know. Oh, well, let's thirteen nine rob. After one round am. I right. And there's no follow question. Oh, there's a follow question. Okay. So this is rob which fast food chains. Burger did time magazine call the most influential burger of all time. Mcdonald's. That is incorrect. Akiva, you have a gassing Walker. That is incorrect. It was white castle this absurd. What time magazines out of business time? And Newsweek, they shamed. Themselves going who wrote that article, Harold and Kumar? Okay. So after who is on. After round one rob has thirteen dollars. Akiva has nine and going into round to become a contestant and tried to stop them from taking any more of my money or the point values are doubled. And. Yeah. You guys have a chance to join easier. But. Yeah. Like, what color is a stop sign. Okay. So. Yeah. So they're they're not exactly double. But they are the point values are higher for these questions. So. Yeah. Now, all three of you will be competing. So I guess is it the person with the most points of the least points gets to pick the category. Tim the personal risk in the money gets to pick the first category buzzing against us is that what's happening. Okay. So he'll buzz in against you. So yeah. All three of you will be competed competing, okay? So I guess Tim. Sure. Go ahead. Oh, yeah. I need to put in the noon categories because these are not the categories. How many millennials listening to this episode even know what ferris Buehler's day office? I think it's part of the cultural zeitgeist, right? So. I don't know if it's gets re aired if you were, you know, didn't grow up in that era. I don't know where you would see ferris Buehler's day off. Yeah. Yeah. I don't I don't think win. Ben Stein is going to be. I'm surprised Ben Stein didn't make the stand tournament. Honestly. But he probably would have beat the cake. Maybe he also then his other claims to fame. I Philip was he was on the wonder years is that right, Akiva. Yes. He was the teacher on the wonder years. He was playing the same role as the baseball monotone guy. Okay. So for round two the categories are attornal sunshine of the reality filled mind, like father, like poison, let's get physical no shit, all Sherlock and scattered smothered and covered so Tim what category? Would you like to start off? With gotta go scatalogical. Let's do shit all Sherlock. Word play on we've been signs money. Yes. Yeah. I think that was that was part of it. Okay. Okay. The question is worth five points, which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book marked the first appearance of Sherlock, Holmes. To. Yes. Tim the hounds of Baskerville. That is incorrect say another beagle question, Akiva. Yes. Knights of the round table. That is incorrect. Rob t you have a go. I don't. That is I don't I don't even think it was written by by him. But it was a study in scarlet. That's much anything from that one. And there is no follow up question here. Also. So it's only the the one question, I know. Okay. The next category is grand masturbating, so swertz, right. Grandmaster dating. So. Okay. Jim go with my expertise. Let's choose category. Oh, okay. This question is worth four points. What was the name of the IBM machine that I beat reigning world chess champion, rob. Ooh. Whoa. Alligator I will defer to Cuba. Why all three of you said it? Oh, here's what I heard a kiva. Rob, tim? That's what I heard. Okay. Sure. Yeah. Keep go ahead. What is deep blue? That is correct. Oh, by the way, the at home because they're just an always hear rob saying it, I. But yeah, you know, another reason to type, but it was your call kief. So make sure. Make sure time they didn't know it was just me winding into the wind and make sure to add to what's your act kief sixty nine. What's what's your number twenty seven? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, by the way on win Ben Stein's money the contestants get a penalty. If they answer in jeopardy form by saying, what is he just did? So they were forced to wear dunce cap on TB. So so no that keep is now wearing a podcast somebody Photoshop that. I old on 'cause I Tim was keeping score before. And he's got four right. No. I don't I don't need any points. You don't get you get pushed he takes away. There's no. I see. Okay. Then no points. No points view, so kief how many more. How do you know? Sorry. I'll keep track. We're tied at thirteen dollars each now. Okay. So if Tim gets it, right? We both lose the points. No. You don't we don't. We don't get him. He's just he's playing defense. I only. Okay. So the categories added to the board is survival survival of the literate. I'm gonna go with sunshine of the reality filled mind. Okay. Your this is worth three points. What's the longest running reality? Tv series premiering in nineteen eighty nine to kiva. Yes. Tim. The real world. That is incorrect and kiva. Okay. Akiva. What is cups? That is correct. Yeah. I've seen that recently. Double dunce cap. Yeah. What is? Oh, yeah. So when Photoshop track? Okay. So the category up on the board is it's the finale camp down. Okay. Kibo? What category? Would you like scattered smothered and covered please. Okay. This question is worth three points who has appeared. The MO on the most covers of Sports Illustrated. I heard Tim. I Michael Jordan. No. That is correct. Always a really. Yeah. It was it was Mohammed Ali for many many years. Jordan must pass them like recently. Fifty covers. Okay. What category was that? Let's get physical scattered smothered and covered. Oh my goodness. Okay. Come those the wire, no follow up question? If Tim got it. Because they're points. Okay. Category. Dustin diamonds are no girl's best friend. So we'll write these or these from win Ben Stein's money. I think he wrote. Share because Tim watched every episode. Yeah. I met met Stewart capable of these punch himself. Then I know we've been teasing him for the point differentials and a couple of questions, but that is very impressive. And I take it back that he did a good job. Yeah. These are great. He's also it's I place in he's on first place. But he's near first place in the legalese. Oh. Let's choose like father like poison K. This is worth two points, which venomous animal is named after a city where it once thrived Toronto or Toronto Italy Rupp. Yes. Rob through Angela. Yes. That's correct. It is an animal also everything. Nice. I just said the met Stewart I immediately take back. But is that meat could be I guess they outline how many points was that too. That was it should have been that should have been a half at most. So Roba's fifteen dollars a kiva has sixteen very close. Very close match. Okay. Okay. Should we just collude and split you want to do fifty fifty? Okay. Give Giner wives lunch. Hey, sticks of the game. Okay. By the way, the wit the winner this round goes on to compete in the final round specifically against me. So. And if we were colluding who do you think has a better chance of beating Tim the thing is probably, you know, I think that you do why the ones I don't have any. I do not have the issue of being late to the buzzer. In the in the final round breida's out of the room. We answer separately who's answering a rob Ross turn into the Duston diamonds are no girl's best friend. Okay. This is worth two points. What is the bayside high school mascot? Yes. Rob the Tigers. That is correct nut is worth two points. So categories. The two categories that we've added are is it for twenty because I'm high af right now and parent teacher meet EMMY AT eating so rob which category. Would you like to is it four twenty because I'm high af right now, they're all okay. This is the three points, which continent is home to the highest mountain outside of Asia. Akiva, akiva. What is Africa? That is incorrect, Tim. Yes. Tim europe. That is incorrect. Oh, shoot. Rob janas? I'm going to say we knew what it wasn't mealy. Okay. I'm to say. South america. That is correct. Yeah. Reports Robbins has gone up to twenty and Akiva now has three dunce caps. The green ninja of podcasting was the category to the board. Rob. What would you like say green ninja of podcasting, right? This is worth five points. What colorful band wrote the opening song for the weekly podcast Conan O'Brien needs, a friend. Sure. Is a time out. Point. Yeah. Rob green day. That is incorrect that would have been like a big deal. If you get green day, no. I just don't know. Yellowcard, Akiva yellowcard. That is incorrect. Tim, do you have a guess? Yeah. Purple people here. I can't think any bands with color names right now. It was the white stripes. We got the white stripes throws podcast the song. We got we got KFC that's better. And from that at brushes, the white striped, white, stripes, aren't even. A pant anymore. How did Conan's podcast just started like a month ago? How did he get the white stripe and let me hot take white collar? White is the absence of Connor. No, no, no, no, no. It's a color. Why? Sounds right though. You get a bucks Krantz. A box of what color Crohn's Ray. Okay. Me things. I was saying the Cran's. Can I can I pick a category? The category was baby shirk doo, doo, doo, doo doo. Okay. Let me go with. It's