211 - It Was My Birthday, Forensic Files!


this is exactly right. Hello to my favorite murder. That's Georgia hard star. That's Karen Caldera. It should be clear. Everything's the same. Everything's different right now with this week. Yes name five examples of which one you're talking for example first of all well for example. I can't even something we're living in a world now. This is different. Where new episodes of forensic files the sounds a commercial? But it's not right. This is just from the heart. It's from the heart. This is going straight out to you from us. That's right forensic files to electric was out now on H. Elan that's right. We are not being paid to do this. We have no we have. We've done commercial. We have but we also were living in as they should pay us. I mean we're like Kendall Jenner and Pepsi where we're just living. We're not just talking about we are we are aspirational television in Q. Watchers Oh did you see yeah how was it? It's good I think they. They trim some fat from like the which I like. I love value. Do good way though. Or it's not like they take you for you know. He likes steak. Usually were granted. Birthday forensic file you josh. How dare you dare you ruin another birthday? You said it'll be different this time around that it would be different. You know examples about different. I was excited to be electric. 'cause there'd be a we're off to a start So kind of more concise. Yeah I'll say that all right confidently but still doing the same thing like when I go to bed tonight. That can throw that on absolutely and just be rocked to sleep. Thought we were watching it on the couch because I feel like I usually watch it in the hotel room and nice big fat bed. Yeah I was almost like maybe we should get an. I'm really anti TV. And Bedroom. As I do need one just to watch forensic files. I wonder if that's because you read the same funkaway book I did in two thousand eight now. It just makes me sad okay. Yeah to hospital to like dating a guy with a mattress on the floor and we have to watch it in his room. He has his roommates are out or is he lives with his parents. Let's say you know it's that scene. He's constantly going down. My Dad's GonNa get mad right or he turns it too loud and falls asleep. Then if you try to turn it off he's goes lodging that you will. Yeah that for some reminds me of the one time in my terrible twenties still drinking so I must of his owner twenty seven and I would guess. I was twenty five K. Party at my age terrible terrible time. It'd be really difficult especially when you're taking speed. Everything's going too fast and we'd a party of my house and I was so kind of wired. They couldn't really get anything done when I remember going in and putting on my scare for literally an hourly I couldn't. I couldn't do forward motion do next step. No I was like caught up very nervous. Very like who's going to come and I was excited because this person was going to be there and when I went to clean my room which was like the last thing I did. I just picked up all the clothes on the floor which there are plenty because at a shopping addiction at the time to replace my food addiction and supplemented by my speed addiction. You gotTA supplements at Your Okay. Right if you don't if you're not working on one actively move on to the other ones. There's plenty of substance abuse. I took all the clothes on my floor through them in the closet and it made a stack that was literally four feet high of a like a solid mass of clothes. And then I just shut the door. It smell like cigarettes to imagine cetera. Everything smells like your clothes. It was like mid ninety everything smelled like Nirvana and depression commercialized depression so at one point during the party everyone was in my room and I was like this is the life. I'm popular like having literally there's like Acoustic Guitar Guide for my friend. Danny SA- BIOS shout out Wisconsin and my friend Laura Milligan gets up to leave and she opens the closet door. She'd hidden. Her person closet is not a party filled with people. She knew in their cheap through her purse in my closet so in front of everyone opens the wall of laundry. Picks up her purse off the top of it. And then I'll talk. That's just like you so hilarious. They're rooms look like those people they're true. That's what made me think of it. It was like such a that. Time is such a time of undone. Laundry grossest way to live. I'm still there. Might Garages haunted. And I don't like going own just kind of like. Oh the laundry. When Vince gets home I don't want to go in there. Yeah that's well. Garages are kind of creepy and dark. Do you not have good lighting out there. No it's an old like grant like original. La Grandma like it hasn't been touched since the forties except by like motor oil and like every kind of paint that's ever been used in the house from the since the one thousand nine hundred eighty s is in there and it's bucket says like what room it was fun. It's just like it's scary. Yes ancient. It's ancient. I guess I guess you can pick stuff like that. I don't know I mean we could go over there and we can put up some posters black late poster yet. She going to get that thing. The thing it'll be are hanging out. Well let's out in the garage and turned it into your she-she's garage beer. Sometimes and it's pretty legit that's open. The garage. Brought us both camping chairs and we just sit out there and you got a refrigerator for the garage. It was just something homeowners do that I had never experienced right and we just sit and drink. Mgd unlike the neighbors walk by do they must be airbnb because these people but better now live in our neighborhood. Garage Beers is really making my heart. Grow ch three times larger garage beer. That's cold relationship goals. And we have a perfectly nice deck with a view recipient of fucking Nag Arosh. Fucking cobweb spider webs everywhere. Yes you're making it your own rash. There's trash it's for trump. Did you ever watch the show I think it was. What was the one where everyone confronts people about their addictions? Oh intervention obsessed. Did you ever see the one that the lady that was addicted to pills and she would sit in the garage in her house? Smoking chain smoking because she wasn't allowed to inside the house. Why even come in the House? Out there literally. She was only ever out sitting in this lawn chair in the garage and her children would come out to talk to her and her one son was like super gt like kind of weepy all the time just because his mom was never inside the house and they finally got it. Okay we have. Yes the thing. I don't yeah that's true. It's such a good show in. It's that thing where that's how it is especially these days with pills and as we've all learned with the Fucking Oxycontin Lia like deluge on this country. It's so easy to get pills to live in a pill world and to be like they're prescribed to me. Yeah it's you know I'm allowed to take as which I get is fucking crazy back pain. Sure and also you need solutions for immediate awful problems and then when they turn into other problems you just started adapting she was. I identified with her so much of like I don't need to do one thing and then she couldn't get out of that chair Amazing it's yeah garage. Beers is the polar you guys are doing the opposite Internet's right. Sorry I brought it up. No Speaking of I don't know close close closet. They took your closet. That's right like cigarettes. Sure we're having a fifty percent off lots of merge sale because it all smells like cigarettes. We accidentally smoked unaware. There's just like shit tenants shirts. That are fifteen bucks. There's everything's on like a lot of great stuff's on sale is at my favorite murder dot com. Just go to shop go there and get this stuff. And then we'll make new stuff and you can have that other stuff and it'll be continuous cycle. It's to make room for new March that we're GONNA create which is exciting. That's if you feel like doing that do it. It's not you know the world. Hey Hey man. Hey man it's chill piece. Whatever I have this tweet here from a listener named Chelsea Sanders at Kelly Blair on twitter. She wrote in my favorite murder. I Made Stevens Mug. Oh I'm using it again Joe. Mr Jodi areas thirty area smug. I was appearing on mother. Mary Asleep with podcast and I wanted to bring gifts. It's a straight up sharpie. It is straight up Sharpie but then baked soda last mazing its way over to exactly right and Karen Gareth. Oh and then. Here's a follow up tweet. Also on a weird coincidence I was. Also an extra in sleepover leg Georgia. Art Start which I mentioned in my episode of mother May Asleep. So that's your new best friend. Say Your name again Chelsea at Kelly. Blair thanks Kelly. I love that we've found the person who made this rate design work. What else lots of people telling me about the musical rights. She's fucking thank you guys great. Thank you Charlie comment. We loved information why I love to know at fifteen thousand. Oh there's a musical call parade. It's beautiful their songs in it. It's about Leo Frank Steph and about Mary figgins murder and we owe frank's murder and I guess we have to. They have to re stage it on Broadway. We need to go see it but people were the people who wrote in who clearly are a musical arenas really raved about how beautiful music as I want to see it. I'll see it. I swear and then many other people for the follow up a Pencil. Passion reminded me that Black Wing pencils are the best there are and I do have some wow. I just can't remember the name while we were talking. This is a world that I didn't know about that was a thing I would ask me. What kind of pencil I'd like I'd say number two. There's no mechanical. I like Mechanical Pencil. Ma Mechanical is a great choice though. Yeah because you