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Okay what's y'all know about clubhouse yes the clubhouse app you know you know the clubhouse thing i think a lot of people know about it but some people don't the don't explicit. I mean don't as awful but this clubhouse app is amazing in. I'm here to show you or it's a little bit about it. If you don't already know you gotta get on there. Okay if iphone you've got to get on there it's right now. I wanna see priceless. But it's it's fomo you gotta get on their do it. You can get involved network all these things whatever you want to do. But get on there and we're going to talk about today on the authority project. Let's go for all right. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video podcast dream. don facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority their feel and how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host brian s arnold arnold back here on the virtual stage for the authority project and a special episode. That will be very brief. But i think important especially for you. I don't want us to sell preneurs. But i wanted for you. The entrepreneur who wants to really be ahead of the game with this app called clubhouse now said again that this episode different it reminds me of shades of when i started livestreaming with mere cat in i see things i see a changing the guard about where audios going in clump is just right in the thick of it now. So what is clubhouse is basically basically in audio meeting room there are moderators for each room. Anyone can set up their own room in by the way. Facebook is in trouble with this app already. They might even acquire it when this is all over because you know about facebook meeting rooms but they're trying to boost that and no disc. Clubhouse app is special but once you're in the room what she didn't want these rooms you can raise your hand the moderator will bite you on it you can ask them a question and get great value incredible value from these rooms just as top notch. You'll get to your questions from the top people in whatever industry that you're in that you're interested in be music could be check podcasting just regular entrepreneurs stuff and Someone put some together a golf thing in here. I mean acting whatever you're involved in you can either set up your own room and get people to help you or exit question from i mean. He was celebrities and just last night. I'm listening to tyree shopping. Some real talk inspiration. That was just priceless. I mean it was. It was riveting. He was in their grant. Cardone was in there that going back and forth and they're networking right in front happens right in front you where they're deeming the. Dm me everybody here. This thing going on. I think there are a lot of cases where people here that are already. I'm kind of i kind of liken it to a live audio podcasts but even richer because you can actually help people on the spot if you're starting a room or you can be helped on the spot if you're in the room from people who are experts in their field. Which is something like the project right. So it's great for networking scrape for incredible insights on the spot. If you have a question is great for getting known by people you want to align with putting yourself out there and it's just addicting you wanna turn off notifications when you get this if you don't wanna be so hooked on it. Those are the pros cons. It's invite only right now so it's not public is better so you need to find someone at this point to get you in how there's a side door die found here on argos the social media examiner and they're stating if you go to the club houses at website. They giving off into download the app from the app store where you can reserve your username. Which is very important. And depending on how. Many of your friends are using the clubhouse app. They may be able to receive their nullification that you're you know their friend. Whatever is is on there and they can probably just wave you in officially invite you. So that's a little backdoor. I didn't say it's so so I'm paraphrasing a little bit about what social meanings has put out there. But you can check the the full article there until human examiner in this has been talked about saudi. Associate museum from the oprah. Meg mashal the new york times. Got an article on them in. Is it special special enough. His condo is only on iphone at the moment sorry android users. Only an iphone right now another car. It's not great if you're someone who doesn't like being on the phone wishes me really. But i had to get over it because it's just too important. A habit jump in and be amongst the people. There are also the usual rooms on their that. Do the foul for follow thing. I don't understand why people still still do this. They think that they follow me off. Follow you get more followers. They look better. I i get it. But there's there's no value in that really there's no value in that so there's that and there's no comments to right so you have to be brave in. Raise your hand in. Speak if you want your question to be answered. So there's that be brave. This is great for you is scary the first thing you do it especially if you're introverted like me. But it's it's a way to get out of your comfort zone in really be in a in a network situation where you know you're putting yourself out there in in doing in doing would most people won't should i say so with that. I don't know how long the buzzer last with this app. I note that at this time to get in. Because you know d- let me say this. There's going to be saturation to this app. Eventually with is going to be a plethora of meeting rooms. It'll be too much to handle in. You'll have people who are you know right now. You're buzzed into to a certain amount of room. That people are gonna you know just in a few different rooms. Iran you can you can imagine having thousands of rooms in would that work later on who knows so. That's why i'm saying. Now get on there now by the getting good. I think it will be a while before we get there. Because you know they haven't brought a public yet again. Data they have there. There's no android app yet. So when the android that comes out you can imagine a plethora again of new users coming through but you need to be on this app. I can't stress that enough. Get on his app right now. In getting the note be amongst the people the people who are you know you know with a formal i in we call. I dunno i dunno. Have you talk to you. Know what. I'm talking about. Formal de among the i get on this thing and be a part of what's happening. 'cause it's game changing right now. I'm not sure if we'll be later but right now get on there. And that's my review in less than two minutes hope to see you in their brightness. Arnold in may we can collaborate something. Yeah take here. And i am done with intimidates view. Thank you so much. Get on the app. Elsie next time on the authority. And that's a rapper. this episode of the authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you like what you heard we want to hear from you. Subscribe rate and give an honest review. 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