the finale countdown. Okay. This is worth two points, which TV show finale is the only one to have over one hundred million views. Amoeba Tim, mash shoot. That's correct. Oh, yeah. All right. The the category is. Due to do. My is my genius showing well to what category tribute to my wand off from this season. I will go with baby shark, dude. Dude, say shut up. Tim's finest moment. Some some say this is worth four points in twenty eighteen which country experienced the most unprovoked shark attacks kiva. Yes. Akiva, what is a stray. Ilya that is incorrect. That. Rob. Okay. Rob the United States. That is correct. Oh, I would like to know which country is the provoked shark attack. Deserved. It. Oh, man that was a shark NATO. Right. That's a shark native. Ryan. Worth four points. Rob now has twenty four dollars a kiva has sixteen. Okay. Well, the Khuda the next category added quote baby quote movie, quote, if you get this right, then you have reason to gloat. Which is worth three points, which movie was the famous line. Do you feel lucky? Punk spoken. Rob rob dirty, Harry. Correct. That was worth three points. Robbery twenty seven dollars now. The category. La, LA liens of the intersection. Oh, pronounce the cadence land of the midnight sun. Yeah. Well that didn't happen. Sorry, man. I don't even understand. Yeah. We we're dumped even understand Mets joke. Well, we're talking about here. So I think this is let's let's get physical. Let's get physical. This is worth four points. What talion born in the sixteenth century is known as the father of modern science. Tim, Tim Leonardo Davinci that is incorrect. Would. Rob you gonna demolish? Rob. Yes. Rob Galileo that is correct. His I've actually in Italy his finger is preserved in a jar. And it's in a museum, and I saw him when I was there once so yeah, it was really gross. All right. Okay. Let's get physical. Okay. Pretaped pretaped. Pre-take? Good song is the category. All right, which Tony award winning musical was adapted by Mel Brooks and Thomas Mehan. This is worth four points. Rob. Yes. Rob springtime for Hitler. That is incorrect. Kiva? I heard Tim I the producers. Yeah. Yeah. That is correct. That is correct. You got to inside baseball there. Rob that was in the navy. That was the name of the. Yeah. Okay. Bribe's thirty one sixteen on the believe that's not been updated. Okay. Apocalypse, apocalypse cow. This is the category added to the board. So I think this is the. Got Akiva Akiba garage. Like, I know Tim sorry. Let's rent apocalypse cow. This is worth five points, which word refers to a scene of destruction. And is the name of workstation of a butcher. We hear one more time is it possible. Yeah. I'll read it again, which word refers to a scene of destruction. And is the name of a workstation of butcher. Rob. Yes. Rab epicenter. That is incorrect. Right. We're going to buzz that one out. It's shambles. Here is the thing. The next category is the road to victory is paved with blood sweat and awards. So Tim still your category to pick. Let's go with his my genius showing is my genius showing. This is worth five points. What was the first country to feature Albert Einstein on its banknote? Kiva? Yes. Akiva, what does Israel. That is correct. Okay. Does worth five points. Keep is up to twenty one rub has thirty one. There are a lot of time left in round two. Now, we're almost done. Okay. Okay. Separate the sheep from the ghosts was the category added kiva what category? Would you like here teacher meeting? All right. This is worth five points. What media talion city is home to Europe's oldest university? Akiva. Yes. Akiva. What is this really? That is incorrect. Tim. I heard Tim Hamburg at his incorrect camber German. Rob. Yes. Rob maples? No it was bologna. I missed baloney ital-. I missed the Italy part that was a place in Germany. Keep got four dunce hats now. Right. Picture sunsets. On. Center of attention is the next category added, and I think Cuba's your there's a lot to keep track of so doing a great job, man. You're crushing it the road the victories, paved sweat and awards. Okay. This is worth three points, which former NBA player is the only person to be named NBA MVP coach of the year and executive of the year. Tim, Tim Magic Johnson. Incorrect. Yes. Akiva, Larry Bird that is correct. Kiva? Okay. The next category out of the board is rock and roll. And Akiva what category? Would you like? Let's do survival of the literate. Survival of the literate. This is worth three points, which lecturer wrote the book and Cass McLellan's. Favorite? How to win friends and influence people is rubs. Throb? Dale Carnegie that is correct. So is three points for Robb. And the next category added is death on my side, and it is your category to pick. Rubs up by ten for those wondering. Okay, let's do. Death is on my side. This is worth four points who became president after the assassination of ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Rob. Yes, Rob Andrew Jackson. That is correct. That's worth four. Yes, you can still buzzing Cuba. You're still allowed to compete if you'd like passing gas is the category added, and rob what category do that one. Okay. This is worth two points. What airship caught fire and crashed in nineteen thirty seven while onlookers commented with the famous phrase. Oh, the humanity. Tim, I heard rob the Hindenburg that is correct. And the last category added to the board is until die. Do us parts. How much was it less question to that too? Yes. At forty Akiva, twenty four won't do things get money too. Or just the winner. I don't get twenty four bucks. Right. Right. That I get my money back from the loser. Okay. I didn't know that. Okay. Let's do a rock enrolled. Okay. Rock and roll. This is worth two points. What multiple Grammy award winner? Once ran into a burning house to save a pound of marijuana. Tim. I heard snoop Dogg. That is incorrect, Akiva. Yes. Akiva, Willie Nelson. That is correct. Yeah. Yeah. Who's like the second. We'd guy. He's the second. Billy Ray Cyrus next. But I don't think there's any Grammy wait now for all town wrote. But before that, I can have any did to keep it get seventeen points for that. It was to apply hundred twenty six Keefe twenty-six comes through. The last question. So that was the last question of the second round. So rob we'll be moving on to face off against him in the third and final round. Take my twenty six dollars back from Akiva. And put it back on the board. Tim before you walk away can run one hundred forty dollars if he wins or mex- at at one hundred maxed out at one hundred hundred automatically gets one hundred or does he can get up to one hundred he can get up to one hundred dollars. Rob didn't you think it was automatically one hundred didn't he just say that? What if I have to like if I get every question, right? Is that what is it depends on? So if you beat me, so you're going to have questions if you get more questions than me, you win all one hundred dollars. If not you go home with forty dollars. Is that what you understood? Okay, fine. The. It's a hundred or forty I understand now. Here was the other sort of twist we had because the way for the host the host to be involved if rob wins, but doesn't get three questions right means if he wins like one thing or two one or two nothing than Liana gets the money. Oh boy. Yeah. Okay. It's pretty you're gonna win. At least three. Yes. Okay. Yeah. The category is going to be about me. That was going to be the rule, even if it was me, rob. I didn't just throw that on your because I didn't win. And and I I will then MO the person on air. The one hundred dollars. I haven't preloaded already. But if not you you're getting at least forty dollars, rob. Okay. Well, he's ever been Burnett. Okay. So show can you walk away. And. Rene up would be a profitable success. Yeah. Yeah. You should you should do is you should take. If you win you just take the hundred bucks, and like a wave in front of coal and say look much money were springing. But it's paying the bills babe. Maybe like are lunch. Could you rob hundred bucks? Can you buy her lunch with with the money? And then she'll maybe like us to tell her that it was from Rene up. Yes. You have to say nap is. But don't say why just say we're nap we were trying to make peace treaty with you. And we're trying to you don't have to tell you. Let's say it's like twenty five bucks. Keep those seventy five do with it as you please by your boring chicken for a week or I don't even know what you'd spend money on by some microphone or something. Yes. This is from her nap Napa, let's out this boring chickens before they hatch. Okay. Okay. But that's a good idea. That would be a good peace offering from us to Nicole is is boring chicken, meat, definitely. Okay. Take off my show. Go away. We're gonna ask ten questions. Leon is gonna s right? Ten questions. Yeah. Disarm have the ability to get Tim back when we need them. Yeah. We'll you know, whatever. All right. Okay. Great. I'm in from us all. We'll just hang up on Tim. And is there a time limit or how much under the gun here? So you do you have a time. Limit is seventy five seconds, and it's going to be