don't need a sharpener and the and if you throw a lot of stuff in your purse if it breaks you just have a new pencil. Yeah that's the best. I love it mechanics. Have it right here? A mechanic at heart right. Oh and also just. We announced last week that Aria friend and CO worker Bridgier Weinberger. His new podcast. I said no gifts gifts you guys. It sounds like we're saying gifts like G. I s. but it's gifts. Yeah no one talks like that though so if if you can't put together the sentence I said no gifts and not know that the word were saying is not gifts as I said no gifts. Yeah stop it for vocal star. Cast off being fucking nineteen. Please I as a favor to me. Okay your favourite sixty eight year old. I said no gift at The trailer is up on Itunes and everywhere you find your podcast and you can listen to a sample of it and go subscribe and let's get those numbers up. Apparently numbers are the big thing on the tunes. It's all about the numbers now. So let's play the numbers game but we're not all about math like that's not our thing just that pencil. Yeah so we're not even paying attention. No we're more about spirituality. Yeah spiritual numbers those up. I'm I'm at ten spiritually. I May Diamond Crystal Crystal. I'm platinum card members Buddhist. That's all on my little. I think so. My therapist has a podcast. Now don't do that. We have to go to a second therapist therapist. Podcast xactly. Is that real. Yeah it's good. Yeah it's called your mental breakdown and it's good. Check it out just a rave endorsement. It's just weird. I don't know if it's like if it's like against protocol for me to plug something that my therapists does. She keeps giving examples. She's like this one girl Brown hair mid to late thirties. Oh sheet convinces therapist. So that's different thing right because it's mostly his fault. I'm on their side percents. We have therapy in our great with that. She comes to the garage. It doesn't matter so I don't know why had a correct you and that will cause the if they're looking for his podcast they should know right. Yeah Okay Yeah. That's smart that's it. Okay your mental breakdown. It's actually they. It's okay what it's a therapy session. It's like they. They do therapy session with this person. Who's anonymous and then they discuss it. And it's like that's cool and it's like interesting. You can relate even though the the dude having his therapy. Lesson session is twenty four year. Old Guy Conceal relate to a lot of the stuff and it's also good for people who don't know what therapy is like it and our kind of nervous. It's Nice for sure. Yeah and the therapist I go to really fucking good so it's nice to listen to how how it's supposed to work kind of in some cases now you should start a therapy practice and just be like. Oh here really quick. I want to give you my business. Yeah we've been you plug my therapy practice on your five. Can I just wanted to get into your career path? Now you know how it is sweet. How was your trip to New Orleans? Yes mistaken trip. I I just got dates mixed up and so instead of going nor liens for my friend. Care lovely carry cassidy vintages fucking fortieth birthday celebration with a bunch of friends at an AIRBNB in New Orleans Vincent? I went two weeks later on our own when she actually made the with the ticket reservation correctly. We're there for Mardi Gras and we have a great time. We just for two days and I met. Of course F- Can lovely murdering murdering at every location. And that's great. Yeah Oh wait I can. We talk about my favorite murdering. No interaction lately Georgia and I were in We're going to suck some point together. I can't what we're doing and skirl was coming out. We were in the parking garage and we were walking into the building and this girl was coming out and she was on crutches and she looked at us and went. Oh Fuck you and I start laughing. The her first initial look on her face was clearly. Like oh you guys are here. And then she just started yelling at us being there and that she was just listening to us and fuck it was almost likes. It was up to the universe and like. You can't tricked me thug. You it was good going Larry attack us she was she was like hobbling away. Like cast on was delightful so shout out to her. She told us her name. And now I can't remember your number one and I hope you're you're whatever's wrong with you gets Wilson. I hope you're happy. Fuck you. Luckier kept fucking walking. This is a story. I got from a instagram account. Called history photographed and they post like a historical photograph. And then tell you about the story and I had never heard this before and I was into it. That sounds like a good way to learn. It is it totally is by the things that don't catch your eye. Yeah then when you're like what's my instagram Pitas. All history photographs cats and dogs and some penguins and like random shit now. It's it's pretty enjoyable if this is a story about a cat a dog penguin going on an adventure and I will kill you No Fuck I don't have a story this week papers wrestling. Okay no this is. This is the hijacking of Pan. Am flight seventy three and the heroine of hijacking? Wow Yeah Can I. Just one off might question always on the Mike only okay. Is there shooting in the plane on this one? Yeah fucking GonNa do this. No yes I was I had I actually think I asked Jay to start researching. Are you serious? Because it's so fucking guts someone from nineteen eighty six. I think that's it. Okay okay. You told me wait. There's no me he'll you can tell me what this wish you would tell me. We're acting like there's too high jacking stories. You did one already. And now. Here's the second one was the second one. I grabbed it if only I mugged. Jay took his other hijacking story This I got article Info Info from BBC article by a Magam. Mohand an article from the Website College view from the wing by Gary less a medium article by Carsick Nombi and Wikipedia so Karen Lot was going in nineteen. Eighty six true. You were there. I was there sophomore year baby. Okay that was my prime sixers years old. I know so. I don't really remember this a lot but you probably do so. Please tell me about it. You want to jump in at any point. Oh you no choice as all about jumping in. Yeah so let me tell you about nine hundred eighty six on January twenty eighth. The seventy three seconds after launching space shuttle Challenger disintegrated horrifying air killing the entire crew. Sally ride was on Trae YOUNG ON APRIL. Twenty six hundred reactors at Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine explodes grading. The world's worst nuclear disaster. Can't I can't watch the movie Noble because we kind of sat there. Wallet Happen. Yeah hoping it wasn't as like hoping it wasn't worse than they were saying. It was such a strange awful like the whole nuclear threat terrifying terrifying. Yeah would you go to Chernobyl if you had a chance to get like a no no no but yeah? I don't like cancer personally. I'm not one of those run for cancer. I think I'm very anticancer. Okay we're going to take a stance what here I go suck cancer. Of course there's Haley's comet fucking Geraldo Rivera Opens Al Capone Secret Bolt Right. The black hole known as Ronald Reagan is president and is secretly in the midst of what will become known as the Iran. Contra Affair Yeah read about it everyone. It's important history. What I don't know I I know the name of it. Yeah and I know it was bad tons of lying then. There's people arming people they shouldn't and nobody gets in trouble or anything. Oh that's Oliver North stuff. Okay Why am I doing? Why do I continue after four years to guess forty nine years? It's just how interact I want people to know I understand them? If I don't get it you WANNA YOU WANNA be part of it. I want to be The on April Fourteenth Nineteen eighty-six the United States launches air strikes against Libya in retaliation for the Libyan sponsorship of terrorism against American troops and citizens. There's a lot of history to unpack. They're just don't pack a real quick right now. How dare you challenge me in the middle of this I would get up and then okay? Meanwhile on September Fifth Nineteen eighty-six Pan Am flight. Seventy three takes off from what is present day. Mumbai Bombay. Route to New York and there's layovers in Karachi in Pakistan in Frankfurt Germany and the Boeing floor. Layovers did that ticket cost one hundred dollars and I wonder if they're even layovers at the point. Where like it's just stopping. He so people can go all the way. People were going from Bombay to New York. Have to stop it all the second place. But it's a time when you can stay on the plane depart. Who are like going to these other places. And then more people get on a city bus across the world. So the Boeing seven forty seven lands at the Karachi. Airport furyk fueling at four thirty. In the morning it's carrying three hundred ninety four passengers nine and invents an American flight crew and thirteen Indian flight attendants total of one hundred nine passengers to spark despite disembarking at Karachi and new passengers board around six. Am So everyone's doing their thing getting on getting off going in the next get ready to go the next spot. I don't Wanna fly for that long. No please don't make me yeah. Suddenly there's van that was modified to look like airport security and it's driven by four hijackers. It gets through a security checkpoint and drives right up to one of the boarding stairways to the plane and this is when they were on the tarmac. So it's not like you had a board through the tunnel like you do now. Just go right up to the plane. I mean that's when they would be kind of like does anyone. Anyone WanNa control by the plane just ray for shits and GIG right for we all leave. Yeah exactly Shots are fired outside the plane. Killing to Kuwait