ten or questions. Yeah. Pass and come back to anything or no. Yeah. Sure. Tim. Yeah. All right. So do. Okay. Rob tell me when you're ready, and we'll get this thing going who's keeping time. You are Leon. Yeah. I have a timer here. All right. I'm ready organized. Rub. Yeah. I was pro. All right. Your first question. Okay. So I'm just gonna I got time. This right. What president said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. FDR? Correct. Which team won the first Super Bowl in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. The. Green Bay Packers cracked which kademi award winning director directed the upcoming net. Flicks movie the Irishman, Ron Howard. Incorrect. What is the most common presidential birth state? New york. Incorrect words that sound the same but have different meanings or called what hominids. Incorrect. What element is identified by the symbol PB? Correct. What is the basic unit of currency in Switzerland? Frank, correct. What two months of the year? We're named for the Roman emperors. July and August, correct? Victoria is the capital city of what Canadian province British Columbia. That is time up. So you got five questions those writings everyone's down or. My timer. Went off before I heard it. So unless we're in the, you know, like, I don't know. I don't know what the timing. I don't know what the listeners heard I. But I have five five questions. But yes that was the correct answer. Okay. Good news. Rob is that Leon is not getting the money. Got you know, right. It's an rob mad. If I made that rule, and then he won with two or something. Okay. What how confident are we rob that Tim is not going to get more than five? I guess we'll say I didn't know that he like meme like he might he's not going to get the sports question. Right. He doesn't follow sports. So we'll we'll see. But I didn't know he watches the show. Religiously like he might literally like binged he binged win Ben Stein's money for just absorbed so much trivia watching these shadow, which do you know, what James a holes our future nap gas. Please drink said that he did to really become like a superstar with with his jeopardy streak while you went to the library. And he took a lot of children's general knowledge books, and it became like an expert sort of like, you know, what do you say like a mile wide and an inch or whatever it is just like to know anything child would know, which is a really smart thing was getting forty three questions right in episode on jeopardy and the moment people. All right emailed him. And I said, please come back, and we'll see he may have disappeared. He may have gotten cold feet. It's going to be a tough loss. If I lose by one. Yeah. Because you got it. You must have visited third of a second there. And it was an easy one. You didn't realize wearing at a time. There should have been a ten second thing from Leon also not. We was pitching a perfect game till just then. Yeah. Because that was clearly knew that. And do you think the listeners are rooting for me, or Tim, Tim is a heel character the rooting for you? I hope so Tim is Tim is a bad guy in care if he wins as long as the listeners are rooting for me. I would rather lose. They were rooting for me. Rather be loved and lose than aided in one on the podcasts, certainly podcasts. Yeah. Does he think it was clearly seventy five seconds. I don't know where things that we could squeeze in another episode of win Ben Stein's money. He's to watch it. He's going to watch it. Yeah. There were seven hundred fifteen episodes of waste five. Years could do that. Yes. It's a crime. James on jeopardy loses. It will get spoiled by the audience. I mean, we'll it leak. My fear. I watched them every morning, rob. Did you know that jeopardy airs in the morning in Arkansas? So it like gets ripped to the internet by like ten AM eastern eleven AM eastern. So that's what I've been watching. So I don't get spoiled. If how James does because they're spoilers all over Twitter. This is one Arkansas station that aired in the morning on the regiment in the country. I don't think it's a jump. I just think that's what they're, you know, the station program owner like wants, but there's about three in the country. But I think Little Rock Arkansas is the biggest one Chicago has it on it like two or three o'clock also. So it's it's almost all night. But really that's the trick. Now with the internet. You watch it at like the cargo version, and then you impress your your friends at seven o'clock by knowing all the answers to the New York jeopardy that is a great idea. It's what people just try cast quite play to where is Tim that. Where do you think he is if he doesn't come back in two minutes? It's four fit in you win. That's. Okay. Yeah. I like that idea. I mean, literally emailed him and said come back, but I guess he can't be by the seventy five second quake, the DM me and said, let me know. Okay. Figured it was like I figured it was some. Listener Dee I'm like, I'm a professional. I'm not going to answer that during the show, but it was. So I told him to come back this Tim need to get a minimum number of questions right to stay on for the wheelspin. Yeah. At least three okay? Okay. I'm back. All right. Tim side and C or D M. We were waiting for you. And we thought tell him what the number. He has to beat is Liana or now think so hold on yet. Tim, he's okay. Yeah. Eight aloe. Can you hear me? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So okay. So you have to what if you tie. Then is it tiebreaker Kim, the this this you didn't ask every question Liana show? If if he doesn't get to the end, then we'll do a tiebreaker. Okay. I'm reading the instructions now in case of a tie. Whoever answers quickest wins to what the final question tie-break question. Oh, yes. Okay. So it'd be that. Yeah. The time. Okay. I'll figure it out. All right. Okay. So Tim, if you're ready, you have seventy five seconds on the board to answer as many questions as you can we'd have to tell what rob did though. Oh, yeah. Rob got five questions. Correct. Respectable. Remember seeing? No, okay. I just I mean, you know, winter win or lose. You know, I think it's it's gonna be a great day. All right questions will begin now. Which president said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. JFK that is incorrect which team won the first Super Bowl in nineteen sixty seven. Jeez. The bears and is incorrect which Academy Award winning director directed the upcoming net. Flicks movie, the Irishman. Martin scorsese. That is correct. What is the most common? Presidential birth state. New york. That is incorrect words that sound the same but have different meanings are called what SIMS that is incorrect. What element is identified by the symbol PB led this, correct? What is the basic unit of currency in Switzerland? Mark is incorrect. What two months of the year? We're named for Roman emperors. Mars. Past pass, Victoria is the capital city of what Canadian province Alberta is incorrect, what European country is autumn motive manufacturing company Ventura Ventura founded in. Was my bad. But does the timer? I don't think you were getting that. Anyway, I I'm not smart. What'd you say Mars the month the road named after its Mars? I was thinking of the planting of Roman Mars, the podcast, sir. Yes. That's what I was thinking of. Are you got led by old rob you didn't know first of all congratulations to rob? Tim cinema dollars right now. Then rob twenty-five coal. That's she's like she's like the goon of the show. She gets a cut. I don't don't come for goon. Oh, I'm sorry. But listen, this is a peace offering from from. She's like she's like the, mafia. But she's like the Tony of Arcaro you get cut. I knew Tim wouldn't get the Packers won. So once he missed FDR. I think you were pretty confident, right? That you were going to totally blew it. And she said there was one that nobody answered right? The Scorsese also robbed. I think you with a minute to think about it. You probably would have gotten Scorsese also said somebody better. I. Crazy, but I feel like Irishman. That's I haven't heard of the movie I just do. And then. Liane of what was the one that? We that. We miss that. Nobody got. Yeah. So the most common presidential birth state was versatile. I was gonna say hi, oh, but for accents all were like a trick. Words that sound the same. On the phone. You were close, rob. And then. The last one which European country. That was France. We never really got bad news because we said that if you didn't answer three questions, right? You can't stay on for the male BIC. Oh, really this three. You got two questions. Correct. I feel like if he sends you the hundred dollars. I think we could let them stay on. He can say he I think he started to cry when I just told them yet. I mean, that's learning. I was going to beg. I'll give you one hundred dollars the state from maybe one hundred hundred so then then. Okay. Well, then twenty six. All right. All right. Leon are you going to stay for the Mailer your enough podcasting this weekend? I and hang out. Okay. All right. Is it a long amount Renate more? Well, Tim has got Tim's got a request for you. Rub. Oh, I mean, I did so poor there. And you gotta give me your information. So I can send you that. Or did you just want me to do it through patriotic? Yes. That might be easier. I don't think I have set up that. I think that we could deal with that offline I can help you guys out. Yeah. Oh, Tim tell rob your idea. I'd like to send. Like, I have great, brilliant ideas. Like this episode. I'd like to do all the mount rainier, more ideas. I have ten ideas prepared. We don't do all ten. So he wanted to take over for me this week. Is that what you're saying? Sure. Okay. Rob. What do you think? Yeah. That's fine. That's fine. That another day. The listener ideas for another week. God knows that we have plenty of weeks where we're struggling to find stuff from our Enam more. So true. I got like a three month back. Yeah. Well, maybe the listeners used a lot of their good ideas on the call in show. Hey, good, ideas are hard. So I gotta say I have here. Ten different ones. We'll see Pippa pig music. Okay. Hold on. All right. So here we go. All right, mailbag, number thirty three getting ready for episode number thirty four, and I think depending on what comes up on the wheel. If it's an easy one to get. You like that you know, we can get this. But between everything going on with survivor and mother's day. I feel like that we might be forced to another week off for wide open, so blame rob. If we take off I got enough blame mother's day. Don't blame me. I didn't pick to celebrate mother's day. Would you trade? No Father's Day, if it meant no mother's day. Yeah. What do I get for Father's Day? Nothing either anything. No, nobody does anything. I don't even get to watch. Like what's open? My wife picks out what how we are going to. Celebrate Father's Day. I could tell you how we would celebrate it. If it was up to me. Everybody leave me alone for the and let me joy, it doesn't work. Yes. Rub. Is there? One holiday you wouldn't trade to get rid of mother's day. Rob halloween. I don't want to take anything away from like, you know, my. You know, my my wife is an incredible mother. And so I don't want to take anything away from her. She doesn't incredible job as a mother got it. She's for sure. Yeah. Never and do not tell her where the money comes from. We're just gonna this is a gift from RA t twenty five dollar gift cer-. Does that even buy you lunch and LA now twenty five dollars? It depends where you're go-. Yeah. I'm sure she could get something at the hospital cafeteria for twenty five bucks. That's right. Okay. All right. So show. Tim is going to give us ten ideas for IDS give us like four or five ten, but don't give us all ten. Let's say. Okay. Yeah. How fast you can just cancel them. We ought to get the timer going. You have a say here to this is like the king cake, baby. Don't don't be shy. You could also save its best. Yes. And then and then at the end of this I want to hear a ranking of your four podcasts experiences this weekend. Of course. Yes. Wait, I have to Leon. As part of this as well. Yeah. Of course, Liana you're the guest on every of these everyone that these ideas, okay? Entice her testing her. But I feel like it's not. I mean, we likely on it. But I feel like audience will get mad if she's on like seven or eight episodes in a row. Okay. So my first idea is in honor of the great Bryce Isaiah being on J P this week. This is coffee talk with Bryce Isaiah. It's think of the view or the talker. The chew you're producing staff comes up with a hot topics for rob aqui, even Bryce to discuss and Leon is there too. Not necessarily banter episode, but with set topics but with Bryce and with Brian so really Bryce is the vehicle of this of this podcast might just setting them up. We're yeah. So. Hixon lane to Bryce what this podcast isn't who. Akiva is correct. And then and then we're just like wine winding him up to talk about stuff. I think I think that like you got Bryce on the Wanda off you can get him on our AP. What were you think we're bigger than the free Wanda off Wicky it? It's got its own Wiki page. We don't have what. It's up to rob. Because I think price will say, yes. But I think you'll say, yes. But I kind of feel like at the expense of like other podcasts. Okay. That's fair. That's fair. More important. He means guys. All right, next, one shut up, Tim. Okay. This is Robin Akiva pander to one specific listener. So when this so the benefactor. Well, he wasn't poor. He hasn't given us any money. I'm out on factor. And let's start giving us cash in this episode. A Robin to keep her provided the research to discuss topics that pertain to one specific listeners interests and the interests are cold from Twitter and Facebook, and wherever I you're producing staff can get the information from you guys discuss that we're going to do this for t dub you never announce. That was like more fun. And this is like catered. So let let's say it was you. What would the what would the podcast of the about? If we went through your Twitter and Facebook, maybe we like emailed your wife and said like what is he into usually about him yet, Tim where with for what would this be about? It would be you guys. Get to talk about our a P you get. Okay. I'm terrible at trivia. Those are your interests being bad at trivial like what what are your hobbies arguing with Dohrn on Twitter? Yes. Also, not spelling well, no. Survivor running my kids. You're running your. Not a good one. But we're going to talk about your kids. I feel like that's a little too specific. I'm telling you. I'm not the specific listener, I think I have. So you wanted to childless listener, I haven't listener. Meet on this bone idea. But I don't think it would be psyched if it came up it is a very clever idea. Let me let me tell you. You don't announce who the listener is. So that all listeners, it's them. Narcissists until they figure it out that it's not them but wants to pay off like two weeks later. Someone tweets at us. Once about me the perfect payoff. I don't want to say because I already had the perfect listener in mind. I mean, I'll say it if you if you bleep it, rob no putting that much work into this show. Yeah. You tell us after. Okay. But, but then I don't think this idea is getting picked so you could anyway idea number three what's up? Okay. So rub into Akiba have a P R firm. So with the end of game of thrones, George r r Martin he's not going to be in the limelight as much so to keep your out what George R Martin's next move. We don't like this. We don't really like him. Well, yeah. This is why it's some books too, right? Yeah. He's what is should he do? He's literally the whole world is waiting for him threat to books that are not one percent or thinks is ever going to happen Liana. Are you a thrones person? I read the first few books watch the first few seasons. Yeah. With the Harry Potter movies, except the whole way I went six at seven. I did not make can't remember where I dropped off. But actually it kinda works out because then I'm not waiting for the last two books like everybody else. Yeah. I know. Do number four full veto power for any of these ideas. Thank you. Sportscenter with Robin. Akiva, Rodney to talk about sports and do it in the sportscenter format. So you just do current sports coverage. For the week. When you say the sportscenter format what I'm interested in. What do you mean by that? Because you know, foul sports, and I'm not sure you know, what that is and twenty nine hundred sportscenter format because it's mostly like skip Bayless or whoever. Now like, Stephen a Smith. I mean yelling about something. And then someone else coming on. It's not like showing highlights and talking about things in my in my mental conception of what ten thinks sportscenter is. It's not a show. It's like the center where all the sports are. Okay. Okay. See? My element. I'm I was picturing. I assume sportscenter is the same as it was in the nineties where he was lights. And and yeah, you guys say you'd want us to play audio highlights of games in the week ago. I was just giving you the opportunity. Listen to this episode. Yes, I'm a are a an AP superfan. I'd listened to you talk about anything. I listened to the techno bowl episode like mad and Tommy. Can I can I actually spoil a little bit? So I actually worked on a podcast this week for our any P. Rob Taylor Cotter, and I put together the census. Oh, good. And it's a lot of fun. I'm very much looking forward to it. And I'm not going to spoil the questions, but I will say there is one question on there that I'm curious to know, the answer to our listeners, and it's are you a sports fan. And I'm curious what percentage for sports fans, but I know it's not one hundred because showed up him not a sports fan. Okay. I survivor is the sport I watch. All right. One more shot. We're. We're going through these. He couldn't keep calling. Okay. Unless podcasts at a record. Okay. All right. You literally does. That's fine. I can dig it in hop off. Even if we don't get there. It's fine. It's Brent too. So. Oh, okay. I know this was taken out at the wheel waiting room. But I'm repay ching, R A, N, D And D. I think you guys were I'm not doing way