Airlines staff members working on a nearby aircraft and then the four are men. Enter the plane and start shooting and they've got AK47's they have fucking grenades and shit strapped to them. I mean it's there's no. It's obvious that they're hijackers Iranian. And they're shooting so the hijackers fire shots at the feet of a flight attendant and force her to close the plane door. A flight attendant name Shaheen Pavon. Who was out of sight of the hijackers and there might have been there. There's reports of everything that's going on here because some people died some people didn't end. It's just word of mouth at this point of what exactly happened but one of the flight attendants who was out of sight. Here's the gunfire realize it's going on and uses the the intercom phone and calls the cockpit to let them know what's going on She gives them the hijack code alerting the crew and another flight attendant named Sunshine Vessel Walla Leads. The hijackers they take us to the cockpit. She leads them there and she notices that. The overhead escape hatch in the cockpit has been deployed and realizes that the the whole crew has gotten out in the cockpit. So she kind of are you love to do? Yeah so about that okay. So people criticize it. People say it's a good thing. There's like differing arguments. One of the good things about it is that that the plane can then take off. Can't be blowing. Enforce it to to kind of stuck there so the situation is confined to the airport. You know I agree with that. Yeah I'm getting out means. There's no one to flight. They play minute foils their whole plan. K. Great so I changed my mind K. Great but they had to like get out. It's one of those huge double decker plans. They had a fucking climb out with ropes and shit like that and they get out of there. So this whole thing definitely screws up. The hijackers plan because the hijackers are part of the Abu Doll Organization or a n o a Palestinian terrorist organization backed by Libya. It's defunct now It's opposed to US in Israeli policy in the Middle East. And they're blamed for a string of attacks in the nineteen seventies eighties killing and wounding. Hundreds of people and their plan was to fly to Cyprus where other members of their militant group were incarcerated on terror charges and get them the fuck out of prison. Okay so that's their plan and it doesn't work now because they have no pilots right so when the lead hijacker called a sovereigny realizes that the cockpit crews escaped he knows he has to negotiate with officials at that point so he orders the first and business class passengers to get back into coach and people are like sitting in the aisles. They're kind of just like couldn't find these two. This one space with the hijacker two hijackers on either side of them so for nearly seventeen hours. The hijackers hold the passengers and crew hostage. Oh so the first casualty happens around ten. Am for hours. After they hijacked the plane suffering he goes through the plane and finds a twenty nine year old Indian American resident of California. He'd been recently naturalized American citizen his. Name's Rajesh Kumar and Safari. Any orders Qamar to come to the front of the aircraft and to kneel at the front doorway of the aircraft okay. I think this might be the same hijacking. That is the story behind. The one of the first episodes of ice survived. I ever saw but I'll let you tell the rest. It's basically just a this hijacking story but I'll tell you later if it is actually that okay. 'cause there's more than three hundred stories unfortunately and so he has to face the front of the aircraft with his hands in feet his hands behind his head so he's kneeling there with a gun to his head at the front of the door. Yeah suffering tells officials that if a new cockpit crew is not sent on the plane and the next fifteen minutes Kumar will be shot so when a pilot doesn't arrive within the hour suffering shoots Kumar in the head and push them out of the door onto the tarmac below. Which I think I've seen video of video of that I I don't know and if not then there's other hijackings and it could have been the video. Yeah whore stuck with me since I was a kid and of course. Yeah so Pakistani personnel on the tarmac. Report that Kumar is still breathing when he's placed in an ambulance that grab him. He's pronounced dead on the way to the hospital in Karachi so outside on the tarmac Pan Am's Karachi director veer off Deroga- uses a megaphone and tries to negotiate with the hijackers. He tells them that the authorities are looking for pilots to fly them wherever they need to go. Which is true. They're trying to get like people diverted into that that what's it called airport. Thank you to get someone on the plane right. But it's just taking too long the tears Intel or like I'm about to land right just the and only thirty six hour. I'm going the wrong way. So the terrorists tell the flight attendants to collect the passports of all of the people on the plane and the passengers so that they can identify the Americans on board because that's their target so the flight attendants who are led by the head of the head of flight attendants near by not who. So she's in charge of the flight attendants because the pilots left and now she's the most senior cabin crew member and she is like we're GONNA we're not you know she's like we're going to do what we were trained to do. And we'RE NOT GONNA freak out so they have plans to foil the hijackers and are ready to risk their lives to save as many passengers as they can. Do I like this. Yeah so let me tell you about near. She grew up in Bombay India in Punjabi family with her father mother and two brothers. Her family calls her law. Do which is the Hindu word for sweet and God gifted. Her Dad describes her as very sensitive deeply affectionate extremely decent at Age Sixteen. She spotted here dead describing diese remains a decent human. She's okay she's decent. She'll get the job done as a daughter at the sixteen responded by a modeling Scout. Get several modelling assignments at AD agency. She becomes like she's a model. She's fucking so beautiful. She attends several goods. She's not one of those weird model Saul personality sorriest. She attends several good schools and eventually graduates from Saint Xavier College in Bombay. So she's Super Smart Way. In March of Nineteen ninety-five. She travels to the American Gulf for an arranged marriage but it's a toxic and abusive marriage relationship just to borrow money from him just to make phone calls back home. This is really awful controlling person. She gathers all her strength and leaves him and goes back home. Nice kind of unheard of at the time. Yeah you know believing an arranged marriage Yeah totally she then applies for flight attendant position with Pan Am who had decided to have an all Indian cabin crew for its Frankfurt to India routes that year and add a ten thousand applicants. She's placed within the top eighty and still be selected for training Miami Florida and she returns to India as a purser. Which is what. Your Dad did right. Yes on the crucial yeah She carries she carried a lot of luggage. I don't I don't think it says here that it's the title for the chief flight attendant so I think it maybe means something different there and it's considered the most senior crew position so he thinks just like she's fucking incharge It's two days before her. Twenty third birthday when the plane is hijacked twenty. Third Baby Baby. Yeah Oh can already so accomplished flight attendants collect all the passports and then near directs the other attendance secretly pull out any American passport and the fucking hide them. They'd like Tuck them into seats. They throw them in middle trash bins and hide them in their clothes and they refuse to give them any American passports and they managed to hide forty one passports. Total ooh WEIRD. Full-body chillier crazy. Isn't it. Yes and it's so risky. It's really risky. And it's really important and it's really brave. I mean when it comes down to the flight attendants are human beings just like everyone on board and yet there and they just have a certain job that puts them in this position and yet they are willing to sacrifice their lives. Because of yeah. They're the ones that have to. That's what they don't have to though they just it's like they have so much integrity that they're willing to tell us they know they're the they're the final line. If you're the person that's like well they told me to do it. And they have a gun. It's like but you could also try to think of a plan to try to do something which is kind of why the pilots leaving is touchy for me. Because like they had authority they had means they there could i. it's hard. I was on that side but the rationale and the reasoning. The plane can't leave if the pilots are gone. Works for me. It couldn't have just thrown keys out of the patch. There's the spare go up and go grab them. I mean it's basically saying you know it's like taking the engine out where it's like. There's nothing we can do a hundred. I'd buy Yes yes. I didn't like it in the beginning. Yeah I'm I love it now. Okay so over the next few hours inertia and the other attendants continue to serve people food and drinks on like they're making sure everyone's eating and has drinks which is like so crazy odds less never tasted a more delicious tiny bottle of dewars in your life then when that chicken served up. Amen what beverage like fucking take any about point in the evening. The hijackers who seemed to be like they talk to the passengers. They don't I don't think right away kill anyone else. They spare a couple of people's lives as well and they allow everyone to go to the toilet one after the other by crawling on the floor on the floor with their hands over their heads not saying the hijackers are good guys. It's just this weird message. They're sending at one point near removes. Okay so here's what she does. She takes a page that had a flight. Manual that describes procedures for opening the aircraft door. And she fucking toxic into a magazine and then is like two passenger. Here is a magazine yes magazine. Here's the page. Thirty seven years the magazine you ask for a man with huge by eight. Who sitting in the emergency exit? Isn't that amazing? And probably gave him a tiny. I flare she handwrite. Here's the thing and here's an extra doors for yourself. Here's your payment if people if you're in a high pressure situation pay close attention to what other people are doing because sometimes the way people can communicate with you. I love that I just like you. Hope and pray that when you're in a panic situation someday because we're all going to be in one way or another you know yet. Our lives that we react with without panicking and with fuck and foresight and a calmness and can like take the next steps necessary to make the situation better just really fucking hope that. I believe in the calmness amidst worst-case scenarios. Because it's happened to me in very strange ways like I told you the story of when I thought there was a rattlesnake and my sister's car and it was a hilarious college boy prank but it was a coiled rattlesnake. That was stuff and they put it in my sister's car to see how much we'd freak out and I leaned it yeah. I leaned loading up my sister's car. We were both in Sacramento. I open the passenger door. Put something in her car look down saw rattlesnake and then moved backwards and shut the door so quickly that the guys that were watching to be like you screamed and cried or whatever they were like. Whoa and they were super impressing than I was super back with care. I didn't realize I had that in me to in I just was like get away get get occurs and close the doors those the fucking door. I had a moment where I was in. I think right before we met. I was in the head on or no sorry right before I met Vince. I was in this head on fucking car accident. One someone turned in front of me and I completely smashed into them and a few seconds before it happened. I realized there was no way to get out of it. I was going to completely around this car scary and I just thought okay here like I've having Zaidi so I'm always waiting for the worst case scenario so I was like here it comes. This is the worst case. Do you know and I remember how you always read about. People who are drunk driving the drunk people don't get hurt because they're so relaxed. Yes so I made myself relax my entire body when I hit the car and you weren't injured now. Oh do demand wasn't injured because I had a good car. Thank you Nissan Versa. Because the car accident wasn't as bad as I thought it was a very high value endorsement. Right she's a safeguard. Well that's amazing. That's a little bit like the time I got sucked under in a wave in Hawaii where I couldn't get I was basically like a washing machine and I. I hope yeah and it was just went. Do not like I just had this moment. Like I went so calm. I've never been that calm in my life and I was just like just continue to hold your breath. This is going to be over like ten second count to ten. And then that's what happened. There was so much sand in my. There's just so much sand everywhere and then I was like. Why did you save like one of those moments in the moment of it? I think we all have the capacity. There is that in you and you should know it so evening starts to fuck and set in an on on board power supply is getting lower and the lights are getting dimmer and the cool air isn't circulating anymore which sounds terrifying. Yeah then the mechanic of the plane name Amir Hershey. Karas tells suffering that the emergency powers only gonNA last like fifteen more minutes and the airplane is going to experience a blackout and tells them to prepare for it. Sit around nine PM. Set almost seventeen hours after the initial hijack can you imagine the aircraft auxiliary power goes down and the plane goes dark and you can see and like the old the news reports that I watched. The whole tarmac is black and the plane is because they turn the lights off so that the military confession Russian and Shit. Oh so it's all dark yet. And they the hijackers panic because they think that the Pakistani security forces are getting ready to raid the plane. That's why the flights went out and that's what they think so. A hijacker He they just panic at that point. In a hijacker tries to shoot out the explosive belt worn by another hijacker he tries to like ignited to cause an explosion. That'll would be massive enough to kill the entire plane passenger and crew as well as the hijackers but since the cabin so dark he misses causing only a small detonation. And then the other dockers hearing shooting panic and they begin shooting very weapons into the cabin passengers and they start throwing grenades. There's little explosions and you can see in one of the videos. There's like a simulation computer simulation. There's explosions all over the plane. Wow it's terrifying but the lack of white also means that they're not able to pull the pins fully end up only creating these little explosions instead of what should be huge explosions and ultimately guns create the most damage since each bullet is just ricocheting off the cabin and creating shrapnel. Yes so everyone's in a panic at this point everyone. Yeah when the lights go out all the flight attendants and passengers are in the middle section of the cabin and several seated on the ground and aisles. And you're the doors and Maharishi the twenty-eight-year-old mechanic they realized has been killed. And in the chaos and everything going on people start opening the doors. Okay they take this distraction to open some of the cabin doors great but it's not clear who opens them and although near could have been she was by a door and could've been one of the first people off the flight because of her proximity instead she stays behind to help the passengers get off safely and starts ushering them out out onto the slide. Oh like stays on board and like Mrs Chaos and all the passengers are finally off the plane the rest of the crew who had escaped they go back into the dark plane because they realize that they're not hearing anymore gunfire and so they go back on which is so brave. That's amazing that's when sunshine the flight attendant sees near Shah. She's been shot in the hip. She's conscious but bleeding heavily and according to a surviving passenger near had been guiding the passengers to the emergency exit in this mayhem and the hijackers had noticed and they realized that she is shielding three American children with her body as hijackers grab her by her ponytail and they shoot her Multiple Times August. So she's actually shot in down and bleeding sunshine calls over to another attendant. They get near to the emergency slide. They like help her off. And she's put into an ambulance and transported to the hospital which is completely overflowing with other passengers at this point near has a pulse upon arrival but she alternately dies from her injuries. I know the combined efforts of the fourteen flight attendants that day. It's thought saved hundreds of lives and for two more days. After the attack the crew stays with the young children who are left alone. They can be reunited with their other family members. Like fucking heroics twenty. Two people were killed and one hundred fifty injured from the attack of three of. The hijackers are caught fleeing the airport. And Serena's still on board. When Pakistan security forces entered the plane? The three hundred eighty one total passengers plus crew the crew on the Pan Am flight. Seventy three are citizens of fourteen different countries. India represents about twenty six percent of the people on board and they also represent twenty eight percent of those killed and out of total of forty four American passengers. Only two are killed during the hijacking. Ooh That's an era. Yeah after a short break all the members of the flight seventy three crew returned to Pan Am to work and they work at least a couple years all of them. Oh yeah they occasionally work the same flight together and run into each other and they don't like discussing the hijacking obviously and two of the six of them remain in the industry to this day during the interviews that they have with BBC in two thousand sixteen. Because the movie comes out about this whole thing and A lot of them hadn't talked to the media at that point but they some of them then finally do and they stress that there's no single hero that day that crew members not interviewed played an equally important role so for the the hijackers. So there's five total there was one that was on the plane they deported by Pakistani authorities to Palestine in two thousand and eight and they escape So on December thirty two thousand and nine the FBI in coordination with the State Department announced a five million dollar reward for information leading to their capture and the FBI released new age progressed images of them. And the case is still under investigation by the Washington Field Office of the bureau. Wow Yeah to this day. Yeah and it's hard. I can't say that with total shirt because there's different reports of like how people got away. How much time they got into the escape or were they let out like we don't. It's so it's it's that's a whole different fucking story. Yeah but the PAN crew flight. Seventy-three are given courage awards by the airline in nineteen eighty six and the US Department of Justice in two thousand and five and the US Attorney General in two thousand and six and near Zhob Is awarded posthumous bravery awards in India and Pakistan She becomes