way way, you're providing incorrect information for hours, a good DM can get you guys to do it in an hour and a half at the magic. I am a DAM idea. My own home game with my wife. My wife plays dungeons and dragons with big eyes. And by the way, I did want to bring this up to just in case we go. This is exactly. Yeah. There probably are. This is exactly why I wanted to bring it up because listening to Rene up. I want to point out that Akiva thinks he's cool. Have you? Have you? Tread lightly here. Hey akiba. I know you don't listen to this podcast. But you shouldn't. Because man, you're just realize I'm not surprised actually. Would you ever play dungeons and dragons? I actually had similar idea for the BNB at turned into a choose your own adventure. Because nothing about dungeons and dragons and also under the idea that it was going to take four hours and Stephen fishbach needed to be there. Those are the two rules. Yeah. I'd be down to play. Rob is a key cool to the to the census quit. Could you answer? Do you think I'm cool? I won't take a personally if you say, no. No, don't ask. You heard. Anybody think I'm cool. No. I think you're cool. You work. I mean because like the winning team always. Oh boy. Kiva fan until we started playing jeopardy and this. Yeah. I mean, there's plenty of like if thirty two fans listeners, I think who think people think I'm cool. No, I was never like billion in my whole life. I always always I was always popular. It was at a lot of friends. I think the fact that you hears this link short racism, you're like because I'm sure people think like I can't. I don't know. What you look like you look like the king cake, baby. As far as I'm concerned on Twitter. Profile. I don't. I don't know. I know that you think you're cool. And you're not. I was cool in high school is probably a sign that you're not cool. Now. I'm just saying I was I was always called obviously cool now I was cooling interest school. It was cool in high school. I was cool in college. I was like. Yet been cool. I I fired it'd be cool one day. He Akiva hilly strong. It's cool. You think your Haley strong? I don't think is Haley's. Hey, here's Canadian she's not come up on the wheels today. This is my guys. I don't think strong is she's definitely not a nerd, but she's Canadian. She's not cool. I say getting canceled three and eight cancel. Can sure hold on? Hold on the did shut up. Tim get a spot on the day today for a rob Nikki to get roasted. Yes, I think the day us right now. We'll talk about that when we get to the male or but I think showed up Tim was going to be involved anyway. So all right Liana. Do you want it on the roast? Yeah. I wanted it on the rose. Okay. I'm here for it. Okay. All right. So so back to DND though, I know. Go to the next thing. You called me a nerd, and then expect me to take your idea and. Heard nerds or smart. Oh my God. I'm telling you the game could be fun de podcasts are very popular. We like doing original things like winning your money and doing their, absolutely. This was a rip off a win. Ben Stein's money. Most you're never gonna win. Ben Stein's money podcast before we don't there's a million. If you like dodges, the dragons, there's a million tons and dragons pike is so many people tweeted us. Hey, I listened like four to them. So I love it like, okay, but you have ones, but my biggest concern is the run time. As concern is like my reputation afterwards. Yeah. Here's what I like about DND's stuff is. I really like the improvisational part of where the dungeon master's. You guys are coming up upon a table, and what kind of table that part is fun. But when you get into rolling the dice. I do think that that can be pretty boring you can be doing the movie, but a good DM can modify that and make it really quick. And also, Mike Blum was going to be the villain of my campaign. But okay, let's move on just keep going keep going. All right. I have an episode here called freaky Friday. Oh, rob. And Akiva, switch formats with news. Af. We've had about forty of these suggestions the exact same suggestion. Oh, yeah. I don't know if the news af guys are on board for this kind of role play. And I don't know if they know who we are even though we are famously crushing them in the ratings. I don't know if I don't know if they even know who I am right. I don't think Tyson her Danny could say who I am. Well, no, but Tyson cool school. I agree. Tyson is cool. Your example of a corporate strong who is who is cool, but a Canadian Tyson example of a cool person rocketing Tyson with cool if we met. Idea. Upsize things I'm a cool person. So I know I didn't know nobody assume that he did no ki ki you're getting into hot takeoff category. With like Haley, strong is not cool. I say, she's not cool. She's definitely not a nerd, I think that there is like cool. There's not cool and there's Canadian I think all Canadians are kind of cool but in their own Canada way like in a like a zero degree celsius kind of way. Yeah. No. They are. I'm not saying, they're even less cool than cool people. I'm just saying their own their own category. We on is a kiva going to get dragged for this take. Oh for sure. Yeah. I'm gonna have to send like an emergency DM. Hey, we started. This is worse than what you said about Johnny fairplay. It'd be honest. Though, it starts. Okay, robin. Akiva Disney maniacs. Because you guys are such big fans at the Disney animated movies. Sure, you rank all fifty eight of the Disney, Walt Disney company movies. And but here's the thing. You guys don't have to watch them. You just look at the poster really wants to watch Fifty-eight movies. Well, I'm assuming with kids you've probably seen fair. Share people take Disney stuff. Very serious is nice dancer. I wrote rob will not like too precious. A little bit put that on the. Loyd show. Yeah. To beloved show. All right is named the perfect episode. Keep it to you like, yeah. You do. But not enough for this idea. Season's gonna be over by the time. We record our next podcast possibly. So it's going to be advocating. Okay. So what did you watch this week's as weird like Sandler? Like first of all there's almost nothing after we can update. And then Sandler plays the Farley song that he already played in his that flicks album. I feel like that's like I saw a clip from it. I didn't watch the whole thing. He Opperman was funny. He was he was funny. He played. Yeah. That was a bummer song though. Like, yeah. Okay. Okay. So no on S and L, I guess close to the wheel yet, my friend. Scraping the barrel. Now here. What's the best idea? So far, none of them. Do take off episode like general hot takes that aren't necessarily survivor related much or reasonable idea. From the on off not version anything like I've pitched this idea directly to you. You never read it is what? Cough emphasis idea invented like three years. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just saying like it would be like you were right on SNL. And you're like Sandler do Opperman. That's not your idea. Reprimand? Was just waiting 'til shut up. Tim came on here and listed a bunch of terrible ideas. My like moderately. Okay. What are you thinking about the hot takeoff? Rob. Should we do take? All did you do a general hot takeoff on thirty two fans? I don't think so because we didn't have the submission amount. Yeah. No, I did a takeoff, and you judged it. Okay. Yeah. And I didn't send him. Yeah. I would love I would love to do a hot take off with listener listener submitted heartaches, all right to the wheel. But we need to nail down to the criteria for what a hot take is for the podcasts. But we have it can't go on this week anyway. So next week. We could say what the criteria is. Okay. Great great job Liana Liana, by the way, pitched an idea that famously she is a part of so cheating on my back, and Tim you may never we've never see you again. Oh, hey, can I be the shack expert? We don't have the check podcast on the week. She's them movie diaper. We'll talk about it offline do you have what you want because we got a whole cable to spin. This is this is called t dub Brett's, and this is basically your tweets or trash too. But it's revolving around that avengers endgame is about to surpass avatar as the most profitable is gonna have a meltdown is gonna have a meltdown Witter folk I feel like if you are watching t dub is closely as I do he's already he has already been prepping this inevitability tweeting stuff so that he can point to himself and be like, oh, no, it doesn't really count. It's like there's a certain politician that like a lot of Sunday mornings just like drops like forty I'll take Sweden. That's exactly what up is going to be like the day avatar gets by vendors than you. But it's not just wanted to make fun of of Thiede, which we allow I'm I scraped the bottom of my barrel. Guys. I'm out. All right, fine. Do you want to hear a couple of suggestions from listeners about just sort of technical related things? Rob. Doesn't sound that exciting. But okay. No. I'm saying, no. We have a pitch for. Last week. We put on the wheel a draft podcast where you and I will draft people sent in. And I thought it sounded familiar, but