internationally known as the heroine of hijacking and becomes the youngest recipient of the Shook shocker award which is India's most prestigious military award for bravery during peacetime. Oh three years old and sacrifices herself in that way they release a statement with the award that says quote her loyalties to the passengers of the aircraft in distress will forever be lasting tribute to the finest qualities of the human spirit. She also received multiple awards for her courage. From the United States government and Pakistan and two thousand four the Indian Postal Service releases a stamp commemorating her. Wow We'll put it on the instagram. That's very cool. After her death her family sets up a Amtrak with insurance money and contribution from Pan Am and the trust presents two awards every year. One is for a flight crew member worldwide. Who Acts beyond the call of duty and the other is the near. Zsa Award and it goes to an Indian woman who is brave and helps other women and distressed when faced with social injustice while and a seven year. Old Child who was on board. That flight is now a captain for a major airline and has stated that has his Has Been His inspiration and that he does every day of his life to her home. My God is the hijacking of Pan. Am flight seventy three. And the heroine of hijacking inertia unbelievable can crazy right. I'm sweating right now. You know I was I was grasping my hands in front of me like a little child in prayer being like going out and that wasn't the same story as the episode because the woman in the I survived. Episode was shot in the head by the terrorist and thrown out onto the tarmac. Oh my God I and just waited there. And they picked her up and they assumed she was dead. I think I saw that one. It's Chris she tells US firsthand story. It's very similar was at the one that you told J to do. I'm not sure no no. No I think it's not because I think the one that I know so there's jobs there's minimum. There's been a minimum of four look. Hijackings used to be the way to go for because it got this was pre twenty four new cycle so it got tons of press and and it got people got their way got to do it because there was never an effective way to change it right. Yeah wiles huge and that seventies and eighties. It seems like yeah amazing. Great job thank you this week. I'm going to do the Tulsa race massacre it's also called the Black Wall Street massacre of nineteen twenty one or the Greenwood massacre. Well so did you watch watch men the HBO series Yes. Okay see now. It started and then there was that one episode is dedicated to. That's true fucking story at was crazy. Okay so this is very cool so I remember watching that and the whole time. I was watching going. Please don't let this be real. And of course it was and then I read articles about it. Whatever or at least I read one article about it basically confirming like. Oh no this is real and It made me think of it because at the Wednesday like after we recorded last week someone a Akilah Green follow on twitter re tweeted this amazing article from the root which I'll talk about at the end of the episode but basically reminded me. What an amazing story it is. And it was told in watchmen so compellingly incredibly and in this way where you're just like. Oh this is this is that what has been termed black history in this country where basically a dozen get talked about whereas really fucked up shit happen. Yeah and no one wants acknowledged. Yeah people don't acknowledge it and when they do some it gets whitewashed or mishandle home and then cue me walking with my papers. Hey But the cool thing is when a show like that. That's popular and cool and then taking notes. Eleanor taking this historical context and then being like. Hey here's this character. You care about yes this thing that happened to like her ancestors essentially and now you're in the story. Now you understand that. This was a real place in time. I really did a good job of like showing the fear that you have no matter you know in that situation. How dire and desperate Terrifying it was insane so Just to quote the sources. Obviously the the original concept was watching. Watch men and me going. Oh my God oh my God the work that got done around this and and basically kind of in the retailing. There's an amazing article. So the route article was written by a writer named J. Connor and a podcast her There's also an article in the Washington Post by a writer named Deneen ill Brown and that article is unbelievable and it has pictures and it's it's lots of firsthand accounts end. There's a city council woman who lives in Tulsa now and her she talks about how I believe. It was her grandmother. She said who she learned about it from her but they barely talk about it. He was literally a taboo subject. They just didn't want to discuss it because it was a massacre and it's been referred to since historically as a race riot and when you the classically the phrase race riot means black. People started it right. And that's that's why it's called a race massacre in that people wanted Referred to that because because the story actually goes yeah. It's just one of those things where wording matters. Yeah and it's a thing that like you don't understand how ignorant Aria learn how you are and then how you deal with ignorance as you can either go now. I'm not you and it's just a sad for me a white person or you could actually pay attention and read and try and try to open it up a little then. Do Better try to clap. Clap clap do better okay. So there was the. There's also a great article in Smithsonian magazine by a writer named Allison keys about the twenty fifteen discovery of a first hand. Ten page type written. I should have said firsthand. Hear firsthand account of this massacre by a lawyer in in the green will district named Buck Colbert Franklin. So he basically saw it all happening swapped outside like an when it was all over went home and typed up. He saw remember. Yeah and then folded it up basically and put it away. And that wasn't discovered until like four or five years ago holy in the Smithsonian all my God. Oh that's a great article if you want to look that up and see and then there's a book by a writer named Scott Elsworth called death in a promise land about the Greenwood massacre. The Ford of that book is by a man. Historian named John. Hope Franklin who I believe worked at the Smithsonian and he is the son of buckle bear Franklin. Okay so that's all if you want to do more reading about this desert places also of course our friend wikipedia definitely was there for me. So was there for J. L. E. S. my researcher. Dr. Assistant Okay. So this starts Monday may thirtieth nineteen twenty. One it's Memorial Day in Tulsa Oklahoma and in the rest of America so in nineteen year old boy named Dick Rowland who is a shoeshine that works nearby. He goes into the Drexel building three nineteen south main street and gets into the elevator because he needs to right up to the top floor. Because that's the only place where there's a blacks only restroom in the entire area. And he has a black man and so he has to go. There is the only place he can go right. So this elevators operated by a seventeen year old white girl named Sarah Page so they have at the very least seen each other before because she's the only elevator operator in the only elevator and the Drexel building and he's clearly had to had to use that restroom at the top of that building before so soon after Dick Rohan enters the elevator. A clerk at the Drexel's first floor clothing store Ren Burg's here's a woman's scream from the elevator so that Clark rushes out to see a black man running from the building and then he goes into the elevator area to find Sarah page still in the elevator in what he described as a quote distraught state so the clerk assumed. Sarah's been assaulted and he calls the police. The police arrived they speak with. Sarah there is no written statement on the record It's never taken on his ever taken. The police begin an investigation and the exact details of what actually happened in. The elevator are still unknown but most people believe that dick either tripped while he was walking into the elevator and fell and grabbed. Sarah's arm to steady himself or he stepped on her foot as he walked into the elevator and then grabbed her so she wouldn't fall over but there was basically physical contact and the it's likely she screamed because she was like startled by it so dick immediately ran knowing that the worst would be assumed about his actions and his intentions. No matter how innocent the incident actually was. Yeah so Dicko's to his mom's house in the Greenwood District Tulsa so this here's a little historical context all of which was mostly brand new information to me as a person with barely a high school education. Okay so when the civil war ended in eighteen sixty five the slaves in Oklahoma are emancipated and they stay in the area and resettle as free people so in the early nineteen hundreds Tulsa experiences this huge boom because there's a discovery of a massive oil supply at red fork. That's just the Arkansas River from Tulsa and then in nineteen o five worker strike another oil. Well that they call Glenn Pool and Tulsa becomes one of the most oil rich areas in America. Did you know that oil in Oklahoma? No no no idea now did not know. There's all so more and more people come to the area for work and the population grows from around nights in the year. Nineteen hundred. There was a like almost fourteen hundred people that lived in Tulsa and twenty years later the ninety eight thousand eight hundred seventy four people. Shit live until Sir and couldn't get one more for fucking round number just have around number also like that. This is an estimated number. Yes the most random number of all time but that was when I would normally step in rounded up myself and then you know give wicked fuck wikipedia Silverman once again okay. So Oklahoma becomes a state in nineteen o seven basically. It's the whole eternit century. And after this time of amazing growth especially for the black community and Tulsa their thriving. It's a huge accomplishment because this is post civil war Jim Crow South Segregation and bigotry as a constant oppressive reality for all black Americans and yet the black citizens of Tulsa have figured out how to succeed in prospered despite like a whole system. That's rigged against them so it was a very big deal so much. So the reputation of this thriving black community and Tulsa draws the attention of leading black intellectual and educator of the Day Booker T. Washington and he takes a trip out to Oklahoma to see what's going on. What Year did you say? Nineteen O five a year later with booker t Washington's guidance. They officially organized this. Four thousand Acre entirely black owned neighborhood as the Greenwood district. Wow there's two newspapers to movie theaters with one of the movies. Theaters is featured in watchmen a grocery stores Churches Night Clubs Medical Centers dentist's office all entirely black-owned measuring and for the next thirteen years. Greenwood that Greenwood district flourishes and its success earns the nickname Black Wall Street after World War. One ends in nineteen. Eighteen American servicemen returning from the war flocked Tulsa. Because there's a bunch of work in a bunch of money there because of the oil but many of these white veterans are not happy that they have to compete for jobs with educated black citizens so this is also the same time black. American veterans are coming back to America. And they're trying to assert their equal rights saying that he's got fuck. Our country just fought and watch their fellow soldiers. Die Out of the country they come back to. They have no fucking they have no rights. They can't vote. They can't go to the bathroom in a regular restaurant like it's it's so restrictive and ridiculous and they're just like this Bolshaya as it is and then the kind of like the third or one of the elements. That's the topper which I mentioned in my story. Last week about the Death Mary Fagan the murder of Mary Fagan in the murder of Leo Frank. It's around this time. The KKK starts to have a resurgence tat. Yup So tensions are high in in the south. Yeah and everywhere in one thousand nine hundred twenty. A white eighteen year old Boy Named Roy. Belton is accused of murdering a local Tulsa. Taxi driver and before his guilt is even confirmed. A group of armed men stormed the jail take Belton and Lynch him hauling shut. Yeah he was white or black white So many Tulsen's blame the police for not protecting belton other support this lynching as this vigilante act that's righteous but this event makes the Black Citizens. Tulsa fear for their lives because of that can happen to a white boy. They know that they are definitely not safe though. So we're now we're back to nineteen twenty one with the elevator incident the morning after which is Tuesday may thirty first nineteen twenty one. The police find nineteen year old Dick role and at his mom's House on Greenwood Avenue. And they take him to the Tulsa jail at first and Main Street for questioning. Dick Explains to police it. Although he did put his hand on Sarah he was not trying to hurt her that afternoon around three. Pm WITH DICK in custody. The white own newspaper that Tulsa Tribune Princess Story About Dick's arrest with the headline quote. Nab Negro for attacking girl in an elevator. The rest of the article support this biased headline and makes declan guilty of an attempted assault. Yeah Okay so the same paper. Also publishes an editorial piece. It's like they had these ready to go. And they published an editorial piece with the headline quote to Lynch Negro Tonight essentially calling for more vigilante justice so obviously this newspaper is putting Dick. Rowland's life in or intentions like a call to action certainly is so after the paper releases those articles Police Commissioner J M Atkinson gets an anonymous phone call threatening to kill Dick Rowland so that coupled with the fact that the police are still shaking off the criticism that they properly protect Belton. Commissioner Atkinson Moves Dick. Roll into the more secure jail on the top floor of the Tulsa County courthouse but rumors of potential lynching. And the calling for a Goddamn Lynch rumor draws more and more people to the courthouse and by seven thirty that night hundreds of angry white. Tulsen's are gathered outside the courthouse demanding to be shown. Dick Rowland House dear. It's called the mob. It's an angry terrorist mob. So Sheriff Willard. Mccullough sent six of his officers to the roof of the courthouse with rifles. He disables the courthouse elevator and he positions more officers on the top floor with directions not to open the door for anyone around eight twenty three white men from the angry mob somehow quote unquote and get inside the courthouse. The sheriff immediately gets them out. any then addresses the crowd telling them there isn't going to be a lynching they all need to leave now. It's it's questionable. Whether or not he made a real effort here yeah because despite his quote unquote orders. The crowd continues to build and by nine o'clock that night there are four hundred angry white. Tulsen's outside of the courthouse with rumors of a potential lynching swirling around the town. The people of the Greenwood district gather on Greenwood Avenue to come up with a plan because they know Dick role and is basically a dead man. He's innocent and they're going to kill him terribly. They don't know what their strategy should be. Though the World War One vets want to collect up guns and and protect prepare for potential battle businessmen. Want to be as peaceful as possible. Because they don't want anything that would threaten their hard earned properties and businesses about twenty to fifty of the manager of the Greenwood district decide to go to the courthouse as a group. Some of them armed and offer their services to the sheriff to help protect Dick. Roll out there right. I was thinking about that whereas like it's not the best idea but you'd have to go armed our going. Is this tiny group of black men. You can't take sure it's understandable with you. It's just like you know where this is going. But is the only option is to let them kill an innocent nineteen year old and also I think these were very empowered intelligent people who are just kind of like it ain't GonNa be this way anymore like let's not. Yeah when they arrived. The sheriff is like no thanks. Get out we got your help. You're making it worse. They go back to the Greenwood district but the angry white men who'd been standing outside the courthouse were surprised by this group of Greenwood district Men and they were enraged. They would appear there so a bunch of them leave the courthouse. A bunch of the angry white mob leave the courthouse. Go home to get their own guns and a group of several hundred decide to try to get more weapons by robbing the National Guard. Oh no yacht so mayor James Bell Who was of the National Guard? One hundred eightieth infantry regimen. He knew what was happening downtown at the courthouse. He was prepared. He had his guards prepped and ready to shoot any intruders on sight and so basically they come up to the national guard armory. Yeah go me like we're taking guns and we're GonNa go and they were all just like Whoa kill you. You keep coming so they just walked away okay. Great rate so they give up there and go back to the court house so now the crowd of the courthouses swelled to nearly two thousand angry white and most of whom are now armed. By word of the growing armed mob gets back to the Greenwood district and some of the men in green would decide that this is their last chance to save Dick. Rowland from being lynched. This time seventy five black men from the Greenwood district now. Most of them armed Arrive at the courthouse just after ten pm again. They offer their services to the sheriff again. He Says No. But but now that the white mobs armed they're feeling boulder one of them reportedly appl- approaches one of these One of the black men from Greenwood the Greenwood Group and demands. He give up his pistol. The man with the Black Man refuses a shot is fired so no one knows for sure who fired that shot and whether or not it was an accident if it was just like every you know emotions were running high of was meant to scare both groups off. No one knows what happened. But ultimately that doesn't matter because it starts a shootout that leaves twelve people some black and some white dead drastically outnumber so the Group of black men retreat back to the Greenwood district but this time the white men follow looting stores along the way for more weapons and AMMO. So now it's on. Yeah the gunfight continues along the Frisco train tracks which separate the Greenwood district from the neighbouring white districts. Some of the white mob drive into Greenwood proper and start shooting at people and businesses. Dry Vice style so they just start and some of these people didn't know what was going on so there's that was part of the watchman thing is so amazing. Is People coming out of a movie theater there? They went into movie theaters. Were those people had no idea and then just murdering everybody in a movie theater. So they're just picking people off on the street. In some cases business owners trying to protect themselves returned fire. Meanwhile the National Guard come up with a way to stop the chaos. But it's not a great plan. They station guards at the courthouse. But then they Station Protective Guards