we didn't have the mail bag open. And now, I realized that Felipe Shimon thin a similar idea. That's also very good. Okay. Philippi says my dear for the wheel is something called mount Rushmore, mayhem for you to what each gotta listen. If the choose the mount Rushmore for that item, for example, mount Rushmore of famous pigs, or TV puppets or baseball mascots, and you to debate until you come up with four for each topic. And then move on this show only the listeners can submit their mount Rushmore ahead of time you can discuss react their mount Rushmore. So it's pretty similar to the draft idea. It's just what do you like the branding of more base? I do like the mount Rushmore of stuff is Bill Simmons gonna sue us. No. He's not a big met Rushmore guy. I think pardon my take or bigger mount Rushmore guys than Bill Simmons. Even we should text gesture on that I feel like Bill Simmons is going to claim ownership of mount rush- lunchtime. Our worst case scenarios is pilots casket so popular stencil because of cool AM than Bill Simmons. Right. No, I do like the mount Rushmore because I feel like they were sort of like capping it at four four because otherwise what's the draft. And I the thing is with the draft people say like who won the draft. Whereas mount Rushmore there's not really a winner in a loser. That's the only difference. Yeah. We have to agree. I like the consensus on what do you think draft or mount Rushmore? I think mount Rushmore I think that we can do both long term. I think they're both viable ideas. So which is the one that's on the wheel. I think mount Rushmore, but it does it now does it need a week's just station period. Because this let's roll the dice. Let's not get so bureaucratic with the right? Okay. Okay. Yeah. So that was that was a an coming up on the wheel and then me being tomorrow. I'm trying to think who the who submitted. The dress was JC are was I believe it was well, Josh lemur called up. Yes. But you still get credit lemur because it's a pretty similar idea. And the listeners are going to submit the ideas firm Rushmore the topics and then we'll come up with the mount Rushmore. Okay. Great. All right. Yeah. So that's about it. They are buds person. I usua- writes in rob and says last week at the two hour twenty three minute. Mark of the podcast. You guys asked me about should alley. Lascher Getty, double spun the wheel to make up for her unfortunate extenuating circumstances of not being available because she's got a final exams at law school this week. She says sure why not congratulations on graduating to Cuba's biggest fan a USA. You're up shield. Okay. So Allie last year is getting how many spots on the wheel to spots on the wheel to spots on the wheel for what for the for the podcast that was selected last week, which is. Trash. Okay. So I'm lineal judge is staying the same. Millennial judge is not on the wheel yet because we don't have a topic. Okay. It's in the wheel waiting room. Okay. I get it with millennials killed it which is on the wheel. Also. Yes. And he said that he is going to be traveling the next two weeks. He is unavailable. Can I just say how thoughtful that is of him though, because he makes us not look like, I guess because he listens. He knows what bad audio. It is we have to pause, and like DM, you mail and all the people. I also emotion that we take life coach off the wheel. Yeah. Life coaches off the wheel I've coached the wheel waiting room entail. Caitlyn contacts us and says, hey, guys. I'm ready. We need bigger conversation. Liana you on board with that. As as Caitlyn? Stan. Yes. Yeah. Quick comment though on alley stuff, and she graduated yet because he should only add the two spots once she once she's available of little faith. In addition to being exceptionally cool. I'm also very organized, and I've already discussed with Alli that she is available. If indeed she were to be picked for this episode. Oh, cool. I think it's very considerate of Eric Stein to do that. Because what a bummer it was last week to hear that. Like O Alley's episode got pulled up, and then you get me. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, let's reset what's on the wheel right now season. Three episode seven. Akiva is that now up to three spot. I think it's just too okay to all right up to two. That's right. Then we have the coin flip, which did we decide that? That is the winner of whatever is the latest bet. Yes. So if we say that no, I think we'll let's next like when we have a bet that the official coin flip stakes as census episode that would be a bet. Right. Whoever wins that one gets the coin flip. Although maybe we need some more stakes for that one too. Right. Okay. Oregon trail is on the board the rise and fall of JT, and do we we have a JT expert. Yes. But wait, I have one more suggestion sort of from a listener, they said take JT off the board. Why? And they said I'm not interested in JT take JT off the board. And instead put in this is from Marky, Mark. And instead put in the rise and fall of MacAulay Culkin. Is there a lot? We don't know about MacAulay Culkin. I mean, I feel like he's had maybe a more interesting career right now. He's like doing he was doing some podcast thing. He lives in France. Yeah. Tim who you've been on interested in MacAulay, Culkin or JT? I am more interested in MacAulay Culkin, but I also feel bad because if there's someone out there first of all I believe the listener probably did some work. But if there's someone out there has been waiting with baited breath for thirty four episodes for JT, which I think is already been vetoed. Once right. Vetos? What does he do as New York? What was the other thing that got vetoed? I dunno. I if there was something that you had to do a lot of work you vetoed. It. Okay. Yeah. I don't know. I'm not. I'm not sure what the what do you think? Yeah. I mean, what are you doing? Are you vote for next week? Survey census for some sense or or make it. The new coin flip. Macaulay Culkin or what about? Keita's choice arrives choice. That's not what this. No. No, no. But I mean like that the rise and fall gets picked, and then you coin flip whether or not it's JT or MacAulay. Let's put it to a Twitter vote. I also have to do it Twitter vote that I specifically did not do this week. But I have to do should keep kosher for a week. You should. Yeah. I just feel like that. I think I know the story of MacAulay Culkin better than JT JT was on top of the world. And then what happened? Did he get? How looking what? Yeah. He did. Get a little who caulking. Jay. Got really weird. Look JT looks the same. How about this three options on the poll? Macaulay Culkin JT or kick it off the wheel entirely. Okay. Fine. Is it eligible for this week? No ineligible for all, right? All right. Then MTV shows are trash is two spots. But not eligible for this week infomercials. Our trash is not eligible for this week. Royal rumble is in there. How do we get more spaces for Royal rumble? We can't. I would I just make like a more spots. Like, that's what I decree in this moment. No, you're not. But what don't you just commit you'd has two spots. If you commit to doing it as your coin flip. Okay, fine. I commit I commit there should be a rule. How about this? There should be a rule going forward that if something's been on the wheel for like, fifty episodes. It gets the second spot like J trail. Wow. Never gets picked it just falls off the wheel after fifty episodes. That's interesting. All right. All right. Millennials killed it. That's with Dr Andrew Rabinowitz. Yes. Crappy movie diapers slash hat that has two spots. The Senate picked the sequel mechanism to beloved final four and the new mount Rushmore is that in the mix this week that is in the mix. This we all run, by the way, the final four was my other idea. Oh, okay. You will not be on that episode. Okay. Wait. What if I say, I think you're cool now it's too late too late. Okay. Tim, do you have a one thing in particular that you're most hoping comes up? Well, the life coach thing you guys took off the wheel so kind of bummed now. No, I like them. All you guys are great, no matter. What I I have this. This. I kind of want the crappy movie diaper to happen. Okay. All right. Let's go ahead and spin the wheel here for what is going to be episode number thirty four of Robin. Akiva need podcast. And we'll talk logistics. Everybody's favorite segment. We have sequel mechanism old twenty sided die comes. I just thought of something. Yes. One of the people on the sequel had a baby this morning. Not available in the next seven days. So should we remove Mike bloom? From that. Or I mean, I love Michael does he need to be on that episode. I'm not saying this to mean. Okay. So let's let's cross that bridge when we so what what is in the sequel mechanism, right? Dings three things. One is in Tony Massaro's conspiracy. Pod to write one is a brands THEO with the rene-paul stars all the fun fairs verses ops. Yeah. Fans versus ups and the other one is Robin the banter cast except people sending suggestions of things for us to banter vet. Okay. And let me say that I feel like that the brand steel I feel like we would have