only around the white neighborhoods. they send other guards to round up black people whether they're participating in violence or not and detain them at the Convention Hall on Brady Street so immediately. It's protect white people and arrest black. The fighting continues through the early morning hours of Wednesday June first nineteen twenty one around one. Am The white mob against a setting black businesses along Archer Street. On fire some reporters say that Tulsa Fire Department tried to put the fires out but the white mob threatened to shoot them if they did some other reports suggest that the fire department was citing with The white mob and deliberately didn't put the fires out right the fires rage and by four. I am roughly two dozen black. Owned businesses are burning on my God. Okay so this is where but Colbert. I'm pronouncing it. Colbert like Stephen Colbert or could be Colbert. But Buck Colbert Franklin. This is from his ten page document where he wrote it right after he saw A. Hey and this you can also read this and Smithsonian magazine. He wrote quote. I could see planes circling in mid air. They grew in number and homed darted and dipped low. I could hear something like hail falling upon the top of my office building down East Archer. I saw the old midway hotel on fire burning from its top and then another and another and another building began to burn from their top. The sidewalks were literally covered with burning turpentine balls. I knew all too well where they came from and I knew all too well why every burning building I caught. I caught from the top. I paused and waited for an opportune time to escape. Where aware as our splendid fire department with its half dozen stations? I asked myself is the city in conspiracy with the mob. So people were flying overhead of the Greenwood district and throwing turpin flying burning turpentine balls down onto the building. So they'd all catch on fire and so it was like a complete it was onslaught yes. A blitz completely overpowered by the mob. A many many Greenwood district residents flee the city troops from another Oklahoma National Guard station. Arrive on the scene around nine fifteen. Am On June first as backup at this point. Roughly four thousand black people have been detained by the local National Guard. Four thousand the National Guard Declares Martial Law around eleven fifty am and tried to regain order between twelve and one PM. The violence finally stops but the fires raged on for two full days. The rounding up and detention of black citizens in the city continues throughout when martial law finally withdrawn on Friday fourth nineteen twenty one. They're still about six thousand black people. Being held in detention. Some are held for as long as eight days. Wow when all of a sudden done more than thirty five blocks in the Greenwood district or destroyed thirty five blocks one hundred ninety one businesses twelve hundred homes churches and schools are burned to the ground. An estimated ten thousand black citizens are left homeless. It's hard to say exactly how many people died because many media outlets time would change their counts and release conflicting information that the estimates today range anywhere from fifty five people to three hundred. Wow and there is a it really amazing in that Washington Post article. They talk about how there's a potter's field. That's out in the back of the cemetery. Tulsa they believe that they dumped a bunch of bodies out there that just they just buried them in a mass grave. And that's why they don't know the number Governor James B a Robertson calls for a grand jury to investigate how the massacre came about the investigation starts on June eighth nineteen twenty one and includes both black and white witnesses as well as the sheriff and other city officials. They're all questioned about the events over a twelve day period but the jury is made up of all white people Jason and they and they find the massacre was incited by the black citizens. Of course they do while they do acknowledge. The law enforcement failed to prevent violence. That's ultimately a worthless concession. The court reviews twenty seven different cases associated with the massacre in eighty. Five people are indicted but when all the legal proceedings are done not one person is convicted for the murders or the damages in the Greenwood district when questioned about what happened. Tulsa police firefighters National Guard and other officials tried to say they did everything they could to stop the violence but witness accounts say otherwise there are mentions of the city preventing the Red Cross from coming in to provide medical aid and firefighters. Either letting the fires rage or being persuaded by the white mob to stand down yeah. They're even report which is not a hard thing to be persuaded by fucking Tang Green. Mazorra say they're even reports that local police had deputized some of the mob giving them weapons in the authority to attack or detain black residents help. Franklin the son of Buck Franklin from the man who wrote his eyewitness he says the term riot is contentious because it assumes that black people started the violence as they were accused of doing by whites. We increasingly used the term mass occur or I use the European term polygram. It's a long road to rebuild the Greenwood district and even though it's eventually rebuilt of course it's never the same today. Gentrification threatens to bury the history of the massacre and of the once thriving prosperous black community Historians and activists have been fighting to have the story of the Greenwood massacre taught in Oklahoma classrooms for years but since the success and popularity of HBO. Series watchmen starring. America's Queen Regina King. I put that. And they're incredibly impactful use of the events of the Greenwood massacre that has apparently put the argument over the edge and this month February of Twenty Twenty Oklahoma. And this was what that route article was all about article written by J. Connor Oklahoma's Department of Education has announced that will be it will be officially adding the story of the Greenwood massacre to public school curriculums by this fall just in time for its one hundredth anniversary in twenty twenty one molly shit and that is the up until very recently kind of untold history of pulses Greenwood massacre. Her and defendants interested the writer for the article for the Route. J. Connor he also produced co hosts. A podcast called the extraordinary negroes. So you might want to give that a listen amazing. 'cause it's a yeah the and also just. I don't know any of this shit. I had to look up the details of what the Jim Crow laws were especially like in the eighties. We were not educated in any. I think. Effective way about about black history. It says if it's our choice whether or not we wanna know stuff like this totally and so that's also not to Overdo it but the importance of diversity in especially in Goddamn show business in Hollywood is because these stories are great important vital American stories that should be told and the people that made the watchman prove that point. Yeah like what an amazing use of fact and horrible like there's plenty of horrible stories in our history but they don't have to just remain taboo unspoken. Don't talk about that because it actually helps people learn how to do better or I mean know how fucking bad it actually was not covering over not rationalizing not saying it was some. It was their own fault. It was someone else's falls a riot. They should have done that. Yeah it's none of that stuff but actually going. How do we make it? So there's less angry mobs in general. Yeah still to this day to this. God Damn Minute no great. I was incredible. I'm speechless sows hardcore. Fucking heavy heavy and scary to talk about really scary to talk about. Yeah and it's important. Yes can hurry there. We go we do ours. I or these these listeners. I know you think I guess we do listeners. Then we can figure out what we want to do. Is I do see me too. Of course I this is my fucking her. Humanity doesn't always suck this from the Fan Colt Forum K. by Katie E. She wrote Hi. Mfm CREW. My fucking hurry. This week I was driving home from work on an unseasonably warm winter day behind the same car for a good bit. There's an obviously squirmy kid in the backseat with the windows. Down waving his hand out of the window I could tell he was turning around and waving at me sometimes so I waved back in parentheses. I'm not a total crank but the best part as I followed this car. Through a pedestrian heavy road was seeing all of the folks walking who also decided to waive back to this kid. He had a great big smile on his face with every wave and it was obvious he was soaking in the joy that came from waving to people and unexpectedly giving out getting away back and it was an unexpected bit of joy for me in the midst of a. Shitty fucking week so stalking hurry for the happy waving kid and all the people who waved back to him humanity doesn't always suck sometimes. It returns the pure kind gestures in ways that we need fear. Isn't that good little things handy? I love that I know okay. This one's from instagram. Katie grow 129 my fucking array is that I finally got off my pain medication after being on them for fifteen years. Well I have a jar disorder and have undergone multiple surgeries than they never worked March of twenty nine thousand nine. I had another jaw surgery with a new surgeon and I'm without paying for the first time in my life. Wow Oh yeah amazing. That's incredible yeah. Every day must be A. She's the waving kid everyday waving everybody. Listen to this one. This is also from the Fancy Form One K. This is from Sherry so tonight. I went alone to see Chris Fairbanks in Milwaukee. I tried to talk myself out of it a few times. I hear them but I drove an hour in the dark to a place I'd never been. I felt weird and awkward at first but very soon I met. Some murderer Renault's and a few other solo attendees and all the awkwardness quickly went away. Another Solo Person J. set next to me and told me several times that she was proud of me for coming and she was right. I'm proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and doing something I wanted to do. Even though I had to do it alone it was so fun and I got up the courage to actually meet Chris after the show such a sweetheart so fucking her eight of me. Oh my God I love. I love the idea that there is a secret network of murdering half who go to and other people and he asked nurse know that they can go by themselves. They can practice that or if they see someone alone they can be like. This is scary for them to. I'm acknowledging that I'm going to approach them even more greenhouse. It's like yes just like we all know how scary it is. Scary life is how scary being alone can be. And you can actually do something about that. Yeah just wear a little where little pin to make yourself known. That's right at friend's waiting for you. Here's one from a C G underscore M. P. L. S. I don't know she's from Minneapolis. My fucking array. Is that this Saturday the day after my birthday. My Miracle Baby is due. We tried for three and a half years to conceive and were convinced we couldn't and now here we are L. B. B. Inside. That baby's GonNa be waving out the window joy to other that's right. Babies babies are miracle there are. I really believe in the in the good work. Babies do is watching Nora. Grow up on all the goodness she brought to our hoke horrible falling apart family. She really made it work. Keep US posted on the miracle. Baby WanNa see pictures of that baby now. Okay this one is from Shen tell it's C. H. Apostrophe MTO. Okay it's brand new. It'd spell it In the subject line is guys Tim. Hortons has created a kit Kat everything menu. What if you didn't know tim? Hortons is is Canada's number one coffee slash donut chain restaurant. Oh Yeah it's like your Dunkin donuts but better. Sorry not sorry anyway. They've introduced a kit. Kat everything menu just one. More reason for more live shows in Canada. What is it? We have to look pictures of that cat everything everything. Maybe it's like a kit Kat Dona. That's how I got hot chocolate chocolate hockey Stephen Cut Chocolate and let me read it one more while you read that students go. Look it up so right after we can look at pictures of the Kit Kat. Everything Menu. I'm telling him to passive aggressively by saying that's what's going to happen. This is from Annalisa Danny. And she says my fucking her is. I have been dealing with depression since last year after a disclosing my sexual abuse to both my boyfriend and my family. It's been really hard and I was suicidal for a while but I have had a really good week. I know that my depression hasn't gone away but my God does it. Feel good to just be genuinely happy. Even if it's only for a couple of days man keep it up. That's right days turn into weeks. That's right yeah Stephen Cats. This is the main picture. They think that they've been promoting since like donut. Brownie Situation Kit Kat. Everyone is candidate starting to discover how delicious there is What's your secondary. Oh I My friend asked me to do is set. I tried to start doing sets again. We've been kinda busy and crazy. It's been a little weird lately so as like I'm GonNa you know like I am always hedging. I love doing it and makes me feel better when I do it but I just don't make the time to write it so then when I do it I just feel like I'm just doing the same stuff over and over and I ended it My friend asked me to do his show. I was like I'm probably not gonNA I'll say yes but then I won't do it or whatever and then whatever he said back to me. I can't remember I just went fine. I'll do it and then I was kind of like instead of doing the thing I always do. Which is project forward about how bad it's going to be and how like how I'm going to fail. I was like. Can you just write five hundred jokes and so I ended up writing? I think to So it was basically a baby steps progress but the two new jokes I wrote killed and then I was like this is I just need to keep doing it. You know I'm not able to do it every single night. And the hilarious thing was I kept stumbling over just saying word. Yeah we're at some point. I was like have I talked out loud today. I should have warmed up a little bit of Ivan there. But it didn't normally what happens is if I stumble over a word I will immediately make eye contact with a dude who has a bad look on his ass and I'm like I'm eating it. They hate me. This is terrible and instead I was just like I just didn't say it rightly you're here. This is the idea of armed. Hey and it all worked out great and I saw people that I really like like deb. D. Giovanni as one of the funniest stand up comedians. Doing it right now. And she was on that show. I just got to hang out in the green room with a bunch of people. I really like Dan. Soder was in town from New York. He's genius comic really talented. Josh Meyers was there. Who has the five hundred? Podcast really hilarious and Yeah I was worthwhile was just like a super fun. Hangs so the whole thing made me is just like how to stay neutral. It doesn't have to be the greatest night of your life and it also isn't going to suck like the worst thing that's ever happened to you. Just go have new experiences. And like give it a whirl. I feel like I've said that a hundred times and it's hard to it's hard to continue to be positive it's well it's hard to practice getting stepping out of my anxiety and just going okay. You can think that now. Go see what actually the truth is. That's my practice that I'm proud to be practicing more because I know it conceptually but then like that person said like it's so easy to talk yourself out of actually trying. That's the voice that you're used to listening to that. You're you've been listening to for so long. And what if they're not right and I know just I mean Dude. I totally get that. Yeah Mine is that I've been having a lot of anxiety as well. I'm like kind of inbetween therapists and stuff and are scheduled has been fucking crazy to this great like Christmas break where we took some time off and it's starting to ramp up again. Yeah two-way that's very stressful. And my dad was like. Are you free for lunch this week and I was like? I'm not. I'm so sorry. I hate my schedule's busy and I was like complaining about it to him and he text me back and said embrace your schedule as you would a blessing. Oh H yeah. I'm blessed that I have stuff going on and that my life has important meetings and important research that needs to be done. You know important chant. Show take a picture of that and then show it to office Georgia from nineteen ninety. A area she'll be stoked she will be and it's hard look. We both lose perspective saying this out loud on this podcast makes us look like assholes totally but within any any system urine as greatest things could be the day to day is hard and we actually work. You know soup fucking are just do. It's but it's also fun. Yeah but yeah. And it's there's a fucking amazing payoff at the end of the day with it. It's very cool. I'm I've that could actually. Also be my fucking ray is just the stuff we've been doing. Recently the development stuff like mergers show and and the upcoming other shows we get to announce. Soon it's really starting to feel like there's this movement yet so exciting because we've been working and kind of fighting for so long and now it's actually like kind of unresolved are being. Things ARE ROLLING OUT UNFURLED. And there's a reason for it all. Yeah no that's true. It's kind of like how hard the book was. And then the book came out. We're like Oh yeah this was so that more sect in it. Marty's the woman is such a like ooh scam likely from San Rafael Monitoring. That's right bipedal. Yeah embrace your schedule as you would bless as you would a blessing. Yeah we're fucking Super Lucky Mazal Tov. Hey Chaba shall loan baby Mario Tomorrow. Oh Yeah thank you guys for listening. You're the fucking era blessing. Thanks for letting us stay really ungrateful things so we can get to the gratitude part afterward. You're understanding means a lot to Stephen Remorse for audio engineering. All our bullshit Stephen has to sit through so much. Bullshit I mean. Do read a Kit Kat menu. She didn't get us that kick in for me. Yeah like like. Hey what's going on on her cast this week. We have allison tolman. Who IS THE STAR OF SEASON? One and emergency emergency. Yes and her cat. Bud had all of his teeth removed. And he's a big sweetheart and you can just hear on the billing. Hey like breathing. And it's really cute. And she is hilarious. Allenton I think is one of the most compelling actors in the Game Right now. They gave her own procedural. That's amazing she was. If you didn't see was one season two fargo season. One with Billy Bob Thornton. Yeah Yeah I think those seasonal now it was with Billy Bob Thornton. The movie with. What's his cute. None of bridge face Martin but Martin Freeman but Billy Thorn was also. Is the villain out eaten. Ethan Ethan. Oh that was season three. When he was his on twin. Or you're talking about you McGregor. He was a twin. He played his brother that was not her season so it is season one sorry season. Obviously Stephen knows this because he had with her. Yes it was season. One firming Colin Hanks to also Culina Oh and they fall in love so good three years for Allison tolman and if you haven't watched emergence it's really good. Yeah all right. Stay sexy. And don't get murdered by Elvis Cookie.

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