to wait two weeks through that. And maybe my problem with waiting two weeks. I don't think you'll be ready in two weeks. They hid be ready to do podcast two weeks after the birth of a baby got a frigging DM, Mike Blum who's got a twelve hour old baby and ask them about a public, and he doesn't we can do it. He doesn't have to be on it necessary. Right. Correct. He's invited. Yes. If you're getting two that's a long podcast, and we definitely will not have time for it. So next week. So what if any Tony bizarro banter is a short podcast with no prep. I think we could definitely knock out this week. Antonio missouri. I feel let's give Antonio potentially two weeks to prep for a new conspiracy pot. That is. So let's let let's let fate decide deciding what's happening. Okay. Liana? What do you think of all that? Yeah. I wasn't listening. But that sounds great. Okay. Let's see my favorite. Do. You have any thoughts fate. The this is the point roll the wheel roll the dice. Let's see what happens. Mike Blum lakes the podcast. So you never know. True. He does really podcast if you brought catchy man. Definitely do it. He would do it. I'll tell you what. If people are really dying for something. I feel like if we had stands versus ops came up. I would be okay. With a with a shorter stands versus ups casting special and maybe wheelspin within this week. That's just even need to be on that especially because Mike was visit. You didn't really have to listen to every episode to to know that is he gonna have to do research if he hasn't heard some of these episodes. He probably will definitely he's gonna have to know what's up with king came. That's why those late night feedings four. Okay. So now, here's the deal. Yes. I have a twenty sided die. However, a boy the closet is blocked for reasons that are very boring right now to get the twenty sided die. So I have a twenty sided die in the computer are the reasons that you feel like that Marvin Harry from home alone are is in the closet. They would have to be very slender. The way has it's sort of one of these standing like well today and go away, and you block them. There's all these like camping equipment that are in front of that that haven't been moved out of this house, a mess. Okay. Just went to. Family went into camping trip without me. It was a delight. But now, they're home. And there's a lot of stuff, Tim. What were you going to say? I I was first of all I was just picturing keep going camping. Which is. I don't go camping. I stay home on my kids. Go camping. I I also was thinking about the stands versus ops the rene-paul stars. And I was just thinking, oh, maybe I qualify for that will definitely be cast in that in that episode. The Dan or up that we could get into on the Kabasic said he's our biggest fan on this. He was before we started. Now. I mean, I hate him. I don't know if you'll me also a little a little wrinkle here, rob. Okay, S. So one to six is conspiracy pod. Yes. Seven to twelve is is the fake survivor season of their Naples stars thirteen to eighteen is the banter cast. However, if nineteen or twenty come up, we re spin the wheel entirely, it's lose a turn. Okay. All right. I thought that we had originally give assigned numbers differently a week or two ago but out, but I also don't remember how short memory that works. I think what it was was that the it was gonna be seven innings seven seven and six, and I think this works better Louis, Warren Liana, you're on board with this. I'm on board. I like it. Okay. On tim. Yes. I agree. Okay. All right. So could spirit pod with and then then. Spanned thirteen eighteen all right generating a number. And it is thirteen it's banter cast next week lucky number thirteen. Okay. I could do that. Yeah. All right. So let's get the banter topics in early in the week because if you and I could knock this out say on Wednesday. Absolutely. We can that would be that would be great. And is it going to be timed the banter segments? I think they will do like PTI style like five minutes on each one. But just put an Email or a tweet just say like if you list panther topic. And then we will have that we have to banter about all of them like they write in. We. Five minutes. We don't know five minutes or for the good ones. But everything needs at least to be discussed. Okay. Do we assign somebody to come up with the list of topics? So it's really off the cuff. The problem is they're all gonna Email us. And and you'll see you'll read them all otherwise, there's a guest. Yeah. I I'm not gonna pay attention where I just get like a Google sheet from somebody. I mean, I would have to volunteer. Somebody find. They're going to get a bunch of messages message. What's what's just thrilling Twitter? Jess sterling K her. But don't tweet at me. Turn you. Oh, yeah. He doesn't do anything. But, but I want to do Twitter, and I don't know his Twitter handle at the sterling tweeted her and she will compile a list for us, and we will have a whole banter. I can't believe it's just banter. We called it the bantering. I can't believe it. Just bantered isn't the banter. Okay. All right panther. Ru. Yes. Can it? Can I get my idea? Now, do you want? He said riser now, I don't care. It's going to be why is Haley much cooler than. Okay. All right Liana. You're in a rank the four podcast you were on this weekend. Yes. That's right. So recorded yet. Right. One has not been recorded yet. So it's obviously my favorite that was the best podcast that we did know. Let's see. So I will record drag race later. I was on our A P. I did the BNB. And of course, I did twitch twists. I would say my favorite podcast. Well, I had a lot of fun on the BNB. It's my baby. So I'm going to go. The BNB was my favorite then was shot at Mike to say that the podcast is your baby ES. He's got his own baby. My cats don't on mother's day. My cats are not gonna get me anything. So. The B B. Will it always loves me? Then I would say well, I won on Twiss. Spoiler alert for those who have not let that was pretty good. Then R a p it was it was tough keeping track of all the questions not gonna lie. There was a little difficult. But it wasn't. I see rob win. I was rooting for him as a listener. And. Sorry, Tim and then. Yeah. Drag race is last. Okay. This is you end Brent on draggers podcasts. It's it's gonna be me. And brent. And it's going to be what you're going to be harder to keep track of the questions for wind chill him money or Brent. This is my calming influence like is going to go off the rails without Mike is rob gonna cancel. He goes off the rails without or with Mike there. So I don't think that's really going to be how many say that needs to be ended up before the podcast is posted. I plead the fifth one. Honestly that maybe the drag races is another story that I find him to say very little that needs to be edited. Or censored auntie on podcast social media that usually is played about Brennan. If he's not here. We'll we'll have money. We could make fun just grade. He's a much needed one more thing, by the way. Rob we did that put it on the wheel this week. And I'll explain why. But there was a lot of enthusiasm for the, Robin. Akiva, get roasted episode. Oh, oh, it didn't go on the wheel. I know. But I think the day is should be. It's me, and you and then I think the day is Allie Lascher who is already written her material. She was like testing people at UM law this week with their material, Alex, Chester. Yeah. I'm very excited. The rose Tim him shut up. Tim, maybe. And and Mike bloom, but Mike bloom is I think you could be like the the host Mike bloom, but maybe we waited week or two to even put it on the wheel. Okay. Well, Liana said she wanted to be on the day. Yeah. I've got about fifteen requests from people some listeners some some host some in between who wanted to be on. So I think what we could do is. Because I don't think you want to have a podcast with ten people live, right? I think what we could do is. We could have a few people who maybe don't make the cut either because they're busy or like, let's say Josh wig, Laura Antonio Zara or somebody wants to make Kirsten mcginnis wants to make fun of us. But they don't have to be there the whole time, maybe they could like record minute of roast jokes. And we'll play them sort of like. Let's talk about this more off line because I think ways that we can do it. I think you know this week. But I also thought because my might be involved. There's no reason to put it on the wheel this week. We land on around like seven or eight people, and I think that we can make use of the mute button on zen cast or Skype for people that are not like presenting. I think you gotta play the laugh track after jokes. I don't think they'll work when we did the late night show. I think the jokes only worked when you play the left after every joke. Yeah. We'll figure it out. Okay. All right. Oh reviews. We haven't touched on any reviews. Lali? Let's go ahead and see if anybody left us, any new reviews, Tim have you ever left us a review? I did you read it on the air. I said the whale is loved the wheel his life. Five stars. All right, Robin, Akiva needed pockets. Go to rob a website com slash Redknapp for the store the page in the apple podcast, or you could also send us your ideas every week. Meet a podcasts at rob has a website dot com or Seinfeld. Epo show. Recaps dot com. Let's see this person. Raider Ray says three star review. Oh, I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. Boy, a critical review. Okay. Was once my favorite podcast, a must-listen that jump to the top of my feet is dropped. However, they dropped the ball by cutting the legs out from under its best in most intriguing wheel option season. Three episode seven no longer is there a chance for Ken Jennings. Type run of premium podcasts. Of course, Keevil was the one who pushed this travesty though. He listens to listener opinions less than Mike francesa. Boy, I told you. There was pushback on this journey came in the second year relationship bots for for season three episode seven I feel like this is the same person who made the one complaint ruin the show. Dave clearly is it's clearly same one guy. Well, I'm sure he just became our second three star review. Yeah. Well, yeah, I was gonna say Adam to the ops. Sprint steel Ray. No, he's not a brand steel. That's that's the that's the president. The Jacqueline says RA are awesome. I like that one better. Okay. Yeah. I listen to most of Rob's podcast for years and recently found this podcast. I been listening nonstop since needs to spread the word. These guys are legends XL. Yes. This review was helpful. Okay. And James from earth says this podcast is good and says this podcast is simple and easy to follow. Okay. Lie on apple podcast. Okay. All right. We'll have somebody. Did you read the one about Nicole scaring off the Minnesota trip? Was that from last week? No, this is from. They came ale. Herrick says Rene is fantastic. It goes off the rail so much that I'm not even sure what the main podcast is about at times that given week. But that's why it's great. However, if Nicole scares rob from the Minnesota trip, I might have to take a star back also mall of America has a roller coaster and affairs wheel. But who cares because target field is the real gem of the trip. Nicole is not scared me off of the trip. I could not convince her that I really serious that she the show why I'm Greece by the way. Do you know what I started doing, rob? What when we have guests on the show. I haven't done this the whole time. I think it's a good move. I heard another podcast there say they do this. And it's smart like we on is gonna finish. And if you hours from now, I'm going to send their DMZ. Hey, Liana, just thank you for your time. You're such a great job today. You killed it. I'm sure people will be so happy. And like normally if it wasn't already be pod. Because it's like, maybe you'll get people to check out the BNB like I did with the riverdell ladies. So you wanna keep the people who are on your show happy? Okay. I works. Skew it to everybody. Only people who are good 'cause I'm not sure Tim is not going to get that the end. That's what I was gonna say how saw that mile away. I think we gotta do we have have to have the same. You know, sort of practice with Nicole, which is we gotta start bartering up. So we just gave her twenty five bucks to buy lunch. I don't know if that's the way to our heart. But we're gonna find out is loan language money. We'll see. I don't know what it is. Yeah. I had the same. I the same thought with with my wife. I didn't know what the love language is wearing I looked them up, and I've been married fourteen years, and how many appeals to them or what or how they show affection. We on you know. It's both. So you can have a loved one that you that's how you like to receive love. And then you can have a love languages how you give love. They don't necessarily have to be the same. But I think it's usually how your see it is like how it's reference than culture. No. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because we have each been married for for a long time. And I don't I don't know. So there's words of effort Mason like that gets me nowhere, right? Like, it's like oh show me actions gifts. No, she likes gifts. But that buys me a half hour of Hervey, happy acts of service service. I'm bad at the like like, I'm bad at those things. Like, I don't know. What to do? I don't do car pool. Vacuuming some bad at that quality time. That's the last thing. She wanted physical touch. I can assure, you know, so I don't know there must be a sixth love language that. I'm not sure she she just likes being married to someone so cool. Right. I get it is as I was going to my wife. I was gonna ask my wife to come in now and ask her from cool do here baby yelling. So I don't want the podcast. Okay. All right. I don't know how we got here. But. That being said, all right. Let's let Leon have a break from not podcasting shut up. Tim. Thank you for putting this altogether today. Well, Matt really did all the work. I just came in and was dumb. I appreciate you guys. Having me. I love this podcast network. A course, and this is this is become my absolute favorite show on the network, rob and the kiva really appreciate you guys having me on and letting the submit my terrible ideas each week, can I plug my podcast. Yeah. Which one I know you had one. I have one it's called lone surviving survivor. It's a twenty minute survivor podcasts. That's behind a patriot paywall for the franchise, which is hosted by Daniel Aaron Burg who leeann has actually been on that podcast the franchisee. Remember that Leon and I was just telling you survivor podcast. So I'm excited for this one. Well, yeah, it's a survivor podcast where we try actively not to talk about the that week's episode. So okay. That's yeah. We cover amazing race and survivor within twenty minutes. So all right. Well, I like the the format. Yeah. Yeah. It's a patriot perk. I mean, we pretty much say rob is saying everything else. So go listen to that talk about like, you know. You know, how big Rupert's? How Roberta big Rupert is in this community. In fact, I have a question from this week. Rob. We we had a discussion about the Americas tribal council, and whether or not Rupert counts as a survivor winner for for no reason in particular. I believe he does not. But we were wondering if you listen to the show, Tim, you know, this is survivor free zone. So I just had a quick question that rob has inside on America's survey. America's trouble council. Did you find out the results of like hookah, the least amount of votes? Definitely not not find out. I'm a you know that for when they did the vote a couple of years ago. They didn't say who just missed. Yeah. But it, but it was going to ask question should just people don't know survivor was so popular they decided to like have extra episode where they gave popular contest and a million dollars, and rob you're one of those contestants. Although you were not I believe in the. You say it'd be in the running where you knew you weren't in the running. I mean, I. Eligible chance because I had a friend was like set up like a baton our like how many of those people thought that they had a chance that we that were spending the million dollars probably a bunch. I think everybody was like pretty convinced that Rupert was getting it was it was that even before it happened. This is just an excuse to give Rupert money. Okay. That's funny. Yeah. In the end of are in. Yeah. We least votes. I think that's an interesting debate. Yes, she an right. I mean, she did go far in the season. So she did a like a bump like Richard was very popular at that point. But he had notoriety. Came in last. I don't know maybe sue could be anyway, this is very off topic. All right. Do we have anything else to talk about the honor related Leon? Did you ever have Darren ehrenberg on BNB what the hell cast? They don't answer that question. What is going on your can't you're you're you're getting for other show on it is not going to say yes to any more podcasts. I realize that I've been up for the void of Mike bloom. So I'm really doing my best never said, no to anybody. And look what happened to him. Now. All right. Thanks, everybody. So much the bantering coming up next thirty two fans if you want to hear more about geography and countries in Europe. Yeah. I just unsubscribe. All right. Take everybody by. But that funds on how. Oh, that's what you do when you're with boys. Okay. Hold on. Okay. I can't hear you guys. And you have to record my end. I don't have it. Okay. Rob Mira question. There is a kiva cool. Yeah. But it's hard to hear you. I mean, I keep thinks he's cool. But when you use. Not fair. No. Mike. Whoa. Y'all say say to all right. All right without knowing her. Would you say that kiva is cooler than a young millennial Canadian woman? Something I know what that is. A young millennial Canadian. But keep it when you when you met him. He was cool. All right. And I met him. He was cool. Yeah. Sure, why not get cooler or less. Cool. You get cooler probably a little bit cooler. Yeah. Yes. Okay. That's good. All right, Mary. Thank you for helping us out with this. It's a big debate. Luck. Okay.

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